1. Review: KLMs FANTASTIC ECONOMY CLASS – Life Saving Head Rest!
  2. Flight Review: KLM Boeing 737-800 Intra-Europe Economy Class
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Review: KLMs FANTASTIC ECONOMY CLASS – Life Saving Head Rest!

so hello and welcome to another flight,review and today Im in Moscow,International Airport here at Oman and,this Airport just open diving last year,or two years ago and its beautiful its,what you want an airport to be its,spacious as beautiful has all those nice,screens and LEDs and it just looks super,clean and a very pious where you feel,very comfortable its um really really,impressed and today Ill be flying KLM,on the Airbus a330 in economy class I,earlier this year reviewed them in,business class on the turbo 7 and today,I try their economy class productive,some very curious and its a very,interesting slide it takes me to demand,in Saudi Arabia which has a stop for an,hour and a half and then from there it,continues to Amsterdam so I dont know,what I have to get off the airplane in,Saudi Arabia but most likely not,and then we continue to Amsterdam so Im,very curious about what KLM has to offer,on the Airbus a330 in economy class so,lets go to the gate and find out what,km is all about in economy class,so this is my flight today with incident,and the mountain which was apparently,and the HQ for the US Army and during,the Gulf War,yeah so its a short stop there for an,hour and in continuing to Amsterdam so,lets see,[Music],KLMs economy class on the Airbus a330,comes with 250 seats and 36 of them are,considered or called Economy Comfort of,a wider seat pitch a more generous,recline as well as in seat power,the remaining 240 seats are standard,economy class seats which are gonna talk,you through in a second welcome on board,herons comedy class Kevin and even,though this airplane has certain years,old Im quite lucky because this has,been refurbished solve the seats and the,holo on cabin is brand new,as you can see so I give you the,beautiful birth of a tour of the,brand-new kale and a kamikaze,and as you can see only the screens,around Frank you become a testament to a,touchscreen function USB then got the,foldable table here was just just about,as well and as the signature colors of,KLM so really really well done and see,pocket right here and also the seat,pitch is amazing,you also get a pillow,as well as a blanket so its um so far,very nice,this is the recline so else it comes,with a very generous recline beautiful,product,iku it seems to be in a very good mood,so I think this is gonna be a very,period and relaxing vibe back home I,mean its Christmas so everybody just,wants to go home outside,I wouldnt expect much drama so its,gonna be all fun and I definitely cant,stress enough how much of a life savers,headress is it makes a world of a,difference but let me also quickly talk,you to the entertainment system who came,and KLM and as you can see it is,extremely responsive offers a great,variety of movies international movies,sitcoms as well as documentaries and,look at this beautiful safety video,[Music],just landed into mom Saudi Arabia I was,just a 90-minute fine so there was not,much of a service what we got was a wrap,a chicken wrap a drink and we need to,point out those headrests because they,are amazing,they give you the perfect sleep so they,hold your head and position and you,sleep like the baby,you really nice seat so we gotta have,like one hour clear and then we continue,to varying brightness lead right now,three times to them,as a breakfast,nice looking on that,in print,adjustable headrests,but the breakfast,[Music],so I just landed in Amsterdam collected,my luggage and I I can honestly say that,this was a great great flight I had a,lovely sleep the seat was great they,have those new generational Recaro seats,which are super comfortable this amazing,headrest you have a proper seat was the,first time I wake up and I had no pain,in my neck nice seat pitch to prove was,amazing super hard-working youd smile,on her face really motivated it was just,a wonderful white house the food was,really good and yeah I cant complain,its like I dont know why like a shitty,airline like Lufthansa it gets five,stars and KLM doesnt because km never,disappoints me because they are,literally a great quality airline and,have really loved them you always know,that youre gonna have a great flight in,my case at least so if you think that,video was helpful please give it a like,subscribe to my channel if you havent,yet let me know in a comment section,below what is your favorite,economy-class product which airline do,you think offers the best seed food crew,entertainment whatever on economy-class,I really want to know is to leave a,comment in the comment section below and,as always I wish you safe travels and I,should actually say Merry Christmas our,Happy New Year but Im probably gonna,release this video sometime 2019 so guys,thanks for watching and see you on one,of my up and my upcoming reviews thank,you

Flight Review: KLM Boeing 737-800 Intra-Europe Economy Class

on Monday September 26th we flew from,Vilnius Lithuania to Edinburgh Scotland,via Amsterdam schiphol airport in the,Netherlands as a previous video reviewed,the air Baltic a220 experience the focus,of todays video will exclude the first,leg of the journey the first few minutes,will actually go over the transfer,experience at Amsterdam airport which,will then be followed by a review of the,short haul intra-europe economy class,experience aboard KLM Boeing 737-800 so,lets get started,this entire Journey began with some,anxiety around current levels of,quote-unquote airport chaos particularly,at Amsterdam Airport,while the peak of the chaos involving,long lineups and flight cancellations,took place over the summer skipol had,seen a Resurgence of these,inconveniences in recent weeks so what,was it like for us in late September,well in terms of airside transfer not,that bad actually,our first flight with air baltech,arrived in Amsterdam slightly ahead of,schedule and deplaning was fairly quick,with the use of a Jet Bridge the,airports moving walkways were a great,help in moving passengers quickly from,the very end of the airport Pier towards,the central transfer area,this was particularly important as we,had to clear Customs and Border control,for the second flight,with the inbound flight arriving,mid-morning there was certainly an,expectation of a busy and chaotic,terminal while it was indeed busy things,seemed far from chaotic the situation,was further helped by the fact that our,Travelers in this flight review had,passports that could be processed using,the automated kiosks otherwise known as,e-gates thus passing border control took,less than 10 minutes,it should be noted however that a lot of,effort was put into getting ahead of,other passengers on our inbound flight,some Speedy walking ensured we were,ahead of the pack for the border control,portion of our transfer,thus its quite possible that the,situation could have been different and,slower for those approaching Customs at,a different time,due to previous experiences at skipple,there was an expectation to go through,another security checkpoint however this,was not the case with this particular,trip and most passengers were free to,head to the gate immediately after,customs,at the same time a previous trip in 2021,for one of our Travelers found that at,the post Customs area there were airport,staff randomly choosing travelers to go,through security screening located off,to the side,thus its possible that experiences may,vary when transferring through the,airport which in this case was going,from Schengen to non-shengen,all in all however the two main,anxieties of transferring through,skippol never materialized border,control was quick and easy while a,security screening process was not,required,moving on our Travelers reach the gate,for their flight to Edinburgh about a,half hour before boarding at this point,it was clear that the boarding area was,far too small to accommodate all 180,plus passengers booked on the 737-800,service,this meant that some passengers decided,to sit on a narrow windowsill While,others had to stand around outside of,the gate area,aside from this the boarding process was,fairly Swift and the gate agents did a,solid job of controlling the process and,clearly turning passengers which zones,were currently welcomed to get on the,aircraft,walking through the jet bridge and,reaching the aircraft the first thing,experienced were KLM flight attendants,greeting passengers and handing out,packaged wet wipes to clean hands and or,wipe down surfaces passing through the,cabin it was clear that KLM had,refurbished the interior of this,particular aircraft,indeed it was in May of 2021 that KLM,began to introduce its retrofitted,economy class Caverns on 737-800s,these new cabins offer new slim seats,which are claimed to offer more Comfort,along with Wi-Fi and a few other,features which will soon go through in a,later section of this video,the aircraft taking our travelers to,Edinburgh was a Boeing 737-800,registered Papa Hotel bravo charlie,delta this aircraft is about nine and a,half years old and was delivered in May,of 2013.,operating as flight,kl1281 we noticed that this same service,uses a mix of aircraft depending on,passenger demand,thus other aircraft types deployed on,flight,kl1281 have included the,737-700-737-900 the Embraer e195 and,e195e2,so while the dash 800s relatively new,cabin was nice to experience it would,also have been great to experience klms,new E2 jet,but moving on to the economy class seat,these have a pitch of about 30 inches,and a width of 17 inches with our main,flight reviewer being nearly six feet or,180 centimeters tall this felt adequate,it also allowed enough space to place a,large backpack under the seat in front,while the seats on klms narrow bodies,lack in-flight Entertainment Systems the,new cabins do at least provide USB ports,to charge personal devices these are,situated between the seats in front,under two ports each making for four,ports available to three passengers,other than this there werent too many,other special features the seats had,mesh pockets and little plastic knobs to,allow passengers to hang their jackets,unsurprisingly the seats also had tray,tables but also had separate cup holders,which allows passengers the ability to,keep their tray table stowed away while,still having a place to hold a beverage,on this one occasion the passenger,beside us opened up their seat back,pocket to find used tissue paper from a,previous flight this would indicate an,incomplete and rushed cleaning job,performed by the ground Crews,although seat back screens were absent,the airline was supposed to be equipped,with in-flight Wi-Fi which was supposed,to include 30 minutes of free messaging,unfortunately we were unable to connect,a smartphone to the network its,possible that Crews disabled this,feature due to how short the flight was,which is typically about one hour,[Music],[Music],to say 10 minutes and with that delay,here I expect to arrive in at about 15,minutes late so local time around 12 25.,our flying time today will be one hour,and 10 minutes we would like to extend,the special Welcome to our Flying Blue,members in a moment I would like to,explain a few things about the safety on,board in the unlikely event,ually illuminated Escape out to the,nearest exit my colleagues are,indicating where the lights and nearest,emergency exits are located the exit,might be behind you leave all your hand,baggage behind and follow the,instructions of the crew,[Music],[Music],please,[Music],foreign,[Music],moving on to our next point a,complementary in-flight snack and,beverage was provided despite the short,flight,this is actually a standard service on,klms intra-europe flight,the downside for these relatively fast,Services is the lack of choice as all,passengers on todays flight were only,offered an egg salad sandwich,as for beverages Travelers could choose,from juice or soda as well as water or,sparkling water,the egg salad sandwich was tasty and it,was nice to read the story of the,sandwich on the packaging assuming,everything written on this packaging is,true it looks like KLM sources its,ingredients from local Dutch suppliers,which are also Keen to prioritize,quality,furthermore the cheese included in the,sandwich is apparently climate neutral,as quickly as they had served snacks,cabin Crews were quick to pass through,to collect garbage and prepare the cabin,for landing soon enough we were,beginning the approach into Edinburgh,[Music],this particular flight and approach into,Edinburgh offered a fantastic view of,the city from the left-hand window,unfortunately this particular view isnt,guaranteed as they approach into,Edinburgh airport appears to alternate,in fact some flights come in from the,Northeast on some days while on other,days flights may come from the southwest,still if you want to get the best view,of the city on the way in its,recommended to select

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BUSINESS CLASS FOR JUST £136! KLM Business vs Economy Flight Comparison

from amsterdam to,london,[Laughter],also known as,welcome to,amsterdam,today you could probably guess where,were flying were flying on,watch that pronunciation more commonly,known as klm were going to be flying on,the triple seven three hundred er from,amsterdam to dubai,you got it right this time im gonna be,flying in business class and liam in,economy,i think we need to get ourselves down,off this massive sign now and head off,into the airport and check in and see,what this whole experience is going to,be like for the both of us lets do it,[Music],okay here we are skipper airport never,know how to say that properly im about,to go check in for my klm flight to,dubai so right over here is the sky,priority area so with a business class,ticket youre able to get priority,check-in,and theres this lovely little sky,priority arch right behind me which im,going to head through right now to go,and check in it doesnt look too busy so,i think its going to be pretty easy so,here i am at amsterdam skipper or,schiphol airport im not actually sure,how you pronounce that but as you can,see flying with klm today in economy now,ive played with klm a few times short,haul but never long haul before so you,know im very interested to see what,this experience is like i think klm are,the oldest operating airline in the,world so theyve had a long time to get,it right lets go and check in,[Music],hey,how you doing to dubai today,[Music],okay so that is check-in complete the,whole thing took me about 20 minutes,from start to finish so pretty speedy,now is it just me or are long check-ins,a thing of the past i cant remember the,last time it took me more than 30,minutes to get through bag dropping,security so i know let me know in the,comments what you think are airport,queues a thing of the past anyway im,now through to the main air of the,airport i havent got any lounge access,today so i need to go and find myself,something to drink and a little snack,well ive made it through security that,was incredibly easy barely any queues at,check-in,to security there was no one really,waiting and i was through in a breeze,through passport control and im in the,main area of the lounge ive actually,just been very excited by the proximity,of the planes to the windows here so im,going to go have a look at some planes,first,and then head to the lounge to see what,thats like,[Music],[Applause],[Music],its a very sunny bright day here in,holland which is nice the airport seems,fairly busy lots of hustle and bustle,about i want to go and find somewhere a,bit more adventurous than a starbucks to,sit down and have a drink im a big fan,of this massive heineken bar behind me,but,probably a little bit early at midday on,a wednesday if i wasnt working who,knows but yeah well have to save that,for next time well i got very distracted,by the planes but now im heading to the,lounge top tip for you because it is a,little bit confusing the klm launch its,lounge 52 it stops showing klm logos and,just says airline launch 52 thats the,way you need to find it so uh,watch out for that top tip,[Applause],oh nice lighting,so im really impressed by the klm,business class crown lounge and one of,the most amazing things is theres so,many sections and parts to it and you,can see behind me theres bits upstairs,bits downstairs the terrace up there,theres working sections down here and,so theres something for everybody here,and i think this is the way they divided,the space up it feels like even bigger,than it is and its pretty huge anyway,and theres also different food,selections theres restaurant areas some,of it is closed at the moment but it,does feel very spacious its relatively,busy but theres plenty of places to sit,down and relax,[Music],so all the features in this pretty,amazing lounge,this the outdoor terrace is just the,absolute dream for me to be outside and,watch the planes get some fresh air a,little bit of kerosene mixed into that,air i guess,this is just so perfect,cheers,ill tell you what who needs a lounge,when youve got this ive just been,brought a massive cappuccino im sitting,in a big cup of sea and ive got views,of the apron out front of me with all,the klm planes on this sunny amsterdam,day you know i refuse to believe that,nikki could be having a better time than,this,[Music],so im here at the boarding gate now and,i can see nice big klm triple seven in,front of me now heres another fact,about klm that ill be honest i did not,know before looking it up earlier but,after it merged with air france in 2004,it actually became the worlds largest,airline in terms of total operating,revenue and total passengers flown per,kilometer so were not talking about a,small airline here its big business,something tells me this is not going to,be an empty flight,[Music],so boarding has begun there is a sky,priority lane here but its kind of like,mayhem theres just people everywhere i,dont think anybody really knows where,to go okay boarding gate to check in,complete now walking down onto the plane,it was pretty hectic out there it looks,like its going to be a pretty packed,flight today and to be honest i havent,had to do an economy review on a full,plane in quite a while so im hoping,that my seat neighbors dont mind me,talking alright see you later nikki,oh there he goes into business the lucky,devil,i want to call him something else but i,wont so there are two jet bridges and,rows one to six are the business class,roses so im gonna go down this separate,jet bridge nice and clear down here look,at that we love to see it nobody likes,to be in a jet bridge waiting,queueing or not here and not today were,straight on,hello how are you,passing through economy comfort,unfortunately this is not where im,going to be sitting today,[Music],so here we are in the business class,seat on the klm triple seven 300 er now,the first thing i want to say is i have,snagged a deal on this ive used virgin,points 50 000 of them in just 130 pounds,if you want to find out how you can do,this too and fly on this seat for almost,free and avoid two and a half thousand,pounds which is the usual ticket price,you can click the article in the link,below so this is the seat on the k11,triple seven there are better seats,available youll find something a little,bit nicer on the dreamliners and klm,have a new product but this one is,pretty good on first impressions,there is decent comfort decent legroom,especially a little bit of extra privacy,sitting in this row six which is,separate from the rest of the cabin im,going to show you around the rest of the,seat now so here we are in the sea im,going to check out some of the features,on here now first up weve got a tray,table um which is nice and solid comes,out here and opens up relatively sturdy,a little bit bouncy if youre trying to,do some work you might have a little bit,of a struggle but its a nice size and,adjustable moves back and forth and then,youve got this control panel here which,will allow you to move your headrest,back and forth your legs up and down and,change the lumbar support and make the,seat into a bed,theres a control panel right here to,control the screen in front of you the,screen in front of you is actually,pretty decent big size im showing a,moving map lots of movies and tv options,as well there is the option to put this,armrest down and by doing that you can,then make a wider and flatter bed right,behind me here there is a panel with a,proper socket to plug your electronics,into a usb plug and a socket to put your,headphones into in terms of storage,theres not a lot to speak of theres a,little unit in front theres a little,bit below the footrest in front of you,and a little area here but its really,all for loose items theres no real,storage wardrobe or cupboard to put your,stuff in finally theres a small little,light here and the light above and no,air north and you know how much i love,in air nozzles its a shame that we,dont have that also in this 2-2-2,configuration theyre

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My Disappointing KLM Business Class Experience (Bad Luck?!)

for the past few years ive often said,the klm and thin air are my favorite,european airlines ive flown klm,business class over half a dozen times,and never had a bad experience until,today ill be honest this really tested,my love for klm because almost,everything that could go wrong did go,wrong lets start from the beginning,shall we,im non-stop dan a half sweet and half,american whos been obsessed with,airplanes for as long as i can remember,over the past seven years ive flown 150,different airlines virtually all,self-funded nonstop dan is all about,trying to get as much value as possible,with my miles or when those are running,low my money and then spreading the word,so you guys get optimal value and can,enjoy your travels to the max and,hopefully enjoy my geeky videos along,the way,it all started when i went to dubai in,january this year and visited expo im a,sucker for international events that,bring together countries from all over,the world and i enjoyed it so much i,wanted to bring back a family member mom,was available so i booked her oscar and,myself on my favorite european airline,klm i paid their tickets with points,costing 42,500 miles plus about 200 euros per,person in taxes meanwhile my ticket,costs 1150 which while a lot of money is,actually a decent deal for a one-way,ticket to dubai however business class,was four times the price of economy and,as youre about to see it wasnt nearly,worth the price premium originally the,flight i found was perfect wed fly from,gothenburg to amsterdam on their cute,embryo 175s enjoy three hours of work in,the klm crown lounge and then fly the,787-9 featuring klms hands-down best,product to dubai to show my mom the best,side of klm the only caveat was that in,typical klm fashion this flight was part,of a triangle route a triangle route is,a flight that operates to two cities in,a row forming something that resembles,the shape of a triangle it picks up and,drops off passengers in both cities but,starts and ends at the airlines hub in,this case our flight would take us to,dubai with a 70-minute ground stop in,kuwait city getting us to our,destination at the brutal hour of 2 25,a.m may there not be any delays right,our flight left at the wonderful hour of,10 am so we didnt have to get up too,early and we got to the airport in high,spirits good morning,hello hello we are heading all three of,us,to dubai just checking in,how do you feel,excited and happy,how do you feel,safe,in no time we made it through security,so a pro tip for anyone with an amex,platinum or gold card you can get free,breakfast or lunch at espresso house you,just have to show the card theyll tell,you what you can get but its usually a,warm drink so like coffee or chai latte,or something i always get the chai latte,a juice and a sandwich salad or some,sort of breakfast item so its really,really awesome a perk that many people,dont know about valid of course if you,get a swedish amex gold or platinum as,well,link below we enjoyed our free breakfast,in the lounge as our aircraft taxident,from amsterdam,the anticipation was really building and,we were hyping mom up possibly a little,too much klm business class is one of,mine and oscars favorite european,business class products my mom has never,tried it before so were excited to see,what she thinks of course i hope shell,love it so lets board our tiny little,embryo 175,down to amsterdam can you tell this,video was originally intended to be,something along the lines of why i love,klm so much ouch,and 9 44 am we boarded our little tiny,wittle bittle brazilian,embryo 175 and were greeted by a lovely,crew as im used to on klm we settled in,and quickly realized that the other two,passengers who were supposed to be in,business class with us hadnt made it so,we got to enjoy the entire cabin to,ourselves as always when we spooled up,we got to enjoy the soothing sounds of,the engines am i the only one who finds,these sounds super relaxing sound has,actually been shown to help you focus,elevate your exercise or even sleep and,if sitting on airplanes 24 7 isnt your,thing i have good news theres actually,a patented technology that generates,soundscapes that respond to your,location heart rate and even the weather,enter endl an app that scientifically,generates soundscapes to help you relax,instantly have laser sharp focus in all,settings or sleep in any time zone by,integrating with your circadian rhythm,its pretty amazing to have sounds,custom generated for you and best of all,the first 100 people to download endl at,the link right below in the description,box will get a free week of audio,experiences,the flight down to amsterdam was,stunning with beautiful weather from,takeoff to landing and if you live in,northern europe you know that that is,almost unheard of this time of year i,love the klm has brought back their,in-flight magazines since last summer in,fact theres nothing more satisfying,than opening it up during boarding and,looking at the fleet and destination,pages that i may already know by heart,[Music],once in the big ams we had to take a bus,to the terminal as is often the case,with klm city hopper on the way there we,spotted papa hotel bravo hotel delta the,787-9 that was gonna take us to dubai a,few hours later the last time i was in,the new non-schengen crown lounge in,january 2020 i didnt realize just how,big the lounge was most people sit right,by the entrance and dont explore the,multitude of seating areas offered i,mean this requires some serious decision,making the lounge feels like 10 places,in one and is branded in every,imaginable way klm really nails its,branding in my opinion,[Music],the quirky dutch global vibe is just my,cup of tea so im a sucker for klms,houses and i just saw that they have an,exhibition of all 102 houses they ever,made here in the lounge,on the top floor they have a restaurant,and bar the former is close to the cove,19 and the ladder is only open until 1pm,strangely they make you pay for most,drinks up here which is quite the,contrast to other quality airlines they,even charge for something as basic as a,mocktail and the price oh boy,still its a fun concept and theres a,small selection of free food downstairs,considering that this is the only lounge,for all of klms non-changing flights,from their main hub the food selection,isnt exactly overwhelming but you wont,go hungry either its better to feast on,these drool-worthy views from the,outdoor terrace despite the coldest time,of year nothing can stop me from braving,the elements to enjoy the sweet smell of,jet fuel,[Music],but all of a sudden,so plot twist things can never be easy,apparently because i just got a text,saying our flight was delayed 15 minutes,which obviously is no big deal,i went in just to read the details and,then i saw,wait a minute what is seat 5c i selected,8a so i thought oh it just must be some,error right so i went and tried to see,the seat map,couldnt see anything so then i went to,the flight details and saw hold on a,minute where is the 787 dreamliner i,booked now the flight is showing as a,triple 7 200 which you know dont get me,wrong thats a great airplane too but a,klm theres the good seat and then,theres the other seat and that seat is,the one you want to avoid of course i,booked this flight specifically via,kuwait instead of going direct to dubai,so that my mom could experience the best,that klm has to offer the 787-9 now,were on the same triple seven seat that,normally goes to dubai and a bunch of,other destinations so null sub dan and,the curse of equipment swaps seems to,continue,so yeah that was a bummer changing from,one aircraft to another wouldnt be such,a big deal if it didnt mean a massive,downgrade in terms of seating losing our,pre-selected seats and you know every,son wants their mom to have the best of,the best i really wouldnt have been so,upset if it hadnt been that id,specifically gone out of my way to get,my mom a specific experience only to,have that taken away

My 150 Euros KLM World BUSINESS CLASS Flight!

welcome to the KLM twice to Jakarta,would be so kom operate this fifth,freedom rights a footprint of right bids,the kom flies from Amsterdam to Kuala,Lumpur Malaysia and all were to Jakarta,so hes flying beyond Netherland from,Malaysia to even be,price is very low for about 150 euro,with,the cheapest way to try the KOF,businessman hi hello,[Music],thank you,[Music],the best thing I found the golden lounge,the most amazing aspect is the you know,open kitchen here is like a food habit,just like the country Malaysia it has,all types of beautiful great food like,street food and all sort of exotic,juices and laksa and theyve got a,coffee barrister and heir to make fresh,coffee so this is a really nice feature,here this is the joy factor comes to the,lounge to enjoy,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],hi how are ya hey thank you very much,six-eight we knew you were coming,oh good good yes come on boy all right,Foley oh yes hi how you doing,[Music],[Music],the guys klm here is the worlds most,apt eat friendly airline when the,captain sees me coming in he might need,it in the cockpit and let me sit down on,the left and six hes actually filming,me as well and,showing me all this Eastern panda,exclaiming about the performance about,everything about a triple seven so if,youre a aviation geek theres a bonus,to fly KLM seven we have we have,actually a camera outside we can,actually check everything so long the,airplay and then its hard to you have a,feeling when the sexy sexy tracks are,very narrow hmm they can actually see,exactly where your wheels are so you,wont end up in the breast whats the,flight time today,Oh quite long one 943 what would be,cruising it,about,thirty-five,$35 you can actually see the two front,doors are open so procedure obsessive,still you know yeah thats good Kevin,true say like today there was some,hotter airline cancel a flight so were,gonna pick up all their loads thats,always good well be trying never to,cancel shes gonna have some light rain,coming in KL maybe you think were gonna,have a chance for thunderstorm yeah,theres always a chance and actually you,can see it starting to rain now so we,have to make a new performance,calculation whoa,this is always different when you have,to get a slope advise people theyre,very wet track this is runway condition,wet yeah recalculation with at wet one,area because thats all you can see is,actually starting to rain now,its sent to the computer,that will actually make the calculation,[Music],[Music],as you can see here the sky is getting,darker by the minutes and we push back,and then start raining already big,thunderstorm the afternoon is looming,theres the crazy thunderstorm underway,in Keaau at a moment that was a crazy,verse of energy from the sky you know,really loud thunderstorm loud bang so,were just holding on the taxiway right,now were unable to take off,the captain my name is Rajesh,[Music],we actually come to the right place,for a few minutes,before the tennis courts,before we go and take off its behind us,Im sorry when its not say,so on,this outer core,the difference,[Music],outside weather is improving,[Music],heartache Oh,the KO and in-flight entertainment is,very simple to use very clear I was able,to touch screen and select the latest,movie selection,[Music],my seats is really comfortable with,excellent padding the footwell is also,big the only downside of these seats is,you have to hop over someone to get out,if you are sitting by the window I would,recommend row 6 for a business class,fire as this row is the single row in,the second mini cabin so it has more,private and exclusive feel this is my,neighbor today sit next to me hes,Marcel from here know myself,Martin Martin this is Martin from,Amsterdam from Netherlands,yes thats correct its absurd am,alright how are you well 195 so that,would be six five I promise all but you,are taller than me like theres no,parking for me then in Neverland,everyones told her theres no short,people we never that makes it easier,yeah free it would be good tell me why,you like,youre you like hey om or you dont like,halen no Im a big fan actually have,like AI live about 20 times a year and I,like it a lot to comply yes absolutely,and I was a few things are like one is,there is a really good airline for tall,people because of several reasons they,have more space for legs and more,different seats were for which a good,photo quit you think when this six goes,fully plans were you able to sleep well,yes because they have thats why its a,bit diagonal there when its on your,lick and go yeah its a so you prefer,kom overwrite grind there right Im not,going into right now anymore not my,intuition,but it gets a ticket called about Africa,by bike fight the answer its a shame,because I have a lot of lots of,followers in Asia okay that I always,want to do something for my Indonesian,for,[Music],yeah theyre among the friendliest,people in the planet hi general I,believe so Martin told me the KOF dining,ware is designed by the famous Dutch,designer masa Wenders kom serve a full,trade dinner on our 1 hour 40 minutes,short flights the muse on offer are,inspired by Indonesian cuisine Im,really surprised kom on this short fly,they have a Indonesian inspired cuisine,menu in business class this thing here,is a fish cake I found the name is,Kolchak ootek its some Palin Bond style,fish cake its really cool I sure fly,there that she spent after to have,Indonesian food on board and by the way,I always love the Dutch I love this,little shoes the red shoes here its a,full house flight and I see the cruise,extremely busy they still helping me to,make the video which is very kind of,done I said youtuber and as the V lager,you know our job is to no matter regular,shine thunderstorm or sunny weather we,got a half the job done we got to,deliver the video to the audience,yeah,the locust business,very very slow motion,klm past the economy comfort and economy,in the back so the economy comfort give,you a five six more inches of legroom so,Im just gonna try out this empty stood,here Wow that liquor up here you can,instantly fill the liquor miss you know,and even the person in front of me is,such a recline this this is really good,comfort because you see my lake I can go,straight you can see my leg now I can go,all the way as super super good liquor,this is really good for twelve people,like that yeah,doing what shes up to tourism me like,Im a bit better this is to all my,friends and followers on come fly kale,and then watch the YouTube video this is,the happiest moment of KLM tours and the,flight all the passengers business class,get to choose their favorite dutch,palace collection so I have a lot of,missing so Im going to take the whole,tray home down I choose some all shapes,on them this one is bigger than our,todays so there has to be a rich mans,house in Poland I like this one this one,yeah I think yeah that was used on the,trunk house I think was a little on the,front house 57 I think all right 57,number 57 on the back so each cows back,theres a number so,its now up to 97 797 houses so youre,going to keep flying km then you can get,one 97 year collection I bet theyre up,you worried well overall I have an,excellent fee freedom flight operated by,KLM to allow me to enjoy the latest,world business class offering I enjoy,the fly even though we went through a,massive thunderstorm before takeoff I,had a very productive flight from,visiting the cockpit to business class,and trying out the Economy Comfort plus,all the fun together with the staff the,staff has always been friendly and,inviting not to mention I took to Dutch,House as solving the air hole thanks for,watching guys see you next week again,you,[Music]

KLM Long-Haul Economy Class Review

a few days ago I published a review on,our France long-haul experience today it,is time to do something similar but with,its fellow airline,KLM wife Lupe lamps triple7 300 er from,their hub Amsterdams Kiefel back home,to Buenos Aires you can check out that,trip report on the channel starting by,the heart pro that KLM seed was really,good it featured an even better leg room,than air France did on their triple 7,200 considering that I am 1.75 meters or,5 foot 7 for the Americans it featured,an adjustable headrest which could also,be changed in height so it makes it even,better as I always say I find these,things very comfortable usually on,long-haul flights as this one moreover,it had an in-flight entertainment screen,with a headphone jack and USB port below,some storage space for magazines an,adjustable tray table with some nice,color touches and the seat pocket with a,safety card with enough space to store,some other personal items,[Music],in addition there was also a universal,power outlet below the seat for some,reason my seat 18a had no window Im,going to explain this strange situation,and how it was solved in the next video,so subscribe if you dont want to miss,that storytime at least not having a,window there helped me get some decent,sleep as I wasnt feeling very well when,I got to the famous 18a where there are,pillow and a blanket,later on the flight attendants went,through the cabin handing out some,headphones but as I already had mine,they refused to give me this footage is,from the ones given to my mom,[Music],the in-flight entertainment I guess was,good too,sincerely I dont usually use it for,more than watching the flight map on,listening to some music but for those of,you who are interested the selection of,movies music playlists and TV shows was,good,[Music],onto the soft product now the service,was really good too,a couple of minutes after takeoff the,crew handed out the bottle of water and,a refreshing towel next up came to,dinner which could be chosen between,meatballs or pasta as usual I decided to,go for the past option which was a,little spicy,looks like the Dutch cuisine uses that,kind of ingredients because the same,happened on my other flight with KLM,from Madrid to Amsterdam,anyway the meal came with a nice salad a,bread roll and muffin for dessert and a,drink of your choice as well as with a,little box with some dressings,[Music],to sum up this first meal to your coffee,were served I decided to go for some tea,I was having a sore throat but sometime,during the middle of the flight the crew,handed out a little box with some snacks,by that moment I was asleep but when I,woke up I found it on my tray table,there were some things to eat on the cup,of water two hours before our arrival at,Buenos Aires breakfast was served I was,actually looking forward to it,it is not normal that I want to have,breakfast on an airplane but I was quite,hungry this time however I have to say,that even though I dont know what it,was it tasted horrible,I thought it was like an omelet but,certainly not apart from that there were,some yoghurt a fruit salad and a bread,roll as well as the tea that I asked for,[Music],oli no the KLM long-haul experience was,really good pretty similar concept to,our France on the first flight of my,trip but I was very surprised by both,subscribe if you dont want to miss a,comparison between these two nor the,story of what happened with my seat,coming in the next couple of days thank,you very much for watching until the end,and onto the next one

KLM Review – Everything You Need to Know About KLM | KLM Airlines

nice to see you on board thank you,this is Dr hour Im right inside the,cockpit of KLM we just had a very smooth,flight from Lagos Nigeria to Amsterdam,Netherlands and Im looking forward to,my connecting flight back to the U.S,Houston Texas look at the cockpit very,beautiful everyone in here is very nice,we had a pleasant time in fact I would,encourage you make klf your Top Choice,the big blue bird you see in this video,glittering beneath the sun is the very,Lefty Boeing 777 hyphen 300 ER,one of many aircrafts operated by the,krm Rio Dutch Airlines the KLM Royal,Dutch Airlines also known as the Royal,Aviation company PLC is the flat carrier,airline of the Netherlands KLM is,headquartered in amstervin and has its,harp at nearby Amsterdam airport shifo,it is part of the Air France hyphen krm,group and a member of the SkyTeam,airline alliance,founded in 1919 Kim is the oldest,operating airline in the world and has,up to 35 488 employees with a fleet of,110 excluding subsidiaries as of 2021,krm operates scheduled passengers and,cargo services to 145 destinations so,today Ill be flying to our Accra Ghana,on the Royal Dutch Airline PLM,one of the largest aircrafts that flies,into kotoka International Airport,um Ive flown tlm on several occasions,so its always been my first time,however Ive never flown or Ive not,been on the killing flight into Accra,the last time I went to Accra I,bought it Emirates from Dubai I think I,have that video on my YouTube page,so sit back relax as as I share my,experience with you guys boarding or,flying PLM to,Ghana,made in Perfection for Absolute Comfort,and ease of travel all the airport,terminals checkpoints and lounges are,well equipped with all it takes to make,flight procedures so seamless secure,timely and above all comfortable,krm has an extensive presence on social,media platforms and also runs a Blog,customers can make inquiries through,these channels the airline also uses,these networks to inform customers of,the krm news marketing campaigns and,promotions,the airlines use of social media,platforms to reach customers peaked when,the Icelandic,volcanookul erupted in April 2010,causing widespread disruption to air,traffic,customers use the social media Network,to contact the airlines,which use them to provide information,about the situation,following the increased use of social,media KLM created a centralized public,social website named the social media,hub in October 2010.,KLM has three cabin classes the,international Long Hollow roads World,business class economic comfort and,economy,personal screens with audio video on,demand satellite telephone SMS and email,services are available in all cabins on,our long-haul aircrafts European shut,hole and medium-hull flights have,economy seats in the rare cabin,and economy comfort in Europe business,in the forward cabin,[Music],the world business class is klms,long-haul business class product sits in,the old award business class at 20,inches wide and have a 60 inch pitch,can be reclined into a 170 degree angled,flatbed with a length of 75 inches,since I equipped with a 10.4 inch,personal entertainment system with audio,and video on demand in the armrest,privacy canopy massage function and,laptop power ports,economic Comfort is the premium economy,class offered on all krm and krm City,Harbor flights,economy Comfort Seats on long-haul,flights have 4 inches more pitch than,economy class a 35 to 36 inch Beach and,can recline up to 7 inches double the,recline of economy,economic Comfort sits on short-hole,flights have 3.5 inch more pitch,totaling 33.5 to 34.5 inch and can,recline up to 5 inches further,actually except for the increased pitch,and recline sitting and service in,economy Comfort is the same as an,economy class,economic Comfort is located in a,separate cabin before the economy class,and passengers can exit the aircraft,before economy passengers,the economical assets on long-haul,flights have a 31 to 32 inch pitch and,are 17.5 inches wide,all sets are equipped with adjustable,winged headrests a 9 inch PTV with avod,and a personal handset satellite,telephone that can be used with a credit,card,economy classes in Airbus A330,300 aircraft are also equipped with,insert par,the economy class sits on short-hole,flights have a 30 to 31 inch pitch and,are 17 inches wide the economy Classics,on short-hole flights do not feature any,personal entertainment but then the,long-haul economy class sitting is in a,343 AB rest Arrangement on the Boeing,77300 ER,0.77 200 ER and the Boeing 747 400,aircraft,[Music],klms in-flight entertainment system is,available in all classes on all wide,body aircrafts it provides all,passengers with audio slash video on,demand or avod,the system includes interactive,entertainment including movies,television programs music games and,language courses about 80 movies,including recent releases Classics and,Ward Cinema are available in several,languages the selection is changed every,month the in-flight entertainment system,can be used to send SMS text messages,and emails to the ground,foreign,[Music],thank you,[Music],World business class passengers are,served a three-course meal each year krm,partners with a leading Dutch Chef to,develop the dishes that are served on,board,passengers in Europe business class,served either a cold meal a hot main,course or a three-course meal depending,on the duration of the flight,KLM and its Partners serve 133,destinations in 70 countries on five,continents from their Hub at Amsterdam,airport shifo code share agreements,bring the total amount of destinations,all the way available for a qrm to 826,this Airline remains one of the best for,international flights and for sure it,can be recommended always

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