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King Richard – Movie Review

hey good to see you again and before we,get started giving some love to the,sponsor of this video this video is,brought to you by raycon those true,wireless earbuds that come in at about,half the price of other premium wireless,earbuds on the market but still crank,out that sound ray comes off for eight,hours of playtime and 32 hours of,battery life still fit in like so,actually pretty hidden by my hair and,theyve still yet to fall out of my head,they remain my workout earbuds or,theyre perfect for those days youre,just laying in bed and you know you have,to do that one important thing,listen to music a day worth living,theres also a built-in mic so you can,take calls and they offer a new modern,updated rubber oil look and feel as well,as optimized gel tips for that perfect,ear fit and they come with a 45 day,happiness guarantee which again i always,appreciate so click the link in the,description box or go to byraycon.com,exclusive deals up to 20 off your recon,order and thank you once again to raycon,for sponsoring this video i do,appreciate it and now the biopic of,tennis legends venus and serena williams,starring will smith,so king richard like i said before is,the biopic of venus and serena williams,it follows the father named richard,hence the name king richard and his plan,that he had for his daughters to become,the best tennis stars on earth which i,mean will smith being in movies are,usually called the will smith show and,this solidifies the fact that you can,make a movie about tennis legends venus,and serena williams and its still the,will smiths show to be fair to this,movie and its execution though it does,work because at the core of this entire,story is the family dynamic thats what,you see thats what you feel thats what,this father is working for and his wife,the entire family the parents are,working for that theyre doing what,parents generally should do which is,make sure your kids have a better life,than you had right like thats the point,and you feel that you even saw that in,the trailer that scene where cps is at,their house and hes like oh you mean,were hard on our kids just because we,are were keeping them off these streets,and i love how will smith portrays his,character how the movie portrays the,character you know its this person,whos hes a dad who undeniably loves,his family hes also a stubborn and,flawed person but you never i mean were,all flawed and yes also stubborn he has,a hustle to him and there are a couple,times where im like dude if i were that,guy that you made that deal with and you,omitted that information id be pissed,you know id be pissed if i were dealing,with richard in that capacity but if i,were richard if i were the father,i also would have omitted the,information to make sure the deal,happened so you have all these,characters who are frustrated with each,other who are locking horns with each,other but youre like i kind of see,where youre all coming from because,thats just life and i thought will,smith was great in the role will smith,at this point hes like ive done so,much with my career i really want that,oscar so we see him doing a lot of,character pieces like this but hes,always reliably good at them will,smiths a great actor he brings the,heart into this role and you needed an,actor who could portray that because you,have an actor who brings that to the,forefront,you get it you know you get where this,guy is coming from and you get what hes,working for also hes a very positive,guy at the tennis matches you know hed,be like oh good luck to you you know he,hes like a nice person youd want to,interact with hes all about,sportsmanship he doesnt want his,daughters to be cocky hes like dude be,humble do the work dont brag and when,he frustrates john bernthal because he,omitted information he says it was such,a smile that bernthals character has no,choice but to just kind of like,be frustrated but he cant hate him hes,got that smile the movie did a good job,of balancing all those elements of this,character but its not just richard,anjanue ellis plays his wife the mother,of venus and serena williams i thought,she was great too this is one dialogue,that becomes a monologue with anjanu,ellis where shes talking about like,dude ive been here too im dreaming,along with you its one of those,monologues you ever watch a biopic or a,drama and when a monologue happens,youre like yeah if this person is,nominated for an oscar thats the clip,theyre going to use it was one of those,monologues i dont know if shes going,to be nominated for an oscar i just,dont think like the academy thats not,me but if she is its going to be that,clip now cena sydney as venus williams,is more in the forefront than serena,williams is because shes the one who,got the coaches coach was like hey well,i can take one but i cant train two so,it follows venus more than serena,williams again though they used that to,their advantage i thought they were both,great in the movie because its like oh,venus gets all the training but then it,shows that they take that training that,venus just learned and they go with,serena at home and she then practices,with that training its kind of a two,for one but its also double the work,which shows the fortitude of this family,and how much they wanted the best for,their kids but both sania sydney and,demi singleton as venus and serena,williams i thought they were both,fantastic they were both great they they,both brought the heart you want to see,you know its like oh i mean theyre,tennis legends they get to play tennis,legends and youre hoping like come on,be likable be good also be good actors,please and they were all of that they,were everything you wanted to see as the,youth of venus and serena williams,portrayed on screen john bernthal was,great in this movie too im used to,seeing him as the badass you know frank,castle this movie hes this really rich,stressed out coach who has to deal with,a father whos going against his advice,and he has no choice but to be like okay,i guess if you want to pass on that deal,because you think something,oh man i always appreciate it in any,capacity when an actor flexes their,acting range i thought this was a good,move for john bernthal and in the end i,love me a good biopic i love the formula,i love the execution i love seeing a,fictionalized version of what happened,hopefully its as real as they can make,it for entertainment purposes and this,was a great biopic and it shakes up the,formula a bit you know its not just,these girls have dreams and they achieve,those dreams keeping the family dynamic,in the forefront i thought was a smart,move it was a great move its an,inspiring biopic seeing the beginning of,these two epic careers but also a,heartfelt film about family and love the,movie is a bit long you know its,clocking in at around two and a half,hours or so its hard to tell with,trailers these days,somewhere around there but i dont know,what i would cut like you cant be like,oh they should have shaved time here i,dont know it all seemed to work for it,you know it all seemed to work to the,end goal in which the movie did have,great payoff it was a great balance of,family being at the center but also,the tennis sport being that which orbits,that family dynamic and in the end you,have a great finale with an intense,tennis match i had me a heartfelt great,time i thought it was worth watching and,worth buying on blu-ray its one of,those movies if someone comes to me like,hey the family and i want to watch a,good movie after thanksgiving dinner,what would you king richard all right so,king richard have you seen it what did,you think about it whatever you thought,comment below let me know and as always,if you like what youve seen here and,you want to see more click right here to,see more,[Music],you

My thoughts on KING RICHARD movie | Venus Williams

[Music],hi everyone im so excited because today,i get to talk about one of my favorite,topics which is king richard,so before i didnt talk about the film,because i didnt want there to be any,spoilers at all because maybe you hadnt,seen the film maybe you wanted to see,the film right,okay regardless of all of that i want to,tell you some things about the film that,were actually true to life,and that actually of course the film is,all true to life but i want to tell you,specifically my experience and how it,happened okay so one of the questions,that i get most often about the king,richard film i get this all the time it,feels like every day,is the film true,is it true to life and,i always tell people okay so heres the,answer drum roll please,heres the answer is that it is true to,life and i think thats why so many,people really love the film because its,a true story,and of course theres lots of fiction,out there so many movies that are,amazing too without it being you know a,real life story memoir but this is,definitely true to life its definitely,my familys experience,and definitely um,my experience and on the court and off,the court and thats what made it so,special is about my whole family not,just my dad not just me not just serena,it was about the whole family and anyone,who has family will relate to that so,some examples of some true life things,okay so some examples of some things,that were true to life,so first of all theres theres these,this whole scene these whole scenes,where my dad,you know im about to play junior tennis,and my dad isnt sure if i should play,so in real life one of the one thing,that didnt make the film is that i had,to beat my dad before i was allowed to,play junior tournament so this is like,even more backstory that like you cant,put everything in the film,so,i had to beat my dad before i got to,play a junior tournament that was always,the rule like when i got to beat him i,got to play a tournament because i was,really wanting to play tournaments and,so i remember like we were at a park in,long beach one night because we trained,into the night too and i remember when,it happened i think it happened much,sooner than he expected and i think i,was like eight years old maybe,and so i was like okay yes i get to play,guess what no hes like no not yet and,im like wait a minute that was a rule,you made up and i just did it so i,remember i had to wait at least one year,more year before he let me play,tournaments,and um,so in the movie we talk about like this,whole process of like me being allowed,to play a tournament and finally it,happens and im so happy,my take on the film lets just back up,here,so this all started out as a script and,i remember my older sister she kept,calling me isha shes like what you guys,know you should she says you know i want,you to read this script i want you to,read this group i want you to read this,script and i was like,i dont want to read the script,she kept begging me to read this script,and it was over a period of months,and im not sure why i was so resistant,to it but i just,didnt want to read the script i was a,little sister to speed up brad basically,and,finally she just kept begging me to read,the script so finally i was on the,airplane once and i was like im going,to read this script ugh,so i start reading the script on the,plane and i remember reading the script,and i started laughing,and there was moments where i got like,teary and i was like,i know exactly what happened like,because i was there when these things,happened in my life and still i am,laughing,and im getting like emotional,and thats when i knew that this could,be an amazing project and a great film,and i knew it was the real deal so,thanks isha,sorry for being brat,so a lot of people will ask me how,involved were you and your family in,this film and so we were involved,obviously from the level of when it was,just a script and i think that was so,important because we were able to,really shape the film and really get,everything right so we added so many,personal touches and so many personal,details right down to like the exact,same cars that we drove the right colors,and different things that our family,would do together,small little things,that we would do together things that i,didnt remember that my older sister,remembered so for example,in the film i remember now that my dad,we would pass by a cemetery and he would,say lets blow the horn for all the,people thats gone,and i remember,the fourth or fifth time that i watched,the film i actually finally remember,because i was so young,when all that stuff happened so just,like these little tiny personal touches,that made the film,like very much our own,one of the areas that we worked our,hardest song was to make sure that my,mom was really,the person that she is and was,represented that way,and we were so proud of course of the,performance of all the actors but of,course the performance by anjanu was,just unbelievable she really got my mom,she got the essence of it,and so we worked really hard to make,sure that every member of our family was,heard and represented,super basic question but people ask me,did you like it,and im like,yes because i have to be honest like you,can actually not there there have been,times where people have had films or,projects about themselves or books or,whatever it may be that they didnt like,and im happy to say,i love the film,and,thats a really special moment thats,something thats probably around forever,right,that you actually like it and i think,theres also been projects ive been a,part of im not going to mention any,names that i didnt like,and i decided to never watch,so,yes its amazing to be a part of a,project that you really like and i think,what made it special obviously were the,performances by the actors and actresses,what was really interesting,is that,all the actors and the whole cast they,were like family on set so,they their family our family became,their family like when they were on set,and they were like,sisters and moms and dads and all those,things it was actually real life like,demi and sinai would walk around holding,hands around the set,and they felt so close to will and they,would call him mr will and so it was it,was very amazing my older sister was on,the set you have to wear this was filmed,during covet so a lot of times i was,either on tour playing in a sports,bubble remember those,and it was very difficult to be on set,so,my older sister thank god was on set all,the time and that really helped to shape,and form the film,and they got so close to isha and also,my other sister andrea and to this day,we all talk and we still all get,together when were in l.a all this all,the actresses that played sisters they,still get together and then all of our,sisters will be together the last time,we got to do that was in march which,wasnt that long ago we were all in la,and we just had such a great time like,playing games honestly and telling,stories and just being together,what was so important for us in this,film is that we actually had tennis,players who looked like they could play,tennis and im so proud of sanaya and,demi shout out to my girls,for really putting in the effort and the,dedication,to,learn how to play tennis and not only,learn how to play tennis but to look,like serena and i,and how we played tennis,not easy,i was especially proud of demi too,theres a scene where she enters herself,in a junior tournament because shes,tired of waiting to play that actually,happened when serena entered herself in,her first junior tournament,and shes on the court and she really,gets serena added serenas attitude down,packed so that was really cool to see,but they put in so much effort for six,months to learn how to play tennis and,its actually not a lot of time to learn,how to play so,so proud that they actually made it look,real never been done before in movies or,cinema to be honest so its a cinema,first,i think everyone like when we were,s

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Rick Maccis opinion on King Richard Movie

[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],now,[Music],were here today with rick macey,rick is probably,the game of tenniss premier coach at,any level um hes a hall of famer his,seven-time coach of the year and his,resume and track record of training and,producing champions is unmatched in in,the game of tennis theres been a film,called king richard about the venus and,and serena sisters,and about richard williams and your part,in that you play a major part or your,character plays a major part in that,movie what did you think of the movie,first off great question and ive,actually seen it three times as were,speaking now and each time um,i see it through a different lens,through a different set of eyes you know,the first time i really didnt know what,to expect,but then the second time even though i,was laughing a lot in the first one uh,and the second time i saw it differently,and the third time um,no one is a better critique or has a,better critique or a front row seat than,rick macy other than maybe or seeing,richards wife because i was there every,day for four years and you know that we,say four years but take that times 365,and then take that some five six hours a,day and even on saturday you know,richard was my best friend and venus and,serena were like my own daughters so,you know watching this movie i went,right back down memory lane to 1991 when,i went out to compton and visited the,the girls and then they eventually you,know selected me as a coach and i took,on the project,and they moved uh to florida um,the film was amazing and im telling you,its a masterpiece ive seen other,tennis movies or sports movies,this will stand the test of time this is,like i said a masterpiece the attention,to detail and the nuances that from all,the characters,its mind-boggling and then even the,song from beyonce the this movie is so,inspirational its the power of family,its the power of love dedication,inspiration,education perspiration theres a lot of,asian one nation you know so it blew me,away it really did and i had no idea,what to expect but the attention to,detail of all the characters even the,tennis part was epic because you know,you can watch a baseball movie and if,the guy doesnt throw the ball right,youre going what is that,youre kind of out of the movie already,so every little detail,because my eye,is very different than really anybody in,the world,because,i knew richard like no other and all the,subtleties that went along with this and,the characteristic,the attention the detail with this movie,it it literally blew me away so,to say that i was ecstatic about it is,uh is uh,its amazing i just never,could imagine them being so spot on,about,richards journey and then obviously,their journey coming with me,to florida im sure theres a few things,that maybe are,a little bit not exactly accurate but,youre good,it was a it was incredible the way,everything is exactly the words,the clothing,the comments,the situation,the date the time the person,the the the research and the prepping,that had to go into this,was,incredible because i was there and it,was almost like i was back in that time,capsule,and when you can have that type of,feeling i told will smith there theres,no not a different critic than rick macy,and,he was obviously just blown away by my,critique so the movie it will stand the,test of time and its definitely going,to be a masterpiece,you

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King Richard reviewed by Mark Kermode

will smith plays richard williams father,of future tennis stars venus and serena,so its biographical sports drama,um having been sort of variously,portrayed in the media as on the one,hand you know inspirational charismatic,trainer who you know achieved this,extraordinary level of success also seen,on the other side as overbearing,self-serving tyrannical blah blah,so,as as portrayed by will smith kind of,comes out,more on the side of somebody who,basically wants to do the best for their,family and indeed for themselves but who,can be,overbearing uh angela ellis is um brandy,um his partner and mother who is,the only person who seems,able to stand up to his more overbearing,tendency and and to kind of and to,remind him that these decisions are not,made solely without anyone else heres a,clip,are we a team,are we a team we were family,so were a team,your family to become you dont think,that that was a decision that you should,have discussed with me,discuss with venus,my faith dictates that i stand by your,side all right just do this take my,silence for agreement,you do that again,and i wont be quiet now dont do that,dont do that to me you dont make a,fool out of me who made a fool out of,you what are you what do you mean what,are you talking about make a fool out of,me nobody made no fool out of you,so,you hear from that its will smith right,will smith is an unbelievably likable,screen presence okay so,serena and venus both have executive,producer credit so this is an authorized,you know within the family thing that,said it isnt uncritical i mean what you,do see as i said broadly speaking,its somebody who is trying to do the,best for their family somebody who is,overbearing somebody who is,uh exasperating but clearly somebody who,only managed to,achieve what they managed to achieve by,being exasperating because they are what,theyre attempting to do is find an,entrance into the rich you know white,enclave of the us tennis scene,and everywhere they go they are met,either with it closed doors or equally,patronizingly with people saying wow,youve done brilliantly,well done you in that in that way and of,course and his response to all of this,is immediately to rise to the but not to,take any of it,so he is definitely portrayed as,hard work,and we definitely see him through,branding through origins own eyes as,somebody who needs to be you know,oh yes fine thats great but we cant,take the whole package on board it is an,interesting story i mean its theres,there is,theres no denying that this is a a real,kind of triumph,of you know determination getting stuff,done and i mean a lot of sports stories,i dont know anything about the sport at,all its impossible to be alive and not,know about the extraordinary success,yeah well we did a show from wimbledon,did this i know but i mean ive done the,show from places where i mean i did the,show from a formula one track once ive,got no idea what the things well we just,stood there and every now and then,something like,i like that is true i dont know whats,going then that chap came in and said he,didnt understand shrek because it ended,up with somebody deciding not to be ugly,jensen button,him yeah anyway but in the case of this,its i think what it,it the reason it works is because i mean,theres a good solid performances of the,rest of it but will smith does a lot of,the heavy lifting in terms of,you do like his character you do,and its that old thing about you know,you have to have somebody to root for,even if theyre irratible even if,theyre difficult even if theyre,overbearing or that you do,broadly have to be on side with them and,i think that what this does is it,negotiates an interesting path between,its not its not something that,pretends that everything was easy its,not something that completely puts aside,all criticisms but it is something that,is from within the family and therefore,ultimately is that story and it worked,for me i mean i you know you find,yourselves absolutely cheering and,rooting at the right moment and it,hasnt i wont spoil it but it has an,interesting narrative arc,again well say you know you look back,at any sports movies it is amazing how,much rocky lays out the templates for,things like that but i thought it was,pretty solid and not least because will,smith is very good in the lead back in,the years when i was doing lots of prep,five lives wimbledon coverage yeah and,and based down there for the afternoon,yeah i bought lots of books about tennis,players tennis stars and my favorite,book,about venus williams had the fantastic,title venus envy,and,wow still to be recommended thats very,good,you

King Richard Movie Review & My Opinion On Rick Macci Involvement

hey guys king richard was just released,in the theaters and for you guys that,dont know its a movie about richard,williams who is venus and serena,williamss dad possibly the most famous,tennis parent of all time and i just,watched this movie last night and in,todays video i want to share my,thoughts on it and guys before we get,started i want to share my thoughts on,tennis movies in general and im talking,about blockbuster movies that deal with,tennis for example battleless sexes borg,versus mcenroe,matchpoint wimbledon and theres many,more movies that have been made and i,did not like any of those movies for the,simple reason that the actors couldnt,play tennis which made the movie,ridiculous in my opinion and look i,understand that its impossible for,actors like shia labeouf who played,mcenroe and board versus macron to learn,to play tennis like macaron of course,this is going to be impossible but its,more than that see tennis is such an,individual sport where the character of,the player is laid out on the court and,theres so many unique characteristics,that each player had that its going to,be very difficult for an actor to pick,up all those things so going into this,movie i was expecting to hate it because,i really thought that the actresses who,were gonna play venus arena were not,gonna be able to play tennis and,something about that just irks me and i,cannot take these movies seriously,however samia sydney who played venus,and demi singleton who played serena,played incredibly well and heres the,kicker guys they did not have a tennis,background at all they only have been,training tennis three and a half months,prior to making this movie and in fact,samia sydney is a natural lefty and she,learned how to play right handed and i,was even able to pick up some unique,technical characteristics that venus and,serena have and these girls were able to,mimic these little quirks so in this,movie i have to say even though the,girls were nowhere near the level of,venus and serena at that age of course,not especially if they havent played,tennis before but whether it was the,editing im not sure it absolutely,passes in my opinion however im going,to be a little bit critical here when i,saw john bernthal who did a great job as,rick macy when i saw him feeding balls,out of the basket i did get a little bit,turned off to that but thankfully he,didnt feed a lot okay now we got this,out of the way the tennis level in this,movie was adequate i understand this is,my own uh personal thing people that are,not into tennis necessarily dont care,whether the actors can play as well as a,professional so now lets talk about,this movie king richards i am absolutely,giving this movie a thumbs up it is one,of the best tennis movies that was ever,made and there was so much attention to,detail from the type of rackets the,girls were using from the type of,clothes they were using even what the,rick macy was wearing in this movie it,was so incredibly accurate and,personally it really put me,back in time,to the 80s and early 90s and this movie,obviously you know the title king,richard is about richard williams but,its more so,about venus than it was about serena and,what i found fascinating about this,movie is that part of the reason why,serena became so great is because she,lived in a little bit of a shadow to,venus who was a year older who turned,pro first and all the attention was on,venus first and i think thats what,drove serena to be,even better than her sister was and,heres the ironic thing about this movie,is that richard williams often gets,branded as a crazy tennis parent and as,rick macy has said in private interviews,richard williams is absolutely a,world-class dad and this definitely gets,depicted in this movie by the way,richard williams is played by will smith,who did a phenomenal job and from day,one the way he raised these kids his,number one priority apart from tennis,was education he really stressed that,venus and serena got straight as but,not only that he also wanted them to be,kids and when serena didnt feel like,playing or when venus didnt feel like,playing he didnt force them to play he,allowed them to be kids and have a,somewhat normal childhood and what this,movie does such a great job at is show,richard williams as the protector of,venus and serena not only did he protect,them when they grew up and trained in,compton but also once they got better,once they got name recognition once,the attention was on then on potentially,being the next number ones in the world,richard was there to protect them and,guide them in the right direction now,often tennis dads can be rough with,their kids and this is something thats,really difficult to watch but richard,williams was the complete opposite he,was so positive with these girls he was,so encouraging and motivational i,personally had the pleasure of meeting,richard williams in person i was,training this girl and mom of this girl,was really good friends with richard and,she invited richard to watch some of our,practices and when i talked to richard,when i saw the way richard had talked to,my player i can see that this guy was,absolutely worth class when it came to,motivating players and those few times,that i met richard not only did he have,a really good impact on the player that,i was coaching by being motivational,positive and inspiring be also made me,feel good he was giving me compliments,that i was a great coach and a great,player and he made me feel really good,and this movie shows all that about,richard but a few things were missed,that i thought could have made the movie,even better and i recommend highly that,you watch rick macys interview about,king richard all you got to do is type,in king richard rick mason youre going,to find this interview its an hour and,a half and i highly recommend that you,watch it because rick macy shares some,incredible stories about richard for,example when they were at his academy,richard williams used to break beer,bottles behind the baseline he wanted,venus to play closer to the baseline and,that wasnt enough but he also was,behind the court with his car blasting,the music and the purpose of this was so,that venus became mentally tough and,wasnt distracted by things coming from,the outside and the broken glass is a,little bit crazy but it just shows the,genius that richard was when it came to,coaching these two girls now one thing,that surprised me about king richard was,how much attention the coaches got see i,watched all the other movies about venus,and serena and theres many of them and,the coaches never really got any credit,however in this movie a lot of coaches,got credited started with vic braden,then a coach who i wasnt familiar with,named cohen who supposedly had coached,john mcenroe and then a big chunk of the,movie deals with rick macy so rick macy,coached venus and serena for three and a,half years and he was also the reason,why venus and serena moved to florida,and it is absolute truth that sometimes,big coaches or big academies will take,all the credit for the players that they,coach undeservingly so because these,players might have gotten developed,prior to getting to the academies,because lets face it these academies,benefit from big name players and they,also let these players go to their,academies for free and theyre already,big so theyre already developed and,then often academies will take credit,for these players as,if they were the only reason why they,get to a certain level once they turn,professional now look in the case of,rick macy i think the story is,completely different because not only,did rick have a huge impact on suriname,venuss game from a technical standpoint,he also had a huge impact on their lives,he was the sole reason why venus arena,and their whole family moved to florida,now you guys who are hardcore fans of,intuitive tennis you will know that my,methodology is completely different from,rick macys methodology if you saw 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King Richard (2021) – Movie Review

king richard is the newest film about,the father of serena and venus williams,the two international tennis stars and,just to show you how much i dont watch,tennis ive heard of serena williams,before id never even heard of venus,williams before i know some tennis fans,will be like oh this guys an idiot,unsubscribe its a its a good movie let,me tell you why,[Music],hey everybody my name is brandon aka the,brando critic thank you guys so much for,clicking on this video im sending you,all positive vibes your way and today,im going to give you my honest no bs,take on king richard and tell you if,its worth the watch if you guys are new,here and you want to see more early,movie reviews just like this hang out,live streams where we talk about movies,and movie reactions then this is the,place for you considering like and,subscribe join the family i really do,appreciate all the support and so my,partners at movie scene canada make sure,you check them out down below as well so,we got king richard from director,ronaldo marcus green and he has directed,joe bell i have a review for that movie,as well wasnt the biggest fan of it,this movie is much better and monsters,and men and it stars will smith and,ajinu ellis and sanaya sydney as venus,williams and demi singleton as serena,williams along with john bernthal and a,lot of other people so,is this movie worth a watch if you need,a movie to make you feel inspired,motivated,emotionally moved,encouraged,and to make you feel like you can do,anything this is the movie for you now a,little bit of a tangent here and i,promise i do have a point on this,some critics,will run a film through the film school,report card basically just say acting,check cinematography check story x and,basically form a review on that point,i understand that thinking because i do,it too however,when im recommending movies to friends,and recommending movies to people i,dont want to just say to my dad oh the,cinematography is really good youre,gonna like this movie the way that,movies speak to me and the reason why i,even love movies in the first place and,the reason why i even wanted to start,this youtube channel and talk to you,guys about movies and share my passion,for them,is because i believe that a great film,can change you,a great film can make you look at your,own life,and you will become a different person,after walking out of the theater you,become a different person than when you,walked in you feel like you just escaped,to some other reality and you came back,changed,king richard is one of those movies in,my mind at least of course every movie,is different for every single person and,i think the best reviews are the ones,that say this is how this film affected,me and then you give objective points,but every single film review is,subjective this movie,for me really emotionally moved me and,to be honest i would rather watch a,movie that might have some costume,issues and the cinematography might not,be the best in the world but if it has a,story and characters that i got,emotionally attached to id rather watch,that movie any day than a movie that,might be technically sound but really,boring but lets talk about king richard,i love the themes and the subject matter,that this movie tackles thats the main,reason why i love this movie because im,not a big tennis fan but this movie,makes me want to watch tennis this movie,makes me want to get out my old rackets,and play again i used to play when i was,like 11 i went to some tennis camp and,havent really played since but during,the game during the match i was like,clapping after every single point im,like its just a movie but i was just so,invested but anyways the themes of this,movie you hear this phrase many times,if you fail the plan you plan to fail,that hit me i loved seeing king richard,richard williams the father played by,will smith he had a brochure that he,would send out to different tennis,coaches saying i have a plan for these,two girls careers down to the t they,were like 10 years old were gonna,practice and then were gonna get to,these million million million dollar,contracts and just the perseverance its,so encouraging to see youre looking at,your own life and going okay well i need,to have that perseverance too and its,so wonderful to see a character like,this go through so much adversity and so,many times when people would just go nah,nah nah it didnt faze him whatsoever,its a very endearing quality to have,and will smith and i will get to his,performance soon really portrayed that,in an excellent excellent way it also,talks about the subject matter of having,parents be so involved with their,children and their success and you see,when venus williams is talking to other,tennis coaches and talking to other,tennis players around her age and when,she beats them they are just freaking,out and the parents are like you are,such a disgrace to this family and i,think about like the honey boo boo mom,or like those little girl pageant moms,who are clearly just living through,their daughters and it talks about how,parents will sometimes feel like theyre,not worth it so they really push their,children to be successful to go like hey,thats my kid now i feel worthy and,sometimes that can get really dangerous,now venus williams and serena williams,did love tennis but sometimes it did,feel like he was really pushing them in,a direction that they didnt really want,to go in and i just loved how the film,tackled that subject matter of hey,sometimes you just need to have your,kids do what theyre passionate about,and not go down the same path that you,wanted to i also love how it talks about,being confident in your abilities and,how just believing that you can do it is,really such a huge component to the,success of those players and its not,just in tennis players you see it in,businessmen and in doctors and in,lawyers and in business women as well,whatever just the belief that you can do,it really goes such a long way its so,endearing to see how confident venus,williams was at like 13 years old i mean,i wish that i had her confidence im,jealous and it also tackles the subject,about marriage and being a team and,communication and talking about being on,the same page now lets talk about will,smith,he better get the oscar he was,absolutely fantastic in this movie and i,dont think if he wins it its going to,be one of those like oh he just,needed an oscar so were just going to,give it to him this time i really do,believe that he deserves it for this,movie now i havent seen many other,oscar contenders or i dont know who the,other nominations are at this point for,best actor but i would really like to,see will smith get it because you really,feel,the passion,and the determination,and the perseverance,in his performance of a father who just,really wants the best for his daughters,and really believes in them and is,pushing them,so hard and has a plan out for their,entire life it is crazy to think like he,had it all written out and im not a big,guy into the whole law of attraction and,manifestation stuff ive dabbled into it,a little bit but hey if he could do that,and just write it out and write it out,and write it out and then subconsciously,hes like okay we need to do everything,according to this plan its really,endearing and just seeing will smith on,screen,and just giving those really heartfelt,emotional moments he is fantastic but,his wife played by ajnew ellis wow she,was fantastic too there were a couple,scenes where i thought she was even out,acting will smith there was a scene,where she was just going at him saying,this is what you were doing as a father,ive been by your side the entire time,im doing it for my daughters im like,holy crap,some of the best acting ive seen all,year really john bernthal is rick macey,i thought he was great as well he was,funny and the girls as well i mean,man theyre just all the performances in,this movie are just fantastic and whats,also great about it is that its two,


this show is sponsored by better help,online therapy you are your greatest,asset its time you started investing in,that visit betterhelp.com forward slash,double toasted and take care of you its,a sincere performance and its a good,performance you know i do notice and im,like thats way thats a little too,thick for me but its not a complaint,like i said i i,let me just put it this way,i enjoyed watching will smith,you know this movie is its he,spotlights him its him so you better,enjoy watching him because hes going to,take up every scene even other,characters are saying its all about you,isnt it richard,he never says no though he never says no,well thats the thing a movie called,king richard that features the williams,sisters they almost all you almost feel,like oh youre going to trojan horseman,youre going to make it about him but,its really going to be about them and,its like well it is more about them,later but its still his story,[Music],just got back from chicago but we got,more shows coming up so you can catch us,in miami,and then the next day in orlando thats,gonna be january 20th and january 21st,and then you can see us in dallas texas,february 18th go to x1 entertainment.com,to get your tickets,but if you go below you can get tickets,for these remaining shows over here,well everybody,i guess will smith he decided to do a,movie about somebody elses daddy since,he wanted to kill his,even though,even though id be a badass movie,will smith just imagine pushing his dad,down the steps,or making a make it an alternate reality,story where he actually did it,what would what what if will smith,actually push his daddy down the steps,who knows we dont know what would,happen with that,but i tell you,we do know what happened with the,couple of girls named,venus and serena and,you know we were all counting down the,days before we would have,a venus williams and serena williams,movie yeah you know that was inevitable,its inedible and it was it was edible,it was an edible,you know this is uh,this is this is the this is prime biopic,material for hollywood it has everything,that hollywood loves in a biopic an,underdog story,send it on a worldwide brand,with a safe and happy ending to it,everybody knows what happened with these,girls sure so you can go in and rest and,rest easy man these two little black,girls they will get out the ghetto,they will get their money and they will,achieve their dreams,thats the dreams that hollywood is made,of,these stories right here and you know,what uh king richard,i would say that,i mean if youre just checking off you,know a list of things that you get in,the biopic thing,king richard delivers on that its what,youd expect from the usual feel good,hollywood biopic out there and you know,the thing is that you know before the,credits roll that its going to say and,venus in serena went on to make more,money than your sorry ass will ever see,its accurate exactly yeah you know you,know whats gonna happen at the end we,got this covered every detail of this,movie you guys know,its not about venus or serena its,about their father,and then you can see will smith right,there but lets go ahead and take a look,at the real king richard,and that would be richard williams,the man who without them these girls,would not be where they are right now,and of course playing,king richard king willie,before this movie,was was even filming,probably before the before he even had a,script there was already controversy,going on was there did you hear about,this now did you hear about this,so it was already controversy going on,uh they,said,and you know they those people out there,they said uh man,you know i thought that we were all,about,you know,black respect,so now were getting all this colorism,right here because will smith he just a,little bit too light-skinned oh no to,play that role look at that just look a,little shade little little shade lighter,than the actual,richard williams over there,to which,big king willow over here said you know,what i dont give a [ __ ],he says im getting that oscar you know,this is the role that oscars are made of,right here if you dont like it you,produce your own movie yeah yeah thats,why he said why do you think im,producing this i mean sure yeah i think,this is a great story i like her father,but i want that oscar yall sure and if,i gotta write it for myself to get it,thats fine if i gotta hit the tanning,booth if i gotta put shoe polish on my,face if i gotta take my face and rub it,in a barbecue pit i am or you can just,take why all this light skin hey cant,you just take me as i am,a light skinned man playing a darker,skinned man,i wanted to such thing as blacker face,[Laughter],i dont think that was a big deal with,this you know how because for one thing,uh,you know with this,a lot of people are already saying that,will smith you know he could do this you,know i havent even seen him yet but,hes a good enough actor hell hell pay,respect for this its not a big deal,yall dont let let let big willy come,in do what he do,hollywood loves,their struggle movies man sure you know,in this movie right here its not that,this is a struggle film its got more,confidence and positivity than that,but it is kind of strugglish,it makes it it it earns what it gets,later its its not like the pursuit of,happiness because thats why i was like,is this going to be will smith doing,redoing this character oh yeah almost,every 10 years almost like a sequel yeah,yeah people its its its strugglish in,a way its got elements of the struggle,in there,you know you got will smith kind of,talking like a slave,you know you got the hood complete with,gangs you got black on black violence,you know making this movie right here,but it all ends up happy its enough to,make hollywood say you know what,were helping the cause,were picking up also on the water away,but boy we are doing some good work here,good work hollywood thank you hollywood,oh was,was this uh,was this a bad move right here to have,will smith play this role because of,controversy is this another one of those,hollywood biopics that,is so going for the oscar near the end,of the year that it feels just kind of,fake,not sincere at all,lets go ahead and take a look at the,trailer,for,king richard,watch him hit a few balls all right so,tell me your names again im venus im,serena,thats stupid,are those black names,so whatd you think,maybe she were to take a few more steps,up just get someplace safe,that guy looked like you know your black,ass is lucky to be here,one called security buddy,you and your little nicholas should be,out of here,dont push me man,im not gonna let you down,[Music],this world they never had no respect for,richie,venus and serena,gonna shake up this world,now before,we get into the review right here,we do have to pay some bills around here,yall,and,so i gotta let yall know that this,portion of the show and this review has,been sponsored by,the razer blade 15. for those who 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