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  4. Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review (Remaster) Impressions – Is It Worth It?
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Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – Review After 100%

[Music],whats going on everybody mortem here,this time bringing you my review after,one hundred percent for kingdoms of,amalur re-reckoning so first things,first the name of this game is really,dumb pretending this remaster got a,decent name well continue on with the,rest of the review kingdoms of amalur,reckoning originally released in 2012,there was a ton of drama around its,release and the studio involved in,creating it this review isnt really,going to go over those things mostly,because its fairly common knowledge,these days but basically thq nordic,bought up the rights a few years ago and,was able to release a remaster which,kind of updated the graphics and thats,about it and that is re-reckoning now,supposedly theres supposed to be a new,fates foreign dlc on the way at some,point which is still being worked on but,has yet to materialize so well see what,happens there now i personally never,played kingdoms of ammo or reckoning so,this game was the first foray into it,there is an argument to be made that the,remaster itself offers basically nothing,to the people who have already played,and enjoyed the game and that is a,sentiment that i agree with which is why,i want to mention that at the start of,this review moreover i review games,after 100 because i feel like it sets me,apart from other youtubers for the most,part there is a link to my steam profile,down in the description as well as on my,youtube channel and if youre curious,what a review after 100 entails theres,a video on my channel about that as well,if youre not subscribed to my channel,itll be the first video you see when,you click on my channel page with that,out of the way lets actually jump into,it first things first lets talk about,difficulty so when you fire up a new,game youre going to pick a difficulty,the main thing to understand here is,that what this actually does is scale,the enemy levels pretty much in,comparison to your levels now the entire,game world is somewhat level bound,meaning that enemies within this area,will be a certain level however the,difficulty kind of adjust that in,comparison to the level you would be at,that time meaning that if you do most of,the quests youll be like this level in,this area and the difficulty adjusts the,enemy levels kind of based on that so,easy theyre going to be way below you,on normal theyre either going to be,about one level above you or pretty much,right where you are on hard enemies will,be consistently leveled up above you and,on very hard they will be significantly,higher level than you and of course all,of this means increased or reduced,damage though truth be told simply,because of the way the game is set up,and the fact that theres a reckoning,mode in combat playing on higher,difficulties isnt that big a deal it,just really determines how quickly you,die if you get like stun locked in,combat or something now character,creation itself is fairly,straightforward there are four races to,choose from that truthfully are a little,too similar for my personal liking they,are the almein the varani the le,jolsafar or something and the dhaka far,basically these are various types of,humans and elves and depending on which,one you pick you will get a racial bonus,to your skills skills truth be told,arent that super important so pick,whichever one you like its not going to,make too big of a deal and then after,this youre going to be able to pick a,god that your character then worships,either the god of wisdom love death fate,mischief or no god at all each one of,these will give you a bonus towards a,certain playstyle so the best thing to,do here is pick one of these that,coincides with the way you want to play,your character while you wont actually,pick them during character creation i do,want to talk about the skills a little,bit since the character creation gives,you racial bonuses two skills but then,completely fails to explain what they,are outside of something that might be,exceedingly obvious but because you know,stealth is pretty much stealth right now,in terms of skills there are alchemy,blacksmithing detect hidden dispelling,lock picking mercantile persuasion sage,craft and stealth most of these are,self-explanatory most of them have a,point at which putting more points into,them is pointless for instance lock,picking you can go through the game with,like one point and lock picking and be,just fine just because the way the lock,picking system works basically skyrims,lock picking system and as such as long,as you got enough lock picks you really,dont need to put points into lock,picking dispelling allows you to remove,magical wards it is a sort of,alternative to lock picking having a few,points in that helps but you dont need,a ton by any means alchemy i like to put,at least five points in this allows you,to consistently harvest materials out in,the world and make the best potions,specifically one kind of potion a fake,potion but well talk about that later,mercantile gives you better prices but,honestly youre gonna have so much gold,by the end of the game but thats,basically pointless persuasion sounds,fun but there arent really any choices,to be made persuasion usually just gives,you a better reward or makes you skip,tedious quest steps stealth is awesome,but unless youre playing a stealth,character kind of meaningless so because,of that all of these skills while there,are ones you want certain amounts in the,most important i would say is probably,detect hidden as it will give you extra,loot extra passages by showing you,hidden doors and things showing you,enemies on your mini-map and again as,such detect hidden is basically the best,one though others do have their uses,blacksmithing and sagecraft will help,you create items and then using,sagecraft you can socket those items,that is basically like a jewel crafting,thing almost moreover when youre out in,the world there are actually trainers,for each skill that you can find who,will once per level be able to increase,the skills you have in addition to you,getting one skill point per level to,increase these so between skill trainers,and the points when you level up youll,basically have more than enough to get,everything you need on the skill page,and i really just wouldnt worry about,it now from here the game jumps into a,tutorial after you yourself come back,from the dead and well talk about that,a little more here in just a second i,want to talk about the tutorial first so,the tutorial literally just goes over,the basics as tutorials go this game has,a pretty solid tutorial it goes over the,basics of combat the basic styles of,combat do you want to use stealth and,daggers you can use a bow do you want to,go melee and shield do you want to be a,mage or a sorcerer and cast spells and,use magical weapons to deal elemental,damage the tutorial is pretty solid at,showing what the game can actually do,for you and in terms of combat styles,that basically comes down to three,different types of abilities and those,are sorcery finesse and might now these,are essentially skill trees youre going,to get about three points if you spend,on all of them across the board every,time you level up so youre gonna get,three points per level up to put into,either sorcery finesse or might and this,will kind of determine your play style,as well as the equipment you can wear as,equipment you find in the world will,have requirements of these attributes to,use usually only one of them but youll,find armor that has a certain finesse,requirement a certain sorcery,requirement or a certain might,requirement in order to be worn and the,game does actually allow a certain,amount of mix and matching here and it,kind of expects you to do that because,the other thing i want to talk about in,terms of building your character is your,destiny basically as you continue the,story just a little bit farther youll,run into a fate weaver who can show you,your destiny if you will once you have a,certain amount of points in any of

Kingdoms Of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review – I Reckon Its Ok “Buy, Wait, Never Touch?”

thinking back 2012 was a weird year the,movie avengers was released windows,released windows 8 to like nine people,who cared,mass effect 3 came out and people,realized rgb translated to wtf,but we also had a couple good things,dragons dogma came out dishonored one,was released and a little game called,kingdoms of amalar rolled onto store,shelves also the mayan calendar which,prophesies the end of the world had its,math wrong it was eight years off,and that brings us to 2020. yeah 2020.,if that list was restricted good stuff,wed get a couple games on there and the,fact that i didnt get mind rendering,syphilis but also,that kingdoms of amalar re-reckoning is,coming out kingdoms of amalar was the,great value bacon versus oscar meyer,skyrim at the time a battle for the ages,while they played substantially,differently,there was a keen desire of both of them,to deliver a generic fantasy world that,allowed you to explore it at least,somewhat at your own pace amlar went,with a robust if a bit arcadia action,system,and skyrim went with what bethesda has,always done best release a sandbox game,then forget to update it let the fans,fix your kingdoms of amalar really,has its own sort of space at this time,and while it is just a remaster,weve seen a lot of other companies,handle remastering and remaking,especially lately very well,lets see if kingdoms of amalar can do,it as well if you like the video,maybe subscribe graphics are up first so,after playing this i can say i think,this is a perfect name for the game,because at some point the devs must have,looked at it and thought you know what,eh i reckon thats enough cause every,moment of this game even side by side or,not it is hard to,see a lot of improvements over the,original thats a testament to the,games,original magic in using an almost world,of warcraft art style which i very much,adore,and the design chops of todd mcfarlane,and thats what we get here,its best to solidify and put remake,away in the discussion here and lock it,down to just remaster theyve been very,clear about this,it is a remaster but even taking that,into account theres a lot here that is,woefully,uncooked its built and uprest on the,skeleton of the original game not like a,halo remake like that 360 version where,you can hit a button and see the new,effects geometry and the magic of,updating,kingdoms of mlr re-reckoning is more but,just barely,it runs on the new systems fine theres,an fov slider some things are upscaled,but thats pretty much it no matter,where you go and where you travel in the,game,theres not much that you see adjusted,here offering few technical improvements,and very few graphical changes that are,possible its just ancient looking,and feeling from animation to the world,view itself and some pop-in that still,betrays the,games original problems when it,released now none of this should,actually be somewhat of a surprise thq,nordic actually went out and has said,prior,hey our plan is to buy these ips and to,release remakes and remasters but to do,them for far less money instead of the,big budgets and remakes that you may,expect their plan is to you know just do,a bit just a skosh just take a,little off the top and we think you know,what there must be something amazing in,store because nobody just say that but i,can also make a cheese sandwich using,frito nacho cheese dip it doesnt mean i,tried to sell you the recipe and thats,really what were getting here,youre paying for an fov slider and some,up resin,not much else even when it comes to,todays market looking like a,yesterdays game with last,gen tech amlar hits sort of like a dud,its not wholly without value as the,character design i think it speaks to me,the same way as a fable or a wow game,does just me,mentioning those two games should give,you an instant idea,of how old the game looks its hardest,with those larger locations as well,thematically festooned with their own,trappings to make each one feel,different,as they can you can never shake the,feeling of playing a single player,version of some action mod,for the game wow on a pirated server and,speaking of the pc version im betchy,youre like man i,think this thing probably runs really,well it doesnt,its performance isnt nearly as good as,i expected 4k 60,isnt smooth at all even on the 2080 ti,theres some frame rate issues,theres also some frame time issues and,i kept thinking to myself maybe im,running the game twice or you know,folding at home with seti or upscaling,my jenna hayes collection nope,its just the game not always fitting or,hitting 60 at 4k the performance is,especially noticeable in later sections,when entering some of the cities and,towns or places where many monsters,inhabit,the fps drops lower than the graphics,being displayed really ever,indicate it should when it comes to,graphics i do like the design,i do like some of the worlds but this,thing feels,and looks ancient and performance isnt,really as good as it should be,and that brings us to sound music and,voice,we children of nature know our roles,meek and mighty pray and predators,life and death all,serve the cycle you but that wasnt,enough for me,i joined the fate weavers hoping to find,a way to conquer destiny itself,[Music],grant kirkhope scored the original game,good scores lift a game up they elevate,it to,even the moments of silence where,theyre pregnant with weight,for that next musical note that can hint,at danger or action or the introduction,of a new character,well-done scores and games can turn a,ravens cry into a god of warriors im,just joking it cant theres no,possible chance of that but you get my,drift it does help from start to finish,it has a very epic feeling,to a number of the almost fable-like,comedic elements that play,interludes that fade out to just one or,two instruments connecting locations,travel is actually really good here,however upon constant and consistent,plane,its very hard not to get lost in the,overarching feel and this was made in,response to watching lord of the rings,like 600 000 times,lots of fantasy game scores fall into,this trope and kingdoms gets out of it,from time to time especially a couple,tracks that blew me away,but a lot of it ends up falling into,generic fantasy very easily its,whenever the tracks,sort of let the world itself in the,sound overlap without reflecting an,epic battle moment where its at its,strongest and that brings us to voice,this is nailed this is where the game,originally,absolutely beat skyrim hands down just,spanked it like a baby,amlar has some of the best voice in an,rpg youre basically unvoiced but,theres an eclectic and just,always interesting and intriguing group,of characters around you,handled with extreme care this is,something that avengers could learn from,with their,methadone style of acting where theyre,like i am iron man,easily the highlight of the audio here,though is that each character,does what they have with their voice,acting and it ends up lending,individuality to every character but,solidarity to the world,everyone even the most over the top,villain sounds like they belong within,kingdoms of amlar from,song sung to battles one every voice,well done,speaking of well done something thats,not really and thats the sound,its got an older overall feel to the,sound work its not really directional,and its channeling either so getting,into a battle with a number of enemies,doesnt really give a great deal of,directional information if youre,looking at it from,that kind of sound effects positioning,swords and fire and ice and lightning,all have,expected samples and none of them are,particularly varied or deep,and i dont know if theyve remastered,some of these but it really does show,its age even if they took newer samples,and mixed them in with the older ones,at the same time it is not bad its just,basic you have a good,base from which to experience the sonic,elements of the game,with grandeur but not necessarily the,granularity that you may experience with,more var

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – Before You Buy

and we are back with another episode of,before you buy that show we give you,some straight up gameplay and our first,impressions of the latest games,releasing and today were talking about,kingdoms of amoler re-reckoning now just,this is for some quick impressions you,know,we havent gotten through the whole game,yet this is mostly early game footage,just so you know,but some context thq nordic has been,doing some crazy stuff in terms of,remasters,remakes and re-releases and stuff and,this time around its,the short-lived kingdoms of vomiler,reckoning getting the,remaster treatment as you know kingdoms,of vomiler,re-reckoning see what they did there,isnt that funny this game is exciting,though just because,its a game from 2012 with quite a bit,of interesting,video game history behind it but also it,was just an ambitious action-adventure,rpg that was solid and kind of became a,cult hit that never really,had its big time in the sun i personally,never finished it back in the day but,i thought it was cool it had some big,name creatives behind it you know the,head of design,had worked on design for the elder,scrolls games famous fantasy writer r.a,salvatore had worked on the world,building and the lore,and uh freaking todd mcfarlane did some,of the,art and grant kirkhope did the score,which is actually really big and epic,theres a lot behind the scenes that,make the development an interesting tale,but the talent involved,was really worth paying attention to and,ultimately in 2012,this was a pretty good well-received,action rpg,and for the most part it kind of still,is in 2020 you know it doesnt look much,better,theres not really much new going on but,its nice to revisit,it feels kind of old actually i might,even dare to say it feels older than a,game from 2012,but if you can get over that you have,yourself a fun,rpg in a cool world i dont quite know,why they re-released it,how it is and how with how much it costs,but,hey whatever well talk about that more,in a little bit so from the outset,you create a character and its a pretty,good character creator you know with,sliders and stuff,you choose from a few different races,you build the character up and then,youre dumped into this massive world,and story you are someone who managed to,die but be revived by a scientist with,the well of souls this experimental,thing this makes you special,in this world full of creatures humans,elf type people,gnomes and death and reincarnation sorta,theres also a war with the sort of,immortal beings and,it all gets really complex im glossing,over it but combat and rpg stuff,is where the fun really lies here youve,probably seen it compared to fable,either now or,back in the day im kind of like hey,this is fable but with way better combat,and,as a massive fable fan yeah i can,confirm,the comparisons are right you wander,through some very cool,atmospheric fantasy environments and,kill monsters and bandits with swords,bows and magic but theres quite a bit,more to it and its a bit more fast,paced and a little bit deeper,theres defensive shields and if you get,the timing right you can get a parry,type bonus on an enemy,uh there are different timings to,swinging your weapon,theres attacks where you can hold down,a button,the long range attacks can be held down,you have mappable quick use items,you have mappable magic attacks and you,also have a dodge,and you can basically cancel out of any,attacks with this dodge so combat feels,pretty quick and responsive despite the,games age,you can also switch weapons and stuff,and get kind of creative and nasty with,it all and,thats really cool especially with the,hammers and the broadswords which feel,really satisfying,theres also reckoning mode which you,can trigger as a character manipulating,the threads of fate,meaning changing the course and outcome,for an enemys life by basically just,activating kick-ass mode here time slows,down,you hit all the bad guys and finish one,off with a really cool quick time event,so they all die at the same time and you,gain more,exp combat isnt always super,challenging but it manages to still be,engaging and its fun to just mindlessly,do cool stuff plus some of the boss,encounters are really cool,you gain xp by doing quests and killing,stuff and then you level up,and you can dump a point into skill,trees like alchemy or blacksmithing or,persuasion or lock picking,and then you can dump a few skill points,into active and passive abilities for,finesse,mite or sorcery these are essentially,three different play styles but you can,kind of bounce around between them,and for good reason you know so ill,break them down so finesse is the rogue,style basically it embraces moving fast,lighter armor cool duel daggers and,stealth assassinations,might is the uh night guy swords,shields melee damage bonuses plate armor,youve been here before,sorcery is wizardrobes you know using,more of your magic abilities and using,staffs,or other magical items as weapons you,can also embrace fates and choose,designations that will give you further,bonuses and it just kind of all builds,from there and gets,more complex over time the more you play,it now heres the thing though i love,all three play styles because theyre,awesome and fun you know using the,daggers is satisfying because theyre,fast,but being a big brute with a massive,sword and shooting lightning is fun,but even the mage or sorcery type,character is a blast i usually dont go,for this type of build but the weaponry,is really fun to use and the robes look,cool as hell which is rare in this genre,sometimes theres so much to mess with,though between,all of this rpg building and then the,gathering ingredients for alchemy and,blacksmithing or just sneaking around,stealing stuff from shops and npcs,its that type of rpg you know one where,you can really just kind of mess around,and have fun and see what sticks,i can see why maybe some elder scrolls,fans like this type of game,its not as complex as that but its,there and its cool the environments,also while very atmospheric and theres,some good variation theres lots of big,bland stretches that make it feel kind,of like an old mmo but on the flip side,dungeons and towns and npcs all have,that fantasy rpg,charm to them and as bland as the,environments are and a lot of the,pathways are i do want to point out that,there is some vibrancy here and there,uh there is some really interesting,fauna and again even if there are empty,stretches i do think like coupling it,with,some of the visual style and the music,there is some atmosphere here,similar to something like fable not,really in the same style but just,similar in,the sense of how its kind of inviting,its kind of attractive its like you,want to just kind of explore in it you,cant help it,charming is the word even though thats,kind of overused but yeah maybe you get,what i mean,also i only briefly mentioned it in the,intro but i think that,coupled with the really damn good score,seals the deal and it is i think part of,the whole package for why people really,just had fun with this game,they clearly spent a lot of money on the,music here,big sweeping orchestral themes all that,mystical mythical fantasy music from,creepy dungeon music to big sprawling,epic battle music there was definitely,some cash ponied up in the production,value department i mean this was,originally an ea game i guess thats one,positive now you can look at like now,this isnt an ea,property so yeah anyway i also will say,for newcomers for some rpg fans there is,some solid,dungeon crawling here if you like just,kind of diving into a dungeon,going through it getting that thing you,need or fighting that monster there is,plenty of that here you know voice,acting is suitably,right in the middle for this type of,thing you know a little over the top a,little weird but also just,interesting the game like right out of,the gate freaking overwhelms you with,quests though,its insane its its a lot of filler,but there are some interestin

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Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review (Remaster) Impressions – Is It Worth It?

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Kingdoms Of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – Fatesworn DLC Review

[Music],whats going on everybody mortum here,this time bringing you a review of the,fate sworn dlc for kingdoms of amalor,re-reckoning a little while back i,actually reviewed kingdoms of amyloid,reckoning after getting 100 on it that,review actually did very well got about,75 000 views and as such with any of my,reviews after 100 i do typically go back,for any dlc that gets released and at,the time of that review we were still,waiting on an announcement or anything,about the fate sworn dlc that was,promised with the remaster that,re-reckoning was so that dlc finally,released on december 14th i spent some,time with it got the rest of the,achievements knocked out now were going,to talk a bit about what that dlc adds,to the game and the overview of those,things are of course the brand new story,to go along with the dlc a new area to,explore called mithros about 33 side,quest and faction quest discounting the,new storyline chaos dungeons new weapons,armor enemies raising the level capped,level 50 and new music so to start this,off after playing through all of it i,will say this the,main problems of kingdoms of amalur the,base game are still there for the most,part which is normally what youd expect,for this kind of thing however they did,try a lot of new things with this dlc,that i think turned out very well a lot,of the side quests and things were much,more interesting than a lot of the base,game stuff in my opinion and while the,main story of the dlc isnt amazing or,anything honestly it does however draw,what i would consider to be a pretty,definitive end for the fateless one or,the main character of kingdoms of ammore,which ill talk a bit more about at the,end but as you advance the main story of,the game youre going to get access to,new weapons armor and these chaos,dungeons now these actually kind of go,hand in hand because once you get access,to the chaos dungeons youll start,fighting chaos enemies which are just,new variants of old enemy types that is,to say boggarts niskaru etc however now,they will have a chaos armor bar that,you have to eat through first which can,only be affected by chaos weapons youll,get chaos weapons by first of course,going through the main story of the dlc,but as you do that chaos portals will,start to pop up across the entirety of,the world map and these portals will,lead you to many chaos dungeons and,completing them will grant you a variety,of rewards including the ability to,craft your own chaos weapons which are,hands down the best weapons in the game,and also the only thing that can damage,chaos enemies as part of the main story,youre going to handle a few of these,but in total there are 25 chaos portals,and the more of them you defeat the,stronger you can make your chosen,weapons now if youre not any good at,crafting they actually did build in a,way to get around this theres an npc,that will do it for you based on how,many portals youve closed as the,potential for your weapons goes up with,each portal closed now beyond this when,it comes to new armor and weapons there,are several new item sets for the dlc as,well these item sets were actually,linked to several of the achievements,for the dlc actually this armor much,like the weapons are the best youre,gonna find in the entire game which,makes sense as this story only takes,place after the main story of the game,ends but these sets will do things like,summon in extra enemies give you buffs,and things and just do things you didnt,see armor do in the base game for,instance one armor set will actually,allow you to parry block breaking,attacks so attacks you wouldnt have,been able to parry or block previously,you can now do so in and in fact it got,to a point where,with one of the new armor sets i just,was not taking damage from enemies which,was always fun to play around with but,to circle back a bit and talk about the,story before we kind of just wrap this,general little dlc review up one thing i,often say about kingdoms of amalor is,that i think the best thing for the,series would just be to,make a new game because kingdoms of,amalor being what it is didnt really,get much of a chance to shine now,everything past this point i am going to,talk a little bit about spoilers for the,main game nothing egregious but a bit,about the fate of your character so if,you dont want to hear that maybe you,click off but that said to quickly sum,up my thoughts about the dlc before we,jump into the spoilers overall the dlc,fits in very well with the base game,continues the story kind of wraps up,some loose ends if you will the side,quests as well as the armor etc and the,mechanics of the game are in my opinion,some of the best stuff the game has to,offer and considering how long ago the,base game came out i think it is,impressive how well they integrated this,with the rest of the game now to jump,into the spoilery part the crux of the,dlc is that you are investigating,talagras the chaos god who has shown up,apparently since you defeated the main,antagonist from the base game and,apparently in doing so your character,started to cause the tapestry of fate to,unweave which is causing problems which,is where all these chaos enemies and,everything are coming from and at the,end of the dlc,it is decided that your character needs,to leave amalur and basically go to a,different continent because your very,presence here and your role as the,fateless one is causing problems that,there is no way to fix so they just send,you away to a continent where they are,hoping the magical effects there will,cause some suppression of your abilities,now in my opinion this is just a way of,shipping off your basically godlike hero,at this point so kind of regardless of,your feelings about the dlc as a whole,it kind of marks a definitive end for,the fateless one at the very least and,probably most importantly sets up,potential options for a sequel now i,dont know if there will be a sequel but,if there is one this ending in my,opinion gives them the most flexibility,with what to do with the game because,they could for instance actually pick up,with your character in this new,continent if they wanted to or they,could re-envision the world of amalur,and allow you to be someone new that,isnt the fateless one and in my opinion,again it just opens up more options but,to wrap this whole thing up the dlc,itself is twenty dollars if you dont,already have the addition of,re-reckoning that came with the dlc i,think it was called the fade edition but,individually looking at it by itself if,you do all of the content that the dlc,has to offer i think youre looking at,about 15 to 20 extra hours of content,and for 20 bucks thats not terrible,personally i would prefer to price more,around the 15 mark but having never,played kingdoms of bama lore before,these reviews i actually bought the fate,edition of re-reckoning so i just didnt,have to pay for the dlc when it came out,on the 14th because i paid for it when i,paid for the fate edition it seems like,a good addition to me but there you go,guys there is a look at the fates,foreign dlc for kingdoms of amolure,re-reckoning overall i would say my,views of the game as a whole,remain mostly unchanged as i mentioned a,lot of the problems from the base game,are still present but the expansion,itself is a lot of fun you get to mess,around with some very high level gear,which is honestly impressive and makes,the combat fun to mess around with there,you go guys hope you enjoyed the video,if you did please remember to like,comment subscribe all that youtube jazz,but regardless of any of that truly,thank you so much for watching may you,wander in wisdom and have an amazing day,[Music]

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning Review – The Final Verdict

[Music],well,thats it for you then better luck next,time,[Applause],in the heres a massive fantasy world,now go be whoever you want and do,whatever you want,genre skyrim has dominated conversations,for nearly a decade now,but as a sizable and dedicated fan,following will gladly tell you,38 studios 2012 action rpg kingdoms of,amelore,is a excellent alternative that offers,just as much depth and addictive,role-playing,maybe even more in many respects,often regarded as a true hidden gem,kingdoms of amlor has a curious history,launching to largely positive reception,from critics and extremely positive,reception from audiences,it was planned as the first game in a,larger series,but even after respectable sales due to,a series of poor management and,financial decisions by the developers,leadership,38 studios had to close down and,kingdoms of amelor became a dead,franchise,now thanks to new ip owners thq nordic,and remastering studio kaiko,the massive fantasy rpg has another,chance to shine in the sun,with kingdoms of amalor re-reckoning to,give fans of the original a chance to,dive back into its rich setting,and those who have never played it the,chance to experience its vast,role-playing systems,first-hand and while re-reckoning does a,good enough job of capturing the,strengths of the original release,its hard to give any of that credit to,the remastering work done here,the game itself has been brought over as,is after all,in fact as far as the remastering work,is concerned re-reckoning,is a bit of a disappointment in the,lead-up to the games launch,trailers and screenshots had given the,distinct and worrying impression that,there wasnt much of a visual upgrade to,look forward to here,back when amlore first came out its,lighting and its excessive usage of,bloom didnt feel too egregious,but that was in 2012 and this is now,rereckoning doesnt do much to change or,update those aspects of the visuals,and while its possible that the,developers left that untouched to retain,the original games art style and visual,aesthetic,what it does more than anything else is,make it look a bit too washed out,finally someone that looks like they,could stand up to a moderate breeze,theres need for an adventurer such as,yourself me and a crew are mounting an,expedition to a new land,south of here any remaster especially,one of a nearly decade old game should,try and sharpen up the visuals and add,more detail to assets and environments,its kind of the bare minimum kingdoms,of amalor re-reckoning doesnt do that,and if it does it doesnt do it enough,to be remotely noticeable,textures often look bland like theyre,made out of clay characters faces are,also lacking in detail with their hair,in particular looking,unappealing ill be seeing your place in,the pattern of destiny,who you are what youve done where your,path takes you,or at least i should be,youre real right their lip syncing and,animations 2 are,a bit too rough almost as if theyve,been ripped out of a 2012 game without,having been touched up even in the,slightest,in fact thats exactly what happened,dont get me wrong in isolation kingdoms,of amelore has a charming look,thanks mostly to its art style and,authentic design of its fantasy world,creatures and the people that inhabit it,but it looks no better than it did,in 2012 which seems to be the exact,opposite of what you want a remaster to,do,there are other ways re-reckonings,technical aspects disappoint as well,being a game that came out in 2012,kingdoms of amlors open world wasnt a,seamless one and entering and exiting,buildings towns,settlements dungeons and the like is,usually accompanied by a loading screen,obviously i didnt expect the very,design of the open world to change and,become seamless in a remaster,but i was hoping that the loading would,at least be as minimized as possible,load times are far too long though and,given how frequently they pop,up they end up feeling more than a,little annoying,thankfully though the remastering work,here feels minimal the game itself is as,strong as its always been,kingdoms of amelore remains to this day,one of the largest fantasy open world,rpgs,ive ever played and the sheer depth of,mechanics and breadth of activities on,offer,is as impressive in 2020 as it was back,when the game first came out,the world of amalor is huge full of,unique places to see,and explore and every place you go,houses so many engaging stories to dive,into,and so many quests to undertake,the quest design itself is far from the,most inventive it feels rather mmo-ish,in fact but i find those issues easy to,forgive because,of how captivated i was with this world,and how willing i was to explore every,nook and cranny of it,kingdoms of amlor is overflowing with,rich lore and backstory,that truly makes its world come to life,and i was more than happy to undertake,even the most mundane of quests if it,meant getting to explore more of it,and learning more about its history,conflicts people,and its factions bandits but no ordinary,bandits,surely youve heard of red the dead,edward,they say he drinks the blood of his,captives that he consumes their souls,the build variety 2 impressed me yet,again just as it did many years ago,kingdoms of amelore may not have as many,role-playing opportunities as something,like skyrim and player choice isnt as,much of a big deal in terms of how the,narrative unfolds,but the meat in potatoes in this game is,really the combat,and as far as that is concerned the game,gives you a vast array of options,to build your character how you see fit,there are,three main archetypes here warrior rogue,and mage,but with plenty of loot to discover,weapons to use and various ways to level,up and progress your character,kingdoms of amalor gives you an,impressive amount of control over,progression,another one of the games biggest,strengths is combat it was something,that drew universal praise when the,original game launched and happily,the combat feels just as punchy,responsive and slick now,regardless of whether youre a brawler,who likes to get up close and personal,a rogue who likes to attack with light,and fast strikes,or a mage who likes to deal elemental,damage from a distance,combat in kingdoms of amalor is always,incredibly satisfying and never gets,dull,it is disappointing though that the game,can be a bit too easy at times,especially as you level up,this was an issue with the original,release as well,and though it feels less egregious here,thanks to the balancing work done by,developers kaiko,it is still a bit of a problem,[Music],in the end kingdoms of amalor,re-reckoning is the perfect,representation of this underrated,diamond in the rough strengths because,its brought over the original game,almost exactly as is,as a remaster it doesnt do nearly as,much as it should on a technical level,which is definitely a disappointment if,youve never played this game before,or you want to dive back into it but,dont have access to an older copy,re-reckoning is easy to recommend but,only because the game itself,is as good as it is if youre hoping for,an impressive visual upgrade,this isnt it and for those who already,have access to the original game,should probably save their money and,that about does it for this video if you,enjoyed what you watched and want to see,more from gamingbolt,you can always hit that subscribe button,and turn on the bell icon next to it,that way you will never miss any of our,videos,you

Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning Review | Dont Sleep on This Game

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re- Reckoning is the remastered version of the original 2012 action RPG. Originally,released for Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360, this remastered version is available for XBox One,PS4,and for Windows.,I’m approaching this review from the standpoint of someone who missed the original completely.,Spoiler alert. If you haven’t played this game, you seriously need to consider it if,you enjoy RPGs. In the review I’ll be talking about the gameplay, the story setting (without,any spoilers), the gameplay loop, value for money in terms of the time to beat the game,,the character customisation and development and the world itself.,Further into the video I’ll talk briefly about the differences between the original,and the remastered version too.,I have also created a gameplay-with-commentary highlights video which I will link at the,end if you would like to see some more informal commentary on the game which touches on crafting,,combat and leveling up as I showcase some early gameplay.,If you enjoy the video or find it useful please leave me a like or comment as it really helps,the channel continue to grow.,The game was originally developed by Big Huge Games and 38 Studios. Apparently it was supposed,to become an MMO (which explains a few things about how the game feels when you play it),,but unfortunately 38 Studios filed for bankruptcy at some point and the plans for the future,disappeared.,Thankfully the rights to the game were picked up by THQ Nordic (who very kindly gave me,a copy of the game so I could do this review – thank you to them) Just to reassure you,though, despite the fact that this game was given to me, THQ Nordic have not asked me,to say anything in particular about the game, so any comments and opinions I make during,the video are all my own.,So, first off we’ll talk about the story setting. The mind behind the lore for the,game universe was R A Salvatore (who for the record is an amazing fantasy author), and,you can tell! The story setting for the game is awesome.,It follows a mortal known as the “Fateless One” – you start the game having died, and,you are brought back to life in the first and only successful experiment to do this.,As a result, your fate is left unwritten and you have the ability to change the fates written,for those around you. The setting of the game is amidst war, politics and rivalries between,nations and races of the Fae. I won’t say much more as I don’t want to spoil it for,you, but what I will say is that one thing this game does really well is to make you,FEEL like the hero in the story. So many games try to do this and fail, and personally, I,feel that this game does a really good job on this count.,The entire story quest lines and all the side quests are voice acted, and I’d say the,voice acting is done well. There is no half-assed text to read from any quest givers.,There are cutscenes when you find new cities or major relevant places. The lore is deep,and meaningful. You’ll find lore stones littered around the map which will not only,give you some extra XP, but they will read out a snippet of a story to you based on the,location or a person of note from the history of the world. If you want to dive even deeper,,there are books and scraps of history to find throughout the world to really fill you in,on the details.,The relationship between different factions and races has a really deep feeling to it,if that makes sense. Its a story that seems to have had a lot of thought put into it – almost,as if the beginnings of the game development started with a huge story, and the game was,built around it – rather than the other way around as is so often the case. That is not,to say that every single quest in the game is fraught with deeper meaning – some of the,quests you’ll find are just based on sub-stories or petty matters happening around the land,,but rather then being tiresome, these often give the world a feeling of being alive – to,me anyway.,The initial character customisation is relatively detailed but feels very old-school if that,makes sense. Now this is going to touch on the remaster and some of the slight disappointments,I had with the game. When I first saw some of the cutscenes and promotional material,released about re-reckoning, it looked pretty amazing, but unfortunately it seems that the,game has been ported over to PS4 and XBox One – the in game graphics and design (from,having looked at original) doesn’t seems to have been improved much at all which is,a shame.,One thing I didn’t like so much is that as you move through the open world, you can’t,climb anything around, even the smallest thing like a small ledge with 3 steps to descend,to the next level down – you can’t just drop off the ledge, you have to walk to the,steps. It makes the game feel dated but that was more of a small complaint, and did not,ruin the game for me.,Putting those small complaints aside though, the base game is absolutely solid. If you,enjoy RPGs, character development and progression, and the freedom to build your character how,you want, I think you’ll love this game.,Initially, you start out as a blank slate. Your base combat moves will be based on the,weapon you decide to use and that includes a staff for a mage for example.,As you begin to level up you can invest points in 3x stages. The first element of the leveling,up process is based on utility, so for every level you gain, you’ll be given a point,to put in things like stealth, the ability to find hidden items, blacksmithing etc.,Once you have confirmed that point, you’re then given access to a skill tree. You have,3x choices here, either Might, Finesse, or Sorcery. In basic terms this is a warrior,,rogue or mage class. As you invest points however, you are not locked to a single class.,You can invest points wherever you like. These points will give you additional damage for,certain weapons, or new combat skills you can map to your combat bar.,As you invest more and more points in each tree, you will begin to unlock something called,“Destinies” – this is basically your class or subclass and you’ll get a load of passive,bonuses based on this. In order to unlock each one you need to hit a certain criteria,in terms of the number of points you have invested in each of the skill trees.,But this allows you to look ahead at how you want to invest your points if you want to.,You could make a warrior mage, or a spell cloak (sometimes known as an assassin mage),,you could make an archer or a hunter class – there are a lot of different combinations,for combining points in two or even all three skill trees.,In terms of the combat itself, it feels pretty damn good. It’s fluid but feels hard hitting,when you connect with an attack or combination. You can block or do a timed parry on enemies,,there are even weapon skills linked with the timed parry so that you can do an instant,follow up attack.,The combat combines elements of basic attacks and skills you can map to a shortcut bar.,Its simple to use your special abilities and you are rewarded for using varied combinations,with fate points which are tied to another really cool ability called Reckoning.,When you activate the Reckoning ability, all the enemies will go into a very slight slow,motion, and you get a damage increase. This is almost like a mini game – you want to quickly,kill as many as you can before your bar runs out, and then on the final enemy you can do,a cinematic finishing move – which seems to be random in terms of how the finisher looks,- there are a lot of different types you’ll see throughout your playthrough.,This really plays into the power fantasy.,There are a whole host of different gear options you can equip, these include unique items,you can find out in the world with their own bonus, as well as set bonuses where you benefit,from wearing more then one piece of the same armor set.,You can craft your own gear too, both weapons and armor. By salvaging parts from items you,don’t want to keep, you c

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