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Magnetic Lash Tutorial- Kiss Magnetic Lash Kit (04 Faux Mink) Review

[Music],hey everybody welcome back to my channel,its becky here,today were going to be trying out the,kiss magnetic eyeliner and lashes this,is my very first time,excuse me my third time using,[Music],magnetic lashes i tried it the other day,and it was a complete,it was a mess a huge mess mostly due to,user error mostly my fault,um for you to be successful with this,product you have to read the tips,there are only two sets of directions i,dont have a box with me right now i,threw it away i think,but theres two sets of directions it,said like line your uh,line your lids with the eyeliner and,then,have like a list of six different tips,if you do not read those tips,then you will not be successful so this,will be my first time,actually wearing the lashes for a full,day because i tried out the other day,like i said it was a huge mess applying,it,and then it only lasts about three hours,hopefully this will be a success,and i will be giving you the tips and,tricks that ive learned from,the first two fails um as a warning i,am not very good at liquid liner i dont,know why i picked up this product now,that im thinking about it,but yeah so lets get started all right,so heres the,liquid liner im okay tip number one,its,this is not on the box keep this upright,at all times do not,ive never had this issue with any other,liquid liners but if you,rotate this um liner any which way other,than,upright it will come spilling out this,liner is a very,fluid so be careful anyway so tip number,one,shake shake shake tip number two,so here are the lashes right,it has five magnetic bands on them,so wherever those bands are line the,liner,where those bands are going to land like,any other lashes,uh strip lashes make sure you cut it,make sure it fits the eye i already cut,these last time,i cut the inside,so see those bands,anyway it has little bars on it and,those are the magnets,this is where i messed up royally last,time,i treat this as if it were real liner,and so i got it too close and this is,what happened,[Music],oh my god ow wow oh do you see this,oh so do not get it too close to the,inner part of your eye and dont worry,about making,a uh cat eye with it use,another eyeliner to create the preferred,eyeliner look that you,like okay so i grabbed this loreal,voluminous liner noir im not really,like i said im not very good at,eyeliner so,i had to go buy one after i tried this,out,awesome tip number three i think i want,to i dont know whatever,tip number one when you line this line,it two to three times,i said in order to get the strongest,bond so,im going to apply it,first let that sit,i said let it dry,i need a fan im sweating,oh is there anyone else out there that,gets super anxious while putting on,eyeliner,or is it just me,yeah for the third time oh no,okay so i just dropped the bottom part,of this,but it didnt spill anywhere thats kind,of shocking probably because i lost so,much product the first time around,oh you guys it was everywhere i got,i was wearing white the first time and,here i go again so heres the lash this,is the easy part i love this part,it goes on so quickly and easily,[Music],yeah do you see that that went on and,like,once i adjusted it and got comfortable,enough to put it down it took,two seconds and it feels very,comfortable its like everything else,though,takes a little practice,[Music],that was better,[Music],slide doesnt like me,thats good okay i just ive been too,gentle with it,dont worry about being too gentle just,throw it on there,so thats it im done,so it is 7 30 at night ive been wearing,these lashes since 10 oclock,what do yall think they look pretty,good huh,now i did have to touch up on the uh the,other eyeliner the normal eyeliner,because it was just wearing off right,here,i wouldnt recommend the eyeliner its,not was definitely was not my favorite,and uh yeah i really like these chip,lashes,yes the first time like i said you have,to follow those tips,um as well as the direct i mean the,directions dont really tell you much,but those tips,if you do not follow those tips on the,back,like i said you will fail with these,lashes so make sure you do that,and yeah besides that they will last,all day i this i mean look i did feel,like i could feel them,though throughout the day it could be,just because,im not used to having lashes or it,could just because it has,could be because it has like a thicker,band,and then just take your uh liquid,oil free this is just like the generic,brand from target,um eye makeup remover and it,the eyeliner is so easy to clean off so,yes for a girl who like i said,is horrible eyeliner and shirt lashes,this is,a game changer so im into it uh,maybe ill be getting ready in the,future when were able to go out and,maybe for our girls and ill pop these,on i really enjoyed them,and i felt super glammy glammy is that,glam i felt super glammy all day long,and i had nowhere to go,im just gonna slide these off,and call it a night,so easy and i could just pop them back,on if i want to,this is too fun literally too fun,i mean seriously no damage to your,eyelashes,super quick and easy anyway im gonna,take them off,remember to put them back on this thing,thats so cool oh,but yeah thank you guys for watching,again yall have a good night,and ill see you on the next video bye,guys,[Music]


hey everyone is Miranda welcome back to,my channel if youre new here hey for,the first time why dont you subscribe,become the newest member of the slash,squad here I review products you wont,feel guilty buying and do look so you,can actually recreate at home I am part,excited for this video and part dreading,it because today we are talking once,again about magnetic lashes if youve,been following me for a little bit you,may have seen my last video talking,about magnetic lashes where I reviewed,the Ardell magnetic lashes I will leave,the link below and in a cart I didnt,have a good time they were miserable as,well as the original expensive version,of the magnetic lashes like the first to,hit the market from the one two,cosmetics brand I didnt have a good,time with those either those ones I,tried on a different youtube channel and,it was just always the same problem,where I couldnt get them to stick close,to my lash they slipped off really,easily and in general they just looked,wonky so you may be asking Miranda then,why the heck are you going to try,another version so these magnetic lashes,are from the brand kiss and I will admit,when I opened the box I literally,groaned but then something caught my eye,these magnetic lashes come with an,applicator and I feel like this could,make or break this idea and maybe,salvage the idea of magnetic lashes,because the biggest problem with,magnetic lashes that I had in the past,were the fact that I could not nudge,them close enough to my lashline to look,normal,so that was the first thing that really,intrigued me that made me feel like okay,Ill give these a shot the other thing,that I think is really interesting is,and Ill show you one of these styles,the bottom lashes are a lot lighter and,less full as the top lashes whereas in,previous versions of the magnetic clasp,you kind of see the same volume on the,top and bottom lash I think that could,also be a really good design element,because with the previous lashes that I,tried that were magnetic they would,easily slip off of my own lashes because,they were so heavy so I think lessening,the load on the bottom lash may make a,difference so I will say Im,into this without much hope at all but,the two elements that set these kiss,magnetic lashes apart are enough to get,me interested and you know well see how,it works all right Im gonna do the left,eye first lets talk about loading this,applicator okay so we have the,applicator in the open position and Im,gonna go ahead and start with my left,eye and youre supposed to place the,lash on the inside of the applicator,with the lashes facing upwards probably,easier if I go in from the side so I can,see what Im doing you can actually see,theres magnets on the inside of this to,hold it steady and were gonna do the,same for the bottom and remembering that,the lashes are curving upward okay so,from here weve got both lashes on we go,ahead and line these up by pushing this,like so so now we have this tool ready,to go and ready to sandwich our natural,lashes between so I did put on mascara,to prep because that was part of the,instructions it says that mascara will,give the lashes something to grab onto,so I was grabbing a mirror and I guess I,pushed these together too closely and,the lashes stuck together so I need to,reload it now while I realign these I,also wanted to point out they say that,these are a universal fit so you,shouldnt have to cut them theyll fit,on any shape of eye so its a pretty,hefty claim in my opinion deep breath,okay alright so were taking this tool,getting our natural lashes in-between,getting as close to the base as possible,whoo Im nervous okay pushing down and,releasing hmmm,well try again the applicator is a,little bit intimidating though and that,could have been my fault like I just,didnt want to poke myself in the eye,with this big plastic thing I will say,that out of all the magnetic lashes Ive,tried so far this probably is the,thinnest and most flexible band,which is a good thing because that means,that it will curve to the eye as long as,we get these magnets together in each,corner I feel like maybe because its my,left eye Im having some issues because,its my less dominant so lets just see,what happens,trying it out with the right eye I feel,like maybe well have better luck with,this because its like I can kind of see,better and maneuver better when Im not,over my nose okay wait Im caught okay,wait were really close to something,here theres no doubt about it this,still looks wonky but we are the closest,weve ever been with a magnetic lash the,inner corner is still kind of just,poking out in a straight line so its,not in against my lash line and same,thing is kind of happening on this side,but we have a pretty good majority of,the lash right up against my lash line,okay Im feeling a little bit more,optimistic now that that happened this,method seemed to work well for me kind,of going in from the side gliding the,lashes in Im really gonna try to get,this angle right okay we have clicked,Ive clicked kind of rocking the tool,out oh I think you can agree that that,is probably the best application that,weve gotten between this video and my,last video doing the ardell lashes like,that is pretty dang close my issue is I,feel like even with this tool its,really hard to get the corners lined up,on either side because even if the,lashes can bend to any eye shape this,clearly cant because its just a,plastic tool so I feel like just as if I,were applying a normal lash youd have,to kind of do one end and then the other,and with this you cant really do that,because as soon as you click it down,each end is going to snap together so,you cant really get both sides precise,I feel,like that is the big oversight when it,comes to this tool and with this tool,again you have to be really precise,getting it into like application mode,where theyre right lined up with each,other because its so easy for the,lashes to just snap together sometimes I,cant tell if its snapped together or,not,mmm that was not great you know what I,just noticed,doing this I – is that sometimes the,magnet on the applicator pulls the lash,back after youve tried to click it so,its like you feel like youve got it,well but then its still kind of holding,on to the applicator so you start to,move the applicator away and its picks,up the lash again clicking making sure,were not still attached to the,applicator oh my god I think we did it,oh my god we did it that is definitely,the best weve ever done and probably,the best we ever will all right here is,the up angle so you can see where the,lash is sitting it is only slightly,sitting away from my outer corner lash,line but the rest of the lash is so its,like on my lash line but also whats up,with this style they like go straight up,Im Im shook I am Jacques,I think that is pretty close to what we,did on the other eye as well only took,about seven drives you know all right so,heres what the lashes look like on and,I do have a few things to say about them,the first and most important point being,that out of all the magnetic lashes that,Ive tried and on and off YouTube I have,tried a total of four different brands,these are the best question mark what I,mean by that is you can get them to do,what theyre supposed to do its just,going to take a lot of practice and a,lot of times potentially because with,magnets theyre not super precise all,the time so even if you know what youre,doing youre not necessarily guaranteed,to get it right on the first time just,like with a normal strip lash I guess,but at least with a strip lash youre in,charge of where youre placing it if you,place it wrong you plays are wrong but,with the magnets they can attract a,little too soon they can attract while,theyre still in the applicator so there,is a little bit of a predictability that,does come along with this but they work,better than any that I have tried not,only is the band more flexible allowing,that curve to happen a little bit ea

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hey techies thanks for hanging out for a,few minutes today were gonna be,reviewing and really putting this brand,new drugstore product to the test its,from the brand kiss and this is their,new magnetic eyeliner with the lashes,its supposed to last up to 16 hours,when resistant reusable and no smudging,so I hope youll join me for todays,video,[Music],if youre new here Im Christine I,curate beauty lifestyle as well as rub,blogs greatly appreciated if you please,subscribe to my channel I would,absolutely love it if youd be a part of,the chicky crew also hit that Bell to be,notified of new videos I was browsing,the aisles of my local drugstore and,happened to stumble upon this brand new,display of these kiss magnetic eyeliner,with lashes his lashes are by far my,favorite drugstore lashes so this,retails for $16.99 it includes the,magnetic eyeliner in black as well as a,pair of the magnetic lashes now this,style is called lore now the really cool,thing about the display was that they,have the magnetic eyeliner sold,separately as well as a couple different,styles of the lashes so tempted to,purchase the more dramatic lashes for,this video I wanted to make my liner a,little bit more natural and go with a,little more subtle lash because not,everybody likes an extreme winged liner,or an extreme pair of lashes you havent,seen my whole review on a pair of,magnetic eyeliner and lashes which were,really dramatic Im gonna link it right,up here in the card area these double,strength magnets will stay locked in,place from day to night,make sure to shake the bottle before use,so step one line with kiss magnetic,eyeliner along the lash line and wait,until formula is dry to lash right onto,the applied eyeliner go ahead and open,our lashes its pretty straightforward,we have the kiss magnetic eyeliner love,the packaging kind of like that rose,gold and lets see the applicator its a,brush tips Im not the best when it,comes to brush tips especially ones that,are like this but were gonna give it a,go and the last style we are going with,today is called,allure and lets actually take this out,oh this is pretty interesting about the,magnet of the lash is broken but its,not let me show you actually a magnet on,both sides so that when you place it,back it will just kind of,snap into place what if this is too long,for your eye can you actually cut it,would that be okay these are still a,little bit too long for my eye I would,have to snip off a little bit of,snipping off a very very small tiny,amount amend shake up the bottle try to,attempt and make the most natural wing,as possible not being super dramatic,fingers crossed thats a really very,very pigmented shake it up again get all,the gaps communicate analyze my Im,gonna go ahead and clean up the liner,with some makeup remover and q-tip,because my winged liner is not even,eyeliner is completely dry I gave it,probably about three minutes or so now,the moment of truth is to actually place,the lashes what happened to the magnet,Im not sure if it has to do with the,fact that I trimmed the lash a little,bit on the edge on this edge but the,magnet on both sides are missing that is,so strange so we only have three magnets,on this side and on the other lash we,have five lets go with the good side,first and snap this on,[Music],all right its pretty much intact lets,actually try it with the other lash try,to draw the liner again and lets lets,see if it will work this time this side,is okay we take you guys up close if you,guys can see this eye is okay the lashes,are fine because we have all five,magnets on this one but on the right,sides a little bit wonky on the edges,where its kind of falling a little bit,its because theres no magnet I went,ahead and applied some lash glue just to,the inner corner and then the outer,corner of the lash just because theres,just no way its gonna stick it was,basically just about to fall off of here,how the lashes look which I think they,look completely fine theyre actually,very natural-looking really what I was,going for today so were gonna put these,babies to the test actually just this,side really because it does say its,supposed to be a winter resistant so I,will see you guys in a second so weird,my home away from home at Six Flags,Magic Mountain you guys know the deal we,are gonna be testing out these lashes,specifically this lash to see and its,gonna really hold up your,roller coasters,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],back home it is about almost 8 p.m. we,were only at the park for about two,hours we ran some errands havent really,had a chance to really take a close like,a good close up look at the lashes let,me scoot in a little bit because this,lash looks like its hanging on for dear,life can actually even come out oh yeah,that removes really easily okay so,remember this is the one thats just all,magnet with the eyeliner and this one we,glued on yeah the one thats glued on,definitely has a bit more strength to it,one of those roller coasters that we,wrote on today those were like 70 80,miles per hour top speed oh dang just,literally gripped on to my mirror thats,how strong these are its actually try,to remove the liner it says to wet a,cotton swab with an oil-based makeup,remover gently wipe away the eyeliner,well I dont really have an oil-based,makeup remover were just gonna go in,with some simple micellar wipes and see,what happens,[Music],that was fairly easy to remove in,regards to the brush tip applicator what,isnt that difficult to use its not so,super flimsy where its gonna go all,over the place,want to make sure you take your time,when applying the liner because you want,to get it as close as possible to your,lash line really filling in any gaps so,that the magnetic lashes will just kind,of snap into place biggest downside I,would say about these lashes would have,to be the magnets on the back of the,lash itself maybe the magnet on the back,of the lash fell off because I had to,trim the end of the lashes so that it,would fit my eye shape really,disappointed when the magnets closest to,the inner corner of the eye also fell,off but Im just thinking maybe this,pair was he died Im willing to give it,the benefit of the doubt and give it,another try next time but overall I was,very surprised that these lashes,actually held up although at the end of,the day the lashes were kind of,struggling a bit but it was definitely,still on there and that in my book,definitely deserves a stamp of approval,so what are your thoughts on the new,kiss magnetic eyeliner in my lashes what,did you think of the combo pack is this,something that you might be interested,in picking up what did you think of the,other lashes that are available in this,line curious to hear your thoughts on it,hope you enjoyed todays video and found,it helpful if you did please make sure,you give this video a like subscribe if,you have not already we would love for,you to be a part of the cheeky crew,Thank You cheeky so much for watching,have an amazing day and I will see you,in my next video,you

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[Music],hey everybody its angie,and welcome to hot and flashy in todays,video i thought we would try a couple of,magnetic lash kits so i tried a magnetic,lash kit,a couple of years ago it was actually,one of the most hysterical videos i,ever made because everything went wrong,they were almost impossible to use they,were the ones where you had an upper,lash and a lower lash,and you would magnet them together like,a little lash,sandwich around your own lashes but the,magnets had to stick to the other,magnets and thats how you got them on,well,i could not get these things to work,they would flip and the lashes poked me,in the eye i was practically blinded,but in the couple years that have passed,since then,companies have come out with magnetic,lash,eyeliners so the eyeliners contain iron,oxides and thats what the,magnets will stick to so it seems like,it might be a little bit easier,providing that the liquid liner is,workable so i bought two different kits,these were the ones that got the highest,ratings on ulta thats where i looked,for them so,the first one is the ilur london,pro magnetic lashes fluttery light,number 007 theyre more of,a corner lash type of thing and then the,other one,is from kiss these are called the kiss,magnetic eyeliner easy liquid,application,lashes and these are the charm lashes,you know i havent really ever been a,fake lash wearer im not into those huge,enormous super thick lashes where you,cant even see your eye shadow,um so i got kind of you know baby,lash kind of ones that would maybe look,a little bit more natural,so i thought i would try one on one eye,one on the other eye,we could compare i could wear them,around all day and we could see how it,goes,so lets give it a try ive read all of,the instructions they seem pretty basic,but they are a little bit,different the instructions on the kiss,kit seem,a little bit easier it just tells you to,apply the liner,wait for it to dry and put on the lashes,then the instructions on,the eyelure product were that you have,to apply,three coats of liner and you have to,wait,in between each coat for it to dry,they both seem fairly easy to remove i,think you just basically,pull the lashes away from the magnetic,liner to remove the actual lashes,and then they both recommend using an,oil-based cleanser or an oil to remove,the liner at night so,ill include that part how easy or hard,it was to remove the liner all right so,im going to use the eyelure ones on,my right eye so ive got the lashes here,im just going to lay it on top of my,lashes alright so,thats where i need to do the liners,from here out,seems like its going to be a reasonable,looking lash,so lets pop that off both kits say to,shake the eyeliner,of course the iron oxides will sink to,the bottom,or settle while theyre sitting on the,shelf so definitely better,to shake it up heres the kind of brush,you get with this one its kind of a,long haired,brush so not the one kind that i love to,use,but hopefully well get it on there,looking reasonably,good,all right that actually seemed to go on,pretty well and that wasnt hard to work,with that was pretty,easy actually while im waiting for that,to dry im just going to do the inner,corner the liner im going to use for,that,is my maybelline hyper easy liner,oh i just forgot to mention this in,faves and fails i discovered this,last month in a all new makeup video and,i love it talk about hyper easy it,really does make it easy to,place your liner right where you want it,yeah thats better that tapers in a lot,better there at the inner corner,that would seem to be dry already all,right let me put on another coat,okay here we go last coat,that did not seem hard to do at all,i actually thought it would be more of a,struggle i was kind of imagining that,the liner was going to be like really,thick and really gloopy,and really hard to work with but,it actually seemed fine to work with so,maybe this will actually be a success i,wont be able to believe it,but if it is that would be awesome while,we wait for that to dry completely when,i go ahead and do the other eye with the,kiss liner and then ill have both the,eyeliners on and then we can apply,both the lashes at the same time heres,the size comparison on the tubes,lets see what kind of brush this one,gives us same kind of brush except,smaller so the one with the,um pinkish metallic cap is the kiss one,and the all black cap is the eye lore,lets try this is the eye that i have,the harder time with,all right and that one you only need one,coat at least thats what the,instructions said,okay i tried to make them both an equal,thickness so i didnt look lopsided,and now that theyre both dry it is the,moment of truth applying,the lashes here are the eyelure fluttery,light number 007 and its going on the,right eye,all right,is it on oh my gosh its attached you,guys,it works its a miracle,i am just tickled pink oh my god,i cant believe it it works,it feels fine i mean like i could see,them which im not used to so thats,weird but,oh my god its actually on there i cant,believe it,success wow looks pretty good right,all right so im going to go ahead and,do the,kiss lashes now and i think im going to,try to just put it on,with my fingers instead of with the uh,tweezers and you guys this is so hard to,do on camera just because,i really need to have my face in my 10x,mirror,to see whats going on wait is it on did,i do it,i feel like thats not magnetic,did i all right so yeah that one is on,there its also sticking to,the magnetic liner so yay,success with both no wonder these are,both the top rated ones,on ulta week theres a little fuzz right,there pretty easy to use pretty easy to,apply,this one is super comfortable and really,like the look of it this one,is a little bit uncomfortable like i,feel like this magnet here is too close,in here and i can,feel it like i can feel the weight of it,right there these are definitely like,wispier much more natural looking lashes,i think this is prettier,i kind of want to fiddle around with,this one a little bit more i want to,take it off i think i want to cut off,one of the magnets,the inner corner one and try it again,so let me just go ahead and do that we,can also see,how easy or hard it is to get it off,uh easy to get it off and you can,actually feel each magnet,kind of release so im just gonna cut,off these inner corner hairs,although it says to cut it back to the,next magnet and the next,magnet is really far,you see where the next magnet is its,pretty far back there but,im going to go ahead and do it because,its bugging me all right so i trimmed,off,the inside here im going to line up the,outside with the outer corner,success theyre on i did it,i cant believe it all right so that one,is on,i trimmed off the inner one so now its,much more comfortable and it,much more matches this kind of look,although these are still bigger and,fannier,but um those are pretty nice looking,this is a nice natural looking set,i think its really pretty so this was a,huge success i am so happy,well ill go ahead and wear them around,for the rest of the day ill let you,know if they fall off if they come,un attached and then how easy or hard it,is to remove the eyeliner at the end of,the day so,we will continue this video in a bit all,right hey guys,it is 11 p.m,and so these lashes have been on,since about noon so thats a good,11 hours and they both stayed on really,well,neither of them popped off during the,day neither of them felt uncomfortable,or heavy dont have a lot of,flaking or smudging of the eyeliner so,they worked really really well is what i,would like to report at this point,even though i am tired and low energy,i think that they were a amazing success,i think i love them i can recommend,both so its going to depend on what,style of eyelashes you want they both,have really,you know thick um super glam lashes they,both have,smaller uh sets of you know just corner,lashes or smaller sets of,you know all the way across lashes so,im sure you c


hey guys welcome to todays video I have,a strange but exciting potentially game,changing item that can be found at your,local drugstore I personally picked this,one up at CVS I have the magnetic lash,from kiss this says it will last up to,16 hours line lash and done so were,gonna dive into this duo you do have to,purchase each item separately so you,have a magnetic eyeliner no I dont know,does that mean oh no it specifically,works with their lashes I thought from,just maybe a second that it worked with,a different lash band but you do need to,purchase this specific kiss lash line,magnetic lashes you guys heres the,scoop I have tested magnetic lashes,before I have tested the kind that you,put the liner on you pop em on that was,my favorite variety if you will and then,there was the total fail show just like,this other video was such a nightmare,and I remember specifically sitting in,the studio and trying to get these,double stack magnetic lashes to work for,the longest time oh my gosh I tried over,and over and over and over and over cuz,I really wanted them to work I could not,make it work funny enough I want to,throw this out there,I somehow along the way if you didnt,know I am like the official unofficial,spokesperson for magnetic lashes it is,the number one thing that I find in my,DMS be it on Twitter or in my email or,on IG which by the way PS you can follow,me at all places I love hearing from you,guys in the dance and I respond when I,can its so important to me to connect,with you as much as I can but I do,notice themes and I hear you guys as far,as like what you want to see me make,videos of I hear you when you tell me,like oh my gosh this persons using you,in an ad and magnetic lashes is the,worst like it is the worst of the worst,of the worst it literally like it blows,my mind,there are companies that will take my,image or the video of me applying the,liner applying the lash and then theyll,like swoop in their logo and like their,branding and make it feel like Im part,of their commercial which is very not,okay like please stop doing that we need,to stop doing that its so much worse,than not disclosing a sponsorship or,affiliate links or anything like that,and I dont know why it is not more,focused on I think it should be because,it happens with foundations lip products,where my image will literally be taken,and used as a thumbs up great like look,Tati loves this product its actually,why I trademarked tachi approved many,years ago so that people could not take,my likeness and put that statement on it,so that was like a safety that I have,had for years so its just odd to me,that its like if I were to like bat,like pop one another woman pop-up and it,just kind of seems like the type of,fight that would take me away from,creating and I want to be a creator,first and focused on that and not waste,my time talking with lawyers I just want,to share with you guys you have power in,your purchasing decisions always we vote,with our wallets and who you support is,important and it matters so if you see,ads that feel kind of yucky or,suspicious youre like wait that wasnt,the brand that she was using dont be,fooled dont buy it feel free to send it,my way I really love that you guys do,that for me but yeah it was kind of,shocking for awhile like months to see,like oh okay,and I and there I am with that magnetic,lash brand oh ok another one it just,like over and over and over and even on,Amazon you can like find my image with,magnetic lash yes I just want to make,loud and clear no one is paying me the,very first video I made on magnetic,lashes I did not get paid that was not a,sponsored video I dont do sponsored,videos I speak my mind I say what I want,to say I dont go out of my way to be,mean I feel,very fair and I just give pros and cons,when it comes to brand and I wish I wish,more of that to be honest I wish that,people felt a little more free to be,that way and not like they had to be in,one particular lane to not piss a brand,off or ruin a future relationship Im,just at the point where I dont care,anymore Im getting back really hardcore,to my roots and my channel has always,been very authentic but now more than,ever I look out at the world and I cant,help but feel like I dont want any of,the BS like I just dont I want to be me,I want to review things how I review,them and Im just Im sticking to my,guns you guys I hope you guys are into,it and you can like this video if you,want to give like a positive vibe here,subscribe ring the bell all of that but,yeah its pretty crazy this turned into,kind of like a juicy beginning of this,video,I couldnt review this without talking,to you guys about it so there we go,all right lets dig into this I think I,want to do because going anywhere I,think I want to do a few check-ins,throughout the day to see really if this,holds up the same as glue you know or if,it irritates my eyes or if theres,anything different from the other brand,that I reviewed which I did really like,and I wore those for a long time until,they kind of wore out and then just got,lazy and never reordered but I did enjoy,that like I enjoy the process of it,theyre still on the back of my head a,little part of my brain that is like is,this is safe like is this totally safe,because yeah the ingredients are deemed,safe sometimes if you research further,it can be a little bit alarming as to,whats put in cosmetics now normally,its not at a level that will really,cause a problem at all however something,is so close your eyes does make me kind,of want to question a little bit more,what do you guys think this formula the,magnetic formula what do we think of it,ingredients we need to know the,ingredients one of the ingredients,this is only good for three months,theres their little logo on the back,okay,make sure to shake the bottle contact,lens friendly great because I work,contacts magnetized your makeup routine,okay it just says two line kiss magnetic,eyeliner along the lash line wait until,it is dry and then youre gonna put on,the magnetized lashes is their,ingredient ah stray lien copolymer,beeswax so its not vegan phenyl and a,lot of little iron oxides glycerin tri,thanne Ola mean what is that I dont,even know,its an emulsifier okay so there is a,cream that is a medication it says dont,get it in your eyes pray for me lets,just get down to it lets push it closer,okay we have our magnetic lashes we have,our glue which I did a touch more,looking into and it is actually iron,oxides that help the magnet to stick,everything else is kind of just the,juice around that you know the wax and,the emulsifiers and all of that so iron,oxides are in a lot of makeup,I feel fine about it I think I dont,know well give him oral and I dont,think Im gonna start with them trimmed,I might whoa I might like trim after the,fact I dont know should I trim before,hand decisions decisions because theres,kind of just like no going back you know,I think Im gonna just try to go for it,and then well just like see what,happens,wish me luck so this is like kiss black,it is a very intense rich liner I,already have liner on and I would,recommend that I would actually,recommend already having your eye makeup,your liner done and then you can kind of,go and graze on top of it and you wont,have to worry about making it too,perfect if you have the underneath,already done so were gonna go on in Im,going to start at the very inner corner,[Music],and I am gonna wait until this like,fully fully fully dries Im not even,gonna play,I feel like eyeliner especially when it,is like watery but like really intense,just gives me a moment of like you can,do this like dont shake your hands too,much come on hold your breath or like,think happy thoughts you know it minor,it stresses me out so much one wrong,move and and its over you know okay,[Music],I think I did a good job Im just not,even gonna try and make it any better,because Im worried that Im doing that,this side got just a little bit bigger,lets maybe ma


hey guys welcome to my channel if youre,new here hi my name is amanda rose and,in todays video i am going to be doing,a video on the kiss magnetic eyelashes i,said that i was going to do this a long,time ago and i didnt but now that i,have time to film i am going to go ahead,and do it for you guys today i have worn,them once or twice because i got one in,my influenster a few months ago but,before we do get started please,subscribe to my channel for beauty and,lifestyle also dont forget to click the,post notification bell just to be,notified when my videos do go live and,without further ado lets go ahead and,get into it,as you guys can tell i have my full face,almost done i just havent done the eyes,i do have a full package here i do want,to show you guys what i got in my box,because i do get pr from them so i want,you guys to know what to expect from,them and there are so many pretty lashes,in here you guys like really pretty,lashes that i do have here are called,charmed i dont know if im gonna put,this in a giveaway i do have two other,lashes for just one other one and i got,one in my influencer like i said with,the eyeliner so i may just i think i may,just put this in a giveaway because im,gonna have so many for the other lashes,i got,the lash couture matte black faux mink,collection this is in matte satin day to,day lash is my lash but better this,ones in bless this ones really pretty,and then weve got the style here this,is the style so real these are really,pretty and full but not too much,literally this might be one of my new,favorites these have been wanting to try,for a really long time as well these are,the lash glue liners i got it in black,and clear i got the voguish fantasy,nails on point tie dye these are long,these are not really i would never wear,these theres just too much pattern on,them you guys know that im a very,simple person i dont know if im gonna,wear these ill probably just give it,away i did get the short lengths blue,and it looks like silver or kind of like,a goldy silver nails again i probably,wouldnt wear these maybe the navy im,not quite sure and then we do also have,the press color press on manicure this,one is in mint to be this color is,really pretty i would definitely wear,this this is one of my most favorite,colors so i do have the kiss magnetic,eyeliner separately and then i do have,two styles this is the original one that,i purchased this is the crowd pleaser,and this one is enticed im just not,quite sure which one i want to do i,think im going to do crowd pleasers a,little bit more full im not going to,move in like i did last time its my,last video i was so close,like too close you know what im saying,like i said im going to be using crowd,pleaser today so it says here two easy,steps line with kiss magnetic eyeliner,along the lash line and wait until,formula is dry two lash right onto the,applied eyeliner so it says that if you,do want to remove it you just use a,q-tip and you use a makeup remover and,you rub it lightly and itll come off i,think what im going to do with this one,is apply two layers for this magnetic,eyeliner because i want it to be secure,i cant remember how many magnets are on,the eiler pair of lashes but this one,has five with opening this up this is a,very thick formula its not runny it,just stays in place the applicator is a,brush tip applicator which is really,nice so if you were to do a winged,eyeliner its gonna be really easy to,make that nice flick,[Music],[Music],okay so we have the first layer down im,going to wait for this to,dry down really quickly,and im just going to add one more to,seal the deal i want to make sure that,the lashes stay okay so that dried down,it fairly quickly now im going to add,another layer,[Music],the second layer is done im going to go,ahead and do this i want it to dry down,fast this is going to be a very short,video you guys while this is drying down,im going to go ahead and do this side,[Music],[Music],now that i have everything done i put on,a little bit of mascara were gonna try,on the lashes,[Music],okay so its already staying thats,awesome even like trying to adjust to,them you can feel the magnets,sticking onto the base my trick here is,to pinch the lashes together so that,they have a little bit more hold and,then it looks a little bit more flush so,these are crowd pleaser look at how,pretty these are i love how full it is,on the outside and it curves it is so,pretty oh my gosh honestly i would stop,doing the wing just to wear lashes like,this is so pretty i cant like these are,so pretty what do you guys think anyways,lets move on to the next one so again,im gonna go ahead and take them off,like this,easy you guys this is so freaking easy,that was so easy what that was probably,the easiest application ive ever had,there are the lashes what do you think,do we love them do we not like them tell,me your thoughts im gonna scoot you,guys in i guess im gonna get up close,and personal like i did last time i want,to show you guys how strong these are,theyre not moving anywhere the inner,corner is actually sticking it is,actually staying so im gonna go ahead,and scoot you guys in this is the style,of the lashes theyre absolutely,gorgeous theyre really comfortable to,wear and you dont even need that wing,for anything youve got these beautiful,natural looking lashes to do the job,okay so my lashes are right here so im,gonna pull up top here do you see how,strong that is,look at this side not pulling on my,lashes,this is the magnets its pretty good huh,for the inner corner you can tell that,it is not lifting at all it looks so,good if it does look like its lifting,its because of the way that the magnet,is formed so its straight its going to,go straight along is what ive noticed,its obviously not going to bend to,where you need it to go but it looks so,good on the inner corner if i look down,you can see everything is flush like i,said these are really strong im really,impressed with these magnetic lashes im,not gonna do like a wind test or a water,test or a blow dryer test because i feel,like with me pulling at the lashes is a,good enough indication that these lashes,are going to stay,put this is a no bs product this,actually really works its really,comfortable it stays its strong it,doesnt move around the style of it is,really pretty this is my second pair,that i have tried both of the lashes are,absolutely gorgeous theyre full theyre,natural looking to a certain extent you,dont need a wing to feel pretty i,didnt really talk about the prices or,anything i probably should have talked,about the prices im gonna go on to ulta,so we do have a lot of lashes here on,ulta they range from 8.99 without the,glue to 16.99 with the glue or you can,get a three pack of just an assortment,of lashes and different styles for 17.99,it looks like some of them are 7.99 and,some of them are 8.99 on the website and,just keep scrolling through they do have,one two three four okay so there are,eight different styles on the ulta,website for those prices i think that,they are awesome you can reuse these,lashes these are dermatologist tested,these can wear up to 16 hours which i,totally believe because of the strength,of these this is wind resistant no,smudge which i have touched it before,and this stuff does not smudge unless,you press down on it really hard it will,move but other than that it does not,move whatsoever the one thing that i,would say about any magnetic lash,is that,if you put them on keep them on do not,move them around because if you do move,them around the eyeliner will come off,and thats when your eyelashes will,start to lift when youre applying any,type of magnetic lashes with the liner,do at least two to three coats so that,it is strong enough to hold the lashes,if you just do one its not gonna hold,its going to,lift in places that you dont want it to,lift thats pretty much it theres,nothing else really left to say other,than these are amazing now what i,suggest you gu

Kiss Magnetic Lashes | HONEST TRUTH! | Lexus Deanna

hello welcome back to my,channel its lexus here in todays video,were going to be doing a,little test or review whatever you,really want to call it,on magnetic lashes from,the drugstore i saw these there and i,was like,damn these are literally half the price,and what you would get them if you order,them online or anywhere else,i think that brand is called glamnetic,these are from kiss,this is what they look like so the,lashes themselves were twelve dollars or,ten dollars ten to twelve dollars i,believe with tax this is canadian dollar,the glue itself was sixteen dollars its,still cheaper than,regular you know like the glamnetic,lashes so let me just try them i love,the lash,that comes in the packaging like these,lashes are super cute theyre kind of,like the ones im wearing right now im,pretty sure like its going to be like,the same turnout,these lashes are called crowd pleaser,and they have like a whole range of like,different lashes that you can get but,the glue is separate from all of them,like theres no pack that comes together,im actually going to take off a lash,and take out this one,ouch oh,oh my gosh that hurts so bad oh my,goodness,so right now i have my original lash on,my right eye and then im going to be,trying,on these lashes here,[Music],i really hope that these work because i,paid 16,for just the glue this is what they look,like outside of the package,kind of like theyre literally the same,thing,and i can see at the beginning of the,lash like where the inner corner goes,its actually theres two magnets there,for obviously,for it to be more secure so thats,really good if you guys are wondering,why im wearing the same shirt,as another video is because im filming,everything i possibly can in one day,um yeah i just thought you guys should,know this is the liner,im actually wearing a brown liner right,now but im just gonna go on top of my,liner,with this and actually are there any,instructions,like what are the instructions,line with kiss magnetic eyeliner along,the lash line and wait until formula is,dry lash right onto the applied eyeliner,okay so it says wait until it is dry so,lets do that,[Music],the consistency of this liner is super,watery just to speed this process up,were going to,use our trusty fan,[Music],thats thats never even,happened before so whatever,whoever is i shun whoever is putting,their energy on me right now thats,, anyways,wow wow,wow wow,nah theres no way,this is amazing do you guys see this and,its gorgeous,like the lashes gorgeous this is the,right side lash,the magnets are different than the ones,over here,so,guys this is phenomenal,this is balling out on the lows okay,like take this in,the glue is 16 the lashes is,what like it came up to like 11,something canadian again im gonna tell,you guys canadian,regular glamnetic lashes like i know my,friend got like a deal,i think she got like three lashes for,like 150,or something like that,oh is it then i prefer to get it from,the drugstore than to wait for shipping,her lashes took like three,to four months to get to her her house,oh you can see right there yeah the,inner corners are coming out,you definitely got to be careful with,that then because theyre not going to,be super secure the inner corners are,going to fall off,im going to give these a thumbs up i,think these are really amazing and im,so happy i found them because that is so,simple like to get ready like throw,mascara on,throw the eyeliner on throw the lash on,and go to work,thank you thank you gods of makeup,you can get them shopping drummer,because im pretty sure i saw them at,shoppers drunk right as well,i approve let me know in the comments,below if you guys have used the,glametic lashes before i would really,like to try them just to compare them to,these lashes and let me know too if,youve used these lashes and what you,think of them,so that sums up our video today guys i,hope you guys,enjoyed watching and ill see you guys,in the next video,take care 12 seconds later hey yall so,imma just show you real quick,like these lashes are already popping,off like they,work but they wouldnt last like you,would have to keep on like,pushing them down and who the who the, trying to do that to be honest,like,i would rather just glue my lashes on,and know that theyre not going to move,for like,until i take them off you know i,literally blinked and like like the,inner corners popped off so im going to,rate them like a seven because they work,the lash quality is really nice but i,would update you because,um its been like two seconds since i,stopped feeling,filming this video um youre welcome,see you later

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