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Sturdy Marissa, SS Laslow, Tactical Seth – Maximized Heroes! | Hero Reviews #2 【Fire Emblem Heroes】

anyways number one tier 20 its a soul a,wit you got five flowers how expensive,how long did it take you to take,get five flowers because for me guys,keep in my book three right now theres,only one infantry so theres only one,hero that you can get forty from it is,so bad right now trying to get flowers,for infantry so if you got hurt two plus,five Ill Congrats Im actually its,actually super cool it shows up here oh,they should really make some support,show up already,so that we can fully review guys,properly because you guys always tell me,hey I did summer support,well Im sorry doesnt show up here and,we would have to like keep it in mind,its not that easy,anyways barrier blades super interesting,you wanna drag up for res and you have,Sri stands to drag up her attack and,defense so youll have 37 defense and 36,Raz why you actually have a rest in,defense which is weird or so a and you,know seven maddening amount of attack 37,46 and the plus two no plus one to,everything with five dragon flowers is,really cutting in cuz you can still have,like immense attack and then speed and,then youre defensively super solid and,you have blue flame thats worth a lot,of points and thats pretty good damage,too and youve triggers pretty easily,wont attack for for the points shell,defense you know what when you have when,youre trying to defend you dont really,need the spiration and when youre this,quick you dont need Q R and when your,defense assets are this high you dont,necessarily need renewal so I can,understand shield defense so the defense,even concerns at one shotting heroes as,the battle progresses especially with,their like light and light mages alright,anyways pretty good build and a hika,minutes away all right Im just gonna be,frank here guys weve seen so many good,stories I feel like everybody has a good,soul a,I think and the thing was Soleil is,shes super versatile she can literally,do whatever she wants but yeah Ive even,wanted me to lay and replace my hand up,but I never got enough of her oh yeah,Soleil Soleil is here is what she says,and no kidding,shes here plus wives not very hard,plastics and beyond is hell yeah,thats what I recognized I believe I saw,somebody who try and did everything they,could,every infantry they could and they only,reach plus nine flowers as hell right,now,yeah great soul a great soul a very,interesting mix bulk still really still,hits hard its does really good speed,and you even did flowers which is huge,because so far none of our hero reviews,have included flowers youre the first,two included conclude them spring Serena,did I save how much defense I say okay,whatever its extra for defense another,five eight crowns do I have more crowns,Ike I want to flex,Sherina moons egg ether green – of,entreaty speedpaint attacked by a,flashing blade alright alright engine,Im gonna break it to you right now,Ninos better,Im sorry you got accept that no I I,sharinas a really good alternative to,Nino but shes very similar to Sauron,and Sauron is free to play and sharinas,not but then it depends on how you view,the tomes because Sauron has wins brand,and shereena has moons egg and one whose,leg was really interesting wrestles 3,and if units HP is greater than 50% TAC,res minus 5 on foe on enemy team with,the lowest speed through its next action,thats pretty damn good but yeah she,looks pretty good though,green to infantry thats what I do too,its four points rally attack speed,makes sense,four points speed faint makes sense that,way use it though her defense and,defense isnt that good so if youre,trying to kill like armor or something,its a pretty hellish flashing blade,flashing blade ether to heal up thats,pretty good,shes a great to buffer she is she is,chakra is minus 5 on foe though isnt as,useful because your Asghar trails off is,co-sharing supplies more reliable debuff,sure but you know now she supplies well,if were talking about Sauron its just,show attack but if were talking about,Nino she has even attack wave and thats,for herself and for for anybody shes,bluffing but thats even a lot even,turns a good job 8 no 9 sharinas how,many orbs would that take you know has a,luxury tome I know thats why I put in,favor and you know you know you know,actually has more speed and more no,comparable speed and kabrel attack but,Im pretty sure she has more speed and,comparable attack and less defence on,Sherina but a lot more res on sure you,know Im sorry,lets defense on rep Serena but more,more res and said they have the same,around say my same stat lines otherwise,you know here she is tier 19 you even,have the same accessory I have I Ruiz,tome its irises tome but I always say I,Ruiz Plus speed everyone goes for Plus,speed 51 attack and thats a close,counter,she has 51 attack even though shes,using clothes counter this girl hits so,hard and but its just no or fine angel,what are you doing thats like the best,part of this tome that were fine cuz,its a double buff thanks to the helpful,items work what are you doing angel,clothes counter desperation is super,weird I guess its for enough points I,mean now that youre not – defense or my,HP you are a lot better up close but,still close characters frictions a weird,choice,brazen attack res to audits attack wave,3 I think I know your idea is I reached,home refined so you have constant attack,wave because thats even attack wave and,this is odd attack wave so on all turns,you get +6 and none even turns to get +6,aka you are always bluffing 4 + 6 and,thats really interesting because you,can keep constantly buff yourself 4 + 6,and it thats I also adds 6 bonus damage,so its pretty big breeze and tack res,it also makes a bit of sense but youre,using clothes counter you mean plus 12,it is effectively better than plus 12,because its 6 attack and then its six,damage so I cant really say its plus,12 because its not really plus 12 but,yeah it is effectively better because,damage is damage if they have like a,hundred res you would still do six,damage at least but then damage doesnt,scale so if youre hitting green versus,blue you could hit much more than 6 you,could hit 8 no 7 or something Im not,gonna math all today,all right anyways you got the point,incomplete Nino though thats,unfortunate how many you got your games,to you MZ I tried to ignore this Erica,forever but I guess guess were not you,know Eric back she makes pretty good use,of flowers because her speeds not great,her attacks not great her defense is not,great nothing she has this great anymore,ever since shes been power cup to hell,its funny because the original,combination was Erica with Nino Erica,will buff up Nino and the Nino would do,a lot of damage this was in like first,months of Fire Emblem heroes where there,was no skill inheritance and that was,how they were supposed to use Nino and,you know Erica was like a great potent,combination nowadays Erica is the one,who depends on game buffs cuz of siglent,sea grants attack bonus grants bonus,attack speed defense res whose hi,supposed to on alledged in two spaces,during combat can coach each stat bonus,independently so essentially if you if,youre around somebody who has bonuses,she gets them,DC attack defense link attack smoke,attack speed bond so youre gonna use,from defensively very defensively,basically reposition something and then,get hit and then whatever you reposition,is right behind you so you have a TAC,speed bond there too so you get five,attack five speed five defense a five,attack so you hit 61 effectively and,whatever buffs they have at the minimum,is for attack cuz youre next to them or,at least the setup could be very easily,for attack and then you buff yourself up,to everything thats actually a really,good combination thats surprisingly,smart and thats pretty good combination,because 10x hack 5 speed 5 defense and,then whatever siglent gets you which,could be very easily for attack and that,for attack would be +4 to everything and,then you just smoke them afterwards and,you serve these wel

Can Everyone Become Talented? – Story of the Polgar Sisters (animated)

كان عالم النفس التربوي المجري (لازلو بولغار) من أوائل المنادين بأن,الموهوبون يصنعون لا يولدون.,كان قد جادل بأن الممارسة المتفانية في أي مجال مختار ، يمكن أن تحول أي طفل,طبيعي إلى عبقري.,يقول بولغار: “الأطفال لديهم إمكانات غير عادية ، و اكتشافها يقع على عاتق المجتمع.,”المشكلة هي أن الناس لسبب ما ، لا تصدق ذلك.”,”يبدو أنهم يعتقدون أن التميز مقتصر على الآخرين فقط، وليس لهم نصيب فيه “.,سنة1960 ، عندما كان بولجار يفكر في تجربته ، كانت فكرته عن المواهب,تعتبر سخيفة جدا ، لدرجة أن ممثل الحكومة المحلية نصحه بأن يراجع طبيبا نفسيا,لبتخلص من أوهامه.,لكن لازلو ليس من النوع الذي يمكن إيقافه بسهولة.,لقد أدرك أن الطريقة الوحيدة لإثبات نظريته هي أن يختبرها على مستقبل أطفاله.,لذا فقد بدأ تبادل الرسائل مع عدد من الشابات ، بحثا عن زوجة.,وجد امرأة أوكرانية شابة تدعى كلارا.,مثل الكثيرين في ذلك الوقت ، اعتقدت أنه كان مجنون ، لكنهما اتفقا على أن يتقابلا.,بشكل مثير للدهشة ، وجدت حجه غير قابلة للرفض، حتى انتهى بها المطاف جزءا من,تجربته الجريئة.,في عام 1969 ، أنجبت كلارا ابنتهما الأولى، سوزان.,قضى لازلو ساعات في محاولة لاتخاذ قرار بشأن المنطقة المحددة التي سيتم إعداد سوزان للتميز,فيها.,احتاج لأن تكون إنجازات سوزان مثيرة للغاية، حتى لا يستطيع أحد أن يشكك في صحتها.,كانت هذه هي الطريقة الوحيدة لإقناع الناس، بأن أفكارهم حول المواهب الفطرية كانت,كلها خاطئة.,و من ثم جاءت الفكرة: الشطرنج.,قال بولجار إنه تم اختياره لأنه موضوعي.,إذا تدرب ابنه كفنان أو روائي، فإن الناس سيبدؤون بالجدال حول,ما إذا كانت موهبة فذة أم لا.,لكن لعبة الشطرنج لها تصنيف موضوعي يعتمد على الأداء ، لذلك ليس هناك إمكانية,للجدال.,على الرغم من أن لازلو كان مجرد لاعب هاو، قام بالإطلاع على القدر الكافي من طرق,تعليم الشطرنج.,درس سوزان في المنزل ، كرس ساعات طويلة كل يوم لتعليمها الشطرنج حتى قبل عيد ميلادها الرابع.,لقد فعل ذلك بطريقة مسلية، جاعلا اللعبة ممتعة بطريقة درامية. حتى أصبحت سوزان مدمنة عليها بمرور الوقت.,بحلول عيد ميلادها الخامس تراكمت لديها مئات الساعات من الممارسة المتفانية.,بعد بضعة أشهر ، أشرك لازلو سوزان في منافسة محلية.,تقريبا جميع الفتيات المؤهلات كنَّ ضعف عمرها أو أكثر.,لكنها فازت في المباراة تلو الأخرى، وكانت النتيجة النهائية 10 إلى 0.,حقيقة فوز مثل هذه الفتاة الصغيرة بالبطولة كان بالفعل ضجة كبيرة ، ولكن الفوز في كل,المباريات أثار دهشة الناس أكثر.,ظنوا أنها ولدت بموهبة فطرية في الشطرنج.,الآن ، هذا هو المكان الذي تبدأ فيه القصة.,في عام 1974 ، أنجبت كلارا ابنة ثانية، صوفيا.,ثم في عام 1976 ،الابنة الثالثة ، جوديت.,شاهدت كل من صوفيا وجوديت أختهما الكبرى سوزان يجري تدريبها من قبل والدهم وأرادتا,المشاركة ، لكن لازلو لم يكن يريدهم أن يبدؤوا في وقت مبكر جدا.,فقط عندما أتمتا الخامسة بدأ هو في تدريبهما.,لم تكن الفتاتان مجبرتان على اللعب ، لذلك لم تشعرا و كأنه عمل روتيني.,كانتا مفتونتين فعلا بالشطرنج، و أرادتا أن تلعبا بشدة.,بحلول الوقت الذي وصلن فيه إلى سن المراهقة ، كانت قد قضت كل من الفتيات الثلاث ما يزيد على,عشرة آلاف ساعة من الممارسة المتخصصة.,دعنا نلقي نظرة على كيفية أدائهم:,في سن الثانية عشرة ، أصبحت سوزان بطلة العالم للفتيات تحت سن السادسة عشر.,بعد أقل من عامين ، أصبحت الأعلى تصنيفا بين اللاعبات في العالم.,في عام 1991 أصبحت أول لاعب امرأة في التاريخ للوصول إلى مرحلة غراند ماستر.,و هو أعلى لقب يمكنك الوصول إليه في لعبة الشطرنج.,بحلول نهاية حياتها المهنية كانت قد فازت ببطولة العالم للنساء في أربع مناسبات و,خمسة أولمبياد في الشطرنج وكان أول شخص في التاريخ للفوز بـ (التاج الثلاثي) للشطرنج.,فازت صوفيا ببطولة الفتيات تحت أربعة عشر عاما.,ومثل أختها ، فقد فازت بالعديد من الميداليات الذهبية في أولمبياد الشطرنج و غيرها من,المنافسات المرموقة.,لكن إنجازها الأكثر استثنائية هو المعروف الآن باسم “كيس روما”.,لقد فاجأت عالم الشطرنج بالفوز بثمانية مباريات مباشرة ضد العديد من أفضل المحترفين.,كانت في الرابعة عشر من عمرها.,تم تقييم أدائها في تلك البطولة كخامس أفضل أداء في تاريخ الشطرنج.,بعد تحطيم العديد من الأرقام القياسية في عمر مبكر، أصبحت جوديت أصغر بطلة للشطرنج.,أفضل من أي شخص في التاريخ في سن الخامس عشرة.,لقد كانت لاعبة الشطرنج رقم واحد في العالم لأكثر من عقد من الزمان.,على مدار حياتها المهنية ، كانت لديها انتصارات _ تقريبا _ على كل عظماء اللعبة.,واعتبرت عالميا أفضل لاعبة شطرنج في تاريخ اللعبة.,تقدم قصة الأخوات بولجار أدلة لنظرية لازلو للممارسة المتفانية.,لكن الجمهور كان على يقين من أن نجاح الأخوات كان نتيجة موهبة فريدة من نوعها.,وقد وصفت سوزان حتى من قبل الصحيفة المحلية بالطفل المعجزة.,ولكن ما هذا إلا وهم.,نحن نرى فقط ثمار العمل ، ولكن ليس العمل الجاد المختفي وراء الكواليس.,كما يقول لازلو: ” لو كانوا قد رأوا التقدم البطيء المؤلم _ بوصة وراء بوصة,_ لم يكونوا ليستعجلوا بتسميتها الطفل المعجزة.,أيضا لا لازلو ولا كلارا قد ورثوا أي قدر من الموهبة في لعب الشطرنج لبناتهم.,كان لازلو مجرد لاعب متواضع ، وكلارا قد أظهرت عدم القدرة على لعب الشطرنج على الإطلاق.,نجاح الأخوات نتج فقط عن سنوات من العمل المكثف.,في الوقت نفسه ، تجدر الإشارة إلى أن الأخوات لم يحققن مستويات متساوية من النجاح.,الشقيقة الوسطى ، صوفيا ، لم تصل إلى نفس المستوى المميز لشقيقتيها، و قد اتفق,الجميع تقريبا على أنها كانت الأقل التزامًا.,على الرغم من أنها أصبحت المرأة رقم ستة على مستوى العالم.,حتى إن سوزان قالت أن صوفيا “كانت كسولة”.,واعترفت صوفيا نفسها أنها كانت لتستسلم أسرع من جوديت، و أنها لم تعمل بالقدر,الكافي كأختها.,وعلى نفس الصعيد، اتفق الجميع تقريبا أن جوديت التي حققت الأفضل، هي من عمل بجدية,أكثر.,و الآن، هناك سؤال لك:,هل لدى الجميع القدرة على أن يصبحوا موهوبين؟,قد تقول الأخوات نعم ، أي طفل طبيعي قد يصبح متمرسا في مجاله،,إذا التزموا بالممارسة المتفانية.,قصصهم الخاصة بهم أقنعتهم بصحة ما ادعاه والدهم حول الموهبة.,كما قالت سوزان: “والدي يعتقد ذلك الموهبة الفطرية ليست شيئا ، وهذا النجاح هو,99 في المئة عمل شاق. “,”وأنا أتفق معه.”,شكرا للمشاهدة حتى النهاية.,آمل أن تكونوا قد وجدت قصة أخوات بولغار رائعة كما فعلت.,إذا كنت تستمتع بالفيديو ، فلا تنسَ ذلك اضغط على زر الإعجاب.,وإذا كنت جديدًا على القناة ، فتأكد من أن تشترك بها.,معا سنصبح أفضل من الأمس.

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hey my name is attorney walter not with,disability resolution p i just wanted to,go ahead and catch up with you real,quick about something the law firm is no,longer going to be calling back people,who do not leave a message on the phone,system like on our voicemail and heres,why when people call in and they dont,get anybody right for all working on,something,its usually people who you know the,people who dont leave a message are,usually just calling me to validate uh,if blind billionaire is correct about,some you know 200 you know a bill thats,coming down the line or some you know,135 percent increase on the benefits,above the property level notice or la,late talking about 2 000 extra from some,you know,democrat based senator or democrat-based,house rep that is you know a freshman,just trying to promote their name out,there trying to throw some bills out,there thatll never get passed its,mostly people calling me,to essentially validate what these other,people are saying,and i dont have time from the nine to,five job at the law firm because,remember this is not my job,i dont have time to answer,to correct,or go into detail,what these other channels were talking,about,so im just my fix to this,is that essentially,when you call the law firm and you dont,leave a message were not going to be,calling you back,so if its like youre working with the,law firm or you have a question or its,really important to you or whatever,leave a message,that way i can parse through and figure,out okay this is something that we,should be working on essentially you,know on thursday during the free time i,can send you tobacco text hey catch up,with me at thursday 8 to 10 p.m live,eastern standard time on youtube well,answer the question then,or oh hey cool let me pull the file let,me look it up the hearings here and this,is what you need for it we need to get,these forms signed lets get rolling,blah blah cool,thats what the law firm should be,looking like when it processes people,trying to get validation from these,other youtube channels that are coming,out with,some factual things,but then they create this hope and,expectation that its around the corner,that youre going to be getting a boost,when it ever comes how many of you have,been sitting there for six months,waiting for a 200 increase per month and,it there is no 200 increase a lot of you,so my point is um we will no longer be,validating,or well,well still be doing that but we will no,longer be returning,calls to people who do not leave a,message,we wont be calling them back theres,just too many of you calling in for us,to validate what benefits might be,coming your way that other youtube,channels talked about,we dont have time for that we just,dont and i know that you want to know,but thats why i donate two hours every,week a lot of attorneys dont donate to,it they will not donate two hours per,week some attorneys will donate an hour,once a month or something like that,um but i i am the only attorney that i,know of there may be other ones out,there who will literally take phone,calls live on the spot,on youtube every single week for two,hours im the only one that i know,otherwise the other attorneys will get,like chat session stuff and then theyll,have a moderator pick which questions,they answer and then basically theyll,be sitting there hearing it in their ear,so that they can get updates from the,moderator as to like you know heres,something that you can talk about heres,a law that you should talk about heres,what the laws you know information is,you know theyre getting fed the,information into their ear i dont do,that i either know the answer or i look,it up on the spot or i dont know the,answer and then i do a video on it later,so,anyways guys just as a heads up,if you have something important that you,want me to look at,call and leave a message otherwise were,not calling you back because theres too,many people calling right now that just,want me to validate something thats,going on or not going on all right have,an absolutely wonderful day ill catch,you a little bit later thank you so much,attorney walter not and well go from,there thanks bye-bye

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Samsung Galaxy A03s review

hey whats up guys will here for gsm,arena samsung is known for their,mid-rangers and premium flagships but,they also offer phones on the lower end,of the spectrum,this is the entry-level galaxy a03s,at this budget is it still able to,provide a decent smartphone experience,lets find out in our full review,[Music],as you might expect at this price the,galaxy a03s doesnt come with many bells,and whistles but still there is a big,battery and three cameras on the back,the phone is made from a matte plastic,unibody and the back features an,interesting grippy texture,it isnt too light because of the large,battery pack and of course theres no,ingress protection here but its all,solid and straightforward,on the front its a 6.5 inch lcd with a,720p resolution and a droplet shaped,notch for the selfie cam,this screen is nothing special the pixel,density isnt too high at 270 ppi and,you get a standard 60hz refresh rate,colors arent too accurate even rather,dull and you dont get options to tweak,them and max brightness is okay at,around 490 ppi,at least you do get good contrast here,for an lcd,the galaxy a03s has a traditional,headphone jack for audio as well as a,single bottom firing speaker it scored a,good rating on our loudness charts but,as far as audio quality goes theres no,bass and mid tones are lacking,[Music],one thing the galaxy a03s does excel at,is battery life it packs a 5 000,milliamp hour power pack and was able to,score a 122 hour endurance rating in our,proprietary tests,charging speed is really slow though,with the bundled 7.5 watt charger we,were only able to charge from zero to 15,percent in half an hour and its the,same speed even with a faster charger,you can get the galaxy a03s with either,32 or 64 gigs of storage on board and,its expandable through microsd,and you can wake up and unlock the a03s,using the side mounted fingerprint,reader which doubles as a power button,its really fast and accurate,another plus of the galaxy a03s is that,you get android 11 and samsung software,the interface is one ui 3.1 core which,as the name suggests provides the,essentials of the one ui experience but,it is missing some of the features youd,get on more expensive samsung phones,these include knox bixby the game,launcher and music share among others,but still you get handy features,provided by android 11 like notification,history,and advanced media controls,there is an edge panel handy for storing,your shortcuts in,and there are samsungs proprietary apps,like the dialer the gallery and internet,browser,unfortunately the ui experience isnt,fast or fluid because of this phones,budget level chipset its a mediatek,helio p35 built on a 12 nanometer,process in benchmarks the a03s sits at,the bottom of both the cpu and gpu,charts even in the budget category,playing games is a chore and the phone,feels sluggish even when just scrolling,around or doing your daily tasks,moving on to the cameras on the back the,galaxy a03s has a 13 megapixel main cam,a 2 megapixel macro camera and a depth,sensor,in good lighting photos from the main,cam are likable with accurate colors,good contrast and wide dynamic range,the level of detail isnt anything to,write home about though its enough at,this price but fine details are smeared,the depth sensor is meant to help with,portrait shots these come out decent,again the detail level isnt great but,there is good subject separation and,nice colors and,contrast close-up shots from the macro,cam are pretty good the dta level is ok,considering the resolution and the noise,levels are tolerable,low light photos from the main cam are,dark with blown highlights,there is no night mode but if you turn,on auto hdr you will get an improvement,in the dynamic range,it introduces more noise though,you can take selfies with the galaxy,a03ss 5 megapixel front-facing cam you,get good colors and contrast but a very,poor level of detail,videos can be recorded with the main cam,and up to 1080p resolution at 30fps,these clips arent good they have washed,out colors and a mediocre amount of,detail theres no stabilization,available here either,so thats the samsung galaxy a03s its,an entry-level smartphone so were not,expecting a lot here but you still get,good battery life and a large screen a,modern ui and an okay camera experience,the problem is this sluggish chipset is,really noticeable and for the same money,you can find phones with better,performance so unless you find the a03s,at a discount or you really need an,entry-level samsung it might be better,to shop around,thanks for watching guys stay safe and,see you on the next one,[Music],you

LALATE Hazard Pay review

good afternoon everybody today is august,22nd,and its been a long day but i just,wanted to go over,uh la lates video on hazard pay and,i do have a few comments about it and,again you know,um i really do appreciate his videos he,seems to be one of the only few people,talking about hazard pay,uh there are some people talking about,it but its just that their platforms,are so small,that you know its its nice that a,larger platform is actually addressing,the issue of hazard pay so,you know that being said uh l.a late he,does his research and then he,distributes it to people in a way that,they can better understand and digest,and with that being said im just gonna,watch his video and all the information,that he says again,is things you can find um,online or if you look around for the,information,but i wanted to do a review just because,uh id have some disagreements on how he,words things or how he says things,but you know again this isnt this is,him just um,you know giving us the information so,its not like,he he in particular is making any of,these things like,hes just hes just the messenger and,hes doing a really good job and i,really appreciate it,but im making this review because,theres a lot of essential employees who,dont consider things that i think they,should start considering,so with that being said lets get into,the video this currently in the senate,from the house,theres no hazard pay in the republican,plan,there is never been a hazard pay bill,in a republican plan that is broadly,accepted,the romney plan is an enormously,incredible,program its such great news when we,first saw it it is written by mitt,romney who is of course as a republican,out of utah it was introduced months and,months and months ago,back in may ive reported extensively i,adore it,the only thing negative about it is a,little bit less money than the,democratic plan but not a lot i,think its like six thousand versus ten,thousand dollars its,not a lot but okay first of all la late,again i really appreciate that you go,out of your way to distribute,information but the thing is that,the difference between ten thousand,dollars and six thousand dollars is,tremendous thats,a four thousand dollar difference a four,thousand dollar difference is huge i,dont know why you would say that,what are you are you really rich or,something because,four thousand dollars is a lot one,thousand two hundred dollars was what,people are getting in the last stimulus,checks,so i dont know why you would say that,and im not,its not against you but its just i,dont understand,why you dont think 000 is a big,difference it really is,and also you know if we in the four,months time frame of those collecting,unemployment right,you know if i do a quick breakdown right,10 times 40,if someone is if theres two brothers,right and brother a,and his brother b and brother a was an,essential employee while brother b,wasnt you know um if,in the four months time frame if brother,a is an essential employee making 10,an hour thats 400 a week and he times,that by 16 weeks thats six thousand,four hundred dollars,okay that is six thousand four hundred,dollars to be an essential employee,risking your life,uh not getting any kind of hazard paid,compensation and then,um theres no free time to himself and,hes just stressed out his mental health,is killed,and then you know hes risking his,health people have died while working,okay so i dont know any amount,is anyway so brother b um you know if,hes on unemployment,with and hes only collecting i dont,know anywhere from 50 to 58,of his unemployment insurance with 600,from additional cares act,that is around he is making,eight hundred dollars plus but were,just going to go over 800 because,600 from the cares act and 200 for,unemployment insurance,because you know theyre both making 10,hes basically making half of 400 per,week,plus the additional 600 cares act bonus,so hes big hes,actually just making double if not a,little bit more with the 58,but were going to leave that out so,one brother has made 6400 the other,brother has made 1,12 800 the one staying at home having,all this free time to himself to do,whatever he wants,for good or bad while collecting more,money,while not having to risk his health,not having to be stressed out from,working,doing whatever you want spend time with,kids go back to school focus on,education invest in the stock markets,opportunities that people who are,essential employees just simply do not,have because theyre too busy working,risking their life day-to-day providing,goods and services,for the economy and the american people,so hes made double the money six,thousand four hundred dollars,so if you did receive a hazard pay of,six thousand dollars from mitt romneys,proposal right,well um if its slightly less,right that then you would youd make 400,less as an essential employee,than his brother his brother if the two,brothers,if the essential employee brother,brother a got the six thousand dollars,thats he makes 400 less by being the,central employee,while his brother whos on unemployment,benefits with the cares act,is significantly way off better than him,financially,and his time and you know what the thing,is is that every time,we print more money right the value of,the dollar,loses purchasing power because the,government doesnt make money,i mean the government they make money,okay they print,more money but the value of the dollar,doesnt go up just because they print,more dollars into the system,the value of the dollar drops so even if,you did receive a lump sum with 6000,that lump sum of 6000 doesnt equal 6000,like it did,last year five years ago 10 years ago or,even three or four,four five months ago or even the,beginning of this year its depreciating,value,every time we do quantitative easing uh,aka these stimuluses,which only makes sense so if for example,if you go buy six thousand hamburgers,last year with six thousand dollars for,a dollar each well,when the purchasing power of the dollar,goes down and people are consuming,more than theyre actually producing an,economy the value of the dollar drops so,maybe now you can only buy,4 500 hamburgers or 6 000 so 6 000,isnt that much,and thats you know when you compare to,ten thousand four thousand dollars is,still a lot of money,whats the point of being a central,employee if majority of essential,employees,would still make less than those who,have been on unemployment benefits,great thing about the romney plan is it,says hey,you have to pay has you have to pay,essential workers i mean what are we,doing republicans,you have to pay essential workers you,have to pay essential workers working,early on the pandemic still working in,the pandemic and going forward in the,pandemic,how is that possible though how would,that be possible,because the thing sorry i stopped at a,wrong time,im so sorry i stopped the wrong time,but howd that be possible if its,slightly less right,if they if they make it slightly less i,think it was like what eight nine,or ten dollars per hour right of that,you get from hazard pay,if youre working 40 hours a week since,january 27th and they retroactively pay,you since january 27th and youre making,anywhere from eight,nine ten eleven twelve thirteen dollars,per hour in hazard pay,you if if this if it caps at six,thousand youve already would have kept,many many months ago so that means,moving forward like you say,theyre not actually receiving hazard,pay because while there is,a hazardous condition while the global,while while we actually might be,shutting down the economy again,while we might be closing down,businesses once again,um because the hazard is still here,people still working these essential,employees still working,whove been working the whole time,during the worst,still are have have already kept,their six thousand dollar hazard paid,benefits if theyve been working 40,hours a week,full time many many months ago so that,means,from i dont know the right numbers for,this particular ho

LMFAO: Where Are They Now? (Their Brutal Decline)

they were the most iconic musical duo of,the early 2010s the wild hair the,lensless glasses and the bizarre outfits,mixed with a bright overly saturated,color scheme helped to generate a,combined 4 billion views across their 4,most popular music videos in the process,making lmfao an almost unforgettable act,the whole time however the two members,of the group hated each other redfoo and,sky blue feuded publicly on facebook,became involved in lawsuits were berated,and destroyed by the media all while,each of their careers died a silent slow,death in the background with failed,project after failed project following,their peak in 2011. the story of lmfao,is a brutal warning about the risks of,going into business with a family member,because as you may or may not know the,group began as an uncle nephew duo,redford being the uncle and older of the,two by approximately 11 years had been,born into the music world with his,father being the incredibly rich and,famous barry gordy who founded motown,records which signed artists such as,stevie wonder and michael jackson with,sky blue being the 11 year younger,nephew of redfoo and therefore also,being in the same family youre actually,part of a very famous family yes,and that is the gordies the gordies its,safe to say that the two were in an,advantageous position from the very,beginning however this certainly didnt,guarantee success for either of the two,family members in 1997 at the age of 22,redfie released his first studio album,titled balance beam which according to,the discogs website sold only 44 copies,in an interview from 2002 over five,years after the release of his first,album it appeared as though redfu was,still somewhat confused about the,direction in which his life was going,and im doing some stand-up comedy,im doing some music im doing some,rapping,but uh for the first time in my life im,im trying to uh uh just build myself,yet at around the same point in time,redfu and his nephew sky blue seem to,have subscribed to the popular self-help,movement known as the sacred believing,that if they simply envision themselves,as big djs the path to such a position,would reveal itself as time progressed,and it started off really with the,secret the secret the motivational,motivational video that yeah we really,saw that putting out there what we want,is going to come back with the goal of,becoming big djs now established that,impulsively decide to form lmfao whilst,at a family christmas party one day we,were at this christmas party at the,family crib at my grandfathers house,hes like yo we should form a group,together also mentioning that they,originally planned on calling themselves,sexy dudes yet decided to go with lmfao,fearing that sexy dudes might result in,judgement from their grandmother,subsequently redfu and sky blue began to,live what they described to be the party,rock lifestyle djing three nights per,week at random clubs across los angeles,whilst working on improving their music,during the daytime we were just living,this this lifestyle which was you know,party rock you know what im saying like,we went and did clubs three times a week,and people didnt know who we were,didnt know our music and we just get up,there yo what up we have enough for,yall we were partying every night were,performing and every every night and if,not were creating something were,making something to me that whole time,just felt like a one long party this is,where lmfaos family connections came,into play redfu and will i am from the,black eyed peas had conveniently been,friends since high school and by 2009,redfield and his cousin had been,creating music for over 10 years giving,lmfao enough skill and experience to,land a major record deal through will i,am subsequently hate and sky blue would,release bangers such as at yes and im,in miami at which point theyd fully,embody the idea that success happens not,at all then all at once yes when,certified gold in the united states,boasting over 500 000 sales whilst im,in miami peaks top 50 in the charts,throughout the united states the uk,canada and australia the extreme,popularity of these two songs caught the,attention of david guetta who would,feature them on his song getting over,you alongside fergie which has over 250,million views to this day yet the music,seemed like only half of what made lmfao,so iconic a large portion of their,skills seemed to lie in their memorable,style and branding you could tell that,the members of lmfao were just these two,los angeles bozos whats your favorite,thing about los angeles other women who,had a genuine passion for partying and,making others dance everything about,them was just so authentic their wacky,style and carefree attitude felt,effortless and unapologetic every other,dj seemed to be trying so hard to look,cool or suave yet lmfao were so,comfortable in making a fool of,themselves for the entertainment of,others as if they were mixing comedy,into their music however this approach,certainly wasnt appreciated by everyone,in june 2011 lmfao released their most,infamous album titled sorry for party,rocking which will receive a 0 out of 10,review from nme which included a,statement reading lmfao understood the,pain they were inflicting on the world,and did it anyway thats a horrifying,thought even lucifer had good intentions,the guardian would give it sorry for,party rocking a slightly better review,at 1 out of 5 stars however if anything,these reviews were simply proof that,taste is subjective as the songs within,this album have gone to become some of,the most popular in pop music history as,mentioned in the beginning the four most,viewed songs on the album party rock,anthem champagne showers sorry for party,rocking and sexy and i know it boasts a,combined total of 4 billion views here,on youtube while on the billboard,greatest of all time hot 100 songs party,rock anthem still sits at rank number 7,over 10 years later however while on the,surface it seemed as though everything,was going incredibly well for lmfao,nobody could tell that behind the scenes,the relationship between the two members,was beginning to deteriorate the beef,between redfu and sky blue began in,early 2012 after sky blue would injure,his back during a live super bowl,performance alongside madonna during the,super bowl my disc slipped when i was,performing and so as soon as i went down,that little elevator i collapsed and i,couldnt even watch the rest of the show,or anything this injury meant that sky,blue couldnt continue on with the tour,or possibly even make music at all,meaning redfu had to perform the tour by,himself while sky blue recovered from,his injury whats full there for you,during that time period on your healing,process oh no,no hes doing this thing you know what i,mean he was really focused on what he,needed to do the tour kept going and,then i just had to go home and you know,and everybody kept doing the party rock,and kept doing lmfo without me as a,result sky blue wasnt paid for the tour,did you still get paid though,hey look i dont yeah,oh my gosh i i wish,so you got kicked out the group because,your back went out i mean pretty youre,not not out yet which must have sailed,their relationship pretty heavily as,after the tour concluded sky blue and,redfood wouldnt speak to each other for,over a year after my,back my back went out you know i didnt,speak to food for a year,me and food and talk for a year,you didnt talk on them like happy merry,christmas,nothing it became even worse when news,outlets began to catch wind of the,conflict one article written by e news,in april 2012 approximately two months,after the back injury read the new york,post reported yesterday that the,grammy-nominated rappers are fighting,apparently over the cash theyve made,from their catchy tunes including the,number one hits partyrock anthem and,sexy and i know it and are on the verge,of going their separate ways the two,lmfao members would shut these rumors,down in an article writte

Redmi 9A Review

whats up guys justin here with vegatek,and you already know that xiaomis,latest addition to their entry level,series is this redmi 9a,its more affordable than its,predecessor the redmi 8a,and you might even see it as quite a,downgrade but lets see,youve read the title this is our redmi,9a full review,[Music],when we see budget smartphones we dont,really expect too much ergonomically,oftentimes we get the polycarbonate body,ibs display and just,essential buttons and ports now the 9a,has all those qualifications in bold,solid colors like this graphite gray,unit that we have,its not glass stick but it has some,textured lines at the back making it,look more classic,youll also find here its single rear,camera stacked vertically with the led,flash and some branding,the camera module has a short bump but,it doesnt make the phone slip,or wobble when placed on flat surfaces,unfortunately theres no fingerprint,scanner inside and even on the sides,so it purely relies on facial,recognition and passcode for unlocking,located on the right are its volume,rocker and power button while on the,left is its sim tray for two nana sim,cards,and a micro sd card thats expandable up,to 512 gigabytes,theres a headphone jack on top while at,the bottom are its main microphone micro,usb port and loudspeaker,flipping over to its display the 9a has,a 6.53 inch hd,plus dot drop ips lcd screen with a 20,by 9 aspect ratio,and a pixel density of 269 pixels per,inch,noticeably the dew drop notch is quite,out of date but xiaomi seems to,purposely chose it since you can now,access your notifications on miui 12,by swiping from the upper left and,access the control center shortcuts,by swiping from the upper right and i,have no complaints about that,talk about display quality we get clear,and accurate colors but dont expect,them to be too,punchy you can customize the colors and,saturation in the settings and i,recommend that you leave it on auto mode,since this feature will adjust the,colors automatically based on the,phones current brightness level,the redmi 9a also has good out there,visibility as its capable of up to 400,nits,take note though that since it has an hd,plus resolution youtube videos are,limited to a maximum resolution of 720p,audio sound from its downward firing,speaker is loud enough for a small room,however extending the volume to full 100,can sound teeny depending on what youre,listening to,nonetheless the sound quality is clear,and average with pretty decent bass,now it gets more interesting with,software as the redmi 9a packs xiaomis,latest miui 12,thats based on android 10 out of the,box its the first time that im getting,a closer look at this new update,and what can i say its great its like,a hybrid of ios,and android miui has been well known to,be well equipped with customization,features and it still is,except that they incorporated it this,time to a cleaner,modern yet still familiar to their usual,interface,you still get an app drawer option as,well as navigate with gestures and just,like what i said earlier,the notifications and control center are,now more organized,since theyre located almost similarly,to ios 13.,other than that it has fewer ads and you,get the usual pre-installed apps,including,games that you most likely wont play,facebook netflix,google apps and xiaomis own apps as for,other features you can take advantage of,its native dark mode,screencast and wireless display to,screen mirror to your smart tv or other,available monitors via wi-fi,now i did mention that this phone only,relies on face unlock and passcode for,unlocking which is a bummer when you are,used to fingerprint scanners,however its face unlock surprisingly,does the job it doesnt always work,fast but it manages to detect my face,even when im wearing a mask,or eyeglasses as for performance,powering the 9a is the latest mediatek,helio g25 chip with a power vr a320 gpu,you get 2 gigabytes of ram and 32,gigabytes of internal storage,with this configuration we get a fairly,decent performance with some slight,delay in feedback at times,but generally doing basic tasks such as,navigating texting calling and taking,photos runs smoothly on the 9a just make,sure to keep it optimized since running,too many apps in the background can,result in some stuttering,we ran it through our usual benchmark,tests and well flash the scores now,so for day-to-day use the processor is,efficient enough however since this is,an entry-level device playing heavy,games like pubg mobile,asphalt 9 and mobile legends are,playable but do expect a laggy,experience,obviously this phone isnt built for,gaming but it can be good for online,classes if that means youll mostly use,it for video calls,messaging or mobile office apps now,keeping this device running is a large,five thousand milliamp hour battery,capacity thats similar to last years,redmi 8a,although if you can remember the 8a has,18 watts fast charging and a type-c port,compared to this 9as 10 watt charging,support via micro usb,its one of the things they sacrifice to,achieve that cheaper price,and we think its okay since the phone,can last you a whole day and even more,if youre not a heavy user,so you wont really look for a charger,or power bank every now and then,for some numbers through the pc marks,battery test the 9a yielded a total of,14 hours and 12 minutes,meanwhile in our standard video loop,test it got a total of 21 hours in two,minutes,moving on to cameras at the back is a,single 13 megapixel lens while on that,notch,sits a 5 megapixel selfie shooter photos,taken from the rear camera arent that,bad,under natural lighting you can observe,clear and sharp photos with decent,dynamic range,oftentimes colors look close to normal,but we suggest that you take,more than one shot since some output can,look pale or,blurry it does a very good job for,portrait mode however its not ideal for,night photography,besides the lack of night mode photos,can look a lot grainy and,filled with shadows as for videos you,can shoot up to 1080p at 30 frames per,seconds and im going to be,honest with you that youll get a budget,quality thats not too good but it,should suffice,all right were down to price so the,redmi 9a is now available locally via,xiaomis flagship store on lazada and,global store on shopee for 4590 pesos,were really liking miui 12 but you know,its not enough reason to get the redmi,9a,now why you should buy this phone is,because its affordable price,justifies what it offers sure it doesnt,have a type c port like the redmi 8a but,honestly most phones in this price,really still pack micro usb ports and,large batteries to keep you powered up,the whole day,mind you were talking about a 4590,pesos price tag here,plus this one offers a more optimized,experience compared to the 8a with the,mediatek g25 and that miui 12 to add up,although if you have the extra 1000 to 2,000 pesos cash to spare,there are more options in the market for,better entry level performance,well some of them just dont have google,mobile services,if you know what i mean so thats it,guys what do you think of this redmi 9a,let us know in the comments below and if,you enjoyed this video be sure to drop a,like subscribe to our channel for more,content,hit that bell icon so you dont miss any,future uploads and be sure to visit,yugatak.com for the latest tech news and,reviews,once again this is justin and dont,forget to wash your hands and stay at,home

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