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Nike Kyrie 7 Performance Review!

yo what up guys im sammy and welcome,back to the soul brothers channel and,this is my performance review of,the nike kyrie 7. so this shoe is going,for 130 bucks or actually no this,colorway is going for 140,the gr or general release colorways are,going for 130 bucks like the sisterhood,colorway the black and white colorway,with like the,like the blue clip and then of course uh,theres a bread colorway coming out as,well which looks super sick this,created colorway is going for ten,dollars more for some reason but um you,know basically the kyrie 7,is 130 bucks if you guys do want to cop,ill leave a link in the description box,this is kyrie,irvings seventh signature shoe with,nike and of course,his line has been awesome i love the,outer curvature and all that,so lets get it started off with the,tractiones,this traction pattern reminds me of a,bike tire for some reason so i just call,it the bike tire traction pattern right,and bike tires are supposed to be,durable you know because youre riding,your bike,you want it to last a long time right,which this shoe does not,im very very sad to report that the,outsole is,really really bad for durability,especially where the high wear area is i,holy crap i cant believe how much,rubber,like ripped off right so do not play,with the kyrie 7,outdoors at all ever like the first day,i tried,i i saw a little bit ripping off but,then as i kept,playing in it everything just started to,rip off i cant believe how bad it is,this is probably,one of the worst traction patterns for,durability that ive used,in quite a while and ive been playing,outdoors for almost a year now right,im not a year like eight months you,know but yeah so durability,not good at all i actually am worried,about like even indoor use,you know what im saying like there are,some shoes where even if youre playing,on an indoor court the rubber like frays,off a little bit which is weird right,but anyways,yeah so durability is terrible how is,the stop,okay so i did play on an inner court a,little bit but i wasnt able to film,because you know they closed everything,down again so im sorry about that,but i did not not play but i did test it,out a little bit on the indoor court,right,when the gym was open for a little bit,it seemed to have a pretty good bite you,know uh,i mean it was a little dusty in there so,it was picking up a little bit of dust,but then when i cleaned the area you,know i did have a good stop,for a little bit i would say its a,little inconsistent and i would,definitely say it doesnt have the best,stop in kyries line,as far as outdoor use goes though its a,little inconsistent as well on outdoor,courts,so you know for the most part it was a,pretty good stop but if i was doing a,very very hard lotto movement it would,slip out,so i i mean i wasnt super comfortable,with the kyrie 7 like when i was playing,it,i dont know maybe when i was sliding,out it was just a rubber like ripping,off or something,but still i mean it wasnt terrible but,you know,i it wasnt super comfortable with it,you know so the traction pattern,is like a little disappointing i would,say you know i feel like they should,have done a little bit better because i,mean if you look at the pattern it looks,like its going to be really good right,but anyways theres that,as far as the outsole curvature goes,its a very conservative as far as the,kyries go you know so,like in the kyrie 2 even the kyrie 6,uh what was i i feel like the kyrie 3,might be one of the craziest ones,uh and then the four was a little crazy,the five and the six were a little bit,more mellow,and the kyrie 7 is definitely the mellow,waist so if you look,at the actual shape its very very flat,and then you have the curve,here where the ball of your foot is,right where the outer curvature is of,course you have the rubber coming,up so you have extra grip if you look at,the kyb6 and all the other kyries,they have a little bit of a curve here,in the middle of the,shoe right here so uh you have more of a,rocking motion,in this axis of the shoe but the kyrie 7,doesnt have that its more flat like i,said,so uh i didnt really like that either,all too much i mean its not a,huge deal because you cant notice it,all too much uh when youre playing you,know its kind of like im kind of,nitpicking at this point,kind of but you know that is something,that i do miss uh from i guess like the,kyrie 6.,as far as the heel-to-toe transition,goes its pretty damn smooth you know,you have a nice curve shape here in the,heel,a very very curved shape here in the,forefoot look at that its kind of crazy,right,so you know once you put a little bit of,weight here into your toes you know it,does this,rocking motion and kind of like propels,you forward and i love this shape,like to be honest i dont like shoes you,know like the d rose 11 or like the,next levels where its like flat,remember saying so i really appreciate,this curved shape here in the forefoot,uh the forefoot flex it doesnt flex all,too much because there is that zoom,turbo unit,here in the forefoot i mean to be honest,its articulated right so it should,flex but it doesnt flex that easily but,you know its not a huge deal because,of the shape like i said so a huge,transition is pretty damn smooth you,know the only thing is that i wish it,flexed a little bit more and of course i,dont know if there is a midfoot,chain plate like if you look look at,that,like holy crap but i didnt really have,any issues with,torsional support or anything uh but,that is something to mention there,but like uh a few of you guys did send,me a video of someone doing that,and i its not a huge deal i mean if you,think about it a lot of,kobes did that you know like the kobe 9,the kobe 8 with the drop in midsole,there was really nothing in the midfield,but,uh all you had was the outsole and the,lunarlon drop in midsole,and as long as it kind of like comes,back its its not a,huge issue you know so uh theres that,but i guess it does,speak on the quality of the kyrie 7 like,why cant they just add a little,rectangular plastic piece right here as,far as the cushioning setup goes,uh its actually pretty nice i would say,its the nicest out of the five and a,six,and not as nice as the four because i do,really like the cushion midsole,but it is kind of soft you know uh there,is a little bit of compression,i mean saying its better than the kyrie,5 and the kyrie 6,isnt saying much but i do like the,little improvement here in the kaibi 7.,so here in the heel you,have a little bit of compression which i,like and,it feels a good amount softer than the,five and the six and you have this,cutout which also,helps to compress the midsole here in,the back of the heel and then here in,the forefoot you have,a very nice zoom turbo unit if youve,ever tried the kyrie 5 or the kyrie 6,you know what the kairi 7 feels like it,doesnt feel like the,zoom struble unit though you know like,in the kd13 its not,as easy to feel as that but once you,break it in or for me personally i need,to break in the zoom turbo unit it gets,pretty bouncy you know but its a little,bit like,less bouncy than the zoom struggle unit,core feel is very good,impact protection is pretty good as well,i was surprised you know my feet werent,hurting,like all too much when i was playing,this so thats a good thing right so,impact protection i would say is,adequate that zoom turbo unit feels,nice its a responsive cushioning setup,so i mean of course if youre familiar,with the kyrie 5 and the kyrie 6 and you,enjoyed that cushioning setup,kyrie 7s good too you know its just,the heel is a little bit better,all right moving on to the materials i,really like the materials,as far as like how it feels on foot,right so if you feel it here in hand,its,very cheap feeling it feels like pretty,crappy you know,but its a very very very thin material,like i cannot believe how thin,this mesh material is not even only here,in the toe,but like coming up here into the midfoot,area,and also here into the heel

Nike Kyrie 7 Sisterhood

this nice box just saying,look at that lots of stuff,[Music],hey whats good guys my name is chris,welcome back to the,officialwheretesters.com youtube channel,today we got a detailed look at these,potential bad boys,these my friends are the nike kyrie 7.,dont know the colorway name but i like,these,a little warriors-ish vibe even though,this is not yellow its like a cream,it looks like ramen and mac and cheese,had a baby,ill take that ill take that be good,with that all i know is its got a,little bit of a warriors-ish look to it,so i like these,at least in this colorway and this is an,interesting shoe because,they did not change much like from the,five to the six not much has changed and,from the sixth of the seven,same thing we just have some slight,tweaks some slight updates,i wouldnt say necessarily any upgrades,especially in the material department,thats one thing im a little bit,disappointed with however,these were supplied by nike so thank you,i appreciate it and with that being said,lets take a look at these shall we so,again the nike kyrie 7 brand new model,within his line,this is probably the line in my opinion,that,most people should focus on if youre,wanting a kyrie shoe i understand that,you,as a fan might want the low and the,hybrids and all that stuff for me,personally though i just think the main,line the main signature line is like,really where i wouldnt say the bang for,your buck is but,this is the one that i would gravitate,towards because this is the shoe that,really has the stuff that i like,versus the other ones where youre kind,of like well the kyrie like the main,model was a little bit better you know,what i mean so im just kind of like why,even have those if they cant even,compete with these,and these arent even expensive theyre,not too expensive about 130 140 what is,it 110 for the lows usually like 20,bucks more i understand what youre,saying because then if you take the,lebron line,the main shoe is hella expensive 200,thats,thats where i love the lebron tiers,because theres,the asia exclusive outdoor model so,thats great for everybody wanting,durability,and a wider fit and then youve got that,mid line that soldier line thats kind,of like the everyman,lebron i love that line and then you,have the main line which is like,lebron shoot like the beefcake of,beefcakes and its got,everything in there plus some all the,money is on that shoe too so,i understand why people like you know,what i mean but like so those are the,ones where like those tiered systems,work for the lower end stuff like this i,dont see,especially because these go on sale,really fast thats my only thing i dont,feel like with a lower end shoe like,this,i dont mean that as in like these are,not worthwhile im just saying that the,lower priced,models under 150 why i have a shoe for,110.,its not that huge of a difference you,know every line i feel like,if you take the lowest budget model its,kind of like going to chipotle and being,like hey id like some guacamole,you pay that extra and so if you pay,that extra you can get,for not that much the top kyrie thats,exactly what im saying no i know,so for like simpletons like myself well,i think that everybody gets it you know,what i mean like my main thing is is,that you can,do more with this if you roll the,budgets in,if its not really like enhancing,anything thats all im saying like its,one thing to just critique but if you,dont give a solution afterwards or a,potential solution then what are you,doing right so thats my solution to,everything which is why,spread a budget across three lines you,could even just,use one of the extra budgets on this,line and you can get,i dont know cushion on the front and in,the back maybe thats all im saying man,thats all im saying so you could,really make this the shoe that people,really want when it already is,i do like the price point though no i,love anything 150 ive been saying this,for 11 years,150 or less is like that sweet spot and,when things are higher theres usually a,reason either its a top-tier athlete or,its a super low production or its a,small brand,again super low production costs money,unfortunately sometimes high price tags,come with low quantities for shoes like,this like the kd the paul george,those are fantastic models usually for,fantastic prices so thats why i dont,understand,why take away from these with other sub,lines,and you could just put a little bit more,from those sublines in here it makes,sense to me,i dont know if it makes sense to,everybody but it makes sense to me now,as for this shoe right here we have kind,of a data driven,pattern right here the the traction is,really weird looking they didnt say,that it was,storytelling they just said that it was,computer,what did they say exactly hold on they,had a specific like verbage for it,scientifically designed i dont know why,i didnt think of that and its supposed,to provide you know multi-directional,360 degree coverage which when you have,stuff like this thats super aggressive,like that it doesnt really matter what,the pattern is as long as it kind of,protrudes,out and the rubber is pliable enough,thats when you get like all that good,grippy it doesnt always have to be,herringbone to be great herringbone is,great though im just glad that it,doesnt really tell a story im glad,that they at least went with the no this,is data driven we put this in the,computer we watch his footwork theres,like this weird like,plate that like you can step on and all,that and it shows like pressure points,and plus like movements so when you use,those kinds of things in stuff like this,it just boosts confidence in a consumer,and i think that thats cool,on top of that it usually tends to work,it also feels firm enough to,last a little bit outside so thats,always a plus as well for those of you,guys that only hoop outdoors i do think,its a little interesting though that we,got another,size reference on the bottom of the shoe,because we had that in the westbrook,shoe,the why not twos right oh right and the,little window,now as for the cushion thats where,things once again remain the same as the,past two models so weve got phylon,right here its a little bit lighter,than last years and then in the,forefoot we have zoom turbo,zoom turbo is one of my favorite new,things besides the zoom stroble,zoom strobe was fantastic and that,should be in everything,again you cancel the the low line you,put some of that budget in here you can,put in the zoom strobel and call it a,day,why dont you do that thats you know,what i mean like id rather have that,than this,and a low some people dont want,guacamole okay,nobody says no to zoom air all right,nobody no some people might but like in,my mind,nobody says no to zoom air now as far as,the way that the zoom turbo feels in,this,it doesnt feel as nice from a stepping,perspective,as the kyrie 6 the kyrie 6 when i put,them on the first time,well the first thought that was they,dont fit right theyre really tight but,the second thing was man the zoom turbo,feels amazing,this one feels closer to the kyrie 5,which is a little bit of a bummer,however once you start breaking it in it,should feel better so im confident with,that again i love zoom turbo i think,its amazing it takes up the whole,forefoot right here man,thats awesome the only thing better,would be full length zoom you know in,the form of a stroble im just saying,case anybodys out there listening,cancel the low line just add a little,bit more of the budget,now one cool thing before we get into,the upper they came with a little,extra set of laces a little nike sb ish,is that a nod to nike sb,a line that kyrie loves i dont know it,could be but the upper itself,is something that im just not loving,especially compared to the six the six,the back half was so good it was either,genuine suede,nubuck or the leather ones were some of,my favorite theres so many good kyrie 6,color ways on top of that like,you you know i had a hard time not,buying all of them

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Nike Kyrie Infinity 8 Performance Review From The Inside Out – 3 Reasons To Buy / Not Buy

hey whats up zack here and these are,the three most important factors you,have to take into consideration before,deciding if youre going to buy the nike,kyrie infinity 8 or pass on it here we,go the first and most obvious dividing,line between the kyrie 8s and a lot of,other basketball shoes weve seen this,year is the midsole construction,specifically the stack heights in the,midsole these definitely have a lower,stack height than most of their shoes,weve seen this year but you also have,to take into consideration whats in,that stack youre getting a zoom air,unit in the back and then youre also,getting a zoom strobel unit in the,forefoot and in terms of cushion and,responsiveness to your foot this is one,of the better setups that nike has come,up with recently the only bad part is if,you think its a bad part is that these,two air units are not connected by much,the shank on the kyrie 8 is pretty,flimsy you can kind of bend it move it,any which way you want versus some other,nike shoes which have a pretty stiff,shank and so although the kyrie 8 feels,really bouncy because you have two,independent zoom air units which really,do give the shoe a feeling of spring the,shoe just cant load a lot of potential,energy and turn it into kinetic energy,because theres just not a stiff bridge,between the two to load up all that,energy or to act as a cantilever or,rigid beam however on the flip side of,that because this is a more minimalist,design the shoe is also lighter and,therefore a lot easier to get off the,ground because if you look at the jump,height test i still got 32 centimeters,of jump height which is still right up,there in the ballpark of some more,maximalist shoes or shoes with much,stiffer midsoles however youre just,gonna have to watch out in the long run,because the more miles you put on this,shoe because there isnt that rigid beam,in the middle the phylon in the midsole,is going to start to compress a little,bit more and the shoe overall is just,going to start to lose a lot more,playability versus a shoe that has a,really stiff rigid beam in it to kind of,stress shield the rest of the midsole,and speaking of the midsole construction,that brings me to the second reason,these may or may not be a pickup for you,and thats that the kyrie 8s play a lot,differently than a lot of other shoes in,the space right now because the kyrie 8,is meant for you to beat your opponent,well before youve made it to the hoop,now what i mean by that is the kyrie 8,is made more for footwork its made more,for like a ground assault these shoes,just arent meant for like violent jump,height violent jump force theyre made,more for ground contact ground feel,really tactile and nimble movement on,the ground theyre meant for you to beat,somebody one-on-one well before youve,gotten to the point where you got to,jump around or jump over somebody and,its pretty obvious thats what these,were designed to do because number one,the four foots got the zoom stroble,unit which saves a lot of height so your,foot is put way closer to the ground,versus some other shoes with higher,stacks in the forefoot thats going to,give you a lot more tactile feel on the,ground its going to give you a lot more,control over your footwork on the ground,and although the shoe is not going to,last you as long in the midsole while,the shoe is new and performing well,youre going to get a lot more feedback,from the ground in these shoes versus,something else like say the puma fusion,nitros which put your foot almost on a,platform so youre not getting a lot of,that bio feedback from the court surface,itself versus on the kyrie 8 where you,can kind of feel every little nook and,cranny on the court when youre moving,and that does really well when youre,cutting back and forth or trying to get,yourself out of an awkward position in a,crowd or just trying to create some,space for yourself to hit a jump shot,and that type of playability profile,also extends into the outsole tread as,you can see its a very chaotic,irregular pattern which is meant more,for grip not so much streamlined speed,you look at the suicide test came in,just over 15 seconds which isnt really,slow however its definitely not my best,time ive ever had and the reason for,that is i just dont have a lot of,straight line speed in me so i do better,with shoes that have a lot of spring,back a little more of a rigid shank and,kind of push me forward that kyries are,meant more for someone that can bring,their own speed to the table their own,push off force these shoes are going to,give you more grip on corners and allow,you to take turns better because when i,was taking turns on that suicide test or,just pivoting or taking turns in general,these shoes are really hard to get,unstable and theyre really hard to roll,just because they do have so much,stability number one in the midsole and,just the construction of the shoe and,also in the grip on the outsole and with,that grip and stability does come some,pretty good durability as well if you,look at the durability test of the,dremel 10 seconds highest grit sandpaper,only about a millimeter of damage on the,xdr version of the shoe or the ep,version on the standard version of this,shoe about a millimeter and a half of,damage so if you want to use these shoes,for outdoor play get the ep or the xdr,version if youre looking more for,indoor play get the standard version,because that rubber is a little softer,and even more gripping and even more,stable and tactile and the last but most,important part of your buying decision,on the kyrie 8 or kyrie infiniti or,infiniti 8 or whatever you want to call,them is their fit now if you are a,narrow or medium width foot these shoes,are going to fit you fantastic from the,really bulky ankle collar and tongue to,these elastic crisscross straps in your,midfoot these are going to hold a narrow,medium foot terrific if you are a wider,foot player you better be going up a,half size in these or looking for the ep,version that is built on just a little,bit of a wider last so id say if you,are a wider foot player you still can,wear them just make sure youre going up,that half size or looking for the,version of these theyre going to fit,you better and while these are new they,will fit a flatter foot however theyre,going to start allowing more,overpronation as they get older and as,that foam starts to bottom out in the,midsole just watch out for that if you,are a flatterfoot player but the most,surprising part of the fit of the kyries,is just how plush they feel especially,compared a lot of other basketball shoes,weve seen they number one have the most,padded tongue ive seen out there the,most comfortable tongue ive seen it,really cinches your ankle into the shoe,and gives you a really locked in secure,fit without making the shoe feel too,constrictive or too coarse around your,ankle that feeling also extends into and,around the ankle collar where the,material is just a little more premium,youve got synthetic leather youve got,real leather suede and so the materials,are just a little bit softer,however because the lockdown of the,shoes is so good with the lacing system,just because theyre a little softer,doesnt mean youre not getting a ton of,stability and a ton of control in the,ankle so theyve found a way to make,this shoe pretty light but also just,wicked secure around your foot and,really comfortable and on the upper,durability test the dremel 10 seconds,highest grit sandpaper best durability,profile and an upper ive seen yet,barely a scuff on these uppers so not,only are they really plush and,comfortable but theyre also not going,to wear down anytime soon either so if,youre a basketball player that can,bring their own jump height their own,speed to the table and just want a shoe,for nimble footwork traction control and,stability well you really dont have to,look much further than the kyrie 8.,however if youre somebody that does,want to shoot with a little bit more,violent push-off force

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Nike Kyrie 7 (粵語中字/cc) 200Likes送鞋/隆重推介SizeNineHK [廣東話鞋評/首測]

大家好,歡迎來到amzlifehk頻道,這是大家的隊長同大家分享,今天要跟大家評的是一對萬眾期待的大作 ,事不宜遲 馬上同大家評一評,先同大家形容一下這個爪地性能,這次Kyrie 7 用上一個”火焰式”的爪地紋路,一上手覺得這個紋路相當誇,這個凹凸面好比樂高積木一樣,好像可以鎖住地面一般,我們在室內試過 ,抓地聲非常明顯,另一樣我非常欣賞的地方 ,是紋路相當闊 ,這個設定可以避免沙石容易卡住,這已經是Kyrie 系列 連續第三年,使用這個 Air Zoom Turbo,我們的朋友飛俠覺得這個避震 不太明顯,上兩代 當我踏開後反覺得相當明顯,但到這一代 ,真的完全感覺不到,那是不是 一個弱點呢,但當我作出動態的動作時,雖然那個即時舒適感 真的欠奉,但是那個保護是 確確實實的存在,馬上上網 調查一番,原來今次 ,正正如此,我們以往那些即時舒適感,很多時候是來自那些多出了的物料,這次我反覺得這個緩震來的更貼足,然而若大家是大個子的話,這個phylon當然不及早前跟大家評過的lebron 18 的全腳掌zoom,連renew及aj 35 的緩震都較為明顯,但由於大家的價錢 並不相若,穿上了時,但當穿上了的時候, 一點點窄狹都沒有,甚至這個13的尺寸剛剛好 ,足夠預留空間給大家穿上籃球襪 ,可是這對鞋相當難穿,雖然這次有,理論上應該延伸到中底 的一個鎖定配置,可是老實說 真的感覺不到,反而 大家可以享受一下,鞋頂物料帶來的包覆度,這雙kyrie 7 出色的鎖定 並不是來自他的鞋帶設計,而是原於這個非常穩定及造工出色的物料,值得一讚,雖然買大了半個碼 因為這個後踭護墊 都來得相當厚,鞋踭鬆脫的問題不存在,Lock and Fit,  非常好,Kyrie7 的支撐度 簡直有一種 驚為天人的感覺,剛剛已說過它的鎖定 相當出色 ,當穿上這雙鞋的時候,可以說 想扭傷腳裸的機會也沒有,刻意想做些扭傷腳裸的動作,這對鞋的支撐力也能挺住我,一定要歸功於 這個相當闊的鞋頭,雖然 熟悉這系列的朋友 一定不會對這一個碗底式設計 陌生,就像飛俠 說的一樣,隨著kyrie的年紀 逐漸增加,及他個人的受傷頻密度,這些圓底/碗底的設計都一代一代的漸漸淡出,到了第七代 已完全沒有了這個感覺,比較 上一代 已進步了的穩定性,今次這雙七代的前腳掌 再一次加闊,好像腳踏在 兩塊熨斗板上面,真的想受傷也不行 (請不要胡亂嘗試),在腳踭位置 有一個腳裸保護杯,有一塊假皮 作支撐,感覺相當實在,但始終都要再歸功這個 相當良好的腳面,使這對成為2020年度最出色的戰鞋(之一),我們知道Jml已偷偷的偷看這雙價錢,今次這雙kyrie 7 多少錢?,真的是999,剛剛已 花了很多時間去稱讚 這雙Kyrie 7,我當然覺得價錢合理,來,跟大家談談這物料 ,鞋面用上了網織式物料,而後方就有一塊很薄的物料,但在有需要的位置物料,鞋筒,鞋領,鞋頭位置物料就相當充裕,如鞋帶位置用上dynamic wings 來減輕重量。,輕得來仍可以保留著扎實度。,這點做得非常好,鞋舌邊位有特意加厚 ,感覺輕得來又實正,這點我覺得很驚訝,總括而言 這對鞋良好 ,外觀上先要同大家看看這個盒,這次這個盒,外表看來非常之電競電腦般,紅+黑的字體,上面有kyrie 11號 的logo, 旁邊有kyrie 7 的羅馬數字及一個大紅剔號,鞋盒的外觀已相當出眾。,是否真的這麼簡單?才不是!,大開的時候有Kyrie 7它的設計圖。,當中有很多kyrie 的心路歷程,,他的個人信仰。只是鞋盒已誠意十足。,我們這個顏色稱為”sisterhood”,不如說說這鞋有那麼sisterhood吧,最sisterhood 的一定是這個鞋踭設計,不知其他選色是否一樣,但我們這雙便有我們的尺碼放在鞋踭位置,有點像westbrook 把他的標籤放了在鞋底一般。,但這個只是一個歐洲尺碼的號碼。為甚麼要選擇歐碼呢?,因為設計師很想表明一樣東西,就是歐碼並沒有分性別。,這其實是一個女權活動。,加上這個哈蜜瓜肉外底加Nike Logo 都是用上了肉色,配搭上來也不太醜陋 我認為是可接受的,Dynamic Wings部分用上了少量的膠 可是設計也是挺好看的,這次這個全知之眼放到去腳跟的位置 ,而且分成日月兩邊 代表著平衡 ,又是一個代表著性別,陰陽平等的象徵 ,鞋上身這個內裡布上全都印著女權的圖案 ,全知之眼以抽象形式出現在鞋身中底內側,還有一樣非常漂亮的修飾 相信是Kyrie想紀念Kobe Bryant ,就是在腳跟位置有個空洞 在Kobe 7的設計上也曾經出現,加上腳跟 “his legacy is going to live on forever” 的字眼,相信這個Legacy就是代表Kobe的傳奇,這對Kyrie 7有著一個非常突出的火焰色找地紋 ,這個XDR物料在耐久同時也很軟熟, 找地力非常好 室外室內也沒問題 ,避震方面 立即舒適度相對少了,這塊Air Zoom Turbo明顯比上一代細塊了,但是是否一個壞處? 並不是,這只代表避震更加符合人體工學,穿上時 鞋上身的包複做得非常好,在室內做一些跳躍動作 也能-,良好的落地保護力,這點值得一讚,Phylon中底 唯一美中不足就是 ,如果腳跟能夠有多一塊Zoom Pad 這鞋的耐久力應該能緊長,到了鎖定力 這對鞋非常難穿上 ,但是當你穿進去是 就是另一種感受,作為闊腳人士 我買大了半碼 尺寸剛剛好,在穿上戰襪也覺得很舒服,鎖定力並不是源於Dynamic Wing, 而是來自這個又穩定 又高柔軟度的鞋上身,所以鎖定力絕對沒問題,腳跟鬆脫也不是個問題 因為這個腳跟護墊做得非常好,至於支撐方面 我會給它9.5分,9.5分代表什麼呢,代表我認為Kyrie 7的支撐超越了我在本年頭力薦的Don Issue 2,這對鞋我絕對推薦及一些全面型球員,無論內線及外線的球員也能在這支撐中得益 ,闊身的前掌 即使沒有外支架也能做到外支架的功能,腳跟因為有這個非常穩定的上身 所以整體的支撐-,物料方面,沒有什麼高檔物流 但是也給人實淨的感覺,唯獨是有些膠邊的外露要扣些分,否則我認為物料方面完全沒問題 ,外觀方面 說真的Kyrie系列設計真是見人見智 ,既然它的眼和手那些特徵變少了 對鞋相對容易被接受,剛才忘記提到,因Kyrie已經來到第7代 所以這些鯊魚牙齒變成7隻,明顯地來年應該會有8隻吧,不知道當Irving球員生涯完結時會有多少隻牙齒呢,喂? 拍緊片呀,什麼?你們SizeNine也有分享?,好吧 那交給你們吧 南: Thank You Captain,聽完Captain對眼前這對Kyrie 7配置的詳盡介紹後, 就由我們介紹下街場的實際體驗吧,經過我們在街場的實戰評測後 大致上都沒問題的,但是可惜 我們不能像Captain般給那麼高分 ,雖然這鞋的中底和找地力都合乎我們的期望 ,但是實在沒有令我們眼前一亮的地方,另外加上它的設計用上了太多歷代的元素, 實在缺乏一些新意, 如果想了解更多我們對Kyrie 7的看法 記得留意我們的頻道,廢話少說 交回給Captain ,聽完呀南他們的評價 是否對Kyrie 7有不同的看法呢?,SizeNine是三個年輕人合作拍攝的一個鞋評頻道 ,而我非常欣賞他們的拍攝及演繹手法,所以如果大家有時間的話 記得記得瀏覽他們的頻道, 以及訂閱 讚好 及分享他們的影片 ,今天時間差不多 記得 鞋是買來穿的,如果大家喜歡這影片 記得Like Share Subscribe我們的Channel ,還有 大家記得要追蹤我們的IG,如果我們這次Kyrie 7鞋評達到200likes,我們將會送出一對Kyrie7,記住係我們的IG Followers 先有的 所以大家快點Follow我們吧,下次再跟大家評其他東西 Byebye!

Nike Kyrie 7 Performance Review! | Testing the NEW Kyrie Irving Sneaker!

alright guys before the video begins i,just want to say all right cut that out,i know a lot of people got on me because,ive been using that intro for a long,time if you didnt know this is a,moderately new channel but still newer,than my last channel but nevertheless if,youre not subscribed remember to,subscribe to the channel press the bell,next to it so you get a notification,every time i drop a new video,and in the words of my grandpa subscribe,,[Music],cock-a-doodle-doo,[Music],yes,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],oh oh oh my bad uh yeah i was just,refreshing,shams and wojs tweets you know because,its free agency you know i gotta keep,up to date with the free agents but,anyways you guys already know kyries,seventh signature sneaker just dropped,to kyrie 7.,and basketball seasons around the,corner and you want to know if its,worth it for you can it be better than,the best kyrie of all time the kyrie 4.,lets find out starting off with the,looks and the initial thoughts so this,is probably one of the more,conservative looking kyries as of late,as known on all kyries its got the,shark teeth but on this one its got the,baby sharp teeth its really simple for,the fact that theres no big ass overlay,over the tongue theres no strap of,course you know on all kyries he has to,have the eye on his sneakers and in this,case its on the heel on these pairs it,has like the sun and the moon looking,like sabrina the teenage witch type,looking at the shoe and actually putting,it on it doesnt look or feel as round,as previous kyrie models,honestly the silhouette kind of reminds,me of an older lebron,soldier got 44 and a half on the bottom,honestly,i dont know what that means so if you,know what it means let me know in the,comments below but i do know that this,sneaker is a size 44 and a half,in european sizes so maybe thats it i,dont know it looks in the initial,thought rating has to be a 5 out of 10.,ten,doesnt stick out to me like damn that,shoe looks good i honestly think its,pretty plain looking,im not gonna lie and say its ugly but,its not super sexy either moving on to,the size and comfort now fits true to,size tts titties real comfy shoe as,always in kyries its lightweight very,low to the ground,very good court feel and of course the,bounce with the zoom turbo in the,forefoot,in the forefoot kyrie has been killing,it for sneakers for guards like i said,before its a round sneaker but its not,overly round like previous kyrie models,on the heel its got a padded collar,which is really good for your achilles,tendon which honestly ive had trouble,with in the past so its a nice touch to,the sneaker thousand comfort rating nine,out of ten,just a really comfy sneaker moving on to,the traction so its got a 360 degree,computer generated traction pack,rubber solid outsole that extends to the,midsole for better traction off the,edges so i guess they used like a 3d,printer and this is what they came up,with considering the core i played on is,absolute booty cheeks and dusty shoes,traction is actually really good theres,minimal slippage on the court and the,bottom doesnt attract a lot of dust it,also makes the squeaky noise but for,whatever reason it was just the left,sneaker that made the squeaky noise,caption rating 9.5 out of 10. moving on,to the materials now its got mesh all,around the sneaker for,breathability but its still a very,sturdy shoe its not flimsy whatsoever,i have been working out a little bit you,know what im saying like i said,previously the padded collar for your,achilles support and a thin,padded tongue as well for extra support,of course its got zoom turbo in the,forefoot so you can really explode and,be quick off your feet of course the,rubber outsole that extends to the,midsole overall pretty simple sneaker,when it comes to the technology they did,not introduce any newer technologies in,the sneakers probably waiting for,kyrie and kd to do something this year i,mean let me know in the comments if you,think the nets are going to be good this,year i think its going to be a,show anyways back to the materials i,think simplicity is key,materials help make it comfy breathable,good core feel and lightweight,its a good grade in my book rating 8.5,out of 10. moving on to the support and,lockdown now the support and lockdown is,both,actually really good in the sneaker your,foot does feel really secure when,playing in it probably has something to,do with,all the padding around the sneakers,honestly one of the better support and,lockdowns in hoops shoes released this,year rating 9 out of 10. moving on to,the price now its 130,probably on the second tier of,basketball sneaker prices,not overly expensive like some lebrons,or kds or james hardens but,is pricier than giannis or paul george i,think its a great deal for a really,good basketball sneaker to be honest,especially if youre a guard,and itll definitely last you so overall,thoughts i didnt really think it was,possible for,any kyrie to be better than the kyrie,4s those are my favorite shoes to hoop,in it performs at a high level,i dont think it has a better overall,court feel or bouncer reaction like the,kyrie 4s,ive been feeling like i was doing kyrie,things in that shoe man,but everything else in this sneaker,surpasses the force in my opinion even,the look is a little better albeit a,little average to me kyries have always,been,ugly as to me so the fact that i,dont think its ugly,thats a step in the right direction and,with the kyrie low 3 and the kyrie,hybrid 2 out you have all these kyrie,shoes as options to hoop in,and at your disposal i have not played,in the hybrids yet but someone asked me,to do it so i might have to,if they actually bring the best features,of all the kyries into one sneaker i,might have to try it but you definitely,cant go wrong with these or the lows,which i did a video on check that video,out if you havent already overall,rating of the kyrie 7s 8.2 out of 10.,and that goes without saying my overall,thoughts on kyrie kyries a bit,all right guys that concludes the video,remember to like comment subscribe let,me know what you think of the kyrie 7s,would you call,probably a different colorway im not,crazy about this colorway i got a wish,video dropping very soon so watch the,other videos in the playlist up there,and down there if you havent pressed,the bell yet make sure you have the bell,pressed and everything so you get a,notification,every time i drop a new video until next,time peace happy thanksgiving if you,celebrate it if not,happy days off in quarantine yeah,back to refreshing my twitter to see if,shams or woja are dropping bombs oh,dj augustine just signed a three-year,deal with the books


yo what is good youtube i am richie kim,and today im going to be bringing you,all the performance review,on the brand new nike kyrie 7. before we,get started if you all enjoy sneaker,content just like this do me a favor and,hit that subscribe button down below,but anyways lets get right into it as,always starting off with the traction,nike states that the kv7 features a 360,degree,computer generated traction that helps,you in and,out of cuts and personally the traction,kind of reminds me,of like tire tread almost and uh yeah,you know id say for the most part,it is good um its definitely not as,good as the kyrie 6 i think the kyrie 6,had like really amazing traction,however it is still good if you all are,playing on your above average to really,clean quartz you really wont have any,problems,youll be able to stop on a dime and,its really really nice however,you know if you are playing on your,dusty two you know,really dusty quartz uh thats when,youre gonna have to wipe,i wouldnt say the dust really gets,stuck in between the grooves but,what happens is depending on like i,guess how dusty your cord is,the dust will just get stuck onto the,actual traction itself,so you will have to wipe in order to,maintain some good traction otherwise,you may,slide to a stop here and there so just,make sure you maintain those wipes and,you should be good to go,but yeah like i was saying you know the,traction definitely isnt as good as the,kyrie 6 but it is still good in its own,way,and this is a black rubber outsole and,you know predominantly from,nike the black colors dont work as well,as the other solid rubber outsoles that,they use,and im not sure why so you know,hopefully you know other,colored outsoles will actually have even,better traction than this,and you know ill actually keep you all,up to date because you know i am going,to get other colorways of the shoe as,well,so yeah overall traction not as good as,kyrie 6 but still good so moving on to,the cushion,the kyrie 7 features pretty much the,exact same setup as the kyrie 6 as well,what youre gonna get is a full-length,phylon midsole with a zoom turbo unit in,the forefoot,and you know in this shoe actually the,zoom turbo,i cant feel it as much as the kyrie 6,as well im not exactly sure if they,like stiffened up the,the phylon that you know holds that zoom,unit or something like that or maybe,you know just some minor changes here,and there to the structure of the kyrie,7,effects like how much you can feel that,zoom unit its definitely not,as pronounced but you can still feel it,so i would definitely say you know its,more subtle than it was in the previous,iteration of the kyrie model,but it still does feel really nice and,then you know in the heel,you get pretty much what you expect you,know its not the best impact protection,but you do get some,so the forefoot is mildly bouncy and,personally im still fine with that,because the zoom turbo still,feels really good to me the only thing i,wish is that you could feel it a little,bit more like in the kyrie 6. however,from a cushioning standpoint at least,for me,i still think the cushion is fine and,its more than sufficient for myself,so moving on to the materials the kyrie,7 features a full,mesh upper and the mesh is like,kind of crispy you can hear it its very,you know stiff but not overly stiff to,where you know it just doesnt feel that,great on foot,it feels perfectly fine um you know it,definitely could have been more premium,in terms of the materials at least,compared to the kyrie 6,this is definitely a downgrade the kyrie,6 materials were really nice and,especially in certain colorways you know,you would actually get real materials,like leather or something like that on,the back half of the shoe,however in the kylie 7 youre not,getting that you are just getting this,basic mesh and its just mesh all around,and,you know from a performance standpoint,its perfectly fine it gets the job done,great but you know to the touch i really,wish,that they did keep some sort of you know,really nice premium materials like in,the kyrie 6,but it is what it is in the end and uh,you know im sure they went with this,for some reason and uh in terms of the,material usage,yeah you know could have been better but,it gets the job done just fine,so moving on to the fit the kyrie 7 fits,like every single other kyrie model,so what i would recommend is most of you,go true to size however i am a slightly,wide footer,and i went true to size and yeah i could,definitely go up a half size,because as a slightly wide footer um if,you go true to size you will probably,feel some pressure,around in like the pinky toe area of the,shoe which may cause like some cramping,later on,so i would recommend going up a half,size and that should,fix all of your problems um you know,really wide footers,uh be careful maybe go up a hole size,even,it just really depends on the shape of,your foot honestly,id say for wide footers half size is a,good,idea for everyone else normal and narrow,footers,go true to size the materials do lie,very nicely over your feet,and it feels really nice its almost,like one to one feeling,and it does feel really really nice in,terms of the fit,the heel area is nicely sculpted so,overall the fit in the kyber 7,is really nice the only real caution is,for those wide footers,you got to go up a half size otherwise,you will have some problems in this four,foot area so moving on to the support,kyrie has always had great support in,his shoes and the kyrie 7 is no,different you have an internal heel,counter which helps locks in your heel,along with that sculpting,just make sure that you arent going,anywhere in the heel as far as side to,side movement goes on the footbed i,didnt have any of that,i didnt have any lateral instabilities,as well you do have a fairly wide base,even though this is a rounded outsole,because you know kyrie does like to make,those really shifty movements,didnt have any problems you know this,has definitely got you covered on,support and you know these lateral,medial wings on here,do help secure your foot into the shoe,as well so,overall yeah the support is really nice,on the kyrie you also have a lot of,torsional rigidity and stability,because you know kyrie definitely needs,that so his shoes definitely have that,as well,overall the support in the kairu 7 is,really good so moving on to the price,this particular kyrie 7 retails for 140,dollars but i know other like general,release colorways,are gonna be 130 and for 130 you are,getting a very solid performer,the only downside is like i said if you,are playing on some like average dusty,to really dusty quartz you will have to,wipe,in order to maintain good traction just,because dust does actually get stuck to,the actual,like traction of the shoe so just,maintain those wipes and you guys will,be good to go,honestly thats really my only like,gripe with the shoe,other than that you know i do wish that,the materials,on the shoe were a little bit nicer but,when it comes to performance,it really does get the job done just,fine so overall the kyrie 7,is a great performer and at a pretty,good price point as well,if you all love the kyrie 6 i think,youll love the kyrie 7,as well you know it is slightly worse in,traction,but for me thats perfectly okay because,one thing that the kyrie 6 had that i,really didnt like that this doesnt,have is that strap that strap just gets,in the way and it chews up your laces,and its just really annoying and you,know personally i didnt think it did,too much,so this without the strap is really nice,um yeah i like the kyrie 7 a lot,and i think if you all want to pick up a,pair i dont think youll be,disappointed,thats pretty much it for this,performance review if you all like this,video do me a favor and hit that,subscribe button down below im always,putting out more content,so expect to see more videos just like,this also smash that thumbs up button,for me as it really does help me out,check out this video

Kyrie 7 Vs Kyrie Vapor X On The Tennis, Basketball and Pickleball Court

hey what is up its zach your youtube,foot doctor,one of the most common questions i get,in the comment section down below as,well as just to my office,is can you use a tennis court shoe on,the basketball court,and vice versa it can use a hoop shoe on,the tennis court i really think i found,the two,perfect shoes to explore that question,with now kyrie irving is an absolute,beast when it comes to launching,signature shoes and hes even reached,into the,tennis space with his collab a few years,ago with nick curios around the us open,for the vapor 10. when i was finally,able to get my hands on the kyrie vapor,10 collab i was really impressed number,one just the colorways and all the,easter eggs you can find in this shoe,but number two his interpretation of the,uppers remember this leaflet design is,borrowed from,previous versions of the kyrie line so i,really think these two shoes are perfect,to see what are the common threads,number one between,kyries basketball and tennis lines but,also just the crossovers,and dissimilarities between tennis court,shoes and basketball shoes in general,all right so getting into the uppers of,the sevens as well as the vapor 10,remember in a tennis court shoe you want,two things strength and breathability,strength number one to hold your foot in,number two to resist wear from drag,friction,and breathability just because tennis,courts get hot now when a basketball,shoe is in the kyrie 7,you also want strength and breathability,more strength from weight of body body,weight forces,as well as other people potentially,trampling on your foot and in the kyrie,vapor 10 you can really see their,priorities are,remember you have this double down,lacing system where number one the,shoelace eyelets,interact with the shoelace but also they,interact with this leaflet so when you,tie the laces down,number one youre tying the lace line,but also youre tying the arch down so,you are getting a ton of vacuum sealer,around the midfoot,which does resist forces going side to,side on a tennis court now as you can,see here on the kyrie 7 in the,basketball line the priorities are,completely different,the really only big reinforced area here,is number one,where youre going to potentially have,to push off of the mid foot when youre,getting into awkward position,and number two the reinforced lace line,here in the mid foot to prevent that,twisting injury,in the mid foot now also remember these,are a mid top so they do have a ton more,material,up here in the ankle and thats why the,forefoot here the vamp of the shoe,is a little bit more mesh because,theyre trying to keep the shoe more,breathable and more light,while still giving you a ton of,protection from other peoples feet,now in the upper durability test of the,dremel 10 seconds highest grit sandpaper,on the vapor 10 its got a toe cap guard,about a millimeter of damage so this is,going to resist a lot of friction,whereas in the kyrie 7,the dremel went right through that mesh,layer all the way into the inner side,of the upper of the shoe now the one,thing saving the kyrie 7 is it does have,a pretty,big guard here of rubber however if you,are a toe dragger that rubber does not,come all the way up on the toe cap so,youre still going to burn through these,a lot quicker,than on the vapor tent but all those,differences in the uppers brings us to,our first real performance difference,between the two shoes if you look at the,suicide test,the kyrie vapor 10 is like a red bull f1,car,compared to the kyrie 7s like toyota,sienna now the kyrie 7 is,unreal at making short quick changes of,direction on turns,it was just unreal theyre really,tactile uppers the plastic reinforcement,zoom turbo unit which well talk about,in a second,and the outsole just grips so well in,those tight confined spaces,however the vapor 10 is just,made for speed its super aerodynamic,its a more nimble shoe,just cuts through the air a lot better,so on the straightaways the vapor 10,just has,just enough grip on those outdoor,surfaces that you can take turns pretty,fast but also on the straightaways,really start to pick up speed but,interestingly enough even with all that,added material to the kyrie 7 to make it,a mid top they still only heat it up,1.5 degrees more than the kyrie vapor 10,just showing you how good the,engineering is the uppers of the kyrie 7,to keep this shoe breathable but also,really protective,and with the mid-top construction of the,kyrie 7s you really are getting a ton,of,bio feedback with all that material,coming around your ankle,so if youre trying to pivot away trying,to pivot out of an awkward position,maybe youre being guarded really,heavily and youre making a lot of short,movements,or youre just in an awkward position,trying to get yourself into a correct,position,to hit a really squared up jump shot the,kyrie 7s are going to give you,all that bio feedback youre going to,get all that tactile sensation,without sacrificing a lot of the weight,remember the kyrie 7s are only coming,in,around 12 ounces in that 10 and a half,size shoe for men,theyre great for those short pivoting,movements especially on the basketball,court,but even on the pickleball court too so,youre seeing these shoes are getting,really versatile,because in pickleball it is a lot of,short pivoting movements hop skips and a,jump youre really trying to get out of,an awkward position or youre on one,foot just trying to dart,in a short court so a shoe like the,kyrie 7 that mid-top construction in a,short court setting,is just vastly superior to something on,the low top,category of the vapor 10 just because,you can really throw your body around a,little bit more,and just know that that shoe is kind of,going to pick up a little bit of the,slack,whereas the vapor 10 as well see in,that low top construction it really,rewards the,long form movement but short court,movement sometimes,its just not as secure now getting into,the midsole tear down you can really see,the priorities are between these two,shoes and on the kyrie 7,you got only a 2.2 centimeter heel,height but only a 0.2 centimeter heel to,toe,drop so you have an incredible amount of,foam in the midfoot of this shoe and on,the kyrie 7 the zoom turbo unit is in,the forefoot,adding to all the quick jumping and,forefoot movement demands of basketball,also this is a turbo unit which is,undulating and allows for more degrees,of movement and better bounce when,youre in more,awkward positions from the tear down to,the kyrie vapor 10 the zoom unit is in,the heel which number one is an older,and easier design to create,but also tennis is of course supposed to,be spent on the balls of your foot,but a lot of time you do need a stable,heel and more importantly you need to be,able to push off of your heal,and those differences in the midsole,arent just data points either look at,the serve test,kyrie 7 31 centimeters on the serve test,owning to the bounce of that zoom turbo,unit all that air tension in the,forefoot does give you a little bit more,pop,whereas in the kyrie vapor 10 is only,27.5,just the same as all the other vapor 10s,that ive tested this year now remember,the kyrie 7s do have a little more,volume in the forefoot just volume of,foam in general in the mid foot of the,shoe the one thing it doesnt have is a,shank here on the medial side like the,vapor 10. it does have some plastic,reinforcement,on the outside there are eventless frank,injuries and just ankle sprains in,general,however the shoe is going to bottom out,in that midfoot a little quicker than,something with this polypropylene shank,here on the vapor 10.,also a shank in there would give it just,a little bit more bounce,and just keep the shoe newer for longer,so thats something you got to watch out,for,but by far the biggest difference,between these two shoes is the outsole,tread,if you look at the kyries tread look,how shallow that tread depth is,also because hoop shoes are meant to be,worn not only on hard top but on hard,wood,they have to be

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