1. 3 YEAR REVIEW: Living in Portland Oregon – Lake Oswego [Honest Experience]
  2. Pros and Cons of Living in Lake Oswego Oregon in 2021
  3. Moving To Lake Oswego, Oregon? Top 5 Things to Know!
  4. Top 5 tips to living in Lake Oswego of Portland Oregon [2022]
  5. Moving to Lake Oswego? Check out these hot Summer activities!
  6. Lake Oswego Year in Review – Mayor Joe Buck
  7. ‘Water should be accessible to everyone’: Community reacts to Oswego Lake ruling

3 YEAR REVIEW: Living in Portland Oregon – Lake Oswego [Honest Experience]

hey everybody in this video were doing,something a little bit different if,youre looking to move to Portland,Oregon then check out this video were,going to get into our three-year review,now that weve lived here for three and,a half years really we wanted to talk,about the highs the lows the things that,surprised Us in good ways and bad ways,and overall how were feeling about this,huge life-change moving to Portland,[Music],hey everybody Im Aaron Cohen this is my,wife Brianna Cullen and we live in Lake,Oswego right outside of Portland Oregon,I cant wait to tell you we do love it,here but we want to share with you our,journey its been a little over three,years since we moved here from out of,state and since we have a real estate,company we wanted to share our story,with you in case it might resonate and,you might be able to pick up a few,little things that might make you feel,better more comfortable about your move,to Portland I think first it helps to,know that it was a really big decision,and moving States moving cities is is a,huge decision for people and not one,that we took lightly at all so when we,moved here a little over three years ago,from the Los Angeles area we had a 18,month old daughter we knew we wanted to,have more kids and our work situations,had changed so that we were more remote,and we really had the opportunity to,decide where we want meant to live and,it was a huge deal it was a really hard,decision as we were going through the,closing of our home the entire time I,was like are we sure are we are we sure,are we sure are we sure Aaron is very,decisive and you know so he was sure but,as soon as I saw the home I fell in love,with it the first time I came to Lake,Oswego I flew out first and we had never,actually been here Bryant used to live,in Portland but shed never really been,to Lake Oswego so I flew out here first,and as soon as I went to Millennial,Plaza and looked out over the lake and,was right there in downtown,I just knew right then I was like were,going to be happy here I was like I,dont care what I see I hadnt even seen,the house yet that we had it in a,contract in person I just knew it was,going to be a good fit he called me from,State honorary which is a French bakery,right there in the plaza and it was a,sunny day in April and he was like I I,whats not to like he was giddy we,always knew that eventually we were,going to get out of La for a lot of,reasons one our money just didnt go,very far in terms of our housing and our,lifestyle and I grew up in a small town,a lot like Lake Oswego and I think we,both knew that eventually we wanted that,kind of community for our family yeah no,absolutely I lived in a bunch of big,cities and Id lived in smaller cities,growing up throughout my life and Id,spent the last 12 years in Los Angeles,and I knew as soon as we had our first,child and we were starting a family it,just wasnt conducive the big city life,there were you know several factors that,I find thats a theme with the clients,that I help moving here from other,bigger cities to Portland its you know,too much traffic the whether its the,smog or you know getting around is more,difficult and then once you have a,family it becomes even harder to get to,get around just to do normal things or,go to the beach or go to a museum or,even just go to the grocery store yeah,our kids are not big on being in the car,and getting around La anywhere just to,see your friends is an hour drive an,hour and a half sometimes and it just,doesnt work with little kids so we,didnt get to appreciate the good that,La had anymore we really needed a more,family friendly environment and then,like I said the value that we could get,for our money in LA versus Portland was,just night and day yeah and that was was,really the biggest Factor was the cost,of living housing being number one,and what we could get were out house,shopping in around Los Angeles area and,then we started looking you know we kind,of want to live somewhere else so we,looked at about five other different,cities what our same money there could,get us in other places for really what,we wanted to spend not what we had to,spend in Los Angeles the high cost of,living area but what we wanted to spend,what we felt comfortable spending and,the type of house we wanted and thats,what led us to Portland and there was,other cheaper options but we really,wanted to stay West Coast we both lived,on the west coast for so long I think it,just felt more comfortable to us yeah we,I have a family in Indianapolis and we,have a lot of rental properties there so,we looked at Indy and we just werent,sure that the weather and a lot of other,things were the right fit for us and so,ultimately we found this house and then,we decided to move to Lake Oswego and,its so interesting what we thought we,were going to enjoy about it versus what,real life has been like so we moved here,in the summer of 2019 we had about six,months before the pandemic started and,that has really colored our experience,quite a bit I think there are obviously,so many people have moved have relocated,during the pandemic but we did move here,before that we had a little bit of a,chance to make friends and get to know,the community and get to you know get,our daughter involved in a preschool and,go to the library all the things that,sort of anchor you in a community and,then we were on lockdown for you know,the better part of a year and a half two,years and I would say like unequivocally,I am so grateful that we got to spend,that time here because of things like,access to so much nature thats one of,the things about being in Portland that,we both appreciate so much and when we,moved from La we were actually we had,moved out to Topanga Canyon we because,we had wanted that nature experience to,go out your door and go hiking a little,further from the city have a little more,connectedness to being able to not have,to drive out to Nature yeah exactly and,so our experience here just getting out,into nature theres a hiking trail down,the street from our house and thats,just not unique to us that is so many,peoples experience living in Portland,is that there is a park a hiking trail,we can go Blackberry picking down the,street last weekend we went and had our,Christmas tree cut down for us like nine,minutes from our house and having access,to those things so close to home with,being five to ten minutes from where we,live having those Farm type experiences,is really invaluable for us we hold a,high value to that and it just helps us,get connected you know Back To Nature,disconnect from our cell phones,computers and for the kids to get out,there and you know breathe fresh air and,see the trees and ask questions you know,about things that they normally dont,experience living closer to the city,while were talking about nature I feel,like its a natural segue to talk a,little bit about the weather,I know that was a big concern of mine,moving here you werent as worried about,it but I had lived in the Northwest,before I grew up in Arizona and then,spent my adult life in Southern,California I like a lot of blue sky and,sunshine and so I was worried about the,weather,yeah and I wasnt as worried about the,weather you know I really dont know why,I was and if I think about it I think,its because I was kind of over the,Perpetual Perpetual sunny weather like,Ive lived it I was over 40 by the time,we moved here so I had spent the better,part of,you know my end of my 20s and full my,30s in the city youre around beach,volleyball I took I took advantage of it,my friends and I we had a ritual wed,play beach volleyball every Saturday or,Sunday throughout the winter the summer,wed go sailing I belong to a yacht club,like I really took advantage of the,sunny weather and the weather was really,changing it was starting to get get,warmer we were getting a lot less rain,really like the last seven eight years I,was there the first half five six years,I was there,we would have a rainy s

Pros and Cons of Living in Lake Oswego Oregon in 2021

hey everyone,thanks for tuning in for another episode,this is the pros and cons of living in,lake oswego ive lived in a lot of great,places and im super picky so heres my,real opinion,youre going to want to stick around,especially to the end to hear her last,one,[Music],[Applause],all right lets get to it one of the,pros i mean check out this lake here,behind me,lake oswego is centered around a lake,the lake has one main part and then two,smaller parts this is one of the smaller,parts has like a little bridge on this,part that goes through it from the main,lake,its a really cool amazing lake its,definitely a pro,lake oswego yes is,built around a lake and were right now,at millennium park which is right at the,beginning or the heart of,downtown lake oswego where its a 100,walkability to first edition all the,shops are right here,the gift shops clothing coffee shops,restaurants and yes some bars,but we actually just got a new brewery,here as well brakeside which im really,excited to go check out ive had their,beers really good,but havent been to this new location,yet we have two little kids 11 month old,and a three and a half year old so we,dont get out too much this is us,getting out,okay i want to back up a little bit i,think its important to tell everyone,where else have we lived so were,talking about pros and cons of living in,lake as we go what do we have to compare,it to where else have we lived weve,both lived in a lot of different places,growing up and as adults so good point,where else have you lived,i have lived,kind of all over born in new york lived,in texas austin houston i lived in,england for a year in cheltenham near,the cotswolds i lived in phoenix arizona,i lived in los angeles i lived in kansas,city and topeka kansas,and now i live in portland oregon,ive lived in a lot of places with a lot,of different climates thats just to,give you a little history of like our,perspective from where were coming from,we moved here two and a half years ago i,freaking love where we live i love this,place its really cool its a good place,for where we are in our lives right now,you know we couldnt afford,a house in los angeles and thats one of,the reasons we moved here we actually,could have afforded a house in l.a but,it would have taken just not like,doubling down on work the type of work,we were doing at the time and putting,everything into that mortgage instead of,doing the investing we wanted to do and,you know live the lifestyle we wanted to,live and i think theres a lot of people,out there like that yeah okay but what,about where have i lived,so,where have you lived,i grew up in arizona and moved to,southern california after college lived,in orange county laguna beach newport,beach i lived in san francisco for a,short time spent several years in la and,also lived in northeast portland i also,had spent a lot of time in the midwest,as a kid i had family there thats,really,where i have to compare to i mean youve,been lived in a lot of places just like,me yeah so you have a lot of perspective,lets get to it i think its fitting,that were starting here in millennium,park because this is the hub we spend a,lot of time here actually this is where,the farmers market is on summer weekends,theres cafes around the square theres,a super cute french bakery this is where,the christmas tree lighting ceremony is,over the holidays there are movies here,in the summer so,we actually spend a lot of time down,here yeah they have this tree this tree,right here,is planted in the ground and so its a,live tree and they decorate it for,christmas every year that is cool,instead of chopping one down and,planting a new one its always here so,this whole area is fairly new,all these shops and stuff right here on,first and a,and this whole kind of walkway and,everything is is fairly new and one,interesting thing,is they have a train,that cuts right through here so were,gonna go right over these railroad,tracks yeah i was gonna say if you want,to talk about a con for certain areas of,living on the lake you have a train,going,right outside your window,in the middle of the night so some of,the prime real estate in lake as we go,comes with uh loud choo choo in the,middle of the night yeah yeah yeah here,it is,on the north side of the lake theres,the train that goes by thats a working,cargo train and whats i think one of,the cool things about portland you know,it is known as the city of bridges and a,lot of those bridges have trains that,use them as well,and you know this was an industrial city,a long time ago and a lot of those,industrial things are still in use today,which i think still gives it a lot of,character so honey lets talk about,weather because as you can see from,looking,behind us and where we are it is,absolutely gorgeous today its the,middle of october a friday morning,super crisp blue skies fall leaves fall,colors i mean look at the fall colors,around the lake its gorgeous um but,most people think its a con the weather,i dont know,i guess it depends on the person what do,you think,i mean right now you cant beat this,weather,i mean its amazing for me its a pro,and a con i love having four seasons it,marks time in a more special way it,makes the holiday season feel more,festive i love fall and the fall colors,i love that its not super super hot,here in the summertime we definitely,have some hot days but for the most part,i dont like to be super hot i like fall,clothing i like,i like having seasons but that comes,with some,dark wet winter days and there can,definitely be some time especially in,early spring where youre a little sick,of the dark and the and the rain yeah,im going to show you guys,cut to view of the lake right here i,mean its just gorgeous out right now so,let me flip this around i mean you guys,are seeing what im seeing right here,this is one of the pros of living in,lake oswego for sure,so the weather is amazing as you can see,right now,its like,63 degrees out which depending on where,you are may sound cold or may sound,great to me,its awesome,i dont love to be super hot so,i love this kind of weather,its very temperate climate,so we do have all the seasons but like,brianna was saying youre not going to,get those crazy cold snowy icy winters,you know usually snows for maybe a day,or two or a week which is perfect,your kids get to see snow and you know,sled for a day and then its gone,im from arizona im used to a lot of,sunshine so i kind of feel like if i can,enjoy the weather here most people can,and i think that,enjoying the weather comes with a few,uh mindset shifts which are theres no,bad weather theres only the wrong,clothing so being ready having your cute,rain boots having the right clothing,and then also when we are not in a,pandemic planning getaways,strategically so you can bet that when,the world opens back up we will probably,take a february family vacation,somewhere definitely sunny so hawaii,palm springs you know some somewhere,where youre definitely going to get,some sunshine and i think just,you know being strategic about those,things will make you enjoy the weather,for what it is and not get bogged down,in it 100,agree,its all about the layers in the,transition seasons and in the fall and,the spring you just layer up and then,you know sun comes out its really warm,and then in the shade it can feel 20,degrees cooler,so its all about the layers even if,its a really rainy day usually at some,point youre going to get some blue sky,and you just have to,capitalize on it,yeah i love it i hate to be too hot in,the summer and its very rarely too hot,so we just had these some crazy weather,events where it was crazy hot you know,its like once in a 30-year thing they,say but uh other than that its usually,really nice in the summer gorgeous it,rained i think one time this summer and,if it is crazy hot right behind us is,the kids splash pad in the summertime oh,right,this is the train that cuts through like,us we go,you get used to it appearing the

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Moving To Lake Oswego, Oregon? Top 5 Things to Know!

hey everyone matt tersick here im a,real estate agent in lake oswego oregon,and im here today to talk about five,things you should know,before moving to lake oswego,[Music],okay and the number one thing you should,know about moving to lake oswego well,its the exact reason why were shooting,this inside right now we just attempted,to shoot this outside,but uh it started to rain so here we are,lake oswego is located just 10 minutes,south of portland which is,known for raining anytime in our winter,spring and fall,you can almost automatically assume its,going to be overcast with some slight,drizzle and then in the summer months,lake oswego really does shine in,mid-june,all the way to september you can expect,average temperatures to be in the 80s,with tons of sunshine and nice warm,nights but we are in the middle of the,winter months,right now where you can usually expect,one or two snowstorms,but overall average temperatures in like,the 40s,with a lot of overcast and of course,rain,and the second thing you should know,about moving to lake oswego,is whats there to do so first off i,want to talk,real quick about the park system lake,oswego has a fantastic,parks and rec department with 25 parks,in the city of lake oswego,my personal favorites are foothills park,which is down on the willamette as well,as,george rogers park in addition to all,the lake activities,the willamette river provides a unique,part about lake oswego,that i think is personally a little bit,underrated you can easily take your,kayaks,down to willamette park at george rogers,or foothills and,access the river which gives you a whole,different feel,in terms of water sports and then,theres walking around town,downtown lake oswego over the last 10 to,15 years,has developed into a hub of restaurants,shops cafes and one of my favorites,the lake theater which is a cool,boutique movie theater right on the lake,that also offers dinner glasses of wine,beer,in addition to all the parks and the,restaurants and shops,lake oswego hosts a number of community,sponsored events,such as the weekly saturday markets that,run,all the way from the spring to the fall,lake oswego is also known for,its great proximity to downtown portland,and all the activities that come along,with that,as well as the columbia river gorge,mount hood and the coast,if youre looking for something to do on,the weekend as well theres tons of good,wine tasting in the area,with oswego vineyard just being a couple,minutes away,and then everything else in the,willamette valley which is just under an,hour away,so if youre into hiking skiing surfing,wine tasting,lake oswego is the perfect location,where you have all that and more,just under an hour to hour and a half,away and the number three thing,youre going to want to find out before,moving to lake oswego,is about lake access a lot of people i,meet with,come to lake oswego assuming that,everyone has access to the lake but its,actually a private lake,with three different tiers of lake,access the first of which is open to,all residents of lake oswego and that is,the swim park there is lake oswego swim,park,which is over off of ridgeway road and,then there is,also lake grove swim park on lake view,boulevard,lake grove swim park is my personal,favorite as its a great place to have a,picnic,swim and enjoy the fireworks in the,summer and the second tier,of boat access would be the easements,theres 20 easements on lake oswego the,point of each easement is to provide,surrounding properties of the lake that,arent on the water,access to enjoy the lake now if your,property is lucky enough to come,deeded with an easement right then you,can use the facilities from day one,the boat slips typically have wait times,of up to,10 years with some of the quickest ones,turning over in as little as a year,but its always a good idea to check,with your real estate agent and get a,good read on,how long that wait list is before buying,or expecting to get a boat on the lake,this summer you can still launch your,boat for day use,but logistically it still is tough,because you have to get a special,certified cleaner to clean your boat,prior to launching for day use,and then you also have to get the boat,off by twilight and then the third tier,of lake access would be simply buying a,lakefront property,lakefront properties do trade at a,premium but its the only way thats,going to guarantee,that the day of close youre going to be,on the water and it should be noted that,there is a one-time late corp transfer,fee of 7 500,even in the summertime the lake doesnt,get too busy with boaters its quite,enjoyable to go for an evening cruise on,the lake or,if you want to go water skiing in the,morning youre more than likely going to,have the whole lake to yourself theres,also a few restrictions on what type of,boats you can put on the water generally,boats,need to meet a certain width requirement,and a length requirement there are also,no,wake enhancing devices and then if,youre pulling like inner tubers for,example you can only take,one at a time the number four thing you,should know about moving to lake oswego,is a little bit about the school systems,both lake oswego high school and lake,ridge high school are consistently,ranked the top in the state,in both academics and sports lake oswego,high school last year had 1 273 students,with an average student-to-teacher ratio,of 19-1 and a graduation rate,of 92 percent lake ridge high school has,111 students,with an average student-to-teacher ratio,of 20-1,and a graduation rate of 94 each high,school offers,a wide variety of advanced curriculum,and courses,for students at all levels and they are,both considered great college prep,schools,each high school has one junior high and,then three elementary schools that feed,into it,and in general lake oswego is fed by,all the homes on the north side of the,lake whereas lake ridge is fed,by all the homes on the south side of,the lake another interesting fact,which you can see the result of today,actually,is a couple years ago the city passed a,huge bond measure,which poured tons of money into the,rebuilding and construction,of the junior highs and all the,elementaries there are also a couple,other private school options,such as arleigh of the lake catholic,school and then the park academy the,fifth thing you should be aware at,before moving to lake oswego,is the pricing it is generally higher,than uh the surrounding areas in the,portland metro,so just prepare yourself for a little,bit of sticker shock,lake oswego is broken up generally,between the north side and,the south side of the lake average price,per square foot for,a detached single family home on the,north side is 406,now the average price per foot on the,south side of the lake is almost 100,less than that coming in at 309 price,per square foot theres a lot of,different reasons for that,but the biggest would be the proximity,to downtown lake oswego and all the,amenities,commute time to downtown portland as,well as the beaverton area where a lot,of people work and if youre shopping in,lake oswego,the average sale price last year in,97034,which is the more expensive zip code was,just over 1.1 million dollars,9703 the average sale price was,825 000 bidding wars are very common,on inventory below 1 million dollars,with the average sale to list price,of 99.6 now it should be known,that this is the tightest section of,inventory in lake oswego,with only seven homes on the market as,were filming this video at the end of,january,above a million dollars youre gonna,find that the sellers are a little bit,more negotiable,typically youre negotiating one-on-one,and the average sale to list price is,hovering right around 96,for last year there are currently about,40 listings,on the market above a million dollars so,you do have a lot,more options as a shopper in this price,category now there are exceptions to,this,because there are a few subsets of,inventory that are even more attractive,those includ

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Top 5 tips to living in Lake Oswego of Portland Oregon [2022]

are you thinking of moving to Lake,Oswego right outside of Portland Oregon,well in this video were going to talk,about Lake Oswego and the five secrets,to take advantage of living right here,in Lake Oswego lets get after it,[Music],in this video were going to talk about,the five secrets to enjoying a full life,right here in Lake Oswego now these are,really more five tips that Ive learned,here personally because I live right,here in Lake Oswego its really getting,to enjoy this amazing small town of Lake,Oswego my name is Aaron Cullen Im a,local real estate agent right here in,Portland Oregon if you guys have any,questions please feel free to reach out,shoot me a text give me an email give me,a call Id be happy to answer any of,your questions all right lets get into,it the first one is a trolley yes Lake,Oswego has a trolley but its really,just more of a local tourist attraction,fun ride for the kids it doesnt really,go anywhere does it get you to downtown,unfortunately but its really fun for,the kids its a single car its about a,hundred years old it used to be an,active service and it would actually,take people residents places but now,its just for fun so the reason I bring,it up theres very limited tickets they,do a summer trolley rides and then they,do the winter trolley rides the winter,ones Santa Claus comes on it some years,Mrs Santa Claus comes on it about,halfway through the trolley ride you get,to see different houses as you go along,there its along the River Bank there,and its up high but youll see,different Christmas lights so the,Twilight ride is really cool but they,only do it for a few weeks so its very,very limited and they sell out fast so,youre going to want to check that out,the Lake Oswego website Im going to put,that right down there in the description,area were going to be able to want to,go to check that out and secure cure,those tickets really as soon as they go,on sale Im not kidding you that first,week theyre sold out they go on sale at,the end of the summer my daughter loves,that trolley ride and we kind of use it,as well as like a backup we dont go,visit Santa get the picture taken sit on,his lap do that whole deal we know we,got the trolley ride coming before,Christmas or Santas gonna be on there,and we can get the picture with Santa,plus its just a fun little night outing,its all very organized but you go wait,for the trolley you see fun Christmas,carols and songs and the people that,work there are all dressed up as little,Santa helpers train car is all decked,out with ornaments and flights and it,really is a lot of fun so go check that,out dont dont miss that if you move,here youre going to want to get tickets,for that number two Lake Oswego has,sponsored sport activities that they put,on for the whole city now Im talking,about especially for the kids they sell,out fast,now weve done some of the activities,for my daughter now my son he just,turned two so were going to try to get,him into soccer here in the spring but,those all those different activities,some of them fill up really fast and,will sell out so youre going to want to,be on top of that to be able to sign,your kids up really quickly especially,for swimming for toddlers theres only a,couple local places that really offer,the indoor swimming and here you really,need the indoor swimming,and here you really need that those,indoor swimming pools because the winter,weather and you know you never know if,its going to be raining or not so all,of those really take place at indoor,swimming pools and theres not a ton of,them that offer those for the Toddlers,and they can get expensive at some of,them so youre going to want to sign,your kids up really soon for those if,learning to swim is a priority for them,now heres a little tip the Emler has a,program its called Emler and thats,where our kids went so if you want to,join a club here in Lake Oswego the bay,club is the most popular its not cheap,its around 300 a month for a family but,they do offer discounts for kids,swimming lessons through this program,called this company called Emler but if,you dont want to become a member and,Tigard the next suburb over Emler offers,those classes for about half price so,its still around that 500 price range,so if you have kids theyre going to,want to play sports sign them up early,Ill put a link down there again for the,city where you can sign up get,notifications about kids sports city of,Lake Oswego also has an Instagram so you,can sign up there join Instagram and,youll get updates on different events,around Lake Oswego as well so definitely,definitely join that number three youre,going to want to take advantage of the,city organized special events now these,are totally separate from the organized,Sports these are City sponsored events,that the city puts on they do summer,concerts throughout the summer and they,rotate about four different Parks here,around Lake Oswego and they are amazing,they get really good acts to come put,them on some of them have might have,face painting for kids and theyll do it,a little bit later you know into the,evening if you have little kids they do,usually start a little later but if your,kids are like five six years old then,its a lot easier to be able to take,them and have them stay up like a late,night or something those can be a lot of,fun theyre free and again the city gets,some really good bands to come theyre,outside in the Parks during the summer,theyre really great events to be able,to connect with your neighbors and meet,new people and again just just to be,outside and hear some free music when I,was a kid my dad lived in Kansas City,and I would go visit him for the Summers,Kansas City was also really good about,putting on free concerts in the plaza,right near downtown and I just really,remember that those being magical as a,kid so Im really looking forward to,being able to take my kids last year,last couple years they were a little too,small but now this summer coming up,really going to take advantage of those,Summer music events and still on topic,number three the city also puts on,special holiday events now we just had,one the tree lighting ceremony Its,usually the day right after Thanksgiving,its really pretty cool theres a living,tree right down there in Millennium,Plaza its right at the heart of,downtown Lake Oswego right at the edge,of the lake there and well decorate,that tree with Christmas lights and they,do a countdown and even this year it was,rainy it was cold it was dark but a lot,of people still came down there it was,really crowded they had a little tents,set up for selling Christmas ornaments,and little Christmas knick-knack things,like that they also had a couple,different musical acts one of them was,dressed up doing Christmas carols from,the 1800s it was really really cool and,my kids were a little miserable because,it was it was rainy and wet and cold but,they still had a lot of fun theyll have,a lot of decorations there and they keep,it very festive the year before last,year it was a beautiful day it was a lot,warmer theres no rain and they were,passing out free cocoa and other little,treats like that they werent doing it,this year if they did I didnt see it,probably because of all the rain most,people were there kind of coming going,like we went down there we went and got,dinner and we came back we had some,reindeer we just kind of mess around a,little bit and get there for the,countdown so those are the kind of,things that I feel really connect you,with the community you start to see the,same people when you go to those events,and your kids when they grow up it,really I feel like grounds them to the,community enjoying where they live and,those are the kind of memories that,theyre going to remember forever I did,when I was a kid so thats one of the,things I like about living in Lake,Oswego provides those opportunities to,create those consistent memories those,fun activities you know they dont cost,money its 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Moving to Lake Oswego? Check out these hot Summer activities!

hey there matt tursic im a real estate,agent in lake oswego oregon,and im standing right in front of,lakewood bay it is almost 90 degrees,today,and things are officially heating up in,summer if youre not from lake oswego,and youve been curious about,what the summers are like then this is,going to be the perfect video for you,okay so like i said im gonna be,providing a basic overview of what the,summers are typically like in lake,oswego,first things first what most people ask,me before they consider a move whats,the weather like,not gonna lie portland metro area is,definitely known,for its rainfall but summer months are,actually very pleasant you have average,temperatures from the mid 70s all the,way to the low 80s,with very little humidity and rainfall,making the summer overall,a very pleasant time of year and,definitely worth the wait,of dredging through all those rainy,months to get to summer,we do have extended periods of heat,throughout the summer,it is hard to predict when those will,happen usually dunes are a little bit,more on the rainy side and then come,july august,september were usually constant,sunshine next weeks gonna be in the mid,hundreds and in todays video im gonna,be outlining the things,that you can do to beat the heat in lake,costa go during the summer time okay,quick disclaimer this is just my top 10,things to do in lake oswego,theres no really official list but as a,long time resident,i have a pretty good feel and i hope you,enjoy or at least learn a thing or two,okay so no list would be complete,especially my list,without outdoor dining lake oswego has,increasingly,become one of the culinary destinations,and i think over the next few years,with everything going on in portland,youll see a lot of top restaurants,relocate or at least open second tier,locations,within the new mercado village cruise,village and downtown lake oswego,another top activity are the saturday,markets which are held right behind me,in millennium park where,every saturday throughout the whole,summer a lot of the local vendors come,with all their fresh food flowers arts,crafts and they showcase them to the,community so this area gets very crowded,on the weekends but the trip is worth it,parking is usually a breeze with the two,parking garages and i definitely,recommend you check it out,either by car walk or even boat okay now,that weve had our opportunity to get,some food in,our bellies im gonna talk a little bit,about cooling off and your options to do,so in lake oswego right behind me,you see this fountain array in,millennium park this is a popular,destination,where kids can come out play in the,water parents can be close to town enjoy,the good view,in addition to this space there are a,number of different options for people,that include the lake grove swim park,actually getting out on the lake and,boating,or utilizing the willamette river and,the beach area,over by george rogers park another,awesome way to cool off in the summer is,enjoy,one of the 25 parks many of these parks,include shaded trails where you can,actually hike very close to town,at tryon creek state park spring brook,park and a number of other awesome parks,one of the favorite ones i just,discovered is called lamont springs its,right over off bryant and lakeview,boulevard,and includes a nice little stream,corridor where kids can play and trails,that meander through nature,right in the middle of lake groves,neighborhood okay now,in addition to all the amazing parks in,lake oswego the city and community,invest a lot into the different events,that are held not only on the lake,but in those parks right now one of my,favorite activities is this new summer,pop-up concert that theyre doing its a,series of concerts every week,on the lake where the night of the,concert theyll announce the,location to all the people who have,boats on the lake that get to go out,enjoy the music its kind of a fun,atmosphere great way to socialize enjoy,some music and relax,and of course theres boat activities on,the lake water sports are a must in lake,oswego,even though usually on summer days,during the work week,theres no one out on the lake so,weekends and night times can get a,little bit more crowded in terms of the,water sport,activity when that happens the water,does get a little bit rougher,one of my favorite activities to do is,actually boat into town theres a marina,located right here,adjacent to state street lake twin,theater and stickmans brewery so if you,want to grab a beer,watch a flick highly recommend just,boating into town,docking up right here at the marina and,enjoying all that right at your,fingertips,okay so in addition to all those awesome,activities on the lake,the community does a great job of,hosting events throughout the summer,time to keep everyone busy,no matter what youre interested in,every year at george rogers park they,host a,arts festival where all of the local,artists are featured theres tons of,great food,good music really cool place to hang out,with family and friends,other events at george rogers include an,annual vintage car show,that same weekend they usually have a,vintage boat show that you can check out,at the marina we were just at so some of,the other activities that theyre,implementing this summer which i think,are a great idea and a great addition to,the usual list,are drive-in movie theaters because of,covid the city,revamped their plans to entertain the,community to socially distance everyone,what theyre doing is hosting a drive-in,movie at lucha farms okay and that,leaves my favorite activity,of all the summer time in lake oswego,and thats gotta be the fourth of july,so every year in lake oswego they,typically do,a parade down a street where all the,kids the families are invited decorate,their bikes floats,and enjoy a good time in the morning,time as the activities of the day get,kicked off,as the day progresses theres more,activities that include,a boat parade on the lake where people,decorate up their boats parade around,the whole lake,and then inevitably it ends up in a,water fight and of course no fourth of,july would be complete without the,annual fireworks show,they didnt do it last year due to covid,but its back on for this year,its usually held in the center of the,lake where everyone who has easement,access,or boating rights hops on their boat,theyre able to come congregate,on the lake around that firework show,and enjoy,now if you dont have a boat its still,very easy to enjoy from either lake,grove swim park,or some of the homes with views of the,lake okay and that pretty much wraps up,all my favorite activities in the,summertime in lake oswego,obviously i forgot a couple such as gall,maybe,biking,but the point is theres a lot of fun,stuff you can do,in lake oswego the weather is pretty,much unbeatable here,definitely in the real estate world it,is the busiest time of year for that,reason,very seasonal real estate market in lake,oswego a lot of families,are trying to make it into the city by,september to get their kids into some of,the top-ranked schools,in the state if you have any questions,about summertime or real estate feel,free to ask questions in the comment,section too because,we look at those actually and were,gonna make content based on those so im,gonna go,hop on the boat and enjoy the rest of,the day or sell some houses well see,but thanks for tuning in

Lake Oswego Year in Review – Mayor Joe Buck

[Music],hi everyone,im mayor joe buck welcome to your new,city hall,join me as i give you a tour of this new,facility,touch on some highlights from 2020 and,give you a preview,of whats to come in 2021 from your city,council,mr mayor how are you today hey ranger,ben good to see you,as you might notice im trying something,a little different for state of the city,this year,we are going digital and easily,accessible and this will not be the only,time,you hear about city news and projects,throughout the year we will continue to,share about city projects,and updates and ways for you to stay,engaged,2020 has been a challenging year for all,of us with coven 19 weve lost loved,ones,some of our favorite small businesses,and restaurants have closed,and those remaining businesses continue,to struggle,weve missed birthdays hey chief good to,see you,weve missed birthdays and celebrations,students have missed classroom time,and weve simply missed our daily,routines throughout it all,ive witnessed our town reinventing,itself in the face of challenge,and changing times last year it was,abundantly clear,that we are strongest when we work,together as a community,even from a distance welcome to the,third floor of the inner workings of,city hall,looking back at 2020 we were able to,accomplish so much,weve been working hard this last year,to make lake oswego a place where,everyone can work,live and recreate id like to thank,previous members of the city council,past mayor and the community for,continuing to move our city forward,im proud to share a few highlights from,2020.,throughout the citys coven 19 response,the health,safety and well-being of our community,was a top priority,we established utility assistance,programs virtual parks and library,programming,and free prescription delivery for our,senior and other vulnerable residents,we remain committed to finding,innovative and creative ways,to serve our community to support our,local economy,we awarded more than two hundred and,fifty thousand dollars in small business,grants from city funds to support,our small struggling businesses with an,additional,138 thousand awarded from funds provided,by the state,to continue to support our local,businesses and economy,the city council approved temporary code,changes to allow for,more flexible parking increased signage,and temporary shelters to provide for,outdoor dining,welcome to city council chambers this,room will,also double as a community room,currently the city council,continues to meet virtually but we are,planning on having our first,in-person meeting in the new building on,june 15th the city hall project was a,major accomplishment,of 2020 and 2021. we moved into the new,city,hall building recently and at 73 000,square feet,the new building provides a seismically,safe energy efficient,and better functioning building for the,entire community and our city staff,we have added more meeting space and,even more exciting,the new building includes community,space for the friends of the library,booktique,and the arts council we are very excited,to have both of these wonderful,non-profits,under our roof and easily accessible to,the public,the official opening of the new city,hall with a ribbon cutting event,for both the new building and the,adjacent civic plaza,is tentatively scheduled for september,phase one of the boones ferry road,project is well,past the halfway point with completion,on track for late,2021. this project has been more than,25 years in the making and provides,significant safety features including,wider sidewalks for pedestrians ada,ramps,bike lanes on both sides of the street,improved street lighting,and landscaping among so many other,major improvements,throughout all of this the city of lake,oswego has continued to maintain,solid fiscal health we are accountable,transparent and we strive every day to,be good stewards of your taxpayer,dollars,welcome to the new municipal courtroom,which light council chambers,also doubles as another community,gathering space,as we rebuild and recover this year here,are a few projects were working on and,looking forward to in 2021,hi megan how are you doing,a new diversity equity and inclusion,advisory board has been adopted,these volunteers will sign on and advise,the city council on city policies to,improve practices,and community outreach to be more,equitable and inclusive to our community,recruitment for this advisory board is,taking place now,through may 31st additionally the city,is hiring an equity manager,position to support these efforts,internally,the recreation and aquatic center,we are bringing a recreation and aquatic,center to the current lake oswego golf,course property,the city and the lake oswego school,district have signed an agreement,to build this new facility together,sharing the cost,to meet the needs of the entire,community those needs will include,spaces,for recreation exercise and fitness,as well as classrooms and parks offices,and two pools this is very exciting,we are looking forward to having a,permanent home for our many parks,programs and park staff,the wastewater treatment plant,together in partnership with the city of,portland we are exploring the next steps,in a joint partnership to substantially,upgrade,or replace the almost 60 year old tryon,creek,wastewater treatment plant facility,located,in the foothills area with the,availability of so much,exciting new technology there could be,an amazing opportunity to create,dramatic improvements such as a smaller,overall footprint,and elevating the citys environmental,commitment compared to what we have,currently,thank you councillor wendlandt great to,see you great to see you joe,take care problem solved problem solved,another problem solved,our pathway out of the coveted pandemic,is vaccinations,vaccines are safe effective free,the lake austral fire department has,delivered over 6 000 vaccinations,in partnership with clackamas county,theyve worked both within lake oswego,including arranging vaccinations for,local employees and their families,through the chamber of commerce,and in our neighboring communities to,bring vaccines close,to where people are welcome to the roof,of city hall with a great view of,downtown lake oswego,this is also where we have the solar,panels that,power a chunk of the building located,here as well as on the south facing side,of the building,these are just a few highlights ive,given you from 2020 and looking ahead to,2021,im proud of everything weve been able,to accomplish,especially in the face of such a,catastrophic year for so many,i want to thank the community for all of,their support,past members of the city council who put,so many of these projects into motion,and present members of the city council,who continue to look to the future,and plan for a diverse inclusive,community that is truly welcome,welcoming to everyone it is exciting,and i look forward to working with all,of you,[Music],you

‘Water should be accessible to everyone’: Community reacts to Oswego Lake ruling

watching out for you,[Music],and this is queen six news at six im,jenny hansen in for elizabeth den and,im dan tilkin in for jeff tonight,community reaction is heating up in lake,oswego,days after a ruling about access to the,lake thats right elise haas spoke with,both sides of the case to find out what,happened and the opposition to that,decision,the lawsuit has two phases and the first,one already happened that was on tuesday,when a judge decided that oswego lake,falls under the public trust doctrine,that basically means that people do have,the right to access the water however,that ruling doesnt apply just yet,because the city still has a resolution,that in place that bans people from,getting in the water that resolution,says that the city did not plan their,parks with public use of the lake in,mind and that there arent safe entry,points for people to get in therefore,they say that they dont want to be held,liable if anyone were to get in the,water and get hurt so phase two of the,trial is going to be fighting over the,validity of that resolution,i look at this location its like oh,thats really nice but i dont know,anyone that has a home on the,lake so i will never have that,opportunity people are weighing in with,their thoughts on if the public should,have access to oswego lake or leave it,to the private land owners many telling,me theyd love to simply take their,canoe or paddle board for a dip i can,see both both sides you know i can,understand that if youre spending a lot,of money on a home like you want to have,that,like that benefit of having some privacy,and,but also you know,you know water should be accessible to,everyone thats the argument mark cramer,and todd prager are making in their,latest lawsuit suing for public access,to oswego lake according to their,attorney mark is an avid kayaker and,todd an avid swimmer both men are,activists involved in public rights,issues outdoors these two are the ones,taking the city of lake oswego the state,of oregon and lake oswego corporation to,court we are not on the side of the,plaintiffs we are on the side of the,defendants the general manager of lake,oswego corporation who speaks for the,land owners along the lake says his,shareholders biggest concern is safety,you know you see a lot of people on,social media saying im going to go,throw my power boat in the lake and im,going to race it around and things like,that,and of course that can happen theres no,place to put a power boat in the lake i,talked on the phone with a plaintiffs,attorney and she said the clackamas,county judges ruling earlier this week,acknowledges that our states natural,resources cant be privatized they must,be protected for public use we still,have a ways to go for phase two of the,trial though so you cant go in the lake,today and phase two of the trial that,she is referring to wont even start,until july 19th but that is when a jury,is going to have to decide whether the,citys resolution that says its unsafe,to get in the water is considered,reasonable or whether its arbitrary and,doesnt apply in lake oswego elise haas,queen 6 news

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