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  2. Does Kin Euphorics Really Work | Taste Test And Review (alcohol alternative)
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  4. Kin Euphorics, Does Kin Euphorics really work?
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Tipsy Off Non-Alcohol Euphorics? | We Tried Kin Euphorics

you dont buy your all of us from,someone who like has a you know sounds,like they have a PhD oh my god this for,those of you that dont know its called,kid you Forks this is alcohol but,doesnt have alcohol or as according to,their website nightlife beverages for,conscious connection for best effect sip,socially euphoric lifts the mind and,relax the body that wasnt even the,worst one I dont remember what page,that I was on but it was just the most,like a yoga mom just like mix a cocktail,and just spewed buzzwords yeah but not a,cocktail are you for I think I sent it,to Lauren it was immediately like I must,have this and she was like I am annoying,[Applause],crafted from ancient remedy and modern,alchemy I just feel like thats me when,I have like some booze and different,juices I become an alchemist thats,basically what they did Im pretty sure,off the back here though their branding,is spot on marketing packaging the whole,thing beautiful right I didnt either,feel like its like 70s retro like kind,of disco II its like the feel theyre,going for but then modern this is a cute,box I finish straight up a box yeah this,is very adorable,I see where theyre going also when you,open it yeah thats really cute this is,nice its just that you open it and its,like the future of revelry is italics in,our hands I mean okay I dont want to,sound dumb because Im not like I dont,understand what that means Im like but,what are they trying to say like that,doesnt,its not Im not sewing for now under,seating it doesnt make it easier no cuz,its just a bunch of empty buzzwords,maybe youre just yeah nothing the power,is in our hands but also it kind of,gives me hope that this works cuz like,maybe they were just on this Im just,saying stuff like yeah hi yeah saying,stuff,well I also lady Im not gonna trust,people with telling me some hippy dippy,stuff if theyre not sounding a little,hippie dippie yeah you dont buy drugs,from someone who like has a you know,sounds like they have a PhD from so they,have two different kinds one is like the,sleepy kind one is the away kind I got,the awake kind because Im here oh they,gave me a CD first day of the rest of,art nights I face the millennial version,of mom pillows embroidered oh yeah this,is for hours its like just a consumable,because were Millennials and instead of,having something that lasts forever we,just want it is a new way to feel after,dark bring two parties serve at dinners,or order at bars so far actually this,makes sense these are real words and,then heres a move unites all creators,is that really what it says dude this is,what happens when your parents are rich,okay I will say this is really cool,because theres all these people doing,dry January or like dry February yeah or,people who are just over in general so,its like a fun thing even drink that,will see if it actually makes you feel,any type of way but thats fine like you,can you feel like youre drinking youre,field youre having fun but youre not,risking your sobriety 100% Im gonna,insult this the entire way through what,the problem is me no you Battin is I,think its great first people to have an,option that is not alcoholic just the,only thing that like kind of concerns me,is because oh oh theyre like fluff,words I just want to know like I was,like I just wanted know what this is,like is it just micro doses of cocaine,and that would be fun hi,they have like supplements I recognize,like gaba witches Im pretty sure oh and,l-theanine which is found in green tea,its like supposed to be like calming,mm-hmm but the thing is like the thing,with supplements is like these also kind,of sound great but theyre not regulated,so no good,I mean the thing is it could be like a,really high-quality one but they can,also literally be dangerous because the,Food and Drug Administration doesnt,regulate supplements at all so fun fact,for your vitamins yeah so be careful,kids I dont really appreciate it yeah,why are you that youre trying to burp,it okay there we go so cute youre not,supposed to mix this without all just,one fact although lets just try it Im,just gonna try to show you first okay,Im smelling it and it smells like um,Im sure like when I used to bar him,like look heres like its almost like a,little like like not too much but like a,little licorice II like a little anise,like a little yeah like it like not,gagger but like a little like you get on,a saying like its like herbaceous and,herbaceous which makes sense because,theres herbs in that it seems like,something you would mix with like a,vodka and then add soda or something Im,gonna die oh Im on a stool with the,serving oh yeah lets do jumble that,food ounces theres about eight servings,in here Wow okay oh not what I expected,thats very herbal okay I think if I put,some I think I might mix this with some,stuff I can make it taste good but its,all by itself its it tastes like over,strong tea Im actually glad its better,because if it was sweet Id be more,grossed out like yeah I could see an ice,and soda this would be good you dont,like soda but shake it maybe it might,not be bad you know like alcohol doesnt,taste good yeah thats true all,this things better than alcohol I feel,like it tasted good I would be like oh,this is not gonna do anything,you kind of need it to taste like a,little funky to like believe it who I,have a fact it kind of tastes a little,bit like tonic doesnt it a little bit,oh yeah hey Sookie well you know like,something when youre hungry maybe it,was me but its not like a shot or glass,something and I like Im here and ready,to party oh yeah no it kicks in cuz I,feel like it just kind of comes just,absorbs right into your bloodstream its,not like youre waiting for it to kick,it you know to me its not the devils,lettuce but yeah it could be oh my god,thats me that should start serving the,picture doesnt it does feel very la,like Im health-conscious so I dont,drink and I dont wake up with hangovers,but I did bring this very tiny very,expensive bottle yeah I feel the meaning,the target audience for this would be,people who work out a lot yeah are very,health conscious this aint like what I,read was the person that made this was,like I didnt feel like I could go into,a Whole Foods and get like a,non-alcoholic beverage as I can bring to,a party and like the fact that whoever,it was was like Whole Foods like,name-dropped,Whole Foods I was like this is a,specific person also like get an orange,juice I did for you – someone was saying,so basically they did a test they smoked,for one week and then they drank this,for one week and they like alternated to,see if theres mood stayed boosted and,they said they didnt really notice the,difference like from week to week watch,while this for me like smoking is such a,ma its my adult rating like I think,its so like I cant do it all the time,because its super mind-altering so like,if something I would say if there isnt,a [ __ ] but its not very strong that,would probably be good for me because,its something that I can enjoy without,like thats why I like alcohol because,its not like I get super drunk off of,one drink mm-hmm you can like yeah,[Music],we mix it with some mineral water and a,little bit of lime it has a texture and,I realize its liquid but it felt like,thick like what my problem was it wasnt,actually the taste taste it is bitter,like youre saying but its a pretty,bland like my own taste yeah its not,bad is when I go to swallow it I dont,want to but its like almost I described,it as almost fell vide,you understand what Im saying like this,M yeah wasnt texture in my mouth I mean,alcohol has a weird texture tip it might,be that Im just familiar alcohol the,burger theres much other things going,on if you would take a shop or its like,yeah not really put yours choke it down,obviously Im just so old my ID like you,know I dont think there was like a,environment,oh so anyone could get this and then is,move it all turned no I I cant say that,I would be like super surprised because

Does Kin Euphorics Really Work | Taste Test And Review (alcohol alternative)

yo yo it is friday night and i am headed,to a friends house and i am going to be,trying,ken euphorics for the first time been,getting hit with their ads for a while,definitely been looking for an alcohol,alternative for a long time so,im gonna give it a go tonight share it,with some of my friends,do a taste test see what they think not,many of them drink either so,i dont know see if its a good,alternative i will give you my very,honest thoughts because,i just bought it ive never tried it so,be interesting to see,if its actually legit wear your glasses,no dont do that just straight straight,right over here guy all right youre,really up in my stuff,okay welcome we are going to be testing,kin euphorics for the first time ive,never had this before,ive heard very mixed reviews im gonna,sip it and see how it tastes just,it tastes pretty bad its very tart,very bitter im gonna mix it with some,lacroix just get it going,it says not to drink more than,four servings of this so lets just put,four servers,mix it some more lacroix,thats it see how it goes now,still pretty bad,its not good its not good hopefully it,makes me feel good,but well find out all right well check,back in,in about 20 30 minutes we got my man,andrew right here he is gonna give the,kin,a taste test as well go ahead try it out,pretty mellow it tastes earthy,pinky up,i know what youre saying its earthy we,try to sweeten it with a little bit of,sugar,its not really working its super,bitter we put some ice cubes in it to,make it better,i think if you had the right mix like a,juice,something that had sweetness in it this,could be i dont know much more,appealing but,if it makes me feel good then it might,be worth it a lot of alcohol,tastes pretty so maybe its just an,acquired taste,this is how im feeling right now in the,moment well see how it continues to,go as i drink more of it we are,almost to the bottom were always done,with the drink im definitely feeling,um im definitely jumping,[Laughter],i am feeling altered for sure,theres like a lightness like in my head,feeling like,a little off balance a little like,i dont know like slow,[Laughter],i cant tell how much i like it how much,i dont like what do you think,how do you feel i cant tell its like,after,having one beer where you have that,light buzz where its youre a little,bit,slower and youre kind of like oh maybe,you get a two or three more of me and,ill be [ __ ] up and like kind of more,fluid youre drunk right now,i like it i like it i think its cool i,really wish it tasted better,but i kind of like how i feel its good,i would,recommend that you give it a try yeah,give it a try if you dont drink alcohol,or youre looking for an alternative,i kind of like it i i need to find a,good mix for it though thats for sure,those are my thoughts thus far well,check back in a little bit okay so i,want to recap,my experience with can you forks,so a couple things that i want to note,is that,number one just because youre drinking,you know something that is not alcohol,doesnt mean that you dont need to be,conscientious of the ingredients and,whats actually in it,so definitely check out the warning,label and definitely,be familiar with the substances that are,in this before you,consume it so with that being said i,want to tell you a little bit more,about my experience number one is if,this was mixed with the right sweetener,or the right,juice the right mixer i believe it could,taste,pretty good okay it tastes pretty bad,just on its own,the way it made me feel i enjoyed the,way that it made me feel,i however dont like that it has,caffeine in it so like if im going to,be drinking at nighttime,that stimulating sort of sensation or,effect,really messes with my sleep and if,youve watched this channel,at all you know i really care about my,sleep but you know if youre planning to,have a big night out this could be used,to stimulate you and if you want to be,out late then,you know thats there you go it has,caffeine in it i really wish it didnt,have caffeine in it,but i do like the way that it makes me,feel it was an enjoyable,experience when i was trying to go to,sleep though i found it pretty tough to,fall asleep,so for that reason it lost a couple,points for me,something that i also started to notice,as the night progressed and as,i was paying attention to the sensations,and how i was feeling,is there was like a tingling sensation,probably from,the niacin i think thats the niacin,that i was feeling it,it kind of reminds me of like when i,used to take pre-workout,and go to the gym and you feel this like,weird like,it it doesnt feel like its burning but,its a very interesting like,tingling sensation i im not a huge fan,of that for,you know having a good night out other,than that the,experience overall was positive i think,the,way that it makes you feel it definitely,alters,your state alters your mood and i found,myself,yes being open yes being sociable to me,it seems like something i,might use from time to time on rare,occasions,would i recommend it im still on the,hunt for,the best like alternative like mood,altering substance or thing to do,other than drinking that is going to be,a little bit more healthy,than drinking i dont know if this is,more healthy than drinking i just,im just sharing my experience so,definitely think about like why are you,interested in drinking this like why,would you consume it,and for me it will be something that i,probably use from time to time,when i want to have one of those nights,thats not very often for me anymore as,i dont,really live that type of lifestyle but,its interesting its interesting i,think its worth,trying if youre looking for an,alternative to alcohol,or something other than alcohol to,stimulate you,or have a altered experience while you,go out,im definitely going to have to give it,another go and experiment with it using,a proper mix so i can have a better,taste experience,overall i would give this about a 7.2,7.3 out of 10 and i think if they,improve the taste they could really,move that up quite a bit so if you found,this review helpful then give it a big,thumbs up if you like health,wellness biohacking lifestyle time,freedom all that type of content then,click the little subscribe button hit,the bell so you get notified and i will,see you,in the next video as always my name is,kyle got camera and,be well

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Bartender Reviews Zero Proof Spirits – Guide for Dry January

[Music],hi everyone if youre new here welcome,and if youve been watching this channel,for a while this is my face we dont,usually do videos like this because,as you can hear i live in new york city,and its super super loud and kind of,distracting,so i apologize if you hear a lot of,traffic and honking horns but its new,york city what are you gonna do today we,are going to be delving into the world,of non-alcoholic spirits or zero-proof,spirits whatever you prefer to call them,what are they how are they made how do,you use them to make a cocktail and most,importantly are they worth buying so if,you like this type of content please hit,the like button and subscribe below and,lets dive in but before we do full,disclosure i am an ambassador for,rituals your proof products however this,is not a sponsored video they did give,me some free product but all opinions,here expressed are my own all right,lets get started,now that its dry january i thought this,would be the perfect time to talk about,these spirits so my first time ever,having a non-alcoholic spirit was back,in 2019 i was pregnant at the time and,my friend diego made me this really,delicious mocktail using the seedlip,herbal spirit and it was unlike any,other mocktail ive ever had before i,feel like theyre usually really really,sweet they have like a ton of soda in it,or they try to make up for that with too,much acid and this one was just really,complex and balanced very adult from,octals,now i know some of you are thinking that,these spirits are just overpriced,infused water and youre not entirely,wrong,many of these non-alcoholic spirits are,made by blending hydrosols or essences,with water some are actually distilled,from a spirit others are made using,glycerin to extract flavors from the,herbs and botanicals some need to be,refrigerated after opening and some are,shelf-stable non-alcoholic wines like,this one are made exactly the same way,as wine but have had the alcohol removed,the most successful method for removing,alcohol from wine is by using spinning,cone column distillation basically this,technology allows vacuum steam,distillation to occur at a lower,temperature as to not alter the flavor,of the wine,when building your non-alcoholic bar you,want to build it just as you would build,your regular bar you want your staple,spirits you want your gins you want your,tequilas you want your whiskeys you want,your rums and then you want some bitter,spirits too,so im actually going to be testing out,a couple of these spirits side by side i,have,a couple tequilas i have a couple of,whiskeys,rum gin that im going to taste side by,side and then make a cocktail using my,favorite one,[Music],so i have two different tequilas that,im going to try today i have this,mockingbird spirit thats based out of,the uk,and then i have this u.s brand called,ritual tequila alternative which,is why i reached out to the company,because i absolutely love this tequila,its amazing,this one on the other hand i,feel like it doesnt really have too,much flavor its made of blue agave but,it really has like a very,mild taste it just kind of tastes like,sweetened water with a little bit of,cinnamon in it,this is like,really,anxious tequila taste it has a little,bit of spice its got a little,earthiness from the tequila its really,really good in a margarita which i used,in my,virgin triple sec video i used this,tequila to make my non-alcoholic,margarita and its amazing ill link,that video below,im going to use this tequila to make a,zero proof version of my paloma supreme,that i made in my ten campari cocktails,video a while back ill be using my,homemade non-alcoholic campari for this,let me know in the comments if youd,like to see a video on how i made my,non-alcoholic campari for the alcoholic,version ill link the video in the,description below for this cocktail im,using two ounces of ritual zero proof,tequila alternative,one ounce of freshly squeezed grapefruit,juice and one ounce of my homemade,non-alcoholic campari,ill shake with ice for 10 seconds,add soda water to my glass with ice,pour my shaker in there and top it off,with some more soda water and a,grapefruit slice,this is so refreshing the spice from the,tequila alternative and the bitterness,from the non-alcoholic campari make this,a really complex cocktail,[Music],so the two whiskey alternatives that i,have today are the ritual zero proof,whiskey alternative and then also the,spiritless kentucky 74 with the,alternative,so just give these a little taste,and mind you these arent really meant,to be drank straight its more of like,its to be used in cocktails and mixed,so the ritual is the same brand as the,tequila that i tested earlier that i,absolutely love,their whiskey smells definitely sweeter,yeah you definitely it definitely has a,lot more sweetness than the tequila does,you taste the smoke you taste some,vanilla,its pretty fruity,but it doesnt taste like whiskey to me,like it tastes like it has all of the,flavors of whiskey but theyre kind of,separate,they dont really have like a cohesive,flavor,lets try the spiritless kentucky,so the way that they make it is actually,really interesting they,distill an actual spirit and then they,redistil it to remove the alcohol from,it,so it definitely tastes,more,definitely more like whiskey than the,ritual it has a smokiness to it its,vanilla caramel,spicy its really really nice,yeah this would work amazing in a,manhattan or an old fashioned,for the whiskey spirit im going to be,making an old fashioned i have a,spiritless kentucky 74 whiskey,alternative this one is made in kentucky,by three women that have roots in,hospitality and also bourbon production,this is the first distilled,non-alcoholic spirit,they actually start this product with a,foolproof spirit and use reverse,distillation to remove the alcohol,i like using demerara syrup in my old,fashioned,i think it complements the caramel and,vanilla notes of the spirit,ill use half an ounce of demerara,simple syrup,three dashes of angostura bitters,and two ounces of the spiritless,kentucky 74 whiskey alternative,stir for 25 to 30 seconds and strain,over a large ice cube,then express an orange twist over the,glass,this is a really tasty old fashioned i,dont think it would fool any bourbon,drinkers but it makes a great substitute,for non-drinkers who want a,sophisticated non-alcoholic night cap,so for gin i have three different kinds,of gin well one is gin like not,necessarily a gin alternative here we,have ritual again same as the tequila,and the whiskey that we had tried before,its very subtle,very citrus forward im not really,getting too much juniper very light,light,herbal notes this is the seed lip garden,this one is very vegetal it has like a,kind of bell pepper kind of scent to it,again very subtle very citrusy,and lastly i have the monday gin,so this is kind of odd their gin is,actually a little bit cloudy,compared to the other ones because of,the way that they extract the essences,from the coriander and juniper,this has definitely more of like a,london dry gin profile,its citrusy but you really get that,juniper flavor,some coriander,this one is good this one is my favorite,of all three,this ive had just with tonic and lime,and its pretty tasty,they say you can sub it out one for one,for all of your favorite gin recipes i,dont know if id buy that,it is very very subtle,this guy right here is its good its,good with soda ive used it in my peas,to meet you video that ill link below,when i did make a cocktail using this i,actually made a juniper syrup to enhance,the gin flavor of this and then i also,used some pea juice and some yogurt to,give it some body and it was actually,really tasty,but it definitely use needs a little bit,of help in the herbal department however,after opening this after like a week i,feel like it loses a lot of its flavor,they say that you dont have to,refrigerate it even though i have,refrigerated it it still tastes very,very mild if i were to mak

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Kin Euphorics, Does Kin Euphorics really work?

hello cultivators and welcome back to my,channel cultivate this glow,now were gonna hop right into it with,the King Yu forks I gave these a try,these are called u Forks there an,alcohol alternative non alcoholic you,can get these if youre 18 or older they,boast that they give you all the bliss,without the booze meaning they give you,a buzz without actually being alcohol or,giving you a hangover now these have,about 25 milligrams of caffeine in them,theyre supposed to be our alternative,drink so Im gonna hop right into my,review of them go ahead and like share,and subscribe if you want to hear more,about other things that Ive tried you,can get this if youre under 18 years oh,Im if youre yeah if youre 18 years,old or older Im just excited to try,them its something that I just want to,try and Ill tell you what they work one,hour in two hours in three hours in and,then if anything happens from there Im,gonna start by just drinking one and,Ill see how that takes me where that,takes me in one hour and then Ill go,from there sit sit – most people need,one but it could take up to two or three,like I said I just got the cans the cans,are something that you can just take you,just throw in your bag and take with you,as you move around but they also have,like a big bottle thats like a mixer,and you can mix that with certain,different other things too so this is,how they come like they were about,thirty bucks for four so I hope they,work and they come in this cute package,they came in spot before thigh unpackage,them they come in this package its,pretty cute its four of them and,theyre these cute little cans I just,love the colors to be honest but,hopefully this work serves it says,search oh they can been I did not show,at all but its kind of cold in my house,so they are kind of cold so I am just,gonna pour these in a cup and try them,so Im gonna go ahead and try it Im,just gonna pour it over ice because its,not shield and I do like things to be,chilled Im just gonna work on some,homework for a little while and see what,it takes me just because I have a,deadline tonight to help mellow me out,well see well see if this works like I,said not,Halla so if you dont drink alcohol this,may be a good alternative for you I,dont know who will see by the end like,I said Ill sure Ill let you know how,it goes on one now where I started drink,it Ill let you know in two hours after,I drink it thats the one Ill mark if,nothings going on Im gonna drink,another one huh so this says you may,need to the dirty on this theres a,start with a half serving but Im gonna,go ahead I did not put it right Im,gonna go ahead and drink more the whole,can,I dont like seltzer water but well see,well see definitely like salsa water,bitter it doesnt have like a cute,little taste I will say but its not,taste the worst things like alcohol,definitely taste better than alcohol but,well see how it makes you feel,well see how it makes you feel so this,is the hole so its been an hour,and I will say that I do feel a little,buggers like there is definitely a bus,on the drunk wine because it was my,first time taking that one of you – I,dont want to take something that I,dont know what the effects are for my,body and go to crazy they recommend half,a serving but I went on here a drunk a,whole one definitely a buzz I,will say within like less than two,minutes,I already start feeling like youre,buzzed so one hour has passed Im gonna,go ahead and drink another serving and,thats gonna be month – Im gonna see,where that takes me,but its cool like its definitely like,um I cant even say that it its,definitely buzzed for me like I said,part of the ingredient your body,chemistry is part of the ingredients so,it may be something to live different,for you but Im definitely like focused,as well though its not just like Im,woozy or anything its like Im a little,bit blit like bliss that little blissful,buzz that should be alcohol so I like it,Im gonna drink another serving you know,ima tell yall after two hours and two,drinks how I feel so we dont want to be,third hour I drink my third one,and I my final judgement is that they,definitely do work definitely worth I,probably wont get these little cans,anymore,you cant drink more than 24 I mean you,cant drink more than four in a 24-hour,period,I bought a gen 3 there 27 there were,about twenty seven dollars before,shipping in Texas for the four that I,got and just from a value standpoint Im,just gonna buy a jet motor for it,because you can mix it how you want to,or whatever and its a judge and this I,think is like 40 or 50 dollars as,opposed to $27 for these four little,cans but Im fairly enjoying it they do,work I do recommend it that you try it,two or three Im at,my magic number was three to get like,where I wanted to be Im okay with that,I also didnt drink them as quickly as I,probably should have so that might have,affected it too but they definitely work,so thats my thoughts ed you have any,questions leave them in the comments,below and yeah enjoy them

Getting “drunk” without alcohol? | Kin Euphorics Test

hello boys and girls its me Bridget and,today our guess I guess its like,evening now but this evening we are,going to be trying something that I saw,on the Internet and I think I impulse,purchased,[Music],its called kin you for X so I have,never heard this before Ive never heard,of a euphoric at all but what caught my,attention is its a drink that they,claim mimics the effects of alcohol,without the hangover because there is no,alcohol,you know what todays a great day to try,it why its just one of those days just,one of those completely bullsh,days plus I am three days from my period,which means Im feeling great feeling,great emotionally very stable I cried,because I ran out of postage stamps I,got very enraged because Emilys husband,on the Real Housewives of Orange County,is a douche I started crying last night,because I thought about my dogs,mortality just one of those like,[Music],irrationally irritable annoyed emotional,stable genius moments so bottom line I,would love a cocktail right now I would,love a glass of Pinot Grigio I would,love to sit watch little housewives get,a little buzz okay its my right as a,woman with aggressive hormones to do so,but instead this is a great time to try,this by the way you like my phone,look at that luxury look at that its,all about responsibility kin sprints is,there ready to drink nightlife beverage,crafted for conscious connection,the secret is in the stack balancing,adaptogens replenishing nootropics and,nourishing botanics lifts the mind and,relax the body to open the spirit to,people around us okay I dont really,know what a lot of that meant but it,sounds great so its a euphoric and it,says euphoric spheal different for,everyone,for some its a mind easy calm I could,use that for others its an uplifting,joy I could use that tip the main,ingredients are adaptogens which is,rhodiola rosea positive i butchered that,think of it like a thermostat tuning you,back into homeostasis alright bring it,back to life,rhodiola nootropics,gaba 5-htp synod choline and tarot see,that sounds like math sounds like very,messy ingredients they support,neurotransmitters in charge of mood,pleasure and reward group of boost of,social stamina okay so that sounds like,drugs but its not doctor,hibiscus and other ingredients like,gentian and licorice round out flavor,and balance of power and then they do,have a bunch of advisories which i will,list below im all the same warning as,you get with alcohol which honestly,makes me excited in terms of servings,this as one can is enough for most but,you may need two or three limit to four,cans in 24 hours heres the thing i read,a bunch of reviews and i will say from,what ive read the reviews are kind of,mixed and they range from people saying,like this is amazing I felt like I was,in the greatest mood I had the best time,to people thing like this is,I felt nothing so that intrigues me even,more so I thought why the hell not,Im gonna try it out I could just face,or I could go to sleep or I could do,nothing well never know until we try,well be so here we go,but heres okay just this little four,pack was twenty seven dollars and let me,show you how small these little cans are,okay,whats 27 divided by four Im scared,almost seven dollars a can six six,dollars a can met this hard and I bring,in spunky for this much and from what,Im reading in reviews one and really,not enough,so youre potentially paying about,fourteen dollars if you need two of them,to feel anything thats kind of a lot,like I could get wine for $14 one thing,Ill say is this came in a lot of,packaging a lot of beautiful packaging I,mean this is gorgeous but its a lot of,packaging look it was kind of a box,within a box and a lot of like it came,with this whole thing like yikes,I think dubia does do I need a chart but,this is enough and I dont need a poster,in my bedroom,not preteen this is just not there are a,bunch also of Oh God,stickers who who is like let you know,why it this moon let me put this on my,my cell phone you know Im going to,actually Im going to use this to cover,the cracks,is it better I might losing my mind,shave a dollar off okay of maybe lose,the packaging in terms of how to drink,this there are different ways you can do,it but overall its recommended you mix,with something Im gonna try it,first whoa pretty color oh god please,dont spill over please dont spill over,my hormones cant take it I just,remembered I also okay nervous,okay thats not what I was expecting at,all it smells different than it tastes,it smells very citrusy but it tastes,very herbal by the way theres 25,calories 50 milligrams of caffeine and 5,grams of sugar in this one camp how many,grams of sugar in a glass of Pinot,Grigio okay can you just tell me,basically if you drink a cocktail of,this with two of them its about the,same amount of sugar is wine it is less,calories though so mama likes them but I,am gonna mix it with something this is,an elegant off-brand,of grapefruit sparkling water which I,thought would be a good complement to,this so Im gonna start really with two,full,pans because I dont have all night and,also from every review I read pretty,much said you need at least two oh and I,remembered I got so frustrated because I,put on this really ugly lipstick and,its the color pop with long-lasting one,so its like once its on its a,commitment okay its definitely better a,little bit watered down so Im gonna,finish this maybe Ill wait like a few,minutes see if I feel any different,that Im gonna drink the second one and,check back in and like either what Im,starting to feel it I love you youre,gonna live forever because I cried about,it last night anyway Im going to check,back in either when Im feeling it or,when its been about 15 minutes and Ill,tell you if Ive had,you sort of effect whatsoever so stay,tuned love you the most,okay I finished my first pan god no I,didnt just kidding,okay just suck down my first hand that,should be about ten minutes to drink I,did dig around my phone a lot though but,so far I feel kind of kind of nothing I,cant tell Ive also decided Im just,gonna go balls to the wall so Im gonna,drink four and see what happens who,knows maybe Ill be hanging that poster,in my room at 3 in the morning,okay so its been about 20 minutes since,I had my first can and Im not really,feeling anything I switched from adult,human being clothes – I just pronounce,the th and clothes maybe I am feeling,this Im about to wipe this lipstick off,because I cant take it anymore,and then Ill check back in after can,number two okay so its been about 20,minutes since my second can and about an,hour and a half since my first one and I,really know if Im feeling anything,maybe like a little relaxed maybe not,sure but you know what that means it,means a third can ok checking in again I,just finished my third can about 20,minutes ago,still nothing completely revolutionary I,think maybe I feel a little calmer a,little more subdued well I did read one,article that said this is supposed to,make you feel like you drank a glass of,red wine and smoked a joint I can report,to you that is not how Im feeling maybe,like a half a glass of red wine yeah,its been about two hours since my very,first once Ive had about three cans in,two hours nothing too exciting to report,kind of bummed kana wanted to feel a,little silly taking a quick break to,introduce you to Lily aka the cutest dog,in the United States of America,she is the horse and I love it this,mommy see me drunk / 5 / whatever Im,supposed to feel on this I cant tell it,just feels like another day doesnt it I,knew I liked doing it I love you do you,think no okay its officially been about,3 and a half hours since I drank my,first can I drank all four and I feel,nothing I feel completely normal which,is unfortunate because that was 27,dollars worth of drinking basically,juice I dont know maybe its because,Im hormonal PMSing,if the nootropic botanical licorice,whatever the is it effective I dont,know if I try it a

Kin Euphorics, The non alcoholic beverage – An Honest Review

I guess so I have completed the,January I did that no alcohol for,through the month of January which I,very very very lightly cheated but it,did pretty well so I was looking for,alcohol and alternatives and I came,across the ad and Facebook for Kenya,Forex which is a non-alcoholic beverage,that is supposed to elevate your mood,has supposedly natural ingredients and,none of its illegal and it is like,elixirs and tonics and some of its like,giving an example like 5-htp and just,stuff thats kind of known to be an anti,depressant property else some caffeines,in it so anyways the reviews were mixed,a lot of the reviews said they didnt,taste good and that you know it makes it,with something at least I decided to try,it and I didnt mix it with anything and,I show a little bit of that and then,Ill give you my conclusion,you,okay so Ive opened the box and Im,about to take one shot of this without,mixing anything and well see how it,feels I just had that shot and its I,didnt smell anything in the cup but it,tastes kind of bitter and a little bit,of an aspirin ish aftertaste I can see,why people recommend you mix it with,something but I – I go so I have a,relatively empty stomach Ill see how it,physically or mentally affects me here,going forward,Ill make a video shortly afterwards,okay so I tried candy Forks and I had,the brand elevate and I got to tell you,its I dont think that its something,that would work for me it may work for,others did I notice anything from it I,did I noticed a kind of a more sense of,well-being which was the nice part it,tasted pretty bad it tasted like,rutabaga or some type of bitter it was,kind of bitter and I didnt blend it,with anything I just had this shot,straight and I had at least two doses,before I determined that it wasnt for,me but what happened on the second dose,is I started to have a reaction a smiles,mild reaction to that I want to preface,this by saying that I am mister side,effects so every time that something,might cause a weird side effect I always,get it when I should have known that but,it caused the same thing a long time ago,I was given wellbutrin for depression,and anxiety and it caused the same thing,that the well Bruce butan caused me,which is a term called a cassettes yeah,which is like pins and needles on your,shoulder and back area and just feel I,could feel it its like mildly anxiety,promoting I did feel hyped and felt a,pleasant mood but that uncomfortable a,cassettes yeah was not something that I,wanted to do again so I ended up getting,rid of the rest of the bottle which was,pretty expensive for the eight shots,so Kenya Forex is might work for some,people in that aspect again the mood,elevation was was definitely there I,could feel it and sense of well-being,would did promote that I think but it,had that negative effect for me that I,didnt find pleasant so I will continue,to try to drink far less than Ive been,in the past which I have been and I will,also look for different other,alternatives that are legal and safe but,Kenya Forks is not for me

Kin Euphorics Review: The Morning After

grand rising friends,this is,the morning after kin,i literally just got up not too long ago,heres the verdict,absolutely works it came in waves it,went from feeling tipsy to then coasting,to like this euphoria space,so not quite the feeling that you feel,if youre quote high,but close like,in that family like it went from,just like this this spacey,im like im trying to figure out the,words to say yall but i will tell you,this the space that i was in it felt a,lot of bliss like the they used the word,bliss on here,i believe to describe its disclaimer,ken has caffeine in it uh in a good,decent amount so this particular version,they call this one the high road,do not take this one at night like after,8 pm,i was up the caffeine had your girl up,however,i was up,blissfully and that is the part that i,think is so amazing it was like i was up,but i was in this space of like feeling,like all of these great emotions it was,like happy feeling just good and then it,was a little bit of feeling a little,like,loose if you will this is the best part,though i never once felt out of control,i never once felt like my motor skills,were going which often happens when you,drink alcohol like at some point,you drink enough your motor skills like,start to drop off so i never felt like i,was like losing my balance or couldnt,think straight like i was actually even,sharper so what i drink ken again,yes,but what im more so sold on than i am,with ken,is this industry at large like euphoric,drinks,it blew my mind that i could experience,this level of bliss and im using that,word very intentional that is not a,loose word it really was at one point at,probably the highest point,of consuming this,a feeling of bliss,i i just felt good i felt at peace i,felt happy i felt in control currently,in my life there are some things im,trying to figure out and solve within my,business and during this time after,consuming this there was a wave that,came after the tipsy after the euphoria,the last wave of this was like super,focused tapped in clarity it was just,like things were just clicking and i was,just in a state of just like,not just confidence but it was like,clarity right and and that is absolutely,i believe the nootropics,and you can look more about nootropics,up but healthy alternative im im not,sure im not convinced that this is,necessarily considered healthy,non-alcoholic alternative that still,gets you there without the alcohol yes,yes yes euphoric drinks absolutely work,so this is my official ken euphorics,review,all bliss no booze uh and im super,excited to dive deeper into the euphoric,beverage industry in space so as i do um,you would definitely be going on this,journey with me and i will be reviewing,more beverages,so we can really keep our bodies in,top-notch shape alcohol is toxic it is,it kills us and does a lot of things and,so im eagerly looking to be able to,transition my life,for the sake of higher performance and,just better longevity and better life,and so i hope that youll do the same,last but not least if you are interested,in having this blissful experience with,no booze theres a link down in the,description you can click it and get ten,dollars off your next order courtesy of,ken uh and yeah try it i would love to,know your feedback come back drop,something in the comments let me know,what happened to you and what your,experience was but im very excited to,jump on this journey and be able to have,an alternative and keep my body in,tip-top shape as i know you are as well,too are yall be well until we meet,again ill see you all

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