1. I bought shoes from KicksCrew. KicksCrew Review Philippines
  2. Is KicksCrew Legit?!
  3. Kickscrew Watch Before You Buy…. Honest review you must see before you order…. Not Good
  4. Is Kicks-Crew Legit? Dont Buy From Them Until You Watch This
  5. SNEAKERS UNBOXING: Nike Zoom Freak 1 Noble Red @Kickscrew | The Cebuano Hotelier | LIFESTYLE EPISODE
  6. Is KICKSCREW Legit or Not Legit? Personal Experience + Shoe Comparison

I bought shoes from KicksCrew. KicksCrew Review Philippines

microwavable sneakers,and sanctuary,just three minutes,put paper inside,microwave turn it off,its that easy,hot and fresh okay were not yet at that,level of technology but its so much,easier now to buy shoes online than it,was 10 or 20 years ago,[Music],in this video ill be sharing with you,my experience buying online specifically,from kickscrew.com so what is,kickscrew.com and why did i decide to,buy from there,kickscrew was founded back in 2008 by,ceo johnny mack and touts itself as an,e-commerce marketplace for sneakers,after checking their instagram i saw,they had 1 million followers,i decided to give them a try because,they were vetted by complex and they had,the shoes i liked,okay so if theyre so great why the need,for a review well my shortcomings in,case,some criticisms i saw about kickscrew,came from reddit where buyers mentioned,about not getting what they ordered,extremely long wait time before,receiving their package,and i even saw someone say that kiks,crew was a scammer,but i really wanted the pair of shoes,that i saw on their website thats why i,gave it a try also i wanted to make a,youtube video about it so i decided why,not on april 12 2022 i decided to,purchase the nike air force one mid 07,wb flat 2021 from the kicks crew website,i immediately received an email,confirming my purchase it was there that,i realized how kickscrew system worked,based on their chart kickscrew only acts,as an intermediary between a buyer and a,seller,once the order is placed kickscrew,informs the seller about the order the,seller is then given time to fulfill the,order,the term fulfill the order is probably,when the seller checks their stock,once fulfilled the shoes are then sent,to kickscrew by the seller for quality,control in other words to check if the,pair of shoes are legit or not,once the shoes have passed the quality,control of kickscrew it gets forwarded,to the courier,in my case fedex handled my shipment,then of course fedex sends the goods to,me so this was all running in the,background as far as i was concerned i,received four emails in total the first,one was on april 12,when the initial email came confirming,my order the second email was april 17,saying that the seller has sent the,shoes to kick screw for quality control,and then april 25 the email saying the,order was on the way to me and then,finally april 27 when the shoes finally,were delivered to me in total it took,half a month to get my shoes as a point,of comparison i ordered from nike.com,back in 2020 and they fulfilled the,order in about the same amount of time,better the shoes were custom made,they were nike by use,when i ordered apparel back in 2021 it,took four days long,for me the most concerning part was when,the shoes were confirmed and i found out,that kickscrew was not,the,direct seller of the shoes they were,just an intermediary so from there up to,the point,before the shoes were delivered i,started to doubt the process i started,to,admittedly,fear that the,experience i was going to have was,similar to the ones that i saw on reddit,completely,things like that but,thankfully the shoes did arrive,and i was a happy kid,feels so good to receive mail now its,unboxing time,[Music],[Music],upon seeing the sneakers you will notice,there are kick screw tags on them which,say that once removed all claims will be,null and void,so whats the damage you ask,heres the breakdown,cost of shoes 151 dollars or roughly 7,700 pesos,cost of shipping 25 or about 1,275 pesos,duties taxes and local charges 576 pesos,and 80 centavos a total of,9552 pesos and 80 centavos,just a side note the custom charge seems,to be consistent similar to the charge,that i got before when i bought shoes,back in 2020,and charged now,or actually,the last big question on peoples mind,is probably,did i receive a legit pair authentic by,unschustel thanks to modern technology,we now have authenticator apps which,makes us sure that the shoes are legit,and authentic,aside from the legit app i also found,that the,sneakersgram,app is a locally made one which was uh,recommended by sir carlo ople,and,i was able to use that for this exercise,on legit app authentic,on sneakersgram past,by the way guys sneakersgram still,offers their authenticator service for,free,so whats the verdict,maybe,until microwavable sneakers become a,real thing kick screw is a legitimate,source for you to,buy hard to find shoes but,if im able to buy the shoes locally,ill probably go for the,uh locally sourced shoes because,waiting time and then new additional,charges,to buy again from kickscrew if i find,out from computing that i save from,around 2000 pesos,by buying from kickscrew thats probably,the,this the trigger that will,make me buy from them again,these shoes were not available from the,local stores that i usually browse from,so it was justifiable for me to buy,these shoes with a hefty delivery cost,one last thing if you guys want one free,token from the legit app you can use my,referral code alicer it takes two tokens,to,use the service but at least this one if,you use my referral code you get,one free token of course ill get,incentives from you using my referral,code but it also helps you to get one,free token so that is it for this video,i hope you liked it if you found it,helpful please hit the like button and,subscribe to my youtube channel,see you guys on the next one,peace,its that easy come on guys are you,gonna listen to me

Is KicksCrew Legit?!

bad boys bad boys,what you gonna do what you gonna do when,they come for you,[Music],yo whats going on youtube with your,boys snickerlike back for the one,time man,continuing the series of well if youre,new here,whats up uh basically im doing a,series on the truth,of buying from this store if that makes,sense like so i buy from a bunch of,different consignment shops and,sites throughout the united states in,the world and see if they are,legit uh none of this content is,sponsored by these specific brands,so you know lets be honest influencers,me,when i get to deal with so and so,sneaker wise they express shipping to me,they show me love you know thats just,how it goes so im just gonna buy as a,basic consumer,these brands dont know who i am im,just infiltrating the market you know,what im saying,but before we get to that lets get into,todays sponsor man you shout out to,essentials for showing mad love,[Music],now essentials is a clothing brand keep,the packaging you know what im saying,theyre actually going to be launching,august 29th at 10 a.m eastern standard,time this stuff sells out and it is,phenomenal quality you guys can see i,have the black tea on right now,looks phenomenal then i also have the,pants on i got a few other products,which ill show you i got the henley tea,in black the gravel hoodie i couldnt,miss out on the black sweatpants,basic pieces man you guys know how i am,i love to keep it very simple very,minimal and of course have that fire on,my feet like i said their whole,collection is dropping august 29th at 10,a.m if you guys want to pick up any of,this stuff you can actually use my code,s life10 get 10 off but make sure you,get there at 10 a.m eastern standard,time like i told you this stuff is going,to sell out whats even better youll,get domestic and,international shipping free if you spend,over 50 so,like i said man hit the link down below,use that discount for those of you guys,to pick up some products let me know,what you think but lets get into the,video okay so,kicks crew this is my first time ever,ordering from them and honestly i have,never heard of them,prior to a lot of you guys leaving,comments like yo this case crew legit so,of course i did my research and,you know looked around the internet,watched a few youtube videos and what i,didnt realize this companys been,around since 2008 and its really,i believe asias like biggest,consignment shop,now as you guys know with what has been,going on shipping has been extremely,slow for a lot of companies and,people are mad bro honestly i completely,understand you order your shoes you,expect them to get there,in time not waiting five months five,weeks or terrible customer service when,youre spending this kind of money right,so thats the most important thing now i,ended up ordering,these on august 22nd,and they arrived on august 26th i ended,up paying 270,for the shoe and then an additional 35,dollars and they did get here really,quick,i didnt have any problems they did,ship fedex and let me tell you it was,extremely fast,now for me like i said this aint,sponsored content so,i was trying to figure out like what,sneaker do i want that,either im gonna keep in the closet on,ice or you know ill potentially wear it,and i felt like this was it this was,that one sneaker that i know is most,likely gonna go up crazy in value,so i figured in doing this video to,recoup a little bit of dollars,let me buy these before they skyrocket,in price,so so they have that like warehouse,smell you know,stuff be sitting in a warehouse hows,that that,smell so here they are man the japan,ones the blam box looks perfect,you gotta love when its coming all the,way from hong kong that the box didnt,get destroyed,because you know how ups fedex all,boom oh shes the japan,dude these im telling yall if you,didnt get these,you should probably buy them now before,they skyrocket in price so here we have,him,we even got this little like hang tag,that says kicks crew,verified case crew disclaims all,liability if tag is removed,interesting thats pretty dope i like,that thats a nice little feature oh,these are tough bro yeah,dang man these were hard to get man,struck out big time on sneakers app,like for me if i dont hit on sneakers i,kind of just whatever,on to the next bro cuz you just never,know,okay so it looks like you can even,return the shoe,right here we got another tag that says,returns invalid if seal is broken which,is pretty dope,so you know if youre not happy with the,shoe clearly you can just return it now,like i told you guys i did watch a bunch,of different videos about,kicks crew and i mean when a lot of the,homies went out there for uh sneaker con,what was it hong kong i didnt go to,that one they visited the facility and,you know everything checks out so this,site,is definitely on the approved list ill,tell you guys firsthand man just,they got here super quick i didnt have,any issues at all,no like buying something and then not,having it in stock or just,you guys know the stupidity that goes,with buying shoes sometimes so boom,easy enough what do you guys think man,japans,fire havent released since 2001 bro i,wish they came with a briefcase like,they originally did that would be stupid,but there it is man what,website should i do next let me know,down below in the comments and make sure,you guys follow me on instagram,uh i have a thousand dollar giveaway,coming here really soon if you guys want,to get notified about the giveaway you,can either turn notifications on here or,you can shoot me a text just shoot,giveaway to 303 303-529-6327 and as soon,as that giveaway goes up ill shoot you,guys a text message so stay tuned its,your boy sneakerlife thank you guys so,much for watching again,let me know what i should do next i just,want to keep this series rolling but,ill catch you on the next one,[Music],you

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Kickscrew Watch Before You Buy…. Honest review you must see before you order…. Not Good

how you guys doing today,this is uh jd with jd,obviously my names jd,but this is going to be my first real,review for youtube for kicks crew,i cant believe what happened with them,i see nothing but good stuff over the,internet,uh i got my pair the other day i ordered,them,uh may 30th and i received them june 1st,so they got here very quick,let me just tell you though there,read this from their website,our assurance of authenticity we only,sell products from verified retailers,and boutiques globally their quality,control process now remember this,all,products are guaranteed authentic and,undergo rigorous quality control across,all attributes of a product box color,stitching tag size manufacturer quality,before they ship to our customers their,customers,um,i was so disappointed when i opened this,box,seeing everybody open their stuff online,and getting me hyped up like man,finally stockx canceled one of my orders,so i figured id try kicks crew,i cant believe this,i was like oh man great sweet,awesome,box isnt bad,i open it up you know theyre singly,wrapped,i pull the first one out im so excited,i look at it im like oh man,you know that jordan smell youd love,that love it,you know they got the tags on it because,theyre verified,first thing i look is,wait a minute the gore-tex symbol,doesnt look right so i set it down,hurry up grab the other one out,kick true again,look at this one this ones not as bad,so now its got me thinking like wait a,minute wait a minute wait a minute,so i started really looking at him,let me show you the gore-tex on the one,do you see how off that is,i mean its not even close to being,straight whatsoever,not at all,heres the other one for,[Music],kind of like a reference,i mean its its bad,but then i got to look into at the back,of the shoes then,and i notice right in here,the stitching,lets see which one,do you see the difference,the one has two the other one has three,like man that doesnt mean seem right,so then i line them up and realize this,the ones bigger than the other,insane man absolutely insane,i couldnt believe it i really couldnt,believe it,like,really,so i figured man thats a you know,quality issue,they should refund my money or send me,another pair like i asked them in their,email i sent them they told me nope,theyre just giving me my uh,um regular refund i have to mail them,back i dont get no shipping back um im,out the shipping i paid,uh and then they take 15,also,um off what i spent on them,now,if i would have known that they were,going to send me quality like this,i would have never bought it,theyre almost trying to say well you,knew what you were getting yourself into,in the email and its like no,per your thing manufacturer quality is a,reason right,well manufactured quality,you should be able to take it back no,problem no questions asked,so obviously they dont stand behind,their product in one theyre real,worried about having these stickers,these kids crew stickers on them,i think thats just big height,i mean i cant believe that the,stitching is off that much on the back,and the gore-tex i mean how does that,get through quality,i mean how does it,i dont i dont get it i really dont,just,it doesnt make any sense,then to have the two stitches here and,the three here,i mean,absolutely ridiculous man,it just it really really really made me,sick,because,im an auto worker um with three kids,going through a divorce right now man,uh im just trying to flip shoes on the,side man to make a little bit of money,and you guys really took advantage of me,um i just want people to know that are,hard workers americans like me anybody,um dont buy from kick screw man,its not worth it its really not,because now im out all this money and,then what i send them back theyre just,going to do it to somebody else or do i,keep them and take the loss,i mean you know my kids got to eat,i would never sell these to somebody i,would be absolutely embarrassed,um i messaged mr mac uh johnny mac the,owner on instagram,sent him pictures some,pictures of the back some high quality,of the front,um im sure theres way more defects in,these than that,im not even into shoes really like that,man,and it just makes me sad that i just,started collecting and kickscrew totally,ruined it for me,um i think im only gonna purchase from,nike from now on,um,i see some of these names like seth,fowler you know with him on kicks crew,and its like,dude how could you back something like,this,like i hope on your little podcast thing,youre doing you you asking this,question,um i really hope a lot of people see,this review because all ive seen was,good ones,this is probably the first bad one i,dont know,but i just couldnt believe it its like,its my fault like i knew what i was,buying,no,your quality sucks,but,i really hope you all have a blessed day,and thank you for watching,and uh i got more content coming you,know what i mean im just positivity, man there aint never gonna be,another you like there aint never gonna,be another me,so uh we just need to get each others,backs man and keep the world spinning,love you guys thank you for tuning in

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Is Kicks-Crew Legit? Dont Buy From Them Until You Watch This

you tube cutter baby boy DMV and were,back with another video this time,this is gonna be legit check website,video man because as you see from the,title its this website called Hicks,crude first of all let me get this out,the way I am not bothering them this,video is not provided by them they did,not pay for me to do this video I am not,endorsing this a website or nothing this,is just Im gonna review this shoe that,I bought from them from a legit nike.com,store that I bought my shoes from Im,just gonna compare the two yall could,come up with your own conclusion okay,cuz yall about to scoop me no no no no,ya aint Mike this group 2:08 me man a,shout out to scoop you dont know me but,Amen you got a learn from other people,mistakes so Im not giving my stamp of,approval from this website if you want,to buy on their website go right ahead,Im not saying they fake Im not saying,theyre legit Im just gonna give you my,experience and Im going to show you the,shoes in depth detail and everything so,nobody can come back and talking about,oh dude you said youre a real Oh this,fake bro eh this is at your own risk,but I did this on my own wrist I pay for,this for my own money,but yeah anyway,website is called kicks crew I think,its called and Ive always wondered if,their shoes are legit or not because I,have heard about them probably in the,last two years and all this something,just I dont know it it just seemed too,good to be true and normally when [ __ ],is too good to be true especially in,this [ __ ] game its yeah you need to,stick with that good but you know what I,was like you know what Im just gonna,take one for the team and make a video,on this and hopefully help yall and,just I just want to give yall my,experience of what I purchased and,compared it with a legit shoot that I,bought from nike.com,and Im gonna show yall the both shoes,the boxes and everything Im not gonna,say its real Im not gonna say its,legit yeah I about to come back to me,and say D I order for them and they send,me face and yall comes from the homie,so Im not putting my stamp on approval,by act your own risk what Im gonna do,right now is Im about to walk,downstairs to my mailbox and go get the,package right now baby I figure out,whats goddamn key it is because my dumb,ass I dont know which one cavity but,all right goddamn where the [ __ ] is my,wheres number 21 that I dont know but,I need to pick up their mail that I just,drop all right yeah,pick it up get that mask all right so,where is the Petes women with Petes,winning one of course my dumb ass dont,know where it is,Im lost I passed it like three four,times already but I wasnt paying,attention so Im gonna be walking up and,down for a few moments then Im a,finally figuring out but first I need a,double check I need it never take the,seat is it number 21 okay I finally,found it oh hey Phyllis you dont want,to put the key in the wrong hole if you,know what Im talking about you know you,you know that one just look put it in,the right hole dreams Ive never seen a,green box in my life all right ima get,yall my experience with shipping okay,knowing that they are from Hong Kong so,it takes a little bit longer than your,normal us delivery all right so this has,to go through customs and all that [ __ ],you know Im saying so it took at least,about a week and a half maybe two weeks,maybe two weeks but it did take them,like three or four days for me to get my,tracking number so Im just kind of,worried I was like right its been three,or four days and these [ __ ] have not,in my traffic numbers I was like oh [ __ ],I got a PayPal claim these [ __ ] but I,sent them an email I was like hey yo was,was good I think this its been three,days since I placed my order wheres my,tracking number and they did after I,sent my email to them action for my,tracking number the next day they didnt,provide me the tracking number so you,just gotta be patient because they,playing [ __ ] Hong Kong Hong Kong so,its gonna take a little bit longer than,your regular US shipments over boom here,the box right here its coming in this,weird ass green [ __ ] Christmas paper,begun theyre doing all right,like I said Im not gonna say lets hit,on time ima let yall be the judge,Im going to let yall be the judge in,the comments down below,yall from what I show you you let me,know okay you let me know if they legit,or not because Im gonna say [ __ ],Im just gonna show yall the shoes all,right yeah – cool – eight yeah you buy,the right no balls take 100 south videos,on me and put me off blows Ill try to,pay or not,well gloves off expose my,all right so this is the box the box is,a little bit damaged but thats because,its from Hong Kong so the one on the,right side this one right here is from,kicks crew you see this is the damaged,one and the one that I got from nike.com,is the pretty one right here so were,gonna take a look at the height lets,see about the height all right like I,said Im not gonna say [ __ ] Im gonna,let yall be the judge,all right yall tell me what yall see,cuz cuz H shout-out to the homie school,but I learned from his lesson and yeah,Im about to UM put [ __ ] on me so yall,determined yall tell me if this is,legit or not but as you see the boxes,this is how it lines up straight up and,down so yall can examine it yall let,me know [ __ ] look at the box right here,do yall see anybody tell me if yall,see any differences I mean let me zoom,up yall tell me [ __ ] the height the,Nike check once again this one is from,kick square this is from Nike calm you,be the judge,all right there we go heres the other,side thats how it looks from that angle,all right so one thing I do notice and,that I will point out is that the ones,from kicks crew does not have the,suggested price so that could be a big,deal for yall not really for me because,I actually bought this shoe on their,website it was they were selling it for,a hundred and fifty dollars so it was,only $30 over resale you see the resale,price is 120 but a lot of reseller,websites always take this off but yall,can look at the,details if yall want to check it out so,boom yall let me know if you see any,differences to me Ill honestly dont,see anything different I really dont,see anything different but hey like I,said Im not saying its legit or not,yeah Im about to scoop to AAP so that,the damaged box is from kicks crew and,this one is from nike.com so lets open,it up lets see okay so this is the Nike,one all right over here they got this,little stamp past g7 but they got that,little sticker and over here they also,got to stick with two so hey yall tell,me your heart tell me yall tell me cuz,I aint saying [ __ ] but they got the,same goddamn sticker alright as you see,and the stamp they got the stamp right,here stamp over there alright so we got,the paper,honestly the paper looks the goddamn,same to me it it looks the same and it,feels the same so I hate matter of fact,lets go over here lets check out these,numbers right here boom this is this one,right here thats looking at is the Nike,resell them one I mean the Nike retail,and this is the reseller so the numbers,do match up okay so the numbers do match,up right there it also has a little a,right there like Im gonna do all the,little details and they both got the a,so I mean hey hey hey,all right so here we go this is the shoe,alright so boom see check it out right,there Kix crew gotta from kick true and,like I am not endorsing them I am not,endorsing them yall see me taking it,fresh out the the box,alright I didnt switch the shoes I,didnt do nothing thats right Im gonna,take both my mouth and Im not gonna,edit this part out which is gonna go all,the way through so if I [ __ ] up oh well,I just dont want people to be like oh,you switch the shoes bro know all that,[ __ ] that people do alright so,thats the right shoe this is the right,shoe alright this is the left shoe,thats the left shoe alright so here we,go on the right hand side is the Kicks,crew the left hand side is nike.com

SNEAKERS UNBOXING: Nike Zoom Freak 1 Noble Red @Kickscrew | The Cebuano Hotelier | LIFESTYLE EPISODE

guys welcome back its been a while this,is episode 3 of my sneakers unboxing,series,[Music],welcome back guys episode three of my,sneakers unboxing series im very,excited for this one because this is the,most,awaited speakers of all time yes of all,time im waiting for this for one and a,half months,and mind you this was the first sneaker,i purchased online but it took forever,to arrive here so,and this episode is very special because,we are going to unbox,nike zoom freak one,guys if you are so new to my channel,please show some love and hit that,subscribe button i would really,appreciate that,so if youre ready lets unbox with me,lets go okay so without further ado,lets try to unbox this now,actually um,this,shoes has been on my mind for two years,now strange right,ive seen this shoes year 2020,i just saw this on instagram one of the,uap basketball players,um was wearing this one,and i got so struck with the color by,the way im getting the,zoom freak one in noble red so this is,the first one zoom i think theres freak,one two and three already,but i just gotta settle with this one,because it really struck me,you know you gotta love what you have,okay,so what do we have here,a box with the box and by the way i,purchased this on kickscrew.com,theyre a legit online guys they ship,worldwide although theres different,shipping fee for different countries,and i i kept on looking online because,apparently this,sneakers has been,faced out already in the market you,dont you cannot see this,on malls already on retail outlets you,cannot see this anymore so i have to,i have to,do my research online its pretty,exciting ill just do it this way,okay,it took forever but it just worked away,all right here we go,so this is the,nike logo,and,can i read it right ante,so this is giannis,hes a,great born nba basketball player,and,i really love this sign especially the,color it really sticks to my eye,okay so are you ready are you,ready im ready i cant wait im very,excited ive been waiting for these,shoes for a long time and ive i kept on,seeing these shoes for two years and i,just keep on ignoring this pair of,sneakers you know,but timing is everything and,2020 was rough now 2021 was rough to me,so i wanted to give myself something,by the way the packaging looks okay,all in white,i dont really give much attention to,the fox as long as its genuine so i got,mine on,size 10,and,on kickstarter they do have a barcode or,qr code,to,solidify its authenticity,i got this on size 10 all right,and this is giannis autograph,so here we go,lets do this okay,one,two,three,shoot paper again i can see the shoes,now but im not gonna take a look,okay,stranger pokeball let me see first,here we are i choose you,click screw,so how does it read pick screw gotta,catch your pairs,tag us a kick screw with your purchase,to be featured you will automatically be,entered to win a pair of customized,pokemon themed shoe by kickster,kickscrew.com,guys they are legit although it just,takes time you know maybe i ordered this,january 3rd but it arrived to me,first week of february,no i ordered this one,january 3rd it arrived midweek of,february,thats right yeah,maybe they were still looking for the,right size and pair because this one is,really hard to find,anyway,without further ado,[Music],wow look at that,whats this,ah the fuller,the caller is sick,sick sick,[Applause],its popping red man,okay,nothing else in the shoe,okay my first impression,the color is really,bright in front of you its crimson red,if im not mistaken or noble,red and they do have the kickscrew,verify tag,it says here,kickscrew this claims all liability tag,is removed so yeah it really came from,them i think they do this on purpose so,you dont so if if someone tries for a,reform or return and tries to switch it,with something else,please inspect item all claims null and,void the tag removes,wow,so this is zoom freak one what a freak,of nature man,you know what the video doesnt do,justice to the color of it in person,wow i cant wait to wear this now,alright so lets put this on top of the,box,up looks,man it looks fire its on fire all right,so lets see lets try to take a look at,the sneakers up close and personal okay,on this top area,its more mainly mesh,i really like the way they did this one,its very smart and clever because most,of this nike speakers you know have this,engraved check on this one,but on this part,it,really is something,different it really struck me yeah,i really like it but man this red is,really on fire,okay so this is i think,giannis um number jersey number 34,which is quite similar with the flag of,greece,this is the back,and this is the bottom part,funny thing,theres some things here on the bottom,im going to give you a close-up later,i am my fathers legacy,and some roses here,so this ones called zoom freak one all,bro so i think theres a lot of theres,a lot of story,on this pair of sneakers,says here charles and veronica,maybe his parents,um,what else,so on this one on the,bottom part says here francis thanasis,coasters and alex maybe its his,brothers which makes sense for the title,all bros and lets try to take a look at,the inside,okay,okay it says youre all brokes,yeah,the zoom freak one has the extra,responsive cushioning 4 foot stability,and multi-directional traction needed to,complement giannis freakishly athletic,game,the performance hoops shoe features,varying shades of red on the mesh upper,fitted with internal bands around the,forefoot for a lock down fit the,sneakers full midsole houses double,stack zoom air units in the heel for,extra cushioning,this rocking pair of shoes sports a,maroon colored upper thats constructed,by a more vibrant crimson on the tongue,sock liner and laces additional details,include all bros printed on the insole,along with a multicolored midsole along,with a speckled reverse swoosh branding,on the lateral side to complete the look,mind you its pretty lightweight,i dont like wearing,heavyweight kind of sneakers not a,basketball player myself and i want to,wear this one,when im working out if i enroll in,boxing,playing badminton,as long as the port is really nice,should be fine you have to take,precaution and wear them on the right,places yep,im not planning to wear this one just,for two years i want to keep this one on,my shoe box,im an acrylic shoebox i want to display,this when im not wearing this,really looks nice,its,wicked lets wear them on lets have a,feed on impression,okay lets go,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],guys im so happy with this purchase,although if you would ask me how much,this cost dont ask me,its so expensive and im not gonna tell,you how much this was expensive,but,maybe i get for myself for last year,2021,i made it and 2022,its a new its a fresh start,new everything so yeah,im ready and yeah this is my new baby i,promise to take good care of my sneakers,now all of them that i have unbox,i promise to take good care of them,because i,choose,you,so guys there you go i hope this was,very informative and helpful for you if,you like this sneakers check out,kickscrew although i couldnt find any,more on facebook or retail um resellers,or online retailers on facebook for,philippines,its pretty hard and if you could find,one maybe its not legit so i i really,advise you to buy,if you can afford i would advise you to,buy legit sneakers because,your foot would be you know,its painful the feel is really,different if you wear something,fake sneakers,in the long run it would just be,destroyed easily and youre putting,money on it so i would advise you to buy,legit snickers and always buy on budget,if you cannot afford the sleepers just,buy something else within your budget,you know you dont want to break the,bank just for these sneakers you can,save this one and hope,that its still available in the market,but yep,kickscrew has everything online although,its really,expensive,okay and the waiting time is struggling,so yeah,but i have to credit them its really,legit,so guys t

Is KICKSCREW Legit or Not Legit? Personal Experience + Shoe Comparison

what is up sneaker family good to be,back sorry i havent posted in a while,was getting my computer fixed but were,good now,this video is going to be about my,experience with kicks crew,let me just get this out the way,at least for me this experience i can,say that,these shoes in the side are legit,and maybe not everybodys gonna have the,same experience and just a little bit of,context behind this purchase my girl,wanted some jordan m82s in a specific,colorway and i had mentioned to her hey,no worries i can find this colorway,trust so thats kind of what led to this,purchase,like many of you guys know kids crew,their operations are in hong kong,and in my case i live in the us so that,purchase is going to be a pretty far,purchase especially with the overseas,shipping,it was always in the back of my head,thinking hey could this shop actually be,legitimate or could it be a scam,try not to lose some money you know how,it is you work hard for that for your,cash,so one thing you always want to do when,you make a purchase from a place you,dont know is do your research,and luckily for me i was able to find,consumer press which is a good web page,that they actually give you a lot of,links and information about if kicks,crew is legit or not,they did,link trustpilot which is another site,that reviews online retailers,and i was able to find out that uh chris,crew got a 4.1,and i did scroll and read through some,other comments,there were some good comments where,people mentioned hey i had a great,experience,got some great shoes great colorway and,great price great delivery and that was,all plus but then there were some,comments where people had like a bad,experience im not as many there was a,lot more positive than negative but some,people said they got the wrong size the,wrong shoe,even though they had a hard time you,know doing some returns,and,even some fakes i know thats really sad,right if somebody says hey i got some,fakes like you never want to see that,you know it happens if youve been doing,the shoe game for a while you know every,now and then people make mistakes as,long as you talk to them and be,respectful like people hook you up they,give you discounts or they swap them out,whatever right,but um,yeah so it can happen im not gonna say,it cant so it cant just be aware of,that,going back to consumer price i like how,they explain everything did they say,that online there are a couple like,youtube channels where people say that,complex has endorsed kicks crew and i,was trying to find the article myself,im like man i gotta find that like,thats gonna like help out my motivation,but,just like customer press i had a hard,time locating the article it wouldnt,pop up im thinking maybe,it was out there at some point but not,anymore because you know pages get taken,down through time but i did find the,article that they mentioned that came,out in 2011 where,complex does mention that you can find a,good deal for less at kicks crew and the,shipping might be a few more dollars and,ill link all that information on the,description so you can make up your own,mind and you know do your own research,so thats just something to know and i,mean that did raise my motivation a,little bit more because hey if youre,gonna list a web page right that they,give good deals i mean youre kind of,implying that they are somewhat legit so,that made me like i said it raised up my,motivation a little bit more im trying,to give you guys as much information as,i can so you guys can make up your mind,so at this point i kind of did what i,always do i kind of use my scientific,method to kind of solve this problem,i headed to my good old,trustworthy reddit because im ready you,can find anything it has never let me,down when i have a question and boom,reddit provides,so on reddit i didnt find out like,different trends about people talking,about kids crew and uh,i was like it helped me out a whole lot,if im 100 honest because its more like,a dialogue when youre on there people,ask questions and then they reply back,so after kind of reading read it i,thats kind of that made me turn my page,you know and decide hey you know what,like im gonna give this a try because i,really want to get that colorway and,surprise my girl so,thats kind of where i was at with that,just to add a little bit more when,youre going to buy from some place,youve never heard of like its so good,if they have like an ig or they got like,a facebook right because you can see,that the response theyre getting from,the community and thats something when,youre looking for like sneakers or,youre trying to get something off the,reseller market like you want to go with,somebody who has a good reputation and,thats what all this is about right its,like making friends people you know,that theyre going to deliver some good,goods,so that helped me out too because i saw,that online they have like a good,following and people just backing them,up and appreciate the work they do,so for me,kind of summing all that information up,i decided like you know what like,let me try to get these shoes and find,out for myself and then if i have a good,experience like ill let you guys know,and ive had a bad experience like im,gonna be as transparent as i can be,so i ended up pulling the trigger on,these jordan m82s we paid about 150 a,little bit over retail price for them,which is not bad because,i mean youre getting a colorway thats,not available so were pretty happy,about that,and heres where it gets interesting,because after i made my purchase i got,my confirmation email and right there it,said everything matched up correctly it,was dandy,but when i logged on to my,case crew account on their web page i,saw that underneath my first purchase,there was a whole bunch of other,purchases and i was tripping the heck,out because,there was some order that had been,delivered already and then a couple,other ones that were in the process of,being sent to wherever they were going,and i was like what the heck one the,bizarre worlds going on like,damn did they really get me but um like,once i hit them up and told them hey,like i just made a purchase and this is,i just ordered like one pair of shoes,and i think maybe your system made a,glitch and i was kind of like keeping my,fingers crossed but i wasnt really,at that point im like it has to be a,mistake because all the information i,gathered up,and um sure enough like it the next day,a few hours later because i went to,sleep when i did that and when i woke up,i had like a message already sorry for,all this confusion like our system tends,to glitch,so um everything is correct we got you,down for that one pair of shoes and,sorry about that you have any more,questions let us know so i was like damn,like what a relief because,i was kind of like no way like,and talk about that fortune right again,you gotta give people the benefit of the,doubt if youre gonna be in the shoe,business right and little things like,that happen just talk to whoever youre,dealing with and if theyre really as,legit as they say they are then theyre,gonna make things right,and that was like my case like i just,asked and,they were able to answer my questions,and then it was just pretty much waiting,for my shoes to arrive and it took about,three weeks order,on the 10th received on the 29th,of november,19 days plus i already had like some,jordan ma2s at home so i could use those,to compare these to make sure they were,legit or not so,pretty much,you want the summary of it it all checks,out like the boxes,let me go through this one first,so it has you know,the wording there,jumpman,the feel the cardboard,this impression right there,you can look at the box,the writing,the label the feel the label,even underneath like all the details,if we take a look,like everything checks out like,this one right here straight from nike,it looks exactly the same,it shows up the most obvious thing is,just the condition of the box you can,tell the box is more beat up over here,r


[Music],what is up YouTube how are you guys,doing today man I hope you guys are,doing good its Jay Hernandez with,another video for you guys and todays,video I am going to be doing a part two,pick up from a website that I reviewed a,couple weeks ago or maybe a month ago it,is called kick screw this is my second,time picking up from home I am going to,share it with you guys my honest opinion,and my experience first of all I want to,say thank you to everybody thats been,subscribed to the channel to all you,guys are leaving comments down below,dont be shy leave some comments down,below so I could interact with you guys,and for the real ones that are hitting,that subscribe button and giving me a,chance at becoming another youtuber in,their newsfeed I really appreciate that,so much guys we are on the road to a,thousand subs so please hit that,subscribe button if you are new to the,channel lets get on with the video but,before we do that again just give this,shoutout to thanks bro,thank you so much for leaving a comment,make sure you guys leave comments down,below to be on a the next shout out on,the next video,my experience with kicks crew before we,get to the sneakers lets talk about,shipping the shipping took a little bit,longer this time it took like six from,the time that I placed the order it took,about six business days which is still,not bad they do say that they do ship,out within from three two or are things,like from three to two to five business,days or something like that so they met,the the standards you know they met the,requirements they shipped it out on the,fifth day and I got it on the sixth day,they do do Next Day Air if it wasnt if,it wasnt for my morgels day I would,have gotten on Monday so thats not,counting that day so it took about six,days for me to get it now lets talk,about the PayPal thing and the paying,with the visa card or whatever it is a,credit card whatever you guys are paying,with Ive been hearing on my comments,section I do read the comments that you,guys are having to show a picture ID me,I am paying with PayPal so maybe if you,guys switch your payment up and use,PayPal maybe that might be a more of a,quicker and more swift way to get the,shoe instead of having to send,and I pictured I of ID or whatever and,if you do have to send a picture ID just,you just make sure you block out,everything and just show your name and,your picture as long as your face,matches the name then you should be,alright I think they just want to make,sure that theyre not getting scammed by,a computer some advice first so we want,to make sure were not getting scammed,either you know what I mean,so go ahead if you guys if it makes it,easier for you guys go ahead and use the,PayPal thats what I use and I dont,have to send nothing and everythings,already verified through my PayPal my,bank account everything so you are good,to go in that point now were gonna get,on to the next thing to shoot now this,is lets look at the shoe so yesterday I,was going to post this video I was a you,know I was a little upset just only,because of the sneaker did not come with,the tags that they say that theyre,supposed to come with they say that,theyre supposed to come with a zip that,zip tie like it came on my other dunks,that I ordered I think it was the,Kentucky dunks that I had ordered they,had a zip tie saying that I had to,inspect this shoe before taking the tag,off and once you take the tag off the,the returns are voided so you will not,be able to return your sneakers they did,not send this you with any tags,whatsoever so that is just a con you,know what I mean I have to be honest and,I have to show my subscribers every,every city every single thing that I got,to go through that way they they make,their final decision whether they want,to purchase through this website or not,they do not come with these zip ties,I know these plums is a sneaker that was,very very terribly done by Nike the,Quality Control was terrible Ive seen,reviews on them I saw the DNA show to,name just one out of the many reviewers,that said that the quality was terrible,on these and I so happened to get a bad,quality sneaker let me show you guys my,receipt real quick right here and that,is what I paid for eight and a half,theyre going for like 330 right now so,I could already sell these for what 50,more dollars but these are gonna be,keepers definitely what if I was to sell,them I would say that they have defects,on them because they do they are,defective,Ill show you guys that here in a second,so there is the tag and it reads Nike,Dunk Low SP they break barn plumb size,eight and a half notes adjust to retail,because sneakers from overseas do not,have you suggested retail the retail,price is completely different in a,different currency so thats why you,dont have that now lets look at the,inside you guys see the stamp the stamp,is right here its looking good,and then you got your quality control,sticker your quality control sticker and,there and then youve got your tissue,paper that looks good and feels the same,as all the other dunks that Ive gotten,so now lets get on with the sneaker,though the thing that we really care,about this might not be kicks crews,fault this might just so happen to be a,quality-control fault a problem from,Nike so if you guys have these shoes let,me know how yours looks like but this,left sneaker looks good everything came,out pretty solid on this shoe a little,glue stain right here on the inner mitts,yeah on the internet so but other than,that everything just looks good,everything checked out it has the peaks,on the toe box has a peak on the heel,just everything overall look good I,dont really want to turn this into a,review but I just do want to let you,guys know my honest opinion,so this shoe the left shoe is good now,this shoe is the problem when I first,saw these yesterday I did on boxes,yesterday I was gonna make the video,yesterday buddy I know how to react I,had to do my own research I had to watch,videos and I ran across DNA show I,watched his video as a review on these,and he talked about the bad quality and,as soon as Ive seen his pair and the,pair that they picked up then I realized,yeah these just have some bad quality,and the shoe is legit I took the in soil,on these shoes and everything looked,good let me see if I get this info out,for you guys so this is the end so for,you guys that is the end so you guys see,it right there,and theres the inside everything checks,out pretty good um the shoe looks good,it has a weird smell to it,its like a wet smell like if maybe they,got wet,somewhere along the front of the in the,warehouse or something I dont know but,they smell wet like they somehow got,soaked or something you know when you,your shoe gets wet and then you let it,dry and it just has that weird smell to,it so I dont know if these things got,wet but so now we get to the problem and,you guys see the inner midsole has the,laces all up theyre all sticking,out I dont know if thats a quality,control issue or not all I know is it,sucks to have a sneaker like that the,quality though on the suede and,everything is so nice and buttery and,its just this shoe was made with,high-quality suede and nubuck or,whatever it is just very good materials,the sneaker overall is a nice nice shoe,its just the inner metal where all the,lacing or the the lacing that goes,through the midsole it just looks all,jacked up and you might not know who to,blame,whether its kick screws fall or whether,its Nikes fault for the quality control,who knows all I know is Im gonna be,wearing this shoe and Im gonna rock it,and thats what I got these for but if I,did want to resell these I would not be,able to if I did want to take these back,I would not be able to I would not be,able to ship them back to the company,because they did not send me the zip,ties um thats the only complaint that I,have so that concludes the rest of the,video guys you guys let me know if you,guys enjoyed it let me kno

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