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hey guys so I know you guys have all,been missing menstral related content,who doesnt you know its a real niche,market thats just completely missing,from the internet thats how I feel,listen I had to stop continually buying,different cups because it was defeating,the purpose of being more sustainable,however this kind of came knocking,across my door and I just felt like,maybe its time to share its underpants,heres the thing a lot of people even,though Ive Ive coddled you so gently,with a cup conversation and Ive assured,you everything will be okay and itll be,a fun time theres still people that are,like no Sam Im not gonna put my hands,into my own body to leave my menstrual,issues and its fine fair enough this,brand reached out to me theyre called,Nicks they do normal underwear that are,like good for like going to the gym and,stuff like that but they also do leak,proof underwear for period times and Im,gonna tell you what I think about them,first and foremost they asked if they,could send out these products when I,opened up the box almost all of the,underwear was like this like light nude,color or like white or like this super,light pink color and I was like okay,theyre crazy people so thats too bad I,was like this is going to be a bloodbath,this is gonna be catastrophe and I just,dont know why they would ever set me up,for failure like this sabotage is what,it kind of felt like they felt kind of,odd to me I dont know if you ASMR I,mean let me just play this this,instrument for you they felt kind of,almost like kind of a weird texture like,I felt like they were gonna feel super,thick and not comfortable under my,clothing so I was a little bit nervous,about that because even when you first,put them on I just cannot even describe,it like theyre just the sound of,putting them on is just so bizarre to me,for some reason it feels like Im,putting on like a wetsuit so a little,concerned that it wouldnt be that,comfortable not at all totally fine,non-issue doesnt bother me in the least,I was terrified to wear these without a,cup or other backup they dont on the,website recommend theres a theres a,Black Friday sale going on by the way,just thought Id let you know because I,just dont know what to say trying to,let check this stuff out not sponsored,they dont recommend on their website to,like wear it completely free its sort,of meant more as like a back up thing,but I just felt like for science lets,just [ __ ] some [ __ ] up but the first day,of my period I was like Im just Im,just gonna just gonna go for it so I,wore these bad boys because I was not,ready to jump into the thong life yet I,was like thats a little crazy I got a,little bit more going on down there than,that I tried these ones out and I was,like astounded my concerns were first of,all obviously I just like felt like I,was being like transported back to,middle school and I was gonna like bleed,through my pants and like get up from,like the cafeteria like lunch table and,thered be like a blood spot like oh my,god youre disgusting and I feel like,its natural like that was what I was,fearful of even though I dont eat lunch,in the cafeteria anymore so I was,worried obviously about the most like,common fear I would imagine of it,leaking through but I was also kind of,thinking like okay but even if it didnt,leak through is it not going to like,somehow how I say this I mean weve been,through the whole Cup Series together I,was worried there was gonna like seep,into the underwear and it would just be,like a disaster or like a mess like,everywhere because I was like its still,not like the nicest thing to look at you,know what I mean and then lastly I was,kind of concerned that it would be like,just wearing a constant pool of water in,and buying water I mean menstrual blood,in my underwear at all times like I felt,like its gonna be super super wet and,just like damp and like getting like,kind of like this weird like swampy,situation in there thats what my top,concerns were not once did it leave it,it didnt like at all get like messy or,weird or anything like that like,everything stayed looking like very nice,and pleasant and just like this nice,little black strip and so so bizarrely,it really didnt ever feel like that,gross mean wet look I remember when I,first started getting my period and I,was like way too scared to a used tampon,so I was just not going to do that I,started using pads like the big ol boys,like the maxi pads like diaper full-on,situation and it was like the worst,feeling I would be sitting down in my,class and then I would stand up and it,would be like like they just like the,floodgates would open it was like the,wars family because you just like run to,the bathroom I I went to the bathroom so,[ __ ] much when I first got my period,because I was just constantly terrified,that like it just felt like it was,everywhere and it felt like so awful it,was just the worst so that was kind of,my concern I was like is this gonna be,exactly like that were like Im just,gonna constantly need to go to the,washroom and feel like Im like just,like so panicky because this is gonna,like leak through I felt like for the,first half of the day I felt kind of,like that like I wanted to like just,just double check just like to see how,its going kind of thing and then,towards the end of the day I was like oh,this is literally a non-issue and I wore,just the underwear for my full first day,of my period,totally fine didnt feel like super wet,didnt feel like gross or dirty or,anything like that it was like,completely fine the rest of my period I,chose to use them as like more backup so,my first day was like a little bit,lighter than normal thats still fairly,heavy like I would probably you know,change my cup at least once as you,should because you shouldnt keep it in,your body that way if I was wearing a,tampon maybe like I would change my,tampon like three or four times because,I would be panicky many stores and,brands and I would take him out a little,bit early I was a little bit trigger shy,but anyway its trigger happy rather I,was pretty surprised how well it worked,the second day was a little bit more of,like a heavy flow and I could tell that,first thing in the morning so I was like,okay this is [ __ ] crazy,lets not like push our boundaries here,and overstay our welcome with these,underwear so,I had it just as like back up and I used,like the thong and stuff like that I had,like a couple different styles to try so,I used the thumb during my period and,stuff like guys backup,it was awesome heres my overall,thoughts I think these are a really,really good option for people that are,still using like panty liners and stuff,like that if you want a more sustainable,option because it is just like fantastic,like it works really really well I was,very surprised as soon as you get used,to them which is like a really quick,kind of process its not something where,youre going to like take time getting,you some because theyre comfortable,they work its like a non its its not,a scary thing at all so I think theyre,a really good option if you are looking,for more sustainable kind of alternative,to liners and pads and stuff like that,if youre still using them as a backup,from like tampons or cups or whatever,youre using I also think that this is a,really great option for people,affordability wise the underwear,themselves are not like exceedingly,affordable but neither are tampons when,I was in like college and stuff like,that it was like my period was like the,worst time of the month because I was,like are you [ __ ] kidding me,groceries and tampons its a sick joke,like I like that was so devastating to,me like I cant afford this [ __ ] so if,you are able to pick up a couple pairs,its kind of a nice option to save a,little bit more and the other thing I,was thinking as well is I think this,would be really Pleasant for people that,may have like disabilities where like,maybe cups are a little bit more,difficult to use for thos

Knix Super Leakproof Underwear Review // Does Period Underwear Actually Work?

hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is  nicole if you guys dont know me in todays video  ,im going to be reviewing knix period underwear  which i have been eyeing for some time now so  ,this is going to be a full review of what i think  of them and i hope you guys enjoy it i will have  ,time stamps so feel free to skip whatever you  want and i hope this video is helpful enjoy guys  ,all right so it is day one of the period diaries i  got my period today i got it in the afternoon and  ,i was so excited which im never excited to get my  period but i was excited because i finally get to  ,try out knix underwear i am going to be trying the  super leak proof bikini in super absorbency and it  ,is in the color pink ginger and they look like  this right now its night time and im about to  ,take my shower and put these bad boys on and wear  them overnight so i really hope they work i have  ,high hopes that they will so the super absorbency  they hold up to eight teaspoons of liquid  ,which apparently is the equivalent of eight  regular tampons so i hope that tonight goes well  ,and everyone lets cross our fingers that it does  and i will get back to you guys tomorrow on this  ,little experiment on period day two good morning  guys so it is day two of the period diaries  ,and i wore my knix super absorbency underwear  all night last night and im happy to report  ,that there were no leaks i move a lot in my  sleep my son wakes me up a couple times a night  ,and i had zero problems i felt very well  supported the whole time and im so pleased  ,these are the next pair of underwear im going  to be trying and its the super leak proof boy  ,short in the super absorbency in black and these  ones are a little bit wider than the bikini fit  ,so it covers a little bit more of the booty and  i think theyre a little bit thicker here as well  ,so im excited to see how these compare in terms  of comfort and fit now ill let you guys know so  ,its the end of period day two and i wish i had  better news my underwear leaked so i wore them  ,for about six hours the black boy shorts and when  i checked they had leaked through and they leaked  ,into my pants and i didnt even notice my pants  were black luckily so i didnt even notice  ,the boy shorts fit a little bit differently  than the bikini fit and i could tell that there  ,were some like loose ends the period liquid  blood whatever you want to call it it leaked  ,and it went on the back where theres no leakage  protection like none of that special pad stuff so  ,that wasnt fun tonight were gonna try the bikini  underwear overnight again and see if that makes  ,a difference because i do feel like the bikini  fit is a better fit for me personally and its  ,more snug and i find that theres less area for  the underwear to move ill report back tomorrow  ,i know i look happy but i am sad my period  underwear leaked last night i told you guys  ,i would try the bikini fit again and see  if it made a difference because i felt more  ,supported in those um but unfortunately  they still leaked and i guess they just  ,cant compete with miss flo and how powerful  she is on day two and day three of my period  ,so im very sad i was really hoping that these  underwear would work out but im still going to  ,continue using them for the rest of my period  hopefully things start to lighten up there soon  ,because day four day five and day six are usually  pretty light um so im hoping that on those days  ,i can still manage to wear these underwear and be  okay and maybe reduce my use of tampons and pads  ,but well see im gonna continue testing these out  for you hey everyone so it is the end of period  ,day three and what i actually ended up doing for  the rest of the day was trying out this period  ,underwear in conjunction with tampons because i  didnt want to experience any more leakage we know  ,that they leak on heavier flow days so i thought  wed try them out with another period product and  ,see if that helps so i wore a tampon for the  rest of the day with a pair of these underwear  ,and everything worked great i had one little  leak from my tampon but this caught it and i  ,was fine so i think it is great if you are a  tampon wearer or even like a diva cup wearer  ,to wear this just as a backup and as peace of mind  knowing that if you experience any leaks that the  ,underwear will catch it and youll be fine im  glad that im learning something every single day  ,um and tomorrow is day four of the period diaries  so im gonna try them alone again my flow will be  ,lighter and hopefully they will be okay through  that but again i will report back tomorrow  ,hi guys so its the end of period day  four and today i just used the underwear  ,once without anything and again it leaked so  i wasnt pleased and then for the rest of the  ,day i just used a tampon with the underwear and  that worked fine so it seems like the direction  ,in which the review is going is not super  positive for these underwear unfortunately  ,so i think im gonna stop recording for period  day five and day six because i think its just  ,going to turn out the same way anyway um and  i just honestly i dont want to go through all  ,the leaking again so im just going to continue  using a tampon or a path for the rest of my period  ,and use this underwear as backup but  hopefully this kind of gave you an idea  ,of how this underwear worked for me i still would  recommend trying them i think theyre still great  ,even if they dont work as like a primary period  product they do work great when you use tampons  ,and youre worried about leaking through your  tampon it is great for that so i still think  ,theyre worth trying out thank you for listening  to my oftentimes explicit period week diary  ,i hope it was helpful all right so i hope you guys  enjoyed my little period diary vlog thing that i  ,did i hope it was informative and now i just  wanted to quickly talk about some details that  ,i maybe missed throughout the period diaries and  just my overall rating i guess of these underwear  ,so the bottom line if you guys are thinking about  purchasing these underwear for your primary period  ,protection i dont think its going to work out  for you at least it did not for me i saw some  ,reviews online that people said it didnt leak  they had no issues but as you guys saw my period  ,diaries they leaked and it wasnt just one time  it was multiple times that i experienced leakage  ,so i personally dont think that they work as a  primary barrier to your period they do work well  ,however as a backup so if you are a tampon wearer  or a menstrual cup wearer i think that these will  ,be a great investment for you um and it gives you  that peace of mind even when youre wearing those  ,period products that you have a backup in case  they leak and they worked great in that sense for  ,my pad wearers however if you take a look at how  this pad is and the length and how its laid out  ,if you wear a pad youre just basically going  to cover this all with the pad and wearing  ,this underwear is going to offer you no extra  protection than regular underwear the first time  ,i actually saw period underwear was in japan and  what they do with their underwear is they actually  ,extend this protective layer up the butt which  makes a lot more sense to me because if youre  ,a pad wearer this is not gonna help at all the pad  like basically ends here so once youre past that  ,point its like youre on your own so i think knix  should maybe consider extending their protective  ,layer up here even if its just like a thinner  layer than this pad just to have extra protection  ,for our pad wearers so yeah that is my overall  opinion of these i think if you are a menstrual  ,cup or tampon wearer these are great for backups  um not so great for a primary barrier against your  ,period and for my pad wearers i think that this  product is kind of useless um if im being frank  ,because theres just no added

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lawsuits & period leaks… testing + investigating Thinx and Knix

hi welcome to my channel or welcome back,if youve been here before im christian,and im so glad youre here we are,actually going to test things period,underwear and nyx period overnight,reusable pad this video is going to,start with me doing like a video journal,and i will go through each day each,change with you so you get to see kind,of like my live reactions and then at,the end we will actually talk about what,i normally do for my periods pros and,cons of these companies any drama around,these companies because there is a,little bit of drama right now,alternatives pros and cons and would i,recommend so make sure you stick for the,whole video because after the video,journal section we will be talking about,the nitty gritty detail before we move,on to the video journal section real,quick i want to say again thank you for,watching make sure youre subscribed i,do giveaways on this channel so i do,want to urge you to subscribe now the,next giveaway will be at the 1000,subscriber milestone also feel free to,comment i like the comment section i,think its a fun way for us to connect,and get to know each other better so,make sure you comment because thats,really what makes us feel more like a,community now lets go ahead and go,through this video journal,hey,so the adventure is about to begin ive,been waiting for this for a few days now,and oh correction ive been waiting for,this for a few months now i was in the,middle of my last period when i planned,on doing this because i am so so so so,tired of pads of liners of all those,things i got the menstrual cup ive been,using the metro cup for over a year,loving it but now it is time to replace,these annoying pads and now for the,moment you and i well mainly me have,been waiting for,lets start with this this is the stinks,period for better bikini undies they are,super absorbency up to five regular,tampons this is a size large which i,figured was the right size for me based,on the chart in the back ironically,enough heres what happened i was,formulating this plan i had already put,my nyx,stuff,in my cart on my phone and it honestly,had been sitting there for a good like,two weeks before i found this in target,i was just minding my business walking,around with my daughter honestly trying,to pass time because my husband was,looking in the mens section,this was just chilling on a rack and i,was like this is random like literally,not in that spot i grabbed it checked it,out checked the size and was like oh,okay ill do it so this i actually got,on sale i cant even remember how much,on sale so well get to open it together,lets get started,[Applause],[Music],so,[Music],okay let us chat so i had a like private,brand zoom call well call it that with,a makeup brand that i like i did my,skincare routine i went to the bathroom,before i went to the bathroom almost at,the end and i even passed the cloth in,the bathroom sorry if thats tmi but,this is about period so anyway,long story short i think its going well,but one bummer so far ive already,noticed is with the period panties you,cant really tell how heavy your flow is,and im glad theyre black thats great,i dont have to worry about stains or,nothing but like you cant tell how,heavy your flow is right off the bat you,know with tampons and with a cup i use a,cup regularly and then i use tampons at,night i can tell because if the tampon,is full at a certain amount of time i,know how heavy my cycle is if the cup is,full in a certain amount of time i can,take it out see how much is in it and i,know how heavy my cycle is but with,these period panties im like,so i think im good,i think im good but i guess i will know,when i feel moist is my guess that is,full i dont know well see but its,been like,three hours i think maybe a little,longer i guess we will keep counting the,minutes and hours ill check back with,yall soon,okay,i think im leaking,[Music],yeah thats how i feel about it come,here let me have a game plan these are,full,supposed to be five tampons,if this is full and thats why im,leaking then,i guess i should switch to one of these,i dont want to use them all up at the,but maybe i should just do it that way,use them up,at the beginning of this period,so then i can compare later but these,are nyx overnight reusable pads so,different company completely even though,their names,are spelled similarly this is im pretty,sure overnight is,super absorbency so,this is what it looks like,its the inside,hook and eye closure probably to keep it,from unsnapping the other side this,little sticker says like what its made,out of and all that information okay so,thats my new game plan ill put this on,without a cup well see how long it,lasts and then ill put a cup in later,i think im formulating my plan as i go,but i think thats where were at sorry,im looking at my skin,because i just did a its semi-private,zoom call with a makeup brand and we did,our makeup together okay sidetracked,lets go take care of this week,[Music],i did take them off honestly,this whole part feels dry in the back,and this whole part in the front feels,dry right here in the very front the,middle part i can feel a little dampness,to the touch uh,it doesnt look like soaking wet though,like they look virtually dry just,holding them,but if you look but if you look on the,inside of the jeans you can see i was,leaking i would say,thats not bad its two oclock,thats about,six and a half seven hours of wear for,that one pair of underwear this again is,super absorbent up to five regular,tampons so i usually use supers every,about two,hours-ish so i would have used three or,four tampons in that amount of time that,makes sense that makes sense that adds,up but thats not bad thats,not bad at all i just um hmm i guess my,question would be would you be able to,classify that then as super absorbency,because to me five regular tampons if,im used to wearing supers if i were to,wear five supers that would give me like,10 hours 12 hours of tampon usage so,literally the whole waking day this to,me would not classify as super,absorbency but maybe its just semantics,maybe thats what it is i dont know for,sure i would say thats regular,absorbency because its based on regular,tampons not bad especially since i got,this on sale so now im just supposed to,hand wash or machine wash in cold water,dry it and then i can use it again so i,might use again tomorrow now we switch,to the nyx leak proof pads and the only,thing i will say is because it does snap,in the middle i did notice that the back,and the front kind of slid around a,little bit before i put it on so i dont,know how thats gonna affect anything,well see okay we are back in the office,so so far so good,i used that pad the whole afternoon im,still actually wearing it right now and,im enjoying it enough to,maybe,try just the pad tonight im on the,fence just because personally i dont,like sleeping in pads i dont,necessarily i move so much thats why i,like tampons and thats also why i dont,typically wear my cup at bedtime girls,thats also why i typically dont wear,my cup at night either because i move so,much but,i dont know im on the fence im very,much on the fence but i have two clean,ones maybe i should at least try it for,the first stretch well see side note i,didnt show you but i did get a laundry,bag for free with my order it just was,automatically put in my cart i didnt,pick it out they just put right in,thats super exciting to see how this,goes but this is going to be an,interesting review yall very,interesting review,see you in the morning,[Music],good,morning wait go put my contacts in well,last night i decided to sleep with,just the path and i made it almost,through the entire night that way i was,uncomfortable though,its not the pats fault um it wasnt,like it moved around in crazy directions,and i was leaking and all that stuff,thats actually not what happened it,stayed pretty much in place i just dont,like that feeling when im sleeping of,being dirty having everything go all,

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I Tried Period Underwear! || KNIX menstrual underwear review – Do they work!?!

oh my god oh my god no no no no no no oh,my gosh you cant even,see these currently its hailing outside,all right today im gonna be reviewing,another,menstrual product i feel like my channel,is just,one big tmi and,here you go heres some more stuff so,today im going to be reviewing,nyx period underwear i have been using,period pads um which i did a review on,last year if you want to go look at that,ill put a link down below,but ive been using those for about like,three three and a half years now,and i love them i still use them to this,day all the time,for anyone that like wants to get into,like more sustainable,menstrual products i would definitely,recommend going with pads first but,i wanted to try out period underwear,because i know its been like a really,big,thing recently um and ive just been,seeing it all over my,instagram page i dont know if its,because i made a video about,my pads that like ive just been seeing,it all the time but,i finally decided you know what i should,probably try them out,and um so i did the company that i,decided to go with,had like nothing to do with them just,looking better than the others i,honestly,did not know which brand to choose from,um they were just having a sale so,i chose nyx this is what their logo,looks like,yeah theyre really soft theyre kind of,like,the underwear that are like the seamless,kind,at target if youve ever tried their,underwear there,theyre very silky and like smooth they,are,very stretchy but they do have like a,thicker,band across them like along the edges i,dont know if you can see that,but thats like a bit tougher i got a,size small,i wear a size six in jeans and i was,kind of like on the edge of,a either smaller medium and i wanted,them to fit a bit more,snug since i didnt want anything like,moving around,so i got a small and went with the lower,size when i first got them and i first,tried them on they were,very very tight especially around the,edges because from like the stiff,um what are these called like i guess,the seams or like the bands,but what i did was after i put them on i,just stretched,these bands out and i dont think youre,supposed to do that and,um oh,gosh okay never mind but anyways i dont,think youre supposed to do that but i,did it,one is the high rise,as you can see i dont know what they,are called i think theyre the high rise,hipster i,i dont know i dont know okay um and,then also,i got a cheeky which i actually prefer,because i feel more secure especially,when im wearing like jeans or,leggings um it doesnt show as much none,of the styles i got,show lines through leggings if you,position,it right and as long as theyre not like,super tight like how i got them,the other style that i have is actually,not clean i forgot to wash them before,filming this video so im sorry about,that ill put like a picture,somewhere over here of the style and the,color that i got but,i have like two or three things to say,both good and bad about these underwear,sadly there are some downsides,um i wish that they were perfect and i,wish that they were like as glorious as,the ads and the commercials seemed let,me just get on to the try on im going,to be trying them on over,leggings so just give me a second and,you will see what they look like,can you even see that oh my gosh wait,okay so this is,what the high-rise ones hold on,the high-rise underwear look like um it,doesnt show,any lumps or bumps as you can see,my neighbors think im crazy im,literally trying on under oh,crap oh my god oh my god no no,no no no no okay hes going inside my,neighbor was,outside oh my god hes just like sitting,outside and its,literally hailing right now so i dont i,dont get it im trying on underwear so,i really would rather him not see that,but anyways he went inside so were good,okay these are the cheeky style,and i dont know if you can tell but,theyre like a little bit,less coverage obviously theyre cheeky i,prefer these style to the other two that,i got,so let me start off with saying that you,do get a bag like a wash bag i forgot to,mention that,in the beginning but you do get a wash,bag i prefer to wash them by hand,just like how i do with my reusable pads,but,you obviously can use the wash bag and,wash them separate or like with towels,or something like that,okay so the first good thing about these,pads is,that theyre super convenient you can,wear them with pretty much,anything like leggings and jeans,skirts whatever because they dont show,lines as long as you get the right size,the second good thing was that theyre,super easy to wash out,they did feel a bit weird like,definitely different,from the reusable pads that im used to,like washing out because theyre a bit,like,rougher of a material i actually have,one right here,its like a lot more rough and textured,whereas the insides,of these are very smooth,and not textured theyre very very thin,im not sure how much these can hold but,on the website it did say,that they can hold your whole period i,dont know how reliable that is because,of my two negatives that i will get to,so,the two bad things about these is for,one,they dont last very long in my,experience,ive used them twice now on two separate,occasions like two separate periods,and both times ive had them leak but,not like,drastically like they never got on my,pants im not sure if this is like my,own,fault and please if youve tried these,or like if youve tried like a different,brand of period underwear or menstrual,underwear please let me know and if im,doing something wrong or if i,am at fault for this please let me know,and i will retry them i will reorder,them in a bigger size and retry them out,but in my experience the blood that,lands on,the edges or like right on the seam even,it will leak and have a stain,down here i can smell it when it like,starts to leak out,this happens normally after like only a,couple hours of me wearing it so ive,never actually,gone through a whole day wearing these,just out of fear that i was gonna get it,all over my pants,i dont know if thats because i,stretched out,the bands when i first got them or if,its just like an,issue with the underwear itself the,second thing that i dont,like about uh the period underwear is it,takes a while,for um the blood ill just say,to soak into the underwear it feels like,for a while its just kind of sitting,there,and like sloshing around i know that,might sound gross but thats like the,best way that i can describe it it just,feels like youre just sitting in it and,i hate that feeling with the pads like,the reusable pads i dont have that at,all it absorbs,really quickly and for the most part i,feel dry unless im like on my super,heavy days and its just like,a constant flow then obviously im not,gonna feel dry,but with these its just like way worse,not as comfortable at all,comfort honestly is the biggest thing,when it comes to menstrual products and,your period you just went,one comfort and two convenience and ease,if youve had a better experience with a,different brand or,these exact underwear and i just did,something wrong please please please let,me know,and i will try to fix it,[Music],you

Knix Underwear Review for Women over 40

hi im christina with tina girl life and,today im going to talk about,underwear im going to talk about nyx,underwear that i ordered online,and im really excited about these these,are the leak proof,um period underwear and um,i noticed there were a few videos online,uh from women that were like a size,two and maybe in their twenties and,thats great and everything thats a,huge representation of people but there,wasnt really anybody that represented,my age group im 52 years old and im,not a size 2.,so i wanted to talk about what these,underwear were like for someone of a,woman of my age,and im also trying to get um stop,having to wear panty liners so mine,isnt so much about wearing,uh period underwear for the period,portion of it its more the leak-proof,portion of it,um being a mom of and having had three,kids,and having um some leakage issues maybe,when i sneeze or cough or laugh too loud,which i know im not the only one out,there with that problem because ive,talked to,many many women about it and so i,thought,maybe just maybe these might be perfect,for me so,were going to jump into the first clip,that i filmed when i first,opened up the packages and you can see,my reaction to that,im also going to show you a reaction of,my sister-in-law,who had heard about them but had never,seen them so ill let you see,her reaction to that and well talk,about what i bought when i went to,vancouver,uh this past weekend and uh like i,bought something else that in their,store so were gonna check out what that,is so,lets get right into it,i ordered underwear from nyx and im so,excited about this,its one of those things that i keep,seeing ads for and im reading all the,reviews all the time,and i just really really wanted to order,them so one day i just did,and so this arrived in the mail,yesterday a nice sturdy package,your day just got better so basically,what im doing in this video is im,doing an unboxing for you so im going,to show you what is,in the package so i did get this free,this came free actually with my order,i spent about a hundred dollars just,over a hundred dollars on six,pairs of underwear which actually isnt,bad like if you buy high quality,underwear,theyre expensive i know i bought like,saks and stuff like that for my husband,and they were like 30 dollars a pair,so or more all right so not too badly,priced,so inside your pouch youre gonna find,your packages,and i was actually really pleasantly,surprised with how they packaged the,underwear,theyre really nicely packaged as you,can see,and so i didnt have trouble figuring,out the sizing,um i ordered the extra large im a size,16,and yeah they were theyre super,comfortable so,right away as soon as i got this package,yesterday i i put on the first pair,just to try and they were really comfy,they were the bikini,style and today im wearing the boy,shorts,style one so these ones say theyre,medium absorbency,you can see that and theres the color,there theyre like,beigey so lets open up a package and,see,whats inside so very neatly folded i,was actually surprised of the fabric,um theyre kind of nylony sort of fabric,i dont usually buy that kind of,underwear so um,for me thats a bit different but thats,okay,i can i can go with different ive been,doing the same thing for so long that,changing things up is not bad okay one,thing i,really liked about these was the,waistband,im going to show you up close the,waistband its really,flat and like along the legs so when,youre wearing them theres like,no bump which i really love theyre,really sleek and smooth,and yeah really nice okay im showing,the inside so what is the leak proof,part,so this is the cotton gusset or whatever,on the inside,and its a bit thicker so its very soft,and nice,and yeah so that is,the i cant believe im showing my,underwear,on the internet but okay so we were over,at my mom and dads,we were helping them move so were kind,of in our moving clothes,and uh we were there the same day that,the package arrived so i brought a,package with me,to show my sister-in-law and this is her,reaction to,seeing nyx for the first time im,surprised of this thing,yeah like that is,i thought theyd be bulky yeah you know,like kind of like a,i was surprised yeah i was totally,surprised okay and what im really,surprised is,its like the thin kind of modern,underwear like super thin,and this is it yeah like this,thats it this theres no big chunky pad,like i dont feel its thicker,but yeah thats all yeah that was,that thats going to work thats,apparently wow thats amazing lets hold,these up,okay so after i bought my initial six,pairs of underwear online,um they sent me a questionnaire or,survey to do,which i did and in turn for doing that,survey,they gave me a 15 credit towards buying,their product,which i was really excited about because,um after perusing their website a little,more,i found that they actually have cotton,underwear which is more,normally what i would wear now im,excited about the underwear that i,bought i really like it,and its different for me and um,its good for me to expand my underwear,horizons,so i really do like these ones but the,cotton ones that i got,were actually really nice and they are,this is the bikini style as well,and they are um they have a bit of a,thicker waistband,which is more what im used to and,yeah nice i dont want to call them,granny panties theyre not granny,panties but theyre,theyre just theyre just what i would,normally wear all right they came,packaged really nicely though,they came in another one of these,um lingerie washing bags which is so,nice,and then you gotta always see this this,is so cute they put them in,this reusable bag which i thought was,pretty funny,because uh yeah where am i gonna walk,around with that bag but,anyways it did remind me though of their,website,and one thing i have to say about their,website is,the women they use on their on in their,ads,are beautiful um women,and of all shapes and sizes and i,appreciate that so much,because you know the truth of the matter,is,all women want to buy nice underwear and,its so cool to see,you know not size two women all the time,you know so their ads have like,bigger women and curvy women and yeah so,im happy about that thank you for doing,that next i appreciate that as a,consumer,and i will continue to support you,because i think that is,awesome that you did that all right so,the original underwear that i bought was,medium absorbency and these,cotton ones are actually super,absorbency and you can tell that by,looking,right on here you can see medium,absorbency,has three little drops of water,and the super absorbency absorbency has,five,now let me show you the difference,between the two so im going to show you,the cotton gusset,the super absorbency is slightly thicker,than the,medium absorbency and im going to hold,this up and show you the difference in,the length,so starting at the same line at the top,this ones about,an inch and a half to two inches longer,giving you just a little bit more,coverage,yeah for for safety reasons,so im gonna lay these out flat for you,so you get a really good idea of the,difference between the styles,so these are the boy shorts and,on top of that theyre the nylon boy,shorts and then these ones here,are the nylon bikini style,so theyre all the underwear that im,showing you right now are all exactly,the same size so you can see the,difference the boy shorts have a little,bit more,room a little more coverage in the back,and a little more coverage on the side,these are the cotton ones that i bought,and im just gonna lay actually im,gonna lay the boy shorts down first and,then put the cotton ones on top so you,can see,so boy shorts are are the bottom ones,and the top ones are the,cotton bikini ones now im going to lay,the nylon bikini on top of the cotton,bikini and you can see that theres just,a little bit more length a little more,coverage in the gusset area,of the cotton ones,i just want to show you how tiny these,underwear fold up,they take

Knix Period Panties| 1 Year Review!

hello everyone welcome back to my,channel i hope you guys are doing well,its your local mandarin im just joking,obviously i am not mekan do you guys,watch me con let me know in the comments,down below,i am hello harley obviously underscore,hello harley on instagram and hello,harley on take talk make sure to follow,me in both places but todays video has,nothing to do with japanese culture but,everything to do with periods so if you,are a person,that experiences periods i am there with,you because im also a person that,experiences periods but after one year,of using period panties i am going to,tell you how to make your period a,little less daunting now,ive used period panties for over a year,now i posted one year ago a video of,period panties me comparing two,different brands i have to say of course,ive developed a favorite,brand,and today we are only talking about that,brand so i do use my lalova ones,here and there because when youre a,person that gets such a heavy flow like,i do like the more the merrier when it,comes to period panties however i really,really favor,these seamless panties from,nyx,quick disclaimer this video is not,sponsored nyx or kt by nyx has no clue,who i am they have no idea who i am so,the original,panties that i got this is from the,original badge these are the kt by nyx,panties kt is technically nyxs teen,line,but you dont have to be a teen to wear,these because they have such an,inclusive size range so i ended up,buying the extra large in the kt brand i,am usually like a size 28 29 jean or,like a size 8 bottom so i hope that,helps however,the only con i have to say with this,brand is that after one year of wear,they have stretched out significantly,this is what they look like i can still,wear them,they still good they still fine however,they have stretched out significantly so,i dont think theyve stretched out,so much that i cant wear them anymore,theyre not wearable they definitely are,still wearable but this is a pair that i,bought by nyx bow this is the adult,version,this is in a size medium,and im going to compare the two,with the,extra large and the medium so i dont,think theyve stretched out all that,much like this i dont think has,stretched out but i definitely think,its stretched out like half of the size,like maybe this much,maybe like one inch because when i got,them they were really perfectly snug on,me and now,that its been over a year these ones,are a lot looser than my,medium bottoms now,my medium bottoms i might have thought,like okay i definitely need to size down,a little bit but medium is usually what,i go for in,brands across the board because i am,normally a medium so these fit me really,great theyre really nice and,like,you know theyre just like perfect fit,they dont give me a muffin top or,anything like that and you can,definitely tell that they have a bit,more resistance,than the kt ones just because these are,over a year old so you can also tell,like the writing on the inside has faded,just from wear and tear so i still wear,these i still love them i still have all,the ones i originally had because i,still love them so much if youre a,person that doesnt like to use tampons,i hate using tampons if you dont want,to use pads anymore if you just feel,like,the,if you just feel like disposable period,products are such a waste and like we we,use so much of it then definitely,consider switching over to period,panties or a menstrual cup i do have a,menstrual cup i do still use it i,actually used it uh december so one,month ago i did use this however my,favorite my all-time favorite is still,the period panties i just feel so,comfortable in them i dont feel like,im wearing a big pad i dont feel like,im wearing a big diaper the seamless,underwear makes it so that you can wear,yoga pants you can wear leggings and all,that stuff it they just feel so secure,so just a quick warning im gonna show,you what the liner looks like after one,year of wear i dont know if thats,gonna gross you out or not so im just,gonna warn you right now if it does you,should skip ahead,this is my liner after one year so its,not that gross right its not that gross,it has a little bit of discoloration,probably from acidity of,the blood,but its just a little bit of,discoloration thats not its like,stained its not like its dirty its,literally stained here and the way i,wash these is that i soak them so i,collect all my period panties and then i,soak them in a basin of water with,detergent and then that will leech out,all the,fluid that has collected in the panties,and then i will throw them in the,washing machine with the rest of my,laundry so,that way,youre not throwing in like,the panties with like all the soaking,and then like washing with everything um,it just gets rid of any excess because,then when you wash it the second time,youre really thoroughly washing it can,say sometimes the blood does leech onto,here if i have a really really heavy,flow i am a person that gets a really,heavy period so,sometimes the first two or three days i,will get some blood,come out and leach onto,like the sides of the panty but it,doesnt really bother me and it hasnt,ever leaked ive never experienced a,leakage ive never experienced any type,of blood leaking onto my pants so ive,even worn,white pants white dresses with my period,panties and i feel so secure in them a,little tip is if you are a person that,gets really really heavy periods i would,just carry an extra pair in a ziploc bag,and then you can just,put this the used pair in the ziplock,bag and then you can freshen up with the,new pair something that i do sometimes,just because sometimes you just have a,really heavy flow now if you dont like,wearing period panties i think ive only,had one subby tell me that she doesnt,like period panties and i was really,shocked because honestly,ive convinced so many people to wear,period panties and,like,when i originally bought period panties,i convinced like three of my friends to,and,originally we all bought the kt brand,because we just its much cheaper so one,pair of the kt undies one pair of these,period panties these are the kt boy,short i believe heavy absorbency they,are like 25,and then one pair of these nyx ones are,35 i believe and then the more pairs you,buy you get like a higher discount so,honestly theres no big difference,between the two like this is technically,nyx as well like its made by the same,brand its just a little bit more,affordable this ones a little bit more,affordable and then this one is like ten,dollars more expensive but i like both,during black friday they had a deal so i,did end up picking up three pairs of,period panties for thirty dollars and,then i also picked up a period swim,bottom,for thirty dollars from kt now well,circle back to the period swim bottom in,a bit but lets first talk about the,menstrual cup why im not the biggest,fan of it and i want to discourage you,from trying this because if youre a,tampon kind of girl then this is,probably the best solution for you but i,dont like it because when it suctions,to the walls,i just can feel like theres pressure,around there all the time and it makes,me feel a little bit uneasy its a very,subtle pressure but because its,suctioned to your walls that i just i,always feel it and then changing this or,emptying this in public is not the most,convenient so i have to make sure im,wearing it on a day where im going to,be,like at home or at a friends house,where i can change it and wash it and,rinse it because if im in a public,restroom and i take this out,and then i have to go rinse this to put,it back in its not the most convenient,so i do have questions on how to place,this in this is my favorite way of doing,it i did use this in december because so,like a month ago because i was at a spa,and i wanted to use the,pools there and then i wasnt gonna stop,my life,and not participate just because i had,my period and i didnt receive this swim,bottom yet so the way i do it is i tuck,in,one si

The ULTIMATE PERIOD UNDERWEAR REVIEW (pt 1 Thinx, Modibodi, Knix, and more!)

I have one more Compact My Channel today,Im scared to bring you the socialist,police on the word unboxing and social,Media arts of attention to the video I,have write available Potter The risk of,and Musa patlite the cold and wet brush,my Okay think Tanks apparent that the,montgomerie magento developers and that,ass for me tell you what the hell,orlistat speaker stand in memory,transplant em Where do you work anymore,If You cant afford foods for Little,girls have the best word But you of ten,years with edna fast you anymore,Monsters and get more affordable model,caliphate my career development and,preparing for live flesh of this your,welcome to make any other stuff for,IELTS anyways I have a handful of Prince,Xin chào Tạm quên on Fox International,fool Again official one video celebrate,their computers that Today this video is,going to be any support and throw the,ball and Gentlemen I felt that,everything presented.it someone to make,love to you My name first and humans are,Used with 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