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  2. Top 5 Best Cheap Tires Review in 2022
  3. Kumho Road Venture AT52 Review
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  5. Kumho Tyre Reveal: Kumho PS71 vs Kumho PA51 presented by Tyre Review
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  7. In Depth: Kumho Ecsta V730 a review of what this tire is and how it will perform in autocross/street

Kumho Tire Review

you know Superboy convertible rich its,a rainy day out here right so they just,had Philly on lockdown like 6 a.m. on,the lockdown came off,you dont know me so kind of sucks its,the weird feelings you know being on,lock that you cant leave the crib and,all of that crazy feeling so the cool,old tires I bought a couple days ago,theyve been riding pretty nice um I got,an opportunity to drive through the rain,so I drove on through the rain,everything is pretty good what uh you,know other than that thats how you know,the time seems pretty nice now I did,notice those tires a little bit thicker,than the tires I had on before but like,I said Im a Philly hot whole city so,you know its probably the width of the,tires is probably perfect but uh you,know Ive got a good deal that uh were,not get I got him from Pep Boys so I got,a good deal at Pep Boys it was like five,three get one free you know what I mean,so Ill paint a pretty good price you,know to me so when you did when you get,four tires on a lot of different places,have it buy three get one free if you,paint if you do like a buy three get one,free and you paying like over $800 you,know what I mean you might not want to,get those but um I got a pretty good,price on it I dont want to tell you the,price now I mean its my mans me up but,uh,you know it is what it is nice pretty,sound of a car race walking up on it,and my cherry look all right I like my,champion I have no complaints,I cant find one complete oh yes I can,the only complaint I do have with my,Camrys Ill show you later,so right now theyre kind of dirty this,is bring out here I havent got a chance,to go to the car wash,these are the tired,225 40-love,kind of dirty right now better picture,of Ray,[Music],to 2545,big boys,[Music]

Top 5 Best Cheap Tires Review in 2022

[Music],if you are looking for the best cheap,tires,here is a collection you have got to see,lets get started,number one most popular westlake rp-18,touring radial tire,when you are looking for the best budget,all-season tires you will probably get,to come across the westlake,rp-18 tire it is one of the best sellers,all-season budget tire,the tire comes with an asymmetric tread,which ensures steady and high traction,on both dry and wet surfaces,its tread pattern ensures that the tire,easily removes water from the tire,improving its handling capabilities,while also reducing the chances of,hydroplaning,the tire comes in a variety of sizes,including 13 to 16 inches,and t h and v rating,number two hankook h-737 kinergy pt,all-season radial tire,the tire comes with impressive features,that will blow your mind,the new han cook kinergy pth 737 uses a,specially formulated compound that helps,to increase traction while still,reducing rolling resistance saving you a,couple of dollars on gas money,it also comes with a new tread design,that allows the tire to retain maximum,traction on dry surfaces its wide,grooves also help the tire to maintain,high traction on wet surfaces,for a more comfortable ride the tire,uses a joint less belt and highly,strengthened bead filler which also,helps to improve its handling,number three milestar ms 932 sport,all-season radial tire,when it comes to the best budget,all-season tires the milestar ms-932,takes the number one spot,it is the best seller when it comes to,budget all season tires,it uses advanced technology to enhance,overall performance on wet,dry snow and ice conditions it uses a,tread compound that is long lasting,its wide grooves allow the tire to,easily evacuate water allowing the tire,to retain traction even on wet surfaces,available in 66 sizes in t h,and v speed ratings the ms-932 sport,performance touring tire,is sure to cover your high performance,needs,number four summit gta all-season radial,tire it uses high-quality material which,not only ensures durability but also the,value of every dollar that you spend,the use of advanced tire construction,enables the tire to give your ultimate,performance,its lateral grooves and tread design,help the tire to retain maximum traction,on wet surfaces,while also maintaining high traction on,snow surfaces,the tires also come with a rigid,construction increasing its handling,capabilities even at high speed,the symmetrical four-rib pattern,provides superior ride and stability,number five kumo solus ta-11 all-season,tire,the kumo solus ta11 is one of the,cheapest tires on this list,grip and traction are excellent on dry,tarmac and the tire is also very,responsive,wet performance is another area where,the ta-11 scores highly,it isnt on the level of the best in the,category but its still completely safe,one of the best things about this tire,is that it is very quiet on the highway,and comfortable over uneven surfaces,the 75 000 mile tread wear warranty is,pretty good for the price,too,thanks for watching the video

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Kumho Road Venture AT52 Review

[Music],hi im matt mcmurray from campus,automotive in blacksburg virginia and,today we have the kumo road venture at52,the road venture at52 is a new tire in,kumos tire lineup that replaces the,previous at51 and has a little less,rugged design the at52 is a pretty good,balance for those who drive their trucks,every day it gives you all-terrain,traction and a good amount of quietness,and longer tread life compared to the,other tires in the all-terrain category,some of the features on the kumo road,venture at52 include multi-directional,grooves high density siping to provide,better traction in any direction biting,block edges that provide more traction,off road and in snow its also got an,interlocking pattern in the tread,grooves to create a sound barrier that,reduces the road noise the center tread,blocks are rigid and provide good,handling and great straight line,stability the at52 also has aggressive,shoulders and side blocks on the,sidewall to add more traction off road,when aired down and has more resistance,to being cut or pinched in a sidewall,puncture when youre off-road on those,trails and you hit those rocks that kind,of protrude out the best applications,for the kumo road venture at52 include,the ford f-250 ram 1500 jeep wrangler,and a toyota 4runner in tacoma at52 has,all the off-road performance of an,all-terrain tire with the added daily,drivability of a highway tire which,means you get a little bit extra,quietness and a longer tread life so the,tread block design here allows you all,the good grip and snowy wet and dry road,conditions kumo uses a proprietary,carbon black compound formulated to,provide cut and chip resistance on rough,surfaces and its three peak snowflake,rated for winter driving so lets take a,deeper drive into the tread all right so,the first thing you notice about this,tread pattern is it is a symmetrical,tread pattern so thats going to give,you a more even wear and thats a big,improvement over the previous generation,at51 because that tire was all over the,place and it wasnt it was a little more,aggressive but it wasnt an even wearing,tire and it could get a little bit loud,these inner tread blocks are all,interlocking so thats going to give us,the advantage of having large tread,blocks and large grooves,but its going to be tight and quiet on,the highway but also this center rib is,going to give you that stability while,youre on highway,so its not going to feel super squishy,under the truck,you will notice that each tread block,has siping in it zigzag siping thats,going to give us our,our traction in winter weather and wet,conditions also allows it to give it,that three three-peak snowflake,rating for winter tires and some of the,sipes go all the way down and some dont,so each block has sipes on it which is,great,and some go up and some go down these,large grooves here are going to help you,evacuate the water from under the tire,to reduce hydroplaning,theres nothing really in between each,tread but some of these blocks are sort,of chamfered again thats going to give,us a little bit quieter,highway ride,the outer tread blocks do have a bridge,in between the two thats going to,enhance the stability,on the highway and then when youre,cornering,but you still have the advantage of an,open outer tread block,for traction and mud and sand and deep,snow,youll see these outer tread blocks,continue down over the side,here and thats going to give you while,your air down thats going to give you,your traction off-road so supposedly,the inner rib has a different slightly,different compound than the outer tread,blocks so that you,have this inner rib thats going to give,you your long life on this tire and give,you that stability but you need the,softer type compound on the outer,sections for extra traction,so another thing you notice is theres,tons of biting edges and various,patterns,so this is going to give you a lot of,traction particularly in light snow and,when the snow gets kind of packed on the,road like all these things are going to,work well together to make this a super,tire,for all season and all weather driving,and super light off-roading as well,so moving on to the sidewall first thing,we look at is you have a little mountain,design pattern right here at the base of,the tread blocks,i think that looks pretty cool its,probably purely for aesthetics but its,there nonetheless,youve got these sawtooth looking side,biters here thats going to give you the,extra traction when youre aired down in,the sand or when youre off-road its,going to give you that puncture,resistance because its going to deflect,any sharp objects,youll notice that theres no rim,protector on this tire so the,interesting thing is kumo decided to,stamp on the side of the tire that this,tire was engineered in korea,even though its actually made in,vietnam,heres your three peak snowflake rating,designation here,heres your all-weather all-season,rating designation here which is,something new that i havent seen in a,lot of tires,but overall a fairly decent looking tire,nothing special but its its form over,function the kumo road venture at52 has,a 50 000 mile tread wear warranty on lt,rated tires and a 55 000 mile warranty,on p-rated tires the kumo road venture,at52 comes in sizes for 15 to 22 inches,in standard load xl and lt rated tires,the size of this tire is a 275 65 r18,and it retails for 315.99 you can pick,these up at tirebuyer.com,or the amazon affiliate link in the,description below,on a scale of try it watch it or trash,it i give it a try if youre in the,market for an all-weather all-terrain,tire that you need to do a lot of,different things with the bottom line is,i think this is a great tire and should,be on your list to consider its a huge,improvement over the previous at51 so if,you have any questions or youd like to,see me review a particular tire drop,them in the comments section below and,dont forget to like and subscribe,to see more kumo thai reviews and,comparisons like this one check out,these videos

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Top rated best SUV tire Kumho Crugen Premium user review one year update

hello youtube so todays video,is an update to a video that i did,about a year ago on this set of tires,which is the kumhole krugen,premium tires and i just want to give,you guys an update,as far as after about 6 000 miles,um what are my impressions now that ive,had,a little bit of usage to it and im,going to tell you that,this these are just exceptional tires in,my book,um in the snow,now that ive had a chance to uh to to,drive it,in uh you know i live in chicago so,uh its got uh pretty good traction,obviously its not gonna be as good as a,set of snow tires,and uh wet uh braking traction,uh thats really good and uh,two things that really stand out though,that i do want you to,understand is um the,ride quality um of these tires,is just better than,uh many tires that ive experienced,definitely better than the the set of,tires that i had uh,before this they said uh those were,those were actually you know pretty,expensive tires,uh they were good year assurance,tires and um so,you know after about up um about 20 000,miles on the good years,the ride quality kind of deteriorated,and,also there was just a lot of,tire noise and,in fact um the goodyear assurance tires,they didnt,they were not worn out where uh as far,as,uh longevity wise uh the goodyear tires,they were actually,really good uh they lasted me you know,um like 40 50 000 miles,and still had you know probably about 30,000 miles left maybe,or 20 30 but the noise just got so,annoying that,i had to replace them and also the ride,quality was uh,just you know getting uh uh it was,getting a little bit uh harsh,riding i thought i had some problem with,the suspension actually,and so once i switched to these tires um,my,ride quality got better handling got,better,and obviously the noise issue has gone,away,so um so this is uh,lets say about 5 000 miles um you know,after so,obviously its still uh treadwell is,still good,no problem there in fact i just had this,thing uh the alignment checked and uh,no problems and um as far as the outside,retire you know,still uh pretty much you know its,pretty much like new,and so,lets go to the back and uh,look at the the tires in the back as,well,so you see these are the uh,the model name of the tire i guess its,called krogan,premium and yeah im,im very uh im very satisfied uh with,these tires,and uh again i just wanted to do a kind,of an update for you guys,um in case youre wondering how these,tires holding up,and uh im here to report that uh,theyre holding up really good,im really happy with them and so thats,it and um,if you like the videos uh please hit,subscribe and like and,god bless you and i will talk to you,soon bye

Kumho Tyre Reveal: Kumho PS71 vs Kumho PA51 presented by Tyre Review

– Good day, Jared from Tyre Review here,,and were here at the Pheasant Wood Circuit,in New South Wales for a launch of two new Kumho tyres.,(upbeat music),Luckily enough, Ive got David Basha,from Kumho Tyre here to tell us about it.,But, David, can you give me,a quick background on exactly who Kumho is?,- Good day, Jared.,Yeah, Kumho Tyres has been in Australia for 40 odd years,and would be in the top five selling brands in Australia.,Over the years, weve always tried to provide tyres,that provide great value for money, so all our tyres come,with all the latest, you know, specifications,and high technical attributes without the price tag.,Very much like a Kia or a Hyundai type motor vehicle,if youre looking to buy a car.,Thats what a Kumho tyre is in tyres.,- [Jared] Okay, so once Ive worn through,my first set of tyres, then I opt for you guys.,- Yeah, thats where I think were most popular.,Yeah, so I mean, the option,to get something very good at a good price.,Yeah.,- Yeah, so tell me about these two tyres.,Weve obviously got a performance based one here,and a more comfort slash wet weather looking one here.,Whats the difference between the two?,- Okay, well, the main thing is,that both tyres have the same radial construction,,so the inner casing of the tyres are exactly the same.,And, that ensures that the stability and driving stability,and durability of the tyres remains the same.,Difference, really, is in the tread patterns,and in the tread compound.,- Sorry, this tread pattern is more aggressive,,and this one is less aggressive, obviously.,What is this tyre designed for?,- Look, we feel its important,to provide people tyres that suit them.,So, in a lot of cases, people buy tyres,,and theyll just take whatevers being sold to them.,We feel that its important that, depending on who you are.,So, if you really like to feel the car,,and, you know, you like to drive and enjoy,what your car can do, then a PS71 is the tyre for you.,Itll really perform well in cornering and handling.,If you want more of a smoother, quieter drive,,The new PA51 would be the tyre for you.,Its designed for minimal road noise,,and its also designed to perform well in all conditions.,- So, even though theyve got the same construction,underneath the tread pattern, between these two is enough,that it will actually be discernible between the two tyres,when youve actually got them on the car.,- Yeah, you can very well notice.,I think if you were to drive, were here at the track today.,If you drive around the track at fairly high speeds,,you will find that there is a difference in performance.,We are understanding that, you know,,a high performance tyre with a softer compound,will handle better, may not last as long.,Where, this tyre here is about normal driving,,what we do all day everyday,,and its gonna last a long time as well.,- So, one of the things.,Ive actually been out on the track today already,and in both the Stinger and in the Genesis,,and one of the things that Ive noticed,with the performance tyre, the PS71 versus PA51,,is that the performance based tyre was actually,on the Genesis, which is the softer car.,Whereas, the PA51 was already on the Stinger,,which is the more hard core race car.,And, the performance tyres on the Genesis actually meant,that breaked better than the Stinger did.,(cars breaking),So, the difference between the two,,and even in the lateral grip, so the silver car,,the Genesis, actually was cornering harder than the Stinger,because it actually had the performance tyre on it.,But, like David says,,the 51 is actually the more comfortable tyre.,David, what about the individual specifications,on the tread pattern?,What should we be looking for with these tyres,when were actually looking to purchase them.,- I think, when you buy tyres, theres a few things,you do need to look at in tread pattern,,and its important that you see,these major grooves here, which allow in both tyres.,We have them here, and they allow for water evacuation.,Theyre very important in both of them,and ensuring that water gets out of the tread,,so reduces your chances of aquaplaning.,The other side of it is just the shoulders,,and whats very important with that,is that the shoulders themselves can lead,to premature wear if theyre not built strongly,and if you dont look after your tyres.,So, you need to make sure that, you know,,youre checking your tyre pressures and whatnot.,So, weve designed both of these tyres,for strong shoulders and strong water evacuation.,- Yes, theyve both got hefty channels going,through the middle, but its interesting,that the performance tyre actually has wider channels,,wider sipes, and then less of these smaller sipes,in the actual tread blocks while the more comfortable tyre,actually has narrower central sipes,,or narrower central channels,,and then lots more individual siping.,Whats the reasoning for that?,- Well, these tyres are designed.,Theyre used globally, so we use them,here in Australia, of course.,Weve got them here, but theyre sold,in Europe and in North America.,So, the PA51 is designed for an all season environment,,so where it may have, you know,,not an alpine area, but where there may be,a little bit of snow from time to time.,So, the extra sipes, or those little lines,in the tread provide a little bit more grip,if you are in a frosty or a snow effected area.,So, they provide more surety in that,without having to go to a full winter tyre.,So, thats the main difference between the two,,where a PS71 is a full summer tyre,,which is what we predominantly use in Australia.,- Itd still be safe in the wet, obviously,,with the siping and that sort of thing,,but its more, if youre going to be going up,to the hills or wherever, then, probably,,this would be the tyre choice for you.,- Yeah, the way were promoting this tyre,is that its a good all season tyre,,all around tyre, rain, hail, or shine.,So, itll just work for you in all conditions,,as long as youre the type of driver,that is gonna drive at a nice steady pace,at the speed limit, take it nice and easy.,Thats the perfect tyre for you.,- Excellent, whereas if you like going,above the speed limit, that one.,- Yes, which we wont talk about, that one.,- Okay, yeah, so if youre gonna be naughty, that one.,If youre gonna be nice, that one.,- Correct.,- And, I think weve covered everything.,Than you, David. – Excellent, thank you.,- And, thank you, everyone.,Dont forget to like and subscribe to us,on YouTube and Facebook, and well see you next time.,(clicks)

Kumho Tires Brand Video

[Music],your first breath,your first steps and your first drive,[Music],in an ever-changing world our hope is,that you can always move forward with,peace and comfort,[Music],together we can create a safer and more,promising tomorrow,[Music],as we look towards a more balanced,beautiful future,[Music],we are dreamers,[Music],every little hope has defined our,moments,[Music],every little moment has changed our,lives,today we hope that our dreams our,moments and our passion may move you,[Music],in lifes every moment,[Music],the Kumho Tire tomorrows hopes and,dreams live with you,the future we once dreamed about is now,the world we live in today where more,people are safe where more people feel,comfortable where you are given smarter,options a more diverse today,we have taken steps to make the future,possible today,now we plan for tomorrow for a pathway,to tomorrow,for tomorrows vehicles,[Music],for tomorrows neighbors,for tomorrows world we are moving,forward,the decisions that shape our future are,created by the challenges we face every,day,the world is constantly evolving,however every single day counts towards,a more promising tomorrow,[Music],today is the stepping stone for tomorrow,[Music],tomorrow is full of expectations,excitement and hope,[Music],heres to a more comfortable and safe,tomorrow we meet someone every day,[Music],sometimes for a brief moment sometimes,for a long time and sometimes for a,lifetime at Kumho Tire we need you,[Music],we will celebrate together get excited,together and be moved together,these are the moments that we will,cherish forever,and for these beautiful moments with you,we rise with you,the reason we meet is to create a better,life,we hope,that we can always share something,meaningful with you,love,happiness,wonder and you,for a balanced life and safer tomorrow,together lets dream of a better and,safer tomorrow,better always come home tired,[Music]

In Depth: Kumho Ecsta V730 a review of what this tire is and how it will perform in autocross/street

welcome to another episode of double js,list,im here to introduce the other jj uh,hes also a joe like me anyway um hes,my resident tire expert,i dont do research on tires anymore i,just call him,uh hes hes here to talk about um,there are these new kumos i dont even,know what theyre called its some sort,of a code,hes really good at it he autocrosses,hes really experienced with this,um and he really wants to talk about,these tires and i think we should let,him,so without further ado heres joe all,right hi today viewers,um im jj and,jj number two and um quick introduction,for myself,i am a pretty big car enthusiast,um i daily drive a 2016 sti,and i autocross a,mazda rx-8 if you dont know what,autocross is,its basically the lowest level of,motorsport,and we do a lot of driving around,parking lots and airstrips dodging cones,its a good time if you want to get into,it,join the facebook group for the western,new york scca,but what im here to mainly talk to you,about today is tires,now with any motor sport tires are,the main thing that is going to,make you win or make you lose its the,only thing thats connecting to the,pavement,in the world of autocross there are,a there is a war going on at the,200 treadwear class of tires,now these tires are generally the,grippiest tires that are available on,the street,200 treadwear tires are tires,the minimum amount of treadwear that a,number of,classes in autocross can perform at,you go any lower and you in treadwear,and they are not class legal for,street classes and street touring,classes,then you start getting into slicks and,thats a whole,different beast in and of itself so,this year uh kumo tire has,come out with a new competitor in the,200 tread wear war this is the kumo xda,v730 this tire,supersedes their previous tire the kumo,extra v720,which had a lot of issues uh,delaminating which means this uh center,section here was,ripping itself apart and that tire,quickly fell out of favor,but kumo also had another tire,at the same time called the v720 acr,this tire was only available,on the dodge viper acr,i forget the exact year i think its the,2016,viper 2016 or 2017.,um and that tire,was considered one of the best autocross,tires ever,um its grip level was just head and,shoulders above,any of the other tires out there,now is this tire going to be like that,acr,or like the v720 standard version,i dont know yet but the design of this,one,looks almost exactly like the acr,whether the compound is the same ive,heard that its not,but i dont have confirmation one way or,another of that,but lets start getting into talking,about the actual design of this tire,so this tire,is pretty much its sacrificed,any kind of wet weather grip in favor of,getting ultimate dry grip so these two,channels here,are the primary ways that the tire is,going to evacuate water,now you see they are located on the,inside of the tire which means this,outer half,that does most of the cornering is,effectively one giant strip of rubber,especially even these particular sites,here,are only two to three thirty seconds,deep,where the rest of the tire is about,eight and a half thirty seconds deep,so before half of this tires life is,over,this whole outside is effectively going,to be a slick,now that spells very good things for,dry performance because,if youre getting all this grip with no,tread blocks to flex anything like that,youre probably going to get the maximum,grip out of the compound,now like i said the compound i dont,know how its going to perform yet i,havent been able to drive on these,brand new tires another aspect of this,tire is that its an asymmetric tire,that means that the one half of the tire,is not the same as the other half,this has become a popular,design idea um with the advent of the,yokohama ao52 which right now,is pretty much the top autocross tire,out there,i dont think these are going to knock,off the ao52,um but then you have symmetric tires,like the bridgestone re-71r which is,being discontinued,this year and also the falcon rt,660 which both of them,oh as well as the dunlop de reza uh,star spec dz z3 star spec,are all symmetric tires now those tires,you are able to flip them on the wheel,once you have a certain amount of wear,if this outer tread block gets too worn,you can flip them on the tire and get a,little more life out of them,these tires while you can flip them,by putting this to the outside of the,tire where,most of the grip happens in cornering,youre already sacrificing,a lot of surface grip with these water,channels being there,so more or less this type of tire,i would not use on a camber challenged,car,which cars like the,veloster and the focus rs,in street classes has,really put a lot of wear on the outside,edges of tires,theres been a big issue with the,yokohama ao52,wearing these edges prematurely,and at the price that they are it really,does,hurt the pocketbook but if youre,on a car that you,have quite a bit of camber adjustment,like,my rx-8 i have about three and a half,degrees of negative camber in the front,i get pretty decent wear over the entire,course,course of my tire throughout its life,and,because of that im not as concerned,using an asymmetric tire,because i think im going to get pretty,good wear all around,now another thing were going to touch,on is,why i think this is going to be,a pretty good autocross tire the reviews,that ive read from people which there,arent many out there,they feel it is on par performance wise,with the rt660,and the re71 um,once again like the yokohama a052,is still considered a better performer,than them,now one of the bigger differences,between the yokohama a052 and this tire,is its full width now,a 255 4017 of,this kumo as measured by tire rack,has a width of,8.9 inches the same yokohama,ao52 in a 255 4017,has a full half inch additional width,its approximately 9.4 inches now,theyre both 255 tires but,tire companies seem to get very creative,with,their numbers so,while this tire might be narrower and,have overall,less overall tread width this tire is,probably going to have a better feel,because this is on,a class limited wheel im limited to,nine inches of width,if i was able to run a wider tire or a,wider wheel,i could then maybe feel that,a yokohama could then attain the same,level of feel,as this is probably going to while this,tire i think is,going to be great for autocross um i,really dont plan,on driving it too much on the street i,do feel that this tire is going to have,aquaplaning issues and,while on most dry autocross days thats,not going to be an issue for me,but on the street getting caught in a,rainstorm,driving on a highway in a sub 3 000,pound car,with an aggressive alignment its not a,recipe for a good time,so i am going to discuss why i think,this,is bad for,the road and once again it just comes,down to,these sites that are incredibly narrow,or incredibly shallow they just,theyre going to wear out and this whole,tire is more or less going to be,a slick with two water channels before,half of its life is over,now in comparison i want to bring up,what i do drive on the street and,that is a yokohama advent,apex v601 tire,now right off the bat theres a couple,of things you can see,has three water channels which are all,much bigger than the water channels that,are on the kuma,um these outer channels here,here and here are also the whole,depth of the tire as opposed to those,lighter channels on the other ones that,are only about two to three thirty,seconds,so even as this tire wears besides,losing the,overall depth of aquaplane prevention,you are still going to have aquaplane,prevention all the way across the tire,how the water is going to flow from when,its new,to when it gets worn down its going to,flow the same way,its just not going to be able to flow,as much,so this tire in that regard,is going to be far better for street,driving,and obviously wet weather driving,um as an autocross tire obviously im,losing quite a bit of grip,because of all this extra surface h

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