1. £1 supermarket golf ball that RIVALS the Pro V1!
  2. We Bought The NEW 2022 COSTCO KIRKLAND 2.0 Golf Balls!?
  4. The One Dollar Golf Ball // 2021 Kirkland Signature Performance+ V2.0
  6. Long Term Review of the Kirkland Golf Ball
  7. The COSTCO Golf Ball | Kirkland Signature Review

£1 supermarket golf ball that RIVALS the Pro V1!

right now if you want to play golf with,a premium golf ball from one of the,major manufacturers youre gonna be,paying in region about three to four,pound per golf ball now in this video,im testing the golf ball which is three,piece its urethane and it only costs,one pound per golf ball its from costco,and its the kirkland signature,v2 so you might have seen in my recent,video when i knit down to costco to buy,the cobra package set i also saw these,new kirkland signature golf balls so i,had to pick up a box now in a box you,actually get two dozen and i get asked,loads across social media about testing,these kirkland golf balls certainly the,brand new version so in this video im,going to test the golf balls on the,putting green see how they feel around,the greens im also going to see what,they are like for durability because in,the past kirkland synchro balls havent,been great im also going to test them,on fuller shots and eventually the,driver and guess what,ive got a pair of new ball cutters im,going to cut some of them open not just,one im going to cut a bunch of them,open to see how consistent the core of,the golf balls are after all of that,testing were going to find out whether,this one pound golf ball from costco is,worth using over your pro v1 your tp5,your more expensive golf balls,lets talk about the box first it looks,a little bit more basic than your,premium models if youre going for a pro,v1 or a tp5 theres a little bit of,information but not loads three pieces,ive mentioned,core,soft and high elastic core to maximize,distance mantle interacts with soft,cover to generate optimized spin for,iron and wedge shots and cover,durable its a word im definitely gonna,test in this video urethane cover for,spin and green side control as i,mentioned the box looks pretty basic we,dont really care about the box do we we,care about the golf ball and the golf,ball itself it looks nice well it sounds,like a daft thing to say about a ball,but typically a premium golf ball has a,certain finish to it and this does have,that premium finish you have the,kirkland signature logo which is,obviously synonymous with costco and on,the side here youve got actually a,really nice alignment line that just,says performance plus next thing well,do a bite test see how soft it is,a beautiful flavor um,its like a 7 out of 10 softness not,super soft but,its all right didnt break my teeth,thats a good sign,[Music],pretty nice like off the putter face,if i was to give it a comparison,i would say feels more like a pro v1,compared to probably one x,that look fraction softer off the actual,putter head,go in for one go in for one ah not quite,[Music],you know what i could spend all day,putting on the green with them,and i wouldnt change my opinion on the,field they feel really nice,premium golf ball european cover on to,the next test,[Music],okay next little test for this ball is,some slightly longer chips and pitches,just want to see how they react around,the green and how they feel off the,wedge as well,[Music],not bob,[Music],that ones not quick,[Music],now pretty consistent for distance,[Music],do,[Music],okay so far so good ive got a checklist,here what i want from a golf ball so far,its great with the putter feels,fantastic around the green spins well,again feels good tick tick,however weve got a few more tests next,im gonna do is iron play hit some shots,into a par three but the big test comes,these last two durability,and distance,theyre two that really worried me about,this golf ball lets hit some shots into,here see how they fly see how consistent,they are and see how close to a holy one,we can get,oh cut a bit,oh thats better,thats got more of a chance,[Music],i,just find a bit left,[Music],um felt good off the face they did,flight was good spun nice into the green,ive just got to be honest i just didnt,hit many that close,a little bit in between club there but,actual performance of the golf ball,i dont think i can fault there,okay so far its past the putting its,past the short game its done okay on,the irons even though i wasnt hitting,it great today granted however were up,to the two categories now i think,this ball might struggle,first one,driver lets see what this ball performs,like when hitting the big stick now i,normally when i swing at about 110 miles,per hour im looking to try and get as,close to 160 miles per hour ball speed,as i can if not over,and trying to carry the ball about 280,yards theres our benchmarks because,youve got to remember brands like,tightly shrieks and bridgestone,tailor-made all of the major,manufacturers spend absolute millions on,r d to help their golf ball fly as long,and as straight as physically possible,however its not what kirklands,signature should do this is kind of a,more budget ball so,is the performance theyre going to,stack up to these big brands,and then talking about performance,stacking up,i dont think its going to be a concern,for everybody watching this video but i,think its something you need to be,aware of,if you pay less price for a golf ball,does it not last as long like the,durability terrible,were going to test that next after the,drivers,[Music],okay numbers with driver,good not record breaking,two seven eight carry on average 156,miles per hour ball speed on average,again thats not record-breaking but,its decent and i was averaging 110,miles per hour club head speed the one,thing i did notice the spin of the golf,ball is quite low with driver it was,quite consistently under 2000 rpm so,overall,good performance,next up,the new choppers they chop four in half,you might say why chop four,one im making up for the time i didnt,chop that mac5 golf ball open my bad but,also i want to see what the consistency,of the core looks like now we have seen,examples of even major golf ball brands,not quite getting the core perfect every,time example here now why that would,affect you as a golfer if youve got a,call thats off-centered the ball flight,may favor one side or the other therell,be no consistency basically the golf,ball would not be performing at his,highest level for you,so,with kirkland signatures again being a,cheaper brown ball did he cut some,corners when it comes to actually,centering the core of the golf ball,lets find out and this is a review of,my new cutters very smooth good action,quicker than normal okay,yellow this is kind of the chord the,blue section is the mantle ill have a,closer inspection in a minute everything,looks okay there,lets cut a few more open and have a,proper proper look,okay so ive cut four golf balls in half,now ive looked really closely here,ive examined each and every one of the,golf balls and ive got to say,i see no imperfections they all look,pretty much perfect,so for me,i know its only a small sample size,but that definitely passes quality,control very nicely indeed okay so i,feel like ive tested these balls pretty,well so far,but theres one,left,in the box absolute brand spanker never,been hit yet,now what im gonna do im gonna hit 10,shots with my love wedge out of the,bunker and were gonna see,if theres damage and if there is how,much damage now some of you watching,might think rick ill lose the golf ball,before i have an opportunity to scratch,it thats not really the point you might,just hit one a little bit thin out of a,bunker and suddenly theres a big,scratch in the face so you might hit a,cart path or a buggy path and sometimes,theres some real damage on the golf,ball,it can affect performance it really can,we do everything we can to not affect,our ability to shoot good scores,so as i mentioned inside this video you,can spend a lot of money on golf balls,you really can so the big brands like,fork with a golf ball but how is this,costco one pound golf ball fair today as,i mentioned its pretty much past every,category so far it really has,10 shots out of a bunker can often leave,some real bad scratch marks in the golf,ball,its pretty brilliant like its done an,unbelievable job i

We Bought The NEW 2022 COSTCO KIRKLAND 2.0 Golf Balls!?

these are the brand new costco kirkland,signature plus golf ball 2.0 but theyre,a little bit more expensive than the,previous version are they still value,for money are they better than last,years model and are they good enough,for your game lets find out and lets,do it now,[Music],[Music],hi everyone my name is james robinson,and welcome to this youtube channel guys,in todays video,chris youve been shopping i have thank,you its not very often you bring,presents but i went around im really,looking forward to this so these are the,brand new costco 2.0 golf ball yeah we,know just how popular the standard,kirkland signature plus,golf ball was pound ball pat well and,these are a little bit more arent they,theyre,a little bit more than about a 30 pound,for two dozen yeah its a little bit a,little bit but not too much inflation,you could say some could say that yes,chris you see that boat over there,what a beautiful place we are today is,we are archerfield lynx golf course on,the fidera course and were talking,bowls we certainly are signature whole,as well to go with a signature ball,check that out chris im going to give,you the honor here were going to play a,few holes im going to jump over to your,channel for today but same again,i lost that one thats all over it as,well come on come on,guys if you want to see us test this,golf ball against the previous costco,golf ball get in the comments below and,let us know because costco was still,selling the previous golf ball when we,bought this so is it worth spending an,extra couple of pound or should you just,buy the original one,depends your budget it does im keen to,see peoples thoughts on this right,chris,145 yards eight iron hey tying yeah,lets fly one in,oh that is all over it,hows a one,ill tell you what oh did that,i think that might have just has it gone,long but it looked like it lipped out at,one point i think its gone long i,struck it well though,say the positives so it is still a,three-piece golf ball story behind the,new ball guys is we have a thinner,urethane cover and a larger core so this,is going to be interesting to see does,it still feel great does it still,perform great and like i said earlier is,it still excellent value for money im,going to hit an eight in as well have i,got a tee peg no and one of the big,things for me as well is can i flight it,down if i want to and manufacture golf,shots the urethane cover should allow us,to do so its a premium cover,for a fairly budget ball,let me take advantage here,ill come in,ive blocked that,oh thats not going to be an easy shot,there is it,not at all right guys certainly not the,best start there but,i suppose things can only get better,so guys probably a great time to say if,you are new to the channel welcome make,sure you do consider hitting that,subscribe button if you do enjoy daily,golf related videos and me and chris are,quite passionate about budget golf,equipment about budget golf balls,because it kind of brings great,performance to the masses rather than,having to spend 10 15 pound for a sleeve,of three i really enjoyed your though,theres not enough room in my pencil bag,for all this oh well i really enjoyed,the first version of these and ive been,mega mega mega keen to get hold of the,second ones good job you didnt bring,two dozen,tell me about it,and especially when you do see the,performance that you can get with the,initial kirkland golf ball these could,be perfect especially for the price,almost as perfect as this golf hole so,that is the island,with the inspiration behind treasure,island i do believe bit of knowledge for,you there,just full of facts arent you yeah,useless knowledge,right thats certainly not the best shot,and guys chris has done a few videos,here already at archfield links you guys,in the video on this whole havent you,showing people how to play it so go over,there and check it out if you want,so youve got to decide here is it in,the air or on the ground,and its unheard of and unseen on this,channel but james has gone on the ground,sit sit its a bit of a runner,thats not too bad from there to be fair,it wasnt a lie that i fancied chris if,im being honest no it wasnt very tight,around the edge of the greens you can,see theres a lot of run-offs that is,links golf james,golf ball felt great though i quite,enjoyed that soft yeah very softly guys,if you want to see us not only compare,this against the previous costco ball,but also against maybe a pro v1 a tp5,just get the numbers on it then get in,the comments below and let us know and,well do it for you next week promise,right one of the big factors when,choosing your golf ball is how it feels,with a putter so this is going to be,interesting is it soft enough,for what we want,i didnt feel good off the face i got a,white hot face though so soft,face i did feel soft off it,actually,gone deaf,oh sorry did you expect that given,i heard the sound of it rattling home,all right left to right this,oh,you know whats interesting for me i,look down at this ball thats one down,with a bow gig but i look down at this,ball it looks no different to the,previous one so the cover looks exactly,the same the curcumin looks the same and,even down to this,kind of on the side the side stand that,looks exactly the same theres no kind,of 2.0 on there,i dont theyve not just changed the,packaging,what theyve done for an extra 25 pence,a ball ive just worked it out,mathematician right not the best start,certainly cant blame the ball for that,lets jump on the next tee see if we can,resurrect this match,and talk,more balls,so guys the real interesting thing for,me here with the kirkland signature,performance plus 2.0 is the golf balls,that it would actually come up against,pound for pound chris because at just,over a pound of ball were talking,tricks and 80 triple three were talking,titleist,soft feel true feel true feel and then,were also talking to taylormade,tour response tour response theyre,theyre a little bit more actually,theyre more 40 pound a dozen,so like how good does it have to perform,for people to think you know what for,the budget it gives me everything i want,its a three-piece tall performance ball,similar to a pro v1,yeah and so far,feels good off everything,can we just say what a few golf holes,this is guys at archfield links,very very lucky to be up here filming,this week yes in heaven,and the suns shining in scotland,not many days a year,same in england,right lets see how it flies with the,driver,nice,put him back,not bad there is that your line or is it,a little bit left of that it might be a,little bit left of that that is touching,the cloth some would say does it kind of,cut it yeah a little bit of a dog like,that bush comes in to play,all right lets see what kind of,performance we can get out of this,driver because im really enjoying,the driver at the moment im doing,trying to smash it off the tee,i reckon thats safer than yours isnt,it though thats definitely opened up,the hole,right couldnt be further away from each,other,but interestingly guys to me one of the,big factors here is the price point so,if you do lose a couple of golf balls,but you do want the ultimate performance,for yourself for your game,is this the best kind of ball or have,you found something better if you have,guys let us know in the comments why,down there leave a like on this video so,you know youre enjoying us talking a,load of balls my ball just up here on,the left hand side chris is up looking,over there im not sure,ive got the thumbs up thats uh,thats not uh,not ideal i thought i had him 124 to the,front so thats about 115 to the front,from here into a wind as you can imagine,out here on a linxy style golf course,and again for me the big factor when,choosing a golf ball obviously is price,but its can i play the ball down if i,want to kind of kind of manufacture,shots with it that european cover as,ive already said,should help that can i move this twig,yep i can,wings into off left im gonna chip a,ni

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so as you probably all know a premium,golf ball like a pro v1 or a tp5 costs,about three to four pound per ball so if,youre like me and youre losing them,left right and everywhere a bad day on,the course can definitely hurt the,wallet,but today i think i found a solution to,that problem with the ball that im,testing today so its three piece it has,a urethane cover and the best bit about,it all is it only costs one pound per,ball and that ball is of course the,kirkland signature b2 so these are from,the supermarket costco so while youre,out there doing your weekly shop you can,also stock up on your golf gear which is,exactly what i did so i picked up a box,of these and also three of their,signature leather gloves but this week,its the turn of these bad boys to be,put to the test so these actually come,in a box of two dozen costing 26 pounds,of 47p essentially the one pound purple,price tag and were going to be putting,them through their paces today on and,around the greens on little chip and,pictures and of course with the driver,to see they can compete with distance,but along the way were also going to,look at durability and cut a couple of,these open to see if theres anything,unusual going on on the inside so lets,test out these one pound supermarket,golf balls and see if they can replace,your more expensive brands,these are quite nice looking at the ball,they definitely do have the finish that,a premium ball has its not like that,really shiny and rock solid finish its,definitely a little bit softer,and generally looks like a premium ball,oh,that was quite soft actually,tiny bit clicky id probably say a,little bit harder than a pro v1 but,definitely on the softer side compared,to balls in this price point so,pretty soft to me,[Music],so first impressions are good for short,and longer putts,feeling really great like probably,slightly,slightly harder than a pro v1 as i said,before but,its a bit more like a pro v1x really,nice off the face and i actually prefer,it a little bit clicky,[Music],[Music],so that wraps up the putting test with,ease,and its impossible to tell the,difference between that and a pro v1 any,premium ball is going to feel the same,or even worse than this so definitely a,big tick for the kirkland there lets,see how it does with a few chip shots,[Music],so,[Music],so messing about so far theyre really,reacting to the greens which is good,its a little bit wet but,still giving a little bit of zipping,they feel so soft so definitely for,chipping im going to give them a,massive thumbs up lets have a go at,some full wedge shots,[Music],thats two on the green so far,theyre feeling very soft like very when,youre compressing them its really nice,[Music],all right so that was six wedge shots,from 120 yards i think they did pretty,well theyre quite responsive on the,green as i said i was normally bumping,them up a bit so they didnt have too,much spin but,id be happy hitting them as they were,very soft off the face overall id say,thats a massive pass for the kirklands,so that felt amazing its unbelievable,when you catch these really nicely how,soft they can actually feel so that was,really good,[Music],so,[Music],they felt amazing had a really good,flight and the outcome was pretty good,so i am playing full shots,massive tick for the kirklands so lets,have a look at the inside of them so now,were going to cut one of these curtain,balls open and compare it against a much,cheaper ball to see if theres anything,funny going on inside the kirkland ball,so lets see,the kirkland is any better than the,cheap callaway well again its,definitely three piece and it looks,unbelievable theyve chosen really good,colours for the core and the mantle,there but the urethane cover you can,tell and even the core is much softer,and,much thicker than on the callaway so,thats where youre getting your,softness and touch around the green from,so,definitely nothing funny going on inside,the kirkland it is a true three-piece,golf ball,[Music],so one thing with kirklands is they also,are quite known for durability issues on,that urethane cover they normally get,quite nicked up so got a brand new ball,gonna hit 10 shots out of the bunker,with the same ball at the pin and well,see how scuffed up this gets,[Music],[Music],thats 10 shots out of the bunker,lets have a look at how he did so,looking at this ball it has been,absolutely chewed up from where ive hit,it out of the bunker these wedges are,quite new so that is probably an extra,added reason why its quite bad but,i probably if i was a really good player,wouldnt be using this again as it could,affect the ball flight slightly however,if you are like me and you probably,dont make it past two or three holes,without losing one of these it is,absolutely fine youre not going to be,worried about a little bit of damage or,scuff on the ball so,can i unfortunately say that probably,slightly failed that one ill give it,like a,very borderline pass but slightly,disappointing that the durability isnt,that good so last but not least is drive,at distance which is going to be a hard,one for the kirkland to score well in as,these big brown balls spend millions and,millions of pound optimizing these so,they feel soft but also go that distance,what were going to do is test three,brand new kirklands against a very,premium expensive ball to see if it can,compete in this category also the brand,of ball were testing these against is,the callaway chromesoft x low spin we,did approve ones but i left them in the,car so this is all i had in my bag,[Music],[Music],um,[Music],so,[Music],overall for driver distance im going to,put it even possibly because the,callaways were the low spinning version,and i tend to get a little bit spinny,with my drives thats why they might,have gone slightly further but for,accuracy,its anyones game i hit it slightly bad,the ball goes its not the balls fault,its me so kirkland for distance bang on,lets have a look at the overview of the,kirkland balls so that is the review of,the kirkland b2 balls now done so it,passed putting chipping and full iron,shots with ease and distance was easily,comparable to the top round balls that,are three to four times more expensive,than these the only thing to know is the,durability of the cover so its nice and,soft but it does get scuffed as i said,if youre like me thats not a problem,as i lose too many balls per round so,definitely a really good buy at,poundable and you cant beat the price i,bet you wont find a ball that is better,than this for a pound so,comment down below if youre gonna go,out and try these i recommend popping,over to costco with your shopping and,getting a box of these so please like,and subscribe down below and well see,you in the next one

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The One Dollar Golf Ball // 2021 Kirkland Signature Performance+ V2.0

[Music],okay guys,never been happier to welcome you back,to the channel thanks pal our first,video back together this is great its,good to be back this is good great to be,back,well matty boy we are going to do a,video today on,what quite feasibly is the best value,golf ball in golf,period and probably like in golf history,i dont think ive ever heard anyone,talk more about like an affordable golf,ball than that one,and weve done a lot of videos on,affordable golf balls weve done,vice and sugar and all these companies,that have sent us golf balls,no one does a golf ball for a buck a,ball a golf ball for a bucket ball you,can go to costco and grab it while,youre doing your groceries and stuff,theres a reason its its that popular,we were joking earlier on wasnt it we,would get a hawaiian shirt a pack of,sausages or a golf ball,what else could you need all with the,kirkland signature logo,so weve tested them in the past weve,tested actually two previous versions,the original,then the updated version uh and this is,this is the performance plus v2,so originally if i recall it was it was,a four piece ball,the first time the first time thats,right and it spun like beyond,wild like like a mizuno the only other,other one weve seen comparable was the,rbx tour and then last time it was a,little bit more of a reasonable golf,ball i think,a little bit more in line it was but,every time they refresh it i get it i,think i played with so many people that,was,their golf ball of choice and i can see,why and it really did perform quite,nicely yeah every time,they refresh it we all know theres you,know theres been some patent issues and,stuff so you dont know,exactly what youre going to get so i,think thats we really just need to find,out with the launch monitor,and and a lot of people were finding out,as more people get curious about golf,balls and digging into it cutting them,in half and seeing the consistency and,things like that people are curious,whats under the cover now and,whats in the mantle how many layers,whats the compression like these things,are starting to become more talked about,and not just,accepted as as features so true it used,to be you bounce on the concrete maybe,give a little bite oh hows that cover,how does that taste but no youre,absolutely right a couple of rounds,more people now that i talk to are,saying oh this layer and hows that,cover im kind of like what are you,talking about but youre right its good,though its good to see people more,aware of it,but at the same time its good that,someones still making a golf ball,thats like its still reasonable to buy,exactly reasonable price a buck a ball i,you know we were joking earlier on like,its ridiculous isnt it you know 24,golf balls,for 25 bucks yeah um five dollars,shipping handling or you pick it up when,youre at the store,and look at you know look at the,satisfaction rate and 244 people are,reviewed on the website 4.6 out of 5,rating,people love this golf ball yeah thats a,good sign thats exactly right no matter,what we find today theres obviously,something really good about this and,its just i think itll be a question of,what spin profile is this in and what,like whos it for yeah but more or less,its obviously a good ball though so,were going to do what we do,which is the uh test versus the pro v1,the benchmark the gold standard we,always yeah we always go back to that,dont we really when,a golf ball is is uh claiming to have,certain performance characteristics this,would be more of a pro v1 golf ball than,a pro v1x,definitely because of the construction,if it was four piece youd go dx,exactly and its you know lower,compression its it is trying to appeal,to that wider demographic,and uh you know i think pro v1 falls,into that category from a a performance,standpoint as well,hmm do it go in its so funny,lovely,soft sounds great lovely sound isnt it,its coming out with a really nice,launch high spin,really high spin we know that anything,over 8 on the 50 yarder is,is really premium 9 000 spin for a,dollar is,okay how many times youre gonna see,that for a dollar,nine thousand im going to say that a,hundred times before were done,yeah it really looks like its spinning,cisco zip on it,thats nice,that was nice,okay,that looks nice thats nice,that was nice that ones good,do it spin,that sounded softer than the kirkland,noticeable yeah,felt like it too,thats nice,beautiful really good yeah i think with,the same,amount of force youre just getting an,extra few yards thats it,oh nice pink lovely pink dresser,fuchsia,69 i mean the thing spins wow,i think if i were to like if i were,hitting it i would expect this to be,like,the x ball it would be like this would,be a tp5x its its definitely,a little bit firm,its really nice its a really nice,flight isnt it,thats nice its about as good as your,hit seven armor this one whats that,50 58 exactly,that was nice thats hit well,yep,that was nice that ones good,thats nice thats good,that is lovely,thats good that was nice nazi boy,lovely flight,yes thats good get on that lane,all right matty boy uh good little test,some subtle differences to the golf,balls well different especially the 50,yard shot the short shots,we do see a different spin uh window,with it,there was definitely a bunch with the,kirkland that i couldnt have spun the,pro v1 over 9000.,kirkland you could definitely get over,which for a 50-yard chart i think its,about as much as i ever get yeah,and it almost seemed like a couple of,them that you struck that it was,an unexpected high spinner a little bit,which maybe then is is,rather than being a positive oh its,high spin maybe a negative that you can,get a high spinner,and it pulls you up short and you,wouldnt want that would you like its i,said its fun like to hit a high spin,shot impresses your friends its cool,and all but youre right i would rather,see it,spin a little bit lower like the pro v,did but kind of do the same thing every,time,and yeah looking at that standard,deviation thats exactly what we were at,there yeah 83 versus 249,we would rather see it do the same thing,thats where you can become,uh a little bit more predictable with,your your pitching your short game shots,hop hop stop that type of thing is ideal,absolutely need it ripping back,and it can continue into the pitching,wedge we saw some spin rates that were,as high as weve ever seen off of uh off,of a pitching wedge,touching ten thousand definitely just,under thats about as much as ive ever,seen the first few shots i was coming up,a bit short and i thought okay am i,swinging a bit slow,but its just that extra spin is you,know its half a club i guess about,it worked out that way yeah similar,launch,little difference in speed which was,interesting but the,the higher spin rate was the significant,difference with it that gave us the,the bigger gap and carry distance i,started to feel a little bit of a click,on the kirkland,yeah you definitely hear the wedges the,pitching sounded very soft,then the the pitch got a little higher,as you start making full swings on it,okay into the middle um,130.4 identical lower launch angle,so its coming out in that lower window,but rising up to,a slightly higher peak 67 that is really,in a high,spin window when it comes to a seven,iron few its interesting yeah its kind,of like,this is becoming its more like a,fitting choice at this point i guess,with these two is,thats kind of like the sort of squeezy,tour flight a little bit lower launch,higher spin,i i like it but i can definitely see how,into the wind,or if i was already a high spin player,you might struggle with the kirkland,ball being a little bit,too high a spin yeah and a short shape,choice isnt it like we were saying,during the video,if youre a slicer and you you add a lot,of spin and you tend to,curve it you know more than you would,like to youre probably not going to,love a golf ball that gives you a,thousand rpms more in spin with the,irons and then with the big stick which,is always wh


this is the new kirkland signature v2,golf ball and its only 15 pounds a,dozen its got a urethra cover and its,three piece so whats wrong with it,lets find out,[Music],and to see if there is anything wrong,with it and if there is anything about,its performance that isnt ideal were,going to put it up against the pro v1 so,the industry-leading performance golf,ball to see if theres any real,difference between the two im going to,start with the wedge then im going to,hit a seven iron and then well finish,up with driver and see if theres any,difference between these two golf balls,and if there is,what are the differences first up pro v1,[Music],[Music],now lets hit the kirkland then we can,look at the data and see if theres any,real differences,with white shots,[Music],[Music],[Music],right lets take a look at the numbers,with the wedges with the pro v1 and the,kirkland signature so 9301 spin with,kirkland,9466 with the pro v1 this is quite an,important metric this is a number that a,lot of players are going to be looking,at how much spin are you getting with,the wedges and this is incredibly close,so you could pretty much say that these,are spinning very very much the same,carry yardages because i was hitting to,an actual distance cant take too much,notice of them but 124 with the kirkland,122 with the pro v the pro v just,stopping just that fraction bit quicker,on the other end this is just a fraction,more spin thats probably just stopping,this golf call a little bit quicker if,we look at the delivery club speed,pretty much identical theres a slightly,greater efficiency with the kirkland,even though the ball was being struck,maybe slightly further away from the,center on average but all in all these,golf balls over this distance are pretty,similar lets move to the seven iron,so as before well start with the pro v1,with the seven iron 169 yards into this,pin,lets see if theres any discrepancy at,this yardage,[Music],now with the kirkland lets see how it,compares,[Music],taking a look at these numbers with the,7-iron the kirkland theres a little bit,more ball speed there nearly 2 miles an,hour more ball speed now lets quickly,look at the club data was actually,delivering any more speed i was for some,reason now thats not obviously the golf,ball doing that thats me so im,introducing more speed with the kirkland,seven iron subsequently youre getting a,little bit more ball speed so we just,got to factor that in spin rate seven,six six four for the kirkland seven,three or six so very close but a little,bit more spin with the kirkland that,could be something to do with a little,bit more club speed thatll just juice,this number up a fraction carry 166,165,so not actually seeing that much of a,difference with the distance even though,there is some more ball speed there this,is because of the spin rate mostly so,166 165 169 168 very very similar,strike wise,very similar sort of center line of the,club a little bit more towards the tour,with the kirkland these strikes are,quite similar to be honest not gonna,affect spin rate or distance really,so yeah from this distance very very,similar again,now for the big boy lets see if theres,any difference between these two balls,with the big stick,first up again pro v1,[Music],now for the kirkland im not going to,try and limit,that right to left curvature thats,something that im working to try and,get rid of actually at the moment,im not going to try and do ill try and,get rid of it for this test,because i want the test to be as fair as,possible,[Music],[Music],okay the all-important numbers ball,speed 159.4,160.4 so a mile an hour difference there,between the pro v1 and the kirkland that,can well have something to do with me as,we keep saying,backspin,3114 with the kirkland 2723 with the pro,v1 again this is subjective to strike so,lets check the strike dirter kirklands,impact was a little bit higher up,towards the toe which would generally,reduce spin so we cant really blame,that spin,on the strike so that spin rate for me,just a little bit high so id expect it,to sacrifice carry yardage so 266,instead of 269 with the pro v 284 289,total with the pro v so pro v going that,little bit further primarily because of,the spin rate back into the club dirt,again lets look and see what i was,delivering i was actually delivering a,little bit more speed with the curtain,as well 115 miles an hour club speed,said that like 114 with the pro v1 so we,can say within some degree of certainty,that the pro v just goes a little bit,further with the driver primarily,because of spin rate so to conclude this,ball is a fantastic ball for the price,at 15 pounds a dozen it really is,exceptional for that money it really,does stand up to the pro v1 with wedges,and kind of the irons but once you get,into the woods i just feel as though,this bulb maybe spins a little bit too,much i have done other testing other,than this test in the video and i have,found that to be quite consistent there,is a little bit too much spin with the,driver for me with this particular ball,and its just sacrificing me those,couple of yards so its not a great deal,its probably something that you,wouldnt really notice on the golf,course therell be people down that lens,that want to know what the feel is like,i couldnt differentiate between this,and the pro v to be honest if anything,if i had to be pushed id say that the,clerkland maybe just felt just a,fraction bit softer with the wedges and,the irons that might be something that,sways your buying decisions as usual if,you enjoyed the video please give it a,thumbs up subscribe to the channel ill,see you in the next one

Long Term Review of the Kirkland Golf Ball

hello YouTubers and welcome to another,episode of the golf nerd in todays,video Im going to provide a long-term,review of the Kirkland three-piece golf,ball,Costco made its foray into the golfing,world with a big splash when it,announced a four-piece Kirkland branded,golf ball several years ago,it probably would have gone unnoticed if,my golf spy hadnt performed a review of,the ball and noted it was outperforming,the Undisputed heavyweight golf ball,Champion the Titleist Pro V1,quickly the four-piece Kirkland golf,ball which sold is two dozen balls for,less than the cost of a single box of,pro Vs became an internet sensation,Costco quickly sold out of inventory and,online sellers started exercising their,free market supply and demand pricing,structures on eBay,a dozen Kirkland golf balls quickly went,for as much as a hundred bucks,it was something to see,over a year later Costco realizing they,had a winner on their hand but unable to,Source more of the four piece variety,introduced the three-piece construction,Kirkland Performance Plus ball selling,at two dozen for 25 bucks,golfers everywhere were eager with,anticipation that this new ball would,perform admirably,and it did except for the fact that it,spun like crazy and the cover wasnt all,that durable,the hype train moved on and the Kirkland,Performance Plus just became another,golf ball,recognizing that the cover durability,was a significant concern Costco,released a version two of the,Performance Plus golf ball,it is still a three-piece construction,and Promises a tour-like level of Spin,and feel while improving cover,durability and maintaining the cost of,25 dollars for two dozen golf balls,so as Ive noted multiple times the golf,nerd loves products that punch above,their weight class,I naturally gravitate towards Bargains,in the golfing world and the Kirkland,ball seemed like a perfect fit,additionally as a seasoned golf nerd I,know many respected Minds in golf,recommend that a player use only one,type of ball to help with their feels on,the course,such that a boss getting to a stop on a,green doesnt come as a shock but rather,an expectation,so I decided to give them a try and,bought a couple boxes of the original,three-piece version,and right away I was impressed they felt,good off the club face they felt good,off the Putter and they checked up on,the green better than any ball I had,ever used before maybe a little too good,at times,Im not exactly sure when I made the,switch,but I was impressed enough that I,started using the Kirkland three-piece,ball exclusively,so now its been a couple seasons and a,new and improved version has come out,what do I think,I think its a great ball,and I dont necessarily mean for the,money although for the money when I hit,that out of bounds shot that will,forever be dead to me Im not nearly as,pissed as I would be if I just launched,a four dollar ball into the woods the,water,the gorse the nearby Highway well you,get the point,its a good ball it feels great the,quality levels as observed by online,reviewers has been solid and typically,when playing with others I dont have to,worry about what numbers on my ball,because Im the only one playing at,Kirkland,I suppose that its not one of the,cooler offerings but quite honestly I,dont play golf to be cool,I mean my channel is called the golf,nerd,being cool is something I quit worrying,about years and years ago,so I highly endorse the Kirkland,three-piece golf ball and I believe for,a lot of golfers except those who spin,the ball too much already,they could use the ball and enjoy it,if you happen to be a lower spinning,player this ball May really help you I,spin on approach shots is generally,helpful itll increase Landing angle and,provide some backspin to help grab on,the greens,this ball definitely wants to check out,of a well executed chip pitch or sand,shot,so I say cool be damned and try a box,for yourself I mean its only 25 bucks,for two dozen balls and if nothing else,you can use them on the water holes,whats your golf ball of preference have,you tried the Kirkland if so what did,you think Id love to hear your thoughts,below as always if you found this video,helpful please subscribe to the channel,and like this video,well thats it for the golf nerd hit,them long and straight and Ill see you,next time,[Music]

The COSTCO Golf Ball | Kirkland Signature Review

if youre looking to use a premium golf,ball these days like a tightly pro v1 or,a taylormade tp5 or a callaway ball,strix and bridgestone whatever it may be,youre looking at spending around about,three to four pound per golf ball well,ive got some golf balls to test today,which are just over a pound a golf ball,are they going to be any good,or are they going to be absolutely,terrible,lets find out,so these are the golf balls in question,the kirkland,signature golf balls theres been a lot,of hype about these,and im intrigued to test them because,this is a new version,a few years ago kirklands signature,brought out a golf ball that kind of,shook up the golf ball world a little,bit because it was compared to like say,the pro v1 and i actually tested it,against tp5 and it was a really good,ball,well this is the new version,kirklands signature golf balls come,from costco the big warehouse,wholesalers and its actually where,recently i went and bought the callaway,edge golf clubs from and while i was,there i saw these golf balls on the,shelf and thought ill pick them up i,might use them one day and that time has,come,for a box of balls its 30 pounds which,doesnt sound super cheap,however,in every box you actually get two dozen,so thats around about just over a pound,of golf ball which is pretty,impressive,certainly from a price as i mentioned a,premium golf ball these days are around,about three four pound a pro v1 per ball,is about three pound fifty,so what is this gonna do now,like most golf ball boxes it reads about,the same,feel performance high spin,the fact its got this three layers,uh urethane cover,you know i could read this box and itd,be like reading any other golf ball box,im more intrigued about seeing whats,inside it so im gonna test this golf,ball and feel,on spin with a wedge shot on seven iron,distance and drive a distance im also,going to check the durability of this,golf ball because thats sometimes where,a cheaper price golf ball can really,suffer,and this would not be a rich heels golf,ball,review if i didnt get the,pipe cutter out and give a golf ball a,chop in half,lets test the kirkland signature golf,ball im gonna start off with in wedge,shots first and see how much this golf,ball can spin,theyre like a good ball the kind of,logo the kirkland signature is a little,bit big but nothing too offensive i,really like this performance plus arrow,down the side thatd be great for,alignment on the putting green,give it a bite test,it actually feels quite soft,it actually feels pretty good it feels,very similar to,a tp5 or a pro v1 just on those initial,little hit ups right,lets test im going to hit 100 yard,golf shots and see how much it spins,[Music],so,[Music],lets give feedback on feel first im,used to hitting pro v1s in here this,golf ball felt just like a pro v1 on,those wedge shots it didnt feel any,difference at all and thats a positive,it really is,now,wedge shots for spin im hitting full,sand wedge shots there im typically,looking for a golf ball to spin around,10 to 11 000 rpm,the kirkland signature on average of,those 10 shots spun at 10,500,absolutely perfect now i hit that golf,ball 10 times then that same golf ball,and i must admit theres a little bit of,a durability issue potentially im going,to put that one on the side,and hit a few more shots with it in a,minute when i properly test it for,durability,wedge spin tick passes with flying,colours lets move back to 79 next and,see what the distance the spin looks,like on that shot so i have done loads,of testing with golf balls like the,titleist pro v1 and the taylormade tp5,and a lot of the premium golf balls and,when im hitting my seven iron i want,that ball to carry around about 168,yards i want to spin as close to 7000,rpm as possible thats like perfect,optimum numbers,im going to hit 10 seven irons with the,kirkland signature,and see what that can produce,[Music],[Music],hmm,[Music],so ive got to say so far im impressed,with this golf ball it felt good again,off the face of the seven iron carry,distance was bang on the number 168,yards spin was just a little bit lower,than what im used to at just over 6 000,but not horrendous so far for the price,its doing incredibly well,ive still got a few question marks,about the durability im definitely,gonna test that,but first lets see what it does with,driver now typically i want to hit my,driver shot in the 280 yards of carry,with ball speed over 160 miles per hour,lets see what the kirkland signature,can do,and im hitting it with driver,[Applause],[Music],so,[Music],things were going so well for the,kirkland signature ball,it was passing every test with flying,colours the wedge test it passed the,seven iron test it passed the driver,test,it failed miserably,uh distance was down by about 10 yards,and a lot of that down was down to the,fact the ball speed was down by about,three to four miles per hour,even though my club at speed was the,same,that ball just was not popping off the,face at all that is a big letdown for,the kirkland signature,thats a shame so it was doing so well,id like to say for a pound the golf,ball it got me quiz questioning,like why is a golf ball three pound,fifty,well that might be why that extra,distance off the tee um lets test the,durability lets chop it in half to see,whats inside just because im intrigued,and also,today i actually saw on social media,that kirklands signature are bringing,out a putter with adjustable weights all,singing all dancing and im sure itll,be pretty cheap ill try and get my,hands on one and test it id love to,hear your thoughts down below right,durability test chop it in half its a,shame that distance,i thought it was doing so well as well,so this so far is the golf ball thats,been hit 10 times with the wedge and hit,it ten more times you can always just,see a few little scuff marks,nothing performance damaging i wouldnt,say,but definitely a bit of wear and tear,there and that might be the difference,between a one pound golf ball a three,pound 50 golf ball cause a pro v1,wouldnt have scuffed up quite that much,lets hit 10 more and see if,any more damage takes place this golf,ball,so that is the damage after 20 wedge,shots hitting it,not,atrocious just not perfect right lets,finish this off by seeing what is inside,the kirkland signature ball so as i,mentioned,it wouldnt be a rickshaws review,without chopping it in half,give a little summary about this ball as,well for the price its a pretty good,golf ball i said the only thing for me,i found it not working for,was,the driver distance and it lacked,ball speed in my opinion,apart from that feel was good,i thought that the um seven iron,distance and spin was really pretty,impressive,and the durability was okay wasnt,perfect but again remind you one pound,the golf ball you might you might have,lost it before it even gets that level,of durability,guys youve enjoyed the video make sure,you smash like,and inside,the kirkland signature golf ball is,theres your three layers quite,anti-climax guys thanks for watching,stay tuned lots more to come and well,see you next time

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