1. Kove Commuter 2 Review (Best BUDGET Bluetooth Speaker of 2021?)
  2. Kove Commuter: 2 Unboxing and Review with a sound test!
  3. 2020 New Kove Commuter 2 Split Portable Bluetooth speaker Review, is it worth the price?
  4. Is This BlueTooth Speaker The Best?
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  6. REVIEW – Kove Commuter 2 Split Portable Bluetooth Speaker
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Kove Commuter 2 Review (Best BUDGET Bluetooth Speaker of 2021?)

hi everyone my name is craig and today,we are taking a look at the commuter 2,speaker from cove,audio last year cove sent me a pair of,their over ear headphones,for review and they love the support,that my channel and my,network my friends brought in so they,decided to send me,this speaker for review because of the,great reception last year,so full disclosure im not being paid to,say anything about the commute or two,but they did send me the unit to keep,and i will get a small commission,anytime someone uses my discount code,which is craig 29 underscore 67.,okay lets dive into the review first,things first lets talk,about the design of the speaker there,are a few things i like but also,a few things that i would change if i,had my way immediately when i heard the,word commuter i assumed that this would,be,a smaller style speaker thats easy to,throw in a backpack,a small travel bag or even carry from,place to place by hand,when the speaker is fully assembled its,pretty small but its not actually the,smallest speaker that i own,when i think of small speakers the jbl,flip series comes to mind this is the,jbl flip 4,and ive owned this speaker for several,years and it is the,one of the most lightweight and best,sounding speakers for the money,so in my mind i immediately began to,compare the two size-wise,and while the commuter comes in at about,20 percent,to 30 percent bigger than the flip 4 i,would say,that there actually hasnt been a,circumstance in which the increase in,size,has created an inconvenience in,portability this is still a very,portable speaker for the size i think,the biggest selling point for this,speaker is actually the fact,that it is two speakers in one unit,the speaker comes as one unit bundled,together,attached to one another but these,speakers actually split apart,for a true stereo listening experience,you can place the speakers at different,parts of the room youre in,so that you and your guests can hear,from all angles you can even use these,as portable,monitors for editing video or music,listening,i will talk more about the design in,just a second but first there are a,couple things,i wish could be improved on the design,of the commuter,the first being charging you have to,individually charge,both speakers with a standard micro usb,cable,which i am slowly trying to phase out of,my production process,i wish that you could charge this,speaker via usbc and connect the,speakers together and only have to,charge them,with one slot so just plug one usb cable,in for charging,they did include this neat micro usb,split cable so you only have to use,one cable so props to them for including,that but i really do wish that you,didnt have to plug in both speakers,also trying to screw these back together,i mean im trying to do it right now,it literally theres like its,impossible,ive had these speakers for about a,month and it still drives me crazy,trying to figure out,how to get these together,i received a lot of questions on my last,video about how reliable the,connectivity of bluetooth,4.2 is over the new and improved,bluetooth 5.0 that we see,and a lot of high-end speakers and im,pleased to say i have had,zero problems with connectivity or range,with this speaker,any real world situation that i was in,when i use the speaker has got the job,done,whether it was cleaning my house and,going from room to room with my phone in,my pocket,hanging with a group of friends outdoors,driving in the car,throwing it in a backpack for a hike or,something its performed wonderfully in,every scenario,i tested how far you could be from the,speaker with a phone while maintaining,line of sight,and i was able to go about 40 yards,before experiencing any signal,interruptions,and thats over a hundred feet from the,speaker and im not sure practically,why you would have any reason why you,needed to be a hundred feet away from,your speaker and still need to be able,to hear it,um since at that point the speaker would,probably be far enough away that it,really wouldnt be loud enough to use,so if you desire a speaker to have a,decibel output,that can reach 40 plus yards then i,would recommend a much larger speaker,than,this one sound quality okay ill make,this section,really short overall this speaker just,sounds great it has a similar sound,profile to the,nch headphones that i reviewed last year,and they allow for more of the low end,frequencies to come through which gives,you this,warmer sounding tone and a lot of bass,so if you like bass to come through in,your songs,this speaker will get the job done for,that overall i would give,two thumbs up for sound quality okay,volume output,this category is strange because we need,to talk about the structural design of,the speaker just a little bit more,you would think that when you put the,speaker together and face it towards you,both speakers would be pointed forward,at the listener,but thats actually not the case with,the commuter when you assemble the,speaker into one unit the orientation of,the speakers,are placed in a position that makes no,sense to me you have one speaker that is,facing,up and then the other speaker thats,facing down towards the table,and then if you place the speaker,upright one speaker is facing to the,left and then the other one is facing to,the right and neither are facing towards,you as the listener,this could be great for having the,speaker in the center of a room for 360,degree coverage,which they actually talk about on their,website but i dont love this design for,listening to,as one person but when you split the,speaker,into two this is where the commuter,really shines,most music listeners dont know that,music producers actually have different,sounds,that come out of the left and the right,channel you may have noticed this when,listening in the car,or a really good set of headphones but,these speakers create a true,stereo experience for the listener if,you are closer to the left speaker you,will get a different,soundscape than the person on the right,side of the room would actually get,i would highly recommend using this as a,split speaker system with the speakers,placed,at an equal distance from you and about,three to four feet apart from,each other this achieved best results in,my experience,also i made a rookie mistake where i got,my speaker,and i couldnt figure out why its max,output was incredibly,underwhelming and then my lovely fiance,helped me out when i realized i needed,to also turn up the volume on each of,the speakers,not just our connected device once i,turned up the speakers manually i had,enough volume for any situation,i needed it in so make sure you do that,if you purchase this speaker if you are,interested in buying this speaker today,you can actually head to the cove,website and put in the code,29 underscore 67 at checkout and youll,get 67,off of your purchase price bringing a,230 dollar speaker down to,75.90 which is a complete steal,if you have any more questions about,this speaker i am happy to chat with you,in the comment section,and help in any way i can thank you so,much for taking time to watch this video,and if you havent subscribed,make sure to do that before you leave,and leave a like on this video,it helps a ton much love

Kove Commuter: 2 Unboxing and Review with a sound test!

whats going on everyone josh freeman,here and today i have the cove commuter,2 im going to be doing an unboxing,review so im super excited about these,speakers because theyre really cool,they have this like two in one feature,to them theyre literally like two,speakers uh but they can be combined,into one so it gives you a very unique,option uh for 360 surround sound or you,can just combine them both and have some,bump and speakers so lets get right to,it but before i do that i do want to put,it out there cove did send me these to,review but all opinions will be 100 my,own so lets get to the review,so we have the usb the micro usb charger,here,alrighty so you have some little plastic,covering here and these are the speakers,wow very cool very nice,so on top here you have the okay so they,each have lets do a little close-up on,the top you can see they each have their,own uh separate charging capabilities,here i know they can each get up to five,hours of playback yes yes so thats why,you have two micro usb cords so you can,charge them both at the same time and,this is the charger as you can see there,it has one right here and one right next,to on each side here,very nice you have this little lanyard,strap that is jumping out to me i like,it very much and lets see how you,disconnect them maybe you do a twisting,very intuitive and just exactly what i,would hoped uh you can get here so as,you can see look you can literally use,these as a two in one speaker so you,could have one on each side of you and,give you a true like 360 surround sound,stereotype experience which is really,unique ive never personally seen these,on other speakers,uh or oh look at that so you have to,kind of line it up nicely there you go,so,okay lets check it out im gonna line,these up,and try to uh get them back connected,okay so,bam okay thats satisfying very nice so,on each of them you have looks like a,pause play and skip and previous track,option here lets get these turned on,im gonna do a little sound test for you,guys okay okay were back i had to,figure out how to pair them that you do,get this little uh user manual right,here and it tells you exactly step by,step so that helps to read that first,unlike what i did i just tried to,automatically connect them i just,assumed like you know i guess because,there are two separate speakers,basically you have to pair them to,themselves to each other and then you,compare it to your phone so that was uh,very important to this episode but i got,to figure it out its actually pretty,easy if you just do it exactly as it,says in the manual there,but just trying to do it uh you know,during a review is a little bit,different so im glad i got it figured,out and theyre working i can i tested,them out here i have some music well do,a little music test as well im going to,put the speakers next to my microphone,here well do a little sound test as,well but let me just show you guys real,quick,so theres some music,[Music],here,right you can hear it kind of go away,now,[Applause],pretty cool right,so you can have these both next to each,other at the same exact time or you can,have them you know uh separated from,each other so look you literally just,connect them here like so uh put them,together twist and youre in youre,locked in you have both these speakers,these each produce about 10 watts of,music so combined you know 20 watts in,total 10 uh each individually you get up,to about five hours of playback on them,so five to seven hours at 70 volume 70,volume so you get great amount of play,time out of these speakers another,really cool feature i want to highlight,about these is these are ipx7 water,resistant which means you can put them,in up to one meter of water fully,submersed for up to 30 minutes which is,phenomenal you can bring these to the,beach to the pool uh in the shower with,you jacuzzi it doesnt matter wherever,you want to bring them camping hiking,right if it rains outside youre not,concerned about it and these have these,little carrying strap here as well so,super convenient and i think the really,cool standout feature about these is the,fact that you can twist them and have,surround sound music and i can have,these on each side of here really just,giving me a really a very immersive,sound experience and it sounds way,different and i would just i would say,better than most speakers just because,music is coming in from each side and it,really submerses you in your listening,experience so very cool unique speakers,they have four different colors you can,pick from so a couple other features i,dont want to miss for you guys is these,have a 10 meter working distance so,basically you can have them up to 10,meters apart from each other another,thing these have the built-in microphone,so you can take calls and talk to people,through them which is always very,convenient to have on your bluetooth,speakers all around these are really,nice and im happy to have them so,thats gonna wrap this review up i hope,you guys enjoyed it i will put the uh,link to these in my description here so,check that out if youre interested as,always drop a like subscribe if you want,to see some more reviews and stay tuned,see you guys

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2020 New Kove Commuter 2 Split Portable Bluetooth speaker Review, is it worth the price?

hi guys welcome to the channel my name,is Darius I just started a channel up,and its based on daily vlogs,mostly reviews and devices that can help,you save an extra dollar but still have,that premium quality and today well be,reviewing the cove commuter 2 now just,to the disclaimer note I am NOT,sponsored by Cove or any youtuber online,just to mention this now this speaker,retails for two hundred dollars online,taxes and shipping everything and I got,this speaker fashi $70 and I explain to,you how I got it now there are a few,youtubers have been sponsored by Cove,and theyve been sharing their,information about it and I was a growing,channel I follow actually daily driven,exotics and he has actually a code that,managed to gave me this for $70 now Im,not sponsored like I said by daily,driven but um it can probably help you,out if you visit a page no were gonna,see if this speaker is actually worth,$200 though so just to get into it,whats rated on the box what comes in,the box it comes with a double-ended,micro USB cable with one connection to,the end its rated at bluetooth 4.2,it has 360 stone it has a 10 meter,working wireless range five hours plus,payback belt a microphone and water,resistance not some marginal water,resistance but like splash proof and I,actually use this speaker if you like to,test it on full battery life and on full,blast it lasts me actually about like 6,hours to be honest and if you keep it up,mid-range you can get actually a good 8,hours out of it now I explained to you,how this works and were gonna try to do,like a sound test now I am trying to,vlog from a iPhone 11 Pro so just bear,with me for the mic quality and Im a,new channel so Im getting new into the,whole video and work but lets just get,into this now for the Dublin and Micra,USB cables youre gonna want to connect,them in these ports right here and here,and beauty about the speakers that it,splits into two 360 songs because all,the way around and it has subwoofers in,the end now what well do and you lock,them back thats easy as that it has,individual you have to turn them on but,they do sync on command so you dont,need to do anything for buttons back,buttons and a power button thats it and,you can pause from the power button now,will separate them and try to turn them,on no Ill turn one on you get a sound,turn the second one up now this speaker,in total is actually 8 inches in length,and 3 inches in width now the beauty,about it,since Ive been using it is that the,sound to me is really good I believe,its actually worth $200 compared to,like ultimate ears and like JBL extreme,speakers to me its worth it what I have,spending $200 no Im a bit more of a,conservative person but for those who,are actually looking for it and theyre,not afraid to spend I actually $200 I,would say its actually a pretty good,buy now for the purpose of the video,Ill go to my Bluetooth connections and,well open the Bluetooth devices when,you open your Bluetooth youre gonna see,a pop-up is this Cove bs3 and well try,to do a sound test and you can keep,these speakers apart anyway its really,sounds like a surround a mini surround,sound and for me I think I thought this,was pretty unbelievable now I just play,a song from YouTube thats non,copyrighted and you can see they light,up and connect I believe they have an,app for this speaker you just need to,download it I havent used it but you,can use the power button slide turned,down buttons to increase the speaker,volume meters no motion we have been a,Collins when people say,us and we just killing kicking a kiss by,this son could be so good any monkey got,the good boy,[Music],because you got me,[Music],just me to sing,all right now guys so I just did like a,quick sound test for you from the,microphone of an iPhone 11 Pro now like,I said is it worth 200 I believe it is,what I spend it for the record person no,but like I said its Adi right now you,can visit a few pages its like 70,dollars like I would say just because I,got it from his channel just visit,Shanna you see it in his recent videos,you see it pop up in a beginning of that,head and just use his code on his,website and you get a speaker for $70 um,Ive heard out of channels like TJ hunt,and so on Stratman theyve all been like,you know I feel like youre into cars,that is you just visit a challenge just,to get the code and you know show some,sport as well and I just want to say,thank you for visiting I hope this,review helps you use make a decision and,if you would like to use the speaker or,not and just let me know how it is leave,a comment asking any questions Ill be,happy to reply to them and thanks again,for supporting the channel

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Is This BlueTooth Speaker The Best?

alright guys so if youve been watching,this channel for a while you know that,Ive done my fair share of reviews but,my reviews are usually tapes and glues,but so today were gonna do something a,little bit different were going to be,reviewing this Cove Bluetooth speaker,now before we get started I need to tell,you that this video is sponsored by Cove,and if you check out the top of my,description Ill have a link there if,you use that link and then a check out,if you use toad tube 65 T ube 65,whatever you order one of these speakers,you will get 65 percent off of your,order thats an amazing deal you should,definitely take advantage of that so,what Im going to do is I want to do a,durability test on this thing but before,that lets just go over some,specifications first it has a four,thousand milliamp hour battery if you,play music at full volume thats gonna,get you about six and a half hours or so,of playtime which is a lot and thats at,full volume but if you turn the volume,say halfway down or you listen to,something a little bit less intense like,a podcast or something youll youll get,seven eight nine hours pretty easy out,of this thing also one of my favorite,features is that it has a built-in,microphone so if youre listening to,music or a podcast or whatever you get a,call you can just answer your call with,this and just talk to this you dont,have to try to fight around disconnect,and then talk on your phone or anything,you can just go right through here it,also has a volume knob on the top this,little wheel right here you can hear,that beep that means that youre at max,volume also in the Box you obviously you,get this speaker and you get this box,inside of the box,which is gonna have some little piece of,paper that youre never gonna read but,it comes with an auxiliary cord and a,charge cable both nice things to have,and its really nice that they included,an aux port on this speaker so you dont,have to use bluetooth if you dont have,it or you dont want to it also has two,different modes if you look right here,you can play see this that blue light,switching sides it has a normal mode and,a base mode and it also has a nice,subwoofer down here,and if youre listening to music that,has more bass or whatever these has,these two rubber strips on the back so,you can just set it down like this so,that way this subwoofer has plenty of,room to work and the top here that you,can see is also touch sensitive so,whenever if a song comes on that you,dont like or whatever you can just,swipe one way or the other and go swipe,food your play list and all that stuff,and the Bluetooth range they say and Im,gonna do this test here in a minute and,youll see but they claim that the,Bluetooth is 30 feet the Bluetooth,distance that it can connect is 30 feet,but its actually way longer than that,and youll see that here in a second,lets start testing our guys so now,obviously we are inside the house were,in my podcast room so like I said what,were gonna do is Im just gonna leave,this speaker right here on this table,were gonna walk to the side of the,house which is 55 60 feet through four,walls Im going to have this GoPro,thats gonna follow me and my phone to,the other side of the house you guys are,gonna stay here and youre gonna see if,the speaker connects disconnects,whatever it does and so I dont get a,club here at strike were gonna listen,to some flute music,you do and just like that we are at the,complete opposite side of the house Oh,tripping over stuff actually tripping,over the biggest roll of tape that I,made previous video so as you can see,weird 55 60 feet or through four walls,and its still connected you can see,Ill turn it down so still very much,connected the Bluetooth is very,impressive on this thing,they definitely underestimated the,Bluetooth connection alright as you can,tell Bluetooth connection super strong,but I definitely underestimated this I,mean as you saw 55 60 feet through four,walls good to go so it definitely if you,have like a smaller house Chi like I do,you can either put this like put the,speaker anywhere in the house and I can,take my phone anywhere else in the house,and it never has never disconnected not,even once so lets move on to some drop,tests alright so for the drop tests this,doesnt have any like specific drop,ringing so Im just gonna go just kind,of Im pretty much gonna do whatever I,want to be honest Im just gonna turn,the flute flute sounds back on and then,from the top of this table Im just,gonna knock it over into the floor and,Im gonna do that I think Im gonna be,at 50 times and just see how it holds up,[Music],really okay so after the first drop this,side cover came off I think this thing,just pops back home so it looks like,okay yeah no big deal,just pops on one off so a little quite,fall off again so the falls off,aghanims gonna leave it off more can,continue alright ten drops in both of,the both of the side timers fell off but,it still works and it doesnt seem to be,any any damage its already keep going,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],all right now 50 now lets check out the,damage all right so after being dropped,50 times from the table you can see that,theres not much damage you can see that,the top here is kind of scuffed nothing,really bad the bottom around here its,kind of scuffed nothing really bad all,the speakers subwoofer everything works,nothings damaged the only thing that,makes it kind of look ugly is that the,side covers fell off which are no big,deal,they just kept yeah,so they just pop back on that popped out,put that there and it still looks pretty,much good as new everything still works,so lets move on to something else,I guess so on this one were gonna be,doing another drop test theres gonna be,kind of a more realistic drop test,Im gonna walk pretend like that trip,drop it dont go check and see if it,works well lets see if it still works,it still works,all right lets try again Wow well we,lost the front panel looks really bad,but I bet this still works,thats the works the buttons,weve lost use of the buttons tell come,on,I think its starting to get kinda bad,she kind of started to separate right,here thats kind of why its not fitting,oh there we go just make sure everything,still works yep,you can hear that beep volume up still,works lets take this lets take this,back off and see if we can figure out,how to make this thing work again,all right so after I tripped and it got,slammed on the ground obviously as you,saw this front panel came off so what I,did was I was I was looking around and I,found this this little rubber piece that,looks important and these buttons dont,work so Im gonna assume that this goes,under the panel just like this and then,doesnt make the buttons work hopefully,so what were gonna do is were gonna,tear into it and see if we can pop this,panel back off lets not step ourselves,how about that again there you go just,need a bigger box all right,maybe this will get in there it worked,and just as I suspected it looks to me,yeah that pie goes like that I would,assume because it has to click those,buttons,Id say that goes there actually lets,put this here ooh yeah that looks like,it fits right in there,put this here all right its working and,those work does the power button work,[Music],thats the sound it makes when it turns,off lets make sure it turns back along,come on connect to the phone,well Im sure that will be detailed,because thats copyright alright so it,seems like now we have a fully,functioning speaker again so I think now,its time to move on to the water test,the water tests obviously I have my,five-gallon bucket here full of water,and like I said in the beginning that,this thing is ipx4,rated which I dont learn the exact,technical term but its for splashes or,many light splashes or something,so were gonna do were just gonna,splash it I set it up right here Im,above the water and were just gonna,splash it I guess and see what happens,and then if it makes it through t

Kove Audio Commuter 2 Portable Stereo BlueTooth Speaker

[Music],whats up guys welcome to another video,in this video well be taking a look at,a pretty kickbutt bluetooth speaker from,cove uh if youve not heard of cove,theyve been around for a while theyve,got some pretty good,speaker success stories out there and,this is,their latest release um,from cove and so lets go ahead and take,a quick look at the box,and this is a unique speaker because it,breaks in half for a true,stereo effect thats why its called the,bluetooth stereo speaker system as you,can see here is showing it coming apart,so you can have a left and a right,channel so theyre calling it a two in,one stereo sound and it is,water resistant um flip it over on the,back of the box,and you can see it is using bluetooth,speaker systems 360 degree,surrounding stereo sound uh ensures,optimal sound for your environment,um so thats pretty cool and uh the,speakers built-in mic lets you get back,to business when the partys over,so you can use it as like a uh wireless,conference call speaker uh type system,now it is only record bluetooth 4.2,which is meh,you know theres nothing wrong with it,but theres definitely higher versions,of bluetooth,you know out five uh five plus hours of,playback which is,uh its okay for a battery 360 degree,sound built-in mic,uh 10 m working wireless range so 10,meter wireless working range and water,resistant now its not,waterproof it doesnt have any eye,ipf readings so it is what it is,so lets go ahead and take a look at the,actual speaker itself,right here as you can see,its got the uh woofers,on the side uh its got usb ports,right here so you can charge each one of,these,individually which is kind of a pain,there we go and their micro,type c would be good,but overall this thing is very built,very nice,it feels like its not some chincy,speaker its got good quality there,you also have some not only power,buttons and paws and stuff like that but,you can,advance sound uh up and down,so lets go ahead and power this bad boy,on,and pair it up and youll get a little,uh sampling of what it sounds like now,thats really it thats all there is to,the speaker system,and im gonna show you its really easy,to break it apart literally i just like,uh went all ninja fruit on the speaker,here and sliced it apart so,well look at that functionality as well,so lets go ahead and power this on,lets see i believe we hold it in like,here,and then we power this one on,[Music],now you can see,its trying to pair to itself this one,remains solid,so while its trying to pair for itself,lets also go,and try to get it paired to our iphone,which well be using to,demonstrate oh,lets see here if we can get it to come,up,cove bs3 there it is so were going to,try to pair to the code bs3,which that is the single,that were paired so these two pair,together and then you pair it to the,cove bs3 which is,all in one so it takes care of parent,itself and then now were paired to it,so lets go ahead,and slow throw a little music at it here,real quick,i dont know were just going to,randomize it,[Music],[Music],okay so i didnt want to get copyrighted,but as you can see here,were solid and it has,decent sound i got to give it good bass,i have to give it,you know good mids and highs so it has,definitely got some good sounds,now where the kickbutt thing of this is,it actually,[Music],is true stereo so lets go ahead and,part it,up here,360 degree sound right we can set it,like this,right and hit play,getting the true stereo there,[Music],so you get true stereo sounding effects,with these bad boys,with a left and a right channel so that,is pretty cool,uh gotta say the cove,um what is the official let me look at,what the official name of the speaker is,because,i dont see where theyve actually put,the official name of the speaker on here,so let me look at that up real quick,all right and its the commuter too,you think itd be on the box but its,not,so the commuter too there it is and,right now,you can get sixty percent off um so you,can get it for about,uh it says its 209.99 so take 60 off of,that youre gonna get it for,about 79 80 dollars add in some tax or,whatever,theres some codes up here if you want,to use it,so there you go right now is the time to,purchase,uh as theres a pretty good sale going,on on the commuter 2 from,cove and this is from cove audio so,a definitely kick butt little speaker,system that i wanted to bring to you,guys attention,mainly because you know you get the true,stereo sound there we go,and it goes into one big unit so you,could use it just like this or like we,did and break it apart,and have left and right channels and,everythings good to go anyway guys,check the show notes ill have a link,for this ill put the code in there too,hopefully itll stay good for a little,bit its 65,off so act quick ill try to get this,video,edited and published as soon as i can so,you can take advantage of that their,sale,and then if you like this video guys,give it a thumbs up subscribe to the,show and as always thanks for watching,and have a good one

REVIEW – Kove Commuter 2 Split Portable Bluetooth Speaker

hey whats up you guys so today i wanted,to do a quick review of the code uh,commuter 2.,uh this is what it looks like,im not sure if you guys seen it but,ive seen a few youtubers,promote this speaker,and the thing that seems to send out the,most about it is that you could just,twist it,and you have two wireless speakers which,is its a good concept i guess,but uh yeah i wanted to test it out for,myself and see what it was like so this,is what the box looks like theres,nothing inside just besides this little,square,it has this cable its um,you see the usb side on this side and he,has a,dual,micro usb because you do have to charge,both of them,[Music],like so you just move this out of the,way,and there you have it,and inside this thing its a manual,honestly its not that great you,its its okay its decent i guess its,just this long so,pretty straightforward i mean by this,i feel like,right now we already know how to use,speakers without a manual but yeah a,good quick thing to i guess check out if,you dont know how so first were gonna,start off with some of the specs that,they claim to have they do say that the,battery lifes supposed to last seven,hours ive got like five or six out of,it which isnt bad but um yeah i guess,it depends the volume that you have it,and stuff which isnt bad maybe i didnt,fully charge it but i i think i did but,i dont know how long it would take if,it takes more than a day probably i,didnt fully charge it but yeah i got,like five or six hours out of it i,havent had it for a long time so i,shouldnt really say but uh yeah i say,obviously like always they always claim,a little bit more which is normal,but um yeah thats one of the things,they do mention they also do say that,they have a 33 feet uh,i guess distance i did not get that,obviously depends if youre in open area,it might work but when theyre inside,the house or something youre just,putting the speakers everywhere and yeah,it doesnt seem it just cuts off every,now and then but um yeah it could be,different factors but just take it into,consideration,so these are rated ipx7 which is,i guess good for splashing if youre,outside in the pool and then you get a,little splash and stuff nothing should,happen if youre in the shower and then,you put it on the side and you get a,little you know splash of water that,should be fine,uh rain you know if youre running,around with your speaker or whatever uh,that should be able to send it but it is,not waterproof so just keep that in mind,as well,and they do claim a surround sound which,i dont think is 100 accurate,they do to my understanding how i heard,it on if you put it literally on your,ear and stuff and start listening to it,and they have two subarus one right here,another one right there and then two,speakers one right here on this side and,then you have to go around and then the,other speaker has another speaker so i,believe its only four speakers or two,and two super first,and i found that kind of odd because,theres times where like lets say if,you put it like this,just the sound doesnt sound as great if,you put it like this it seems like its,not loud enough,and yeah the most helpful thing that i,found is that if you put them,like that and then you so they have this,like slanted side to it,so like that if you put it facing you,thats when its the loudest especially,if you put it like on a desk or,something i dont know what it is if the,bass like resonates more or i have no,idea but it sounds a little bit better i,would like to say though,that uh in terms of sound quality i,think its pretty good,because the bass does add a little bit,more of a sort of like high quality,style of sound if that makes any sense i,do have to say i dont think they are as,loud,for the amount of money but it depends,really what youre looking for because i,would say that if youre looking for,quality it does sound pretty decent its,not bad at all because the bass and the,speakers its okay,but the loudness is not as loud,so its just something to keep in mind,if you want a really loud speaker but,not as bassy depending obviously of your,music that you listen to or whatever you,listen to,get another speaker but if youre,looking for a lower,not as loud sound but good decent,quality with a little subwoofer i would,say these are good for that the best way,to get the best sound and loudest sound,is to just separate them and then put it,facing you i think theyre honestly,i like it more for like computer,speakers to have my imac and my mic,doesnt have really good speakers so i,just put them on the table and then,listen to my music or whatever with,these,and,yeah like this i never listen to it its,not just not as loud in my opinion,um,but yeah its its just something to,keep it in mind yeah pretty much when,you get these youre gonna get them like,this,and to,turn it on you just,press one of the buttons,youre gonna hear that,than the other one,[Music],so you do have to turn them on,separately and stuff thats i guess,thats some people might not like it but,yeah,honestly i havent had any issues with,pairing with my phone,but um yeah let me play you guys,a song so you guys could kind of hear,what it sounds like,[Music],[Music],[Music],and they do have this nice lighting,looking thing like i said pretty good,speakers just not as loud in my opinion,but they do sound great,im afraid that one thing though like if,youre like running or something and,then you accidentally like move this,and then they just wanted one will fall,or something but um i mean if you have a,case maybe not you know that shouldnt,happen,but its just something maybe just keep,in mind the question is is it worth the,80,i want to say yes but it really depends,on the style of music and what you want,it for,if you want it for a party and you want,to have this which i dont think youll,honestly sound loud even any speaker,wouldnt be loud enough for like a party,uh this isnt the right speaker that you,want but if you want to have this maybe,like in my opinion how i put it as a,desk,like that speakers and stuff like that,and there you can move them around you,dont want to have the whole wiring,going around your desks and stuff these,are great for that or you know just,casually moving around the house and you,listen to it because just just you,listening to it not like a whole bunch,of people inside your house because i,dont think theyre not loud enough for,that hey guys so im gonna go ahead and,keep the speaker,and well see how long it lasts ill let,you guys know any updates if it breaks,down or anything like that which i dont,think so but well see im gonna post a,link for amazon right under it is an,affiliate link just keep that in mind,but im not getting paid by them or,anything so yeah i try to make this as,honest as possible,and yeah let me know if you guys like it,or not,and like i said if you dont like it,just return it its that easy but you,guys thank yall for watching uh i hope,you guys like this video im going to do,a little bit more reviews of other,products that i purchased and yeah i,hope you guys like this type of video i,guess and yeah see you on the next one,take care bye,[Music]

Kove Commuter 2 Split Portable Bluetooth Speaker on QVC

next item because it is new just a few,weeks ago and i will say per im,selfishly excited about it because i,have been looking for a high-powered,bluetooth speaker that is also,waterproof and i mean it seems like it,shouldnt be but it really is its,amazing and you can also look you know,its really cool you can separate the,sound put them in two separate places,and you actually then have two bluetooth,speakers for incredible sound uh this is,by cove this is the cove commuter 2,split portable bluetooth speaker saving,about 12 on this one this if youre,looking for a tech gift or someone who,isnt like super fashiony or you just,kind of know what to get them something,that i think everyone will use,especially those who love music and,being on their devices,this baby fifteen dollars on five easy,pays let me show your colors and then i,will bring in our,guest expert,black right here on the end very easy,and i even just love this little so easy,to grab and go or hang it up,concrete,sand,and stone,all neutral colors that item number is,e239 285 tony battaglia is here joining,us product development director,and i just think this is so ingenious,tony im obsessed,oh thank you so much and thank you so,much for having us at cove we really,believe life is better with music so,were so excited to be here at such a,fun time in the holiday season and,bringing you such a unique gift like you,said for that last minute gifting this,is great for anyone on the list and you,will be the top of the town because this,is a speaker like youve never seen,before it splits and becomes its own,two speakers and this can actually get,up to 33 feet apart so what that means,is you can put one in the kitchen you,can put one out on the patio and it,really helps set the mood especially for,the holiday season and its just such a,fun unique gift that is a new item and,great crystal clear sound oh fantastic i,just i think its fantastic but once,again im going to say the fact that,its waterproof two-in-one but then the,fact that its waterproof basically you,have you have solved my conundrums this,is one of those like i wish there was a,bluetooth speaker that did and then lo,and behold the cove commuter 2 arrives,at qvc,yeah exactly its water resistant so,during the summer time we always have,this out by the pool we take it to the,beach now that its winter i take mine,you know im in california so we take it,to the beach and do a bonfire and its,so fun to give one to your friend you,have one you both have the same music on,and not to mention it is so easy to use,its bluetooth five so its gonna,connect seamlessly with any,um ipad laptop phone all you do is pair,it to your phone and its super simple,to use you just push one button and it,turns on i really really love the split,speaker its an affordable way to get,the round sound around the house so if,you have someone that loves a speaker,this is going to be a great surround,sound but then also such a great,portable option and i just love to put,one in the kitchen one in the living,room and it really sets the tone for the,holiday season or any season,for that people now i have a question if,when you when you split them and have,them say in two different places can you,still are you still able to control your,music and your volume from each side,based on the controls here my answer,would be yes,yes so the fun part is that youre going,to be able to listen to the same music,as whoever youre listening with on both,speakers but whats great about it is,that you can really control the sound so,they each have their own sound control,so if you want to put it a little higher,or a little lower theyre each their own,down control,im just cranking up some jingle bells,here,coming out of these speakers which is,amazing i dont want to blast anyone out,but its and you can see of course that,theyre jamming that theyre on right,here,but this is such a fun part yeah the sub,woofer actually uh has leds that dance,to the sound which is really fun and,really great,um one thing i do love to point out,the black is great for classic but you,know i gave these as gifts my mom loves,the concrete because it matches with her,kitchen so its also great for that,person who loves aesthetics and home,decor now they can have a piece of text,with beautiful sound that doesnt clash,with their home and thats one of my,favorite features well thats a really,important feature because i am like im,so particular about everything matching,or coordinating and if it doesnt i see,no matter how amazing the product is i,simply wont get it um and thats so i,get it and st is very particular and,this is amazing i have a question too,and again im,asking for a friend wink wink can you,could you even,could you even put this in like in the,shower,yeah so its water resistant so that,means it can actually get wet it just,cant be submerged under water im not,gonna throw it in the pool right no,exactly yeah so you can sit it next to,your bath you can sit it on the side of,your shower and really have that,surround sound in the shower in the bath,wherever you want to be but yeah its,waterproof which is so great and it also,gives you seven hours of listening so,the charge lasts for so long its gonna,go on and on all night,so you see here its gonna be a sound,bar youre gonna get great sound when,its together and then after its,together here this is where its pairing,youll see the lights are flashing and,that also goes on throughout the music,the led lights really dance with the,music which is such a fun feature so,super easy to pair you just push a,button push plane its ready to go now,you see him splitting the speaker that,can go anywhere in the house whether it,be upstairs downstairs put one outside,and this is where you can see hes,controlling the volume so you can put it,a little lower on the left speaker a,little louder on the right speaker you,can pump up the volume on both of them,really great and versatile for having,different sound areas in the house and,so easy to use the sound buttons are,just up and down and it also um has,multi-function buttons so you can,actually take phone calls from here so,its wow if its plugged into your phone,rings you can just talk straight from,the speaker which is really great,i got my tunes back on this is just,really ingenious and so incredibly smart,now its about eight inches tall three,inches in diameter when its together so,that obviously still stays three inches,in diameter and then when you split it,you have two four inch tall speakers,that are water resistant individually,self operational,and you can put them in different rooms,or outside,and this is great sound too this isnt,just like a little im going to call my,husband always laughs when i use the,word dinky but this isnt like a little,dinky speaker i mean this is full great,sound,exactly its really great sound quality,and its really like youre getting,three products in one because when you,put it together you get that really,great sound bar sound quality and then,when you split them apart its really,like having two speakers so its a three,in one so thats why its such a great,gift if youre looking for anyone on the,list youve got the person who you know,loves to have beautiful products in,their home or someone whos looking for,a great speaker it is crystal clear,sound and also a surround sound product,you dont really get the round sound,product with one single speaker amazing,and of course we give you that usb,charging cable too all you do is plug in,pair with your bluetooth and go what a,great last minute gift,idea and its a sale price 74. 99. tony,thank you so much for bringing us this,awesome gift,uh thank you so much and happy holidays,for having us see you too,[Music],still to come from french not im super,super upset

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