1. Keeping Your Heart Healthy with Kori Krill Oil: American Heart Month
  2. Krill Oil Vs. Fish Oil My Krill Oil Review
  3. Why I TAKE KRILL OIL over Fish Oil DAILY // Krill Oil
  4. Costco’s Vitamins & Supplements- Crucial Breakdown
  5. Better Than Fish Oil, See What Happens To Your Body When You Take Krill Oil Everyday
  6. KRILL OIL vs FISH OIL: Which Omega 3 Supplement Is Better (IS IT SAFE) | LiveLeanTV
  7. ✅ Top 5 Best Krill Oils 2022 Review

Keeping Your Heart Healthy with Kori Krill Oil: American Heart Month

you know heart disease continues to be,the number one related health-related,cause,of death but theres so many things we,can do to protect our heart,and thats the good news here so looking,at things like inflammation,where your circulation is are you moving,enough wheres your stress level we know,that emotional stress,plays havoc on the body and is a huge,risk factor for heart disease,are you smoking or not smoking smoking,definitely impacts your risk for heart,disease,and of course are you sleeping are you,getting at least seven to eight hours of,consistent sleep at night,all of these factors are so important,but maybe a starting place is really to,begin with diet diet is probably the,foundation,and something that we all have control,over and a great place to begin the,conversation,on maintaining a healthy heart when it,comes to diet diet is a fundamental part,of the heart health equation we know we,need to put time and energy into,crafting,a heart-healthy diet i often tell my,patients that they really need a diet,high in omega-3 fats,low in saturated fats high in,plant-based fiber and low in salt those,really are the ingredients,for a healthy heart heres the problem,and the challenge,its hard to get those omega-3s in,because one of the best food sources,of omega-3 fats are fatty fishes like,salmon and tuna,most of us myself included were simply,not getting in the two to three servings,a week,that we need to get those omega-3 levels,up,so we need an alternative and one,alternative is cory krill oil,it is sourced in pure antarctic waters,no artificial ingredients,and this ocean-based source provides us,with comparable,epa and dha levels like we would get,by consuming real fish when it comes to,omega-3 fats we know that they are very,important for heart health in fact,omega-3 fatty acids are the most,scientifically,researched nutrient when it comes to,heart health according to the fda there,is supportive,but not conclusive research that shows,that the omega-3 fatty acids epa,and dha may reduce the risk of coronary,heart disease,for that reason we know that we want,optimal levels,of omega-3 fats but its just not heart,health we know that omega-3 fats also,influence brain health skin health joint,health,eye health even our immune health so for,these reasons,we want omega-3s in our diets we want to,be able to track,and monitor the levels of this powerful,micronutrient,all throughout our health journey there,are a number of reasons why ill,recommend krill oil,over a fish oil corey krill oil in,particular has been shown to have,superior omega-3,fatty acid absorption compared to fish,oil its also not as processed as fish,oil making it a lot more compatible,to take in fact many of my patients that,take krill oil,dont have the fishy aftertaste or the,fishy burps that theyll get with the,traditional fish oil supplement,in addition to that cory krill oil comes,in smaller pills or mini pills so,theres not that large,fish oil pill that you have to swallow,so its much easier to swallow,and is sustainably sourced from,antarctic waters and certified no,artificial ingredients it contains,choline,and antioxidants for added benefit this,is why im confident in recommending,cory as a brand of krill oil that,patients can use and see results,for more information you can go to,coreykrilloil.com or,drtaz.com

Krill Oil Vs. Fish Oil My Krill Oil Review

hi there miss Ella here today I want to,share with you guys some information,about krill oil and why I preferred over,fish oil now I have taken fish oil in,the past until I discovered krill oil,and Ive had much better results so now,one thing about krill is it is in a,phospholipid form fish oil is,triglyceride now the reason why it is,readily available or the bioavailability,is so much higher than fish oil is,because our cells in our bodies the,membranes of our cells in our bodies are,composed of phospholipid so that way our,bodies you know will absorb it and use,it right away and it doesnt go to waste,okay how to take a quick break out know,if you heard the kids fighting in the,background so anyway theyre fine now,they dont have school today so anyway,so were talking about phospholipid and,another thing about phospholipid is is,composed of choline which is important,for the brain development of a fetus and,also under seeing mother to her baby,so which helps with brain and choline,helps with neuro transmitting so its,good for our nerves and the brain so,same thing now another thing about,omega-3 so we know that it is made of,DHA and EPA now DHA stands for docos,hexanoic acid and EPA I believe is,eicosapentaenoic acid Im not sure if I,pronounced that right so since in krill,oil it is in the phospholipid form we,readily absorb it in our body and we,actually use it it doesnt go to waste,now with fish oil a lot of times from,research is that you know you it goes to,waste when you watch the bathroom so,make sure you do your research on all,these information another doctor so this,is just from my experience Ive had,great results with joint pain I had a,car accident I bring about 12 years ago,and I always had this inflammation on my,shoulder and since I switched the krill,oil Ive had really great results,specially in the winter time when Im in,pain and Im also had some friends and,family come up to me since I you know,mentioned krill oil or you try it they,the,really happy with the results it helps,with brain health I helped that the,reason why its good for our brain and,eyes is because the retina of the eye,and our brain is composed or the gray,matter of our brain and the retina of,the eyes is DHA so thats why we benefit,from taking the supplements now also,its good for anti aging hair skin heart,joints theres so much brain health,mental health people with ADHD my oldest,son was diagnosed with that years ago,and I was always against medication so,we modified his diet and at the same,time we gave him some krill oil which,has helped I also read that our hair,shaft is 3 percent 3 to 5 percent made,of DHA so thats why its good for your,hair and its excellent for your skin my,sister had mentioned that some of the,cream that shes tried before had even a,little bit of some omega-3s or fish oil,in it and like I dont really want to,rub that on my face so Id rather take,it internally and youll get the same,result by taking the supplements you,know inside and outside your body now,another wonderful thing about taking,krill oil is that it contains a very,powerful antioxidant called anthis,Anthon which is actually more potent,than vitamin A & E and helps neutralize,free radicals in the body that could,prevent diseases so thats another,wonderful thing about krill oil and,thats why I prefer it over fish oil now,if youre wondering what krill is it is,a crustacean that lives in the cold,waters in the Antarctic yeah thats,right and also its the largest biomass,in the ocean so its mark theyre all,going to perish anytime soon I hope,hopefully not ever but we all know that,baleen whales thats their primary their,diet and thats why these mammals are so,so intelligent so Im not maybe thats,one of the why theyre so smart but,anyways I purchased mine mainly through,vitacost comm and when you spend I think,twenty five to fifty dollars they have,some,they have this free shipping deal so,just depends on when you buy but one of,the best prices Ive seen some people,get about Costco and Ive gotten some,what Costco before because they had a,sale and that store coupon things so,they carried that mega right brand over,there,I usually just buy the vitacost brand,which is a lot less expensive so anyway,I hope that you guys found this helpful,stay healthy take your omega-3s you know,youll keep you sharp and healthy and,keep your looking good so have a,wonderful day and enjoy your weekend,thank you so much for watching bye bye,you

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Why I TAKE KRILL OIL over Fish Oil DAILY // Krill Oil

This is something I take every single day.,Its Arctic grill oil.,And today Im going to tell you why and why.,In particular, I take it over fish oil.,There are many reasons before I get into my by far number one reason,,heres a few noteworthy reasons number.,Its sustainable antic.,Crill is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly,sources for Marine omega three S heres what they look like.,Theyre tiny Cresin and theyre low on the food chain.,So they are the purest form closest to plants.,You see, they feed off small plants like phyto plankton as well.,Algae under the surface of the sea and particularly the ice.,They come from the Arctic crill, have the ability to shrink their bodies and,undergo long periods of starvation.,Number two, theyre the best absorbed.,Omega three fats.,You see DHA and EPA from crill seem to be more bioavailable,than omega threes from fish oil.,This is because the majority of DHA and EPA from CRI oil is bound,to phosphel lipids, which are then efficiently absorbed by the body.,Number three much fish oil that people.,Is Rand CRI oil is not.,And the one I have certainly isnt you see oxidation is a normal process in all oils,that contain polyunsaturated, fatty acids, fish, fish oil is particularly susceptible,to oxidizing, which happens faster.,Of course, when its exposed to heat air or.,The same three elements.,We dont want our skincare being exposed to.,Its also prone to oxidization because.,Its a long supply chain to get to the end user.,And it often lacks the appropriate preventive measures on its way to you.,But my number one reason for using CRI oil is that it contains ASTA Xin, fish oils,do not typically contain this element.,ASTA Xin is one of the most potent and powerful Antiox.,In the world, the anti-inflammatory elements of astatin are based on its,antioxidant properties among others.,And it has been proven to benefit and improving health.,And its used often for its antiaging effects.,Astatin is the red pigment that belongs to the group of chemicals called carotinoids.,It occurs in certain algae and causes that pink or red color.,That you see sometimes in salmon, but its abundant in CRI.,If you watch my video on farm salmon and the difficulty finding real,wild caught salmon, you know, that often theres fake coloring to mimic,this in many of the foods we see on the shelves that at a grocery store,and beyond we do not want fake.,We do not want synthetic.,We want the real deal.,And it just happens to be found in crill and is the most bio available?,The benefits of astatin include.,Immune system support ASTO Zan can influence your immune system,helping to activate white blood cells, T cells and natural killer,NK cells reduction in inflammation.,Along with boosting in the immune system.,ASTO Zan may also help reduce.,Inflammation.,We know inflammation leads to aging, its part and parcel of,what causes heart attack stroke.,And of course, aging in the skin, which were concerned with on this channel,in particular, this pigment acts on the reactive oxygen species to reduce,proteins that can cause inflammatory.,Light celiac brew, rheumatoid arthritis, heart disease, and,diabetes, all very common, uh, ailments affecting so many people.,Theres also evidence that theres protection from UV skin damage by,taking supplements or consuming foods.,Rich.,And astatin.,May also help protect your skin from UV damage.,Number one, cause for skin aging, of course, as we know, as Thein accumulates,in the epidermis and dermis layers of your skin, helping to block UV,penetration and reduce existing sun damage support, cognitive health.,Another great reason for astatin carotinoids have positive effect,on the brain by reducing risk for neurogenerative diseases.,ASTAT is a smaller molecule, which means it actually can cross,the blood brain barrier and that adds protection for your brain.,As well as your bodys organs, you see not everything can cross that barrier.,Its a well known barrier and many supplements and elements are purported,to be helpful for cognition and ation, but they actually cant cross the,blood brain barrier like this, this crot Andoid may also help to prevent.,Alzheimers disease and other cognitive disorders and slow or,kind of abate their onset healthy heart function is a common one.,You hear of, if youre trying to improve your heart health, you,may have good results with Astin.,This carotenoid can help reduce LDL or that bad cholesterol and can,raise the HDL or the good cholesterol while also lowering blood pressure.,So how much do I.,Lets look on the label of mine.,So if you look here, theres 1000 milligrams of CRI oil,,theres EPA and DHA, which are omega threes at one 20 and 80.,Look here the ASINs 200 micrograms.,But look at the phospho lipids 200 milligrams astatin,is a fat soluble nutrient.,So it is crucial to obtain it in a highly absorbable form to optimize absorption.,I blended ASTO Xin with a proprietary blend of 200 milligrams of phospho lipids.,This formulation encourages maximum carotenoid absorption.,Good things to also look for the GMP good manufacturing practice.,Gluten-free GMO free.,Its made in the USA.,I like that.,So you can clearly see why I take CRI oil.,I also take collagen powder, turmeric and vitamin K two D three.,So be sure and watch my videos on.,So you see why I might take those supplements.,Of course, getting everything from food is ideal, but often we dont,take foods that are high in nutrition, or for many of us traveling.,We dont have the Liberty of eating at home in our kitchen all the time.,So for many reasons, supplementation at one time or another is beneficial.,Stay tuned here.,Keep your skin and body beautiful, healthy, and vibrant.

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Costco’s Vitamins & Supplements- Crucial Breakdown

[Music],we are in front of,costco and were going to review the,vitamins and supplements that they have,there,so that you know which ones are worth,getting and which ones might be worth,just getting online,costco has some tremendous values when,it comes down to vitamins and,supplements they actually put their best,foot forward with really good quality,stuff,but i want to be the judge of that for,you so i want to go through there,because they have three or four,different kinds of turmeric three or,four different kinds of coins on q10,different multivitamins which one is the,best value and which one should you get,so lets head on into costco and ill,show you the ropes,now more than ever people are paying,attention to the vitamins that they put,in their body,okay its everywhere that we need to be,taking care of ourselves doing whatever,we can to feel our best,to defend ourselves so its a perfect,time to be taking a look at what theyve,got,i think youll be pretty surprised with,how many amazing things they have but,youll also be surprised with how many,things,shouldnt be on the shelf and hopefully,youll walk away from this video,with an understanding of whats worth,taking and whats worth well,not worth taking im gonna jump right,into this because theyve got about a,million different kinds of turmeric,okay as if one isnt enough we need to,have one two,three four five like literally like nine,or ten so lets break down,briefly what youre looking for with,turmeric and what we might want to find,in a value for turmeric supplements this,first one i want to break down is the,qnull turmeric,1500 milligrams this big orange bottle,okay 1500 milligrams 95,for humanoids uh lets see what it says,on here,very very simple product turmeric root,extract,95 curcuminoids and black pepper root,extract,black pepper root is in there because it,helps the liver,process or i shouldnt say processed,its actually the opposite what black,pepper does is it disarms the liver,so that it allows the proper absorption,of turmeric and doesnt get it broken,down by the liver,so curcumin doesnt get processed very,well it gets excreted,the liver actually senses it more of a i,dont want to say a toxin but,it breaks it down so that we dont,utilize it well we need to disarm that,portion of the liver the systematic,process,and black prepper root extract does that,so this is a very,very simple product for forty dollars,youre really not getting a huge huge,value there thats a little bit,disconcerting because,youre getting lets see two capsules a,90 day supply but you really need more,than that to do the job so youre,looking at more like a 60 day 30 to 60,day supply,for 40 bucks lets see what else they,have theres a million other turmeric so,lets see what else theyve got weve,got,this turmeric this you theory turmeric,a thousand milligrams here ill flip it,around and show you 10 milligrams,95 curcuminoids so thats technically,950 milligrams of the active curcumin,now what are you getting out of turmeric,whats the actual point here,usually what youre going for with,turmeric is an anti-inflammatory effect,now theres a lot of evidence okay over,2000 different peer-reviewed studies,that demonstrate the turmeric is very,very effective and curcumin is,demonstrated in so many different,directions to be beneficial for what is,called nuclear factor kappa v prevention,or shouldnt say prevention of nuclear,factor kappa b,inhibition which basically just has an,effect on your inflammatory response,within the body,so if youre someone that is maybe,suffering from a little bit of like achy,joints things like that,yeah theres some evidence that shows,that turmeric could be helpful so here,we also have,black pepper except this one says,bioperine all biopurine is,is a form of black pepper its just a,registered trademarked,name so that they could have a little,bit of a monopoly on that so youll see,bioperine sometimes its the same as,black pepper,now here we have 180 veggie caps,but this one is 36.99 price per capsule,20 cents price per capsule 22 cents,still a lot of money lets see what else,we can find,okay heres another turmeric so also,from the cunal brand,this one is a liquid turmeric still a,thousand milligrams at 95 percent,curcuminoids,well what makes this one so unique ill,show you something its a little bit,tricky because im not sure what theyre,going for here says this is an enhanced,absorption,and if i look at the ingredients here i,can tell you lets see water natural,flavor citric acid,a little bit of different extracts,potassium sorbate ah,glycerin acacia gum okay i know what,theyre doing,so what they have here is by putting,glycerin in it,i think theyre going for like what is,called a liposomal effect,now liposomes are really powerful what,it is is,its basically making this turmeric more,fat soluble,so you potentially enhance the,absorption however,you really need to have it be in what is,called a micellar form,additionally i know thats complicated,sounding but ill abbreviate here,you see liposomes will help protect,the vitamin from or the nutrient or,whatever from break down in the stomach,breakdown in the small intestine but,what it doesnt necessarily do,is enhance the actual absorption through,what its called the,endothelial layer right it doesnt,actually get it through the small,intestine doesnt help that absorption,too much there,so im not that intrigued by it however,that price,is quite a bit better when you look at,it from a general price point,but not when you look at actual servings,and how much you get per milligram so,lets take one more quick look so here,we get one tablespoon,which is 60 servings but one tablespoon,is still just a thousand milligrams of,curcumin plus,1 209 milligrams of proprietary turmeric,support complex,which is just the basically black pepper,extract and as well as the glycerin,to help give it that little absorption,boost which may or may not,technically be real youre getting that,of 27.99 so it is quite a bit cheaper,but youre getting 60 servings whereas,with this one,youre getting sorry this one youre,getting,90 servings at a thousand in this one,youre getting,90 servings at 1 500. so so far this is,the best value but its still pretty,pricey,then they have straight up turmeric,powder thats fortified with curcumin,and then they have black pepper extract,to help the absorption again this one,price wise is pretty cheap though,turmeric powder organic,18.99 okay so 18.99,for 64 servings and this stuff is just,as bio available as these other ones now,they can throw a bunch of different,signs at you to show that their,absorption is going to be better and,arguably,this particular cunol is probably going,to have slightly better absorption,but not necessarily at that price point,now either way youre stuck with either,a liquid,or a powder the powder is nice because,you can throw it in your coffee its not,going to break a fast its completely,like fast friendly its not going to,kick you out of that fasted state,this one has glycerol in it which might,be i dont know arguably could kick you,out so its tough to say,but bang for the buck with the turmerics,youd want to go with that powder it,just seems like thats going to give you,the best value,otherwise i would go with the qnull 1500,milligram one because its simple,its basic its relatively safe and its,gonna get the job done as far as,still being that potent cyclooxygenase,excuse me cyclooxygenase inhibitor,which can help i cant even say it on,youtube because itll kick this video,down but basically,it can help you out with,anti-inflammatory effects within the,body i love the selection of different,omega-3s and fish oils that they have,here,so im going to give a quick overview of,the different ones they have and then,well touch on which ones are probably,the best value for you,red which is a krill oil they have,kirkland brand krill oil,then we have wild alaskan fish oil which,well break down in a minute,pure antarctic krill oil which

Better Than Fish Oil, See What Happens To Your Body When You Take Krill Oil Everyday

krill oil is a supplement that is,rapidly gaining popularity as an,alternative to fish oil,its made from krill a type of small,crustacean consumed by whales,penguins and other sea creatures like,fish oil,its a source of dacosahexanoic acid dha,and ecosypentanoic acid epa types of,omega-3 fats,found only in marine sources they have,important functions in the body,and are linked to a variety of health,benefits here are five science-based,health benefits of krill oil,1. excellent source of healthy fats,both krill oil and fish oil contain the,omega-3 fats,epa and dha however some evidence,suggests that the fats found in krill,oil may be easier for the body to use,than those from fish oil since most,omega-3 fats in fish oil,are stored in the form of triglycerides,on the other hand,a large portion of the omega-3 fats in,krill oil,can be found in the form of molecules,called phospholipids,which may be easier to absorb in the,bloodstream,two can help fight inflammation omega-3,fatty acids,like those found in krill oil have been,shown to have important,anti-inflammatory,functions in the body in fact krill oil,may even be more effective at fighting,inflammation,than other marine omega-3 sources,because it appears to be easier for the,body to use,whats more krill oil contains a pink,orange pigment,called astaxanthin which has,anti-inflammatory and antioxidant,effects,a study of 90 people with chronic,inflammation found that taking 300,milligrams of krill oil daily,was enough to reduce a marker of,inflammation by up to 30 percent,after one month three could improve,blood lipids and heart health,omega-3 fats and dha and epa,specifically,are considered heart-healthy research,has shown that fish oil,may improve blood lipid levels and krill,oil appears to be effective as well,studies have shown it may be,particularly effective at lowering,levels of triglycerides and other blood,fats,a recent review of seven studies,concluded that krill oil is effective at,lowering,bad ldl cholesterol and triglycerides,and may,increase good hdl cholesterol too,four might reduce arthritis and joint,pain,because krill oil seems to help reduce,inflammation it may also improve,arthritis symptoms and joint pain,which often result from inflammation in,fact a study found that krill oil,significantly reduced a marker of,inflammation,also found that krill oil reduces,stiffness functional impairment,and pain in patients with rheumatoid or,osteoarthritis,5. its easy to add to your routine,taking krill oil is a simple way to,increase your epa and dha,intake its widely available and can be,purchased online,or at most pharmacies the capsules are,typically smaller than those of fish oil,supplements,and may be less likely to cause belching,or a fishy aftertaste,krill oil is also typically considered,to be a more sustainable choice than,fish oil,because krill are so abundant and,reproduce quickly,unlike fish oil it also contains,astaxanthin,health organizations typically recommend,an intake of 250 to 500 milligrams per,day,of dha and epa combined

KRILL OIL vs FISH OIL: Which Omega 3 Supplement Is Better (IS IT SAFE) | LiveLeanTV

is your fish oil supplement safe welcome,to live lien TV Im Brad Cox were from,live lien tv.com so guys on todays,episode Im comparing krill oil versus,fish oil the question is which omega-3,supplement is better so over the years,Ive talked a lot about omega-3 fatty,acids and the health benefits,specifically of fish oil and Ive always,said if theres one supplement to invest,your money in,Id say omega-3 fatty acids are the way,to go and I filmed an entire video on,the benefits of fish oil you can go,watch that right here so guys its no,secret the average u.s. diet is,deficient in the omega-3 fatty acids EPA,and DHA and in a perfect world wed all,eat lots of foods that are high in,omega-3 fatty acids such as wild salmon,however people either just dont like,the taste or theyre afraid of the,reports of unsafe healthy metals like,mercury and toxic compounds like PCBs,found in some fish and if youre,wondering if you can get enough omega-3,fatty acids from just food check this,out,there are approximately 1.8 grams of,omega-3 fats in a three ounce serving of,wild salmon and for people with high,triglycerides some doctors may recommend,2 to 4 grams of omega-3 fats per day so,if we take the middle dosage 3 grams per,day that would be a total of 21 grams of,omega-3 fats per week now to get the,recommended weekly amount of these,omega-3 fats people with high,triglycerides would have to eat,approximately 12 3 ounce servings of,wild salmon per week so if that seems,like a lot this is when a high quality,omega-3 supplement is so important to,take so the question is are all omega-3,supplements created equal in other words,should you just pick up the cheapest,brand of omega-3 fatty acids at your,local grocery store well unfortunately,the answer is no all omega-3 supplements,are not created equal like most,supplements guys there are high quality,brands and theyre also cheap,low-quality brands in fact low-quality,fish oils can be rancid and oxidized so,if youre worried about that a good way,to test if your fish oil is rancid,is by chewing a fish oil capsule after,opening the bottle for the first time,heres a quick little official taste,test if it is a good quality fish oil,itll taste fairly mild but if the fish,oil is rancid itll give off an acidic,taste plus when it comes to omega-3s you,can either supplement with either a high,quality fish oil or a high quality krill,oil in fact Ive been getting a lot of,questions literally about krill oil so,lets compare krill oil versus fish oil,so first off what is krill oh well guys,krill oil comes from krill which is like,a shrimp like small crustacean found in,the icy waters of Antarctica now if,youre wondering whats in fish oil the,highest quality officials are usually,extracted from a blend of oily cold,water fish comprise usually of sardines,anchovies and maybe a mix of mackerel,herring or tuna and other fish so fish,shoal contains more epa and DHA than,krill oil,however the epa and DHA in krill oil,tends to be more absorbable by the body,also krill oil contains in an,antioxidant not found in fish oil called,astaxanthin now this is what gives krill,its pink color and increases the fight,against those free radical damage in the,body and inflammation so which has a,lower risk of added toxins well since,krill have a shorter lifespan the most,fish they have a lower likelihood of,having higher amounts of toxins like,mercury and PCBs also larger fish tend,to have higher concentrations of mercury,since the toxins worked away up the food,chain now krill on the other hand is on,the bottom of the food chain and mainly,feeds on plankton,so bottom line here guys on which,omega-3 supplement is better well,actually theyre both excellent sources,of omega-3 fatty acids whether you,choose krill oil or fish oil I just,highly recommend you do your research on,the company that is selling the omega-3,supplement because if you buy the,cheapest fish oil you can find youre at,risk of buying a low-quality and,potentially rancid fish oil that could,potentially cause more damage than good,so when I lived in Canada I loved taking,a high quality omega-3 fish oil called,nutria see however now that I live in,the u.s. its harder to find and Ive,also taken the Omega balanced from my,protein but theyve been out of stock,for a long time and I also like the,Omega 3s from Nordic Naturals and when,it comes to krill oil go check out the,krill oil for my friends at on it,if youve never heard of on it before,guys they offer some of the highest,quality supplements out there so Ill,put a clickable link in the video,description below and in the comments,below guys let me know if you take krill,oil or you take fish oil in which brand,you take thanks for watching guys and,keep living lean,[Music]

✅ Top 5 Best Krill Oils 2022 Review

hey guys in this video were gonna be,checking out the top five best krill,oils that are available on the market,for their true quality,i made this list based in my personal,opinion and hours of research and have,listed them based on popularity quality,price durability user opinions and more,if you want to see more information in,the updated price you can check out the,description below and also make sure,subscribe for more reviews okay so lets,get started with the video,starting at number five we have the,professional grade 60 liquid soft gels,nature mist oil is very natural and safe,its derived from fresh krill and,processed in the highest standards this,ensures you get high quality oil that,will give you good results,it doesnt have harsh additives or,chemicals instead it has a high,concentration of omega-3 fatty acids,antioxidants phospholipids and other,essential ingredients,the gel capsule is coasted with nitrogen,vacuum to protect the contents and also,to extend its lifespan,due to their small size consuming this,product is simple it also has a milder,fishy smell in comparison to other,alternatives,the product is gmp certified and less,likely to cause any reactions or side,effects,moving on at number four we have the,neptune krill oil 120 soft gels,with the now neptune krill oil youll,experience the benefits sooner than,later,they come in 500 milligram soft gels,which are smaller and therefore more,comfortable to swallow,the smooth finish improves digestion and,absorption into the system the product,has a higher concentration of vital,nutrients these include omega-3 fatty,acid and phosphorus lipids they improve,the cardiovascular metabolic digestive,immune and other body systems,this product is extracted from natural,krill and doesnt have any synthetic,additives,it has a high potency that works fast,and is also very pure to prevent side,effects the soft gel capsules dont have,a very strong fishy smell which makes,them a better choice,at number three we have the antarctic,krill oil omega-3 supplement,dr mercola antarctic krill oil is common,and also safe its gotten from natural,krill and prepared in a hygienic and,certified facility,this guarantees you of great oil that,will give you good results,it doesnt have toxic or synthetic,fillers rather it has high levels of,omega-3 fatty acids astaxanthin and,phospholipids,the 180 capsules have a nice coating,that ensures the contents are safe and,also expand its lifespan,because of their little size consuming,this item is easy it additionally has a,milder fishy smell in contrast with,other options,the item is gmp guaranteed and unlikely,to bring about negative symptoms,at number two we have the ultra strength,omega-3 krill oil,with the mega red ultra strength krill,oil capsules youll experience the,advantages sooner than later,they are available in 1000 milligram,soft gels and come in a 60 count,the smooth coating and small size,improve digestion the item contains good,volumes of omega-3 fatty acids epa and,dha astaxanthin and phospholipids to,boost the cardiovascular,metabolic brain joints and more,this item is gotten from wild krill,found in the antarctic you can therefore,be sure of their safety and,effectiveness,thanks to the high strength it works,fast it doesnt leave a very strong,fishy taste in the mouth also it feels,smooth on the tongue one capsule per day,is all you need to enjoy the benefits,and finally at number one we have the,1000 milligrams per serving extra,strength antarctic krill oil,jaco super krill oil is among the safest,and highly concentrated products youll,find,like other best krill oils on offer its,also derived from krill thriving in the,wild antarctic environment,it means they have lesser artificial,compounds the quality oil delivers,amazing results in a shorter time it,doesnt have harsh chemicals that may,cause side effects it has decent volumes,of phospholipids omega-3 fatty acids,astaxanthin antioxidants and other,substances,they are smaller than most alternatives,and this makes swallowing much easier,also the smooth finish and sweet smell,improve this consumers say that they,wont cause you to burp,thanks you for watching guys i hope you,liked this video if this video is,helpful to you please make sure like,comment and subscribe if you have any,question related to this product you can,leave a comment down below,i will get back to you as soon as,possible

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