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  2. Kindle Paperwhite Review – 6 Months Later
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  6. Kindle Paperwhite – REVIEW (Is It Good in 2021)
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Kindle Paperwhite (2021) One Month Later – But Why?

hey guys its brandon miniman from,pocketnow.com and this is the unboxing,video of the amazon kindle,and,this is what we get,here and,wow,and this is the kindle yes its been 14,years of kindle and whats funny is that,when brandon told me that he was going,to do that review so many years ago i,didnt understand why a product that,could only read books didnt make any,sense to me and especially when i was,already reading ebooks for years on my,pocket pc,it wasnt until i tried one many years,later that i picked up on the genius,behind these little gadgets surely i,know many of you still love the smell of,paper and the feel of a regular book but,that would be a huge oversimplification,of what a kindle can do and their latest,model is out to prove just that,this is the new kindle paperwhite a,pretty overdue update to their 2018,model and what id call the most,ambitious change that amazon has brought,to these devices even if you wont be,able to tell that very easily im a,river with pocket now and this is our,full review sponsored by mediatek,[Music],all right i know a ton of people that,still debate if buying a kindle is worth,it so for anyone thats still wondering,if this is better than a regular book,its mostly a topic of convenience for a,guy like me for example a good book is,usually never thin or light which makes,carrying it kind of a pain also a book,is just a book versus a device that can,carry hundreds of them and lets you buy,them instantly versus having to order,one and wait or have to go to a store,and see if youre lucky to find one and,also a book offers no narration so if,youre on the go audible can help you,pick up where you left off and then a,book is not water resistant or brings a,backlight or can switch to a dark mode,or allows you to make the text larger or,smaller and then a book doesnt bring a,built-in dictionary nor lets you filter,highlights etc etc etc and then for,those of you that argue that your phone,or your tablet can perform kindle,functions thats also sort of true the,problem is that those bring notification,distractions glare and the battery that,wont last for weeks,point is a kindle is not just a book,replacement its designed to behave like,a book but its so much more also not,sure if you notice but kindle books are,usually far less expensive than printed,copies as the cost of distribution is no,longer a problem the kindle paperwhite,has always been this middle child,standing in between the more affordable,kindle and then the kindle oasis,that said not sure if amazon is cooking,up a new flagship but the reason i call,this paperwhite ambitious is because,its actually better than the more,expensive oasis in so many ways to start,ive never been a fan of the,asymmetrical design of the oasis versus,the more logical approach of the,paperwhite like its predecessor its,crazy thin and light at just 205 grams,and still brings this soft matte plastic,design thats easy to hold though color,options are still not available for this,new model like they are on the old one,there are two variants to choose from,though but,that just means different perks and,price think of the regular variant as,more of a continuation of the old model,while the signature edition is your,choice if you want most of the new,tricks and which is the one that im,currently reviewing,id call this new design to be far more,refined than any other kindle ive used,it doesnt just cut down on the bezels,dramatically but this is actually a,larger kindle than the model before it,as a result you get a much larger 6.8,inch display at the same 300 ppi from,before which in my opinion is the sweet,spot for a pixel free experience its a,matte display so glare is never a,problem and brightness got a 10 boost,thanks to its 17 leds lighting the show,yes it doesnt bring all the 25 leds on,the oasis but it does adopt fan,favorites like the option for a warm,light to not get in the way of your,sleep,i still feel that e-ink is the way to go,if youre a bookworm it does a far,better job when exposed to daylight and,since these kindles are all ipx8 water,resistant bringing them to the pool or,the beach is par for the course this,model in particular got far more power,efficient by the way now providing up to,10 weeks on a charge i seriously wish,that i could tell you if those numbers,are exact but so far i havent really,charged this kindle once since i unboxed,it that said some of its benefits over,the oasis is that whenever you do you,now get usb-c and even qi wireless,charging at least if you go for the,signature variant this is also a much,faster product e-readers have never been,fast at things like page turns or menu,navigation to the point where ive,gotten used to it but the 20 faster,claims that we got from amazon are,pretty accurate its the main reason i,stopped using my oasis after i got this,unit switching between menus or turning,pages almost feels natural here a lot of,it has to do with amazons collaboration,with todays sponsor mediatek,this kindle paperwhite is now powered by,their 12 nanometer,mt8113 which runs on lp ddr4 ram,provides essentials like wi-fi ac and,bluetooth 5 capabilities along with low,power options for devices like this,kindle theres a reason why companies,like amazon trust mediatek to power,their devices follow the first link in,the description to learn more about what,makes this partnership so special but,alright you know me theres no such,thing as a perfect product and there are,a few reasons that i am mixed the first,is the fact that even if this is,amazons baby i find it an irony that,the kindle application on your phone or,your tablet has more perks for example i,love listening to the author of a book,narrate their work of art through,audible but on the kindle you can only,pick audio or text while on the phone,you can see the words being read to you,in real time now in defense of the,kindle the advantage here is that as,opposed to doing audible or kindle apps,separately on your phone the paperwhite,will actually sync the text with audio,as you switch between them but of course,that depends if you bought the audible,narration with the book at purchase,second is that yes amazon did overhaul,their kindle software completely but i,cant say i like it sure i love how the,book cover is now on the background as,the kindle is on standby and i also like,that the navigation feels much faster,where i mix this because i just dont,find the software to be intuitive i wish,that it would behave more like a,bookshelf and less like a permanent,store,i also feel that the price of the,signature edition should include,cellular connectivity this is the one,thing that the oasis still does better,and which i feel would have been far,more valuable than the she wireless,charging that youll only use once every,10 weeks,to conclude i think its important to,consider some of the original premise,no you dont need an ebook reader it,wont smell like paper nor feel like if,youre turning a page every time you,touch it,if these things matter to you then,youre perfectly fine with your,paperback or hardcover in my case since,i travel a lot a kindle is that device,that i can carry easier that gives me,access to whatever book i want in,whichever country i am and can do a,better job at mimicking a book than,whatever tablet i carry if your case is,similar to mine i feel this new,paperwhite is the best pick for most,people if youre on the ropes over which,one is best for you i think youll be,perfectly fine with the regular model if,all you do is read eight gigabytes might,not sound like much but these ebooks are,tiny,now if you care about an auto adjusting,backlight or you are into audiobooks,then the signature edition should be a,better pick 32 gigs will do a better job,and sure get wireless charging in tow,i do feel that there are things kindle,should do better for their price but it,doesnt stop me from recommending them i,know theyre not a jack-of-all-trades,like a typical tablet but thats,preci

Kindle Paperwhite Review – 6 Months Later

I get it now, the Kindle Paperwhite is one of my favorite tech products Ive used ever.,And as Ive used it over the past six months, one question thats been banging around my,head a lot is: is it better than a book?,I think it is.,So lets dive into whats new with the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, why I think its better,than a book and why I think you should get the Paperwhite over the regular Kindle that,Amazon just refreshed.,The 11th gen Kindle Paperwhite was released in 2021 and is the latest in a long line of,Kindles which originally debuted the same year as the iPhone, in 2007.,There are three main improvements that Amazon has made to this version of the Kindle Paperwhite,over the previous generation.Amazon increased the screen to a 6.8 inch display, while also,slimming down the bezels.,The 11th generation also gets an adjustable warm light plus 10 more LEDS for lighting,than the previous generation & for charging, it now comes with USB-C and optional wireless,charging if you go with the signature edition of the device.,If youre thinking of upgrading to the 11th gen Kindle Paperwhite or youre wondering,if its worth going for over a tenth generation Kindle Paperwhite.,Yes.,And yes.,The speed of the UI on the 11th gen, combined with the larger display & USB-C support makes,upgrading or going with the 11th gen outright a no-brainer in my opinion.,And I’ll talk about why I’d still go with the Kindle Paperwhite over the other Kindle’s,in Amazon’s current lineup a little later on.,Now, lets dive a bit deeper into the Kindle experience and why I think its better than,a book.,And I know that is a very controversial statement right there.,Feel free, drop a comment below.,Let me know your thoughts.,If you use a Kindle, which do you prefer: a Kindle or a book?,But now, let me unpack why I actually think its better than a book.,First ergonomics.,Weighing just 205 g, the Kindle Paperwhite is very lightweight, and often feels lighter,than many books I own, especially the big thick hardcover ones.,The Kindle Paperwhite is also easier to hold than most books, you don’t have to keep,it propped open, making it easier to read with one hand,especially if you like to read,while laying down on your side.,Another feature of the Kindle Paperwhite and all Kindles for that matter now is a built,in light.,Now, whats really interesting about the Kindle is the light that you see included on Kindles,,its not actually a traditional backlight that youre accustomed to from a device that,has an LCD or OLED display like your smartphone, tablet, TV, etc.,The LEDs Amazon uses for the Paperwhite’s light are actually found at the edges of the,device and then Amazon uses a light guide layer to evenly distribute light across the,device, however, unlike a more traditional display, like an LCD with a backlight, or,even an OLED display where the light is just shining directly from the display to your,eyes.,the light guide is designed in a way where the majority of light emitted from the LEDs,shines down directly on the E Ink Display, making the reading experience very similar,to shining an overhead reading light directly on a book.,This light-guide technology paired with the excellent 300 ppi e-ink display makes the,Kinde much easier to read versus an LCD or OLED display in my opinion, especially at,night, where you can automatically schedule or manually adjust the display to turn to,a warmer color temperature, which is much easier on the eyes.,Also a Kindle is better for reading on than a tablet in my opinion because its designed,as a single use device.,There are no apps to download, which means no distractions, you can just focus on reading,,and that’s actually a huge benefit.,That design intention plus the better ergonomics of the Kindle, and banning all other devices,within arms reach of my bed, including my phone, thats resulted in me being able to,read three times as many books so far this year as I read last year.,Which yeah, its kind of staggering actually.,And I feel like the Kindle, getting that was just the final piece of the puzzle for me,at least to be able to form a habit of constantly reading books.,Another feature of the Kindle Paperwhite that’s better than a book is being able to adjust,the font type & size.,You can also pinch to zoom in on an image in a book, which isn’t the smoothest animation,experience because of the lower refresh rate of an e-ink display, but still gets the job,done.,The Kindle Paperwhite also has a built-in dictionary, thesaurus, & wikipedia tie-in,that you can bring up when you tap on a word you’re unfamiliar with or want to learn,more about.,Another feature I love with the Kindle is itll give you an estimate for how long itll,take to finish reading either the current chapter youre on or even the entire book,by tapping on the page number at the bottom right hand corner, and this feature has been,pretty accurate for my reading speed & motivates me to read even more and push through to be,able to complete a book.,The Kindle Paperwhite can also be paired to a Goodreads account which is an Amazon-owned,service that’s basically like a social media site for book readers, allowing you to automatically,share what book you’re reading on your Kindle, see what your friends are reading, and keep,a running wishlist of books you want to read next.,It has a pretty cool barcode and book cover scanning feature as well that allows you pull,a book off your bookshelf and mark it as read, reading, or want to read.,Another thing that a Kindle has that a book doesnt is built in search.,You can search your entire book for a keyword or you can search your highlights and notes,you made in your book for keywords as well.,And you can download the Kindle app onto other devices like your iOS or Android phone, tablet,,and even a computer like my Mac to pick up right where you left off in a book on your,Kindle or to bring up your notes and highlights for a book you’re reading, which is a feature,I’ve used a lot.,And, the Kindle, unlike a book, doesn’t constrain the space you have to write out,a note.,Another really, obvious reason why a Kindle Paperwhite is better than a book is it can,hold more than just one book.,It can hold thousands of books and articles with its 8, 16 or 32 GB of storage.,And you buy books directly from the device itself which I’ve done quite a few times,,and they’re typically less expensive than their hardcover or softcover versions, even,books I’ve pre-ordered have been less expensive on Kindle.,But what if you dont want to buy books and youd like to use the library instead?,well, you can actually borrow ebooks from local libraries at least here in US, and read,most borrowed ebooks on your Kindle through services like the Libby app.,And if you like gifting people books or putting them on your holiday wish-list, Amazon does,allow you to purchase Kindle books as a gift.,So those are all of the main things about the Kindle Paperwhite that to me over the,past six months, make it better for reading on than a book.,Now, there are two other features with the Kindle Paperwhite, that dont really fit into,my better than a book construct that really impressed me and those are its battery life,and the Send to Kindle feature.,The battery of my Kindle lasts literally for weeks, I only have to charge it about once,every 2 months or so, depending on how much I use it, which is awesome.,It definitely has the best battery life out of any device I own.,And sure when youre comparing it to a regular book, a regular book will have an edge because,obviously, it doesnt have a battery inside it, but when you consider all of the extra,things you get with a Kindle, I still think overall, the reading experience on a Kindle,is better than a book.,Now the last feature that has impressed me, but also at the same time has become a downside,to using my Kindle is the send to Kindle feature.,Because the reading experience on the Kindle is so good, I found over the past six months,,I wanted to

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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 5 Full Review – All New Paperwhite Gen. 5

amazon has entered into their 11th,generation of kindle devices and their,fifth generation of paperwhite devices,this is the kindle paperwhite five it is,a very premium feeling device at a not,so premium price tag its only,139.99 on the usa site it also features,a 6.8 inch brand new hd card screen this,is interesting because this is one of,the only times theyve gone past the six,inch screen size with the exception of,the kindle dx many moons ago and the,oasis two and three but a huge and,obvious question is how is it different,than the previous generation as this is,very important remember we waited three,years for this unit,well lets lay down some light specs to,find out we may do a future comparison,video once things cool down in the,industry right now paperwhite 4 is on,the left paperwhite 5 is on the right,you have a 6.8 inch screen versus a 6,inch screen and you have a little bit of,a different screen resolution layout,1430 by 1080 versus 1448,by 1072. they both have 300 ppi and 8,gigabytes of storage the 4 has a 32 gig,variant whereas the 5 does not unless,you upgrade to the signature edition,which is more money and features some,different hardware changes well get,into in the future usbc versus micro,they are both ipx8 waterproof and the 5,has far more leds than its predecessor,and is 30 dollars more expensive so just,looking at the specs on paper is this,enough of a reason to make the upgrade,after a three year long wait,well lets check it out specs on paper,aside and comparing it to its,predecessor isnt really fair because,this is three years different were,talking about here and a lot could have,changed in the real world use of this so,looking at the screen everything is,pretty much business as usual home back,settings goodreads store and if you go,into settings you get your drop down,that has dark mode bluetooth airplane,mode sync your kindle and all settings,with your brightness and your warm,lights so overall nothings really,changed,and its not really the other side of,the coin its its very much just the,same very familiar experience,something that isnt written on paper,that we have found in our testing is,this thing is really quick,it is super responsive if you tap,something youre pretty much sure that,its gonna do it this thing is on point,and,we actually havent seen too many units,with this level of consistent,reliability when it comes to tapping,something thats just something you,cant find in the spec sheet we,understand that a lot of people say,eight gigs is enough when it comes to,books because they arent inherently,large but you do have to make note that,even though youre getting the eight gig,model youre actually only getting,5.91 gb,of usable storage space about five years,ago we stopped testing the speed of page,turns because e-readers had an inherent,problem with it we can tell you that,page turns are no longer an issue,theyre very quick whether youre,tapping whether youre swiping and this,new generation turns pages twenty,percent faster than its predecessor long,pressing is as good and stable as its,ever been you go ahead and tap something,you get highlight note share and more,options you will have to go back and,youll have to translate a box and then,you will go over here and then you can,get translation you can translate from,any language to any language you see on,the drop down here and you can even,choose something as,difficult as chinese and youve broken,down your book in three seconds,to be a completely different language,which is a fantastic feature to have if,you do want to translate the one word,you will have to long press it swipe,over to wikipedia and swipe over one,more to the translation itself but it,wont be under the three dots whereas,most e-readers tapping in the center,will bring up the screen it actually,does not you have to tap on the top,third of the unit itself this will bring,up the top bar its the equivalent of,the drop down on an android device,clicking here is where youre going to,change all of your themes font layouts,and everything else you can manage your,themes or create your own themes if you,go over to font you get boldness,size and all of the font styles you can,switch everything everything changes,live in the background in fact amazon is,one of the fastest to do this you can,change your orientation alignment,spacing and your margins and everything,will change as you are doing this,without having to go back to check you,can also show the clock while reading,mentions about this book and everything,is very conveniently paired with a nice,toggle switch so you can just toggle,them on or off anytime you want without,going into the menu they make it very,intuitive to change the font size thats,just pinching and zooming you can,actually pinch and zoom hold one finger,on the screen drag your other finger and,despite the menu here you can change the,font size underneath and this is a very,quick change tool that is not only easy,to master but very convenient we always,say we start appreciating manga around,the 7 to 7.8 inch screen size so this is,a little bit off at only 6.8 inches but,manga does shine through and yes amazon,in many markets including japan america,canada has a wide selection of manga,available they have also,kept the quick page turn navigation,from the manga model that came out years,back in japan so you can just swipe your,hand like that unfortunately they dont,have any guided view or anything like,that if you tap the cell its not,actually going to go into that view but,pinch and zoom is very nice and it is,very quick it goes into a kind of faux,a2 mode although there is no system-wide,a2 mode like on an onyx etc and you do,get a little mini map on the bottom,corner so it is a decent manga,experience but it is a little bit on the,small side however on some graphic,novels as you can see right here even in,a screen as complex as this with some,portraits and landscapes you can indeed,double tap into a cell to trigger guided,view and this will go from cell to cell,until youre at the end of the page if,you want to see the page you double tap,and you can still take advantage of the,pinch and zoom so this is extremely,useful in graphic novels over manga,themselves and it is going to just,depend on the one that you download some,will have it some will not our go-to,benchmark pdf is loaded onto every,single device we review to keep it,consistent so we can really show off,what the device has to offer not the pdf,itself so we are using the baseball pdf,we put on to everything to check things,out so you can do page turns and on a,larger pdf like this 20 to 100 mb page,turns do take a little bit longer than,an ebook obviously,you can pinch and zoom with an instant,minimap that pops up you can still long,press on text in a side loaded pdf and,make your highlights you can actually,also long press,a bunch of text like so to make massive,highlights so if you wanted to highlight,a passage you can go like that now it is,going to only work on text that it,recognizes as elements of text for,example things that are styled like this,it actually cant understand that this,says tl or tj or whatever the case may,be so it is only going to work on things,that are in line and things that are,considered to be text the bluetooth is,very fast on this unit and it will,connect to pretty much anything,including this no name nine dollar clock,combination speakers that we got online,and all you do is sync it via bluetooth,and start listening to your audiobook,might have been the inspiration for many,a poster in the late 80s,the engine died and its drone evaporated,into stillness,the van shook on its chassis,the device doesnt have any audio on it,it has wireless bluetooth but no,speakers no headphone jack so the,quality is only going to be as good as,the speakers you are pairing it with,wireless speakers wireless headphones,much the same as the previous generation,they do have good reads enabled on the,top bar goodreads i

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2022 Kindle vs Kindle Paperwhite

hello Nathan here from the eBook reader,blog for this video Im going to do a,comparison between the new entry level,Kindle for 2022 which is on the left of,course and the Kindle Paperwhite that,Amazon released last year which is on,the right so uh they finally upgraded,the entry level Kindle screen to have,300 PPI so its finally in line uh with,other Kindles as far as like screen,quality and text sharpness so thats,definitely the biggest improvement with,the new Kindle uh the Paperwhite has,some Hardware advantages has a couple of,other upgrades available Ill talk about,that more here in a bit but for the most,part I mean these are like the the entry,level Kindles like in line with the,paper wide as close as its been to the,paper white I think since Amazon has,been doing these two different models so,I mean performance is nearly identical,on these two devices we both got the 300,PPI screens now so theres a lot of,overlapping features uh the paper white,it does have that larger 6.8 inch ink,screen whereas the entry level Kindle,has a six inch ink screen like I said,they both have 300 people API now so,text quality is similar I did post a,screen comparison review yesterday Ill,talk about that a little bit more later,but overall performance is very similar,screen quality is very similar the paper,white does have that flush front screen,where the Kindle has the indented screen,so you know it just comes down to like,the differences in the design and the,size now the Paperwhite it does have the,warm front light which is one of the,biggest differences with it Amazon did,add dark mode support to the entry level,Kindle with this release the last Model,did not support this so now you have the,option to read with white text on a,black background even though you know,the entry level Kindle doesnt have the,warm light for night reading it does,have night dark mode so that can be one,option so they both have USBC ports now,they both have like the power button,here on the bottom which some people,dont like I dont really have too much,problem activating it accidentally it,does take a bit of pressure to push it,in but some people dont like that so,like I said the entry level Kindle has,the indented screen as you can see here,with the light in the background with,the end dented screen you get less,Reflections and less glare so that is,one advantage for it so yeah you do have,a little bit more glare with the paper,white with that flush green the back of,the Kindle Paperwhite kind of has this,soft rubbery coating on it which is kind,of nice whereas the regular candle its,just basic plastic its not quite as,nice as far as the design goes the paper,white definitely feels like has a bit of,better upgraded you know build quality,feels a little bit nicer in the hand one,thing I really dont like about the,entry level Kindle is how easily it,scratches I dont think its going to,show up here on the camera but after a,week I already have several light,scratches theres one on the bezel too,that kind of bugs me so that plastic uh,you know it does scratch easier than the,paper white paper was definitely a bit,nicer as far as the build quality goes,with that flush front screen and it does,have a little bit more of a you know a,nicer feel with that rubbery back than,just the you know cheap plastic on the,entry level Kindle thats kind of my,biggest gripe with the entry level,Kindle just kind of as a cheap plastic,feel to it like the older entry level,Kindles were actually a bit nicer back,in the Kindle four in five days,all right so lets talk about the front,light now this is one of the biggest,differences between these two devices,the entry level Kindle just has a basic,regular front light with one color its,got four LEDs underneath the lower part,there it has a little bit of shadowy,areas if you look really closely like in,a darker room whereas the front light,its more even on the paper white and,then the paper white of offers the,warmth settings so you can customize the,color tone to kind of fit you know your,own personal reading style based on the,time of day or whatever for me,personally I never go for the full on,orange look but like when youre reading,at night its nice to have a little bit,of the orange light on here its kind of,like you know when you go shopping for,light bulbs they have the cool color and,the warm color at night the cool color,can be a little bit harsh like on your,eyes whereas the warm color you can add,a little bit of that to the paper white,screen and it makes the screen look a,little bit better it also kind of makes,the text kind of like improves the,contrast a little bit when youre using,low light kind of makes the test text,jump out a little bit more when youre,using the warmer light versus The Cold,Light so thats the main Advantage with,the paper white having the color you,know the front light color adjustable,the signature signature edition of the,Paperwhite adds the front light sensor,as well so you can have the front light,automatically adjust it has that box,right there thats only available on the,signature edition of the paper white and,then the signature signature edition,also has wireless charging and more,storage so yesterday I posted a screen,comparison between the new Kindle and,some other Kindles just to see kind of,how it where it sits to me the paper,white text actually looks a little bit,darker but there are times like in lower,lighting like this where the screen on,the entry level Kindle looks sharper,without that added fresh flush layer,over the front of the screen so,sometimes I feel like the screen on the,entry level Kindle looks a little bit,better other times I feel like the,screen on the paper white looks better,the text does seem a little bit darker,on the paper white and the background,seems a little bit lighter on the entry,level Kindle so like I was saying,earlier the paper-wide signature edition,does add that auto brightness sensor so,you can have it automatically adjust the,front light based on the time of day but,the regular paper white doesnt have,that thats only on the signature model,so like I said earlier yesterday when I,was comparing the screens the screen the,camera tends to focus a little better on,the right side so it kind of makes the,screen look a little bit better,whichever device is on the right side,makes the text look a little bit darker,but the differences are so subtle it,just doesnt really show up very well on,the camera here or like you know taking,pictures just something you really need,to see in person to really get a feel,for like I said sometimes the paper,white seems like it has a little bit,better screen sometimes the Kindle seems,like its a little bit clearer without,that flush front layer over the top but,you know I mean theyre very close its,not really a huge difference the front,lights are definitely a bigger,difference when it comes between these,two devices and of course just the,screen size in general having the six,inch screen and the 6.8 inch screen,doesnt sound like a huge difference but,when you have them side by side you can,see how the text lays out differently on,both of these so up until now Ive been,using the same font size and the same,font type so everythings comparable on,the screens here but this isnt how I,would normally read on the paper white,so if Im using the entry level Kindle I,do read like how its set up with the,tight line spacing and the number three,font size but on the paper I I prefer to,have the middle line spacing and like,the larger font size like thing number,four so you know I mean if I were to be,reading these two devices I wouldnt,have them you know laid out the same as,Ive had in the video so far I would,have them laid out uh like how Im,setting up right now and I also prefer,this Meriwether font I think I got it,for my Windows 7 computer a long time,ago I cant find it anymore but Im,pretty sure thats where I got it from,so you can side load fonts on Kindles,w

Kindle Paperwhite 2022 Review – Is the Kindle worth it? Why you should get a Kindle & which one!

hey guys welcome back to my Channel,today I am going to be talking about my,Kindle sharing my experience my full,in-depth review on getting the Kindle is,it worth it would I recommend it all,that stuff so when I was interested in,purchasing a Kindle I actually went onto,YouTube and searched you know which,Kindle device should I get is it worth,it all that stuff so I just wanted to,come on here and share my personal,experience after purchasing a Kindle,Ive had it for a little over two months,now and I have honestly raved about this,device to so many people in my life ever,since I got it I feel like I have just,read so much more and theres actually,like a lot of different reasons why I,really really love it but Im going to,start with kind of the first thing which,was you know which Kindle should you get,this is the 2022 paper White Edition,Kindle and this is the one that was,actually the most recommended to me when,I just asked yall on Instagram I was,like which candles should I get should I,get a Kindle I ended up doing like my,research through Instagram and through,YouTube and so everyone suggested for me,to get the 2022 Paperwhite Edition and I,have been loving it so much I know they,have a different version thats a little,bit more expensive that has like a bar,on the side with buttons and all that I,havent found a need for any of that,stuff so I think this is the perfect,edition of the Kindle the reason I,really wanted this one over the like,standard cheaper model is that this one,is actually waterproof which came in,handy when my husband and I went on a,little vacation I got to read by the,pool and read in the hot tub and so I,really like having that and also just,having the safety of knowing that if for,some reason I like spill my coffee on it,or I am reading outside and it starts,raining or for some random reason that,water gets on it I just love knowing,that it is waterproof it is protected in,that sense so this is my Kindle and,right now I actually have not that many,books on it because I have been removing,them as Ive read them but what is,really great about this Kindle is the,fact that you can have tons of books,loaded onto here so I got the eight,gigabyte Kindle which I think is plenty,of room I think one book is like four to,six megabytes so you can put a ton of,stuff on here it really doesnt take up,that much space I have heard though that,if you for some reason download Like,Comics or like picture books or like,magazines or stuff like that things with,Graphics that can take up some more,space but I have all seven Harry Potter,books downloaded onto my Kindle and Ive,basically used have no space so those,are the books that Im currently working,through right now I have never been a,fiction reader and really much of a,reader at all I was reading a little bit,before I got my Kindle and I decided to,get the Kindle because I thought that,that would actually encourage me to read,more and it really has but what I love,about it is that I can have multiple,books on one device so whenever I am,traveling or if I want to like throw it,in my purse and like go read at like a,coffee shop or something like that I,dont have to pick and choose you know,which books do I take on vacation I can,have them all right here in one very,small compact device and thats what I,really love about it is how tiny it is,and compact even with the case on it I,can fit it in most of my Handbags and,that is a huge plus to me it also is,super lightweight when youre traveling,so it doesnt add a ton of you know,extra weight to your bags and like I,said you can have tons of books,downloaded at the same time so youre,really saving so much space its kind of,a no-brainer for why to get the Kindle,one thing that I wasnt sure about was,not having physical pages I feel like,thats everybodys whole thing when,theyre like I dont know if I want to,get a Kindle because I really like the,physical pages I will say like nothing,will replace that feeling but I think,the Kindle has so many benefits to where,I dont even like Miss the physical,Pages because theres so many other,things that I love about it one of which,is the Libby app I think theres a few,you apps that you can sync up with your,library card and all you have to do is,get the app on your phone I have the app,Libby which Ill link down below and you,can actually get that app and read the,books with the Kindle without actually,having a Kindle so you can go ahead and,just download that app and rent out,library books and just have them on your,phone having the Libby app Ive actually,found is way nicer because you have a,huge selection of books actually at your,library so with the Libya app I have,downloaded four or five books and like,read through them all through the Libby,app without spending any additional,money on books which I think is the,biggest plus if you read like 14 books,on your Kindle thats basically paying,for the Kindle device and I think that,that is already just like a no-brainer,so I have been really enjoying the fact,that I can download really cheesy,fiction books and not have to like own,them but I can rent them from the,library download them immediately onto,my Kindle and the Libby app is,incredible because it works like the,library so a book isnt available you,can sign up for notifications get on,waitlist and get the book as soon as it,becomes available so you have so many,options for renting out books through,your library and its very easy you just,get a library card and hook it up to the,Libby app one thing that really came in,handy was I was reading through the,summer I turned pretty serious which,dont judge my book choices this is,about the Kindle not about my book,choices was I finished the second book,and it ended on like the biggest,Cliffhanger instead of needing to go to,the library the next day or even like,purchasing the book on Amazon and,getting it shipped in like two days I,was able to go into my Libby app and,immediately download the third book and,like start it right after I finish the,second one so thats actually a perfect,example of why the Kindle is amazing and,why the Libby app is amazing is that you,can go from one book right into the next,if you need to or if you want to so that,was one moment where I was like raving,to my husband I was like I just finished,this book it ended on the bass,Cliffhanger and I can get the third book,right now like that is definitely a huge,advantage of the Kindle itself one thing,is that not all books are going to be,available all at once so if its a,really really popular book kind of like,the library you will have to rent it out,and theres only a certain amount of,copies so depending on the book that,youre reading you might have to wait in,line there was one book that I was,really interested in that I waited for,like eight or nine days for but whats,really great about the Libya app is that,you can also download audio books so if,you like to listen to books in your car,you can do it that way as well so I have,one book that Im reading through and,then on my drive to Pilates Im,listening to the audiobook version of it,and thats a really great way to really,utilize that app so into the Nitty,Gritty of like why the Kindle device is,amazing besides being able to sync up,with the Libby app and Kindle unlimited,I think that this device has made me,like to read more because of convenience,mostly so this is basically your home,screen and to get into the book you just,click on the series that youre reading,if its a full series or if its just a,regular book you can click on the book,Im on book three of Harry Potter it,tells you what percentage of the book,youve read so Ive read 12 of book,number three and one thing that I have,really really enjoyed about this Kindle,is that during the day you dont have to,have any light on so this is what it,looks like right now no backlight,nothing like that one thing thats,really nice about it is that you can,turn it into dark mode if its nig

Kindle Paperwhite – REVIEW (Is It Good in 2021)

when someone says they want an e-reader,they most likely mean they want an,Amazon Kindle while Amazons competitors,might offer more technologically,advanced or less expensive hardware not,a single one of them can hold a candle,to the sheer volume of books comics and,periodicals available to download and,consume on a Kindle this alone is reason,enough to get a Kindle and not consider,any other alternatives in this video,were going to be taking a closer look,at the Amazon Kindle paperwhite will be,going over key features who these,products for how it compares to the,basic Kindle and whether its worth the,extra spend stay tuned and lets dive,into the video the Kindle paperwhite is,not only by far the most popular version,of all candles but also the most popular,of all II readers currently on the,market so the question to answer is,whether or not the Kindle paperwhite is,good for you well lets start with the,obvious comparison of price you can get,a basic Kindle for about sixty-five,dollars but the paperwhite will run you,about $30 more at just under 95 dollars,is it worth it to spend more for the,paperwhite right off the bat the,paperwhite looks and feels slightly more,higher-end you can see that the bezels,are flesh with the screen this is really,nice,many others including the basic Kindle,have raised bezels which adds a bulky,plasticky feel the flush bezels here,give the paperwhite a closer look to,that of high-end tablets the base,storage is 8 gigabytes with the option,for a 32 gigabyte model if you want the,32 gigabyte model itll run you an extra,$25 but we dont think memory will be,much of a problem since ebook files are,usually tiny and if youre buying from,Amazon they can be stored in the cloud,when youre not actively reading them,anyway however the storage space may,become more of a concern if you plan to,listen to audiobooks through audio Bowl,the great thing about Kindles is that if,youre using audible you can switch,seamlessly between reading and listening,to your Bluetooth enabled speakers or,headphones you can read if you want and,when its not convenient like when,youre standing on a fully packed subway,car or on the go you can just choose to,listen to your audio books another major,upgrade you can get with a paperwhite is,the addition of cellular connectivity,but thatll set you back about $200 for,the unit for most people this probably,isnt worth it but if money isnt an,issue then having cellular data does,mean you can buy and download ebooks,anytime anywhere and you wont be,limited to only just Wi-Fi the,paperwhite has 300 pixels per inch,thats on the high end of spectrum for,ear eaters when you turn the paperwhite,on you immediately see how sharp the,screen is the text looks crisp and,closer to how it would appear printed on,paper,which can be how the paperwhite,quote-unquote got its name anyways the,difference is really noticeable when,youre reading comics or other color,graphic novels but if youre just,looking at text the higher resolution,wont be as noticeable but its always,good to have a better screen there are,five LED built-in lights which means you,can read in any kind of lighting,situation and you dont need an external,light source to be able to see the words,the LED lights are adjustable to your,comfort level use it in full brightness,or you can also turn the lights down,until they are all the way off normally,when youre outside the suns glare,makes screens on your devices really,tough to see but the beauty of the,kindle touchscreen e-ink display is that,it is completely readable in direct,sunlight there is no more squinting or,tilting of your device to try to read,the screen this along with the added LED,light feature works really well to,handle almost any reading environment,you can throw at it day night rain or,shine not a problem,another extremely useful feature youll,love about the kindle paperwhite is its,also waterproof,its ipx8 rated meaning it can survive,being submerged up to two meters deep,for up to sixty minutes although we,wouldnt recommend you go swimming with,it but its good to know it can take a,drop into water and survive the plastic,screen is both shatter and scratch,resistant and is able to survive small,drops now you can safely read on the,beach poolside or in the bath and not,have to worry Plus this also means your,kindle will likely survive the,occasional accidental drop which well,happens to all of us no matter how,careful we are if you forget to turn it,off or maybe you just fell asleep,reading the kindle will go to sleep to,preserve battery speaking of battery,this is where all Kindles shine but,especially the paperwhite technically,its about 28 hours of total use per,charge so if you read about 30 minutes,per day youll get up to six weeks of,reading on a single charge we want to,point out that Amazon no longer includes,a power adapter just a cable but you can,use any USB phone charger and since you,only need to juice it up every few weeks,we dont think the omission of a charger,here is a big deal to sum it up the,Kindle paperwhite cost about ninety five,dollars which is about $30 more than the,basic Kindle or similarly priced,competitors but you get a sharper screen,more storage a slightly higher in design,water resistance a better front light,and potentially cellular connectivity if,you opt for the top model if you like to,read in the bath around the pool or any,other body of water the waterproofing,makes the Kindle worth the investment,the same goes if youre a big audible,user and want a dedicated device thats,not your phone,and of course dont forget the fact that,no other company out there can match,Amazons massive library of content if,you dont own a Kindle already or are,upgrading from a much older or,entry-level Kindle with a no built-in,light the Kindle paperwhite is easy for,us to recommend especially when Amazon,is discounting at under $100,bottom line in our opinion that,paperwhite is ultimately the best value,for the money reader for most people,thats all for this video hope you guys,liked the video if you guys did please,go ahead and give it a like if youre,new to the channel and like the video,consider subscribing be sure to check,out the description for links to define,the most up-to-date pricing until next,time hope you all have a great day

Kindle Paperwhite 2022 Review – ‼️Watch BEFORE You Buy‼️

so youre in the market for a new kindle,and thats a smart move because this is,the best thing to happen to books since,brandon sanderson was born the only,problem with the kindle is deciding,which one to buy so in this video we are,going to be looking at the newest,version of the kindle paperwhite which,is where i think youll get the best,bang for your buck as far as e-readers,go before we take a deep dive into the,kindle paperwhite lets start by looking,at all of the options available as far,as the kindle goes the entry-level,version of the kindle is simply called,the kindle and its available right now,for about 90 dollars and thats a simple,entry level option if youre just,looking for a basic e-reader and nothing,else and then theres the next step up,from that which is the kindle paperwhite,which is the version that well be,looking at today and then the top tier,kindle the premium kindle is the kindle,oasis which is available for,250 dollars so as far as the kindle,paperwhite goes youre going to have two,options you can either buy the regular,version of the kindle for a hundred and,thirty nine dollars and this is the,version that comes with ads or you can,pay an extra twenty dollars to order the,version without ads and then theres the,more premium version of the kindle,paperwhite which is called the kindle,paperwhite signature edition and this,version is going to run you about 190,this version comes standard with no ads,which if thats something thats,important to you this may be the tipping,point that will make you choose this,version over the original kindle,paperwhite in addition to being ad free,the kindle paperwhite signature edition,also comes with 32 gigabytes of storage,instead of 8 gigabytes of storage like,the entry level paperwhite now well get,into some more specs later but just off,the top 32 gigabytes worth of storage on,a kindle is probably more than any,normal person would ever need unless,youre reading a thousand books a month,you probably dont need that much,storage now taking a deeper dive into,the original kindle paperwhite the not,signature edition lets start off by,looking at some of the features of this,kindle the first thing we should notice,is the packaging that this kindle,arrived in the packaging is very,straightforward there are no frills here,nothing too fancy which is perfectly,fine this is a box that im going to,open up and throw away in a couple of,minutes this packaging is eco-friendly,and it is recyclable which is always a,good thing now looking at the kindle,itself the kindle paperwhite boasts a,6.8 inch screen which is relatively big,the screen on the newest kindle,paperwhite is significantly bigger than,on the previous version at least it,appears that way as you compare the two,side by side the new screen size is,definitely one of the best arguments for,upgrading to the newest version of the,kindle that you could make when compared,side by side you can really see how much,bigger and how much easier to look at,the screen on this kindle is compared to,the previous version another thing just,to mention sort of in passing is that,the screen on the kindle is very flush,other than the outside rim theres,really nothing standing out or poking,out on the screen the kindle logo is,obviously flush to the screen the border,is also flush to the screen so its just,a very nice simple screen that serves a,simple yet important purpose another new,upgrade to this version of the kindle is,the usbc charging port which is found on,the bottom of the device usbc is quickly,becoming the universal cable for most,devices which makes it really convenient,if you travel a lot and you take your,kindle along with you you can probably,charge your kindle with a cable that you,already have in your laptop bag youve,probably got a dozen usbc cables lying,around your house somewhere so if you,lose the cable that comes included with,your kindle theres a good chance that,you have a backup lying somewhere around,your house as i kind of mentioned,earlier the borders on this kindle are,much thinner especially when compared to,the previous version of the kindle this,gives the appearance of the screen being,much bigger and again this screen,already is bigger than the other,installment of the kindle but these thin,borders really make the screen look,large like its taking up the entire,surface area of the device another great,feature of this version of the kindle is,the adjustable warm light now this will,make your screen look a little bit,orange and it looks kinda funky at first,but i promise youll get used to it and,youll grow to love this feature it,makes reading much easier on your eyes i,especially love to use this feature if,im reading just before bed it,definitely helps put me to sleep which,is sometimes not a good thing but all in,all its a really great feature that i,love to take advantage of this kindle,boasts allegedly up to 10 weeks worth of,use on a single charge this is,calculated based on 30 minutes of use,per day in that 10 week period so if you,read a lot less itll last longer and,obviously if you read a lot more youll,probably have to charge a bit sooner,than 10 weeks so i have charged this,kindle a couple of times since having it,but its never gotten below like 70,battery life and i have done a lot of,reading on this device so far this,device also boasts 20 percent faster,page turn speed when compared to the,previous version of the paperwhite and i,have noticed that these pages do indeed,turn very quickly twenty percent doesnt,really sound like a lot and in reality,its really not that much of a time,saver but compounded by thousands and,thousands of pages you may end up saving,a couple of minutes off of your reading,time this device boasts a 300 ppi,glare-free screen which makes it,incredibly easy to read outdoors or even,in the car if youre out on a bright,sunny day as ive already mentioned this,device boasts 8 gigabytes of storage,which is probably more than enough to,house all of the books you could ever,read in a lifetime so you almost never,have to worry about deleting old books,to make room for new ones and if youre,a book hoarder like me digitally or not,its really nice to know that the books,on my kindle will be there probably,forever and then finally the new kindle,paperwhite is also waterproof,up to about 30 feet that is so probably,leave this at home on your next deep sea,diving trip but other than that you can,feel free to take your kindle just about,anywhere now i plan to do a whole other,video on some really interesting tips,and tricks for the kindle there are a,lot of really cool almost hidden,features on this device that i think,youll be fascinated to see so,definitely check that video out when it,becomes available now weve already kind,of compared this version of the kindle,paperwhite to the previous version of,the kindle paperwhite and weve seen,that the screen is much bigger its much,more responsive the screen appears to be,a bit clearer and the pages turn faster,but now lets take a minute to compare,it to the more premium version of the,kindle which is the kindle oasis like we,looked at at the beginning of this video,the kindle oasis retails for about two,hundred and fifty dollars while this,version of the kindle paperwhite retails,for a hundred and thirty nine dollars,thats over a hundred dollars more now,in my opinion i really cant tell much,of a difference between this version of,the kindle paperwhite and the newest,version of the kindle oasis now amazon,is probably working on a new version of,the kindle oasis that will put it back,on top as far as kindles go that will,kind of reassert it as the premium,version of the kindle but as of right,now theres really in my opinion,no reason to go for the kindle oasis,over the kindle paperwhite because they,are really the same device the biggest,and most obvious difference being that,the kindle oasis has the buttons that,make it a bit easier to turn the page,but in my opinio

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