1. KGF 2 Review | KGF Chapter 2 Review | Yash, Sri Nidhi | Prashanth Neel | Telugu Review | Thyview
  2. KGF Chapter 2 Review | Unni Vlogs Cinephile
  3. KGF CHAPTER 2 || Historic Reaction Historical Cinema || KGF 2 Reaction
  4. Yash Fan Crazy Review on KGF Chapter 2 | Yash | KGF Chapter 2 Movie Public Talk | Comedy Review
  5. KGF – 2 Review | Prashanth Neel ???? Ravi Basrur ????
  6. 15 Highest Grossing Movies Of 2022 At Indian Box Office | RRR , KGF2 , Vikram | 2022 | THYVIEW
  7. KGF 2 Review – Indias CEO | Malaysian Indian | Yash | Sanjay Dutt | Raveena Tandon | Hombale Films

KGF 2 Review | KGF Chapter 2 Review | Yash, Sri Nidhi | Prashanth Neel | Telugu Review | Thyview

hello all welcome to thai view and here,is our non-spoiler review of the film,kgf2 movie subscribers,[Music],next level,and the big question was is the climax,good did prashanthal succeeded in ending,the movie on a good note and adi,shortcut spoilers,yes he has done a wonderful job and,coming to performances,visuals are extraordinary action,cinematography is lit,sequences,a cinematic feeling and production,values are top notch and director,prashanth take a bow man are taking and,direction,hammer which hits very hard,so thats the review guys for more such,reviews please subscribe to thaiview and,hit the bell icon for more updates,signing off team dyview,you

KGF Chapter 2 Review | Unni Vlogs Cinephile

foreign,ideas,Im sorry,kgf chapter 100,kgf Chapter 2 Cinema positives,foreign,foreign foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Applause]

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KGF CHAPTER 2 || Historic Reaction Historical Cinema || KGF 2 Reaction

becomes the prime minister of india,becomes the prime minister of india,then india will be the number one,country in the whole universe in the,whole universe,salam rocky by salaam,its only rocky party ketchup party,thats it just kj party means he should,be the prime minister of india rocky by,salaam like a monster means america,russia everything gone down the trains,if he becomes a prime minister india,will become the best country in the,whole universe this kg of chapter two,people have seen kgb chapter one and,this that has become a blockbuster and,it has become an emotion,if i say that if i be very honest if kcf,chapter one is uh basically a stone then,kgf2 is the mount everest mount everest,this is just not a blockbuster this is,insane buster this is a big buster this,is,buster this is lightning buster this is,tornado buster and this is phenomenal,master epic phenomenal master words are,not enough to describe words are not,enough to describe what to say man words,are not enough to describe means you,cannot say this is epic this is,brilliant this is phenomenal that is,also too less for this movie two less,means epitome of commercial cinema man,epitome,pressure nail jay brusha nail you are,not just a genius you are a grand genius,you are a grand genius means what up,film he has made man this is just not a,film this is just an emotion and this is,just phenomenal this is the one of the,best movies in indian cinema man one of,the best movies each and every scene,each and every scene those are not,scenes those are just a display that,what indian cinema can provide hollywood,films all the world hollywood people are,saying mad max this is not mad max this,is rocky max this is kgf from kashmir to,kanyakumari not just kolar or karnataka,from kashmir to kanyakumari from east to,west from north to south each and every,part of india celebrating the movie even,abroad means what to say and talking,about rocking star yesterdays,performance rocking star yesterdays,performance that was not a performance,that was basically a victory lap after,conquering the indian cinema and placing,sandalwood industry in the world map,placing the canada industry in the world,map that is a confidence that is a swag,that is the charisma that is basically a,victory lap that was not a performance,the,confidence the swag the mass the style,means each and every scene is giving not,just goosebumps in kg of chapter 1 that,gave goosebumps it has given ostrich,bombs eagle bombs,then owl bombs then uh,penguin bombs then pigeon bombs then,peacock bumps means name whichever birds,you want name whichever birds you want,its just phenomenal phenomenal,opening entry scene opening entry scene,with the background where theyll say,that the conqueror of kgf after killing,garuda,we have to see it five six times then it,can become paisa,but what,dialogue that nepotism dialogue was fire,absolutely fire now indian nepotism,dialogue is just a trailer after that,when theyll kidnap his girlfriend with,the white suit the way he will chase,them with the car and everything the,action sequence is shown there and the,way he will uh pick and there the,khalnayak of bollywood enough of,munnabai after this movie enough of,munda by bollywood he is now,means before the,movie before the movie released,everything sanjay that was saying that,this is basically a thanos,villain,means youll be surprised to know that,adidas is just a main villain after that,there are some five six villains and,each and every villains,has done absolutely phenomenal job,phenomenal job best part of this movie,is that directors prashan nils writing,basically script writing each and every,characters each and every supporting,characters characters and everyone has,given equal equal importance they have,given dialogues,means fire scenes absolutely means,missile blast scenes means you talk,about uh this thing you talk about,sanjay thats performance phenomenal,then you talk about rao rameshs,performance cbi officer performance are,a superb simply superb,means this is the national issue that,dialogue will say means superb each and,every then you see prakashs character,then you see that uh lady who is the,journalist means journalist basically,journalist who will be done in the,chapter one his performance then you see,even uh ravina thunders performance i,think this is ravina tandons career,best performance career best performance,enough of all those tripty bursa party,in the bollywood see the performance see,the woman empowerment in this movie,basically woman empowerment you see oh a,lady is given a perfect character,perfect villainous villainous character,learned from sandalwood industry means,lady also can be a damndar villain means,one of the best portrayals so many,villains are there so many suspenses,there so many climaxes there are climax,also the twist that will come man two,three twists are there that is that is,simply missile blast and the interval,block internal block where rocky by will,say that i dont have any friends its,all business its all business offer,closing soon,that was simply epic and another epic,means already missile plus has happened,all already,means spicer versus pisces is also less,you have to watch it five six times then,it will be pissed off soon after that,will come with the army with the golden,suit and he will fire on the adidas man,that was epic epic,each and every scene is giving ostrich,bombs man each and every scenes means,walls are not enough this is just,phenomenal phenomenal,means this is means just just not a,monster this is,really a demon demon,means what to say man this is people are,saying this is just a masterpiece this,is not a masterpiece this is basically,grand master doctorate not just,doctorate this is professor phd peace,professor phd peace a big epic superb,man and this movie is not even looking,like a 150 crores movie one for free,cross budget movie this is looking like,a 300 crores movie such a brilliant,movie such a brilliant picturization,such a brilliant visual such a brilliant,action means prashan nil is a double,genius man double genius hes basically,a phd thats it phd of commercial cinema,epic director and phenomenal director,after this movie he has joined in the,leagues of rajamouli and shankar man,after this boy what he has created man,what he has created simply epic means,mind-blowing mind-blowing and some,people are giving some people are giving,3.5 out of 5 stars they are giving 4 out,of 5 stars my ratings for this movie is,for this movie is multiverse of the,universe of the rocky verse of the,galaxy verse of the,platinum verse of the every verse of the,madness this movie ratings is,rocky verse of the kg of verse of the,kanyakumari verse of the kashmir verse,of the every verse russia verse of the,us verse of their free words,and then after that twist and turns you,see everything you see here means if i,describe the full movie no in one video,ill really get heart attack man ill,really get heart attack i really will,get heart attack after if i describe it,in one video if i describe really that,much admiral rush is given its really,this movie seriously ill get heart,attack but its so good its so good,its so literally epic i have to watch,it five six times then it can be really,pissed over,dont waste any time and go and watch,this movie at any cost man go and watch,this,phd doctorate of the epic of the grand,master of the epic piece just watch this,movie simply epic last but not the least,background music and songs by ravi basru,is simply mind-blowing mind-blowing,mind-blowing,absolutely brilliant and there are,mind-blowing dialogues means his music,is fabulous along with the music the,music is elevating scenes are only,already so powerful with that,music he has given its elevating double,double triple triple its delivering,means,not just bomb blasting missile blast in,the seats of the theaters missile blast,what beautiful emotions between mother,and son what beautiful emotions words,are not

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Yash Fan Crazy Review on KGF Chapter 2 | Yash | KGF Chapter 2 Movie Public Talk | Comedy Review

[Musik],[Musik],bro bro bro,Yes Kuta Bro,ya langsung dari prepression lu isine,mulut bola none,Bro Dewi waktu dikit ada di sana,Bro Iron Man Iron Man Bro,Iron Malik Usage and the good go go

KGF – 2 Review | Prashanth Neel ???? Ravi Basrur ????

foreign,[Music],online,okay,foreign,[Music],technically directors,foreign,foreign,you know and its pretty,brilliant,um,foreign,foreign,[Music],the magic,magical,brilliant movie

15 Highest Grossing Movies Of 2022 At Indian Box Office | RRR , KGF2 , Vikram | 2022 | THYVIEW

take two,action hello and welcome to,today,is,producers,so please subscribe to our Channel guys,foreign,foreign,foreign,politics and conspiracies,almost 200 crores collections,theoretical rights,one of the biggest streets in North,India this year is,Unstoppable box office,and and opening day,again word of mouth and is references,so budgeting,one of the biggest and most profitable,movies of this year obviously,foreign foreign,foreign,of Tamil Cinema,treatment number 14 major and,heaters,in the almost 180 percentage Cinema,foreign,signing off,[Music]

KGF 2 Review – Indias CEO | Malaysian Indian | Yash | Sanjay Dutt | Raveena Tandon | Hombale Films

hi guys im nagin welcome to film react,[Music],review,all right,so,is,[Applause],foreign,[Music],it is one of the best 2022s indian film,ever in the varsity mark my word either,one there is no other thing to say,hats off to the entire team,catch you guys next video bye guys

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