1. Flying the Worlds Only ALL Business Class Airline!
  2. [Flight Report] LA COMPAGNIE | Paris ✈ Newark | Airbus A321neo | Business
  3. La Compagnie CEO on the pandemic recovery for air travel and demand for transatlantic flights
  4. Flying to the Arctic – La Compagnie A321LR to the Northernmost Airport
  5. Review La Compagnie Business Airlines
  6. La Compagnie A321neo Business Class Dreamjet auf Langstrecke | YourTravel.TV
  7. PRIMO AEREO 100% BUSINESS | LaCompagnie Milano – New York

Flying the Worlds Only ALL Business Class Airline!

today our family is doing something that,even the most frequent Travelers have,never done before were about to fly on,the worlds only all business class,airline when you fly on La company there,is not a single economy or premium,economy seat on the plane every single,one of the 76 seats on this plane is a,business class seat this eight-hour,flight from Newark to Milan usually,costs about four to six thousand dollars,round trip but we paid much much less,make sure you stick around to the end of,the video to find out exactly how much,we paid and how we scored this amazing,deal okay lets go check in,[Music],are you excited about uh flying this,brand new Airline or brand new for us,its brand new for us yeah so this is,all business class so its new to us,hopefully itll be good its a French,brand I think I got good food and good,bread and wine,hold that thought Serge ready to Lounge,it up girl yeah nice elevator though,la company doesnt have a dedicated,Lounge at Newark instead passengers can,use the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse its a,bit small and gloomy inside but it gets,the job done what are we gonna order we,got the chicken noodle soup the rat,pasta you mean a rasta pasta,foreign,theres no self-serve Buffet instead you,scan a QR code and place your order,online once the food is ready they bring,it straight to your table now usually,when we fly business class we try not to,eat too much so that we can save some,room for food on the flight but trust me,when you fly La company eat as much as,you can in the lounge youll need it,before we continue let me tell you a,little bit about La company because many,people have never even heard of this,Airline La company is fairly new on the,scene its a French Boutique airline,that started its operations in 2014. the,Founders Vision was to create an all,business class airline that was also a,low-cost carrier that way they could,offer transatlantic business class,flights at much lower fares than their,legacy competitors now Isla company the,first ever all business class airline,definitely not several established,Airlines have operated all business,class checks on certain routes in the,past and quite a few startup Airlines,have experimented with the all business,class concept but none of these Airlines,or routes are in operation anymore which,leaves La company as currently the only,all business class airline in the world,okay back to the flight after we ate it,was time to head to the gate one thing,thats a bit weird about flying an all,business class flight is that nobody has,priority when it comes to boarding since,were all flying the same class so we,all just lined up together wait for me,hes having a bad haircut,[Music],all right we got the exit Rose so,theres a lot of extra leg rooms,[Music],shes still rolling her shoes around Im,telling her to put them away and shes,misusing,[Music],its got the champagne yeah,its grape juice but bubbly she only,offered us oranges,wanted to be adventurous so first,impressions upon boarding the cabin has,a great look I loved how the light blue,seat cushions work with the gray and,white of the cabin and the accent lights,really pull it all together the flight,attendant uniforms are also really sharp,I try not to film cabin crew too much,when we make these videos so here are,some stock photos I love the neck scarf,and I love that instead of wearing,skirts or pants the female cabin crew,and La company wear Bermuda shorts but,First Impressions there was one thing,that made the boarding process a bit,harder than it should have been so,everything cool on the flight so far,weve got a champagne and everythings,been great one thing is the numbers you,can barely see the numbers so when you,sit on the wrong side,but its the numbers are green no the,numbers are white and its great,and a lot of people were struggling with,the same issues,they should just like make the numbers,black or red or something like that,because it was really hard to find out,one thing thats often tense about,flying first or business class is when,other passengers are shooting daggers at,you as they walk past your business,class seat onto their economy seat,though that doesnt happen since,everyone on the flight is in business,class so the whole vibe is a lot more,friendly and relaxed speaking of seats,lets take you on a sea tour Im going,to use footage we shot on our return,flight from Milan since we had better,lighting then lets talk about the,downsides first one is that the cabin,has a 2-2 configuration which means that,only half the seats have direct aisle,access also the footwell is narrow like,really narrow and theres not a lot of,privacy other than this small divider,which cannot be moved up or down but,other than that I thought these seats,were pretty solid there were plenty of,stowage areas to put my stuff like this,tray under the in-flight entertainment,screen just space under the footwell,this cubby to Stow your shoes and this,console area where youll also find,headphones water and an amenity kit here,are the controls for your seat which do,lie flat theres a remote for the,in-flight entertainment screen a,literature holder and there are,individual air vents so you have some,control over the temperature the safety,video on La company is Yoga themed so it,has a very relaxing Vibe they gave out,hot towels which is always a nice touch,we all got settled and comfy and pretty,soon it was time for the first meal now,being a French Airline youd expect to,accompany to have particularly good food,but unfortunately the culinary selection,is actually one of the weakest parts of,the in-flight experience when La company,calls this a light dinner theyre not,exaggerating in terms of portion size,our entrees felt more like appetizers,than like main dishes and when you,consider that the accompanying soup was,cold since it was a gazpacho lets just,say that this was a meal that didnt,exactly leave us feeling all warm and,fuzzy inside okay lets do a bathroom,tour as you can see the bathrooms on La,company are nothing to write home about,not much in the way of amenities apart,from this disinfecting cleaner and,fragrance spray and not a lot of,decorative flourishes in here but it was,clean enough and thats always whats,most important the amenity kits on the,other hand are really well done overall,I have to say that I just really like La,companys visual branding the color,scheme is gorgeous and all of their,design were work has a bit of a quirky,overall feel that I find quite endearing,socks and eye masks and Airline amenity,kits can often feel generic but not here,La company socks have little airplane,shaped grippers on the bottom and the,eye mask has their logo printed all over,the kit includes lip balm and lotion,from the French skincare brand called,Ali along with a toothbrush toothpaste,earplugs and this bag to hold your shoes,which is not something you always see,interestingly enough we got a far,inferior amenity kit on the return,flight from Milan this generic felt,pouch was not it by the way if you enjoy,videos like this about premium air,travel be sure to subscribe weve got,lots more great videos coming your way,including reviews about the business,class on Turkish Airlines and KLM turn,on those notifications so you dont miss,any future flight videos,we all slept for a couple of hours and,then it was time for breakfast this meal,was not much better Serge and I ordered,the quiche while the girls had pancakes,and we all found that our food just,hadnt been heated all the way through,another thing I have to complain about,is the ridiculously small cups and,glasses that this Airline uses Im not,exaggerating when I say that this tiny,little cup only held about three or four,sips of coffee and the glasses are,almost shot glass sized even for water,so if you like to stay hydrated make,sure you bring your own water bottle on,this flight luckily the catering on the,way back from Milan to Newark was much,much better so were on our way back

[Flight Report] LA COMPAGNIE | Paris ✈ Newark | Airbus A321neo | Business

[Applause],[Music],[Music],but there was a legendary,Im the high spec teller Highclere the,security loser for monkey 2 by gamma it,was a bad person L put it on ritalin for,the soda machine,we wish you a very well while corridor,in order to respect to the zephyr,regulation,you must stop on your hand luggage and,your personal items in the overhead bins,good morning my name is Caleb,information on estate today we scam and,Christians who are very pleased to fight,with you to New York flight time today,will be 7 hours and 35 minutes,oh man Im excited at 12:30,Oh,[Music],well to showing the most relaxing safety,briefing ever get yourself comfy,breathe deeply and listen carefully,information that follows,[Music],please note that the nearest exit may be,behind you,like well be serving an aperitif follow,the hug before all right,whats up are you like you can original,menu today but editing / picture on your,video screen,with the blanket in fact they are not to,be disturbed by the cream shake in case,of turbulence everybody together every,RPG service I think you found each other,and we should I say,once you make your likeness,let me tell us about this,five remaining estimated flight time is,six hours 50 minutes we should be ahead,of schedule by a Boston we are now down,to two depart kilometers this be this,close to work,our,is very nice there were few clouds good,visibility am they forecast emotional,about 30 degrees accessories there in,the right way they have some Elijah for,director Burroughs so that kids,typically the first absolutely,so homey now except to assure there it,was on fire of course thank you for,playing,[Music],the result we can ask reduced to only,give indication of an iPad inside the,verities thank you,a little salt,well be landing shortly would you,please now fasten your seat belt or burn,with the shades and put your feet in a,fully open position,thank you,maybe that was common before 34 p.m. in,New York the outside temperature is 81,degrees Friday,this stay seated keep your seatbelt,fastened until the seatbelt sign is a,please keep you shall provide for often,table which are packaged and thank you,for choosing my company for your trip,today out there crews have to see you,abroad again very soon

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La Compagnie CEO on the pandemic recovery for air travel and demand for transatlantic flights

lets turn our attention because a lot,of people want to get up and go the new,travel restrictions that kept people,from traveling internationally are now,much easier,paris is open again and what could be,better than flying to paris business,class on a airline that is all business,class we want to welcome into the stream,uh christian vernet who is the ceo of le,company and your airline ive actually,been playing with fairs right now and i,got to tell you be able to go in a live,flat basically luxury experience to,paris uh i think round-trip youre,looking at about 2500 to 3 000 depending,when you put the ticket thats pretty,good you cant do that on some of the,legacy carriers in the us how do you,remain competitive with that kind of,fare,well um,interesting question,our,cost base is designed in such a manner,that uh we can accommodate flying at,this level of rates uh and and be,profitable down the end,uh well at this time obviously the copy,does impact it and its still impacting,markets so we are all recuperating from,from the car from the crisis but we we,are we basically fly today,brand new s321 neo airplanes which are,on our bodies,which,in particular has a fuel conception,which is much less than one,of the aircraft were flying before they,were boeing 757s and when i say that is,30 so 30 percent saving on on the cost,uh on the cost line which is about 15 20,percent of the cost to oper an airplane,is significant well besides we are small,company were agile we try to fly as,much as we can,uh on the fleet um just to give you a,hint we were flying twice a day between,berries in new york up to the end of,2019 and early 2020 before the copy came,by,so its its a combination of factors,that,are driving the efficiency of the,airline to the,highest potential label and youre right,uh with our 76 cabin featured with,youve got on your screen some,representation,what the product is,is quite enticing especially,in the past covered world where well,distance uh social distance is a major,factor for passengers to feel at ease,and feel safe,during their travel uh is a significant,advantage to get people to,try and adopt a product yet yet at,affordable levels uh of pricing i agree,well christian speaking of getting more,people to fly youve now have resumed,flights between new york and paris for,some months now youve resumed them in,the middle of june what has demand been,like over the last couple of months,well as you may remember um the european,mission,allowed the european borders to reopen,to american citizens north or even more,more north american citizens uh back in,in early june on on june 9. we as an,airline,we are specialized into flying the,transatlantic uh paris new york or east,new york so before that during the,coffee we were basically forced to stop,this kind of flying and this has been,measured drawback for,operation um,the borders reopened in europe uh gladly,enough we were to see that the american,public did come back,uh to the french destination uh such as,paris and nice and we were able to uh to,fill our airplanes at about 60 percent,of the world capacity,yet the fact that the american borders,were still closed at this time forces to,lower the offer in terms of number of,flights per week to,say a lower number to the one we,expected before such as four to five so,the traffic came along this this lines,during all the summit time but we were,still expecting at this time a lot from,the uh opening on the side of the dubai,administration of the uh of the us,borders,im glad gladly enough this can by the,announcement can be tonights number,confirming mid mid october um if the,borders actually opening on the 8th of,november so from this date 8th of,november the french european travelers,have been allowed to go back to america,to new york as we are concerned and,suddenly weve seen something like 250,percent increase of our sales um on a,weekly basis once a basis versus the,previous period while we only had,ability to travel american people across,atlantic so that that returned to,i wouldnt say a normal operation,because we are bound to fly at a much,higher pace than what were doing today,uh was very much expected and is very,well welcome,the reaction from public has been quite,strong and encouraging as we are today,in november and december we are getting,close to eighty percent load factor,which means the demand is pretty strong,and there are people actually actively,looking forward to traveling back across,the uh the ocean christian im gonna,interrupt you i got to interrupt you,because,when you talk about the 80 load factor,im looking at christmas you could be in,paris at 1700 bucks its essentially a,luxury ticket to paris and i just saw on,the website 1700 bucks you cant get,that on the other airlines that class of,service and youre going to be expanding,in april to milan,are there projections for,for further expansion i mean i realize,you have the two airbus aircraft now but,are you going to be growing in 2022,well i dont believe 2022 is going to be,a gross period for us in terms of,overall,size and revenues youre right we are,going to open milan to new york,from the year 15 of april which is,important change and and novelty to our,program to expand the ability the,possibility for american travelers to go,to europe beside paris and east um we,need to wait 22 20 22 to see our,revenues to stabilize and to allow us to,get back into profitability which we we,have obviously not seen for the last two,years uh before we can come to,uh decide on fleet expansion but yes we,do have plans to expand the fleet,um to return to,a higher place of service to paris,between paris and the office for at,first,we,small online like us we represented 23,of the market between paris and new york,in 2029 as far as business drivers are,concerned its quite significant we have,more destination that we want to look at,but we need to go through 2022,and see how it goes hopefully we will be,here we will be out of the crisis by,this time,um likely to be quicker than the other,ones youre right um and then we shall,adapt to uh,i i think the expression would be viva,la france i mean 1700 bucks i cant get,over newark to paris and i think theres,going to be a discussion in this,household tonight about that but we have,to say thank you very much,and all the best happy flying

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Flying to the Arctic – La Compagnie A321LR to the Northernmost Airport

today I am flying to the northernmost,airport in the world La company 321 Neo,how many hours you can fly on this one,oh thats 11 hours this is a comfortable,way to travel,its a very very expensive usually the,charter cling like this and the breaking,is gonna be some kind of hard because,the runway is quite short,[Music],s the runway is between the two,mountains I heard you waited three years,for this trip seven degrees it feels,time back to Arctic Canada another polar,bear here right now Im really on top of,the world,[Music],the morning from the otter airport at,Paris not at CDG this is a Orly Airport,my first time here,I came to the airport early today,because I was scared about the cues but,what cues business class access number,one priority goes straight through,[Music],I think this is a classic building but,they must have renovated the terminal it,looks similar to actually inside CDG,[Music],isnt this beautiful its got a shiny,metallic blue always wondering what La,company means in English right isnt it,the airline actually just the airline,just the airline exactly,numbers,thank you,[Music],there you go onboard the LA company 321,Neo but today they are operating a,charter for a boat company going to the,Arctic to drop off all the cruise,passengers hi morning everyone Im Chris,I will be the captain on this La company,flight to southbound Long Island,uh my first officer Frank today,I will be with me at High Tech High time,today expected to be four hours and 10,minutes well be climbing to a festival,three five zero a cruising speed average,will be Max 79 and I wish everybody a,great flight today,the 321 LR right we have two extra fuel,tank and that is correct we have two,extra tanks which uh get us a bigger,range than the regular 320 and how many,hours you can fly on this one for us 11,hours 11 hours oh because you have all,business class inside that is correct oh,is there any challenge today for the,flight to the northernmost airports are,very smooth and nice flight today and no,turbulence expected and nice weather in,southbound okay looking forward to the,approach,I think everyones pretty excited,getting into all business clouds this is,a comfortable way to travel to the most,northern airport,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],thank you,thank you,and this is the charter manager on board,today this is Matthew hes actually the,guy invited me on board saying Sam would,you like to fly to the northernmost,airport on the group chatter I say why,not so I have a question for you whats,the biggest airplane youve ever Charmed,actually at Luna Jets we can Charter,from the Honda Jet to the Boeing 747 we,did once for The Cruise Company and then,we arrange all the special details you,need such as you can see behind me this,is very very expensive usually the,chatter clean like this all but,its got to be very expensive not,necessarily for example a plane like,this 70 76 seats if you can feel it you,can be sometimes less expensive than a,scheduled service aligned it depends,also of the the period of time if youre,flying in Winter you can be really,surprised and find really cheaper price,so this is our job I do not just to find,the best solution and the best price for,our clients,how about chicken today,[Music],[Music],Im trying out the flap out a little bit,after the meal I think the meal is a,little simple right Im not sure its,because the chatterfly or like,serving like that,like that this bat here is used been,used on many airlines using narrow body,321 757,I think the pros is the padding is good,the Privacy is pretty good inside the,windows it but however you do need to,hop across somebody to get out of the,toilet if youre sitting window,[Music],so we are 40 minutes from Landing now,well be landing Runway 1-0 at,destination,were just going to be fairly cold,its a bit spontaneous area there were,gonna have some mountains to the right,and to the left of the airplane and the,great thing is going to be is some kind,of hard because the runway is quite sure,[Music],thank you,[Music],[Music],thank you,[Music],because,one foreign,[Music],one thousand,minimum,foreign,[Music],150 40 30 20 returns prize,[Music],thank you,[Music],[Music],wow speechless I just landed and the,runway is between the two mountains and,in a narrow Street were from Australia,we live in Far North Queensland up on,the Great Barrier Reef which is totally,different temperature to here its,either hot or very hot I heard you,waited three years for this trip well,yes weve covered weve spoked over,three years ago and then covert stopped,us coming last year and so now were,here,[Music],whoa this is really really cold seven,degrees it feels like back to Arctic,Canada,[Music],I was at Yellowknife I saw a polar bear,in Canada now another polar bear here in,swabari Norway,[Music],[Applause],sign everywhere right now Im really on,top of the world Im at the most,northern airport in the world here a,small bar long year been what a,beautiful place but you can hear the,winds blowing Im gonna go back to,terminal catch the return flight what a,beautiful view this is probably the best,deal of any airport waiting area,thank you,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music]

Review La Compagnie Business Airlines

hello and welcome to another exclusive,review with me Alex Belfield here at,celebrity radio beers well last year we,had over 8.7 million minutes viewed on,YouTube this week we focus on a new,airline for the UK with a business,service from London Luton to New York,Newark this is the LA Campania Airlines,Paris London New York review you see the,thing is you Google lockup on a review,and you immediately wonder if youve,booked with the right airline with very,mixed reviews to say the least,from the lounge Seton to the food this,could be a total disaster,so celebrity radio went on board the 757,from London Luton to New York New Hope,to find out the truth about a lack upon,you the company the reality is that for,the price this service is without,question the best in its class its the,epitome of value for money for the,discerning elite traveler or business,commuter across the Atlantic Im not,claiming that this airline is better,than verging up a class or be a club I,am saying for 1,500 pounds thats two,thousand three hundred dollars return or,less this is a remarkable airline,offering an exceptional service theres,only 74 seats on this aircraft only 33,passengers during my flight which makes,everything so much more civilized,relaxed and personal than your normal,airline with just four flights a week,from Luton to New York what this airline,lacks in pomposity reputation and,grandeur it makes up for in value for,money and overall flying experience,lockup on you started flights from Paris,to New York several years ago with their,76 flatbed 757 in June 2015 they bought,a second aircraft of Icelandair and,began services four times a week from,London Luton to New York well the truth,about Luton is its not in London even,though its called London Luton however,for me from the north its perfect,youll find Luton are now from central,London on the train in less than 90,minutes driving anything to avoid,Heathrow let alone Gatwick is a major,bonus for me with so relatively few,guests checking in your transit through,the airport is simple you also get fast,tracked through security perfect to,begin you are given access to the Aspire,lounge when its finished it will be,ideal and,have com overlooking the terminal chaos,currently under renovation its not,perfect its way too hot for example,today but the half that is finished is,impressive and elegant,there will be massage rooms business,areas as well as the usual indulgences,with birds included and lovely selection,of snack food this is not the Virgin,Clubhouse but its very impressive like,a Pawnee business flat bed seat is,around the same price of a be a virgin,premier economy seat,I think the atmosphere food service and,overall product beats these services by,a mile,arranged in two by two rows their,comfortable seats are spaced by a pitch,of 62 inches the seat height is 46,inches with the width of 26 inches,basically youre getting another half a,seat than you would on an economy,airline you obviously board quickly with,black upon yay and get a warm and,welcoming service onboard my stewardess,Sarah was remarkable and couldnt have,been more helpful the cabin feels,enormous with there being so few seats,and open cabins it puts me in mind of,the Concorde cabin just slightly wider,with 2/2 seating once youre in your,seat youll be offered a refreshment as,you would expect the seat is hugely,impressive spacious clean and the,least-cost robic I have felt on any,airline in a long time you can,manipulate the seat to be at your,perfect position theres power for your,laptop and phone essential for business,passengers so lets look at the,downsides okay heres the truth whilst,this plane flies there is absolutely no,problem however should there be a,technical issue you are basically,screwed with tiny airlines such as this,with only two aircraft when theres a,problem there is no contingency to get,you home this is worth considering if,youre on a crucial schedule or deadline,I read that this airline randomly,canceled flights without explanation,this was certainly not the case on my,flight but I can imagine its usually,frustration if it is on yours also the,only other issue is that there is no,curtain or divider between your seat and,the next that this could be very awkward,if you dont like the person sat next to,you if youre a couple its ideal I got,lucky as there was nobody in the seat,next to me bingo without question the,best seats on this plane are row 16 as,this is an,Ill to be honest though on a business,aircraft such as this it doesnt make,any difference there is no Wi-Fi onboard,this plane the entertainment system is,remotely powered by Samsung equivalent,to an interactive iPad theres TV movies,books and you can watch your progress of,the flight on the live map you can watch,in English or in French you can either,use the Samsung holder in the back of,the chair in front or take it out of the,holder position and use it at your,convenience the much-maligned food,online at the company was impressive,overall what do people expect,theres oddities like getting your,starter and dessert at the same time,which could be confusing for the heart,of thinking but really who cares my fish,dessert was delicious far exceeding the,last three meals on Virgin Atlantic,upper-class that I have sampled the main,meal what was very nice – not the best,lamb Ive ever had but as good as most,other airline food theres a choice of,meat or fish on my flight it was Cod or,lamb for dessert served with the starter,theres cake and cheese both hugely,flavorsome and delicious overall I,cannot think of a bad thing to say about,liqueur pony from the price to the,service to the seat its frankly,remarkable you cannot compare the,service to upper-class or be a,first-class thats not what its,competing with an upper-class seat on,virgin for example on the same day was,over 4,000 pounds honestly I would never,pay to fly virgin or be a again if I,could take this service and it was,guaranteed to be of equal quality ok,Branson has fancy lounges and absolute,flat beds lockup Anyas beds are not as,comfy but again whoever said I had the,best nights sleep ever on a flight its,never going to be simple try night on,works for me every time as a business,standard flying experience this flight,was four-star for the price five star,without question I only hope unlike so,many of its predecessors that lack a,pony can compete in this brutal airline,market numbers on board today are very,concerning this flight cannot have made,a profit do try it the company a huge,treat and I cannot wait to fly with them,again youve been listening to an,exclusive audio visual review by me Alex,Bell field here at celebrity radio dot,beers where last year we,8.7 million minutes viewed on YouTube,you can check out all of our exclusive,interviews and reviews at WWE laboratory,radio biz Tara

La Compagnie A321neo Business Class Dreamjet auf Langstrecke | YourTravel.TV

Very strange.. we hadn´t that before.,Exactly, that´s totally new.,Hi guys and welcome to a new flight report.,Today, we fligh a relatively unknown airline,to europe and we are in Newark, USA,and fly with La Compagnie.,..and their A321neo. It´s a business-class only machine.,We are really excited, at least me again. Almost like at TAP.. We have to go down there.,The lounge before having checked-in?,Let´s see what that means.,That is going to be the same lounge as it will be later,that means we do the check-in and get back to here,and the lounge of La Compagnie is even before the security check.,We have to allow some extra time when going to the aircraft later.,But the good news are..or maybe not that good,You have to get your champaign..,but there´s no glass..,Ah she´s just opening it! I´ll show you.,You can´t do it wrong.,That was again pretty smart of us.,We are waiting in front of the check-in area..Wating for it to open.,We had the chance to get in here for eating and drinking something long ago. We were very hungry.,It´s afternoon and we omitted launch as we thought to go here anyways, so that was kind of stupid.,To you, if you´ll fly with La Compagnie some time.. you´re allowed to get into the lounge,before the check-in to have some drinks and food, go out, check-in and get back again,and finally wait for boarding.,Yeah the problem is..and you probably already got it..,La Compagnie is a pure business-class airline.,No different rows to line up. No status is helping you,There´s only the usual check-in counter..coming along with some advantages.,Not in this case, if you´re with the first,to get into a long line,but anyways, i can get back into the lounge afterwards.,It begins to fill up in here. Each passenger is allowed to enter the lounge.,That means, the small area in this lounge,is for all passengers. There are 76 seats in the A321 neo and 76 passengers are sitting here.,The buffet is opened over there..Where we looked earlier.,They got a few things to choose and we have to eat something,as on our way back to Orly (Paris), they actually just serve a snack,,no complete meal because it´s a night-flight,La Compagnie comes up with that,to have your meal in the lounge, what is written in the description,and to get a nice breakfast at arrival..but not when departing. Just a snack.,As per usual, we got a pre-boarding,fading-in product placements in these scenes, supporting us. Thanks La Compagnie.,Yes, hopefully we aren´t late. The security,and emigration took a bit of time.,We got ready a bit late.,Hopefully, we have time for that..,Wow..that is the A321 neo,taking us to Paris Orly.,Round about 8 hours.,That´s the pure business-class of La Compagnie,76 business-class seats in a 2-2 configuration,and watch..there´s a little painting at each window. Looks nice.,Cool..like i said, that´s the business-class.,And thanks again to La Compagnie for the pre-boarding enabling us to show you the empty cabin.,That´s really funny. Actually, no airline is offering that,and La Compagnie only has 3 aircrafts. This is the newest type..the A321 neo,and they also have two 757 as business-class only machines,but with no flat-bed, it´s bent,this is the only aircraft with a flat-bed seat,all in a 2-2 configuration,offering business-class service only,with lounge service at each airport-,But i actually like it. Good idea,and i will tell you how we came about this during the video,and which deal is out now to fly this airline for low prices.,Alright, boarding begins. We had a lot of time in here to show you the cabin,Completely alone..showing you the cabin without passengers and without blurred faces,And i really apreciated the crew, the warm welcome and enabling us the pre-boarding,it´s still brigth outside and i can show you some impressions from the start,yeah..i really feel good so far and i´m excited how the flight will go on,Like i said several times, it´s a business-class only service,and will go on really relaxed. We´ll start,,get a little snack, will sleep,get a delicious big breakfast when arriving at Paris..at least i hope so.,I can work in the meanwhile – i´ll tell you later why – this airline has some special offers.,It´s not in line with other airlines but i´m gonna explain this to you during the flight,and…boarding begins!,We´re in. Boarding is running but it will take some time. They started on time,at 6.30PM..Scheduled departure is 7PM,and i guess they will make it on time. The passengers were called out the lounge quite early.,They told them that boarding begins, knowing that security control will take time as well,but most of them already waited at the gate.,We had the chance to get into this plane what was cool,Could show you some things are waiting for departure right now.,I´m really excited..they are extremly kind so far.,It´s all giving a nice impact,a business-class only jet,And you´ve seen it on the pictures. The A321 neo..business-class only..i accept climbing over Stefan,if such an aircraft is flying such routes, it´s allowed to have a 2-2 configuration from my point of view,Exactly. And if we are at the topic:,We flew with TAP Air Portugal from Porto to New York a few days ago,,you got this flight report on our channel last saturday – if not press the i-button -,that was also an A321 neo..but in the LR – (Longe Range) configuration,This is a pure neo machine..A321 neo.,Only has got 76 seats and that´s the reason this aircraft could go so far,as you save a lot of weight, only using business-class seats,and no economy and of course no first-class.,And i have to admit..One could think, that this has to be expensive but no..,if you´ve had a view at the deals on our website,you recently got business-class tickets for about 1.100€ for Paris-New York return with La Compagnie,that´s a really good deal.,We did a little re-setup. It should be un-occupied to our left so you´re at the crew-rest place for now.,We use the time for giving you a short room or seat demonstration.,I got an arm rest going up and down..I´ll put it down to enlarge my space.,I got a big white pillow. Night owl/Early bird. Alrigth!,That´s somehow Qatar Airways style but not for take away.,Things like that have to stay in the aircraft..We were asked this question quite often in the comments,,But don´t worry. You´re welcome to write comments again and again, that´s what this tool is for..,Write comments if you like the video. Press the “Thumbs up” – button and don´t forget to subscribe,and if you set the bell, you´ll get informed when we upload a new video.,But certainly, we will upload a new video every Wednesday at 5PM and every Saturday at 11AM,We had to wait until the captain finished the announcement and then the champaign or orange juice,was served by La Compagnie.,They are serving Piper Heidsieck for champaign and i actually really it,But i stopped..I got this white pillow with the nice slogan on it.,A huge blanket, also with the logo of La Compagnie on it.,I´ll unbox it later.,And a bottle of water and the amenity kid of La Compagnie,A cloth bag.. Interesting, you can open it on both sides.,Teeth brushing and the ear plugs,Dominik: And the rest on the other side..,That´s interesting..Socks, a sleep mask and a bag for the shoes,and a pen, a metallic pen.,Some cremes..Dominik: I´ve to admit..,If you stumbled across that on Instagram, the photos or in blogs. When we give away our Global Traveler-Bags,at Fan Meetings, there´s such a kid in it most of the times,and we´ll ask for some extra kids during this flight as well,and we´ll do them inside as a give away to spectactors meeting us live,at Fan meetings or in cities if we have them with us.,And.. who wants to have one..the limited edition is still available.,Thus, maybe just being fast.. Simply press the “i”.,Exactly and he already mentioned it..,Some time ago there was..no it´s partly still existing. Watch our website,under the category “Deals”,,there´s a pretty cool offer: Paris Orly-New York return for 1.100€,We were unluc

PRIMO AEREO 100% BUSINESS | LaCompagnie Milano – New York

salve a tutti siamo proprio in questo,video ragazzi oggi a voleremo con la,compagnia una compagnia che ci permette,di fare milano e new york cento per,cento in business class quello è il,nostro aereo ragazzi ne avete quello,azzurro li,ragazzi stiamo finalmente salendo,sullaereo adesso sono il primo in fila,quindi vedremo effettivamente bene,queste business class vuote senza,nessuno e vediamo un po,ed eccoci qua ragazzi guardate queste,laereo,cioè vedete ragazzi quello che vi stavo,dicendo tutta business class fino alla,fine dellaereo non cè leconomy,adesso sediamoci al mio posto ragazzi,vediamo di togliere tutto ci hanno dato,un mega super cuscinone gigantissimo,adesso vi faccio vedere un po la,postazione dei vantaggi di questo volo,sono molteplici quindi non si fermano,solamente al fatto che ci sia così tanto,spazio per le gambe e il sedile diventa,effettivamente un letto che ci permette,di dormire davvero di notte o di sera o,di giorno durante il volo ma forse uno,dei vantaggi più sottovalutati ma,probabilmente più importanti del fatto,che ci sono pochissimi passeggeri e ci,sono le priorità in tutto possiamo,prendere arrivare anche mezzora ho,quarantacinque minuti prima della,partenza allaeroporto è riuscire a fare,tutto dato che abbiamo una corsia,preferenziale per i controlli di,sicurezza abbiamo i cecchini in una,parte insomma riservata dellaeroporto e,abbiamo poche persone una volta arrivati,a destinazione per il controllo,passaporti quindi davvero ci si mette,pochissimo è tutto veloce,è unesperienza davvero strana,non cè molto altro ragazzi questo è,quanto io ho praticamente fatto vedere,in tre secondi tutta tutto il sedile,perché non è che abbia nulla di speciale,è una business alla fine quindi i,servizi sono gli stessi però il bello,che si può creare un letto un intero con,il poggiapiedi proprio davanti a noi,così possiamo anche dormire allora cè,solo francese inglese ma per noi non è,un problema vero ragazzi selezioniamo,inglese guardate come specchiato,comunque ci si vede completamente venete,a321neo della compagnia come si conferma,cè internet gratis il limitato ad alta,velocità si spera quindi faremo il testo,anche di quello con speed test vediamo,se funziona,poi ci sono i pasti con il menu eccetera,eccetera e abbiamo naturalmente anche,molti altri servizi che sono dedicati a,questo aereo i pasti dicono che sono,preparati dagli chef quindi adesso,controlleremo questa ragazza e la,schermata principale siamo ancora in,aeroporto è però non so per quale motivo,segna già che siamo a buon punto,probabilmente perché non lo so forse,calcola solo il tempo allora da milano,da new york da nizza o da parigi no,allora siamo da milano insalata di,finocchi tonno affumicato senape e,arancia come antipasto poi ci sono gli,involtini di tacchino con patate al,forno e carote oppure il baccalà con,crema di piselli e caponata di verdure,ok e poi come formaggi la selezione di,formaggi italiani invece cè anche il,dolce che è la meringa al 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questa cosa non,lho mai vista da nessuna parte ragazzi,sono i livelli quelli dei voli,futuristici in cui magari con sapete con,il sistematico di lomas che con i,satelliti si può avere veloce internet o,fuoco costo anche in tutti gli aerei,probabilmente così sarà nel futuro ma,per ora me la prima volta in vita mia,che il wifi di un aereo fa così e così,veloce da poterci permettere di guardare,video su youtube limitatamente scaricare,film scaricare cose veramente assurdo,probabilmente possiamo anche anzi senza,probabilmente possiamo anche guardare,netflix assurdo,i ragazzi si mangia ragazzi quasi siamo,appena partiti e già si mangia quanto,pare si mangia bene ragazzi è arrivato,il cibo siete pronti guardate qui ed,eccolo qua io ho scelto il tacchino in,questo sarebbe il salmone vedete,insalata di finocchi comunicato senape e,arancia m po e poi abbiano questo che,invece sono gli involtini di tacchini,con patate al forno e le carote o meno,stato il pane potevo scegliere troverete,pane e 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