1. Was It Worth Buying A KTM 390 Duke?
  2. NEW Yamaha MT03 vs KTM Duke 390! Which is BEST?
  3. Living with the 2017 KTM 390 Duke – Long Term Review
  4. KTM 390 Duke Long-Term Review
  5. Why the KTM 390 DUKE is the best beginner bike EVER
  6. KTM DUKE 390 | FIRST YEAR OWNERSHIP | Reviews Feedbacks and Issues
  7. KTM 390 Duke EURO5 2021 DETAILED REVIEW & 0-100km/h ACCELERATION TEST | RokON vlog #114

Was It Worth Buying A KTM 390 Duke?

[Music],buying a ktm 390 duke after owning big,bikes was unexpected and seen as a bit,of a downgrade by many,however i had my reasons for making such,a drastic change and i mentioned a few,of them when i bought the bike,including needing a change wanting to,experience the ever-growing 400cc class,the affordability of owning a small bike,the fact that i could then own multiple,bikes and probably the main reason was,for an experiment i wanted to see if a,popular bike like the 390 would get more,views on youtube since that is my job,after all but after eight months its,time to take a look back to see if all,those reasons were worth buying a 390,duke for or if it was just time wasted,when i could have been doing breakneck,speeds rather than grocery runs,the fact that the 390 would be so,affordable definitely helped me justify,my decision at the time,it has easily been the cheapest bike,ive ever owned in fact the only things,ive done to it ill put some petrol in,which it doesnt take much of or happen,often,put some free air in the tires,lube the little chain and supposedly,paid for insurance which is so little i,dont even notice it,[Music],and thats it thats all ive done in,eight months of riding it just like most,bikers i have always wanted to own more,than one bike and more specifically a,dirt bike so by just downgrading my road,bike a little bit i could finally make,that happen,[Music],owning multiple bikes has been,everything id hoped it would be,theres a bike for every mood and every,occasion,i love going to the shops on my duke and,then being a hooligan at the track on my,yz which means im usually more relaxed,and safer on the road,but the truth is that if i didnt have a,dirt bike alongside the duke to give me,the adrenaline rush i crave i would,definitely have sold the duke,youre probably wondering how i havent,needed to service the duke in 8 months,and thats simply because i havent done,many miles on it i pretty much only ride,it to grab groceries and film videos,i dont often go out just for fun,because it doesnt give me the,adrenaline rush a big bike all the dirt,bike can,i turned down breakfast runs and tried,to avoid the highway because it just,isnt fun with about 80 horsepower too,few,so thats the catch with backtracking to,a smaller bike if you came from a 125,this would feel next level but knowing,what i know its kind of a letdown,[Music],after a bit of a tough year i basically,fell out of love with motorcycles so i,decided that i needed to change things,up a bit to fall back in love with,motorcycles and to rediscover my passion,for them so i bought a dirt bike and a,cheap road bike,switching to a 400 has given me a bit of,an identity crisis because i never,thought id go back to a little bike but,it is a great bike in all the ways ive,mentioned countless times on youtube and,definitely delivered on giving me a,change,im not sure if i would do it again but,i think bikers with big displacement,machines should have to ride a little,bite for a month or two every five years,or so just so that they can fully,appreciate their horsepower,to be honest i always felt like i missed,out on the 400cc experience because i,went straight from a 125 to a 600. now,im definitely not complaining but i did,think it was about time that i got to,see what all the hype was about,[Music],i can now safely say that ive been,there done that,i just didnt get the t-shirt for some,reason,if youre passionate about bikes its,satisfying to experience all the options,ive tried the sport version of a 300,with the yamaha r3 and now ive tried,the naked approach to them and i would,recommend any 400 over a 125 to beginner,riders,naked bikes are easily the most popular,type of bike at the moment and 400 are,currently taking the world by storm as,well so i was curious to see if making,videos with one of the most popular,bikes around would get more views on,youtube,youre welcome to call me a sellout for,trying this but mostly im just curious,as it is my job and i bet youre curious,as well to some extent but the truth is,the results are kind of inconclusive,however here is what ive noticed just,having the duke in the thumbnail makes,no difference to views but making videos,about the duke or just 300 in general,did seem to perform better than normal,but then again not every time which does,kind of make me happy because it seems,that a good video about bikes is still,more important than simply having a,popular bike and at least i now know,that but anyway over the last eight,months the duke has ended up taking off,about four and a half out of the five,reasons that i bought it for in the,first place so overall i think it has to,be considered worth it but let me know,if you think it was worth me buying the,390 or let me know why you bought your,bike down in the comments and ill see,you on the next ride

NEW Yamaha MT03 vs KTM Duke 390! Which is BEST?

motorcycle friendship with Yamaha cancel,of KTM new best friend its too tiny,like look at the bend in my legs,you know no thats thats totally wrong,[Music],what is going on everybody welcome to a,very requested video that Ive seen on,the channel so far today we are going to,be comparing and contrasting the 2019,KTM Duke 390 and a 2020 Yamaha mt-09,[Music],so today we are comparing these two,bikes because we have this bike on our,garage as part of our giveaway series,the KTM Duke 390 is one of our giveaway,motorcycles hit the link down below on,the Meo to find out how you can win this,bike every dollar you spend gets you 10,entries to win which is pretty sick and,then this bike over here is actually a,pressed bike the Yamaha has doled out to,me very unwisely for me to rip around,and goon around on its its a pretty,fun little bike its actually new for,the American market the MTO 3 has,finally come out here a lot of riders,have been clamoring about it I think,this video will come out after my,initial impressions of this bike so you,guys know how I already kind of feel,about it,but its gonna be great to compare,against this bikes bite what are you,most excited about this comparison,honestly its just nice to have another,like mini naked yeah the markets pretty,starved in my opinion you know you have,the Duke you have the z400 and then,nothing else until this got here yeah,now you have another option and you know,the more players in the marketplace the,better definitely it feels like the Duke,has just been kind of kind of cleaning,up shop for the last couple years,because it was the only game in town for,mini nakeds you know and then much like,in 2014-2015 when all manufacturers are,like oh my god everyone wants small,displacement sport bikes you know,2018-2019 Yamaha and Kawasaki are like,oh my god everyone wants small,displacement nakeds you know and so they,started making them so lets talk specs,cuz everyone loves specs we are prepared,today professional with pieces of paper,here with the specs because everyone,they hate us when we get it wrong you,know I these guys dont know anything,theyre out here making YouTube videos,like a bunch of were not gonna use that,word bleep that out spite all right so,lets start with price,whats that come come here the price on,this guy is $45.99 so this is actually,really affordable thats a super cheap,like brand-new $45.99 in 2020 thats a,cheap bike guy that is seriously awesome,I bought my interceptor for another 3,grand if I didnt trade in my if I,didnt trade in my 9 1 9,it would have been another five grand,yeah yeah yeah,just to give you an idea this is cheaper,than pretty much everything else on the,lot yeah except for like dirt bikes,pretty much and also compared to the r3,its like $700 cheaper than the MSRP for,the r3 because that comes in a 50 to 99,so a seriously budget-friendly bike or,is that KTM 390 comes in at five,thousand four hundred ninety nine bucks,so this is definitely a more premium,beginner bike but it competes right,there with that Ninja 400 our C 390,price point it just happens to be naked,so if your budget is around five,thousand dollars,this ones definitely a little bit,higher that ones a little bit lower so,something to keep in mind engines what,do we got working over there so this is,the same 321 CC parallel twin as the r3,is exactly this its the mill that,everybody knows yes that that same,reliable little punchy parallel twin,yep that really kind of won the day a,couple of years ago but we have a little,bit of more competition now yeah,yeah cuz back when it came out ninja 300,was like were like what did this guy,come from hes got 21 more cubes on me,and then this came out with 373 and then,the 400 came out and so now this almost,looks like the smaller version of all,the other bikes but again this is an,engine everyone knows its literally the,same as they are three gearing shifter,heads everythings exactly the same on,this motor from the old are three still,makes the same 41 horsepower so you know,little down on power over youre into,for hundreds and stuff like that but,speaking on the KTM this has a 373 CC,single so its a little bit more punchy,doesnt rev as high makes 42 horsepower,and whats the torque on this bike I,cant remember,[Applause],[Music],the torque on the MTO 3 is 21,foot-pounds yeah and it develops that,bit of a broader rev range right yeah so,again because its a parallel twin its,gonna give you a little bit more usable,torque kind of all over whereas this is,really punchy right from go yeah and,then it just kind of falls off when you,get to the top yeah me as someone whos,used to more high revving sport bikes,this bike and my track prepped RC 390,Im I pretty regularly ping the limiter,on them because Im not ready for it to,stop at like 10 5 or whatever it is that,it red lines that maybe its even 10,000,it doesnt rev very high so thats,something to keep in mind at this bike,so seat Heights also gonna be a really,important thing to talk about these two,bikes bite what does the seat height,come in at the MTO 3 so the seat height,here is really awesome for a lot of,people its actually only 30.7 inches,thats really approachable its its,really kind of shockingly short even,though sitting here next to this other,bike it might look very similar yeah for,somebody who is kind of afraid of taller,bikes or maybe it just wants to be able,to really surely flat foot a bike this,is probably one of the best out there I,think its even probably shorter than,the r3 s yeah I think it might be,shorter or just as short but again super,approachable you know you will not have,any problem putting both feet down in,case of an emergency if youre learning,how to ride and then later in life as,you get more comfortable just one foot,down its really really nice to just be,able to plant that foot really quickly,if youre learning how to ride we were,talking earlier off-camera how this,eventually I think is gonna be like an,MSF bike to practice on because its,just so approachable and low seat height,Oh totally totally yeah yeah I mean this,is a bike that literally anybody could,get on now I need to throw in a little,caveat there Im 6 foot 3 and I dont,really fit on this motorcycle yeah as,well see when we get out on the road my,knees start kind of sticking out from,the side of the tank just because its a,little too low so if you are somebody my,size 6 foot I got out there Ive got a,34 inch inseam so if youre in that kind,world unfortunately the MTO 3 is gonna,be a very cramped ride for you yeah so,again that goes back to what we always,say about ergonomics going to sit on a,bike before you buy it you know you,might really love the look of it but if,maybe your spite size you get on it,youre like man I feel like you know a,monkey in a football so you know thats,not gonna be a good look obviously will,youll youll bleep that out yeah off to,a great start yeah were doing great,today,and then in comparison the Duke 390 has,a seat height of thirty two point seven,inches now some of you guys might not be,riders you might be thinking oh its,only 2 inches whats the big deal,actually makes a really big difference,when youre talking about inseam and the,reach down to the floor over here so you,might mount up on this thing and those,two inches if your foots going towards a,pothole or if youre a bit unsteady,might be the difference between you,tipping the spike over and not tipping,that bike over when youre learning how,to ride so thats gonna be a big thing,lets talk suspension on these,motorcycles because this one actually,has an upside-down wp4 and this guy has,the same KYB suspension from the r3,which yeah at this point compared to,everything else in the field is a little,bit budget the front suspensions on the,Duke 390 is a bit stiffer than the MTO,three but Yamaha did make some changes,to the front suspension on the MTO three,because of this new raised bar over here,they actually softened the front,suspension so if yo

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Living with the 2017 KTM 390 Duke – Long Term Review

[Music],hey folks is mr. fly hey hope you well,now Ive been lucky enough to be riding,this the 390 Juke for the last few weeks,and Ive really got to know the bottle,written in all sorts of conditions in,town in country in the way in the drive,that sort of thing short journeys long,you name it Ive done it and Ive really,enjoyed having the bike and sadly its,gonna have to go back to those nice,people at KTM UK soon however before we,do that I wanted to bring you this my,latest long-term review on the bike and,in this video what Im gonna do is tell,you what its like to you know to,actually live with the motorcycle so,what is the thing like at night whats,it like in the wet whats it like on the,fast road whats a lot of country roads,all that kind of stuff then also Im,going to talk a little bit about how,much it cost to run the thing and then,also at the end of the video Im gonna,go through the pros and cons the things,Ive found out that you wouldnt,necessarily find out if you just rode,the bike on a one-hour test ride so,stick around stay tuned and Ill let you,know what I think to the 390 Juke,so this sort of pipe really is very much,designed for the urban environment so,where whats she like around town well,as you might expect pretty jolly good,its so lightweight its easy to feed,through traffic and you know theres,nothing intimidating about the bar if,you need to stop something like I just,did there the brakes work perfectly well,and get through little gaps youre,sitting nice and high up on it so you,can see you around well okay its not,exactly the busiest town in the world,but you know you get the general idea,Im all about to get you to work which,includes some commuting in the urban,environment then this part we no problem,whatsoever,but if you can hear through the,microphone the officer got in the helmet,but the the fan has just switched on,which is a problem that I highlighted in,the KTM rc390 that I had for long-term,loan that fan seemed to come on,very very early well this is the first,time I noticed actually this fan has,come on at all so its not a problem in,the little 390 Juke because it comes on,nowhere near as often but its still,there and its quite loud so its not a,big deal but just something you notice,that I dont necessarily notice on other,bikes nice Cobra well I have to say that,its not a particularly warm day today I,suppose about 24 degrees so if the fans,coming on in Blighty in 24 degrees if,you live in a hot country it may be more,of an issue its certainly not a problem,here,now I did get to ride the little KTM 390,dude quite a lot in the way as you can,see has been some absolutely fell,weather of late and so Ive got a good,test on the bike unfortunately the,weather was so foul the water got into,my mic connections and meant that the,commentary that I did as I was taking,this better footage never came out which,bit of a shame but at least I got the,footage the good news is there was,absolutely certain no surprises on the,KTM riding it in the wet guitars the OEM,tyres pre confidence inspire of course,no physics will take over even though,this is got abs and stuff so you have to,ride it you know with due regard for,prevailing conditions but the little,Duke 390 was no more tricky to ride in,the wet than any other comparable bike,so absolutely no issues to report,its not about fuel economy on there the,little Duke then well according to the,splendid TFT screen that Ive now,configured to show me all sorts of,things including its fuel economy is,saying Im getting fifty six point seven,miles per gallon which to me doesnt,sound that great actually I expected to,get more out of it than that it being a,you know a fairly small engine single,cylinder by karthik or beginning in the,sixties now it has to be said I havent,been riding it particularly slowly so,Im kind of you know absolutely,threatening it to be fair the next week,or so Wallace to have got the point far,better that but about st. 56.7 so Im,just going here now and fuel up and just,see if theres any surprises at the fuel,station sometimes bikes can be right,Payne the back side depending on what,the what the fuel caps like so lets see,how this one works it looks fairly,straightforward it has to be said right,neutral,oh okay so cap looks straightforward Im,not sure if it hinges or comes,completely off lets find out okay,hinges no its a nice solid feel as well,its sir theres nothing flimsy about,that so yeah thats thats great all,right Ill get a fuelled up and then,well see how the fuel range changes,right well thats bad form to sit on the,bike while you fill it up but on this,occasion going to I apologize for any,health and safety people watching god I,love the smell of petrol right looks,full to me,nice assaulted that Kapil I get what I,do what I want to do now is see how,quickly it registers that Ive got fuel,in it because some bikes Ive noticed,take a water it look its instantly just,turn it on and its instantly showing,full now excellent right were neutral,right lets see what,what range the little white things can,give me so looking down at the fuel,range that Ive now got set up on it,sang a hundred eighty six miles out of a,tank so were okay so the fuel economy,may not be quite as good as I thought,186 miles out of a tank full if thats a,if thats true thats a pretty useful,range,another little practical thing I like to,do on these long-term tests is just to,check well the bike is like to lug,around in car parks and so on no no I,suspect all with this bike because its,a lightweight Bell thing but lets just,stick it here and see what its like to,manhandle around,karate,down she goes alright so yeah something,like 148 kilograms,dry so its not a light bike theres no,grab handles or sorry is a very light,bike there are no grab handles at the,back but there is a bit of frame they,get hold off but this is all pretty,substantial feeling so its no issue,just to lift the bike up with that and,then if you want to move it around its,got an excellent turning circle on this,you know full lock and there we go look,just within a parking space on basically,getting it around to 90 degrees there,you go and then thats pretty impressive,a standard UK parking space when shes,not white you can actually turn the,thing around in two points and it is as,I expected very very light to move,around not an issue at all or my gravel,driveway its absolutely fine,car parks no problem if youre a small,or light person a bit wimpy you aint,can have a problem with the 390 Juke in,terms of moving it around,I say manhandling it could be woman,handling as well of course,its all that stuffs all very well but,whats it actually like to own the bike,in terms of cost how much is this thing,gonna actually cost if you want to own,and run the thing well Ive done a,little bit of research to look into the,things that you can get cost for and,this is what Ive found so the first,thing road tax this being sub 600cc that,means this ones going to cost you 41,pounds per annum so well you know whats,that about three quid a month something,like that not a great deal of money so,thats excellent servicing on this its,at six hundred miles for its first,service you know after the running in,period which is pretty standard on all,bikes and then its servicing every six,thousand miles and of course cost vary,for servicing depending on the labor,charges that your dealer actually,charges but toward a KTM they anticipate,that around two hundred pounds for a,dealer service on the bike of course one,of the major costs of running any,motorcycle is of course insurance so,were this time in this review Ive,actually gone to my friends at principal,insurance and got them to do a quote for,me if I were to ride this bike so of,course this is only indicative its only,correct at the time that I got the quote,and it only applies to somebody like me,arm late forties keep the bike in a,garage in a relatively nice area etc so,you have to scale this up or down,d

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KTM 390 Duke Long-Term Review

[Music],ive had my,2018 ktm 390 duke for almost 5 months,and to me thats considered long term,i dont usually attempt to do bike,reviews,because most bikes i own already have a,reputation,for being brilliant bikes so my 10 cents,wouldnt change a thing,but i didnt do any research before,buying this one,and as a result its been five months of,learning and constantly finding out new,things about it,both good and bad,to get a proper feel of what its like,owning a 390,id suggest also watching these three,videos that i made,that ultimately cover my first,impressions where i praise,things like its epic styling and,criticize its,lack of accurate engine temperature,gauge i wont get to every aspect of the,bike,in this video so if i dont bash it or,applaud it,its probably safe to assume that its,good,if lighting is what you want then the,dukes got you covered,i recently noticed that it has backlit,switchgear,which although doesnt make it any,faster does make me,feel more special as does the phenomenal,headlight,[Music],its brighter than me even if thats not,actually saying much,but i love seeing it light up the world,even if its just in a parking garage,and gives me more confidence that,drivers might actually see me coming,and if theres one thing that a bike,targeting the younger market needs,its a big beautiful display that can,connect to your phone,even if it does so slowly if you switch,the ignition on,and then start the engine it wont,connect to your phone for the entire,ride,you have to switch the ignition on wait,about 10 seconds for the bluetooth,symbol to appear,and only then can you start the engine,it doesnt sound like a long time but,its a pain when youve got the startup,procedure dialed,and then you suddenly have to stop and,wait for an eternity,before you can ride away,[Music],it also surprises me that with so much,information,at least half of it is pointless id,much rather have air temperature,than battery voltage but yet thats not,an option,even though i know that it knows what,the temperature is,its also happy to announce when,someones calling me,but thats the end of its functionality,i would prefer,it to behave more like a smartwatch and,show me notifications too,of course it might distract riders but,if you cant keep your eyes on the road,you probably shouldnt have a bike,anyway i would just,love to be able to check my,notifications on the bike,when ive just finished kitting up and,my phone chimes,instead of having to remove a glove and,crack open my jacket,just to find a pointless email,[Music],its at least enough of a diva that,youll be reminded that you ride a,special bike,for example the fuel cap is terrible,it feels like im about to break the key,off just trying to get it open,it exaggerates the fuel range by about,20 to 30 kilometers,so maybe it is as bad at maths as i am,after all,and the fuel consumption ends up at,about the same number,no matter how you ride it so you might,as well have a bit of naughty fun,then there are the buttons to control,the screen,there are enough buttons to play a video,game smoothly,but yet the way the settings are grouped,and titled in the menu,give you no clue as to what youll find,within them,like riding modes arent under a tab,called modes,theyre under motorcycle obviously,except,that isnt everything within the entire,menu to do,with the motorcycle so how does that,help,and simply setting the clock is under,preferences,not settings but time isnt a preference,i cant have a preferred time its,either right,or its wrong however it does turn heads,ive had more compliments riding this,around than i ever got on my r1,and the front seat can be removed once,the rear seat is removed,without any need for tools which i,appreciate after owning japanese bikes,the steering can lock in either,direction which is convenient more times,than youd ever expect,[Music],its as fun to ride as it is to look at,even with its strange geometry,the sea tide is much higher than i,predicted for a small bike making it,feel more substantial,but then the reach to the bars is so,short which transforms it into a smaller,feeling bike,however thanks to its size width of the,bars,and light weight its not difficult to,get around a corner,there is also a noticeable vibration,when sitting idle,and its a very strange bike to rev,match,[Music],i can use the same coordination to,downshift and rev-match,that ive used on every bike ive ever,ridden without fault,and on this i get a slight catch in the,gearbox in return,its frustrating and triggers my,mechanical sympathy,and takes a bit of concentration to,overcome,years of muscle memory and pull the,clutch in a fraction of a second sooner,it is fast enough to cruise at a lets,say,acceptable motorcycle cruising speed on,the highway,but at that pace its a bit of a sitting,duck,it doesnt have any power left over to,get you out of trouble,if you needed it and that makes me seek,back roads where it excels,to avoid highways if i can,suspension on smaller bikes is usually,on the softer side and although,im not exactly heavy it is suitably,firm,even without playing with the adjustable,preload on the rear shock,and doesnt make me wish for clickers up,and down the forks that i could meddle,with,overall its a very solid bike that i,would recommend to anyone looking in,this segment of the market,people are happy to comment that its,made in india as though thats an,insult except that it still comes out of,the factory with a ktm badge,and ktm seal of approval its purely,cost effective,not a compromise but anyway hit the like,button,if this video helped you out at all and,ill see you,on the next ride

Why the KTM 390 DUKE is the best beginner bike EVER

Im gonna tell you guys why the KTM 390,might be one of the best small,entry-level mid-range bikes on the,market but I have no idea Ive never,ridden I have no clue Ive no no idea,maybe it is I dont know cute,cue the intro alright guys Im Sean from,SRK cycles with my newest friend also a,motorcycle and this is a KTM 390 Marc,what year is this 2018 a brand new bike,one month ago Ive never written one of,these things this is the egg you know,the entry-level naked street fighter,bike they have a pretty big reputation,it is a single cylinder motor Im gonna,assume its got a slipper clutch Im,six-two Im a fairly average-sized guy,do you live in like the Nordic countries,the bike feels like a 600 or anything,else I mean it actually feels great I,love the way it feels these mirrors are,this hideous looking but they theyre,killer they work great check this out,the craziest thing about this bike is,the actual screen so when you when you,turn it on it says ready to race Im,actually just gonna go around on the,street but I guess I have to race it now,but the whole thing is digital pretty,awesome lets fire it up,you got buttons over here,no one oh there we go and this thing is,like a little computer down here but it,is a feature that you can like,who to play the music they wouldnt like,turn the volume up and down oh youre,saying that you cant have navigational,miss yeah its like an extra package at,the buy few KTM and its just a tune,pretty much its a coat yeah so its,already in there hes gotta get like the,code and put it in there,right but yeah its like an extra like,two grams,its like its like expensive like put,the navigation so this is probably the,most teched-out,under 400 cc bike on it maybe under one,I havent seen any bike with but an LCD,screen like that yeah that things,awesome is it touch no no you get,everything and makes what you cannot you,can put this on super moto mode which,turns off your abs and the back lets do,some sweet uh yes well yeah,this comes ABS also which is pretty sick,at sea thats what I like about this,because a lot of times in a book is also,bikes and you cant turn these modes off,right you know I mean like like theyre,great when you want them and when you,would need them okay turn them on but if,I want to turn off they have a final one,traction control or ABS on my back tire,because I want to do that exactly the,same thing you want to drift it good,turn it off give me they give me the,capabilities its all just you know,computers and stop they could they can,easily do it whats the same way I think,is its very close to 400 way really,proud,I woke up a while ago you can definitely,manhandle it around I got the back you,guys see that I got the back now it,feels right it feels very nimble when I,think round from here to here Im having,a passenger on the back it actually,feels pretty nice I dont feel like,top-heavy at all yeah the clothes pretty,steep it looks great but whats cool,about it,its the stock exhaust right yep its,not giant remember like you like like 10,years ago the stock exhaust for,literally this big and then it makes,sense to replace the stock exhaust but,an aftermarket one because its through,weight savings you know I mean thats,pretty slim thats pretty slender that,difficult kappa yeah,the the back brakes are a little like,they dont fight very hard the front,front grip something huh well thats,good yeah thats actually what you want,and what the back brakes to be you kind,of fading yeah because you dont want to,be able to lock up your back for you all,right you want to be able to push that,thing really hard and not and then it,never lock it up but then you want to be,on like you know ride that River,help straighten yourself out and kind of,fix you know goofy situations that you,might commit yourself now Ive written,all these written the 400 Ive written,the Kawasaki 400 over in the 250s the,300 Ive written all of them Ive been,Im really excited to ride this bike see,what it can do lets out lets take it,for a spin,[Applause],alright guys before the tax travel suit,the words of wisdom Exodus 20:16 you,shall not bear false witness against,your neighbor and for my last test drive,that I messed up,proverbs 17:17 dat all times and a,brother is born for adversity I said,diversity Im not very good at reading,or anything,I really am pumped about driving this,bike yeah Im ready to race when the cop,asks you like were you doing racing out,there thats what my bike told me to do,dont listen to machines,snappy snappy little thing,all right Ive been on this bike for one,second and Im gonna tell you right now,this is by far the quickest because of,these snappiest entry level score bike I,mean listen a limos are great right Im,not Im not bashing them wow man that,front brake is tight this front brake is,set up like how I have my track bike set,up I mean youre like one finger,breaking if you move that thing an inch,youre full braking you know youre like,youre not going anywhere I wonder if,this thing has a a beacon inside of it,that actually shows your your lap times,that would be cool Im sure it does its,got two right its just gotta,all right so even even though this thing,weighs weighing in around 400 pounds you,cant compare weight to wait its not,that simple okay youre not bench,pressing the bike that that you know I,mean its not thats not why you compare,bikes you compare bikes about how they,feel you know I mean the center of,gravity and how they feel and what what,has to come theres a lot of dynamics a,debt that effect that you have you have,center of gravity youve got wheelbase,you know I mean if this bike was 30 feet,long when youre driving it you would be,like man this thing does not really,handle very well but itd still be 400,pounds it also does not feel like a,single cylinder the Honda the current,honda entry-level sport bike is also a,single,I love trolling those uh those stis,with my cars,all right so heres the big question can,you clutch it up in second gear because,if you can then you have a lot more room,to ride the wheelie,Oh whoever go alright,I might add a little practice with that,one,when it comes to nimbleness I mean it,this is super moto nimble feeling you,know I mean the word flickable Im gonna,flick Im gonna throw that word,flickable around right now,very very flickable,I gotta see and honestly Im Im,cruising the speed limit Im going the,speed limit I feel great yeah yeah win,at your chest thats awesome,youre sitting very far forward,you know I mean youre hugging the tank,if its a its very comfortable your,arms are just where they kind of [ __ ],you know,and for the first time in my life,someone who bought one of these bikes,was smart enough to leave these mirrors,on and I was joking around by saying how,how dumb they look that theyre big but,they work man,they work if youre not gonna if youre,not gonna have mirrors that work just,dont have mirrors on at all and then,just which is dumb,so the if you notice the gauge is,actually changed the whole gauge starts,getting redder and redder the higher you,hit this is a 10,000 rpm redline,you get your gear indicator up there,its our presence of buttons,I dont know what any things do,so per dollar per dollar and per fun,this it actually flashes the light the,gauge actually flashes when its like I,think you should shift,shutup bike Ill shift when I want to,shift youre not arason you dont tell,me what to do,all right 0 to 60,I discussed it with mark before we,jumped on here we both kind of agreed we,think like four and a half seconds its,where its at we think anything faster,it might be uh might be too fast I think,Im gonna beat it Im gonna beat it this,is a bike that you could really learn,how to be a well a good rider a really,fast rider with a bike like this because,its not lacking all these other things,like the good quality components and the,ABS and in the feel its not lacking,that that you get with a lot of cheap,bikes thats why this is a its not a,cheap bike its jus

KTM DUKE 390 | FIRST YEAR OWNERSHIP | Reviews Feedbacks and Issues

[Music],[Music],[Applause],okay so we are back again with our ktm,390 look and this time,it has been over a year since we got,this bike,it was back in december 2020 when we got,our 390 duke brand new from ktm bgc,and we have been using this bike to,places fun rides bike swaps and diys,and as i promised last time,we plan to do an owners 1-year bike,review when we get a chance,and i guess this is just about the right,time for that,but before anything else,a little backstory,so i have been riding small bikes for,many years until i decided to shift a,manual standard motorcycle back in 2019,so i got myself a brand new first,generation duke 200,thinking that the awesome power of the,bike would be more than enough for me to,get by,as you know i came from a tiny bike with,very little power to boast,so not much expectations,little did i know that after only a,matter of few months the inadequacies of,the 200 will drive me nuts and get,myself convinced into getting a bigger,bike,the 390 duke,as you could see im not really one you,can call a certified experienced big,biker just a regular dude with a very,limited budget who was fortunate enough,to get that chance of getting himself a,bike that he can write in the extra,space,and i guess a lot of you can relate to,my situation and see themselves in my,shoes,butterfall bikes batman about 390 duke,well the answer is quite simple,it is the most feature-packed motorcycle,that is beginner friendly at the most,affordable price that you can get from a,very reputable brand,the ktm 390 duke is a pure example of,what draws so many to the trail of,street motorcycling,this bike actually maximizes enjoyment,and user value as it has the brute power,and state of the art features which,would make it a fun bike to take in the,tracks and weekend out of town rides,but still offers excellent ride-ability,and comfort especially to new riders who,just need a reliable everyday commute,but nervous about getting bored with,smaller bikes hence a bigger bike,needless to say the 390 duke is ktms,offering that falls in that particular,category where it caters to the,requirements of both newbies and,experienced riders alike making this,austrian bike an excellent choice is a,good foundation on big bike ownership,so in the one year that the bike was,with me let me go through with the,highlights i found out about the ktm 392,[Music],the 390 duke has got to be one with the,most awesome acceleration among other,bikes in the same 400cc segment,it has a great engine with more power,than usual beginner big bikes,outclassing other bikes when it comes to,giving you that gut wrenching,acceleration for one who dares to max,the throttle,i have tried quite a few beginner big,bikes and up to the middleweight glass,ones,and i can probably say nothing really,compares to its punch acceleration,with a single cylinder engine you can,expect more torque down low and with an,impressive power to weight ratio with a,bike churning out a respectable 44,horsepower pushing the 148 kilograms,lightweight bike,its hard to believe that all that power,is packed in a nimble ultra lightweight,bike,you can only imagine how quick it can,bring this bike to the 100 kph speeds in,just a few seconds,this makes this bike even more fun,speeding up from stop lights and do,occasional release on the side,with a 400cc displacement appearing in,the papers even if the true engine size,is only at 373 cc,the 390 duke has brought that dream of,many riders to reality as it allows them,to travel in the expressways legally and,relatively within breach at an,affordable price point so yeah italian,[Music],unfortunately,its single cylinder engine becomes its,downside as well when one aims to get to,that top speed,this becomes especially obvious when one,takes the express space on a regular,basis,where it takes them forever for the bike,to reach the 160 kph top speed trying to,keep up at pace with its two three or,four cylinder ride mates,truth be told this bike would most,likely be the first bike to reach that,100 kilometers per hour speed,but then you know it struggles getting,to speeds more than that,you would then just see the other two,cylinder four cylinder bikes pass you by,as you try to crawl to that 150,kilometers per hour mark,one would come to think that if the main,purpose of getting a big bike is to give,in to adrenaline rush every weekend,speeding up to the bikes full potential,in the extra space this bike may not be,a standout candidate for that,nevertheless,if most usage would be on the streets,where on-demand power is at most,required,i would say nothing beats the 390 duke,in that aspect,and in spite of all this power output,comes with outstanding fuel economy of,about 28 kilometers to a liter,that is quite impressive for a big bike,where other big bikes would only fare at,around 20 at a good day,ever more reason why this bike can be a,good candidate for an everyday bike,oftentimes the duke is referred to as a,great learner bike heres why,the ktm 392 engine not only delivers,arm-wrenching torque and hair-raising,acceleration,but also good manners in everyday use,the way that the engine delivers power,is also predictable mild and gentle when,easy on the throttle but an aggressive,response when given a healthy twist,no other motorcycles of the same class,can give you that sprite response that,the duke can,with a ride-by-wire technology,previously unheard of in the motorcycle,category,it immediately translates power from,every twist of the throttle yet is so,smooth that beginners will not be,intimidated,likewise this would mean less,maintenance for the bike and chances of,getting stuck on the road with a broken,throttle cable but more than simply the,absence of a throttle cable this feature,electronically translates the throttle,commands off the rider into throttle,valve positions perfectly suited to the,riding conditions demanded for the,situation,and to match the engine is a sleeper and,assist clutch,the concept of a sleeper clutch was,created to overcome the high back torque,generated by the rear wheel when one,does aggressive downshifts especially at,high speeds this is done by allowing,some partial clutch slippage to prevent,rear wheel lock ups which would,otherwise cause the rear tire to escape,and gives the wheel just a bit of,braking for a controlled rear wheel,slide,on the other hand the assist clutch a,rather favorable consequence of the,slipper clutch allows the clutch to be,pulled and controlled with just one,trigger happy finger saving your energy,and offering greater control and making,your riding experience more comfortably,convenient,not to mention clutch and brake levers,are fully adjustable allowing you to,customize your cockpit to suit your,individual riding style,the 390 duke is ultra lightweight very,compact and incredibly nimble the,extremely naked profile and single,cylinder engine has helped keep the,weight down to just around 148 kilograms,that really helps when you are doing,some low speed maneuvers where you need,to hold the bikes weight,around at 830 mm seat height,some individuals may find it a bit tall,but given the bikes super lightweight,feel,someone of a smaller stature can easily,manage handling the bike even if a bit,deep toad,but if you are still uneasy with a seat,height there are always lowering kits,available which could bring the bike,down more by about one to two inches so,you are still covered,adding to the sense of a big bike,quality the suspension setup on the ktm,392 comprises of its in-house developed,massive wp 43mm upside down hydraulic,telescopic forks at the front and a,preload adjustable monoshock at the rear,i find this set up a really good,compromise of a sporty ride while still,retaining the comfortable commute on,city roads,however,one do find the rear to dip quite a bit,with a back ride or carrying a bit of,luggage but nothing that can be managed,by the pre-load adjustability,the 390 duke is said to have a sharper,handling and more

KTM 390 Duke EURO5 2021 DETAILED REVIEW & 0-100km/h ACCELERATION TEST | RokON vlog #114

[Music],that was quick,[Music],99 100.,i warmed up i hope you too guys because,its time for the new,rock on vlog today im going to show you,the most important features that makes,the ktm 390 duke bs6 2021 model,the best bike in its category the new,model comes in two different color,options,one is the white edition and one is this,silver edition that we have here,and my opinion the silver color,makes the bike premium looking and if i,look at the color it reminds me on my,stunt bike the mad rabbit,all the ktm duke bikes come with a very,nice front light,also the 390 it has led technology,and it also reminds me on its bigger,brother the ktm,1290 super duke r beside the front light,it,also has led turn signal lights,and it sits on the 17 inch alloy cast,wheels,in a nice orange color,and just look at those lines and hips,[Music],ready to race ktm didnt only update the,style of the bike but also,it has some new features on the,so-called tft display,all digital you have the gear meter you,have the speed meter you have the auto,meter,you can also check in which abs motors,you are you have two options,we have the petrol and the temperature,gauge,and we have the trip data here beside,that we can go,into the menu where we have the ktmr,ride option,you can pair your phone listen to music,or,listen to the navigation then you have,trips and data information,and then here in the motorcycle segment,you have the abs,where you can switch between the two,channel abs,or the super moto mode where you can,slide with your rear wheel,and then you can switch on or of the,quick shift plus,the next is the settings so you have a,lot of options here,uh one of the new updates is the display,team,where you can go from automatic you can,go to a nice,night mode so it gets darker its less,visible in the daylight but,looks cool and then other clock date,language you can check when is the next,service i have,the next in 600 kilometers and beside,that we have also the clock,so a lot of information and a nice,compact display,one of the biggest upgrades on the new,model is the quick shifter plus,so now if i want to switch to gears i,dont need to apply the clutch lever,i just need to apply the gear lever its,very convenient in the traffic,but it makes you also faster on the,racetrack,im telling you from my personal,experience once you try the quick,shifter,you never go back beside the quick,shifter,we have a slipper clutch and that,prevents the rear wheel chatter,when you want to do the super motor,slide if you like so far the review and,if you would like that we do more of,them in the future,hit the like button,thanks guys for the support and now,lets continue,adjustable brake and the clutch lever,comes a stock,the engine,the duke 390 is powered by a,fuel-injected,single cylinder 375 cc,engine super torquey and,euro 5 engine less emissions,even with your right full throttle,and it has a smoother,power delivery than the previous model,and what is rad that we have the same,power,than before even with more restricted,engine,due to the extra catalytic converter and,lambda sonder,so yeah thats all,again to the ktm engineers that managed,to do that which is not that easy,[Music],yo rock im wondering how fast can this,buy go,from zero to 100 hey actually i dont,know so,lets find out lets do it are you ready,man,three two one go,shifting and hundreds damn,that was quick on the front we have vp,apex upside down forks and man i abused,them a lot in the past in,stunt riding off-road stop-is jumps,a lot of aggressive stuff and they,always performed,perfect easy to maintain and they have,also open cartridge system,the rear shock has a 150 mil progressive,spring,and its also pre-load adjustable means,whether you ride solo or with your,passenger,or with the bags you can always adjust,based on your load,the corner rocket can be controlled with,a dual channel abs system,and a 320 mil front disc and a 230 mil,disc on the rear it comes with a derby,style handlebars,and it provides controlled yet,aggressive body position,and gives me confidence and balance to,pop some nice wheelies,and stop this,and it has illuminated menu controls on,the left and a right by wire throttle,on the right well the next feature is,not,really on that bike but it helps you,to get the right option for you im,talking here about the ktm configurator,you can find it on ktm.com and you can,see the bike from different angles,check the color options you can add ktm,power parts,and finally you can summarize how much,this bike will cost you,the last features are small details that,been tweaked,and changed through the years to make,that bike even better,for example we have the rear sprocket,has a new style,and i would be ready to say that its,also lighter than the previous model,but it definitely looks cooler than the,grips became softer now and have this,nice,rubbery feeling so i have more grip now,another thing that has been changed is,the box spoiler has a different shape to,cover the new exhaust with the extra,catalytic converter and the lambdas on,the,it has a bit extra weight but it has,less emissions,so the new ktm 390 duke bs6,is a great light torquey performance,packed machine,that makes you a lot of fun on the,twisty roads in the mountains,a technical riding in the city good bike,for everything,and its also a good challenge for,experienced riders where pure power,cant hide any lacking in the rider,skills so i would say,a great bike for beginners and great,bike for experienced riders,so guys if you have more questions about,the bike,drop some comments below i will answer,them and last but not least,so you remember the giveaway from the,last vlog right,this is a slice right so guys all those,t-shirts,are definitely not only for me but also,for you,so im gonna give away three of those,and the winners are,first one xxx balash,second one white monster 797,and the third one saiban sluka congrats,guys,drop me your address on my instagram,account so i can send it over to you,and guys thats it thats the review of,the new,precious 390 duke bs6 model,i hoped you liked it and see you next,time until then,you know rock on

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