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The King of Staten Island – Movie Review

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for,Pete Davidson and it being a Judd Apatow,film its very Judd Apatow for better or,worse well first of all what I like,about the movies I thought Pete Davidson,was really good theres just something,like connected with with his character,also I mean I like Pete Davidson I just,I really I dig dark humor and I dont,get why people are like all right its,time for dark humor to be no more we,need dark humor because if youre a,human being youre [ __ ] up and Pete,Davidson has that in this movie he plays,the role really well which I mean some,people are probably gonna be like yeah,but he kind of plays Pete Davidson I,mean I could be in a movie titled the,YouTube movie review guy about a guy who,talks movie reviews online doesnt mean,oh what have really good at it but I,thought Pete Davidson did a really good,job also I like the fact that this movie,conveys what comics comedians otherwise,funny people who dont go onstage it,just kind of shows who they are on the,inside generally people are funny as a,defense mechanism its a shield not a,sword its they have pain its how,theyve dealt with their pain and in,this movie its very apparent that Pete,Davidsons characters thats how he,deals with pain hes hiding a life,theres a lot of this dude shoulders,just emotionally speaking and you feel,that and thats what this movie is its,the Odyssey of this persons life for,however long the movie takes players,would in a matter of weeks but its the,growth that this character needs to find,you would swear if you watch the trailer,its about this guy who interns at a,fire department thats not until the,last half-hour of the movie really its,about this person not knowing where,theyre going making all the bad,decisions so hes not a bad person hes,just trying to figure his [ __ ] out I,thought the supporting cast was good to,like build burrows one of my favorite,comics he plays a pretty large role in,the movie hes great he brings that Bill,burr wit but also hes a little toned,back hes less cynical than bill burr,comes across us and in true Judd Apatow,fashion that the dialogue among the,friends it was just connectible,relatable friend dialog it was funny it,was woody there were more than a few,times in this movie I laughed pretty,hard you got the chuckles but you also,have the hard laughs and also yes the,movie has heart and get serious when it,needs to also in true Judd Apatow,fashion the movies longer than it needs,to be and you feel it I know Ive said,that about a few movies lately but know,this anytime I say that about a movie I,think of Judd Apatow,hes like the gold standard of that,every one of his movies is longer than,it probably needs to me this is a two,hour and 17 minutes dude figuring his,[ __ ] out this movie is going to connect,with you or not based on how you connect,with the character and what hes dealing,with in the movie and I personally did I,suppose I get what its like to be in,your mid-twenties not knowing what the,[ __ ] youre gonna do in life I heard I,heard someone I forgot the youtubers,said something like youtubers are,homeless people like if YouTube didnt,happen theyd be homeless I think,theyre people who got lucky I concede,to that absolutely if YouTube didnt,happen Id still be at a movie theater,starting movies thats what Id be doing,Id be a projection it turns out it kind,of tripped and fell into something that,works and Id like to think I work hard,at it the point is I know what its like,to be in this character shes just,absolutely you didnt know that did you,behind this put together exterior is the,soul of that man short asleep youll,ever have to take Everett I that I my,connection with the movie and the,character started out pretty early in,the movie he says something about being,on antidepressants which I gotta say,2020 was a great year for me to start,lexapro I didnt know what 2020 was,gonna bring us I didnt know it was,going to be 2-1 she had no idea but I,can only imagine my state of mind,without it Id be a [ __ ] wreck funny,thing is for the longest time I was,really resistant to the idea I was like,I dont wanna get Medicaid again I my,face with that [ __ ] alright so excuse me,while I go and worry about everything,bad that can possibly happen and,mentally deal with it as though it is,most definitely going to happen so yeah,heres the good decision making yeah,your dicks gonna only work 75% but yeah,doesnt its fine pick up pills for that,to me in the movie was kind of a,dialogue and passing but uh-huh its,cool I got where hes coming from,so for me in the end I did I connected,with the movie drags its feet a little,bit shirts a little long for nothing,else youre just kind of watching a guy,go through his month it doesnt really,tell how much time passes its a very,relatable movie for a lot of people,because I think theres more people out,there who dont have their [ __ ] figured,out or didnt at that age then do or did,I thought the king of Staten Island was,a good time to alcohol required for Tony,you could find it on a like I rented it,on Amazon Prime its 20 bucks to rent,thats how much things cost to buy but,if you get like a crew of four people,together if you get the whole family or,group of friends and you just pay 20,bucks and although you can watch it I,guess youre saving money more so than,if you washed it in the movie theaters,but it was just you yeah youre getting,robbed this is the elevator at least,have one friend over so its kind of,like the cost of a movie ticket so the,king of Staten Island have you seen it,what did you think about it whatever you,thought comment below let me know and as,always if you like what youve seen here,and you want to see more click right,here to see more,you

Moist Meter | The King of Staten Island

initiating moisture welcome to the moist,meter today were taking a look at king,of Staten Island I actually had no idea,what this movie was going into it I,thought it was a crime movie with Pete,Davidson as a minor character like a,[ __ ] getaway driver or something but,it turns out its an entire movie about,Pete Davidson and the only crime in this,movie is some shitty tattoos its really,good though I really enjoyed this now,Im not too familiar with Pete,Davidsons work as a stand-up comic Im,only really familiar with him from SNL I,[ __ ] hate SNL so its not like Im a,huge Pete Davidson fanboy but after this,I am quite a fan his performance in this,movie is really good both on the drama,side of letting you see how emotionally,vulnerable the character is and letting,you kind of feel that and just the,comedy side because some of the jokes,are actual bangers not every joke is,great not every jokes gonna make you,laugh out loud piss your pants you know,theyre not all side splitters but there,definitely were a few that got a good,giggle out of me from Pete Davidson and,from bill burr whos also in this movie,with a big role,its a talented cast and they do a great,job and this isnt the kind of movie I,typically enjoy these very character,focus pieces because I feel they start,to drag after a while because a lot of,its just a character silently going,through some very hard [ __ ] but this,movie does a great job of keeping it,interesting with the comedy in it and I,think thats great,I do think it does drag a little bit,mitad Lee its a little long its like,two and a half hours two hours 15,minutes some [ __ ] like that so it,definitely is a little long and the,entire movies watching Pete Davidson be,a [ __ ] loser and try and figure [ __ ],out like how long can you watch a man be,a loser if I wanted to watch a loser for,three hours Id watch my old high school,basketball tapes but its still good and,I still really enjoyed it and a lot of,the time in the movie youre asking,yourself well whats the goal where is,the movie going and its not till the,end of the movie you realized there was,no goal youre just watching this dude,try and get his life together and in the,movie Pete Davidson plays a damaged man,whos lost his father at a young age and,hes having a hard time coping both with,that loss and trying to figure out where,he wants to go in his life and then his,mother starts to move on finds another,man whos bill burr bill burrs got a,girthy [ __ ] according to his ex-wife so,now Pete David,needs to come to terms with the fact,that his mom is moving on and is now,riding a turbo dick from Bill burr and,its a movie that has you very invested,in the characters I think it does a good,job with every character and their,dynamic I also just think Pete,Davidsons character Scott is a,character a lot of people that watch,this movie can relate to mid-20s still,not sure the direction they want to go,in life and just being dealt a bad hand,and its all about finding ways to,overcome that and still follow a dream,yeah actually not really that thats a,bit of a reach the movies genuinely a,montage of Pete Davidson being high and,[ __ ] up until the end when there,starts to become more of a purpose and,something to glue everything together,after witnessing you know Pete Davidson,getting rim jobs with the consequences,of his fuck-ups and he starts to finally,find his footing and find a path and I,really just dont have any negative,things to say about this movie I enjoyed,it I had some good giggles the only,downside to the movie is its linked I,think its definitely longer than it,needs to be it feels like it was,stretched out just for the sake of just,getting a little bit more Pete Davidson,bill burr action in there which isnt,the worst thing but I do think it is,longer than it should have been and I,want to say again Ive mentioned it,before I love that the new movies are,going to streaming instead of theaters,since theaters are extinct now because I,got to pause this movie and take a [ __ ],during it which I just cant do if I,went to a movie theater because then Id,missed too much of the movies after like,holding my [ __ ] like Im smuggling drugs,in my ass for the last like hour of the,movie and then I have to drive home,uncomfortable [ __ ] borderline,[ __ ] my pants the entire journey,home whereas watching it on TV just,pause it,go drop my steaming loaf come back dont,miss a thing it is fantastic so I think,thats great too,plugging this movie into the moist meter,Im giving king of Staten Island a nice,eighty-five percent its a movie that I,really enjoyed theres really nothing,overly negative to say about it I dont,think its like a must-see movie or,anything like that but I think its a,very good movie and what it wants to be,as a dramedy it excels in my opinion I,think the character is a very strong,character that I think will resonate,with a lot of people who do watch the,movie and Pete Davidson bill Byrne,particularly they absolutely crush it in,this yeah just a good movie overall to,see yeah

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The King of Staten Island reviewed by Mark Kermode

yes so you did an interview with about,town at for this Pete Davidson is a kind,of twenty-something hes living at home,with his widowed mom hes kind of,wastrel isnt it to be able to get on,with his life although his younger,sister is going off to college he has,dreams of opening a tattoo restaurant,which something which everyone tells him,is a very bad idea not least because,hes a terrible tattoo artist heres a,clip Ill of Staten Island its amazing,and people are gonna see it soon trust,me well if you love it so much wont you,let me tattoo it on you no Im not gonna,let you tattoo me again fine,well I need somebody to tattoo Im,running out of it come on rich what,about you dont even look at me dude why,your work is mad and consistent Obama a,right I got the eyes wrong okay hes not,right all right man this has hurt me,right Ill have any black friends,anymore I cant go to a barbershop no,more,you got Obama wrong aint nothin worse,than that what are you Igor one dragon,or something oh I love your tattoos my,brother its a spittin image,so what then happens is that his brother,starts beating a firefighter and hes,completely sideswiped by this because,his own father that was a firefighter,whom he lost and there is a really quite,remarkable scene in which he kind of,does this angry and passion rant about,the pain of people left behind when,firefighters go into life-threatening,situations and its a really really kind,of personal moment not least because,Pete Davidson himself as you said in the,interview with that Judd Apatow his,father was a firefighter who he lost on,9/11 so there is a very personal element,in this drama on the I think the best,things about it are I think Pete Davison,has a genuine kind of anarchic quality,served him very very well in Saturday,Night Live and I think that what this,does is the thing that John Apatow,doesnt when hes at his best which is,to combine comedy and pathos and um you,know bawdy humor with something thats,thats piercing and soulful and painful,I think its also kind of itself in got,bulge and I think that its too long and,it suffers from many of the things that,Judd Apatow movies do suffer from that,kind of loose-limbed quality that,occasionally,with reigning in but crucially I thought,it had a heart and I thought that that,heart was was really tangible and,beating and not no matter what problems,I may have with the film I thought that,shown through and funnily enough the the,further away from it Ive got them or,Ive thought about it the more Ive,thought about those moments of real sort,of stinging pathos which did touch me an,affect me some very interesting,supporting performances mr. Murrays,terrific is his mother Steve Buscemi is,very good as their as the firehouse,stole war to kind of teaches our central,character some home truths but I think,you liked it too didnt you thats what,I got from your injury with Judd Apatow,yes I mean I agree with all the,criticisms it is it is way too long Im,not sure that Pete Davidson was an,entirely kind of sympathetic man from,the movie but I think that the scene,that you mentioned especially once you,know the history of the movie they see,where hes sitting at the ballgame and,hes telling this crowd of firefighters,led by Steve Buscemi dont have kids you,shouldnt have kids if youre a,firefighter you shouldnt have a kid you,just think wow this is you know its,really from the heart so it certainly,does have power and it is laugh I laugh,funny as you say because hes tattoo of,Barack Obama was spectacularly terrible,yeah you cant see it on the radio but,my word is remarkably terrible

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The King of Staten Island – Review!

[Music],hows it going everybody and welcome to,my review of Judd Apatow latest,directorial film only his sixth movie,that hes directed its hard to believe,because it seems like hes everywhere,the king of Staten Island starring SNL,star Pete Davidson now this is something,of a semi-autobiographical movie for,Pete Davidson because he co-wrote the,screenplay as well as stars in the film,as Scott a 24-year old burnout who lives,with his mom whos played by Marisa,Tomei after losing his firefighter,father at a young age much like Pete,Davidson himself did as I mentioned a,lot of autobiographical or biographical,aspects in this film this follows the,conventional judd apatow formula of,immature character in a state of,Arrested Development finds maturity,through circumstance and necessity which,weve seen particularly in the movies,that Jenna patel has directed what makes,this film unique is the fact that it,ties so closely to Pete Davidsons life,and is very centred on this character of,Scott and everything that happens around,him and that that works to the movies,credits um and it actually works to its,detriment as well partially because,there is a very talented supporting cast,in the film as I mentioned Marisa Tomei,also bill Berg who plays ray a,firefighter who starts a romantic aughts,mother and inevitably clashes with Scott,and then we have Belle Polly who plays,Scotts friend Casey who is waiting for,him to take the next step both in life,and in their relationship together,actually I found that she was in my mind,in a very talented cast kind of the,standout star of the movie,certainly not the one that the movie is,about but I I actually wanted to know,more about her character about her,journey because she is taking in the,background a very interesting kind of,journey on her own jet Apatow movies,have this tendency to kind of meander a,little bit and wander from thing to,thing to put a bunch of characters in,the movie and then hop around a bunch,this was a character that they hopped,around from a lot that I wish that they,had spent more time with because we are,expected to invest a little bit into,this relationship between Scott and,Casey I really wish that we had spent,more on that relationship because I was,legitimately interested in what she was,going through throughout this movie as,well as it stands we spent a lot of time,with Scott as he smokes weed and hangs,out with his friends and is really,generally kind of an eighth hole to,anyone and everyone in his life and you,can have characters that do unlikable,things itd be boring if you didnt and,you can have characters who are flawed,you can have characters who say or do,things that youre not supposed to like,them for but I do think in the long run,that you are supposed to like Scott this,movie spends so much time with him being,unlikable that I actually had a hard,time in the end wanting to root for him,because I feel like he skipped over a,bunch of the things that you should do,as a character and honestly as a person,in order to redeem yourself or in order,to put yourself on a path to redemption,or to a better life maybe its just,because Im getting older it probably is,a big part of it but I just had a very,hard time,first of all relating to Scott obviously,this is a character who has gone through,a lot of pain and a lot of trauma but,then again so have some of the other,people in his life and theyre not,acting in this manner theyre not acting,in this way theyre getting on with,their lives I wanted him to get out of,the house I wanted him to get a job I,thought that the way he was treating,everyone was unfair and I think I think,part of it is of course youre supposed,to think that thats a character aspect,but I think youre also maybe I think,Pete Davidson and Jett Apatow perhaps,empathize with this character just on a,personal level more than I did because,we spent so much time in the negative,parts of his life that I was kind of,turned off to him altogether by the time,we wanted to start coming around on who,he was and what his next step was gonna,be as I mentioned this was obviously a,movie that had some therapeutic quality,for Pete Davidson it is rooted in a,real-life tragedy in his past his,performance is centered in that reality,and its not a bad performance I think,that it kind of hits one note,Pete Davidson is not a seasoned film,actor particularly when you talk about,taking on a role of the size and of this,importance of being the centerpiece of a,movie I felt like he hits a kind of Seth,Rogen quality,consistently throughout the film but,that seth rogen note where hes kind of,frustrated and anxious and confused and,its just kind of yelling at somebody to,get out of here I felt like that was the,note that Pete Davidson hid through most,of the film its not a bad performance,by any means and I think it is because,he is hes drawing on so much of himself,for this movie and and thats really,what all actors do is that they draw,they draw on their personal experiences,to bring characters to life my main,concern with Pete Davidson is I think,hes got a lot of potential I just hope,that he himself doesnt stereotype his,own work in these roles that are sort of,burnouts and guys that live at home I,think that you can use that pain and you,can use those experiences to play all,different kinds of characters and I hope,that Pete Davidson going forward decides,to branch out and because he is a gifted,comedic actor I think this movie shows,the beginnings of a talent to be a,gifted dramatic actor its all where you,choose to apply those skills so I hope,that he branches out from these kinds of,roles that hes played early in his,career to try some other things as far,as in a pataga goes I think we I think,weve got what were gonna get of,particularly when hes coat ridings /,co-writing and directing his own movies,he seems like a director who is very,interested in these stories of kind of,kicking somebody out of an extended,Arrested Development kicking somebody,out of this period where they should be,doing things that older people are doing,whether its the 40 year old virgin Oh a,knocked-up train wreck these movies have,varied from very good to okay and this,is kind of where I landed on this movie,I thought this was OK,the performances are good I like Bill,burr Marisa Tomei and the others that I,mentioned already in the review theres,nothing wrong on that level I felt like,this story was a bit aimless and drifted,a bit I felt like the characters werent,as well-rounded as they could have been,but this is this is Judd Apatow style,its almost this this kind of mainstream,comedy Richard Linklater thing where,hes doing a character study but merged,to the bones of a studio comedy and I,dont necessarily think that that,synthesis always works were in this,kind of mode now where its not about,buying a ticket to a movie its about,watching,at home and do you want to pay $20 to,rent this movie at home I wouldnt,necessarily recommend that you pay $20,to do the VOD thing right now Im sure,when a rental window is gonna open up,where you could rent it at home for six,or seven dollars and at that point Id,say its worth it if youre a Pete,Davidson fan if youre Judd Apatow fan,if youve liked a lot of Judd Apatow so,other movies better than I have then I,think youll probably enjoy it a little,bit more than I did but it says,something when the most emotionally,involved that I personally got with this,movie was toward the end theres a scene,where Pete and his mother are talking on,the couch during one of the best scenes,of Game of Thrones theyre just talking,right through and its the scene where,Joffrey gets slapped in the face,repeatedly by the way by Tyrion,Lannister I was more emotionally,involved in in in in trying to get them,to watch that scene because its such a,great scene then I was in most of the,other movies parts of the movie so yeah,King Staten Island was okay for me it,didnt hit a lot of the beats that it,should have it h

Pete Davidson on “The King of Staten Island”

from New York Staten Island to Saturday,Night Live to Hollywood,Pete Davidson has had quite the journey,as he relates in conversation with Tony,to copal of CBS this morning here to,comment on finally becoming an adult is,our resident young person Pete Davidson,Pete Davidson is one of the most,unlikely stars of Saturday Night Live,how do I get on the show,Carlin then my mom see an NBC executive,hit a kid and drive off just 20 years,old when he made his debut and the,character he most frequently plays is,himself you know how wrong about,politics you have to be for like me to,notice but what really makes Davidson a,longshot is that when he was asked to,audition he didnt even realize that,Saturday Night Live was still on the air,no thats true yeah I mean like when,youre 16 youre not watching like,political midnight shows how did that,change your life,Oh drastically I started getting taken,seriously as a comic it really really,changed my life now at 26 Pete,Davidsons life may be about to change,all over again I need somebody to tattoo,Im running out of the work is mad and,consistent Obama a right in the king of,Staten Island he is co-author and star,of his first major film about a drifting,twenty-something from New Yorks least,celebrated borough its a film he says,is about 75% autobiographical so this is,lovely Staten Island yes this is the,lovely Staten Island Coast Staten Island,is also the place Pete Davidson calls,home and you live below us I live in the,basement do you feel like Staten Island,is part of you is it in you are you like,a Staten Island guy oh yeah Im exactly,whats that nyle it is someone living in,their moms basement what are you gonna,do are you gonna get a job or are you,gonna leave the house I dont know Im,gonna open that tattoo restaurant in the,movie Davidsons character is struggling,after his father a firefighter dies in,the line of duty you got to know him,well youre lucky you didnt get to know,him okay cuz thats why youre almost,normal if he got to know me would have,known that he was like coolest guy ever,and that wouldnt ruin the rest of your,life and if that doesnt exactly sound,like a comedy not even with Marisa Tomei,as mom and Bill burr as the guy trying,to date her are you flirting with me,oh yeah yeah yeah,Davidson has had a lifetime to find the,humor in it Im rusty youre Sutter nice,to meet you I just always wanted to show,where Im coming from,pretty much like how a tragedy affects a,family and I think like there hasnt,been many of those movies that are like,really honest and transparent his own,father died responding to the attacks on,the World Trade Center when Davidson was,just seven do you remember the moment,you found out I dont remember the,moment I found out but I remember when I,started to get curious because a lot of,his friends would be coming over and he,wasnt over then I started to put two,and two together that maybe something,was wrong when people have something,like that happened to them often its a,like a dividing line in their life and,theres everything before and theres,everything after right did you feel like,even though youre only a kid you were,already a changed person oh yeah,absolutely one of my best friends is,forever gone I am 17 so unfortunately a,few ladies you know keep it down you,know because youll go to jail but,comedy became a way to cope and as a,teen he started doing open mic nights in,Manhattan which led to what he was sure,would be his only season of Saturday,Night Live,I was like 10 12 years younger than,everybody else so it felt like like it,was a joke it felt like berry,make-a-wish II like charity it felt like,charity for sure how confident were you,then as a comic thats what I cant,figure out it sounds like you were but,then also you werent I was really,confident as a comic because like you,have to be when youre on stage you just,thats where I feel my most comfortable,but like offstage like I never really,thought I was like I dont think Im a,great comic or like anything like that,Im very self-hating,its just one of those guys you see him,and right away you think that hes gonna,do great things most important thing,about Pete is hes just insanely funny,Judd Apatow co-wrote and directed the,kingdom,niland having already helped launch the,careers of some of comedys biggest,names among them ben stiller Amy Schumer,who the hell is Jesus agent Garcia and,Seth Rogen with hey soos here to clean,this thing anyway its just gonna get,fire on he says Davidson has that kind,of talent I dont even know why you,gotta clean the truck were trying to,show up all sexy to a fire I always say,to him you know me and most of my,friends we had to make 12 really goofy,movies before attempting to do something,like this I think theres really no,limit to what Pete can do I mean hes a,fantastic actor hes a really fantastic,writer he was a great producer so I do,think its just the beginning for Pete I,googled it its never been done not even,as a joke because no one wants to go to,a restaurant and watch people get,tattooed while they eat its gross its,the best idea ever,Ruby to Tuesdays but as Davidsons,career took off his personal struggles,deepened and by 2017 he says he was at,his lowest even at times suicidal how,close did you get,I got not not to be like you know like I,got as close as you get I mean just like,testing the waters and until I met the,right treatments and met the right,doctors and did all the work that you,need to do like not feel that way it got,pretty dark and scary yeah so that scene,in the movie where you close your eyes,on the road yeah is that based on,something that really happened yeah,thats true I used to do that thats,horrible to say but yeah I used to close,my eyes on a closed Road usually at,night and I would drive without a,seatbelt,[Applause],but if 2017 was the worst year of his,life it was also the best the year he,found help and through the writing and,making of his new movie a possible way,forward sorry I really wanted this to be,like cleansing for me,cleansing how I feel like I got to speak,about it in the biggest way possible and,I could get my story out there so I feel,like now I could like let it go do you,think youll ever leave Staten Island,um maybe one day but right now I feel,really comfortable here knock knock,whos there,your dad whatever happens with the king,of Staten Island Pete Davidson says the,work itself has been worth it and always,will be I made a tribute to my mom and,dad and I got to face these things Ive,been avoiding for a really long time,head-on and I couldnt ask for you know,anything more really

Review The King of Staten Island (2020) – REMAJA YANG TIDAK MAU JADI LELAKI DEWASA

knalpot menciptakan menampilkan Mas,pakai Suryo cape apa kegoya cra resep,jumpa lagi di channel titik temu,Hai ini merupakan segmen dongeng film,kali gue membahas film yang cukup,ngeri-ngeri sedap shop pastikan kamu,sudah siap dengerin gue dongeng tentang,film ini sosok film ini bergenre drama,komedi gak pake lama lagi langsung aja,kebebasannya yasop dengerin sambil ngopi,cuci baju aneh Paddle atau pas lagi,santai aja sob Cmon the king of staten,Island adalah film drama komedi Amerika,tahun 2020 yang disutradarai oleh Cut,apa tahu dari skenario oleh juta botol,pet Davidson dan deathsaurus film ini,dibintangi oleh Davidson Marisa tomei,blur belvalley mau diapa tahu dan Steve,buscemi film ini dibuka dengan adegan,Scott Karlin yang sedang mengendarai,kendaraan mobil setelah beberapa saat,duduk dalam diam Scott menutup matanya,dan menginjak gas sekitar 10 detik lalu,dia membuka matanya sebelum dia,empat menabrak sesuatu tetapi dia,membelok tepat juga saat sebelum,bertabrakan dan hanya menyebabkan dua,mobil lain Saling bertabrakan dia terus,pengemudi dan tidak peduli setelah,kejadian itu Scott kemudian bergaul,dengan teman-temannya kesley Tigor Oskar,reagge dan Tarra mereka sangat senang,merokok ganja di rumah Tapi kalau Saya,menyarankan agar mereka pergi keluar,sesekali Tarra memperhatikan tato yang,dimiliki oleh Scott dan bertanya tentang,tato yang ada di lengannya skor dengan,senang hati menjelaskan bahwa itu adalah,tanggal ayahnya ten meninggal dunia,hanya merupakan Petugas pemadam,kebakaran dan dia tewas dalam sebuah,kejadian saat bertugas situasinya,kemudian menjadi canggung sampai Scott,dan semua orang mulai mencoba untuk,menertawakannya kalau saya kemudian,mengirimkan pesan kepada Scott untuk,pergi ke suatu tempat agar mereka,melakukan cocok tanam dia ingin hubungan,mereka berkembang menjadi sesuatu yang,lebih baik tapi Scott berpikir dia,lebih baik dengan orang lain dan ketika,mereka menjadi pasangan akan membuat,keadaan mereka menjadi lebih canggung,Scott sendiri tinggal bersama ibunya,yang Seorang perawat bernama merge dan,saudara perempuannya yang bernama kleri,akan masuk ke dunia kampus Ferry ingin,mengadakan pesta kelulusan bersama,dengan seorang temannya yang bernama,Joanna Tetapi dia khawatir ketika Scott,akan melakukan sesuatu untuk merusak,pesta mereka atau mencoba untuk bercocok,tanam dengan salah satu temannya setelah,itu kleri kemudian pergi ke garasi untuk,memeriksa barang-barang ayahnya dan,mencoba berpura-pura berbicara untuk,mengalihkan perhatian dari skor kemudian,Scott bersama teman-temannya di mana,mereka sedang melakukan ghibah terkait,pertemuan Igor dengan seorang gadis dari,kencan online dan Scott bersama,teman-teman juga berfikir bahwa Igor,bisa dijadikan bahan olok-olokan karena,gadis tersebut terlalu menarik untuk,disukai oleh seorang Igor kemudian,seorang anak yang tidak tahu,juntrungannya kemudian datang untuk,mencoba membeli obat-obatan,tetapi kemudian dia bertengkar dengan,teman-teman Scott karena anak tersebut,tidak memiliki cukup uang untuk membayar,obat-obatan tersebut sebelum pesta,kelulusan clear dimulai Scott sempat,berdebat dengan clear tentang busana,yang akan dikenakan ke pesta bahkan skor,dan clear menelepon ibunya melalui,panggulan FaceTime saat Ibunya tersebut,sedang berada di tempat kerja kota,akhirnya tidak mau mengenakan setelan,itu dan dia tetap mengakhiri pesta,tersebut kemudian adegan dilanjutkan,ketika Scott didekati oleh sepupunya,yang bernama Jo yang menawarinya,pekerjaan sebagai pelayan di sebuah,restoran kemudian setelah pesta,perpisahan kelulusan clear berbicara,dengan Scott dan berharap Scott akan,baik-baik saja tanpa kehadiran clear,ketika dia sudah pergi untuk berkuliah,clear tahu betapa cerobohnya Scott dan,clear tahu bahwa Scott terus menggunakan,kematian ayahnya sebagai alasan untuk,terus-menerus bertingkah aneh dan,menjadi anak kecil sok berpendapat bahwa,dia,Hai pemuda untuk mengenal ayahnya dan,memahami betapa kematian ayahnya sangat,rasa untuk dirinya keesokan harinya,clear dan Juan bersiap untuk pergi ke,kampus bersama clear sambil berlinang,air mata memeluk Scott dan merge tapi,merge terlalu emosional untuk tetap,berada di luar dan melihat bayar dan,Joanna pergi Ibu Scott mencoba membuat,Scott menghabiskan waktu bersamanya,tetapi ibu Swatch kembali galau karena,memberikan clear pergi dan Scott,kemudian mencoba untuk menghibur ibunya,kemudian pergi untuk bergabung bersama,teman-temannya di tempat yaitu di luar,Panti Asuhan yang ditinggalkan sebelum,menjaga keamanan menyuruh mereka pergi,dari tempat tersebut Kalau saya mengeluh,bahwa staten Island tidak ada yang,menarik dan Karena itulah tidak ada yang,suka berkunjung ke staten Island Mereka,kemudian membahas mimpi-mimpi Scott,yaitu menjadi seniman tato tetapi Richie,mengatakan bahwa karyanya tidaklah,konsisten seperti tato wajah Obama yang,ternyata,kirim kemudian skor dan teman-teman,lainnya meninggalkan gadis-gadis,tersebut Lalu para lelaki kemudian,berada di tepi air Ketika ada seorang,anak yang bernama Harold melintas Scott,kemudian menawarkan harok untuk ditato,yang didukung semua orang kecuali,temannya my god setelah beberapa detik,Scott mencoba menata Hoult Arok mah,kabur dan lari kemudian Ayah rok Levis,shop datang dengan marah-marah menemui,Ibu Scott atas apa yang dilakukan oleh,Scott kepada Harold ibukota kemudian,meminta maaf untuk Scott meskipun rem,masih marah-marah tetapi tray berubah,menjadi tidak emosi setelah itu Scott,mengatakan kepadanya bahwa dia juga,adalah seorang janda Scott kemudian,pergi dengan kelce dan membahas pesta,kelulusan yang membuat kelsey kesal,adalah kelsey tidak mengundang Scott,ketika kelsey menegaskan kembali kepada,Scott bahwa kelsey pikir mereka berdua,baru saja menjalin hubungan yang biasa,saja skor menjadi kesal,Hai dan kemudian memutuskan bahwa,sebaiknya mungkin mereka lebih baik,tidak menjadi hubungan yang lebih serius,kemudian Scott mulai bekerja sebagai,pelayan di mana dia harus berurusan,dengan pelanggan yang menjengkelkan bagi,Scott pada satu waktu kemudian setelah,sekerja chord mencoba untuk menjadi,petinju profesional dengan sarung tangan,yang mirip tangan Hulk namun kalian bisa,nebak nih bahwa ternyata Scope dengan,sangat cepat di TK oleh lawannya re,kemudian kembali ke rumah istrinya untuk,meminta maaf kepada Ibu Scott atas,Bagaimana reaksi terhadap Scott dan,mengatakan bahwa pria akan melanjutkan,dan membayar operasi penghapusan tato,untuk anaknya tetapi ibukota Who bahwa,apa yang dilakukan Scott tidak bisa,dipercaya kemudian Rey mengajak Ibu,Scott untuk keluar untuk sekedar minum,minum kopi cantik lalu keduanya,berbincang tentang kehidupan pribadi,masing-masing Tak lama kemudian mereka,mulai berpacaran,games pasangan ibukota kemudian,memberitahu Scott bahwa dia dan Rei,ternyata sudah berpacaran Scott kemudian,kesal terhadap ibunya ada dua hal yang,membuat kesal pertama skor tidak Square,ini karena reisqa marah-marah rem arah,karena Scott menato anaknya dan dia,lebih kesal lagi ketika ibu Scott,menyebutkan bahwa Rey ternyata seorang,pemadam kebakaran Scott tidak ingin,ibunya mengalami hal yang sama lagi,seperti yang dialami dengan ayahnya yang,seorang pemadam kebakaran rela Lu,ngajakin Spot untuk makan malam ke,restoran tempat dimana Scott bekerja,fade berusaha bersikap baik dan sabar,terhadap Spot demi mendapatkan perasaan,Ibu Scott selalu memutuskan untuk,memberikan kesempatan kepada Rai sport,setuju untuk bergabung dengan Reiki,untuk pertandingan bisbol dengan,beberapa teman pemadam kebakaran lainnya,ada Papa Savage longboard dan Morales,Mereka adalah teman re yang sama juga,pemadam kebakaran,Hai itu sikap Scott yang sombong dan,apatis membuat situasi di tempat,tersebut menjadi canggung tetapi,kemudian Rey benar-benar mempermalukan,dirinya ketika Rey memanggil Petugas,pemadam kebakaran lain karena menjadi,pemadam kebakaran harus mempertaruhkan,nyawa ketika mereka tahu bahwa mereka,bisa saja meninggalkan orang yang mereka,cintai karena tugas untuk memadamkan api,sebentar shop c


thats movie was really effective he was,real,I got him credit on me I loved reviewing,the movie just lecture in the make I,know not dead I dont give up get your,[ __ ] together Scott I want to thank our,sponsor for this review ro8 as you know,the king of Staten Island is going to be,streaming this Friday got a little early,preview of it for ourselves for this,review there it is right there you can,find it him on many platforms but you,can get yourself a discount on row eight,row eight youre gonna want to try that,out because as you know streaming is the,way is going Studios talking about I,dont care what you talking about,theaters I know,VOD is streaming baby is the future,future future row eight is there to give,it to you row eight is the place to be,you know we told you about it with Scoob,and we tell you it wasnt just scoop,they got all of these big hits that are,gonna be on row eight youre gonna be,seeing the king of Staten Island on this,platform this Friday but they got a,whole bunch of other things on there all,the hits all the big movies when theyre,available for streaming and also also,they got Classic Movies out there too,and those are probably a little bit,easier to access than some of these big,movies right here but tell you why Ill,let you pick and choose whatever you,like because if you use our code and,there it is right there now this,definitely is not very professional cuz,I had to do this right before the show I,couldnt be going in doing old graphics,and draw pretty pictures for you so we,got very basic with it but thats like a,generic can use Comic Sans for the,double dash ro8 let me spell it for you,hey it aint how it looks say how pretty,it looks hey look it works thats it you,need to know yeah you dont give a damn,how cheap that looks all you orders the,same,money so if you use that code double -,ro8 youll get yourself a dollar 50 off,of any movie that you want to stream,your first movie that you want to stream,off ro8 if you dont like the movie that,youre watching lets just say you dont,like the king of Staten Island let mr.,eight know right mr. Rowe aint no and,theyll refund your money and let you,use it for whatever other film that you,want to watch before we start talking,about that particular movie lets talk,about Judd Apatow in some other movies,that hes done before that because hes,actually made a career off of making,movies about people who just cant get,their [ __ ] together yep that does seem,to be his thing people who just cant,grow up maybe thats the way I should,put it people who either cant get this,[ __ ] together I cant grow up a little,bit of both yeah and it used to be oh,its always the manchild,but hes done it with women – oh theres,always something with him and youre,right hes done it with all kinds you,know first yeah he had a guy who had,whos that he was gainfully employed you,know he was living his life he was leave,was paying his bills he just didnt get,no ass first he was making movie about,grown-ass virgins out there man but like,I said you know at least the guy had his,[ __ ] together,yeah no he wasnt terrible with women,yeah but but responsible he was a fully,realized human being yeah yeah he didnt,realize [ __ ] I was trying to vote yeah,I know you I said get out of here but,you have to keep my eye I was never in,suspense theres no way around I know,and I tried I tried apparently he didnt,make a movie about this man oh yeah,wheres my manchild movie that guy had,his life together but then he start,making movies about as we said the man,check yeah the very next movie yeah we,had him we had a guy who actually had,sex he was no virgin should have been a,virgin because this man did not need no,babies at all,[Music],are you living your vision right Im,kind of living my vision well that is,sad of course we know thats knocked up,mm-hmm a big man cha ended up getting a,girl pregnant and had a baby wont be,true the hill he walked in your friend,got the vagina maybe had more sense to,him his first seconds on a good job get,a real job [ __ ] thats my dad put me,back all right lets get this over we,said he had women in Neptune train wreck,yeah you know but now now were uh were,talking about the man children with,daddy issues and that is what we have,here with the king of Staten Island Pete,Davidson who plays a man-child every,week on saronite LA to the point where,they just even told him like you know,what man you dont really want to be,here even hes like yeah yeah people,wonder whats going on with this guy,because in real life it seems like he,cant get his [ __ ] together yeah I mean,this movie is semi autobiographical I,said you loved every relationship youve,been here and now youre back to this,big opportunity that you have with this,show that everybody wants to be on and,he still has an attitude like somebody,who dont give him so well see what,happens but this is somewhat,autobiographical here this is Pete,Davidson with this story that he rode,along with Judd Apatow about or was like,to cope with the loss of his father who,he he lost his father in 9/11 and wow,this might be a little bit of an,exaggerated version of Pete Davidson he,did say there was enough of me in this,movie to were making this was,therapeutic you know we always had,people making movies that would therapy,for them but aint [ __ ] to the rest of,this is cool but Im glad you,Im glad you give millions of dollars,for your therapy sessions I should have,to watch the [ __ ] though my people say,that,a lot of the lot of times when people,are putting their real problems up on,the screen you actually get the best,performances because comes from a real,place or a real place lets go ahead and,see if thats the case with Pete,Davidson in his latest therapy session,king of Staten Island now how did they,get you you know,flirt with somebody I like your Chitti I,mean your yeah yeah I got asked those,tattoos real or were those for the movie,no hes covered in tattoos so that [ __ ],is real cuz some [ __ ],yeah god damn no this is this is quite,audible Biograph what do you eat there,Oh,covered up in that kind of ink guy needs,a hippie – hes 24 years old Margery let,that bird fly please dont worry mom you,know your daughter got sworn went to,college in a band but Im still here,gonna be here forever Im laughing,because her sister has to tell her that,I was a pitcher and that was you through,the whole movie with a drink in your,hand going like this bird fly,would you looking over my fence i watch,this drinking I had about three beers,watch this I watched this in my backyard,on the laptop my wife who we went back,to eating chips and drinking beer and we,were both like this mother I even told,my wife I said if we have a kid like,this,Im not even kicking about Im beating,the [ __ ] out of him oh honey Im not,even wait for 24 and 18 if Ive seen any,ounce of Pete Davidson in him from this,movie Im beating the [ __ ] out that kid,youre gonna kick him out of the nest,and by that I mean you gonna take him up,to a tree said Im gonna beat him on up,the tree kick his ass down and jump on,top Im and finish the job,you know I dont like this [ __ ],youre like well say this you know,were talking about how this is somewhat,semi-autobiographical this is probably,the most semi autobiographical movie,that shut up at how has done from one of,his characters I know Adam Sandler,played a comedian that felt you know,kind of he was depressed and was you,know second-guessing his career but even,that was a little more detached oh yeah,you know this what youre seeing here,you know this is directly based off of,some Vince and Pete Davidsons life,weve already told you that it did this,is his way of kind of coping with the,death of his father from 9/11 when he,was a little boy thats a little Pete,right there and thats the father Scott,Davidson and hes named himself after,the character after his father in the,movie you know theres a as other things,that they put in there a lot of people,know t

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