1. Obi-Wan Kenobi Enhanced My Prequel Love
  2. Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 1 Review
  3. Obi-Wan Kenobi – Another One Bites The Dust
  4. Obi-Wan Kenobi Full Series Review
  5. Obi-Wan Kenobi: FINALE – Review
  6. Honest Trailers | Obi-Wan Kenobi
  7. Obi-Wan Kenobi: Season Finale Review

Obi-Wan Kenobi Enhanced My Prequel Love

[Music],whats going on guys i hope youre,having a great day im gonna talk about,a new star wars show something i didnt,think id do for a while if ever again,but i love star wars and there are,things i want to discuss when it comes,to obi-wan kenobi the highly anticipated,six-episode series thats currently,streaming on disney plus this show picks,up 10 years after the events of revenge,of the sith during kenobis exile on,tatooine where he is watching over luke,skywalker when bale organa played once,again by jimmy smits reaches out to,kenobi and says my daughter leia is in,need of your help so kenobi sets out an,adventure across the galaxy to try to,rescue leia so return of the jedi came,out in 1983 so the very last star wars,movie at the time came out five years,before i was even born but of course i,watched them over and over again as a,kid as,you know but i was very much so there,for the prequels i was there for all of,it i was one of the people very excited,for phantom menace i remember going to,the theater as an 11 year old i was the,perfect age for it i even really enjoyed,it when i was 11 and,saw it many times in theaters then it,seemed like everyone hated the prequels,and mocked george lucas for a long time,i mean i certainly didnt give glowing,reviews to phantom menace or attack of,the clones but ive also witnessed a,resurgence in love for the prequels and,i in fact too have come around to,enjoying a lot of aspects about them i,talked about that in the video i made,has my opinion never changed i still,feel like watching the prequels every,once in a while despite various issues,that many people on the face of this,earth as well as the very platform,youre watching this video on have,discussed for years and years ad nauseum,to the point where i would rather throw,myself in front of a moving bust and,talk about problems with the prequels,i said all that to say that i take,reactions to star wars properties with a,huge grain of salt i really dont pay,attention all that much to what i,supposedly should feel about something,based off of an aggregator score,or,majority consensus or anything like that,the thing is for the past six weeks i,have thoroughly enjoyed watching each,and every episode of obi-wan kenobi,while shelby oaks was nearing the end of,production and throughout,post-production each episode has been a,welcome respite for me to be able to,chill out relax and watch you and,mcgregor play obi-wan kenobi and go,around the galaxy and do awesome [ __ ],and thats fine im not here to say that,if you didnt like the show or that you,thought it was kind of okay or that it,was disappointing to you that youre,wrong you know ive looked at a lot of,the fan complaints and ive ive read,things ive,read articles from,well-regarded outlets that seem to be,listing all of the mistakes the show,made or the inconsistencies that it has,brought to a new hope and,i dont really see it,i dont i actually think the show added,some fairly significant things to a new,hope and its legacy and im going to get,into some spoilers here if you havent,seen the six episodes of obi-wan kenobi,particularly the finale which i thought,was brilliant it gave me so many things,that i wanted to see but it also gave me,things i didnt really know i wanted to,see after the climactic battle between,vader and kenobi vader tells kenobi that,he killed anakin that obi-wan didnt do,that and when kenobi says then my friend,is truly dead and he uses the name darth,he doesnt say,anakin it kind of fixed something for me,in regards to revenge of the sith to a,new hope because when you catch up with,a new hope kenobi calls vader darth he,says youre only a master of evil darth,and i wondered i was always kind of like,why didnt he still refer to him as,anakin you know like what happened that,cut that off for him and having this,moment at the end of kenobi was a nice,tie to be like he no longer sees this,person as anakin he has officially,become vader and i liked the idea that,obi-wan was just existing on tatooine,genuinely thinking that anakin was dead,he left,a torso on the side of a volcano,the fact that hes somehow alive would,naturally be a shock to i think anybody,this minimal exchange of dialogue,between vader and kenobi also enhances,kenobis lie to luke skywalker when he,says that vader betrayed and murdered,your father it kind of makes kenobi look,like a better person the whole a certain,point of view thing from return of the,jedi always kind of made obi-wan look,like he was a bit of a dick for hiding,all of that for as long as he did now it,sort of adds an extra grain of truth to,that statement and i also love the idea,that the model ship that luke is playing,with in a new hope was a gift from,obi-wan kenobi i think thats a great,touch theres a lot of things in this,show where,i felt like the creators were actually,really trying to make a show for the,fans to appease us and to make us happy,and there were things even in the 30,minute episode that people seem to,really not like,i am so glad i saw i loved seeing kenobi,murder two stormtroopers in a dark room,as well as seeing him use the force to,keep water at bay before eventually,drowning a bunch of stormtroopers in it,i found that very badass and i im glad,that i saw that i dont know like i feel,like im part of this generation of star,wars fan that really never,thought theyd get to see this kind of,stuff disneys made a lot of choices,with star wars that i probably wouldnt,have made but i also dont see myself,ever wanting to make those choices i,like being a fan of star wars i like,watching i like reading i dont want to,i wouldnt want to make those creative,choices its gone from you were sort of,edgy and out on a limb,to say that star wars wasnt perfect,to now the exact opposite youre sort of,edgy and,alone if you say that star wars is,pretty good and youre told that youre,missing something somehow people are,genuinely,not allowed to just simply like,something anymore thats put out by a,large company like disney as ive,already said disneys put out plenty of,stuff that i didnt like i mean plenty i,just hate that i cant sit in front of,this camera and be like,these past six episodes made me happy,and i enjoyed watching them,without having to defend myself,constantly i thought hayden christensen,was great as darth vader both as a,physical presence and in the scenes,where he is maskless i also loved the,flashback scene uh between him and,obi-wan i thought that was fantastic it,gave me,a lot of nostalgia for once again a,series that i havent always loved but,part of me,does do you know what im saying its,hard to explain,and you realize over the years that,the way you necessarily looked at things,the time,dont always hold up dont always matter,the critical eye that you might have had,for something,sure you like acknowledge those things,but time does magical things and of,course being on set directing a feature,film last month,absolutely positively changed my,viewpoint on movies i knew it would i,mean ive been making like amateur films,and stuff since i was a kid but being on,a real set working with real actors and,real crew and really just,seeing how hard it is to make a film,thats even remotely competent it just,gives you a respect level for things,that you maybe never had before as far,as the character riva played by moses,ingram i think that looking at the six,episode arc shes very interesting the,first few episodes she appears to be,a,basic bad guy but once you learn that,she was a youngling that she witnessed,anakin murder all of her friends i,became very invested in her character,and her goal of working up the ladder to,get to vader to kill him,and the fact that she would do so many,horrible things,just to do that and you really saw how,she was slowly becoming him and,and doing things he did to get to him,and i thought that was a great,exploration of how a character,can go down a path of revenge and,realize that theyre becoming the person,they

Obi-Wan Kenobi Season 1 Review

[Music],what have you become,i am,what you made me,it was always going to be difficult to,create jeopardy in a story where we know,the fates of almost all the characters,before pressing play on its first,episode drama doesnt always have to,rely on the most ultimate of sacrifices,though and disney plus obi-wan kenobi,series knows this spending less time,manufacturing predetermined peril and,more teaching us about our heroes in,this case it really isnt about the,destination but the friends and enemies,made along the way,the series works best in its opening,episodes when presenting itself as a,character study reintroducing us to a,world weary kenobi settled into a hermit,life we saw when we first met him in,1977. hello there,its a role even mcgregor seamlessly,slips back into wearing the emotional,heart of the show on his chest its also,in these early episodes we get the most,time with vivian lira blairs endearing,portrayal of a young leia who brings all,the confidence sporting on,precociousness youd hope for you dont,need manners when youre talking to a,lower life form then i guess i dont,need manners when im talking to you,its a testament that obi-wan kenobi is,not overly reliant on fanservice or,blink and youll miss a cameos other,disney plush shows have fallen foul to,instead it hones in on our love for,existing heroes like kenobi and leia,granting us a deeper knowledge of their,relationships the series two most,engaging bonds exist between obi-wan and,leia and obi-wan and vader the former is,where we learned the most about kenobi,showing us the jedi at its tenderest and,full of the hope he represents to leia,earning the strongest emotional,responses a melancholic conversation,about family that takes place in the,back of a cart during episode three is a,particularly touching example sometimes,i try to imagine what he was like i know,that feeling,this jedi were taken from our families,when were very young,its these quiet moments that director,deborah chao excels in adding an extra,dimension to the characters we thought,we already knew so well on the flip side,obi-wans connection to vader is one,that fills him with regret and theres,still a part of him that feels anakin is,not a lost cause its this combined with,vaders obsession with hunting down,kenobi that drives much of the drama at,the series core,its no coincidence then that the show,is at its best when vader is on screen,the hybrid performances of both hayden,christensen and james earl jones add,gravitas to the proceedings and present,vader as menacing a presence as weve,ever seen displaying the sort of power,teased to us in rogue one,we dont necessarily learn more about,anakin over the course of the series,apart from reiterating the fact that,hes a very angry man but his presence,crucially allows for obi-wan to grow as,a character and rebuild himself as a,force it all builds to a thrilling final,episode that single-handedly makes the,whole show feel worthwhile have you come,to destroy me obi-wan,i will do what i must,as the focus drifts from these core,relationships though so does chows,grasp on where its heading this leads,to a couple of muddled episodes in the,middle that feel more like under-baked,homages to a new hopes prison escape,and the last jedis crate based siege,they embody the confusion obi-wan kenobi,has at its core whether it be a show,about the jedi master or about the,imperial inquisition hunting him its a,tug of war that never truly finds a,winner a fully realized inquisition show,could have been something fresh and,exciting instead what we get is an,underwhelming arc for riva feeling more,like a third wheel than a third sister,riva provides a substantial threat,especially across the series first half,and moses ingram does a fantastic job of,bringing her to life what is it you,think you will gain by capturing him,when im old,unfortunately shes let down by a fairly,predictable narrative arc and given,little time to flesh out her character,ingram delivers in the moment she has to,though and does well to create a worthy,antagonist considering her dialogue,doesnt make as much of an impact as it,could in fact this is an issue that,plagues obi-wan kenobi throughout with,the scripts feeling like they could have,done with an extra one or two passes,before making their way onto the screen,to smooth out some of the clunkiness,that threatens to derail pivotal moments,the shows approach to action is,similarly inconsistent were treated to,exciting lightsaber duels but also,subjected to some laughable chase scenes,its always tough to make a blaster,fight interesting when virtually every,shot needs to miss but it really does,take off whenever a lightsaber is lit,[Music],for a series that only consists of 6,episodes it delivers its fair share of,duels too these are often the highlight,of any episode and are expertly,choreographed hitting a sweet spot,between the stoic tension of the,original trilogy and the flashiness of,the prequels,again its no coincidence that these,best moments coincide with vader being,let off his leash wielding his fully,developed force powers with devastating,brutality,natalie holts score only adds to the,weight of these encounters weaving in,refrains from familiar star wars themes,it works to good effect even if were,left waiting for too long and in some,cases forever for some of the more,iconic pieces of music to kick in its,yet another example of the show being,nearly amazing but not quite there a,problem that touches almost everything,from action to music and crucially story,overall obi-wan kenobi does what it sets,out to achieve tell a successful story,about obi-wan kenobi in between the,parts we already know it enriches our,understanding of the character and,fleshes out relationships that werent,given time to be fully explored in the,movies,still you cant help but feel that with,some refinement of the script and,streamlining of the intertwining central,themes it could have been something,truly,special hello there,[Music],bookended by strong opening and closing,chapters obi-wan kenobi bridges the gap,between revenge of the sith and a new,hope to a satisfying effect ewan,mcgregor drives the show through a,muddled middle third towards a thrilling,conclusion worthy of making it into the,pantheon of great star wars moments the,action swings between dull and exciting,and the script leaves a little to be,desired in places but ultimately its a,notable entry into the ever-growing star,wars canon,for more obi-wan check out our,spoiler-filled review of the season,finale and for everything else stick to,ign

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Obi-Wan Kenobi – Another One Bites The Dust

you know these days ive become pretty,desensitized to the idea that new star,wars shows are probably gonna suck its,just the natural state of affairs now so,solidly reliable and self-evident that,itd be like questioning whether the sun,will rise in the morning water will flow,downhill or amy schumers new comedy,routine will be about as funny as a,cancer diagnosis but this one was,different because as much as disney has,methodically humiliated and destroyed,beloved characters like han luke leia,lando and boba fett there was one that,stood tall amongst all this nihilistic,postmodernist garbage one final bastion,of good characterization and heroic,idealism that remained undefeated one,remaining linked to the star wars of,george lucas before the [ __ ] cartoon,rodent got hold of it obi-wan kenobi the,wise mentor the compassionate jedi the,skilled warrior the seasoned adventurer,the,bumbling incompetent old man that gets,bossed around by a 10 year old girl,father arent you going to say hello,hello,[ __ ] i suppose it was always gonna,happen wasnt it i mean eventually they,were gonna find him,shut up riva well get to you soon,enough believe that anyway to properly,explain how bad this show is lets have,ourselves a good old-fashioned plot,summary so kenobi picks up about a,decade after the events of revenge of,the sith kenobi himself is now living in,exile on tatooine living a simple,anonymous life while covertly keeping an,eye on luke to make sure the boys safe,nice one ben sure hope you dont totally,abandon this task at the very first,episodes,i cant leave the boy this isnt about,the boy and you know it,oh for [ __ ] sake so the objective,bens mission is leia organa a 10 year,old girl who looks like a seven-year-old,and runs like a three-year-olds she,gets kidnapped from alderaan by the,worlds most incompetent criminals,because you know why would the daughter,of a planetary governor need a security,detail or a tracking device or any kind,of remote monitoring just let the kids,run off into the woods bail im sure,itll be fine and because kenobi is,apparently the only person in the entire,galaxy that can take on a job like this,he abandons luke and heads off to rescue,her so he manages to track down leia and,rescue her from the worlds most,incompetent kidnappers but it turns out,that it was all a trap to lure him in,you see this is riva a strong diverse,female character whos now working for,the inquisitors to hunt down escaped,jedi across the galaxy and she wants,kenobi real bad like shell literally,torture and kill anyone who gets in her,way even the [ __ ] grand inquisitor,himself so they escape and head to,another planet on the vague promise that,there might be someone there who can,help them,well im convinced but wouldnt you know,it there isnt so naturally kenobis got,no idea what to do next and so leia,takes charge because 10 year old girls,who look seven and run like three year,olds are absolutely the kind of people,that you want to listen to when youre,being hunted by the most powerful,military force in the galaxy and the,inquisitors and [ __ ] darth vader,naturally leia walks them straight into,a bunch of stormtroopers and kenobi,loses his mind and forgets that theyre,supposed to be undercover and they,almost get captured but its okay though,because strong female not resistance,leader shows up to save their rcs get,used to this kind of situation by the,way because its a running theme with,this character anyway theyre about to,escape off world again but wouldnt you,know it darth vader shows up and kicks,kenobis arse in what has to be the most,poorly staged lightsaber battle in the,entire franchise and then sets him on,fire just like he got set on fire again,its like poetry sort of they rhyme,but luckily strong female not resistance,leader shows up in the nick of time to,rescue him well its almost like the,writers are using her as a convenient,fix to get kenobi out of any situation,that they dump him into but oh no riva,teleports in and conveniently captures,leia how exactly did she know where and,when to find her dont know so the,upshot is that leia has been kidnapped,again and its up to kenobi to rescue,her again why do i feel like this entire,show is the narrative equivalent of a,car spinning its wheels in the muds,anyway so kenobi and strong female not,resistance leader infiltrate rivas,headquarters with absolutely zero,difficulty rescue leia and make their,way out and its at this point that we,all bore witness to a scene that will,live in infamy amongst the star wars fan,base,[Laughter],nope nothing to see here just a,monstrously deformed hobo with two sets,of legs wearing a trench coat thats,several sizes too big dont challenge,him or report this to your superiors,guys just carry on with your day like,nothings happening you know shes,pretty small you could probably have put,her inside a droid or a cargo container,or a [ __ ] duffel bag and it would,have looked a lot more natural than this,[ __ ] when did the empire go from being a,terrifying intimidating force to a bunch,of absolute [ __ ] jokers so anyway the,not resistance rescue leia with a bunch,of snow speeders because nostalgia and,take her back to their not resistance,base well after having a protracted,morning sequence for wade a speeder,pilot thats on screen for all of 10,seconds before he got killed that i,guess were supposed to care about but,oh no riva put a tracking device on her,shame that her [ __ ] dad never thought,to do that and before you know it their,base is under siege which forces kenobi,to surrender to riva to buy enough time,for them to escape because you know all,they have to do is get their unarmed,transports out of the hangar and theyre,home free that massive star destroyer in,orbit is just gonna let them go but,anyway it turns out the rivers not,actually after kenobi after all okay so,this is where im gonna have to go off,on a bit of a tangent because trying to,rationalize this [ __ ] character and a,ridiculous plan it may have given me,actual brain damage so the gist is that,riva was a youngling during order 66 in,case you didnt figure that out from the,opening prologue already and she got,stabbed through the [ __ ] chest by,anakins lightsaber but naturally she,survived so that the rest of the plot,could happen clearly a spot of revenge,was in order so in order to get close to,him she joined the inquisitors and,worked her way up through the ranks by,hunting and killing escaped jedi over,the course of an entire decades you know,the same people that she wanted to take,revenge for because thats how morality,works in the real world dont you know,but then she somehow discovered a link,between bale organa and kenobi how,exactly did she discover this i found a,link between him and organa in the,archives oh the archives a those,archives which are accessible to all of,the inquisitors and darth vader himself,lucky that you happen to be the only one,to find that connection isnt it because,otherwise the rest of the plot never,could have happened so okay she kidnaps,leia to force kenobi out of hiding,because she somehow knows that belle,would only choose him out of the,thousands of other people that hes got,access to then she kidnapped leia again,and allowed kenobi to rescue her so that,she could put a tracking device on her,that would lead them back to the not,resistance base that would allow her to,get close to vader and then totally [ __ ],up her one chance to kill him what a,genius plan i cant see literally dozens,of ways that this could have failed if,everyone involved didnt behave exactly,the way you needed them to convenience,is a wonderful thing isnt it anyway,wouldnt you know it she fails to kill,the character thats clearly still alive,in the next movie who knew then vader,shoves his lightsaber through her chest,again leaves her to die again but she,miraculously survives again jesus youd,think vader of all people would,appreciate the danger of walking away,and leaving

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Obi-Wan Kenobi Full Series Review

obi-wan kenobi is over weve discussed,each part individually but now lets,look back at the entire series in some,ways i think it surpassed the,mandalorian in the book of boba fett in,other ways i think it fell a little,short so lets get into it i think the,writing themes characters and overall,story were fantastic watching obi-wan,confront his fears failures and guilt to,go from broken ben back to his true self,was central to the series and i think,they nailed that progression every,episode pushed him along his arc and,ewan mcgregor played every phase of the,character perfectly and i really dig,that it was a journey he wasnt excited,to go on hes convinced to go help leia,he hopes it will be a simple mission and,then it snowballs into more and more,danger speaking of leia vivian lirablair,was so much fun in the role when rumors,started coming out that obi-wan would be,leaving tatooine in the series i was,very skeptical i didnt think there,would be a good enough reason to get him,off world but leia is the perfect reason,and it makes so much sense i cant,believe i never thought of it actually,seeing her on screen was a blast,especially her interactions with kenobi,of course we know what happens to both,of those characters in fact we know the,fate of nearly every major character in,this series except riva the third sister,of the imperial inquisitorius i admit i,was iffy on her character at first but,the more the story revealed about her,the more invested i got just like,obi-wan she was someone who had a lot of,trauma wrapped up in anakin skywalkers,fall to the dark side and both of them,had to fight to overcome it a survivor,of order 66 who became an inquisitor to,get close to darth vader to have her,revenge is a great idea but then using,all of that to explore the futility and,foolishness of vengeance took it to the,next level one of my favorite moments of,the series was probably the conclusion,of her duel with vader showing us that,all her plotting and planning got her,absolutely nowhere the only thing her,twisted quest for supposed justice did,was make her more like the man she,wanted to destroy and that brings us to,vader himself i think he was used,appropriately and im glad they were,somewhat reserved with him especially at,the start going overboard with vader is,always a danger but they struck that,balance well i also liked that we saw,kind of a new version of him he truly,felt like the emperors attack dog more,fueled by rage and less calculating than,he is in a new hope and that only causes,problems for him as it should the use of,the flashback scenes was a perfect,illustration of his complete lack of,growth and the dark sides inability or,at least difficulty to change or have,moments of self-reflection i do wish we,got more time with hayden christensen,but when he was there he knocked it out,of the park the remaining cast of,supporting characters were good as well,i personally love hajja to death mostly,in that second episode but i enjoyed his,small arc and what he represented for,kenobis returning ability to trust,tallow was a big surprise to me because,i thought for sure she would just be an,imperial character but showing obi-wan,that he can face his past mistakes to,fight for a better future was key rokin,in the path were an interesting look at,what the idea of the rebellion against,the empire looks like at this moment a,leader and his people all willing to,help those in need but not quite ready,to stand and fight until pushed far,enough i loved seeing joel edgerton and,bonnie peace back as owen and varue,rupert frins grand inquisitor was,another surprise i was someone who was,iffy on his look in the trailers but he,delivered one of the most pulpy fun,over-the-top star wars villains in,recent memory i do feel like the fifth,brother was somewhat wasted or at the,very least forgotten about i enjoyed his,rivalry with riva i liked sun kangs,portrayal of the character but then he,just disappears after part four like i,said the characters and the story and,the themes all worked for me basically,everything written on paper was great,but some of the execution left me,struggling to be fully immersed in the,series i didnt really notice it in,parts one or two when part three,introduced mapuzo the planet felt bland,to me part 4 had some rough looking,effects but i didnt mind so much,because i was having a blast revisiting,fortress inquisitorius but part 5 giving,us a deeper look at jabim is where i,truly felt the presence and limitations,of the volume i thought it was a little,weird to see just a handful of,stormtroopers assaulting the path but,thats probably the full amount of,people that could safely fit in the room,and i just found myself thinking thats,it this is my own issue but sometimes i,struggle to get that stuff out of my,head and just enjoy the ride im sure a,lot of this came down to budget i said,in my part 5 review that was the first,time i wished this story had remained a,film i cant decide if i still feel that,way because it was such a personal story,for not just obi-wan kenobi but several,characters so im glad we got to spend a,lot of time with them and really focus,on their individual arcs rather than,rush them all along in two hours but,this was also an epic story of obi-wan,rescuing princess leia from darth vader,the production went so hard with so many,elements we got ewin and hayden back we,got john williams back for the theme,were directly connecting with the,prequels and the originals and even the,video games i think the ambition of it,all sometimes bumped up against,technical and financial limitations that,pulled me out of the moment it was,nothing a second viewing couldnt fix,without fail if i had problems with an,episode on my initial watch those issues,would fade away on the second speaking,of john williams i have seen a lot of,discussions surrounding the music i do,really like kenobis theme i also like,rivas theme or maybe that was the,inquisitors theme whatever you want to,call that other than those two i cant,think of any other part of the score,that stood out to me i remember liking,the arrival on mapuzo but i couldnt,tell you how it went off the top of my,head i think a lot of fans were hoping,for more familiar themes which we did,get in the final episode i understand,the reasoning for not using princess,leias theme until she reaches the end,of her journey in this series same with,the force theme and the imperial march i,get why those were saved for the end but,it does seem odd that we didnt revisit,any prequel music especially when it was,used so heavily in the marketing my,final criticism before i shift back into,a positive conclusion is just down to,the nature of telling a story that,serves as a narrative bridge exactly,like obi-wan kenobi we know the start,and we know the end of most of these,character arcs riva was kind of the,outlier but her big moment of choice was,about whether or not she would kill luke,skywalker so its difficult to give the,audience that feeling of whats going to,happen next i felt it here or there,throughout the series mostly surrounding,riva and tala but i never felt that,level of stress that i did when cadbane,had a shootout with cobb vance for,example i absolutely think obi-wan,kenobi is the better written series over,the book of boba fett but i did miss,that feeling of stress from the unknown,and i want to make it clear thats not,just about whether a character lives or,dies i just think this series had an,uphill battle when it came to surprising,me even in some of the very cool moments,like when vaders mask was cut open i,wasnt all that surprised because i was,kind of expecting it after star wars,rebels and i dont mind repeated story,beats at all because most people,watching obi-wan kenobi havent seen,star wars rebels and nobody had seen,that moment in live action until now,its still totally worth showing i just,wish i were surprised a little more,which is why i find myself more and more,ex

Obi-Wan Kenobi: FINALE – Review

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plan at a,huge discount plus one additional month,for free and now the obi-wan kenobi,finale has aired which means my saga of,videos,is pleasing,neither side of the internet finally,comes to an end in the finale of obi-wan,kenobi really there are two story lines,happening here two things are happening,rivas found out about this boy on,tatooine living with owen because bale,organa apparently is the only politician,who doesnt know the concept of not,leaving evidence on an answering machine,and obi-wan goes down on this planet as,darth vaders star destroyer is,following the ship hes like ill lure,darth vader away so youll all live and,darth vader goes down to meet him and,now we have what the star wars twitter,was what were they saying rematch of the,century i was like that was the rematch,of the century really but there is a,part that happens at the end of that,fight which is my favorite part in the,entire series of obi-wan kenobi so im,gonna save that for a little later its,okay reeva finding out about this kid,which i mean thats a leap though you,gotta admit that all she got from this,hologram message from bail organa was,you cant find out about the children,tell them owen the boy its just like,okay obi-wan and bail organa are hiding,this kid on tatooines living with owen,i know owen we i ran into him this is,one of those things this show actually,has done this a few times its kind of,like when you get the flashback with,riva and anakin skywalker stabs her,through the stomach and kills her,friends and rivas like anakins clearly,darth vader but they dont look anything,alike and they dont share the same name,and i was like how did she how did she,know that though and those were the,responses in the comment section people,were like well clearly the clone,troopers called him lord vader and they,probably did but the show didnt show,that it didnt illustrate that its like,the obi-wan series does that a lot its,just like all right well leaps are being,made but you get it you can piece it,together fine i suppose the same could,be said about riva making that leap of,like huh bail organa and obi-wan kenobi,are hiding a kid with owen on tatooine,clearly thats my sith lord bosss son,how did she get there would have been,funny if she had gone the more logical,route when she showed up to owens place,imagine her just plopping down like i,know about the kid and i know the truth,sailor ghana clearly had a kid with,someone on tatooine and obi wans,helping him to cover it up and hide him,so bail organic can avoid political,scandal paying child support divorce,thats clearly whats happening i mean,of the leap she could make i feel like,thats more logical than this kid is,clearly my sith lord bosss son anyhow i,guess we just assumed that she made the,connection between luke and anakin,skywalker and now shes arrived to kill,luke which she doesnt really do which,is fair like me a good arc when,someones about to do a terrible thing,theyre like i guess thats not in me i,guess im not that bad im free from,being under vaders rule i can choose my,own destiny choose my own life i choose,to be good i guess i draw the line here,i kind of see it as the martha thing in,batman vs superman i get how the,connection was made but im still like i,mean,so thats it this show generally changed,how i see inquisitors not for the better,i always assumed like inquisitors were,on the inside with vader you know they,were clearly terrible people i assume,vader already had her do things that are,about as bad as killing children because,you know shes an inquisitor and vader,has to know that she will take those,steps and make those decisions so the,fact that shes like no im not going to,kill this kid i dont know,i assumed she had already killed,children tied up in a bit of a nice neat,little bow i dont know how obi-wans,sleeping well at night generally this,show ended on all right everyones in a,good place kind of way i dont know how,obi wan is like theres an ex-inquisitor,out there who seems to you know seems to,be on a good path now dont know if,shes still on the revenge path with,vader and revenge is the path to the,dark side so she could,go back to the dark side and she knows,about luke and im just not sleeping,well at night like how does he sleep,well at night that would give me anxiety,for the next seven to ten years before a,new hope i just all right also riva,looks pretty good for someone who is,just stabbed with a lightsaber in a,world where theres no reason to think,her internal organs and her spine,werent going through exactly what that,door was going through this is going by,that shes walking around next episode,and neither does he so the darth vader,obi-wan fight the bummer with this,entire concept of darth vader and,obi-wan kenobi coming face to face as,they did in the ob1 series is the series,officially doesnt justify its own,existence like i was very resistant to,an obi-wan series when i first heard the,concept of it or was going to be a movie,back in 2017 i think i first heard like,theyre going to do this thing strong,possibility anyway and i was like no i,dont want them to come face to face i,dont want them to fight i like their,first meeting after revenge of the sith,being in a new hope,but,there is that one line in return of the,jedi where lukes talking to vader and,hes like come with me father theyre,still good in you i feel it and vader,says obi-wan wants thought as you do you,dont know the power of the dark side i,must obey my master i always liked that,line but that it always left me wanting,in terms of the whole saga,i always felt like there was something i,didnt see because obi-wan didnt say,that in revenge of the sith he was like,i would do what i must cause all right,you came to kill him even padme was like,youre going to kill him arent you,thats why he goes to mustafar he,doesnt give him a lecture he doesnt,say come with me theyre still good in,you anything like that i also liked that,scene in return of the jedi because that,was the first time i ever felt like,vader felt like a prisoner of his own,actions but that dialogue between,obi-wan and vader of come with me,theyre still good in you never happens,in this show its like oh the one thing,that hooked me into a concept or a,possibility of an obi-wan series,it doesnt happen its the obi-wan,invader fight in a fight thats not,nearly as good as the fight thats in,revenge of the sith im not talking,about the concept of all right now you,have a guy whos 10 years later and hes,rusty with the force and a cyborg so,hes clearly not going to be as good,youre comparing that to two jedi in,their prime or jedi in a new sith lord,no im saying like in terms of the shaky,cam and the choreography i just felt it,fell short also i felt it was dumb that,obi-wan was ever rusty with the force he,had one job and that was to be prepared,to train luke when the time came hes,like all right,i guess ill just not keep up on the,force but oh shoot now this guy whos,rusty wit

Honest Trailers | Obi-Wan Kenobi

[Music],now the george lucas cashed out and,disney turned the franchise into fifa,with lightsabers open wide as they chuck,another hunk of content on the rancor,pit of disney plus,but,this was actually pretty tasty,[Music],obi-wan kenobi,you had to watch han solo turned into a,broke divorced dad you had to watch luke,skywalker become a gross recluse,now its obi-wan kenobis turn to go,down bad and this legend from the,prequels and original trilogy and clone,wars becomes a sad fishmonger who,everyone rose like anakin on beach day,you seem kind of old and beat up the,years have made you weak and the next,nine years are gonna suck even more,prepare for a show that reminds you how,great the prequels were when theyre cut,down to a three-minute recap montage and,cheer as the best part of those films,returns,hello dex follow along on the celibate,religious mans new mission,stare at a ten-year-old boy all day,but when a special little princess gets,moved to another castle obi will have to,save a skywalker for the up tenth time,even though hes forgotten his super,speed,forgotten how twins work how old are you,and forgotten how to hide like at all,hey uh you gonna change your last name,buddy maybe dye your hair i dont know,stop wearing jedi robes,thats not an improvement you look like,vincent adult man hello other grown-up,thrill at the latest installment of star,wars babies leia edition vivine blair,shines as a young princess with more,sass than carrie fisher if she were,actually born into royalty if anyone,asks youre my daughter granddaughter,maybe what nothing and once this lone,wolf and cub link up youre in for yet,another round of grumpy warrior gets a,cute sassy kid to safety but hey,if,it,aint,broke,dont,it hello there again ewing,meet a galaxys worth of supporting,characters some of whom dont even live,on tatooine,like a guy who puts the mid and,midichlorians so judgmental,an imperial officer whos not like those,other imperials she feels bad about it i,joined up when the empire stood for,something i made some mistakes and evil,twisted villains like modern star wars,fandom if youre sending her bullying,messages youre no star wars fan in my,mind riva a youngling who never finished,her grooming but graduated with honors,from the loud quiet london school of,villainy tell me where the jedi is what,makes you think,he wont see it coming send out the,probes do it nobodys coming,you cant fight obi-wan,and of course darth vader whos now,literally a mix of man and machine,hayden christensen kills it in a dual,role as both the guy in the big d suit,and his anakin in his seventh senior,year at jedi academy hell give us fresh,insight into vaders loss of humanity,and show us what really turned annie to,the dark side youll need to prove,yourself as your undoing until you,overcome it a padawan will still be so,to prove himself worthy of being a jedi,anakin had to try his hardest to stop,trying so hard to prove himself worthy,of being a jedi okay this scene makes,sense now,so enjoy the weird new middle ground of,star wars that looks bad for a movie but,good for a tv show too short for a,series but too long for a film,incredible lightsaber duels but rinky,dink sets,and a story constrained by the trilogies,that take place before and after but,drops enough breadcrumbs to launch a,rogue squadrons worth of future star,wars content,just getting started i think i had a,brother i think ive just found out what,theyre hiding down here okay none of,those jedi are actually dead disney just,jurassic park them until its their turn,for a show,starring,gentle ben,problem child thats what i love about,these younglings man i get older they,stay the same age,neon genesis revangelion i dont like,sand snakes theyre coarse and rough and,irritating he doesnt even go here,hashtag justice for hat,we only sell moisture here where the,jedi round back,whoops,oh my beiru,what i got i gotta give it to arriva,cool mail none jedi,nice cube,and the one lesson disney cant afford,to learn its the past move on be done,with it,ben hur,so rivas plan was to work her way up to,grand inquisitor then just try to stab,darth vader in the back,probably gonna see that one coming its,literally the only way sith get promoted,do you really want to hurt me,do you really want to make me cry,in another life,i would have loved doing laundry and,taxes with you,this time its going to take more than,killing me to kill me,you

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Season Finale Review

[Music],have you come to destroy me obi-wan,obi-wan kenobi has saved its best until,last stories come to an end and others,are only enriched by a fantastic season,finale that delivers on both action and,emotion alike ewan mcgregor excels in,building out the legend of the jedi,master further delivering some of his,best moments as kenobi in an episode,thats a near essential piece of star,wars viewing,once again obi-wan kenobi serves us,heavy doses of nostalgia with the new,hope-inspired freighter chase with leia,on board pursued by a darth vader aboard,a star destroyer but the princess isnt,his target this time around its obi-wan,kenobis decision to evacuate the ship,in order to save everyone on board is an,effective one on many levels it allows,for a suitably tender moment between the,jedi and young leia but also serves the,larger story well by further reinforcing,the logic of leia calling for kenobi the,next time she finds herself in this,exact situation ewan mcgregor has,perfectly re-embodied the role of,obi-wan throughout the series delivering,the leadership weve come to expect from,the character but also showing a softer,side his relationship with leia played,charmingly by vivian lyra blair formed,the crux of earlier episodes but was,neglected in recent ones its therefore,great to see them get a dedicated moment,to say their farewell for now and wrap a,bow on a story that has genuinely,enhanced their understanding of the,characters and their connection to one,another further than the films ever did,the other inescapable bond the show,centers around is obviously between,vader and his former master vaders,obsession leads to another duel between,the two and the moment obi-wan silently,equips his lightsaber signals were in,for a good time,i will do what i must,[Music],then you will die,the fight delivers in all regards and,now stands as the best between the two,channeling the tension and grandiose,nature of mustafa without the need for,gymnastics or cheesy one-liners and also,blending it with the classiness of their,eventual showdown on the death star its,an exciting battle that shows obi-wans,strength has returned displaying it in,an impressive fashion by slinging,boulders at vader like hes taking on an,elden ring boss with a sorcery heavy,build the moonlit planet provides a,cinematic backdrop for the occasion once,again proving every lightsaber duel is,greatly enhanced by taking place in,darkness so red and blue can flood the,screen with every swing natalie holts,reworked themes swell in the big moments,providing music fit for the occasion,even if a small part of me really wanted,jewel of the fates to drop in all of its,glory the choreography is yet again a,fantastic marriage of aggression and,restraint embracing a dynamic,combination of swordplay and force,powers the most effective part of the,showdown is not the fight itself however,but the words spoken between the two old,friends once vaders helmet is sliced,open for a moment in time this,all-consuming darkness retreats to,reveal that a part of anakin remains a,teary euro mcgregor is especially superb,as you really feel the sadness in,obi-wan his regret mirroring anakins,anger vaders voice slipping in and out,of both hayden christensens and james l,jones is a fantastic way of showing the,ongoing battle within him a fight the,dark side is definitely winning at least,for now this realization that anakin is,already considered dead by vader is,seemingly enough resolution for obi-wan,who considers his fight to be with the,former jedi not his new sith form,walking away may well give him the,satisfaction and closure he needs but,you cant help but feel like finishing,him off would have saved the galaxy a,whole lot of trouble down the line im,looking for a farmer,named owen,the finale does a reasonably good job at,upping the stakes and throwing a dash of,jeopardy into the mix especially when we,know that every main character all the,way down from kenobi to aunt beru is,going to survive someone whose,destination was unclear was always going,to be riva now a hobbling husk of her,former self after her humbling at the,hands of vader she stalks the lars,homestead like something out of a,slasher film hunting for luke to salvage,some form of revenge on anakin this,plotline serves its purpose in giving,riva a satisfactory if not predictable,end to her story but in truth you cant,help but let out a small sigh every time,we cut back to tatooine as wed much,rather stick with the much more exciting,vader and kenobi encounter this serves,as a metaphor for the whole show really,which has felt caught between telling an,obi-wan story and one about the,inquisition both have been done to,decent effect but you cant help but,wonder if there are two great individual,series tussling within obi-wan kenobi,theyve been meshed together to create,one often unfocused one although not,seamlessly woven throughout this episode,it does very little to take away from an,otherwise thrilling spectacle plus we,finally got a strong burst of the,imperial theme and a repeat of that one,line weve been waiting for hello there,[Music],the finale of obi-wan kenobi elegantly,ties a boat on the stories it began,while enhancing the ones that are yet to,come a truly enthralling showdown,between vader and kenobi is what we all,hoped it would be topping not only every,fight from the series but maybe in all,of star wars in its final episode,obi-wan kenobi delivers on everything we,hope the show would be an exciting new,chapter of star wars that doesnt betray,what came before or after it only,breathing new life into the stories and,characters weve come to love,for more obi-wan kenobi check out our,review of episode 5 or the latest,edition of canon fodder where we delve,deeper into the show,[Music]

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