1. Lamb Review (2021)
  2. Lamb (2021) Movie Review
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Lamb Review (2021)

the premise of vladimir johanssons lamb,is no doubt intriguing in rural iceland,a childless farming couple adopts a,newborn baby lamb with a strange anatomy,name her ada and raise her as if she,were a fully human child the director,clearly recognizes the inherent,ridiculousness of this story but he,takes a straight-faced tender approach,to his characters crafting an uncanny,modern folktale that as thoughtfully,considered as it is wildly absurd,[Music],the first thing that stands out about,lamb is the eerie way the camera moves,through space fog envelops the cozy farm,home of numi rapaces maria and hilmir,snare gudnessins ingvar making it hard,to tell exactly how near or far a given,subject is even simple medium shots of,people walking through nature turn into,something unreal and this relationship,between the natural and the unnatural,constantly takes center stage,maria and ingvars daily routine should,feel comfortable and harmonious however,something intangible and dark lingers,harsh rumbling noises at night draw,their animals attention and the couples,interactions seem stilted and weighed,down,theres no doubt about it something is,amiss,lamb eventually tells us whats lurking,in the night and what troubles maria and,ingvar but in the meantime it lets these,questions linger especially when one of,their youths gives birth to a peculiar,lamb with whom the couple is immediately,enamored her anatomy is kept from us for,a significant amount of time leading to,more looming questions about why exactly,maria and ingvar are so quickly taken by,her,however the camera often ascribes human,traits to the child and a human,perspective even when her body is,obscured its as if the movies actively,working to transform her from an animal,to a fully fledged human being in our,hearts foremost before presenting the,idea to our eyes when we do eventually,get a good look at ada instead of,offering an explanation for what she is,were simply presented with maria and,ingvars reactions to her unconventional,birth lamb allows the sudden complicated,spark of brightness on their faces and,their unspoken mutual understanding to,tell part of their story while the film,takes its time before tipping its hand,it offers plenty of emotional clues as,to the melancholy place ada occupies in,the couples lives their childs shape,is less important than the shape of the,hole theyre trying to fill,rapas and gunasin throw themselves,heart-first into the role of dedicated,parents their love for ada is real and,eventually becomes unquestionable both,because of their glowing adoration for,her and because of the links theyre,willing to go to in order to protect her,the only other human character in lam is,ingvars vagabond brother who isnt,quite as comfortable with his strange,new niece the films approach to,stepping outside the couples,perspective is hilariously,tongue-in-cheek and their dog and cat,also often become the subjects of,curious reaction shots they too seem,aware that the familys harmony is,something unnatural or supernatural but,maria and ingvar are too caught up in,their blissful and perhaps intentional,ignorance to recognize their judgment,but while were initially given an,outsiders view into the family their,domestic bliss eventually becomes,alluring enough that when its,threatened the idea of otta being a,natural part of maria and ingvars lives,no longer feels quite so unusual,an intriguing slow burn that feels,unsettling and comfortable in equal,measure lamb takes a roundabout approach,to revealing its bittersweet story of a,farming couple who adopts a unique,animal child its an undeniably,absurdist take on parenthood but also,one thats truly sympathetic and,strangely convincing,[Music],for more check out our reviews of dune,and the green knight and for everything,else stick with ign,[Music]

Lamb (2021) Movie Review

so a24 is lamb,[Music],[Applause],a couple in rural iceland makes an,alarming discovery one day in their,sheep barn and they soon face the,consequences of defying the will of,nature okay so this is going to seem,like a spoiler but its the entire,premise for the film and it was shown in,the trailer theres a farming couple who,discover that one of their sheep gives,birth to an offspring thats a hybrid of,a human and a sheep this is a beautiful,film to look at the setting is a farm,located somewhere in iceland in a green,valley thats surrounded by mountains,and a river there is mist rain snow and,even during a large portion of this a,sky that never quite reaches night and,from the outside of this there is a,sense of foreboding and even low level,dread but the funny thing is that its,just the feeling we get i mean theres,nothing really to suggest anything bad,coming and the sound design works to,enhance the uneasy feeling as we hear,chuffing and labored breathing from an,unseen being and then its coupled with,the bleeding of the sheep and the,blowing wind and this just makes,everything unsettled and when we meet,our couple theres a sadness that,emanates from them but its unspoken i,mean its again just a feeling that we,get this is a very slow burn of a story,theres actually very little dialogue,and i dont think that there were any,words spoken by the characters for like,the first 15 minutes of the movie and,then when they do speak the words are,used judiciously its like the story is,savoring every syllable just eeking out,only whats necessary and not wanting to,waste words on needless exposition now i,really enjoyed the cyclical nature of,the story well its a semi-depressing,story arc the parallels that are present,not only foreshadow but also provide a,sick sense of justice as they complete,the story cycle i loved how this,explores the theme of grief while we,dont watch the couple go through every,stage we meet them in what seems to be,the depression stage moving into that,acceptance stage but i also love that,the movie doesnt sit in that grief,while this has an overarching sense of,dread theres also a happiness that does,begin to emerge i think the graphical,effects in this are going to have a,varying effect on viewers now some,people in the audience of my showing,laughed out loud the moment that the,lamb was fully shown now i didnt find,it funny or even humorous but i can see,how it can cause an uneasiness and the,only way to deal with those uncertain,feelings is through laughter the,graphics are crafted well and they look,like practical effects but they could,also be cgi so either way though they,are convincing and this having to do,with livestock the film does give some,of its focus to the sheep on the farm,and there are several different emotions,that are conveyed through their eyes,which had a surprisingly emotional,impact on me i think it also helped that,the lamb and some of the sheep resembled,my dog buddy and even if they didnt,there is this softness and longing that,is captured in their expressions theres,also a fierceness displayed that comes,into play at certain points too now the,softness and innocence in the eyes of,the sheep contrast well with the,harshness of the landscapes and even the,foreboding atmosphere that permeates the,scenes this is yet just another way that,the film creates anxiety now this is,described by a24 as a dark folk tale and,being such there is a level of weirdness,thats present there are portions that,feel dreamlike and those are helped,along by the environmental mist and fog,and it adds this ghostly feeling that,just enhances the dread that ive,mentioned the cinematography is stunning,and almost entrancing in the way that,the camera captures the landscapes now i,love the sense of isolation and,separation we get from just several of,the extremely wide shots and they show,how small a character actually is within,all of that scenery i also really,enjoyed though how the camera would sit,on a setting for an extra few moments,after a character had left the scene it,just allowed us to sit with what we just,witnessed or even let us ponder whats,coming next there are more than a couple,of moments also where i found myself on,the edge of my seat with anticipation or,even worry and the way the scenes are,crafted leads us down this path that is,sometimes seemingly obvious and other,times the outcome is just completely,unexpected now the film takes an hour,and 46 minutes to lead us through the,story and like ive said it is a very,slow burn i do think that the intensity,builds as the narrative progresses but,dont go into this thinking that its,going to have all kinds of thrills and,energy but there is a driving nature to,whats occurring its building suspense,from one scene to the next and what i,really liked was that i was never really,sure of what that next scene would,contain,my assumptions and expectations were,routinely subverted which then made me,appreciate the story even more i do,think the slowness of this may not work,for everyone because even when there is,a payoff its not a massively exciting,one i mean the climax fits well with all,of the build-up but its not some,high-energy conclusion i did like how,the story answers the questions but it,does create some additional questions,and the final shot is fittingly haunting,it speaks once again to the cyclical,nature of the story and like most tales,its not an altogether happy ending,something this has going for it is that,its not in an easily categorized genre,i mean there are fantastical elements,and theres certainly dramatic overtones,and theres even a horror aspect that,all work together to make this just this,amalgamation that works i think this,also helps to give the movie a good,level of complexity thats going to mess,with your emotions and leave you a bit,uncertain of where you land on it but,that complexity is also what helps to,make this stand apart from other movies,its layered with emotions and can even,cause inner turmoil as just everything,is processed and what seemingly makes,sense and like a good decision at the,outset could really be a selfish and,cold choice and if you believe the,characters some choices are about,happiness i can see this causing very,mixed feelings that will morph as you,dissect and digest the meanings and,actually my score went up the longer,that i sat with this so overall lamb is,a beautifully crafted tale of grief and,acceptance the cinematography is,wonderfully executed and the slow burn,of the story allows it to suck us into,the narrative built into a fantastical,climax while this movie could be,polarizing because of the story and,execution i found the cyclical nature of,the storytelling to be incredibly,engaging and filled with just dreadful,tension that kept me fully engulfed in,the characters and their tale there is,sex nudity some profanity and some,brutal violence i give lamb four and a,half out of five couches so whats an,offbeat or maybe weird movie that youve,watched recently id love to hear about,it in the comments below if you enjoyed,this review please give it a like also,dont forget to share and subscribe im,chris this is movies and munchies thanks,for couching with me

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halo halo guys Kembali lagi bersama gua,Nandi pada video Kali ini Gua akan,membahas salah satu film unik yang,berjudul lem,2021 tidak pernah lupa buat selalu,mendoakan Agar kalian dan keluarga,bahagia serta sehat selalu ya,pertama-tama kita pun langsung dialihkan,kepada sebuah Shin yang memperlihatkan,sekelompok anak kuda sedang berlari,menghindar dari sesuatu,tidak diketahui pasti lari dari apa tapi,yang jelas SIM langsung berpindah lagi,kepada sekumpulan domba yang berada di,dalam peternakan seolah-olah seperti ada,sesuatu yang datang kumpulan domba itu,cuma bisa pelana plongok begitu saja,serta merasa ketakutan Namun ternyata,ada satu ekor domba yang tidak berhasil,kabur dan terlihat jelas kalau perutnya,langsung membesar dalam seketika pada,esok harinya Seorang peternak di,domba-domba itu pun berniat untuk,melakukan aktivitasnya seperti biasa,pria yang bernama impor hanya tinggal,berdua saja dengan seorang istri yang,bernama Maria diketahui mereka berdua,sudah bertahun-tahun tinggal di kaki,gunung yang dimana wilayah ini berlokasi,di negara Islandia tanpa pernah mengeluh,ataupun komplain dengan gaya hidup,mereka invar selalu setia untuk,mendampingi istrinya meski mereka belum,mempunyai anak sama sekali apalagi,lokasi yang mereka tempati ini,benar-benar sepi selayaknya kehidupan,seorang peternak yang sederhana mikfar,bersama Maria hanya ditemani oleh,hewan-hewan peliharaan seperti anjing,maupun kucing bisa siang harinya Maria,menyadari kalau salah satu domba mereka,sedang bersiap-siap untuk melahirkan,tentu Aktivitas ini tidak akan dibiarkan,begitu saja oleh informal pun Maria Hai,sampai-sampai Mereka pun harus turun,tangan untuk melancarkan proses,persalinan dan pada akhirnya terlahirlah,dua ekor anak domba yang bisa,dikeluarkan untuk saat ini merasa momen,itu sangatlah normal serta wajar seperti,biasanya Maria pun Berencana untuk,menyiapkan beberapa alat-alat tentunya,untuk domba yang baru saja lahir Ia pun,tidak ingin domba itu kenapa kenapa,kalau diliat-liat lebih mendalam,sebenarnya sih tidak ada masalah berarti,yang menghampiri kehidupan mereka berdua,bahkan semenjak kelahiran dua ekor domba,yang baru informer rasa lebih semangat,dikarenakan hewan hewan ternaknya,terlihat semakin banyak Seiring,berjalannya waktu sepasang suami-istri,itu selalu melewati hari demi hari tanpa,adanya hal-hal baru,hai hai,Hai,tapi tidak lagi setelah mereka menyadari,bahwa masih terdapat satu ekor anak,domba yang baru saja keluar dari perut,induknya dari sini kita dibikin,bertanya-tanya Kenapa Maryam Allah,memperlakukan anak domba itu selayaknya,seorang bayi harusnya kan Anak Domba itu,dibiarkan saja untuk menyusui dengan,induknya seperti dua ekor domba yang,baru lahir Beberapa hari lalu,bisa hari telah berganti impor pun,sengaja mempersiapkan tempat tidur baru,bagi domba itu yang di mana di sisi lain,seindah domba terus grasak-grusuk,seperti mengeluh untuk meminta anaknya,kembali tapi apa boleh buat Maria udah,terlanjur sayang dengan domba tersebut,begitupun halnya dengan infrared yang,terus menemani istri tiap harinya tapi,di tengah-tengah kesendiriannya informen,sempatkan diri untuk menangis secara,diam-diam yang dimana hal ini,mencerminkan kalau dirinya tidak bisa,bertindak banyak akan kondisi tersebut,pada keesokan harinya meriah bersama,info pun kembali menjalani aktivitas,seperti biasa namun si induk domba masih,saja grasak-grusuk menanti keberadaan,anaknya yang ada di dalam rumah dengan,adanya hal itu Maria malahan merasa,biasa-biasa saja dan terus-terusan,merawat Si Anak Domba yang mereka,Panggil dengan nama ada hari demi hari,dilewati oleh mereka berdua Adapun,tumbuh dengan begitu cepat Ya namanya,juga domba Ya tentu saja proses,pertumbuhannya tidak bisa disamakan,dengan baik manusia singkat waktu meriah,bersama impor yang baru pulang,beraktivitas malah tidak menemukan,keberadaan ada di dalam rumah menyadari,hal tersebut Mereka pun langsung mencari,Si Anak Domba secepat mungkin gitu,disekitar rumah maupun di sekitar sungai,berjam-jam mereka mencari dan mencari,ada tetap saja tidak bisa ditemukan,keberadaannya hanya saja di ujung,pencarian itulah Mereka pun sadar kalau,ada sedang dituntun oleh induknya untuk,berperilaku seperti domba biasa seolah,tidak peduli dengan kehadiran si induk,yang begitu perhatian Maria malam merasa,terganggu serta terus-terusan,menyuruhnya untuk pergi ke,Frozen,dan ternyata Maria mengaku kalau ia,merasa semakin sayang dengan sosok ada,usut punya usut tingkat pertumbuhan ada,memanglah sangat cepat bahkan jauh lebih,cepat daripada dua ekor domba yang lahir,secara normal sadar akan setengah,badannya yang berbentuk sebagai manusia,Maria pun berniat untuk terus,membesarkannya entah sampai Sebesar apa,dimulai dari Hari inilah komitmen itu,akan terus dijaga oleh Maria begitupun,halnya dengan impor yang semakin lama,semakin terbiasa,dilanjut Wasi Shin langsung beralih,kepada segerombolan orang yang baru saja,menelantarkan seseorang tidak jelas,masalahnya apa tapi yang pasti pria itu,Malah ditinggal begitu saja tanpa,satupun barang bawaan sesaat setelahnya,Maria yang lagi tidur pun mulai,mengalami mimpi buruk yang dimana ia,terus-terusan diteror eh kumpulan domba,jelas mimpi itu langsung membuat Maria,mulai merasa tidak nyaman baik di saat,beraktifitas maupun di saat beristirahat,maka dari itulah dengan segala,keyakinannya Maria berniat untuk,melakukan suatu tindakan keji tanpa,diketahui oleh invar dan juga ada yang,tidak lain tidak bukan iapun tega,membunuh si induk domba dengan cara,menembak kepalanya pada saat itu,Hai,Bisa sinduk sudah tewas sepenuhnya,barulah Maria mengubur domba tersebut di,sebuah lubang galian yang sengaja ia,gali serta dikubur tanpa diberi tanda,sama sekali tapi tanpa ia sadari,tindakan itu sudah dipantau oleh si pria,Brewok yang sedang bersembunyi di,sekitar rumah sampai sejauh ini sih kita,masih bertanya-tanya ya Kenapa Maria,sebegitu hebatnya dengan kehadiran ada,padahal kan ia bisa melahirkan seorang,manusia secara normal yang tentunya jauh,lebih baik,keesokan harinya terlihat jelas kalau,pria yang terlantar itu sudah melewati,malam dengan beristirahat di dalam,kandang domba hanya saja impor pun tidak,terkejut sama sekali akan kehadiran pria,tersebut dan ternyata pria itu adalah,kakak laki-laki dari infrared sendiri,yang bernama feture,Hai dari pembicaraan mereka sih vetur,ini terkenal banget dengan identitasnya,sebagai penghulu yang handal,sampai-sampai Ia pun sangat sering,ditelantarkan secara sengaja menariknya,kedatangan fitur bukanlah kali pertama,bagi ingvar maupun Maria melainkan ini,adalah kali pertama bagi feture setelah,ia melihat kehadiran ada sebagai manusia,awam Tentu dong petur terheran-heran,dengan wujud domba bertubuh manusia,Apalagi setelah ia melihat Maria lagi,mandi berduaan dengan ada yang tentu,saja memiliki tubuh setengah manusia,semakin lama berada di rumah ini vetur,juga merasa semakin terbiasa yang dimana,ia dipaksa oleh Maria beserta invar,untuk lebih dekat dengan keponakannya,[Musik],yo Kausa Novita Friday,Hai hehehe,disaat hari menjelang sore terlihat,kalau mereka bertiga lagi sibuk,beraktivitas dengan satu-satunya traktor,yang dimiliki oleh iqfar sedangkan ada,terus-terusan mencoba untuk mendekati,seekor anjing yang selama ini dipelihara,oleh informal pun Maria,hai hai,hai ketika hari sudah berganti lagi,kucing beserta anjing peliharaannya,impor terlihat seperti mengetahui,keberadaan suatu hal Sayangnya belum,dipastikan lebih lanjut apa yang mereka,lihat Pada momen itu tidak lama,setelahnya retur disuruh untuk ikut,serta membersihkan gudang yang ada di,dekat peternakan tersebut pada awalnya,sih petur masih santai-santai aja dengan,kehadirannya ada yang terus-terusan,mendampingi mereka saking santainya,vetur malah iseng untuk menyuapi,beberapa rumput kepada ada yang,mengejutkannya ada terlihat doyan dengan,rumput-rumput itu padahal sedari Ia,lahir sampai sekarang ada tidak pernah,diberikan sedikitpun rumput oleh Mariah,dan juga ingvar merasa nggak bisa pikir,dengan pikiran mereka

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Người Phụ Nữ Nhận Một Con Cừu Kỳ Lạ Làm Con Khiến Cả Nhà | Review Phim Kinh Dị Hay

em làm có lẽ là một trong những bộ phim,gì và lạ lẫm nhất được sản xuất và khởi,chiếu trong năm 2021 với những hình ảnh,trước kỳ quặc bộ phim kể về cặp vợ chồng,Maria và Eva có một cuộc sống bình yên,và trầm lặng tại vùng núi xa xôi của,Iceland hàng ngày Họ chăm chỉ gieo trồng,và chăn nuôi đầu cậu béo tốt một ngày nọ,khi đang đỡ đẻ cho một con cừu cái họ vô,tình phát hiện chú cuội cells in có đặc,điểm vô cùng kì lạ khi phần đầu là từ,công phân dưới là là cơ thể con người,chứ Bé Đặc biệt này sẽ thích nghi với,cuộc sống như thế nào Xin mời mọi người,theo dõi câu chuyện ngày sau đây,đầu tiên,được bắt đầu bằng hình ảnh một đàn ngựa,đang chạy trên một Thảo Nguyên phủ đầy,tuyết trắng Sương Mù thì giày Đạt đột,nhiên đa ngựa bị thứ gì đó làm cho hoãn,xử trả đa ngựa bỏ chạy toán loạn không,khí đáng sợ này dần dần lành đến một,trang trại cách đó không xa cánh cửa,chuồng cầu bị mở tung ra một mùi gì đó,nồng em lên làm cầu có vẻ hết sức Cảnh,Giác ngày sau đó trong dồn lại vào một,góc tường Ánh mắt của chú đầy vẽ hoảng,loạn một con vừa cái không theo kịp,tránh nên đã bị đái ra khỏi chuồng trôi,ngột ngã xuống đất con cừu cái mơ mơ,màng màng toàn thân không ngừng run rẩy,trước cột nó đã bị làm sao có lẽ chỉ đàn,cầu này mới có thể biết được,mấy tháng sau tuyết tan vàng vật là sinh,sôi nảy nữ Maria và inva là một đôi vợ,chồng đang rất hạnh phúc Họ xây dựng một,nông trại trên một hòn đảo xa xôi hai,người ngày ngày làm việc chăm chỉ chăm,lo cho Trang trại của mình đang cô rất,nhanh Đã đến kỳ sinh sản để chào đón,những chú cừu con sắp chào đời hai vợ,chồng đầu tắt mặt tối trong bữa cơm Họ,vừa ăn vừa nói chuyện phím với nhau,người chồng Evil cảm thấy rất hài lòng,với cuộc sống hiện tại nhưng người vợ,Maria lấy cho rằng sống như thế này thì,thật đáng tiếc không lâu sau con cô gái,bị để khỏi đoạn trước kia cũng chuẩn bị,đến này sinh ha chị đã có mặt để đỡ đẻ,cho nó nhưng khi cửa con chào đời hai,người lại để lộ ra biểu cảm trước kinh,ngạc con cầu này có vấn đề gì hay sao,ngày sau đó Maria ở cực con ra ngoài rồi,đưa nó đến phòng ngủ của mình Maria và,Eva bắt đầu chăm sóc cầu cong rất chu,đáo Họ đắp chăn cho nó cho nó uống sữa,chăm sóc con cừu hạt dưa chăm sóc đứa,con mà mình sinh ra lúc này ở trong vườn,cù kỳ mẹ bị lấy mất Con bắt đầu sốt ruột,nhìn ngó xung quanh liên tục tìm kiếm,đứa con mới chào đời của mình inva lục,tìm chuyên mang chiếc giường trẻ con từ,trong kho Da Cừu con nằm trên chiếc,giường ngủ ngon lành Mỗi khi nhìn thấy,nó Maria đều nở một nụ cười rất hạnh,phúc hôm đó cô bé Cậu con để dỗ nó ngủ,Eva nhìn thấy cảnh này bật lực bỏ ra,ngoài anh đang cảm thấy rất buồn Thậm,chí còn ngồi trong xe khóc nức nở trước,của người đàn ông này đã trái qua những,gì mà lại đau khổ đến như thế câu mẹ,cuối cùng cũng đã tìm được cầu con Anh,chạy đến trước ngôi nhà liên tục kêu gào,thảm thiết vào bên trong,mẹ Maria và Eva không muốn để cho hai mẹ,con nó gặp nhau nên đã lập tức đuổi nó,đi hai người họ rất sợ sẽ mất đi đứa con,này Thậm chí lúc xem Tivi họ cũng xe ôm,cừu con vào lòng Maria con đúng hết cửa,sổ lại để tụi con không thể nghe thấy,tiếng kêu của mẹ nó Thời gian cứ thế,trôi qua inva dần dần cũng đã chấp nhận,cực cao này nhưng cùng mẹ vẫn không từ,bỏ ý muốn đòi lại đứa con của mình nó,thường xuyên Cháy đến trước nhà gào thét,nhưng điều đó cũng chẳng thay đổi được,gì tình cảm của Maria và inva dành cho,Cửu con ngày càng sâu thẳm Họ đặt cho nó,cái tên là à ra hôm đó hai người về nhà,không thấy ai đau nên cảm thấy có gì đó,chẳng lành họ lập tức chạy ra ngoài đi,xung quanh nông trường để tìm kiếm nhưng,Tìm máy và vẫn không thấy tung tích của,anh đâu cả cuối cùng khi tìm thấy được,thi lại phát hiện nó đang ở cùng với cụ,mẹ hai người cướp lấy cổ con mặc Ru của,mẹ vẫn không ngừng gào thét và đuổi theo,mà thế nhưng họ vẫn không trả lại con,cho nó Maria hét lớn đuổi con vật Cút đi,Cho,tứ diện với con người từ mẹ đành bất lực,tuổi còn lớn rất nhanh lúc này nó đã có,thể đứng lên như con người hóa ra con,cừu này đúng là bức bình thường thật cơ,thể của nó không 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tặng

LAMB (2021) Ending Explained

hey hows it going folks welcome to,found flicks on this inning explained,were looking at the quite bizarre,iceland set tail lamb where a childless,couple discover a strange unnatural,newborn in their sheep barn that they,decide to raise as their own but,sinister forces are determined to return,the creature to the wilderness that,birthed her as i mentioned the main,feeling of this one is just plain weird,im sure you guys are aware of the term,slow burn but that usually means that,its building towards something bigger,this one just kind of idles on by for,its entire run time feeling kind of,dreary and dreamlike as a result im,sure this is intentional as this overall,comes across like a kind of fairy tale,of sorts its also extremely vague about,the story and its intricacies and it,really doesnt go into detail about much,at all leaving us with many questions,about what it all means but one thing i,do know for sure is their faux daughter,the lamb human hybrid ada is just,freaking adorable the overalls oh my,goodness so for this one it is,definitely a make your own,interpretation of things kind of style,yet there are some aspects to it that i,feel can be determined conclusively,thats why were here today trying to,answer as many of those questions that,the movie leaves us with so lets pay a,visit to iceland with lamb breaking down,the story and its ties to mythology just,what the deal with ada is and explaining,the abrupt ending that leaves many many,things up in the air we open out in the,blustery snow on what must be some kind,of large beast pov hearing a low,growling and its pretty high off the,ground it approaches a group of horses,that are instantly driven away at the,site nang and hoofing in terror at a,barn housing several lambs they all,stare intently as the thing enters once,it grows closer they rush to squeeze,through a fence and moments later one,lone lamb steps out collapsing on the,ground and heaving we can put together,from this that this beast creature has,impregnated the lamb and just like that,its back off into the snowy night at,the nearby farmhouse maria is joined by,her bearded bow ingbar and shes,distracted by something out the window,still hearing the creature growling,outside we also hear on the radio that,its christmas which might seem trivial,but actually is important in,understanding the meaning behind the,story in the end somewhere in extremely,rural and gorgeous iceland the couple,live a simple hard-working life working,the land and taking care of the farm,including all those lambs it appears to,be birthing season helping several pop,out some new little babes in a dinner,conversation ingbar brings up how,scientists have determined that time,travel to the future is theoretically,possible but for her shes more hopeful,of being able to return to the past we,dont know quite why that is yet but,theres obviously something that has,happened that the couple are still,traumatized by though there seems to be,one more lamb still pregnant acting,restless when she checks on it but is,unsure after checking its belly the,couple are feeling some sense of pride,beaming that this year was better than,last year and in fact every year on the,farm has been better than the one prior,theyre killing it at this farm life,thing yall their dog starts barking and,looks to be focused on that one lamb in,particular for some reason they realize,it is pregnant after all and this birth,isnt as easy peasy as the others really,requiring some elbow grease to get that,thing out of there something about it,seems to disturb them and she takes it,in her arms immediately but we,frustratingly do not get a good look at,the critter just yet they wrap it in a,little blanket seeing its lamb head and,they feed it some milk that the baby,gratefully suckles down and what must be,for the first time in a while everyone,appears happy giving her husband a big,smile maria is instantly smitten with,the lamb cherishing it in her arms,humming to it and bouncing it around,ingvar enters with some concern on his,face but says nothing about the site and,continues on alone on the tractor he,lets his full feelings come pouring out,getting overwhelmed with emotions and,breaking down in tears while repairing,the tractor his pup calls him over to,something a piece of broken rope on the,ground and it must have been that same,lamb maria finds it on the side of the,house bleeding out the window and,doesnt budge an inch when told to move,catching the little lambs head peeking,inquisitively outside theyre now,treating it like their full-fledged own,child sitting on the couch snuggling,with it while watching tv like any other,couple with a newborn her mother,continues to voice their displeasure,back to bleeding out the window man that,is one sassy land while shes out in the,tractor maria asked ingar to stay with a,child but he doesnt listen heading off,to do other work when she returns his,negligence proves problematic they,search the house for the lamb who they,are now calling aydah and theres no,sign of her after searching through the,incredibly thick obscuring fog they,discover her down by the riverside along,with her persistent mother it looks like,she must have been the one to take ada,and was trying to actually get it away,from the couple now we also finally get,a good look at the thing it is a lamb,human hybrid mostly human body with some,lamb one arm and of course the head,boy her mom has returned to express its,annoyance further with his unholy setup,but maria isnt interested bellowing it,for it to go away its basically their,kid now no matter what anyone or nature,might have to say on the matter the,maternal connection continues to grow,stronger her taking ada out for a drive,and making her a little flower crown,maria beams when putting it on calling,her beautiful and see that aydah has,grown quite a bit already wearing a,little jacket and everything its,actually pretty adorable freaking nature,though as often happens when things are,going well something inevitably comes in,and threatens to screw it all up this,time that takes the form of ingbars,deadbeat brother first introduced being,dumped out of the trunk of a car by some,people and left on the side of the road,yeah probably it is some bad business,based on that your friends typically,dont throw you in the trunk is all im,saying maria has a strange dream of,aydahs mother whining as usual and then,strange fuzzy images of the animals with,glowing eyes that is weirdly kind of,spooky she wakes up and is determined,that she knows what she has to do she,takes out the troublesome animal and,puts it down with a rifle to keep this,deed a secret she drags the body out of,ways and buries it there so now we,already know that shes not gonna let,anything get in the way of being with,her new daughter and that will be tested,once more seeing that peter has made his,way to the farm and presumably witnessed,the whole lamb burial thing ingar later,encounters his bros sleeping out on a,couch in the barn and wormley invites,him in for some food maria on the other,hand is a bit more standoffish at the,reunion smirking your back again but,does give him a hug ada steps in looking,bigger than ever and you can tell peter,is like what the is happening here,especially with how casual they are,about the whole thing ingvar excusing,that shes not used to being around,strangers almost teasing the level of,absurdity of things here maria and aydah,share a playful bath together her,splashing her faux mommy all watched in,befuddlement by peter in the mirror he,confronts his brother about it just what,is going on here dude to which he only,replies happiness before walking away,aydah comes in holding hands with maria,to wish uncle peter a good night and he,tries to speak up again but gets shot,down you can stay for a while but dont,interfere with our lives he warns he,does at least lend a hand on the farm,and its planning season aydah is there,down by the river staring at

I Finally Watched LAMB | A24 Movie Review

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Lamb – Angry Movie Review

[Music],uh guys we have no lamb so i have no,stupid prop for you guys uh instead i,will uh just talk about uh the horror,film lamb i was excited for this one,because i saw the trailer and it was,weird as [ __ ],you got a concept of these,farmers in the middle of nowhere and you,know sheep herders um,have a baby,or no one of their sheeps gives birth to,this,baby like human lamb but then theres,maybe,satanic stuff or i dont know the,trailer is very creepy right and its,like are they gonna let this thing live,and at one point you see him walking,with the lamb with the shotgun maybe the,gun to kill the the thing and i was just,its just weird this is a little lamb,baby and his mother is like attached to,the baby so i had to see it love love,horror films and i like a24,um they love horror films as well but,they do different things this no not,necessarily a horror i mean this is not,scary this is more uh there was one,terrifying scene in this movie though,okay well talk about it,but so lamb is one of those films um,do i recommend lamb,uh kinda uh youre either gonna find,this film fascinating or [ __ ],boring and ridiculously stupid right uh,i found it fascinating,and kind of stupid but but like you know,just fascinating this is one of those,slow burn films like were talking its,what i like to call a little slice of,life film where the camera just doddles,it goes about showing you uh,[Music],chewing on that scene,just doing [ __ ] just doing [ __ ] just,being farmers right and that really and,its that kind of stuff like i get,annoyed with it at first im like come,on,but once you once the film is like,chapter one chapter two and it gets,going like im [ __ ] fully immersed in,the wave of chapter four,i am fully immersed in in this world and,in this film being,farmers,and uh and you know and and i and the,characters are interesting and you,youre youre likable and youre,wondering where the [ __ ] is all this,going right um,and you know what is it like to be a,farmer out here and what country were,they in iceland iceland uh beautiful,beautiful,beautiful cinematography uh harrowing,creepy music um,and good acting just really great,performances uh,yeah well thats a little hokey you know,the cgi,its its very weird to look at this,little lamb character right uh you know,and and sometimes it works from certain,angles sometimes it doesnt uh but you,know clearly tragedy has befallen this,couple before and youve seen it in the,trailer they sort of adopt this,creature uh thing as their own baby the,wife doesnt give give the eye to the,husband its like youve been spending a,lot of time with that right and it never,came up i was hoping that would come up,at least once like hes got that velcro,gloves i would have been looking like,what the [ __ ] did you do dude youve,been [ __ ] chief on the farm right i,was thinking and then at some point its,like how is this going to go over with,when guests come over or other family,members come over and it kind of deals,with that i thought at least it would be,brought up there no not not brought up,there but,ultimately,i got what i wanted from the film it was,creepy,it was,interesting it was morbid,and it was honestly sad and just,well-acted and good cinematography but,you have to like slow burn films you,have to like weird a24 stuff you know,where its good that theres a company,out there that still makes these types,of things in hollywood its not yet,another superhero movie or yet another,big budget action film couldnt be any,more different than what we saw right,before no time to die but i,liked this event,what did yall think i,did not like this home im the opposite,of you uh this is a nice heart warming,family movie,nothing horror about this,uh the acting shirt it was fine,other than that like its like a very,nice heartwarming family thats what it,is they try to not describe this as that,chapter one chapter two till the very,end theres a little,youre waiting all that time burn burn,burn,and it fizzled out for you and the movie,ends and it fizzled out thats the slice,of life thats like the you know three,billboards,my two hours wasted your time wasted,your guess yes,so i didnt really like this one okay i,did like the acting sure,but,thats about it man okay yeah i i think,it was very well shot i like the music i,like the acting but i think its one of,the worst films ive seen in a very long,time,um and i mean that im not just doing it,like to like i think this is one of the,worst i think this is going to be a,movie that you know people like should i,see this is like no and i like you you,should watch climax i [ __ ] like weird,movies,i like slow burn this is this is the,kind of thing where it was a no burn,movie because it just goes yes and its,not burning nothings happening and then,at the very end theres just this tiny,little blip at the very end of the movie,and theyre supposed to be like oh man,what is that how does this and i just,dont care because youve wasted all of,my time up to that point and not only,does nothing happen for me,for the whole movie theres this random,like sexually aggressive blackmailing uh,like not hes hes like hes like,sexually assaulting the wife kind of,trying to like grab her and like and,its just it doesnt go anywhere it,doesnt mean anything and so not only,does nothing happen but theres stuff,that i dont like that happens and,nothing disgusting elevates how much i,hated that part so this is,in my opinion one of the worst things,ive ever ive watched ed wood movies,and i would rather watch those because,those are at least funny theres a movie,from 2006 called black sheep that you,should its actually a horror movie,about sheep attacking human beings that,you would should watch and that movie is,[ __ ] terrible and that movie is,better than this movie i just think you,want to talk about worse uh,you know [ __ ] crappy art film you,gotta watch climax from oh yeah yeah,its also a 24 is the worst [ __ ],thing ive ever seen i hated it but this,but the climax is artsy bad and this is,artsy,you know good in my opinion but you but,you guys hate it yeah yeah okay,like hated it because i was going into i,guess it was my fault i was going into,like uh kind of like the witch or uh,hereditary like its its going to get,the very end like stuff starts happening,this is just like,real quick it doesnt stuff happens once,yeah its not even countdown i,understand what you and you know a,certain part of me is disappointed uh,that it wasnt a certain type of film,this,no i gotta say it in spoilers yeah,i thought yeah cause i thought like it,went out of nowhere theres a movie that,ill talk about and spoilers obviously,but,all right so lets go to final verse and,make this one a quick one okay i think,im probably being too generous with the,four on this oh way too generous,yeah,uh i me personally i didnt like it i,was going in for the [ __ ] elements like,maybe itll be something like uh slow,burn ill wait for the end i waited for,the end,its just uh you life of farmers adopt,this,family do you ever want to know what,farm is like,watch this i played the game i played,the game all right oh fire,simulators,and to raise its own its like oh this,is very endearing uh now the sheep is,playing with the dog hes playing with,the cat oh i aint that cute,all right i dont care i dont care okay,im gonna give this a two,oh this this movie does not happen so,this this this movie does not have the,things that make it like what we would,consider a movie it doesnt have a,beginning a middle in the end because,there is chapter one well theres three,chapters but this movie this movie goes,and then one thing happens and then the,movie ends but theres not theres like,a beginning part i guess where theres,they they you know theyre farmers and,they discover this thing and then,nothing happens forever then theres,like the rapist brother type thing in,the middle if you want to consider that,a middle maybe yeah that i didnt like,this is very weird this movie wa

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