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  4. Kellyanne Conway, former senior counselor to Pres. Trump discusses her new book (Full Stream 5/24)
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I Read Kellyanne Conways New Book | Heres What I Learned

hey yall its ashley bookish rum im,back with another video im like if i,look really like puffy and my nose is,red and my eyes are,i promise you i am fine,i just dont feel,100 fine my eyes and everything,have been just not doing well lately,like theyve been watering a lot and,burning and doing all types of weird,stuff and so,i dont know whats going on i would,like to say allergies but i feel like,im kind of like past that point but,then maybe im not quite past that point,but either way i promise you i am okay,just not,completely like physically,100,and so were just gonna go with it,so as you can see from the title of this,video,we are here to discuss,a book that i may,have recently finished here that ive,been so excited to talk about which a,lot of people have been ready to hear my,thoughts about this book,i am a person that reads a lot of,nonfiction not as much lately as ive,been wanting to read but i also delve,heavily into political nonfiction kind,of my thing why is it my thing not,really sure,but as you all know i did a video,earlier this year where i talked about,five books that i had read about the,trump administration,and there were some things that i,learned so i kind of wanted to make this,into a series where i kind of read some,non-fiction about current events,particularly probably not gonna lie to,you more so about the political,environment of this country the history,of this country i havent decided what,the series would be called maybe,reckoning with our nation something,along that lines because it is a lot of,reckoning with the history and current,status of our country meaning the u.s,and so,i wanted to focus on a couple books that,may be along the lines i would be really,really interested in reading and,lucky yall,kellyanne conway,so if you didnt know kellyanne conway,came out with a book this year and it is,called heres the deal so kellyanne,conway was a senior council,person for donald trump she was his,campaign manager when he originally ran,for,president of the united states we all,know how that turned out and so,kellyanne has a very interesting,reputation in political circles and she,has,very interesting perspectives on things,and so you probably are asking like,ashley why because a lot of you asked me,like why were you reading five books,about the trump administration and,honestly i was just really interested in,learning more particulars outside of,what had been projected through media,but a lot of you probably are still,saying but why would you actively choose,to listen to kellyanne conways book not,just read it but listen to it where she,was reading the book and then i had to,listen to her for 20 hours not,technically 20 hours because i did,listen to it on 1.5 speed but still that,is still listening to her voice for an,extended period of time,as you can already tell from this intro,i am not particularly a huge fan of,kelly and conway shes just not my cup,of tea we fundamentally disagree about a,lot of things and i dont think that,shes always the most likable person,and so sometimes its very difficult,to listen to her or empathize with a lot,of things that she has said in the past,but i wanted to read it because it was,going to give me a different perspective,on the trump administration and it is,from a side of the political spectrum,that i am not on shes definitely more,conservative than i am and i thought by,doing this project i would give myself,the opportunity to see some things from,the other perspectives that are out,there in terms of our current political,situation now someone did ask me on a,previous video how do i read political,nonfiction that has opposing views as i,do and not get frustrated or i think,they say that they get frustrated so how,do i handle that so im gonna go ahead,and answer this,i did get frustrated and it is easy to,get frustrated and its not an easy,thing to do because i think inherently,when youre reading something that you,are not really in alignment with you,find yourself constantly disagreeing,with it and getting frustrated with some,of the thoughts and perspectives which,is why it did take me a little while to,read this book and typical terms you,know i usually can finish an audio book,in about two days this i think took me,up to five because i was only able to,listen to it in chunks and really,process it in trunks because it was just,a lot it was a whole lot so were going,to talk a little bit about what i,learned from reading this book and im,not going to lie to you i talked about,this in a live show,there were some aspects of this book,where i,learned a little bit about,her experience and there was one,particular point that i actually did,agree with her on and so i know thats,probably so strange like what,but i think that her perspective and how,she was feeling about it,i relate it to her being a parent and so,regardless of whatever situation is,happening in the household i think that,her perspective as a parent is something,that i could relate to because i am a,parent so but we will dive into that,later so what is heres the deal about,it is a tell all from kellyannes,perspective about what it was like to,work in the trump administration but,there also was a huge chunk of the book,that really,talked about her experience growing up,and a predominantly,woman-led household family members there,werent very there werent a lot of men,around in terms of influences she grew,up in a strong catholic household which,leads to a lot of her more conservative,beliefs i believe that was kind of the,analogy that i got from it which was you,know in itself it was kind of,interesting im always interested in,peoples like back stories how they grew,up and what has really influenced them,to become who they are um kellyanne has,been working in politics for an extended,period of time i know that from the way,that some things were kind of like,positioned in media it kind of looked,like kellyanne just came out of left,field,and she just had like no political,experience at least like from what i saw,thats how it felt it sometimes but,she actually did have a lot of political,experience she did go to law school and,everything so,working in the political arena is,something that she had done for a while,shed done a lot of speaking engagement,and she,was doing a lot of this stuff like for,free and then eventually she was able to,start doing like paid speaker events and,stuff like that so she had had her pulse,or her finger on the pulse of politics,way before she became a senior counsel,to,uh president trump so that is one thing,that i think sometimes people do miss is,how involved she was in the political,environment prior to the trump,administration and i didnt even realize,how involved she was and how she built,her career around it,and in fact i did not realize that she,was 50 years old already by the time,that she had started working in the,trump administration she had a lot of,experience going in which doesnt deter,from the facts,it doesnt change sorry it doesnt,change the fact that i still,fundamentally dont agree with a lot of,things that she has to say,so in this tell-all basically we are,given a different perspective on,individuals that quite often a lot of,people who are fans of the trump,administration dont really criticize,i was very surprised to learn how much,kellyanne conway disliked jared kushner,which is weird because that is ivankas,husband from son-in-law,and so,to have such a close relationship with,trump and his family but not like jared,kushner it just the dynamic was very,intriguing like hearing about how she,felt as though jared,saw her as competition he did not want,her,to take credit as being the reason why,trump was able to secure presidency,because she was his campaign manager he,wanted to take you know he wanted to,take lead of that,and that when she got into the white,house he didnt want her to have any,significant roles he kind of wanted to,strip her being able to do pretty much,anything and t

Mika: Heres Why I Wont Book Kellyanne Conway | Morning Joe | MSNBC

mentioned at times in recent days,Kellyanne Conway has struggled to be on,the same page to say the least as the,rest of the staff in the White House,take a look general Flynn does to enjoy,the full confidence of the President,hes speaking to the vice president to,vice president pence relative to the,conversation the Vice President had with,general Flynn and also speaking of,various other people about what he,considers the single most important,subject there is our national security,Im not here to say who knew what when,because first of all that would be,divulging information that is highly,sensitive and secondly I dont know all,the details immediately after the,Department of Justice notified the White,House Counsel of the situation the White,House Counsel briefed the president and,a small group of the senior advisors,vice president Mike Pence was misled by,general Flynn or general think could not,completely recall what his conversations,had been the White House knew that,almost three weeks ago,I think misleading the vice president,really was the key here youre saying,that was the straw that broke the,camels back but the White House knew,about that last month when the Justice,Department warned the White House that,mr. Flynn or general Flynn had not been,completely honest in characterizing that,conversation with the Russian ambassador,and they even went further to say that,as a result of that dishonesty he was at,risk for blackmailing by the Russians,well thats thats one characterization,but the fact is that general Flynn,continued in that position and was in,the presidential daily briefings was,part of the leader calls as recently as,yesterday was there for the Prime,Ministers visit from Canada yesterday,and as time wore on obviously the,situation to become unsustainable a,general Flint that makes no sense so,Rick Joe was just saying that she books,herself on these shows we know for a,fact she tries to book herself on this,show I wont do it because I dont,believe in fake news or information that,is not true and that is every time Ive,ever seen her on television somethings,askew off or incorrect another piece of,news concerning Kellyanne Conway the,governments top ethics office is urging,the White House to investigate the,presidents counselor,or published publicly endorsing Ivanka,Trumps clothing line I still cant,believe this happened,in a letter to the White House the,director of the Office of government,ethics wrote theres quote strong reason,to believe that Conway violated rules,against misusing her position that quote,disciplinary action is warranted the,chairman of the House Oversight,Committee who urged the ethics office to,investigate is now called on the White,House to follow the agencys guidance,Joey you have some reporting on this as,well well you know its its actually,the same thing Ive heard since Donald,Trump was elected by his top aides and,again confirmed it last night,shes out of the loop shes in none of,the key meetings she goes out and books,herself often and you know I said this,morning I saw some of the headlines,yesterday and felt badly because the,language I used was so harsh and Im,gonna take it back about her quote lying,I think Rick Tyler it is equally is bad,that a spokesperson in the White House,actually goes out and makes things up,she doesnt know she doesnt have the,information shes not in any of the key,meetings shes not briefed and so shell,go out like she did yesterday shell,hear me say something about her as,apparently this is what I heard from,inside the White House and that shell,immediately start calling and shell,call people that go on TV and defend,herself and so then she goes on to,todays show gives misinformation as she,does on all of these shows and again I,dont even think shes saying something,that she knows to be untrue shes just,saying things just to get in front of,the TV set and prove a relevance behind,the scenes behind the scenes shes not,in these meetings and any reporter can,ask anybody in that White House and they,will say the same thing shes not in the,meeting so Rick the question is why does,the president allow her to keep going,out and spreading false information its,its really quite unbelievable I mean,whats happening here is any White House,is,stress test right but now were under a,severe stress test and this is really a,a crisis of incompetence and thats just,the tip of it all the rest of it has the,hallmarks of a scandal and you also have,a situation where the reporters in the,room seem to know more than the press,secretaries are answering their,questions and that there that theres,not a coherent message coming out of the,White House and that that people arent,coordinating and all this leads to a lot,of questions a general Flynn was clearly,in touch with the Russians through the,campaign and its hard for me to believe,that the president-elect then or the the,candidate at that time didnt know that,was going on and then during the,transition if he was going to call the,Russian ambassador,you would think topic number one would,have been the sanctions and so he would,have been prepared to talk about the,sanctions because that would would,clearly come up and the president saying,he doesnt know he didnt know about,these reports that a he talked to the,Russian ambassador and B whether he,talked about sanctions and if that were,its hard for me to believe the,president didnt know and if thats true,then the president also live misled the,vice president really quick comments I,do you want to wait okay okay well wait,still ahead we have so much to get to,everybody I will say credit Kellyanne,Conway he does not need to text our show,this as long as Im on it because its,not happening here still Adam Morning,Joe,two big exclusive interviews House,Speaker Paul Ryan joins us live and Joe,sit down with Senate Majority Leader,Mitch McConnell plus the Senates number,two Democrat dick Durbin the chairman of,the Senate Foreign Relations Committee,bob corker and Connecticuts Chris,Murphy whos among the toughest critics,of the new administration youre,watching Morning Joe well be right back,thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube,and make sure you subscribe to stay,up-to-date on the days biggest stories,and you can click on any of the videos,around us to watch more four Morning Joe,and MSNBC thanks so much for watching

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Kellyanne Conway on working with Jared Kushner

so i i have a question about that and,you write very candidly about your,marriage um in the book but first um and,youre you are not particularly critical,uh of trump in the book but you are,critical and candid of some of the other,people you worked with most notably or,among the notable ones jared kushner,and his overly large portfolio was a,punchline in washington that was written,about but i want to just read a brief,bit that you wrote about him in your,book you wrote if martian attacks had,come across the radar he would have,happily added them to his ever bulging,portfolio he misread the constitution in,one crucial respect thinking that all,power not given to the federal,government was reserved to him do you,think it was a mistake for trump to make,him a senior advisor and bring him into,the white house,look jared kushner is very smart hes,highly intelligent his heart was in the,right place to help the country but its,fraught to have um your family in the,white house for president trump this was,natural i mean that was it the trump,organization is a true family business,jared is his son-in-law of course not,his child not his kid but the other,adult children ivanka don jr and eric,all got out of college and i think,almost immediately started working at,the trump organization and did very well,there became experts in real estate,development the apprentice and i,remember seeing a quote from don jr at,some point in early 2016 i believe it,was maybe 2015 ashley where he said look,weve just always adapted and learned a,new family business we did real estate,then we had to do tv and he said and now,were learning politics and so it is a,true family business for president trump,and hes a great father,uh whos raised wonderful kids uh adult,kids and,a teenager and i think that that was,natural for him the problem is this if,your family the outside world members of,congress media and then the inside world,other colleagues in the white house,dont cant dont feel comfortable,questioning,what you say so youve got all this,authority,very little accountability and then,theres this huge golf in between the,two so i think jared is very talented he,could have worked on certain things but,he got involved in almost everything,and thats everything from trying to,help to meddling and then he gets to,pick and choose,his,not just his portfolio but now his,legacy he doesnt want anybody,to remember that he is responsible,for the politics of the midwest not,going well in 2020 he just wants you to,remember him for peace in the middle,east he doesnt want you to remember,this wrong-headed immigration fair full,and fair immigration merit-based,immigration reform plan he came up with,in the rose garden uh that didnt go,anywhere in congress he wants you to,remember him for criminal justice reform,and like i said he did certain things,very well i think he is somebody who,absolutely takes the credit for things,that other people did too but thats,okay but he should give the credit to,the president and vice president their,names are actually on the ballot and i,was just raised in a way where im,respectful to authority and deferential,at times and i believe that,um the president the vice president has,their names on the ballot so theyre,really the the driving force well see,what he says in his book thats coming,out this this summer but i i would,suspect as many of his former colleagues,at the white house and administration,suspect is that hes going to take,credit for many things that were also,brought forth by,senate confirmed cabinet secretaries by,the president himself by other senior,staffers look if you were a junior,staffer,and jared kushner said thats on hold,that doesnt serve the president thats,not a good idea who told you to do that,months of work could just be unraveled,and,and be temporarily and eventually,permanently put on hold,also i think it was very um,good,uh as a broad stroke idea for the,kushners to invite democratic senators,and members of congress to the kalarama,home to host them for dinners but again,theyre talking to them about issues,that we have entire cabinet agencies and,departments that handle so it became,confusing to them and what they do im,offered bipartisanship as a means but,not an end and what did it really do,every single democratic senator who was,invited there eventually went on to,impeach jareds father-in-law twice,so it sounds good hard it sounds and,jared is just mean to me personally and,every woman watching this has had a,colleague particularly a male colleague,or 10,who have tried to throw logs in their,path whove gotten in their way,who have denied them and dismissed them,and denigrated them and in this white,house that was me for jerry just headed,in for me i think i i,look i dont have an iv degree i grew up,very modestly we have very different,backgrounds,i dont think he thought very highly of,me many times plus i had a gift that he,lacks im very good on tv and his,father-in-law loved having me on tv as a,messenger and i think we all find out,how hard it is to go on tv ashley once,we go on tv so what was,originally a compliment became a passive,aggressive criticism its like oh shes,good on tv but but what you have to know,about policies you have to have a,relationship with the principals the,president you have to know whats going,to consult with so many different people,when this is happening and um and he,made sure that i got nowhere near the,2020 campaign he put his friend brad,parskell in there height is not depth,and he made sure that everybody knew,including you at the washington post,jared kushner is in charge of the,reelection campaign okay well then hold,him to account for the re-election,campaign

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Kellyanne Conway, former senior counselor to Pres. Trump discusses her new book (Full Stream 5/24)

thank you everybody,[Music],it undermines the credibility of the,entire,white house press office,dont be so dont be so overly dramatic,about it chuckle what youre saying its,a falsehood and theyre giving sean,spicer our press secretary gave,alternative facts to that,[Music],[Music],hi welcome to washington post live im,ashley parker white house bureau chief,here at the post and our guest today is,kellyanne conway senior counselor to,former president donald trump and the,author of the newly released memoir,heres the deal thanks for joining us,today kellyanne,thank you for having me ashley,so as we both know i covered you in the,trump white house i managed to get my,hands on an early copy of your book i,read all of it actually when i was home,with my covid positive toddler i have a,ton of questions about the book but i,first actually want to start with a,photo that was in your office in the,west wing,and it was a photo of trumps inner,circle yourself included also bannon,ryan spicer rob porter hope hicks,general flynn getting sworn in early in,the administration um,and and i think a lot of people were,struck by by the almost the end of the,administration you are one of the only,people in that photo,still standing and so im curious why do,you think and how do you think you were,able to survive for so long in in what,was a notoriously difficult place to,work,ashley its a great question im asked,it often and this is what i would say to,you its a combination of things number,one i love my job i took my first major,public service job at the age of 50.,inauguration day in 2017 was literally,my 50th birthday and i loved public,service i found out very quickly that,you can be one tiny molecule,in thats helping effect change and have,great consequences on peoples lives and,i liked being a part of that the other,thing is that i felt some people went,there with maybe a little bit of,ignorance some with arrogance some with,both ignorance and arrogance and some,people also have,needed to go out and make money have to,care for their families move back home,with their family so there are some,personal reasons that people left the,white house but i think,most folks just could not,sustain the kind of pace that donald,trump wanted the volume and velocity,with which he works,the way that he made decisions and his,expectations heres somebody who is the,first president in us history to be,elected having never held elective,office,or military status before,and he brought that businessmans,approach to washington dc into the white,house in a way where the worst thing you,can say them is nobody has tried that,thats going to take three years,not one year,that will fail if you try it you cant,do that sure you promise it to get,elected but change your mind so i think,there were other people who,just really couldnt you know couldnt,take it id like to think a little bit,of it was it was a meritocracy and some,darwinism but um but also,i think when you look at some of the,people there many of them were fired,or pushed out some of them were under,investigation or indictment subpoena,scandal,and others you know just sort of slinked,away pretending that it was their idea,but we know better,well one thing ive been watching your,rollout with interest and one thing you,said uh in the fox news special on,sunday night is that you were able to,tell,the president not what he wanted to hear,but what he needed to know can you share,one specific example of something that,he didnt want to hear but that he,needed to know that you told him,yes i have many and what i write about,in the book ashley if people pick up,here is the deal theyll see this entire,episode in the cabinet room on about may,4th 2020 so we are in the middle of the,pandemic and the fifth circuit,has upheld that part of,the obamacare repeal where president,trump has basically gutted the obamacare,mandate really the heart and soul some,people would say of of the affordable,care act if the circuit upholds that and,they have an open question that can go,to the supreme court or not and im in,the minority in the cabinet room telling,the president,i have always been against,government-run health care i think there,are many flaws here i think one of the,biggest lies told by an american,president to her citizenry,uh in recent years is you can keep your,plan keep your doctor that was not true,everyone would be insured also false,but we were in the middle of a global,pandemic,and the president had succeeded at the,circuit level,of having his tax cut and job act,feature of doing away with the obamacare,mandate,and i felt he should just take the win,and not move forward with full repeal,into the supreme court on obamacare and,i also made the point that when,president obama himself hears that,president trump is taking obamacare all,the way to supreme court hes going to,get more involved in the campaign we all,know famously told the new york times,and other outlets that he didnt want,obama to you know fight and to run,president obama said you dont need to,do this joe but if you talked about,obamacare he might get a little bit more,involved i also talked about how women,are the chief healthcare officers of our,household we are disproportionately a,majority of the consumers and the,majority of the providers,and again were trying to figure out,everything thats going on with the,global pandemic,i also asked attorney general bill barr,while we were sitting there to explain,if the at the time two supreme court,justices that the president had put on,the court would in fact side with his,point of view and and attorney general,bar said no you can lose the seven to,two maybe nine to nothing at the time,um ruth bader ginsburg was still on the,court god rest her soul so it was a very,fraught moment and i what i noticed,there were 20 of us around the cabinet,room table some senate confirmed cabinet,members other senior advisors including,jared kushner and chris liddell and,others,and larry kudlow and i think seven of us,spoke up the entire time but i was,pretty and he and i got into a heated,debate about it and i write about it in,the book,where im just trying i say to him um do,you know what the number one issue is to,your base and hes like my basement i,said do you know what the number one,issue is to your base,and he went through the whole litany,immigration abortion inflation no no no,no the number one issue to your base is,that one year from now two three four,five years from now youre still sitting,in that chair youre still the president,thats the number one issue and i was,trying to help,you know move that conversation along,but i have many examples like that but i,think that particular example is,one of a policy disagreement but hes,the president he makes the final,decision and he did he disagreed with me,i lost he i lost that debate,and also just sort of the men around me,either,trying to get in my way or not saying,anything at all when theyre in a,meeting where theyre meant to speak up,and contribute,well so speaking of things he did not,want to hear and things his base wanted,which was him to stay in the white house,you are someone,who did not say that the 2020,presidential election was rigged you,accepted the results that president,biden legitimately defeated former,president trump you did so basically at,the time and you write about this moment,in your book,im first curious how did you come to,this conclusion when so many people in,his inner circle did not,a few things first of all he should have,won the 2020 campaign outright and,overwhelmingly at such high margins,comfortable margins actually that were,not even having this conversation there,is no,january 6 there is no,biden in the white house i mean we were,in the middle of a global pandemic,and one argument could be listen folks,even if you dont like this that the,other,we are trying really hard to get our,arms around this and we cant change,horses midstream theres too much chaos,uncertain

Kellyanne Conway – “Here’s the Deal” | The Daily Show

kellyanne conway,[Applause],kellyanne conway welcome to the daily,show thank you for having me you know,there are a few guests i have on my show,that get me more people asking the,question why,you know thats what people i said,kellyanne conways going to be on the,show and people like why why have kelly,and comey on and then you know some of,my friends are like oh shes going to,lie to you shes going to flip things,around shes going to spin this shes,going to be shes going to why thats,what people ask me the whole thing you,know why theyre really asking that why,because they think they know me they,think the caricature is real and they,dont want to hear from people who,disagree with them i dont think thats,completely true i think its because,people i think its i think what happens,is people get frustrated,um especially in america because they,feel like theyre being toyed with you,know and im not putting this all on you,by the way i actually found the book,interesting because there were parts of,the book,that i feel like illuminated stories,that you you never told or parts of,being in the trump presidency that,nobody knew about and and i guess,maybe thats like the first question i,had about your job and what you were,doing with president trump and that is,when youre working in the white house,and you had the position that you had,when youre working for an,administration do you feel like there,are times when you have to lie to,protect the president or do you feel,like you have to do that because youre,furthering a greater good no not none of,the above,first of all the president offered me,the press secretary job within an hour,or an hour and a half of being elected,in 2016. i said no because he said,youll be great at that im thinking to,myself i wrote in the book id be a,terrible press secretary im not even,sure what they do and so i didnt want,to press her coms job i took a policy,job but i kept getting pulled out,to speak on behalf of the white house on,behalf of the country and i have to tell,you people will say how can you go up,against this anchor they asked me the,same question why would you go on this,show why do you deal with that anchor,right theyre not fair to you they only,prefer democrats etc and i say look the,anchors are never really my audience the,people are the audience there are folks,out there the forgotten man forgotten,woman forgotten child who would not,otherwise have access to information,news they can use facts and figures that,affect their everyday lives but there,were many times i didnt speak there,were many things i didnt address i,either felt that i was not the expert on,them or i didnt have all the answers,but i would note that you know all the,smart men around me,did not go on tv did not come and face,the music did not come and explain um i,was almost like theyre mop mop up girl,and spokes models sometimes and thats,what they wanted so that they can be,behind the scenes working on important,policy and i have to tell you even this,white house when it started the biden,harris white house they said look at us,we have a 100 female press and comp shop,and i thought well of course you do,because the women dont get as many,policy jobs and thats what i wanted to,do so i worked on veterans military,military spouses i worked on the the tax,cut and jobs act i worked on the opioid,crisis i worked on education health care,reform the list goes on and on and,you find out in these public service,jobs trevor that you can help make a,difference in peoples lives and i think,that many of the trump pence,accomplishments have done exactly that,we were better off,economically energy wise putin was not,in ukraine iran was,answer it no no they said no no what im,what im saying is this is and i i,really i dont want to have a,confrontational conversation with you,because when i was reading the book it,felt like more of a conversation with,you as a person so okay let me let me,ask it this way,so,here you have a situation where in the,book,you talk about how you were oftentimes a,voice of reason in the room,you know i have no reason to not believe,that you talk about in the book how you,said to donald trump hey,you lost the election,you have lost this election well what i,actually said was we were talking about,the december 14th deadline that was the,date by which the electors would certify,the election right and they were about,to certify it for joe biden and kamala,harris and in the six weeks prior to,that i had long left the white house but,in the six weeks prior to that the,president and his legal team were trying,to find proof,of theft and fraud and malfeasance and,shenanigans and i think there are many,unanswered questions from 2020 well,never know but the main thing you said,to him but i said youre coming up short,it looks like youre coming up short for,that certification date other people,trevor then had the idea no wait dont,go to other people wait wait honestly no,no no no no to go to january 6th and do,a different certificate so much january,6 though im saying in this case this is,what im saying is interesting is you,said this in the book right im talking,about a now issue you said this in the,book since the book came out donald,trump has come out on i think it was,truth social and he said no kellyanne,conway is lying she never said that to,me she never told me that i lost and if,she told me that i would have fired her,on the spot so lets say like in that,instance,its you its donald trump so whos,telling the truth he didnt use the,words liar or fire but what he said was,i wouldnt have dealt with her anymore,thats not a good criterion i wouldnt,have dealt with him anymore but um,i told him,yeah i told him that he came up short,and it broke my heart i wish he was,still the president because things were,reminded so youre saying so youre,saying you did tell him and so he did,what hes saying is coming up short for,december 14th right but im saying that,this is,and by the way this is not one of these,tell all and bore most im not speaking,up now because i didnt speak up then,god knows i spoke up there,theres 500 pages in there yes my life,story certainly time is campaign manager,making history as the first female,complete,were going to get to that senior,counselor and what that meant allow me,to move through it step by step i,promise you im going to get to those,parts what im asking you so i think,youve answered in this case so youre,saying that is the truth is that you,told him and you said broke your job is,the president i dont think everything,was completely fair and changed no no no,no no no no,youre doing this,you see the people are right now with me,the people who said to me shes going to,do the thing to you youre doing the,thing to me right now that joe biden is,that oh i didnt ask you that question,though okay,the question i asked you was whos,telling the truth thats honestly what i,asked you i didnt ask you about whos,president whos not present i said whos,telling the truth as in you told one,side of the story donald trump told,another side of the story and what,youre telling me is youre saying his,side of the story is not true im,telling you that i told him before the,december 14th deadline which is,disappointing,so so maybe maybe this is what im,trying to say,in this in this book what i found,particularly interesting is,you youve given us an insight into the,trump white house and and how it worked,or how sometimes it didnt work you know,you youve had some of the more scathing,opinions on people like jared kushner,for instance you you dont you dont,mince your words in the book about jared,you know or steve bannon and it you know,it it feels like you you felt like at,times they you know got away with not,being as good at the job as you felt,they should have been well i think if,the president your boss in the workplace,asks you to work together as a team you,should try to do that and this just,happened to be the west wing so it was,very i

Kellyanne Conway: Trump Would “Like to Run in 2024” Because of “Unfinished Business” | The View

well of course kellyanne i do want to,acknowledge something you said last,segment um i remember flying on air,force one in october of 2020 and two,very senior advisors to the president,dave bossie and corey lewandowski turned,to me and said we would be winning this,race if it was kellyanne running the,campaign so i think that theres theres,some real truth to the direction it went,the second time around and that perhaps,you having a more senior role would have,changed that um but i have to ask you,something we served together um briefly,in the white house my second time i,admired you the first time when i was,working for pence you were very helpful,what happened the second time oh the,second time no i just met i looked up to,you i wasnt youre in more comparable,roles i was a more junior role the first,time um i broke with the president ahead,of january 6 when the big lie started,being shared i resigned in december,december 4th and i spoke out after,january 6 when i saw a violent mob,assault the capital question in here yes,um,how how do you still defend him do you,still think he could be a good president,after he tried to overturn our democracy,okay so i left three months before you,did for my children i have four of them,and i i said less drama more mama and,thats exactly what i did i think you,stayed a whole month after the election,that you were having a problem with but,thats i wanted to help my junior staff,get jobs,should know that because i havent seen,you since youve changed but i want to,say this to you i didnt change i just,to be clear i didnt change i swore i,dont know,you should hear every day i swear to the,constitution,as we all did but um and i i appreciate,that i think there was a lot wrong with,the 2020 campaign and i think in,addition to that afterwards your former,boss mark meadows who was a terrible,chief of staff not matching the man did,not match the moment for a global,pandemic a re-election campaign neither,did that excuse me protests after george,george floyds murder he didnt match,the moment at all and didnt take advice,but do you think donald trump matched,them and then he allowed he allowed,supplicant after sycophant after showman,to come before the resolute desk and,promise the president that was the day,they were going to find more votes in,arizona wisconsin pennsylvania,ill answer your question maybe you,missed it i was on abc live on january,6th thats george stephanopoulos and i,said people have to get out of the,capitol what are you doing there why,have you reached the capitol what is,going on,but youre still supporting donald trump,live on january 6th alyssa if youre,saying that,somehow you think,were supposed to think that youve seen,the light and not just see your name in,lights thats not fair what do you mean,im still supporting you,youre not answering one question how is,the man qualified for president if he,incited president joe biden i know but,youre youre talking about maybe a,second term youve never denounced,donald trump thats when he incited a,violent mob,its just really a follow-up to that,question sort of because rioters,chanted hang hang mike pence that day,now uh this is not a trick question they,shouldnt have done it,thats prosecutable,well well see,were still waiting for that,he refused to stop the uh the election,certification trump didnt lift a finger,to help him,now we see the former vice president,breaking from trump we know that trump,never takes responsibility for anything,that he does or says but uh dont you,think that he should for this i mean,isnt this a bridge too far they were,trying to hang his vice president and he,did not stand up for him so im sure,that there are laws against that uh when,donald trump chose mike pence to be his,supporter people who are prosecuted but,is that a good thing or a bad thing that,he didnt support the vice president he,should be hanged should he have said,dont hang my vice president please yes,you should of course i mean we all say,that but that what they did to me,as president as a vice president is a,big part of my book because for four,years we had a heck of a lot better in,this country if you dont want to talk,about policy its fine but we had energy,independence we did not have inflation,we didnt have gas prices like this we,didnt have but youre not in ukraine,hold on i think this is very important,because this is a book about women i was,raised by strong women i had been,manhandling jealous boys my whole entire,life and i wanted to say this okay we,are going to go right now if you dont,stop talking i need you to let the,closing question happen closing question,is do you believe that donald trump will,run again in 2024 and if he asked you to,run his campaign would you yes i think,that he would like to run for in 2024,because he thinks theres unfinished,business he sees that biden is not doing,a great job i have to do the best and,highest use for my family and i want to,say one last thing there were five women,who had the highest ranking title in a,meeting one morning i looked up highest,ranking title in the white house and,donald trumps white house i looked up,ivanka trump sarah huckabee sanders,mercedes brooke rollins and me well he,worked with all of them okay and but,among the five of us would be we had we,have 19 children 12 daughters seven sons,at the moment between the ages of two,and 16 and were working in donald,trumps white house thats the best vice,president is a woman now the vice,president and i are very i mean one of,the handful of people in this country,talks,as you know our thanks to kellyanne,conway her book is called heres the,deal a memoir and its out today

Kellyanne Conway Book Signing & Interview | Heres the Deal

hello everyone im danny valdez and you,have made it to the live signing of,kellyanne conways new book,heres the deal a memoir as a highly,respected pollster for corporate and,republican clients and a frequent,television talk show guest kellyanne,conway had already established herself,as one of the brightest lights on the,national political scene when donald,trump asked her to run his presidential,campaign she agreed delivering him to,the white house becoming the first woman,in american history to manage a winning,presidential campaign and changing the,american landscape forever who she is,how she did it and who tried to stop her,is a fascinating story of personal,triumph and political intrigue that has,never been told until now kellyanne,welcome and how are you today,im great danny thank you so much for,having me and hello to the entire,premier audience its a its a real,thrill for me to be here on release week,yay and uh where are we is this your,home are you in a hotel are you,traveling,im actually the skyscraper paper in,manhattan in new york city at my simon,schuster and its right across the,street caddy corner to fox news channel,so thats been convenient today also,nice so for the next hour kellyanne is,going to be signing this,fantastic looking book with this,gorgeous,of her on the front and its a big read,like for those of you who uh like to,have a thing in hand,and feel like youre getting your,moneys worth this is huge and it looks,so interesting shes also going to be,answering as many of your questions as,possible for those who have just tuned,in and have not yet purchased a book you,still have time to order an autographed,copy and submit a question to kellyanne,just click over to,premierecollectables.com,forward slash deal to order your copy,so kellyanne really looking forward to,this,curious why did you write this book and,why not,i wrote this book because many people,are interested in the backstory of my,story they know that they think they,know me as trumps campaign manager 2016,the first woman to successfully run a,u.s presidential campaign and all that,is true and the senior counselor the,president but maybe they dont know,that my path has been very unique,finding myself in the middle of wild,dramas and some traumas and then,incredible opportunities in some ways,its a unique story but in other ways,its a very american dream story,i was raised by,a house of all italian catholic women no,men in the house my father,there you go no child support no alimony,but um i had a loving present,relationship with my father for 40 years,thereafter and the point is i was raised,by these strong independent women,probably to be a feminist without ever,putting a label on it and,definitely to be a conservative without,ever having a political conversation but,it really talks about the arc of my,career my marriage motherhood what its,like to be a working mother and what,its like to have donald trump as the,candidate for whom i was working,why he asked me to be campaign manager,what i asked of him before i said yes,and how he,got delivered to the white house by,completely transforming american,politics taking the message directly to,the people doing seven eight rallies a,day but also a lot of behind the scenes,working me being a student of hillary,clinton knowing how to beat her and,trying to get other people to listen to,that but donald trump finally listening,and of course all the way to the white,house and i take you inside my house as,well what its like to have four teens,and tweens well i have this big job at,the white house coming home and theyre,starting my second job all over and how,they will always be the four chambers of,my heart so its a great read its very,raw and vulnerable,never before heard stories about the,coronavis task force about president,trump in the cabinet room about the,campaign about the 2020 re-election,campaign of which i was not a part and,uh so many shoots and ladders but i,think people enjoy it youre right its,a fat 500 pages you definitely get your,moneys worth and i i i know youre,going to laugh out loud and maybe tear,up in a few places too,so im so fascinated with you know when,i was watching uh trump running for,president i remember half the time i was,like,hes finally saying it and the other,half of the time i was like i cant,believe hes saying that and im curious,now that ive got you here from sort of,like the team behind the scenes how did,you guys deal like did you was there,personality like,i know in so many things like this,theres personality coaches theres,people that are sort of like helping,write scripts things like that but,behind the scenes what was sort of the,vibe and the energy of when he would,say some of his more,things that were like hot topics and,people would criticize him for what were,you guys doing behind the scenes how are,you advising him behind the scenes,sure it really depends what was said and,what was intended not manipulated since,the media liked to do that they did that,today again,yeah so intent matters,and,if the president if mr trump as the,candidate,intended to announce a policy or lobbed,one of those tweets or insults then its,very clear what his intention was and it,wasnt my job people think my job was to,defend him no my job is to explain the,policy or explain the results and the,consequence to you and your family but,in the case of president trump the best,example i can give you is people would,say to me all the time okay youre the,campaign manager now youre very,reasonable kellyanne take his phone from,him why would he keep his phone hes a,grown man,why dont you put a fake bluebird on the,phone so that when he goes to tweet,nothing will happen i said well i would,never do that for him and i would say,listen he needs to tweet like we need to,eat its just about better choices,sometimes i you know eat a cow salad,sometimes i finish the brownie pans with,my youngest one but,i think net-net,yeah rather than just cherry pick,president trump said this or mr trump,did that if you look at everything in,totem you see a man who was motivated,through love of country,through,[Music],a commitment to public service,to be the president united states and,commander-in-chief at a time when our,needs were many when our challenges were,steep,when our problems looked insurmountable,and unsolvable,and he made good on those promises but,you know behind the scenes,the president you know one time he asked,me to the oval office and i ran down,there with my folder and i ran in and he,was sitting behind his desk,looking at his phone he said did you see,my tweet,and i said,did i see your tweet it takes me 12,seconds to run here in three inch heels,i dont know did i miss it and he,mentioned the tweet in question and he,had sent it that morning i said oh that,one i wasnt going to be impolite it,wasnt really in my top 1000 most,favorite tweets and he said what,and i said well i i like the ones and i,went through a whole litany of the kinds,of tweets i do like but um look trump,was a unique candidate who did not run a,conventional political campaign he built,a movement and people felt like they,were part of that movement yeah and in,the context of that,he was going to say things sometimes,a little rough and raw,sometimes in a way that could be easily,manipulated by decep ubiquitously,devious people,but i think the message heard by most,americans was here someone whos like me,or someone is a political outsider,who has no idea why washington has,failed us over a series of decades,who has never been in washington so that,he can go there owing no one nothing,get to work very quickly on delivering,on these promises,and in fact did just that so but i love,having president trump as a boss hes a,great boss,yeah i mean for me that was the,compelling thing was that here is a guy,who is so,non-politician hes not hes not,grinning and lying and i mean hes just,its like agree or disagree i always,felt like there was a real human

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