1. Knob Creek 12 Year Bourbon – Review
  2. Knob Creek 12 year bourbon review! Breaking the Seal Ep#100!!
  3. Which Knob Creek Bourbon Is The Best?
  4. Battle of the 12 Year Bourbons!
  5. Knob Creek 100 Proof Small Batch Bourbons Flight Fight
  6. Knob Creek 12 Year – Perfect Aged Bourbon?
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Knob Creek 12 Year Bourbon – Review

the original Knob Creek small  batch 12-year blue label  ,youre worth the hype lets find out all right so  we dont really I keep saying we dont like knock  ,Creek we didnt like Knob Creek wed never gave  it a chance we know we never really did the 12  ,year I never picked up the 12 year prior to this  bottle or the 15. its just kind of like I feel  ,like its probably gonna be overpriced I dont  really like the original and then all of a sudden,okay because we didnt like the original at  least at first then we got into the Single  ,Barrel then all of a sudden we got into the  nine year original and its like damn this  ,is actually really good its you know were  exploring more of the the lineup here this is  ,definitely the one that were hearing the most  about recently I mean this is whats getting  ,all the talk on the old interwebs everybody  keeps ranting raving the 12 years the best one,you know I dont know I like the single barrel  120 proof I like the nine year at uh one at 100  ,Proof yep its pretty cheap this ones about  double the price of the nine year this is not  ,our first sip of this so weve had plenty of  time to live just kind of sit on it so its  ,obvious its coming in at 100 proof it doesnt  say anything on the bottle but it says on the  ,website that this is a foolproof product  which I find kind of hard to believe that  ,theyre putting in the barrel at 100 100 Proof  yeah which I dont think remember them talking  ,about it when we were at uh Jim Beam I dont  either thats what surprised me Im like are  ,they did somebody screw up their website because  I just looked it up before we came in here yeah  ,put a comment below down below if you uh have  any insight on why their websites saying that  ,oh by the way if you like what were doing please  hit that like button and notification Bell so you  ,know when were dropping new content every week  its a beautiful color its nice and thick its  ,nice and creamy its got some pretty legs on it  thats what you say thats what she said one more  ,time Im gonna pop you its got a nice coating  to the glass there the the colors just freaking  ,gorgeous yeah for 12 year you would expect that I  think it smells pretty nice you get that Oak brown  ,sugar Cherry that bourbon smell caramel yeah I  mean just all those classic notes a little bit  ,of uh theres a little bit like a black tea let  me straight away I know nothing about nonprint  ,12 year Im just here to drink 90 of the time I  have no idea what the [ __ ] Im talking about,Im not picking up the peanut note that I  typically pick up yes thats like the first  ,thing that I pick up is the peanut note but Im  not getting that I recognize this for another  ,few minutes but we need to get get going dinking  that was a pretty hard to think thats good thats  ,freaking solid that is delicious damn thats good  for lack of a better word impeccably smooth you  ,know youre drinking 100 proof it doesnt bite  like some of the other 100 proofers do no this  ,is beautiful brown sugar caramel its basically  the same notes that um Knob Creek nine is they  ,just kind of theyre just stronger theyre sharper  theyre sharper its like theyre theyre sharper  ,but also more balanced theres this butter note  thats underlying all of that that buttery note  ,that we get in the 100 20 proof Single Barrel I  dont get it in the nine year but Im starting to  ,pick it up in the 12th year the question is this  is twice as much as nine is it twice as better I  ,dont know if its twice as good but its better  its better no you know what and heres things uh  ,I can pick up a single barrel for a similar price  to this probably a little bit easier to find the  ,Single Barrel it is than it is to find this 10 15  less you know its funny this is actually probably  ,be easier to find than smoke Maple uh yeah right  now it is around us so thats my thing its like  ,is it twice as good if I were to go this is great  if you feel like spending money on it I would but  ,if theres a single barrel there and its like ten  dollars cheaper I think I like the single barrel  ,yeah I think youre probably right I think that  this is phenomenal its own right the the flavor  ,profiles there classic Knob Creek flavor profile  everything is just smooth its well-rounded well  ,balanced got this nice buttery note starting to  come in there yeah if I was good if I had both  ,on the Shelf I would go for the Single Barrel  versus this like I said if I had a little bit  ,of extra cash I just want something different I  still want that Knob Creek vein so Ive already  ,got three single barrels at the house Im not  gonna go buy another single barrel Ill get this  ,yes exactly if they have something else uh that I  want because I want to stay at 100 Proof would we  ,recommend buying this maybe yeah I mean I would  so maybe I would I think it depends on what your  ,situation is if youre going you have no Knob  Creek and youre saying okay which is the best  ,one that I pick up for my money whats the best  value Id say single Barrels best value not great  ,lineup all day long dank them true responsibly  or dont do what you want we cant tell you what  ,to do guys if you like what were doing check  us out on patreon link is in the description  ,below you can see more Shenanigans from us  to idiots drinking Bourbon and whatnot though

Knob Creek 12 year bourbon review! Breaking the Seal Ep#100!!

anyways some proof bourbon junkies,tonight puncture yeah thats next,doo-doo-doo-doo machine gun dog dude,hes always together,hes a whiskey dog he likes whiskey,enjoy his office no sauce no he doesnt,Astros no roll the,[Music],everybody drinks this is a Knob Creek,vintage 12 year Id like to reference,worse wax in the Bourbon game yeah they,are amongst the worst dude its the,cheapest like the most frail okay well,smash me in the face dude look good cork,pop this bottles from our buddy less,handsome thank you thank you buddy,thanks for sending it actually just got,here today,it just got here five ten minutes ago,and we have them be here happen to be,about to shoot moon hunter proof,concrete 12-year small batch thats what,I know,oh yes thank god this is actually what I,do know is its like this is like the,relative to basil bakers and Bookers,you know this is literally Basils,terrible in Haiti I said that and Im,definitely probably worth it worth a,stroll that makes any sense,Bookers are not obviously those are,brokers but those are usually 670 there,Dan stretch again the whiskey sound hes,back folks,one of you guys getting your ass kicked,no I won last Tuesday improvement oh,yeah if we were starting to merge so,anyways I won that nailed that hello,there smells really good this smells,better than any people are going to be,very upset when I say this word theres,malls drastically better than any,Bookers Ive ever smell,this doesnt remind me of like the knob,profiles oh do we have regular nap cream,no mm no no how is that possible what,you got I mean we have a bunch of,theyre like now pre-cancer and rabbit,the normal ride we get a budget store,picks yeah but those are all 15 years,everyone what 336 minutes later do not,want yeah well we have all the limit,its not a single non $40 this is 60,bucks but honestly it does okay it,smells like that profile bakers Im not,probably the closest to Bakers I dont,Ill never ever compare any other,product from them to beyblade because,its the worst so thank God they push,this to a hundred proof I like that a,lot and so the big the reason well the,idea the thing that this is important or,special or whatever word you want to use,is because they aged say today they,brought back an age statement that,wasnt there so you went out Im gonna,go for a great thank nice apple pie done,this one look out final with like it,smells like roasted chestnuts no Kansas,in there roasted almond like you threw,some damage on into your empire,delightful,well no apple pie its like no no not an,ounce of apple pie there Ill tell you,what isnt there whats in there is um,no but now the nuttiness will on earth,exist but its like a lower proof,bookers without as much nuttiness,theres so much more sweetness though,yeah well yeah well the last nine this,is filled in by yeah so we know its the,same but the thing is its like a pecan,its like a kanpai maybe then England,where that accent whats supposed to be,southern anyway,no its not what who put my brain when,say something to the southern thats not,the real thing and then my mouth I say,something in English and neither really,worked out it just say something you,should say just completely heres the,thing is certain Snowbird I like you,dont want one of the greatest tasting,tricks ever of all time with knowing the,trick this is when you tell you drinking,smelling,yeah when you smell it youre like I get,these notes but after you taste it,smells completely different like theres,more like of a greener fresher fruit I,dont think youthful but like its a,much lighter note than what you get on,the palate thats really dark,yeah pretty heavy and unlike the,nuttiness and I dont get that rich,stuff yeah thats really just very oily,coast man its almost like a slick some,would say um put that like that bolts,that youre getting in the back end,isnt in the nose at all its its very,I need to be red label rustles cuz,thats the perfect comparison to this,whiskey we only have stories how do we,not we have these and none of the normal,stuff I want to try right now yeah like,we could spend $100 and have every,bottle augmenting this wall up so shes,gonna fall out in Bible I cant keep,looking because I just dont believe it,but needless Im getting more like God,now a little bit I was gonna say like a,vanilla ice cream on there like maybe,its smells rich Im actually a really,big yeah theres a little spice on the,palate just a little bit of nice spicy,notes its sweetened the back the weird,thing is now I get like a red fruit on,the nose maybe a strawberry type,situation Apple definitely not made into,a pie so um but I get these notes on the,nose that are like breadfruit sweetness,and then like youre saying on the,palate I get spice maybe like I think,nothing honestly cuz theyre spicy and,theres nothing as in a spice nut is,called a nutmeg Im pretty sure just,checked but um its not over oak no 12,years old – its the big one,its great its its out and do a nice,good book in its spicy stuff like that,spice it sticks around,also they killed it with the new label,through the colors dark blue yeah,gold gold pot not too much either and I,separated label here we call this little,split label and yeah needless to say Im,a big fan,$60 bottle hunter proof 12 years old we,need to value on,doing this against regular Russells I,know you know what yeah I was gonna say,maybe theres like a wild turkey 101,its much better than the white the,10-year Russells yeah like a,watered-down nuttiness yeah thats like,if you [ __ ] in his water to help me I,would buy it if I was in a store now,bookers is 90 here by the way Im not a,baby anymore,so if I was in a store remember when,they upped it from 70 today whats,upsetting we stopped buying it yes when,this when they go into that baby why not,go along so I really really enjoyed this,yeah,for me the morning with the Livermore,air getting there the boaters sing for,me at this point is like you know what I,think mean they say in meetings each,other lets press it up until to,everyones on fire yeah I think thats,where theyre at theyre going stove yet,so anyways whats your great Im gonna,so $60 100 proof 12 years tastes damn,good,I get you to plan a what do I not oh,yeah why do I like what am i think i,like the Russells red label more I,think its sweeter I think so,I think this offers a little bit more on,the back end I like you give you get,more flavor and why just okay now girls,this is all out of our asses could we,dont have one yep I think you get a,longer finish on this did I remember,from a residency so now $60 its,drastically better than basil Haydens,40 or 50 if you dont drown it fuzzy,your whisky its like,I kind of get better espresso for you,with it a shot power bag yeah youre the,nice coffee on the ballot dude anyways,youre great,I think its a planet like this is,something I think you should own if you,like anything that I do Beeman like,potatoes leave a profile this is gonna,be an all-star for if you are into,Bookers Jim Beam buildings not Creek or,Turkey and I know the turkeys different,but just hear me out this isnt instant,buy ya know if you like Jim be more than,you like Turkey I bet you love this,yeah like Turkey more I still enjoy this,a lot Im gonna say unless say a -,slowly based on it being like a palette,thing for me where I like a sweeter,whiskey a little more than I like good,my Syria Arthur okie or whisk its not,that okie man but it stays around for,every jug its very good,Im only giving a downer grade because,of another whiskey thats better hey I,buy it where the Bourbon junkies you,cant have children,yep Thank You Wes its got four,sentences bottle patreon please how,about bourbon junk now check them out,oh yeah,[Music]

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Which Knob Creek Bourbon Is The Best?

hey yall my name is Kurt heres trim,welcome back to SLB basement bourbon bar,in Trenton yes do you remember not that,long ago,we did a show on Knob Creek yeah and I,got roasted you didnt get roasted I,think I got roasted nine years better,than the 12 year hot take its gonna win,this time too for me well you know,Trentons just put it out there,unequivocally yes I know that word I,dont that was impressive wouldnt it I,dont know that word oh come on now,unequivocally in the comments the the,highest comment the most comments that,we got,to a blind do a blind the Knob Creek do,a blind do I it had to be 75 comments,75. I swear to you everybody wanted to,see the Knob Creek blinded because you,and I were all over the place yeah and I,have a feeling were going to be all,over the place on this too I think so so,Michelle was kind enough to be with us,here tonight my wife is gone for the,weekend so she is here she did the,pouring and as usual how the women do,around here they keep it very secretive,so we have no idea we just know theres,five glasses in front of us Trina thats,it so before we get into this tasting,very quickly though please make a note,put it on your calendar this coming,Friday the 28th at 8 pm Central please,visit our live stream its going to be,our very first annual charity live,stream where we will be trying to raise,as much money as we can for Rileys,childrens hospital and Trenton tell,them about the uh whats available right,now as far as the bottle auctions we got,a really neat auction going theres,about 17 bottles uh the bidding opened,up last Friday and we have gotten it was,an incredible response,um,really prices are a little bit high for,the for the bottles but its all going,to a good cause so if thats something,you want to check out we have some,really neat bottles in there and uh if,you win the bid you get the bottle and,youre helping out a good cost so yeah,and at any rate despite how that comes,out we sure hope you see you this coming,Friday 8 P.M Central also Ive gotten a,ton of questions and emails about this,if you want to donate but you cant uh,do if you cant support us through the,auction we have a fundraiser here,theres a donate button if you hit,donate on that all the proceeds go to,um fund Riley Childrens Hospital for,our donation,um and well well talk more about that,on our live show too so dont miss that,either great thank you buddy all right,lets do it we got a lot to do here we,do lets get in on it we got one to five,five right to left and every time I go,five to one I get messed up so Im gonna,start with one so lets just start with,one we have no idea what it is but lets,get into it but and babe number one is,what again,number one oh okay youre not youre,gonna have to wake up mighty early to,trick her but thats all I could say I,woke up at 11. your mom might have been,she might she might give it to you at,some point but not Michelle not gonna,happen,she hasnt been here for a while so I,thought I might be able to sneak One,faster but,because its gonna be really hard I like,every Knob Creek release we had out here,on the table,I dont have my glasses on you did not,put that on there get out of here whats,wrong with you,that kids got something wrong,Im gonna be ready I dont I dont care,go ahead but I dont care what this,comes out as,but I I hope I dont trash on the nine,year,[Music],thats thats the only thing Im and I,mean if I if I do end up like in the 12,year more than the nine here,you just dont ever know,really good really sweet,um,its got some its got some heavy Char,action going on in there thats for sure,yeah I think I know what it is but Im,gonna say my guess is still the till the,end yeah you know me I dont guess much,that gets me in trouble,another two,sweeter,its a bit more Oaky maybe I like Oak,hmm,yep,okay,Ill give it to you its its a decent,amount more Oaky than the first bottle,Ill grant you that but you cant tell,me that that wasnt creamy its more,viscous than the first one yeah yeah and,then followed up with some pretty nice,sweetness after the Oaky it did yeah,okay but,yeah,oh this is going to be something this is,gonna be something,you want a three pal yeah alrighty,oh kind of liking this one oh he does he,never does no usually I dont,know Im having a hard time to sit,distinguishing this one in the last one,to me theyre sort of,one in the same this one to me is a,little less Oaky to me a little bit,later that Oak today a little bit,sweeter though,possibly Im going to get them again but,possibly a little bit sweeter,I mean all these youre going to get I,mean listen all these youre going to,get the baking spices a little bit of,molasses and some of them youre going,to get some caramel in there youre,going to get,definitely some Oak Char you know it,just comes with,Knob Creek I dont get any caramel yeah,Im just saying here Im just messing,with it come on now dude youre killing,me bro,[Music],these are so good so far they are,theyre very good,now one of them out here Trenton is the,single barrels 120 proof compared to the,100 Proof,you know we debated that I know I dont,think Ive I dont think weve hit that,yet I dont know but I dont know I,really dont know but we debated should,we should we not Trenton said no lets,probably not and Im like people are,going to say if we dont its not gonna,be its not going to be a fair blind,because it wasnt it was in the show we,got to do it was in the show,man,[Music],whatd you think it for you on five,already oh yeah sorry brother Im,contemplating four never mind what about,four I it was it was really Oaky I,thought it was weaker a weaker uh,palette than than these couple up front,here this first one Im wavering on two,and three I thought were a better pallet,than four I thought it was a little,weaker,yeah I dont know why it tastes five and,then Ill share because youre here,ahead of me,oh,thats pretty good too bub,oh man,all right,do you know of any you want to eliminate,no well actually yeah it is open I do,four,Im 100 I thought it was really bitter,really Oaky yeah and I thought I thought,so its the 12 year I dont know I,honestly dont know and I and hey I,didnt even break into these last night,to go through them I didnt I wanted,this can be a completely as Fair as,possible is that the thing healing okay,I had a little mishap at work you know I,crushed my forehead on a corner piece,when I was working yeah yeah you know,because when Im working Im on it dude,you know and Bam it bled too it was one,pretty big old goose egg on there it,wasnt pretty but hey Ill be all right,Ill be fine,but to follow up with Etc and I thought,the palette was weaker Im good with,four Im Im good with Im Im also good,with backing up four were back okay so,you confuse me sometimes with pushing it,forward and back were taking it back,take it back no no Im stoked to be,honest with you I want to do a quickie,on one,and Ill and Ill tell you right now,that,one of these is four of these are 100,proof and ones 120 and I do not know,what the 120 is if it drinks that drinks,that nice,wow my next time around number one was,pretty good,I know exactly what number one is,probably you might I do get a lot of,like Jim Beam Knob Creek notes from all,these glasses I dont know but I gotta I,got a rush of,ethanol and number two,I dont know if thats 120 proof or it,kind of smack me up on this side of the,head I got a nice Berry note from that,though not so much like a caramel either,which is kind of weird its sweet but I,dont know what what its from this is,going to be tough whyd you have me do,this I dont even know why were doing,this because everybody wanted to see us,a struggle thats why because its fun,for them,all right we have to make decision bro,whats it going to be and honestly I I,have to say,I have to agree with Trenton,four was,to me was an obvious choice to push out,first but Im stumped on the rest of,them you first its either between three,and two for me,fives got a lot of really nice flavors,and not a t

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Battle of the 12 Year Bourbons!

twelve-year-old Bourbons for some its,the sweet spot the age at which bourbon,is loved most today Ive chosen five,twelve-year-old Bourbons for a fun blind,flight today on the mash in Jerome,[Music],[Music],one of the most common misconceptions,newbies to the Bourbon world hold is,thinking that the older the whiskey the,better,simply put older is not the same as,better American whisky isnt scotch,bourbon is aged in more variable,climates and new charred oak barrels in,contrast to Scotch where distillers are,ageing their product in cooler climates,and pre used barrels the Scots can sit,for twenty years thirty years even,longer in the bow before the flavors,begin to get bitter or oaky for Bourbons,many distillers will say that six to,eight years in the barrel is optimum for,bourbon some will say twelve years is,the max and even that depends on where,the barrels are aging and what profile,the distiller is trying to achieve,either way seeing that big 12 number on,a bourbon bottle is a hard number to,pass up with a lot of age statements,disappearing and now reappearing in some,cases today I thought it would be fun to,put together a blind flight of five,twelve-year-old Bourbons to see which,twelve-year takes the top spot lets,dive in and see what the contenders are,if there was one bottle of bourbon that,has defined both the excitement and,frustration of the ongoing bourbon boom,its definitely Weller twelve-year once,a quality bourbon always available on,the shelf for about 30 bucks then fast,forward to being labeled as baby Pappy,Van Winkle and then the Bourbon boom now,to one of the most sought-after and,hard-to-find Bourbons on the market,whether 12 is a weeded bourbon from,Buffalo Trace follow that 90 proof,heavily allocated and is normally priced,today at $150 in higher,the 2018 release of old Forester,birthday Birdman from brown-forman was,the 18th release of the series at the,time its a hundred and one proof point,was the highest to date until last,years which was a little bit higher the,2018 Edition is comprised of 120 barrels,the 2018 had an unusually low yield of,just 39 percent and five barrels were,actually found to be empty resulting in,only fourteen thousand four hundred,bottles being released all Forester,birthday Birdman has always been one of,the most sought-after,bourbon releases every fall and this one,happens to be my personal favorite this,is 12 years old and bottled at 101 proof,1792 small batches Bartons flagship,bourbon the brand ones featuring an,8-year age statement found on the back,of the bottle but was removed in late,2013 followed by a bottle design change,soon after after this change is,substantial line extension took place,that included 1792 sweet wheat the port,finish the single barrel the foolproof,and the high rye in july 2019 1792 sh,stateman returned but now sporting that,ripe old age of twelve years old on the,bottle with an MSRP of only fifty bucks,one batch of 1792 aged twelve years will,be released each summer with a proof of,ninety six point six,when the Bourbon shortage hit Kentucky,in 2015 one of the casualties was the,nine-year age statement for Knob Creek,four years later and plenty of increased,production B was not only given the age,statement back to the standard small,batch but it has also added another late,last year enter the Knob Creek bourbon,12 years old this is vile at 100 proof,and this is a welcome addition to the,Knob Creek lineup with an MSRP of about,70 bucks lastly is Calumet Farm single,rack black 12-year old bourbon whiskey,crafted from an extremely small batch of,19 barrels that have all been aged in a,single center-cut rack from the ideal,maturation location and conditions,inside the Rick house Calumet bourbon as,folklore goes pays homage to William,Monroe right,once owner of the Calumet baking powder,company whose kentucky farm was famous,for its award-winning horses,frustratingly this is sourced from an,unknown location but its bottled at 94,proof has a high rhyme Asheville,supposedly and its priced around 70,bucks alright so as you can see we have,some pretty unique selections within,this flight all 12 years old,including the Knob Creek twelve-year,which was which I got late last year,also the brand new 1792 H 12 years,batch which was one of those I was,looking for for a while thank you again,Douglas Papa if youre watching for,helping me get that bottle really,appreciate it so I thought including,those in this flight would actually be,pretty cool because I havent really put,them up against anything so putting them,in a flight with against these other,three should be pretty interesting plus,a I had its been a long time since I,tried the Calumet twelve which was kind,of a weird bourbon the last time I tried,it so I figured out throw it in here,twelve years old as well so lets mix,them up alright guys so I have them all,mixed up lets start with letter A Ive,marked him down so I dont lose track of,where I placed them and where I have,ranked them that happens to me sometimes,because theres so much going on so,lets try a litter a first here we go so,the nose on this one definitely comes,off very caramel and not forward almost,like a little bit of a cracker jack very,peanutty maybe a slight hint of,chocolate there,you definitely get some oak tannins in,there Im the on-the-nose cinnamon spice,I mean this is already making me think,it could be the Knob Creek with that,bean flavor profile yeah this is a lot,of peanut a lot of oak hit the chocolate,cinnamon spice this is a really good,nose I think for a 12 year old bourbon,kind of what youre looking for,its got a good balance of sweet milk so,lets go for a sip Cheers,mmm very consistent with the palate,yeah very peanutty mmm very spicy too,its got a nice finish for a lot of,black pepper there definitely get that,oak lets go for another sip here the,finish is slightly slightly bitter not,too bad though but again getting a,really good mix of the the caramel a,little bit of honey there too definitely,a nuttiness factor going on which is,making it really interesting really nice,finish very peppery like I said I would,think that thats definitely kind of a,high rye I dont think none of these are,really high proof the highest proof,bourbon in here is actually the old,Forester which is 101 so knowing that I,would think if you kind of do the math,if youre thinking these are gonna come,in hot based on the proof no I think,its gonna come in hot based on the mash,bill so I would think thats a higher,ride Nashville lets go for a long last,sip you have the third step even got a,little bit more funky it starts off,really good once your palate gets used,to it some of these kind of bitter oak,tannins start kind of taking over,especially mid palate you still get the,sweetness upfront mid palate gets a,little bit bitter and then but the,finish is still giving you a nice high,rife inish so not so bad for the first,one so let me take that some notes there,okay lets try a letter B here,okay now Bs nose is on another level,that is delicious smell in the nose rich,almost smells creamy god this is just,vanilla icing and almost Im getting,like its like a spiced cake where,theres all these baking spices in there,you get the the nutmeg and the cinnamon,but its completely covered with like,sweet vanilla frosting Wow,theres that place um oh look back there,- again being 12 years old youre gonna,get some good oak influence man little,hint of cherry man chocolate that the,nose on this is just I could smell this,bourbon for a long time its just a,really good nose lets go for a taste of,this one wow this one has so much more,going on than letter a god the sweetness,factor thats in here all those baking,spices and I was getting on the nose,just really attack your palate upfront,though its its almost like a yeah,again its like vanilla and chocolate,together that come forward and then as,it hits mid palate then you get all the,baking spices the vanilla frosting,everything I was getting

Knob Creek 100 Proof Small Batch Bourbons Flight Fight

[Music],its bourbon night hello im chad,im sarah and welcome to another flight,fights there this is a knob creek,100 proof flight fight right so,yeah i mean it didnt seem like we would,have been able to do this that long ago,but they came out with the 15-year,the 12-year at 100 proof and then they,just brought the nine-year age statement,back to,the hundred proof so all right well,thats pretty much what we got in here,but,lets lets run through them all sarah,whats in this flight,in this flight all at 100 proof we have,knob creek small batch non-age dated,knob creek small batch nine year knob,creek 12 year,and knob creek limited edition 15 year,4 100 proofers man we do love the 120,small sorry single barrel the one thats,not in here,yeah and the picks but if we had put,that single barrel in here,it would have stood out yeah completely,so and you know people have been asking,for this flight and i think its because,their point being like i could get a,single barrel at a higher proof point,for,less than the 12 and the 15 year yes or,should i just get since theyre at 100,proof should i just get the regular,small batch especially with the age,statement coming back to it for,for much less for 25 thats what we want,to answer,completely we run the gamut here of a 25,uh both the non-age stated in now with,the nine year age statement back,all the way up to a hundred dollars for,that 15-year,uh le is it worth it,let me work it i knew you were going to,go there i heard it in my head and i was,like oh,you dont flip it and reverse it okay i,guess were gonna find out yeah we will,but im not going to do any of that,stuff that you said okay,oh that is a nice jim beam nose i think,its from jim beam,yeah this one is nice and syrupy kind of,comes off a little sweet on the nose,yeah its one of those noses where you,think its,it it should be really like viscous and,syrupy in the mouth,nice toasty note all right okay,hey thats a good start its a good,start i mean theres nothing wrong with,it its fine its a little light the,finish is a little,abrupt i feel like its like those real,nice,flavors and what starts to become a,mouthfeel kind of just was,bang into a wall bang and then it,finishes,and youre like that just stopped i see,what you mean it is sort of a quick,finish,but that initial,balance you know pretty good pretty good,yeah,its a little harsh like i feel like im,still breathing heat,from a 100 proof and thats not like,good spicy,i dont know it just feels like a little,aggressive i dont know but i dont like,to give too much on a,the first time around so who knows come,back through again i might be singing,its praises,i really like the nose on this one i,think it smells a little more,well-rounded than a,less just straight-up syrup i feel its,less,not creaky or jim beamy i agree with,that too,it smells more subdued slightly more,floral,yes it smells like it would be less of a,great,mouthfeel not that a had an exceptional,mouthfeel but,at least the nose kind of lets you,believe that it might,i dont know if im aligned with that,but there can be only one right answer,and its right over here huh more more,the mouth feel is nice but its more,charred yeah the char really builds,towards the finish yeah,not as much of a punch compared to a no,um oh little building starts to build,the other one was just kind of there,from the onset and then,quickly went away and it was more front,of the tongue i feel like this ones,more all over the mouth,and it builds yeah a little longer,finish it does it crescendos it starts,out a little softer,and becomes really intense um,like right now i think its if you want,to call it smoother,than a less of that like afterwards i,dont feel like im like,yeah this one has more maybe uh maybe,its tobacco its got a little bit of a,you know barrel tobacco little,which might make you think its older,maybe but but older than what i mean,the lowest age statement we have is nine,year which it could be that,you know actually the lowest a statement,is no age statement well thats what i,mean,but of the age statements of the stated,ages,nine is the lowest which is not young,correct this one smells more like,outdoorsy woods to me,this one smells more like jim beam and,in that,i mean a jim beam label hmm i dont know,if i get,this one is almost the most its,difficult for me to pin down whats,going on,fruity very nutty in a different way,yeah,right now oh theres but still theres,the nutty i feel like this ones a bit,off the map,but familiar kind of the finish has a,familiar quality,oh its it is more woodsy its more like,pine yeah,pine and foliage and,deforestation and it has some,baking spices and pepper and a little,bit of citrus,and prickly toasty woods and yeah,pricklier yeah pricklier,oh this might be my favorite nose this,is this is my favorite no soap nose,maple brown sugar little chocolatey,nuttiness i like it smells really rich,yeah maple syrup classic,classic sarah maybe a little drier than,the other three,but i dont mind it so its not an,excessive dryness just comparably to the,other three you might be,just kind of bunching up just a little,just i get it on the finish but i really,like that nose a lot,but it kind of helps towards that whole,campfire outside type of vibe i get more,like kitchen spices but it is,dry its almost like i mean not like,licking cinnamon because if youve ever,done that its not that pleasant but,the texture is a little it makes me keep,wanting to go for water,sure but i like the flavors me too so,and on that second sip i,i got what you were talking about you,said sort of bacon spices right,yeah its more youre in the kitchen as,opposed to outside,um maybe a little bit sweeter more,dessert,oriented yeah,yeah which is like my um cozy right your,um,my own cozy smell i liked that on the,nose oh hey,okay well i think that might just be the,yeah i think its accumulation but like,weve reached the point where we are,warm yeah thank you,kentucky hug um okay so weve done all,four,this is where we take a little break we,walk off into the sunset,um they might even have a pretzel yeah,have a pretzel or some some crackers or,something,let our tongues come back down to room,temperature we come back,we do round two but while we wait sarah,you know what,the perfect time this is a perfect time,for i have a feeling that,youre gonna tell me yes perfectly time,for,it is wow this went wrong uh to tell you,about our home on the internet it is,whiskeyambitions.com its where you can,get,the t-shirts that both of us are wearing,hey this ones a new vlog this is a long,sleeve,for fall even though i dont know what,the temperatures like where you are,exactly,drink more bourbon long sleeve with a,different color its very soft uh its,where you can get our glenn karens back,in stock soon,uh you can get our water glasses we have,rocks glasses,challenge coins coming soon and more i,mean probably even our,hoodies now uh probably yeah theyre,probably on the site right now theres,probably some cold weather here,yeah at whiskey ambitions.com you can,visit patreon.com night and become a,member of our,well become a patron a member of our,patreon community for as little as one,dollar a month yeah uh well put out,polls like what episode do you want to,see next uh well ask you your opinion,about merch,well give you after the episode,exclusives called another round with,chad and sarah and a patron only podcast,with also more coming soon all the time,all the time,all right so were gonna go sit down,well be back see you soon,and were back welcome back its round,two this is where,everything comes to light i feel like i,dont know what youre doing,you usually dont either very excited,but here we go with,a again im actually going to revisit it,yeah um,i get a lot burnt marshmallowy,going on but still a classic jim beam,nose on this one but im getting more,definitely than the first time through a,little more ooey gooeyness,yeah i mean when i say burnt marshmallow,i mean you gotta catch

Knob Creek 12 Year – Perfect Aged Bourbon?

welcome back to adhd whiskey my name is,matt,today were reviewing and scoring a 100,proof,12 year old release from the jim beam,distillery,its knob creek 12 year 100 proof,judging by the fill level of this bottle,you can either determine one of two,things,or make one of two determinants,either i just got this bottle and love,it or i like this bottle a lot,and ive drank through it over the,course of time,i will never tell you the truth but it,might be the former,or the latter this 12 year old knob,creek runs about 70 thats a lot of,dough,thats a lot of moolah is it worth it,heck if i know lets see if this bugger,is worth a price tag,thats wrong its just wax,america,[Music],knob creek kentucky straight bourbon,whiskey,12 aged wow 12 aged,12 years 12 aged,12 years is what i meant to say crafted,for superior taste,and smoothness the original mob creek,small batch kentucky straight bourbon,whiskey crafted for superior taste and,smoothness claremont kentucky,thats about all thats all they give us,oh,nutrition facts 122 calories,per one and a half ounces no carbs no,protein no fat,just alcohol and calories,this has got the new this ones got the,new wavy bottle,its got the bottle for the grips so you,can grip it good,and you can do whatever you want with it,and itll never,ever slip out of your hands because its,got the grips,look at me do my hand is full of,lubrication right now,but you never know it because its stuck,in my hand,this bugger is the same proof,as the regular knob creek but aged three,years longer,than that expression now lets find out,if this will put an expression of,happiness on my face,color is medium to dark amber,its like the lights on the school bus,you dont want to run,because if you do guess what guess what,theyll tell you that it was red,then youll get a ticket in the mail and,youll be like i swear to gosh,they were just dark amber and theyll be,like,thats not what the bus driver said and,our bus drivers super smart,because bus drivers are super smart,i used to be one nosing time,its peanuts its like an oaky peanut,barrel,with ethanol definite knob creek gym,bean profile nose,life hack if youre using natural peanut,butter,that the oil separates and comes to the,top all you got to do is turn that [ __ ],upside,down in your cupboard put a paper towel,under it,just in case but then guess what happens,oil goes to the top which is actually,the bottom,and then you stir it much easier without,making a mess,am i a genius this doesnt smell like,the natural peanut butter this smells,like a sweet,gif a sweet creamy jiff peanut butter,thats been stored in an oak barrel,with alcohol in it for 12 years or so,give or take a little bit of smoke,a hint of tobacco like a glorious,alec bradley blind faith i would say a,bit of smoke on the nose,i wonder how well alec and bradley blind,faith would pair with peanut butter,probably pretty good a little bit of,toast,it does smell like a peanut butter toast,the nose is good its solid it smells,like it,it smells like a knob creak with a,little bit of extra oak,and a little bit of more sweeter side,like a little bit of,sweeter peanut butter kind of dig it,down the hatch,[Music],hello i like that,oh i like that that knob creek profile,the nutty knob creek profile,which normally can be like either,off-putting to some people,or on putting to other people killed it,dead meat,definitely got it that time its on my,hand tell your friends,that knob creek profile isnt there it,might it but it zaps the pallet,immediately just,like like an electric fence,like an invisible fence on your tongue,theres a sweet,oak that comes about a couple seconds,later on the back of the palate,the back of the tongue and it just,lingers there and stays there as i speak,very slowly for this amount of time,that oaky sweetness is still fingering,on the back of my palate,its oily its viscous,i like this a lot of times you get a,nose,thats really good and then you drink,the whiskey and its not as good,as the nose this might play in the,opposite direction,the nose is good but the whiskey tastes,way better profound profoundness mr,porter,that sweet oak hits you almost,immediately,its like a spark to the tongue but then,that oak dick,peels out right here,and then straight back like an all-wheel,drive launch to your dangly thing on the,back your throat,this is a rememberable bourbon its very,good,the nutty cherry knob creek funk kinda,like,touches you and then the sweet oak takes,over,this is a great blend this is a great,blend,this is bordering on high sevens to low,eights,knob creek 12 year,100 proof excellent zipper,very good bourbon i was thinking eight,right out of the gate,but the more i sipped it the more effort,i was getting on the back end,and a little bit more of the drying i,was getting on the back end,which wasnt super appealing knob creek,12 year 100 proof 7.9,its a 7.9 if you find one of these bad,boys and youre a fan of now creek,69 bucks to buy id buy it for shout,my name is matt this is adhd whiskey and,like i always say,keep your head in the clouds but your,mind,on not leaving things in the van or the,car,that could melt where its a hundred and,some degrees outside,like basically everything,i put hand sanitizer on my hand today,after i left the grocery store,hand sanitizer was in the van dang near,burned my hand off my wrist,gets so hot in there it gets so hot in,there,tomorrow i think im gonna put a frozen,pizza on the dashboard,for like 22 minutes then come back,to see how crispy it is and how,delicious i dont know,i might do that as an experiment as an,experiment of colorado sun,black dodge dashboard,and deliciousness hit the thumbs up hit,subscribe,leave a comment below 12 year knob creek,what do you think,delicious just okay great good,wonderful the best on the planet i dont,know,7.9 in my book what do you give it,what do you give it

Knob Creek 12 Year Bourbon Review | Whiskey Worth Hunting For!

hey everybody welcome back to another,episode of the bourbon hutch and thanks,so much for joining me on this journey,through the world of whiskey today were,going to be doing a review of one of the,oldest bottles i have in a bottle with a,great age statement that you might just,actually be able to find thats knob,creek 12 year so lets get to it,[Music],all right so,first off we just got to point out that,this bottle has a big,golden 12 on it,which is something that you dont see,very often from bourbons these days,knob creek which is a distillery from,jim beam,has you know their whole line,is doing something special and that is,you know proudly displaying age,statements theyve got the 9 year old,the 12 year old and the 15 year old and,most of their single barrel stuff is,right around 8 or 9 years old as well,so what youre getting from knob creek,which im a big fan of is a combination,of good age and good value because the,prices are pretty good,speaking of price this bottle is 60 msrp,its one of those,harder to find bottles you might have to,do a little extra work to go out and get,one of these but you can certainly find,one as you know evidenced by me being,able to find one,pretty pretty easily so what is actually,in this bottle obviously is 12 years old,it is a hundred proof so not a super,high proof you know barrel proof option,but certainly not you know low down in,the 80s,the mash bill on this is 77,corn,13 percent rye and 10 malted barley so,certainly corn forward but with a decent,amount of rye to sort of balance things,out,other than that it is a beautiful bottle,as you can tell sort of great coloring,great presentation got these cool like,indentations on the back that make it,really easy to grip and,um you know the only downside to all of,knob creek is that they have the wax,seals on the top that often are kind of,crumbly so mines sort of jagged on the,edges there but,other than that knob creeks pretty much,you know on the exterior here doing,everything right question is you know,how good is the actual whiskey how good,is a 12 year whiskey thats relatively,available should it be something youre,hunting well lets figure that out,now before i do get into the nose and,palate and finish here if youre,enjoying the content i do want to just,invite you guys to,like comment and subscribe on this video,really helps the channel out and i of,course always love to hear what you guys,are drinking,and what youre enjoying these days and,if theres any videos you want to see in,the near future that i can produce for,you guys please let me know alright so,lets get into the nose first,yeah,really good,right off the bat lots of vanilla,sort of an under,tone a base of oak,something sweeter and fruitier like a,cherry and,maybe some like apricot or a,a fruit with a pit in it,yeah really nice really nice nose um,i think thats one of the first things i,noticed about this pore is just that the,nose is really really inviting,doesnt have too much alcohol or ethanol,on it,sort of sweet and rich and draws you in,so lets get to the palette,okay so first up,it is a complex and sort of developing,unfolding experience,first first thing i noticed was a dose,of vanilla,second thing i noticed was a good,helping of nuttiness um,just sort of like peanuts,i know that knob creek and jim beam in,general a lot of people get a peanut,note on their stuff and i certainly get,a good dose of that on this,and then it definitely transitions into,this like,baking spices and and caramelly,back end and then that lingers on the,finish for sure i get a lot of vanilla,and caramel for the finish and maybe,even,you know tending toward that oakier side,with a little bit of tobacco-y sort of,flavor on the finish there,lets go back into the palette one more,time,and focus really particularly on the,finish,yep so that,focusing on the finish and still,lingering still going uh,you know you still get that progression,from sweetness and vanilla,to baking spices and nuttiness,and then on the finish there really is a,great note of,tobacco and maybe even a little bit of,leather um,[Music],and then that that dark fruit that,pitted fruit sort of sticks around as,well,really i mean for what youre getting 60,and 12 years old i think it totally,delivers on that promise which gives you,a sense of age a good amount of oak good,amount of,tobacco undernotes and a little bit of,leather,really,you know its sweet on the front end so,inviting and rich and enjoyable,and then if you do like your bourbons a,little oakier maybe a little bit more,age and tobacco and leather youre gonna,get that on the finish,which is just such a great quality and,it really lingers and sort of,stays on the pallet for a really long,time overall,its certainly,a really good pour um worth the 60 for,sure,and worth the little bit of extra,hunting that you might have to do to go,out and find one of these not only is it,a beautiful bottle to have on the shelf,its a great introduction to aged,whiskey,with,a complex palette and a lingering finish,if youve had knob creek 12 before,please let me know in the comments what,you think of it is there any other knob,creek product that you want to see me,try or compare to these maybe i could do,the nine the nine year old versus the 12,year old and sort of see what the,differences are and what that three,years really does to the whiskey i think,that would be,really interesting to see i dont have,much more to say about,knob creek 12 year old,total respect for knob creek for you,know proudly displaying that age,statement sort of starting a trend here,to get age statements back in the,bourbon world,great to know exactly what youre,getting out of the bottle how old the,whiskey is what the proof is and at a,really good price so,would recommend definitely going out and,trying to get yourself a bottle of knob,creek 12 year old if you can until i see,you guys for another video all i can say,is keep drinking good whiskey and cheers

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