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K.G.F.: Chapter 1 Movie Review | Yash | Srinidhi Shetty | Prashanth Neel

about a week ago i checked out the epic,indian film rr and asked for some,suggestions on other films to check out,well i got a ton of different,recommendations so i picked one i picked,kgf chapter one because it was available,on amazon prime within the united states,so is this something that you should,give a watch,in the 1970s a gangster goes undercover,as a slave to assassinate the owner of a,notorious gold mine so i started,watching the hindi version but there was,something odd with the audio so i just,started over and then i was watching the,kanata i think thats how you pronounce,it well that version and it was a much,better viewing experience now this takes,place over the course of several years,with the majority of it happening in the,late 70s following our main protagonist,named rocky there are also a bunch of,moments sprinkled throughout that are,flashbacks to when rocky was a kid,giving us just a ton of insight into,what made him into the man that we see,in the present the action and fights are,a lot of fun with some really great,choreography there are many times where,rocky takes on multiple groups of people,and its like hes got the swagger of a,rock star combined with the instincts,and awareness of a superhero and this,makes some of the fights absolutely,crazy with a bit of wild brutality i,mean were talking sledge hammers crazy,shaped axes and some wicked swords and,while a lot of it is stylized with a ton,of slow-mo it doesnt take away from the,savagery of the fights they were a lot,of fun to watch and theres even a sort,of tony montana moment that is flashy,and dramatic now i enjoyed how the story,is told through an interview building,with massive flashbacks now while i,wasnt fully on board with the reporter,whos hearing the story told to her its,still an enjoyable way to have the,narrative unfold for us and theres an,entertaining element within the tv,interview that illustrates just how,those listening to the story are,becoming so invested that they cant,wait to hear more now i wish i was,feeling the exact same level of,excitement as one of the characters but,it was still enjoyable to watch play out,i think one of the strong points in this,is the amount of background and,development that we get on rocky to show,how his early life helped to shape his,current motivations and these are,interwoven throughout the story to,accentuate portions as they become,pertinent so when theyre inserted they,feel like natural story beats and they,fit well the coloring of this film is,enjoyable especially how some will,become much more dissaturated with them,just a lot of grays but then there are,also a lot of oranges and reds that,permeate scenes so that either creates,sometimes a sense of dread and fear and,then other times just bringing a warmth,to the sequence as might be expected,there is a music video portion to this,its got ultra quick cuts tons of,flashing lights but also this showy,sensuality and while it did feel a,little out of place the dancing was fun,and the lyrics felt semi-self-aware,giving more story context that built out,the narrative the cinematography is,pretty great looking and while sometimes,the editing is choppy and abrupt there,was a really well executed scene where,these people need to smuggle something,into this highly secure area but,everything is being searched the,creativity not only of the way that the,items are brought in but also how the,film shows how theyre assembled i mean,it just adds a ton of urgent excitement,the scene builds with tension and in,this instance i mean the quick cuts,actually accentuate and enhance the,sequence rather than detract now,sometimes during this story theres an,air surrounding rocky that makes it feel,like hes kaiser soze i mean its fun to,see people panic when they hear of him,just being someplace even if at first,glance it doesnt appear like rocky,could do any damage to anyone given his,predicament i mean its the fear that,his name and his presence bring that is,visible on some of the characters faces,now despite everything that i do enjoy,about this there are several areas that,felt short for me now i really enjoyed,the action especially with how it was,stylized but some of the action its cut,short or its edited with either,cutaways or flashes to black i mean its,a weird style choice and it even makes,some of the narrative difficult to,follow at times the fade to blacks,within a ton of the scenes i mean it,really began to wear on me and these had,a bit of a negative impact because they,just felt very trailer-ish and it made,it much less cinematic i mean minor use,of these wouldnt have bothered me as,much but they felt like they become more,of a crutch than a storytelling,technique and think about when you watch,a trailer and the action is ramping up,but because they dont want to show,everything they piece it out and then,they use black and the soundtrack to,build excitement and thats whats,happening here but this isnt a trailer,its a movie its almost like the,editing is trying to force an emotion or,feel on us but the scenes are already,exciting so we dont need to be,manipulated with a technique to arrive,at the exact same response we already,have now sometimes rocky as an adult i,think he was hard to sympathize with,hes often brooding which i mean it does,feel natural with his upbringing and his,background but hes also standoffish,which keeps him at his arm length from,us for a lot of the movie i mean this,didnt make me rude against him just,made him feel like a stranger or maybe,disconnected plus when that was mixed,with that rockstar persona it gives this,hottie air to him which wasnt always,something that i gravitated towards,throughout the story some of the scenes,became a bit repetitive where portions,felt like they were replayed a few times,throughout the film now maybe they,werent shot for shot repeats but,certain beats felt like they were super,similar to other sequences making those,just a bit tired probably the biggest,downside to this movie is that it truly,is the first chapter the film ends right,after one climax but another is growing,and then the film ends i mean while its,not exactly a cliffhanger ending its,certainly incomplete now many people,have recommended me to watch kgf chapter,2 but as of the date of this recording,its not available anywhere to watch in,the us now i know that it just landed on,amazon prime this weekend in india but,in the u.s its still not available even,for video on demand so hopefully soon it,will become available here so i can get,the conclusion to this story while i,enjoyed the first chapter of kgf it,didnt bring me as much enjoyment as it,evidently did from everyone that had,recommended it to me this isnt a bad,movie by any means but it just didnt,resonate as much theres a lot to like,in this with the building story,reinforced by the flashbacks of rockys,early life theres also some very,exciting action with awesome,choreography and while theres a ton of,slow-mo thats utilized it does enhance,many of the action sequences creating a,very stylized look and execution to it,all some of the editing choices were,less than appealing to me especially,with the constant fades to black in,action moments as well as just many of,the quick cuts that led to a more,frenetic feeling and while the adult,version of rocky was sometimes hard to,sympathize with i really enjoyed his,kaiser soze-esque mystique which that,then created this air of fear and dread,to those he met who were against him im,looking forward to seeing how this story,concludes and really hope that kgf,chapter 2 becomes available in the us,very soon theres no sex or nudity some,profanity and a ton of violence i give,kgf chapter one three and a half out of,five couches so i know many really,enjoyed this film let me know some of,the moments that are your favorites in,the comments below if you enjoyed this,review please give it a like also dont,forget to share and subscribe im chris,this 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KGF: CHAPTER 2 | One of Indias Biggest Movies of All-Time

hey cinephiles i call this entrance the,kick axe,this is rocking star josh in a scene,from kgf chapter 2 the second film in a,series that has taken india by storm,becoming the second highest grossing,film of all time domestically surpassing,even rr,[Music],welcome back to my journey through,indian cinema an adventure that began in,earnest after i made the fateful,decision to see rrr on the big screen a,film that not only blew my mind but,opened my mind to a world of cinema i,had been neglecting for far too long i,shared my ecstatic reaction in a video,where i also asked for more,recommendations of indian films and by,yashs beard did you all deliver,thousands of comments have poured in,highlighting films and filmmakers that i,should check out and as eager as i am to,watch every single one of these id be,lying if i said i wasnt also extremely,overwhelmed you see one does not simply,cover indian cinema the sheer quantity,of films from a multitude of industries,regions and languages within india that,make up the single largest film industry,in the world today atop the bedrock of,rich historical and cultural context has,me feeling like an ant in the library of,congress very small very inadequate and,very likely to get squashed by youtube,comments if i say something wrong,nevertheless as someone determined to,expand their cinematic horizon i am,pushing forward with an open mind and an,open heart one film at a time hoping and,willing to learn about indian cinema and,the people involved so where did i,decide to go next well if there was any,film or i guess i should say films that,were recommended to me the most and by,that i mean almost every single hour to,this day it would undoubtedly be kgf,chapter 1 and kgf chapter 2.,in this video im going to attempt to,explain what kgf is all about examine,the allure of rocking star yash briefly,share my thoughts on both films and my,personal viewing experience and then,touch on their cultural impact and,future okay so kgf is an epic period,action crime film series written and,directed by prashanth neil who works,primarily in the kannada film industry,aka sandalwood there are a lot of moving,parts to this story many names places,and timelines and it moves at a mile a,minute but heres my attempt at a brief,synopsis primarily set in the 1970s and,80s this is a decade-spanning chronicle,of a man known as rocky at a place known,as kgf that titular acronym refers to,the kolar goldfields where oar is first,discovered on the same night that rocky,is born into poverty to a woman whose,dying wish is for him to amass great,wealth,[Music],a powerful crime boss surya vardan,establishes kgf not only as a gold mine,town but as a political cult and the,headquarters of his massive criminal,empire as a young man rocky proves,himself on the streets of bombay paving,his path to becoming one of the top,assassins in the city given an,opportunity to control all of bombay if,he kills suryavardans son raki finds,himself at kgf where his eyes are open,to the human cost of the gold trade and,his pursuit for power and money becomes,about so much more oh and along the way,he woos of rina the daughter of a kgf,boss,congratulations why,i love you,how dare you how fair are you okay that,might be the greatest pickup line of all,time,express,[Music],this guy should teach a master class in,how to talk to women now thats just a,simple summation of this series a mere,setup and backdrop for an eventful plot,that could have easily spanned multiple,seasons of a tv show and i havent even,mentioned how this story is told which,is one of kgfs defining features in,modern bangalore the owner of a news,channel has convinced his hard-hitting,chief editor to interview the author of,el dorado a book chronicling the legacy,of rocky and kgf which the indian,government has banned and attempted to,erase from history,this interview serves as a framing,device with the author serving as a,narrator throughout the first film the,situation changes for chapter two though,it still has a similar construct and,its the decision to tell the story in,this manner that gives kgf a peculiar,sense of urgency from the very beginning,that doesnt ever really let up i kept,expecting the narrative to slow down or,give me a chance to catch my breath but,that didnt really happen more often,than not any given sequence feels like,either a montage or a movie trailer,depending on your appetite i suppose,this could be a pro or a con each film,is over two and a half hours long which,is a considerable length of time to,maintain such propulsion these are films,that demand your attention and will,overload your senses its the opposite,of quote-unquote slow cinema like rocky,himself kgf capitalizes on every second,you might feel exhausted by the end but,i doubt youll feel robbed and speaking,of rocky lets talk about the central,figure of the series and the actor,playing him rocking star josh who has,possibly the two most bombastic title,cards i have ever seen introducing a,movie star in chapter one,and then topped in chapter two,in all the furor over top gun maverick,ive been seeing a lot of people,heralding tom cruise as our last movie,star but this is a painfully western,perspective movie stars are alive and,well and plentiful in indian cinema and,yash has become one of the biggest in,recent years thanks to kgf yash is the,not-so-secret ingredient that fuels this,franchise,he has a commanding screen presence and,while hes very silly when trying to,court arena in chapter one in most,situations hes a badass one-man,wrecking crew in a tailored suit rocky,is a sort of 20th century robin hood by,way of scarface with a little bit of i,dont know whoever you thought was the,coolest guy growing up he seems to be a,man of the people but hes also a,gangster but hes also a ladies man and,a mans man his cryptic motivations,leave you to wonder if hes the,messianic figure that people take him,for or if their liberation serves to put,him on the throne but somewhere under,his rockhard facade is the little boy,who made a promise to his mother chapter,1 sees his rise to power while chapter 2,sees him perhaps becoming too powerful,for his own good this all clumps,together to mold a most compelling,anti-hero no profile of rocky is,complete without highlighting his,grandiose dialogue and joshs flamboyant,delivery,rocky spouts so many nuggets of wisdom,and entertaining one-liners that he,should have his own quote book hi i am,jimmy carter,rocky i am the ceo of delver still texas,i am also ceo oh wonderful which one,india,honestly yash is easily my favorite,aspect of these films thats not to,disparage the many other actors involved,they are just eclipsed by his sheer,presence and that is certainly by design,a protagonist like rocky requires,formidable foes of which there is no,shortage across both chapters the,important thing is that everyone here,seems to be on the same page a page,written in enormous font bolded and,underlined with lots of exclamation,points,the emotions here are all very,heightened and everything seems to be a,matter of the utmost importance alas,this is part of kgfs go big or go home,dna the intensity of the storytelling,extends to the filmmaking itself,especially the film editing which as,ive pointed out can be downright,unwieldy perhaps nothing better,exemplifies this than a car chase scene,from chapter 2.,[Music],the smashing to black a technique that,is often used in movie trailers and can,be an effective choice in the actual,film happens no less than 20 times,during this sequence while its,certainly iconic the reactions to the,scene in particular have been very,polarizing some people love it some,people hate it i even saw somebody,attempting to fix it in a fan made recut,personally i wasnt a fan of this car,chase solely because of the editing i,just wanted to cheer on an unbroken look,of rocky putting the pedal to the metal,and demolishing dudes while smashing the,black in particular isnt used,thro

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KGF : Chapter 2 | My Opinion | Yash | Prashant Neel | Malayalam

um,[Music],cinematography,[Music],[Applause],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],not im not excited because this is a,perfect ending to the character to the,cinema to the storytelling i i i in the,chapter three land,i am not excited about it but,one and two brilliant freaking brilliant,once again,[Music],this is a must-watch theater experience,you know,please do watch this movie please do,watch this,[Music]

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K.G.F: Chapter 2 Movie Review | Yash (2022)

after reviewing rr last week i got,numerous recommendations to check out a,movie series called kgf i watched,chapter one chapter two came out on,amazon prime today so were gonna talk,about it right now what is up flick fans,welcome back to my channel we are,talking every single movie on this,channel in theaters and on streaming and,since kgf chapter 2 dropped on streaming,we are gonna get into it ill tell you a,little bit of my thoughts on chapter one,at the beginning and then dive in so i,need you guys in the comments down below,and let me know what movie should i,watch next theres a film called vikram,in theaters i think i may watch that so,in the blood-soaked gold fields rockys,name strikes fear into his foes while,his allies look up to him the government,sees him as a threat to law and order,rocky must battle threats from all sides,for unchallenged supremacy so chapter,one was my introduction to yash as a,movie star on the big screen even though,i watched it on streaming but uh to see,his portrayal of rocky and,the unflinching,badassery of this character is something,ive never really seen,anything,quite like it but it doesnt start out,that way we see where he comes from the,first film accompanied by numerous,flashbacks and seeing the transition,from what he was to what he is now and,all of that going up to another level in,chapter two i enjoyed the ride i thought,some of the action scenes were really,fun i did have some issues with the,first film and i was hoping chapter two,could not only fix a few of those issues,but bring it all home,and thats what i was looking forward to,so going into kgf chapter two i was,excited to see what they were going to,do with this character the film starts,it gives us a bit of a recap as to how,the last movie ended and the death,of the opposition but the question is,posed what happened to kgf after his,death and how does rocky,factor in this story well very heavily,hes essentially on a path to become an,emperor a godlike figure,for these people that he has led to this,point and the first time we see him in,this movie with the accompanying text on,screen,rocking star yash and you feel his,presence you know brought about by not,only the striking visuals but the score,underneath and that was probably my,biggest compliment to the first film,every time that score kicks in and that,that scream in the background,whenever rocky is on screen im like,this is pretty epic very similar feeling,with something like rr it is over the,top but a lot of people are going to,look at it as,too far over the top i just find it to,be,so,fascinating the way that cinema in this,part of the world goes about things just,a bit differently but at the end of the,day it is able to kind of broaden my,horizons and even if not everything,falls together when watching a movie,like this its so fascinating to see the,techniques used a couple that you know,transition from the first film to the,second the slow motion the way that they,go about the action scenes which again,are epic maybe a bit fewer and farther,in between and my my biggest criticism,with the action scene in this film,specifically we see,kind of the same thing over and over,with rocky within like a 20 minute span,in this film there are multiple scenes,where hes being shot at not flinching,continues to walk towards the person,shooting at him is not afraid of,anything and you start to think back to,what is said about rocky as this,character and the fact that so many look,up to him you see why because there is,nothing about his character anytime he,is on screen thats making me sit back,and go no hes not gonna make it through,the situation because you always believe,that he can and theres something,endearing and compelling about that,quality of a main character even though,he is a bit standoffish and you know i,wasnt as emotionally attached to rocky,as maybe i should have been after a,brilliant use of flashbacks and getting,us to know his character but once he,reaches this peak of feeling unstoppable,there are some elements to his character,yes everything hes doing on screen is,epic in the best way,but its also so standoffish and youre,struggling getting that attachment to,him because you never get to know him as,intimately in this film as maybe i,wanted and needed there is an emotional,distance between you and the main,character and that is tenfold in this,movie because in this film he is at the,top of his game and everyone around him,is trying to take him down you also have,the other storyline of those telling,this story and learning of what happened,with the character of rocky but he is,not our only character obviously you,have actors and performers like serenity,shetty and a nice supporting cast i,didnt really have a huge issue with any,of the performances here there are one,or two characters that become a bit,overbearing at points but for the most,part i thoroughly enjoyed this cast from,top to bottom and i thought everyone,played their part beautifully and the,direction even though like i said,certain action beats were a bit,repetitive and the use of slow motion,and elements did occasionally feel like,a lot but it is brutal to watch and im,talking you feel every,punch or,slice whatever weapon is being used and,even the gunshots now they continue to,use the technique of cutting to black,after something epic like that would,happen but it didnt feel as jarring,this time around and because i was maybe,more invested in that grand aspect of,the story anytime it would do something,like that it almost added to it instead,of taking away which maybe i felt was,the case in the first film so they,really stepped a couple of elements up,in this movie and again being such a big,film so long a lot of story to tell and,i actually felt like they wrapped up one,story and then continued into another,and even though there are a lot of,people out to get rocky our main,villainous presence adhera just hearing,his name the people are weeping they are,terrified of this figure because we have,built rocky up and we know that this may,be the only thing to stop him and we get,a fake scenario where he is returning to,reclaim his kgf and it puts the fear in,you as a viewer and it shows you that,even though rocky at all times is at the,top of his game is not all,roses and dandelions is that the saying,its not all chocolate roses,roses and coffee fun and games,well say that i theres a line in the,movie that kind of resonated with me,though someone says dont dramatize it,too much after all its fiction right,and im thinking to myself,yes that is the case so in a way a lot,of these overly stylized elements they,kind of play into the story being told,and that makes me appreciate it even,more so and i understand a lot of people,are going to say well this maybe isnt,supposed to resonate to you because very,different audience but i feel like these,types of movies theyre just so vastly,different than what im used to theyre,doing something for me thats making me,appreciate worldwide cinema even more so,and im really enjoying this experience,thats why i kind of want to get my feet,wet and continue to watch these films so,before i give you guys my score be sure,to leave your thoughts down below and if,you want to come back i like i said im,going to be watching more of these keep,leaving those recommendations without,you all i never want to watch the first,film or the second one my score for this,though is a 70,i enjoyed it i had a good time with it,its so distinctly different but i do,feel as if chapter one led right into,chapter two that capitalized on a lot of,things that they set up because that,first film was definitely you know a big,part of it was setting up this second,movie and it was epic it was grand the,cinematography worked for the most part,and,i enjoyed it so let me know your,thoughts appreciate you guys for,watching stay tuned more reviews to come

KGF Chapter 2 Movie Review & Analysis | Yash, Sanjay Dutt, Raveena Tandon | Prashanth Neel

[Music],i have only been nervous before stepping,in for a film with kgf and rrr in the,last few years when films are mounted on,a pan-indian scale with humongous,budgets and a lot of expectations from,fans i become hopeful that its an,engaging and entertaining product,because a lot of effort and time goes,into formulating such projects and i,will always stand for the artist and,their creations kgf chapter 2 and my,relationship with this film has been a,roller coaster as my experience with,sequels has been quite the toxic one,many of the franchises that i loved,absolutely ruined their legacy by,becoming mind-numbing additions to the,otherwise great concepts but i had a,sigh of relief when i got to know that,prashanth neel had already formulated,how chapter 2 would develop and despite,the increase in scale and budget has,still stayed mostly true to the source,material originally envisioned with the,partners of the kolar gold fields,becoming increasingly frustrated with,the tyrannical reign of garuda they,employed rocky to annihilate their,target and so that they can pursue their,grade to tap into the rich and deep,pockets of the company little did they,know that garuda was only a small road,bump in their journey as rocky,assimilating with the masses becomes,their messiah and leader of all the,operations of the company as the,partners become visibly uncomfortable,with the very fact that an outsider has,taken over adira who has always done the,role of an obedient and ruthless soldier,now has his eyes on rocky and his empire,the conflict that rocky faces as he,becomes more and more powerful threats,that range from a menacing adhera the,cbi vengeful partners and an,authoritarian prime minister all account,for the journey that we get taken on,with kgf chapter 2. i havent in a long,time had such an overwhelming theater,experience other than rrr and i cant,wait to get into detail about the film,with all of you of course this video,will have no spoilers so heres me,telling you the good and bad aspects of,the film so that you guys can ultimately,decide who am i kidding youre gonna,watch it anyway so lets go for it the,underwhelming aspects minor setbacks im,all praised for rabbi basru and ill,actually come to complimenting him a,little later in the review but what i,noticed in the first hour of the film,was the volume at which the background,score assisted the dialogues there were,a few moments where it was tough to,comprehend what exactly was being said,by the characters because the background,score and the reverberation was so,intense that you were almost getting,heart palpitations at the blaring,background score this dissipates,especially in the second half but was,extremely apparent in the initial few,minutes of the film the editing of,prashan nail is extremely distinct in,both the installments where there is,always a callback or a foreshadowing of,what may happen keeping the audience in,the loop of the motivation and what lies,ahead and there is such masterful,artistry regarding the same but there,was one instance where i felt like the,editing didnt enhance the action,sequence the same way and it involves a,car chase sequence where the creators,opt to transition to a black screen,every three seconds and open the scene,to a point of impact the sequence could,have been a long running shot rather,than abruptly cutting into a black,screen and would have had the desired,impact of an exhilarating chase at least,in my opinion the rushed jump cuts in,the sequence almost take away from the,complex choreography the last thing i,want to mention and that is not even an,underwhelming aspect but the merit that,i want to counter is that many people,feel sanjay thats character adira is,underdeveloped from a writing standpoint,but i actually think quite the contrary,the stylized and unique depiction of,adira actually works perfectly to,counter rocky as we already know since,chapter 1 he has always had eyes on the,riches of kgf the tower-like presence,and the vikings demeanor and getup,actually increased the impact tenfold,for the canvas that is kgf chapter 2,forced romantic storyline the love,interest and the development of this,subplot has to be the most forced and,contrived part of this two-chapter saga,i understand that the film is meant for,the masses and that it essentially,requires an integration of a romantic,subplot but the relationship between,rocky and rina played by sriniv is,something that i did not connect with in,chapter 1 and in chapter 2 also actually,halts the otherwise fast paced and,exhilarating narrative of the film this,is not to discount the actor and her,performance because she does as the,script requires but the very fact that,she is just a ploy to trigger a response,from rocky and you dont actually root,or pine for the couple as rocky has much,bigger fish to fry rather than romance a,woman and even partake in a love song i,think the film would have been as,effective if the romantic subplot did,not exist the good technical prowess,commercial mass cinema is often,dismissed in social media discourse as,if its the bottom of the barrel cinema,and such kind of reductive thinking,actually is representative of ignorance,to the media more than anything else,there is such artistry that goes behind,mass commercial cinema that isnt given,enough credit and especially when it is,taken seriously by creators like asus,rajamouli and prashanth neel prashant,has this distinct quality with his,storytelling where context is provided,with immediate flashes to what a,character is seeing and oftentimes gives,us a hint of what lies ahead within the,same dialogue speech in a rhythmic,fashion assimilates with the background,score and his staple reaction shots of,the extras that lead to the desired,impact with the audience one of the,major reasons why the masses connect,with his filmmaking every frame every,beat every dialogue has a purpose that,has already been placed in the,screenplay and the result is a highly,engaging film that is assisted,brilliantly by the cinematography of,bhuvan goda and the editing of ujjwal,karni the fact that prashanth nil is,working with the same team behind the,scenes ever since ugram is,representative of this perfect synergy,that translates on the big screen ravi,basrur the music of this film has been,raved about ever since the first chapter,came out the background score that is,integrated in several of its mass set,pieces are something to marvel at and,essential to be experienced in theaters,i was only listening to ravi basrus,jukebox that included the teaser,soundtrack as well as the emotional,melody that kicked in whenever rocky and,his mother interact with one another it,makes me think that i would pay good,money to see ravi basru ever do a live,set because it was a treat to the years,in every shape and form i cant say the,same about the songs but the background,score assisting the action set pieces,have to be one of the major reasons why,they elevate in quality and their,desired impact in theaters is just to,die for the cast yash is a star in every,right and he is rocky the swagger that,he possesses and the cheeky humor with,which he addresses his enemies have to,account for several moments that develop,booting and cheering in theaters he is,the quintessential anti-hero that one,wants to persevere with and celebrate in,this larger-than-life cinema that makes,us forget about our real problems even,if only momentarily you need a lot of,confidence and natural charm to pull off,a role like rocky which can essentially,come across as performative and forced,but yash pulls off the ruffian turned,gangster and businessman with such ease,i quite contrary to popular discourse,loved sanjay thats portrayal of adira,his costume design and inspiration of,the vikings works exceptionally well for,an intimidating antagonist on the big,screen his growing frustration at,rockys rise to power channelized,through shouting and screaming to the,sky makes 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foreign,[Music],[Music],there will be no more tolerances,he is the biggest criminal he is the,biggest businessman this is the biggest,natural issue,wow,violence violence violence,i dont like it,i avoid,but,violence likes me,i cant avoid,foreign,offer closes soon,oh,april 14th thats what im talking about,thats thats thats a freaking movie,trick every time,that looks amazing,im ready for it speechless,like the cinematography yeah its wild,crazy,the only shot is incredible,action-packing every shot,everything looks super dynamic like,everything,is just like,so handsome,hes rocky handsome [ __ ] rocky bro i,like it hes like he doesnt like,violence he doesnt like violence but he,cant

KGF: Chapter 2 Movie Review by Sucharita Tyagi | Yash | Sanjay Dutt Srinidhi Shetty | Prashanth Neel

apocalyptic at the same time inspired by,true events yet completely fictional,protagonists and antagonists both rolled,into one yeni alternate title everything,everywhere all at once,[Music],hey yall thank you for sticking around,on the channel this is a movie review my,name is sucharatha and today were,talking about,language release kgf chapter 2 now in,movie theaters i have to admit it took,me about 2 hours of coming down playing,wordle reading news eating lunch with my,partner considering taking a nap before,the adrenaline in my body had slowed,down enough for me to attempt writing,this review for whatever its worth,some people who were thought to be,killed are back some are poised ready to,destroy each other in their greed if you,remember from kgf1 rocky is in the,middle of all of this planning his own,grand schemes to take over not just the,gold mines but the world one smuggling,port at a time first things first i,cant stress how important it was for,director prashant neal to change the,edit pattern for this one q kg f1 gave,me unnerving whiplash while watching on,my tv at home i cant imagine having to,sit through those ship in the storm,style visuals in a movie theater the,motion sickness was real with that one,not to mention it was largely incoherent,here editor ujwal kulkarni brings in a,much needed anchor holding the,screenplay steady which rumbles and,shakes a whole lot and needed a strong,base support he also brings in prakash,raj as the narrator this time cutting,back to him continuously holding us,closer to the story taking tiny periodic,breaks to make sure that were with him,watching rrr i was like rajamouli is,doing the absolute most this is,prashanth neil asking us to hold his,beard as he unfolds a truly indian epic,kgf chapter 2 is unlike anything ive,seen or experienced before a dune-like,expansive continuously evolving,mythology mad max like unending hostile,terrain sholey-like socio-political,commentary on an actual time in history,enveloped in a blade runner dystopia,shot by cinematographer buban gorda,every frame emanates literal heat you,can almost feel hot wind on your face as,you watch the film your skin tanning,under a hard sun back of your neck,getting sweaty camera work is truly,spectacular comparable if not better,than best films produced in this genre,globally rocking star yash is rocky rags,to riches gangster of sorts whos quite,proud of things like his broken english,hes turned his shortcomings into swag,in a way only indian cinema heroes can,his long hair is always in his eyes,casting a dark shadow on his face equal,parts mysterious and equal parts,sinister and dear viewer i was in hook,line sinker this anti-hero of me hoping,finally for a historical tale about,indias actual gold mines the gold rush,cold war and how that impacted the,nations politics in jantar back in the,day 20 to 30 minutes into kgf 2 i had,completely forgotten about the first one,id forgotten my inhibitions about these,larger than life overtly masculine films,and once firmly inside this bizarre,world which is visually a period piece,and somehow futuristic at the same time,i took my time to look around and i was,thankful for some of the little english,dialogue which let me peel my eyes away,from the subtitles for a little bit and,admire the exquisite production design,the inside of the hq at the gold field,almost feels like youre inside the,great pyramid of giza as recently,depicted in the new episode of the,marvel series moon knight everything is,big and grand even the shanties where,the mind workers live they stretch out,far beyond the frame unimaginable,without the help of the director to,envelop a character like rocky things,around him need to be just as colossal,shot from many low angle frames his,frame is made to look much bigger than,it is to add to the my thoughts of kgf,of indias eldorado but why then do,these paragons of masculinity must treat,the women around them like second great,citizens,except their mothers who are goddesses,shrinery shetty is rina desai a,character who i could not for the life,of me figure out in the previous film,she hates rocky a whole bunch he jumps,her without consent a lot and i thought,unfortunately theyd fallen in love by,the end of it and yet here again she,begins with hate as he forcefully keeps,her in his house as entertainment he,picks out the clothes shes supposed to,wear she shoots at him with guns while,shes trying to get away and doesnt,understand why hes revered so but,eventually when blackness seeps into his,heart and he becomes more of a tyrant,she falls in love with him then which,screams daddy issues and girl you have,all the money in the world run second,half of kgf chapter 2 derails quickly,sanchez is already a part of the,screenplay at this point delightfully,deranged as a viking culture-inspired,bestial man adira hair and makeup on,point sanjay that loses himself in a,great way within this unhinged character,its not the first time weve seen him,attempt this right agnipat panipath,being recent examples but i dont recall,seeing him ever try so hard to make a,character come alive on screen i dont,know how much of it is cgi or stunt,double work but the man can brandish a,sword with surprising ease and yet,instead of working more with him the,second half of the screenplay meanders,in about three directions all at once,ravina tandon appears as a manic,politician newly sworn in as prime,minister too quick to declare war on,burma just to prove a point to pakistan,no russia no usa no,rocky,she was trying to prove a point to rocky,its all marvelously irrational and,might i say enjoyable in a purely,larger-than-life way but it gets,repetitive ravina tandon looks shocked,with every new development it has very,lack security detail for a prime,minister considering rocky just walks up,to her in her office and once during a,parliament session dripping in blood,disbelief suspend karen to be kitten,some things have to be rooted in some of,the reality that youre presenting us,with right as rocky begins to show a,darker eviler side his greed beginning,to take over it becomes harder to root,for him and the film both his enmity,with adira wasnt particularly moving,for me because not enough time was spent,developing this antagonistic,relationship between the two of them,amidst the ear splitting background,score i found myself waiting for prakash,raj and malvika abnashs scene,so we could return to a more,unencumbered storytelling and eventually,head towards the end kgf chapter 2 is,playing to max capacity in movie,theaters my 8 am show had about 150,people so if you do go watch the film,make sure youre masked out hey did you,watch the tamil release of the week,vijay star beast,subscribe channel for all of this and,more,[Music],you

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