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Landscapers Review | Nowstalgia Reviews

So Landscapers is a hbo  british co-production with sky,four episode miniseries premiering on hbo  in the states on monday nights and stars as,you mentioned olivia coleman and david thewlis  and they play a real-life couple from england,who committed a crime and this is kind of  a true crime dramatization type mini series,and you know you have two central lead performers  in thewlis and colman that we like quite a bit,especially colman whos just on an incredible  acting run which by all indications is continuing,with the lost daughter maggie  gyllenhaals film which is coming out,at the end of this month so olivia colman  in anything requires viewing and landscapers,you know it has a bit of a comedic element to  it but ultimately i think of it a lot the way,if you recall we watched the show on amc called  quiz remember that four episode miniseries about,who wants to be a millionaire for famous  fraud again in england very similar thing,where theres a dramatic event from real life  dramatized in a series but not super long series,but at the end of the day theres not a ton  of meat on that bone in terms of the crime,that itll probably fizzle out over four hours i  think thats where landscapers is heading because,ultimately its a simple crime they murdered  colmans characters parents and buried them,in the back garden and then pretended they  were still alive and collected their pensions,however by the conclusion of episode 1 the crime  has been discovered due to thewliss character,mentioning it to his step-mom and they turn  themselves over to the police so effectively weve,progressed through so much plot already that i  dont know if the subsequent three hours are gonna,show us too much more you know a big part of  this episode you have colmans character kind,of daydreaming in a sense about famous actor gary  cooper who she likes to buy film memorabilia early,on and like theres these black and white dream  sequences or daydreams in a sense that that seemed,to stitch with our scenes here and i dont know if  it really amounted to enough through one episode,it just felt like a little bit of padding where i  just dont know if there was quite theres quite,enough there for a four episode series i think  that four episodes doesnt sound like a lot but,its its kind of a to b thing and we got a little  bit of this in the first episode and the reviews,suggest this is going to continue where we see  fourth wall breaking similar to how scenes from a,marriage would show us the sets before the episode  technically started right wed watch chastain and,oscar isaac walk to the set around people in  masks that are the crew in real life right we,get a little bit of that again with landscapers  and again i dont really understand the choice,but beyond the padding so if youre interested in  the story if you want to see these performers go,ahead at least watch the first episode but i dont  think its gonna crack the year end lists not that,its like bad or anything its just theres  not a whole lot to it ultimately i dont think,yeah just in a little bit i looked into it i was i  was interested obviously because of the performers,but in hearing you talk about it i do wonder  because i believe that this is supposed to,take place over years that they cashed in the  pension if there will be like some going back,in the story maybe like right you know  flashbacks things like that filling in,but yeah its gonna be interesting  to see where they go with it,its only four episodes like you mentioned  so theyll be wrapping up right around,like the end of the year which is not a time we  usually get to review to make things i dont know,if well be coming back to it but if it if its  noteworthy we will certainly make the space for it

Susan and Christopher Edwards | Landscapers | True Crime

hello and welcome to my channel and if,youre joining us for the first time,where have you been if you enjoyed,if you enjoyed true crime stories tales,of the unexpected,or macabre mysteries then you might find,it worthwhile sticking around,but before we embark upon todays case i,would encourage you please,to click on the subscribe button located,under this screen,now if were ready lets begin,this is the case of susan and,christopher edwards,and the bodies in the garden,it was october 2013,when christopher edwards called his,stepmother elizabeth,and asked her for some money the request,was somewhat,surprising given that christopher and,his wife had moved from london to france,a year,prior when asked why,christopher made a strange admission,theyd been forced to flee the country,because of a series of shocking events,by the end of that conversation,christophers stepmother elizabeth,hung up the phone and called the police,she said,that they should send an investigative,team directly to two blenheim close,in forest town nottinghamshire,upon excavation of the lawn at the rear,of the property,two bodies were discovered the remains,were later identified as william and,patricia,witcherly christophers mother and,father-in-law,and they had been concealed there for,over 15,years,this discovery was all the more,disturbing because until only a few,months,earlier william and patricia the,deceased,had been alive and well or so it had,seemed,william witcherly had married patricia,moore,in the late 1950s at fulham registry,office in london,their only child susan was born,months later as a teenager,susan inherited ten thousand pounds,following the death of her grandfather,rather than squander the money she took,her mother on a visit to graceland,the famous home and now tourist,destination,of the late great elvis presley,the remaining sum which was 5 000 pounds,was put towards a house which she,co-purchased,with her parents in london,now when she was 20 susan met and,eventually married christopher edwards,it was said that they met,via a dating agency a fact which they,both found really embarrassing and,attempted to conceal,without success no big deal now i guess,but,back in the day it was seen as i guess,kind of cringy,so its also worth noting that susans,father,disliked christopher from the start,which caused,quite a rift in the family now in 1986,susans parents persuaded her to sign,away her half,of the house enabling them to sell it,and move into two blenheim clothes in,forest town,now susan christopher didnt keep in,regular contact with her parents,and they visited them only very,occasionally,but during one such visit in 1992,there was a very heated argument and,when the pair left,christopher would later claim it was the,last time he ever saw the witcherless,the family unit was now effectively,estranged,neighbours of the witcherless described,the couple as reserved,and very reclusive adding that it was,rare they saw them at all,it was hardly surprising then that in,1997,when the witcherleys all but disappeared,people believed,that they had moved away the truth,however,was much more sinister on the may bank,holiday of that year,susan and christopher visited the,witchlies they murdered them,and they buried them under the lawn in,the back garden accounts were different,but the edwards version of events first,stated that susan had gone alone to her,parents,and shed woken early on sunday morning,to a loud bang,what she thought was the sound of a,gunshot she entered her parents bedroom,she found her father slumped on the,floor,and her mother standing over him holding,a revolver,an argument ensued in which susan,claimed her mother,admitted to having had an affair with,christopher susans husband,appalled and flying into a sudden rage,susan then shot her mother,fled the house and called christopher in,a panic,from a phone box now she didnt reveal,the extent,of what had actually happened but she,did return briefly to the house,wrapped the bodies in blankets and hid,them under the bed,according to the couple they returned,the following weekend,and susan stated that they stopped to,buy fish and chips on route,and it was over this fish and chips,supper in the house at blenheim close,that susan finally told christopher was,it happened,the weekend prior and that the bodies,were still upstairs,bon appetit i guess,for his part christopher said that he,agreed to help susan dispose of the,bodies of his in-laws,because he believed her account of the,events,and didnt want to throw her to the,wolves by going to the police,even more bizarre than that susan,admitted in court,that they watched the eurovision song,contest on television,before dragging the bodies downstairs,into the garden in the middle of the,night,i took the liberty of looking it up and,if youre interested,1998 was the year that dhana,international,won the contest for israel good song,from that day on in 1998 right until,things began,to unravel in 2012. the edwards,conducted an elaborate ruse,to convince the world that patricia and,william witcherly,were still alive the day after the,bodies were concealed,susan went to the bank in mansfield and,withdrew,all the money that she could from her,parents joint account,in total about 40 000 pounds,she then closed those accounts and,opened a new,one a joint account in her name and in,her mothers name,with all the correspondence still going,to the witchly address,during the next 15 years the pair,systematically stole money forged,signatures to continue receiving,benefits obtained control of pension,plans,and took out loans and credit cards in,the witcherlys names,now the total exceeded a quarter of a,million pounds,which actually included the sale of two,blenheim close,in 2005 the property where the,witcherlys,remains were buried neighbors and,relatives were told,that the witcherlies had gone traveling,and was staying by the coast for health,reasons,in 2007 susan wrote to,relatives explaining that her parents,had sold their house,and were touring ireland because of the,good air,and that they might decide to settle,there permanently,in 2011 she sent a,really chatty christmas card to another,relation explaining,yes i realized my father traveled the,world in younger years,well it is like he is having his second,youth now because when he does speak,now he speaks of travel and travelling i,cannot really keep up with where hes,planning to settle,he and mum like to travel in the irish,republic particularly,i tend to think it is a yearning for,past years to do all the things that one,never got around to before,but it is good to see them with such,zest,they really put a lot of time and effort,into maintaining this,elaborate deception so,how with a couple eventually caught,well the edwards might have got away,with their crimes,if it hadnt been for the fact that they,made several,ridiculous decisions mr witcherly,had he actually been alive would have,been approaching his 100th birthday,and so in 2012 the couple received a,letter,from the centenarian society,which is a prestigious organization,aimed at,recognizing and celebrating those people,about to reach,that 100th milestone birthday,so as is customary they requested a,face-to-face,meeting with mr witchery now,this is something that i dont entirely,understand,because up until now the edwards had,been quite,adept at navigating their way through,requests like this,similar requests like postponing health,appointments and meetings for the,witcherlys,indefinitely while they pretended it was,because,they were constantly traveling but for,some reason,this time they decided that that,wouldnt work,perhaps the centenarian society was,particularly persistent,nevertheless something made the edwards,panic,they hurriedly raised 5 000 pounds from,selling books,and other items they borrowed,borrowed 10 000 pounds from,christophers work,and fled to an apartment in lille france,now after several months they continued,to struggle financially,and this leads us

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How Landscapers Rises from Mediocrity to Masterpiece through Visual Storytelling | SPOILER REVIEW

landscapers is a good show elevated to a,great show by two amazing lead,performances from olivia coleman and,david fullers,but the thing that takes this from a,great show into an absolutely,spectacular must-watch viewing show is,the surreal visual style and crazy wild,stylistic film making decisions weve,got unconventional black and white,sequences weve got floral colored,lighting over saturating and over,drenching sequences weve got beautiful,metaphorical side stories that are used,to deep dive into the psyches of our,main two characters and then we do have,more traditional filmmaking styles that,arent flashy or grand or you know epic,in any way but theyre bare bones in,that perfect way that kind of,encapsulates this story that is truly,being told outside of the characters,kind of fairytale delusions of the world,they think theyre living in and all of,this all of this is kind of like,brought together by this amazing art,direction this beautiful looking show,that is so many different things at once,but is telling one very unique and like,specific story and its just,its just a marvel to behold if this,sounds like your cup of tea and you,havent actually seen landscapers bloody,go check it out stop this video check it,out and come back because im going to,get into some spoilers of all the you,know visual filmmaking and arty kind of,decisions they make that really stood,out to me theres a sequence that is,like this dramatic non-comedy version of,that mel brook scene in blazing saddles,like at the end of the film where,theyre all having a brawl and suddenly,it breaks out it literally breaks the,fourth wall and explodes out onto the,movie set in hollywood like a hollywood,movie set and its all just crazy and it,goes bad bam and just keeps getting,crazier and crazier but it you know,breaks the fourth wheel and we go into,like the set of the film in landscape is,its a more intense dramatic version of,that where in an interrogation room,everythings you know normal and like a,classic kind of cliche cop interrogation,and then suddenly the camera pans out,and everyone gets up and they move from,like set to set like on a sound stage,into the rooms theyre talking about on,the night of the murder and shes like,this is how i played out and everyones,picking up guns its super meta and,crazy and everyones kind of like,playing their role like its a theater,play but its like a like a dress,rehearsal where theyre all kind of,getting used to it theyre all like okay,so i pick up the gun here and its like,okay ill pick it up but olivia coleman,is just the character in the,interrogation still being like no no,this isnt how it happened no and,theyre like this is how its going to,play out this is how were going to,explain it to the jury and everything,its a spectacular visual way to show,how this scene and this whole moment in,her life is getting out of olivia,commons hands and everything is kind of,being you know shes barely able to keep,up with this scene and the interrogation,as we move from room to room to room to,situation to situation to situation and,shes completely losing her mind as this,scene starts to lose its mind and get,completely crazy but its also like a,really fun kind of play on her obsession,and love of film and film making but,its also a really fun way to show how,the jury is going to be visualizing this,scene and you know it kind of plays out,like a theater play like a story being,told the way that the cops are going to,be telling the story and showing their,side and their angle of it to the jury,as opposed to the way that olivia,colemans character is trying to tell,her side of the story and her kind of,version of it so its this really kind,of interesting way to show how,everyones showing their kind of their,story of it and showing it in this,really weird visual theater kind of way,is like really really interesting but,its also just a fun creative visual way,to kind of you know make it not a cliche,cop by the numbers seen it a million,times before cop interrogation and it,just works on so many levels i,absolutely love this sequence it was,such an inventive creative decision that,works not just being like oh weve got,to oh its just oh lets do something,crazy and wild just for the sake of it,it was so grounded in the characters and,the situation and everything that works,so well on all those levels i,just just wow this crazy filmmaking,choice and all the other surreal,decisions made throughout this series,arent just made for the sake of being,like lets just be crazy and surreal and,just whatever its not just wild,filmmaking for the sake of it its,always rooted deep in the psyche of our,two main characters and how they see,themselves in the world and in this kind,of situation that theyre in our two,league characters olivia common and,david thulis are just theyre obsessed,with film theyre obsessed with like the,old cinema old westerns and gunslingers,and those heroic kind of badass types,from like old the golden age of cinema,as they say the couples love of this,old film heroes these gunslingers these,you know heroic people in these old,westerns really shapes how these two,characters see themselves in this uh,story that is essentially just like did,they murder their parents for money and,you know because they hated them and,stuff and it you know really shapes how,they see themselves in this story which,is really really fascinating and then it,kind of has this extra layer on top of,it with all these surreal filmic,decisions like there are so many moments,in this series where we see uh david,fools character lit behind with this,heroic backlight and hes just you know,presented in this,in this way that like makes you go oh,its like an old hollywood film where,were meant to think this guys the hero,and hes saving the damsel in distressed,and thats how he sees himself not as,kind of a slimy murderer of people who,maybe were asleep when they killed them,and stuff like that which is a really,fun kind of horrid twist on the kind of,someones obsession with you know film,and characters that play certain types,you know almost anti-heroic characters,that they see as heroic and the way that,kind of twist these characters minds in,their own like real life setting there,are several moments throughout the,series where lupin is presented as this,like gunslinging hero dams in the stress,saving like bang bang im the hero of,the story and it really kind of is,reinforced as well by in the real in the,real world we see lots of characters,discuss how he loves to save all those,that he thinks is weak and of needing of,help that are around him but hes never,able to do it properly and stuff and,then we actually hear him say like at,least 10 times that his wife who he,truly loves is fragile and hes kind of,got this really bizarre and kind of,toxic,hero complex where he needs to save,everyone around him and he sees himself,as like a gary cooper as like a hero of,these old western films and its this,really kind of i dont know,bizarre demented kind of character that,he sees himself in and so using all,these filming decisions like all these,black and white sequences where hes,like dressed as a cowboy and everything,really kind of reinforced how he sees,himself and so the jury and the cops and,even the audience and the general public,in the show see him as like a black,hat-wearing villain of a western but he,sees himself as the white hat wearing,character in the western and this was,really fascinating and interesting and,where the show was really kind of,succeeding is this kind of bizarre way,that he sees himself and all they as the,couple see themselves and then how,everyone else kind of perceives them and,so the final episode which spends most,of its time in the court you know in,this black and white court sequence as,like they it all goes through it we then,get kind of like a a side story thats,set in western times amazing sets,amazing art direction amazing costumes,and we see the entire

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To Be Loved | Landscapers | HBO

SUSAN EDWARDS: We have a saying in France,,la vie en rose., The meaning of this phrase is to look up at the stars, instead of in the gutter., To see the beauty that exists in life, even when it is difficult to find., It is the purpose of love, and to be loved, is the most beautiful thing in the world.,Good evening.,♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYS) ♪, Landscapers is a dark comedy-crime-romance.,And its not just a kind of dark tale of murder.,-(GUNSHOT) -(CAMERA CLICKS),Susan and Christopher Edwards were arrested and imprisoned, for the murder of Susans parents., So, were investigating that in a very unusual way, cause were framing it as a love story.,Chris is her knight in shining armor,,or her sort of cowboy,, and he wants to make her life as happy as possible,, and they get themselves, in the most sticky of sticky situations,, but they are a devoted, loving couple.,He maybe gives up his life to serve Susan,, to serve her fantasies, to live in her world,, although that is contradicted by himself at various times.,(CIRES) Ive ruined your life.,Oh, you havent ruined my life. You are my life.,Its sort of quite classic, damsel in distress and heroic man,, which is not my bag, but thats what she likes, and she just wanted to be rescued, I think.,He surrendered himself to her world,and his story wasnt really important., And one of the big parts of the story, is why he ultimately gives them both up.,Shes going down for double murder, Chris.,She couldnt have done it, shes terrified of guns.,Love is, in a way for Susan and Chris,,the only important truth., And I think probably for Susan more than for Chris., To have him stick by her was the most important thing.,OLIVIA COLMAN: For Susan, their relationship,is absolute devotion, absolute love.,We have an uncomplicated, perfect romance,versus, well, are there actually some things to work through?, Are there some seeds of doubt in there, that need to be processed?,And does that, in the end, discount the love that is there?,EMMA LANCING: Are you sure Chris wasnt involved?,He helped you, didnt he? He decided to protect you.,ED SINCLAIR: The jeopardy was always in the relationship, for Susan and Chris, really.,Thats our investment by the end of it, and whether thats going to endure after the trial., And we see, then, the impact that the story falling apart, has on Susan and Chris relationship,and how it puts stress on them.,You were supposed to protect me!,Thats all Ive ever done.,There might be a feeling, through the series,,of trying to uncover the ultimate truth., But I think in the end,, its not as important as the romantic through line.,Everythings gonna be all right, okay, baby?

Crime Centric: Landscapers Finale Review

hello you wonderful people and welcome,to another episode of crime centric this,being a show its about crime dramas,that i watch for todays episode im,gonna talk about the landscapers finale,great finale a lot of really interesting,things went down in this episode so,lets break it down so obviously were,in the courtroom and obviously i thought,was so interesting and once again i,didnt really 100 percent get like,because the whole aesthetic of were,kind of reliving everything a little bit,through the lens of a western but in the,grand scheme of things it made a lot,more sense as the episode we know,because its like right theres a whole,they make up theyll bring up the whole,point during the trial like theres a,whole thing of like right them being,kind of obsessed with movies and films,and stuff like that in particular,western stuff it seems like its more so,susan but its like oh like uh,chris kind of like latched onto some of,that as well so im like right so that,explains the whole like everything going,down uh pretty much the events of the,story,uh in a much more condensed version,happening in a western style i thought,that was kind of interesting but,obviously as were going through the,trial and stuff its kind of being,unveiled pointing out the,inconsistencies with the stories the,evidence of like right riga mori mortis,would have set in like three days later,or something like that so its like the,bodies had to have been buried at least,three days after the murder and not like,the week after that they proclaimed,theres no way you wouldnt have noticed,a smell because even susan tried to go,back and was like oh there we go i,bought like 20 air fresheners like whoa,didnt mention that to the cops or,anything but its just interesting that,you happen to bring up this testimony,now after we had an expert bring up the,fact is theres no way you wouldnt have,been able to not notice that smell,uh obviously christopher once again i,dont know whether its just him,being thinking hes smarter and hes,better than everyone like that like he,just got so conceited that the fact is,of how he handled himself even in the,courtroom where like uh the person that,would the prosecutor whatever was,talking to him and he would and she was,like oh let me finish my question he was,like youre not even letting me answer,he like cut her off after she cut him,off its like,hes trying to make a point of obviously,susan doesnt really like guns i had the,gun and caliber necessary that was used,in this case but i sold that years ago i,was into um guns but its because im,into military history and a byproduct of,that is being into guns to some extent,but obviously they try and like shift,and shape the narrative to be,okay,so,what choices were yours like um the,whole oh buying this stain that cost two,thousand seven hundred pounds it was,like a um,the after day like gary or whatever its,like oh gary cooper like this was signed,by him and its like oh like hes like i,made that choice uh because susan was,like as a gift and no we werent on the,verge of bankruptcy but its like its,been one thing after another its like,was that your choice and is it burying,her parents he was like it was mutual uh,but what about you calling tabitha your,stepmother was that mutual or is that,just you its like you must have been,going through a great pain if you were,going to do that so theyre trying to,paint the narrative of right youre,doing a lot of stuff for susan and and,that ends up being a very heartbreaking,thing because susans looking going,because shes never realized like how,chris felt about things because its,like right chris kind of says like right,it all became about susans life and,mine just kind of faded away so its,like right he did everything he lived,and did everything for susan its like,right i could never go like i had to,give up my gun hobby because uh she,didnt like me being away from home hell,not even away from her for long periods,of time and its like oh like and it,kind of shows like the narrative of,shes very needy and you had to,sacrifice so much of your own personal,life for her say and you see like susan,kind of breaking like not even breaking,down but you see like her like with her,mouth open and just like almost like,watery eyed a bit because its like wow,like i didnt know i was such a,hindrance to you,um,[Music],especially because the entire time shes,been locked up she just wants to be near,crisp but its like she has codependency,issues but considering potentially you,know if it is the truth which i take it,as face value but maybe thats just,thats why no one else is really gonna,take it too much at face value but its,like i think a lot of her issues with,her parents are true like her father did,abuse her and her mom didnt know about,it her mom probably her mom and her dad,probably did you know say terrible,things to her what christopher brought,up about um her inheritance that,probably was true as well and they,probably just treated susan like crap so,thats the extra but its like right,chris potentially did it because he,loves susan so much and its not like,she has like this complete sway control,over him but its like right to make her,happy her life is whats more important,because mine is kind of thrown to the,wayside essentially,i do think its interesting because when,uh chris and her are sitting in the box,like you know while the experts are,doing their testimony she keeps looking,towards christopher hes staring,straight ahead he wont look at her,hell make some movements here and there,and even at one point she looks at,douglas but douglas kind of gives a very,like like its okay its okay you know,the sad thing is in those moments,because i guess like troopy told us they,cant look or say anything to each other,without ever being in contempt so that,would probably like worse than things,that they did so douglas probably gave,her to know um the lowdown on that but,um,because i just i think its,heartbreaking because like it feels like,douglas is more for her in that moment,than chris is but once again maybe its,just because chris cant be but,especially his testimony just kind of,put the nail in a coffin when it came to,this,especially with this like because of the,positioning of the bullets its like,right the gun had to be fired by the,same person,um for it to be this way they still have,it and i i guess were still going with,the narrative of they were laying down,when they were shot like they brought,that up and they created that narrative,last episode not created but it suggests,at least uh lansing kind of made it seem,like that might have been the um,position they were in when they were,shot by christopher because hes the one,that actually pulled the trigger because,it seems like were still going with the,narrative of susan isnt good with guns,shes never been a fan of guns shes,quite fragile and all yada yada right,so,i think it is kind of pointing all,towards not chris youre the one that,pulled the trigger because especially,because in that moment its like oh he,you know he shows like this is what you,do and i thought was so interesting how,that was constructed too where its like,and it seems like he shot the judge and,everyones running out the room and its,like once again i guess its just in,like her haze of seeing everything and,just rather things be over with maybe,thats what susan was seeing um,that it was kind of being reenacted like,that um like last episode i brought up i,do believe every time we saw like,someone that didnt fit the scene like,someone is just staring straight at the,camera or when christopher was shooting,the gun last episode and those people,were out in the field with him and,theyre just staring,like i brought up last episode i believe,those are all the people that are on the,in the audience the uh,the jury of sorts once again i dont,know how like the law fully works,because i dont think the courts just,it definitely doesnt seem like the,court system i

Landscapers Episode 1 Spoiler Free Review

hey whats going on guys welcome back to,the channel so a new episode of a new,show dropped yesterday in hbo max i,think around 9 00 pm is gonna be,premiering every single monday night at,nine its called landscapers it most,notably stars olivia coleman and david,thulis and now i love both of these,actors i think theyre magnificent and,everything ive seen them in im so,happy that uh the show decided to pair,these two together as a married couple i,think its a very smart decision and uh,you know thats the main draw for the,show these two big name actors so im,gonna give us the shortest description i,can for what this show is about its,about a mild mannered couple that decide,to kill one of their parents and so now,this is a base on a true story its a,limited series and like always for an,episode one review this will be spoiler,free so im not going to spoil anything,about you know about this episode at all,um but i will i do want to talk about i,want to give my thoughts when i thought,on the episode if its worth watching if,thats what youre here for or if you,want to discuss in the comments about,what you thought of the episode let me,know down below uh so make sure you like,this video if you guys havent been,liking it and please make sure to,subscribe for new as we keep up all new,movies and tv shows,so,landscapers uh one thing i always like,to point out because i know a lot of,people dont really care about it but,the cinematography of this episode was,great thats just something i always,want to put out there once i notice it,in episode i do want to at least,acknowledge it i thought it was great,here the show looks amazing my big,negative with the episode is that i felt,very disconnected though with these,characters in the story since we start,the episode in a place where we dont,know how this couple killed one of their,parents they just kind of throw us in,there with this couple whos on the run,and theyre living out in france and the,whole episode is sort of like them in,france and then the police investigators,in in england uh trying to figure out,what happened as they discover the,bodies and thats all they really give,us for most of the episodes so my,disconnect comes from one not knowing,the story or not really knowing what,these characters did even though thats,the intriguing of the of the episode,right how could this old white couple,who seems very nice,uh you know kill one of their parents,which doesnt feel like anything new you,know like on face value what they give,us just with that description that,doesnt seem like anything new and the,whole episode you know like i said,thats all they give us so thats where,my disconnect comes from i also thought,some of the comedic elements werent,really there for me uh you know like the,investigator the police investigators,they come up very goofy at times and uh,the score is also very funky but also,like very british i think some people,will enjoy it,and uh you know now that i finished the,whole episode i will say if this isnt,your typical like true crime drama uh it,does a little have a building of goofy,side to it like a comedic aspect side to,it which i wasnt expecting so at first,i thought it was sort of like just bad,comedic writing but then i realized you,know like maybe this is what theyre,going for maybe it could work but thats,not really something im a huge fan of,when it comes to like crime drama,especially true crime dramas but it is,unique it is very different uh so when,in a time where we have or weve gotten,so many,uh true crime dramas over the years,having like this little different,comedic british thing to it uh is sort,of unique and welcoming uh but also,something im not used to so i dont,really know how to feel better yet uh,and the police investigators you know i,thought that whenever they focused on,them i didnt really care for them uh,they tried bringing like this love,interest between two of them like in one,quick little scene,i hope they dont delve into that too,much because i honestly dont care for,that unless that somehow plays into the,overall narrative but it just feels,something thats force that they dont,really need one thing i did like though,is that they use this cool different,styles for different scenes it seems,like one of the main characters she,loves old-timey movies and so in,different scenes like theyll use that,same old-timey feel,for certain scenes i thought that was,really cool another unique thing uh and,it also reminded me like vertical if you,guys ever seen the old movie vertigo,with those bright color scenes with like,red and green they implement that in,here and i thought that was it was look,really good it just looked good uh and i,dont really know like what their reason,is for using that besides it just being,a cool style uh but i did enjoy it and,obviously another big thing to talk,about is the chemistry between these two,characters right they need to have good,chemistry i dont think the chemistry,between them was as ideal as i wanted to,like i said i loved these two actors,thought the decision of being together,was great,i dont think they complement each other,tremendously like im not watching this,episode im like these two cop men each,other like so great its such a its,such a pro but its not a con i like,its not bad and like i said like,theres only the first episode im not,gonna just start [ __ ] on the,chemistry between them when we havent,even seen much with them in the first,place right we have to see it and then,well talk about it uh but i just want,to talk about that and then one last,negative i do want to say before i guess,my rating is that there are moments,where,the characters will like talk to the,audience right so its like well see a,scene and then you know a main character,pop up and be like oh so this is where i,did this and that and that and im just,not a fan of that like a bunch of movies,like some people like that uh like i,said for a true crime drama i think it,just like pulls me out of the story when,like im like investing like this,serious murder drama or like deep,character moments and then we switch and,hes like talking to the audience and,hes like this is where i i dont know,it just like pulled me out it seemed,very like goofy and like childish in a,way like a kids movies like you know,like dont dont walk me through it show,me and dont tell me and i thought that,was kind of like a misstep for them to,add that in i feel like that seems like,a big part of the show which im not a,fan of uh but hopefully maybe it turns,into something cool well see and so my,rating for the episode is a 3.1 out of,5. its a little bit lower than i was,hoping for um only because like i said,they dont tell us much at all about,these characters or the story the only,thing we have to watch as we as we see,is what they tell us on face value you,know i didnt watch the trailer i dont,know anything about this story uh so im,just going into it and were just thrown,into this like aftermath of a murder,where we dont really know these,characters we dont know what theyve,done how theyve done it uh the police,investors are the police investigators,are investigating something that we,dont really know much about so youre,just sort of watching it,uh and sort of trying to piece it,together but like not really like i,dont know but the only reason why im,invest like im intrigued about what the,future of this series,is because at the very end with the,credits they show us real news footage,of the murder and thats when we figure,out like how they these people might,have done it um and we get to see like,the real story and so now that i figured,out like what actually happened because,of the end credits uh that makes me,excited for like how could this couple,really do this but is that really like,that interesting is really that new,thats why i think,the style needs to be unique you know,how like i said the different directing,style like using the old-timey footage,uh having all t

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[Music],i dont think i can say goodbye to you,no one is saying goodbye my love,ill never leave,you just tell our story,[Music],no need to make anything up,just tell them the truth,[Applause],good evening,i stayed up late last night to watch the,third episode,oh you have to tell me what happens i,havent seen it,before it hasnt really hasnt,oh really oh god really,its well let me let me spoil it for you,its very good oh im good,oh thanks,i mean this as a compliment,i have no idea how im supposed to feel,about susan and christopher i,i was back and forth from sympathy to,empathy to,but theyre both super manipulative like,its its its such a its such a,mess ahead situation yeah um do you,think thats fair to describe them both,as being like so,almost like indefinable yeah yeah i,think thats how youre supposed to feel,really as i said of interest first time,ive heard it described like that but i,think thats sort of the intention and,its sort of how we felt as well uh,playing them not knowing if were,playing people who are forgivable or,redeemable,or or or or empathetic in any way or or,people we should should totally relate,to and try and understand more or people,who are are loathsome and uh,shouldnt have a tv series made about,them,its you know its very complex isnt it,and i think the way its been made,therefore is complex and imaginative,because to just play it straight down,the line as a procedural would have,would have,not not elicited that response you know,i think ed exactly hed be thrilled to,hear that he wanted it you cant look at,two people and just,look at the crime committed he wanted to,to just flesh out the people and you,know so dont dont make assumptions you,know,um he wanted to do it sympathetically so,thats great what you said ill tell him,please do pass along my compliments um,again i dont think theres any spoiler,territory whatsoever even though i know,its its based on a true story um,theres a scene in the in the third,episode,where youre both,reacting,to,the truth while acting out someones,variation of it while also describing it,to the police officer,and fighting against their,interpretation of it like in my mind i,was like how on earth did they script,this scene it must have been just like,heres the line but also heres 15,footnotes of whats actually going on on,the screen it was giving me real like,charlie kaufman vibes but also,jorge slantomas and,even kind of like edgar wright where he,he can pull away from the scene and let,you be fully aware of the fourth wall,has been exploded,but it not so much that,youre completely torn out of it like,what for you when you got that script,was it just like what is what is this,how do i make sense of this,well this is lovely again youre gonna,have to meet ed he will love you you,said charlie kaufman i mean never cry he,was excited,um,well its,i mean it was it was all it was all,there on the on the page you know um um,and therefore was very attractive to us,as actors to to uh be offered this um,and and and to try and do that and,play lots of different characters as,well theres bits of kind of socially,realistic in those bits that are,absolutely you know,playing puppet master to each others,characters and different styles of,acting therefore but we never sort of,were particularly aware of that because,youre always trying to play the,same person throughout but its just,something you dont get asked to do on,other jobs so uh thats why it was you,know we were so happy to do it and so,happy to see the finished product and so,happy to talk about it frankly well,because ed had he wanted to to find a,way of showing when they were telling,their story and he called it the the,myth m-i-t-h,so in the script we would go into the,myth so we knew okay thats where we are,so were still talking to the police but,in real time were going to be in a,different room but still as if were,doing our interview so he didnt have to,do all the footnotes because hed,created this place we were going to we,didnt know okay were telling our story,but were were sort of living it you,know if,if youre telling a story,of something that happened youd have a,normal face but you can remember what,your face did uh,in real you know back then do you know,what i mean,[Laughter],whatever it is,itll be between us,just you,and me,[Music],just tell them the truth,[Music],you

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