1. FIRST EVER COSTCO GOLF CLUB – Kirkland Signature KS1 Putter
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FIRST EVER COSTCO GOLF CLUB – Kirkland Signature KS1 Putter

it wasnt easy but ive managed to get,my hands on one of the hottest golf,products in the world right now,this,the kirkland signature putter the ks1,this is the first ever golf club,kirkland signature ive made from costco,im gonna unbox it,see what its all about and take it out,on the putting green to see if this,putter,is any good,so as i mentioned start the video this,was not easy to get my hands on at the,moment theyre only on sale in a select,amount of costco stores in the us,but one of my instagram followers,managed to get hold of one for me and,then ship it across,its 140 dollars when theyre coming out,theyre not available in the uk yet but,imagine when they are theyre probably,going to be about 130 pounds roughly,dont ask me how much it cost to get,shipped over here because it cost an,absolute fortune,um but either way weve managed to get,hold of one theres a lot of hype around,this product because kirklands,signature certainly in the last,few years have kind of come out and,started making decent golf balls you,might have seen my recent test on a,costco golf ball and i said i might get,my hands on one of these and i did,um now this is the first ever club,theyve made and is it a sign of things,to come are they going to make irons are,they going to make drivers,its interesting to start off with the,putter first lets open it find out what,its all about and whats interesting is,that first off it comes in a box,that is,a bit of a downside certainly if youre,looking for a putter i think for me it,puts a very personable,personal kind of experience picking a,putter and if its in a box you cant,feel it you cant get the weight of it,so thats a big downside straight away,um but lets see whats inside it looks,pretty pretty neat the box,its interesting that already its,saying its coming with a super stroke,grip which is a good grip uh what im,interested about,is knowing who has made this putter for,for costco because,at the moment theres no signs which,manufacturer is making it for them and i,would guess there is a manufacturer,making it for them,i dont know if theyve made this,completely in-house either way,lets open it up uh it doesnt look like,im the first person to open it because,dhl as it got shipped over here to the,uk ive actually opened it up to check,it,so hopefully to put it back in good,order,right lets see whats inside this,so here we go its in this foam,protector,and inside,this is what we find,the ks1 putter,housed into this foam protection,theres a super stroke grip with the,head cover,thats a thats just a sticker i have,heard about this yeah the weight kit is,sold separately so you have to buy the,weight kit separate which might cost a,little bit more which is a shame,but then inside here this is,the putter,kirkland signature a couple of weights,at the bottom,speck milled,interesting very,classic i need to take the wrap ross,thats better,very classic answer ping answer design,scotty cameron newport kind of styling,um big kirkland signature stamp on the,back there which,is a little bit grotesque its not the,classiest of uh of signings but all in,all so far,first impressions it looks,very well made,the facing has a very interesting,pattern,what is interesting on the pattern there,it doesnt,look super consistent,this kind of big space and little spaces,up,i wonder thats part of the technology,whether,on the toe and the heel theyve been,thinned out a little bit more,but all in all a very,well-designed good-looking putter say,just the logo is a little bit bold,theres your weights at the bottom which,are the ones that you can change its,got 2 grams 210 grams in it straight,away,thats nice its got a nice weight to it,it feels quite nice a little maybe a,tiny bit lighter than normal,a normal putter this is interesting as,well its got a little weight in the,grip end theres your super stroke grip,mid slim i like that grip i like a,slightly thicker handle on a footer,it comes,in 34.5,inches it says on the box and i believe,at the moment only right-handed,that feels nice it does it feels nice,head cover check,a bit light a little bit kind of flimsy,but by that the detailing again is very,nice good stitching here on the ks,kirklands signature very well stitched,yes better than i expected not amazing,at the moment first impressions,those weights to me,look,very odyssey styling if i was to take a,guess of whove made this i would think,odyssey because another,thing if you remember recently i went to,costco and bought the callaway edge,clubs again callaway edge the box set,was obviously from callaway who owned,odyssey that again was limited only to,costco so maybe this might be a similar,trend either way first impressions are,quite good,lets take out on the golf course lets,take it on the putting green and see how,the ks1 putter,actually performs,[Music],oh,wow that was windy out there okay,testing done,kirkland signature putter what did i,think,uh,first off its a good putter,it feels nice its got a good weight,it feels good off the face,its like most putters in that style of,putter its fairly forgiving off the toe,and the heel,its good like its good its better,than i expected um i also while i was on,the putting green tested it with the,kirkland golf balls the kirkland,signature golf balls the three-piece,golf ball again nothing to complain,about good feel off the face the,relationship between putter and ball,bang on like its just a good putter,i also,tested it against my 300 odd pound even,roll putter so a putter thats double,the price of the kirkland signature in,fact ive got them here both next to me,um,again,i personally prefer the feel of this i,feel like the waitings better but again,kirkland signature did okay,limitations the kirkland signature comes,in 34.5 inches of length i dont believe,thats adjustable i dont like that,length for me its a little bit long um,the weight kit out of light to have had,the weight kit just be able to mess,about the weights um because again maybe,on a windy day like today ive struggled,to get the consistency of the speed but,that might be down to me as well ive,not put it on a green for a while also a,downside is it only currently comes in,this particular style and not every,golfer likes the classic blade style it,will be interesting to see if a ks2,comes out later down the line of the,more mallet style that is a little bit,of a downside it all it leads me to,come to the conclusion of is,like the why,you know why would you go out and buy,that putter compared to,a putter that you can go into a golf,shop or a pro shop and actually feel,and get that get the,the feedback you want from a putter its,so individual the putter picking it up,in a shop theres nothing better in my,opinion because you can get the,sensation of how its going to feel how,its going to roll the weight of it,buying a putter like that out of a box,where you dont have any opportunity to,get custom fit for it you dont have any,opportunity to to feel it even just on,the on a artificial putting green in a,pro shop it then begs the question well,why because theres probably better,options out there like a an odyssey,putter which is like one i did one,recently in a video where ive compared,four different price points of putter,from 15 pound up to 300 pound and the,odyssey one which is about 100 pound,was,probably better than that in my opinion,just felt a bit better off the face,so the last point was that was the why,whats the reason for case youre buying,a kirkland signature putter i think for,anything people are just going to buy it,for the novelty because its a bit,different its a bit new its the first,ever kirkland signature putter from,costco,and i think people will,weirdly,have it as a bit of a either a,collectors item or something because,again im not sure why youd have that,in your bag over,a resounding you know,potter brand that you trust lastly i,still have no massive indication of who,this has been made by its not been made,by kirkland or costco if i


hey golf people im back out here at the,putting green at carrollwood country,club my home course here in tampa,and today were taking a look at this,little gem this is the ks1,its a putter that i bought at costco of,all places so,no it wasnt edwin watts no it wasnt,golf galaxy any of the big box stores,none other than costco this is a,beautiful looking putter with a,milled face youve got some waiting,there on the bottom in fact they,actually sell,weight kits online if you want to change,the weights on these this is your,classic,answer style putter you see a lot of,these with scotty camerons these days,as well,it looks a lot like a scottie cameron,ive got to say,and its got a beautiful super stroke,grip on it this grip alone,has to be worth a few bucks maybe 20,bucks at the superstore as well,so were going to give this a few putts,down here were going to see how it,performs were going to look at the,weighting the feel the balance the,feedback that you get,and see how good we can stroke it with,the ks1,all right now im going to test this,directly up against two of,my putters that are in the most similar,vein to the ks1 this is the ping zing,ii again just a classic answer style,and then weve got my gamer this is my,current gamer a beautiful,sax parente this is the series 66.,look at that milled face it doesnt get,much better than that i love the balance,of this putter actually has a graphite,shaft,all right this one has a steel shaft on,it,with heel toe balance this is old school,i got this putter actually as,a graduation gift from college from my,father that was all the way back in 2003,so thats how this thing you can,probably see the grip,the grips never been changed on that,since 2003 either so,were going to test them both out first,im going to start off with a little,short putt here,just the confidence and stiller you got,to make sure you can hit a 3-4,footer and feel confident standing over,those putts ill hit a few with each,okay lets do it,all right first up well go with the,king,doesnt have the best feel honestly,okay thats three for three now this,thing does not have the best feel,theres nothing fancy about this does,not have a milled face or anything like,that its a very,basic putter it was around 100 when it,was purchased you can probably get one,for very similar these days as well from,ping,kind of their real sort of lower end,offering all right,all right now were gonna move on to the,saks parente this is not a bargain,option in any way,this putter is about 500 they were nice,enough to send this one to me to test,out a while back ill leave a,link to that video right here but uh,this is no bargain now,youve got something very different,about this is the way its,face balanced you see where im,balancing thats the balance point on,this putter,try this on your own putter and see,where it balances most putters balance,around here,this one balances right down near the,face to kind of give you a pendulum like,motion,i dont miss putts with this one short,putts like this very often,but lets give it a shot,oh just crept in,[Music],okay were six for six now the feeling,on this putter,by the way theres a sweet spot a very,defined sweet spot about this putter,that i did not have on the ping,lets see what the kirkland does now all,right now to start off with weve got a,much bigger grip than either of my other,two putters those both have kind of,smaller grips,this one is a big fat boy so that in and,of itself could be good or bad but the,thing is you dont have any options from,costco other than this,grip so if you want something different,youll have to take this off and remove,it and do it yourself,[Music],thats a good start,[Music],all right were three for three with,that one as well lets just go see if we,can keep this running,four for four,ah five four five,six for six now heres what ill say,first impressions of this i like the,balance of it,it feels good not as good as the sax,parent it actually has a noticeable,sweet spot,but much better than the ping as well,looking down at it this is a very,thick top line thicker than both of,these heres a shot of that so you can,kind of see what im talking about,but its more fat almost i mean its not,a mallet putter in any way but its,almost more like a mallet putter because,its so,thick there when youre looking down at,it so that gives you a lot of confidence,i think with those short putts,lets move on to something a little bit,more medium length okay im gonna step,this off well go with something like a,15-footer okay,first stops the ping,i didnt get it there,take six each,[Music],same myth,boy better speed,didnt hit it you gotta hit this one,you gotta hit this one,okay oh for six over six now all those,strokes werent the greatest but,is what it is all right next up is gonna,be the sax,[Music],a lot easier to get it there a lot,easier for me,theyre all better butts,that should be it oh it didnt break,short,[Music],okay is what it is there oh for six on,the sex but they were a lot easier,and any mis-hit was more of like a,tap-in whereas i had a couple,troublesome ones coming back with the,ping,its just not as consistent in terms of,distance where this one is even on a,miss hit,it still went relatively the same amount,all right lets try,the kirkland signature and see if we can,actually make one,oh,there we go,all right again i felt much more,consistent in terms of,if i hit it a little bit towards the toe,a little bit towards the heel it wasnt,so bad,similar to the sax parente we made one,there which was nice to see one drop,im gonna reset the camera here were,gonna go for a lag putt at least as long,as i can lag it on this little short,green,its going to be about 30 feet coming,downhill just slightly,and probably a little right to left as,well so you can get them close,once again first up the ping,so,all right we made one that was good to,see something drop its been a while,its much harder to control distance,with this putter now this is going to be,comparable in price,to what were looking at with the ks1,and i gotta say not in love,lets move on now to the saks parente,[Music],[Music],[Music],so,all right a couple of those definitely,were not the best strokes,all in all a little bit more forgiving,than the ping though i would say,now lets move on to the ks one,[Music],[Music],here,[Music],all in all these are makeable putts here,a little short one there but i could,make them all,maybe even through the legs,anyways again i felt very confident with,those long putts here with the ks1,a little bit more consistent than the,ping definitely probably on par with the,sax parente so i think theres a lot to,love with the ks1,first of all the price tag and the value,is definitely,there i think this putter is probably,worthy of a 250,price tag rather than its 139.99 which,is considerably less,youve got that nice super stroke grip,which i think a lot of people will,appreciate it i love the milling on this,putter i think its very consistent,looking down at it instills a lot of,confidence seeing that this is a little,bit thicker,than both the ping and the saks parente,some people,like that some people wont thats,subjective but i like that nice thick,black line there as well i really like,the balance of this putter i felt like i,had pretty immediate feedback,if i hit it in the sweet spot and even,misses,still on those lag putts seem to go just,about as far,definitely more forgiving than the ping,was there for sure,well take a look at that balance point,i was talking about that with the saks,parente the balance point on this putter,is about four and a half five inches in,if we look at the ping here,your ping balance point is going to be,considerably further back,and again this just has to do with sort,of that pendulum like,uh approach this is going to be six to,seven inches,in there the saks parente,with the saks parente its gonna be,right where that marking is which is,just about an inch and a half,two inches from the uh from where

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were back to sort out some unfinished,spending,in this place and im also going against,everything that i tell you guys to do,buy an expensive putter that youll,havent even been fitted for,let alone one that comes in a box,[Music],there we have it 164 pounds,38 pence on a putter,that i havent even got out of the box,yet,i hope its good guys how you doing,welcome back to a brand new video,simon down here at my local costco were,back again,if you saw my last video it was on the,wedges and kirkland signature balls,which is very interesting and actually i,highly rate them actually in my bag at,the moment,and theyre good value 150 odd pounds,three wedges,considering every wedge of the market at,the moment goes 40-50 pounds and its,battered bruised,old you name it i thought it was a great,purchase and you can buy them,and if you dont get on with them sling,them on lose a tiny bit of money,i didnt pull the trigger i should say,on the putter,164 pounds in a box,without testing it trying it,and the second hour market on them isnt,as,forgiving therefore youve got to be,sure youve got to know,that this puzzle is for you and i always,say when you come to expensive putters,i want you to spend loads of money on,your putter its the most important club,in the bag dont spend 450,on a driver spend 400 on a putter but,you need to practice with it you need to,be fitted for you need to know this,thing is for you and,the fact that were now going to go and,buy a putter for 164 pounds,thats in a box and you cant even try,it,well makes me feel a bit uneasy also,quickly would like to mention gabe and,his lets play through channel,well leave the link to his youtube,channel in the description below,he gave me the idea i saw his video on,his costco bag,for everything in costco and that was,the reason i made the wedge video and,now im back because my previous video,is close to hitting 80 000 views and now,i think you can get a pretty good idea,im about to spend 164 pounds,on a platter in a box heres exactly,what we have come for,loads of them its amazing that you can,buy 164 pound putter,in a box they do have one on the side,here just so that you can actually see,what the putter looks like in the flesh,but you obviously cant hit on a mat,cant hit a ball so theres a bit of,faith in it so thats why were taking,the plunge today,were going to spend the money open the,box take on the golf course,see what its exactly like because even,though youll see these on like ebay,other stores going for like 190,200 pounds in reality when ive looked,at the sold listings,i mean this thing second hand goes for,100 110,90. so to be fair at that price id say,under the 100 pound mark,second hand i think this would be a good,little purchase without me hitting it,it might blow my mind watch this space,but for 164 pounds well but do some,comparisons of exactly what you can get,for that kind of money,especially with the big name brands as,well thats why i was hesitant last time,obviously coming and trying this but,were doing it for the sake of,entertainment value,super stroke grip obviously thats,always a win,very popular grip and the quality itself,when you actually do look at the face,i mean it looks good dont get me wrong,it looks lovely but then so do a lot of,other 160 pound putters,im excited to obviously take it play,with it,hit it give you my honest thoughts,there we have it 164 pounds,38 pence on a putter,that i havent even got out of the box,yet,well i hope its good so this is what,you get boys and girls,one putter one head cover as i said,in a box but the quality does look good,i mean the head cover to be fair,does it like really good quality head,cover i mean obviously thats not going,to excite most people but obviously its,something,decent grip again normal retail on the,grip would be 30 pounds alone,head cover decent head cover 20 pounds,alone and then the putter itself,cnc milled head insert puzzle,basically just one whole milled putter,no question about that and then 34.5,inches in length which is slightly,longer,than standard but obviously will fit,most people,enough talking about the packaging in,the power itself i guess i should,probably unwrap it and hit it,and of course its about to start,raining just as im about to review this,putter,one negative that ive already found,with this putter is that its a velcro,head cover not a magnetic one,velcro head covers unfortunately you,have a life span and more often than not,you lose them halfway down a hole when,it just falls off your putter but not,only that the head cover doesnt seem to,actually fit the putter like i put this,all the way into the very back of it and,as you can see,of the putter is still sticking out so i,mean thats,obviously a very minut negative point,but its still 160 pound putter itd be,good if they could make a head cover,that fit it,so before we get into my subjective,feelings and personal take on this,putter of how smooth it is and the role,and the feeling the forgiveness which i,do find very difficult,with putters as they are also close to,each other unless you were to sit there,with separate heads shaft lengths and,everything else and have a proper,fitting,lets talk about what you could get else,instead of this for the similar amount,of money odyssey stroke lab putters you,may have seen me talk about them in a,recent video i think theyre highly,undervalued,in terms of second hand and even you can,get brand new ones for the same amount,of money,theyve got that carbon shaft theyve,got excellent head designs theyve got a,very similar,grip counterbalanced you name it,so for me its a direct competitor,to the kirkland and not only that again,if you were to buy one play with it,didnt get on with it,youre gonna get your money back on it,which you probably couldnt say the same,for this,and then you can probably look at scotty,cameron but scotty camerons even 10,years old,15 years old again for stupid amount of,money considering the condition that,then you dont know what theyve been,through faces could cave in buckle head,could come off,you name it therefore id probably say,this is,a far superior purchase than a scotty,cameron thats 15 years old,other honorable mentions would be pink,when it comes to the ping sigma 2.,that putter itself you can adjust its,length any which way do you want it,shorter down to 33 inches or do you want,up to 35,so it gives you that kind of custom fit,ability even though you might be buying,a second hand or brand new,and looking at the prices again youre,looking at a very similar,price structure and then theres also,other alternatives that you can go down,the route of taylormade but they dont,really make blade putters,well not good ones anyway theyre very,much in the realm of face balance,especially the spiders and,if you would go down that route go down,the spider route theres no question,and the price reflects that especially,in the second hour market,honorable mentions if you want an,affordable putter,in the secondhand market or even brand,new cleveland highly underrated,when it comes to the putters as well as,radius something thats a bit more out,there and you can get some beautiful,looking putters in the second market,but next to nothing so therefore lets,look at the brand new market what is,this putter trying to compete at,virtually half the price and again,scotty cameron comes up,just by the look the design the milled,head the milled insert,you name it this is a carbon copy,of a scotty cameron newport theres just,no question,in my mind when it comes to the hosel,and the way you stand over it and the,way it looks,and it looks fantastic and now i think,back at it,when i tested the kirkland wedges,essentially the same things gone on,there,theyve tried to recreate the class the,feeling,the touch every element of what you,would get from either a bob vokey wedge,or scotty cameron putter about half the,price,as i said at the start of this video i,was more than happy for you guys to go,and buy the wed

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the problem with this putter is that for as much  as i like it and as high quality as it feels  ,i just cant really recommend it in this video  today im going to give you my full honest review  ,of the Kirkland Signature KS1 putter now this  currently retails here in the uk for around  ,180 pounds and i think its more around $150  mark in the us now ive been using this putter  ,for several rounds out on the golf course so ive  got a good feel and understanding for this putter  ,and im going to let you know exactly what i think  of it and more specifically im going to tell you  ,what i think the problem with this putter is and  why i wouldnt actually recommend that you go out  ,and buy one yourself so if you find this video  helpful make sure you smash that like button  ,and lets jump straight in now i dont want to  spend too long on the technical details of the  ,kirkland ks1 all the information is out there and  theres plenty of other reviews covering that off  ,in far greater detail than im going to today  but to give you a very quick overview it is a  ,bladed style putter there you can see here that  its quite a thick top line actually for a bladed  ,putter back there you can see that also youve got  what theyre calling the truline technology now  ,this is a fully 100 milled putter and its got 100  milled face insert on it as well there and it only  ,comes in a standard 34 and a half inch length  and its also coming with a 2.0 super stroke  ,thick grip when i say thick grip is actually a  super stroke slim grip but its thicker than a  ,lot of grips that you kind of see out there you  have got some adjustability with this putter if  ,you buy it the separate weight kit now that costs  an additional 35 pounds here in the uk and thats  ,a little bit annoying that it doesnt come with  it in the box you can see here that youve got  ,the 10 gram weights at the toe and the heel  of the putter there and youve also currently  ,got a weight in the top of it as well and again  if you buy that pack you can actually move the  ,weights around put a heavier counterweight  at the top of the putter there and change  ,these up as well in terms of heavier or lighter  weights to get that feel that you really want  ,one other thing to note is that you get  quite a nice looking head cover with it there  ,its pretty high quality i was quite pleased with  what you get with it the stitch on it is quite  ,nice actually and its nice and fluffy on the  inside rather annoyingly it is a velcro fastening  ,and it kind of just about fits the head of the  club there really i would prefer it if it was  ,a magnetic fastening because there is a risk of  losing this out on the course you really have to  ,make sure that you get that putter head securely  in now now while ive got the head cover here  ,lets address the elephant in the room do you  really want a kirkland putter in the bag now  ,if youre happy with the quality and the feel of  the putter and how it performs for you then really  ,its a case of can you get over that brand name is  it just too much are you a bit of a brand snob i  ,know personally i certainly can be but actually i  dont mind having the kirkland putter in the bag  ,if it really performs well for me out on the  course but let me know down in the comments  ,what do you think can you actually deal with  having a kirkland putter in the bag lets talk  ,about how this putter actually feels using it and  ive got to say that out of the box i was really  ,really impressed with the weight and feeling of  this putter there certainly is a good amount of  ,weight right down here at the club face when it  comes to putters its something that really is  ,so personable to you and how you like it to feel  as well as how you swing the club but if youre  ,worried about the actual quality and feeling out  the box of this then i gotta say that i was really  ,impressed i like the finish on it youve got  this kind of like matte finish to the main putter  ,head here and again you can see theres a lot of  texture and detail to that putter face there and  ,when you hit it out of that middle then i really  do quite like the feeling of this part face its  ,plenty soft enough for me the grip is nice and  tacky and is what youre gonna expect with a super  ,stroke putter now for the last few years ive been  using this old-school odyssey two ball putter with  ,the white hot face in it now back in the day i  just wanted the most forgiving putter that i could  ,afford so i bought this one second hand and i  added the super stroke grip to it and its done me  ,perfectly fine now how does it actually compare  with using this bladed putter the ks1 what i will  ,say is that you certainly notice the additional  forgiveness on off-center strikes when using a  ,mallet putter compared to the blade now i tried  to give this a good test on the putting green  ,making sure that i hit some off-centered putts  to be honest i hit a lot of off-center putts  ,anyway when im out on the golf course and  definitely that forgiveness is not quite there  ,using this kind of putter now thats not something  thats bad with the kirkland thats just something  ,youre going to get used to with a bladed putter  it also took me a little while to get used to the  ,pace of using the bladed putter as well because  certainly this mallet two ball went a lot further  ,with a lot less effort but actually i liked the  additional power that i was needing to put into my  ,putts with the ks1 and has actually got me quite  tempted to start gaming this a little bit more so  ,i said at the beginning of this video i was going  to tell you why i cant recommend this putter and  ,i still stand by that and heres the reason 170  pounds here in the uk thats not an insignificant  ,amount of money to spend on a putter and theres  certainly plenty of competition at that price  ,range from putter brands that are more experienced  and more reputable when it comes to making putters  ,i can currently get the odyssey oh works putters  online for around 130 pounds or the taylormade tp  ,Hydro Blast for 180 pounds and if youre willing  to spend a little bit more then your options  ,really do open up for you but the reason why  i wouldnt recommend this putter is because  ,it might be a little bit difficult to actually  test it and try and compare it against other  ,putters in the similar price range now if this  putter was 110 120 pounds and it came with that  ,additional weight kit then 100 i think i would be  recommending this putter just to chance your arm  ,and try it see how you get on with it play about  with the adjustability if you dont like it then  ,you know youve not really spent too much money  and youre probably gonna be able to sell it on  ,the second hand market for roughly the same price  anyway so its probably worth at least a punt if  ,youre curious in trying it out however 170 pounds  without the additional weight kit which is going  ,to cost you another 35 pounds then im not sure  too many people are gonna want to take that punt  ,because thats what youre doing you are literally  randomly buying a putt out without trying it  ,and without testing it against other putters and  youre hoping that youre going to get on with  ,it and youre hoping that youre going to like it  if youre the type of person that can justify it  ,spending roughly 200 pounds on that putter to give  it a test and give it a go then actually sure why  ,not give it a go because you might be pleasantly  surprised and you might really really get on  ,with the feel and quality of this putter however  for a lot of people out there thats quite a lot  ,of money to gamble to take a risk with especially  when youve got plenty of other putters around the  ,similar price mark that you can go and test side  by side in your local golf store or with your  ,local pro so that puts the ks1 in really quite a  difficult position and in quite a strange market  ,i am really impressed with

Are the Costco Kirkland Wedges the Best Deal Ever? Plus Giveaway

oh this is a me in the future be sure to,stick around to the end of the video,because i am going to give,these clubs away to one of you,so you dont want to miss that im not,going to keep all the stuff i get,pass it along,what is up everybody uh today,i finally did it i went and bought the,costco kirkland set of wedges,full review right this,second starting now with opening the box,all right so went to costco picked this,up,160 bucks right around there u.s,i paid for them here we go heres what,you get,you get the 52 the 56,and the 60 degree wedge set,these these look beautiful i mean look,at that bad boy huh,look at those right there i mean,clean as can be 52 56,and 60. perfectly gapped,four degrees of loft per gapping,notice all three of them have,similar bounce styles,60 would probably have the largest sole,56 has the next largest sole and your 52,is the smallest but yet still a fairly,large soul now im not going to out,anybody but i want to compare,this kirkland to,this folky sm7,just saying lets compare what they look,like now,obviously the soul,is very different only because i dont,have,this style of soul that level of bounce,it doesnt tell me the bounce but it,looks about 12 to 14 degrees,this is 10. these two clubs look,incredibly similar dont they,im not saying its a voki sm7 im just,saying,a lot of similar characteristics i would,say definitely the grind is different,but they make a lot of different grinds,okay,and then comparing those top lines very,very similar,shape to each other now on the back of,the sm,7 it does have this,thing here this edge which makes the,top a little thicker,and the the kirkland has this thing,back here which also makes that top line,thicker as well so very very similar,lets get these on the studio trackman,and just get some baseline numbers for,spin,and well compare the 60 to the 60 to,see if theyre,similar or not similar im going to,start with the 52,just hit some swings and well see uh,what happens here,love the look and setup already,pretty good 52 is giving me an average,distance of 109.,thats what i like with the gap wedge,right about 110 115,and were right there feels really good,it feels very similar like i said now,lets compare the 60,the 260s first is my 60.,[Music],i mean thats what i expect out of the,60 about 83 yards 85 yards is kind of,where i go,now kirkland,all right this feels really good going,84.9 yards on average with all those,shots,the one thing i dont like right out of,the gate is the grip,its a little skinny for me i typically,use a little bit larger grip,and and i have small hands so i would,say,got to get a new grip on there its one,thing i wish theyd,step up their game with so far so good,lets get it on,course and see how she performs out,there in the real world,and ill tell you who i think should and,should not,get these clubs see you there,all right here we are golf course im,gonna,hit a bunch of these things from all,over the place short game style,what i love the best and,let you know my thoughts,[Music],all right heres my prognosis,heres the deal uh fantastic,wedges who are they for let me tell you,who theyre for all right i hit some,shots,out of the bunker with all of them i hit,some green side,shots out of the bermuda with the 60,degree wedge,nice little high guy just trying to land,it high and soft,get it close to the hole then from about,30 40,50 yards i hit all of them on a little,tighter bermuda lie,and heres what i love one the wide sole,makes it easy to get through the grass,so the wide sole,is going to be for the mid to high,handicappers okay,the higher you get obviously the i would,say the wider the sole and more,balance youd want to use so the wide,sole,on all these brilliant move by,kirkland and the bounce,i dont know pretty 12 on all of them so,thats great heres what id say if,youre like mid to higher handicap,phenomenal set of wedges the downside is,they only give you three,i like to round out my wedge set with a,pitching wedge,so with the 52 you want the 48,to keep the 4 degree gapping with the,pitching wedge so kirkland,youre missing one anyways um,i think theyre good are they going to,go in my bag no,not because theyre bad but because im,going to give them to you,heres how im going to give these away,go,follow me on instagram link is below,thats where all my giveaways,happen so if youre not following me,there youre not gonna get anything,all right so there three days from now,im gonna show you on instagram,how im going to give these away and you,can win them and i will ship these to,you,i will clean them up just for you,all right thanks for watching love you,guys see you in the next video

Cheap or Quality? | Kirkland Putter Review

all right guys as you guys go get your,hot dog polish dog chicken bake pizza,make sure to stop by and check out the,ks1,were gonna review it right now,[Music],hey guys Tyson and Brady with golf,ascending today we are reviewing the,Kirkland Signature ks1 putter weve been,really excited to test this Kirkland,Signature has really kind of just shoved,themselves into the golf game with great,golf balls good golf gloves and just,overall Costco is just a really great,place to buy stuff Kirklands signature,is a great brand so were going to get,into a review on the putter see if its,any good see if uh you guys should check,it out while you get your pizza so lets,talk about the ks1 what it is what some,of the features are on it so the ks1,Kirkland signatures first putter it,actually has an answer style looks like,the Ping answer I actually think it,looks closer to the Scotty Cameron,Newport 2. especially because it does,have the weights on the bottom and you,can purchase those separately to kind of,get a more customized feel,um,standard it comes with the 10 gram,weights you know an overall with the 10,gram weights its about 340 grams thats,pretty standard for this kind of Blade,answer looking putter,like I said you can make it heavier or,lighter with the weight kit but as is,you buy it from the store its around,150 dollars weight kit I believe is like,35 or 40. so kind of add that if you,need to add more weight Im kind of,looking at it weve got an insert here,um its kind of got like a fly Melly,type face I actually think because its,got more material taken out it actually,feels closer to more like Benton Artys,face ish style its a pretty soft face,really clean lines and look and then,whats really cool is it does have a,super stroke grip on all of them so,thats an added bonus because I mean,these grips by themselves are like 35 40,bucks so really cool there,lengths that standard is about 34 inches,you know one thing when you buy a club,out of a box and you dont get that,customization so you know in Costco is,all about wholesale and you know bulk,goods and so when theyre producing or,getting these Putters youre going to,get them all stock at 340 grams,34 inches and thats what you get so,thats basically,um you know this kind of the out of the,box specs of kind of what it is Brady,kind of let us know what your thoughts,are on the putter yeah so we both tested,these out and have tried them for quite,some time and it does feel good its a,good quality putter I like how it feels,off the face I dont tend to use these,type of Putters blades especially ones,this light so it is a little different,for playability playability for me,however I can tell that it feels good,and its a good quality putter something,that I thought of though when I first,saw these um so you could say that,Kirkland brand is a little bit more of a,budget brand they are a good deal,theyre slightly cheaper but this,doesnt look or feel like a budget Club,um I actually love the design on this,everything when it comes down to the,face the things you see on the hosel,um the back the line on there even down,to the bottom of the putter like,everything on this is super good quality,the paint everything it doesnt feel,like a cheap Club at all and I like the,design I like how it looks and like I,said this isnt the type of putter I use,but I like how it feels and on top of,that I think the head cover for it that,it comes with actually looks really,awesome too and its also super good,quality but we do have something we,dont like about that yeah it just it,just doesnt quite fit in completely,like you almost feel like you have to,squeeze the back part to make sure to,protect the back part of the putter yeah,its you know we havent had any issues,as far as damaging anything but it,almost feels like it should just slide,on a little bit further which isnt like,a huge deal but yeah it does because we,have other Putters like that and other,head covers and thats kind of weird but,I do like the look of it and the quality,and again so thats kind of my review in,my opinion that overall I think this is,a legit good Putter and a pretty good,price for what youre getting yeah,absolutely and I think for me initially,when you when you pull it out of the box,it has a lot of Odyssey inspiration to,it I dont know why theres just,something about it that just kind of,Screams Odyssey I dont know yeah its a,super stroke or something but you know,and I had this kind of inkling feeling,that maybe someone that had worked for,Odyssey or something maybe had something,to do with it I dont know but whatever,it is you know they yeah they definitely,have experience because the putter looks,and actually feels really great,um you know like I said before it looks,a lot like the Scotty Cameron Newport 2.,I think maybe the only difference that I,see is I think maybe its slightly wider,than the Newport 2. but you know,youre only going to really know that if,you look at them side by side if youve,played a Scotty camera for a long time,you might you might know that but,um again yeah weight kit on the bottom,makes it really valid like really,I dont know just like a good value like,you get that custom option its its a,high value item but overall feel wise,like how did it feel compared to other,Putters that Ive had in the past,um you know because it is an insert it,is slightly softer but its a metal,insert so its not going to be as soft,as something like you know like an,odyssey insert like a white hot or you,know maybe something like you know this,TaylorMade Spider the um their insert,thats really soft its you know its,solid it gives you good feedback but it,does have that softness that feels good,when you hit putts,um you know as far as lag putts,um felt really good like no complaints,whatsoever I felt like the consistency,was was exactly where it needed to be,um you know as some of you guys may know,um that follow the channel I play a bit,nardy,um its a its a BB zero but that,compares to like a bb1 it looks a lot,like this head and so this is something,that Im very comfortable with,um you know and I can I can confidently,say if you guys are in the market for a,putter a blade putter you know answer,style this is such a good option for you,for 150 bucks if you go try to look for,something off the rack you know Odyssey,um tailor-made you know any any of the,the Big Brand ping that have similar,style heads youre going to be spending,at least,225 dollars on a putter this one you can,literally go pick it up after you go eat,your hot dog or your pizza uh you know,which is really cool its very,convenient and you can get it to match,with the golf ball if you play the golf,ball I do I like the Kirkland Signature,yeah and then the wedges we heard a,secret that if you use the Kirkland,Signature golf ball and the putter,thats a a one put every time,but uh no honestly over Costco salesman,overall its a great putter you know if,youve been wondering about it,definitely go try it out if youre a,collector you know something for me,thats really cool is its a Costco,Putter and you know for Me Maybe its,not going to the bag its not going to,beat out the BET and already but it for,sure is going to stay in my putter,collection because its just cool to,have a Costco Kirkland Signature putter,like it looks good I love Kirklands,signature like I love Costco so anyways,um that about wraps up our review uh if,you guys um have played with the ks1,before let us know down in the comments,um let us know what you think how it,feels how it looks,um and let us know down below if youve,tried any other golf products from,Costco but if you guys like the video,make sure to hit that thumbs up,subscribe me and Brady upload golf,content every week well see ya

Kirkland Signature KS1 Putter Review | Should you buy it?

hey everyone zim and the rocket thanks,for checking out my channel if youre,new here welcome please check out some,of my other videos,and if you arent new here welcome back,and thanks for the support,today were looking at the highly hyped,kirkland signature,ks1 putter retailing for only 149,u.s and at this price everyone wants to,know,is it any good and the short answer is,yes,let me explain now this is a classic,example of that meme,when someone asks to copy your homework,and you tell them to change,it up a little bit so the teacher,doesnt notice and thats what they did,here,its a classic design modeled after the,scotty camera newport or the ping answer,but its just a little bit bigger its,almost like they set the scale to 110,120 it is 100 cnc milled out of 303,stainless steel so they gave us queens,of white,hot old road and sylvania steel,other than that the lines are the same,the shape is the same,and the feel is close to being the same,now most milled blade putters weigh in,at 350 grams,this seems to be the magic number for,good swing weight now this,is only 340 grams because kirkland does,sell an accessory package that includes,more weights for the head,and some putter grip weights that well,talk about a little later now 10 grams,might not seem like that much but for,those of you who have ever tried,switching shafts on your driver,from 60 grams to 65 or even 70,it does make a significant difference,when you factor in the size of the whole,putter assembled,it does feel quite a bit different,weight aside this putter takes no time,to get used to,the only other thing that feels a little,bit different is it is a little bit flat,compared to most blade putters tend to,be a little bit more upright,the grip is also super premium it comes,with the super stroke 2.0 non-tapered,grip with super strokes patented counter,core technology,now with an allen key you can remove or,add any weights out of the top,to give you more or less counter balance,its also sold in a box,which is kind of weird i think this is,the only putter ive ever purchased that,came in a box,but in that box is an ultra premium head,cover not too flashy not too gaudy,it is velcro so these do tend to break,down over time,i prefer ones with a magnet much like,this one from player,now the feel as you would expect is,outstanding,putts off the center come off hot and,hug the ground with lots of roll,even putts off center still seem to roll,pretty true,so if you like the look and you like the,feel of the blade putter,and are used to an offset dont mind a,putter thats a little bit lighter,and hold feel a premium around the,greens then this might be the putter for,you,it feels good in your hands it looks,good in the bag,now the only question is whos going to,be the first person to put this in their,bag,and win a tournament with it and make,the ultimate costco,dad flex of all time thanks for watching,please click like if you enjoyed this,video and subscribe to see more,[Music],thanks,[Music],you

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