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Kitaria Fables Review – Noisy Pixel

[Music],as we sit around and wait for a new roon,factory entry there must be something,for fans of action and farming games to,enjoy well developer twin heads isnt,one to make us wait as they have created,an indie approach to the genre with,kataria fables and although it may seem,light in comparison theres a grand,farming adventure that awaits those who,take on this perfect appetizer,[Music],kataria fables has an ambitious,narrative as players take on the role of,a cat soldier of the empire who was sent,to save a town from the growing threat,of monsters however your role becomes,even more significant when a strange,book leads to this discovery of magic,its here that you learn of four ruins,that must be found throughout the lands,of kataria but expect to do some farming,along the way the biggest problem with,the narrative is that magic is said to,have been outlawed while the citizens,bring this up our cat soldier has no,problem turning his back on the empire,and just learning magic there wasnt a,scene of conflict or hesitation which,seemed like a missed opportunity to add,a bit more emotional weight to the,discovery regardless the narratives,pacing is how the player approaches,gameplay but its slow and steady for,the most part as much of your time will,be spent farming items exploring and,upgrading players are free to explore,and fight at their leisure however item,management becomes necessary early on,given that space is limited its not,unknown for this genre but i felt like,the storage feature could have been,better handled tools take up room in,your inventory which is a bit of,overkill considering the sheer amount of,items and materials there are to collect,in fact you can get pretty far into,upgrading without even touching the,narrative missions and in many ways this,is needed upgrades require a specific,number of items and materials collected,from enemies sure there are farming,aspects in the sense that you can grow,crops but a lot of the farming youll do,will be killing a specific number of,enemies on the fields to obtain one of,their dropped items the list of,upgradable systems is vast and theyre,all tied to item collecting making this,adventure a long one if you want to see,the more significant systems however,fans of the genre will recognize the,game loop of farming and selling crops,for money to purchase or build new items,this makes farming something that should,be on your mind at all times but youll,need to upgrade your storage first by,collecting materials to hold an,abundance of crops used to complete,future missions or sell them theres,really no wrong way to approach this,game as you can play mission by mission,or spend a few hours focused solely on,item collecting to upgrade your,equipment in order to become a,powerhouse in the fields magic is also,tied to item collecting which can be,equipped to a character in four slots,the magical abilities are heavily needed,in later battles making them an,important element still the place to,upgrade them is tied to a hud found in,the field that doesnt have a fast,travel point which means youll be,walking over to check what items are,needed to upgrade your loadout sadly if,you missed any from your storage youll,need to walk back and get them i feel,like the game could have really used a,universal storage system given that it,has multiple towns deep in the fields,further a fast travel warp should be,added outside of your farmhouse limiting,the backtracking required from your,storage to wherever youre going next,there are so many strange quality of,life exclusions in this adventure that,tad the overall run time thankfully,missions are properly detailed in the,menu so youll rarely be unsure of what,to do next further the action system is,kept tight and responsive allowing you,to dive out of attack animations and,avoid enemy hits if you feel like its,getting repetitive you probably should,equip new skills for your character,whether youre exploring dungeons or out,in the field enemies can get,overwhelming theyre easy enough to take,on one at a time but when they group up,on you its a different story there are,also boss type enemies that provide the,items needed for powerful upgrades the,list of enemies is rather extensive but,their skills all seem to be similar,still i like the elemental damage system,making fights a little more strategical,all of these systems amount to an,adventure that is a time investment this,isnt one to rush through but you arent,held back if thats what you want to do,those who will have the most fun will be,the ones who spend a few hours farming,items upgrading their equipment and,taking down endless forms of enemies,theres also a two-player mode which is,wildly fun and speeds up the item,farming since you can take down enemies,quicker qatari fables is a pretty game,with large and varied environments to,explore theres a ton to discover here,through a bit of trial and error but,your time spent will always be rewarded,the experience is rather chill given,that there is no real consequence for,death and you arent held to any,specific time limit allowing you to,truly take on the adventure how you see,fit however considering the limited,amount of fast travel i wish the,character could run a bit faster,kataria fables is a laid-back experience,of item collecting and farming all,brought together by a decent narrative,and a responsive action system pace,yourself though because getting the most,out of this adventure requires it,however the artificial padding on the,gameplay found in the limited fast,travel lack of universal storage slow,moving characters and much more causes,for some frustration and endless,backtracking this wont replace your,love for rune factory but itll,definitely supplement your craving for a,charming adventure noisy pixel is giving,kataria fables a 7 out of 10. thank you,for watching please read the full review,on noisypixel.net music pixel is run by,a group of gamers work hard to deliver,news reviews previews and more please,subscribe to keep up with all our future,content,[Music],pixel

Kitaria Fables is NOT What You Think It Is

at a quick glance guitario fables seems,like rune factory with a sprinkle of,animal crossing you have a mix of,farming sim and action rpg gameplay,along with cute animal-like characters,however after putting in several hours,in nikhitary fables im here to tell you,that this game is not really what it,seems i wouldnt normally be this blunt,but if youve had your eye on this game,and have been thinking of buying it i,really encourage you to watch this,entire video i think youll learn some,things that might surprise you,now the story here is pretty typical and,par for the course for a game like this,youre a knight tasked with protecting,paw village from an incoming calamity,and once you get to the town meet some,of the residents you find out that your,family had a farm here once youre shown,to your farm you get a chance to kind of,check it out look at the different,things that you have access to you kind,of have like training area place where,you can farm crops and much more from,there the game is mainly about improving,the town the area around it and helping,its residents and its easy to do that,because there are so many cute and,charming characters there are different,animals and they all have these,different tasks they want you to do so,you can kind of get to know the town and,the area around you now what makes this,really great is that each of the,characters have these super charming,character portraits it was really fun to,get to know these different characters,and see the different expressions they,would have now the story itself isnt,super compelling it didnt really hook,me that much and it didnt really string,me along in a way that i had hoped its,not bad by any means its kind of just,inoffensive now for farming sim games,like this the meat is really in the,gameplay now whats odd about kataria,fables is that it doesnt really play,like a farming sim game or an rpg let me,explain so you can grow crops although,its a pretty simple set of mechanics,you till the land you plant the crops,you water it and you pull them but the,really interesting thing about your,crops is that you dont grow them to,sell them theyre more for health items,in combat in other farming sims you grow,these crops because you want to try to,save money to buy something big like a,backpack a house upgrade or something,like that but in qatari fables there,really isnt anything like this you,cant really save for animals because,well everybodys animals and that makes,sense that there arent animals that you,can buy really the only thing you would,need to save up money for are new pieces,of equipment now before i talk about the,crafting aspects i want to dive into the,rpg aspects a little bit more than,anything this game plays much more like,a traditional action rpg there is a main,story to keep you going you have side,quests you fight monsters and so on now,the combat is fairly simple you have a,pretty straightforward sword combo you,can eventually build a bow and attack,from range you can also unlock the,ability to cast spells now like i said,its serviceable if not a little clunky,what is nice though is you can see the,enemy hit range and when theyre about,to attack so its really nice when,youre trying to dodge or get a sense of,what the enemies are doing you have all,the information that you would need but,heres the thing you dont level up in,qatari fables nope theres no xp you,just fight monsters for quests or for,the parts they drop now to build gear,youll need these items that the,monsters drop as well as wood that you,would chop in ore that you would mine to,go back to the farming gameplay aspect,for a second those types of games are,all about the daily loop of watering,your crops feeding your animals talking,to the people in town etc but here in,kataria fables there really isnt one,now right here is really where i want to,dive into my gripes for the game for one,the inventory system is horrible you can,really only hold four items at a time,you can swap between on the fly in other,farming sim games youre allowed to,switch between different tools pretty,quickly but here you can only hotkey,four items at a time and because this is,an rpg and a farming sim game you have,to balance of okay do i want healing,items do i want weapons do i want,farming tools and so its super,cumbersome to constantly have to open up,your inventory and swap all these,different things out its just super,annoying and whats also annoying is,navigating the world all the zones are,so tiny now you have your village and,you have these different areas,throughout the world but all these zones,are just tiny theyre so small and so,youre constantly having to load into,new ones and the other thing thats,really frustrating about it is theres,not a ton of fast travel points yes,there are some but if youre trying to,run you know three zones away there may,not be a fast travel point anywhere near,so you have to just walk there and the,part thats bad about that is theres no,run button the character does feel kind,of slow so having a run button would,have been so nice it really just feels,like the developers mashed a bunch of,ideas together from farming sim and rpg,gameplay but didnt fully think through,how they would all interact with each,other instead of a rune factory game,with animals its an rpg with farming,elements and basically what youre left,with here is a mediocre action rpg the,story is just okay but the combat isnt,good enough to carry the entire game now,thankfully kataria fables does have a,super charming presentation as i,mentioned before all the different,characters have these wonderful,character portraits the art is beautiful,very bright and colorful super charming,and the music has a very chill vibe to,it that just fits the vibe of what the,game is going for,now i tried really hard not to be too,harsh with this game but kataria fables,just left me frustrated and disappointed,its clear the developers tried to make,a charming farming sim rpg but failed to,capture any of what makes those games,great theres really no reason to farm,as you dont sell the items because,theres nothing to buy theres no,relationship building with other,characters you cant get married and if,youre just in it for the rpg aspect you,dont level up and the gameplay just,isnt strong enough to carry the game,through to the end i pushed myself to,play for more hours than i really wanted,to with this review but every time i,ended a play session i just felt,frustrated or annoyed i loved farming,sim games and wanted to love kataria,fables but sadly i just couldnt now if,you want to hear about some more rpgs,coming this year that you might love,make sure you check out this video right,here and if you enjoy rpg content and,want more be sure to subscribe so you,dont miss anything thank you so much,for watching and well see you next time,[Music]

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Kitaria Fables Review | Is it worth it on Nintendo Switch?

hey hey everyone my name is nate and,today im going to be reviewing kataria,fables which launches on september 2nd,for pc and consoles the publisher p-cube,was kind enough to send me a nintendo,switch review code for the game but all,opinions expressed in this review are my,own and without further ado lets hop,right into the review,ketarya fables is an action adventure,game seeing you play as a cute,anthropomorphic cat on a quest to save,the world from an ongoing calamity the,game sets itself apart from other,action-adventure games by borrowing a,lot of dna from farming sims to create,something that is best described as a,crossover between the legend of zelda,and harvest moon along with a lot of,cats at the beginning of the game you,arrive at paw village and inherit a farm,and a house,paw village was once at peace but,monsters started to wreak havoc starting,the ongoing calamity your goal is to,protect paul village from monsters while,also investigating what is causing the,ongoing calamity as well as how you can,stop it the story is your typical save,the world type but is elevated through,fun adorable characters and twists and,turns you will meet farming bunnies,polar bear sages and tiger warriors,along the way that create for an awesome,fun wholesome adventure as part of this,adventure kitarya fables gameplay is,made up of an addicting daily loop you,wake up attend your crops craft supplies,fight enemies complete quests then in,the evening sell any extra resources go,to bed and repeat this loop will feel,familiar yet refreshing to anyone who,has played a farming sim before as it,has a familiar yet adapted structure as,you progress through this loop over and,over you gather more and more resources,that allow you to upgrade your gear,which in turn allows you to take on more,powerful enemies and explore new areas,of the world ketarya fables has lots of,interesting environments to discover so,this loop becomes even more satisfying,as the world opens up to you now the,majority of this loop lies in the action,portion where you fight enemies now for,those of you worried about jumping into,an action-adventure game because the,combat rest assured this is one that is,inviting to newcomers and is a lot of,fun in battle you have the options to,roll and dodge incoming attacks or to,fight back yourself with physical,attacks or magic attacks by casting,spells attacking with magic is typically,stronger than physical attacks but will,deplete your magic blocks or in,traditional rpg speak your mp,in order to gain back those blocks you,will need to use physical attacks,bouncing back and forth between these,two types of attacks becomes almost a,sort of rhythmic dance that allows you,to pull off combos that can quickly take,down more powerful enemies as you switch,back and forth between the two different,types of moves this becomes really,satisfying as you learn more and more,spells and upgrade your weapons speaking,of which in ketarya fables your,character doesnt have a level like in,typical rpgs but has attack speed magic,and defense stats that are determined by,the gear that you wear,by mining resources and getting item,drops from fallen enemies you can,upgrade your gear similar to how you,might upgrade items in a farming sim,getting these upgrades can be a lot of,fun however there was a couple of times,throughout the game where getting the,items was really tedious as i had to,fight the same enemy over and over again,just to get the amount of items that i,needed in order to upgrade one of my,weapons one thing that i love about,kataria fables is the diversity of,enemies throughout the world there is an,abundance of enemies to encounter,consisting of bees hyenas ghosts and,more,early on in the game you will encounter,boss enemies roaming around the world,they wont attack you but if you attack,them they will chase after you and you,will likely die to them if youre not,careful,i love that they dont hold back the,tougher enemies but make them optional,if you have the guts to go up against a,strong one and youre able to take it,down they will typically drop rare and,expensive items that will help to make,your journey a little bit easier your,journey throughout ketaria fable will,consist of quests which are made up of,side quests and story quests story,quests typically involve cut scenes and,see you trying to save the world these,quests consist of gathering ancient,relics or opening up pathways to find,other villages in need of help side,quests on the other hand see you working,with locals to complete tasks these are,typically more low-key and consist of,things like picking berries for kids,growing onions to make onion rings and,more fun wholesome activities now one,thing in kataria fables that some of you,might be wondering about is the farming,farming in kataria fables is simple yet,fun you have a plot of land that you,have to till prepare and then you can,plant crops theres a good variety of,crops in the game and most of them grow,within two to four days you also have,your typical farming tools like a hoe,and a watering can that can be upgraded,to make the work go by faster now other,than using crops to fulfill some of the,quest objectives farming is pretty,optional you could use farming as a,means to make money but i found that,fighting enemies and selling their item,drops was a lot faster for making money,however for those of you who want to,farm it can be integral to your fighting,strategy,now some of you might be wondering how,do farming and fighting relate well in,kitarya fables they actually mesh,together really well the reason for this,is that farming allows you to get crops,that can then be transformed into,ingredients which then can be combined,for recipes recipes will typically heal,you during battle but they can also give,you temporary stats boosts these stats,boosts are a huge help in taking down,some of the more powerful enemies,throughout the game i didnt realize,this at first when i started playing the,game but after i got into farming it,really helped me to take down some of,those tougher bosses later on in the,game,one thing that was a little,disappointing about the farming in the,game is that there are no seasons this,is actually somewhat odd as there was a,date counter in the ui of the game i was,expecting the clock to roll back to one,once it hit about 28 or 30 days but it,didnt instead it just kept on counting,upward other than this minor,disappointment overall i would say the,farming aspects of kataria fables help,make the daily gameplay loop fun and,relaxing one other thing to touch upon,is the co-op mode in kitarya fables the,game doesnt really change at all when,playing with two people you both simply,control a hero and fight in the same way,that you normally would but this makes,the work go by a lot faster some of the,cutscene dialogue has been changed to,accommodate for two players but its,nothing too major i played for a few,hours and found it to be pretty fun when,playing with a partner but there was one,little issue that i ran into whenever,you or your partner dies a revive timer,will appear above their head it takes,almost a minute before that revive timer,has gone away and your partner is,revived and during this time you cant,leave the area and you just have to wait,for them to revive which is a little bit,tedious and a little bit too long i wish,that revive timer was a lot shorter but,for the most part id say that playing,in a co-op mode is fairly fun and if you,have somebody around that would like to,play the game with you it honestly makes,for a much more enjoyable experience,overall kitarya fables is a fabulous,game it has been a ton of fun to take,down monsters and use farming as a means,to help me achieve that end i love the,cast of characters in this game and it,has really helped me to scratch that,farming rpg itch ive had since waiting,for ruin factory 5 to get localized,i did run into a couple of issues with,the frame rate but it

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A Pawesome Farming RPG? | Kitaria Fables Review Nintendo Switch

Kitaria Fables is a cute action adventure RPG  with farming and crafting mechanics, releasing  ,on September 2nd. Is this game truly pawsome? See  what I did there? Lets find out. Hello friend,  ,Im Stephanie aka Miss Bubbles and I create  weekly videos covering reviews, before you buy,  ,and more. Im usually on camera but my country is  going through a crisis so I have no electricity,  ,just bear with me for a while. Consider squishing  the like and subscribe buttons so you never miss  ,a bubbly video again. lets start with the story:  what is happening in Kitaria? You play as Nyanza,  ,a soldier from the Empire and you are sent to  Paw Village since there are some weird things  ,happening recently. Soon enough, you discover  that creatures which were friendly have turned  ,aggressive, thus bringing violence and trouble in  the surrounding areas. Then you learn that your  ,uncle used to wield magic and thats how he helped  protect the land against the Calamity in the past.  ,Funny enough, magic is no longer legal so you  secretly learn about it and start to use it  ,to protect the citizens. The cast of characters  were funny, charming, cute and relatable. Youll  ,find this polar bear, Sage Alby, who at first  is quite reluctant about you but then decides  ,to trust you and teach you about magic. You also  meet a worried goat grandpa whose granddaughter,  ,I believe, is a troublemaking bunny who wants to  wander around, but she usually is doing so with  ,kindness in her heart. Im not gonna tell you all  about these characters, but I will say that they  ,were very quirky and interesting to me. I enjoyed  the dialogue they had to share and you can really  ,feel that they have such a good sense of  community. They all care about each other  ,and this gave me so much amazing and cozy feelings  while playing the game. Kitaria Fables falls under  ,the adventurous farming RPG genre, but is the  gameplay loop interesting enough? As soon as  ,you reach the village, you quickly learn how to  use your sword with the help of your companion,  ,Macaron, I think thats how you say his name.  After that, once you help Sage Alby retrieving a  ,relic, which we will talk about in a bit. You also  learn how to use spells you can wield different  ,types of magic and spells such as: water, earth,  wind, and fire. Anyway, going back to magic. You  ,have various spells under each element and you can  learn more by purchasing their respective spheres.  ,For example, a fire sphere can be bought  by killing enemies and collecting 10  ,vengeful souls. If you can only imagine how  many times it took me to say this right.  ,As usual, I found myself using fire the most.  It is the element that I always enjoy in games.  ,Going back to the relics, these are important for  you to discover and they are found within dungeons  ,to acquire them you must defeat all enemies in  each level of the dungeon thus progressing further  ,until you reach a boss who will be protecting  said relic this was a fun addition to the game  ,to make things a little bit more interesting you  can use a sword or a bow along with your spells,  ,and just the way spells can be upgraded, both the  bow and the sword can be purchased from the smith  ,by gathering the appropriate resources such as  iron ore or coins, and money. Adding to that,  ,you will learn how to farm and complete farming  trials. These will help you unlock more crops to  ,grow and thus cooking more food that is essential  to bringing back your health and sometimes giving  ,you extra benefits such as increased speed for a  limited time. The farming mechanic is not the most  ,in-depth or revolutionary. It is quite simple.  You use the hoe, that word always makes me laugh,  ,I know, Im a child. You plant seeds, water them,  and wait for their harvest. The only way to go a  ,bit more in-depth is that you can upgrade these  tools to make farming quicker. You wont use any  ,stamina while farming. You will only use mana  when performing a special ability in combat and  ,stamina while dodging. So you cant just mash the  attack button, you gotta use that bubbly brain of  ,yours a little bit. Now as I mentioned, you will  gather resources like stone, coal, copper, silver,  ,and more. These are necessary so you become more  powerful and get better gear. Heck, you can even  ,gather necessary resources and purchase wings  which will make you much faster, because you  ,start off by being a horribly slow cat. So by  visiting shops and getting the necessary items,  ,you can cook, craft, and become a better soldier.  This all sounds too good so far, right? Well the  ,most annoying thing, and you know how we are  on this channel, honesty is my major drive.  ,The grinding was so annoying. I am praying to the  development gods that they increase the spawn rate  ,by 20 to 30%. I get it, some things need work  so you can play the game more and get hooked  ,by the loop. However, playing over two hours to  gather 15 iron ore while killing over 150 enemies,  ,Im serious, 150 very annoying orcs, was not fun  at all. Eventually, it starts to drain you and it  ,feels like a job rather than playing a fun game.  Im okay with working for something but come on,  ,at some point I was like; just give me a break,  please. And since were talking about the not so  ,perfect features, the combat is quite clunky and  does require a bit of time to get used to. Nyanza  ,is not the most flexible, but I thank the devs  for making it a bit easier by showing us where  ,the enemy will hit. Otherwise, I think it would  have been an extremely difficult curve to learn.  ,If you are wondering about the enemies, every  area on the map has its own type of creatures  ,and each has their own resource that they will  spawn and moves that you will have to learn, how  ,to dodge. I like this because it adds variety and  makes you feel engaged in the gameplay. Im gonna  ,throw in some fun factors that might interest you.  I want to mention that you have a house where you  ,can sleep, customize the color of Nyanza, save,  change spells, and sell resources. As for the map,  ,you slowly progress to new areas, each with their  own vibe and more intense enemies. Theres also a  ,day and night cycle, but you can totally skip  on sleep. Also there are no seasons. There are  ,weather changes but you can grow your crops  at any time. What about the graphics though?  ,Is this a style that you might enjoy? The world  was super colorful and vibrant. Each area of  ,the map has a theme that its going for and that  definitely adds to your engagement. However, areas  ,are so small that you will have to sit through  so many different loading screens. They were  ,fast but pretty tedious, especially when youre  in the vibe and the mood and trying to complete  ,quests and chores and youre always sitting  through these annoying loading screens. Anyway,  ,there are rivers, magical places, vibrant and lush  areas and overall very cute looking atmospheres.  ,I enjoyed traveling around and experiencing  what the game had to offer. I just wish the  ,areas were a tiny bit bigger. Before we continue,  lets give a shout out to our bubbly of the week,  ,Matthew. Thank you so much for the support and  for always opening up a conversation with me. If  ,you want to be featured in the next video, all  you have to do is leave a comment down below.  ,And this ties into another important factor in a  game which is sound. In the ambience department,  ,you can hear footsteps, weapon and magic sounds,  enemy noises, and all of this adds to you being  ,just more immersed in the gameplay. Moving to  music, it has this cute heroic melodies but  ,nothing to go crazy about. Nothing caught me  off guard or made me hum when I was not playing.  ,Finally, there is no voice acting here, just text  and dialogue. But that was totally okay for me  ,because the dialogues were very fun and engaging  to read. So how did Kitaria Fables perform on the  ,Nintend

Kitaria Fables (PS5) – Is It Any Good? (Review)

hey everyone and welcome to my review of,kataria fables this review is specific,to the ps5 version but its also,available on ps4 xbox one the xbox,series consoles nintendo switch and pc,although wherever you decide to play the,game the only thing that will be,different will be the performance,options available to you i should also,mention that a review code was provided,to me by the publisher so then for,anyone whos new to the channel the way,i review games here is slightly,different to the standard way of doing,things first ill give you the facts,about the game you know what it is what,its all about that kind of stuff then,well go into the personal opinions on,the positive and negative aspects of the,game lastly well end the video with a,conclusion and recommendation section,and remember if you enjoy this video or,find it useful please take a moment to,subscribe to the channel were getting,closer and closer to breaking that 1 000,subscriber milestone so every single one,of you really can make a difference so,what is kataria fables well its an,action rpg and farming sim hybrid that,tries to implement both types of game in,a roughly 50 50 split you play as a,humanoid cat and as you might expect,most of the characters youll meet in,the game are also humanoid versions of,other animals such as a rabbit a tiger,or a polar bear throughout most of your,time with the game youll be completing,story quests and side quests for the,various characters that inhabit the,world completing quests will of course,progress the story but the side quests,often unlock things that you can either,buy or do youll also be fighting a load,of monsters exploring the world,collecting a ton of items and in between,all that doing some farming to give you,some income speaking of fighting,monsters in combat youll have access to,a sword a bow magic spells of various,elements weapon skills and a dodge roll,you can use the sword by holding down,the attack button instead of tapping it,repeatedly like in a lot of other action,rpgs such as diablo the enemies do,telegraph most of their attacks via a,template on the ground so that you can,accurately avoid it when necessary,defeating enemies in the game does not,grant you xp and you arent able to find,other weapons out in the world but you,can upgrade the basic sword you begin,with quite a few times in order to make,it stronger the same is true for the bow,but you can discover and craft some,armor and accessories these grant,various bonuses to things like movement,speed or physical defense for example,the world you explore is separated into,lots of smaller zones which are all,divided by a short loading screen youll,see forests deserts snowy mountain paths,and of course a few towns here and there,where you can buy food upgrade your gear,and rest up very early on youll move,into a small house where you can save,the game go to sleep to progress the,time to the next morning and change what,type of cat youd like to play as at the,mirror in the corner just outside that,house youll have access to a modest,plot of land where you can grow some,crops each crop takes a certain amount,of in-game days to mature after which,you can sell them off for some profit in,the overnight sales bin just outside,your house you will need to water them,each morning to make sure they grow,properly unless its raining of course,and if you need more water you can,refill your watering can at the nearby,well after being given the farmland,youll also be given a selection of,tools that will allow you to do things,like chop down certain trees for wood,break certain stones for copper iron and,gold and to harvest crops more,efficiently most of these tools start,off pretty weak only allowing you to,work one square at a time but during the,course of the game youll be able to,upgrade them that will then enable you,to work multiple squares at once making,everything you do on the farm much,faster in the menus theres a full suite,of graphical options at least in the ps5,version and i would assume that some,versions of the game may not have all of,these but you can change the fps from 30,to 60 or even 120 assuming your tv or,monitor can handle it and the ps5,version does default to 4k 60fps but you,can tweak a lot of things including,vsync texture quality and anti-aliasing,so i think thats about it for the,basics of the game and you should now,have a decent idea of what its all,about this is probably a good time to,move into the personal opinion stuff,please keep in mind that this is not an,exhaustive list and doesnt include,every single positive or negative point,its just the main ones that really,stood out to me personally so the first,positive point that i want to mention is,that the game allows you much more,freedom than similar games of the same,genre in other games you generally have,an energy meter which governs how much,you can do in one day usually if you,stay out too late slaying monsters or,tending to your farm the game will make,you pass out or something similar and,force you back home in kataria fables,there isnt any restriction so if you,want to stay out for two nights straight,without going to sleep you can do that,which for me was a nice change i dont,really have a problem with it in other,games necessarily but it is nice to play,one that doesnt have that mechanic for,a change for me the design and visual,art style suit this type of game very,well the character illustrations that,pop up when you talk to the npcs are,really well drawn and just really clean,looking in my opinion i do actually,enjoy pixel art in this genre with games,like stardew valley for example but,sometimes when they move to 3d they just,dont kinda look right or perhaps the,developers just arent up to the task in,katarias case though i genuinely really,like the visuals and the overall,presentation of virtually everything in,the game its the attention to detail,that really drives this point home for,me for example at night youll see,fireflies dancing around the street,lamps when you pass a waterfall youll,see a small rainbow and when it rains,the visual effects mixed with the sound,design really sold the fact that it was,raining the sound even changes when,youre inside a building but its,raining outside its very well done in,my opinion throughout my time with the,game i thought that the combat was quite,enjoyable i said this in my early,preview video as well but due to the way,the combat system was built i always,felt engaged in it i think that because,the enemies use that attack template on,the floor and because the dodge has,iframes youll feel like youre a much,more active participant in the fight,early on a small group of enemies can,very quickly kill you if youre not,careful so you do need to be paying,attention,having said that there isnt really a,penalty for dying but it does send you,back to your house and progress time to,the next morning so that is something to,bear in mind overall though the combat,isnt anything revolutionary but it,works its solid and i found it rather,engaging lastly in this section id like,to mention the music ive said this,before but music in general isnt,something that bothers me too much in,games theres only a few games whose,music has really stuck with me over the,years things like shenmue or ghost of,sushima for example but i do give it a,listen when i do my reviews i mean after,all someone somewhere worked hard on it,and i believe in giving credit where,credit is due i found the music in this,game to be very easy to listen to and,very well suited to the genre have a,quick listen to this,[Music],when i first heard this i was instantly,reminded of the music from the first,lord of the rings movie particularly the,shire scenes from the beginning might,just be me but like the combat i also,thought this was well done so now,unfortunately this is the section where,i have to be a little harder on the game,than i have been up to this point lets,talk about some negatives so firs

Kitaria Fables Review – Whats It Worth?

good day my name is blue suit and today,ill be going over my review of the,action adventure crafting and farming,rpg simulator known as kataria fables in,kataria fables you play as nyanza a,knight of the empire charged with,protecting the residents of paul village,from the growing ominous threat of an,ensuing calamity youll meet the,endearing citizens of kataria and help,them with odd jobs and quests while,unveiling the worlds lore and slaying,countless monsters along the way,kataria fables attempts to combine,action-focused rpg elements with farm,life crafting sims along a story-driven,narrative and while there are many ways,it succeeds it also comes with a long,list of downsides and questionable,design choices that is really going to,curb a lot of players enjoyment the,graphical design and sound are really,great here and exploring the various,locations around kataria is a treat but,presentation aside the actual substance,of the story is very forgettable and,never really pays off in any of the side,missions or the main campaign characters,you meet have interesting designs but,rarely if ever provide meaningful,dialogue to draw me into their quests,creating handfuls of these hollow fetch,quests that im really only completing,for the off chance that ill get,rewarded with something cool there are,even a few particularly tedious quests,in the game where youll need to provide,materials to unlock the next large,section of the map there are two of,these quests one to get into the,southern desert region and another to,get up into the northern snowy mountains,each one requires you to acquire hard to,attain materials and youre only told,about one material at a time so instead,of gathering the whole list youre,running back and forth to hand off stone,and then wood and then shells and so on,not all of these quests are this bad but,they really dont get any more,thoughtful than this at any point in,kataria fables and this really segues,well into my chief complaint about,kataria fables and thats how tedious it,is to get around the map especially in,the early game fast travel is very,limited even in the latest stages of the,game and most of the fast travel points,are only one way for some reason the,problem is compounded by how slow your,characters movement speed is and the,fact that there are so few save points,much much later on i was able to get the,coveted banana leaf that gives you plus,50 movement speed but i would have,killed for either a mount system or just,being able to fast travel from anywhere,as i really dont see how that would,have detracted from the overall,experience and in regards to save points,there really are only a couple of places,to save your game with no exit save and,no auto save at all so if you need to,save or shut down the game you have to,walk all the way back to one of these,save points the major redeeming factor,in kataria fables is the combat this is,definitely a casual game so dont go in,expecting you know cat dark souls but,what does exist is a fun and addicting,hack and slash complete with spells,weapons and iframe rolling like many,things in guitaria fables the early game,is pretty tedious and combat is no,different when the game starts out you,really only have access to your sword,and can generally only fight one or two,creatures at a time before getting,overwhelmed as the story progresses,however you gain the bow and arrow and,learn how to use magic from the schools,of wind earth fire and water the sword,and bow each have a handful of unique,skills that can only be unlocked through,quests or treasure chests found around,the world that require rare keys to open,while the schools of magic have skills,that can be learned through crafting at,the sages shop the downside is that you,can only have four skills equipped at a,time and you can only swap them at a,couple designated locations on the map,but finding and testing out these new,skills is a very satisfying part of the,gameplay all the damage is based on your,current weapon plus any food buffs you,have and the late game spells and skills,are super fun to land on foes the skills,in each weapon and school of magic felt,unique to that tree and made for a great,way to make my character unique sword,and bow skills were all about straight,damage fire also applied damage over,time water could freeze enemies wind,could push enemies around and contain a,valuable heal spell and earth where i,dumped almost all of my resources did,damage and stunned enemies these skills,become very useful in taking out larger,mobs of enemies at one time and,especially necessary to take on the cast,of bosses in the world most zones have a,wandering optional boss that wins slain,drops much more valuable loot some even,drop rare golden keys or special,equipment like the king gui who drops,his magic resist crown or the draculi,that will occasionally drop the evil,bone wings that provide 10 lifesteal,these drops create farming opportunities,to keep trying to kill the same bosses,over and over for the best loot on top,of all the farming you can already do to,get crafting materials to upgrade your,weapons and tools this mechanic can also,get tedious but i found the combat,enjoyable enough that i really didnt,mind fighting the same monsters,repeatedly,the last large mechanic that id like to,bring up is the farming which really,feels tacked on in kataria fables this,is definitely a casual action rpg first,and foremost and thats most clear and,how the farming really has no impact on,the rest of the game there are a handful,of side quests designed to get the,player into farming but its never more,intricate than please go plant these,tomatoes like everything else it does,start off slow and once you unlock,farming the starting tools are pretty,lackluster crops dont really yield that,much money until you can fill up at,least half of your plot or more with,them and until you upgrade your tools,you can really only till and water a,single square at a time so id advise,you completely ignore it until you,unlock silver and gold later on and the,process becomes much quicker you can,also turn these crops into useful food,items with nice buffs but honestly as a,casual game its really not necessary to,give yourself a 60 second buff in battle,and most players are just going to use,it for gold income or not at all you can,pick up kataria fables on steam nintendo,switch playstation and xbox when it,launches tomorrow september 2nd 2021 and,the switch price has already been posted,for 20 and while its not quite worth,that it is still a solid game that comes,pretty close its a beautiful looking,game with a fun combat system that gets,even better with its couch co-op theres,a huge list of enemies and bosses to,fight that each have their own attacks,and materials to farm and theres just,an overall hefty amount of things to,dive into however while the world does,look great its not particularly fun to,explore and the story rarely ever feels,like its going anywhere and this,tediousness coupled with the uninspiring,farming mechanics is sure to drive many,players away so im valuing kataria,fables at 17 and i definitely recommend,it to those interested in farming,crafting fighting rpgs as long as,theyre ready for a slower more casual,experience i hope you enjoy this review,of kataria fables come see me on twitch,where you can watch our reviews in,progress five nights a week as always,dont forget to like subscribe and let,me know in the comments what you thought,about it until next time peace

Kitaria Fables – Review | I Dream of Indie

[Music],i dream of indie greetings indie,warriors and welcome to i dream of indie,my name is olgamer joe bringing you yet,another review today as we look at,kataria fables on the steam pc platform,this is a title that ive been looking,forward to quite a bit im a huge fan of,the cat quest series adventure rpgs,theyre both a blast to play and this,one looked quite similar from the same,publisher too p cube youve got cats in,armor again with swords adventure rpg,gameplay lets see if kataria fables is,as good as those games kataria fables,begins as a lot of adventure rpgs do,with monsters overtaking its world and,heroes rising to the occasion in order,to thwart them peace is inevitably,restored and you guessed it the monsters,or the calamity as theyre referred to,in this game reappear once again and,thats where you will come into play in,order to save the day and you can bring,a co-op friend with you as well if you,so wish nothing about the narrative in,kataria fables felt fresh innovative or,exciting none of the characters really,stuck out to me and this world is also,equally kind of bland and boring it,feels like a game that in terms of its,narrative is just kind of going through,the motions in fact i felt similarly,about the way the game played too,essentially the way things are set up is,that youre exploring different areas,getting different quests from various,villagers along the way and just kind of,going through the motions most of these,fetch quests involve you getting one,item and then bringing it back to the,village or another place in order to get,the next fetch quest thats really how a,lot of this game played out and i got,super bored with it rather quickly that,isnt to say that there isnt a main,quest line to be followed here there is,but even the main quests really dont,seem to respect your time at all i got,to one quest pretty early on in the game,where i had to go back four times fight,the same bland boring enemies for a good,30 40 minutes just to collect that,certain amount of items and then i could,advance theres a lot of that in kataria,fables this bland mechanic of having to,gather so many of the same item also,translates over to a really,head-scratching system of having to,upgrade your weapons and your armor you,need very specific items in order to do,so as you kill enemies in this game you,arent gaining experience at all instead,these enemies will drop random items,that you will then have to bring to a,smithy in order to try to get upgrades i,played the game for a good three to four,hours and i still didnt have enough,items to get some very basic wood armor,ah its a real drag you gotta go to,specific areas to kill specific enemies,get that item bring it back and even,worse the box system where you can leave,items off because your inventory really,cant hold all that much is spread out,so if you leave certain items in certain,boxes you gotta teleport back to that,specific town and box in order to go get,them oh my god kataria fables does,manage to have a pretty decent combat,engine as far as how it plays though,most of it involves dodging out of the,way of enemies where youll see a giant,radius of where theyre going to hit you,youll use the dodge roll in order to do,that and then striking them back with,your sword you do get some spells along,the way as well which are pretty cool to,be fair theres ice that can do pretty,serious damage as well as flames that,will sort of linger i like that part of,the combat system but a lot of the ai,felt really brain dead to me theyre,pretty easy to manipulate and their only,real shot of defeating you is getting a,cheap hit in because theyve ganged up,on you with multiple groups of the same,enemy so even though i didnt have the,best armor or weapon upgrades even the,tougher enemies i was pretty easily able,to topple just by rolling around them,and striking them and if i kept them,away from the other enemies that were in,the area it would really be no problem,at all it would just take a hell of a,long time to do you do have the option,of locking onto these enemies as well i,didnt really feel it was all that,necessary in my time with the game but,it is an option at least overall the,combat was mechanically fine and,functional but it really just got boring,thanks to the brain dead ai and i got,tired and just really yeah bored of,slashing away at the same enemies over,and over again collecting items which,man some of these quests will require 10,of that item and the enemy will only,give you one at a time oh man much like,the main quests and overworlds there are,a few dungeons here are there but,theyre equally pretty uneventful and,unexciting and mostly play out the same,way as everything else in this game,there are villages to be explored and,none of the personalities within those,villages is all that exciting either so,yeah its just really dull all around,and it feels slow it feels monotonous,and it feels for lack of a better word,again just boring even with a second,player we werent having all that much,fun with this one on top of going,through the different side quests and,main quests of the game there is a,farming element where you can actually,grow various crops that you can then,sell or do whatever you wish with eat to,restore health and yeah you basically,are tilling the ground youre planting,the seeds youre watering the plants of,course and then youre picking them when,theyre ready its fine i guess if,youre a fan of farming simulation games,its not really an unwelcome addition i,didnt feel it was all that necessary,im not the biggest farming sim fan in,the world but i didnt necessarily mind,it its fairly well executed if not a,bit basic one funny little side note i,guess silent signs kept the watering can,in her inventory as the co-op partner,and that did not return to my game so i,couldnt water my plants and i watched,my strawberries die it was pretty sad,and stupid visually the game is kind of,cute but it looks a little bit last-gen,as opposed to current gen its nothing,fancy and its definitely not as cute as,i hate to compare here but the cat quest,games which are all around far better,and superior games you get a lot of the,same repeated environments here a lot of,forests a lot of trees that kind of,thing they do mix it up from time to,time you might find a desert here or,there but overall yeah this ones not,going to win any awards visually i was,able to run it no problem at max,settings with 4k resolution and all that,but it doesnt really help some low res,textures nothing really fantastic about,this art style that i can speak of and,the soundtrack its peaceful its not,half bad actually probably one of the,stronger points of the game but does,feel a little bit like its just,background music and not all that,memorable that actually more or less,sums up my feelings on kataria fables,its just not all that memorable its,competent but it feels like it took some,shortcuts in a lot of ways in terms of,game design the inventory system is not,all that great having to juggle all of,these different boxes and trying to just,create new weapons was a real drag its,a slow feeling boring game at the end of,the day and one that just left me a,little bit burnt out so if you have a,second player to go through this one uh,maybe maybe if you know see it on a sale,or something like that but if youre,just looking for an adventure rpg to go,through on your own definitely better,options out there check out the cat,quest series for example but yeah this,one a little bit of a disappointment,here,[Music],thank you so much for watching the,latest video from my dream of india we,would now like to take a moment to pay,tribute to our great indie warriors who,support us through channel memberships,mitchell hall bunny cavallo bill ticas,christian cruz strick9 chris jackson,nathan moore beach adriana amato cjr,falco lombardi c coil skepticism gen,rose jesse cpm julian colbus and jrs the,eighth thank you so much for all you

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