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  4. Kia Sorento Hybrid 2022 Review
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2022 Kia Sorento Hybrid Review | Impressive Real-World Fuel Consumption | Drive.com.au

[Music],theres a lot of buzz around,electrification in new cars and theres,a number of ways that can be achieved,hybrid cars are perhaps the most,accessible of those take a regular,petrol engine add a small electric motor,to help reduce load and then feed that,using energy harvested in stop start,traffic that might otherwise be wasted,toyota is probably the master of the,hybrid game with a variety of models,powered by whats known as a closed-loop,hybrid system but theyre not the only,brand doing so,the kia you see behind me might look,like a normal sorrento suv but this one,is the newest addition to the range and,it is powered by a closed-loop hybrid,[Music],in what might be one of the most complex,ranges of any family suv in australia,the sorrento is now available with a,petrol v6 a diesel four-cylinder,a four-cylinder plug-in hybrid and a,four-cylinder closed-loop hybrid,this new model bridges the gap between,the normal petrol and diesel sorrento,range and the flagship plug-in hybrid,where the plug-in hybrid model has,acclaimed 68 kilometres of pure electric,range before bringing the petrol engine,into assist the hybrid uses either,petrol or electric motivation in short,bursts depending on the driving,conditions unlike the plug-in hybrid,which can be charged from a wall outlet,the hybrid cant be plugged in at all,charging up at smaller on-board battery,from recovered energy or using the,petrol motor like a generator,whether petrol and diesel sorrento are,available in four trim levels the hybrid,comes as the top spec gt line,specification only,that means its not cheap starting at,just under sixty seven thousand dollars,for the front wheel drive hybrid up to,sixty nine thousand seven hundred and,fifty plus on road costs for this,all-wheel drive variant,other than that though the sorento,hybrid aims to deliver all of the family,functionality of a regular sorrento just,with smaller fuel bills attached so,lets see how it stacks up,there is a heap to cover off inside the,sorrento,for starters theres the design the,hybrid shares its interior with other,members of the range so that means you,get this blocky centre stack,lots of metallic trim and heaps of,storage,the seats are trimmed in quilted nappa,leather which is pretty plush and the,front seats come with heating and,ventilation,the driver gets 14 way power adjustment,and two position memory and the steering,wheel is heated too,the driver faces a color head-up display,and a 12.3 inch fully digital instrument,cluster which changes depending on your,drive mode,this sits alongside a 10.25 inch,infotainment screen loaded with,navigation,digital radio apple carplay and android,auto but connection requires plugging in,theres no wireless carplay yet,you get 12 speaker bose audio and kia,has incorporated an in-car intercom so,you can broadcast messages to the back,seat instead of having to yell,beneath the screen theres buttons for,the dual zone climate control system and,then beneath that theres a lidded bin,which houses three usb-a ports and a,wireless charge pad,the center console carries the rotary,gear selector and cupholders plus,theres littered armrest,personally i like the cool ambient,lighting details kia has included but,im not a huge fan of some of the,instrument graphics like the eco display,and its alarm clock typeface which just,looks a bit old-fashioned,still with heaps of included equipment,and a nicely functional user interface,the driver and co-driver should be,pretty happy here,into the second row and the first thing,you notice is how much space there is,back here thats because of this sliding,second row which means you can stretch,out all the way back or slide forward a,little to make more space for passengers,in the third row,again you get the same quilted napa,leather seats the outboard rear seats,are heated and the windows,come with these blinds built in,theres air vents in the back of the,center console and theres another three,usb ports one in the console and one on,the side of each front seat making them,easy to access the doors have built-in,cup holders theres a fold-down armrest,in the middle and you can recline the,backrest making for a pretty comfy place,to take a longer trip,access to the third row is really easy,theres two one touch buttons here and,here,press them and the seat will fold and,slide forward and you can easily jump,into the third row,its not a badly proportioned space back,here but that said its not as roomy as,the first two rows,passengers still get quilted seat trim,but no seat heating this time,amenities include air vents and a,separate booster fan plus a usb port on,each side,these third row seats have isofix child,seat mounts too to go with the two in,the second row the big ticket item,thats missing however is curtain airbag,coverage in the third row,behind the sorrentos powered tailgate,youll find this much space with the,third row up thats 179 liters and just,enough for a couple of backpacks or,shopping bags,normally theres a storage space under,the floor but in the hybrid model thats,where the 12 volt battery lives meaning,storage space is reduced and as a result,the cargo blind has to live on top of,the floor not under it,if youre wondering the hybrid battery,with a one kilowatt hour capacity lives,under the second row of seats,you can fold away the third row seats,via these straps and expand the cargo,space to 608 litres which is a bit more,like what youd need for a big family,shop carting prams or a weekend away,if you need to maximize space for bigger,items you can use these buttons to fold,the second row and unlock,1996 litres of space all up,in each case the boot of the sorrento,hybrid is just a touch bigger than that,of the plug-in hybrid but a little bit,smaller than either the petrol or diesel,sorrento,looking at hybrid cars theres usually a,lot of numbers to decipher,in this case the sorrento hybrid claims,44 kilowatts and 264 newton meters from,its electric motor and 132 kilowatts and,265 newton meters from the 1.6 liter,turbocharged four-cylinder engine,thats the same petrol engine as the,sorrento plug-in but the electric motor,is just a little less powerful,combined kia rates maximum outputs at,169 kilowatts and 350 newton meters,thats not too far off the 184 kilowatt,combined claim of a toyota kluger hybrid,although toyota doesnt quote combine,torque its also down just a little on,the 200 kilowatt v6 sorrento but beats,that engines 332 newton meters of,torque,[Music],perhaps the most important figure for a,hybrid though is its claimed fuel,consumption and in this all-wheel drive,sorrento hybrid the claim consumption is,5.8 liters per 100k,thats a near bang on match for the,toyota kluger hybrids 5.6 litre claim,in the real world the sorrento hybrid,hasnt quite lived up to its claim and,at the moment im sitting on,7.4 liters per hundred ks which is,still pretty decent,now im going to mention toyota hybrids,a lot here because lets face it its,the system that people are most familiar,with well have all been in a toyota,hybrid camry corolla rav4 kluger as a,work car as a taxi or as a ride share,car,kia system is a little bit different,however where toyota tends to use a,bigger petrol engine and a more powerful,electric motor to help it along,kias system uses the electric side of,things a lot less and the petrol a lot,more this means for instance itll,always start out in electric mode but,itll revert to the petrol engine really,early on usually between 10 and 20 ks,an hour in a kluger youre probably,going to get that change over at 30 or,40 ks an hour,there is still a lot of electric,assistance though like its always,running in the background its always,helping if youre at freeway speeds,itll shut down the petrol engine and,just go fully v for minutes at a time,this means that at the end of the day,consumption stays low and while the two,systems are philosophically different,they kind of get the same end result,another difference between the two i

Kia Sorento hybrid 2022 review: the best family SUV yet?

when kia launched the fourth generation,sorrento in 2020 we were seriously,impressed by it here at chasing cars it,looked better drove better and went,better than the car it replaced but,there was one problem and that is that,toyota launched the new generation of,kluger a slightly larger three-row suv,and it came with the option of a hybrid,powertrain but now kias back its hit,back with the option of a series,parallel hybrid following the launch of,the plug-in hybrid earlier this year now,there have been some delays this was,supposed to arrive here before christmas,last year in 2021 but its april 2022,and its here now so at least it is here,it packs a hybrid powertrain with a fuel,consumption claim of 5.3 litres per,100ks and the price well at 66 780,before on-road cost for this model here,which is the front-wheel drive gt line,its only available in high,specification gt line stream initially,but hopefully well see more variants,down the track to bring the cost of,entry into the sorrento hybrid a little,bit lower but crucially this is about 10,grand less than a toyota kluge grande,hybrid and that is a big discount,considering that although those two are,pretty comparable in terms of spec i,reckon the interior and exterior,presentation of the sorrento and the,execution of the car as a whole is just,that little bit better but of course,thats what were going to be checking,out in todays review were going to be,seeing what its like on the inside what,its like to drive and how this thing is,to run every day so of course stay tuned,for that and id love to hear your,thoughts on the hybrid sorrento in the,comments section down below and if you,havent done so already wed also love,it if you could hit subscribe,jumping inside were presented with the,same interior as all the other gt line,sorrentos but thats no bad thing i,think this cabin is really nicely,designed its very convincing in terms,of feeling a little bit special a little,bit luxury and i really prefer the,design the sharpness the crispness that,this vehicle offers over the toyota,kluger which seems a little bit,americana and a little bit more old,school whereas this has a couple of,really interesting and quite daring,design touches that i think set it apart,personal favorite is these little scale,details here that actually glow with the,ambient lighting in this gt line and i,think that gives a real nice lift to,this interior i know its probably not,going to be to everyones tastes because,some of the elements do clash a little,bit these air vents are cool but maybe,you dont love them and there is a lot,of piano black ripe for scratching by,kids or wedding rings or whatever but i,think honestly though the presentation,is really well backed up by quality,feeling in here it all feels really nice,and sturdy the leather on the steering,wheel is lovely to hold these quilted,leather seats as well are really nice,initially they feel a little bit too,firm but when you spend a nice long,stint in these like three hours driving,you realize that that firmness is,actually not discomfort but rather,support and so over longer drives this,car remains comfortable they also have,plenty of electric adjustment to get,yourself into a nice position im set,quite low because i like that but you,can jack this car all the way up and,with the panoramic sunroof i have really,decent headroom in the front seat and,that brings even more light into this,cabin yes you can only get it with black,leather interior here in australia and i,know that is a little bit of a shame the,hyundai santa fe does offer more,customizability but this this light,headliner does bring some reflected,light back into the cabin now lets talk,about the technology suite as well,because we have a really lovely to look,at 10.25 inch touchscreen in front of me,here running a very familiar setup kias,android based operating system works,really nicely wide apple carplay though,not wireless yet hopefully well soon,see that sorted out because the base,models of hyundai and kia products do,get,wireless apple carplay when teamed with,the 8 inch touchscreen but the larger,screen doesnt get that but weve got,nice buttons on the side here that work,as shortcut buttons navigation built in,and it has a really neat feature of,actually interfacing with the hvac,system to turn on recycling,automatically when you go into tunnels,which is great in sydney because we do,have quite a lot of tunnels we love them,speaking of the hvac super easy to,interact with its modern but without,being obtrusive its not stuck in the,touch screen and all the buttons that,you need are there youve got recycle,right there auto different fan speeds,three auto settings as well it all just,works and it blows nice and cold and to,add to that temperature control in this,thing is further bolstered by the fact,that it has three stage heating and,cooling for the napa leather seats i,talked about previously and on top of,that theres heaps of storage really,clever touches this flip up console has,a wireless charging pad here in the top,end gt line you also got three more usb,a ports as well including one for,mirroring and a little bit of extra odds,and end storage nice and rubberized too,so stuff doesnt get thrown around two,cup holders and a sort of square box,behind that which is the right size for,a piccolo cup and then underneath the,center armrest theres oodles of storage,room for whatever you need and a little,movable tray there as well and door bins,that arent the most generous but they,do stretch wide enough to fit a 1.5,litre plastic water bowl in them so,thats the kia sorrento gt lines,interior still really well presented,backed up by a nice 10-speaker bose,stereo and i think,perhaps wed have to do a comparison,between this and the santa fe but yeah i,still think the gt line has the best in,class interior,here in the second row of the sorrento,things continue to be fairly impressive,now its not quite as long as a toyota,kaluga or as a hyundai palisade both of,those are larger vehicles physically and,so is the mazda cx-9 but the space on,offer is still really competitive,considering this is half a size smaller,than a lot of the biggest in class ive,still got a decent amount of headroom,with this lovely sunroof above me the,grates below this dont have a sunroof,so i have even more headroom,i also know that this is a grade the gt,line because weve got dual stage,heating on each of the outboard seats,which is really nice when you live in a,colder climate not so great in the,height of sydney summer but at least,its nice when it gets to winter and you,get the lovely quilted leather back here,like the front seats these chairs are,pretty firm but as i found in the front,seat i think over longer periods thats,actually a benefit its just the initial,sit down where youre like oh this thing,seems a little bit firm there are also,some great clever touches that there are,in all of the sorentos including these,usb ports in the side of the seats which,are just a really clever little touch to,add a little bit more practicality to a,car that is already very practical 12,volt socket down there another usb a,port and of course we have our own vents,back here adjustable vents but we dont,have our own climate control zone i,would have loved to have seen that on a,range-topping car but we cant have,everything up here on the doors the,materials stay nice and soft as well,lovely design of arm rest as well it,feels really nice and sturdy when you,need to slam the door shut thats great,and you also get integrated sunblinds as,well perfect for keeping the sun off an,infants face,and its great that they come as,standard because aftermarket versions of,these are usually just pretty shitty,these ones work nicely integrate,perfectly and i think its a great,little clever touch,that kia has given this car,fold down the armrest nice and sturdy,doesnt flop down onto the bench,awkwardly two and a half cupholders,there in the middle a

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So Close To Great: 2022 Kia Sorento Hybrid on Everyman Driver

kia you are so close with a sorrento so,very close with this,small three-row suv it is nearly perfect,four power train options five different,trim levels,totally redesigned or just redesigned in,2021 i didnt get it last year not sure,why maybe i wasnt on the list im so,glad to have it this year i love it,but i do have a problem,with one specific issue with this,vehicle which i think could make it a,standout in,this space of course this is the second,largest suv in the kia lineup behind my,favorite the telluride it is the largest,suv hybrid that kia makes and,man you are so cl,you are so close,please forgive me im going to have my,notes here because theres lots of,numbers i dont want to mess this up for,powertrains which includes this hybrid,also theres a plug-in hybrid which is,new for 2022. front-wheel drive is our,standard all-wheel drive is available,now with ours which is fantastic in,terms of fuel economy 39 city which is,huge 35 highway mixed driving number of,37 miles per hour for this so this has a,1.6 liter turbo hybrid powertrain which,has a 44 kilowatt motor a 6-speed,automatic transmission total horsepower,227 258 pound-feet of torque this,doesnt matter but 8.6 seconds zero to,60 or zero to 100 kilometers uh per hour,and towing capacity which i dont even,know i guess sixteen hundred pounds if,you wanna tow something small behind it,uh curb weight of this thing about four,thousand pounds our trim level,specifically is the hybrid hev ex front,wheel drive otherwise youve got the lxs,ex sx,sx prestige,one of the things that makes this a huge,standout in this small,suv class is its passenger space,lots of room right here this is my,position as a driver up front plenty of,room between my knees in the back of the,seat we have the captions chairs here,next to me i have a front facing car,seat i had two car seats in here for the,kids very easy to install them move,around maneuver inside have the diaper,bag in the center uh you can bring other,things in here weve got the blankets,the binkies all that good stuff here,one thing is missing,no panoramic sunroof or sunroof at all,maybe thats to keep the weight down for,being a hybrid they want to keep the,weight down otherwise interior is,fantastic i love the captions chairs,option for the space of storage and also,access to the third row but the third,row,is,my biggest sticking point this is whats,keeping this vehicle from being,something on my top list you can easily,fold down the caption shares by lifting,with this handle but im not going to do,that im going to press this button up,here and that is going to help me slide,and have access but look how low this,floor is for,legs and knees can you just imagine how,high your knees would be if you were,sitting right there now this is why i,think its a miss,you dont need the third row i know you,want to go for the marketing aspect of a,three row small suv to compete,but it really kills the leg room and,the ability to put more big adults in,the back or just adults in the back,thats not a lot of room,fine for kids but look at that lower,room right there,not a lot of space between the floor and,the seats otherwise youre doing great,youre doing awesome let me give you,some cargo numbers now now you have to,like the way theyve redesigned the kia,logo i know its been around for a few,but i really like what that that,projects with in terms of near luxury,and i like how they put the sorrento,down below okay a couple ways you can,open this here of course with a hand you,can do it on the key fob theres also a,button inside the vehicle now look at,this,how practical is this,not for long road trips not really oh,maybe a duffel bag or two and stuff,right there but just 12.6 cubic feet of,cargo volume behind here but you can,increase it between 38 and 45 by pushing,these down and thats what i think they,should have done eliminate the third row,because you have lots of space right,there which is comparable to a tucson,also from the kia family and you can,compete more so with the likes of the,highlander hybrid for example but heres,the best part of the cargo volume,folding down the captains chairs you,increase it to 75 cubic feet of cargo,volume and that my friends is excellent,for the hybrid and electric suv class so,thats where sorrento is killing it in,terms of cargo space in this small suv,class lets say you eliminated the third,row you still have the 75 cubic feet,of cargo space so get rid of the third,row use the space make it more,comfortable for the second row,passengers which would become the back,row passengers and maybe have make it a,five passenger suv which it can be but,we have the captains chairs right here,one last thing about the cargo if you,havent seen my just arrived video of,the sorrento check it out theres a link,below this video in the description box,i went to costco and i bought these huge,industrial size racks for the garage,storage along with 20 plastic bins and,it is hard to believe if you saw those,laid out how could you possibly put it,inside the sorrento i did check that out,its quite impressive on how much space,this can hold inside the the vehicle i,was just blown away by and i had to make,a video so ill link to that in the,description box,since theres so much going on with this,vehicle im going to put all the specs,and other numbers on everyman,everymandriver.com so you can look there,if you want to go a little deeper on,what this vehicle has to offer but i,just want to give you an overview of,some of the things ive seen this week,what stands out to me,and this screen 10.25 inches,the huge instrument cluster,a combination of digital as well as,analog dials a number of usb ports some,here some in the back and also the third,row the wireless charging pad heated,seats the dial here to go between,reverse neutral and drive,theres hill descent control downhill,brake control they call it here,and all the steering wheel mounted,controls are standard from what you used,to seeing on the kia brand although with,this one compared to the telluride when,you turn signal left or turn signal,right there is no camera mounted below,below the side mirrors in the telluride,it pops up here in the instrument,cluster so you can see in your blind,spot so i think thats kind of a nice,little feature and because this is one,long,plastic piece here it doesnt look like,its out of place like you might find or,might think in the mazdas where you just,have the,display it looks like a mini ipad,sticking up on the dash so that looks,good super comfortable super comfortable,to drive great for the family because of,the hybrid engine is quiet and because,of the hybrid engine youve got the,great fuel economy this is really,awesome for me if it wasnt if the,telluride wasnt around this would be,one of my,go-to small suvs because of the warranty,the fuel economy especially with the,hybrid the quality uh the great,technology and all the safety features,that are up to up to par for uh 2022,its a really nice vehicle to drive easy,to get the kids in and out in the back,seat with these um,captions chairs i like the styling of it,they got a really nice style with it so,the starting msrp for a 2022 sorrento,not hybrid but just a starting base one,its right around thirty thousand,dollars ours here thirty seven thousand,dollars is what you see with our tester,pretty decent price point i know i say,price point but pretty decent price uh,for this suv especially compared to the,competition uh today i like it i think,its definitely worth a look and,absolutely a test drive something that i,can see in my driveway which i means i,could probably see in your driveway its,a win-win except that third row thats,the only thing i would take away from,this vehicle just for more comfort and,not so claustrophobic in the back you,see theres very little cargo space,behind that third row now before i wrap,this up i want to leave you with a true,cost of ownership for a sorrento this is,a five to ten year loo

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Kia Sorento Hybrid 2022 Review

kia has expanded its award-winning,sorrento lineup in australia with the,introduction of a new hybrid variant,that doesnt require plugging in its,high in price and initially low in,volume so the question is does the new,sorrento hev justify its place among,existing petrol diesel and plug-in,hybrid options lets find,[Music],out the sorrento hybrid or hev lands in,showrooms from july 2022,joining a sorrento range that is already,subject to lengthy wait times after,rampant aussie demand and a swag of,accolades including the 2020 car sales,car of the year kia says it will only,import 20 sorrento hevs per month,initially and just like the sorrento,phev that launched locally in october,2021 the sorrento hev is only available,in high spec gt line form as such base,pricing is set at sixty six thousand,seven hundred and fifty dollars for the,front wheel drive version while the,all-wheel drive hybrid driven here adds,an additional three thousand dollars,tipping it just below 70k,that makes the regular series hybrid,more than ten thousand dollars cheaper,than the equivalent plug-in hybrid,sorrento even though they look the same,and they share a lot of the same,equipment under the body theres plenty,of similarities as well including a 1.6,litre turbo petrol four cylinder engine,and a dual clutch automatic transmission,but where the hybrid really,differentiates itself in practice is,that it doesnt require plugging in so,theres no external port like the,plug-in hybrid it just recuperates its,energy on the road without you having to,do a thing,fuel consumption is officially rated at,5.8 liters per 100k for the all-wheel,drive hybrid tested that compares with,6.1 liters per 100ks for the equivalent,sorrento gt line diesel which is also 5,000 cheaper at the point of purchase the,cabin of the sorrento hev presents just,like gt line versions of the petrol and,the diesel sorrento and trust me thats,no bad thing youve got a great open,glass house to give you a nice view of,the road terrific incidental storage and,quality furnishings at all the contact,points its a really family-friendly and,sophisticated place to be,quilted nappa leather 14-way drivers,seat adjustment with memory function,heated and ventilated seats the gt line,looks and feels premium theres a good,assortment of storage across the doors,lower center fascia and center console,plus some additional functional touches,including a handy passenger torque,speaker system for the driver to,communicate with rear occupants,here do a really good job with all their,latest infotainment systems and it means,that you can jump in a car like the,sorrento and really quickly come to,grips with the layout so the screen,itself has a lot of really easy to,navigate native menus its got a nice,mix of lcd buttons but also old-school,knobs and dials as well so youre able,to get through it and it works really,well integration of apple carplay,android auto is likewise seamless,the instrument cluster its digital it,looks quite fancy but in practice youre,able to navigate it as well with all the,steering wheel mounted buttons so really,nice really intuitive tech on board,the sorrento officially covers all our,key infotainment requisites and is,equally strong in safety terms as,standard at 4.8 metres long the sorrento,is quite a bit smaller in overall,footprint than a lot of other seven seat,suvs but from the second row it actually,gives away very little theres large,second row door openings great spatial,proportions and comfortable seats as,well everyone in the second row gets,access to a usb port theres rear air,vents and also some really cool nifty,features like the cup holders in the,doors and these sun shades for little,ones,the rear seat offers two isofix,attachment points and three top tether,points additionally theres a further,two isofix attachments in the third row,the boot area is the sorrentos biggest,spatial compromise it is very much an,occasional sixth and seventh seater but,it will swallow full-size suitcases or,prams alike batteries stowed underneath,impose a minimal 8 litre penalty in,official boot space stowing the rear,most seats is easy while entry into the,third row is facilitated by a one touch,slide and fold button its worth noting,the sorrentos third row space is only,partially covered by airbags reinforcing,its brief as an occasional seven seater,like all sorrento models the hev gets a,full-size alloy spare wheel as standard,okay so hybrid is pretty well the,motoring buzzword in australia at the,moment theres a 12 month wait for cars,like the excellent toyota rav4 hybrid,and with fuel prices doing what they are,the trend isnt likely to stop anytime,soon the best thing about the sorrento,hev is that from the users point of,view you dont have to do anything you,dont have to plug it in it decides when,its on electric power or in this case,petrol power you simply put it into d,for drive and away fit you go on that,this car has a rotary dial like the,regular sorrento range ive had a couple,of false starts more than a couple of,false starts driving it lately i think,you cant really beat just an ordinary,stick to pull it into d,um,but thats a little quirk with this car,something you do eventually get used to,pulling away,you probably hear there that the battery,on this car does last a fair while but,its a little bit low at the moment so,the petrol engine is intervening a,little bit quicker than it ordinarily,would but as a general rule the electric,motor does a lot of the heavy lifting,when you pull away from a standstill and,this car really does revel in the around,town environment a lot of it,surprisingly a lot is actually,electric propulsion,with the petrol engine just chiming in,as it requires now in terms of energy,regeneration its all recuperated,through the brakes but also through the,engine recharging the battery and its a,fairly seamless process,now when the petrol engine does chime in,its not really the most refined noise,its a little bit of a sort of,thrashy sounding engine certainly not,the most polished so it takes away a,little bit from this cars refinement,but,theres obviously no diesel grumble at,low speeds and the way that the two,interact the petrol engine and the,electric motor its quite a nice,day-to-day synergy,the hev lacks the punch and polish of,other sorrento models on the open road,instead excelling in stop start,situations both in terms of performance,and efficiency,now not surprisingly the hybrid system,really revels in a round town passage,because thats when it can really,maximize use of the electric system,otherwise youve got a 1.6 liter engine,that arguably is quite small for a big,seven seat suv so,it needs to work hard and it uses quite,a bit of fuel by doing so but when you,combine the two its not a bad little,synergy,around town ive consistently averaged,about seven liters per 100k so just,above the claim i think on the most,efficient run that ive done which did,include a little bit of highway passage,some of it downhill,i needed about 5.8 liters per 100ks on a,100 kilometer journey so,that matches the claim and in day-to-day,terms its quite efficient,in terms of ride and handling the good,news here is that the sorrento hev,shares all the same qualities of the,sorrento range it sits flat through,corners,its really stable and short-footed on,the open road it has a great outward,view of whats happening in front and,behind you i think the real redeeming,feature with the sorrento,is that at 4.8 meters long it does feel,a little bit nippier and a little bit,smaller than a regular seven seat suv so,for that reason,its a lot more confidence inspiring you,can stick it in tight sparking spaces,you can navigate through tight urban,streets,but equally,it feels right at home on the open road,as well so if youre going away for a,weekend trip,this car is right up to the task,the hev maintains kias excellent,seven-year unlimited kilometre warranty,but is subject to shorter ten thousand,kilometer

2022 Kia Sorento Hybrid Review: What Makes this *SO SPECIAL*?!

jacob mate what are we driving today,its a kia sorento kia sorrento and not,just any kia sorrento this is the one,all you mummies and daddies have been,waiting for its the kia sorento hybrid,today were going to be answering two,questions about this beast which youre,not allowed to look at yet one is it,really all that special jacob youre,pretty special thanks man youre welcome,and two is it worth just under 70 000,australian dollars thats a lot of,dollars so lets get straight into it,before we get into that though i do need,to thank driver our channel partner,driver is the absolute best place to,finance your next car whether its new,or used there you can get pre-approved,for a loan in under 60 seconds you can,compare a bunch of different quotes with,no hidden fees and no impact to your,credit score even when you get your,quote so click the link in the,description of the comment section and,get your best quote now thanks again to,driver,[Applause],its so cold,i was trying to be consistent i cant,were putting on the the puffer,okay so how can you tell that this is a,hybrid from the outside well you cant,except for one place which we will get,to but thats not a bad thing because i,really like the design of the sorrento,youve got these really cool led lights,here youve also got your daytime,running lights here and they also act as,your turning signals nice big tiger nose,grille classic,kia speaking of look here badge there,its the new one otherwise thats it i,mean its pretty handsome i really like,the way that this thing looks but lets,come to the side okay so how is the side,well first of all this is the gt line,which is top spec we only get the hybrid,as the gt line at least here in,australia and you dont actually get the,gt line wheels technically these are 19,inch wheels theyve got an okay design,to them but a lot of fat rubber to them,which is kind of important because this,thing is heavier than a standard,sorrento because of the battery in the,back and so you kind of want as much,rubber as you can to help soften the,ride and as youll see this thing rides,really damn well youve got chrome,absolutely everywhere look here and here,on the windows even the door handles,have it but youve also got careless,entering go of course i like this like,two-tone design down the side youve got,some more chrome which is pretty sick oh,and look at this previously glass and it,wouldnt be an suv without some meaty,roof rails would it oh and that i dont,know i think they call it the hockey,stick jacob but what did you say shark,fin yeah thats cooler yeah its cooler,and it looks more like a shark fin than,a hockey stick bit cranky because its,cold arent you,this is going to be the fastest review,ever because its so cold so we have,some pretty cool lights here i love that,design there and its also the turning,signal indicators too uh 7-year warranty,thats pretty cool especially for a car,that you want to keep for a long time i,like that a lot youve got a roof,spoiler there youve got your kia badge,again all new sorrento and ive just,gone the opposite way to the b-roll,lets do that again sorrento yes it,matches the b-roll and this is the only,way from the outside that you can tell,that this thing is a hybrid it just says,it there but you wont see it unless,youre like up close to it because its,tiny so haha and then down the bottom,you get a black scratchy plastic bumper,lets talk about the inside moving on to,the interior whats the interior space,like its actually really nice so soft,touch materials absolutely everywhere,you got some really nice you got some,really nice design mate including some,you know knurled metal plastic over,there but its a pretty cool look you,got leds running throughout the interior,so you can have a bit of a led party in,here if that is what you wish but its,just a really neat and tidy design in,fact it looks pretty modern jacob first,thoughts pretty nice pretty nice,pretty nice uh in terms of practicality,and storage because this is an suv look,were using jacobs dream catcher water,bottle obligatory love it so,a couple cup holders there and they work,pretty well you got some pretty massive,door bins,i lied they dont fit jacobs dream,catcher water bottle in there,unbelievable glove box is that a glove,box that is a glove box its a pretty,good size there too,and then most surprising to me has been,this center armor so youve got a little,storage area here and you can also fit a,dream catcher water bottle in there,before we get into the tekken here which,is pretty amazing i want to talk about,what i dont like one in some places it,feels pretty cheap like down here ooh,scratchy plastics here scratchy plastics,yeah look its still a,non-luxury car its kind of in that,pseudo luxury area so you know its just,its good but its not amazing the other,thing i hate absolutely hate is the,amount of gloss black in here that just,leaves smudges everywhere you got on the,steering wheel you got it in this center,thing that you press all the time does,my head in jacob do you like i hate it,no,didnt even let me finish what im,saying there you go jacob hates it too,but lets not focus on the negatives bro,lets talk about the positives which is,for example you get oh three usb ports,up front and a wireless charging area,there and then the tech is probably my,favorite part because youve just got,two massive digital displays in front of,you so the infotainment display is,really really easy to use youve got,your hybrid screen there which you can,see a bunch of information on it its,got apple carplay and android auto its,super responsive i think it looks great,it works very well one of my favorite in,the business and then up ahead of you,youve got your digital instrument,cluster where you can see a bunch of,different information in the center and,you can also see different cool,graphics when you change between your,driving modes so i guess thats pretty,cool youve got other things too like,the air conditioning controls that just,work really well and theyve got some ev,specific things like driver only air con,if you want to save a bit of that air,conditioning fuel usage steering wheel,is a beautiful leather really like to,hold on to it hate the glossy black,plastic because again it just smudges,weve been wiping everything down today,multiple times with this bad boy so if,youre going to buy one of these ask,your dealer to throw in one of those,although theyre not going to theyre so,cheap the switch gear on it is pretty,nice and its all easy to move through,different menus and youve got all your,autonomous driving stuff on the right,hand side and by the way this thing can,essentially drive itself lane keepers,lane centering assist autonomous,emergency braking youre not going to,find a much safer car especially at this,price point also being the gt line of,course this thing is fully loaded with,your bose sound system which does sound,pretty good but you also get some of the,nicest napa leather diamond quilted,seats,in the business its pretty surprising,theyre adjustable in so many ways i,absolutely love them oh and also this a,giant panoramic sunroof jacob and i have,been having an argument a bit of a tiff,over whether its a sunroof or a mood,roof i think its a moon roof i think,for all intents and purposes were gonna,keep calling it a bloody sunroof okay,wheres the sun thats a philosophical,question if ive ever heard one it was,actually a beatles song lets talk,i dont get it youre too old youre old,before your time actually that was here,comes the sun youre an idiot lets talk,about the back seats okay so whats the,back seats like in the sorrento well im,five foot ten or five foot eleven as i,tell everybody else in the world and im,sitting in my normal seating position,here i sit quite far back from the,pedals but i still have heaps of leg,room heaps of toe room and a good amount,of headroom considering that there is a,giant panoramic sunroof above my head,sunroof not moonroof

The 2021 Kia Sorento Hybrid is an Efficient Turbo-Electric 3-Row Family SUV

kia really pulled out all the stops when,they introduced the all-new sorrento,earlier this year i tested out the,2.5 turbo in both front-wheel drive and,x-line all-wheel drive however what was,missing was an electrified,option and of course this is the first,generation sorrento,to get it so as you can see right behind,me kia has sent me over the 2021,sorrento hybrid a plug-in hybrid is,coming this is the conventional model,and as you can see it has the same,handsome good looks all new platform and,gets up to 37 mpg combined and continues,to seat,up to six people so if you guys are,looking for the sorrento,and you want the electrified option how,does this new sorrento hybrid stack up,thats what were here to find out,[Music],now in terms of the exterior design,youre not going to be able to really,tell that this is the hybrid version,by looking at the front fascia it still,has the same bold,squared off telluride inspired design,that really is,successful for me this was in fact kias,best-selling model last month the,company moved a little over 10 000 units,in april,here in america that actually outsold,the telluride by about 2 000 units so as,you can see the sorrento,is a very important model for kia so now,that weve got the hybrid model up close,lets take a look at some of the styling,differences as you can see my tester,here in this gorgeous shade of red,really does pop,it stands out quite nicely this is the,higher trim ex version the,hybrid only comes in s bass s and this,higher trim ex the ex version,essentially just gives you the led fog,lights down here which provide a,slightly unique look because this is,very similar to what,hyundai does with their parametric,jewels how theres a light in the actual,indentation of the grille there are some,functional air vents here of course to,create a break,an air curtain over the wheels and you,also get standard led headlights,no led turn signals though this is not,the projector style of the leds you find,on the sx version you can see the grille,has you know that kia tiger nose grill,with these functional openings of course,and unlike the new carnival which has,the new kia logo,the sorrento sadly does not only the,2022 model your kias will have that so,maybe kia will change this out,on the sorrento for 2022. i definitely,prefer the new logo,now that im looking at the older kia,logo which again just doesnt look as,nice,as the new version now as you can see,the sorrento has shed its,minivan like looks for a much more,squared off suv like appearance,and the hybrid version the only way,youre going to tell its a hybrid from,the side profile is when you look at,these wheels these are not,my favorite in terms of the wheels,theyre a 17 inch wheel wrapped in 235,65 series rubber these are the same,wheels that you get on the s version,i wish kia would have offered a 19 or a,20 inch wheel on the ex,just to give it a little bit more of a,pop for its design i mean i understand,this is better for fuel economy,but i would easily sacrifice you know,two to three mp or one to two mpg,by going with a much bigger wheel design,now at 189.6 inches long the sorrento is,a tweener,in terms of its overall length its,wheelbase is 110 inches long,you can see the hybrid version has some,metallic trim you can see theres a,metallic trim piece here which would say,x line if you have the x line package,and theres some more silver trim along,the side profile and,the rocker the roof rails have this,aluminum look finish to it which does,give it a nice overall design looking at,the rear you can see the tail lights are,identical to the last sorrento that i,showed you these are not full led,however im surprised that kia decided,to go with an incandescent look,and you can see theres a small little,eco hybrid badge here but remember,all-wheel drive is not available on this,car which is kind of a deal breaker for,a lot of people,wait for the plug-in hybrid to get,all-wheel drive now underneath here on,the rear bumper you can see its got,some fake looking exhaust tips those are,not real,instead theyre hidden under the bumper,and kia decided to put the release here,for the power liftgate,underneath the e on the lower part of,the hatch and when you open up the hatch,you can see the third row comes standard,and you get around 13 cubic feet of,space with third row seat up this is,pretty small,most of you are probably going to just,go ahead and pull this and fold down the,third row seat,which when you do that it expands it to,around 43 cubic feet of space which is,pretty nice and if you fold down the,second row seats,youll get around 73 cubic feet of space,so thats a little bit more than what,youre going to get from most of the,compact offerings but a little bit less,than what youre getting obviously in,the kia tell you ride,now looking at the interior of the,sorrento hybrid the runway red exterior,is complemented really nicely by this,gray,synthetic leather interior i really like,how kia decided to go with a lighter,color option here you can see the big,pano sunroof,is standard on the ex trim thats,actually optional if you guys go for the,gas only version of the sorrento and,overall,it still has that open and airy feel,that a lot of people in this segment,really like and as you can see doing a,quick sweep of the,cabin this looks very familiar of course,if you guys are in some of the modern,kia products i love the way the seats,look,even though this is a fake leather they,are comfortable and supportive they,offer,a 10-way power adjustment on the,drivers side the passenger side is only,a four-way i believe,three level heated seats if youre,looking for cooled seats with memory you,wont be able to find it on the hybrid,so that again,limits you if you guys are looking for,the highest grade of possible features,now shutting the door,the door has a really nice solid,sounding funk and then when you want to,start the vehicle up you can see,heres the current key of key fob it has,remote start on the fob it kind of looks,like a detonator switch and kia puts the,button of course right here behind the,steering wheel and the dash,you can see unlike the other trims that,i showed you if youre looking for the,big digital 12-inch display,on the sx prestige its not available,this is the standard looking display,with the smaller helper screen and then,of course you have the eight inch,kia infotainment system its much,smaller of course than a 10 and a,quarter inch but it does include,wireless card play which is nice this is,the only way you can get it if you get,the smaller screen which is weird,the steering wheel also is a rather,large in diameter wheel you do get,paddles on the wheel theres some,real metal trim thats splashed around,the piano black the steering wheel,itself is a,manual tilt and telescoping that offers,a really good amount,of adjustability no heated wheel and the,horn,it sounds pretty good its doesnt it,has a typical sounding,like tone to it it doesnt sound puny or,overly aggressive,looking at the center stack here you can,see dual zone climate control which is,nice dedicated hard buttons a lot of,hard buttons for the stereo,the touch response is pretty snappy and,responsive i really like how,quick it is the resolution is also,pretty good its fine,when you put the car into reverse you,can see theres the reverse camera the,surround view camera is not available on,the hybrid,so again kind of keep that in mind you,can hear the noise,thats the reverse noise that the hybrid,model makes to let pedestrians know or,people outside that the vehicle is,backing up because it can cruise around,on electric power alone,no actual built-in gps on this model you,do have this little hybrid display here,that will show you where the power is,coming from it shows you your fuel,economy information,i imagine the plug-in hybrid will kind,of expand on that this is all very easy,to use and i like the kia system it,you know its very snappy its very,responsive and it has most of the tech

2022 Kia Sorento Hybrid | MotorWeek Road Test

motorweek is made possible by,lucas oil,tirerac.com,and rockauto.com as kia continues to,expand their suv lineup their mid-sized,stalwart sorrento made a move to regain,some of the flavor of the rugged,original when the fourth generation,arrived last year to us that made it,even more desirable but it turns out,that was just a starter as its become a,lot more efficient too with this,sorrento hybrid,[Music],making an already great vehicle even,greater is a great way to grab our,attention and thats just what kia has,done with this 2022 sorento hybrid,three-row crossover utility vehicle,kia has been in the hybrid game for,quite some time so its no surprise the,sorrentos powertrain is smooth and well,sorted yet also quite punchy both from a,dead stop and for highway passing,and not only is it significantly more,powerful than the sorrento standard,naturally aspirated 2.5 liter i4 its,loads more efficient,kia mates a 177 horsepower 1.6 liter,turbo 4 engine with a 44 kilowatt motor,to deliver a total of 227 horsepower and,258 pound-feet of torque,all-wheel drive is optional on the,hybrid though we stuck with front-wheel,drive to maximize efficiency,not to mention appreciate its,diesel-like ability to travel well more,than 600 miles on a tank of gas,government fuel economy ratings are 39,city 35 highway and 37 combined,though we were certainly on the low end,of that with a 35.7 miles per gallon,average on regular fuel,still the energy impact score is far,better than average with eight barrels,of annual petroleum consumption and just,four tons of co2 emissions,theres also a plug-in phev hybrid,available which not only gets more power,from a larger electric motor but a,bigger battery to deliver up to 32 miles,of ev driving,we continue to applaud kias use of a,true six-speed automatic transmission,and not a cvt,though in operation it does hesitate a,bit at times to downshift wanting to,rely on the electric motor first and,then dropping a gear or two when,reinforcements are needed,its the only detractor from the very,smooth driving experience that mixes a,borderline floaty highway ride with,competent cornering,not much else is different from the,sorrento we tested last year when this,gen debuted it still feels incredibly,spacious and kia continues to include,unexpected features like a rear wiper,that engages automatically whenever you,select reverse and even the huge 10-inch,touchscreen is standard equipment,three-row seating is standard as well,with your choice of setups for either,seven or six passengers,our testers second row captains chairs,were very comfortable but no matter,where you were sitting its a quite,pleasant experience all of the creature,comforts you expect with nothing overly,complicated to figure out,plenty of storage space too as even,behind the third row theres a decent,12.6 cubic feet expanding to 45 cubic,feet and maxing out at 75.5 with all,seat backs folded,gauges are fairly traditional looking,with an analog speedometer small central,info screen and a power meter on the,left replacing the tack,for now the hybrid is only available in,mid-level s and e-x trims but our exs,fittingly named runway red paint job is,more akin to what we usually see on a,luxury car and may even be enough to,allow you to sneak into the whole foods,parking lot without feeling out of place,nothing really sets the hybrid apart in,appearance which is fine by us same led,equipped tiger nose front chiseled body,and expressive c-pillar motif as the,rest of the sorrento lineup ex comes,with standard roof rails and 17-inch,wheels,off to mason-dixon drag way to search,for the other side of this hybrid,powertrains performance,it hops off the line with impressive ev,power delivering quite an aggressive,launch chirping the tires a bit and even,trying to torque steer on you as you,sprint to 60 in 7.3 seconds,power delivery stayed very consistent,down the track through a 15.5 second,quarter mile ending at 92 miles per hour,built on the k5s capable n3 chassis the,sorrento hybrid is very light on its,feet for a vehicle of this size,steering too is light but not vague at,all,the regen brakes have an impressive,almost natural feel to them and good,stopping power too though we did,experience some fade after a few runs,we rate its 115 foot stopping distance,as good,pricing for the sorrento s hybrid starts,at just thirty five thousand three,hundred forty five dollars only,seventeen hundred dollars more than a,comparable non-hybrid,all-wheel drive adds eighteen hundred,dollars while our ex starts at thirty,seven thousand three hundred forty five,dollars thats nearly as much as the,bottom line of the sorrento phev after,federal tax credits,there isnt much downside to stepping up,to the 2022 kia sorento hybrid other,than in not being able to tow quite as,much as the 2.5 turbo with the towing,package,that aside the sorrento hybrid is not,just a more fuel efficient sorrento but,all around the best sorrento value,[Music],[Music],you

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