1. Las Vegas News | [email protected] AM for Wednesday, December 21, 2022
  2. Las Vegas News | [email protected] for Wednesday, December 21, 2022
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  5. Raiders Stun Patriots in Wild Finish | Vegas Nation Blitz Ep. 15
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  7. Inside the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s murder coverage of one of its own workers

Las Vegas News | [email protected] AM for Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Pro Group Management workers comp that,works for you this is seven at seven,from the Las Vegas Review Journal,good morning everyone Im Renee summer,hour we start off with your top stories,brought to you by Nevada hands silver,sky assisted living community learn more,at nevadahan.org body cam footage,captured the moments after a deadly,North Las Vegas crash that killed two,toddlers earlier this month,to Christ three-year-old Taylor Wilmer,and two-year-old Rose Wilmer were,passengers of the vehicle their aunt,Kalia Manning was the driver and their,mother rainisha Washington was the front,seat passenger shes theres another,child over there thats breathing police,also received several 9-1-1 calls from,frantic Witnesses,Manning appeared to be in court Tuesday,and she faces three counts of DUI,resulting in substantial bodily harm or,death she had more than twice the legal,blood alcohol content in her body,Washington faces two counts of child,neglect or endangerment resulting in,death during a vigil for the toddlers,over the weekend their father Tavon,Wilmer gave an emotional statement,regarding their death,my kids,beautiful kids 32 year old Kendra Burton,is accused of stealing a mans Rolex,watch in two rings after giving him,pills to increase his virality Burton,was seen on surveillance footage leaving,the mans hotel room at Resorts World,and was later arrested she faces one,count of grand larceny and one count of,residential burglary and is back in,court January 12th and on the heels of,announcing rate increases next year for,southern nevadans Envy energy is,proposing a more than 800 million dollar,plan to advance the states energy,Independence its a move that could in,the short term further increase customer,rates before the plans potentially,cost-saving benefits kick in NV Energy,CEO Doug Cannon said while the utility,will face significant upfront costs to,implement its plan the long-term,benefits for nevadans will be worth it,today marks three years since the,deadliest residential fire in Las Vegas,history and plaintiffs in a complex,lawsuit May soon be closer to seeing a,resolution 15 lawsuits filed in the,aftermath math of the Alpine Motel,Apartments Blaze were Consolidated into,a single case naming nearly 20,defendants including companies accused,of failing to maintain the buildings,fire alarm system investigators found,more than 40 fire code violations at the,time of the incident in your business,news sponsored by Bank of Nevada Bank on,accountability motorists will soon face,major traffic disruptions when the work,on the I-15 and Tropicana interchange,gets underway in January Crews will,demolish and rebuild the north portion,of Tropicana and much of the flyover,ramp from I-15 southbound to Tropicana,eastbound which is dubbed as the,Tropicana project as such uh you know,once this project you know is done,theres going to be you know a big,impact in the area its going to widen,Tropicana in the area over the bridge,its going to add some,HOV drop down lanes for specific closure,dates and locations visit lvrj.com and,the spirit of giving even after 29 years,the Walker furniture store continues to,surprise Families in Need for some much,needed brand new furniture sets for the,holidays review journal Jen ah has the,story,a brand new couch chairs tables Mattress,and More when you see how it changes,their life,the miracle causes within them it just,gives you so much joy to be a part of,that since 1994 The Walker Furniture and,Mattress Store in Las Vegas helps dozens,of families in need receiving letters,like these please accept this nomination,letter for a family friend dorys,vilches shes 78 years old she was,living in a mobile home which was,infested with bed bugs and that she has,had a terrible life of abuse from family,members please consider her for home for,the holidays,CEO of Walker Furniture tells us what,inspires him to donate every year,she is so deserving so deserving and so,grateful making her home feel a bit more,like home sweet home in time for,Christmas for the review journal Im Jen,ah,now its time for your weather report,brought to you by Star Nursery your,Gardens partner for Every Blooming Thing,temps are on the rise starting today,sunny skies with a high of near 59,degrees is forecasted for your Wednesday,light winds throughout the day tonight,mostly clear skies with lows around 38,degrees for the rest of the week similar,conditions as temps continue to rise we,should be sitting in the low 60s by the,end of the week with mostly sunny skies,for your evenings it will also feel just,a bit warmer low to mid 40s for the rest,of the week,Vegas Nation brought to you by station,casutos STM Sports download the app,today,a bright spot this season for the,Raiders has been the offensive emergence,of wide receiver Mack Hollins Hollins,came to Vegas in search of a bigger role,Beyond special teams it has made the,most of his opportunities yeah I think,Mac has done a great job in terms of,giving the tough some toughness to the,offense and some dependability you know,tough smart Dependable we always preach,about all the time and I think you know,Matt Collins is a good hes a good,example of that oh I really cant speak,highly enough about Matt Collins in,terms of the leadership hes provided,for the offense,in your health news sponsored by Boulder,City Hospital were here for you when,you need us how much protein does,someone your age need well it depends on,a lot of factors such as ones age one,sex and physical health when we are sick,or injured for example we may need more,protein to heal but some with kidney,disease may need less protein to prevent,further kidney damage for more tips log,on to lvrj.com,and set up your social security online,account before applying for Medicare the,best time to enroll in Medicare is three,months before turning 65 by visiting,ssa.gov backslash benefits backslash,Medicare if you have a my Social,Security account you can apply if you,dont visit ssa.gov backslash my account,to register yourself or your spouse if,married,Sports sponsored by DNR House of,diamonds making luxury affordable,located in downtown Summerlin the run,and Rebels have been impressive so far,this season with only one loss to this,point but the lady rebs of UNLV have,been just as good the 92 Rebels will,host Northern Arizona this afternoon at,the Cox Pavilion Junior Center Desiree,Young is three points shy of 1 000 in,her career she will become the 26th,player at UNLV to reach the Milestone,and should she get there Wednesday it,will be in her 69th career game only,four Lady Rebels have scored 1 000,points in fewer games,sports betting sponsored by Las Vegas,Paiute tribal smoke and cigar shop bowl,season continues Wednesday and South,Alabama is a three and a half Point,favorite over Western Kentucky at Circus,Sports in the New Orleans polls the,total is 57.,on Thursday Baylor is a four-point,favored over Air Force in the Armed,Forces Bowl the total is 43. Friday,features two games with Houston a seven,and a half Point favorite over Louisiana,in the Independence Bowl the total is 57,and Wake Forest is a one point favorite,over Missouri in the Gasparilla bowl,with a total of 58. In Your,Entertainment News lift lines at Lee,Canyon will begin to move faster this,season with Gates that automatically,scan a skiers ID card the card can now,be read through a pocket rather than,needing operators to weave through lines,manually scanning each persons pass the,online purchase process for passes is,also easier guests can purchase their,passes online and after the transaction,is complete a QR code can be downloaded,and stored into your smartphones wallet,thank you for watching seven at seven,a.m Im Renee Summerour if you have an,Amazon Fire TV search review journal to,download our Channel watch Las Vegas,breaking news streaming live on your Ott,device well see you back here later,today for 7 at 7 pm from the Las Vegas,Review Journal have a great day Refuge,Journal Studios s

Las Vegas News | [email protected] for Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Pro Group Management workers comp that,works for you this is seven at seven,from the Las Vegas Review Journal good,evening Im Jen ah thanks for joining us,on seven at seven in top stories,sponsored by Nevada hand silver sky,assisted living community learn more at,nevadahand.org,the Southern Nevada Water Authority lays,out a thorough Colorado River plan to,protect Lake Mead and Lake Powell amid,the water shortage review journals James,Schaefer outlines that plan at what,roadblocks the Water Agency is facing So,the plan is proposing a significant,alterations in drought guidelines and B,two cuts of more than two million acre,feet in water use now the focus for this,is not as much on nevadans as it is for,Californians,750 000 acre feet of water would be,reduced in California thats half of the,water allocation for the lower Basin,among the proposed changes more water,released to lower Basin States a,modification to protect at-risk sources,of hydropower and more mandated water,Cuts most of which are focused on,California now this is a plan just on,paper for now the deadline for agreement,on a plan Still Remains for the end of,January 2023 for the Las Vegas view,Journal Im James shaver,plus the teen who shot a man outside a,stripped drugstore last month takes a,plea deal Joshua Estrada who was 17 at,the time faces 28 to 72 months probation,hes also been ordered to undergo,counseling and refrain from using,firearms and associating with street,gangs and Bambi the Beloved dog of Las,Vegas resident Marianne Talbot has,cancer and needs medical treatment that,she couldnt afford but now thanks to a,local organization Bambi will get the,help she needs review journals Renee,Summerour has their story Bambi is a,beautiful 12 year old kotan DE tullier,and has lymphoma and needs chemotherapy,the estimated cost of treatment 12 Grand,Something Out Of Reach for Bambis,family Marianne researched for funding,and found the Magic Bullet fund thats,it,good boy after a review the Magic Bullet,fund agreed to help Bambi will now have,treatment and a chance to survive,according to the veterinarian the,treatment has a good chance of providing,long-term survival without it Bambi,would have less than a year to live he,has been my whole life really for all,this time,weve been through a lot together with,um,illnesses that Ive had and divorce and,moving and hes hes really is an,emotional support dog but Im also his,emotional support person,every day more than 20 000 dogs and cats,are diagnosed with cancer there are,about 90 million pet dogs and 94 million,pet cats in the U.S today if you or,someone you knows furry family member,has cancer and needs information on,treatment options and financial,assistance head to the,magicbulletfund.org,in weather sponsored by Star Nursery,your Gardens partner for Every Blooming,Thing One will the tortoise Mojave Max,emerge from his burrow at the Springs,Preserve in 2023 the Mojave Max contest,is open for Clark County students in,kindergarten through fifth grade the,winner will receive t-shirts a pizza,party and a field trip to the Springs,Preserve for their whole class,rather than predicting the start of,spring a look at tonights conditions,for now clear skies in the 40s set to,sink into the 30s with clouds coming in,overnight cool but not as cold as,previous nights,on Thursday expect more clouds highs May,reach the 60s again and lows in the 40s,by Friday back to sunny skies with temps,inching higher for your holiday weekend,and through next week Tuesday we may,also get some much needed Rain by then,in business sponsored by Bank of Nevada,bake on accountability weve got some,real estate eye candy especially for,those who love a mix of modern and,classic Decor interior designer Angela,scorsetti Seven Hills mansion is up for,sale at 8.9 million dollars she and her,husband purchased the home in 2021 then,updated it with new lighting furnishings,and artwork,despite High inflation and interest,rates Americans consumer confidence ends,on a high note this year the consumer,confidence index Rose to 108 in December,from 101 in November due to lower gas,prices reports show more people planning,vacations but less purchasing homes,Vegas Nation brought to you by Station,Casinos stn Sports download the mobile,app today the Raiders will face the,Steelers on Saturday December 24th just,one day before the 50th anniversary of,the Immaculate Reception play in which,Franco Harris was involved the Hall of,Famer passed away at the age of 72 on,Wednesday he obviously was a an iconic,player a Hall of Fame player and a great,Ambassador for our game in the league,and you know we know what this weekend,is you know the anniversary of and,obviously played a significant role in,the Immaculate Reception and just wanted,to make sure we pass along our,condolences,in entertainment to ask 2022 ends we,celebrate 22 noteworthy restaurants that,opened in Vegas this year theres anima,by Edo at The Gramercy the finest,restaurant to debut in January Bala,Italian soul and Sahara Las Vegas,Crossroads Kitchen in Resorts World for,plant-based food thai restaurant Lotus,of Siam and Red Rock Resort and Nelly,Southern Kitchen in the MGM Grand in,Chinatown for Fried Chicken Lovers,theres half bird chicken and beer for a,Japanese fair wakuda in the Venetian for,the full list of 22 spots go to lvrj.com,sports brought to you by DNR House of,diamonds luxury made affordable located,in downtown Summerlin the run and Rebels,will look to rebound from the first loss,of their season after the team blew an,11 point lead to San Francisco in their,last outing up next theyll face the,Southern Mississippi golden eagles on,Thursday Southern Miss is at the top of,the Sun Belt standings with an 11-1,record and are on a three-game win,streak UNLV is now in second place in,the Mountain West Division and are two,games out of first behind New Mexico,tip-off will take place at 7 pm at the,Thomas and Mack Center sports betting,brought to you by the Las Vegas payee,tribal smoke and cigar shop the betting,market for NFL offensive rookie of the,year is heating up thanks to a late,change by 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy,Jets wide receiver Garrett Wilson is the,heavy minus 260 favorite at William Hill,Sportsbook followed by Packers receiver,Christian Watson at 7-1 Seahawks running,back Kenneth Walker III is next at plus,750 and Saints whiteout Chris olave is,11-1 Purdy is down to 13-1 and a better,at Caesar Sportsbook in Arizona wagered,four thousand dollars on Purdy at those,odds,in-house sponsored by Boulder City,Hospital were here for you when you,need us as the holiday season continues,the Southern Nevada Health District is,serving up some timely tips to help,ensure the safety of your festive Feast,following four safety guidelines from,foodsafety.gov first cleaning thoroughly,washing hands surfaces and cooking,utensils two separate raw meat poultry,seafood and eggs to avoid,cross-contamination three cook food to,the right temperature and four chill,food promptly after eating,thank you for watching seven at seven if,youre watching from YouTube make sure,to subscribe to the review journals,YouTube channel for more great content,watch Las Vegas breaking news streaming,live on your Ott device,see you tomorrow for more seven at seven,view Journal Studios sponsored by Adam,Kutner get the maximum settlement as,quickly as possible this 7 at 7 update,sponsored by Pro group management,youre watching seven at seven from the,Las Vegas Review Journal

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Las Vegas News | [email protected] AM for Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Pro Group Management workers comp that,works for you this is seven at seven,from the Las Vegas Review Journal,good morning everyone Im Renee,summerhour we start off with your top,stories brought to you by Nevada hands,silver sky assisted living community,learn more at nevadahan.org 66 year old,John Boyd was sentenced to two to ten,years in prison on Monday he pleaded,guilty in October to driving Under the,Influence Boyds blood alcohol level was,twice the legal limit on September 3rd,when he struck metro police officer,Garen Santos near East Lake Mead,Boulevard and North Walnut Road Santo,suffered a brain bleed and a shattered,hip during the court hearing Boyd,admitted to the family that he should,have known better that night,a Carson City District Court Judge ruled,Monday that the State Board of Pardons,may not consider commuting every death,sentence in Nevada at todays meeting,this comes after Governor Steve sisilak,asked the board to consider the,commutations judge James Wilson ruled,that the board had not properly notified,the families of murder victims about its,intent to commute the death sentences of,the 57 people currently on death row he,also said the inmates had not exhausted,all of their appeals and hadnt applied,to the board to lessen their sentences,and starting in January crime cases on,this trip or in surrounding commercial,areas will be assigned to justice of the,peace Melissa soragosa this is directly,tied to the recently expanded order out,Corridor ordinance which allows judges,the ability to ban people from the strip,for up to a year if convicted of a crime,the ordinance is meant to lower crime,and support the homeless population by,referring people to Social Services when,theyre charged with low-level,misdemeanors,gas prices continue to fall so how much,lower will they go down review journals,Jen ah has more on what experts are,saying it looks like Santa is bringing,an early Christmas gift for some drivers,plummeting gas prices,in Ukraine first thought that Russia,would stop exporting oil which didnt,happen they had to continue to export,that so the price wasnt affected by,that and China still has some pretty,major covid related lockdowns going on,so a lot of people arent driving out,there and theyre the worlds largest,importer of oil as of Monday Nevadas,average is four dollars and six cents,here in Las Vegas we finally dipped,below that four dollar Threshold at 395,per gallon looking ahead to the Future a,long spring or so when the driving,season kind of starts picking back up,again well see prices it started to,increase around then but between now and,then well see prices continue to fall,between 25 cents and 75 cents per gallon,for the review journal Im Jen ah and,Nevadas unemployment rate is the,highest in the country at 4.9 percent,for November according to the labor,department the states unemployment rate,Rose from our October by 0.3 percent,while the national unemployment rate is,at 3.7 percent Nevada officials said the,higher rate is likely from people who,recently jump started their job search,in your business news sponsored by Bank,of Nevada Bank on accountability U.S,homebuilder confidence lid every month,this year as sales tumbled in Las Vegas,and around the country and buyers faced,decreased affordability the National,Association of home builders cited High,mortgage rates and elevated construction,costs and the deterioration of Builder,sediment their latest survey showed 62,percent of Builders were using,incentives including price cuts to,bolster sales and the Mirage is,officially under new ownership MGM,Resorts closed its nearly 1.1 billion,dollar sale of the Resorts operations,to Hard Rock International the new,operator has outlined plans to gut the,existing hotel to upgrade the property,and expand its casino floor we could,potentially be saying goodbye to the,mirages iconic outdoor volcano,attraction now its time for your,weather report brought to you by Star,Nursery your Gardens partner for Every,Blooming Thing partly sunny skies with a,high of near 56 degrees is forecasted,for your two Tuesday light to variable,winds tonight mostly clear skies evening,lows around 36 degrees for the rest of,the week sunny skies are projected with,little variation in the forecast calm,winds all week long mostly sunny skies,with highs in the upper 50s low 60s by,weeks and evening lows staying in the,upper 30s to low 40s,biggest Nation brought to you by Station,Casinos STM Sports download the app,today as the NFL season winds down the,Raiders are currently on the outside,looking in at a shot at the postseason,the team however is not looking ahead to,the end of the season the the one thing,that we know we have to do in order to,keep going you know is when so to focus,on anything other than our singular goal,each week of trying to beat the opponent,that we have on the schedule is kind of,a waste of time and energy honestly the,best we can do and I think our team,understands that you know is just,focused on what we have control over,which is our own preparation I think our,team has had a great mindset for now for,a while of just trying to focus on the,one thing that we can control which is,this week,in your health news sponsored by Boulder,City Hospital were here for you when,you need us the Tyler Robinson,Foundation which supports children,battling cancer is teaming up with,YouTube influencers fun Squad family,this holiday season the Pediatric cancer,story of courage and bravery is told,through a music video as the fun Squad,family sings a cover of the Imagine,Dragons song believer the goal is to hit,5 million views and raise one hundred,thousand dollars through donations to,benefit families dealing with a cancer,diagnosis,Sports sponsored by DNR House of,diamonds making luxury affordable,located in downtown Summerlin the golden,knights took yet another home loss,Monday falling 3-2 to the Buffalo Sabers,at T-Mobile Arena this saver scored,three goals on seven shots in the second,period to take a 3-0 lead and the,Knights failed to score more than two,goals for the seventh straight home game,the knights also fell to 1-6 at home in,their last seven games at T-Mobile Arena,Chandler Stevenson and Riley Smith were,the goal scorers for the knights,sports betting sponsored by Las Vegas,Paiute tribal smoke and cigar shop the,NFL will play games on Thursday Saturday,Sunday and Monday the Raiders are at the,Steelers in The nightcap of Saturdays,11 games play on Christmas Eve,Pittsburgh is a two and a half Point,favorite at the Westgate Super Bowl and,the total is 39 and a half,the Raiders coming off of Sunday,stunning win over the Patriots are plus,1 30 on the money line in this weeks,Marquee match up the Cowboys are two and,a half Point home favorites over the,Eagles on Saturday afternoon the Jets,are one point home favorite some of the,Jaguars on Thursday Night Football and,the Chargers are four Point Road favors,over the Colts on Monday night in Your,Entertainment News at the end of the day,we are all Downwinders that is the,message director Mark Shapiro and,Douglas Brian Miller hope viewers will,take away from their upcoming film,downwind a documentary on the health,consequences of nuclear testing at the,Nevada Test Site the test site now,called the Nevada National Security Site,saw over 900 nuclear detonations between,1951 and 1992. while the film does try,to communicate that all Americans are,impacted by radiation it does primarily,focus on Western Nevada and Southern,Utah communities who have suffered from,really high cancer rates over the past,few years after the nuclear tests were,conducted,the film premieres January 23rd for more,information on the film visit,backlotdocs.com,thank you for watching 7 at 7 A.M Im,Renee Summerour if you have a Roku,device search review journal to download,our Channel watch Las Vegas breaking,news streaming live on your Ott device,well see you back here later today from,7 at 7 pm from the Las Vegas Review

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Las Vegas News | [email protected] AM for Monday, December 19, 2022

Pro Group Management workers comp that,works for you this is seven at seven,from the Las Vegas Review Journal,good morning everyone Im Renee,summerhauer we start off with,Greenhouse brought to you by Nevada,hands silver sky assisted living,community learn more nevadahan.org the,family of two toddlers gathered Saturday,night at the site of the crash that took,the girls lives less than a week ago,three-year-old Taylor Wilmer and,two-year-old Rose Wilmer were passengers,in a vehicle that veered off the road,they were wearing adult seat belts while,their aunt was driving impaired their,mother was in the front passenger seat,candles stuffed animals flowers balloons,and a child car seat were placed around,the tree from the memorial the family is,taking cash app donations for a funeral,service with the tag on your screen and,boating enthusiasts protested the,possible closures of boating ramps at,Lake Mead recreational area the parade,of boats headed north on the Las Vegas,Strip to raise awareness of the national,park services recent efforts to close,the boat ramps the park service is,taking public comments online regarding,the closures until December 23rd to,leave a comment visit the link on your,screen the Nevada Board of Pardons will,consider whether to commute all death,sentences in the state during a meeting,scheduled for Tuesday the move would,change the sentences of those on death,road to life in prison without the,possibility of parole state hasnt,executed a prisoner since 2006. and a,20-foot Grand minora was lit Sunday,night in downtown Las Vegas to Mark the,first night of Hanukkah Rabbi Levi,hurling and Rabbi Shea hurling from,Shabbat of Southern Nevada led the,ceremony on Fremont Street and the,desert Torah Academy Childrens Choir,performed along with the dancing,dreidels the menorah will remain on,display throughout the Hanukkah season,and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police,Department SWAT team delivered thousands,of bikes to the 98.5 kluc chip Buchanan,toy drive on Wednesday officers loaded,bikes into Vehicles prior to the parade,at the SWAT Hangar for the past month,officers and community members from each,of the 10 area commands collected bikes,in partnership with superheroes for,Sully a local charity founded in honor,of Sullivan who died in 2012 at the age,of nine,in your business news sponsored by Bank,of Nevada Bank on accountability three,years after the deadliest residential,fire in Las Vegas history a real estate,firm breathes new life into the former,Alpine Motel Apartments review journal,Jen Oz shows us the newly upgraded,rental property,before,and after the Alpine Motel Apartments is,now called the deluxe Lofts the,three-story building still stands but,under the new ownership the property has,been totally redeveloped as all new,utilities new roof a fire sprinkler,system throughout the entire building,throughout the hallways and throughout,every unit and its just been totally,gutted and rebuilt after a three million,dollar overhaul real estate for North,Caps asset manager assures us its safe,the remodel departments boast stainless,steel appliances quartz countertops,built-in Bluetooth speakers but dont,come cheap the 300 to 400 square foot,units are expected to rent for over a,thousand dollars per month,turning over a new Leaf for what was,once the site of a devastating fire,for the review journal Im Jen ah,and parking issues at Harry Reid are,getting worse but some relief is coming,by late January read officials said,theyre converting more than 2 000,employee parking spaces to customer,parking on the ground floor of the,garage adjacent to Terminal 1 and the,surface slot north of it visit lvrj.com,for more info,now for your weather report brought to,you by Star Nursery your Gardens partner,for Every Blooming Thing happy Monday,everyone todays forecast calls for,sunny skies but chilly conditions,daytime highs only reaching about 54,degrees with light winds tonight an,increase in cloud coverage lows around,37 degrees,for the rest of the week mostly cloudy,skies for your Tuesday but then mostly,sunny conditions for the remainder of,the week daytime highs will stay in the,upper 50s calm winds throughout the week,evening lows in the upper 30s,Vegas Nation brought to you by Station,Casinos stn Sports download the app,today another walk-off win for the,Raiders this season this time in front,of their home crowd,with no time left on the clock New,Englands Jacoby Myers tossed an,unnecessary lateral that landed right in,the hands of Raiders defensive end,Chandler Jones with nothing but open,space around him Jones returned the ball,for a 48-yard walk-off TD well when I,caught it first I was thinking whos,around me and I felt myself stumble a,little bit after the stiff arm and I was,thinking who do I pitch it to that I was,just trying to you know keep the ball,alive its when I stayed up I just,turned the Jets on and the rest was,history the Raiders came away with the,30-24 victory over New England and,improved to six and eight in your health,news sponsored by Boulder City Hospital,were here for you when you need us ever,heard of a one-and-done flu vaccine well,the University of Pennsylvania scientist,Scott Hensley and his colleagues,announced promising results from testing,a universal flu vaccine on lab animals,the vaccine would not replace annual flu,shots but instead would offer a baseline,level of protection against the 20,broader flu types it most likely wont,prevent infection but will sharply,reduce the risk of severe disease and,stress anxiety and depression are the,least wanted gifts of the holiday season,but many experience the blues around,this time therapists recommend adopting,more manageable holiday traditions that,reduce the stress of planning avoiding,social media can also help with the,impossible expectations of perfect,celebrations and try to cultivate an,attitude of gratitude and giving,now to your weekend sports update,sponsored by DNR House of diamonds,making luxury affordable located in,downtown Summerlin the Las Vegas desert,dogs lost their home opener 9-3 to,Panther City on Friday night Oregon,State took a 30-3 blowout win over,Florida in the Las Vegas Bowl,the golden knights continued their home,woes losing 5-2 to the New York,Islanders and the rebels are undefeated,no more as UNLV fell 75-73 to San,Francisco,sports betting sponsored by Las Vegas,Paiute tribal smoke and cigar shop the,Los Angeles Rams and Green Bay Packers,finish off three straight days of NFL,action on Monday Night Football the,Packers are seven point favorites at,Station Casinos and minus 310 on the,money line the total is 39 and a half,station also has total points scored by,each team with the Rams at 16 and a half,points and the package at 23 and a half,in touchdown props Rams running back cam,acres is a minus 300 no and plus 220 yes,to find the end zone and Packers white,out Christian Watson is a minus 190 Mill,and plus 155 yes thank you,in Your Entertainment News Victor,Cardenas and his Husband Joey Cardona,decorate their home every year inside,and out with dozens of Christmas trees,thousands of lights and free tours to,raise funds for their favorite charity,benefiting the homeless Friday evening,parked cars lined to both sides of the,street with groups making their way,through the home into the backyard hot,chocolate was also available for,attendees as well as photo opportunities,the candy cane house is open Sunday,Thursday and Friday from 6 to 9 p.m and,Christmas Day from 7 to 9 pm,thank you for watching seven at seven,a.m Im Renee Summerour if you have an,Amazon Fire TV search review journal to,download our Channel watch Las Vegas,breaking news streaming live on your Ott,device well see you back here later,today for 7 at 7 pm from the Las Vegas,Review Journal have a great day,Refuge Journal Studio sponsored by Adam,Kutner get the maximum settlement as,quickly as possible this 7 at 7 update,sponsored by Pro group management,youre watching seven at se

Raiders Stun Patriots in Wild Finish | Vegas Nation Blitz Ep. 15

[Music],coming up on Vegas Nation Blitz a,walk-off win at home,Chandler Jones stiff armed his way to a,Raiders Victory and I felt myself,stumble a little bit after the stiff arm,and I was saying who do I pitch it to,that I was just trying to you know keep,the ball alive because when I stayed up,I just turned the Jets on the rest was,history well break down the silver and,blacks win over the New England Patriots,right now on Vegas Nation Blitz,powered by the Las Vegas Review Journal,this is Vegas Nation Blitz presented by,DNR House of diamonds making luxury,affordable located in the one Summerlin,building in Downtown Summerlin,welcome in everyone to this weeks,episode of Vegas Nation Blitz Im your,host Cassie Soto its been a few days,now since the Raiders 30 to 24 Victory,over the New England Patriots and Im,still having a hard time believing the,final play of the game really happened,Chandler Jones snatching the ball out of,the air after a failed lateral from New,Englands Jacoby Myers to Mac Jones,which ultimately led to the Pats QB,getting absolutely embarrassed by the,bigger and more athletic Jones what a,win it was for the Raiders so lets go,ahead and get to it with our top stories,brought to you by Capriottis make your,game Day Extraordinary with capriatis,order now,Raiders beat writer Vinnie bunsenor,joining me now as always Vinnie I,briefly described it in the intro there,but I need your expert analysis I need,you to take us through the final play of,this game did it really happen Im still,not sure I dont think I believe my own,eyes take us through the final play uh,for the Raiders in the win over the,Patriots yeah imagine being the Patriots,Bill Belichick and Jacoby Myers and,everybody else that was involved in that,uh blunder of a play that was so,fortuitous for the Raiders but you know,honestly I go back to the play call,itself I dont know what Bill Belichick,was thinking I think there was four,seconds left,um when the when the Patriots got to the,line of scrimmage look if youre not,going to throw it down feel to either,um you know get a miraculous reception,or a uh you know defensive pass,interference that would have put them,potentially in field goal range or some,something like that along those lines if,you arent going to be that aggressive,in it youre not going to score uh you,know where they were lined up on the,field on a drop plate so just take a,knee number one uh thats the original,sin uh secondly,um you know uh Stevenson gets through,the line of scrimmage and starts,rumbling down the field he gets to the,32 or its uh are the Raiders 32 or its,obviously uh closed off from him take a,knee youre going to overtime its all,good you got as far as you uh as you,could uh it was a surprise that you made,it that far just take a knee go to,overtime,then for him to make the lateral uh to,to uh Jacoby Myers who Im defending,Jacoby a little bit here because the,last thing that he was expecting was to,have the football in his hands at that,point like hes like what just happened,its a hot potato at that point um hes,thinking all right I guess were going,down that road so let me try to find,somebody else too lets keep this thing,alive at that point and obviously he,doesnt see uh Chandler Jones sitting,there over there about by about the,50-yard line uh tries to lob it over to,Mac Jones big mistake uh mistakes all,the way around by the Patriots you dont,normally see that from a Bill Belichick,coach team but thats what they did are,we witnessing the Chandler Jones,Redemption tour it seems like hes,finally found his footing here in Las,Vegas over these last couple of weeks,yeah hes definitely playing better,football uh you know by and large the,Raiders defense is playing better,football I know the offenses that they,played these last two games uh arent,great and one of those games was a loss,but you know they held the RAM for 17,points um they held uh the Patriots 17,points three in the first half,um so theyre slowly but surely coming,around uh a little bit to give the,offense you know an opportunity uh,Chandler himself getting a little bit,more pressure on the quarterback making,some plays uh ironically enough missed a,tackled on that last play of the game,and thats why he was there thats why,the game even was extended to the point,that it was just a crazy chain of events,um and some irony involved as well but,yeah hes playing better football the,Raiders defense on a hole is playing,better football and it better continue,to do that uh in The Frigid conditions,that theyre gonna uh encounter in,Pittsburgh against the Steelers team,that all of a sudden theyre playing,pretty well too yeah you mentioned uh,the Raiders defense of course and of,course the only thing that matters at,the end today the day Vinnie is a win,and thats exactly what the Raiders got,on Sunday but then you talk about the,Raiders offense and how they sort of,just stalled out in the second half and,you know their defense had to win this,game for the Raiders a couple weeks ago,we mentioned that these final games this,final stretch is really like a final,report card for a lot of these players,so when you look specifically at the,Raiders offensive side of the ball what,sort of grades are you handing out here,Vinnie,well first and foremost I got to keep in,mind uh that they were really digging in,the crates as uh old DJs used to say,um along their offensive line uh youre,literally talking about Jordan Meredith,getting the majority of snaps over at,left guard Jordan Meredith hasnt been,in the Raiders building since,mid-september hadnt played in a game,since the preseason in August got signed,to the practice squad last week got,promoted to the regular roster Saturday,24 hours before kickoff never in the,million years would have thought that he,was going to play all of a sudden he has,to replace Dylan Parham over at the left,side at guard on the right side uh,hironis grassu normally a center has,played all of 80 snaps in his career uh,at guard and that was way back in 2018,with the Baltimore Ravens hes a center,by trade hadnt played himself since,August in the preseason all of a sudden,he had to get the start I have Right,Guard and replace the Alex bars well you,know when that happens uh any coach is,going to tell you yeah there goes the,Playbook not much you could do about,that other than to be careful and not,expect those guys to do too much not,throw too much at them so I think the,Playbook changed uh after the injury to,Dylan Parham the Raiders you know tried,to to basically get through that game uh,hoping that their defense can can keep a,lid on what was really anemic office,from the Patriots it didnt it worked to,an extent but in the second half here,come the patriots who werent back and,now all of a sudden you have to up the,tempo offensively unfortunately for the,Raiders Derek Carr uh a couple of good,plays by Mac Collins Keelan Cole guys,that have been really stepping up they,were able to be Johnny on the spots uh,to do just enough to get that game tied,and then create the scenario The,Unbelievable scenario that we ultimately,saw on that last place so it was,complimentary football it wasnt pretty,uh it was downright ugly at times but,when youre talking about the offense in,the second half you have to also,remember where that offensive line is,right now well going back to the last,play of the game real quick Vinnie do we,have a name for this game yet a catchy,name I personally said fear and,lateraling in Las Vegas but people said,that was too long you got anything,better,um you know I think the national,broadcasts had Sin City uh Miracle uh I,know the Raiders didnt they just,trademark win cities so maybe its the,win City Miracle,um if theyre in control of it uh its,its hard to to Really,um you know get a name on it because it,was just such a unique play and there,was so much going on that to capture it,in just a few words which is what you,got to do in this situation uh its,pretty d

Las Vegas News | [email protected] for Monday, December 19, 2022

Pro Group Management workers comp that,works for you this is seven at seven,from the Las Vegas Review Journal good,evening Im Jen ah thanks for joining us,on seven at seven starting off with,business sponsored by Bank of Nevada,Bank on accountability,fans of classic cars listen up the,Nevada DMV is cracking down on drivers,of older vehicles beginning January 1st,cars with classic vehicle plates are to,be driven only up to 5 000 miles a year,for Club activities exhibitions parades,and maintenance drivers are also,required to verify their antique vehicle,insurance these regulations are to crack,down on drivers with older yet not,exactly classic cars taking advantage of,the system to skirt the smog check,requirement and stationed casinos,outlines big plants since over a year,ago wanting to double its footprint in,southern Nevada now in the past few,weeks they are pushing ahead with that,goal with a flurry of real estate,activity review journals Renee Summerour,has the latest,so you remember last week Henderson city,council voted to approve the citys,purchase of the 35-acre former Fiesta,Henderson Property from station for 32,million where that same day a council,voted to put station closer to buying,almost four acres for a future Casino,site and inspirada station also,purchased 67 acres of land in North Las,Vegas for 55 million dollars this month,after it secured approvals for a 600,room project on the site and late last,month it sold 21 Acres next to its Under,Construction Durango Resort all of this,is part of stations plans to really,overhaul its presence in southern Nevada,it wants to double its portfolio in the,Las Vegas Valley that has talked about,you know building a pipeline of future,Casino projects after Durango opens so I,would expect to see you know more if not,a lot more real estate activity from,station in the coming years it acquired,the Durango site more than 20 years ago,and it purchased the inspirata site in,2007 property records show officials,saying quote we wait wait for the timing,to be right,and more top stories sponsored by Nevada,hand silver sky assisted living,community learn more at,nevadahan.org parents are suing the,Clark County School District over what,they call a pornographic assignment,during theater class the parent,testified during the districts board,meeting in May about her daughters,assignment at the Las Vegas Academy of,the Arts I specifically it had to do,with a scenario in which a girl was,coming out as a lesbian to her,ex-boyfriend a clip of the mother,speaking about the assignment to go,viral on a conservative Twitter account,before the suit the district stated its,investigating the situation and the,assignment was a student-generated,writing exercise that produced content,not conducive to student instruction,with the rise of holiday online shopping,comes the rise of mail thefts the postal,service is now offering fifty thousand,dollar reward for info leading to a,robbery suspect officials say this,person held up a milk here youre at,gunpoint at a townhome complex in east,Las Vegas on December 9th if you know,anything call the number on your screen,also beware of holiday porch Pirates,over at Cashman Field check out these,folks grooving to music with Santa hats,the Las Vegas Rescue Mission hosted its,13th annual holiday toy giveaway over,the weekend handing out more than four,thousand free toys for kids,in weather sponsored by Star Nursery,your Gardens partner for Every Blooming,Thing if youre planning on celebrating,Christmas in Vegas get ready for a warm,holiday for those craving some snow you,can drive up north to Kyle Canyon where,ski season isnt full swing closer to,home were looking at a chilly night,already in the low 40s set to get down,to the 30s in just a few hours a mostly,cloudy night ahead on Tuesday another,partly cloudy day with a high of 57 and,low of 34 degrees on Wednesday the skies,clear with highs possibly reaching the,60s on Thursday expect some overcast,Skies the warm-up continues on Friday,with the holiday weekend reaching the,mid to high 60s biggest Nation brought,to you by Station Casinos stn Sports,download the app today Darren Waller,made his long-awaited return to the,field and the Raiders 30-24 victory over,the Patriots on Sunday while the tight,end only recorded three receptions for,48 yards he did score the first,touchdown of the game for the silver and,black it was a lot of fun just being in,the environment with fans and everything,in the stadium I feel like a long time,since I had been uh especially here but,just played in a game in general so its,just good to be in the environment with,everybody,in health sponsored by Boulder City,Hospital were here for you when you,need us with cases of monkey pox slowing,to a trickle is the outbreak over,according to health officials they say,they cant say its eradicated but it,does appear to be under control only one,new case is reported in Clark County in,the first half of December according to,the Southern Nevada Health District in,contrast during the second half of,August there were 66 new cases,and Google releases its local year in,search for 2022 and Vegas was the only,place in the U.S what the black bean,burger as its top trending recipe,strange as it is we came up with a list,of the best places to get a taste of the,noticeable curiosity first is munchbox,on South Fort Apache Road or try,Pandoras Burgers on West Craig Road for,the full list log on to lvrj.com,Sports brought to you by dandora house,of diamonds making luxury affordable,located in downtown Summerlin former,UNLV basketball head coach Lon Krueger,headlines the six-member 2023 Southern,Nevada Sports Hall of Fame class that,was announced over the weekend BMX star,Connor Fields UNLV associate head,baseball coach and former pro player,Kevin Higgins longtime high school,basketball coach Karen weitz and former,Governor Kenny Gwynn joined Krueger in,the class Krueger and Company will be,inducted to the Hall of Fame on Friday,June 16th sports betting brought to you,by Las Vegas Paiute tribal smoke and,cigar shop the wild ending to the,Raiders 30-24 win over the Patriots was,worth 2.9 Million Dollars to a draftking,Sportsbook better who needed the silver,and black to Prevail to cash a thirty,one thousand dollar five-team parlay the,first leg of the parlay was the Vikings,at 7-1 on the live money line when they,trailed the coal by 22 and route to a,39-36 win that was the biggest comeback,in NFL history the other legs were the,Dolphins plus seven the Jaguars plus,four and the Browns and Raiders on the,money line,in entertainment it looks like Christmas,is arriving early for students at CT,Sewell Elementary School,[Applause],youre watching students cheering on the,Las Vegas raiderettes and rushers chants,from the golden knights and jolly Saint,Nick himself on Friday they came bearing,gifts with the Henderson mayor and mayor,elect,and what to do when life gives you,lemons two restaurateurs open the Lemon,Tree Cafe after the restaurants,shuttered during the pandemic Emily,Palmer and Patrick Littlejohn were,inspired to Branch out on their own in,Southwest Las Vegas with brioche French,toast wood fire pizzas and more,thank you for watching seven at seven if,you have a Roku device just search,review journal to download our Channel,watch Las Vegas breaking news streaming,live on your Ott device,see you tomorrow for more 7 at 7. Refuge,Journal Studio sponsored by Adam Kutner,get the maximum settlement as quickly as,possible this seven at seven update,sponsored by Pro group management youre,watching seven at seven from the Las,Vegas Review Journal

Inside the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s murder coverage of one of its own workers

we are going to begin with a CBS,mornings exclusive when investigative,reporter Jeff gearman was murdered in,Las Vegas on Labor Day weekend there was,an extraordinary twist to the story,police arrested a sitting public,official with a possible motive Garmin,had exposed wrongdoing in that,officials office,and staff at the newspaper where Garman,worked then had to do two things at once,cover this giant story this potential,Scandal while at the same time grieving,their co-workers death,his murder in fact now theyre talking,about it for the very first time with,our Mark Strassman,Sheriff tells me Jeffs dead,and its just a,punch in the face Glenn Cooks awful,news came in a phone call at the Las,Vegas Review Journal known locally as,the RJ the executive editors leading,investigative reporter Jeff Garman was,dead as distraught as I am,not even remotely considering the,possibility that hes been murdered not,remotely but Ronda prast got nervous the,head of the papers investigative unit,noticed homicide detectives had,announced a briefing in garmans,neighborhood and immediately called,Glenn like I think Jeffs been murdered,awful had morphed into evil garmans,body was found lying outside his house,stabbed seven times four in the neck a,good man a trusted Ally in The Newsroom,a good friend to a lot of people here,did it run through your mind right away,who did he tick off,its a line of people from here to Los,Angeles over the course of his career he,covered a ton of bad people who did a,lot of bad things a reporter columnist,from Las Vegas Jeff Garman was the,papers Bulldog investigator for 40,years he ran down gangsters and grifters,Spotlight public corruption exposed the,shadowed venality behind the neon of Sin,City Jeff was never afraid I would have,done anything to protect Jeff so,sorry no I get it yeah he was Fearless,Glenn and I did talk that night about,his work I said tell us I told Glenn,tell us you thought tell us right away I,did,hello Im Rob Tellis Robert Tellis was,the Clark County public administrator,its a bottom of the ballot office,administering wills and Estates but,Garren had reported Telus bullied his,employees and had an inappropriate,relationship with one of them Telus lost,his re-election David Ferrara helped,coordinate coverage the statements that,police gave were a little bit odd we,still stand by the idea that it is an,isolated incident three days after,garmans murder police released this,video of their suspect hard to miss in,triple digit Vegas heat he wore a wide,brim sun hat blaze orange clothing and,gloves walking in garmans neighborhood,the morning of the murder we have a,video of Robert Tellis walking down the,hallway in his office and,its a Oh My God moment for people in,The Newsroom especially when police ask,the Publics help finding this maroon,GMC Yukon their suspects car a tipster,told the paper it belonged to Telus then,someone types in teluss home address,and Google Street View Camera of his,house,has the GMC Yukon parked in front of his,house when we saw the Yukon uh,especially in the Google street maps,photo Bingo wow unbelievable,through their shock RJ reporters and,photographers staked out teluss,neighborhood your co-workers are solving,the murder of one of your other,co-workers the whole situation had its,own sense of absurdity we have to get in,action mode we have to get to work this,photo shows RJ employees in their,Newsroom listening to police scanners,and detectives closing in on Telus were,watching and waiting and we wait,and we wait police searched teluss,house among their evidence a mutilated,sun hat sneakers with blood stains and,his DNA at the murder scene WE Post our,story and its a hell of a story a,sitting elected official is a person of,interest in the murder of an,investigative journalist in the United,States its unbelievable five days after,the murder Telus was arrested,photographer Kevin Cannon got this shot,for his friend Jeff gearman my,preparation and experience allowed me to,get that photo,and I know hed be proud,almost simultaneously to the time that,the ambulance doors close,I get a phone call from the sheriff and,he says Glenn I wanted you to know that,Robert Tullis is in custody and under,arrest in connection with the murder of,Jeff German,the headline on the papers front page a,stunning arrest in the death of a,journalist whats a big part of the,motivation here we got to do this right,the way Jeff would have wanted it done,absolutely this is the kind of story,that Jeff you know would have grabbed a,hold of and never let go the RJs now in,a First Amendment fight police seized,garmans laptop and cell phones as,evidenced the paper wants to deny them,access its another part of Jeff,gearmans Legacy here but hardly the,only one we will have a hole in our,Newsroom I dont think our city will,ever grasp how much he did but our,Newsroom will,oh boy Mark wow your story gives me,goosebumps and chills I mean it must be,surreal for his colleagues to,immediately when they heard about his,death have a suspect in mind and then,actively work to make sure that that,suspect is arrested its Ive never,heard of a story like this to be honest,with you,yeah the best of the paper is researched,it had never happened before Gail were a,sitting public official had murdered uh,or allegedly murdered a journalist and,and youre right there there are a,couple of different things going on here,theyre theyre investigating the story,and yet theyre theyre also grieving,the loss of their colleague and there,was also something else Gail which was a,Fear Factor at first what they didnt,realize who this who even the suspect,was all they knew is that one of their,colleagues had been murdered and so they,also wanted whether they were potential,targets so one of the reporters was,telling me that every time she opened,the garage door she of her house she,half expected to see a suspect did it so,um anyway its its the paper really did,some remarkable work given what they,were also all going through emotionally,yeah well the paper is a long Legacy of,powerful investigatory work and Im sure,theyre not going to be shrinking from,that Duty going forward uh even in the,face of this terrible tragedy yeah so,clear what Jeff meant to them too yeah,because even as tragic as this is hes,still leading the way exactly for sure,all right Mark thank you so much

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