1. Kel Tec CP33 Review (PROBLEMATIC Kel Tec 22LR Pistol Review)
  2. KelTec CP33 vs Taurus TX22
  3. Poor Mans MP7 Build – Kel Tec CP 33
  4. Kel Tec CP33 Review – How can you not love it?
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Kel Tec CP33 Review (PROBLEMATIC Kel Tec 22LR Pistol Review)

check round two,all right i think were good,welcome to firearms of america today i,am back here at shooters in fort myers,florida very excited because today i,have two very special guns,uh for a review so the,very first one im gonna start with is,uh this thing right here caltech but but,i also do have,this,historic classic revolver from,1979. i think this is actually the,oldest gun that i have reviewed so far,on this channel where i will review so,far on this channel uh so if youre,interested to see this review make sure,to subscribe all right but lets go back,to this review and see what we have,today as you can see i have something,from caltech very excited because,this might be right here,my personal firearm well find out so,this is the cp,33 chambered in 22lr very very popular,22lr options getting more and more,popularity there are a lot of reviews,out there and people seem to like it in,fact um i was convinced to buy this gun,by watching one of the online reviews,yes believe it or not i watched the gun,reviews too on youtube of course,whenever i do my research and uh,literally the first 10 seconds of the,guy shooting this gun i said okay i have,to buy this thing so its pretty,impressive all right so why is it,impressive lets start from some basic,specs we got the five and a half,inch barrel all right so for 22lr you,can prob probably forget about the,recoil completely with a five and a half,inch barrel all right,the next thing thats very very,impressive here is the magazine capacity,magazine capacity here,33,and let me tell you guys for 22lr,33 is,unbelievably,impressive because most of the times you,find these 10 capacity magazines in 22lr,this is 33 and you get two of these and,i actually have one already loaded up,and,prepare to be impressed check this out,this is not double stacked this is quad,stacked now i have to admit loading the,magazine feels a little bit weird,but its easy to get adjusted now the,reason why it feels weird because,normally in your,10 capacity 22lr magazines you have that,guide that you pull down while youre,loading so its super easy to load this,is not as easy to load but hell listen,ill take 33 capacity over 10,any day and you can actually get the,extensions i think plus three plus four,um extensions on these magazines which i,am planning to do if i decide to keep,this gun so,lets do some shooting,and then well talk about everything,else now whenever it comes to shooting,today,i have,plenty not just three types uh this,right here has like already three,different types of 22lr,so i have probably five six different,types of 22lr ammo and from different,brands,the reason why is i really really want,to test the reliability of this 22lr gun,now usually whenever it comes to the,center fire pistols you dont have these,issues this reliability issues compared,to the rimfire all right 22lr rimfire,round and ill explain a little bit,later a little bit of the the,reliability issue in 22lr later but,lets start with this um,winchester,wildcat now this is 40 grain uh,1255 fps so this is a supersonic,in case if youre wondering,what the supersonic and subsonic i will,talk about this later so you know what,lets talk about this later im going to,put some 10 rounds,in this magazine lets see one two three,four five six seven,eight nine ten,because,man cannot multitask at least i cannot,multitask for sure so if im doing,something and counting at the same time,if im speaking and,it doesnt work,but as you can see loading the magazine,is i mean its pretty straightforward,and its honestly i made it sound like,its hard its really easy it just feels,a little bit weird okay because you have,to kind of,slide it in after you slide it in and,ill show you if you could put it put it,here right and it kind of gets there,halfway and then you have to push it in,even more all right and and it,automatically goes,back and forth between,two,chambers i guess in the magazine,but,i do have my 10 rounds,all right this is the this is the moment,of truth now this winchester,uh wildcat,it gave me a lot of problems on my sr-22,ruger 22lr gun,it was not cycling well,it was misfitting and getting jammed,pretty much after every 2-3 rounds so,if it can handle,if this can handle if this cp33 can,handle this ammo,thats good good start all right,putting in the magazine kind of while,were doing this,a little bit weird it feels a little,weird the whole feel of the gun feels a,little bit a little bit cheap i have to,say but this is the case really with,so far every caltech that i reviewed had,this weird cheap feeling so kind of get,have to use it you see its like yeah,it doesnt even so if you expect a fast,release you know where,the magazine drops and you get another,one quick dont expect it from this guy,all right,now the way you get one in the chamber,here is uh by pulling on this now the,whole slide part of the gun theres,really no slide because nothing is,sliding theres no moving parts uh in,this area,except,for this little thing,now uh we kind of got already a little,bit of a problem here as you can see it,did not get it in very well so im going,to get rid of the first round,and,the second round is not fitting well,either,and the third round is stuck so we have,a problem we already have a problem,and thats uh,usually,what i expect,from a 22lr lets see,okay so we got one in,you might need to be a little bit more,aggressive with the slide as it seems,i took out three rounds,im gonna leave them here,and uh lets start with that,white circle in the middle im not gonna,touch the yellow one on the top just yet,and we got nothing,all right,okay now its not feeding at all,now it seems to be stuck,in the magazine,okay weve got nothing here,huh all right lets uh try to move this,by putting,some more into this,and,if this,ammo,if this gun does not like this,particular ammo i guess ill have to try,another one well find out,all right,now its not going in at all,all right,come on,okay i think i got one in the chamber,wow,all right lets see,okay,its shooting,[Music],all right,and it did lag back on the last round,which is,good,all right and its very very accurate i,mean great group,and the recoil is non-existent now,the only thing i want to figure out here,is why,is it giving,the problem on the very first round,getting into the chamber for whatever,reason,it is getting stuck now it might be,because it is a brand new gun and it,needs to,cycle a few times before it actually,goes but uh,thats why we do the reviews right,thats why we watch the reviews so im,gonna put one two three,four,five more rounds just to check the feed,all right,and,i think i got it in but again it wasnt,smooth it kind of stops and if it does,it on the next one ill show you what i,mean by being stuck lets see,okay so shooting,no problems,however that first round,for some reason,now it might be the magazine itself,or it might be the gun lets see,no it actually got in just now without,any problems okay,do one more because i have one more,hanging out here,now the trick might be to simply,aha,it got stuck now ill show you ill show,you ill try to be careful and ill show,you this is it you see,this is how it gets stuck,um almost like it does not feed properly,from the magazine because as you can see,it missed,it missed the,it hits the chamber its aiming too high,come on bro,dont aim too high,okay theres another interesting thing,that i want to point out here,the round,almost feels too big,for the chamber you see lets see if i,can,get this thing in,yeah,wow,it definitely is,too big for this chamber weird,okay well,now it doesnt want to lock there you go,lets see,now it cycles properly it cycles without,any problems even considering that the,round is that the cartridge itself is,too big for the chamber,but,this was this wildcat winchester now let,me test,with this,mini mag now this one in my personal,experience this,22lr uh was a little bit more reliable,and we got,whats up brother mauricio im uh live,here recording let me f

KelTec CP33 vs Taurus TX22

hey guys whats up its becoming from,DNA today so Ive got two of the newest,22lr handguns Ive got the Taurus TX 22,and Ive got the Cal Tech CP 33 both of,these guns were announced that shot,showed this year of shot show 2019 and,right now its late March 2019 so,theyve only been on the market for a,couple months now and luckily Ive been,able to pick them up the tours to TX 22,is a little bit easier to get Ive seen,it in several places the CP 33 is,definitely hard to get right now theyre,saying theyre gonna ramp up production,in May of this year but I was lucky,enough to pick up the one the one that,came in at my local gun shop so I was,glad to get that so since Ive seen,these that shot show have been very,interested in them and very interested,in kind of comparing them and and sin,seeing their strengths and weaknesses,and so today I want to do a comparison,and were gonna do a versus video and,the way I like to do my comparison,videos is I like to give a list of where,one gun is better than the other and,then Ill give a list of where the other,gun is better than the first one and so,Ill have Ill have strengths and,weaknesses for both so if youre,watching this and you think Im skewing,towards one dont worry I definitely,will bring it back and well give,advantages of the other one because they,both have their strengths and weaknesses,theres no doubt about that,Ive got about 2,000 rounds through the,TX 22 and Ive got about 1,500 rounds,through the CP 33 so Ive able been able,to test them out in several different,ways,shooting them suppress shooting them,with different types of ammo and just,really running them both through the,gauntlet so in the comments below let me,know which one of these are you,interested in which one would you like,to add to your collection so Im gonna,go to the workbench and Im gonna show,some things and show some video of me,shooting these but two very cool hand,guns lets do it,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],okay one area in which the CP 33 is,better than the TX 22 is that it is more,accurate at least for me in my sample,size of one on each of these so I was at,an indoor range and I was shooting off,this cheap Caldwell pistol rest and at,25 feet I loaded a full mag of the CP 33,and a full mag of the TX 22 and at 25 or,25 feet I shot this group right here 33,rounds into that each one of these,squares is an inch so then I shot a full,mag of TX 22 keeping everything the same,using the same pistol rest at the same,range everything everything else was,held constant for the most part which,theres things not constant between the,pistols but this was a full mag of 16,rounds from the TX 22 and to me that,right there just speaks pretty pretty,clearly about that at least for me again,that I can shoot better with this so,later in that same range session I shot,10 rounds just loaded up a magazine with,10 rounds of the CP 33 I shot three,groups with the CP 33 I think I moved,this one back to 30 feet and then I shot,just two mag pulls of the TX 22 is 10,rounds each on that ok now theres,several reasons why I think the CP 33 is,more accurate number one it has a longer,barrel it has a 5 and a half inch barrel,where the TX 22 has a four point one,inch barrel another important thing is,the sight radius on the CP 33 sight,radius is about 9 inches or so whereas,the sight radius on the TX 22 is about 6,inches sight radius is how far it is,from your rear sight to your front sight,ok and this is definitely a personal,preference but on the TX 22 it has the,standard 3 dot sights and on the CP 33,it has these fiber optic shots which are,a little bit finer easier to see and I,can just shoot better with these sights,ok another thing that I think is a huge,thing about this is the way that they,actually operate okay so on the TX 22,obviously whenever you shoot the whole,slide is reciprocating and when you do,that,this barrel has not a lot of wiggle but,it has some wiggle so when you shoot and,this is coming back that barrel is able,to move around a little bit whereas on,the CP 33 and be kind of hard to see I,could take this little in lock rail,cover off but it is fixed this this,barrel is fixed inside of the upper,piece here and whats reciprocating is,just this bolt its basically acting,like a rifle you just have this bolt,going back and forth but the the barrel,stays absolutely fixed during action,okay and I know this really doesnt make,a huge difference but so I took that,little m rock in lock rail cover off and,you can see this is the barrel its kind,of like a fat cigar barrel here on the,CP 33 whereas on the DX 22 it has a lot,smaller barrel which I know that doesnt,make a lot of difference I just thought,I would mention it that this definitely,has a bigger barrel you can see the,difference in the barrels and of course,scenario where the CP 33 is better is,that you have the ability to mount,different optics red dots or whatever,you want to put on all this Picatinny,and then you can mount a little piece of,Picatinny on the in lock slot down here,okay now another area which is just,obvious in which the CP 33 is better,than the TX 22 is that the CP 33 holds,33 rounds TX 22 at its max holds 16,rounds so its less than half of the CP,33 which that is its really big claim,to fame but what needs to be said about,the TX 22 is that most 22 pistols only,hold ten rounds some hold 12,but the TX 22 definitely bumped that up,but if the TX 22 bumped it up I dont,know what you would say about the CP 33,it just went over the top and I mean,come on who does it want 33 rounds,compared to 16 rounds I mean that right,there is definitely an awesome thing,okay another thing another area in which,the CP 33 kind of has has an advantage,and this is definitely a subjective,thing but it is definitely more,distinctive looking like if youre out,on the range and youre shooting with,this and some,doesnt know what it is theyre gonna,look at that theyre part going to ask,you hut in the world is that another,area in which the CP 33 is is better,than the TX 22 is that it has these,little loops this little these are metal,loops right here that are attached,inside here to the metal piece and,theres a possibility of there being a,brace that can be clipped on here and,have a pistol brace and not only the,possibility but theres a company called,Rev arms re HV arms and they have been,teasing some pictures of them developing,one on Facebook it theyre not selling,them yet but theyre showing them,actually with them on and and trying to,trying to get those to market another in,which the CP 33 is better is due to the,fact that the CP 33 is very similar to,the PM r 30 and theres already some,aftermarket things for the PM r 30 its,been out for for several years now and,at shot show,I saw the tandem cross people had a had,a flat trigger for the CP 33 they had I,guess it was part of maybe the takedown,pin or something where there was a like,a shelf where you could put your thumb,and a replacement for the safety where,you could put your other thumb and hold,it like that so theres the possibility,of there being more accessories for this,another thing is both of these have good,ejection but the CP 33 is insane,it literally will throw the shells 25 to,30 feet where the TX 22 is thrown about,6 to 7 feet so this thing is getting rid,of those shells with attitude another,area where its better is the sights on,the CP 33 are made out of metal and not,only that theyre actually Williams,sites which Williams makes good high,quality sites on the TX 22 the sites are,polymer okaynow reasons why the TX 22 is,better in some areas that its bettering,the number one area where its better,for me and again sample size of 1 on,both of these is and I guess this is,from real world stuff and its from from,theory also is that for me the TX 22 is,more reliable in the manual for the CP,33 theres at least two pages dedicated,to talking about just how to,how to load the magazine and theres,several types of ammo that th

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Poor Mans MP7 Build – Kel Tec CP 33


foreign,[Music],[Music],thank you,[Music],whats going on everybody this is Brian,here with Texas gun experience and if,you ever wanted to own a h k MP7 well,too bad because HK quite frankly hates,you and the American market and seeing a,civilian MP7 might be a long time away,so this video is actually not about the,MP7 so this is who your girlfriend tells,you not to worry about,and then theres you the Kel-Tec cp33,now the CP actually stands for,competition pistol and the 33 meaning 33,magazine capacity cp33 now this is a 22,long rifle handgun now we kind of went a,little overboard with this and while we,have mp7s here available to rent well,this is the MP7 we have at home now this,is kind of just a fun build and almost a,meme gun at this point because we have,more accessories than we actually have,what the and what the gun actually costs,but the cp33 is actually a pretty nice,firearm in itself so lets talk about,the gun lets talk about what we did to,this one specifically and starting from,the front we did put a dead air muzzle,device now we did do the key micro,meaning it just takes these smaller,pistol mounts so were able to put that,on there have a quick detach with the,dead air can this is just a ghost 45,that were using on there with the wipes,its pretty quiet its a half by 28,thread pitch so theres plenty of muzzle,devices available out there for the,firearm,now these come standard with fiber optic,sights and the rear is actually,adjustable so as a handgun itself,theyre actually very nice and easy to,pick up especially when youre out there,with any type of lighting conditions,those fiber optics glow pretty well and,if they ever get damaged theyre easy to,replace so Kel-Tec actually markets this,as a competition ready pistol in the 22,long rifle pistol space you know Ruger,kind of dominates that so they wanted to,come out with something that could be,both accurate lightweight and could hold,a lot of rounds and thats kind of the,birth of the cp33 it does have a little,bit longer Barrel here and it is a quite,frankly a larger pistol or handgun but,its all polymer construction and even,some of the internals and well get to,some of the accessories too but some of,the internals are even 3D printed were,starting to see a lot more 3D printed,Parts in and on Firearms nowadays so,its kind of cool to see its kind of,the way of the future so the cp33 has a,3D printed kind of like a little buffer,in the behind the bolt here,so full length 1913 but continue up top,so if you want to mount objects you can,again 33 round capacity it is fully,ambidextrous as well too so there is a,safety selector on both the left hand,and right hand side its really easy to,engage with the thumb very similar to,AR-15 style controls the trigger is,surprisingly very good even though this,is a you know all polymer construction,it doesnt feel too spongy and actually,its quite short and crisp with an,audible reset so youd be really,surprised firing this how good the,triggers actually are when were talking,kind of a budget or you know entry level,pricing firearm so some of the,accessories we dont want to skip over,and some of it is because more of why,not but they do have some actual worth,as well too so you know the lights,whatever it actually mates up pretty,well right in front of the optic here,its a tlr1 that Lumen light from,Streamlight theyre really rugged really,good on handguns and even have some,rifle applications this works pretty,well here to where you can actually use,your offhand and actuate those rocker,switches The Vortex spark AR was just,one of those ones we had sitting on the,side so threw it on there and actually,mates up quite well so having that kind,of that AR offset actually mates up to,if youre to use a brace and shoulder it,at all actually gives you really good,kind of hide over bore and a sight,picture shot alignment just a quick snap,up with that red dot so thats really,nice theyre also kind of ruggedized I,have that rubber coating on a simple Red,Dot its all you really need with this,there are again plenty of aftermarket,options nowadays for uh,because of 3D printing so the cp33,theres actually a you know its even,though its kind of a niche market,theres a lot of guys out there creating,different things like you know angled,foregrips uh four grips that actually,holding a spare magazine this one is,they call it not a vertical four group,angle grip and on both sides theres,some picker out here so if you wanted to,add you know lights lasers whatever its,there the cp33 does come you cant,really see it on this but it does come,with M lock as kind of like a front rail,there so if you wanted to add any m-log,accessories youre able to do so so,again its kind of like a large handgun,it has some characteristics of some,rifles or sub guns but it is 100 a,pistol,on the back its kind of the uh the show,stopper and you know what everyones,really looking forward to when they want,to build one of these you know poor man,mp7s is the Ferro Tech brace so this is,a full carbon fiber two arms here uh,really simple to engage and it does lock,out uh arm brace so slides in slides out,keeps it real compact so if you want to,throw this in a bag or backpack really,easy to do and it slides right out,however thats about half the cost of,the gun so you know you are going to,start adding a lot of things in here so,if youre going to do a build like this,its definitely not you know because,youre trying to save some money you,just mostly want to stunt on the ground,uh the magazines so thats one thing,worth noting the magazines come from the,factory with 33 around capacity you see,on this one we also have the Kel-Tec,extended mag well our base plate on this,one as well with some type of 3D printed,kind of pull handle there uh the,magazine with the Kel-Tec extended plate,gives you 50 rounds of 22 long rifle in,one magazine so you keep one in the gun,you know an extra spare mag or two on,you thats a lot of rounds you can put,down range in a short amount of time,loading the magazines and the way the,magazines work is very important to talk,about because how you get so many rounds,in that magazine now most magazines that,were used to dealing with are either,single stack me each rounds right on,top of each other theyre double stack,meaning theyre kind of staggered down,the magazine but this is quad stack so,imagine you just take two double stack,magazines and put them together they,even have a little divider plate right,in the middle there,that you know visually its really able,its easy to see how they do it so you,have a quad stack magazine,now,while weve had great success with this,thing you know feeding and running,reliably which is kind of weird to say,for 22,that doesnt mean that it doesnt need,to be loaded carefully so an important,note about that quad stack magazine,while it does work its not without,fault the magazines need to be loaded,very specifically in order to not create,Champs so on a 22 it is kind of a rimmed,cartridge back there meaning at the back,of the the bullets or the case itself,theres a rim if those rims and those,rounds arent stacked up accordingly and,its kind of one right in front of the,other if one gets stuck behind it youre,going to cause a jam because that round,isnt going to be able to feed because,its hitting the rim of the cartridge in,front of it so you can either load them,by hand which can be tedious and lining,those up you really want to make sure,that again each rounds in front of the,other ones or Kel-Tec even offers them,on their website but there is the just,American speed loaders makes a speed,loader for it so its real simple you,put the magazine in you drop around into,the back of it and just push the mag,down and it automatically loads that,its staggering those in the correct,position so thats definitely worth the,investment of purchasing if youre going,to shoot this a lot and it also makes,reloading you know 30 to 50 round,magazines a lot less tediou

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Kel Tec CP33 Review – How can you not love it?

why would you love,to hate this,[Music],so,[Music],how can you not love that thats why,thats why thats why,im drew case from beyond seclusion,bringing you the reviews directly here,to gun dot deals now real quick if,youre not familiar with gun dot deals,theyre a website where you can go and,share and find some of the best gun,related deals available for purchase,online or in retail stores its awesome,guys you just type in the gun or product,youre looking for in the search and,itll show you anything and everything,that has been posted from any user,company or website,gun dot deals does not sell firearms or,anything else they simply browse and,search the web for the best deal saving,you a ton of time and money add nothing,to the cost of the product in fact they,simply redirect you to the web pages,with the best deals its genius i love,it so thats a bit of an odd start,why would i love,to hate,something,because,the cp33,its fun to shoot and i can,dump a lot of ammo in a really short,amount of time in fact i can dump the,ammo about five times,faster than i can load it even with,a speed loader,and the time that it took to do that,clip,cost six dollars an ammo,hey guys welcome back to beyond,seclusion,today i want to cover kel-tecs cp33,ive been eyeballing this thing for a,long time i finally got my hands on one,it is,its different looking and i assumed,that it was probably going to feel and,shoot different just based on how it,looks and it did not disappoint,it is,unique shooting this is the most,unique,22 long rifle that ive ever shot,and the thing that i like about 22 long,rifle and why i wanted to,review this is 22,is the ultimate,target plinking practice ammo,simply because it is the cheapest,ammo that we can get,and especially right now,if we can get it,its going to save,a ton of money okay so i got this out of,the box it did not come with the red dot,im gonna do some shooting with it,before i put the red dot on it but,before we get to that i always like i,like to start off my videos with specs,and tech if you want to skip you know,the assembly the features the loading,all that just jump to the number down,here below and youll skip all the specs,and tech otherwise lets take a look,here at what this has to offer,okay just going to run through the tech,specs here with caltech cp,33,this is a very different and unique 22,pistol it is,i would say the most unique that i have,ever shot you know a couple things one,is the mag release is down here which,im gonna say is my least favorite thing,the mag is very firm,sliding it doesnt drop out so as far as,you know quick mag changes thats going,to be a little bit different difficult,it does have,this,quad stack and well show you more about,that um that can be,challenging,but not impossible to load correctly,weve got ambidextrous,safety,and this is in a good position,okay if its on safety its very,ergonomic the trigger on this guys i,gotta say you know i did the sub 2000,and i i really hated the trigger this,trigger,just double check,empty,it is crisp it is light,and the reset,its its almost like,a match grade rifle trigger and it,actually takes getting used to,youre gonna,youre gonna fire off sooner than you,think but i absolutely love it weve got,a total picatinny,rail up here top weve got fiber optic,sights on the rear fully adjustable,windage elevation were going to put,these to the test see what kind of,groups we can get the charging handle is,a little bit different,okay,it might seem a little bit flimsy you,know you got to remember what this is,designed for this isnt a its not a,combat pistol this is a target,pistol accuracy,the breakdown i love the breakdown,weve got this pin here and its kind of,stiff we just push this one once i get,the punch out,it just slides,right off,really nice this piece,is all polymer super light now the top,piece here and this breaks down really,easy,we just simply pull this back and all of,it comes out the bolt everything and,thats it thats all that kel-tec,recommends for breaking down weve got,access here no problem cleaning were,not going to take the barrel out on this,if i hadnt mentioned it before weve,got a threaded barrel which is going to,fit,the standard 22 long rifle can if you,dont have one of these,you might want to get one its a blast,to shoot with this okay then the bolt,just simply comes apart,and its easy to clean and thats really,all there is to it,if we look,on the inside here weve got these,little rubber buffers that helps with,recoil and assembly it goes back,together,just as quick and easy as it came apart,okay so we just have to make sure,that this goes in its back a little bit,so we just pull it back until it kind of,pops in there and clicks and stays,and then it slides,right in,and thats it,goes back on,take our,pin okay the wide part,goes here on the left okay so thats the,specs and tech about as fast as i can do,it with this,what i want to do now is im going to,take this out of the box before i put,the optics on it and were going to,shoot it and were going to see how it,does with just as is the iron sights,no,optics,now as you can see,we can do fast,big,ammo dumps so i want to take just a,second here and show you the quickest,easiest way to reload this and again if,you want to skip the loading just jump,to the number here below otherwise let,me show you the best way that i found,to,expedite,trigger type,now when it comes to the cp33,weve got these,very different,only the only quad stack out there that,holds 33 22 long rifle rounds now,loading this can be,challenging doing it by hand because,they have to go in a certain way and im,going to admit i messed it up and i had,some issues i contacted caltech and they,said you know you ought to try,this,the speed loader i said yeah lets uh,lets give it a go they sent me one and,after trying this theres just,absolutely no way that i would get this,pistol without this why because its,flawless,and its quick and easy anyway so it,goes in here like this and all we do is,drop the cartridges,in here,and we push it down,its that easy guys its its awesome,this thing i have i have shot it it is a,blast,youre going to go through a lot of ammo,and with these 33 round mags youre,really going to do some ammo dumps just,get one of these theyre like 35 i found,them on kel-tec i also found them on,amazon ill have them on my amazon page,its just a no-brainer and thus far and,well find out as i do more and more,ammo dumps how well it works okay so,straight out of the box were banging,away on the steel what i want to do now,is throw up some paper and i want to,dial in and zero these iron sights see,what kind of groups we can get if you,dont want to see or watch how to you,know cite this and just skip to the,number below and get back to shooting,okay so that was 30 rounds of the,federal,lets go see how it did,thats pretty nice,im,im happy with that,at 50 yards,putting it on a bag,real happy,lets make some adjustments were going,to see how easy,we can dial it up to here we had the the,couple of kind of failure to feeds it,seemed to get better as it was going on,again i think the mags might need some,breaking in uh well clean it and were,going to see if that keeps happening but,lets uh lets dial it in,i did,four clicks up and i did four clicks,counterclockwise which i think,was the wrong direction our first group,and our second group so i might do maybe,two more clicks up and lets try going,like maybe six clicks the other,direction right here,weve got the arrow for up and that was,great were going the right direction,problem is is the windage,theres no arrow and theres no right or,left in the direction simply say,to move this to the right but you dont,know which way,that is it would be great if they had a,direction arrow with an r,or an l okay so thats after doing two,more clicks up and then i did six clicks,the other way,i think,im gonna do,maybe,two more clicks clockwise,and maybe one click up,one click up and i did two clicks,cloc

KelTec CP33 Review (NEW 2019) – TheFireArmGuy

hey there friends thanks for checking in,anther age now Ive got the new Cal Tech,CP 33 CP stands for competition pistol,33 stands for the amount of rounds that,it holds this is called the quad stacked,Meg see the way its loaded I think Ive,got 29 or 30 rounds loaded up right now,whoever designed this is a genius now it,does have a heel mag release you push,inward and then grab it by the base,plate to eject the magazine it has an,upper receiver thats aluminum Picatinny,rail across front sight is green,fiber-optic orange fiber-optic,adjustable rear sight charging handle,right here the lure is polymer Cal Tech,grip there it does have a five and half,inch threaded barrel overall length ten,and a half inches nine inch sight radius,ambidextrous thumb safety very light,trigger and lock slot there you can put,a rail on there for any attachments you,want to add to the pistol very,interesting design Cal Tech kinda,shocked us all with it didnt see it,coming but hearing it CP 33 lets see,how it fires the sight picture is so,easy to pick up with the green,fiber-optic front sight down below it,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],some people think the Maggs are hard to,load its actually not its quite easy,but there is a certain way to do it and,it has it in its instruction and the,instruction manual well go around again,[Music],the 22 hardly moves the swingers there,will go and there it is fat all through,now you can see that it has a bolt there,thats being held up by the mag right,now and it does have a bolt release kind,of like a rifle but Im going to keep,talking about this as I dub in some,one-handed shooting that I did yesterday,this design is very interesting I,already mentioned its got a ten and a,half inch overall length to it but the,grip is a bit wider but it is a nice,shooter you know its got the threaded,barrel which I like because I have a can,Ill go ahead and get that ready but the,sight picture is pretty amazing with the,rear sight being orange and that is,adjustable so youve got an adjustable,sight I didnt have to adjust it at all,it worked fine out of the case for me,the green sight just picks up so well,with the rear orange sight it does come,with two 33 round magazines I find that,impressive and the the aluminum receiver,is a good touch now to disassemble the,gun you just take out that pin thats,right above the trigger yeah I had to,use a punch to push that out but once,you do that this whole thing just comes,off this is a range review I will do a,tabletop review on the CP 33 made by Cal,Tech but let me go ahead and get AK and,well throw it on here and see how it,does here are 16 and 1/2 inches overall,length with a six-inch hunter towel,Guardian suppressor lets see how it,does,actually Im going to rapid-fire this,and the dirt over here and there it is,set all of them Celtx CP 33,[Applause],[Applause],[Music],so there it is guys,Caltech CP 33 competition pistol and I,will be doing a tabletop review so you,can get a better look at this unique,looking 22 long rifle handgun if you,like videos like this please subscribe,and share,I always appreciate thumbs up button,thanks for watching and you guys be safe

Range Report: Kel-Tec CP33 – The odd looking quad-stack 22lr pistol

hey everybody its jason from the texas,gun vault and once again im coming to,you with,another range report and todays range,report is on a really odd looking,firearm,the cp,33,from kel-tec,and yeah its a kel-tec and i really,should be wearing gloves holding this,thing because i dont want it to,contaminate me or the rest of my,firearms collection,you guys know that i am not a huge,kel-tec fan i honestly have always,thought the kel-tecs were pieces of junk,and i have had bad experiences in the,past with kel-tec firearms literally,falling apart on the range,as im shooting them and you also know,that there are many other gun reviewers,that dont like kel-tecs not because,they are not innovative or,forward-thinking or have unique designs,its because theyre assembled,very poorly,now i know theres a lot of people that,are subscribers to my channel that will,disagree with me and that is okay,maybe they love caltech maybe theyve,had very positive experiences with them,i personally havent and after handling,good quality firearms i look at the,construction of these guns and go its,just not assembled correctly so for,example these frames are two pieces and,they are bolted together most firearms,do not have bolts that hold the frame,together in fact military contracts,specifically state you cannot have,any screws or bolts holding the guns,together everything has to be put,together with pins,and so having that type of construction,just screams cheap to me now i always,want to be honest with you guys,i always tell all of my biases before i,review a pistol so i have already laid,it out there i am not a huge kel-tec fan,but does that mean im going to trash,this gun,no it does not mean that,but i always am honest with you so maybe,youve already turned off the video or,about to turn off the video that is fine,but please know that i give my biases,beforehand i just dont review a gun and,then you figure out oh he hates kel-tec,i tell you up front im already going,into this review,possibly a little bit biased but i do my,best when i shoot the gun to take those,biases and ignore them so what are my,first impressions of this gun first and,foremost this thing is weird looking man,it looks like it is a blaster,from star wars,the balance of this gun is really odd,for some reason theres this huge,section behind the grip,obviously the slide or the bolt itself,which is inside of the frame has to,reciprocate its just odd when you hold,it the balance is odd it almost feels,like you want to put some type of stock,on it and make it an sbr but thats not,what this gun is designed for and i,dont even know if they offer that type,of accessory for it,so what is this gun supposed to be is,this supposed to be a defensive gun well,its chambered in 22.,is it a ranged toy,maybe its kind of odd as i said the,balance is weird its kind of big its,definitely not a concealed carry gun i,dont know what this gun is trying to be,except a firearm that shoots 22 with a,really weird quad stack humongous 33,round magazine thats supposed to be,pretty compact,so,i dont know what this thing is trying,to be but i give kel-tec points for,innovation,every company has to balance innovation,and quality some companies are quality,off the chart with no innovation,whatsoever and some companies are all,innovation with no quality and i think,thats what caltech is,now the other thing many people are,probably going to complain about and is,probably my biggest concern about this,gun is the magazine itself,22 long rifle is a rimmed cartridge and,its why many times you only get 10,round magazines because a rimmed,cartridge is not designed to be stacked,in a box magazine,they just lay on each other kind of,weird so to try to make a quad stack,high capacity magazine with a rim,cartridge,it just doesnt seem like its going to,work or if it works it might not be that,reliable,so with all of that said lets talk,about the things just here on the bench,that i like and dont like about the gun,and ill try to be positive first so,what do i like about the kel-tec,cp33 as ive already mentioned the gun,is innovative and i have to give them a,lot of points,for that theyre thinking outside the,box and this is how you have giant leaps,in technology when it comes to firearms,people that think differently eugene,stoner did it with the m16 rifle nobody,was making guns out of aluminum and,polymer before him and a lot of people,thought he was crazy for using them but,now look at us aluminum and polymer are,just simply the way to go,i also like the fact that theres an m,lock slot on the bottom for adding,accessories mini pistols just have a,1913 rail well theres a lot of,accessories that use m lock attachments,and so you can add that to this gun or,you can just put a piece of picatinny,rail down there i do like that thats,also very forward-thinking,even though im not really sure what,this gun is trying to be i like the fact,you do have a full-length rail on the,top for mounting optics and the owner of,this pistol jack who has linted to the,channel for review has put on a trijicon,and that works absolutely fantastic i,love the trijicons a lot,and the other thing i noticed from just,handling it here on the bench is the,trigger pull,man oh man does this thing actually have,a really really nice trigger im very,impressed with it although i kind of,slam caltech and say theyre cheap this,trigger feels fantastic so however they,design the mechanism it feels crisp it,has a very short take up and an audible,reset everything in a trigger that i,really like and finally it does have a,threaded barrel for adding a suppressor,if you so wish to suppress it i like,that if youre going to have a forward,thinking gun like this you got to have,the threaded barrel,all right so lets talk about the things,that i dont like,well the first thing i dont like is the,controls a lot of the controls here just,seem to be in odd places it does have a,heel release thats not really a deal,breaker i like a lot of european guns,with the heel release this one just,seems to be a little bit odd and that,could be because this grip is so long,even though youre using a quad stack,magazine that should make the grip thick,not long but it does and i cant really,wrap my hand around that grip fully it,doesnt feel very good the controls the,slide stop is very small and when the,bolt is back you cant drop it very,easily i think i can kind of force it,down,nope you gotta drop the magazine and,then it will close,i dont like that i like to be able to,drop the slide without having to drop,the magazine especially in an internal,bolt driven pistol like this simply,because the bolt is inside you just,cant pull the slide back easily without,this odd charging handle and thats the,next thing i want to talk about the,charging handle the charging handle on,this is really cheap and chintzy in my,opinion so you have this grippy surface,here in the back,and it pulls out like that with these,two little tabs its a very cheap and,bendable,metal lets see if i can get that,focused there you go,so that to me does not speak quality,i think its an innovative idea but its,not executed very well and thats just,going back to them being a very,innovative company but not executing the,ideas and then finally the gun just in,my opinion feels cheap now i feel,terrible ragging on the gun like this,because i really want all the guns that,i review to perform well but just,holding it it feels like a toy,so thats what i like and dont like,about it and my initial impressions and,biases so you guys know everything i lay,it all out there so you guys know im,trying to be as honest and fair as i,possibly can,so now lets get this gun to the range,and see how it shoots im going to put,one magazine through this thing to get,us started so i am going to be using the,red dots im going to load the magazine,probably to about 25 rounds because,these magazines are absolutely miserable,to load there is no assist lever on the,side so loading thes

Kel-Tec CP33 First Shots & Overview

[Music],so,[Music],[Music],[Music],so,[Music],so,[Music],all right guys well im back today with,a very interesting 22 long rifle handgun,from kel-tec,the cp-33 you may have seen this,floating around in your gun shops and,im super glad,i get to try one out its a rather,unique looking pistol,but even more unique than the looks is,the quad stack 33 round magazine,you can see its got a dual stacking,system on either side of the center line,that kind of double stacks the rounds,allowing you to have 33 rounds,and a very small compact magazine it,comes with two in the box well talk,more about the specs and features in a,minute,but before we do i want to give a huge,shout out to american pawn and gun,located in monroe north carolina for,donating this handgun to the channel,theyve been carrying them for a while,and they really wanted to know my,opinions on it so they were nice enough,to send one out for us to try,and do a wide variety of tests ive,already done a mag,loading video so if youre interested in,just learning how to load the mags,go check out that video and if you want,more information about this pistol stay,tuned right now because we are going to,dig into the specs and feature and,function down at the range for this,first shots video,and talk about why you would want,something like this,so the first thing i want to discuss is,the basic overview and features of this,handgun,right off the bat it comes with two 33,round polymer magazines well talk about,loading those in a second,and then the handgun itself this one has,a muzzle threaded half by 28 threads,with a thread,protector and you are able to suppress,it with that,its got an m lock attachment at the,bottom so you can add a pick rail or,different attachments for lights and,lasers i will be doing that,this will probably be a suppressed night,vision gun,and then it has a monolithic pick rail,at the top so you can add,all of your optics that youd ever want,or maybe even offset a laser something,like that,on the rear its got the charging handle,with very nice grips,you can easily charge the weapon right,here and it works really well,its got fiber optic high vis sights,which are really nice it also has,anti-glare serrations,on the back of that sling loops right,there and ambidextrous safety,that stays out of the way its very,comfortable and easy to use so you can,sweep it down engage your target and,then flip it back up that works really,nicely,its got a curved trigger in a cup right,here that you can run your finger around,the front if you choose to do so,this one comes with a heel magazine,release so youre gonna have to,push this down and pull it out to get,rid of the magazines,and in a nutshell guys thats pretty,much all of the specs and features,now when i was talking about those i,didnt say if they were positive or,negative i just kind of wanted to give,you a rundown,now this is where im going to talk,about function down at the range,how it worked how reliable it was using,it with accessories,and then well talk about some of the,positives and negatives of some of the,features we just discussed,the first feature i want to discuss is,those 33 round magazines,and the way you load them what youll do,is youll find the groove at the top,right here very similar to a 1022,magazine,youll see that groove right there,youll push it in and youll slide it,back,simple as that now for all intensive,purposes theres no special way to load,these magazines,you just start slapping bullets in like,you would load any other magazine,uh with the attention to detail on the,back so i want to get some loaded in,here,to show you guys what im talking about,and how they stack in there,now when youre loading these magazines,again you just want to focus that the,rim,stays in front of the rim below it and,that will prevent,rim lock now i dont see how youd,confuse that but that is,uh something to take a look at so you,see ive just slapped them in,no big deal and now theyre staggering,left right left right,left right left right now occasionally,two will go left and what youll do is,youll reach into the side here,and youll push it back over and snap it,into place,that is something you may have to do if,it starts to bind up,and honestly in my mag loading specific,video,that happened twice so if you want to,see what im talking about you can take,a look at that video ive already posted,on my channel it may have happened uh,here well take a look,right now so you guys can see yep so it,happened right there,you see how its supposed to stagger,left right left right this one did not,so we find that round,we push it over and that resolves the,issue,you can keep loading them and youll go,through there but you can see guys this,is how its supposed to look,now i did find though that actually on,purpose i,left a lot of them like that to see if,it would still feed,and i never had a feed issue from these,magazines,even with rounds that were on the same,side it actually still functioned,just fine but it is nice that you can,correct some of those,issues and honestly i thought these were,going to give me more problems than they,did,i didnt have a single really a feed,issue,out of any of these now as i was,shooting i probably have run,close to about 400 rounds to this,handgun for the first shots video,and this is where i want to transition,to reliability i actually had,one bobble and it wasnt necessarily a,feed issue per se,it just locked back like the gun was,empty but there were still rounds,in the magazine so all i did was simply,pull back in the charging handle,chamber the next round and it was good,to go i mean no,issues after that other than a light,primer strike and it wasnt the guns,fault it was a,serious dent in the back of that primer,but it was just,bulk pack cheap ammo so all in all i,only had,one problem that was technically the,guns fault and,i wouldnt even consider that that big,of a deal out of 400 rounds,one bobble and again were still kind of,breaking in this handgun,now some other things i do want to talk,about when it comes to the magazines,and the gun itself is when you go to,chamber around,i found it best to use this to chamber,the round,now you can lock it back right here but,if you go to chamber around by pulling,this down,it jams almost every single time ive,ever done that it nose up or it doesnt,have enough,momentum to feed its almost like you,got to get a little bit more than that,because you can see guys,when it locks back the bolt stays right,about here,but when you go to pull the bolt back to,charge it it pulls it all the way to the,rear,so now kel-tec may not actually call,this like a,a slide drop or a slide loading thing it,may just be,a slide lock open tab so that is,something to consider if youre going to,chamber around,dont use that slide drop use this rear,charging handle and thats probably says,its somewhere in the manual guys but i,i couldnt quite find it,so that is something to consider chamber,the round,with the charging handle speaking of the,manual,it is such a nice manual and this is,something to keep,and not trash and definitely read over,everything in here,but it details out everything so nicely,and it explains how to load your,magazines how to fix the,issues and it talks about that rim lock,again you want them to be stacked,like this not like this but again its,actually not that hard to load the,magazines,and i dont think its a big deal as,some people are making it out to be when,it comes to loading these in function,again,really good reliability down at the,range now weve already talked about,some of the features so im going to,talk about,some of the positives of this handgun as,well as some of the negatives of this,handgun,right off the bat its fairly ergonomic,its easy to swipe the controls but one,of the negatives it does have a heel,magazine release,not a huge fan of that and the mags,dont drop free,something to consider but again not that,big of a deal,positives a monolithic pick rail upper,to atta

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