1. My Disappointing KLM Business Class Experience (Bad Luck?!)
  2. BRUTALLY HONEST: Flying KLM’s NEW Business Class to Amsterdam
  3. KLM 777 World Business Class GRU-AMS Trip Report
  4. How Is KLM Business Class in 2020? UPDATED REVIEW!
  6. AWESOME: KLM World Business Class on the 787: Amsterdam – Mexico City
  7. Finally! KLM 787 Business Class | TRIP REPORT

My Disappointing KLM Business Class Experience (Bad Luck?!)

for the past few years ive often said,the klm and thin air are my favorite,european airlines ive flown klm,business class over half a dozen times,and never had a bad experience until,today ill be honest this really tested,my love for klm because almost,everything that could go wrong did go,wrong lets start from the beginning,shall we,im non-stop dan a half sweet and half,american whos been obsessed with,airplanes for as long as i can remember,over the past seven years ive flown 150,different airlines virtually all,self-funded nonstop dan is all about,trying to get as much value as possible,with my miles or when those are running,low my money and then spreading the word,so you guys get optimal value and can,enjoy your travels to the max and,hopefully enjoy my geeky videos along,the way,it all started when i went to dubai in,january this year and visited expo im a,sucker for international events that,bring together countries from all over,the world and i enjoyed it so much i,wanted to bring back a family member mom,was available so i booked her oscar and,myself on my favorite european airline,klm i paid their tickets with points,costing 42,500 miles plus about 200 euros per,person in taxes meanwhile my ticket,costs 1150 which while a lot of money is,actually a decent deal for a one-way,ticket to dubai however business class,was four times the price of economy and,as youre about to see it wasnt nearly,worth the price premium originally the,flight i found was perfect wed fly from,gothenburg to amsterdam on their cute,embryo 175s enjoy three hours of work in,the klm crown lounge and then fly the,787-9 featuring klms hands-down best,product to dubai to show my mom the best,side of klm the only caveat was that in,typical klm fashion this flight was part,of a triangle route a triangle route is,a flight that operates to two cities in,a row forming something that resembles,the shape of a triangle it picks up and,drops off passengers in both cities but,starts and ends at the airlines hub in,this case our flight would take us to,dubai with a 70-minute ground stop in,kuwait city getting us to our,destination at the brutal hour of 2 25,a.m may there not be any delays right,our flight left at the wonderful hour of,10 am so we didnt have to get up too,early and we got to the airport in high,spirits good morning,hello hello we are heading all three of,us,to dubai just checking in,how do you feel,excited and happy,how do you feel,safe,in no time we made it through security,so a pro tip for anyone with an amex,platinum or gold card you can get free,breakfast or lunch at espresso house you,just have to show the card theyll tell,you what you can get but its usually a,warm drink so like coffee or chai latte,or something i always get the chai latte,a juice and a sandwich salad or some,sort of breakfast item so its really,really awesome a perk that many people,dont know about valid of course if you,get a swedish amex gold or platinum as,well,link below we enjoyed our free breakfast,in the lounge as our aircraft taxident,from amsterdam,the anticipation was really building and,we were hyping mom up possibly a little,too much klm business class is one of,mine and oscars favorite european,business class products my mom has never,tried it before so were excited to see,what she thinks of course i hope shell,love it so lets board our tiny little,embryo 175,down to amsterdam can you tell this,video was originally intended to be,something along the lines of why i love,klm so much ouch,and 9 44 am we boarded our little tiny,wittle bittle brazilian,embryo 175 and were greeted by a lovely,crew as im used to on klm we settled in,and quickly realized that the other two,passengers who were supposed to be in,business class with us hadnt made it so,we got to enjoy the entire cabin to,ourselves as always when we spooled up,we got to enjoy the soothing sounds of,the engines am i the only one who finds,these sounds super relaxing sound has,actually been shown to help you focus,elevate your exercise or even sleep and,if sitting on airplanes 24 7 isnt your,thing i have good news theres actually,a patented technology that generates,soundscapes that respond to your,location heart rate and even the weather,enter endl an app that scientifically,generates soundscapes to help you relax,instantly have laser sharp focus in all,settings or sleep in any time zone by,integrating with your circadian rhythm,its pretty amazing to have sounds,custom generated for you and best of all,the first 100 people to download endl at,the link right below in the description,box will get a free week of audio,experiences,the flight down to amsterdam was,stunning with beautiful weather from,takeoff to landing and if you live in,northern europe you know that that is,almost unheard of this time of year i,love the klm has brought back their,in-flight magazines since last summer in,fact theres nothing more satisfying,than opening it up during boarding and,looking at the fleet and destination,pages that i may already know by heart,[Music],once in the big ams we had to take a bus,to the terminal as is often the case,with klm city hopper on the way there we,spotted papa hotel bravo hotel delta the,787-9 that was gonna take us to dubai a,few hours later the last time i was in,the new non-schengen crown lounge in,january 2020 i didnt realize just how,big the lounge was most people sit right,by the entrance and dont explore the,multitude of seating areas offered i,mean this requires some serious decision,making the lounge feels like 10 places,in one and is branded in every,imaginable way klm really nails its,branding in my opinion,[Music],the quirky dutch global vibe is just my,cup of tea so im a sucker for klms,houses and i just saw that they have an,exhibition of all 102 houses they ever,made here in the lounge,on the top floor they have a restaurant,and bar the former is close to the cove,19 and the ladder is only open until 1pm,strangely they make you pay for most,drinks up here which is quite the,contrast to other quality airlines they,even charge for something as basic as a,mocktail and the price oh boy,still its a fun concept and theres a,small selection of free food downstairs,considering that this is the only lounge,for all of klms non-changing flights,from their main hub the food selection,isnt exactly overwhelming but you wont,go hungry either its better to feast on,these drool-worthy views from the,outdoor terrace despite the coldest time,of year nothing can stop me from braving,the elements to enjoy the sweet smell of,jet fuel,[Music],but all of a sudden,so plot twist things can never be easy,apparently because i just got a text,saying our flight was delayed 15 minutes,which obviously is no big deal,i went in just to read the details and,then i saw,wait a minute what is seat 5c i selected,8a so i thought oh it just must be some,error right so i went and tried to see,the seat map,couldnt see anything so then i went to,the flight details and saw hold on a,minute where is the 787 dreamliner i,booked now the flight is showing as a,triple 7 200 which you know dont get me,wrong thats a great airplane too but a,klm theres the good seat and then,theres the other seat and that seat is,the one you want to avoid of course i,booked this flight specifically via,kuwait instead of going direct to dubai,so that my mom could experience the best,that klm has to offer the 787-9 now,were on the same triple seven seat that,normally goes to dubai and a bunch of,other destinations so null sub dan and,the curse of equipment swaps seems to,continue,so yeah that was a bummer changing from,one aircraft to another wouldnt be such,a big deal if it didnt mean a massive,downgrade in terms of seating losing our,pre-selected seats and you know every,son wants their mom to have the best of,the best i really wouldnt have been so,upset if it hadnt been that id,specifically gone out of my way to get,my mom a specific experience only to,have that taken away

BRUTALLY HONEST: Flying KLM’s NEW Business Class to Amsterdam

today im flying business class on the,dutch flag carrier klm ill be trying,out their brand new 78710 which features,a scarcely seen new business class ill,be providing you with a brutally honest,review of the entire experience of what,its really like on the flying dutchman,from the dining sleeping arrangements,and even a never-before-seen insight,into the secret upstairs of the,dreamliner and down to the frankly,obscene costs charged for this flight,id like to thank squarespace for,sponsoring this video with that lets,cut the waffle um,yeah and head to the airport you join me,today at toronto international airport,this has been a long time coming but,also its been very close to not,happening due to the late arrival of the,plane i have just been on im going to,head over to the dreamliner now thats,going to take us over to the netherlands,[Music],lets see if the air france,lounge is open,um,how does this work im guessing 80.,right so we have the plaza premium which,is closed there,we have the plaza premium lounge which,is open,and then thankfully we have the klm,france lounge open here hey there,im good how you doing,[Music],i know ive literally just arrived off,another flight its been that close,good evening ladies and gentlemen,[Music],right so youll have to excuse my haste,of course because i do have to go and,catch this flight but you can see what,ive just got off here the 7879 thats,flown over from calgary with me on and,ive been very lucky to find that if i,had not got my ticket beforehand ive,been in a situation now where id be,missing this flight anyway lets see,what this lounge has to offer this is an,official sky team lounge,[Music],can i get a water please,thank you im living the dream with the,water thats literally just because of,the timings so as you can see there is a,relative amount of space in this lounge,different seating areas i think theres,some more around yeah thats the,bathrooms its certainly better than the,offering that i had the air france,lounge in chicago a few weeks ago but,anyway lets go sit down for a couple of,minutes before i fly and then of course,we have the delights of the seven eight,seven ten to look forward to a few,moments later literally no time to spare,whatsoever,lets head straight down to the jet ive,only flown one of them before and that,would have been the ba one theyre quite,a big aircraft and theyre a lot bigger,than me,the 7878 and i need the nine as well,[Music],so to explain to you guys how mad this,is,this is the flight ive just got off,this westjet flight here,and this here is the flight that im on,and i believe that business class was,relatively light when i looked earlier,today have theres been more upgrades or,not i do not know,lets see,[Music],and just before we get on board heres a,quick word from todays video sponsor,squarespace squarespace make it super,easy for you to set up and host a,website and no you dont have to know,complicated coding squarespace really,have this down handling it all from your,domain name through to the design,hosting social media linking and even,your search engine optimization the best,bit is skyspace offering you a free,trial and 10 off your first purchase of,a website or domain just head over to,squarespace.com forward slash track,trendy and use the coupon code track,trendy thanks again squarespace for,making this video possible,welcome on board klms gorgeous seven,eight seven ten ill tell you one thing,guys im looking forward to getting this,coat off,goodness me,lets stow my bags and get settled into,my seat six kilo,well guys im relieved to say that i,have made it safely on board goodness me,that was perhaps the closest ive ever,pushed it and i also apologize im a,little bit overheated so as always i,will do a full seat tour whatever it was,for dinner tonight of course well get,the the bed made up and everything you,can usually expect from me on the,channel waiting on my seat weve got the,amenity kit,hand sanitizing gel,some snacks,and some menus that well crack into,when we get airborne its not long,before the crew begin to prepare the,cabin for departure so its time to get,my seatbelt on klm uses a shoulder strap,seat belt similar to most modern,products unlike air frances dated,triple seven and the uncomfortable lap,belt along with an airbag talking of af,as we start to taxi out you can see,their modern and competitive airbus a350,and this features their gorgeous new,business class which im yet to try as,we continue our taxi the safety video is,run i like the creativity with this its,almost like each scene is a tile i love,it for someone that sees more airline,safety videos than most i really do,appreciate it when they go the extra,mile to make it a tad more interesting,with that we continue our taxi out to,the runway and take off into the,freezing canadian night sky tonights,flight will be taking us nearly 6 000,kilometers all the way over to amsterdam,the netherlands flight time should be,around seven hours which should give me,plenty of time to experience all the,quirks and features of this aircraft,today,its not long before we reach altitude,first up lets check out whats on the,menu for tonight the menu is solid with,multiple options for all courses the,yellowfin tuna and braised beef are,standouts for me here im told food,shouldnt be too long so in the meantime,lets take a look around the seat the,dreamliners are unique in klms fleet,being that they offer a pretty,competitive product the best of course,being this 78710 unfortunately the,backbone of their fleet the triple 7 has,a dated 2-2-2 id suggest avoiding this,if you can do bear in mind last-minute,equipment swaps always seem to happen as,a solo passenger id suggest booking a,window seat and all aside from row 5,offer great views,heres what the middle seats look like,theyre ideal if you want to sit next to,your partner or friend theres even a,divider which you can slide across,should you not want to speak to them,so the seat itself is comfortable and,you cant help but miss the crystal,clear hd screen right in front of you,now for the counter to your right this,features the seat controls needing to,turn this into a bed along with the,seating adjustments i am however,disappointed to find quite a few chips,and scratches on this otherwise brand,new seat it does not appear to be,wearing well just behind the counter you,have further stowage space along with a,reading light and your ife controls,overall the seat is a great one and it,even passed my cubby test something,which both turkish and air europa didnt,we will of course turn this into a bed,in just a moment but for now lets crack,on with the food klm like many are not,quite qatar-esque and whilst they serve,on a tablecloth the rest of your food is,presented on a tray dont you just love,the metal cutlery that klm use with the,ornate patterns i start with the,yellowfin tuna its absolutely delicious,and brought me back to my a a flight,last summer to japan well so far so good,and provided with a selection of bread,which is thankfully fresh and not like a,rock as is sometimes the case my mane of,braised beef arrives i cant say it,looks the best albeit i love the dish,that its in but it tasted fantastic,beef was tender and flavorful,for dessert i opted for the chocolate,petty fours this was sweet but tasty and,not too dissimilar to air frances,offering funny that given that theyre,pretty much the same company to close,im offered tea and coffee but given i,want to try and get some sleep i just go,for a couple of the accompanying,chocolate houses interestingly though,they were belgium rather than dutch,next a rare treat the crew kindly,offered to show me an area of the plane,many have not seen nor knew existed and,what is it you ask the upstairs crew,rest area both at the front and back of,the aircraft first up is the pilot rest,area at the front of the business class,cabin with a reclining seat i feel sorry,for whoever pulls that short straw and,of course

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KLM 777 World Business Class GRU-AMS Trip Report

welcome to another the design air trip,report this micro report starts in sao,paulo gorillas international airport,terminal 3.,now this was a special trip taking my,father-in-law on his first international,trip ever and what better way to treat,him than flying on klms world business,class thanks to burning quite a few of,my virgin atlantic flying club miles,by the looks of things in brazil kovit,is well and truly over with check-in,absolutely packed even sky priority,which sadly took a little while to clear,but before we knew it we were checked in,on our way through security and airside,[Music],while klm utilizes the american express,lounge we opted for the larger espaso,banco safra lounge which is actually the,old star alliance lounge we could access,this thanks to our amex platinum cards,there are actually quite a few lounges,in terminal 3 a group but the best two,are either the latam lounge or banco,safra we recommend trying to get into,these before entering one that your,airline recommends,[Music],luckily terminal 3 isnt huge which,means when it is time to board there,isnt that far to go and waiting for us,was klms flagship triple 7 300 er,now klms business class on its triple,seven isnt as good as its 787 which,offers oil aisle access but these are,still spacious long and comfortable,seats in total there are six rows with a,single row behind the second door which,tells does offer more privacy but it is,closer to economy and the bulkhead,batternet row meaning more chance of,being near a baby,in my opinion the best rows are two to,four which are in the middle of the,cabin and away from the galleys if,youre traveling together the best seats,are probably the window pairs and if,youre traveling as a single passenger,up for the middle where you both will,get oil access,while the seat functions are pretty,basic youll find the seat comfortable,for both relaxing and sleeping its just,a shame theyre in a two by two by two,configuration and yet still feature a,little cubby hole for your feet,[Music],there are heaps of design details here,from dutch designer hello yongurus,including the carpet featuring recycled,uniforms and a dot matrix motif found on,both the center dividers and cocktail,table between the seats,[Music],[Applause],yes theres power and a usb socket at,every seat but the amenities and soft,touches are what really bring the,passenger experience to,life with beautiful muscle wonders,dining wear and cute dutch amenity kits,featuring rachels skin care products,[Music],before long it was time to push back on,this 11 hour flight to amsterdam and,its at this point youll notice that,the triple 7 doesnt have the same,beautiful mood lighting as its more,modern counterparts,[Music],the best thing and i cant speak highly,enough its the crew who made my,father-in-laws trip even more special,as well as a gift on departure they,brought glasses of champagne just,minutes after takeoff to help him on his,way,[Music],talking food and drink this is another,exceptional element of klms world,business class product the range,presentation and flavors of the dishes,were out of this world,[Music],now before we ate its time to just,quickly point out that the entertainment,was also top-notch with a wide range of,movies and tv shows and it was intuitive,enough that even a new traveler quickly,picked up the basics the handheld,screens were an added benefit and the,headphones while noise cancelling were,pretty standard,and now to the food which certainly,exceeded our expectations the,presentation was excellent and the,plates cutlery and glassware made for a,restaurant quality experience,the starter was by far the start of the,show with big succulent prawns and,pickled onion that packed a punch,and just check out these clogged salt,and pepper shakers,[Music],[Music],the toilets also feature the delft dutch,house collection on the wallpaper and,rituals products another beautiful,keepsake is the famous dutch houses too,which although i didnt get any footage,was a lovely memento especially for the,father-in-law,after dinner it was time for bed and,with a big thick blanket and fluffy,oversized pillow i got a solid six to,seven hour sleep,[Music],approximately two hours prior to landing,breakfast service started which again,was great although the hot dish of,salmon and egg wasnt really to my taste,but the pastries coffee and orange juice,went down the storm,so in total this was a very pleasant,flight where dining and service stole,the show yes the seats could have a,little bit more privacy and the cabin,feels a little dated in comparison to,others but there are a lot of design,details that actually offer surprise and,delight moments which actually make for,a more memorable trip,thank you once again for watching this,mini design air report and if you like,what youre watching please dont forget,to subscribe

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How Is KLM Business Class in 2020? UPDATED REVIEW!

Wow whats up travelers hello from,Kaelyn world business class this is not,the usual way that I certa video well,Ive been fine for the past few days I,feel and this morning from Thai food and,it was very hectic Amsterdam Airport I,dont quite know how to put this lightly,but it felt like hell on earth this,morning,there was not a single available seat in,the entire Kalin lounge I asked for a,shower in the lounge and the waitlist,was one and a half hours in their brand,new lounge so you guys are gonna get to,come with me from the start its my,second time in a year and a half Im,failing world business Im not only,super excited how to see how it has,changed the most excited to see how my,perspective on it has changed come along,from the beginning to see what Kailen,world distance off like in 2019 this is,of course not their most,state-of-the-art see which they have on,their seventy sevens but theyre also,their fleet theres some four sevens,triple sevens,have these kind of basic,but this is what theyve been,reinstalling so this is put a new seat,as well for tail on wood,yeah lets see how how is it come with,me and lets find out,forget into the video I have a message,from todays video sponsor that this,eight hour flight has given me a lot of,time to reflect on how I actually use my,time one of the biggest time savers for,me and the past year has been – Lee -,Lee manages everything for you from your,passwords to financial information so,you dont have to keep track of each one,or maybe you just have one password,which turns out to not be so security -,Kang will remember and just super,complex passwords that are unique to,each website those has a secure autofill,feature which remembers all your,information for you even passport,information on both desktop and mobile,so filling out any type of airline,related form becomes a breeze even if,you dont buy as many tickets as I do to,appreciate the security benefits of -,well theres the VPN which stops third,parties from spying on your information,is a bonus with a VPN you can access,content thats usually blocked in some,countries well ive teamed up in 2008 to,get my viewers a special offer as you,can see by going to – link calm rational,sub down to get dashing for free on,their first device if you want – then on,all your devices you can use coupon code,long stuff ten for ten percent off a,year,the subscription and never waste time,remembering and filling out a password,again,okay guys welcome on board a dark KLM,a330 having check it out,heres 1a and 1b the very first row you,can see the seats look very um thin,because were on an HP 30 we have some,storage back here remote charging and,everything else seat controls Oscars,had quite a plush pillow which I agree,with starting to play with Lamar and she,is in these cute glasses,kaylynn branded and we have our amenity,kits which are also very typical quirky,KLM styles so how about we open this up,straight away actually and heres a look,at the contents of the amenity kit check,it out we have these super quirky so,hugs some toiletries from rituals,moisturizer lip balm Im asked to throw,toothpaste earbuds and a pen heres,through super exciting eight hour,journey down to Rwanda,so what are you gonna say about a quick,tour around the seat its definitely not,yeah thumbs up its definitely dont,forget to give this video a thumbs up,but its definitely far from the worlds,most spacious business class seat,especially since the a330 is so narrow,all the storage we have is back here you,see we can put the water bottle our,headphones are there heres the video,monitor many airlines on this seat type,will have a little storage compartment,here but kalyan does not power footrest,and a little bit more space down here in,armrest that can be lowered reading,light and flight magazines,[Music],[Music],KLM has some towels and you guys know,how I feel about scented our towels,telling Oscar how even though Palin does,not like the flashiest seats or whatever,theres still my favorite European,airline just cuz theyre so funky the,crew is always saying good like in such,a good mood so heres the how the,service started with this super adorable,not help you can also get cheese in a,cup with the Dutch flag and I got a,virgin cosmopolitan just for long just,for giggles with this phungster theres,to press the lemon out yeah but we also,have the menus so I guess we should,check out what is syrup on today its,like alright lets start with the wine,red wine,to a five different line here is lunch,and here is the light meal for the floor,lamp then we also have cocktails,champagne,other alcoholic beverages finally,all the non-alcoholic beverages weve,also got these really nice noise,canceling headphones on kaylynn they,look super comfortable and they feel,super comfortable too but a reminder,because I always get this question in,the comments,you can keep them unfortunately also I,actually loved that these are located,right here because it makes a very,convenient easy to sort of you dont,have to deal with a bunch of wires and,stuff,basically usually how to say thumbs up,for the deep design as well,okay the meal service has started okay,lemon has Fanta board,Ive almost never seen Pantone in their,lives I had to go ahead and get it,heres the rest of the food,this looks quite delicious got some,bread and oil a little salad a fruit,salad again the Dutch touches the McHale,and so fun the little,shoes that the sultan pepper shaker so,excited to dig into the,and here is the main course we have this,Barbie Im sorry Im not sure what,greatness is theres olives and that,tomatoes a little bit of tofu,and raisins apparently looks really good,got more oil with this delicious of,bread and there was a bunch of tomato,sauce under so its really really,delicious,and Im in the meal with one of these,kale and chocolate houses which is known,as this is dark chocolate so Im,assuming this one,[Music],okie-dokie,I have put the bed into bed mode so now,you can see what it is like Im gonna,take a quick daytime nap,[Music],[Applause],Im currently exporting a video so I,finished that and now the pre-arrival,Emile is here,Hot Pockets to me dont really scream,business class we have a very nice, side salad at least,cosmopolitan Australian situation very,nice,well as this photo of some apple pie,which look quite nice all these houses,do you have any like 100 year,anniversary houses oh this one is thank,you so much lets do this,oh so theres one new house for every,year,also ditched,thats so cool so one of my favorite,things about flying KLM business which,makes me want to keep coming back,because its like a true collectible is,kale and Delft houses so apparently I,didnt know this they make one new house,every year so now the KLM turned 100,this year I managed to get the super,special 100 year house you can see here,on the back and Oscar got 87 because we,thought itd look nice so now we can add,this to our collection from the last,time I flew Caleb this,and yeah its just such a fun thing they,represent real houses in the Netherlands,and I wish more airlines didnt unique,things like this because it makes the,experiences a little more finest you,know you want to catch them all oh and,by the way theyre filled with look,[Music],- Kigali please remain seated as soon as,the fasten seatbelt sign is switched off,you may collect your belongings from the,limits the please take care when opening,the luggage bin so that any luggage that,may not you your telephone,thank you today this most certainly is,not Rwanda this is not even Africa this,is not even this is Thailand but hello I,am here to conclude this review which,you might be like Dan why did you not,just record the review in the moment,thats the question I have asked myself,as well but the truth is that I guess I,didnt know what to say Ive had some,time to reflect and honestly Kalin,business has always kind of impresses me,even though the seat is not great on,most of their aircraft theyre triple7,the


so though I is hello and welcome to,another flight report and behind me this,is the jewel the near attraction of,Changi Airport but this is not the,reason why I am here today so lets go,to the terminal and find out,so and welcome to Terminal one and today,Im taking my favorite 250 freedom,flight from Singapore to Bali can you,guess which airline it is find out in a,second,so yes today Ill be flying KLM on the,triple 7 from Singapore Changi to Bali,in business class its going to be fun,right Im sure,so as a business class travel of caelin,slash air Fromms,you get access to deep Donata lounge but,Im gonna go into the premium plaza,lounge which is a little better and,thanks to the priority pass I have,access to it,[Music],see I also view frequent traveler and,you travel a culinary class quite often,why shouldnt you why dont you check,out the priority pass as well the link,is in the description box below Im not,affiliated with them but give it a try,saved my life and a couple of occasions,so the premium plaza lounge is located,opposite the emirates lounge and is,probably the best independent mound and,Changi it offers a lot of nice seating a,proper bar completely noise buffet,shower facilities as well as working,facilities of free Wi-Fi free internet,and of course very lovely views over the,apron,[Music],so under the current scenes here at,Changi Airport youre pretty much,deserted nobodys really flying it is,snow people here pretty much yeah,its like a sad very sad time for the,industry as such its putting a lot of,like lies and risk and now with the,travel ban to the United States etc etc,India is closing the borders literally,closed its borders so its quite intense,it is something I have personally never,experienced myself and dont know how,this is going to continue but yeah its,frightening to see what this where all,this is going however lets be more,positive because Kalyan is always a lot,of fun to fly,so and welcome on board Kalins triple7,first impression once again love the,crew the senior managers came to me,introduced themselves at us are you,filming just make sure that you be nice,about it and dont put anyone on the,camera who doesnt want to be of course,totally understand this is the right way,to approach it and yeah like theres,certain six seats in total and a 2 2 2,configuration as you can see I got the,the back of the airplane so you have the,main cabin and then you have like six,additional seats after the door where,you usually are bit more like private,you have your own little space and,cocoon so I usually prefer sitting here,but yeah like technically say the,business house is a little bit outdated,because not every seat has dialed I got,dark mile access to say right but um,otherwise its still a lovely Inn very,spacious product however boarding is,going on I give you the comprehensive,seat to a13 taxing to be of cheers to,great flight,so were in the past ten minutes I was,judged brutally by around 200 economy,class passengers which all walk past my,seat while boarding so if you have 6a,you are in the back part of the cabin as,I said and if youre on the left side,like a lot of economy class passengers,some more cars and it you give you quite,some interesting looks anyway yeah the,things you have to go through as a,business style server I know its not,easy thats a joke well anyways doors,are closed and perhaps now its a great,opportunity to give you a quick little,seat tour and is that set it comes in a,2 to 2 configuration luckily theres no,passenger sitting next to me the,in-flight entertainment is right here,Im going to talk you through that more,detail during the flight,but yeah the seat goes completely flat,here you have a power and let us be the,audio jack theres already like some,noise cancelling headphones right here,and get the seat controls remote control,thank you Sarah I also received a menu,so right now you can hear how do you,start up 2g and 90 the most powerful and,its like music to my ears if your,navigation geeks,you know what I mean but yeah Im gonna,talk you through the menu and all that,kind of stuff once the food is sitting,in front of me and yeah,probably gonna enjoy the views taking,off here in Singapore yeah did I,finished it seat or actually well ya see,controls foldable table storage use be,universal power outlet pad goes,completely flat right now theyre,playing the safety video which I should,pay attention to so Im going to give it,a little break,and then I gotta talk to you guys in a,few minutes,while six am I not be the ideal seat,while boarding but its definitely the,perfect seat to have if you want to have,an amazing engine you take of youth yeah,so enjoy it is,[Music],[Music],so thats quickly told by the in-flight,entertainment sports in variety here,Hollywood Hollywood,most of the airlines music choices its,all good,yes,so it just got a hot towel,and I dont care I just used it on my,face I know some of you guys say youre,not supposed to do that but theres no,better feeling and having a nice hot,towel,but yet in the entertainment as I said,like those TVs here as this comedy there,is games and all that kind of stuff,yeah and then on top of this destroys,canceling headphones and theyre really,waiting for the day when they get rid of,this chord,they just offer like wireless Bluetooth,like headphones which just connect and,its gonna just make life so much easier,you think this will ever exist,I doubt,because people then probably worried or,airlines are worried that people will,steal them but they should just like put,the device in there so as soon as the,have photos Navy aircraft starts beeping,and then they just explode,so on the long-haul flight I reckon you,want to make use of the fat that,and so lets see what its like,so its quite easy I hit the button like,privacy of course might be a little bit,of an issue if you like travel with a,stranger next to you to see this isnt,ideal I can tell from my personal,experience because many other airlines,use it for example Thai Airways use,Im looking a bit weird because Im,trying not to touch the mic,so Im not completely flat but like this,is pretty much the situation right here,its still like when you flat it is,private you know nobody can look at you,your neighbor conned like stare into,your eyes when you sleep,and its usually else a very spacious,and really nice because you can lower,the armrest right here but yeah as I,said theres theres more private seats,around the world,on triple7 or KLM on their Dreamliner,there already have the reversed,herringbone configuration so you might,find dis a bit more,decent to travel on a long haul but,still this one isnt too bad and I,usually,sleep pretty well of these kind of seats,so after a quick chat to really really,lovely cabin manager,I try to inflight Wi-Fi of Kay on which,offers a free messenger function which,is a lovely service to offer if you want,to complete internet access prices start,from eight years,so I had two options on this slide,either go for beef or the snapper I,decided to go for distemper its fall on,the trade service because its a,two-hour flight and I said I gotta go,with a Heineken a good duck spear,because its the start of my holiday I,gotta go to Bali for like three weeks,Im not gonna do anything so training,myself today a little bit yeah,is what it looks like it smells really,good,the presentation is wonderful look at,these that they are wonderful like those,wooden shoes which are very popular I,dont know what the exact name is but,these sold and pepper shakers very,iconic I love it and I also like the,tableware,Kaela Im just beautiful and once again,a very highly engaged crew whos very,curious about what I do and we have a,very good chat so yeah its really its,really lovely so now were going to dig,in and Im going to tell you what the,food is going to be like,but the stepper was lovely,were very creamy sauce we have some,SATA here,the bun was very freshmen now I got to,go onto the desert,yeah for lik

AWESOME: KLM World Business Class on the 787: Amsterdam – Mexico City

airline travel in 2021 really hits,different you probably werent already a,fan of all the airport hassle standing,in lines walking lines perhaps even,running in lines to make your plane,i mean who in their right mind would,still be flying with all the covered,hassle and the pcr testing and having to,prove your vaccine status and yes having,to wear a mask everywhere,well there are still some ways to travel,on airplanes that make up for all of,that,ill be flying the worlds oldest,airline klm between amsterdam and mexico,city on my way to the beautiful resort,of cancun,and of course youre invited along for,the ride too as i fly in their world,famous business class on the 787-9,dreamliner stand by for a full review on,this one of the worlds quirkiest,airlines with all the highlights,and some of the lows too,strap yourselves in were flying with,the blue airline,klm enjoy the video,for historic reasons klm serve a rather,eclectic mix of uk airports and i,started my journey in norwich,theres just something quite cool about,getting an aeroplane ticket that starts,in norwich a rather out of the way place,in the uk and ending up all the way in,cancun mexico,i had an overnight connection so i,retrieved my bag and went back to the,airport the following morning whereas,greeted at the premium check-in area,here at amsterdam skipple,now theres nothing cosmetically,different about this premium check-in,area but it does importantly have no,queues and also this escalator which is,your direct private access to premium,security upstairs so i make it 10,minutes since i entered the airport and,im already airside and heading to the,klm lounge which is an amazing ground,experience so far so theres no queue,whatsoever at check-in because im using,the business class check-in theres no,queue at premium security,no cue at all at passports and of course,the thing that makes check-in so,streamlined is because im heading to,mexico and it doesnt require a pcr test,or vaccine proof so its dead easy to,check in none of this faffing about all,your documents and your passport in give,me your bag,boarding card in hand it takes about 20,seconds,heading through the terminal i followed,signs for lounge 52 or as its better,known the klm crown lounge which is one,of the most unique lounges in europe,this lounge is unusual in that there are,five different themed areas,the city,the,sea polder,[Music],the sky which features amongst other,things a prestigious pay on dying,restaurant and an outside terrace,and in the middle of the lounge the,rather humorously named dutch mountain,theres also loads of memorabilia around,the lounge including a model of this old,convair aircraft from the early days of,klm back in those days flying economy,was an awful lot better than it was,today but go to the front of the,aircraft and youll see that business,class back then is not a patch on what,you can get on modern airlines in 2021,as a general rule themed lounges tend,not to work but this one from klm is,really to my taste the different themed,areas provide enough variety so you just,wont get bored if youre there for a,long time,with a decent hot food option at the,city section of the lounge and also the,opportunity to reserve a shower this is,one of the best lounges in europe in my,opinion,you can reserve a timed shower slot on,these kiosks and get a handy qr code to,let you into the shower,well not everything works right first,time but i do definitely recommend,getting a shower before you head across,the atlantic especially if your journey,is about to take 11 hours as mine is,going to today,months of planning and months of looking,forward to this trip but nothing really,gets me excited,like seeing the plane at the gate isnt,that a wonderful aircraft this is the,boeing,787-9 dreamliner and its what ill be,flying today to mexico city up in the,front cabin in business class,the 787-9 and dash 10 of klm have their,newest seat this reverse herringbone,style here so if you want the newest,seat youll need to fly on one of these,787 dreamliners,theres a different earlier iteration of,their world business class but it is in,a 2-2 configuration so not everyone has,aisle access and youll find these on,the triple 7 and a330 aircraft,[Music],right here we go off to mexico city,we are in row eight business class let,me turn left,im really looking forward to this one i,cant wait to get on board,hello,good afternoon youre an 8k on that side,thank you thank you,and here we are welcome aboard this,787-9 in business class as you can see,this is laid out in a one-two-one,reverse herringbone configuration so,every seat has direct access to the,aisle which is very important,a lot of airlines have been introducing,reverse herringbone seats in the last,few years on their fleet of long-haul,aircraft and thats for good reason they,encourage an efficient use of space,because they tessellate with the seats,in front which saves quite a lot of,floor space and yet each seat retains a,decent amount of privacy for the,occupant i also love the colour scheme,and its quite rare to find such a bold,colour scheme that looks quite so classy,thank you very much,so here we go the first long-haul flight,ive done for nine months,cheers and thanks for coming with me,[Music],do,[Music],in case youre wondering why the taxi,scene is so long here well the taxi was,very long,we were using the newest runway at,amsterdam skipple the polderbarn and,thats over four miles away from the,airport terminal it can take up to 20,minutes to reach the threshold of the,runway and it even requires this,satellite control tower to oversee,operations at the runway on shorter,sectors this four mile taxi can be over,two percent of the total journey,distance,[Music],todays flight is a considerable,5721 miles and itll take us 10 hours,and 27 minutes to fly that distance,its hard to believe these seats are,about six years old but they are still,towards the top end of business class,seats,the 18 inch screen doesnt look out of,date at all and as is common with many,flatbed seats theres a handset to use,if you dont want to or are too far,reclined to touch the screen,the footwell space is adequate and helps,form an 81 inch bed and let me show you,a perk to sitting in row eight this flat,space behind the seat which is only,found in row eight which makes storing,soft items easy,storage wise theres a good amount,including a side console which opens,well look at that amenity kit later,this is pretty generous and its where,youll find your headphones and hygiene,kit at the start of the flight,oh and they tried to add a vanity mirror,in this console but this one seems to,make me look more like a picasso,portrait than van gogh,one thing id like a bit more of in this,seat is table space this is a bit on the,small side although it does at least,move to let you out if you need to leave,the seats while the table is still late,for a meal,of course there are headphone jacks and,universal and usb power ports privacy,wise you can see this seat offers a good,amount thanks to this small shield,if youre enjoying this video and this,is your sort of thing to watch then,dont forget to subscribe to the channel,by hitting the subscribe button its,totally free,also you can follow me on social media,at the handle at paul underscore winging,it on twitter and instagram and follow,all of my trips in real time,are there any food humans only eat on,board an aircraft well for me its a nut,mix i really cant stand nuts on the,ground but,in here theyre all right,let me know below if youve got,something you only eat on northern,aircraft,and so on to the menu i found the,choices for a flight to mexico a bit,strange with a couple of oriental themed,dishes but the choice was pretty varied,and im always up for trying something,new by the way didnt think you were,supposed to have dutch role on an,aircraft,all right sorry to put a damper on,things with that very niche and nerdy,joke back to the review,heres the drinks list

Finally! KLM 787 Business Class | TRIP REPORT

Ahoj! Vítejte u dnešního videa, které bude zaměřeno,na nejnovější produkt byznys třídy KLM, který lze vidět na jejich letadlech “Dreamliner”,Je to jejich jediný produkt s přímým přístupem do uličky, který se již stává standardem.,Naše cesta začíná na pražském letišti. Poletíme letadlem KLM 737 do Amsterdamu,,kde máme 2 hodiny mezipřistání, po kterém následuje 11 hodin přímým letem až do Los Angeles.,Odbavil jsem se a nyní mířím do salonku na Terminálu 2. Jsem jediný, komu připadají,produkty vnitroevropské business třídy zbytečné a předražené, na tak krátkých letech?,Tady je snídaně, kterou jsem dostal v salonku, a teď běžme k bráně, protože jsem jako vždy šel pozdě.,Standardní vnitroevropská byznys třída je konfigurována úplně stejně jako ekonomická třída,s blokovaným prostředním sedadlem. Přál bych si abychom měli lepší sedadla v předních řadách. Stejně jako zbytek světa. Například Delta Airlines, Korean Air a Qantas ve svých 737.,Bohužel nebyl žádný servis před vzletem, nicméně palubní personál byl milý a snídaňové menu dostačující,A tady jsme v krásném Amsterdamu, přestup tady je vždy rychlý a snadný,,ačkoliv letiště je obrovské. Jako cestujícímu v business třídě,mi byl umožněn přístup do KLM Crown Lounge na neschengenském terminálu.,který je mnohem lepší než ten schengenský.,Salonek působí příjemně, rozhodně je prostorný (má to své důvody),Zejména v tuto denní dobu, kdy je letiště velmi vytížené, protože mnoho letů odlétá kolem 10:00.,Byl jsem fakt nadšený, že jsem po 20 měsících uzavřených hranic s Evropou konečně letěl do USA.,A tady je.. Nejdelší Dreamliner 787-10, který nás dostane do Los Angeles.,Cítil jsem se opravdu dobře, když jsem vstoupil do letadla. Posádka byla tak přátelská a,z kabiny jsem cítil příjemnou a uklidňující atmosféru. 787-10 má 38 sedadel v,business třídě v konfiguraci 1-2-1, která každému cestujícímu nabízí přímý přístup do uličky.,Mějte na paměti, že Dreamliner je jediné letadlo KLM, které v současnosti nabízí tento druh luxusu.,Ostatní letadla jsou totiž konfigurována v uspořádání 2-2-2, které postrádá soukromí.,Kabina působí moderně a vzdušně.,Když jsem seděl v úplně poslední řadě kabiny business třídy, čekal jsem, že mi,v nabídce zbyde jen pár posledních možností jídla. Snažil jsem se rezervovat si své preferované jídlo,před odletem, ale bylo mi řečeno, že každý si objednává v pořadí, sedadlo po sedadlu.,Pokud vám záleží na výběru jídla, zarezervujte si přední sedadlo… Já ale preferuju výhled na křídlo, než výběr jídla.,Letová vzdálenost z Amsterdamu do Los Angeles je asi 5578 mil a cesta tam nám zabere asi 11 hodin.,Máte radši delší lety než ty kratší, jako já? A jsme připraveni ke startu!,Protože jsem v tomhle nováček, znamenalo by pro mě hodně, kdybyste dali odběr mému kanálu. Je to zdarma a byl bych moc vděčný. Děkuji za vaší podporu!,Dobře, ukážu vám moje sedadlo 10K. Který se nachází v úplně poslední,řadě kabiny business třídy. Toto sedadlo jsem si vybral pro větší soukromí,a výhled na křídlo. Nicméně hluk z kuchyně za zády může být obtěžující.,Design a pohodlí sedadla hodnotím jako uspokojivé, nicméně,nastavení polohy sedadla mi přišlo trochu nedokonalé.,nemůžete si ho moc přizpůsobit, nabízí jen málo možností, které lze upravit.,Máte pěkný velký 18palcový dotykový displej, který je vysoce kvalitní a pěkně reaguje.,Oceňuji inovace, ale dotyková tlačítka jsou strašný.,Nedetekuje můj prst a většinou nereaguje.,Na druhou stranu mě amenity kit opravdu překvapil a obsahoval vše,co potřebujete na 11 hodin letu. KLM umí pracovat s brandingem, nemyslíte?,Sluchátka byla kvalitní a fungovala dobře. Pojďme se podívat na menu!,A jídlo začínáme předkrmem, kterým byl waldorfský salát.,Jako hlavní jídlo jsem si vybral lososa s nudlemi udon,,ryba byla skvělá, ale chuť spolu s nudlemi mě nenadchla.,Po jídle jsem si sedadlo nastavil do polohy na spaní. Bohužel KLM nenabízí žádnou matraci, ani extra peřinu.,Deka mě vůbec nezahřála, byla moc tenká.,Když jsme přelítali Atlantik, zkusil jsem připojení k Wi-Fi.,balíček na celou délku letu stál 18 eur a byly to vůbec nejlepší peníze utracené za wifi,Byla ultra rychlá na to, že jsem v letadle, dokonce jsem začal živě streamovat na svém,instagramu a tady je záznam obrazovky, který můj kámoš pořídil na zemi. Velmi dobré, že?,několika hodinách letu mně oslovila letuška se slovy:,dovolte mi, abych vám také ukázala tento košík plný dobrot, který si můžete nabídnout.,kdykoli během letu… a nyní nastal čas na záchody!,Toalety jsou pěkné a čisté, zdobené tulipánem a vybavené základními toaletními potřebami od Rituals.,Po tomhle jsem toužil! Král burgerů alias 100% rostlinný burger!,Nemám žádné speciální jídelní ani dietní nároky, takže preferuji klasický hovězí burger. ale vlastně to vůbec nezklamalo.,a posledním jídlem tohoto letu byl výběr sýra podávaný s hrozny, ořechy a sušenkou.,tady se pomalu blížíme k městu andělů… Užil jsem si každou chvilku tohoto letu,,ale pokud patříte k těm, kteří preferují striktně formální zákaznický servis, KLM není pro vás.,Členové posádky jsou až moc přátelští a rádi se na palubě seznamují. Osobně oceňuji spíše formálnější přístup,a ten uvidíte v mém další videu s AirFrance. vyjde už příští týden!,Takže klikněte na tlačítko Odebírat, ať vám neunikne! Děkujeme a uvidíme se příští týden.

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