1. Product Review: 44 dBA KitchenAid Dishwasher #KDTM404KPS
  2. KitchenAid Dishwasher Product Review | Worth the money?????
  3. An Overview of KitchenAid Dishwasher (KDTM404KPS) | KitchenAid Dishwasher Review (2021)
  4. What You Need to Know About KitchenAid Dishwashers – Ratings / Reviews / Prices
  5. KitchenAid Dishwasher Review
  6. Kitchenaid KDFM404KPS dishwasher review
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Product Review: 44 dBA KitchenAid Dishwasher #KDTM404KPS

appliance factory and mattress kingdom 5,star rated over 5000 reviews guaranteed,wed beat home depot and lowes the,nations largest discount appliance,dealer over 24 stores in three states,visit us at appliancefactory.com,hey guys welcome back to our channel my,name is simon im going to be doing a,product review on this,kitchenaid dishwasher here model number,is kdtm,404 kps ps is going to stand for print,shield,so basically what that means obviously,you can see my fingers smudging on this,appliance,but basically all that you need to get,rid of this is just,water and cloth usually if you uh get,anything thats the stainless steel and,you dont,if you did that it would smudge even,more so thats what it means by print,shield doesnt mean that its not going,to reveal any prints,but basically its easy clean up and you,can get rid of that super easy we still,have the nice kitchenaid,uh handle its very um padded two,kitchenaid,if we look on the inside a couple things,of note that have changed well kind of,go through those,eventually um but we do have this uh,caddy right here where you can remove,this and you can kind of have a little,bit more space for bigger items or you,can kind of consolidate everything,and snap it in place and slide it back,on its obviously super easy to do,because uh you know im struggling so it,does that,there it is uh all that uh you do have a,collapsible tine back here so this piece,will move back down,so you can have a little extra room and,also you know youve got your exposed,heating element right here,uh sometimes theyre recessed and not,exposed and this one is exposed so it,will aid in the drying process,also it does have a little uh food,catcher in there that catches all the,stuff that you can kind of take out and,then clean that,just one spray on on the older,kitchenaids it did have full,uh reason being well get into that a,little bit later also another spray arm,up top,on your second rack here these are this,is an adjustable rack so,just push the buttons in you can lift it,up or you can drop it back down,thats really nice usually its on the,side and you have to kind of finagle,with it and its a little bit uh,temperamental so the buttons are just a,little bit more uh easy to handle,youve got two i broke it,you should have two put that back in,place,nope ill try the other one see if its,any better you should have two,uh stemmed wine glass holders here as,well,uh which is beneficial normally you,would just have like the one or two but,you just have uh,two here and then i believe one of these,is adjustable yet this time here you can,do,three different levels so you can put,all the way down to this level,you can put it further up or you can,just drop it completely,theres just two in each usually you,have a couple more so just two,then we have the third rack this is,going to be the largest,third rack dishwasher so as you can see,this gives you more space for like,cups and teacups or mugs or whatever you,want to call them,uh and then this piece right here,rotates,and deep cleans everything thats up,here i dont know if thats the reason,why they got rid of that extra spray on,down below because theres an additional,spray on up here as well,as one thats up top so this one has,this spray almond theres another one at,the very top of the dishwasher as well,right here also you can remove this,but this is typically just you know for,cutlery silverware if you want,uh and or you can put it in place and,you can remove the caddy down here,leaving you a little extra space uh,right there so lets kind of talk about,some of the features on this dishwasher,all the features are going to be at the,very top so its top control so if you,do have,small kids or anything like that like to,push buttons everythings going to be on,the top so its harder for them to,to access them we do have pro wash what,pro wash is,is that determines the amount of soil,level in the dishwasher,and uh well release the amount right,amount of water,as well express wash thats probably,going to be about a 60 minute cycle for,a dishwasher,you got two hour delay four hour delay,eight hour delay so you know,if you wanted to watch a little later on,obviously its pretty self-explanatory,what,delayed washing is the sanitized cycle,thats gonna kill 99.9 percent,of bacteria which is actually pretty,good usually its like 99.5 or 999.8 so,thats pretty good,um the heated dry obviously i said its,got the exposed heating element,also it does have this advanced water,system where basically it circulates,water,using making it even cleaner so that you,can put,extra dirty cookware dishes in there,like if youve got a casserole dish,thats got,food stuck on from the night before you,can also do that along with your,delicate cookware like your wine glasses,your crystal tumblers whatever you use,you can do both at the same time because,of that advanced water filtration system,so thats all i have on this today guys,uh if theres a lot of stuff on this,dishwasher that you can check out on our,website appliancefactory.com,uh yeah and dont forget to like and,subscribe thanks for watching,online or locally save at,appliancefactory.com click the link to,learn more

KitchenAid Dishwasher Product Review | Worth the money?????

in todays video were going to do a,appliance review on my brand new,dishwasher,[Music],what is up you guys welcome back to,another video my name is kira if you are,new and todays video were doing uh,something a little different this video,i feel like is super timeless because,were gonna do an appliance review on my,brand new kitchenaid dishwasher now i,absolutely love product reviews if im,going to purchase anything especially in,appliance ill go ahead and read all the,reviews ill hop on youtube and ill,watch a product review or how to or set,up so that i know what im purchasing,thats why i love doing empties videos,because to me theres nothing like a,real true testimonial id rather heal,hear from a real life person,that they like the product or they dont,this is their favorite feature or the,feature that they dont like this way i,know if its something that i could,tolerate or not tolerate or something,that i would really enjoy or anticipate,purchasing before doing so so i truly,rely on product reviews before i do,anything and so for me this is here for,anybody who is maybe in the market for a,new dishwasher and youre contemplating,which one to get maybe this will help,make you decide whether or not to buy,this one or not or like i said maybe,youve already purchased this and youre,looking for the tips and tricks on how,to load it or how it operates all the,features so thats what im here to show,you guys today so im going to take you,down to my brand new kitchenaid,dishwasher in my kitchen and im going,to show you how it works and the tips,and tricks and all of my favorite parts,of my brand new appliance,all right you guys so here is my new,kitchenaid dishwasher that daryl and i,just picked up from a scratch and dent,store so it is a sears outlet but they,do only have,showroom products that have been either,a model or have some kind of scratch and,dent and so let me share with you guys,are you ready for why this dishwasher,was half off so the original retail,value at least what the paper said was 1,489,for this dishwasher which to be honest i,dont know if i would ever pay that,brand new but they took 50 percent off,for again are you ready,that little dent hold on let me see if,you could,see it oh you can when i right there,that little dent im not exactly sure,what happens maybe it got bumped theres,another one like this on the side in the,back but i mean you dont see it its on,the side and in the back but that right,there is why they took 50 off of this,dishwasher and so i just put my little,clean magnet right over that little ding,and,how what did you know that that was,there you totally wouldnt and instead,we paid,751 dollars,for this like before tax and we did take,an insurance package out on it just,because,again it was a scratching dent or a,floor model or whatever the case may be,so i wanted to make sure we had,absolutely no issues with it but,everything on the inside was still,wrapped in plastic all of the manuals,and stuff were still wrapped in plastic,and the reason why i chose this specific,dishwasher well first of all vanessa,over at lemonade mom has this one and,she raves about it and as i mentioned in,the intro i absolutely love product,reviews because i dont want to purchase,anything that somebody else doesnt say,that they love,but theres two features about this,dishwasher that put me over the top,for many others one it has a handle a,lot of dishwashers these days dont have,it they have a grip,right here that you use to pull it open,i just dont really like that i love the,dish towel effect because my sink is,right here and so i like having a dish,towel being able to be hung right here,so i can dry my hands quickly i know it,sounds silly but my stove is all the way,over there which is where i also usually,have a dish towel hanging off the handle,but its further away so this is very,convenient for drying my hands from when,im doing dishes in the sink yes my sink,is full but thats because my dishwasher,is empty right now so once im done,sharing with you guys the features im,gonna load it so you can kind of see,where i place things i feel like,everybody places something in a,dishwasher different you ever see those,memes that says like are you the freak,that rearranges the dishwasher after,somebody else has loaded it for you and,me im the freak i really do i have like,a system and so i thought i would share,those little tips and tricks with you,guys in case you,want to know but like i said my first,thing was i loved the handle and the,second thing was i absolutely love the,third rack so this dishwasher has three,racks and that for me,was game changing it took me two days,to actually be able to run this,dishwasher when after we first installed,it because there was so much space in,here that my husband kept saying well,how does it work im like i dont know i,didnt run it yet i still have room,because theres so,much room now our old dishwasher which,it is a whirlpool which i will tell you,ironically,whirlpool owns kitchenaid i did not know,this,we did not need to purchase any,additional electric,like uh we didnt need to get the,electrical cord or any hoses or anything,like that everything that we had,was an existing fit which i thought was,absolutely fantastic we pulled the old,one out and pushed this new one in which,was just great you cant get anything,better than that if we didnt have a,whirlpool i would have had to buy,additional pieces so that worked out,wonderful i did not know like i said,that whirlpool owns kitchenaid you learn,something new every single day but one,thing that my whirlpool was was plastic,on the inside so if you guys open up,your dishwasher and the inside is white,your walls are white its plastic and i,feel like plastic holds an odor it,doesnt really get really clean,it you cant get plastic super super hot,because then itll melt so obviously,those ones arent geared for hot,temperatures but you know that you can,activate metal right and it helps get,things super hot so thats one thing,that i find of this dishwasher is that,it dries impeccably there is a little,bit of water still on top of like cups,that are sunken in a little bit but for,the most part it dries almost squeaky,clean which ive never had a dishwasher,be able to do that now like i was,mentioning before my whirlpool,dishwasher had the silverware on the,inside door i really liked that because,that gave you even more room on the,inside because,the door took the bulk of the silverware,so i do like that but other than that,thats the only thing i have to say that,i would have preferred better about this,dishwasher is if the silverware was on,the inside of the door uh theres no,other complaints this thing is been rock,solid and amazing so here are your,little soap and rinse compartments you,have your rinse aid right here,and then your dishwasher tablet goes in,here and you would just shut the door,its not going to shut because it knows,its not theres not a tablet in there,and then here is your nice,big bottom rack with your silverware,caddy has a really nice sturdy handle so,if you want to lift the caddy out to,take to your silverware drawer and,unload you can i love that it slides,with ease it has a very very very large,spinner on the bottom that you can just,hear is powerful but thats another,thing about this dishwasher the decibels,are so low that you can barely hear it i,feel like with my old dishwashers i,always had to apologize if you heard it,in the background youll never hear this,one in the background because its that,quiet so it does have your spinner on,the bottom and a nice hot,heating element and then,coming up here you have your next rack,so this would be like your normal top,rack this is where i put my,tupperware and things like that but you,can see,this rack has its own spinner as well,and it has the holes up top as well as,the bottom so it helps get the tops,of the things that are on the bottom,rack which typically we dont have right,because the spi

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An Overview of KitchenAid Dishwasher (KDTM404KPS) | KitchenAid Dishwasher Review (2021)

hi this is matt hillebrand with dons,appliances im actually going to,go over our kitchenaid dishwasher,this kitchenaid model is modeled kdtm404,kps which is the print shield stainless,this is a 44 decibel dishwasher which,means that its a very quiet dishwasher,if youve got an older unit its going,to definitely be quieter than what you,have,a couple key features on this unit this,unit has a pro,wash feature which uses sensors to,figure out,how clean or dirty the wash water is,adjust time,adjust heat great feature on this unit,it also has an express cycle which is,great for,glassware so im going to just jump in,theres also some other cycles like a,extended heated dry but im going to,jump in and really just show the the,true benefits of this dishwasher,inside our bottom rack weve got cushion,tip tines at the top,which help prevent rusting on a lot of,the older dishwashers,rust protrudes right here because our,plates go in and out,so this gets excessive wear so thats,very nice plates load left to right here,cookie sheets or casserole dishes can,fit along the side,or along the front facing the back of,the unit,in the very back there has theres a,tine that will actually collapse,so if you need this extra space in here,for a large cake pen or something you do,have that,we do have a removable silverware basket,which is great its nice and heavy duty,with this you put your knives forks,the forks go with the tines facing up,knives typically down so you do actually,have the option of sliding this off as,well so if you dont want to use that,you can do that,moving on to the top rack weve got an,adjustable rack here,so where you see these two little,maroon tabs this will actually adjust up,which is nice because for taller items,on the bottom taller plates,or casserole dishes etc we can raise,that up,or conversely if weve got taller,sports cups or taller mid-sized bowls,actually or larger bowls,we can put those along the the sides,uh we also have some tines thatll,collapse here as well,um and then we do have like this is,actually,a a tab designed for some glassware so,some wine glasses which is nice,okay and then our very top rack is kind,of like a flex,type rack what were gonna have is were,gonna have wash action,on the uh on the left side here,two different wash ports one for,glassware you can put glasses in through,here,and then over here you would actually,lean,some coffee cups and whats nice about,this is they actually give,a uh inside theres a,a symbol for glassware and a symbol for,coffee cups and then this is kind of a,flex rack which is designed for utensils,so you can either leave this in here on,the right side or you can remove that,and put other type of larger utensils,if youd like to learn more about this,kitchenaid dishwasher or other products,please go to donsappliances.com or visit,one of our western pennsylvania,showrooms

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What You Need to Know About KitchenAid Dishwashers – Ratings / Reviews / Prices

Kitchenaid has changed their dishwasher over the last few years with new features,like new racks in a new washing and drying system.,But is it finally competitive to Bosch and Miele?,In this video, youll learn all the best features of a KitchenAid dishwasher.,Well also tell you the ones not to buy and focus on the most popular and most,available models, included in this video is reliability based on 37,061 service calls,completed by our service department just last year. Along with comparisons to Bosch,and Miele. Should you buy a KitchenAid dishwasher?,Youll know, after watching this video,Based on sales versus service calls, KitchenAid is the second only to Miele,at 10.78% versus Miele 8.2% for a premium dishwasher.,They were also more reliable than Bosch last year by a bit over 2%.,So from a reliability standpoint,,KitchenAid is certainly a good dishwasher to consider.,Kitchen should be easy to buy in theory,,but many of their models havent been available,,like most other brands. Theyre least expensive,,the KDFE104, for example, hasnt been produced in over a year.,Even so, the two best models to consider,are KitchenAids most popular, the 204 and 604 series. KitchenAid does have two,better models, the 704 at $1,499, and 804 at $1,899.,But youre only adding a knife caddy, light, and glide racks for $200,to $600 more than the 604, which has all the other best features.,Another dishwasher you should probably not consider is the 304 panel model.,Unlike the European brands like Bosch, Asko, Beko, and Miele,,the dishwasher protrudes, so it looks like a dishwasher with,a panel stuck on it rather than a cabinet, which is the intended look.,Now lets look at the two best models to consider. Theyre very different.,The 204 Series is offered in a few,different styles and has been selling at about $999.,It has KitchenAids traditional wash system,,with spray arms on the top, middle and bottom.,You would think that three wash arms would be the standard, but its not.,Bosch most notably has two with a sprinkler head on the top.,You have decent racks, including the third,for silverware plus the main cycles and options.,The series dries with condensation,,a fancy term for the residual steam and heat from the wash plus jetdry and time.,You do have heated dry option,,but adding heat on already hot dishwasher, does not dry that much faster.,What makes this dishwasher unique is its quietness.,Its 39 decibels, which means its noiseless a Bosch or Miele.,A dishwasher at 38 decibels will be about $2,149 or $1,999, respectively.,You have the KitchenAid below a thousand.,Not to confuse the amount.,About 44 decibels is silent enough to be considered,quiet, which brings us to the KitchenAid,M Series models. Four series, the 404, 604 and the 704 and 804,we discussed. Theyre radically different dishwashers.,As you can see, the third rack is much,larger you can fit some glasses and cups as well as silverware.,The rack also has holes for a separate set of spray for fourth level of wash,action. This series dries with their pro drying system.,A fan pulls the air into the dishwasher,and the warmer air is attracted to the cooler air and is dissipated as water.,If this sounds exactly Mieles,clean dry system, its nearly identical. So you have a better washing and drying,system as well as the largest rack. In terms of quietness,,the M Series model adds an additional,filter for cleaner water but is louder at 44 decibels,than the less expensive 204 series.,Remember, 44 decibels is still considered quiet.,Now how does a KitchenAid compare to Miele,and Bosch? In between $999 to $1,299 KitchenAid,is compelling. Miele offers their clean dry system,at $999.,Bosch offers their auto air dry,,which pops the door open automatically to release steam and heat and speed drying.,But KitchenAid has competitive cycles and,is the quietest of the three. At $1,299 KitchenAid may be the best model.,Miele only offers their better third rack,and another cycle. While Bosch has the best drying in their,$1,399 Crystal Dry dishwashers, which uses volcanic elements to dry even plastic.,KitchenAid has a better wash system,,bigger rack, and the pro dry system,of introducing cooler air into the dishwasher. For panels,,Bosch and Miele will fit within the cabinet where KitchenAid will protrude.,So look at the other brands.,Both also add better features like better,cycles, automatic dispensers, and better drying over,$1,299, where KitchenAid really does not.,Yes, between $999 to $1,299, it could be considered the best,combination of features, of washing, drying, racking, and quietness.,You dont need to spend any more than $1,299.,Look at other brands for more premium dishwashers at $1,399 and above,,especially if youre placing a panel on your dishwasher.,Now that you know KitchenAid and a bit,about Bosch and Miele, click the link to download our,Free Dishwasher Buying Guide to learn about all the other popular brands,,answers to frequently asked questions and buying strategies to save you money.,Over 1 million people have found answers in a Yale guide.,Thanks for watching.

KitchenAid Dishwasher Review

my,wife and i just moved into this house so,we have got a lot of appliances,to show you so uh lets go through them,im gonna start today with uh,this kitchenaid dishwasher now if you,look at the top rack,the industrys largest top rack,for washing its got two different,spaces,ones for your smaller glasses the other,side is for your taller glasses,its got two rotating water jets,that run the entire length of the drawer,and its got a,removable utensil tray in the middle of,this rack there is,some tabs going down the middle and what,that does is it keeps the lip of your,glass,off of the rack itself which wicks the,water off really nicely so that you,dont get any of the spots,here where we live we have a lot of,minerals in the water,your glasses always come out looking,cloudy unless one you put a treatment,inside of the washer and two this also,works really nicely i mean the glasses,have been coming out of this washer like,more spotless than ive ever seen a,glass,come out of a washer so thats really,nice and then the uh the second rack,its got these two red buttons on either,side of the washer,so you can go up or down to adjust the,washer,for whatever height that you need on,that particular day,these tines in the center can be,adjusted,to four different points depending on,what youre washing,one two three or you could just collapse,them all the way down,for extra space right there in the,middle or maybe you know around the,holidays you need,a different customization but that works,really well,also now this rack also has the rotating,um water jet at the bottom of it your,standard rotating water jet,shoots pressurized water up and down,getting both of these racks,nice and clean also has,these two tabs that fold out for,long stemmed wine glasses keeps them,keeps them safe so you dont,open your dishwasher after running it,and find two broken wine glasses which i,know has happened to me,on more than one occasion with older,dishwashers,so bottom rack very back row,has got the same adjusting tines,you can adjust them all the way back,adjust them all the way forward,or you can put them down completely,giving you a nice space at the very back,for other large dishes,its got the removable,utensil drawer now on the inside of this,washer,you also have another rotating jet for,the bottom rack and,you have your heating element and you,also have fans,to push that hot air around and get,those dishes really,dry in the center down here you also,have a removable,filter you can pull out and clean as,necessary,kitchenaid says that you dont need to,do it,because the washer takes care of itself,but you can always take it out,and uh rinse it out in the sink,this washer has got um excellent,filtration and it doesnt save the water,from the last rinse cycle for the next,cleaning cycle its all fresh water,for the cleanest dishes all right youve,got two compartments here,obviously youve got uh the compartment,here for your detergent we like to use,those pods,theyre really easy throw a pot in there,slide it up and lock it that didnt work,and um itll stay there and then you can,unlock it by sliding the tine over its,spring-loaded,and then youve also got a rinse aid,with a,indicator light telling you whether its,full or it needs some more,you flip that open and toss some in,there,close it and thatll be good for quite a,few cycles,the top of this washer has got all of,your controls,all your buttons pro wash is an amazing,new feature for a washer that ive never,seen before,a intelligent wash cycle that will,sense how much soil level there is in,the dishes that youre trying to clean,so kitchenaid even says if you are,loading in some really dirty dishes of,course you want to scrape off most of,the food particles,but dont bother with a heavy rinse,before you put them into the dishwasher,because that way the dishwasher will,know,how much washing it needs to do and its,got plenty of filter to take care,of a little bit of food debris also,youve got a heavy wash,normal wash quick wash or rinse only,youve got your typical time delays two,four and eight,um a sanitizing rinse and a high high,water temp rinse if youve really got,some uh some food that is caked on there,this extended heat dry is a new feature,that i didnt have,in previous washers and what that does,is it turns on your heating element,and then also turns on a fan a blower,fan,and it whips that hot air around this,dishwasher until every single dish,in here is completely dry even that,little bit of water that you get in the,tops of your cups sometimes,its gone looking at the face of this,thing youve got kitchenaids,textured towel rod it is what drew my,wife and i,to these in the first place not only the,towel rod but the red,kitchenaid medallions that they have on,the ends of them,its a really nice feature you can also,get it with a reach-in handle,so its got a nice clean face this unit,comes in stainless,or it comes in black this unit has what,they call,print shield technology so you can rub,your fingers on it the kids can come in,here and touch it all the time like they,do,and it will resist your fingerprints to,get it clean again is to wipe it over,once,and itll come right off you can use a,stainless cleaner but,um kitchenaid says its not necessary,this thing will look,completely clean with a wet sponge six,months of use,and we love it its the third dishwasher,that ive owned,by far the best one were gonna be doing,a lot of different reviews on kitchenaid,appliances,check out some of the other kitchenaid,reviews if you havent already,and thanks for stopping by the channel,like subscribe,and come back

Kitchenaid KDFM404KPS dishwasher review

hi everybody i just wanted to let you,know about my,take on a new kitchenaid dishwasher that,i just bought,we had a wood dishwasher wood face,dishwasher in here before,um and i got a kdfm,404 kps,kitchenaid okay so stainless front,controls are on the front here,um weve been using normal wash and,express,wash the normal wash obviously is a,little bit better,express wash you know we use for maybe,when its half full,fronts easy to clean the one thing,so our old dishwasher had a handle that,protruded out,the one thing that i dont like is that,when you go to open it you pull it here,and then of course when any one of us go,to close that we push here so,its constantly full of fingerprints not,the end of the world we just have to,clean it,so um its fairly quiet i think its,forward ill have to double check 44 46,decibels,its louder than our bosch but its not,obnoxious,its most times you dont even hear it,okay so thats the front i just put it,on a quick,rinse and i have some dishes inside of,it,but ill open it up and then well take,a look,so heres the front okay so we normally,use either a normal wash,or express wash okay ive never really,done any of the high temp or anything,like that,its pretty straightforward again heres,the handle you stick your hands,underneath,okay but as you can see when we close it,you know if your fingers are wet or,whatever you always have to give it a,little bit of a wipe afterwards,okay so inside,looks like your normal dishwasher you,know,soap soap uh little tray there,rinse aid i dont really need to show,you too much on that,bottom rack pulls out nice,okay im a fan of these baskets,im not a big fan bosch makes one that,has the third rack which this one,does and it has little slots where you,put all your,separate cutlery we have some friends,that have that they think its great but,i dont really want to spend that much,time loading my dishwasher,so i like these baskets okay and theyre,removable of course you take it out,and this is also removable so you can,pull this out,if you dont like all of these little,compartments for each separate little,piece of cutlery okay so the bottom rock,fits all kinds of stuff kind of randomly,right so,you can put things sort of wherever you,want,some dishwashers have really poor bottom,racks theres only a few little,um tines or whatever you call these,things okay and then the middle rack,works real nice i wont do this um but,this adjustable,feature works great its easy to move up,and down,its two-hand operation so i cant do it,right now,and we just we randomly put stuff in,like i always put spoons in the middle,rack,you know theres a casserole dish some,glasses,but these all work great right um,theres lots of room on this rock,wine glasses everything else one thing,that i think is a bit of a waste of,plastic,is they give you these wine glass,stem holders and for us we dont use it,i just um would just put a wine glass,standing like this and the stem would,come up,im not too concerned about these so we,dont use them,and im assuming eventually well,probably just break them if we do,but i guess its a nice feature,all right so lots of room on the middle,rack and this dishwasher has this i,think they call this a flex rock,third row and they claim that you can,put,like coffee mugs you can set coffee mugs,in here like this,and then these actually spin,and they have little holes in them and,so the water,spins around and basically cleans out,the cups and glasses,okay so its a pretty decent feature,but again i dont spend a lot of time,organizing my dishwasher before i,started i just,put things wherever i can fit them,right so you know obviously like,flippers and spatulas and stuff and,tongs i just throw them in okay so now,on this,um this third row,they do have another basket thats,removable,you know for smaller items if you want,to put your cutlery and stuff in here,great if not whatever you know so even,sometimes we just throwing some tongs in,or whatever,and it does a great job,okay so that works real nice,so lots of room i know some other people,that have bought dishwashers and they,find that they just have a hard time,theres,theres not a lot enough of these little,tines or whatever,they can organize things and everything,else but this dishwasher seems to,fit quite a bit of of items and i think,theres less room below the dishwasher,so i think thats how they can get this,third level in,so probably the pumps motors are getting,smaller,and because i was actually pretty,surprised that,we can put a lot of taller items in both,levels,and still have lots of room okay the odd,time if we put,put a big cup or like if i was to put,one of these wine glasses up here,thats the one thing i dont also so i,got lucky that time but a lot of times,if you dont have it just perfect itll,hit right on the top,okay and then youll be just pulling,these back out and putting them,somewhere else,but for the most part it works pretty,good,okay and then inside it does have an,exposed heat element,im not sure if thats good or bad but i,wanted my dishes to be,almost dry i think any dishwasher that,claims that they will dry their dishes,with a heat element,uh those claims are all false because,our bosch didnt have an,our old bosch didnt have an exposed,heat element the dishes were warm,when you opened it and we always would,just crack the door to let them dry,this one dries better um but,i still when its done itll be drying,for you know a half an hour after its,cycle,and i still you know crack the the door,and um and let the water evaporate but,theres always going to be some moisture,on these dishes,i dont think anybody can claim to dry,them,as good as they do and then this is just,a little filter it pops out,okay so it catches food whatever so,youre not great at rinsing your dishes,off,not a huge deal so and it is,you know fairly quiet it is a little bit,louder than our old bosch i think our,old bosch,was probably maybe a 15,1800 model it was 16 years old,and it finally broke down,i tried my hardest to get it fixed,but no one could get parts for it so,we bought this this was about 1200,canadian,so fairly reasonable i guess and we,probably could have found an 1800,model that would have been maybe 40,decibels i think this is around 44 or so,so we hear it the odd time and it,depends whats in it,sometimes a plate or a dish will rattle,around and youll hear it,but um its still very very quiet,anyways thats my take on the kitchenaid,dishwasher,works great price was right and,i dont know i hope i get another 16,years out of this one but well see how,it goes,all right thanks see ya

Are KitchenAid Dishwashers Any Good? – Ratings / Reviews / Prices

You can almost see the new KitchenAid dishwasher as a result of a focus group,years ago after hours in the same room that may have blurted out quietness washability,and better drying as the go to features in the new KitchenAids,these are incredibly quiet with better washing and drying.,Just not one series. KitchenAid,now has two series of dishwashers with the basic series actually being quieter.,In this video, youll learn all about,the newer series M and the more basic, less expensive yet quieter 200 series.,Then well discuss the best features and models from each series,,as well as the one instance where you should not buy a KitchenAid dishwasher.,You also see a comparison between KitchenAid,and their main competition Bosch including reliability based on 37,000 plus,service calls our service team logged last year.,So lets get started.,As I said before, the KitchenAid dishwasher,series is two different lines. The less expensive two hundred series has,a good wash system and is actually quieter at,just 39 decibels, in fact, its one of the two quietest dishwashers,under a thousand, with Beko being the other. At $949,the KDTE204 is a good dishwasher with all the main wash cycles.,The wash system is also good with three levels of wash,,it has decent racks as well,,with the third rack for silverware. Drying is condensation,,meaning using the existing hot air from the wash jet dry in time.,You do have a heated, dry option as well.,The premium KitchenAid and M series is,completely different, starting with the racking and washing.,That third rack is now the largest and uses water pulses from the rack to clean.,All of the M serie models have to filtering systems instead of one,,unlike the previous series for cleaner,water. It does add ambient noise, but its still quiet at forty four decibels.,The drying is better as well. KitchenAid,now uses an air intake at the bottom of the dishwasher,like Miele the air is directed to the side by a fan.,The hotter has attracted the cool side and dissipated as water.,KitchenAid reliability is also good, especially for a premium dishwasher.,Its now statistically almost two percent better than arch rival Bosch,as one of the most reliable premium,dishwashers, you can buy just 11 percent in the first year.,Now, a couple of problems, first, you should not panel a KitchenAid,dishwasher from any series because it will protrude past the cabinet,,unlike Bosch or Miele. In other words, will look like a dishwasher with a,panel stuck on it instead of looking seamless, like a cabinet, as you intend.,Secondly, the best kitchen, a dishwasher by is not the most expensive.,The KDTM604 has all the features you need at eleven ninety nine.,Their best model the 804 cost,seventeen ninety nine.,But your only upgrades are gliding racks,,a knife caddy and a light inside the dishwasher.,Lets compare to Bosch,the racking for Bosch and the KitchenAid 200 series is similar.,They both have three racks of similar size,with a cutlery tray on the top. KitchenAid has a better wash system with a third level,with spring and the 200 series and a fourth in M series, versus,two spray arms and a sprinkler head on the top for the Bosch.,KitchenAid has the heated dry option as well and a quieter model of 39,in the 200 series versus Boschs forty four decibels. Bosch has two models.,The SHP865 at eleven forty nine and the SHP87 at thirteen seventy nine.,They have similar wash systems.,The dishwasher in the eight sixty five,will pop open at the end of the dry cycle to be dry.,The eighty seven series adds CrystalDry and uses zeolite a volcanic element,to absorb moisture and emit heat for the best drying in any dishwasher. It can,even dry plastics. KitchenAid in general will have a better wash,system and racking especially the new third rack of the M series.,But Bosch will be the better dishwasher for drying, and to confuse matters,,Bosch will be quieter in the higher-end at forty two decibels versus the M series,forty four.,KitchenAid should be a consideration unless,youre placing a panel in the front then by a European brand, also over eleven,ninety nine, the features dont justify the price. Between the two series,KitchenAid offers some of the best models,between nine forty nine, eleven ninety nine for washing, drying and quietness.,Click the link in the description below,to download our free dishwasher buying guide and to learn more about,popular units with in-depth comparisons of all the most popular brands answers,to frequently asked questions and buying strategies to save you money.,Thanks for watching.

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