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hey guys whats going on your boy am i,hear another tire review so today we got,some Kelly tires Kelly edged as220 565,17 this is a number one size for all,Dodge Grand Caravan town in countries,okay let about Kelly Kelly is also known,as Kelly Springfield okay they,originated back in the early 1800s late,nineteen hundreds in Akron Ohio Kelly,is now owned by the Goodyear Tire,Company but before that they were just,known as Kelly Springfield all season,tires they had made very they had made,quite a bit of hockey their tire sizes,back in the day and about five to ten,years ago Kelly kind of really stepped,up the game they made your generic mom,pie tires now they came out with this,brand new Kelly Edge is they just have,me four of these right now to do a,review on so as you can see lets get,down right to it the sidewall here,its got good your written good not that,your written over technically but the,complete styling and up with all the,characteristics is 100% Goodyear I love,the sidewall for a beautiful kana me,price tire its got a very nice sidewall,Scott Kelly clear as you can see tire,size is very large which is great for,tire guys to read in the future the edge,is,sorry about that guys I gotta clear my,throat tried over 500 traction eight,temperature beat as you can see there,radial tubeless lets see where this is,made right off the bat theres a deal T,right there 13 18 so this is very very,fresh tire,okay well 102 H speed rating and these,tires right here in Maine chilly chilly,or chilly however you want to call it,tomato tomahto so now lets get down to,the tire tread pattern or asymmetrical,that goes anyway its got a very nice,tread pattern very similar to a hand,cooked tread pattern plenty of sipes,open shoulders good open channels or for,water plenty of water to get out and,its snow and slush if you do drive it,as an all-season radial nice cross,hatches here nice sipes here just will,get rid of the water itll give you a,nice quiet ride if you know its,carefully here its got these little,cuts here thats to throw all the dirt,and the gunk out of the tires these be,very quiet riding tire theyre,asymmetrical they have a nice nice tread,pattern as you can see there,and like I said Kellys been a really,good time Im an authorized Kelly dealer,I do sell quite a bit of Kellys and,compared to I was gonna put a set of,tires on the customers man we probably,taught some Chinese tires and the,Kellys came out at the exact same price,that the Chinese are so I definitely,told the customer you know what these,are made by Goodyear could your,technology so you might as well put,these on for the price youre getting,them at you really cant go wrong were,putting these on mounted and balanced,for 120 bucks each they go on dodge,caravan the angry and caravans and for,case you guys dont know this yellow dot,here is how you should mount the wheel,to a certain part and balance it based,on that nice sidewall plenty of small,lines its got sidewall 2 and polyester,like I said really good all season tires,give me a call at nine oh five five two,eight three five zero zero my name is a,mark thanks for watching guys and also,follow me on instagram hillier dreamland,or my personal account a marcia

Kelly Edge A/S Tire Review prt 1!

hey everybody Im showing off a new set,of tires I just bought theyre called,Kelly edge AAS its not many reviews on,them um the few reviews that are there,Ive been relatively positive theyre,good-looking tire you can look up here,youve got some nice deep channels for,for water and slush to escape they got,some nice wide channels for the site for,other for the water and slush to escape,as well,they are MN s rated which is blood and,snow rated which is good because its a,considering all season tires,Ive never purchased winter tires before,in my life never really had to me,although I I dont discount the safety,factors of the advantages of them this,is for me that Ive never had to eat nor,nor do not think I need the need to work,where I live we do have some bad storms,and Ive driven through some bad stuff,but I always heed with caution and give,the other guy lots of chance lots of,space and a lot of common sense and a,lot of patience for winter driving ok,Kelly tires is the is a subsidiary of,Goodyear Tire so youre getting a good,name behind it as well as Kelly is,actually oldest tire manufacturer in USA,and somewhere here on the tire I,actually did see a made in USA so which,is great we know this is on short Im,not aware of any Canadian Tire no pun,intended any Canadian manufacturer tires,other than a manufacturer of retread,tires that go back I almost bought a set,of those because it was extremely,curious however they didnt have the,exact size fitting tire all-season tire,for my wheel size otherwise I would have,tried demo on though okay so so I just,got these yesterday and Ill do another,video,say in the wintertime let you know how,these puppies hold up in the wintertime,and what youre driving they have I,think it was a 65 or 70 thousand,kilometer tried life warranty something,like that,pretty decent and for the price I got,these things you know for these are,retailing anywhere from you know five,from 600 out the door installed to,anywhere to 700 out the door installed I,got it for under 600 installed very good,pricing of the local local dealer here,and where I live at a buy through life,by Kate buy for pay for three deal,turned out to be better than Canadian,Tire or any other tire Macallan around,even US prices worth were quite high in,comparison all right a little will see,it a couple of months and well see will,let you know how these things wear down,and how they perform in the winter

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Top 5 Best Cheap Tires Review in 2022

[Music],if you are looking for the best cheap,tires,here is a collection you have got to see,lets get started,number one most popular westlake rp-18,touring radial tire,when you are looking for the best budget,all-season tires you will probably get,to come across the westlake,rp-18 tire it is one of the best sellers,all-season budget tire,the tire comes with an asymmetric tread,which ensures steady and high traction,on both dry and wet surfaces,its tread pattern ensures that the tire,easily removes water from the tire,improving its handling capabilities,while also reducing the chances of,hydroplaning,the tire comes in a variety of sizes,including 13 to 16 inches,and t h and v rating,number two hankook h-737 kinergy pt,all-season radial tire,the tire comes with impressive features,that will blow your mind,the new han cook kinergy pth 737 uses a,specially formulated compound that helps,to increase traction while still,reducing rolling resistance saving you a,couple of dollars on gas money,it also comes with a new tread design,that allows the tire to retain maximum,traction on dry surfaces its wide,grooves also help the tire to maintain,high traction on wet surfaces,for a more comfortable ride the tire,uses a joint less belt and highly,strengthened bead filler which also,helps to improve its handling,number three milestar ms 932 sport,all-season radial tire,when it comes to the best budget,all-season tires the milestar ms-932,takes the number one spot,it is the best seller when it comes to,budget all season tires,it uses advanced technology to enhance,overall performance on wet,dry snow and ice conditions it uses a,tread compound that is long lasting,its wide grooves allow the tire to,easily evacuate water allowing the tire,to retain traction even on wet surfaces,available in 66 sizes in t h,and v speed ratings the ms-932 sport,performance touring tire,is sure to cover your high performance,needs,number four summit gta all-season radial,tire it uses high-quality material which,not only ensures durability but also the,value of every dollar that you spend,the use of advanced tire construction,enables the tire to give your ultimate,performance,its lateral grooves and tread design,help the tire to retain maximum traction,on wet surfaces,while also maintaining high traction on,snow surfaces,the tires also come with a rigid,construction increasing its handling,capabilities even at high speed,the symmetrical four-rib pattern,provides superior ride and stability,number five kumo solus ta-11 all-season,tire,the kumo solus ta11 is one of the,cheapest tires on this list,grip and traction are excellent on dry,tarmac and the tire is also very,responsive,wet performance is another area where,the ta-11 scores highly,it isnt on the level of the best in the,category but its still completely safe,one of the best things about this tire,is that it is very quiet on the highway,and comfortable over uneven surfaces,the 75 000 mile tread wear warranty is,pretty good for the price,too,thanks for watching the video

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KELLY TIRES for Ford Fiesta Classic

good afternoon guys today i have come to,this particular tash shop this culture,tire center,they are the authorized distributor of,goodyear and bridgestone tires,as you know i have purchased a used ford,fiesta,three months back,and the car needs new set of shoes,thats new tires very badly,so i have come here to purchase,four set of tasks for this car,lets visit the showroom,actually they are,renovating this particular showroom,they are mainly the authorized dealers,of uh,bridgestone and goodyear tires,and our choice is value for monitors,and the size is,175 oblique 65 r14 tires,and this is the tile,we are looking for,this one,the proprietor of calcium,so lets meet her and,i am visiting this shop for a long time,in fact this is my fourth music,perhaps she doesnt know me that i have,visited,her what are the brands you are selling,sir we are selling goodyear and redstone,okay these are two leading brands and we,are also working with other brands for,two wheelers but you are the main,main dealer for goodyear and vista,we have kept why we have kept these two,companies as a reason because both are,giving excellent service okay it is not,only about the sales nowadays it is more,service oriented okay so if any issue,comes after buying the product the,company immediately looks into the,customers problem and they solve it and,how we are going to provide the warranty,of these tires and what is the warranty,of failings the two years of,unconditional warranty and five years of,manufacturing the deck okay so your,tires will get registered with the,company okay and from the company you,will receive an sms,wherein you will also have a link,provided to you,once you click on the link your warranty,card will be downloaded oh and it will,be there with you actually we all are,going to be done by yourself but we need,to register we need to register okay we,will register on our behalf yes,we send you an sms over your registered,mobile number with us and then there you,will be provided with a link okay you,click on the link and you will your,worthy card will be downloaded,[Music],and very soon we are also beginning with,our car wash,yes i am seeing the new yes,so we are doing vacuum cleaning car wash,as well as polishing all the detailing,services yes so very soon they will be,providing the detailing services and if,you are in if you are interested you can,also visit this particular shop for,detailing services also so thats a,short review of this particular culture,center,these are the old tasks,as you can see they has almost lost,thread,and,replacement is very necessary,only this one is somewhat okay,[Music],this one already has got a sidewall,damage,and this one is also,somewhat okay actually the rubber has,become quite hard actually,and,when you are purchasing a new old car,like this eight to ten years,you should be prepared to change your,tires,so these are the tires,let us check the,manufacturing of this particular tire,and this is the date,let me see the other ones,wise,vice,is,so they are removing the old tires,[Music],[Music],so,its better to change the ball pins when,you are replacing your tab,[Music],so like this,all the four times he will be changing,the standard practice should be you,should replace either four tires or if,you cant you should do at least two at,a time,now lets balance the tires,[Music],foreign,[Music],while reinstalling the wheel nuts you,should be careful,they were careless about fitting this,nut and now you see this knot is damaged,i will be needing a new one,[Music],all the tires have been fitted,[Music],so finally all the four tires have been,fitted,and it has been balanced i didnt go for,any wheel alignment since i have just,done the wheel alignment few days back,since some suspension work was necessary,so i will drive the car and if any,alignment correction is necessary i will,visit the ford workshop again,[Music],so now the,i have to make payment for this purchase,and the price they have agreed to three,thousand four hundred rupees for each,tire,so if you have liked the star changing,procedure please do subscribe my channel,for more videos like this,please do subscribe and if you have any,comment please do comment in the comment,section below and this is the first time,i am going for this,value for money brand and lets see how,the tire performs thank you very much

Kelly Tire Review

oh you [ __ ] maggots doing huh yeah,much better today this is the tire that,was flat yesterday and look at her it,aint fighting anymore but actually this,is when the front tire from yesterday,little tired cant stand the cat,whatever over here on this side pretty,good shape actually all of them were but,we I decided to try out these new,Kellys yeah these of Kellys Explorer,pluses and really happy with these tires,because theyre 15% rounder then than,the other tires that I used to run good,years now Kelly is made by Goodyear but,theyre the 15% rounder kind and yeah,same thing on this side and then Oh,piece of dirt in there cant have that,and then nice deep dread and what you do,with this is you put a penny in there,and if you can still see Lincolns head,at all you get yeah I get new tires or,something like oh theyll see the penny,if you still see the penny I dont know,anyway yeah theyre pretty good tires I,noticed think they stick to the road,really well and I was impressed by that,and thats good when you live in a place,with such curvy roads,about is you know winters coming soon,yeah so I suppose having that flat was,really what do you call it a blessing in,disguise because there is no way out of,spent money for tires when I didnt have,to,and having that flat kind of forced me,to to get tires,oh we didnt look at the tire once we,got it off and it was a rock a rock had,gone through the tire and it had a great,big gash in it then the rock was still,it thats its crazy I didnt I didnt,know rocks would go through tires you,know it just had a piece of limestone,and the guy said oh yeah he says I see,that at least once a week like wonder,why we put limestone on our roads and,driveways then thats always going,through tires,apparently must go with your tires once,they get like old and I dont know,brittle I dont know but my tires,running good shape thats thats weird,anyway Im not gonna argue about it Im,just happy I got the brand new two brand,new front tires and I aint gonna have,to worry about getting in out of out of,work that theres a big hill to get out,of work and oh man it would suck you,know to get caught it stuck it works and,I have to stay there not getting paid,you know I wouldnt go to work fit and,pay me well I might go to the lake and,goof off come so okay I got [ __ ] to do,today all men it is you got a no thats,man it is 69 degrees today,69 degrees and what is this December,[ __ ] I dont even know the date Saturday,I dont know December I dont know Oh,twelve something like that,I think 12th or 13th December 79 degrees,hell yeah global warming but California,theres snow piled up everywhere other,parts of the world is a really freaking,cold you know its its uh boy wouldnt,it be cool if all less people who had to,endure all those bad winters for so many,years if things somehow changed and you,know all those people that had the lucky,weather they get to have our shitty,weather and we get to have nice mild,weather youre on like France,you know France they have all four,seasons like we do but hell used to be,in the wintertime helmet it barely ever,got below 40 degrees,Fahrenheit that is yeah wanna be stuck,if France had these harsh winters and if,we started have winners and never gets,below 40 degrees oh Id be great,sometimes people dont know how good,they got it you know but I love Ohio Im,sticking Im staying here doing it so,bad I cant stay here anymore I dont,know but Im there,okay lets get this show on the road we,got freakin [ __ ] to do today right now,Im heading to the grocery store because,I need to get the vegetable oil mainly,flora for the Charlies food Ive had,I had one person telling me to try olive,oil Ive had three people that told me,to try a vegetable and I had a vet to,try this so Im guessing you know,vegetables okay and its a lot cheaper,than olive oil but theyre saying put it,in this food because it is a skin give,that a shot okay well try it so thats,what Im doing head in there and Ive,been craving I know this is crazy but,Ive been craving chicken pads sea bass,chicken patties I think Im really,craving losing old Chuck wagons I dont,ever see them at the store anymore,theyre filled Pattys ready to be open,at ease oh man just have that all time,love,bunju chicken patties thatd be good too,anyway well just hang in there with me,and if somethings like happens Ill let,you know you like you have pop you my,donkey ball its a doggy chicka pop,jiggle all right,he just got a doggie popsicle I think he,likes it,okay so oh that was citing everybody,nothing exciting happened so this is the,end were sitting here at work right now,getting ready to go in our own air deep,hmm all right okay well uh thanks for,watching

Kenda Klever A/T review and comparison to Kelly Edge A/T

[Music],hey whats up guys today Im gonna give,you a little review of my Kanda cleavers,that I had on this truck before I got,these Kelly edge tires so now first off,this tire the Kenda cleaver and this is,Kelly eggs theyre both very similar,price range I believe I that these were,72 and the edges are I got soap opera on,this side cant be the edges are like 78,so theres like three bucks per tire,difference not too much and for the,money so far these edges are a hell of a,lot better tire so basically lets go,you the rundown Ill click put these,tires on at a hundred and ninety six,five on this truck took them off at two,whole to o95 so you do the math thats,about 13,000 miles and if you look this,ones alright this ones gone and that,ones going and then thats the old,spirit I have one of them unless spare,tire down there but you thinking well,thats funky well when I got the truck,after about three hundred miles I got in,alignment and I rotated them all the,tires every 3,000 miles,theyre 4,000 miles so I rotated them,pretty religiously and like I got in,alignment so in theory but that tire,right there has like three,thirty-seconds in the middle about 5/32,on the outer edge this ones got about,five thirty seconds and seven thirty,seconds on the outer edge and this one,this ones unusable because you thinking,well its got a lot of trig compared to,these two,well if you look right here,you can sway this one right arm doesnt,focus theres a huge split its about 14,to 16 inch long split runs about a,sixteenth of the way around the tire and,basically rendered this tire unusable,because I mean I all suffered this truck,and its I mean its just a little Dodge,Dakota but I hold stuff with this truck,and I didnt want the risk of anything,running through there or I dont know if,once it gets loaded and full of air if,this starts to pull itself out make,balloon out but anyways that got taken,off now I did run like I said I had,these tires on for about thirteen,thousand miles,I had wheel spacers two inch wheel,spacers on here for ten thousand of,those and I dont think that those were,the culprit because I mean everything is,still aligned Im gonna take it to an,alignment shop with these tires just,double-check it and Im all throw in the,description if I remember and tell you,if everythings still lined up but yeah,so so far yeah so so far you should be,getting the idea of well theyre not so,good tires oh I mean thats what it is,so instead of having that tire on I had,to have the quality old 15 year old,spare tire right there and throw that,drove around with that Im sat in that,corner for almost almost a thousand,miles or wait no I have it about 3,000,miles I put on that thing I think its,about 2,000 miles I put on that tire and,that tire is seemed to actually hold,traction better in the wet we had some,heavy heavy downpours here in southeast,Wisconsin here in the mid end of May and,driving this thing out in the rain,pretty sure that that tire would hold on,this wheel,and I think this is that one there that,one was sitting on that wheel and it,would spin and this things a one wheel,wonder it always was but if anybody,anybody who has ever owned the one wheel,wonder knows that always this wheel that,spins if you look at me theres always,rubber caked at the bottom here and the,side over here well theres never,anything because that side the light,side your gas tank is here youre up,there theres no weight here and the,fact that that 15 year old tire was,holding traction better than these tires,that were about a year and three months,old thats really saying something so,now I thought these are gonna be good,tires you know they look to have pretty,good tread you see they even have like,marks for the auto market you line that,up with everything or at verses these,Kellys you dont have marks or anything,but I figured you know theyd be pretty,quiet pretty good traction well both of,those are actually wrong,I got these Kellys Ive been running,them for about a hundred miles now this,is the really junky room okay when,running these are about 100 miles now,and all I can say is holy cow are these,quieter I mean I used to used to roll,down the highway and I just thought it,was normal to hear whistling because,that truck you dont hear the tires that,truck you dont hear the tires the 99 73,that I used to drive you never heard,tears on that thing because all you,heard was the marble and a blender of a,7-3 more but now these things in this,truck even though this things got a,glass back you can actually hear them,but these things oh my god theyre just,like whispers you dont hear them until,you get 45 mile an hour with the windows,down and even with that I mean theyre,theyre quiet theyre good theyre good,and quiet and now as you can see I was,kind of playing in the gravel and Im,the dirt area and in the streets so far,his tire seems to be holding traction,better in both places now Im not gonna,push it too hard cuz I still I still do,have these four tires in the back so,thats extra weight you dont lay in the,bed its getting anyone I do have all,this all the tires in here which is the,extra weight plus the exhaust system,that I got to finish and hook up but the,fact that these tires which are three,dollars more are holding so much better,are so much quieter and they have a,warranty of 50,000 miles,these have a 50,000 mile treadwear,warranty these Kendas the only warranty,that they offer is a subjective warranty,what you do is you send your tire in and,they will elaborate it or whatever and,tell you what its worth and theyll,give you a discount on a new tire versus,these which I believe are I dont I,havent read into it too much this is a,50 but its a I know its a 50 thousand,mile warranty which is pretty dang good,if you look these things got some pretty,good lugs versus these Kendas which are,well just about gone,there I mean youre youre almost,unaware of bars in the middle here,these studies were rated they say on the,sidewall 44 so I was round Im 44 to 48,psi so your little high centered these,ones Im gonna make sure the door says,forty Tigers are rated for 51 theyre,started the door says 35 so Im running,about 40 but my my advice for you guys,is unless you really need to save that,extra 10 bucks definitely go for these,so far snow performance with these,Skellys or with these Kendas is was,pretty good I I buried myself in a ditch,couple times and took a little rock in,but I did get out I buried it down to,the to the crossbar right here so thats,a good 10 inch and this is a snow in the,ditch which is debatably packed and or,not packed these tires like I said I,have ever had a chance to test them they,are readed the exact same they are rated,for there it is yeah,mud plus snow right there what same size,same everything is a canvas but they are,just a way better tire and Im sorry if,Im rambling the other thing is these,Kellys you looked at the do to date 419,anything means it was made the 4th week,of 2019 now these Candace I put them on,in 2018 so just remember that I put them,on in like February of 2018 but if we,look at the d-o-t oh it doesnt say it,on this one on the other tires I believe,it says they were produced in there,believe it they said that they were,produced in like 2014 so these tires,even though I picked them up in,20:18 theyre about four years old,already and they I mean they you can,tell it clearly nobody wanna know and I,can tell you right now the reasons is,that you dont grab theyre not quiet,you dont last,so anyways sorry again if Im rambling,but my my advice to you guys do not buy,these kind of cleaver clever,cleave are I dont know eighty tires so,far definitely go with these Kelly edges,I did run them with the balancing these,as you can see and Irish had one tire of,these Kendas that would vibrate so far,with the Kellys Ive got a little,shimmy at like 70 mile an hour but at,the same time that was when I first put,them on and I mean they still have the,seam right here I mean the

Kelly Tyre Warranty Claim

[Music],good afternoon guys,today i am back with another video today,i will tell you how to do a warranty,claim,of your,defective or damaged tire recently i,purchased the kelly tire due to some,fault,uh my front left hand star,hit the curb,and it hit the curb at a very slow speed,in fact in a parking speed i never,thought that at this speed my sidewall,should get damaged let me show you,impact,in fact the car was at a very slow at,parking speed and the tire sidewall hit,this particular area,and i think it actually hit the soft,spot of the tire,and the sidewall got damaged,so i went to,the dealer point,for a warranty replacement under the,clause of unconditional warranty,i cannot show you the tire right at this,moment i have got a picture i will show,you,[Music],and the dealer has asked me to come and,collect the new tire on,for the exchange so lets go and find,out what is the situation over there,this is where the damage took place,this one,the side wall has scraped off,you see,so a new tire is being provided in,replacement of that particular tire,and i had to pay 380 rupees for handling,and,other charges,so thats a very good option for goody,attacks a lot of persons who are,especially my viewers are telling dont,go for good or their service is bad but,i had a very good experience with,goodyear i did let me tell you guys i,deposited the tire on friday,and by monday,evening i got the replacement so that,was very fast,from goodyear,i got,fitted and this is,later make than my previous tire,so thank you very much for processing,the warranty claim so fast and i will,always suggest whenever you buy any tyre,or anything,i will always suggest you take from a,good dealer point that is one thing,because,uh if the dealer is good he will take,after the responsibility of all these,warranty claims,okay so thank you very much,so that brings to the end of our,warranty claim process,and its a very easy one and if you have,like this video and if you have,find this procedure useful please do,subscribe my channel for more videos,like this,so thanks for watching and goodbye

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