1. Las Vegas News | [email protected] for Tuesday, December 20, 2022
  2. Las Vegas News | [email protected] AM for Wednesday, December 21, 2022
  3. LAS VEGAS RESTAURANT REVIEW – Village Pub at Ellis Island $22 Prime Rib
  4. Las Vegas News | [email protected] AM for Tuesday, December 20, 2022
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Las Vegas News | [email protected] for Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Pro Group Management workers comp that,works for you this is seven at seven,from the Las Vegas Review Journal,good evening Im Jen ah thanks for,joining us on,in top stories sponsored by Nevada hand,silver sky assisted living community,learn more at nevadahan.org,police are investigating what led up to,three miners getting arrested at a North,Las Vegas school they say two employees,were also injured Friday while breaking,up the fight at Legacy High no names,have been released were pretty unclear,the extent of the injuries to the staff,members but we do know that three,juveniles were arrested in connection,with that fight CCSD says individual,student matters cant to be discussed,but the district quote actively pursues,all legal actions against anyone,threatening or committing violence on,our campuses,further south in the paradise area a,woman is accused of attacking a Burger,King manager in the bathroom stabbing,the employee in the face with a box,cutter thats after authorities say she,kidnapped two employees this 27 year old,woman faces charges of attempted murder,kidnapping in battery with a deadly,weapon shes due in court next week and,Governor sisilak requests an item to be,added to the Nevada state board agenda,to commute all sentences of death for,offenders convicted in the state of,Nevada to a life sentence without Parole,Review journals Renee summerauer has,more on todays meeting and why agenda 6,was removed thats right yesterday a,Carson City District Court issued an,order prohibiting the board from taking,any action on agenda 6 so they didnt,address it today Governor Steve sisilak,expressing his disappointment while Im,disappointed in this outcome I respect,that the judicial process has tabled,this issue at this time James Wilson,ruled the board had not proper notified,the families of murder victims about,commuting the 57 people on death row he,also said the inmates had not exhausted,all of their appeals and hadnt applied,to the board to lessen their sentences,sicilakis agreed hoping to get more,things done during his last term many of,you know Im closing out my time in,office this month,I could not allow myself to leave this,position without starting the necessary,conversations,placing this matter on the agenda was,done as an act of Grace,and with the understanding that the,death penalty is fundamentally broken,CIS elect says he hopes the issue will,be discussed in the future and that the,right changes to capital punishment in,Nevada will be made and preventing what,police say could have ended someones,life or caused a serious crash they say,the driver of this Corvette was speeding,in a 45 mile per hour Zone at 106 miles,per hour during rush hour of all times,in North Las Vegas the 28 year old,driver reportedly faces numerous charges,of reckless driving polices message,dont do this and expect to keep your,car in license,in business sponsored by Bank of Nevada,Bank on accountability Clark County,approves regulations for cannabis,lounges which could open early as 2023.,the Commissioners voted Tuesday about,half of the 40 applicants in,unincorporated Clark County could,resemble taverns with no alcohol some of,the regulations involved the business is,not being able to tow vehicles for 24,hours this is to prevent impaired,driving,people under the age of 21 wont be able,to go into the lounge much like,dispensaries another 15 licenses went to,applicants within the city of Las Vegas,which is not voted on its own rules now,to Vegas is convention industry back in,full swing the 2023 Consumer Electronics,Show CES expects around a hundred,thousand people with around 3 000,exhibitors the four-day show opens,January 5th open to consumer electronics,Executives and professionals but not the,general public Vegas Nation brought to,you by Station Casinos stn Sports,download the app today the Raiders,playoff hopes are not dead yet but they,marry you very well be on life support,heres the thing theyve got to win,their last three games thats the most,important part for sure then theyve got,to have some help the Jets the Jaguars,the Patriots all have to lose at least,one game the rest of the way which is,very possible although a couple of those,teams are playing each other including,the Jets and the Jaguars this week then,they need either the Dolphins or the,Chargers to lose two of their last three,theres a lot that has to happen thats,why the Raiders just need to win their,three games and then just hope thats,kind of what happened last year its,kind of whats going to have to happen,again this year if the Raiders want to,make a return visit to the postseason,in weather sponsored by Star Nursery,your Gardens partner for every booming,thing you can look forward to a clear,and Starry Night chilly though with,temps in the 40s then 30s overnight,cooling down before a warm-up in the,days ahead,on Wednesday the blue skies are back,with highs possibly reaching 61 degrees,and low of 36 degrees,similar temps on Thursday but with some,clouds rolling in the warm-up continues,on Friday and Beyond with temps getting,closer but not quite reaching the 70,degree mark,in health sponsored by Boulder City,Hospital were here for you when you,need us did you know calf muscle,injuries are among the most common for,male Runners over 40. taking it slow is,key to a successful recovery when able,to walk pain-free ease back into,exercise just 15 minutes of running,incorporating CrossFit training into,your routine also will help you stay fit,without increasing risk of another,injury other workouts include swimming,biking and the elliptical plus if,tempted to sneak in treats for your,furry friend this holiday season experts,with our fit pets say avoid chocolate,toxic for cats and dogs macadamia nuts,can make them sick blue cheese can cause,muscle Tremors and brittle turkey bones,can get stuck in your dogs throat or,stomach Sports brought to you by deandar,house of diamonds making luxury,affordable located in downtown Summerlin,the gold Knights will try to stop their,1-6 slide at home Wednesday against the,Arizona Coyotes one player to watch a,former Arizona coyote Phil Castle he was,benched for most of the third period of,Mondays loss to the Buffalo Sabers only,got two shifts totaling 40 seconds he,started on the top line with Chandler,Stevenson and Mark Stone got moved back,to the third because Bruce Cassidy,didnt like some of his defensive work,especially on the second goal that,Buffalo scored its been an interesting,year for castle with broke the NHLs,Iron Man streak but probably hasnt,produced how hed like,sports betting brought to you by Las,Vegas Paiute tribal smoke and cigar shop,the NHL is approaching its holiday break,and Edmonton star Connor McDavid is the,overwhelming favorite to win the heart,trophy as League MVP the oiler Center,who leads the league in scoring is minus,150 to 1 at the Westgate Superbook to,take home the award Dallas Winger Jason,Robertson is next at 7-1 followed by,Tampa Bay Winger Nikita kucharov at 16-1,in entertainment as Harry Reid,International Airport transforms its,signs from senator Pat McCarron many may,not know what the airport was called,when Las Vegas was still up and coming,in the post-war era in December 1948 the,Alamo airport the original name of the,airport where Harry Reid sits today was,renamed to McCarran field Alamo was,first owned by Aviator George Crockett,who founded the Nevada state Airmen,Association in 1945. for more info go to,lvrj.com,thank you for watching 7×7 if you have,Amazon Fire TV just search review,journal to download our Channel watch,Las Vegas breaking news streaming live,on your Ott device well see you,tomorrow for more seven at seven review,journal Studio sponsored by Adam Kutner,get the maximum settlement as quickly as,possible the seven at seven update,sponsored by Pro group management youre,watching seven at seven from the Las,Vegas Review Journal

Las Vegas News | [email protected] AM for Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Pro Group Management workers comp that,works for you this is seven at seven,from the Las Vegas Review Journal,good morning everyone Im Renee summer,hour we start off with your top stories,brought to you by Nevada hands silver,sky assisted living community learn more,at nevadahan.org body cam footage,captured the moments after a deadly,North Las Vegas crash that killed two,toddlers earlier this month,to Christ three-year-old Taylor Wilmer,and two-year-old Rose Wilmer were,passengers of the vehicle their aunt,Kalia Manning was the driver and their,mother rainisha Washington was the front,seat passenger shes theres another,child over there thats breathing police,also received several 9-1-1 calls from,frantic Witnesses,Manning appeared to be in court Tuesday,and she faces three counts of DUI,resulting in substantial bodily harm or,death she had more than twice the legal,blood alcohol content in her body,Washington faces two counts of child,neglect or endangerment resulting in,death during a vigil for the toddlers,over the weekend their father Tavon,Wilmer gave an emotional statement,regarding their death,my kids,beautiful kids 32 year old Kendra Burton,is accused of stealing a mans Rolex,watch in two rings after giving him,pills to increase his virality Burton,was seen on surveillance footage leaving,the mans hotel room at Resorts World,and was later arrested she faces one,count of grand larceny and one count of,residential burglary and is back in,court January 12th and on the heels of,announcing rate increases next year for,southern nevadans Envy energy is,proposing a more than 800 million dollar,plan to advance the states energy,Independence its a move that could in,the short term further increase customer,rates before the plans potentially,cost-saving benefits kick in NV Energy,CEO Doug Cannon said while the utility,will face significant upfront costs to,implement its plan the long-term,benefits for nevadans will be worth it,today marks three years since the,deadliest residential fire in Las Vegas,history and plaintiffs in a complex,lawsuit May soon be closer to seeing a,resolution 15 lawsuits filed in the,aftermath math of the Alpine Motel,Apartments Blaze were Consolidated into,a single case naming nearly 20,defendants including companies accused,of failing to maintain the buildings,fire alarm system investigators found,more than 40 fire code violations at the,time of the incident in your business,news sponsored by Bank of Nevada Bank on,accountability motorists will soon face,major traffic disruptions when the work,on the I-15 and Tropicana interchange,gets underway in January Crews will,demolish and rebuild the north portion,of Tropicana and much of the flyover,ramp from I-15 southbound to Tropicana,eastbound which is dubbed as the,Tropicana project as such uh you know,once this project you know is done,theres going to be you know a big,impact in the area its going to widen,Tropicana in the area over the bridge,its going to add some,HOV drop down lanes for specific closure,dates and locations visit lvrj.com and,the spirit of giving even after 29 years,the Walker furniture store continues to,surprise Families in Need for some much,needed brand new furniture sets for the,holidays review journal Jen ah has the,story,a brand new couch chairs tables Mattress,and More when you see how it changes,their life,the miracle causes within them it just,gives you so much joy to be a part of,that since 1994 The Walker Furniture and,Mattress Store in Las Vegas helps dozens,of families in need receiving letters,like these please accept this nomination,letter for a family friend dorys,vilches shes 78 years old she was,living in a mobile home which was,infested with bed bugs and that she has,had a terrible life of abuse from family,members please consider her for home for,the holidays,CEO of Walker Furniture tells us what,inspires him to donate every year,she is so deserving so deserving and so,grateful making her home feel a bit more,like home sweet home in time for,Christmas for the review journal Im Jen,ah,now its time for your weather report,brought to you by Star Nursery your,Gardens partner for Every Blooming Thing,temps are on the rise starting today,sunny skies with a high of near 59,degrees is forecasted for your Wednesday,light winds throughout the day tonight,mostly clear skies with lows around 38,degrees for the rest of the week similar,conditions as temps continue to rise we,should be sitting in the low 60s by the,end of the week with mostly sunny skies,for your evenings it will also feel just,a bit warmer low to mid 40s for the rest,of the week,Vegas Nation brought to you by station,casutos STM Sports download the app,today,a bright spot this season for the,Raiders has been the offensive emergence,of wide receiver Mack Hollins Hollins,came to Vegas in search of a bigger role,Beyond special teams it has made the,most of his opportunities yeah I think,Mac has done a great job in terms of,giving the tough some toughness to the,offense and some dependability you know,tough smart Dependable we always preach,about all the time and I think you know,Matt Collins is a good hes a good,example of that oh I really cant speak,highly enough about Matt Collins in,terms of the leadership hes provided,for the offense,in your health news sponsored by Boulder,City Hospital were here for you when,you need us how much protein does,someone your age need well it depends on,a lot of factors such as ones age one,sex and physical health when we are sick,or injured for example we may need more,protein to heal but some with kidney,disease may need less protein to prevent,further kidney damage for more tips log,on to lvrj.com,and set up your social security online,account before applying for Medicare the,best time to enroll in Medicare is three,months before turning 65 by visiting,ssa.gov backslash benefits backslash,Medicare if you have a my Social,Security account you can apply if you,dont visit ssa.gov backslash my account,to register yourself or your spouse if,married,Sports sponsored by DNR House of,diamonds making luxury affordable,located in downtown Summerlin the run,and Rebels have been impressive so far,this season with only one loss to this,point but the lady rebs of UNLV have,been just as good the 92 Rebels will,host Northern Arizona this afternoon at,the Cox Pavilion Junior Center Desiree,Young is three points shy of 1 000 in,her career she will become the 26th,player at UNLV to reach the Milestone,and should she get there Wednesday it,will be in her 69th career game only,four Lady Rebels have scored 1 000,points in fewer games,sports betting sponsored by Las Vegas,Paiute tribal smoke and cigar shop bowl,season continues Wednesday and South,Alabama is a three and a half Point,favorite over Western Kentucky at Circus,Sports in the New Orleans polls the,total is 57.,on Thursday Baylor is a four-point,favored over Air Force in the Armed,Forces Bowl the total is 43. Friday,features two games with Houston a seven,and a half Point favorite over Louisiana,in the Independence Bowl the total is 57,and Wake Forest is a one point favorite,over Missouri in the Gasparilla bowl,with a total of 58. In Your,Entertainment News lift lines at Lee,Canyon will begin to move faster this,season with Gates that automatically,scan a skiers ID card the card can now,be read through a pocket rather than,needing operators to weave through lines,manually scanning each persons pass the,online purchase process for passes is,also easier guests can purchase their,passes online and after the transaction,is complete a QR code can be downloaded,and stored into your smartphones wallet,thank you for watching seven at seven,a.m Im Renee Summerour if you have an,Amazon Fire TV search review journal to,download our Channel watch Las Vegas,breaking news streaming live on your Ott,device well see you back here later,today for 7 at 7 pm from the Las Vegas,Review Journal have a great day Refuge,Journal Studios s

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LAS VEGAS RESTAURANT REVIEW – Village Pub at Ellis Island $22 Prime Rib

whats good YouTube Its shin and today,Im coming to you from Ellis Island here,one Street behind the Las Vegas Strip,now this is one of my favorite spots to,come for a quick and cheap meal Im in,the mood for some prime rib today thats,what Im here for so lets go and grab,some food,[Music],alrighty you guys so here we are seated,at the Village Pub inside of Ellis,Island now this is a very homey no,frills kind of Cafe but this location,has become well known for its great food,as well as great prices here in Las,Vegas all right lets take a quick look,at the menu you can see here all of the,appetizers loaded fries french onion,soup onion rings quesadillas calamari,soup shrimp cocktail chicken fingers,chicken wings as well as a fried shrimp,basket,some greens here Caesar salad Apple,pecan salad chef salad and a grilled,chicken salad,got some burgers here a hangover Burger,Frisco burger patty melt in the 50 50.,a couple of sandwiches,chicken Caesar wrap Clubhouse Reuben,Philly grilled cheese French dip BLT and,a buffalo chicken wrap,and a build your own burger here as well,looks pretty good and then when we flip,over the menu we could take a look at,some of their specialties,right up here weve got the king cut,prime rib thats what Im here for,chicken fried steak wild Alaskan salmon,steak and shrimp chicken fried steak,grilled chicken breasts and grilled,chicken breast with portobello mushrooms,a couple of breakfast options that are,served all day steak and eggs ham and,eggs and bacon and eggs,and then signature item fish and chips,you know,Im gonna have to think about this,because when I went to Gordon Ramsays,fish and chips everyone was mentioning I,should try them here and Ive never,tried them here 13,that might be a good one to try,Italian favorites here chicken parm,Alfredo shrimp scampi and a pasta,marinara,great looking sides here baked potato,garlic bread and the like,soft drinks here they are Coke and not,Pepsi,and their desserts here cheesecake ice,cream root beer float and that really,big ice cream chocolate brownie thing,so you know back when I lived on the,east side closer to Green Valley I would,come to the Village Pub relatively often,for a nice 20 primer dinner now ever,since I moved I havent really been,coming out to the Village Pub as much,but I really want to showcase the prime,rib here because its really excellent,for the price now if youre a regular,viewer of the channel you may have seen,me review Gordon Ramsays fish and chips,over at the link Promenade during my,review I mentioned that the fish was a,little lackluster on its own and the,sauces were really the hard carry and a,lot of you in the comments mentioned,that the fish and chips here at the,Village Club are really fantastic so I,think what Im gonna go ahead and try,today is the fish and chips as an,appetizer and then Ill go in on that,prime rib a little bit later as my main,now my order is in Ill see you guys in,a little bit when the fish and chips,arrive,okay so when you order the prime rib,dinner it does come with a choice of,super salad I went with an Italian salad,today just because of everything else,Im getting is pretty rich nice fresh,green color here so Im definitely an,Italian dressing kind of guy comment,below what kind of salad dressing person,are you,fresh crispy vegetables nice Tangy,dressing nothing mind-blowing here its,a good side salad,all right that salad was nice but the,fish and chips have arrived and these,are looking so good check out the golden,brown color on these fish and chips nice,tartar sauce here giving it just a,little bit of lemon,foreign,oh these are piping hot,all right lets go and give the fish a,try on their own,immediately I can tell you that these,fish and chips are really really good,the fish is nice and moist really flaky,you can actually see how flaky it is the,batter has a nice crunch to it but its,also very well seasoned even without,sauce this is really really tasty now I,believe the village club and Gordon,Ramsays fish and chips both use cod but,the flavor of the fish here is just more,robust its kind of like the difference,if you cook chicken in a pan with oil,and with one you try it with salt and,pepper and the other one you dont it,tastes like chicken but its just about,how robust that flavor is but Im very,impressed with these fish and chips its,not a dish Ive really gone to before,but I might start if its this good,would you go ahead and tried with the,target sauce,that is a pretty good tartar sauce hands,down though the one Glory Ramsey is,better,lets get a little bit of malt vinegar,here,lets try with a little bit of that malt,vinegar,the vinegar really cuts through a lot of,the heaviness of the variety of that,fish giving just that little bit of,vinegar Tang Im definitely a Believer I,dont know if Ive had fish and chips,better than this now this is a pretty,awesome meal on its own for 13 bucks,this is a great deal now its definitely,a little bit much for an appetizer but,Im pretty hungry today so Im gonna go,ahead and wrap this up and Ill see you,when the prime rib arrives,[Music],all right and my prime rib has arrived,this is looking really incredible a nice,chunky looking cut here along with green,beans and mashed potatoes with the side,of auju as well as that creamy,horseradish loving the color perfect,medium rare here for me and I cant,really hold back any longer I gotta try,it first Fork feel feels pretty good,lets give it a taste,oh yeah thats really good really,fantastic cook on the prime rib here,its actually really tender nice and,juicy you can see the juices as I press,my Fork into it nice salt crust on the,top as well really flavorful now while,this may not be the absolute prime cut,of beef that you can find its a pretty,good quality for what youre paying yes,it could be trimmed a little bit nicer,as well but overall this is a really,great primary for 22 bucks now lets go,and try the sides mashed potatoes up,first now I add a ton of fries with,those fish and chips I dont did I even,review those gosh Im such a bad,YouTuber now I had a ton of fries with,the fish and chips they were pretty,decent but I dont think I could have,had any more so mashed potatoes is,definitely the call lets give them a,try,nice and buttery mashed potatoes here a,little lumpy but I think thats by,Design the beef gravy flavor is a little,diluted a little light but it actually,allows the butteriness of the potatoes,to really shine and next up well try,the green beans you could see a nice,shine on them from the oil they were,cooked in you actually see the bits of,salt and pepper here I think some,shallots were also sauteed along with,this lets give them a try,very nice green bean side here perfectly,seasoned not too salty great cook on,them soft enough to chew through but,still has a little bit of bite these are,definitely sauteed with a little bit of,garlic and onions very very tasty now we,definitely got to put this prime rib,into some of that au jus give it a nice,little dip,and we give this a taste,oh thats fantastic its actually a very,well fortified as you nice deep beefy,flavor tastes really good we gotta try,that creamy horseradish as well give it,a little bit here,yep a little bit of kick to that,horseradish nice easy flavors I think,between the two though I definitely go,for the aju this is definitely one of my,favorite 20 meals here in Las Vegas this,prime rib is really something special,its one of those things where you could,quote cook it easily at home but when,are you ever gonna put in the time to,really get that slow roast on a huge,prime rib by yourself now maybe for a,nice family occasion but I dont have,that too often and so being able to come,to Ellis Island and grab a quick 22,prime rib is so awesome all right you,guys Im gonna go ahead and devour this,prime rib leave a little bit of room for,dessert Ill see him a little bit when,that arrives,foreign,[Music],delicious prime rib meal here and I went,ahead and got a dessert n

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Las Vegas News | [email protected] AM for Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Pro Group Management workers comp that,works for you this is seven at seven,from the Las Vegas Review Journal,good morning everyone Im Renee,summerhour we start off with your top,stories brought to you by Nevada hands,silver sky assisted living community,learn more at nevadahan.org 66 year old,John Boyd was sentenced to two to ten,years in prison on Monday he pleaded,guilty in October to driving Under the,Influence Boyds blood alcohol level was,twice the legal limit on September 3rd,when he struck metro police officer,Garen Santos near East Lake Mead,Boulevard and North Walnut Road Santo,suffered a brain bleed and a shattered,hip during the court hearing Boyd,admitted to the family that he should,have known better that night,a Carson City District Court Judge ruled,Monday that the State Board of Pardons,may not consider commuting every death,sentence in Nevada at todays meeting,this comes after Governor Steve sisilak,asked the board to consider the,commutations judge James Wilson ruled,that the board had not properly notified,the families of murder victims about its,intent to commute the death sentences of,the 57 people currently on death row he,also said the inmates had not exhausted,all of their appeals and hadnt applied,to the board to lessen their sentences,and starting in January crime cases on,this trip or in surrounding commercial,areas will be assigned to justice of the,peace Melissa soragosa this is directly,tied to the recently expanded order out,Corridor ordinance which allows judges,the ability to ban people from the strip,for up to a year if convicted of a crime,the ordinance is meant to lower crime,and support the homeless population by,referring people to Social Services when,theyre charged with low-level,misdemeanors,gas prices continue to fall so how much,lower will they go down review journals,Jen ah has more on what experts are,saying it looks like Santa is bringing,an early Christmas gift for some drivers,plummeting gas prices,in Ukraine first thought that Russia,would stop exporting oil which didnt,happen they had to continue to export,that so the price wasnt affected by,that and China still has some pretty,major covid related lockdowns going on,so a lot of people arent driving out,there and theyre the worlds largest,importer of oil as of Monday Nevadas,average is four dollars and six cents,here in Las Vegas we finally dipped,below that four dollar Threshold at 395,per gallon looking ahead to the Future a,long spring or so when the driving,season kind of starts picking back up,again well see prices it started to,increase around then but between now and,then well see prices continue to fall,between 25 cents and 75 cents per gallon,for the review journal Im Jen ah and,Nevadas unemployment rate is the,highest in the country at 4.9 percent,for November according to the labor,department the states unemployment rate,Rose from our October by 0.3 percent,while the national unemployment rate is,at 3.7 percent Nevada officials said the,higher rate is likely from people who,recently jump started their job search,in your business news sponsored by Bank,of Nevada Bank on accountability U.S,homebuilder confidence lid every month,this year as sales tumbled in Las Vegas,and around the country and buyers faced,decreased affordability the National,Association of home builders cited High,mortgage rates and elevated construction,costs and the deterioration of Builder,sediment their latest survey showed 62,percent of Builders were using,incentives including price cuts to,bolster sales and the Mirage is,officially under new ownership MGM,Resorts closed its nearly 1.1 billion,dollar sale of the Resorts operations,to Hard Rock International the new,operator has outlined plans to gut the,existing hotel to upgrade the property,and expand its casino floor we could,potentially be saying goodbye to the,mirages iconic outdoor volcano,attraction now its time for your,weather report brought to you by Star,Nursery your Gardens partner for Every,Blooming Thing partly sunny skies with a,high of near 56 degrees is forecasted,for your two Tuesday light to variable,winds tonight mostly clear skies evening,lows around 36 degrees for the rest of,the week sunny skies are projected with,little variation in the forecast calm,winds all week long mostly sunny skies,with highs in the upper 50s low 60s by,weeks and evening lows staying in the,upper 30s to low 40s,biggest Nation brought to you by Station,Casinos STM Sports download the app,today as the NFL season winds down the,Raiders are currently on the outside,looking in at a shot at the postseason,the team however is not looking ahead to,the end of the season the the one thing,that we know we have to do in order to,keep going you know is when so to focus,on anything other than our singular goal,each week of trying to beat the opponent,that we have on the schedule is kind of,a waste of time and energy honestly the,best we can do and I think our team,understands that you know is just,focused on what we have control over,which is our own preparation I think our,team has had a great mindset for now for,a while of just trying to focus on the,one thing that we can control which is,this week,in your health news sponsored by Boulder,City Hospital were here for you when,you need us the Tyler Robinson,Foundation which supports children,battling cancer is teaming up with,YouTube influencers fun Squad family,this holiday season the Pediatric cancer,story of courage and bravery is told,through a music video as the fun Squad,family sings a cover of the Imagine,Dragons song believer the goal is to hit,5 million views and raise one hundred,thousand dollars through donations to,benefit families dealing with a cancer,diagnosis,Sports sponsored by DNR House of,diamonds making luxury affordable,located in downtown Summerlin the golden,knights took yet another home loss,Monday falling 3-2 to the Buffalo Sabers,at T-Mobile Arena this saver scored,three goals on seven shots in the second,period to take a 3-0 lead and the,Knights failed to score more than two,goals for the seventh straight home game,the knights also fell to 1-6 at home in,their last seven games at T-Mobile Arena,Chandler Stevenson and Riley Smith were,the goal scorers for the knights,sports betting sponsored by Las Vegas,Paiute tribal smoke and cigar shop the,NFL will play games on Thursday Saturday,Sunday and Monday the Raiders are at the,Steelers in The nightcap of Saturdays,11 games play on Christmas Eve,Pittsburgh is a two and a half Point,favorite at the Westgate Super Bowl and,the total is 39 and a half,the Raiders coming off of Sunday,stunning win over the Patriots are plus,1 30 on the money line in this weeks,Marquee match up the Cowboys are two and,a half Point home favorites over the,Eagles on Saturday afternoon the Jets,are one point home favorite some of the,Jaguars on Thursday Night Football and,the Chargers are four Point Road favors,over the Colts on Monday night in Your,Entertainment News at the end of the day,we are all Downwinders that is the,message director Mark Shapiro and,Douglas Brian Miller hope viewers will,take away from their upcoming film,downwind a documentary on the health,consequences of nuclear testing at the,Nevada Test Site the test site now,called the Nevada National Security Site,saw over 900 nuclear detonations between,1951 and 1992. while the film does try,to communicate that all Americans are,impacted by radiation it does primarily,focus on Western Nevada and Southern,Utah communities who have suffered from,really high cancer rates over the past,few years after the nuclear tests were,conducted,the film premieres January 23rd for more,information on the film visit,backlotdocs.com,thank you for watching 7 at 7 A.M Im,Renee Summerour if you have a Roku,device search review journal to download,our Channel watch Las Vegas breaking,news streaming live on your Ott device,well see you back here later today from,7 at 7 pm from the Las Vegas Review

My First Negative LAS VEGAS Review

[Music],now,i do have some really bad news and im,kind of disappointed myself too,um,oh my god,i just had the worst nightmare that you,guys werent subscribing and liking this,video so make sure you do,oh and the this video is sponsored by,hey look sleep but more on that later,[Music],okay so todays video is gonna start a,little bit differently um i know uh,were starting at night here so in,todays video i do want to take you,somewhere that i actually have not shown,off yet and honestly i cant believe,that i havent taken you guys there but,also i do want to take you to some spots,that i havent shown in the videos,before and then maybe a spot or two that,i have shown you guys dont do what im,doing right now kids um vlog and drive,so in this first spot you might see a,familiar face and then also i am picking,up somebody here at the mirage hotel,that ill introduce you guys in a little,bit though,i dont know,[Music],[Applause],so for our first spot we are here at,tacoterry which i have shown you guys in,my best vegan video,watch it if you havent yeah we just,kind of want to get a little bit of food,in us uh before we start the night but,yes i went ahead and i met up with jose,i know if you remember she was in my,secrets of las vegas video a few a few,videos ago kind of earlier in the spring,we just grabbed a really quick bike here,and were gonna go ahead and start the,night kind of like around here in the,arts district and then the person that i,did pick up um was the person who kind,of connected me and giselle because,again vegas is such a small world this,is like kevin,this is kevin this is giseles cousin,this is how we met do we look alike,theyre beautiful guys arent they no we,dont,so were gonna go ahead and go,to a bar,because kevin needs drinks obviously,[Music],yeah look who i found,remember kevin from subscriber dates,he has a nice little mustache going on,right now,all right well leave them alone now,[Music],all right so basically we got the,mystery shot so thats an item here um,we can roll the dice but we just dont,know what alcohol were going to get,cheers cheers cheers what do you think,yours was,cant tell what mine is you even drink,it no im trying to sip it,what do you think it is its a whiskey,what kind,i dont know,[Music],so they do have both indoor and outdoor,seating here at rebar the only reason we,are out here is because its really loud,inside i know im sorry were sweating,literally parking,three hours,10 p.m at night and were turning so hot,right now and the high was 111 today so,dont come to vegas in the summer,yeah reward is actually really fun i,mean its very like retro,in there i mean they have the inside and,i have the outside definitely way,quieter outside of course oh plenty of,games oh yeah thats true theres a lot,of games its like very vintage theres,like antiques in there they have um,specialty cocktails and they have,charity cocktails where if you buy off,their charity cocktail menu um a portion,of your drink goes to like whatever,charity is on that menu,i have no idea yeah okay where are we,going next,i love my helix sleep wait what the heck,is helix sleep let me tell you,helix sleep makes premium mattresses and,bedding that are customized to fit your,needs and they conveniently ship to your,door date night,helix knows that we like to sleep,differently so they do have a sleep quiz,to match your unique body type and your,sleep preferences,after i took the quiz helix matched me,up with the helix midnight lux im,personally a side and stomach sleeper,and i prefer medium softness plus i,sleep alone so im all over the bed,this bed is my kingdom,ive had my helix mattress for a little,bit over a month now and i just love how,comfortable it is and ive mentioned,plenty of times how my back always hurts,after all the hours of editing but after,a nights sleep on this helix mattress i,feel brand new,with your helix sleep you are going to,get a 100 night sleep trial with a 10,year warranty plus theres financial,options and flexible payment plans so,you get more than three months to make,sure that you love it and if you dont,theyll pick you right back up for you,and refund your money and the best part,is that helix delivers right to your,door and for free within the us it comes,rolled up in a box and its super easy,to set up yourself,i love my helix and i think you will too,so if youre looking for a new bed check,out helix just click the link down below,or go on to helixsleep.com,normaheli to get up to 200 off your,helix sleep mattress plus two free,pillows,no lie favorite pillows ive ever had,best snap ever,[Music],i was holding it like,this why are you filming me,i know when i got everyone else too,[Music],[Music],so i really tried to record a little bit,more in there but its just so loud it,is really loud in there in there i would,say its a little bit more like rockstar,a little bit of metal a little bit of,rock but mostly throwback rock and metal,so if youre into that this is the bar,for you their menu is actually pretty,good too like they have a whole um,specialty hot dog menu oh my god the,cider that i had i had a chai tea latte,cider it was the best cider ive ever,had guys go try it i forgot the name of,it but just tell them you want the chai,cider thats it,[Music],ive obviously have shown off the spot,before so,they are open right now and the line is,not that long,thank god so when you do come here again,they do have separate lines so depending,on the type of meat that you want you,have to go to that line specifically,[Music],sweet savory and spicy at the same time,[Music],do you know what time it is i think its,buffet time so this is a buffet that i,havent actually shown off and honestly,i cant believe that i havent shown off,to you guys just yet ever since the,world reopened buffets have been coming,back little by little so this is one,that came back not too long ago but it,was one of like the later ones that did,come back we are at the bellagio buffet,oh my lord do you guys recognize that,beautiful face so excited ive actually,never been to this before before okay so,i havent been to the buffet in years i,think pre-pandemic even years before,that so i remember it was really good,back then so i kind of want to see if,its still good now so right now it is a,sunday night um and its 7 20 and the,lines actually not even that long,usually its gonna go all the way down,and it wraps around over by the front,but no this one you just came straight,into the hallway oh my lord,im about to take out a second mortgage,on my house just for this buffet bro im,not gonna lie i really hope that they,have crap oh my god i love my craft,a tiny little lobster tail thats all i,asked really all i had to eat today was,like half a scoop of ice cream um i,actually have you beat all i had today,was a cup of tea,oh shoot i just had leaf water for lunch,thats delicious,im making giselle sit next to me so,were gonna be the two murderers sitting,on the one side of the table,[Music],see isnt that better so much better so,the first thing i do have to say about,this buffet is oh my god how many people,like it was freaking crowded and its a,sunday i cant imagine friday or,saturday here now,i do have some really bad news and im,kind of disappointed myself too,um,they dont have crab legs here but no do,not turn those off because there were,still a lot of things that we saw that,looked really good so yes even though it,kind of sucks that there is no crab legs,please keep watching because we want to,show you some of the good stuff that we,found,[Music],i think i started off with like probably,the most expensive items that we could,find i did end up getting here a prime,rib then they had a lamb chop they had,oysters which im thats i think what,made me impressed a little bit and then,some mussels as well so i got kung pao,chicken chili and sea bass got these,delicious tacos i am going to start with,a primer because it looks the most,delicious is it just me i didnt see

My Honest Linq Las Vegas Review

so real quick before we get into the,vlog im giving away an iphone 12 pro,a brand new phone all you got to do is,be subscribed to the channel to be,eligible to win on picking a subscriber,at,random subscribe hit the button thank,you so much all right lets get into the,vlog now,and i think to myself,so were at the link today the link is,actually the cheapest room you could,find on the vegas strip,its also right in the middle of the,strip as well,so in general in my experience i have,found that there are four properties on,the vegas strip that are much cheaper,than anywhere else the link where im at,right now the flamingo,excalibur and then hares as well all,tend to be the cheapest options,on the las vegas strip,but either way were at the link right,now and the link has easily been one of,the most requested videos i create,so im here i booked the cheapest,available room at the link which cost me,twenty dollars for the room for one,night on a tuesday right now,but the resort fee was forty two dollars,so in total i paid sixty two dollars,and change now before i do an awesome,little,room tour montage i quickly want to talk,about the link what also makes it,interesting other than the affordable,room rates,is the fact that its connected to the,link promenade its basically the strips,version of the fremont street experience,[Music],this is,[Music],so for those who dont know me i go by,pomsey thats my nickname my real name,is chris,and im a vlogger and filmmaker who,lives in vegas and over the last year or,so ive been doing a series on hotels,and casinos in las vegas,i try to help provide value to those who,are interested in learning about the,hotels,but at the same time i try to entertain,and make it fun holy,sh oh my and lately ive been,getting a lot of comps ive been getting,awesome hotel rooms to check out,and experience but for a long time,over the summer when i was just getting,some momentum i was spending all my,money,and i was okay with it because my goal,was to spend my money,on the cheapest available rooms to,showcase to show you guys what its,really like,the phone doesnt even work and although,lately ive been getting some amazing,comps,right now i spent my money right now i,just spent to get the cheapest available,option,to show you the reality of what youll,get if you book,in this case at the link so to be honest,with you i really didnt know too much,about the link prior to being here today,so i was actually really interested to,come but like a lot of the other cheap,properties i wasnt really expecting,much as far as the room goes but the,room here is,actually pretty awesome its really,clean i really like the style,and its small but like its got,everything you need in great location,for an amazing price 62 and change i,paid thats insane,the only negative really is the view,here im sure,other rooms have better views but this,one you dont get a view at all but i,know for a lot of you the view is not,important at all so,im happily surprised but lets go and,explore more of the link more of the,surrounding area,and yeah lets continue,i was going to get some lunch but i just,noticed this sign right here cool,lets quickly show you guys the pool,which is at district three,this is level two also level two on,district three,[Music],link,[Music],so this pool area is really epic,actually so behind me is actually the,link promenade,the pool area looks over the link,promenade but behind me,where the pool is at theres a bar and,then also i remember reading online,that there are certain suites that are,on the bottom level,of the link and they come with like an,outdoor,patio cabana thing that has direct,access to the pool,thats something you dont really see,too often in vegas i know some of the,properties have it but its a bit rare,so pretty cool,just left the pool so in addition there,are day beds like,at the cosmo that i experienced recently,so you can rent the day beds and hang,out at the pool and theres also cabanas,that you can rent as well,in addition to like the patio cabana,things that come with certain suites,so yeah thats it thats honestly a,really really cool pool area,very underrated ive never heard anyone,talk about it but its really awesome,but i gotta get to vlogging i cant fool,around no fun for pumps here okay,here we go im completely lost where am,[Music],i,so the main entrance to the link isnt,accessible by cars,its right behind me this big video wall,thats the main entrance its right next,to harris,right there and then the other two,entrances are connected to the link,promenade whats also neat is that right,across las vegas boulevard here,is caesars palace so being at the link,youre in the middle of it all i often,do live streams here at the promenade,and,caesars area and theres always just,mayhem here so,yeah so if thats what youre into it,might be really cool,this guys spray painting artists,[Music],my,[Music],oh,[Music],so i just got back from lunch i had,lunch at hash house of gogo which is,here at the link,and quickly before i continue the vlog i,just want to give a shout out to the,watch company,philippo loretti who sent me this,awesome black watch,its called the moon phase black mesh,its a really awesome watch its under,200,they sent it to me for free which is,amazing so if youre interested,next time you want to get a watch,consider them if you will,i have a link in the description if you,use my code pomc15 youll save 15,off as well yeah just want to give a,shout out,really amazing watch here im super,happy with it,[Music],so in between my hotel room and the,casino floor the link is a virtual,reality lounge,a tattoo parlor a dunkin donuts a,convenience store with,apparel as well lots of stuff before you,get to the casino floor,welcome the lights at the length begin,three two,[Music],yes,[Music],now without a doubt the best part about,the link is the fact that it has the,link promenade its a very unique,thing no other properties have it,besides maybe flamingo because flamingo,is also connected to the promenade,at the promenade you have countless,shops restaurants bars,theres a bowling alley theres a zip,line theres the high roller which is,that big ferris wheel at the very end,and theres so much more,[Applause],hello so its a new day beautiful out,today sunny,yesterday was a bit cloudy actually so,the link actually,is a pretty historic place it was,originally opened at,in 1959 so 62 years ago,and its gone through a number of name,changes it started as the flamingo capri,and then it was known as the imperial,palace and then the quad,and then and now most recently the link,so a few more things i didnt mention,yesterday that are interesting about the,link,number one is the osheas casino which,is a small,casino thats attached to the lynx,casino actually,and it has direct access to the,promenade as well so its kind of like a,pub with some extra,table games and and even some electronic,games as well so its pretty cool there,and then additionally,there is a resonant performer here his,name is matt franco whos a magician,i think on level three of the link is,the matt franco theater,which has his show so the only other,thing,that i dont think i did mention is that,the room is pretty small,so if that is a deal breaker for you,maybe not consider you know this place,but overall im pretty impressed with,the link for the pricing especially its,pretty unique,its also connected to the harrahs,casino and hotel theres like a long,indoor walkway that you can,literally walk from the link all the way,to harris as well so thats kind of neat,if you wouldnt mind before you go,leaving a like,and once again im giving away an iphone,hang on,[Music],iphone giving away this iphone just hit,subscribe and youll be entered in the,giveaway thats all you got to do,so iphone 12 pro giveaway and anyway,thank you guys so much for watching i,really appreciate you guys for spending,a bit of time,with me on the vlog it means the world,so have a great day and see you guys,arou

Why the Bellagio is My Favorite Hotel in Las Vegas! ⛲

have a good time man,have some fun having fun is okay,um get some love in your life whether,that be,another person or just loving yourself,man,love is good spread love spread love,im outta here,[Music],so,[Music],welcome to the bellagio they have just,re-renovated,so many floors of the bellagio and it,was time to see how these remote grades,are so lets take a look,so first impression i am very impressed,i know that a lot of people have said,that they found the rooms a little tired,and they definitely improved them but,yet the color palette and the aesthetic,and how its designed,looks as if it should always have looked,like this i am obsessed with it,it looks fresh and clean and its so,relaxing to the eye,im really impressed so far,[Music],controversial opinion i actually prefer,that theres no bathtub,i think a gigantic shower is the best,idea they can have for a hotel,this is huge and whats really nice is,you can just like walk,out of the water and dry off here and so,youre not getting your floor all wet it,just all stays here,this is so nice in my opinion and just,the vanity and everything in here it,really needed a sprucing up it feels,spacious and really nice,that is our beautiful room i have to,tell you guys we have stayed in the,bellagio before weve just never made a,vlog on it,and right now if i were to say my,favorite property in las vegas it would,probably be the bellagio,and today i kind of want to take you,around and show you why i think that is,[Music],me,[Music],one of our favorite restaurants in las,vegas is here in the bellagio its,called,lago we have an outdoor patio that can,show you the bellagio fountains going,off we had incredible service incredible,food you should totally check this place,out,they also have the mayfair supper club,dont worry were eating here tonight,and were going to take you along with,[Music],us,if bellagio has a plethora of anything,its fine dining here youre going to,find some of the best fine dining,restaurants in las vegas,prime is right behind me weve enjoyed,an amazing meal here you go down those,escalators and you have a beautiful view,of the fountain,[Music],there are multiple restaurants inside,the bellagio that we really want to try,but ive heard so many good things about,zipago its gotta go on our to-do list,[Music],so mr ruby really enjoys playing poker,and the bellagio is one of his favorite,poker rooms its always really busy and,has lots of people playing,if you come back this way you hit the o,theater where cirque du soleils,o is performed think cirque du soleil,but combine,water aerobics,[Music],bellagio is known for always having fine,art and they have different galleries,running at different times right now,its the richard mcdonald sculpture,gallery,just a beautiful place to come and,appreciate some fine works that people,do,bellagio probably has the most beautiful,lobby in las vegas,notably the beautiful sculpture hanging,above my head this is chihulys,fiori di como it costs 10 million,dollars to make and it weighs,40 000 pounds,[Music],we cant discuss the bellagio without,talking about the bellagio conservatory,which is a beautiful display of,real fresh flowers i wish you could,smell this in here right now,it smells incredible they change this,display five times a year spring,summer fall winter and chinese new year,make sure you check the times because it,switches over and it takes about a week,to do,bellagio opened in 1998 and it stands,where the dunes casino used to be,this was steve wynns baby it cost 88,million dollars to build,oh and back in 2000 someone robbed the,casino for 1.5 million dollars in chips,and they got 27 years in prison for it,kind of sounds like danny ocean in the,game,speaking of oceans eleven the ending of,that movie was filmed,right here as was the rest of the movie,inside the bellagio,and they play beautiful fountain shows,every half hour during the day and every,15 minutes at night,an absolutely iconic part of being in,las vegas is watching the bellagio,[Music],fountains,we cant talk about bellagio without,mentioning that it has the best location,on the strip,i consider this to be the dead center,and i think most people do,everybody way finds off of the bellagio,like how far are you from bellagio if,youre staying here you are directly,next to the cosmopolitan,there is a walkway taking you right to,the spanish steps at caesars,you walk just across the street to get,planet hollywood or paris,you cannot beat this location it is the,best one in vegas,[Music],all right got dressed up cleaned up it,is later on and we are gonna maybe grab,a drink and then go have our fancy,dinner at mayfair supper club,we are stopping at the petrosian bar,which is the lobby bar here at the,bellagio,its really great for people watching,and they have a live piano player here,were gonna have a drink and then were,heading to the mayfair supper club,[Music],okay time for dinner and we are going to,the bellagios newest dinner club,the mayfair supper club so lets go,check it out,[Music],so,[Music],all right guys we explored around and to,be honest were really really wiped out,we are so tired weve been here in vegas,for so long,and done so many hotels but dont worry,we are here for two nights,so tomorrow we have a nice breakfast,were gonna hit the pool,so were gonna turn in and then tomorrow,i will take you with,good morning everybody oh my gosh we,almost overslept the bed was so,comfortable,and it is time to hurry up and get,downstairs because we have a breakfast,reservation,at sedel so lets go i heard aint,nobody famous up in heaven everybody the,same just kick it up there we have it,cause nobody going chain,nobody cant complain the parties are,all insane and people dont know your,name,just got to say dolls and it is time for,some coffee and a mimosa,we have eaten here before and the food,was delicious im so excited,[Music],our food has just arrived what i love,about sadeles is its based out of new,york and they are known for their bagels,so with your everything breakfast,just the standard eggs your way,breakfast you get a bagel so i ordered,an everything bagel,all of this is 20 bucks so im gonna dig,in,[Music],okay had our breakfast time to go down,and show you the pool lets go,[Music],probably one of the main reasons the,bellagio hotel is my favorite is this,pool area,there are several pools two of which are,gigantic,and the water is always like the,absolute perfect temperature of not too,cold but not too warm,they have like a squishy foam padded,area all around the pool so you dont,slip and slide,little details beautiful tile floor its,probably the most relaxing pool in las,[Music],vegas,[Music],what are you gonna get oh my gosh,okay guys the pool area was so fun but,it was so hot so we changed got ready,and now we are having a little bit of,gelato,i had a my vegas reward for a buy one,get one free gelato here at cafe gelato,all together for both of them it ended,up costing us about 6.50 so a huge,savings a really good deal,they let you pick two flavors for a,small cup mr ruby did,mango and raspberry sorbet and then,i got a banana toffee and snickers,gelato,theyre so good you guys you gotta come,here its also so adorable in here its,right off the pool,good morning from the bellagio we are,checking out and it is time to give,my final thoughts lets start with the,room,the new premier king is fabulous,just fabulous not only do we love the,decor in here and it feels like it fits,the hotel,so well and its so new and fresh,little things about this just make it,very obvious that this is a brand new,room,there are plugs and outlets everywhere,everywhere amazing i love that,especially for people like us that have,to charge a lot of stuff,the bathroom 10 out of 10 i know some,people,like having a tub but its just been,updated,and its fantastic were really really,happy with the new rooms,felt very spacious more spacious than,the rooms used to feel,this room was comped to me i paid 102,for the resort f

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