1. Kingdom Hearts Cloud Versions Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?
  2. WARNING: Do NOT Buy Kingdom Hearts Collection On Nintendo Switch!
  3. Why Does EVERY Nintendo Switch CLOUD Game Suck?
  4. Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Review
  5. Its Hard To Be Excited For Kingdom Hearts on Switch
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Kingdom Hearts Cloud Versions Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

[Music],hey everybody xeon over here from,nintendo life and today were here to,share with you our review of kingdom,hearts cloud version on nintendo switch,now this review is a little bit of a,tricky one there are different ways to,purchase the kingdom hearts cloud,versions on switch but today were going,to be talking about the integrum,masterpiece collection as a whole which,contains kingdom hearts 1 2 3 and some,of the spin-off games as well but if,youd like to learn more about a,particular game in this review you can,head over to nintendolife.com where we,have our full reviews written there for,you and well leave links to them in the,description down below now these reviews,were written by the wonderful stuart jip,for nintendolife.com and were reworked,for this video by me,[Music],weve been begging and pleading for the,traditional kingdom hearts experience to,come to a nintendo platform a nintendo,handheld for years not melody of memory,or,days over whatever those games were just,nice surprises we wanted the whole thing,or at least most of it playable on,nintendo switch and now,weve got it,in the most cursed form possible a cloud,version and if the elric brothers have,taught us anything about reviving things,from the past its that some things are,better left,dead,or in this case,better played on other hardware now,dont worry were not going to spend the,entire review focusing on cloud and his,impressive yet limited capabilities,though we probably could and by cloud i,dont actually mean cloud i mean the,fact that this game is played through,the cloud all of the kingdom hearts,games available on switch in this,integram masterpiece collection meaning,kingdom hearts 1.5 2.5 dream drop,distance kingdom hearts 3 all of these,games if you want to play them you need,to have a consistent internet connection,you need to always be connected to the,internet in order to play these games as,through the cloud for those of you that,are potentially still unaware the games,are streamed directly to your switch now,lets just take the drawbacks as they,are an unstable or weaker internet,connection will hinder performance,causing stuttering hitching and freezing,and can introduce significant input lag,or worst of all simply kick you back to,the menu potentially losing your,progress this is far from an ideal way,to play kingdom hearts and in truth we,dont understand why most of these games,couldnt have been ported to switch,square enix and disney certainly have,the resources and its incredibly,disappointing for fans of this series to,see that the company simply wasnt,willing or able to invest the time,effort and funds to make a native port a,reality on switch the 1.5 2.5 remix,portion of this kingdom hearts integra,masterpiece package crams in six games,worth of material youve got kingdom,hearts 1 and 2 kingdom hearts re-chain,of memories and birth by sleep all in,their traditional playable form but with,the nintendo ds games 358 over two days,and recoded these are non-playable,compilations of cutscenes rather than,ports of the games proper and,unfortunately these two dont stand up,as enjoyable movies either theyre just,cut scenes directed as cut scenes and,intended to supplement games that are no,longer present theyre experiences with,pieces missing thankfully the actual,playable portions of the package remain,as good as ever kingdom hearts its,sequel and psp prequel are all presented,here in their expanded content-rich,final mix forms and offer at least 150,hours of action rpg fun for all opinions,vary on which game in the series is best,but wed give the crown to kingdom,hearts 2 despite a very very long,tutorial prologue we feel that it offers,the most enjoyable set of worlds set,pieces and fantastic combat of the whole,lot many favor birth by sleep but we,think its too limited in its scope and,reliant on repetition while revisiting,worlds is part of the journey with the,kingdom hearts series going to the same,not that interesting disney worlds,three times minimum per character is a,big ask now kingdom hearts 2.8 final,chapter prologue offers an accomplished,remake of the 3ds title kingdom hearts,dream drop distance hd this game adds a,good deal of new mechanics to the,proceedings not least of the new flow,motion combat that allows you to spring,off walls spin around poles and,generally make an athletic nuisance of,yourself running rings around enemies,youll also be able to play as riku for,the first time since re-chain of,memories thanks to the polarizing dive,feature essentially sora is on a time,limit as the on-screen drop meter fills,when it reaches the top youll switch,over to riku and play from his,perspective its a somewhat seemingly,unnecessary addition that really just,gets in the way a lot of the time,thankfully you can use items to fend off,the drop its not the most player,friendly idea especially given if you,drop during a boss battle that boss will,regain all of its hp,the ludicrous title that is kingdom,hearts birth by sleep .2 of fragmentary,passage obscures what is ultimately an,enjoyable little dose of kingdom hearts,action following up on aquas story at,the time of release it was something of,a teaser for kingdom hearts 3 with its,beautifully rich visuals and enhanced,combat but nowadays is more of an,enjoyable little curio bringing up the,rear is kingdom hearts 3 where combat is,more dynamic than ever and exponentially,more flashy mobs of heartless are bigger,but so is your arsenal slow motion,combat from dream drop distance is now,augmented with the ability to run on,certain walls taking the fight to air,effortlessly it feels floaty but in a,way thats liberating empowering youre,enormously strong in kingdom hearts 3,but the enemies rise to the challenge,its a fitting escalation and the games,environment and exploration have been,greatly expanded as well this game was a,long time coming but wed say that with,the remind dlc included here its a very,worthy sequel to the extremely large and,feature-packed kingdom hearts 2 building,on the series by adding features from,previous games while remaining faithful,to the feel and delivering a relatively,satisfying conclusion to what is,apparently the first major arc in the,kingdom heart series only took him 17,years kingdom hearts 3 is a good game,approaching great but of course here on,the switch its heavily compromised by,its cloud-based nature for all the shade,we throw at the concept of cloud,versions and the myriad flaws they bring,to the table kingdom hearts 3 feels like,the only game of the three that actually,necessitated a cloud version to run on,switch of course necessitated isnt,really the case either as it could have,been cut down compromised to work but if,a 1.5 and 2.5 hd remix doesnt get a,port then theres no way kingdom hearts,3 was ever going to its really such a,shame that the only option that we have,to experience this fantastic series on,switch is such a mixed bag most,everything is here and its all fully,featured and runs beautifully providing,you have a stable connection when we sat,with our switch on the same floor as the,router we found the game ran at 60 fps,no stutters and no hitches any kind of,connection issues however can result in,input lag stuttering out of sync music,freezing or outright crashing out of the,game costing you progress we have a,strong stable connection and we lost our,session once simply for putting the,console into sleep mode for a matter of,seconds the connection would be even,more stable if you only played on the tv,using an ethernet cable straight into,your switch but if youre going to do,that youd be better to investigate,versions of these games running natively,on other platforms ultimately there are,a ton of potential issues you may or may,not run into with these games and unless,you simply have no other choice but to,play them on this console there are,seemingly no real advantages to running,kingdom hearts integra masterpiece on,switch as fans and playe

WARNING: Do NOT Buy Kingdom Hearts Collection On Nintendo Switch!

so a lot of times in the video game,industry you see something that seems,like a surefire thing like how could you,screw this up how could this go wrong,and it seems like this is one of those,situations because square enix has,completely managed to botch this whole,kingdom hearts coming to the nintendo,switch thing now this is a franchise,that should have long been on the,nintendo switch because well just look,at the games and look at the switchs,audience i think its a pretty good fit,you know obviously sora was introduced,into super smash brothers ultimate as,the final character people went google,and lost their collective minds over,this and im not the biggest kingdom,hearts fan in the world i played the,first game i did enjoy it on my,playstation 2. i played one on the ds it,had like a weird name like,358-2 divided by 12 or whatever but that,was a decent game as well but its just,never been a franchise that ive been,completely in love with this was,announced as coming to the nintendo,switch in that same sora presentation,where we learned about sora and it was a,cloud version of the game now cloud,versions of the games arent inherently,bad ive played one that i thought was,kind of decent hitman 3 on the cloud it,worked pretty good for the nintendo,switch but hitman 3 is a much slower,paced game its a game based on stealth,and being sneaky and things of that,nature so it kind of lends itself to,that style whereas a more action,orientated game i havent really played,one on the switch that was a cloud,version that worked really well now of,course your mileage is going to vary by,that because if youre closer to the,mysterious towers that allow you to do,cloud-based gaming it might be a little,bit better but kingdom hearts just felt,like a franchise that deserved more it,felt like it deserved something at least,the original titles at least coming over,to the nintendo switch natively and then,maybe you just stream three so that way,you could play all the games but you,dont have to stream all of them but of,course square enix said no were doing,the streaming thing on all of them,because streamings the future of games,and i i guess you know this streaming,technology at some point will be decent,but were not there yet especially not,on consoles not even xcloud is all that,great so were going to talk about why,you should not buy kingdom hearts and,its not just because of the fact that,its a streaming version of the game,theres actually multiple factors that,go into it most importantly how the,games look how the games play and how,the games are priced now this collection,will be coming out on february 10th to,the nintendo switch as square enix,announced and lets look at some of,these prices together shall we christ on,a cracker what are these prices,39.99 and this is the discounted price,its usually going to be 50 for kingdom,hearts 3 kingdom hearts hd 1.5 plus 2.5,remix cloud version 31.99 is going to be,40 bucks 40 bucks for this as well the,the playstation portable and ds and 3ds,game oh we can get the bundle of,everything for 89.99 but theres a,pre-order bonus of 71.99 now just to put,that into comparison you can actually,pick up right now over on gamestop or,best buy they have the complete package,the the one thats 89.99 normally that,marked down to 71.99 for those pre-order,discounts you can pick up that complete,package a physical copy of that for 25,on the playstation 4. and im not even,joking were going to bring it up right,now im just going to get myself,situated here were going to bring it up,real quick but a boom move that screen,over there move it move it its not,moving its not moving thats how things,go when you live on the edge when you,live by the seat of your pants youre,moving around youre doing things bam,oh its still got the wrong thing,on there whats going on what is going,on there we go there we go kitties there,we freaking go 25,for a new copy,new copy on the playstation 4. so this,is obviously priced ridiculously this,this this is and you dont have to worry,about manufacturing a disk you dont,have to worry about manufacturing a,cartridge box and obviously they dont,do instruction manuals anymore but,theres no manufacturing costs in this,its literally just streaming the game,and youre charging more than i could,buy a physical copy for on other,platforms youre saying well rgt its,the first time theyve come to the,nintendo switch like who gives a,who cares the whole point of moving to a,digital age should be because the game,prices should be cheaper because you,dont have to worry about manufacturing,a disk you dont have to worry about,manufacturing a case for the game you,dont have to worry about a retailer,getting a cut of your game youre,selling this directly to the consumer,and youre not even making anything,youre just putting it on the cloud and,allowing the cloud version to run this,game but this is what they think,that they could charge for it well,luckily for us they put up some demos of,the game so you could check out the,games and see how theyre running well,lets take a look so heres how we start,things off with a little warning about,you need to have a stable internet,connection look i have a good ass,internet connection i have a gig,internet connection okay i never have,problems playing things or doing things,online so whenever i see this im just,like this is nonsense you know it,obviously doesnt really matter in the,grand scheme on whether or not the game,is going to run well if your internet,connection is good because you have to,have an internet connection anyways,all right so heres kingdom hearts 3,and i mean,just just look at it like kingdom hearts,one doesnt look nearly this bad but,this come on man this does not look good,at all like this this looks okay this,this does not it looks like im in a fog,or something and just things are not,going the way they should be and whats,really scummy about this demo is the,fact that,you play in mostly these small little,areas ive already gone through this,demo i played this down when i played,the demo for kingdom hearts one and,youre mostly restrained to these small,little areas so it doesnt feel,absolutely horrible when youre in these,small little areas but later on you end,up getting into a more wide open area,and just the frame rate just takes a,dump and the pixel clarity is horrible,as well so theres a lot of stuff you,have to skip to get there because i just,you know im not playing this i dont,desire my desires to not play this but,you know i have to i have to show you,guys this so that you dont waste your,damn money,well choose wisdom it doesnt matter it,literally does not matter because im,im not sticking with any of this,now i find this little area puzzling,because upon first glance youre like oh,well you know this this looks okayish it,doesnt look terrible and this this,little area here it really doesnt look,that bad but of course this isnt a main,part of the game this is literally just,a tutorial to sort of get you used to,the gameplay mechanics this boss battle,also takes like way too freaking long,for a demo this is like where all the,padding comes into play so im not gonna,make you watch me play this whole boss,battle but well just get to the next,portion,and here we go now were at,a main portion of the game something,that youll actually be experiencing in,the game we got donald and goofy and,fanfare,im skipping all this because i just,want to show you how it actually runs in,an actual area and like i mean just look,at it like it its its not good and you,know if this was a native version of the,game like maybe you could let it pass,but this is dependent on on an internet,connection and like this this is the,best quality just everything is low res,and smeary and i dont know man it just,doesnt look good and at the asking,price like thats absolutely ridiculous,like you cant ask a premium price for a,product just because it came out on,another system when you have asset and

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Why Does EVERY Nintendo Switch CLOUD Game Suck?

oh this switch its got like thousands,of games screw that we want even more we,want experiences that otherwise usually,wouldnt run on the console so you know,a great way of doing that,streaming it it essentially works like,this,well I dont really know actually,Somewhere Out There In The Echoes of,cyberspace theres a PC booting up when,you tell it to and playing the game and,then theyre streaming that feed back to,you to your console the fact that it,even works blows my mind but thats the,thing it doesnt really work theres,always that one guy that says a lot I,think its really good I want to find,out what that guys smoking and theres,only one way to find out if there are,any good Cloud experiences on the,Nintendo switch and thats to play every,single cloud game on the Nintendo switch,the only saving grace here is that every,single cloud game allows you to try it,via a trial demo so I dont actually,have to buy any of these thank God all,right whatever lets play every single,cloud game on switch what would help me,so the first game Im gonna try is,Resident Evil Village this game hasnt,even released on the console as I make,make this video but theyd still let you,try the demo this is what I love it,drops you right into the action,immediately I have my weapons Im in a,dungeon Im shooting things Im Im,pretty impressed visually it looks,pretty great theres no input lag on my,controls at all,you got you guys hear that,oh thats so weird everything else is,actually really solid but theres at,least two full seconds of lag in between,the audio,firing off a shot in this game right now,is like seeing lightning out the window,and waiting for the Thunder how long is,it gonna take I dont know,this is actually a shame because this,has everything Im looking for but that,audio lag it makes it impossible to play,you know Im starting to think this,whole Cloud streaming thing aint for me,also speaking of clouds,Im outside now I cant play My Cloud,games outside I mean I can try hot,spotting to my phone but I think we all,know thats just not going to work so,why bother however even though I cant,play Cloud games anywhere I go I can,play my switch still anywhere I go and,something that can come with me wherever,I go,my satisfy grip good news,theres some new ones the satisfied,gaming group is the Nintendo switch,accessory it literally it is the one you,dont need anything else you just need,this obviously we have my yellow and,blue but theres also the standard white,you have black and now theyve,introduced Pinkalicious and Diablo red,okay Im actually putting this in for,the first time right now Im not even,miked up I dont know if it sounds,terrible but that actually looks sick,with the white thats a really nice red,now I gotta try the pink thats a really,cool thing do you want this yeah,yo with the white though thats actually,really cool thats a nice contrast I,dont know how many times Ive tried to,tell you guys this if you want already,using a satisfied grip on your switch,itll change the way you play games,portably the switch is not a comfortable,system as much as I love it but the grip,makes it feel like youre just holding a,really wide PlayStation 5 controller,yeah what am I going to do come to your,house and make you buy one look at this,was that a cool shot I dont know and,right now very on theme with the fiery,Diablo red there is a Halloween sale,unsatisfied.com where you can get 10 off,but I have even better news if you use,code beat em ups youll get an extra,five percent off and free shipping so I,mean,oh my gosh what do you think of the,satisfied grip so yes uh go to uh,satisfy links down below and uh get a,grip to support the channel okay Im,gonna like phase back into the video now,bye now I didnt go into this video,ragging on cloud games on switch without,having experienced at least a couple,before and plague tale was one that I,did try out previously,its still bad also I dont know what,the deal is with these weird load,screens youll notice this as we go,forward but each of them have this blue,line load screen so are all the cloud,games on switch ran by the same company,or is this just a design choice either,way Im trying to play playtail in 1850,I dont know I dont really want to be,seeing the net code that throws me out,of the illusion I dont know what it is,about plague Tales Resident Evil looks,really clear and great but plagetail is,just like an oil painting its so blurry,these gameplay visuals are reminding me,of the pre-rendered cut scenes from,Final Fantasy 9 theres just something,so uncanny valley about it the frame,rate is so low and the game is,stuttering there was a huge lag Spike,just then look I dont think Im being,too mean in saying that these crushed,visuals look more like a bad Port than,it does streaming The Full Experience I,dont get the point in playing it this,way and just not making a dedicated,version of the game on switch also I,hope this isnt gonna to be a,reoccurring theme but there is still,huge audio lag in this game,four,look at the lip sync here,does hunger always make you this,accurate that audio is so out of sync I,cant take the game seriously and now,the trial just ended in the middle of a,cut scene so I I guess Im done they,saved the Galaxy maybe they can save,this video the next one is Guardians of,the Galaxy this ones the best one so,far visually it looks pretty great,albeit a little bit blurry but youll,come to expect that the audio was,completely in sync thats something,apparently I didnt know we would have,to be happy about and the controls are,super responsive yeah nothing funny to,say this was a good one I could probably,play the whole game like this it just,looks like a little bit of a blurry Port,maybe there is something to this,streaming games on the console but its,weird that its maybe only some of the,games okay the next game is control Im,pretty sure this might have been the,first game streamed to the switch,although I could be wrong Ive done no,research Im just talking words it is,the first one I tried and I didnt,realize they have a performance option,and an enhanced Graphics option I cant,imagine risking performance when it,comes to streaming the game but heck,Ill try both lets try performance,first,Im sorry Im in a queue youre telling,me theres one person out there that Im,waiting to take a potty break so it can,be my time to play what is this,OverWatch 2 Welcome to the future of,gaming ladies and gentlemen,foreign,better sneak on in here before they come,back this is the longest load screen I,think Ive ever been sat in I thought,the point of streaming these games was,to have it running off a high-end PC and,then giving me the so the load screens,are support I dont what where am I,streaming this from 1999. you think Im,making this up I have been waiting so,long that my switch screen has gone dark,twice from inactivity this better not,count towards my five minutes of,gameplay time oh my God were finally in,and its pretty good actually this is,this is good all right its taking all,the boxes the audio is fine the controls,are good I remember the first time I,played this game I had a real problem,where if I would look right the camera,would keep going well after I stopped,looking right but that seems to be your,fix now and Visually its very clear you,could actually trick someone into,thinking you were playing this on a,PlayStation or something,all right I was disconnected from the,server I only got to play two minutes,but what a glorious two minutes it was,well Ive gotta try the enhanced mode I,really dont want to opt-in to loading,back into this game,whatever,oh okay it loaded much quicker this time,but visually it looks worse its way,blurrier than before am I imagining that,another performance has taken a hit and,it is laggy and it is stuttery now I,dont know why you would sacrifice,performance on a cloud-based game where,youre already sacrificing performance,especially when the cutscenes bleed back,into the gameplay

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Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory Review

[Music],led by a mysterious voice,sora stepped through the door that,marked the start of his journey,at long last die hard kingdom hearts,fans have received the love letter to,their beloved series that theyve long,awaited,sharing some clear dna from past square,enix music spin-off theorism,melody of memory grabs your hand and,gleefully parades you through some of,the most heartfelt moments,in the long-running kingdom hearts,series which is now spread across over,10,plus games if you also include minor,entries like recoded and kingdom hearts,0.2 one of the best parts about this,rhythm based game is you dont have to,be a huge kingdom hearts fan to drop in,and enjoy some bite-sized chunks,it does however end up feeling shallow,after several hours of play,given its very simple controls and,onrails levels very little of it feels,remarkable or unique in practice and you,may find yourself,mindlessly breezing through it,make no mistake this is not a new,kingdom hearts role-playing game and,while some of the story is touched upon,most of it is left out and little is,added save for a section at the very end,which explicitly tells us,where developer square enix plans to set,the next kingdom hearts game,and includes a little bit of interesting,lore about kyrie,but not much else however long time,kingdom hearts fans looking for a,nostalgia fix will be pleased to,discover that melody of memory channels,the series roots better than even,kingdom hearts 3,pouring disney encrusted smatterings of,fanservice into each moment of gameplay,it brings back characters and levels,from movies like aladdin peter pan,tangled and much more while generously,dulling out collectibles and art pieces,that pay delicate homage,to the respective games that inspired,them featuring the same brightly colored,ps2 era stylized graphics and controls,that replicate exactly how it felt to,slap a heartless around with soras,keyblade back in 2005,melody of memory does its best to make,you feel sentimental,[Music],the main attraction here is the world,tour campaign which has you collecting,stars and progressing through a world,map,that features almost every soundtrack,across the entire series,its a wonderful trip down memory lane,set to the beat of music from kingdom,hearts 1,all the way to last years kingdom,hearts 3. a single playthrough will eat,up no more than 5 to 10 hours depending,on how much of it you choose to explore,if you do youll find some substance,here you can earn and craft items like,healing potions,that can save you from failing a level,if you miss too many notes,and you do still earn experience points,to level up a team,in fact theres even a synthesis system,that stylishly harkens back to the one,that fans will recall from kingdom,hearts 2.,however each of these mechanics falls by,the wayside and,only really ends up feeling like window,dressing because,nothing you do or prepare ever really,matters even during the harder boss,battles,you progress through the world tour,system by completing challenges such as,finish the level with over 50,health or break every barrel and crate,and those unlock new treasures,levels and even characters that does,feel satisfying when youre on a roll,you get to play as everybody from sword,to riku to ruxis and kairi,and you can even summon iconic disney,characters like mickey mouse to join you,along the ride,there are even side quests and side,routes to pursue if youd like to spend,the extra time digging deeper but,the path to the end is pretty simple and,clean,in addition to regular tracks melody of,memory features boss battles and,memory drives the latter shows iconic,scenes from past kingdom hearts games,including the boss fight with ansem and,even classic disney bits,like toy story the only problem here is,that melody of memory has too many,things going on at once,forcing you to focus on hitting notes at,the right moment while the scene just,kind of happens in your peripheral view,making it hard to appreciate,[Music],the good news is that there are a ton of,ways to enjoy the wealth of kingdom,hearts memorabilia included in memory of,melody including a track selection mode,and a museum mode that lets you go back,to those special scenes,and experience them however you want,its also great that the proud,difficulty mode and the uber challenging,performer style mode,exists for those looking for a tougher,challenge as well,though it really makes melody a memory,yearn for a special controller,like the one from guitar hero for the,first time in a console bound kingdom,hearts game,you can jump into split screen co-op,multiplayer and experience everything,with a friend on the same couch or you,can go online and compete in the vs,battles mode,battles are fun but gimmicky two people,go head to head and use tricks like,blurring the other players vision,to trip them up while you insure your,own victory by outscoring them,kingdom hearts melody of memory is a,nostalgia heavy reflection,of a triumphant but persistently jumbled,up franchise,about spells slinging ducks and final,fantasy characters living in disney,castles,but it lovingly memorializes its legacy,and honors the fans who have grown to,love it,while it doesnt do anything remarkable,or exciting with its rhythm gameplay,and it may not be the most alluring for,those who dont have the same,understanding and love of kingdom hearts,its certainly a delightful experience,thats well worth the time,spent for more on kingdom hearts check,out our rundown of the entire story in 5,minutes,and our review of kingdom hearts 3 and,for everything else,stick with ign

Its Hard To Be Excited For Kingdom Hearts on Switch

this week has,[Music],this week has been an absolute roller,coaster and if unless if youve been,living underneath the rock youve,probably already heard by now that sora,from kingdom hearts is the final fighter,coming to super smash bros ultimate its,it was basically the unthinkable thing,the impossible act nobody ever expected,that it could ever be true because,disney owns uh i im assuming its just,a majority but they own a lot if not all,of uh of the rights to kingdom hearts,and square enix just makes the games and,they probably have rights as well im,im not sure how that all works and im,not here to tell you that either and,thats an amazing thing that sora is,coming to smash i still am and just,absolutely floored about it and the more,i think about it the happier i get and,while john and i were watching this all,unfold in front of our eyes we were,watching the the smash bros reveal with,sakurai we also learned that the entire,kingdom heart series is coming to the,nintendo switch and,we were super excited about it its,something that tons of people have been,asking for forever i personally have,only played kingdom hearts one ive,played uh through re-chain or chain of,memories back in the day on game boy,advance and uh you know ive dabbled in,two but i never never made it more than,like five hours in so ive been hoping,for a real long time that the series,would come over so that way i would have,a portable handheld way to play kingdom,hearts 2 and some of the other ones like,birth by sleep ive heard is amazing,from the playstation portable and so you,know lots lots of people including me,have been hoping that these games would,come over and its finally been,announced that they are and many of you,i imagine that are watching this video,probably already know why,this is a roller coaster of a week and,why im extremely sad about this,announcement and its the fact that the,entire series is coming to the switch,but in the form of cloud versions and no,not cloud from final fantasy vii or,kingdom hearts that would be incredibly,weird and cool but thats not the case,these are going to be streamed versions,that you can play on your nintendo,switch now i am no expert in explaining,how cloud gaming works but for anyone,thats unaware basically what happens is,you download an application onto your,switch from the eshop and then when you,boot it up which i played a bunch of,hitman 3 or i played the demo of hitman,3 essentially earlier today so thats,kind of where i get some of my,information from is that you you boot up,the application and then the game is,basically run on a server,somewhere thanks to square enix and then,that game is is then streamed to your,system kind of like watching netflix or,a list of streaming music online and,then any button inputs that you make on,your controls get sent over to that,system and you see what happens,on your switch system so its basically,like its your game youre playing it,but its being run on someone elses,system and,the cool thing about that is is it,allows you to play way more complex,games graphically speaking than the,switch can handle so like currently uh,hitman 3 is available in the us here,resident evil 7 is available in japan,and theres a couple other cloud,streaming games control is also one of,them and uh and so its its its a,really great feature when it comes to,games that couldnt be reworked to run,well on the switch so like so far what,we know is is kingdom hearts 1.5 and 2.5,hd are coming to nintendo switch which,includes kingdom hearts 1 2 re-chain of,memories birth by sleep and then,cinematics of 358,over two days and i believe recoded and,then you also have kingdom hearts hd 2.8,final chapter prologue which includes uh,dream drop distance which was on the 3ds,and then you have birth by sleep which,was the psp one and then you also have,this movie called x back cover and i,know nothing about it so you have all,those games right and then you also have,kingdom hearts 3 coming over to the,switch as well as as a cloud streamed,game lots of people have talked about,this online already and that it makes a,lot of sense that kingdom hearts 3 or,even birth by sleep and dream drop,distance and the back cover movie sure,whatever all those are cloud versions,okay fine,but the problem we have here is kingdom,hearts one and two and all those other,games theyve been updated over the,years they were released on playstation,3 and they were released on playstation,4 and and they i just recently went back,and i started playing kingdom hearts 1,again on my ps4 ps4,pro and it looks amazing it really does,it still feels like a ps2 game but,graphically speaking it its been,cleaned up very very well and i could,see how that game could have issues,running on switch,but it doesnt seem like the impossible,thing traditionally with cloud stream,games is normally you have stuff that,you would never expect to see on switch,is now playable and thats its always,been kind of okay its not you know like,guardians of the galaxy is coming out,soon from square enix and idos and and,that is a game that we probably wouldnt,have on switch without cloud streaming,but the kingdom hearts series the,earlier ones it kind of feels like that,this is just kind of like an excuse,square enix and disney together should,have been able to pull their resources,together to make the kingdom heart,series on switch natively running a,possibility so the problem with cloud,gaming truly is the is it comes down to,the fact that you are you do not have,the game downloaded on your system well,a person could argue you know like for,the the collectors sake of it you know,youre never really truly owning the,game sure thats one thing uh and and i,feel very strongly about that but but,the problem that i see is that,you are you have to be tethered to the,internet in order to play this i did,some testing with hitman 3 today in,specific and i was able to play it uh,wireless and wired with a wireless and a,wired connection on my switch and it ran,pretty well i did experience some like,little audio hiccups here and there some,stuttering it ran pretty well better,than i was expecting but one of the,problems here is that the all of the,kingdom hearts games i went on how long,to beat dot com just to kind of,reference this and they say that most,the majority of the kingdom hearts games,are each about 30-hour games and the the,best part about the switch the the whole,i think the whole reason why the switch,is such a cool system is that youre,able to take your game from your tv,youre able to pick it up and youre,able to take it on the go with you,youre able to play you know on a long,car ride youre able to play at your,friends house in a hotel and you dont,need a tv youre able to take that same,exact save file and you can play it,anywhere and the switch for for me i can,very truthfully speak firsthand at this,is that its caused me to beat a lot of,games that i maybe would have never,actually finished on other consoles,because youre able to pick it up and,play it for an hour or two hours on a,car ride or something and and youre,able to still you know be connected to,that individual game and with the with,the cloud service you i tested it you,can kind of run a game from a wi-fi,hotspot as an example uh so i took my i,took hitman 3 on my switch and my my,phone outside and granted i was running,on 4g lte because im i have an old,iphone 7 plus that i still use it looked,considerably worse i unfortunately dont,have any gameplay of that because i,didnt have a way to capture it but uh,but it it it was,it worked but it wasnt fun it wasnt a,good experience and it felt like you,know like when i would move the camera,left and right it would sway uh in and,then there was a lot of delay to it when,i was when i was hardwired,i didnt really experience as many,issues you can still tell that its a,cloud-streamed game but it wasnt too,bad and so a lot of people might be,thinking well so what uh so many pe

KINGDOM HEARTS – HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX – Cloud Version – REVIEW | Switch OLED handheld gameplay

lets try the third game from this line,kingdom hearts we have hd 1.5 anyway,its my my first time playing this and,lets see it here on nintendo switch,oled via cloud streaming,i dont know um the reasons,why developers decided to to offer these,games as a as a cloud game anyway um,in my opinion,definitely i think that,nintendo switch its capable to,run,these games without cloud,streaming,maybe this was the easiest way,this was a better and faster possibility,to offer the games,anyway you have um,all these three games,kingdom hearts uh hd 2.8 final chapter,kingdom kingdom hearts 3,you have them now on a nintendo switch,basically um they will be available very,soon as far as i remember in this moment,and you have a demo to um,yes you have a demo to,to try to try them,you have videos for the other two games,uh also via cloud streaming,they worked perfectly and uh probably i,will get kingdom hearts 3,um a beautiful game ill get it here for,nintendo switch still uh,debating the price if its correct or,not,we will see you in the,this year we will see many other cloud,games for nintendo switch but you know,um what is keeping me to to get them at,this moment very soon uh steam council,we will be available and probably we,will have access to a lot of uh of games,and uh here um we have,the games,let me let me change here the sound the,background music,lets try this one,anyway the experience its great the,cloud games on nintendo switch they are,working perfectly,um if you have a stable internet,connection the graphics,are great,the control,fast without lag,so um you will feel the games like you,would have them here on nintendo switch,again the only problem the price i,believe the price is too big for uh for,the games and um,they should do something uh related to,this uh to this aspect,lets see if we can uh if we can skip,that scene yes create new game,standard,and lets go with it,you have on my channel uh other,gameplays with the cloud games on,nintendo switch oled here you can see um,a black tail you can see control,um,also the i have another game in this,moment i dont remember that that name,its a,its a new game anyway,lets lets skip this because we have,only 10 minutes something like this,anyway your kingdom hearts hd 1.5 remix,um,[Music],its a remastered basically collection,after the game released in,2012,for playstation 3.,this world,is just too small,so basically this game is from 2012.,and thats why im saying that nintendo,switch is capable to to run this,to run this game without cloud streaming,but hey this was their decision,we have a lot of movies here,and,if we want to see some action and actual,gameplay we need to skip them,its great that you have the possibility,to play the entire collection here maybe,youre a fan of kingdom hearts and you,want to play all all the games,now you have that possibility and,with a decent graphic,what i see here,again,its so and,so maybe the problem is the game itself,because with kingdom hearts 3 uh there,is no problem related to the frame rate,here you feel the character like,like moving in this way something,something like this,so we have this tutorial,[Music],win,yeah,rock,rock,rock,so what do you think about cloud games,on nintendo switch what is your opinion,again i am,i will say my opinion as you be you know,it from other videos i believe the cloud,streaming,its almost the same with digital uh,games,if you get a digital uh,a gaming digital format from eshop,basically its kind of the same with a,cloud game,i know you need that internet connection,but,youll be able to play better games,and,as i said uh in our in other videos,after if uh,if after 10 years from now you dont,have your digital games downloaded on a,memory card and if eshop at that time,will be closed,i dont know what to say maybe it will,be available available or not,um,you wont be able to download any more,games you will you will have only your,physical card games and even those games,wont have any more access to updates,and that is bad because at this moment,when you download an update,you know,nintendo decided not to install it on,that physical card and that is a mistake,from my opinion,because after 10 years or,11 12 something like this from now if,you want to play a game with a physical,card and eshop doesnt provide anymore,the update for the game,you wont be able to play that game or,you wont be able to play that game with,the entire benefits,so,anyway cloud gaming still debating if,its good or not anyway i believe its,its a great,way to explore a lot of games,but um,the price,for uh for,any game out there the price is too high,i believe,[Music],whats up,quit going easy on me,youre not gonna win unless you stay on,the offensive,so long,anyway i like i like the game everything,looks fine here and,it has a lot to um,if you like,this playstation 3 game,and if you dont want to play um kingdom,hearts 3 if you want to explore the,entire universe the entire story and so,on,anyway you can download the demo and you,can uh,you can play uh,you can try the game for 11 12 minutes,something like that,and after that you can decide for,yourself,if you should buy it or not,so this is the game i hope you like it,please write a comment and share with us,your experience share with us your uh,your opinion related,related to cloud gaming,hip,okay lets wrap this up,take that,it comes with experience,thanks for watching

The REAL Reason We Got Kingdom Hearts: Cloud Version on Switch

lately the kingdom hearts fan base has,been all a tizzy voicing the same,complaint with a thousand voices,square when we said we wanted cloud in,kingdom hearts 3 this isnt what we,meant the kingdom hearts series has,finally come to nintendos switch but uh,with the,big old,big old asterisk,right here people are none too happy,about it ive seen many many many many,many many many people asking why is,square elected to release the games in,this particular manner im pretty sure i,know why its being released like this,and im going to try my best to explain,it to you its going to take me a couple,of minutes to stick with me first of all,if you clicked on this video in the,first place you probably already,understand this but im going to give a,very brief quick overview of what,exactly cloud gaming is for anybody who,may be a little bit confused or doesnt,know basically if youre playing a video,game through the cloud what that means,is the game isnt actually running on,your console or pc or whatever device,youre using the game is actually,running on a computer bank somewhere,else in a in a data center somewhere and,that video feed from that game is being,sent out of that computer through the,internet and then down into your game,console or other preferred device the,main advantage of this model for,consumers is that it would enable you to,play even the most cutting-edge,sophisticated new games on relatively,rinky-dink hardware because all that,hardware has to have is an internet,connection and the ability to stream,video the main disadvantage of this,setup is obviously that everything is,running over the internet so even if,youre living in a major city with a,pretty solid internet connection there,is going to be some delay between what,youre seeing and whats actually,happening and theres going to be a,further delay between you making an,input on a controller and that actually,being delivered to the computer thats,running the game this obviously doesnt,negatively affect slower paced games as,much as it does fast-paced action games,but to be fair fast-paced action games,are usually the more technically,sophisticated games that would be the,things that people would want to benefit,from the cloud service in the first,place of not having to run it on their,own hardware the point is that cloud,gaming is kind of useless especially,useless for fast-paced games like,kingdom hearts that are mostly,playstation 2 and playstation portable,games that,the nintendo switch could probably run,very easily to be completely fair,kingdom hearts 3 the most recent entry,in the series did only come out a couple,years ago and it was a playstation 4,xbox one game,i imagine the nintendo switch would have,a pretty hard time running this game so,i could see selling this,as a cloud game on the nintendo switch,the rest of the collection doesnt,really make so much sense keep in mind,that these collections are available in,normal non-cloud format on playstation 3,4 and 5 xbox one xbox,series the new xbox and on pc you have,to go through the epic game store to get,to them but theyre on pc the main,advantage of having the games on,nintendo switch at that point basically,just comes down to either a someone who,only owns a nintendo switch and nothing,else and they want to be able to play,kingdom hearts or b,the more likely thing that people want,to be able to play the games on the go,which you cant do with the cloud,version of the games because it requires,a consistent stable internet connection,also also the nintendo switch has like,the worst internet setup of any of these,because the nintendo switch has no,default ethernet connection you actually,have to buy a separate adapter to be,able to use the ethernet and even then,you can only play it in docked mode on a,tv which is the same as playing it on,any other console people were saying all,of this stuff about why putting cloud,versions of the games on nintendo switch,was stupid in the first place really why,putting a cloud version of any game on,the nintendo switch is kind of pointless,and stupid but things got worse a few i,think a few weeks ago i dont know time,is meaningless a few weeks ago when a,demo for the cloud version of the games,was released on nintendo switch people,actually got their hands on it how did,it run,[Music],not good the effectiveness of this,service is always going to be capped by,the inherent limitations of internet,connections the instability of internet,connections your particular location how,close you are to whatever you know,computer is actually running the game so,theres always going to be limitations,to this no matter how many fixes and,improvements are made so so whats the,deal ive seen people asking a lot over,the last couple of weeks why why have,they chosen to do it this way,i hope you like long stories you get it,it was like the thing that the guy said,at the end of kingdom hearts its not,actually gonna be that long though as,per usual it comes down to money some of,you guys may remember at the beginning,of the year the president of square enix,released a new years letter that was,primarily for shareholders but was,released publicly it got some headlines,because he talked a lot about nfts and,blockchain gaming and other stuff and,there was a lot of hoopla over that but,i didnt see nearly as many people,talking about how much he had to say on,cloud gaming in the letter reading some,quotes directly from the letter here we,are exploring potential efforts in the,cloud space from two primary,perspectives the first being leveraging,cloud technologies to distribute content,and the second being developing content,that offers customers new forms of,excitement enabled by the clouds,attributes leveraging cloud technologies,is extremely effective as a means of,making our content and services,uniformly available and as a catalyst,for creating new forms of excitement,that expand upon the content development,capabilities for which we are known as,such we are making ample investments in,the cloud space but,gosh just something about this seems so,familiar its on the tip of my tongue i,feel like square enix has invested,heavily in cloud technologies before and,i feel like they may have lost 16,million dollars on it back in 2014,square did invest heavily in the cloud,gaming scene when they started a company,called,shinra technologies and yes they really,did name it after the evil corporation,from final fantasy vii for some reason,now if you havent heard of shinra,technologies uh thats because they,closed down in 2016 and as i said before,posted a loss of 16 and a half million,dollars the shin with technologies had a,little bit less to do with cloud gaming,in the sense that we discussed a second,ago whereby a conventional game is,simply running on one machine and is,beamed to another machine it was more,about researching and developing unique,experiences that could only be possible,with the power of the cloud and other,nonsense buzzword crap though square did,actually have a company previously uh,which did do the type of gaming uh cloud,stream that we talked about a second ago,sending a game one from one location to,another uh they had a service only in,japan that would uh let you stream games,onto ios devices it was called dive in,uh it also closed down now shinra,technologies despite having three,international offices and collaborating,with three different third-party,developers never shipped a product of,any kind and also while were at it,seriously seriously you guys named it,after the evil corporation come on there,are so many famous final fantasy things,that could have worked better how short,was that meeting could have done,summoner gaming summoner technologies,because you know you were sending stuff,around through the internet could have,done freaking sky pirate gaming maybe,they wouldnt like pirate because that,like they would associate that they,would have had some focus group tell,them they associated with piracy or

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