1. New Kia Niro review: The only car you’ll ever need?
  2. 2022 Niro EV Review
  3. Kia Niro EV Review – Kia gaat opnieuw voor een topscore
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New Kia Niro review: The only car you’ll ever need?

this is the new kia nero and its a,little bit like the british economy,because its suffering from some serious,inflation the price has gone up compared,to the old version by around 10 thing is,though unlike the british economy are,you actually getting value for money,well in this video im going to find out,im going to talk about the exterior the,interior im going to take it for a,drive and of course im going to launch,it to see how quick it is from north 60,miles an hour because im matt watson,and youre watching car wow,buy sell car wow,lets start this video by talking about,the design of the new kia nero so from,the back it looks really cool i do think,this light design is a bit like on a,volvo though this is interesting look,theres an event there an event there,and it improves airflow down the side of,the car to improve the efficiency you,can see what theyve done here you can,get optional grey paint on this part so,it looks like the side blade on an audi,r8 a crappy side blade,right i wouldnt specify that i just,have it body colored it wouldnt stand,out so much looks so silly whats,interesting as well is that if you go,for this electric only version the ev,model you get 17-inch alloy wheels as,standard however if you have one of the,hybrids the aloe will changes between 16,and 18 depending on which spec you go,for speaking of which the entry level,model doesnt have blacked out windows,like the top two specs do all models do,have black paneling down here and here,its quite nice on the side of this car,very bit though look at the front of,this car i really like this treatment,here with this chrome bit of trim thats,really nice this smally grill effect,there the big lights now if you have the,entry-level car this bit and this bit is,silver rather than chrome on the higher,spec cars but overall a really good,looking car if you ask me now the,starting price of this new nero is just,under 28 000 pounds almost 3 000 pounds,more than the previous generation car,and if you want to make sure that youre,paying a fair price for the car youre,buying you want to check out savings,click on the pop out banner up theyll,follow the link in the description below,to get a car wow also you can now sell,your current car through car wow and our,dealers will bid on your car to make,sure you get a great price for it if you,want to do all that at a later date just,simply google help me car wow and we,will help you change your car the inside,of this new nero is even better than the,outside its really cool and modern the,sweeping design quality materials,squidgy squidgy softness feels expensive,i like the fact that youve got these,touch controls here for your climate,control but you can quickly toggle to,like this stereo and stuff like that,its really really clever i also like,the fact that all the buttons are really,where youd expect them to be nice and,simple to use for your seat heating and,stuff like that your drive mode selector,here theres no messing about really,also the infotainment system is pretty,good so the digital doors are nice and,clean and you can just swipe through,different menus quite easily theres a,lot of information there your main,infotainment system is fairly easy to,use but obviously youre going to just,plug in your phone though i do have one,complaint with this when you plug in,android auto you dont get full wide,screen like part of its blanked off you,dont get that in a volkswagen id3 and,if you want to see my full in-depth,video review of that car click on the,pop-out button up there for the link in,the description below on the inside this,does feel nicer than the volkswagen so,youve got lots of practicality look,youve got these cup holders here,although they are a little bit loose for,thinner bottles and thats better with a,pharaoh on there speaking of which the,door bins arent the largest look you,have to squeeze that bottle in there,theres some more storage under here you,got some storage down there if your,mobile phone obviously this guy has,wireless charging then youve got your,12 volt charging socket there normal usb,there any usbc there the glove box is a,reasonable size so overall its pretty,practical in the front the seats are,nice and comfy apart from one thing,these headrests do protrude a little bit,forward so im not sure thats great for,your posture all right oh another thing,i want to point out you get some huge,vanity mirrors which is really good if,youre hugely vain like me here in the,back of the nero knee rooms good,headroom is good even people over six,foot will have enough headroom also the,floor is flat as well so if you need to,carry three pillow at once theres,plenty of room for everyones feet and,the cars reasonably wide so even with,threads in the back there is just about,enough room though this middle seat is,quite narrow and firm so the person in,the middle might get a sore bottom after,a while from being in between two big,blokes,anyhow um you have so,anyway youve got an armrest here with,some cupholders thats a bit of a shame,theyre not covered because when youre,using the armrest you end up putting,your wrist in this hog cup holder which,isnt great well its also not great the,fact that the ice fix hunger points are,a bit of a faff to get to so it can take,age on your first fitness it just stab,around to get it located the plus side,though is that theyre actually mounted,quite high and it means that the seat is,actually quite level when you mount it,and that means when your baby falls,asleep it doesnt flop forward like it,does in a lot of cars when its just,resting against the seat squad because,its tilted back usually like that,thats something ive learned since,being a father another thing ive,learned is that having usb in the back,here on the seat backs that youre,getting kids its really handy for,people in the rear seats because it,doesnt like tangle around your legs,also like these airplane style storage,areas here on the back of the seats and,this lock the rear windows,go all the way down although you,probably just noticed you dont have one,touch on the back windows like you do at,the front but then you dont on many,cars overall though im very impressed,with the amount of space youve got here,in the back of the nero its not quite,as big in the back as kias own sport,are so if you want a hybrid version of,those maybe click on the pop out button,up there from the link in the,description below to watch my review of,that car the big capacity of this,electric version of the kia niro is 475,litres which is pretty good and its a,useful square shape its a slight boot,lip but its so small you can just drag,things over it quite easily like that,when youre loading i like this feature,as well so rather than a big bulky,parcel shelf you get this little cover,here and the good thing about that is,that you can then easily just store it,like that in the car when youre loading,things up and it wont get damaged,because its just simple fabric theres,some more storage under there where,youve got your charging cables but you,can squeeze a few bits and pieces around,there and in these pockets at the sides,theres also a few tie down points,theres one there theres one there,theres one there and theres one there,and if you need loads of space look you,can just fold down the rear seats they,lie completely flat which makes it easy,to hold things straight to the front of,the car like that oh good well not,exactly you see this ev version of the,nero has the biggest boost if you go for,the normal hybrid its big capacity its,actually 25 liters less 450 liters,thats because the battery is under the,floor like on the electric version,theyre under the seat and then if,youre going for the plug-in hybrid,because the battery pack is then,underneath the boot the load capacity,falls to,360 liters and that brings on to five,nine things about the new kia nero well,it is a good idea to have a charging,port at the front here because then you,can just nose

2022 Niro EV Review

thank you,this is the new Kia Niro EV its a,striking looking electric Crossover with,a 285 mile claims range a huge warranty,a mission to stop you buying a skoda,enyak or ngzsev instead and one more,thing this is also the replacement for,the Kia in Nero which was the second,biggest selling EV in the UK in the,first half of 2022 big shoes to fill,then,you could also get the Nero in regular,hybrid and plug-in hybrid guises but the,full EV version is expected to account,for around half of all Nero sales,it certainly starts off well its not,exactly a pretty design but you cant,mistake the new Nero for anything else,one thing we really like about the,design is that the plug for charging it,is centrally located which means it,doesnt matter which side the charging,cable is when you visit a public,charging spot,also useful is this cubby hole under the,Bonnet because it means you can keep a,charging lead in here closest to where,youll use it some electric cars have,more storage space under the Bonnet true,but the cars electric motor also lives,here and the old Kia inero which had a,similar front motor layout didnt have,any underbonnet storage at all,how long it takes to charge very much,depends on how fast the charging point,is that youre using so if youre using,a domestic three-pin socket for example,that will take around 30 hours however,your most likely solution at home is a,seven kilowatt wall box and that takes,just under 10 hours and if youre out,and about the maximum charging speed is,76 kilowatts which will give the car an,80 charge in about three quarters of an,hour theres only one battery size and,thats 64.8 kilowatt hours prices start,around 36 000 pounds going up to low 40s,this mid-range one is just under 40 000,pounds,back here the boot is noticeably bigger,than the outgoing model theres 475,liters which is 90 liters more than a,Volkswagen ID3 full electric which is a,rival in terms of price,theres an adjustable boot floor too,which is useful for sliding heavy,objects in and out plus an impressive,1392 liters of luggage room with the,rear seats folded down now the Nero EV,isnt the widest of cars so sitting,three people across the back is going to,be a bit of a squash,that being said two will be very,comfortable indeed and the absence of,any sort of Hump in the middle of the,floor really helps add to the sense of,space the Improvement in cares in most,recent years is probably most evident,from the drivers seat because not that,long ago Kia Interiors although were,well appointed and solid feeling they,were just a little dull a bit like my,twin mobile,not so here there are dramatic curves,intriguing metal effect trim finishes,vegan friendly faux leather and a single,panel for the infotainment touchscreen,and drivers instrument panel that would,not look out of place in a BMW or,Mercedes,and it doesnt just look swish it is,swish every trim level gets smartphone,mirroring electric windows climate,control adaptive cruise control theres,stairs to help you keep in your lane and,automatic emergency braking that detects,cyclists pedestrians as well as cars,step up to a three-spec car like this,one and you get heated front seats and,steering wheel and electric drivers,seat blind spot warning front parking,sensors wireless phone charging and a,larger upgraded infotainment system top,spec models meanwhile get extra luxuries,such as a heads up display a sunroof and,ventilated front seats,but for all the equipment on offer,theres no better example of how well,thought out this Kia is than this set of,icons here tap it and it toggles between,media controls and nav including these,controls here and tap it again and,youve got the climate controls,in terms of efficiency the Nero EV,really impresses youre likely to get,around 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour of,electricity which is really good,considering an SUV body style isnt,always the most iro Dynamic of shapes,officially the Kias range of 285 miles,means that you should get 4.3 miles per,kilowatt hour and that is easily,achievable with a bit of economy,conscious driving but even 3.5 miles per,kilowatt hour is better than the 3.3,miles per kilowatt hour that weve,experienced with the skoda enyak IV,in terms of real world range then the,64.8 kilowatt hour battery will get you,around 240 or 250 miles before youll,need to charge it up three and four spec,cars also come with an optional heat,pump which helps boost the Neros cold,weather efficiency as it uses less,energy to warn the cars interior than a,high voltage heater,you should be able to rely on the Neros,Energy Efficiency and predicted range,figures too because in our experience,the instruments in electric gears are,some of the most accurate in the,business so you shouldnt be suffering,any weight anxiety,which means you can concentrate on what,the cars like to drive which is really,rather good it doesnt have overwhelming,amounts of power but thanks to the,instant response of the electric motor,theres always more than enough pulling,power to accelerate quickly out of,Junctions or to make an overtake it,certainly feels faster than a naught to,60 time or 7.8 seconds would suggest,also despite being front-wheel drive,only its actually a very well-mannered,car when it comes to handling the front,wheels seldom feel overwhelmed by the,torque running through them and theres,really good feedback in the steering,wheel so you actually know what the,front wheels are doing and despite,having a bit of lean in the corners it,still manages to feel like it has a,decent amount of grip the ride meanwhile,is also pretty good it doesnt have the,cushioned floaty feel of a DS or a,Citron but it is subtle enough to smooth,out rough road surfaces and potholes,effectively part of the reason for this,is because the Nero is actually quite,light its about 75 kilos lighter than,the Volkswagen ID3 which is a smaller,less practical car,its pretty hard to fault the narrow EV,you might not like the way it looks or,you might want a more exciting car to,drive if thats you it probably isnt,tamed at you if you want a compact,family SUV thats efficient,well-equipped solidly built and comes,with the peace of mind that a seven year,warranty brings then theres nothing,really to beat it but what do you think,let us know in the comments below and if,youre considering buying a Kia Niro EV,or indeed any electric car head to,cargurus.co.uk to find loads of great,cars for sale from top rated dealers and,with our super clever pricing technology,well even tell you whether its a good,deal or not,[Music]

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Kia Niro EV Review – Kia gaat opnieuw voor een topscore

[Muziek],Welkom bij de Active ev-test mijn naam,is verder Lammers en dit is hem een van,de best verkochte elektrische autos en,zakenauto van het jaar en die hebben ze,verder verbeterd We gaan een sleutelabel,Balen,we gaan de sleutel ophalen bij Sven die,zit hier,komt binnen kom binnen,Hey Sven alles goed,hebben we vandaag in de aanbieding,volledig vernieuwd eh mooi in deze,autos dat je hem ook met drie eh,motoren kan afnemen hij heeft eh hybride,je hebt de pluk een hybrid eh volledige,elektrisch eh binnen staan echt de,volledig elektrische versie eh het is,natuurlijk ook de etu-test Ja ja,Superman op denk ik dus eh lekker uit,Alsjeblieft Thanks Komt goed bedankt hè,Joe Hoi hoi ben jij op zoek naar de,beste deal voor een elektrische auto en,wil je dit met excellente service ga dan,naar actavlease.nl in deze aflevering,vertellen we je alles over de Kia Niro,EV We vertellen alles op zon manier,zodat jij de ervaring hebt Alsof je hem,al in het echt hebt gezien bestellen op,de hoogte van een mogelijk alternatief,en dit alles op een vermakkelijke manier,abonneer je daarom op ons kanaal Light,de video als je hem leuk vond en vergeet,hem niet te delen met al je vrienden,Alvast bedankt van de Niro eevee zijn er,vier uitvoeringen schikbaar en hij wordt,altijd geleverd met een 64,8 kilowattuur,batterij de wltp actieradius is 460 km,in deze aflevering rijden we met de,topmodel de ex-secutive Line met 17 inch,velgen let koplampen een zonnig dak,elektrisch verstelbare stoelen hè het,display en nog veel meer We beginnen bij,de naam en daar zien we wel een grote,verandering want deze Kia Die kende we,als de Kia inero en daar hebben ze nu,van gemaakt de Niro Eve best wel een,grote verandering en dat zien we ook,terug in het design bijvoorbeeld als we,kijken naar de voorkant een compleet,nieuwe voorbumper verlichting alles is,helemaal nieuw fris en stoer om te zien,dan hebben we de wielen die zijn net zo,groot als eerst dus 17 inch Alleen,hebben meer een krachtige uitstraling,Het is een moderne auto om te zien en,wat hem helemaal afmaakt is de juiste,samenstelling Hij heeft een mooie frisse,kleur met zwart getinte ruit aan de,achterzijde zwarte lijsten ofwel,helemaal van deze tijd en waar het qua,design interessant wordt is bij de,zeestijl hier hebben ze namelijk iets,anders gedaan dan anders hier zit een,luchthapper en die komt er aan de,achterzijde daar weer uit en dat,functioneert als een soort van spoiler,in de zijkant en dat zorgt ervoor dat de,luchtstroomen heel gunstig hier achter,langs kunnen en dat zorgt er,uiteindelijk weer voor dat je minder,stroomverbruikt dus een grotere,actieradius hebt en als we verder kijken,aan de achterkant zien we dat eh,achterlichten een boemerang voor hem,heeft wat emals Tour is en van deze tijd,dan gaan we naar de binnenzijde van de,nieuwe Niro en dat begint goed met een,elektrische achterklep waarbij je een,kofferbakruimte ziet van 475 l en het is,25 liter meer dan eerst daarbij heb je,voorin ook nog 20 liter ruimte voor,bijvoorbeeld je laadkabels en je zou nog,extra laadruimte hebben op moment dat je,je achterstoelen neerklapt waardoor je,helemaal zeeën van ruimted is dat nog,niet genoeg dan heb je ook nog 750 kilo,trekgewicht dus je kan daarmee een,kleine aanhanger meenemen zag je al als,we kijken naar de kofferbak dat het meer,liters heeft maar het ervaar je ook op,het moment dat je op de achterbank gaat,zitten dan zit je comfortabel en ruim en,je hebt meer dan voldoende hoofd en,beenruimte en de auto is ook voorzien,van hele fraaie stoel bekleding in een,lederen Look daarbij heb je ook luxe,features zoals stoelverwarming en dat,niet alleen voorin maar ook achterin en,je hebt overal USB aansluitingen de,namen is dus helemaal benieuwd van de,buitenkant is het een helemaal andere,auto maar ook de binnenkant is helemaal,ge moderniseerd En dat hebben ze gedaan,door veel minder fysieke knoppen maar,meer digitale en dat zorgt ervoor dat de,auto van binnen veel cleaner is dus je,ziet veel strakkere lijnen en is het Ja,veel minder druk als je in de auto zit,en ondertussen kan je nog wel heel,eenvoudig alle knoppen vinden wat wel,herkenbaar is is de versnellingspook die,is nog hetzelfde daar komen we straks op,wat we ook zien is stoelverwarmingsstoel,voor koeling stuurverwarming dus een,auto die je heel Lux kan samenstellen,met ook volledig elektrische stoelen die,heel comfortabel en nou komt het de,passagierstoel die heeft zelfs een,speciale relaxfunctie als ik deze knop,eventjes inhoudt dan gaat hij zo,helemaal naar achter en kan je als,pasjes hier helemaal ontspannen liggen,dan hebben we het scherm wat je aan de,voorzijde ziet en dat kan je herkennen,van de Kia eevee 6 ziet er hetzelfde uit,en werkt ook hetzelfde dus het,multimedia systeem die is voorzien van,alles wat je zou verwachten van een,moderne auto dus een navigatie muziek,Entertainment Het heeft echt alles en,ook Apple CarPlay en wordt auto allemaal,essentiële systemen voor vandaag de dag,en in verhouding tot de vorige generatie,heeft hij minder fysieke knoppen maar,dat hebben ze wel heel mooi opgelost,hier aan de onderkant zie je dat als hij,bijvoorbeeld nu op navigatie staat dat,je heel makkelijk je multimedia opties,kan kiezen maar zet je hem hier op,klimaatcontrole dan zie je hier alles,wat betreft je klimaat staan dus dat je,op die manier eenvoudig je een,temperatuur kan aanpassen de airco aan,kan zetten en het is allemaal heel,overzichtelijk en goed bruikbaar is dan,gaan we,vertrouwde draaiknop van Kia zetten we,hem in zijn versnelling en gaan we eens,ervaren hoe de auto rijdt de basis,specificaties van de Niro eevee dat is,150 kilowatt vermogen en dat staat in,verbrandingsmotoren voor 204 pk en de 0,tot 100 tijd is 7,8 seconden,[Muziek],dan hebben we het rijden en het is,natuurlijk een elektrische auto dus hij,is vlot en heel lineair op het gas dus,het vermogen gaat heel gelijkmatig,omhoog en het is natuurlijk lekker stil,in de auto en daarbij heeft die qua,vermogen net zoveel als de vorige,generatie dus daar zit geen verschil,maar meer heb je ook niet nodig want ja,en dan elektrische auto is al snel en,vlot dus je kan heerlijk met het verkeer,mee komen en zelfs snel accelereren als,je dat wil,en unieke eigenschap van deze auto is,dat die flippers heeft en dat je daarmee,de recuperatie kan instellen Dus dat,houdt in dat je het zelfremmen Hoger of,Lager kan zetten door middel van je,flippers of omhoog of omlaag eh te,drukken kan er ook voor zorgen dat hij,dat volledig automatisch doet en dan hou,je de rechterflipper even ingedrukt dan,zet hij hier op het scherm auto en dan,zie je dat hij op een automatische,manier regeneratief remt als jij een wat,oudere auto hebt dan zijn dit soort,systemen wellicht nieuw maar superwaarde,vol en dat gaat over veiligheidssystemen,en rijhulp systemen en wat het doet is,bijvoorbeeld adoptieve cruise control,dus de auto houdt een snelheid vast en,afstand tot je voorganger die moet hem,wel even in het standje bumperkleven,zetten dus zo dicht mogelijk anders gaat,hij heel veel afstand Maar,supercomfortabel tijdens het rijden en,hij houdt de auto ook netjes tussen de,lijnen en hij stuurt net wat mee wat de,rit heel comfortabel maakt en wat die,systemen ook doen is dat het constant,omgeving van de autos kent en als er,een ongeluk gebeurd of iemand een,onverwachte beweging maakt dan,anticipeert de auto daar ook op en dat,maakt het weer heel veilig dus hele,mooie systemen waar deze Niro eevee van,voorzien is wat we ook hebben is een,herder display en daarbij laat die,systeem ook heel duidelijk zien wat het,doet hoe het werkt je ziet je snelheid,en dat zijn allemaal gegevens die je,ziet in je vooruit ook een hele gave,technologische functie is als je gaat,parkeren in Je hebt eigenlijk net te,weinig ruimte om uit te stappen Dan kan,je gewoon van tevoren uitstappen en de,auto midden is je sleutel naar voren en,naar achter zetten ofwel allemaal gave,technologie is natuurlijk een elektrisch,auto en dan wil je alles weten over de,batterij hoe gr

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[Muziek],een droom voor menig autobezitter je,trotse bezit midden in de kamer parkeren,helaas is niet iedereen zo groot buis,maar hier in dit hotel in frankfurt kan,je in ieder geval van de ervaring,proeven en dat voor een betrekkelijk,betaalbare 130 euro per nacht uiteraard,niet in het hoogseizoen,nou is dat niet alleen maar goed nieuws,voor eigenaren van exorbitante,sportwagens want in een stad als,frankfurt is parkeergelegenheid schaars,je hebt de hele nacht anders geen zicht,op je auto,en stel dat je al elektrisch rijdt,want kun je niet in elke garage voor een,laadpunt terecht,maar goed de 40 carlos in dit hotel,hebben ieder hun eigen laat voorziening,de stroom ziet helaas niet bij de,kamerprijs inbegrepen en op 10 hoog,kregen wij deze hagelnieuwe kia niro tv,met de door ons meegebrachte laat passen,niet opgeladen,[Muziek],hoewel de oorspronkelijke nieren uit,2016 stand was op model afgelopen jaar,en het jaar daarvoor,de bestverkochte auto op de nederlandse,markt dus dat ook niet zo ingewikkeld,hem met de de grote verscheidenheid aan,motorvarianten medecollegas gezinsauto,kunt krijgen maar vlak ook de scherpe,prijsstelling in de private lease niet,uit want op een auto die al wat langer,mee loopt kan er nu eenmaal meer en dus,kom je in de nadagen van zijn leven de,uitgaande neer op privately ze voor,maandbedrag van 349 euro dat was dan de,elektrische variant en dat is een,scherpe prijs voor zon grote auto,na zes jaar is het tijd voor vers bloed,de tweede model generatie van de niro,heeft een brutaal design gekregen,al kun je de kenmerkende c-stijl alleen,op de duurste uitvoering in een,contrasterende kleur bestellen,de niro is aan alle kanten ook een paar,centimeter gegroeid,daar profiteren van mee ongeacht het,gekozen uitrustingsniveau de,kofferbakinhoud nam met 25 liter toe tot,minimaal 4 175 stuks,bovendien heeft de nieuwe niro voortaan,en frank,een extra opbergmogelijkheid onder de,motorkap,de beschikbare been en hoofdruimte op de,achterbank is afhankelijk van de gekozen,motorisering de elektrische variant,herbergt een kleine 65 kilo wat een,accucellen onder de inzittenden,daardoor is de achterbank anders,gepositioneerd wat langere volwassenen,kostbare centimeter hoofdruimte kost,gelukkig kun je de rugleuning op deze,test over stellen,de beenruimte valt even goed in de smaak,net als de ontbrekende middentunnel,de storm punten aan de zijkant van de,voorstoelen en een huis stopcontact voor,de inzittenden achterin,wat het de aandrijflijnen aangaat,verandert er niet zoveel het is de,voorganger in de niro bestellen als,hybride als preminiemen reader of als,volledig elektrische variant zoals die,nu ook omheen op het balkon staat maar,daarmee is iets geks aan de hand want,waarom is die variant nauwelijks,aangepast,kia is tenslotte al een ruimte school,verder als het om een tvs gaat kijk,maar naar die liever seks de auto die,kon niet alleen verderop lading stroom,dan deze manier oh hij laat ook nog eens,nou ongelogen een keer of drie,sneller,het enige wat de koreanen van die auto,hebben overgenomen is het interieur en,de mogelijkheid om als je mobiele,batterij te gebruiken,hartstikke handig de duikers je gaat,kamperen met de pier koffiezetapparaat,gewoon aansluiten op de auto in plaats,van op het camping paaltje,ja zo wel geen van zien waaronder hier,dubbele deuren in zitten want de het,veld aardig qua geluidsproductie,ja vond ik al zei het rijbereik en de,laadsnelheid van deze nieuwe niro zijn,min of meer gelijk aan die van de oude,de denk je zijn ja logisch buma alles,wordt de nieuwe hier al veel te duur,maar draden is hij wordt al veel duurder,het uitgaande model kun je bestellen met,39 kilowattuur aan batterij of 64,kilowattuur aan batterij voor deze,nieuwe generatie,behouden de koreanen alleen dat,allergrootste batterijpakket sterker nog,dat is nog eens 0,8 km uur groter,geworden dan eventueel gevolgen voor de,prijs,het tegenwoordig koop in dus geen,elektrische wereld meer onder de 40.000,euro of wanneer je liever kiest voor,private lease,509 euro in de maand,ping,we zouden liefhebben zeg redenen met mij,mee of rémy de trap,doe jij je eigen auto dus bij je,hotelkamer parkeren dan kan jouw wagen,niet hoger zijn dan 2 meter,het leeggewicht mag de vier duizend,kilogram niet overschrijden,de kia blijft daar in beide gevallen,keurig onder de niet owv is vier meter,42 lang en weegt 1657 kilogram,[Muziek],noemen ik net al een aantal verschillen,tussen die episch x en deze kia,nu waren allemaal in de nadeel van de,nieuwe niro maar gelukkig ben ik nog,niet klaar want wat kan deze crossover,wel dat de vierdeurscoupé die niet kan,jouw navigeren van a naar b inclusief,laatst op en dat niet alleen de niro,bleek conditioneert daarbij ook de,batterijen,dat betekent dat hij de cellen lekker,warm maakt zodat je maximaal kunt,profiteren van de laadsnelheid bij een,snellaadpaal nou is het natuurlijk wel,zo dat een fysiek slaat met 230 kilowatt,en de niro hebt,72 stuks maar als doekje van de bloeden,zeggen de koreanen,behouden die snelheid die 72 kilo dat,wel de gehele laadcyclus vol en dat,betekent dat je in drie kwartier,zo goed als volle batterij moet hebben,een ander verschil dat misschien klein,lijkt maar groot uitpakt in de praktijk,is het feit dat de isx geen,achterruitenwisser heeft,en de is een iroh mel,nou neem het van mij aan ik ben,ervaringsdeskundige in de regen zie je,in je achteruitkijkspiegel,helemaal niks in die blitse zus van de,niro en in deze crossover wel,van het zicht rondom is het een kleine,stap naar de beschikbare,veiligheidsuitrusting op de nieuwe kia,er zijn maar weinig regelsystemen waar,de nieren wordt zonder moet stellen maar,je bent wel aangewezen op de duurste,uitvoering wanneer je al die reddende,engeltjes aan boord wilt hebben,standaard beschikt de koreaan over een,loods op systeem met voetgangers en,fietsers herkenning adaptieve cruise,control actieve hij sloeg assistentie en,vermoeidheidsherkenning,dat de niro een nieuwe koets heeft dat,kun je wel zien maar hij heeft ook een,nieuw onderstel en daar merk je dan,eigenlijk meer heel weinig van vorige,niro als een hele fijne gezinsauto in in,alles een beetje middle of the road niet,dat daar iets mis mee is gewoon een auto,die comfortabel 14 dempt die luistert,naar je stuurbewegingen en dat geldt,eigenlijk net zo goed voor deze tweede,model generatie,wat wel opvalt is dat je wat hoger zit,en dat heeft ermee te maken dat dit de,volledig elektrische variant is er,moeten dus meer accus en de mee aan,boord het kwam al ter sprake bij het,behandelen van de ruimte achterin,maar hiervoor in werk je het dus ook het,dashbord ligt wat lager en het hebben,een spleet kan ik met mijn een meter 93,dus niet helemaal optimaal afstemmen ik,zie bepaalde gegevens net niet zo zie je,maar dat zon gedeeld platform niet,alleen maar voordelen kent of the stig,minuut maar een heel bescheiden,kritiekpuntje,de voorwielaangedreven nieren levee is,goed voor 204 pk en 255 newtonmeter,koppel,ietsje minder trekkracht dan voorheen,omdat keer of een klanten terug kreeg,dat de niro bij nat weer nog wel eens te,enthousiast van zijn plek wilde met 150,mm minder slaan de wielen niet zo ga,door hoewel de hybride en plugin irohs,raad weten met een aanhanger van dertien,honderd kilogram blijft de trekgewicht,van de elektrische variant steken op 750,stuks,dat was nog genoeg voor een caravan,maar dan wel een kleintje,kia geeft voor deze niro en rijbereik op,van 460 km en dat zijn geen loze woorden,want bij kennen de modellen van de,koreanen of het nou gaat om kias of you,wijze samen in concern,als hele zuinige cv plaatsen bezet en ik,nog een actieradius proefgereden met de,huidige kona,die heeft ook 64 kilowattuur aan,batterij aan boord net als deze auto en,het was toen ook 22 graden dat is het,hier in het duitse taurusgebergte ook,een kwade toen tot een verbruik cijfer,van 12 kilowattuur per 100km dat is echt,verbluffend zuinig voor een moderne,gezinsauto nou is het ook niet zo,verwonderlijk herman ik herhaal ze nog,maar één

2023 Kia Niro EV Review, Takes On the Chevy Bolt

2023 Kia Niro EV review takes on the,Chevy Bolt a boring car isnt,necessarily a bad car the Kia Niro EV,might elicit a yawn or two when youre,driving it but its also remarkably,Adept at its intended purpose which is,to deliver an EPA rated 253 miles of,range while hewing to an affordable,price,on our 75 mph Highway range test it fell,a little short of that number at 210,miles,the exact degree of that affordability,remains to be seen as Kia is scrambling,to price the Nero in the wake of news,that it wont be eligible for the,federal tax credit since its battery,production and final assembly happen in,Korea built on the Brands K3,architecture which also underpins the,Hyundai Elantra the Nero is a handsome,two box design that would blend into the,small crossover landscape if not for its,avant-garde D pillar which is available,in contrasting colors and recalls the,Audi r8s signature side blade Kia calls,the Neros extroverted d-pillar the,aeroblade so the brand isnt exactly,discouraging R8 connotations,size-wise the Nero EV is roughly 5,inches longer than the Chevrolet bolt,euv and more than six inches shorter,than the Volkswagen ID .4 two EVS that,KIA identifies as competitors,listing those two as Rivals leads us to,believe the Nero EV will start at about,33 000 for the base wind trim level and,head up to forty thousand dollars for,the loaded wave version,highs 253 mile EPA range attractive and,practical interior free of EV gimmicks,both versions get the same 201 HP,electric motor turning the front wheels,acceleration lacks the neck snapping,punch of many EVS as Kia tuned the,accelerator to gradually feed in power,rather than smacking you with its 188,pound-feet of torque right off the line,in eco mode the right pedal acts like it,doesnt know youre flooring it,switching to normal is closer to what,you might expect from a typical eco mode,and Sport feels about what normal should,be,the time to hit 30 miles per hour is a,sluggish 2.9 seconds,no matter the mode the front tires wont,break loose when the car is accelerating,from a stop something the old Nero EV,would do with ease,past 30 miles per hour the motor starts,feeding full power to the road in our,hands it got to 60 miles per hour and,6.7 seconds and through the quarter in,15.2 seconds at 94 miles per hour,both measures beat the bolt euv by a,tenth of a second,switching Drive modes from Eco to sport,also adds heft to the steering effort,normal and Eco modes deliver the most,natural steering feel and the Nero will,cut into Corners with Precision albeit,without a lot of grip from its low,rolling resistance all-season rubber,we measured 0.84 grams on the skid pad,hitting the brake pedal Blends,regenerative braking and the friction,Brakes in a natural and Progressive,manner that many EVS Miss,hit them hard from 70 miles per hour and,itll stop in 182 feet,paddles on the back of the steering,wheel are there not for gear selection,theres just one gear but to adjust the,region when you lift off the accelerator,one pedal driving is possible and,holding the left paddle will bring the,Nero to a stop even in less aggressive,region modes,while region will send some electrons,back to the battery eventually youll,have to plug in the Nero EV,strangely Kia doesnt include a 120 volt,cord and expects customers to rely on,level 2 hookups or the standard DC fast,charging capability,unlike the pricier ev6 the Nero lacks,the 800 volt architecture that puts the,fast and Fast charging,plug into a DC fast charger and Kia,promises you can take the battery from,10 to 80 in about 45 minutes with a peak,charging rate of just 85 kilowatts,an ev6 can dispatch a charge of 10 to 80,percent in just 18 minutes,for comparison in our testing the bolt,euv one of the slowest charging EVS on,the market went from 10 to 90 percent in,84 minutes,Kia is throwing in 500 kilowatt hours of,no cost charging through Electrify,America which works out to nearly 2 000,miles,being free of EV gimmicks makes it a bit,dull lacks off the line punch ho-hum,handling while youre waiting for the,battery to refill take a seat in the,spacious cabin and note the headliner,which is made from recycled wallpaper,thank you Grammy Mildred the fabric on,the seats is partially constructed from,eucalyptus which will Delight koalas,a large digital panel in front of the,driver offers three different gauge,looks paired to drive modes,key is easy to use infotainment system,sits front and center for a moment we,thought there was no volume knob and,then we hit the button that turns the,HVAC into radio controls,suddenly the temp knob turned into a,volume knob and then back again,rear seat passengers dont have as many,toys to play with but they do have,excellent Headroom and adult grade,legroom,the battery-powered version is one of,the three powertrains available on the,new Nero theres also a hybrid model,with a small,1.3-kwh battery and a plug-in hybrid,with up to 33 miles of range and a,larger,11.1-kwh battery,Kia anticipates that 25 of Nero,customers will go for the EV version,its a competitive entry in a growing,field of sub minus 40 000 EVS even if we,find it a little boring,[Music]

2023 Kia Niro EV review – we drive NEW e-Niro electric car! | What Car?

behind me over there is the all-new kia,niro ev and in a few minutes im going,to be driving it for the very first time,ill also be running you through the,design what its like inside and some of,the tech as well,now if youre wondering why im holding,the camera well its because there,wasnt space on the plane to oslo today,for my cameraman so it was either do the,filming myself or we wait for a month,until we get the car back in the uk to,do a video so hopefully half of my head,isnt out of frame but dont worry,because later on there will be some bits,shot by a proper cameraman,[Music],now if youre wondering why kia is,launching a nero ev when theres already,nero well this car is a direct,replacement theyve just changed the,name were not entirely sure why but,they have the nero of course was a,massive hit here at what car shortly,after its launch in 2018 it became the,first pure electric car to win our,overall car of the year award and even,towards the end of its life it still,offered a really impressive range and,performance along with decent,practicality and a price well below that,of any tesla other than the waiting list,which at some point was longer than 18,months the only thing that might have,put you off the inero was its styling,kias latest models like the larger ev6,and sportage they look really modern,whereas the inero that was from a time,when kids were a lot more conservative,and dare we say it even a bit frumpy the,nero ev gets kias new tiger face so it,looks a little bit like a shrunk and,sportage doesnt it but with a lot less,going on,there are no boomerang daytime running,lights for example just this line here,and thats designed to look like,heartbeat on an ecg machine apparently,the front grille is also lower than on,the sportage and lower than on hybrid,versions of the nero as well actually,and thats for one key reason to make,enough space for flap big enough for the,charging port,that brings me on something thats a,little bit disappointing about this car,because,it can only accept a maximum of 72,kilowatts from a ccs charger thats,actually slightly less than the old,e-nero could manage,although charging times are slightly,quicker than on that car because it can,sustain maximum charging for a longer,period of time but its still nowhere,near the 240 kilowatts that the larger,ev6 can manage and that car can do a 10,to 80 charge theoretically at least in,just 18 minutes,but back to the styling and one thing,that really makes this car stand out is,this gray c pillar here looks really,cool really unique and you can have it,in black as well the only problem is,that you can only have it on range,topping 4 trim and that costs more than,40 000 pounds go for entry level 2 trim,thatll cost you just under 35k and you,get the same basic body work i dont,know if you can see but there is,actually some aero there air flows,through the c-pillar there and out the,back and that helps reduce the drag,coefficient and improve efficiency and,range its just painted the same color,as the car on cheaper versions no choice,of alloys all versions get this 17 inch,bi-color aero design,and if you come out to the back here,its very clearly been inspired by the,habanero concept car from back in 2019,with this slimline boomerang tail light,shape here but what do you think do you,prefer this to the oldie nero and what,about compared with other electric suvs,in this price point like skoda enyak and,the peugeot e 2008 let us know in the,comments below,anyway this isnt just a facelift its a,completely new car its on a new more,modern platform its longer and theres,also slightly more space between front,and the rear wheels and that should mean,theres more space inside but is there,well slightly yes there is a bit more,room than in the old nero thats partly,because of the extra length but also,because these front seat backs here,theyre a little bit slimmer this seat,is set up for my driving position im,just over six foot and,reasonable mountain knee run there foot,space is a bit tight but that seat in,front is set up very low as low as it,will go actually and headroom is,absolutely fine as well my head isnt,brushing the roof lining there and this,car does actually have a sunroof which,often reduces the height of the ceiling,a little bit this isnt anywhere near as,roomy in the back as something like a,skoda enyak though and unlike in the ev6,you cant adjust the angle of the,backrests although you can fold them,down in a 60 40 split if you need a bit,more boot space you wont need to do,that very often though because the main,boot is surprisingly big theres more,space for luggage than in hybrid and,plug-in hybrid versions of the nero and,about three percent more than in the old,e-nero as well plus theres now a small,frunk under the bonnet for the charging,cables,the rest of the dashboard is very,similar to the ev6 as well so youve got,this touch sensitive panel here for some,of the air conditioning controls,although you do have physical dials for,adjusting the interior temperature so,thats really good much less distracting,than trying to stab away a touch screen,while youre driving but if you press,this little icon here on the touch,sensitive panel then it changes and it,becomes shortcut keys for the rest of,the infotainment system so you can,switch between the map or radio stations,or any other media you want to play and,then at that point these dials become,volume controls or just switching,between radio stations on that side but,it isnt just about swankier looks,because interior quality has definitely,taken a step up compared with the oldie,nero and thats despite a lot of the,materials in here being recycled so,youve got what looks like leather here,on the seats but is actually made from,recycled plastic your recycled wallpaper,here on the headlining and there are,some other more environmentally friendly,finishes as well youve got a,water-based rather than solvent based,finish on the insides of the doors here,so again more environmentally friendly,and more appropriate for an electric car,now unlike with the oldie nero theres,no 134 brake horsepower version of this,car that had a smaller battery as well,and to be honest no one really bought it,so,all versions of the nero ev come with a,201 brake horsepower electric motor that,drives the front wheels,and that means performance is very good,this car can do naught 60,in less than eight seconds way quicker,than most versions of the skoda enyak,although,not quite as quickly as the ld nero and,if you remember earlier on i said this,car is lighter,and it has exactly the same amount of,power so whats going on well its,because kia has decided to remap,the power delivery to make it a bit,smoother and a little less aggressive at,low speeds,although there is still a lot of torque,going to the front wheels so,if you put your foot down hard out of a,junction or roundabout,then it will struggle for traction,thats obviously worse when the road is,slippery and wet but as long as you,arent being too silly and you keep,things fairly gentle this is an easy car,to drive smoothly,were driving this car out in norway of,course and the roads are much much,better maintained than they are back in,the uk,so a full assessment of ride comfort,will of course have to wait till we get,this car on the roads back home but what,we can tell you is that the suspension,is noticeably softer than on the old car,and comfort seems pretty good it was,never particularly bad in the old car,but it was fairly firm you certainly,felt bumps as they passed beneath the,car in this theres a little bit more,float and it generally feels a bit,softer,that has had a negative impact on,handling a little bit though this isnt,the kind of car that people are going to,be buying to go around corners quickly,and to be fun to drive but the front,ends a little bit more vague when you,turn into corners and although theres,plenty of grip you do find yourself,making small corrections with t

The New 2023 Kia Niro EV Is New, Improved, and Futuristic

this is the new Kia Niro EV which is a,fully electric small hatchback small,crossover from Kia theres already a Kia,Niro EV but this one has been fully,redesigned for the 2023 model year and,today Im going to review the new Kia,Niro EV and show you all of its quirks,and features,before I get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my Enthusiast,car auction website for cool cars from,the modern era with free listings you,can list your cool car for free and,auction it on cars and bids and you,should because weve had some great,sales recently including this Ferrari,360 which sold for 78 thousand dollars,this wonderful Porsche 996 911 which,sold for just under forty two thousand,dollars and this Ford Bronco Raptor,which sold for over a hundred and seven,thousand dollars weve done great with,Broncos and Raptors on cars and bids if,youre looking to buy or sell a cool,Enthusiast car check out cars and bids,with free listings daily auctions and,great selection at carsandbids.com,all right Im gonna start the quirks and,features the new Nero EV with probably,its largest Quirk at least from a,styling perspective and that would be,this gray panel back here which,obviously is a different color from the,rest of the car now Im not sure if you,can change this to match the color of,the car but every press image of the new,Nero shows this panel in gray blue cars,have a gray panel green cars have a gray,panel white ones do the panel is always,gray now this is certainly strange I,personally kind of like it because I,like the quirky and weird stuff but I,could see it being a turn off for some,people and its definitely distinctive,on the outside of this car now its,worth pointing out that aside from that,unusual gray panel in back the rest of,the new Neros design is actually pretty,tame frankly it looks a lot like the old,Nero which you can see here just,modernized given sort of a more modern,look with some sharper edges and creases,different lighting different Wheels give,it a more modern take on the old Nero,essentially now with that said there are,a couple of little items worth pointing,out on the outside of this car like for,example rear lighting you have the brake,lights and what looks like a fairly,normal place as you can see its right,next to the tailgate in back but the,turn signals are in the bumper they,dont share a lighting assembly with the,brake lights which is at an unusual and,a little quirky up front you have kind,of a strange Grille design obviously,this is just for Styles since electric,cars dont need a grill but you have,sort of weird lines and hexagons and,strange shapes and thats your grill,also just like the old Nero the new one,has the charge port directly in the,center up front which frankly I kind of,like because when you pull into a,charging station its off on the left or,the right you dont know which its,going to be so its nice to have it in,the Middle where you can always hook up,regardless of which side you pull in on,but if you want quirks unquestionably,there are quite a few more quirks on the,inside than on the outside and probably,the most unusual and controversial Quirk,is the center screen now I dont mean,the infotainment screen which is fairly,standard normal and Ill get to that in,a minute instead I mean the center,control screen which you can see here,and its controlling your climate,controls which is not all that unusual a,lot of cars use a screen for this,purpose not particularly strange but the,weird part is it has a dual purpose if,you press this button in the screen,suddenly it switches to now this very,same screen is used to adjust your,stereo and navigation system but you,cant do both at once and this is,especially crucial because that means,the dial over on the left can be your,radio volume you can turn it up or down,or if youre on the other screen it can,be your interior climate control,temperature but it cant be both so if,you want to change your radio volume but,youre on the climate section of this,screen you got to press a button and,then use the dial to change the volume,which adds another step to a process,that should be really really simple like,I said I suspect this is going to be,pretty controversial not exactly a great,integration of these control goals in my,opinion but it takes up less space in,the interior and it probably saves Kia,some money by integrating all this into,a screen rather than having different,rows and rows of buttons now,interestingly Kia isnt exactly allergic,to using buttons and switches for some,vehicle functions and you know that,because the center console is filled,with buttons for various controls,including some controls that are less,used than the ones Incorporated in the,screen directly above the heated and,cooled seats are here their buttons the,heated steering wheels a button the auto,hold feature which most people only,press once every so often thats a,button all those things are buttons here,in the center even though some more,common controls are integrated into that,Dual Purpose screen directly above now,also in the center console here you have,this kind of weird gear selector,situation its a dial and you twist it,to go into drive to the right you twist,it the other direction to go into,reverse neutral is in the middle and,then Park is a central button here,different from a traditional gear,selector but thats what you have also,weird in this interior these little,lines over on the passenger side of the,dashboard with the car off you can see,theyre just lines but with the car on,they actually light up this is a trim,piece that isnt just like a slab of,wood its actually lit when the car is,running to provide Ambience from the,interior trim which you dont see all,that often now as for the infotainment,system the screen in the center of this,interior its fairly consistent with,other Kia models which means generally,speaking I really like it I love Kia,infotainment I love how intuitive it is,easy to use responsive to your touch,its really really fantastic my only,complaint about Kia infotainment,generally is the home screen which you,can see here its very like esoteric,doesnt really show you a lot of good,information and its worse than pretty,much everyone elses home screen but of,course you can go to various other,different screens and see all the,information that other home screens show,you and so it works pretty much just as,well and I really like the fact that KIA,lets you choose exactly what to display,as you want to see it once for instance,right now Im just looking at the map,but if I tap this little icon on the,side another panel shows up to show me,more information and I can scroll in,that panel through various different,things if I want to see it,simultaneously with the map so its cool,to be able to see two things at once and,its also cool to be able to configure,that at will now the other screen in,this interior is the gauge cluster,screen mounted directly behind the,steering wheel of course and this screen,is fine although frankly I just wish it,did more I wish it was more configurable,could show you a full screen map or,various other things but its just not,all that configurable cant really do,all that much can show you some,different displays but not as much as,you might expect from a screen the whole,point of having a screen there is to,show you all sorts of stuff however you,want it but here it pretty much just,shows the gauges that it replaced now,with that said I do love the fact that,this screen shows you your headlights,and wiper position when you go to adjust,them so many cars you turn on the wipers,and youre not sure if its like on or,intermittent or Auto in this car when,you turn them on it it actually pops up,on the screen showing you exactly what,youve just selected which is easier and,safer because youre not looking at the,stock trying to figure out what youve,chosen same deal with the headlights you,turn them on and it shows you exactly,what youve ch

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