1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?
  2. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Nintendo Switch Review & Performance!
  3. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?
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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hey everyone darth john from nintendo,life here and today were reviewing star,wars knights of the old republic for,nintendo switch but these are not my,words and opinions as this review is,written by mitch vogel for,nintendolife.com but without further ado,lets go back to the past to play the,fun games that were pretty good hurry up,we dont have much time,did you fall out of your bunk and hit,your head the endar spire is the ship,were stationed on this ship,the star wars universe has always been,far richer and more interesting than,just the small slice shown off in the,massively popular films although most of,this expanded lore has since been,decalonized shortly after disney,acquiring the ip but one of the most,notable parts of this legacy content was,star wars knights of the old republic,this originally came out on xbox and pc,way back in 2003 and soon its getting a,full remake on ps5 and series x kotor,takes place in the mostly unexplored,distant parts of the star wars timeline,and this bioware rpg was quite an,impressive achievement back in the day,and still remains a compelling,experience now though there are some,elements of kotor that absolutely show,their rage this is still a solid,nostalgia-laden title they were happy to,have available on the go on nintendo for,the very first time,kotor takes place approximately four,thousand years before the prequel films,so there are no skywalkers or,confusingly resurrected emperors to be,seen here the game opened shortly after,the galata republic has barely finished,a war against the mandalorians and now,finds itself being invaded by an armada,led by two jedi turned sith who,spearheaded the initial war effort,though ward the sith darth raven has,been killed by their apprentice darth,malek is still hellbent to completing,their mission of eliminating the,republic in the midst of all this you,play as a simple nobody character who,gets caught up in the struggle and,ultimately changes the outcome of the,conflict although the spectre of this,wartime backdrop looms large over,everything you do kotor is mostly,defined by the smaller ground level,stories you get drawn into as you slowly,pull together your party and shout your,course through the stars for example the,world you first start on taras is,defined by the struggle to both track,down the whereabouts of an important,jedi and to find a reliable transport to,get off-world even these smaller,objectives frequently get put on the,back burner there are so many steps,involved in getting them done this,doesnt detract too much from the,overall experience as all of them,improve your understanding of the world,or social systems in some way the story,may sound a bit meandering and yeah it,can be but kotol does a spectacular job,of creating a world that feels,adequately lived in this is a phrase,tossed around in a lot of great rpgs but,it feels dubly true here and a big part,of this is credited to the in-depth,dialogue system which ensures that even,conversations with well and done npcs,have more to them than just one or two,lines not only does this add a lot more,flavor to the communities you find,yourself moving through but all this,additional dialogue is critical to,finding out what to do next kotor has a,quest log to track your objectives but,it certainly doesnt point you where to,go talking with npcs guides you the way,beyond this theres a rather simplistic,morality system at the heart of your,interactions how you respond to events,will influence whether you lean more,towards the light or dark sides of the,force how you talk to someone in a bar,may affect if you fight them later on,having that leeway to choose between,either being a boy scout or a bully,makes the narrative feel much more,personal much more replayable too there,are instances where you cant help but,wonder how would this play out the other,way its far from the most detailed or,realistic take on the morality system in,a game yet there are still many,instances where the right thing to do,feels fittingly gray,theres a fair amount of exploration to,be had in the world itself but this is,perhaps where kotor feels the most like,a 20 year old game environments are laid,out in a somewhat maze-like fashion,littered with treasures enemies and npcs,but whether youre traipsing across the,sandy dunes of tatooine or the witty,locales of kashyyyk kotor ultimately,feels like a series of very flat rooms,connected to each other theres not much,variety to be seen on a foundational,level now one can only expect so much,from a game of this era but just be,prepared for level and well designs that,decidedly less interesting than those,you might see today whenever you find,yourself pulled into combat things,appear to play out in a very fast-paced,live-action style in reality all numbers,are being calculated using an old school,d20 stat system and actions are playing,out in a simple turn-based fashion for,simple encounters you dont have to do,much pretty much just stand there and,take them out but the challenging ones,have a usage of additional combat skills,and later on force powers so in practice,the combat from kotor doesnt end up,being that different to an old-school,final fantasy game even though it feels,radically different once youve gotten,enough experience from questing or,killing enemies youre then allowed to,level up your characters in a fashion,thats a little more hands-on than usual,you can always choose to go ahead and,auto level and let the game choose how,to handle it for you but youre,encouraged to manually distribute your,stat points yourself putting more points,into computer for example makes things,easier to hack while putting points into,demolitions makes things easier to,dismantle and recover live mines youre,only given a few points to distribute,each time but on the flip side one stat,boost can make a world of difference,additionally youre also given a tree of,feet which can govern things like your,proficiency of different weapon types or,fancy new abilities to use in combat,much like your stats you must be quite,discerning with the punch you have here,things are made all the more stressful,by the fact theres no option to respect,your character so its entirely possible,you can ruin your build so you might,even have to start the game all over,again or be faced with a much more,difficult quest in certain aspects in,this regard kotor again shows its age it,can be difficult to understand precisely,what a given stat will actually do for,you and the in-game information can be,frustratingly thin at times but aside,from the expected rpg trappings kotor,also features a variety of mini-games,these include a simple drag racing,challenge first person shooting from a,turret of your ship and a blackjack like,card game none of these are more than,just little distractions along your,journey but they do add just the right,amount of variety to keep the otherwise,rigid gameplay loop from becoming too,stale and one minor annoyance we feel,still needs to be mentioned is that its,abundantly clear kotor was not designed,to be played with a controller while it,may have been originally released on the,xbox alongside pc everything feels,geared to a mouse there are lots of,interactable elements in any given part,of the world and where you were simply,point and click on menus or npcs in the,past here you rather awkwardly cycle,through targets by using the shoulder,buttons its far from deal breaking and,would argue the novelty of having koto,on the go outweighs this drawback but,just be prepared for controls that,always feel a little hokey although the,lightings been given a nice bump the,frame rate runs higher and the textures,are nicely detailed you still cant,mistake this for a modern game,everythings a bit simple the,environments the chunky character models,the stiff animations its all part of,the course here and while this is,probably quite the looker back in its,day it just doesnt hold up that well,anymore but meanwhile the

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Nintendo Switch Review & Performance!

[Music],heres a scary question releasing in,2003 how old were you when you first,played this one todays a pretty big day,for releases on the nintendo switch i,know knights of the old republic might,not be everyones cup of tea but to its,fans who have likely already completed,it on multiple systems the timing,couldnt be better with the release of,the switch oled this one comes from,aspire the same team that worked on the,recent star wars republic commando which,lets be honest wasnt the greatest port,and who are also developing the complete,remake ill make a few brief comparisons,to other versions of the game but,predominantly will focus on what is,actually available on your switch well,look at handheld performance frame rates,when docked text size any additions or,emissions that have been made for the,nintendo switch version as well as any,visual and control options if youre new,welcome to the channel my names mark,walker and we built this channel to be a,bit like those old gaming magazines you,had when youre a kid is it star wars or,star wars well lets find out,[Music],right off the bat then lets look at,performance the game is targeting around,60 frames per second now i say around 60,frames per second because this varies,greatly depending on where you are when,youre in the interior sections and it,feels very smooth this is the same for,both docked and handheld when in combat,you tend to see this drop down it,doesnt drop too far though usually it,will be around about 40 frames per,second and its certainly not a stuttery,game the frame pacing is solid and the,image as you can see on screen is,delivered in a very smooth fashion,unfortunately though and im not sure if,this is more a product of the engine,itself there are certain particle,effects that can cause the frame rate to,drop below 30. its a rarity and im,convinced its something thats always,been there we saw something very similar,in kingdoms of amla where those same,particle effect slowdowns were evident,across all platforms for 95 percent of,your playtime though its a smooth,experience although there will be people,out there who would have preferred them,to have locked it out i think that,actually in this instance where it,generally does stick to 40 to 50 frames,per second and has good frame pacing it,feels significantly smoother than 30 but,lets be honest having the option would,have been nice clearly star wars knights,of the old republic on nintendo switch,is running at native resolution and i,cannot tell you what a delight it is to,finally see this in widescreen hd,resolution but mark its been out on pc,you say it has been out on pc since 2003,but when i first tried to get this to,run on a windows pc you had to do all,kinds of any modifications just to get,it to play and then when you did your hd,version stretched over widescreen became,oh yeah it didnt look good so having,this run natively with proper widescreen,support is actually a bit of a win in my,book combine that with the oled screen,and its actually not looking like a,2003 game maybe like a 2006 one which,takes us on to the visual quality now,clearly its aged um well its old isnt,it and as a result texture quality looks,um lets just say the main characters,faces look a little bit like a candle,thats been burnt down and all that,remains of their features is a waxy blur,i mean compared to the xbox and ipad,versions it actually looks pretty damn,good and i should imagine for the,purpose of putting this across they,didnt really have the option of,changing textures just that of uprezzing,everything to native and it certainly,looks better than it did when i last,played it still its an old game it,shows its age but it runs well enough in,my opinion and better than their last,efforts on switch anti-aliasing is,actually very good this is most likely,just due to the up res but you wont,notice many jaggy edges on objects and,the shadow resolution is high enough,that they actually look quite crispy,multiple dynamic lights back to back and,certain scenes like corridors with those,high-res shadows dont look half bad,load times are really important and i,timed a few of them and they never went,above 10 seconds this is really good,because youll often be saving before an,important battle and then potentially,reloading when it goes wrong it would be,nice if theyd have implemented a quick,save option though perhaps a single,button press without having to change,any of the ui elements but alas this is,not present thankfully theres an auto,save feature however this doesnt always,trigger between every load screen its,only when entering key areas finally,though there is an issue with the,nintendo switch version at the moment,and its an issue that ive never,mentioned ever on any switch release,because its just never happened and,its something that alex from switch,corner and i were having a bit of a,chuckle about and thats that some of,the text is a little bit too large just,check out what happens when you enter,combat and this huge text box comes,across the top of the screen you look at,about 33 of your real estate taken away,and it cannot be reduced in size its,really strange because the ipad version,didnt have that it was much smaller and,the actual text itself isnt really a,problem its the giant box it sits,inside im sure its something they have,to patch out i dont really understand,how it got this far into development,honestly and it does become an,irritation when youre trying to fight,and your characters heads cut off by,the box especially when you factor in,that there are no camera zoom controls,so you cant actually change how far out,youre looking and it does feel like a,bit of a strange omission that they,didnt include some touch screen support,and thats where we get into the,graphical options tab what graphical,options have you got here or you can,change the brightness and uh adjust the,volume of the music so there you go its,a one for one and lets be honest we,already knew that was gonna happen when,it comes to control options then this is,where i have another slight gripe i know,ive said how potentially their hands,are tied in terms of how much they can,do to the game but personally i always,like to increase the sensitivity on any,camera controls especially in third,person adventure titles where youve got,to move the camera quite a bit the,default is okay but to my play style it,feels very slow i guess im just used to,that mouse and keyboard the sound has,seen no changes the score is as epic as,it ever was,[Music],and the voice acting is as awesome as it,ever was it really is one of the best,stories of any star wars game youll,probably ever play and it gives an,incredible amount of lore and backstory,then weve got the download size the,game is 12,284 megs so youre going to want to make,sure youve got a little chunk of space,there and it clocks in around about 30,hours as far as the price goes its 11,pounds 29 which i actually think is bang,on maybe 9.99 would have been perfect i,know most of you will have played the,game multiple times before but for those,few people that havent im gonna go,over my impressions of it now obviously,a lot has changed in terms of whats,expected of an rpg and whats been,released since but once upon a time,bioware really were the masters they,knew how to craft an intricate story,they used familiar combat mechanics,which were based on real d d systems and,that felt fair and sensible and knights,of the old republic as well as its,sequel are two of the finest examples,probably still to this day in the genre,you can create a character male or,female and choose one of three classes,and then choose their name it used a,really interesting hybrid turn-based,system when it launched that meant that,when enemies were on screen the action,would pause and it allowed you time to,make strategic decisions now the switch,version uses the same system that the,ipad had in that the turn queue shown at,the bottom of the screen only al

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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hello felix from nintendo life here and,today were here to review star wars,knight of the all republic 2 the sith,lords now this review was originally,written by mitch vogel but was converted,into video by me,[Music],after biowares star wars knights of the,old republic wowed audiences with its,in-depth storytelling and rpg mechanics,in 2003 publisher lucasarts decided that,a sequel would have to be made as soon,as possible much again to have majoras,mask came out barely a year after,ocarina of time changed the game star,wars knights of the old republic 2 was,fired out as soon as developer obsidian,entertainment could possibly make it and,it released a little less than a year,and a half after its predecessor,considering that an entirely new,development team of just seven people,took over this new entry while still,meeting the narrow deadline its truly a,miracle that the final product turned,out as good as it did,as a standalone that was evidently,rushed to market kotor 2 may overall,feel weaker than its predecessor but it,also does a fantastic job of maintaining,the high standards previously said in,storytelling and gameplay before we get,into the weeds we think it bears,mentioning that this re-release on,modern platforms brings with it the,opportunity to finally play kotor 2 was,originally envisioned before the demands,of the deadline necessitated that the,dev team cut content a free post launch,patch the sith lord restored content dlc,is coming which will bring this missing,content back by reworking the entire,final act of the game with a whole new,level hundreds of bug fixes adjusted,cutscenes new enemy encounters and,expanded dialogue with important,characters those of you whove played,this in the past on pc may already be,familiar with the content which comes,courtesy as a fan developed mod but,suffice to say this is a new exciting,chapter for a game revealed as many to,not living up to its full potential in,its original form if youre after the,complete corto 2 package this re-release,will offer that if not at lunch,quarter 2 picks up a few years after the,event of its predecessor which took,place roughly 4 000 years before the,events of the films in the pre-disney,canon youre playing the role as a jedi,named the exile who has been cast out by,the jedi council due to his actions in,the mandalorian wars the story picks up,with the exile suffering from a,convenient case of amnesia and being,haunted down by the sith and youre soon,joined by a roguish han soloist pilot,named attend rand and a mysterious force,sensitive woman named crea with the sith,hot on your trail you lead your small,growing crew across the galaxy in search,of the last few remaining jedi masters,either to kill them from the decision to,exile you or to ask them for help in,fighting back against the sith the story,here hits all the expected thematic,beats for star wars adventure and,features some nicely obscured plot,twists but the real draw of the,experience is how the exiles journey is,determined by the moral decisions you,make throughout the plot wherever you,adhere to the jedi way or allow yourself,to be corrupted by the hatred of the,dark side is up to you and it can lead,to some fascinating outcomes depending,on who you end up aligning with,dialogue with any character usually,gives you a range of responses from,comically mean to overly compassionate,which will gradually push you towards,either the light or dark side as you,progress gameplay follows the same basic,blueprint of its predecessor wherein you,travel from planet to planet to explore,dungeon-like environments rife with,treasures chests enemies and simple,puzzles to solve we especially,appreciated the puzzles here as it is,another area where the player decisions,have a large role for example an early,sequence necessitated that we find three,partial clips of a deceased characters,voice to open a locked door going,through the motions of searching the,environment for computers with these,clips and conveniently unwitting npcs to,help us in this process netted us a lot,of the experience but we alternatively,could have simply shot the locked,computer with a blast ball to get the,door open,as youre discouraging environments for,characters and mcguffins needed to,progress further youre sure to come,across all manner of aliens and droids,who will do their best to cut your,journey short combat plays out using a,system that feels a bit like a primitive,version of the combat in the xenoblade,chronicles games mixing together live,action and turn-based elements in a,dynamic fashion each character in your,party will auto battle with basic,attacks while a player is responsible,for manually positioning characters and,firing off various force powers and,special attacks in their arsenals,importantly every attack and ability is,governed by an old-school d20 dice roll,system that controls parameters like,accuracy and damage so even if it looks,like a flashy live-action battle is,taking place the characters and enemies,are really just taking turns behind the,scenes though the battles can feel a,little stiff sometimes we enjoy the,delivered and strategic pace they bring,tracking the action and firing off,needed buffs items and attacks at just,the right time can be a surprisingly,fraught experience ensuring that youre,anxiously following every attack in the,deadly dance of a fight and for those of,you who feel that theres not quite,enough time to make those decisions,theres an optional feature you can,enable in the menu to automatically,pause the action at certain intervals to,turn combat into a more pure turn-based,battle system with experience you get,from fights and successful completions,of puzzles you can then level up,characters in an hands-on statutory that,gives you plenty of control over,character growth if you just want to get,a move on or feel intimidated by all the,options you can choose the recommended,option and let the game do it for you,but for those who want to roll up the,sleeves you can choose to distribute,stat points manually into skills like,intelligence will and charisma each of,which will be rolled every time you try,to attack dodge lie to an npc slice a,computer or do virtually anything its,very easy then to build your character,wrong and make this game neediously,difficult but we enjoyed how many,directions you could take your character,and how that can fundamentally change,the way you approach this adventure,between this expansive character growth,system and the focus on player decisions,in the story theres a lot of ways to,retread this game on subsequent,playthroughs,visually kotor 2 looks about as good as,it can the simplistic environments boxy,characters and stilted animations,portray this releases age but features,like mostly 60 frames per second,performance high resolution textures and,occasionally use of dynamic lighting,help to prevent the aging graphics in,the best light possible,core tour 2 is far from a showcase of,the marvels of modern hardware then but,you eventually adjust to it well enough,as for the soundtrack we were impressed,how seamlessly classic star wars tunes,were mixed in with new tracks that,maintain the same spirit more,importantly this soundtrack was recorded,with a live orchestra in seattle and the,increase in quality compared to the,standard media music is noticeable,especially if you wear headphones we,hope that the patch bringing the dlc,mentioned above will come with some,important bug fixes too because core,tour 2 certainly feels a little rough,around the edges with its performance,for example we had one amusing sequence,where a party member evidently decided,he was done with the adventure and,refused to move from where he stood no,matter how much we tried to coax him,after we left him there and later,triggered a cutscene that he was in we,watched as our character talk to thin,air while the camera would awkwardly cut,back to the party member sprinting,through hallways as he tried to

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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords – Switch vs OG Xbox Performance Review

hello there,raiding your back catalog for new,releases has been a thing long before,vidya games with the barrage of new star,wars seemingly on an open tap it should,have been expected we would get just,that for the nintendo switch star wars,being a franchise while accustomed to,updates re-releases remasters and ports,but the question is which one is star,wars knights of the old republic ii,[Music],knights of the old republic 2 or couture,2 was a cracking rpg extension of the,star wars universe that came out right,in the middle of the prequels release,buzz,a stacked dual development from,lucasfilms timeline requirements to,cash in on that bioware tackled the,award-winning first entry and obsidian,took the second release both used the,odyssey engine an evolution of biowares,own neverwinter knights engine and at,the time it was an xbox and pc exclusive,it offered some technical treats with,dynamic and shadow casting light sources,in abundance particle systems real-time,cinematics improved combat using the d2o,system and lucasfilms imu sound system,and it also got them onto consoles for,the very first time bringing all this,technology onto the og xbox the sequel,was only a year later and infamously,rushed development had to cut content,and arrived with a fair share of bugs,all of which should be resolved in this,18-year later release,right i felt a great disturbance in the,force,as if millions of voices suddenly cried,out in terror well lets cover the,basics first the new switch port hits a,native,1920x1080p resolution with the aspect,ratio now also amended to fit,comfortably in that 16×9 switch screen,which is limited to 1280×720,but its still an old title with very,singular textured assets no modern post,aa it is always clean and sharp a big,step up from the og xbox resolution but,not so from that original pc release now,in addition it also targets 60 fps,rather than 30 or 25 fps here in powell,and of that console version but more on,that in a minute,finally the textures are improved at a,higher resolution with some heavy,sharpening applied and look to be of an,ai upscale variety which always delivers,mixed results however we have to keep in,mind that this is a game targeting those,that have never likely played the,original or no longer own the console or,pc to play it,you at the back there with the original,xbox or xbox consoles ignore what im,saying now,and for that it does improve in the core,areas and it offers a great way to enjoy,this well-written deep and engaging,story with some great characters as the,entire tale unfolds much of the,enjoyment here though is from the,original games design and execution,along with any nostalgia you may have,for it with the publisher aspire only,announcing this port around a month ago,i would say this was obviously a very,fast and technically driven port which,is evident in the game results here in,this review code the missing content dlc,is free and will be released later this,year on the store for download so at,least that is one of the issues that,they will fix here but its sadly not,the only one to cover the game has its,fair share of bugs which the original,had itself,but some may be resolved but theyre not,fully resolved and in many ways theyre,actually worse,for example sound issues keep causing,dropouts in the real-time cinematics so,it almost like the imu system is trying,to dynamically allocate the animation,because of the faster frame rate and,therefore it can cut out some of the,dialogue but it doesnt always happen so,it definitely looks like a technical,issue with the emulation thats being,run here if it is a native port on,switch then its all around how that,ports been managed,i am crea and i am your rescuer as you,are mine tell me do you recall what,happened,your ship was attacked you were the only,survivor a result of your dead-eye,training no doubt,a stance your walk tells me you are a,jedi your walk is heavy you carry,something that beats you down,it can get worse than this though with,cutscenes auto skipping meaning you miss,all dialogue and huge portions of key,story moments and even required,knowledge to progress all of this gets,lost it can actually skip huge parts of,the animation sequences ruining,cutscenes and key moments as you see,here and it baffles me that this got,through a release q a because it,certainly isnt ready for release at,this point,teachings that weaken us,and now you run in search of the jedi,they are all dead save one and one,broken jedi cannot stop the darkness,that is to come,perhaps we shall see,the problem is that makes the entire,experience incredibly inconsistent and,far worse than the original xbox release,which is entirely unacceptable lets be,honest,but its not just that which is almost,borderline game breaking at this point,visual reductions such as static,textures now over the animated ones we,had on the og xbox reduced effects as,you see here in the particle effects,which is likely a switch performance,saving here because its significantly,cut back and then overall the ai,sharpened textures are hit and miss and,can look very bad and okay at other,points these issues continue with the,video files being interlaced still and,then ai upscaled on top of that which,makes them look horrendous on an lcd,screen here you can see my xbox being,simply interpolated at the interlaced,scaler looks much better already and,this is the original xbox,on top of this you get comical animation,moments which you see here with this,swan lake or monty python-like run along,the outside area in your spacesuit again,it never looked that great on the 30fps,original but now running at 60fps that,animation is just speeded up looking,comedic at best,and generally the overall biggest issue,is terrible performance due to a 60 fps,target frame rate,this is clearly not the right way to go,adding in a menu option to enable 30fps,could drastically improve this and i do,recommend a menu option rather than just,turning it off because if they do manage,to improve some of the areas where the,significant performance hiccups then,that 60fps mode might make more sense,as it stands if you did implement a,30fps cap theres always the risk that,if the game is memory bound here with,limited memory space which i suggest it,possibly is if its using emulation then,this may also then cause frame pacing,issues to occur when it can no longer,flip as easily to 16 and 33 milliseconds,yes,as a series and universe i love it pains,me to say that this is not a title i can,recommend on switch at present not in,its current state at least,it can and im sure it will improve but,it needs to be as the experience in so,many ways is worse than that 18 year old,original,visually and performance wise it plays,and looks worse or very close to that,free bc version available on xbox if you,buy the cheaper og xbox disc and thats,on the xbox one which can play this game,at 1280 by 960 although that is 30fps,blessing and a curse but it doesnt,contain the dlc which this 15 release is,certainly worth that for,but generally the level of tlc it,deserves has not been applied here with,some serious bugs that only ruin the,story a key element in these titles but,also make a first play through close to,impossible visual issues and emissions,aside the performance levels generally,are not as consistent as they should be,and at times worse than that og xbox and,they need to be fixed,it is not expensive and with the,collection of bugs resolved it would be,more than worth it for the dlc alone but,i would be singing a very different tune,if all of these issues werent here as,it stands this is a wait and see,approach due to the negative impact and,all the myriad of bugs present this,version has and it would come behind the,bc version on an xbox console and that,pc original hell even the og xbox is,better in so many ways the force was,certainly against them on this one,[Music],i hope you enjoyed this dive back into,the four star wars and all things

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Is BETTER Than Expected – Switch Review

salutations everybody it is maddie here,today thank you so much for all of your,patience finally in this video we can,sit down and talk about star wars,knights of the old republic again for,the 5 millionth time but that doesnt,matter because well do it five million,and one times very soon ladies and,gentlemen in todays video were taking,a look at the nintendo switch port for,star wars knight deal republic this,comes from developer aspire media who is,working on the star wars night zero,public remake so its very important to,pay attention to their quality of work,as it stands right now unfortunately it,looks like this port is only going to be,on nintendo switch because when you look,at limited runs whos doing the master,edition which by the way pre-orders are,open right now please go check it out if,youre like me and youre a kotor freak,because i ordered like five of these man,i am so excited for them a vibro blade,letter opener a pizza card set are you,kidding me its beautiful but as you can,see its only for nintendo switch and i,feel like they wouldnt have committed,to this if they were going to bring it,to playstation eventually anyways i had,enough to say about this new version of,star wars nightside republic after,talking about it on bat compat pc the,remake potential remasters and now we,have this version beyond of course the,mobile versions so,does this port stand the test of time,literally and figuratively were going,to discuss that in todays video and of,course consider this a re-review for,those of you who are looking to get into,star wars knight zero public for the,first time ever im having trouble,so for those who dont know star wars,knight seal republic is my favorite rpg,of all time and this game you can play,as a soldier a scoundrel a scouts you,can pick all of your starting classes,and eventually youll go on to become a,jedi choosing between a guardian a,sentinel or a consular you can pick one,of these three classes so you,effectively have a main class and a,subclass you pick from a variety of,portraits you can customize your skills,your attributes your feats its based,off the dnd three rule set so theres a,lot of dice rolling encountered,throughout this gameplay albeit its,invisible so when youre swinging for an,attack and the games automating that,its doing a dice roll check for you in,the background that may not be the most,exciting combat system for me it works a,little bit especially if you build a,soldier which this game was 100 built,for i think scout is the most fun way to,play but if youre looking to just make,sure your attacks land go pick the,soldier pick either guardian or sentinel,and call it a day most of your attacks,will land and this game will be on a,combat front less frustrating and feel,not as dated the story itself continues,to just be,phenomenal i think one of these days i,need to just sit down and do a,long-winded analysis slash breakdown of,why kotor is so special because its,split up into multiple planets that,youre going to go and explore from,terrace to dantooine to korriban and so,many more others to see and each of them,has their own story arc that you can,experience but theres also the,underlying main thread of the story,thats coursing through all these,planets and the way its all interwoven,works so beautifully and thats not even,accounting for of course the character,interactions you can have amongst your,nine other party members from karth to,bastila to jolie hk47 theres so many,absolute legends in this party its,easily and of course im biased my,favorite rpg party to date i just love,everyones backstories their,interactions like even you have t3m4,hes this cute little droid great to,have around hes got a personality of,his own kind of like r2d2 except its,the old republic so thats a general,synopsis of the game play and the story,its fantastic you really should play it,theres a reason why people call this,the best star wars game of all time and,its well and truly because it delivers,some really compelling characters and a,story that in a lot of ways has never,been told ever since,so with that lets talk about the,nintendo switch version what does it,offer here that for freaks like me,should compel you,first of all this is the best looking,console version of kotor we have it does,look good over on say the xbox with,batcompat but you only get it in 4×3,ratio when you dock it on the nintendo,switch,i was shocked there was no black borders,or anything this screen got filled up,they updated the hud so its a much,sharper resolution unfortunately the,trade-off there is some of the assets,like the little images to represent,items looks really stretched and,pixelated so that can stand out a little,bit but otherwise character models look,a lot sharper this game looks pretty,good maintaining that original art style,that its known for and i think this is,so relieving to see because again i,always suggest the idea that if aspire,does screw up the remake i want the,original preserved in the proper manner,and so having this port is really,important for that reason and having it,look so good is also very important now,unfortunately what this also means is,theres some issues that come with this,one of them is i believe this might be,the port of the mobile version upscale,why is that number one the hud for this,game when you enter combat is,unnecessarily big whether you have this,docked or you have it in handheld it is,huge now i know one of the big issues,for switch especially early on was the,font was too small and it wasnt scaling,well for accessibility for a lot of,games so maybe we had aspire here,overcompensating but im talking it,takes up a quarter of your screen when,combat begins its really intrusive and,it does not look good it can be very in,your face the other thing that freaks,like me will realize but i think it is,important to note here and its not a,nitpick our audio cues across the board,are gone so the snorts of a gamorian to,the growls of a rat ghoul to your,character mumbling to himself or herself,when theyre fumbling with a lock to do,a security check to opening a chest and,saying i got it little things like that,battle cries gone,death sounds gone like all audio cues,are pretty much gone so you dont even,hear cars go like down you go iconic,lines like that,gone at least iconic to me and many,others and i found that extremely,disappointing i dont know why its,missing but it stands out so much and it,did aggravate me as i played through,this for the millionth time it just,i dont know why its not there it,doesnt make any sense one other thing,you need to be aware of when playing,this version is if you get involved in,any well say,on-screen effects like fog smoke,the frame dips pretty low,back to it you know it feels like a real,switch game at that point in time its,only during those moments otherwise it,runs crisp and clean at a higher than 30,fps frame rate which was really,surprising also to see its a well put,together port in a lot of ways but its,also missing a lot of little things,there that irk me so on a tech front,pretty sound this also isnt accounting,for one final factor that comes with the,nintendo switch version that wed be,remiss not to mention,portability portability is so important,with these games nowadays especially,games like star wars and ico republic,which was revolutionary for its time,when it came out in 2003 this was a,definitive original xbox rpg and of,course moddings taken it so far but,nothing is quite like taking that,originally groundbreaking experience on,the go and realizing like wow this is,such an old game like it should be,running on this hardware but theres,this cool novelty of taking it where you,want and so currently with say xcloud,not having star wars knight say or,republic as a game that you can play,there,playing coats are on the go is a real,perk that is offered specifically on,nintendo switch for me i thought that,that was a compelling reason alone to,buy it

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2 Is NOT What I Expected… – Switch Review

salutations everybody it is maddie here,today and were breaking out the,nintendo switch i dont know about yall,but i havent used this thing in a hot,minute feels like probably since legends,arceus came out i havent used this but,of course with the announcement at star,wars celebration at star wars knights of,the old republic 2 was coming to this,bad boy right here you already know i,had to fire this thing up see its still,running right there check that out,aspire was kind enough to grant me a,review code for this game so ive been,playing it ahead of its launch putting,many hours into it and thoroughly,enjoying myself today im here to review,not only the base game of star wars,knight zero republic 2 but its port on,switch and some of the,hang-ups it does come with this isnt a,fully polished version of the game sadly,and there still is the post-launch dlc,to come so well talk about the entire,situation here and whether or not you,should pick this up on your nintendo,switch now let me start off by just,saying if youre a die-hard coach or fan,you already know the answer but for,those who are maybe diving in for the,first time is this the optimal first,time experience thats what im aiming,to answer here so if youre new here,youre into reviews consider subscribing,certainly well have many more on the,way when games actually start coming out,we just did one on diablo immortal that,was pretty fun a modern game but were,back to our old school nature talking,about code tour 2 so subscribe if youre,new and with that lets talk about what,is absolutely one of my favorite games,of all time,for starters,this is a port that is in some ways,improved compared to the knights of the,old republic one port on switch that had,been something we were begging for for a,while and in a lot of ways i feel like,kotor 1 on switch is the best place to,play the reason for that is because of,the fact that the character models have,scaled up a little bit they made a,widescreen resolution for nintendo,switch and overall the game looks better,thats one of the best selling points,for i think kotor one on switch whereas,on pc you can do the same thing but you,would need to mod it its not like say,kotor 2 on steam where you go over there,and theres up to 4k support,theres a ton of mods controller support,its all good to go for a modern,audience kotor one on other platforms,isnt and then you have the 4×3 ratio,over on xbox via backwards compatibility,where it still looks good but nintendo,switch was the first to provide that,widescreen support for a game i adore,which again favorite game of all time so,code torque 2 does that but since kotor,2 since about 2014 or 2015 has been,updated on steam its standing against,some pretty tough competition right over,on steam you not only have what i,mentioned with the 4k support the,controller support but you also have the,mod workshop nothing can really beat,that to me thats the definitive,experience right there where you can,have mods that allow you to skip peragas,one of what people consider the slower,parts of the game you can also give,yourself a lightsaber early on in the,game so there are a lot of things that,make the game easier better quality of,life enhancements in there and of course,the restored content mod which is coming,to nintendos switch at a later date,they have yet to announce so where does,kotor 2 improve one of them is the sound,department compared to kotor 1. this is,going to be a freakazoid mega fan,critique i know,but bear with me here so in kotor 1 one,of the things i didnt like about the,switch port and it was just me being,nitpicky i completely admit it but,everyone has a little sound bite that,plays like karths infamous down you go,that type of stuff was taken completely,out of the switch port and it felt like,combat was a little more hollow there,was less personality attached to it less,one-liners im a jrpg fan look i love my,one-liners im a complete sucker for,that stuff in kotor 2 that audio has,been restored its there you got your,one-liners theres no random gaps this,feels like a true authentic port of the,original game where i believe the kotor,one port was taking the ipad version,over to switch and they had to make,concessions over on the ipad and one of,the best ways you can do that is,compressing audio and removing sound,bites and so thats what they did,now the other thing that comes with this,audio package that is unfortunate is a,slight buzzing sound there are moments,throughout kotor 2 where the audio just,goes,and its a faint faint humming in the,background its like an ambient,soundtrack has been dialed up to 20,decibels and you can just hear it,buzzing while people are talking while,youre exploring the levels,sir ill need to confirm with command,before we move to,report the sith warship is empty sir and,it only cuts out when you pause the game,so its definitely a sound emanating,from the environment and it can get,frustrating especially if youre playing,it in handheld youre laying in bed,youre in a quiet room nothings really,drowning out the sound in game and,around you it can be something that you,start to fixate on a bit and it can get,distracting thats something i really do,hope they iron out but i have a theory,as to why this is the case and well,discuss that in a moment because there,are other bugs one of them that you,definitely need to be aware of is i,dont know the trigger for it but it,happens every now and then sometimes,dialogue automatically gets skipped this,is not okay in any rpg ever especially a,game like kotor which im gonna be real,with you all i like the gameplay a lot,for kotor i think its very underrated,however its not the main selling point,the main selling point is the story,characters interaction and the dialogue,choices you can make when dialogue is,auto skipping and its just out of my,control and were fast forwarding,through conversations even me as an,expert im like wait what just happened,here that is something that cannot,happen this needs to be patched is it,frequent no should it steer you away,from the game if you have other options,potentially maddie from the editing room,here speaking of issues that may prevent,you from buying the game i got one for,you that popped up in the middle of this,review process how about not being able,to finish code tour 2 on switch,currently aspire is looking into it but,right now this is a major issue for the,game this was discovered on twitter when,a user said are you guys aware that,theres no way to complete the game ive,been stuck on the onderon basilisk crash,for a week now whats the eta on a patch,to which aspire said this is a known,issue that will be addressed in the next,patch we cant provide an eta at this,time we will definitely let you know,when the patch is live and again the,user reaffirms i was one of the users,who reported it before it was a known,issue just to be clear youre aware,theres no way to complete this game,currently and they say yes we are aware,and our development team is working on,delivering the patch as soon as possible,we apologize for the inconvenience and,appreciate your patience in the meantime,and then they posted again theyre aware,of an issue preventing some from,advancing in the game and they say their,data suggests its a small number of,users obviously to mitigate this kind of,disastrous bug and its something just,spiritual right that kotor 2 and its,original launches ill talk about in a,moment here is extremely buggy so it,only makes sense that the port for it,has a horrendous bug that prevents you,from finishing the game with that said,on to the rest of the video i wanted to,make sure i stitched this one in the,rest of this review was recorded about a,week and change ago just focusing on,other aspects of the game and what i do,love about it but this is where my,theory comes in,for those who dont know knight zero,republic 2 was developed in just about a,year,thats a pretty short development window,and knigh

I was FORCED to make this Nintendo Switch Review…

okay,this is probably the biggest fail of a,video i have ever made,and its sponsored,all right,first we have to go back to 2008.,lucasarts released the very first star,wars game that was supposed to be canon,within the universe branching and,connecting together the first two movie,trilogies and giving players the,experience of finally entering and,playing a full star wars movie in a way,like never before now in 2022 that game,has finally launched on nintendo switch,and i was asked to make a video about it,and i said yes,if i can do whatever i want with the,video and the developers that are,porting this game over to the switch,said fine do whatever you want i decided,i would make a full star wars mini movie,that,is canon within the star wars universe,and tied into me playing this game the,idea was great i fully scripted,storyboard and planned a full day shoot,i even bought two,replica lightsabers and two outfits a,jedi outfit and a sith outfit i was,gonna play both characters i even bought,a yoda outfit for my cat it was going to,be so good but then a lot of things,ended up going wrong and the first one,was this,i got very,sick im honestly so sick,i dont know how im supposed to make,this video now even though i was a,complete wreck uh and,it delayed essentially the shoot and,everything i had planned when i finally,got over my fever and started feeling,better i did manage to get a couple of,things shot um and i want to show you,that but it didnt it didnt go as,planned uh initially because of this,this breathing is making me super,lightheaded i almost passed out then hey,give me a second okay but im gonna get,to the horrific experience that was,trying to shoot a mini movie post,covered in 90 degree texas weather,dressed fully in robes in a hot silo an,abandoned silo that we found on the side,of the road before we get to that though,i should probably actually talk a little,bit about the game um because this is,still a sponsored video,[Music],your training is nearly complete it is,time to face your first true test star,wars the force unleashed is available,right now on the nintendo switch store,theres a link in the description if you,want to support this train wreck of a,video,id really appreciate it uh the one good,thing about being sick was when i was,all i could do is sit and veg out and,play the game so i sat down and i played,through the entire thing and had a ton,of fun but even that wasnt held up by a,little bit of,miscommunication on my part when i was,18 playing this game for the very first,time i remember it looking amazing,like a full star wars movie come to life,and i was excited to once again,experience this game and everything that,made me fall in love with the character,that is starkiller,uh,but so ive been playing this game for a,couple hours now and it,immediately as i started i was like,something is amiss i feel like i didnt,remember it being like this and i know,nostalgia glasses can be a pain in the,butt sometimes when you go back and play,in our game and youre like whoa this,has aged so much but i dont think my,brain misremembered it this much i,looked up on my phone gameplay,and sure enough it looked completely,different and like thats this is what i,remember like what im seeing on my,phone right now and thats when i,realized,this is the wii version yeah so for,those that might be too young to,remember this is bananas its still,crazy to me but a lot of my favorite,games and a lot of games used to do this,thing where on a certain console or pc,it was a completely different game like,they would develop different versions of,the same game and star wars force,unleashed was one of the last games to,do this but the wonderful people at,asper who are sponsoring this video by,the way took the insane amount of effort,and time to port the wii version to the,switch i say they took the time and,effort to port the wii version because,it has,motion controls i i was a little,confused i was like why all these years,later would you put the wii version when,you have that version but when i was,looking up like the footage online on,youtube under the wii version every like,all the comments were saying this was,the best version of the game out of all,the versions they enjoyed the wii one,the most and thats the one they go back,and they replay time after time because,its just the most fun to play mostly,because of how good the motion controls,were im not a big motion control guy so,i was even hesitant to stop playing with,them but sure enough as soon as i,started i never went back so heres how,it works the right hand does the sword,swinging and i was actually instantly,impressed with the fact of how,responsive it is if i swing left he,swings left right is right i mean you,get the picture even up and down do,specific up and down moves then i can,even,throw the lightsaber thats actually,pretty sick,so instantly i started having way more,fun the left hand controls lightning and,also the horsepower so if i want to like,throw things around the room i can do,that too obviously maybe now with,things like vr we have similar,experiences but i could imagine going,back in the day to 2008 and being able,to just,force push things around and pick them,up and throw them throwing my lightsaber,all with the motion controls so yeah,since i figured out how good these,motion controls are,i really have not gone back to uh,playing with a pro controller because,why would i so yeah the game wasnt the,game i expected it to be but i got to,experience a game that i loved back in,the day in a different way,weird hilarious animations and all but,later reassigned to a top secret project,is there a psychological profile in,there too,[Music],actually yes okay but lets backtrack a,little bit because i i still want to,show you the very small amount that i,got done because there was one thing,that we did that was really cool so to,get to that i got to show you the thing,we did that wasnt,i i never even got to film anything as,the sith apprentice and i i still,havent opened i want to at least wear,this outfit one time i bought it i could,return it but whatever,[Music],okay honestly its pretty sick,i dont you cant really see the hole,its even got a,hood okay thats pretty sick,these lightsabers are really cool by the,way and thats another thing im not,kidding i put in so much effort into,this i even,downloaded a program and learned how to,do a lightsaber effect and it looked,sick i tested it with a broomstick,before i went out and shot everything,but by far the thing that took the most,amount of time was i learned how to do,the ob any lightsaber trick i spent,three hours learning how to do this to,the point where my hand is still bruised,and blistered and i can barely move my,thumb because its actually extremely,painful learning how to do these tricks,but i wanted to do something cool for,the video i want to say that i was,really proud of how i worked everything,they wanted me to talk about the game,into the script like theres a battle,mode where you can duel a player with a,local multiplayer co-op the door mode by,the way is sick and yeah i was gonna,have the sith apprentice use red,joy-cons because of a i thought out,everything you have all of these,characters obi-wan anakin qui-gon like,theres so many luke skywalker so you,can do luke skywalker versus darth maul,if you want to have that epic match up,that never actually happened you can,pick one of the many locations the game,has to offer like the wookie home world,or the floral planet of felucia of,course tatooine is always a favorite,raxis prime the junkyard you ever seen,luke skywalker versus darth maul on,tatooine or youre about to so this mode,was again specific to the wii version in,fact the wii version had extra levels,that were specific to its version it has,more content than all the other versions,but yeah i just love the idea of this,mode and the fact that they kept it in,and they ported it over as well from the,wii version all

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