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Brutally Honest Kylie Swim Review… We Need to Talk About This

– So I spent $300 on Kylie Swim in the middle of fall.,This is actually my first time,trying any Kardashian/Jenner product.,Ive never tried Skims,,but I heard Skims is pretty good quality.,Ive never tried the Kylie Lip Kits,,but I also heard good things about those.,Unfortunately, the press for Kylie Swim,isnt quite so great.,Ive seen a lot of concerning TikTok reviews,and nothing has been telling me more that,,”Kathryn, should you even be doing this review?,”Can you even try these on?”,Because Im a little concerned.,If youre new here, my name is Kathryn.,I do super honest activewear and sometimes swimwear reviews,,occasionally regular clothes too.,If youre not already subscribed, please be sure to do so.,So yeah, I was set on doing this review,,and then the launch happened.,I waited a couple hours.,I was like, “Eh, I dont know if I really want to do this.”,And then I noticed one of the suits was sold out,,so I was like, “Okay, Im just going to do it.,”Im just going to buy.”,So I didnt get a couple of the suits,,and as I was scrolling the website,,they have their adult suit,,and then you get down to these other suits.,Theyre called Mini Caicos, Mini Triangle Orange,,and I literally almost added those to my cart.,Apparently those are the childrens swimsuits.,So you have your full thong swimsuits,and then you scroll down two more and its toddler swim,,which I dont think calling it Mini Caicos was very clear,,at least to me.,I was like, I did not know that those were kids swimsuits.,Thankfully I didnt buy them.,But I would put these swimsuits,at a pretty high price point,,considering theyre $80 for a one piece,,and the two pieces are $40 per item.,And as someone who really doesnt swim that much,,thats kind of a lot, especially for Instagram swimwear,,not necessarily functional swimming swimwear,,because I dont think that this is really made for swimming.,So my expectations were high and they were quickly let down.,As much as people hate Zaful and Shein,,I get it, theyre not the best companies,,but you can get a $12 swimsuit,and its wearable in the water,,and I dont know if the same thing can be said,about these $80 suits.,Just as a reference, here are some swim bottoms,that are pretty equivalent in price.,Here is the inside of the Kylie Swim.,It has a single lining,and these kind of itchy seams along the outside.,This one is double lined, so lined inside and out,,and it doesnt have itchy seams.,It lays super smooth on your skin,and it doesnt cut in and irritate.,So lets just start jumping into this.,I truly dont know if I can actually try these on on camera.,Im a little worried they might be really sheer,,so well see.,And also, can you believe,that this tiny little pile of clothing,,this tiny little thing, this is a swimsuit,that is supposed to cover my whole body?,This is a one piece.,I dont even know what size I got.,Okay, I got a small in this.,So I think the thing that shocks me most,is that I cant even tell you the last time,I bought a swimsuit that was single lined.,Even the darker colors of this are see through,while completely dry, so I just cant even imagine,what would happen if you actually get wet in this.,So this is the suit.,Its got one strap over here.,This goes around your boob,,and then this goes along the side.,I dont really know.,I will just say right now,,Im all down for showing some skin at the beach,and at the pool and everything.,I dont think Im fully at this level,of thong back, super minimal coverage.,So Im not necessarily going to ding her on that,,because thats just the design.,Might not be my personal preference,,but people might like this,,so Im going to try to review around that.,Even though it may not be my thing,,it could be someone elses.,But I think that theres just some key flaws besides that.,Even if youre going to be wearing a thong swimsuit,,barely covering the nips and everything,,it should at least be opaque enough,that you cant see everything through.,So this is the back.,This is the lady coverage,,and I think something thats hilarious,is the fact that the hygiene liners they used,are literally wider than the actual space,thats supposed to cover me.,And if the hygiene liner cant even fit in here,,how are my parts supposed to fit in here?,Answer me that, Kylie.,While the Kylie suits are single lined,,they at least have a double lining down here,in the most nether of regions, so at least they have that.,Guys, as soon as I hold this stuff up to the light,,so much light passes through.,I actually dont know how Im going to try it on.,I might literally have to wear,a bodysuit or something underneath,,just so I can be able to try it on.,But Im just going to show you something real quick.,This is me through the fabric.,If you can see me through the camera through the fabric,,I think were going to be able to see a lot more.,Ive seen some poor quality stitching,,this one seems to be okay.,So I dont know, lets try it on.,I will say, I like the colors she went with.,Its very sunset and everything, so I thought that was cute.,Okay, so I dont think Im being dramatic in saying,this actually might be one of the worst swimsuits,Ive ever tried in my entire life.,I actually cant believe this is $80.,I have said some suits were overpriced in the past,,some other expensive suits, and compared to this,,they were absolutely not overpriced.,That was very reasonable.,I cannot show the bottom of this one,with nothing on underneath it,because I am just, Im flossed.,Im flossed.,Front and back, fully flossed, and not in the right way.,And heres a little comparison of the thickness,of the region down here.,At the thinnest, its actually not too big of a difference,,but you can see the Kylie one continues to be thin,way up and back, while the other suit widens out,for a little more coverage.,So youre just really getting,very minimal coverage on this one.,Okay, Im just going to do my best,,just for a minute before I put on something underneath this,,cause I actually cant review this.,First of all, Im being pulled so much.,This is not long torso friendly.,Completely sheer, you can totally see my nips.,Theres two inches of coverage over here,,and just beyond the sheerness,,I dont really understand what the point of this design was.,What is this little strap down here?,I dont think that looks good.,Its not flattering on the girls,,and its very open in the back.,So Im going to put on a bodysuit underneath this,and were going to actually review it.,Honestly, you guys know Im pretty fearless on this channel.,I will try on anything, but this just draws a line for me.,Its Kylies fault, its not mine, okay?,Here we go, guys.,Here we go.,We found a PG way to talk about this swimsuit.,So we can see just the absolute lack of coverage down here.,No lips were covered in this situation.,We can also just see how sheer this is.,Its not working for me.,Also, this is just such a thin little band of coverage.,Its literally over boob, side boob,and under boob all in one.,You literally couldnt avoid it.,I think we can see the weird design more.,I just truly dont understand,what they were going for back here.,I dont get it, Im not a huge fan.,Definitely not long torso friendly.,Im feeling so much pulling up here.,And then we got a little Borat situation in the back.,- [Borat] So nice!,- Even moving beyond the sheerness and everything,,the suit just really isnt comfortable,because of the single lining,and the thick stitching around it.,The stitching is really cutting into me, so.,And heres the Kylie suit compared to a $15 Zaful bottom.,If were being honest,,the bottoms are really more like seven to $8,,because you buy them in a set.,So we can compare the thickness.,I just honestly cannot believe how paper thin these are.,It actually amazes me.,Heres the Zaful bottoms, double lined.,Again, no little itchy seams along the edges,,and we have those little itchy seams on the Kylie ones.,Guys, I dont know what I expected out of Kylie Swim,,but it really wasnt this.,And yeah,

I bought EVERYTHING from Kylie Swim so you dont have to *honest review*

i literally bought everything over 500,did i waste my money lets find out,[Music],im a little nervous i was a little,nervous,[Music],well first impressions i feel like the,brandings really cute but it feels,i dont want kylie jenner to like come,for me so yeah i just got these in the,mail i ordered all this stuff i spent,like over 500 and then ive been seeing,all these tick tocks of people,complaining about the quality of the,bathing suits so i tried kylie swim in,[Music],its see-through its paper-thin its,not good material dont even get me,started on the quality of this one piece,first of all the seams are like i yeah,its a no for me its ripping no a two,out of ten so i think i might have,wasted 500 but were gonna find out i,feel like these baggies could have been,like,higher quality if that makes sense im,not gonna name other companies but ive,definitely seen like,you know brands use this type of,packaging i went through it to get these,swimsuits you dont even know can i just,say i do think kylie jenner and all the,kardashian jenner family are all such,amazing entrepreneurs okay but i do find,it so weird that she decided to drop,this,at the end of summer well its pretty,much fall now so im kind of confused,like what she was thinking with that you,would think that she would drop this at,the end of spring or beginning of summer,but she was like nope end of summer so,im confused like,why she did that i really hope i dont,come across as like super harsh but i,just want to give you the facts i dont,want to be capping out here i literally,bought all the bathing suits except one,but i did order that one but it just,didnt come in the mail its still in,transit but im like i need to get this,video up for you guys asap rocky another,thing that i thought was weird on the,website the size range is not good i,think its small to extra large i feel,like,she would have like taken notes from kim,her size range is like extra extra small,to,2xl i believe dont quote me on that but,im surprised that she didnt have a,bigger size range for her bathing suits,so that was like a little disappointing,kylie chris dont come for me please im,sensitive okay so ill show you guys,what i ended up ordering ill try it on,right after i show you guys oh man where,do we even start a lot of these are sold,out but i literally went to war to get,these,first one is this orange one piece this,is also my like first impression this,ones called the kylie one and this is,85,which at first i was like okay i feel,like thats a reasonable price because,its probably like super high quality it,honestly does not feel,high quality okay oh,[Music],oh my god im gonna take a picture but,yikes i dont know the theres like,string hanging out of it like the seam,first impression for sure this is,definitely very thin material i got a,size medium i really like the design of,it i think its super cute and the color,is beautiful well this is the first one,my boobs definitely trying to make an,appearance um it is kind of see-through,probably should have sized up on this,one if you guys are gonna order from,this definitely size up like,for sure also ignore my spray tan and,im also bloating right now because im,on my period so,love that shout out to my cycle sisters,this is what the back looks like i,really love this part i love how it cuts,out right here yeah im not sure,okay this one is a two-piece and this,one is called what in the hell theyre,actually sold separately this is the,triangle red bikini top and its 40,and then we have the triangle red bikini,bottom which looks like this i wish you,guys could like feel it but its so thin,very this material is very thin,this ones probably my favorite out of,all of them so far surprisingly i didnt,think this one was gonna be one of my,favorites i love how the bottoms are,adjustable i really appreciate that i,love that i dont see a lot of bathing,suits that do that so definitely,probably wouldnt like actually wear,this maybe just for an instagram i dont,want to get demonetized but thats what,the butt looks like i think this one is,probably the most flattering out of all,them so far and the top i feel like is,very supportive probably would have,sized up but this one isnt see-through,which,thank goodness thank you kylie i dont,think this is that bad the bottoms are,very thongy i dont think this ones,that bad i feel like for an instagram,this would be cute,next up kind of scared of this one,because,um it literally looks like dental floss,i was a little nervous,like where,i,wh how do i even who is she yeah what,this one is called the august,this was eighty dollars oh man something,is definitely popping out i might have,to blur something because this is a lot,like where does my nipple go my nipples,gonna be like hello i literally cant,even show you guys this one which is,super disappointing i would show you,these on but i literally cant because,they are just not it um i literally like,if i move a centimeter,not even a centimeter like point five of,a centimeter somethings gonna pop out,so i definitely dont feel comfortable,showing this one which sucks this,definitely is just for,an instagram picture not even i cant,even like i can show you guys the bottom,well i love the color its super pretty,but,no i do not feel confident in this at,all,um,i just dont know how this like its,like dental floss,im so excited about this one this is,the one that she posted on instagram of,her wearing this ones called the caicos,one and its 80. i got a size medium in,this as well this seems like its gonna,be so hard to like figure out how to put,it on,lets just try this one on because this,is like so confusing okay guys i had to,put on nipple concealers because its,see-through i put it on and i did not,feel good about myself to be completely,real i dont know i feel like just like,protrudes,right here a lot because its too tight,right there the color is definitely,really cute but i dont know im just,im not really uh vibing with this one i,just dont want anything to pop out you,know i definitely feel like this one is,more like just for instagram pictures,and then like take it off right after,this is what this one looks like not,really helping me out there i do like,the color and the neckline is really,pretty i know i feel like i like cant,move,comfortably in this without my boob,popping out you know can we just take a,moment well im glad thats over with to,be completely honest i,final thoughts um i definitely dont,feel comfortable wearing those swimsuits,definitely should have sized up so if,youre gonna order from this brand,definitely size up because they are very,small im not trying to be harsh at all,i just want to be completely honest but,i feel like they are definitely,see-through like bottoms of some of them,are see-through and you can definitely,like see down there which doesnt feel,great if youre like out in public the,branding is super cute um i really hope,i dont know im just so confused its,honestly super disappointing like i,dont know i do want to keep in mind,that this is a new brand and hopefully,they evolve and their second drop is a,lot better and better quality,um and definitely like more swimsuit,options for people with different body,types and a better size range out of all,of them i do like the two piece one i,think if i got a bigger size than that i,would actually wear that swimsuit all,the other ones i honestly wouldnt wear,them i feel like the designs in these,bathing suits are strictly just for,instagram pictures like i dont think i,would actually wear these out because if,i moved like a centimeter something,would pop out and even if i got a bigger,size it would still,like id not i wouldnt be able to like,move around that much so i do feel like,these are strictly only four like,instagram pictures if that and ill be,honest like i have some bathing suits,that i own that were strictly just for,instagram pictures thirst traps like,this one strictly just bought that just,for the ins

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[Music],i would say its not as bad as it looks,but um it kind of really is,we had to make sure that we had all the,categories covered skims fendi shapewear,and bodysuits activewear and swimwear,and to the ready-to-wear high-end,designer clothing pieces to find out was,it worth the price i genuinely do not,know why this bottom box is so big but,were about to find out so skims the,shapewear underwear loungewear brand by,kim kardashian collaborated with fendi a,very high-end italian luxury brand oh,look at the purple packaging its,beautiful,logo this is not sponsored ps,i have something for you too so stick,around,oh my gosh look at this,can you imagine if you were shopping and,then went walking around the mall with,this thing,good job on the purple though,dang it,its like a cereal box its half empty,so pretty much everything came in sizes,extra extra small to 4xl some of the,dresses were just double zero to 16,though all right i think all of these,are the shapewear and,tights ive been wanting some cute logoy,tights for like the winter anyway,matching,why do they all look like this,bra for ants,tights,215 worth of them listen im more like a,five dollar tights kind of person like,for example last week i bought these on,amazons super cute little sparkly they,violently ripped the first night that i,wore them started as a small hole in the,crotch by the end of the night,complete blowout so spending a hundred,and fifteen dollars on tights is not,something i ever saw myself doing but,here we are i will say the quality is,slightly nicer than the five or ten,dollar tights that im used to but,youre obviously just paying for the,branding i do like them i hope that i,get a few wears out of them before i,subject them to the fate of my last pair,of tights that i bought this little top,is interesting though its just,literally this a sports bra made out of,tights and im not entirely sure of the,purpose behind it i think i mostly just,wanted it because kim looked really cute,in this whole set but um keep,return the shorts,wait this would fit you,look at the cheeks,supposed to like poke out through there,or what i yeah thats the point is that,it like squishes everything and then,lets your cheeks just,flow pants for ants,oh,my gosh,theyre crotchless i thought i ripped,them but no no this is how theyre,supposed to be oh and they fit i mean i,i know that they stretch to fit but it,throws me off every time every time i,buy shapewear which isnt very often im,just im not really much of a shapewear,person i dont wear clothes that like,thats what i look like most of the time,we dont need shapewear under that i,mean these are nice oh no and the,waistband is rolling like that kind of,defeats the purpose of shapewear to me,when it doesnt like stay where its,supposed to see that not cute it even,has like a little silicone lining on the,inside that i think is supposed to,prevent that i want to like skim shape,were so bad because i know some people,like swear by it but yeah theyre just,not doing much for me,oh my gosh why does it remind me of,those little aliens from men in black,the top,looks and feels great this bottom it,just wants to roll up until it gets to,this point i dont like that i feel like,im just doing shapewear wrong somehow i,dont get it i dont get what its,supposed to be doing this was a hundred,and twenty dollars and i dont feel 120,dollars worth more confident,so,i think i just give up on shapewear to,be honest i thought it was gonna be more,like a 3d logo but its just a print,these are reselling for 400. what yeah i,mean this material is gonna be comfy,very like legging,athletic-y feeling okay this is more my,speed more my style this is cute i feel,like it hits at a little bit better,place on the hip its not as stretchy as,i hoped it would be still pretty comfy,though pretty lightweight this was 175 i,actually thought that they would charge,more for this im normally not one for,like branding low going all over but i,think this is kind of cool i actually,got this skirt from zara because i,thought together it would make for a,cute little holiday outfit i dont know,do the reds clash let me know what you,think oh my gosh i love this one it was,expansive,325 dollars but i,like it i like it better than the red,one its so comfortable its like im,just wearing one giant legging all over,my whole body i love it in the signature,skims fendi purple has the same logoing,all over the whole thing im gonna have,to figure out how to style this though,like it needs something because its a,lot just on its own i might end up just,keeping this one and not keeping the red,one i dont know yet it has a zipper on,the back i think thats part of why i,like it better than the red one im not,a fan of the crotch snaps i could sleep,i could work out i could go to dinner,you can do it all in this thing i told,you i got something for you as well its,not skims fendi because like youre kind,of hard to shop for i dont know what,size of clothes you wear but it is fendi,i actually got this used from the real,world but its so im so excited not,sponsored by real real by the way its,gonna come in this cute packaging,when we hit 900 000 subscribers which we,are so close im going to choose one of,you to receive this beautiful fendi bag,all you have to do is hit the subscribe,button if you havent already and at 900,000 im gonna pick one of you its black,with some tan stitching throughout so it,is going to go with anything you own,okay back to the video,oh this is nice oh my goodness,quality these look a little small though,i dont think you think that looks small,[Music],the struggle that i went through to get,here this was so hard to get over my,head for some reason but not that its,on i love it its a very like sporty,functional rash guard thats the word,that i was looking for has a little,reflective logo on the front that you,can barely see until like the light hits,it you know boom so this all came,together as a set which i dont love,that because i had to just select the,same size for everything and i like how,the top fits but i wish i could have got,a bigger size in the bottom although,they are reversible i dont know i might,return it and try to size up all,together if possible could you probably,find something for less than 500,somewhere else though yeah,okay the other thing i got is,technically a swim short but just,looking at them i thought maybe they,could be worn as an activewear short or,a casual wear short as well the shorts,oh i like this color even more than i,thought i would look how good it looks,that im wearing okay yeah,wow like i dont see myself going,swimming in these necessarily definitely,see wearing them as an activewear short,gosh these were 320 i didnt realize i,was in love with them until i realized,thats how much i paid for them would i,regret it if i returned them im gonna,keep them they do have a front seam but,its pretty flat lying and then i like,the seam here that goes up and around ah,the leggings im so excited,theyre definitely more like a loungy,wow they feel amazing they look tiny,though why is everything like this like,my waist is supposed to fit in that um,they feel great but,a thousand dollars great,i dont know wish me luck getting these,on theyre pretty stretchy and soft,though oh my gosh this material its,incredible okay please go on okay yeah,these are a lot stretchier than i,thought they would be i was honestly,really hoping that i would not like them,so that i would send them back but i,dont think ive ever owned something,like this that is both super stretchy,but velvety at the same time and then,they have a cute little ribbed detailing,down the side oh man i gotta go dupe,hunting for something that is a fabric,like this because,eleven hundred dollars is just so much,oh no if i already feel this way about,the leggings this last item im doomed,theres no way im gonna be able to,return it as comfy as these are theyre,just so much money most expensive from,the whole ha

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Kylie Swim vs SKIMS Swim

you can have it if you want to,hey,hello everyone,welcome back to steve from stranger,things thats me,im just glad we all already got used to,my new hairstyle you guys definitely,like it and hate it at the same time but,how do you even style this if you got,tips on how to style this let me know,thank you guys today we will be looking,at something,today we will be looking at kylie swim,and kim kardashian swim which is also,called skim swim and we will be seeing,the differences the thing is kylie swim,is kind of old i know i think it came,out like a year ago even more but ive,never really gotten the chance to try it,i remember that i ordered it back then,but it took so long to arrive and also i,had to pay a [ __ ] ton of customs for,this so i was just like i dont know,this package i dont know her send her,back and recently kylie jenners sister,kim kardashian also came out with a swim,line i mean it was more of a swimming,collection because skims has been around,for a long time too if you want to get,more into skims you can also watch my,review of skims that i did a couple of,months ago but today we will be solely,focusing on her swimwear as far as i saw,skims actually has kind of not so,typical swimwear its not super crazy,print but they do have like pants or,skirts or swim dresses and i think,thats a very interesting concept i,think she already launched the swimwear,line in march this year but i couldnt,get my hands on it but now she released,completely new stuff the only thing i,cannot imagine is what it feels like,going into the water with like a swim,dress or swim shorts still a cool,concept for everybody that doesnt want,to be half naked sunbathing or being at,the beach this video will definitely be,more focused on the skims swim rather,than kylie swim because first of all it,was super hard getting my hands on kylie,swim because she doesnt really sell it,anymore maybe just a few articles and,then i realized if i ordered this then,it will take forever to arrive again and,i will pay so much customs again so i,was like,nah and also there werent like any,pieces on her web page that i was like,oh i want to have that there were only,like i think one bikini left and these,types of skirts that you put a knot and,then around your hip that was such a,voice crack yeah i feel like kylie swim,is not really doing stuff anymore i feel,like its been forever since they had,their collection release,was she doing,sorry guys vincents external hard drive,kind of set fire i dont know where i,was kylie swim i mean honestly kylie had,like a complete backlash with this so no,wonder she doesnt do it anymore but,then again if you get a backlash like,this maybe just try to listen to the,critiques and just do it better in your,next collection,i got some kylie swim off of stockx for,too much money i dont want to talk,about it so long talk no sense were,gonna compare the swim of the sisters,and also at the same time just check out,the new collections from skims maybe,ill even do a little bathing test at,the end because we recently got a pool,lets just get into the products first,im kind of scared of the kylie one,because i know i will be a little bit,naked,i just know for some reason i think we,should start with kylie swim and lets,see if it is as bad as people said it,was,i just unpacked the first cali swimwear,which part of this is supposed to cover,anything i think this is for the boobs,the monetization it coming,time for the first outfit guys i really,have to google it for this is how you,put this on,okay now i figured it out i think its,kind of hot but its definitely not for,the everyday wear and definitely not for,the everyday person because i doubt that,anybody wants to show that much i mean,if you do go ahead as you can see i put,my skim shaper underneath because this,crotch area is very,very,tiny and my boob is really like,squeezing out of there and i do not have,big boobs it literally just covers my,nipples do you want to put this on,even,if youre not ready for the day,the reviews werent lying this is,definitely not a lot of fabric it is,see-through im wearing nipple pads i,feel like um if i would not wear these i,would expose everything up here what i,like about it is the cut i really like,it with all the cut outs i like this,cleavage area if it happened a bit,smaller maybe but i think it is an,exciting bathing suit it really is,dynamic and sexy but its maybe a tad,bit too dynamic and too sexy i feel like,maybe one night in ibiza me a little bit,drunk maybe going into the,ocean at night,then i might put this on for a little,photo shoot but definitely not during,the day because i dont want to show,people my huja and my boobs ill see you,guys in ibiza clinton says the color is,pretty which it is this was eighty,dollars you,i also saw in some reviews that,apparently the seams are kind of [ __ ],up but honestly on mine i dont see any,problems any threads any [ __ ] ups to me,it looks good,yay youre gonna put it on next because,you caught it hes actually putting it,on because he wanted to i didnt force,him,do you want to show the camera do you,not want to show her,you need to wear it like cali jenner i,love that your boob comes out exactly,like mine maybe we have the same cup,size,i just got a giant wall like this,what kind is it you stole my baby,how do we like it okay maybe this is,unnecessary,better,how does this also fit him,from the back,im the manager but mom i cant go out,like this come here im a stylist too,dont worry im a stylist,see way better thanks mom i feel like a,rock star you can have it if you want to,do you know the best way to wear this,not at all,time for the next outfit,oh my god you can literally see the,exact shape of the nipple pad underneath,and my nipple this one is actually ugly,just ugly especially what is this,oh,for my third arm it looks like someone,didnt know how to cut up this song,they just said,i wouldnt even know what to do if i,didnt have my shapewear underneath,which still covers a little more because,what how this accident of a bathing suit,facing,yes this is a bathing suit not a bathing,one this is just for basie this also,costs eighty dollars and um i totally,get the problem with kylie swim now i,thought with the other one it was,horrible but still okay because i like,the bathing suit itself but this is just,and i dont even think i will be wearing,this in my b-thumb i think we should,really get onto skims swim now because,im kind of done with kylie,let me put some clothes on the,next outfit,[Music],i mean imagine this would give like a,little bit of a nude illusion and then,you just look like a highlighted person,drenched in oil and highlighter on the,beach also this was so hard to put on,let me tell you because this is very not,stretchy and usually bathing suits and,stuff like that are stretchy this was,kind of like putting on shapewear oh,this is 152 euros,yeah this is not my favorite and its so,expensive and so im comfortable because,im really sweating in this i dont see,how this is fitting for a warm weather,situation it definitely looks really,good on camera just the highlight of it,let me see if the other ones are better,because i feel like this copper is just,not good but i have some options for you,okay,this was the hardest thing to ever get,on i feel like i wipe all of my makeup,off with this top i feel like i will not,be able to send this back because this,just was my makeup remover wipe yeah,this is ugly is this swimwear material i,mean its a nice erotic outfit,[Music],oh,what is,that i cannot breathe in this on her it,looked good in the commercial but of,course its gonna look good on her i,honestly ordered this thinking i might,like it because i do like this kind of,bold stuff because its definitely,something different when it comes to,swimwear i havent seen anything like,this but it definitely doesnt work on,me right now i wonder if it works on,other people or maybe in a different,scenery maybe not in my hallway not

Kylie Skin Review with Shane Dawson

whats up everybody welcome back to my,channel hi how are you,how are ya,hi,hi im nervous oh my god im im really,nervous my skin cells are shaking right,now but hi everyone today well we yall,know me and shane have been filming for,uh our next series together it has been,a crazy last few months,its been uh a journey and uh just look,at me,this is how im feeling youve been,editing for a long time while shooting,in between him and andrew have been,working so hard so,spoiler alert spoiler alert were here,so we thought wed take a break from,filming this insane,journey and uh try a beauty review yeah,and i really want to get into skincare,and i want to start at the top okay i,want like the quality,you better listen im afraid am i gonna,be in a drama scandal you already are oh,yeah remember the rainbow brows,i still dont okay yeah i know okay i,apologized,um good sweetie okay so anyway we i,didnt know this video was gonna happen,yeah so were gonna show you guys the,clip in a minute of what happened today,but what,how did we get here so we were talking,about makeup conspiracies uh at your,office and andrew was filming and were,talking about something else and then i,was talking about kylies skin and the,walnut scrub yeah you were like you,asked if i tried it yeah and then you,were like oh i wanted to get some but it,was sold out just watch this,interesting yeah because today when we,were driving over here im like you know,talk about makeup conspiracies and all,these ideas for other things i want to,put in this video so many so many kinds,of skin and all of this [ __ ] right so i,was gonna do something about that and,then i was like really skin is sold out,we need to find someone that has it i,bought it and i still havent [ __ ],got it yet,i want to review it together but im,leaving oh my god its coming today,the eye cream is an exact rip-off of,tatcha the component everything yes it,is oh yes the [ __ ] it is and when she,did her video with the [ __ ],everyone was like huh its so phony the,house,the almond scrub tear me open [ __ ],surely,oh my god oh my god its after delivery,i really expected to arrive today oh my,god its getting there today do we,should we call it theres somebody to,call no when do you what do you normally,get your mail is it usps or fedex this,looks like usps oh,oh [ __ ] if it comes today yeah,oh my gosh shane lynn ordered it,thats so funny i love it,[Music],okay so im a little nervous because,when it comes to reviewing anything,kylie people think like theres past tea,which there is but like we dont care,about each other theres no like real,like animosity okay i just dont really,review her stuff anymore on my channel,my audience is kind of like,but this particular thing with skin and,high skin care,um you know i tweeted like hey what,should i review next,oh my god it was like you have to review,this so as a skincare expert im curious,to see if the ingredients actually work,are they good is it just [ __ ],also what should we wear,okay i was thinking uh like ropes right,like bathroom oh we have to do because,theres makeup remover right theres,like everything i just hate when it,comes to her either people already dont,like them so they think the products,going to be a flop i have everything,shes ever made very hit or miss very,some of it i love i like im like oh,this is really cool some of it im like,oh i dont really like this,inconsistency of the house,cant relate but yeah ive had some,amazing reviews on my channel where i,live or somehow stuff well wait i know,you probably dont want to talk about it,but whats up,i want to know,whats the tea oh why were you not at,the party which party,[Music],oh my gosh i wasnt invited come on so,whats going on what i thought you guys,were fine because kim stuck up for you,when everybody was like you know mad and,then,and then like,and then after that,she put out her brushes uh a year ago,and,they were not its this,i still bought them,you did so shes still not,i dont know,oh and the chloe thing oh yeah,oh my god i forgot about that after the,robbery and all this other [ __ ] i forgot,about that,[Music],[Laughter],sometimes andrew i dont know if you,know about me but i i uh insert my uh,opinion in other peoples beefs when i,know certain things or allegedly may,have an opinion,i am coming into this fully unbiased i,just dont know if the skincare works oh,then i love it im excited i want it to,work i mean i spent 300 [ __ ] dollars,on it you did yeah i bought everything,they dont have a return policy i know,i cant relate,oh oh oh,wait what ryland texted me no he didnt,it just no it didnt rileys skin is,here oh my god were so excited,its really at the door,oh my god i knew it i was like okay,im okay,i see i just love reviewing and trying,things because so many people want to,know the real tea,or you know what i mean like the reality,they realize,the,walnut tea oh my god,theres a lot of controversy about this,face scrub yeah yeah its i dont know,what is actually in it so well have to,feel it but like a traditional walnut,scrub has like granules in it which can,rip your,skin open and have tiny tears,i know that sounds horrible i dont know,so were gonna see,but im willing to rip out my skin for,kylie lynn,[Music],okay well everyone say a quick prayer,and uh,well see if,we survived this one,okay so,shane got his package,but there was some drama okay lets talk,about this listen im gonna give an,honest review because i bought the i,spent three 265 dollars on this okay,i wanted the whole collection she didnt,send it for free um but today on the,peer list,um yeah i guess im,still waiting for my how do you get on,your list i need a lot of help you dont,know,they reach out to you and they say oh my,god i want to be regardless and then,they say oh wait is this jeffrey never,yeah do you know him absolutely no,cancel cancel so im not a pr list,anymore and i havent reviewed her brand,in a while on my channel yes which you,guys just heard so,this came in the mail and i im like,okay i want to im dying to test it out,thousands and thousands of you guys have,requested for me to actually try it it,was sold out but then heres the thing,and im not going to start this out with,the drag this is an honest review from a,consumer,um it this isnt it that only half of it,came okay so lets talk about it you,ordered the full,kit the whole moment okay you ordered,every item which is great thats,exciting to play with yeah but tell,everyone what happened so okay it said,you know your delivery was delivered and,i look and theres only one box and i,open it and its just two makeup,removers and then a soap and a toner and,i was like wait where is everything else,i go like wheres the rest of your order,yeah so it it said my order was shipped,and delivered but when i clicked on a,thing it took me to another website and,it said two fedex numbers oh now the,shipment yeah so the other half is,coming from somewhere else next week,and but they didnt tell me that and it,said it was delivered so now im like is,it coming what do i do im freaking out,thats just so weird so maybe some other,products could have been at another,fulfillment center no because i bought,four makeup removers and only two,so why are you two in a different box,its confusing kylie i dont get it,maybe theyre waiting for more,deliveries things sold who knows i,bought it right at launch i had an alarm,set,who is he whats happening whats,happening with my friend so i reached,out to a beauty influencer who wants to,remain anonymous,and they gave me um all the stuff that,shane didnt have,so this is from the party that we,werent invited to oh,i love that they wanted to remain,nameless because they didnt want to get,kicked off the list its kind of i dont,blame them i get it okay so,what do we do how does this work ive,never done a review well were gonna do,all the steps that you would normally do,like well do the full everything yeah,im wearing my nighttime outfit i like,bra im sorry if i

get kylie swim if you have NO cans or labia…

hello everyone today im gonna do the,most requested kylie swim swimwear that,was a lie no one requested it but,i still want to do it anyway i went out,of my way to get kylie swims shipped all,the way to new york and then from there,i got shipped to my house very impatient,so i kind of got angry and tore the box,a bit,so heres the kylie skin box,i got my manager to send it to me so i,dont know if this box is something my,manager put together or if this is,kylies box im gonna assume its my,manager because of kylie gave between a,brown box with no hey babe hey taxi,thank you so much for purchasing from us,i dont see that card here they usually,send one like that so im just gonna,make a big old guess this is my magnus,work okay he probably got this brown box,from ups i picked up all of their pieces,from the website and these are my sizes,i did skip on the i dont know how to,say it sarong sarong sarang whatever is,that it what is this gonna cover so i,was on tick talk and i remember somebody,pointed out how this is the [ __ ],sticker or whatever they call this i,dont know but how the sticker is bigger,than the part where your puss sits like,excuse me carly but,um i dont know what this is so this is,the first swimsuit that im gonna wear i,need a tutorial on how to wear this,because this is like a puzzle so this is,the very first piece um from kylie swim,this is what it looks like honestly not,bad im only saying not bad because i,dont have a lot of things going on a,lot of things hanging are flopping i,dont really dont have labia so im,okay worried about you guys though i,have like pretty decent cans and the,back a lot because youtube will [ __ ],take it down but the back front,everything is like sitting tight and,good and liking it really its just it,took me straight out 10 minutes im,looking at the camera i took me straight,up 10 minutes to figure out how this,works its also a little loose here if i,do pull this up this gets like really,maybe its supposed to be that way oh,oh it makes my hands look good right,thats crazy okay maybe i suppose with,this really really high up maybe thats,what it is okay kylie thats smart how,do you think of that so yeah this is a,little higher im too easy to plop it,down but its a very,interesting intricate design but not,complaining its cute but its something,definitely i would never wear like at a,fun water park and a fun beach party,its something you can just wear its,gonna make someone jealous maybe your ex,or whatever giving this a good nine out,of ten i just noticed something that i,dont think anyone even thought of but,her swimsuits most of them dont seem to,have any kind of padding like the one,thing that we need [ __ ] like,the one thing we all need when we swim,okay it will take you two seconds like,opening it up heating it up like an,orange its like the wardrobe inaudible,you just open up the coats and its a,new whole world its not in your whole,world here its just these two things,but im just saying it is so delicate,its just like hanging on by a thread,which is ironic because it really is,hanging on by a thread so theres no,padding,theres a little like scary but its so,cute like i like the color i should get,more yellow okay,i love yellow on my skin to get more,yellow clothing such a attractive ass,design okay i love whatever this is its,making me look so skinny this isnt,double fabric you guys its one single,fabric can you all see this just one,so that sucks okay okay wait this one is,my favorite are you kidding oh this is,so stunning this is so cute bro holy,[ __ ] this is something i would,definitely wear outside like im pretty,confident because its its revealing,yes but a little covered so i like it,like i love this holy [ __ ] i know what,it is i think its the uh bustier side,like its so pretty like i wear crop,tops like this anyway so i think thats,why i like it but wow dude this takes a,[ __ ] cake this is so pretty these,colors are perfect and i wish you did,this in summer the back looks like for,some reason this feels like a much much,better quality than the ones that i,tried before this is something that you,can hug me you can try to like take it,out of me and its not gonna slide off,okay you have to tug a little but with,those baby,you could just pat me from the back like,hey are you antsy by any chance just,just little tap and i think the bikinis,would have fallen off but this is a,little bit more secure and i feel safe,in this compared to that thats the only,reason im choosing this okay so this is,the other piece which again i do really,like your design i say this is all,intricate because sweetie i have to take,my phone up and straight up look uh on,kylies page on how to wear these or how,the models are wearing it theres no,tutorial theres no video on how to try,this on so its a very very complicated,process if you ask me um this for some,reason im not going to show you the,bottom a lot because things will be,hanging out like i have no lips babe no,labia dont have them lost them long ago,so hanging from me i just cant even,think about other people if youre gonna,get the specific swimsuit you have to,size up because this definitely is too,tight for me and i think i got this for,a,what as excess because i feel like this,is just gonna fall off any minute again,theres no padding for this but what,its actually really different and i,would never want to toss this piece out,you know the other is whatever every,piece i try and im like this is my,favorite but this is very pretty like,this is the second last piece and um,again,its like a typical bikini nothing great,i would never repurchase this you can,get these styles almost everywhere so i,would skip on that i got this wrong or,whatever youre going to call it from um,sheen i was not going to pay her price,pretty expensive pretty crazy so i,purchased my own uh from sheen im kind,of glad i did i think she would have,given me a handcuffed chip because the,quality is lacking okay honestly even if,i didnt care i would have stitched it,to the bikini top because it just,doesnt make sense how low quality the,fabric is but this is a very basic top,nothing exciting about it um you could,wear this wherever you want to wear this,but its like a dark pink and the bottom,is also pretty much the same so this is,the last outfit that i have on again,very much in love with the color i need,to start wearing more yellow dude like,what am i doing with black and white but,uh again the sarong is from sheen i did,not pick this up from kylie its just,like a basic red one and again im not,going to pay way too much for,her um,i think a bank receipt paper will be,stronger than that so um i skipped on,that and i just picked up the bikini a,very very simple bikini the triangles,are very small so my [ __ ] with big,nippy patches cannot be wearing these,okay these are,i think these these are made for like i,dont know 12 year olds like people who,havent double up their female organs,because it just doesnt make sense like,i know people have like after,breastfeeding after you get pregnant you,give birth or whatever the [ __ ] your,areolas get really huge what about them,kylie like what are they supposed to do,what tell me what are they just supposed,to put band-aids underneath the bikinis,and go about their day because what are,they gonna wear but again these are so,delicate you dont understand how,delicate these are like you could just,squeeze them in and look at how tiny,they get and then a big old wave would,just hit me in the water park and they,would just come out like theyre not,stable at all i want to try emratas,bikini um and see how strong they are,because these are just not it i like,kylie so its kind of like unbiased its,so hard to hate on her because like i,love her but and that your honor is my,case [ __ ] who have labias and nippies,cannot be wearing kylie swim i made my,point i think my case stands and i think,i [ __ ] win the case okay did you all,see the triangle um and al

Kylie Jenner Speaks On Selling Cheap Swim Suits To Her Fans!

my kylie swim just got delivered so,lets go try it on,when its about products that people,want kylies are one of them but what is,kylies new product and why is she being,called out for her lack of integrity as,a business owner well now she has a new,swimwear line and here is everything you,need to know,kylie is a billionaire and she didnt,get that way out of making quality,products with a back-to-back release of,two new business endeavors on top of her,pregnancy announcement september has,been a big month for kylie jenner kylie,swim enjoyed kylie cosmetics and kylie,skin in the beauty moguls rapidly,growing portfolio on september 17th the,line was launched and it consists of,four cut-out swimsuits that cost between,80 and 85 dollars two bikinis sold in,separate parts at 45,a variety of sarongs that are all 45,and three swimwear pieces for children,which are all priced at sixty dollars so,far three products are sold out at the,time an instagram account for the brand,went live with a post of a polaroid,picture of jenner wearing what is now,described in the website as the caicos,bathing suit however as the first,customer reviews began to roll in this,week it appears that fans have been left,unimpressed and some of them also,uncomfortable by her newest venture in,the days since the lines release social,media has become flooded by scathing,reviews with fans calling the pieces,horrendous and cheap the quality of the,kylie jenner swimline is so cheap so,disappointed one fan wrote on twitter,elsewhere tick-tock reviewers have,shared footage of messy tailoring and,sloppy stitching pointing out loose,threads and snags in their brand new,garments with some even joking that the,bathing suits were perhaps made by,kylies three-year-old daughter stormy,many were equally unimpressed by how,see-through the swimsuits were,particularly in light of their 80 price,tag with several customer reviews on,tick tock noting that the kylie branding,on the inside of the bathing suit could,be seen right through the material,the kylie tag being see-through is such,an obnoxious eye roller kylie and the,whole company is ridiculous one reddit,user said a tick tocker uploaded a video,of herself unboxing the caicos bathing,suit on wednesday which had gotten over,15 million views as of thursday,afternoon in the video she films,close-ups of the scenes which appear to,show uneven stitch work in tears at one,point she holds up the bottom part of,the swimsuit to the light to show the,lack of lining in the clothing also a,customer on tick tock who was a swimwear,designer herself demonstrated how thin,the material was by placing a piece of,card with written text on it behind one,section of the swimsuit to show that it,could be seen straight through the,fabric this prompted others to question,how much worse the problem would get if,the swimsuits actually got wet i am,completely and totally disappointed that,these are completely see-through the,designer said im confused how i could,wear this in public confidently where,everyone can see every square inch of my,body and she added ive seen the behind,the scenes of what it takes to produce,swimwear and the fact that no one caught,that this is completely see-through,blows my mind i feel like if i move an,inch youre gonna see everything also,the fabric is very obviously see-through,as we talked about in the last part,so,im confused how i wear this in public,confidently when everyone can see every,square inch of my body meanwhile another,recurrent criticism was the lack of,coverage and support provided by the,bathing suits with one customer on tick,tock explaining that she couldnt try,them on camera because the suit shows,everything another reviewer was forced,to wear a bodysuit underneath the,swimsuit because it fits so poorly with,seemingly flimsy material and no padding,or a lining and according to one buyer,just one and a half inches of coverage,on the crotch area it became evident to,many that the designs were tailored to a,small and very specific body type,kylie designed these for her body not,the average woman someone wrote on,reddit theres no way i or anyone i know,could fit into these without something,slipping out i really dont understand,why she would release these given how,limited bodies could fit into them,others echoed this viewpoint on twitter,with one buyer sharing a photograph of,one of the swimsuits beside the caption,fashion these days caters only to one,unrealistic body type tell me who with a,normal non-surgically enhanced body can,wear this,elsewhere the general criticism,surrounding the inclusivity and quality,of the swimsuit sparked a wider,conversation about how the standards of,the kylie swim products reflect her,integrity as a billionaire business,owner for me it comes down to a lack of,integrity as a business owner and an,entrepreneur the disappointed swimwear,designer on tick tock said when youre,putting something out you want people,who are spending their hard-earned money,on it to be a good high quality product,in the fact that they gave this the,thumbs up is really concerning to me,in a similar line of commentary one,critic on reddit suggested that the poor,quality of kylie swim reflects careless,manufacturing standards and a disregard,for the customer experience they went on,to compare kylie products and,entrepreneurial qualities to those of,her sister kim kardashian kylie is a,billionaire and she didnt get that way,by making quality products and paying,everyone a fair wage the critic began,she clearly cuts corners and these are,made in factories where the workers are,paid pennies and they use cheap easy to,produce material,the poor quality also felt particularly,surprising to some considering kylies,personal wealth and the size of her,company with one twitter user writing i,dont understand how you can be so cheap,with manufacturing costs as a,billionaire,taking into consideration how poorly,kylie swim has been received by fans it,will be interesting to see if she will,take notes and demand the issues in any,subsequent releases,okay i would show you these on but i,literally cant because they are just,not it,dont get me wrong the sizing is perfect,and i was fully aware when i bought them,that there was no padding in them but i,wasnt expecting the material to be so,thin the brains quality is being,compared with sheen or worse amid the,criticism kylie briefly limited her,comment section on her personal,instagram page fans also feel that the,remarks posted on the kylie swim page,have been filtered to weed out all the,negative reviews about the brand while,the kylie swim page is currently free of,bad reviews twitter and tiktok are,filled with negative remarks about the,brand so critics likely would leave,honest reviews in the comments section,on kylie swims instagram page as this,type of negative feedback is noticeably,absent on the kylie swim ig grid its,possible that there is something going,on behind the scenes which is centered,on protecting the brands image some of,the comments make the business woman,ugly by what they consider excessive,photoshop as well as the fact that,despite her money she does not invest,more in making quality swimsuits kylie,jenner was named in 2020 the highest,paid in the world by forbes magazine,earning about 520 million dollars per,year,for now the brand continues with its,normal activity and they have not,commented on the criticism of some,consumers hopefully kylie is taking,notes and working to solve the quality,issues before releasing another,collection but tell me could you use,something like this do you think kylie,should make an apology or something to,the fans that were so disappointed i can,imagine that these suits wont be used,next summer we really hope that kylie,releases a more fabric thick swimsuit,collection but obviously we want to know,what you think about this and if there,is another collection would you buy it,let us know in the comments below and do,not forget to follow us

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