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Kumho Solus TA31 Review

I treasure you driving the come home,solace t8 31 205 65-69 fire on a leave a,2014 Hyundai Sonata overall comments the,tyre seems to have good dry handling and,braking characteristics that some of my,other videos will show that are good,stopping capabilities which is mostly,you know a result of the cars braking,system and the combination sire Ill do,a one quick breaking attempt here,that was from 1630 pretty quickly and,you can see that the car,had minimal skidding and in a lark,activation,the tread pattern looks to be a good dry,and wet tread pattern I only got the,sample a little bit of ice since all the,snows melted here recently but what I,can tell was the Anna brick Anna lock,activation that was occurring was,significant on hardened snow and ice and,that tells me that fire is gonna have,subpar winter performance as compared to,winter tires these are all season tires,as an all-season tire I cant really,make a salad,comparison to other all-season tires,although my suspicion and sense from,driving the tire the car and the tire is,that the Continental tws would be a,superior pick if youre worried about,winter tire traction as would the,some of the Michelin all season tires,however I wouldnt recommend the pilot,s3,yes for three,because its got a pattern that is more,oriented towards drying wet performance,but these tires seem to be you know if,youre just looking for an all-season,tire to handle dry and wet conditions,and limited snow conditions these are an,adequate tyre for sure and they seem to,corner well on this car,and handle well,match of the size and hearing the,characteristics to the car are good and,dont really have a whole lot of other,comments on these tires,the noise level is a little higher than,I suspected,there might be but nothing excessive and,that again could be just due to the car,that familiar with the Hyundai Sonata,but in any case thanks for watching,tread review another tire review on the,hop,come ho SOLAS ta 31 205 65 16 Patriot,attire and have a great day,so heres the point of view view of the,come home solace ta 31 all season tire,and of course I didnt have much snow to,test it on heres just a little bit of,ice you can see that in braking I was,going right to anti skid and tire,slippage,overall like I said these tears are a,nice refined tire for dry roads and wet,roads conditions and that seemed to be,fairly quiet,I wouldnt recommend them for winter,conditions as I said on the other,portion of the video and thats about,all the comments I have on the canoes,solace ta 31 all season tire not the,tire for winter conditions Im a having,a review for the Goodyear Eagle LS 2,coming out soon and that is a better,tire in winter conditions I believe than,this tire but overall for winter tires,performance and an all season tire,package I would say the Continental DWS,is probably the way to go still thank,you

Kumho Tire Review

you know Superboy convertible rich its,a rainy day out here right so they just,had Philly on lockdown like 6 a.m. on,the lockdown came off,you dont know me so kind of sucks its,the weird feelings you know being on,lock that you cant leave the crib and,all of that crazy feeling so the cool,old tires I bought a couple days ago,theyve been riding pretty nice um I got,an opportunity to drive through the rain,so I drove on through the rain,everything is pretty good what uh you,know other than that thats how you know,the time seems pretty nice now I did,notice those tires a little bit thicker,than the tires I had on before but like,I said Im a Philly hot whole city so,you know its probably the width of the,tires is probably perfect but uh you,know Ive got a good deal that uh were,not get I got him from Pep Boys so I got,a good deal at Pep Boys it was like five,three get one free you know what I mean,so Ill paint a pretty good price you,know to me so when you did when you get,four tires on a lot of different places,have it buy three get one free if you,paint if you do like a buy three get one,free and you paying like over $800 you,know what I mean you might not want to,get those but um I got a pretty good,price on it I dont want to tell you the,price now I mean its my mans me up but,uh,you know it is what it is nice pretty,sound of a car race walking up on it,and my cherry look all right I like my,champion I have no complaints,I cant find one complete oh yes I can,the only complaint I do have with my,Camrys Ill show you later,so right now theyre kind of dirty this,is bring out here I havent got a chance,to go to the car wash,these are the tired,225 40-love,kind of dirty right now better picture,of Ray,[Music],to 2545,big boys,[Music]

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KUMHO SOLUS HA31 snow test/review 1

h31 tire,rated certified for winter,and summer at the same time its a,special composition rubber,which is not for season like most of the,ones on the market that have that m s,logo,this is also with the winter and,summer in only one so,all weather tire this is how its,printing in the snow,i have nice hill here,to test this i wish wasnt allowed,this packed snow at this point,partially melting and i will not be,engaging,four wheel drive here just gonna,go on the two wheel drive mode,i would like to get up this hill and,stop,and hopefully be able,so full stop heal ahead,and i will be avoiding those,black patches,no job this is not four-wheel drive,this is just,i have done the best years back,thats it its successful,thats it

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The best all weather tires money can buy

kumo,solus ha,31,all weather all weather tire,not too confused with all season,this is the old weather all season,does not have that mountain,snowflake sign so,thats the difference here this tire,does not skip,the winter season all weathers,are okay everywhere,when there is no winter conditions,this tire is purely,all weather condition tire,its perfect for the summer as the,compound,which is made of is never getting,too soft in a high heat of the summer,and the same applies for,very low temperatures over winters that,rubber always stay,flexible its soft the thread pattern,here,is perfect for winter snow,and wet roads and,my experience with this tires right now,i have a set of those on different car,for,a year after that just about two months,ago,i decided to purchase another set,because im so,impressed with this entire performance,in every kind of way the conditions i,went through so far and,the value is excellent its under 80,a set you eliminate,buying eight owning,eight tires by having this,because this fire being uh,uh certified by d.o.t,as for severe weather,conditions with that mountain snowflake,sign will have you covered,100 as you can look at my other tests,in the winter conditions,and you are not worried of driving from,east coast to west coast in the,summertime,which will definitely happen if you have,purely,winter tires mounted because they,will become extremely soft and wearable,in a high heat of the summer this tire,eliminates that kind of problem,and you dont have to own,secondary set of tires,to be safe in winter conditions having,this ones on,so being that youre covered and i want,to paint,point uh very clearly here,this is what you were in there in the,winter right,the end as anybody outside of florida,in the northern hemisphere wears fleet,flaps,right now to me,using uh using um,all season tires in these conditions,its just like wearing flip flops so do,yourself a,favor make some research about,this product and start using them,and im sure youll be very happy,as i am thank you

Fail Kumho Sense Tires. The new Firestone?

I just want to let you know I bought it,for sit at Cuomo says tired from a white,car and I do like her so I inputs bad,tires on on purpose and we got a ticket,trip 90 miles and I felt a wobble we,have the same problem happen about six,months ago to the right front I replaced,both the right and left front with,matching tires same ones to most sense,sides of to 1560 r15 lots of wobble,again so we got home check the tire hes,tired account very old but let me show,you what I discovered look at this,and the built are all come off and this,tire looks exactly like the same when I,took off the right front six months ago,now I bought this set I bought a set of,four of them through tire buyer and have,a ship and have them put in it put them,on the car I rotated the tires when they,needed it where five thirty five hundred,miles died around there and theres,still a lot of meat left on these but,yes heres so heres the end result I,mean I dont know Firestones used to,look like that before they are blowing,out and killing people but this is the,second one of a set of four that I,bought through tire buyer and a kuhmo,cents and you can just take a look at it,I mean its its gone Im surprised we,made it home you know you gotta be,careful I think we should have been,recalled I mean theres two of them out,of four that we bought and they look,like this but I tried to call Kumaon in,there they said go ahead and just take,it on up to Sears and theyll look at,well this thing never made it because it,is already went flatness sitting here,but um careful I mean there was a good,price the tires,I like the tires at first they wrote,real well but out of nowhere twice this,is happening the first time to the right,front the second one to the left rear,and look at this I cant believe it and,years ago I should change tires without,a kid and Ive seen these at fire,7:21 and they see just peel the whole,layer off he was bring him in all you,teach the bill gladdens he like any like,that and ever I took it when I got the,new ones put on at Walmart and I took,they took the right-front off was just,like this the guy said hed never seen,anything like that either and I just,thought well I should have called kumo,and I thought uh just a one-time deal,you know Ill just I dont want to do,the hassle you know I should have went,to them but I didnt this time Im going,to them and I tried to call it cutting,the service like I said horrible,customer service so I thought Id make a,video showing you this is this is their,tire yes its a little cheaper brand but,still Ive had a big mistake because I I,like them so well when my son needed,tires and buy those are Yokohamas on,that coin is great I bought some oats,were historically no checks is there for,Sherwood so anyway just want to give you,a little feedback on my Fightings like,it if you dont dont like it easy down,well anyway thanks


como solus,all weather tire,approved for winter condition,with that mountain,snowflake signed here,tire that is perfect for,winter conditions snow ice,as well as is made to be perfect,on roads during the summertime,this hill is about 250 yards,it rises about 25 to 30,feet within that spawn,there is about maybe,10 18 inches of snow,and i will be driving it right now,with just front wheel drive,engaged,[Music],just to test those tires so this is uh,whats going on here in the car,right here this is a four wheel locked,engaged now light off,is disengaged so i will,begin,and im going to drive through the,portion that i didnt roll through yet,make it more challenging,we stole enough that snow,for the other body of the car to drive,okay,very successful,down the hill will not be any problem,i can say i definitely recommend those,tires,especially because,of versatility you dont need to buy,two sets of tires in order to be taken,care of for the winter,conditions with snow like this,or for perfect summer time,hot asphalt and you dont have to be,afraid,that like in case of a winter tire you,will wear it,down real fast if this is the,just purely winter tire but because its,made of special composite,of rubber that stays,flexible during freezing,weather and it doesnt get,very soft or too soft we have the same,properties during hot summer,this is the excellent i think the best,choice of the market,so far uh performers like this,i got only from hancock,optimo 4s which are not available on the,united states a market you have to go,all the way to canada to get them,but this is from walmart,one more time kumo,solus tire,right here kumo,solus,h a31,i definitely recommend as this is a very,good buy price wise an extremely,high quality very safe tire perfect,traction,even in situation like this,and you dont need to have a four-wheel,drive,vehicle in order to feel like actually,you have perfect traction so everyone,can see,right now the depth of that snow,comparing to the car

Kumho Tire_ All-in-one, All weather Solus HA31

at Kumho Tire we understand the,difference between seasons and weather,we know that on any given day in any,given season it can be a cold rainy,sunny hot windy icy snowy or treacherous,which is why kuhmo designs tires to,match every possible scenario and,because Canadian winters have a,reputation for being extreme weve all,experienced the national tradition of,installing winter tires every fall which,adds expense inconvenience and requires,additional storage space for your,offseason tires so to create the,ultimate all conditions tire cumo,designers decided to focus on the,unpredictable nature of weather over the,relative predictability of seasons,we knew that tires classified as all,season use a rubber compound that loses,traction and stopping power and sub-zero,and icy conditions so we incorporated,the abrasion resistant s SBR compound to,excel in icy conditions with increased,traction stability and longevity and,because exceptional safety and,performance is mandatory in messy winter,conditions redesigned larger tread,grooves to handle higher volumes of snow,while increasing the tire to surface,footprint we also added 3d honeycomb,sipes the hexagonal shape provides,additional reinforcement and the sipes,work like a squeegee to eject moisture,reducing hydroplaning and slush planing,providing optimal stability and traction,in the added reinforced Center ribbed,construction keeps you in control in,kind of weather for improved handling,and breaking down after are exhaustive,design manufacture and testing process,we came up with the ultimate all-weather,tire for every season the soleus AJ 31,designed with high mileage capabilities,reducing wear in summer conditions,letting you skip those time-consuming,biannual tire changes far more advanced,than traditional all season or mud and,snow tires the all-weather solace AJ 31,is a winter rated tire designed for,year-round use the proof is in the,severe service designation logo assigned,by the Tire & Rubber Association of,Canada for tires purpose-built for,severe weather that meet or exceed,government requirements the rubber,compound is specifically designed to,prevent hardening remaining soft and,flexible in temperatures above and below,7 degrees Celsius the rubber compound,and all season tires may freeze and lose,traction in these conditions the,all-weather solace AJ 31 is available in,rim sizes from 13 to 17 inches and fits,but is not limited to the following,vehicles so if youre looking for,excellent all-weather traction handling,cornering stability and the peace of,mind of an 80,000 kilometer warranty not,to mention the extra storage space,then ask your kuhmo dealer if the solace,h a 31 all-weather tire is right for,your vehicle,Kumho Tire better,always

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