1. Costco’s Vitamins & Supplements- Crucial Breakdown
  2. Best Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements 2022 : Top 5 Fish Oil Brands Review
  3. fish Oil Kirkland.Gummies.VitaminE giả và Thật nhận biết dễ dàng.3.12.2021
  4. Costco Kirkland Wild Alaskan Fish Oil Supplement review and benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  5. Costco Vitamin & Supplement Haul – What To Buy & Avoid
  6. Take Fish Oil Every Day for 20 Days, See How Your Body Changes
  7. How to choose Costco fish oil supplement?

Costco’s Vitamins & Supplements- Crucial Breakdown

[Music],we are in front of,costco and were going to review the,vitamins and supplements that they have,there,so that you know which ones are worth,getting and which ones might be worth,just getting online,costco has some tremendous values when,it comes down to vitamins and,supplements they actually put their best,foot forward with really good quality,stuff,but i want to be the judge of that for,you so i want to go through there,because they have three or four,different kinds of turmeric three or,four different kinds of coins on q10,different multivitamins which one is the,best value and which one should you get,so lets head on into costco and ill,show you the ropes,now more than ever people are paying,attention to the vitamins that they put,in their body,okay its everywhere that we need to be,taking care of ourselves doing whatever,we can to feel our best,to defend ourselves so its a perfect,time to be taking a look at what theyve,got,i think youll be pretty surprised with,how many amazing things they have but,youll also be surprised with how many,things,shouldnt be on the shelf and hopefully,youll walk away from this video,with an understanding of whats worth,taking and whats worth well,not worth taking im gonna jump right,into this because theyve got about a,million different kinds of turmeric,okay as if one isnt enough we need to,have one two,three four five like literally like nine,or ten so lets break down,briefly what youre looking for with,turmeric and what we might want to find,in a value for turmeric supplements this,first one i want to break down is the,qnull turmeric,1500 milligrams this big orange bottle,okay 1500 milligrams 95,for humanoids uh lets see what it says,on here,very very simple product turmeric root,extract,95 curcuminoids and black pepper root,extract,black pepper root is in there because it,helps the liver,process or i shouldnt say processed,its actually the opposite what black,pepper does is it disarms the liver,so that it allows the proper absorption,of turmeric and doesnt get it broken,down by the liver,so curcumin doesnt get processed very,well it gets excreted,the liver actually senses it more of a i,dont want to say a toxin but,it breaks it down so that we dont,utilize it well we need to disarm that,portion of the liver the systematic,process,and black prepper root extract does that,so this is a very,very simple product for forty dollars,youre really not getting a huge huge,value there thats a little bit,disconcerting because,youre getting lets see two capsules a,90 day supply but you really need more,than that to do the job so youre,looking at more like a 60 day 30 to 60,day supply,for 40 bucks lets see what else they,have theres a million other turmeric so,lets see what else theyve got weve,got,this turmeric this you theory turmeric,a thousand milligrams here ill flip it,around and show you 10 milligrams,95 curcuminoids so thats technically,950 milligrams of the active curcumin,now what are you getting out of turmeric,whats the actual point here,usually what youre going for with,turmeric is an anti-inflammatory effect,now theres a lot of evidence okay over,2000 different peer-reviewed studies,that demonstrate the turmeric is very,very effective and curcumin is,demonstrated in so many different,directions to be beneficial for what is,called nuclear factor kappa v prevention,or shouldnt say prevention of nuclear,factor kappa b,inhibition which basically just has an,effect on your inflammatory response,within the body,so if youre someone that is maybe,suffering from a little bit of like achy,joints things like that,yeah theres some evidence that shows,that turmeric could be helpful so here,we also have,black pepper except this one says,bioperine all biopurine is,is a form of black pepper its just a,registered trademarked,name so that they could have a little,bit of a monopoly on that so youll see,bioperine sometimes its the same as,black pepper,now here we have 180 veggie caps,but this one is 36.99 price per capsule,20 cents price per capsule 22 cents,still a lot of money lets see what else,we can find,okay heres another turmeric so also,from the cunal brand,this one is a liquid turmeric still a,thousand milligrams at 95 percent,curcuminoids,well what makes this one so unique ill,show you something its a little bit,tricky because im not sure what theyre,going for here says this is an enhanced,absorption,and if i look at the ingredients here i,can tell you lets see water natural,flavor citric acid,a little bit of different extracts,potassium sorbate ah,glycerin acacia gum okay i know what,theyre doing,so what they have here is by putting,glycerin in it,i think theyre going for like what is,called a liposomal effect,now liposomes are really powerful what,it is is,its basically making this turmeric more,fat soluble,so you potentially enhance the,absorption however,you really need to have it be in what is,called a micellar form,additionally i know thats complicated,sounding but ill abbreviate here,you see liposomes will help protect,the vitamin from or the nutrient or,whatever from break down in the stomach,breakdown in the small intestine but,what it doesnt necessarily do,is enhance the actual absorption through,what its called the,endothelial layer right it doesnt,actually get it through the small,intestine doesnt help that absorption,too much there,so im not that intrigued by it however,that price,is quite a bit better when you look at,it from a general price point,but not when you look at actual servings,and how much you get per milligram so,lets take one more quick look so here,we get one tablespoon,which is 60 servings but one tablespoon,is still just a thousand milligrams of,curcumin plus,1 209 milligrams of proprietary turmeric,support complex,which is just the basically black pepper,extract and as well as the glycerin,to help give it that little absorption,boost which may or may not,technically be real youre getting that,of 27.99 so it is quite a bit cheaper,but youre getting 60 servings whereas,with this one,youre getting sorry this one youre,getting,90 servings at a thousand in this one,youre getting,90 servings at 1 500. so so far this is,the best value but its still pretty,pricey,then they have straight up turmeric,powder thats fortified with curcumin,and then they have black pepper extract,to help the absorption again this one,price wise is pretty cheap though,turmeric powder organic,18.99 okay so 18.99,for 64 servings and this stuff is just,as bio available as these other ones now,they can throw a bunch of different,signs at you to show that their,absorption is going to be better and,arguably,this particular cunol is probably going,to have slightly better absorption,but not necessarily at that price point,now either way youre stuck with either,a liquid,or a powder the powder is nice because,you can throw it in your coffee its not,going to break a fast its completely,like fast friendly its not going to,kick you out of that fasted state,this one has glycerol in it which might,be i dont know arguably could kick you,out so its tough to say,but bang for the buck with the turmerics,youd want to go with that powder it,just seems like thats going to give you,the best value,otherwise i would go with the qnull 1500,milligram one because its simple,its basic its relatively safe and its,gonna get the job done as far as,still being that potent cyclooxygenase,excuse me cyclooxygenase inhibitor,which can help i cant even say it on,youtube because itll kick this video,down but basically,it can help you out with,anti-inflammatory effects within the,body i love the selection of different,omega-3s and fish oils that they have,here,so im going to give a quick overview of,the different ones they have and then,well touch on which ones are probably,the best value for you,red which is a krill oil they have,kirkland brand krill oil,then we have wild alaskan fish oil which,well break down in a minute,pure antarctic krill oil which

Best Omega 3 Fish Oil Supplements 2022 : Top 5 Fish Oil Brands Review

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fish Oil Kirkland.Gummies.VitaminE giả và Thật nhận biết dễ dàng.3.12.2021

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mình thì nó,cũng có khách tí xíu khác nhau có tí tí,khác nhau,thì cái hũ này mình tuy là sau cái giỏ,troai cái nhựa thằng mọi người đưa đò,anh cứ kiểu này đúng không Là cái trang,này á cái này đó là ép nhiệt có nhiệt độ,từ,600 đến 900 độ C có thể các ngành độ xe,khiến ép nhiệt trong quá chai này ghép,nhiều cái chai này ra thì,[Vỗ tay],ff ra thì cái khu có nó để đút cái một,cái hình ép ra đường này các loại sắt,thép như là các bạn những cái số mà nó,chữ dưới đây á này đưa cho mình mọi,người coi thì nó rất là sắc nét rất và,sắc nét nha đó còn hai giả mình đang tìm,mọi người đang cầm trên tay mà anh đi,con sau còn Thái phần tem tại những cái,phần tem này nhá,Nó còn tem này đó đó anh đã được anh,giống 99 phần trăm được mà cứ đội bóng ở,ngoài nó khác biệt khi bà sao lại hai,chai á thì nó mới khác nhiều còn nó tay,như mọi người chơi cần phải đã tạo trên,tay thì mọi người xưa xin soi sáng được,anh trai mình thật của liên quan lên mở,cái mục nhỏ 21 nha này nay có bọc như,thế này khu cho người coi luôn

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Costco Kirkland Wild Alaskan Fish Oil Supplement review and benefits of Omega 3 Fatty Acids

hey friends thank you so much for,watching and welcome back im stacey and,in todays video im sharing with you a,few of the benefits of why i take fish,oil along with a couple different brands,that we buy,what is fish oil fish oil is the fat and,oil extracted from the fish tissues of,cold water fish such as anchovies,mackerel and salmon fish oil is rich in,omega-3 fatty acids which are very,important to our health,omega-3 fatty acids are a type of fat,that the body cannot make on its own,its a family of the polyunsaturated,fats or poopas,and associated with several many health,benefits,we get our fatty acids from the foods we,eat such as fish now if youre a,vegetarian you can get your omega-3,fatty acids from things like chia seeds,brussels sprouts and walnuts,the main,omega-3 fatty acids found in,fish oil is epa and dha and when you,have a moment i highly recommend,doing some research there are tons of,videos out there from doctors there are,scientific studies going into more,detail about the health benefits from,fish oil now i take fish oil for a,couple different reasons one is because,it does help with your joint health now,for those of you that dont know im a,wedding photographer and as a wedding,photographer on a wedding day were on,our feet anywhere between 10 to 12 hours,moving up and down running all around,and as we get older i was starting to,notice you know my joints were the next,day recovery wasnt as fast my joints,were stiffening it just im getting old,so,but the fish oils there are benefits in,regards to that it helps um the,stiffness in your joints it helps with,faster muscle recovery and so on another,reason why i like to take the fish oils,is because it is great for heart health,there are many studies showing that,people that eat fish on a regular basis,have lower levels of heart disease so,im all about that and the third reason,is because omega-3 store collagen now if,you saw my video on collagen you know,im all about the collagen for the,benefits of hair,nails and skin so um i mean yeah i,couldnt hello hello fish oil so,anything that can help my hair nails and,skin im all about if you did not see,that video ill link it after this so,but anyways there are a few different,brands that we buy,and the one uh brand that we actually,really like is from costco and it is,their kirkland signature brand i dont,know whats going on with costco lately,but theyve been carrying they carry,some really good brands out there um,some really great quality products the,only thing that kind of gets on my,nerves with costco or whatever its just,kind of a little annoying is that ill,watch other costco haul videos from,other youtubers,and i will see products that im like my,costco doesnt carry that you know or,theyll carry something that i like in,particular and then a month later its,gone and im like oh i love that product,bring it back but anyways theyre fish,oil the kirkland signature let me step,in closer so you guys can get a good,idea of this label,right over here and this is the kirkland,signature which is their brand,wild alaskan fish oil,it is cold pressed and extra virgin,and you know just very happy with this,quality,fish oil from costco,i believe we pay about 23.99,for this particular bottle they do run,sales from time to time let me show you,guys this capsule right here,right here is the cap so let me come in,closer see if it will zoom in for you,guys to get a good idea,of that capsule size and everything so,its a good sized capsule size,now if you,are like my husband,he likes to chew the capsules um so i,gave it a try one time and i thought all,right let me chew this capsule um,it just pops right in the mouth but,i will say this,it has a buttery finish,as opposed to the other brand that we,buy so im actually pretty much,impressed with you know if you dont,want to swallow the capsule form you can,bite into it,so itll pop right in your mouth and you,can just sit there and chew on the soft,chew im gonna take this out though,but so i can continue talking anyways,so if you do not have a costco,membership um the other brand that we,prefer is the pure alaska,omega its 100,natural wild alaskan salmon oil right,over here let me bring this in closer,for you guys,and i will link this below for you um,some amazon links because there is a,particular brand that we buy directly,through amazon but this is the pure,alaska omega,and again let me show you actually the,capsule size on this guy,unless its right over here,but theres the capsule size on this,particular brand,and again if you you know just want to,pop this in and bite it i know theres,hmm ill hear that pop,this has more of a like a watery finish,its not as buttery so its weird its,not as buttery like i literally,have a butter aftertaste,versus this particular brand is more,like a water finish and again you can,just sit there and chew on uh the,gelatin until it breaks down and whatnot,so im gonna spit this out,all right now,there are also uh lets see oh,krill oil is another great way to get,your omega-3 fatty acids,now krill oil and whenever i think,acrylic oil im always like swim away,if anybody remembers the movie finding,nemo,that movie just i mean our girls were,little when it came out so it has a,special place in our heart and it just,lived on our it was always on we always,had the disney channel on in our home,and,you know uh just that movie was always,on as our girls were growing up,but theres a scene where marlon and,dory are getting close to a whale and,marlins like i dont know dory this,whale looks hungry and shes like oh,they dont eat clown fish they eat krill,then a whole swarm of krill come and,theyre like swim away,but anyways whenever i walk by the pearl,aisle im always like swim away i think,my husband thinks im nuts but whatever,let me bring these guys in closer we,have the kirkland signature brand again,from costco and then the mega red brand,um again ill link everything below but,let me bring these guys in closer for,you guys so heres the mega red,brand right over here,and then we have the kirkland signature,so let me open these castles now krill,oil is again very high in epa and dha,it is a little bit more expensive the,bottles tend to range anywhere between,oh twenty seven dollars up to thirty,dollars um the difference is well,actually there are some studies that,suggest,that our body may better absorb krill,oil as opposed to fish oil i dont know,we keep it on hand and usually well,take this like once a week we can take,the fish oil every day it is a little,bit more um you know not as expensive i,want to say like these this was 23.99 i,believe this bottle is about 24 so you,save a couple dollars but let me hold,this one in,closer this ones a little different but,actually let me open that as well for,you guys,so its just this is the mega red,capsule right over here,and this is the capsule size for the,kirkland signature brand,now if you do not want to take a capsule,form,there is a liquid form and we actually,order this directly from amazon let me,come in closer this is the carlson,norwegian fish oil,and this fish oil actually does have a,lemon finish and this is all in the,liquid form so you just kind of take a,teaspoon of this,right over here,pour that in there oh i dont want to,make a spill i got my napkin over here,i did spill that but anyways,it has more of a lemon finish so you,dont have so much of that it hides that,fishy taste i know a lot of people will,complain that when they take fish oils,they experience the fishy burps and i,mean that did happen to me at first so,the first time i took fish oil im like,im like oh my god this is like salmon,in my mouth this is disgusting but over,time it went away it dissipated so i,dont know but i noticed in the,beginning i didnt experience the fishy,burps as much from this liquid form um i,believe because of that lemon finish so,but anyways these are the fish oil,brands i take i hope you guys enjoyed,this video if you did give me a t

Costco Vitamin & Supplement Haul – What To Buy & Avoid

my studies family what is up it is Bobby,back at Costco I just me entered into,the vitamins and supplements aisle here,at Costco so I want to go through some,of the most exciting supplements that,are maybe worth your money and some of,the stuff you probably dont want to buy,because the supplement industry is,literally like a multi-billion dollar,industry but a lot of these supplements,just arent worth your money Im gonna,walk around and show you what to buy,what to avoid and why hopefully no one,recognizes me and I get kicked out but I,think the Hat and the mask will work for,that,before we get rockin on rollin like,subscribe share thats the only way this,channel keeps growing theres also a,bell icon right below the video enable,all notifications that way to get a push,as soon as this video goes live okay,lets go around the corner and start off,on the end lets start on the end cap,here I dont want to go too far so I get,seen by anyone but this is one of the,better supplements here at Costco and I,firmly believe in turmeric and this,company is pretty good this is really,nice because number one its,high-quality turmeric and a lot of,people dont realize but see black,pepper black pepper is needed to,activate turmeric otherwise you dont,really activate the healing property and,turmeric really is the real deal you,guys its good for anti-inflammatory and,anti-carcinogenic scoop that and the,price here is not cheap but it shouldnt,be cheap good supplements cost money,this is a good one here now as we go,down theres just so many things here,that in my opinion you can pass either,use low quality ingredients or just have,other ingredients that are not something,you want and here theres a prime,example out of the corner of my eye,here we go sorry electrolytes are really,popular and they can be good but you,have to be careful where they come from,Ive talked about this before and this,is a very popular electrolyte mix so,obviously on sale right now because the,summer is coming before I show you the,ingredients what are electrolytes,theres central minerals your body needs,when you sweat when you workout and you,three punish them so this says that does,that heres my question to you guys what,is the first ingredient in this packet,pure cane sugar whats the second,ingredient the dextrose another word for,sugar then you start going down you,start seeing the the electrolyte complex,but they also put natural flavors there,heres my biggest issue look at these,sugars here theres 11 grams of added,sugar in one stick my friends 11 grams,of added sugar is just about three,teaspoons so youre telling me that when,Im depleted need to restore my,electrolytes I should put three,teaspoons of sugar in my body this,should have zero sugar all electrolytes,natural flavors are not ideal but a lot,of them have it so I would pass on this,one theres a pure electrolyte drop on,Amazon that has no flavor you can add,that to your water I would get that but,its just criminal to get that amount of,sugar without even probably knowing it,in something thats marketed as a,hydration electrolyte mix right next to,it is one of my favorite companies vital,protein and Im a firm believer in,collagen peptides especially grass-fed,its got to be a hundred percent,grass-fed like this one is so good for,your hair skin teeth gut immune system,but very very good because it also has,protein I like to stick to the,unflavored one so this is the,spectacular the unflavored one is just,that theres zero flavours I dont like,the flavored ones because they always,add natural flavors and in case you,dont know how I feel about natural,flavors its really just another word,for artificial flavors so thats got,natural flavors the vanilla one has,vanilla natural flavor so I would just,to the endcap they have an amazing deal,on a 24 ounce container of unflavored,grass-fed collagen peptides and your own,flavors but I do believe in collagen,this stuff is the real deal but not when,they add flavor to that so I would pass,on that lets see what else is here so a,lot of people cant take collagen in the,powdered form so they like tille a,tablet form and this is that same,company that makes the collagen that,makes the turmeric but nowhere does it,say anywhere on this box Ive looked at,many times that its grass-fed if its,not grass-fed collagen that means it,comes from bovine skins that are GMO,meaning they eat GMO corn and soy you,dont want that its got to be a hundred,percent grass-fed pasture a so,unfortunately you got to pass on those,Im gonna write behind me here apple,cider vinegar has gotten very very,popular and I believe in its one of the,things I really believe in the thing is,even though this looks clean and I,believe the other ingredients are,nothing okay theres no other,ingredients here its not gonna be as,good as if you get the raw apple cider,vinegar with the mother in the middle,section whether white pospos a three,pack of four all apple cider vinegar,best deal ever when they dry it like,this they basically spray usually like,something like a silicon dioxide which,is not harmless but its not truly raw,you want the raw apple cider vinegar put,a splash of that like in four ounces of,water and drink that youre not getting,the same benefit in my opinion when,youre getting the pills or the tablets,like this hi here we go so I told you,the turmeric is very good in the pill,but if you start going a liquid turmeric,do not be fooled my friends look what,happens all of a sudden theyre mixing,it with xylitol xylitol is a really bad,fake sugar thats not good for your gut,or your intestines natural flavor and,potassium sorbate too many star baits in,your body is a bad news so stay away,from the liquid version of this stick,with the pill or the powdered version if,you see a scooper one thats fine too,Im a huge believer in MCT oil medium,chain triglycerides are really good for,you great for the keto diet this one is,organic the only issue with the oil is,that it can separate when you add it to,a smoothie,I prefer the MCT oil powder that being,said this stuff is great for energy,brain boosting and weight loss,I would incorporate that into your,smoothie game it is fantastic and the,price is really really good too alright,coming around the corner here it will,stop here a lot of people ask me about,pre-workout I have to start researching,that but this is a branch chain amino,acids really really good for you when,youre working out but you have to read,other ingredients especially on,supplements,and workout stuff because even though it,has a great branch chain amino acid,blend there look at the other,ingredients natural and artificial,flavors a double dose of bad news there,we have carrageenan there carrageenan is,a CBD multiplier thats been known to,cause inflammation and some people say,its a carcinogen and then theres also,food coloring Li number two in a red,number 40 guys bad news so even though,its good news up here its bad news,down there and I got news for you for,all of supplements Ive learned over the,course of my research the devil is in,the details and its always down in the,other ingredients if you want to know,about constipation relief we did a fiber,supplement review the other week its,not pretty but there are some good ones,but it is scary for a lot of these,things like this is a popular fiber,capsule here look at these ingredients,even though psyllium husk is exactly,what you want you dont want caramel,coloring thats a known carcinogen you,dont want polysorbate 80 a really nasty,preservative and when once you start,going to stuff like flavored Metamucil,and stuff take sugar artificial,colorings watch my video about fiber,supplements you learn a lot there and,theres some good product,recommendations in that video we just,did a really big protein shake review,the other week and they have one of the,better ones here this is the best one,you can get at Costco its the organ,grass-fed its all a lot of protein,shakes are made wit

Take Fish Oil Every Day for 20 Days, See How Your Body Changes

[Music],take fish oil everyday and see how your,body will change we all keep looking for,this miracle product that will make us,feel and look better on the inside and,out well it looks like we found it folks,all you need is fish oil this stuff will,transform your body completely but how,and whats the right amount to take if,youre ready for all the answers you,need and just cheap on watching but,first go ahead and hit that subscribe,button and ring the notification belt so,that you dont miss any of the new and,exciting videos weve got for you every,single day on the bright side of life,all right back to business here are 12,changes youll see in your body if you,start taking fish oil everyday number,twelve decreased risk of heart disease,[Music],were having a heart health epidemic,these days according to the Centers for,Disease Control and Prevention about six,hundred and ten thousand people died of,heart-related illnesses every single,year in the u.s. thats one in four,deaths but believe it or not consuming,fish oil can help out here a study,conducted by the nutrition and,metabolism research group at the,University of Alberta who confirmed that,the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in,fish oil decrease the risk of developing,heart disease and thats because these,acids drop the level of triglycerides,which contribute to high blood pressure,caused by plaque buildup in the arteries,fish oil will clean all that icky stuff,out so your heart doesnt have to work,so hard pumping blood throughout your,body,number eleven clearer thinking if youre,dealing with mental fog and poor memory,then fish oil is at your service,again those wonderful omega-3 fatty,acids also contain DHA this acid is,responsible for making sure that your,cell membranes are healthy and your,neural pathways are strong and thats,the main reason why tons of studies,including one conducted by Brazilian,researchers at the federal university of,rio grande do sul suggest that fish oil,can even be used as a way to prevent the,onset of Alzheimers,not to mention fish oil is sometimes,even prescribed to children with,attention disorders like a DD or ADHD to,help them focus and think clearly number,ten stronger immunity fish oil doesnt,just work on each organ like your brain,or heart individually it protects your,whole entire system by improving your,immunity its all got to do with the,polyunsaturated acids contained in,omega-3 they stimulate the production of,prostaglandins these elements in turn,make your immune system way stronger and,thus help your body deal with all kinds,of infections at least thats the,conclusion that researchers at the,University of California came to after,one of their studies so if youre the,type of person thats always catching a,cold and get sick really easy you could,definitely use some fish oil in your,life,number nine better stamina,professional cyclist michael hutchison,swears by the stamina boosting,properties of the fatty acids in fish,oil and the scientific community agrees,researchers at the Memorial University,of Newfoundland conducted a study that,confirmed the positive effect of these,nutrients on our stamina when you take,fish oil regularly your body starts to,use the fat during long workouts saving,your glycogen stores for more difficult,exercises this process basically,increases the time an athlete can do,physical activity so if you workout and,train hard this little boost will,certainly come in handy,number 8 improved joint health around,the middle of the 20th century doctors,started noticing that people who live,near the sea and eat fish regularly,suffer from joint pain way less often,the explanation here is simple our,joints need fat without it the joint,tissues lose their elasticity which,eventually leads to serious injuries and,fish oil is one of the best products to,prevent this problem a study conducted,by the department of immunology and,Rheumatology at Mexicos National,Institute of Medical Sciences and,nutrition proved that fish oil can be,quite effective at relieving and,preventing joint pain of course it wont,heal your arthritis completely but it,can stop your joint problems from,getting worse number seven faster muscle,recovery after workouts if you thought,that increased stamina is the best that,fish oil can do for athletes and gym,buffs think again in their study,researchers in the Department of,Nutrition and Dietetics at Saint Louis,University had participants take fish,oil after their workouts and report any,changes the results were amazing,most of them claimed that they had way,less inflammation and muscle soreness,after exercising other experiments have,shown that the abundance of,polyunsaturated fatty acids contained in,fish oil are able to protect nerve cells,from injuries and even prevent their,death dont get too excited though,because taking fish oil regularly wont,turn you into soo,man or anything but it will surely,intensify your regular workouts making,them twice as effective number six less,stress and a better mood if you lead a,hectic and busy life dont we all,nowadays you know how important yet,difficult it can be to relax and,de-stress fortunately for us fish oils,polyunsaturated acids increase the,production of that happy hormone,serotonin improving your mood and,decreasing stress levels one,cross-institutional study found that,fish oil is great for fighting,depression theres even research out,there suggesting that it can have a,positive influence on people with,schizophrenia and other mental illnesses,sounds like a truly universal product,and a must-have item for better health,and wellness number five decreased eye,pressure you hear a lot about taking,care of your heart lungs liver and so on,but you dont hear very much about the,importance of eye health its definitely,not something to be underestimated and,fish oil can do a lot for you in this,area as well doctors often recommend,that glaucoma patients take fish oil,because its fatty acids help reduce,pressure in the eye by removing excess,fluids studies confirm this -,researchers in the state t laboratory of,ophthalmology at Chinas soon yat-sen,University found that additional sources,of omega-3 acids can prevent eye,problems but dont think of it as a,full-fledged cure its just one of the,effective ways to keep your eyes healthy,number four an additional source of,vitamins and minerals fish oil isnt,just jam packed with omega-3 and omega-6,fatty acids its got a whole array of,useful vitamins and minerals of course,the specific ones can vary depending on,the type of fish and tons of other,factors but in general most types of,fish oil have a full set of crucial,nutrients your system will thank you for,for example vitamins A and D will help,you get rid of brittle hair and allow,your body to better absorb,theyre necessary minerals like calcium,and phosphorus the concoction of,nutrients you get in fish oil will,improve your health and have you looking,gorgeous in no time speaking of looking,fab number three smooth radiant skin as,a rule when our system works better it,shows on our skin so all the inner,health benefits weve mentioned so far,will show up on your face,however fish oil has one thing that your,skin cant get enough of collagen its,your skins elastic foundation and,basically the more collagen you have the,fewer wrinkles you see on your face over,time we lose collagen do an aging and,constant stress luckily omega-3 acids,store collagen helping your skin stay,young and fresh sounds good right but it,gets better since fish oil can fight,acne as well according to a study,conducted by the Center for genetics in,Washington DC omega-3 acids have an,incredible anti-inflammatory effect,since acne is skin inflammation fish oil,will help clear it right up so if you,want to have glowing and clear skin fish,oil should become your best friend,number two weight loss if youve been,struggling with your weight and have,tried just about every diet known to,humanity you might want to give fish

How to choose Costco fish oil supplement?

hi everyone this is salmon today Im,gonna talk about how to choose the fish,oil when you go to Costco our online,shopping you might be very confused with,so many fish or products Ill give you,three tips today for your consideration,efficacy source and the package tab,lets talk about the first how much real,supplements the product provide and what,is the efficacy for whatever reason you,want to buy the fish oil lower the risk,of coronary heart disease boost your,immune system exaggerate the real,supplement you want to get from the fish,oil is omega-3 fatty acid to be specific,epa and DHA for example this bubble,level 1000 milligram on the front level,but not indicate what is 1000 milligram,when you go to the side of the bottle,and the rigid supplement effects youll,find there is two hundred twenty,milligrams DHA and a 180 milligram epa,per serve purser reason Ill take it,does not necessary mean per capsule the,serving size for this product is too,soft details now we know that the 1000,milligram number on the front level its,the amount of fish oil in one capsule so,for this product you can get a 220 DHA,and one ATP a 400 milligram in total,from two capsules every day in brave you,take 2 grams this product 20% of it is,DHA and EPA the efficacy is 20% not an,impressive if we look at another product,from the same manufacturer will find the,serving size is one smaller capsule and,the provide 500 milligram EPA and DHA,everyday the percentage of DHA plus EPA,is 80%,it is much higher and more efficient for,this product you take two big capsules,and again a 400 milligram supplement you,want,like this for this you take one small,cap – lets have a look at the size you,take one small cap seal like this,lets compare the size you take just a,one small capsule and the guy – 500,milligram DHA and EPA there is a dosa,limit for DHA and EPA every day FDA,suggests less than 2 gram in Europe it,is less than 5 gram so you dont need to,be worried about eating too much fish,oil lets talk about the second tip what,fish is the fish oil from where is the,fish these are 2 questions about the,quality of the fish oil the fish was,usually from salmon Cod mackerel,and sardines the smaller the fish is the,batter the fish itself cannot produce,DHA and EPA they come from what they eat,the bigger fish usually means a longer,lifespan they have much more chance to,accumulate the contaminants such as,mercury lead PCBs X 0 so alkyl more,credit to the fish oil from Macario and,sturdiness then the cleaner ocean also,helps the fish oil from the north europe,norwegian sea is well known for its,polity lets look at this from from the,level it is from well the pub,and the salmon is the most popular fish,to get an official because it is big,which is not good as I said before if,the manufacturer does not live or what,fish it is from it is very possible is,from salmon or Pollock at the last who,look at the package PhD and,a are unstable fatty acid and it,contains double chemical bonds in the,molecular which is vulnerable to,oxidation and UV I will recommend their,color bottle instead of a new color one,even this bottle claims is UV protected,I doubt because I never see an OConnor,sunglasses darker color or non,transparent bottle will be a better,choice for storage yeah these are the,three tips I recommend one changing the,facial laughs Africa see the source and,the package attack so all the products,they have here I will compare them side,by side by these tips at the end of the,video as a last remember supplement is,only a supplement food is always the,best source of your nutrients,[Music],[Music]

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