1. Larceny Bourbon Single Barrel Review
  2. Larceny (San Francisco Wine Trading Company Selection) Review
  3. Larceny Barrel Proof C922 Bourbon Whiskey – Short & Sweet Review
  4. Larceny Barrel Proof B522 Review! Am I convinced yet?
  5. Larceny Barrel Proof C922 Review | Another Whiskey of the Year Release?
  6. Whiskey Vault Ep: 108 – Larceny Bourbon Review/Tasting with Knockmore Cameo
  7. Larceny | Whiskey Review

Larceny Bourbon Single Barrel Review

foreign,[Music],this is larceny,larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon,whiskey from magnificent bastard Nate,Russell Nate Russell you magnificent,bastard,[Music],weve done Larson before but this is a,single barrel pick 92. notice still at,92. yeah yeah so thats one of those,ones where theyre doing the Single,Barrel but proofing it down why does,that happen more bottle count I mean I,mean pragmatically thats because thats,it usually the Single Barrel process the,picking process youre chasing it a cask,yeah and whenever you proof something,down it will be very different yep so,its kind of like I love this before you,diluted it yeah bottled I dont know,so our friend uh uh Irene tan yeah yeah,shes multiple times had things where,she went and did a tasting oh and he,picked her Barrel oh they proved and,then she got her store and then uh a,month later all the bottles arrive and,theyre proofed down to the floor and,shes like what are you doing what are,you doing she went to all the trouble,yeah and then shes like Im not,receiving this she just because its,Irene yeah she just goes nope and she,sends it back yeah yeah no and theyre,just stuck with it good shes like no,Im not doing that good thats some,sloppy ass [ __ ] yeah like if you,know youre going into a barrel pick and,thats gonna happen yeah it is what it,is but if they surprise you with it,shes also had several because she is a,song shes got a great palette yeah uh,and shes also had several where it,arrived and she was like no this is not,my barrel and then she pushes back and,discovers like youre right thats not,your Barrel wow they sent the wrong,model they just bottled one of the,barrels yeah yeah and they theyre like,because the odds are 90 of the people,dont notice yes and well just like,acclimate to what they were sent yeah,yeah and Irene is does not take that boy,shes the badass yeah my dad was in a,fancy restaurant once oh yeah you know,this I do like hes a hes a very much,into wine he has like the fancy ones and,the ones that are hard to get and,ironically not a wine snob in the sense,of like parsing out every level but like,certainly can recognize that yeah hes,very aware yeah so he uh he goes down,the list and he chooses a line its very,very fancy wine and uh they go and they,get the bottle and you know they bring,him a pour its a glass they bring him a,poor and he does the thing you know,squeezes the Cork and he smells the,thing and he takes it and he goes,what is this,yeah and and this this is the waiter,goes,Im so sorry the bartender promised me,you wouldnt be able to tell the,difference Im Im so sorry sir let me,let me figure out how to make it up to,you and my dad the only reason he asked,is because he forgot what he ordered,he had no idea that was the thing he was,just like what did I order I dont,remember the waiter was like my covers,blue yeah so the waiter goes to the,bartender goes sir Im so sorry and then,the manager comes over sir how can we,make this up to you it was like you just,had no idea what he ordered,if you just held strong like a you know,a criminal in the dock yeah he was like,just dont speak yeah yeah its like,well this is that hey larceny here we go,uh so remember this is Heaven Hill so,this is a brand that dates back pretty,far there was a um there were barrels,released,um,in the late 1800s yeah called Fitzgerald,Fitzgerald is the name of the dude who,was the treasury guy who had keys to the,barrel house and it was known that he,would regularly go into the warehouses,he had keys to and like find his own,preferred barrels and siphon whiskey out,of him oh so he was a yeah a proto-mooch,and so yeah I was gonna say so this is,your people yeah yeah absolutely just,mooching from the warehouses Dont Mind,If I Do hey I got these keys and so uh,they named a brand even in the 1800s,people were naming whiskeys after good,stories as opposed to you think anyone,actually happened you think anybodys,gonna name it Whiskey after me after 200,years Rex Williams yeah yeah all right,anyway so it was in it eventually got re,bought up by Heaven Hill okay theyre,choosing this is coming from 55,different Rick houses that theyre,pulling barrels from this but its,weeded its a weeded bird okay,this is,honey drizzled on oakiness yeah its,soft yeah so and that is a classic,bourbon type of experience but,specifically this combination of that,Oaky wood and the honey its like you,took a wood plank you put the honey on,there and it just combines and its nice,you know whats weird for me so your,brain parses flavors based on your own,particular background yes not on,objective fact what I know but my,feelings are facts didnt you know this,yeah well they are but that doesnt,necessarily make them uh based on,factual events how dare you feelings can,actually be facts how dare you dont you,know this is 20 20. they may not be,based on factual my subjective reality,must be applied to everybody everywhere,and if they dont agree then theyre bad,people yes thats true thats science uh,so when I try weeded Bourbons yes my,brain always puts in Honey Nut Cheerios,is even though thats an oat yeah,and so honeyed ODed things yeah on food,is what I smell when I smell weeded,Bourbons yes theres a so I would,attribute that to any kind of is,anything on the nose that would present,kind of dry yeah dry combination with,that that classic honey sweet yeah I,still like eating dry handfuls of Honey,Nut Cheerios its a good cereal yeah,yeah I dont,um I dont uh do a lot of the sugary,cereals these days yeah yeah,um but yeah this is a classic for my,youth remember pops,um,I never liked them because they got so,soggy so fast no no its one of the,things where you dust it and eat it dust,it and eat it you get a thing of Pops a,little sprinkle of milk and then you and,then yeah yeah no its very strategic,approach to the pops there kicks are,okay they didnt have enough going on,Sugar Smacks oh no I liked um the Frog I,liked yeah they were okay I liked the um,I did like Lucky Charms and I did like,uh the what was the one that had weeded,uh oh frosted Frosted Mini Wheats yeah I,liked those because they would soak up,the milk yeah they would and then you,would bite in and get that Sugar combo,but theres this critical window very,very critical yeah or it turns into,mushy porra Jeep yeah yeah thats,horrible its got to have crunch when,you bite into it and then release them,but if you dont if you dont have,enough milk then its just like right,like eating uh Ive tried that too like,a bag of sugar man this is the day for,off the rails random [ __ ],and eventually you get to the point with,the Frosted Mini weights yeah right,where you can tell by the weight of the,mini wheat on this whether or not its,too far right oh yeah well or not far,enough because if its like a dry mini,wheat you can just tell you just feel,like just on the purchase on your,fingers like no you got a good dip it,back its like an avocado you got like a,30 second window,okay,how many we dont know the minutes,because its yeah well its probably why,were still going uh this is the third,episode we have one more still after,this oh God all right Larson so the,palette the tannins are really soft,supposedly these are six-year-old,barrels that they pull everything about,that you know Im gonna say the word I,dont care smooth yeah its sort of soft,rounded slightly sweetened yeah uh very,uh buttery almost yeah thats like a,buttered pastry,46. I I could be that would I I would be,convinced that would be like in the low,40s in terms of AVB ABV,um because its just so relaxed all the,way from beginning to end hmm theres,not a tremendous amount of complexity to,it no really not its pretty simple but,its classic and those flavors are very,popular yeah and this is a good,representation of what larceny does,all right,I was like doing a good job you do,realize weve talked more about,cereal,than we did about the flavor no we just,talked longer but I gave leading up to,that there were a lot of ta

Larceny (San Francisco Wine Trading Company Selection) Review

[Music],welcome through the whiskey Daniel damn,Ricks and this is a gift from the,Magnificent Bachelorette,Jason ciao so cue the crickets yes cuz,hes rough yep but this is for his own,money theres a little pony,remember he works the san francisco wine,trader right,this was their selection of a larceny,pick right now we reviewed larceny you,remember this just Im just gonna go,ping the nostalgia button for you here,yes remember back in the day when we,decided to like shoot the whole episode,and then at the very end come up with,the cold open based on what had happened,in the episode yeah thats actually a,really smart thing to do mm-hmm that we,eventually got my god we got fat and,lazy because no its actually legitimate,really building its used constantly on,the tribe channel fault a tribe channel,where you kind can edit clips oh yeah,like the path as long as alex has been,here thats been the intro yeah theres,things in the about my finger yeah yeah,anyways that long ago we reviewed,larceny okay well and it was the same,proof in an apartment but this is a,selection Im guessing a blend of,barrels that they selected because,theres no proof difference on this we,havent done no weve done larceny yes,but we have it not this from San,Francisco,how much Jason shell be good been going,through lately oh this is the last one,okay a sixth one okay cuz of like man,weve been doing Jason theres a lot of,going to Jason well we got through all,of his okay Wow alright right make sure,were not doubling down to something,already different Jason no thank you,Jason,so ooh before what we had mentioned was,pipe tobacco oh that big citrus,sweetness okay a slight spicy note a,deep darker Cherry Pie a quick deep dark,cherry to a darker aromatic pipe tobacco,like the flavored pipe tobaccos theres,almost like that cheery meets dark,chocolate,mmm-hmm now what I want to do is compare,oh thats have the other larceny this,has to be a meaningful proof man for,that nose to be so present are you is,this only 92 its only 92 when you,believe it Wow try to believe it that is,I cant I cant even,dont even believe didnt even dont,ever believe it that I have I would say,that has to be over like a 100 proof,just not in the nose not because its,like Bernie but because the flavors the,notes are so present on the nose there,and then theres like a vanilla oh so,pretty and then that youre Mary on your,nose,yeah this is a very Im gonna get the,other larceny I think on the nose so far,this is doing a beautiful job of being,very complex but also classic if you,like the you know just the traditional,bourbon flavors theyre right here but,theres a lot of them and theyre,playing together really really nicely,theyre complementing each other well,with like this dark chocolate and the,cherry this vanilla note that oakiness,theyre all playing nicely with each,other alright this is just a generic,larceny not selected okay you know what,men they selected an exceptional yeah,really yeah compared to the standard,larceny its another its a cut above,Im telling you,standard larceny is all well and good oh,thats light and all well a good way,more citrus whats the standard larceny,same same roof and oh yeah youre right,hes picked a hell of a better San,Francisco on Twitter ones darker yeah,they sure yes,hell of a hell of a pic Wow,me and Im getting more on this standard,larceny Im getting more of like a,eucalyptus and Im getting more of an,orange citrus in the palette of the of a,dark chocolate citrus of the South,Vietnamese orange and milk chocolate,mm-hmm,on this one is way darker on the Sam SF,trader picked darker and more velvety,mm-hmm oh and a little bit more of a,peppery spice on the back oh this nice,is very nice were done yeah as far as,Bourbons go this is a weed,urban so hes got all of the more weeded,notes and this takes you on a little the,pic takes you a little bit of a journey,right but the finish unfolds into this,nice sweet what is that some type of,fruitiness almost the cherry almost,turns and like maybe strawberry,something something its nice its nice,man all right we got Kyle near would,Lance meet Kyle ye knew were gonna get,this cow Newland Newland Newland Newland,Kyle Kyle and Kyle Neil and Kyle I would,love Daniel brakes to answer this,question cool,no the nose on this thing man I like you,are elected to visit a newly discovered,planet with intelligent life similar to,earth the space team lets you bring one,bottle of alcohol aboard the ship which,bottle of whiskey do you bring with you,to explain to this new planet this is,what whiskey is so basically thats the,deal ndele quintessential example of,always yeah so thats the real question,I forget about which bottle right first,what category would you bring a bourbon,I mean the origins of whiskey are all,about barley right yeah heres the,situation though the spectrum of whiskey,flavors are so varied I dont think,theres any one category that can even,say its pulling enough from whats,happening in Ireland whats happening in,Scotland and American whiskey is not,like John or vodka or even tequila so I,comes down to if you are the ambassador,for planet Earth and you really want a,heavily drastically influence this new,planet yeah Road preferences so selfish,selfish needs what do you want to,introduce is your preferred whiskey you,tell them this is on planet earth,considered the best whiskey yeah the,only West I really dont want to go to,war with our planet you too will love,this yeah its definitely gonna be,scotch what specific uh you know what I,would probably pick a Highland malt okay,and,son of a if I get to influence,everything and Im not just like trying,to be fair to what sells but right I,want to bring them something I love I,would probably show up with Odin 14 no,14 yeah coz okay its interesting and,citrusy but still peppery and though I,just want something to drink on the,spaceship and Ill save them enough for,a poor oh okay okay and its gonna,change probably by this time tomorrow,yeah but in the right in there right now,right now and I have a hankerin for some,Port Charlotte heavily peated oh nice,yeah,poor charlie heavily fair enough there,and then tomorrow will be something,different for the moment and Ill be on,the spaceship like damn it why did I get,this yeah I dont even want it,Ill Yun so I havent seen many mooches,coming from the master mooch as of late,should a consideration be put forward to,remove the titles and necklace I lost my,necklace whenever theyre a little giant,heres the thing I was it what was the,ultra mooch mega mooch mega Mary took a,moment away it was yeah and then,exploded yeah and so Ive lost my,necklace into the world and so I have to,fight my way back so I may or may not,have been finding remnants and pieces of,your mood necklace around campus slowly,collecting them,III theres a journey theres a very,slowly progressing journey very slowly,bye guys get rid of like 90% of my,responsibilities and just do the,ridiculous stuff thats fun uh-huh,okay can we do that no but I want you,also as much powers were cut back even,further when like Samson the top of his,head was shaved,this is turns out it was the source of a,lot of mood Ill tell you like the,excuse of the shoulder home thing thats,going cuz all the states have lifted it,yeah yeah my wife hasnt mentioned it,yet cuz Im still kind of just rocking,it,she hasnt mentioned it yet and Im,weighing the pros and cons of kind of,forcing her hand to bring it up again or,just not mentioning it and see how long,see like the ultimate,ultimate is if I could get this top here,to grow out as long as this hair so two,stages of lets really long here and,that I got it down to my ass back here,so it starts its gonna start as like a,feathered poofy hop yeah yeah yeah maybe,I perm this groan oh this is perm dude,oh come on you kidding me no heres to,fighting stealing and drinking here if,you fight me a fight for stealing you,steal your livers hearts and if you,drink now you drink with us,yo

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Larceny Barrel Proof C922 Bourbon Whiskey – Short & Sweet Review

[Music],welcome to another short and sweets,where the samples are short and its,really sweet that they sent it to us,this week its really sweet that evan,hill uh shared with us their latest,release of larceny barrel proof a media,sample yes c922 now i remember liking b9,b9 b522 a lot so i actually have high,expectations for this one this is the,highest proof of the year this is 126,whereas the other releases the a was 124,four and the b was 123.8 just like all,of them its a mixture of between six,and eight year uh wheated bourbon,that mash bill you know the mashable,syrup 68 corn 20 wheat and 12 malted,barley boom 11 12 percent malted barley,59.99 msrp and those are the facts,thats the way the news goes on this is,really nice i mean i smell that higher i,mean higher percentage of corn its like,caramel corn and its making my mouth,water an elephants ears so im at the,fair,what is an elephant here i feel like,ive had that before but what is it its,a um,whats the other word for it i truly,dont know just a powdered sugar-covered,fried dough maybe i have never had one,of these before interesting i dont know,i cant think of the other name besides,elephants here,it smells real yummy,it does to your health,maam are we sure this is a winner wow,no i am i think that the sweetness and a,lot of that corn flavor that like sweet,corn,corn pops,caramel corn flavor coming through at,the beginning and then man that power,just really follows it through still,describing the carnival for me it is,like the carnival toasty barrel toasty,barrel is what sort of i think was,making me think is this a weed or is it,got some rye in there because it has,such the presence of the toasted,uh charred barrel in there not so much,like you know toasted barrel that goes,in a little different direction but this,is definitely you know charred barrel,influence here maybe its because this,is the highest proof you know 120 what,did i say,126.6 i feel like you get the malted,barley content on the nose its not,quite a what i would call a nuttiness,but it has that i dont even want to,call it earthy when you eat like peanuts,or almonds or whatever its got that not,quite earthy not quite savory i dont,know if its called ground its not a,mommy i dont know what it is its a,grounded flavor you know it has some of,that on the nose huh and i really like,that you know what i like,is it with whiskey ambitions.com its,our home on the internet for things such,as uh the t-shirts that were both,wearing of course the clean cairns that,were drinking from our water glasses,rocks glasses coppedas crystal cut,glencairns bottle cut candles and more,always coming soon thats whiskey,ambitions.com you can become a patron at,patreon.com night and join our community,for as little as one buck a month and,that is where we release our exclusive,barrel picks the opportunity to,participate in barrel picks discounts at,whiskeyambitions.com another round with,chad and sarah and more thats us were,chad sir hi whats your name mouthfeel,wow i was going to say something a,little bit in the opposite that its a,little dry oh i dont think so up front,its not i think it gets,like the heat of it makes it almost,evaporate off your tongue in a feeling,yeah,to me its sort of crisp does that make,sense kind of its crisp i feel like,its super oily up front but then yeah,when you take a breath in,that heat kind of makes it it feels like,the vapors are just escaping,yeah yeah,crisp and charred i think those would be,the two words that i would sum up this,one if memory serves me,we dont know,wouldnt trust this one,i feel like i liked the bee release of,this year better because i feel like,this one kind of,i wouldnt say falls off on the finish,but it just we talked about it kind of,has that like,it evaporates or it gets really hot and,i miss those that oily sweet yummy,desserty flavor that comes in up front,its like it kind of gets lost towards,the finish whereas i feel like on the,bee release it was just all the way,through really good thats something i,have to try them side by side remember,the same thing my takeaway on this one,is its stained so much more in the,mouth and i really havent received a,kentucky hug have you oh yeah huh i will,say that about it hug thats thats,spread out and you think for the proof i,feel like my experience has been a lot,more in the mouth than in the chest,still,okay,say that while im drinking,i still really like this i feel like it,is a on profile,uh larceny barrel proof,i really want to try it against that bee,offering because i feel like that might,have been where its at for this year,anyway but yeah still still a a great,heaven hill barrel proof offering,enjoyable well hey thats where we got,to leave it if you havent subscribed to,us already you do so by clicking right,up here theres suggestions of other,videos down here we hope to see over,there in one of those thanks sarah,thanks chad okay thank you evan hill,until next time,drink more bourbon,[Music],you

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Larceny Barrel Proof B522 Review! Am I convinced yet?

this little sample here is the larceny,Barrel proof b522 a bottle that I either,missed or has eluded me but thanks to,fellow whiskey tuber independent Joe I,have a sample to try you guys know me,with larceny Barrel proof for me they,are really hit and miss,this years a122 you know I just thought,it went back to like that youthful type,of note to it just really didnt hit my,palette at all but Ive heard a lot of,great things about b522 a lot of great,things will it live up to the hype its,a Friday sampler on the mash and drum,[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],thank you,[Music],whats up folks Im Jason Steve from the,master drum welcome back to the show so,larceny Barrel proof batch b522 comes in,at 123.8 proof making it one of the,higher proof releases to date it also,has a higher MSRP from fifty dollars,going to sixty dollars I mean price,increases today dont surprise me the,popularity bourbon is still booming and,with inflation and cost going up for,everything its not surprising to see an,uptick in prices I still think 60 bucks,for a barrel proof weeder from one of,the biggest distillers in Kentucky is,still a deal I think so,um Im gonna pour this and while Im,pouring this lets make a fall cocktail,with todays sponsor Shaker and Spoon,all right you guys have heard me talk,about Shaker and Spoon before and for,good reason I love their subscription so,much and Ive gotten a ton of feedback,on how much folks love it as well that I,decided to make some more cocktails and,show you just how great these boxes are,and how much I appreciate them being a,sponsor now Shaker and Spoon is a,subscription service that teaches you to,make bar quality cocktails from recipes,designed by award-winning mixologists,Shaker and Spoon builds these boxes,around One Singular spirit and tries to,give you different styles of cocktail,making included in the Box you get all,these different recipe cards that guide,you through mixing and garnishing each,cocktail they also have videos you can,look up to help you along the way each,box includes all the ingredients other,than the alcohol for about 12 cocktails,four from each recipe everything you,need syrups bitters garnishes infusions,they give you specialty syrups that are,all House made all created in small,batches in Red Hook Brooklyn so this box,happens to be centered around using,bottled and bond Apple brand new which,is a pretty popular Spirit nowadays,cocktail is called pear Necessities for,this one I already have my bottle to,bond Brandy in the Shaker I just need my,supplied ingredients of vanilla pear,shrub ginger beer and candy ginger all,right lets make it so I need three,quarters of an ounce of the vanilla pear,shrub,which sounds delicious,here we go,Ice Ice Baby,now it says to add a splash for the,supplied ginger beer,and then strain it into my glass,then it says to top some more ginger,beer on top,and add some candy ginger for garnish,they actually give you these little uh,these little toothpicks and candy ginger,absolutely love it all right lets try,it,I definitely get the vanilla I get the,pear the ginger obviously youre gonna,taste and I could taste that Apple,Brandy absolutely delicious cocktail so,lets recap quickly Shaker and Spoon is,a monthly cocktail subscription box,double deliver these crap cocktails to,your door so if youre interested click,that link below in the description or,use code mash and drama checkout for,twenty dollars off your first box again,click the link below in the description,or use code master drum for twenty,dollars off your first box now go get,some fun cocktails with Shaker and Spoon,and enjoy cheers guys,all right so I have my sample poured,this is about the a122 which we will,compare it to obviously so if you guys,dont know the stats on these already uh,these are Nas but set to be six to eight,years old so a good age on a barrel,proof weeder Nashville 68 corn 20 wheat,12 malted bar league is released three,times a year Barrel proof non-chill,filtered and as we found out now 60,bucks instead of 50 bucks so lets uh,put the a122 aside here lets dive into,the b522 a lot of hype for this one you,guys convinced me to find a sample here,we go,wow this is all brown sugar,just brown sugar cinnamon baking spices,all day long on this,man this,all right,its it smells a lot better than I,remember the a122 smelling,so uh this one,a122 is 124.4 Im even getting like a,slight hint of like looks like a bright,fruit and a floral I think from the,wheat grain,but yeah brown sugar cinnamon you know,theres going to be some of that Heaven,Hill nuttiness too lets give it a go,foreign,[Music],thats really good that one,damn it damn it,these damn larceny valpers every year,its making me nuts oh my gosh,I got like this really nice mix of like,maple syrup chocolate and again some of,like that nuttiness that you get from,Heaven Hill,this has texture to it,its not just all proof and in your face,theres some layers to it its its,dense its rich,[ __ ],what,how do you go from the I gotta pour this,now all right were gonna pour some,Larson a122,ah that was a that was a weak cork pop,all right,so the a122 which I was not a fan of,124.4,lets compare the noses these cannot be,that close,oh my gosh its not even close,wow wow come on a122 when you do these,side by side,this is what Im talking about this is,this is the issue with larceny larceny,Barrel proof you could smell like a,youthful characteristic to it,just doesnt smell great,lets try it a122 gonna try that,a122 starts out really nice but its the,finish that kind of kills it it it it,comes in it gets a little bit of like,that again that ethanol and then it just,turns into this slightly bitter youthful,um larceny,the flavors just arent as complex they,come through theyre a little bit,sharper but not in a good way,yeah actually you know this a122 has,meld out a little bit and I think its,gotten better from the first time I,tried it but still overall,its not providing like the richness and,flavor that I would want from anything,Barrel proof from uh from Heaven Hill,its compared to the b522 which is just,coming through on the nose just so much,sweeter and richer,and on the palette,[Music],that that nuttiness still carries,through Im getting a little bit I I,should say of the of the weeded bourbon,like a traditional weeded bourbon,profile on the B5 uh 22 a little bit,more definitely more than the a122 but,oh,it is so baking spikes forward just all,the cinnamon and the nutmeg and,some chocolate maple syrup I mean its,it is dense its sweet it has it has a,way better mouth feel too than a122,was my favorite last year for the,larceny brow proof and looks like b522,again is gonna be my favorite Im gonna,have to hunt down a bottle of that,because that is that is a really solid,bottle of larceny Barrel proof damn,well independent Joe thank you so much,for uh for sending that let me know down,in the comments if any of you out there,have gotten this bottle if youve been,sipping on what you think b522 or a122,um I havent seen the c922 yet but,thats probably already out there,already but man this b522 Im gonna have,to find a bottle this [ __ ] is good,Yeah the more I sip this the more the,maple syrup,cinnamon,God even like a little bit of like a,toasted marshmallows coming through on,that thats nice man,sampler Friday this was a good one,larceny b522 Im a little sad I dont,have one I might have to hunt one down,if you like larceny Barrel proofs thatd,be 522,that,thats where it should be every single,time,all right guys well big thanks to,Independent Joe fellow whiskey tuber for,sending me a sample of the larceny b522,hope you enjoyed it if you did hit the,Subscribe button below please hit the,like button if you havent yet follow me,on Instagram find me on Twitter do all,the things to tell your friends about,the mash and drum uh again if you guys,have gotten this bottle please leave a,comment below let me know what you think,of it in comparison to other larceny,battleproof batches

Larceny Barrel Proof C922 Review | Another Whiskey of the Year Release?

as this line quickly become one of the,best releases in all of bourbon today,were doing a review of larceny Barrel,proof batch c922,hey everybody welcome back to another,episode of The Bourbon Hutch thanks so,much for joining me on this journey,through the world of whiskey so thats,right today were taking a look at,larceny Barrel proof batch C9,22. so if youre not aware this is a,regular three times a year release from,Heaven Hill Distillery just like the,Elijah Craig Barrel proof which is sort,of its Brother series larceny bro proof,released three times a year this is the,third and final batch for 2022 the sea,batch now perhaps the most interesting,thing to say here is that larceny Barrel,proof has had a sort of up and down,history so far compared to like I,mentioned Elijah Craig Barrel proof,releases which are consistently pretty,great you might get some that are just,phenomenal but its always at least,meeting some pretty great standard,larceny Barrel proof theres been some,ones that have gotten ruffled some,feathers lets just say some people who,thought that certain batches of this,just were plain not good but recently in,the last four or five releases it really,seems like larceny Barrel proof is,firing on all cylinders and from what,Ive heard about this batch and what,Ive had a little bit of taste of so far,this is no exception lets take a look,at the stats on this bottle just to give,you a sense of that so first and,foremost proof on this one is,126.6 proof that is I believe the,highest in larceny Barrel proof history,so pretty decently High especially for,like a weeded bourbon it is a weeded,bourbon so the mash bill on this is 68,corn 20 wheat and 12 percent malted,barley so this is a great option if,youre looking for something weeded but,still really powerful and Punchy at,least thats what I found with larceny,Barrel proofs so far price on this,bottle is where you really start to talk,about some great value so these releases,are now 60 msrps they used to be 50 they,bumped it up about 10 bucks which isnt,too bad though to be honest with you if,you do see these larceny Barrel proofs,they might be somewhere in that 60 to 80,range I actually paid closer to 80 for,this bottle but hey I found that theyre,really really good and Im willing to,pay 80 bucks for those better batches of,larceny Barrel proof so with all that,being said lets dive into the nose,palette and finish and evaluate this,c922 batch and see if larceny can kind,of just keep up this trend of elevating,its game just before we dive in weve,crossed a thousand subscribers and I am,so thrilled and so thankful for all your,support if you havent subscribed,already please consider hitting that big,red button while youre at it like the,video helps get it out to more people,and continues to grow the community,all right everybody,lets get into the nose palette and,finish on this bourbon first just the,color very nice very solid sort of,slightly darker Amber note to it,all right nose here,oh its so sweet its like,very caramel forward,lots of vanilla and caramel coming,through,theres like a,a lighter brown sugar going on for me,and then the biggest note Im getting,and the thing that really comes to mind,is like a cinnamon red hot candy,a good amount of cinnamon theres a good,amount of burn,I wouldnt call it straight up ethanol,but there is a simmering heat here,and then little notes of like,maple syrup a darker richer thing poking,through so somewhat bright and and fiery,on the the front but underneath that you,get some some deeper darker tones which,I think will come out a little bit more,as it opens up but,thats enough about the nose for now,lets get into the palette and have our,first sip here cheers everybody,um,okay its quite the experience it is,powerful it is also spicy in your face,with some heat,thats for sure let me walk you through,what I got there though so front pallet,there was,much brighter and sweeter so like a,vanilla honey caramel kind of note,mid palette man this is where things,change and some of that darker richness,from the nose starts to really come,through it was almost just like French,toast dipped in maple syrup,very rich and sugary theres a good,amount of like Oak and Barrel presence,to it too so theres some heft there in,the middle and then the back end for me,as it transitioned into the Finish,it got that cinnamon red hot candy note,all over it and sort of melded with that,French toast so it sort of handed it off,like handing off a baton the French,toast lingered a little bit while that,cinnamon was coming up and then on the,finish for me now its just kind of like,caramel and uh that red hot cinnamon,really nice really really powerful,lets go in for a second see if we can,pick out some more flavors now that my,palettes acclimated to this 126 proof,we should be able to pick out some more,complexity here so cheers,all right,so,a couple new layers there that developed,for me first just a little bit of cherry,like a bright red cherry on the front,palette so again thats very like sweet,and bright then it really deepens out,and gets this roastier toastier,cinnamon,brown sugar maple syrup,French toast pancakes kind of note to it,in the middle,then it transitions to that spicy,cinnamon and red hot kind of candy and,then actually just a little bit of a,drying leather effect on the very back,end for me now so slightly showing some,age but also drying out my palette just,a bit and there might even be a bit of,nuttiness that comes along with that,leather at the end so,something like a peanut or a hazelnut,coming through for me which is not at,all to be unexpected from you know a,Heaven Hill product certainly looking,for a little bit of nuttiness in it and,I can get that especially on the back,end of this which is nice but again very,sweet up front deeper and richer in the,middle and then spicy and sort of fiery,toward the end which actually like the,fieriness the spiciness of it is not,unpleasant its just very cinnamon,forward,all right so we talked a little bit,about the Finish but lets just have a,third sip now and fully evaluate that,cheers everybody,yeah so one new note there just a little,bit of like a roasted,almond or maybe its nutmeg or something,like that so the spice has gotten a,little bit more complex for me but that,certainly hit me toward the back end,that finish though quite long part of,the great thing with 126 proof very,powerful spicy whiskey is and this is,going to linger on the palette for a,considerable amount of time I do think a,little bit of that like Barrel Char,maple syrup French toast stuff sticks,around a little bit but it does get very,spicy a lot of heat on the the back end,of the palette for me which is,surprising its not hot up front its,sort of blooms with its heat and that,finish sticks around for a while but if,youre not into cinnamon red hot candy,and stuff like that that gives that,lingering spice thats really what,sticks around the most on the finish for,me again A Touch of that like drying,leather,but overall its that cinnamon spice,that sticks around for me so that,lingers for a while but if thats not,your thing just know that this ones,gonna stick on your palate for a while,with that presence all right so weve,gone through the full process now with,larceny Barrel proof thats c922 my,final thoughts on it here are just that,its a super powerful whiskey it is a,very spicy especially for a weeded,profile but man is this another hitter,in my opinion from larceny Barrel proof,and Heaven Hill I am really glad they,have sort of found the recipe for,success with this line of whiskeys I,know that it was hit or miss to start,but now larceny Barrel proof really,seems to be hitting its stride I will,caveat that with this bottle saying if,youre looking for a softer weeded,profile and expecting this out of that,bottle uh no its gonna be punch you in,the face kind of bourbon and thats not,for everybody but man if youre looking,for something powerful and

Whiskey Vault Ep: 108 – Larceny Bourbon Review/Tasting with Knockmore Cameo

welcome to the whisky vault I feel like,I should be just spontaneously clever,for these cold opens why because some of,them are kind of funny,yes but does only the ones that we pull,from somewhere else that way totally off,the rails we didnt go off the rails,enough intercept now we were very calm,ah all right I have heard of this many,times Ive never actually had it youre,going to love the story behind this one,this is such a mooch story yeah that,maybe someone who has beat you,I do literature – I do like the name now,someone totally beat you on mucha to Don,his whiskey just this could be the,patron saint of your Mucha tootin,society even I have a mooch to look up,to yeah his name is John Fitzgerald as,in the famous yes right yeah so this is,heaven Hill product noted for those that,dont know who Fitzgerald is mm-hmm,this is a weeded bourbon because heaven,Hill maybe Ill eat it at our Lily Rufus,yours oh Im about to okay so we did,burden because this can be really smooth,its going to place we the Bourbons,traditionally replaced the rye in the,recipe with wheat and so being all spicy,we dont have some black pepper that you,get from right those are replaced with,wheat which makes it all smooth and,pretty the smelt on thats the Van,Winkles dozer the path you have your,weighted Bourbons the hills nice it,smells spicy Im getting definitely,obviously some sweetness in there makers,as we did bourbon and mmm am I getting,some licorice,on the nose no definitely spice but I,dont know this Anna no its not hey,pipe tobacco a little bit of pipe,tobacco,you went to a whiskey event this weekend,yeah with the valve Connaughton did,their uh they did a little cocktail with,he dinner and you were recognized yeah,from YouTube channel,yeah you just tell hey I know you you,just told me you dont get me explain,weve never met no I know you what I,know you from know you dont know me,oh youre on the whiskey ball YouTube,check oh yeah I am and then you said do,you want an autograph hes like no no,she yeah she like what do you mean,autograph,hes right here why would I work yeah,the whole time were talking she was,looking over my shoulder hes like so uh,she wears a did Rex come wheres the,smart good-looking wheres the tall guy,okay so originally Fitzgerald now you,want to do some tasting thoughts yes,please its so pretty,yeah what did you think yeah this is,nice,lively but its still already smooth no,its as lively and bright of flavors as,I think you can get in something like,this while still being smooth now I,think its mostly the alcohol thats,providing the brightness its a 46%,right if this was 40 does it be bland,not punchy like I braised sparkly yeah,so Fitzgeralds eyes everyone thought,was a famous distiller mm-hmm right,until not long ago someone unearthed the,reality which they probably already knew,which was that he was not a distiller he,was a Treasury agent during Prohibition,right and what he used to do is because,you know the Treasury agents had keys,yeah to the barrel-aging warehouses yeah,because they were required to right so,you would break into the barrel houses,unique find the best barrels steal them,and bottle it under his owned brand,called the Fitzgerald barrels and so he,he became famous was like oh some of the,best whiskey in town is the Fitzgerald,barrel right if you can get but I get a,bottle of Fitzgerald its because you,stole the best stuff from MIT still I,think that was just a creative way to,have low overhead yeah whenever you,dont make anything and you can steal,all of the whiskey from other people and,sell it yeah well done so general well,done so good,Nick Pruett,Nick Pruett were doing comment because,I talking about,the gentleman jack episode its not yes,is this mood ring is it not mooching,apparently gentlemen Jack and half moon,go hand in hand I bought a bottle for,years act as a wedding gift the bottle,never made it to its intended recipient,instead I drank the entire bottle in one,sitting after the wedding this was a,hell of a wedding man,yes so was an ex that was getting,married and you thought it was going to,be you by the end of that bottle you,were not a gentleman no you might have,been a jack,ah thats nice I feel like I dont have,the vocabulary to pick apart the theres,not increase not incredible complexity,and getting out of this but I feel like,theres two or three two or three things,going on Im Im having a hard time,getting past lively and bright Im dizzy,what is that kind of sweetness its not,really vanillish not really caramel I,have had that similar flavors coming out,of other weeded whiskeys I dont know,its not charity either yeah like I get,some hey what did this I dont really,have good tape I dont know either so I,feel less bad they dont know its just,pretty nice its good its got a good,Center a good sketchy story see here um,lets do through you right yeah ha ha,Ron Espinoza screw your bricks we the,viewers are amazing yeah basically this,is me,yeah bustin su bolso this and none of,the viewers have good taste,heres a thing run heres I want to,believe you I need to believe but in,this age of spin and half truth we,really just need to verify your taste so,you and the rest of the community for,science for science collect your,favorite whiskey send them to me I will,test them to just confirm because I need,to believe you I want to believe you I,just need to confirm you do in fact have,good taste,this is not at all an elaborate mooching,ruse we need to use my bottom of this,and after science we just you know we,owe it we owe it to our intelligent,viewers lets try old Fitzgerald okay,while you get that after is this funky,thumb after checking out angels Envy I,found out its distilled by Midwest,grains product I think thats the name,founded they source tons of wes keys for,tons of companies and you can get the,recipes to make your own what are your,thoughts on how to tell when a whiskey,brand is truly making something new,versus being basically identical to,another brand whenever it comes to,whiskeys being basically identical to,another brand in my experience which is,very profound it might mean it feels,like about 60 to 70 percent of the,whiskeys they are incredibly similar if,not identical to several other whiskeys,so theres a minority that are truly,something different special to me it,feels like about 30 ish maybe grooving,towards forty percent of the whiskeys,or extra something new and different if,Im being generous if Im going to bad,mood Im going to say like twenty to,thirty percent,but is this MGP the Midwest grand yeah,thats where we bought our whiskey okay,and its an mg P type of deal there,mm-hmm yeah so we did like the mash bill,we selected a masculine now would say,its pretty surprising that with only a,few steps in the process you can get a,wild amount of variation I mean right,what proof it goes in the barrel matters,the Nashville matters the how long its,sat in the barrel matters what they,bottle do that matters all of these and,what they mixed it with matters whether,it was singer cast matters all these,things are important I couldnt find the,other Fitzgerald what you just but I did,find an Irish if you have never opened,yeah if you want to try it yes for no,other reason than he pulled it off the,show well we should come up with an,excuse as to why this is making a cameo,appearance were going to say that its,we wanted to compare Fitzgerald to Irish,whiskey there we go,first science I cant get there the,worst scientists with we think as long,as you say for science yeah fine,everything you need to know thats true,in the comprehensive reason all you have,to do is,for science maybe Im bringing,everything is okay you get pulled over,my cup like son youre going 20 over,respect service for science Oh Oh my bad,what I already finished my form your,drink slowly,Hey all right you can have that one,Ill get the clean glass thats all,yours no I really liked it,Wow so this is I learn nothing about,this before we had to do another

Larceny | Whiskey Review

[Music],hello and welcome to whisky.com where,fine spirits meet and today we have,another kentucky straight bourbon,whiskey on the cask and,i was saying that in the uh news a few,weeks ago when they finally dropped all,the,taxes and,tolls on all the american whiskeys,and i was about to say that i said that,back then there will be more,american smaller whiskeys in flowing,into germany and therefore into our show,and yes we just got a lot of new,american,small batch and new distilleries craft,distilleries and stuff and stuff and,stuff and its inflowing a lot so um,theyre not quite cheap because of all,the craft whiskies they usually,um not that uh not that cheap theyre,more expensive this here in germany is,around 35 so yeah should be in the,states around 30 as well because you,dont have to ship that much and its,called larceny its a kentucky straight,bourbon,and it has a story behind that,back in the days the,whole thing with the um,alcohol,business was much much much more strict,and,uh yeah people were,more,thought to be yeah they,steal stuff from the warehouse,more open corruption going on,so the government said im not sure if,that that was back then the atf but uh,the government said okay you have to,have um,sealed warehouses and only one guy,from,a tax agent,should have the keys to the warehouse to,examine these warehouses and get stuff,out of the warehouses and one of these,people was a guy named,john e fitzgerald the problem was john e,fitzgerald was he was very very fond of,good bourbon,and so he was a bit corrupt so he took,bourbon from these warehouses and he was,more fond of,yeah the bourbon that was more easy,drinkable not so,uh,spicy and and all that kind of stuff so,back in the days about traditional to,use um,corn for the bourbon and then you have a,bit of a malted rye on the side and,there were already a few whiskeys that,used weed as in their mash bill and he,was very fond of these um,bourbons so the bourbons used to become,the name fitzgeralds bourbon because he,used to you know just steal from these,barrels or im not quite sure how,corrupt he was if he just took the uh,barrels,in hole or if he just filled himself a,bottle or something like that,um so he was regular going through the,rick houses and just stealing stuff from,the guys he was supposed to tax,regularly so this is a felony of larceny,and thats why this bourbon is called,larceny and they are carrying this,heritage of stealing from the rick,houses and they took the recipe that,would have been very good for fitzgerald,with a high wheat content so yeah thats,what they,decided to do so were going to probably,have a a nice easy drinking,round,high weed content mash bill kentucky,straight bird very sweet very american,i love it when it makes a good look,thats a perfect,shape for that,sound im gonna miss anything its a 92,proof so thats 46 percent abv,and we did bourbon mash but they even,write it up at the front and established,1870.,unfortunately its not quite known which,distillery comes from,uh oh distilled and bottled by old,fitzgerald distillery we do know where,it comes from it comes from the old,fitzgerald history im unfortunately,visited that distillery so i cant tell,you that much about,it oh yeah yeah,yeah thats a a typical kentucky,straight bourbon,beautifully round beautifully,sweet caramel vanilla its ah,oh yeah thats like a,like a fine flour bread,smells a little bit like italian bread,sometimes they do other stuff in these,breads as well so that makes some of the,breads a bit more sweet,oh beautiful beautiful,so thats thats the archetype of,of a,nice kentucky straight bourbon,nice,it has a good amount of intensity,because of you know 46 percent abv,and i wont say it is,just good mature yeah it is good matured,its not uh,lightly matured whiskey its a good,matured whiskey so theres a good amount,of oak in it as well but its a very,mild oak very round oak very easy,and,a pleasant sipping whisky so you cant,drink it as a drinking whiskey on the,side,probably the ice cube guys still have,fun with that,but,you could try it neat as well because,its just,very round very present um caramel honey,vanilla,just a typical,nice nice this is also,very,beginner friendly i would say its uh,just,its not overwhelming it has a good,amount of intensity but you could give,it to a,to a beginner so if you would want to,introduce someone to a um,kentucky straight bird larseny would be,a good bat for you,that that would be,still youd have to ask that person if,hes into sweet stuff because he,if hes not into sweet stuff it is very,sticky on your tongue its very sticky,in your mouth so be aware also if youre,one of these scotch consumers out there,who do really love the scotch this is,much much sweeter much much more,sugary and yeah caramel vanilla,especially caramel um,then the normal scotch yeah so yeah that,was it,thank you very much for watching,and see you next time,[Music],[Music],you

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