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  4. Does KFC Have The BEST Chicken Sandwich?
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40 fam talk to me does kfc even belong,in the chicken sandwich battle okay,brioche bun,with peninsula action like popeyes toast,it up,a spicy sauce echo pickle pop it on a,handstand lets go ahead and lift that,up,make sure we got the pickles popping on,the handstand more sauce,looks like about three pickles and then,this is your classic edition theyre,mayo right,a bigger chicken breast right here,crisp crispy crunchy crispy crunchy,three pickles,now do you believe that kfc deserves to,be in the ring with popeyes,should i do a kfc versus popeyes to see,who comes out on top,lets go ahead and get into the review,on the both of these just to see for,myself,and i think it should even be in the,ring,[Music],youtube facebook twitter she made me,dave drops back in with,go ahead and get your super official,shirts at www.damedropsmerch.com,photography baby i know you cant hey,listen man i dig baby,so my cousin told me the other day,mostly healthy food reviews right here,on youtube,heres like yo our kfc has the new,chicken sandwich and hes out there in,bridgeport,so im like i bet finally kfc yall took,long enough,so im gonna slide over to my local kfc,and see if we finally,have the new kfc chicken sandwich weve,been waiting yall,weve been waiting and uh you know the,vibes already,if they do we do this review do you want,to see the kfc chicken sandwich,go up against popeyes if so give this,video,ten thousand likes i know by now you,guys are tired of chicken sandwiches,i know i understand i get it but heres,the reality of it,when things popped off with popeyes they,started a war,with all of the qsrs trying to,either duplicate the sandwich make a,clone of the sandwich,get close enough to the sandwich so they,too could get in on the chicken sandwich,sales but unfortunately,nobody has answered the call,nobodys answered the papas chicken,call oh,hahaha nobodys answered that call yet,so popeyes is still doing its thing,come on with the packaging you know if,youre gonna do a chicken sandwich,everybody has to have the chicken,sandwich packaging to keep that chicken,sandwich,hot and ready to go alright guys so just,let you know,that kfc actually labels their spicy,and their original classic chicken,sandwiches as well,all right you see that right there spicy,and the other one up over here its just,labeled as special,were going to start with the regular,schmeger before we get into the spicy,so lets go with the regular smegola,wild big chicken action right there,chicken tongue is out heavy,thats what i like it looks like you can,make a mess on yourself,but lets see lets see what its hit,now,[Music],all right foodie fam what i definitely,can tell you off the top,the brios bun is the greatest bun to go,with for chicken sandwich off the flavor,buttery soft that sba action always,kicking up,now popeyes and kfc are both known,for their crispy chicken action the,breading here is no different,kfc coming through with the heavy,seasoning piece,adding additional flavor and,the chicken itself isnt bad yall i was,figuring its gonna be a little on the,dry side for whatever given reason,its not wild juicy but its decent,pickles always come in with a nice,little crisp to them,adding a nice pop great on the acidity,levels,great for breaking things down and just,adding wild flavor wild zest,the mayo nothing more than a smooth,transition,they didnt get too heavy with the mayo,hand,so for me its just enough im gonna,mess around,and give this bad mama jammer right here,that four and a half action im not mad,at it at all,its not perfect but its not bad it,tastes good actually,so good job kfc but lets see what your,spicy hand on,did you spicy that five all day on the,play or does it go harder,or does it fall short lets find out,together,[Music],[Applause],i had to get myself a thumbnail in this,jungle,all right kfc whats your spice levels,hitting on,[Music],ah man i was kind of hoping for wild,spice,instead i got mild spice,i mean the mcdonalds spicy one was a,little spicier pinky up to show what the,respect it deserves,oh you have heat on you kfc spicy one,kfc dont be afraid,to go with a spicier ball sauce to,really get this thing popping,the sandwich is decent itself again your,brioche bun is always going to carry you,through,however your spicy level right there,when the sauce,is just too mild its scared its scared,to be spicy its scared to,heat up the party and really get the,party going im not getting no,tingle and mingling on the lip piece im,not getting no back of the throat burn,or nothing family,and so we just gotta dumb this one down,to a three and a half,your original joint four and a half,youre youre spicy,is afraid to be spicy kfc so thats a,three and a half family,get it together or forget it forever all,right family,reality of it is kfc comes through with,a decent,chicken sandwich does it belong in a,chicken sandwich wars with all these,other qsrs,sure right me personally,do i think that it can stand up to,popeyes in the ring no we know what,popeyes is hitting on,but im gonna let the foodie fam decide,if you guys want to see kfc go up,against popeyes,in the ring for fridays video were,gonna need 10,000 like between today and tomorrow so i,can film it for friday,10 000 likes if you want to see it if,you like,no dame lets just see kfc go up against,mcdonalds,theyre not ready for popeyes put it in,the comment section,k fry versus mickey ds exclamation,point exclamation point exclamation,point,now if you want them to go up against,chick-fil-a then in the comment section,k fry versus chick fizzy,exclamation point exclamation point,exclamation point you know what im,saying,and well just do it like that so for to,go against popeyes,who is number one in the chicken,sandwich game,and im not just saying that news media,says it other creators know what time it,is,you know some of yall chick fizzy to,death i understand i get it,i respect it but everybody knows that,popeyes is the chicken full guard right,now,thats what it is so if you want to see,them go up against popeyes thats going,to be 10 000 likes between today,and tomorrow and ill drop k fry versus,popeyes all right,but if you wanted to go up against,somebody else like mcdonalds,chick-fizzy say it and ill make it,happen,the one im waiting for family and im,not gonna stunt i wont lie to yall,im waiting for burger king only because,i know what burger king fitting to do,with the chicken sandwich because i was,talking to the manager,and she done broke it down i know what,they fitting to do im waiting for that,thats gonna be happening in the middle,of this month im finally gonna get my,hands on it,i know other creators already got their,hands on it for testing for testing and,all that good stuff,im gonna get my hands on it the middle,of this month i cant wait for that,all right man if youre new right here,stay true around here be sure to like,comment subscribe all that good stuff,tell a friend to tell a friend yeah i,mean,yo sharon is caring so share it out with,friends and family you know the vibes,baby,again dont forget to get your,super official dame drops merch,at www.damedropsmerch.com

Is the New! KFC Chicken Sandwich BETTER than Popeyes?!

remember Popeyes viral chicken sandwich,KFC now has its own we gotta go were,going off to the KFC run came out today,we cant wait any longer to see if its,better than Popeyes off to the store and,were going its so important I want to,know what it is it looks the same,just when you thought Orlando couldnt,get any better they bring to us,exclusive fried chicken sandwich right,now the new sandwich is only being,doesnt for a limited time at 15 Orlando,area locations is it only in Orlando,yeah you got DMS on Instagram about it,yeah theyre like yo we know you live in,Orlando lets go its a combination KFC,Taco Bell yeah we can get Taco Bell,too bad the Popeyes and a KFC werent,together theyre not even advertising it,how is anyone gonna know there it is,they are advertising for it does it say,its name I dont know maybe thats not,the new one yeah we should pull that up,on the screen crispy kernel and then the,classic chicken sandwich how do they,compare in the first place theyre,completely different one doesnt even,come on a brioche what does it come on,look just a regular bun and it doesnt,even say its new theres nowhere where,its boasting that as new this wasnt,supposed to be a conspiracy it really,was it I just want to taste the news,they win but this article says it starts,Tuesday in todays Tuesday,so were here why would an article say,it starts on Tuesday when articles,written on Tuesday it should have said,it starts today so Tuesday must mean,next Tuesday which means we dont have,the new one yeah Im brioche is on a,brioche yeah oh no thats thats a spicy,one and the competition starts now,KFC versus Popeyes KFC 399 Popeyes 399,classic KFC much larger spicy KFC not as,large spicy Popeyes larger theres still,time card on size the size Thai toppings,mayonnaise pickles chicken brioche there,this,same KFC pickles Popeyes pickles okay,Ill see pickles pickle ridges no ridges,difference,its a pickoff KFC drive-thru not as,busy Popeyes drive-thru pretty busy,calories doesnt matter youre eating a,chicken sandwich,its she day the last thing is taste,dont do anything but bite it and think,looking at me thats creepy can I eat,more of it yeah you didnt I buy it,theres a good chicken sandwich pretty,sure thats Popeyes but Todd you the,hurt did you get a bone theres so much,breading I dont think I eat any chicken,oh no colonel maybe he just bit a bad,part,hey just breading came over on is this,it,yeah were sharing the same sandwich,hope thats okay all right how do I bite,it you got it oh oh its like too crispy,I didnt know too crispy would be a,thing you got original recipe,extra crispy and then too crispy Im,curious to see how much different this,is gonna taste where do I bite into it,was a good spot you just eat the,sandwich night and day butter Popeyes,you win so hard on this but what about,the spicy sauce we have to see if that,makes a difference,mmm Oh every level of gum super creamy,spicy breading flaky and kind of burst,in your mouth its so disappointing yeah,that one you can barely taste the spice,on there,Popeyes sauce is so much spicier and,its like more full flavor I feel like,once you get into the okay MC chicken,sandwich smells bad,Ive never in my life tried to things,that look so the same tastes so,incredibly different this case the,chicken doesnt even have the 11 herbs,and spices happen no I dont taste any,of it its just like a really crispy,crispy crispy fries and sandwich the,Popeyes Chicken is like more tenderized,and like its literally twice as thick,this chicken is has a thicker breading,for sure you know they went a little bit,old warm KFC sauce not a spicy same,price similar pickles appearance a,little nicer,Popeyes was more succulent more,flavorful and kinder on the mouth so if,you guys are in the Orlando area go give,the KFC chicken sandwich a try and let,us know what you think and there you,have it folks,KFC vs. Popeyes and Popeyes is deftly,victorious how do you mess up a chicken,sandwich when what you make is chicken,maybe this isnt the new sandwich we,just read online that theres a new,chicken sandwich that you guys have is,that the one I just ordered and the,classic also right,that one lady said that it wasnt new,but everyone else that it was I was,wondering what when did that new chicken,sandwich come out this is the new,sandwich it looks like all the pictures,so maybe this isnt the sandwich maybe,if the weight and the week I think it is,it does look like all the place is the,new same way okay well either way it,wasnt that good

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KFC vs. Popeyes Taste Test | FOOD FEUDS

today we drive through the ultimate,fried chicken food feud,oh lets talk about that,[Music],good mythical morning hey now tomorrow,is election,day time flies when it comes to weighing,in on the future of our society,yes and we know that many of you have,already made your voices heard through,mail-in and early voting but for those,of you planning on voting safely in,person tomorrow,thats great too you can go to,votelikeabeast.com to find your polling,place,educate yourself and make a voting plan,vote like a beast.com,please check it out and do your duty now,would you rather hang out,with lil wayne or george clooney,id pick a third option hang out with a,guy named lil clooney,i i understand that but there is no,third option my question is basically,the question that were answering today,because,lil wayne is from louisiana george,clooney is from kentucky,and louisiana kentucky also happened to,be the birthplaces of two,major fast food chicken franchises,popeyes and kfc and just like george and,wayne have been at each others throats,for years,these two chicken behemoths have also,been at each others throats i dont,know if any of that is true but you know,i think most of it is in fact in 2017,popeyes tweeted is the only difference,between original and extra crispy,breading and the extra breading let that,marinate,oh well they opened up the floodgates,because kfc tweeted well now thats a,great question let me see if i can,clarify for you,and then they added my original recipe,chicken is marinated breaded in my,special blend of 11 herbs and spices,then pressure fried,and then they added my extra crispy,chicken is marinated double breaded in,its own blend of herbs and spices then,open fried and then they added now the,big difference here is pressure fried,versus open fried,and then they added might not seem like,a big difference but any fried chicken,expert will tell you that it is,and then they went on on five more,tweets,to add other stuff ending with thanks,for asking,dang firefighters you got chicks playing,yeah,so kfcs twitter game is stronger okay,but is there menu,lets settle this chicken beef once and,for all its time for,food feuds kfc versus popeyes,are you hungry im hungry too were,gonna taste popular items from each,restaurants menu and rate them on a,scale of one to ten,and the restaurant with the most points,will be crowned the fast and frightiest,chicken king and will win a chance to,sponsor a future gm,oh yeah we sent a mythical crew member,to each drive-through to pick up our,order stevie are they back yet,actually im sorry guys i just heard,theyre both stuck in their respective,lines i guess traffic is just really bad,today and,also somehow the kfc drive-through guy,is on the phone and wants to talk to you,okay uh hello kfc guy hey uh this is,a kentucky fried dirt is this rough in,the catkin,uh yeah i mean yeah yeah thats close,enough yep thats me,yeah i i got a lot of jobs man,i work here i work everywhere i listen,im just im saving up to follow hooves,tank when they go on tour again,anyways its neither here nor there so,rut,uh theres somebody here whos trying to,use your credit card,uh yeah i we have authorized a mythical,employee to use my credit card for this,yes,oh oh yeah uh thats not the question,the question was,can i use it to buy the hoops tank,no dirk you may not all right fair,enough it was worth a shot anyways food,is on the way right,okay you got rejected then you got your,name right bye dirk uh okay stevie uh,clearly our food from popeyes isnt,here yet either so uh lets give them a,call yeah okay,oh you got one of those new phones i,hear it,thank you for calling popeyes this is,former wingstop employee patty what do,you want,oh hey patty how you doing who is that,who is this oh this is rhett lane for,good mythical morning hey were waiting,on the order,uh you know from your restaurant because,were gonna try it out versus kfc,what are you guys like stalking me now,uh,no were just i mean you want it i think,its just a coincidence that you happen,to,be you know very mobile in your,employment uh hey guys uh,a dirk here i im still here uh im just,i forgot to hang up i dont know how,smart phones work,anyways can i ask patty something real,quick yeah whatever,all right hey hey patty oh hey derek,um will you go to the virtual homecoming,dance with me,i thought youd never ask yes dirk i,would love to,yay all right bye for real now i am,gonna hang up,okay all right guys all i am is hungry,on red side we have kfcs creamy mashed,potatoes and signature brown gravy,a regular order goes for 199 and a large,cost 4.49,and on links side we have popeyes,mashed potatoes smothered in their,flavorful cajun gravy,a regular side order goes for 259 and a,large goes for 4.59,all right you just put slaw in there uh,i asked for some,kfc slaw because i do not eat kfc mashed,potatoes without adding slaw into it,well i i do so im just judging the,mashed potatoes,which that gravys good and salt yeah,man its good i i just think its a its,a magical hot cold combination ive,never tried it at popeyes,uh im about to pop i just got,whoa their potatoes are totally,different theres a whole lot of stuff,going on,theyre spicy is it is that the potatoes,that are spicy the gravy theyre spicy,i think its gravy this is more classic,yeah lets rate this i think,classic taste thats good very nostalgic,im giving it a seven,i i like these mashed potatoes man i,agree im gonna give it a seven,and for the popeyes im giving that,im gonna give just the mashed potatoes,and gravy,a six its pretty close i like the kfc a,teeny bit better,because i actually dont like the,cajun-ness that much in my mashed,potatoes so im gonna but i like it,im gonna go with the six as well oh we,totally agree,okay now its time for chicken on,rhetts side is the world famous kfcs,original recipe,a two-piece meal costs 6.99 includes,choice of side a biscuit a cookie and a,drink and,on links side is popeyes signature,chicken offered in mild or spicy we got,mild to best match kfc,a two-piece meal costs 8.59 and it,includes a side a biscuit and drink,but no cookie theres a special place in,my heart for this,this is what i would get as a kid from,my birthday man,its so unique too its like its its,not crunchy i mean if you want if you,want crunchy you got to get the extra,crispy but that,that the taste is so unique to just,their chicken and its and its got to,do with that pressure,pressure fried chicken 11 herbs and,spices bro,and then you got more of the classic,situation,and the closest thing for us,is bojangles like you know we love bob,jingles,i cant come up with anything to,complain about for either one of them,i mean oh man watch it watch yourself,now i love eating chicken,theres more to just sitting here eating,chicken with my friend,i could die right now and if i continue,to do this i may die,the kfc number that im honing in on,is a nine i mean,again its like its a its a special,branch of fried chicken when you got,that,the pressure done really really special,im kind of leaving a little bit more,room in my heart for like chicken,other other fried chicken other like,fried chicken restaurants that are not,fast food its,incredibly good im gonna give it an,eight this is so moist,again theres some nostalgia here but,its also just like the taste but its,so close im gonna give it a 7.,i am also going to give this a 7,bringing it down two notches for my kfc,because once you get past the what i,call the crunchy in the skin,the meat itself is very moist but it,doesnt have,quite the magic okay this is the fries,and hot sauce round its a little,unusual but we wanted you to try,everything so,on red side we have kfcs secret recipe,fries which kfc claims are,crispier than your average fry and,season with the secret,11 herbs and spices a regular order is,199,and the hot sauce packets offered at ksc,at kfc are proprietary to kfc,and list hot sauce as an ingredient,on links side we have popeyes cajun,fries popeyes claims

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Does KFC Have The BEST Chicken Sandwich?

مرحبًا بالجميع ، يتم تشغيل هذا على مراجعة طعام فارغة جيدًا ، مرحبًا أيها السادة,والجميع يشاهدون وربما يستمعون مرحبًا بكم جميعًا في أحدث مراجعة,وإصدار من سلسلة مراجعة الطعام الفارغ كما قلت بالفعل,أنا مضيفك التقرير من الأسبوع ، لن تخمن أبدًا ما هذا,لن تخمن أبدًا ما الذي قامت به هذه المؤسسة التي تبيع الدجاج في المقام الأول قد أصدرت,شطيرة دجاج ، كما تعلم ، هذا هو الشيء الذي كنت أفكر أنك تعرفه بالطبع سنقوم بتجربته,هذا العنصر الجديد كنتاكي لديه إصدار جديد هناك أم أنه أطلقوه في وقت سابق من هذا العام ،,لكن طرحه كان غريبًا جدًا ، كان الأمر كما لو كانوا يطلقون هذه,الساندويتش في أجزاء معينة من البلاد في وقت معين بعض الأحيان يبدو لتكون متاحة أخيرا,وطنيا لذا فقد أصدرت ساندويتش الدجاج الكلاسيكية التي بالطبع كنت أعلم أننا سوف نرى ما اذا كان,أي جيدة وسوف نذهب من هناك هناك شيء واحد أنني أفكر في القول,ولم أكن ص أنا متأكد تمامًا مما إذا كنت سأفعل ذلك أم لا لأنني أعرف أن بعض الأشخاص قد لا يحبون ذلك,ولكنك تعلم ما يجب علي فعله في هذه المرحلة عندما كنت أستعد ، قلت هذا فقط يجب,أن يقال وهذا مجرد التخمين ، لذلك 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مجرد الاتجاه الذي أنت تعرف أنه تجاوز فترة الترحيب به إذا,جاز التعبير الآن بصرف النظر عن أن هذه مجرد أفكاري حول هذا الموضوع ومجرد ملاحظة ،,فلنتجاهل كل ما قلته للتو ودخل في المراجعة ، ما عليك سوى أخذ رأيي في مجمل,إخفاق شطيرة الدجاج بالكامل ، إذا جاز التعبير ، أنا مندهش تمامًا أنه لا يزال مستمراً لفترة طويلة,كما تعلم منذ بضع سنوات ، كان لديك الاتجاه الكامل مع سريراتشا وكل شيء وأنك,تعلم أن هذا استمر لمدة شهرين ولكن هذا يستمر ويذهب ويذهب إنه أمر مذهل على,أي حال ، كنتاكي فرايد تشيكن أطلق سراحهم كلاسيك تشيكن ساندويتش رقم إذا كان لديهم بالفعل شطيرة دجاج,لكنهم زعموا أن هذا من المفترض أن يكون أفضل من العرض السابق,لأنني أعتقد أنهم في الأصل كان لديهم مثل ما يسمى ساندويتش الكولونيل المقرمش,جيدًا ، وهذا ما يسمى ساندويتش الدجاج الكلاسيكي لذلك نحن إعادة الذهاب إلى النمط الكلاسيكي هذه المرة,، يأتي مع ربع رطل إضافي من فيليه الدجاج المقرمش ، لذا ستحصل على,قطعة دجاج لذيذة كما تعلمون هناك ربع باوند من الدجاج مقرمشًا جدًا أه بعض المخللات,السميكة وبعض خبز المايونيز والبريوش السعر لهذا النطاق يتراوح بين ثلاثة دولارات وخمسة دولارات,كان في الطرف العلوي من الطيف عند 4.99 قال البعض إنه كان ثلاثة وقد قال البعض إنه,أربعة مرة أخرى لقد حصلت على مناجم مقابل خمسة دولارات ، كما أنها متوفرة كمجموعة مجمعة عند,الذي سعره سبعة دولارات شاملاً البطاطس المقلية والشراب ، هذا ما هو عليه,وأم هناك الحقيبة التي أتت بها وهناك وجه العقيد المتجعد,الذي تعرفه بالطبع نواة كل رنديتي الأشياء التي لديهم منهم هذه الأيام ،,أتساءل ما الذي كان سيفكر فيه في كل شطائر الدجاج إذا كان حوله من,يعرف حقًا هذه هي الحقيبة ، هذا شيء مثير للاهتمام كانت كل أماكن شطائر الدجاج هذه,تفعله مؤخرًا كما تعلمون بالطبع لقد كان chick-fil-a يفعل هذا منذ سنوات ولكن,ماكدونالدز يفعلون ذلك أيضًا مع شطائر الدجاج ولديك ما أعتقد أن بوبايز أيضًا,لديهم كيس شطيرة الدجاج كما تعلمون ومرة ​​أخرى هذا لديه النواة هناك ما أنا أعتقد,أنني سأفعل بعد أن آكل هذا ، سأحصل على بعض المقص وسأقطعه ،,هل تعرف نوعًا من قص هذا وأعتقد أنني سأقوم بتثبيته على الحائط ربما كما هو صحيح,أمام سريري أو شيء ما ويمكنني أن أنظر إليه بشكل صحيح وأنا أنجرف للنوم,وبعد ذلك عندما أستيقظ أيضًا وبعد ذلك يمكن أن يطاردني في أحلامي ، لذلك هذا شيء,طلب مسبق للتسليم أو التقاط شطيرة دجاج كلاسيكية من كنتاكي متاح أيضًا إذا رغب المرء,في الحصول على البديل الحار ولكني أشعر بالكلاسيكية اليوم أنت تعرف أنني أشعر فقط وكأنك,تعلم أنك ستذهب إلى المدرسة القديمة ، لذا فهنا القليل من,القليل من الجانب المبلل لطيف ودافئ ولكن رطب جدًا لأنني حصلت على هذه المناديل ، دعني في الواقع فقط,دعني فقط ضعها على الكعكة هنا لأنها بالتأكيد كعكة ممزقة بالرطوبة ، يمكنك رؤية,القليل من ساندويتش مندي ، لكن دعنا ننسى ذلك ، حسنًا ،,إليك ما يبدو عليه هناك ، انظر إليه هل سبق لك أن رأيت شيئًا مثل هذا ،,لا يجب أن تعرف أحيانًا أنني سئمت من أنها مثل شطائر الدجاج ، فأنت تعرف,شطائر الدجاج وسندويشات الدجاج إلى الأبد المايونيز كما هو معلن موجود في الأسفل,وفي الأعلى ، لذا فإن المايونيز الإضافي لجميع محبي المايونيز وعشاق المايونيز بالخارج هناك,وهناك هذا المخلل الذي كنا نتحدث عن اثنين منهم تعلمون أنهما يعيشان تحتهما ،,لذا لم تسمع أبدًا العبارة كما لو كنت تعيش تحت صخرة جيدًا ، فأنت تعلم أنهم يعيشون,تحت كعكة لذا هذه العبارة صحيحة جزئيًا لكنها كعكة وليس صخرة وهناك,القمة مرة أخرى ، فقط المزيد من المايونيز هناك ، وهذا ما تعلمه ، إنه شطيرة أساسية ومباشرة جدًا,مرة أخرى ، فيليه دجاج كثير العصير ونأمل أن يكون مقرمشًا للغاية مرة أخرى حيث يمكنك رؤية المخللات,والمايونيز ساندويتش دجاج كلاسيكي أساسي ومن هنا جاء الاسم دعنا نركز في هنا دون أن نطرق,الكاميرا ودعنا نحصل على تلك الصورة المصغرة ، فأنت تعلم أنك تعرف الطريقة التي تسير بها الأمور ، لذا سنفعل,ذلك لأنني أرى مشكلة واحدة واجهتها مؤخرًا وهي أنني سأحتفظ بهذا لأنني أعسر ولكن,ترى الظل هناك مشكلة ، لذا سنفعل هذا بدلاً من ذلك لتجنب الظل ، سنحصل على,لقطة قريبة هنا مثل هذه ، سنحصل على ابتسامة كبيرة للكاميرا في ثلاثة اثنين واحد مثل ذلك,ثم سنحصل على أحدهما بعيدًا قليلاً ، فأنت تعرف شيئًا كهذا أيضًا بابتسامة أخرى,هناك ، سنختار على الأرجح أحد هذين كصورة مصغرة وهذا يعني,أنك تعرف ما بداخلها ، وأعلم ما بداخلها ،,نعلم جميعًا ما هو في تجربته مع ساندويتش دجاج كنتاكي الكلاسيكي,يبدو أ إنه يتدفق,الآن ، يجب أن أقوم بواجبي ، دعنا نلجأ,إلى ذلك هنا ، سنأخذ قضمتين أخريين ،,حسنًا ، لذا في تقييم صغير ولن نمضي وقتًا طويلاً اليوم,إليكم ما لدي بشكل عام ، أنا بخير مع الساندويتش ، ليس لدي الكثير من المشكلات الأساسية,معها ، أعتقد أنه إذا كنت تريد فقط شطيرة دجاج أساسية ، ومن ثم اسم ساندويتش دجاج كلاسيكي ،,لا أعتقد حقًا أنه سيكون لديك الكثير مشاكل مع هذا ، تقضم ونعم ، في,رأيي ، فيليه دجاج عالي الجودة بالتأكيد طري ، إنه طري ، إنه لذيذ كمية جيدة,منه وأعتقد أنه عندما يقولون ربع باوند ، فأنت بالتأكيد تحصل على قطعة دجاج كبيرة لطيفة,مقرمشة جيدة كما تعلمون مرة أخرى أن اللحم طري ولكن مرة أخرى هناك هذا الذي تعرفه أن,المقلي المقرمش من الخارج لذلك بالتأكيد احصل على هذا التجاور اللطيف هناك من الناحية النسيجية,لذا من الواضح أن الدجاج هو نقطة البيع الرئيسية للساندويتش,أنا لا أواجه مشكلة في ذلك أعتقد أنه العلاقات العامة جيد جدًا ولا يوجد شيء للشكوى منه ، لذا فهذه إشارة,إبهام كبيرة كما تعلمون أن هذا هو الجزء الأكثر أهمية في شطيرة,الكعكة ، ليس لدي أي شكوى من أنها غير ضارة تمامًا,وأن قطع المخللات السميكة على الرغم من أنها لم تمنح في كل مكان عند القيام قضم انها,حقا يفعل الكثير إطلاق العنان للنكهة أنا دائما كنت تعرف واحدة من الأشياء المفضلة حول هذه,السندويشات الدجاج في هذه الأيام هو عندما كنت لدغة في وتحصل أن القليل تعلمون أن قليلا أو المخلل كبير,أم وهو يطلق العنان لذلك القليل من النكهة التي أحبها حقًا ، فهذه لمسة لطيفة,لدرجة أنها تضيف حقًا إلى التجربة مرارًا وتكرارًا أعتقد أن المخللات هي لمسة,لطيفة واه ستلاحظ ذلك بالتأكيد أيضًا عندما أنت إذا أو عندما تحصل على هذه الساندويتش ،,فأنت تعلم أنه بالتأكيد سأقول واحدًا من أجزائي المفضلة تقريبًا في هذه المرحلة شيئًا واحدًا,لا أحبه ولا أريد أن أكون صعب المراس ولكنه مجرد شيء شخصيا أجد,مخيبا للآمال ولكن أنا ما هي الصورة التي رأيتها وعمليًا هي نفسها ،,فلا داعي لوجود الكثير من المايونيز على الشطيرة ، سأخبرك فقط أنه في الوقت الحالي,ليس هناك حاجة لأن يكون هناك الكثير من المايونيز في كل ما يفعله انها تفيض مايو أنها لا,تحتاج إلى أن أم الثاني حتى انها بالفعل الرطوبة تعرف شطيرة لادن إذا جاز التعبير الدجاج هو,ورطبة انها العصير أم لا تحتاج كل هذا المايونيز على ذلك ربما وضعت للتو قليلا,مثل في بعض الأماكن لا أعتقد أنك تحتاج حتى إلى هذه الكرات الكبيرة على الكعكة العلو

The Best Fast Food Crispy Chicken Sandwich

i feel like every fast food restaurant,has a crispy chicken sandwich and if you,dont what are you doing and i also may,have an idea of which ones best,i mean i generally have a sense of,rankings in my head but with that said,every day millions of people go out and,get crispy chicken sandwiches for lunch,at every fast food restaurant and today,im gonna drive several hours to hit,every single one that i possibly can,and ill do all the heavy lifting for,you were gonna go to seven different,places and get the crispy chicken,sandwich at,every single one then well taste them,as we go and come back to finalize those,rankings later lets roll,weve been doing a lot of driving lately,as you know but thats what it takes to,go with these hot and fresh,crispy chicken sandwiches now i feel,like ive been making so many crispy,chicken sandwiches lately like i said,that i just sort of feel like we need to,go,and taste them all i mean weve tasted,so many different ones in my kitchen at,home and weve made so many different,ones all,slightly different but at the end of the,day which ones the best today were,essentially gonna hit as many of these,places as we can,i dont know if theyre called,restaurants or fast food places it,doesnt really matter were gonna start,with chick-fil-a and popeyes because i,know were gonna avoid those crazy,mid-day lines right now its actually,pretty early in the morning its about,10 45.,then maybe well go and hit the classics,mcdonalds wendys burger king and the,real wild card today is actually kfc,because i actually recently had a friend,tell me that kfcs crispy chicken,sandwich better than,any other one out there on the market,and frankly i find that really difficult,to believe,but again this is our job right now to,go and figure that out if time permits,we may also try out arbys and canes,which ive actually never been to so,again thatd be an interesting one,thatd be a first for me,and maybe theyll sneak through with the,wind i dont know but we are getting,close so lets get ready to eat,we are approaching chick-fil-a the first,victim,this is an absolute treat because there,is zero line here and what have you ever,been to chick-fil-a when theres no line,right lets do it i am hyped hello could,i just have um,three regular crispy chicken sandwiches,and then a bunch of,chick-fil-a sauce thank you,they always say my pleasure its very,sweet put my mask on,be courteous credit card is going to,take a hit today how are you,all right nick yes all right thank you,so much i got a question for you by the,way were trying every single,crispy chicken sandwich today at every,place whats your vote for for the best,one,i know youre biased you have to stay,here,i do i think you do yeah its it i,personally do think its the better one,yeah it is its its up there its top,two for me,you didnt really love that so we did,get the chick fly i mean this does look,really good and actually i have to say,there might be something about coming at,the time that we did and getting these,sandwiches right because theyre so,fresh theyre so hot,oh i mean they can focus on making them,absolutely perfect and beautiful look at,that im just gonna dissect this a,little bit for you beautifully fried,piece of chicken right there the,pickles looking a little pathetic right,but thats fine,at least its spread out youre gonna go,to like a place like not gonna name any,names here but were gonna go to some,places where theres like three pickles,on the edge and nothing else so this,looks really good,the other thing is that the chick-fil-a,sauce absolutely bonkers its really,good ive taught you that you can make,this homemade a heck of a lot better and,i also dont like,you see this right here how on how does,someone,get this so lets peel that back the,ingredient list is quite long on here,you can see,right theres a lot of things in there,that i dont love and you can make it,with like four ingredients at home,thats fine,so heres the move for me these are not,very squeezable containers thats not,what theyre getting judged on but again,this is just so messy,i would like it to be squeezable they,should have two types of containers,because look at this now,its just a mess right thats the move,for me maybe smoosh it around just a,little bit,and like get it falling over the edges,there once you do that you are looking,you are looking great so lets just take,a little bite here,that is good nothing like a good 10 57,a.m crispy chicken sandwich from,chick-fil-a,the chicken is cooked really well its,so hot that its almost burning my mouth,its a really good crispy chicken,sandwich i can already tell you right,now you should have a crisp berry should,maybe have a slight crunch,im not getting a ton of crisp there,its a pretty thin coating pretty thin,batter,and i like more of a crunch a more of a,crisp when i eat this so,i feel like thats kind of important for,me but this ones up there this is our,first sandwich of the day this is a good,sandwich right here on to the next one,we are on the way to mcdonalds and i am,seeing here im being tempted by a car,wash,i for one am a sucker for a good car,wash this is a classic right i mean i,dont go to mcdonalds that much but i,have had chicken before from here that,was quite good were going to pull up,and uh were going to see what what the,scoop is here crispy,juicy and tender they got crispy chicken,spicy crispy chicken deluxe crispy,chicken i dont know how you add deluxe,by just adding tomatoes and lettuce hi,um could i just order two of the crispy,chicken sandwiches please 9.39,thank you similar price to chick-fil-as,crispy chicken sandwich if im paying,the same price it better be good thats,all im gonna say hows it going,how are you pretty good thanks we are,trying every single crispy chicken,sandwich today at every place,look at that what i just did that same,thing two weeks ago no way,yeah what what was your finding i think,the best one yeah popeyes,i told 100 agreement all right 100,agreement,thank you so much you too that was great,that was great,oh my god what a great guy what an,honest person thats who you want,working for your company,he probably knows mcdonalds has a,decent crispy chicken sandwich but hes,honest about it he says that popeyes is,the best and i agree with him but im,going to this today with no bias,okay so just to be fair,oh up here oh in front of it thank you,are we gonna get like arrested or,something,thank you im actually curious do these,just take longer to make than like the,regular ones,no oh okay thank you have a good one,lets lets just lets try this,all right mcdonalds crispy chicken,sandwich crispy got a little pickle,there,okay i dont hate the brandy it has the,iconic mcdonalds bun i can tell you,know why,because they toast the bun and you know,what i think theyre just,what the theres no sauce theres no,sauce interesting they dont put any,sauce here i like that they toast their,buns the pickles actually look,shockingly fresh,and maybe again we are coming at 11,oclock in the morning but still the bun,looks good the ball looks better than,chick-fil-as okay no sauce,i didnt think that id have to ask,because i just thought theyd put some,aioli there like but i guess,yeah okay wow i cant believe im saying,this,its actually seasoned really well the,chicken has better seasoning than,chick-fil-as i dont even think,chick-fil-a has much seasoning in there,but,okay thats pretty good not amazing the,only thing that kind of irks me here,they very clearly just,took like a chicken tender basically and,shoved it into a sandwich i guess thats,fine,it just sure seems like cheating to me,right but mcdonalds not bad im still,gonna put chick-fil-a in front,because theres something about the,chick-fil-a i dont know if its msg or,something thats in there that makes,that sandwich more addicting and a,little bit better maybe its just the,chick-fil-a sauce thats what im kind,of thinking about,and mcdonalds doesnt have a sauce like,that so compare apples to

Blind Spicy Chicken Sandwich Taste Test

whats the best fast food spicy chicken,sandwich lets talk about that,[Music],good mythical morning when it comes to,fast food chicken sandwiches weve had,our fair share of the cream of the coop,so to speak uh but what is the best,spicy chicken sandwich on the fast food,market we must know now we did a,blindfolded regular fast food chicken,sandwich taste test a while back but,there was no ranking involved plus the,spiciness gives the chicken sandwich a,certain je ne sais quoi a little,a little oof a little razzle dazzle that,makes it its own thing and our mouth,holes are ready to be shooshed and,oomphed and dazzled with the full force,of the best spicy chicken sandwich you,can snatch out a drive through its time,for can we tell where these spicy,chicken sandwiches are from and more,importantly which ones dont taste like,great uncle johns bun,today well be sampling spicy sandwiches,from popeyes wendys burger king kfc,mcdonalds and jack-in-the-box were,going to be competing to see who can,correctly match the most sandwiches to,their respective restaurants and scoring,each one on a scale of one to ten to,determine the best by their combined,score now,its about five years ago half a decade,right when i became the chicken genius,yeah i was impressed with the unspicy,ones by getting a queen sweep,uh five years later can you do it again,i dont know with the spicy ones whoever,guesses the most chicken sandwiches,correctly will be named the mother cluck,and bonafide spicy chick king,and well take home the coveted hot bird,handbag im intrigued,as you can see we cant each one of,these hot spicy chickens is it real hot,its real hot is it,gonna be brought to us,patent-pending,chic beak oh fantasy all right bring it,in lets get chic with it,okay oh oh one goodness,oh,that took a little work i feel like i,was kissing a chicken its got a nice,crunch but its a thin crunch,i mean you like this i didnt get any,sauce in my bite,did you get any sauce in your bite i,dont know is it on my face it seems,like the spicy is in the chickens itself,this is pretty spicy i dont know if i,recognize that i dont but in terms of,how good it is the spice definitely,builds its more of like a,its kind of a small patty is it its a,its a peppery spice,oh i mean it i i mean theyre bringing,the spice,but its like a almost like a black,peppery spice you know its not like uh,it doesnt have a lot of flavor to it,um im not impressed with the its sort,of just like spice for the sake of spice,what would you be like hey were,competing lets lets rank how good we,like it first,i feel like its leaving a lot on the,table for me im gonna give it just a,solid five im giving it a four man um,but do you know where it is im bored,uh hold on oh crap dont dont confuse,me,dont confuse me stevie,yeah let me think i gotta,all right im ready i guess i dont know,this is tough,three two one burger beans,[Music],you think its the jack well hold on,heres the thing heres the question i,have is the burger king sandwich that,were gonna be tasting is it the spicy,chick king,or is it the original sandwich made,spicy because im going to revise my,answer depending on that the answer to,that question,is it the chicken its the chicken ive,been told okay all right im going to,stay with my answer okay i dont know,because you didnt change your answer,im okay with it,come home to roost baby,oh hello,oh,um soft bun,no thats a big sandwich the breading of,the chicken is kind of soft too can i,get another bite,you getting another one wait there oh,hey,man where is the heat,compared to the first one,this ones a lot less spicy,do you agree its moist,im still feeling the spice from the,first one right oh oh oh oh oh there it,is there it is delayed reaction,yeah i mean its its not spicier than,the first one its not spicier but it,tastes better it does build up,yeah its got some moisture i agree with,that i feel like the chicken is better i,feel like the breading is better im,gonna give it a five im gonna go up to,a six on this um,how come you know what this is man,i mean i i was confident five years ago,and i think i got like one right so,i i listen i always bring a hand dance,move you have to bring confidence steve,even if youre gonna be wrong,all right are you ready yeah three two,one mac donald we agree man that has to,be right right yeah buddy,hey i knew that i knew i could feel it i,didnt feel it people like they could,see through i know they could i know,they can see through their things maybe,its the is it the breath like directed,towards you i could feel your head,turning and you and then you got quiet,which made me think that hes going hes,leaving me im about to leave him,hanging gotta get up there oh there hes,still there,lets keep kissing this chicken,good lord,that is a good sandwich whoa,thats a big one,i got to get some more of that,really crunchy,i got that pickle surprise,man thats some light thats like they,just,thats an intact piece of chicken you,know what im saying,its huge there was so much to wrap your,mouth around,trying to wrap my mind around it now,whoa,i really like it i mean its so much,better than the previous two i would say,its not as hot as the first one,but the a little bit hotter than the,second one i think its so flavorful,though so much the flavor is really kind,of so much so much better i definitely,know what this is but to rank it,i mean i feel,im im hovering between an eight and a,nine me two me too,i mean a nine is like big time,i dont know man,nine im going there as well nine im,gonna do it because we know what this is,im doing it three,two,one,popeyes,yeah you did it again yeah you swole,i sure did,yeah i did it we we did it we did it man,we did it,we did it,we,did it,man,im just toying with you i was i was,waiting for you to hit me up man i know,im im sorry man im sorry,im sorry thanks thank you,give me some consolation scrubs,mythical kitchener trevor has a podcast,called trevor talks too much and trevor,has been talking too much to some,pretty impressive yeah trevors our boy,just some big,boy out there like youtuber larae,oh yeah yeah he talked to him what about,tick tock or tick tock barista or,morgan drinks coffee talk to her too,lots of other people hell make a fan,out of you and hell make you a fan of,the people on his uh podcast he sure,will and he will talk your ear off he,does whoa hes a boy,like not hes a boy yeah were not his,daddies no exactly,[Music],can i have that again no im a double,bite maam today oh this is pretty good,this ones mostly about,the chicken itself not even the breading,im getting a little pickle,man im a little bit confused by this,because i dont i dont know whos done,what you know what im saying yeah,i dont know whos done what im just,talking about life im trying to get,im confused about who does things im,trying to get like the bun like theres,like an,its a soft bun thats pretty dang huge,chicken the heat where would you put the,heat compared to the other ones um again,its not part theyre all sneaking up on,me a little bit uh yeah,id say this is a medium heat a,mid-range heat its about the same as,the pop-up i like it and i feel like,theyre trying to do the same thing that,popeyes is doing but its not nearly as,crunchy as the popeyes no yeah it had,man,oh man i dont know what i i just,theres no way we were wrong about the,popeyes right i had us were humiliating,ourselves right now if we are well we,theres no it tastes like the chicken,from a certain place that i want it to,be my guest but then i dont know if,theyve done this on this level so im,very confused right now but you need to,rate it on a scale of 1.10. its solid,its solid without the crispiness im,going to give it a 7. up yeah im going,to give it a ill give it a 7 2. yeah,its its decent so 7.2 good theres no,seven as well oh okay do you need some,more thinking time nope im ready ah man,okay,im torn should i go with my gut or,should i,no im torn between the im not going,im not im going with my mind,thre

KFC® Classic Chicken Sandwich Review! ???????????? | Worth The Wait? | theendorsement

all right uh one word one word before i,cue the intro,im gonna hold up a bag im gonna say,this word,finally cue the intro,what is up everyone it is the,endorsement and it is time for another,review,this is where i try something and tell,you if you should like it or not,i can be very persuasive all right so,were just getting right into it,if you have followed my channel for,months uh i am on top of just about,every single,uh new chicken sandwich that gets thrown,into the chicken,sandwich war game now kentucky fried,chicken kfc for all you newbies out,there,uh launched their new uh classic and,spicy,chicken sandwich just like uh so many,other places,uh but it was limited and i had to wait,so i waited,patiently and now uh february 26th,actually a day uh earlier than one of,the managers told me,uh i got both of them so today is,kentucky fried chicken,kfc chicken sandwich day and i think,thats it,i think that ends all the chicken,sandwiches i think ive done them from,every single spot,i do have one video also filmed where i,revisit the uh burger king,new hand breaded chicken sandwiches,because i heard a rumor those were,supposed to be coming out nationally,i think theyre trickling out so im,holding on to that video uh for a couple,more days,uh sorry here we go whoa that is okay,this is the classic,3.99 mayonnaise pickles,got the soft bun right there either,brioche or potato gonna have to check,and uh there is the chicken fillet right,there,kfc style so right off the bat,that is a large uh chicken breast it has,some thickness to it but more of the,size of it actually is the circumference,coming,out of the bun before i take the first,bite uh there is a review,of this sandwich back uh some months ago,where two friends of mine,shout out to uh zoe and mose uh it was,being test marketed in orlando,so they actually uh filmed a video and i,threw it up on my channel,so there actually is a video of the new,sandwich but it was from the test market,uh months ago,ive talked enough lets go hopefully i,could take a break uh from chicken,sandwiches after this so uh,lets go,salty nice flavor,soft bun,all right second bite,all right so listen ive had thoughts on,what i was going to think about this,sandwich,and if i could have wrote down those,thoughts and i should have because it,would have been nice to kind of throw it,up on the screen,this is exactly what i thought it was,going to be got the,little flavor of the mayonnaise i like,the thickness of the pickle the acidity,the snap and the crunch,uh and what youre getting with the,filet is kfc personified,so if you enjoy the flavor of the kfc,chicken youre going to enjoy this,sandwich i think the thickness is nice,it seems to have some striations in,there if you take a look,uh it is still good i like it but it,almost,has that feeling that if you eat more of,this youre gonna get maybe some gristle,if that makes any sense uh so i like it,the flavor is what you would expect uh,kfc to be,uh yeah i mean its okay is it gonna,knock uh you know who off the top of the,totem pole or maybe some of you out,there think its the other guys,i know most of you out there have your,one and two in the chicken sandwich wars,and many of you out there havent tried,the new bk hand breaded chicken,sandwiches so for now you could keep uh,you know who,up here uh but wait for those uh burger,king sandwiches to come out,i like it um do i love it,i mean for 3.99 it is a nice uh size,i mean i just did the mcdonalds uh,sandwiches that they are highly touting,and those seemed a little bit lackluster,if you missed those reviews they will be,linked at the end,uh let me take one more,okay all right so listen it is a,well-made chicken sandwich,if you like the flavor of kfc youre,going to like it uh i dont know if its,going to knock,any of the top two or maybe top three,off of the totem pole right,now uh but its up there i think i still,would take this over mcdonalds i,definitely would take it over wendys,um so i like it were just going to give,it a rating uh 3.99,uh the weight was it worth the wait was,it worth the weights,lets see what the score has to say so,on a scale of 1 to 100 with one meaning,dont even waste your money and 100,being the promised land of,[Laughter],im going to get the classic brand new,classic chicken sandwich from,uh kfc a rating of,eighty three im gonna give it an,i like it i just dont think i love it,and going from memory of all the chicken,sandwiches ive eaten,uh it definitely to me is gonna fall in,the top four,uh were gonna keep it uh real yeah,probably top four,uh there are some others that should not,even be in the game go back and watch,some of my other videos but,uh yeah there you go another review in,the books,please like comment share and subscribe,also please dont forget to check me out,on instagram and twitter that is social,media getting the word of my channel,out to the masses all right in closing,like i said i have the uh spicy off,camera,were going to be filming that and,launching that later today it is a,kfc uh chicken sandwich day hope you,enjoyed the first one look at the,colonel,says come on back now youre here,all right im done,[Music],oh,[Music]

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