1. Watch Before You Buy The New Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0!
  2. Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 In-Depth Review (vs Lawn Mower 3.0)
  3. Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 – HONEST REVIEW
  4. The Performance Package 4.0 By Manscaped – Unboxing
  5. DO NOT Buy the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0
  6. Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0/3.0 Review – 1 Year Later
  7. The Top Ball Trimmers on the Market (In Depth Review)

Watch Before You Buy The New Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0!

if youve been waiting for it it is here,whats going on guys my name is chris,im back with you with another unboxing,and review,video todays video is going to be for,the much anticipated,lawnmower 4.0 ladies and gentlemen here,is the 3.0,and here is the 4.0 make sure you watch,the whole video through because we are,going to be taking it through the test,runs and trying,all the features and also if you want to,get 20,off your new lawnmower 4.0 which,literally just dropped in the us,today is the day if you want 20 off and,free,shipping use my code binsburg20 at,checkout,for anything in your order again 20,off not only this but any products that,you do,purchase from manscape 20 off free,shipping,binsburg 20 is the code at checkout use,it,links are going to be below the,lawnmower 4.0,it has a skin safe replaceable blade,its hygienic it prevents knicks snags,and tugs,just swap it out and replace it and,youre good to go and in all honesty if,you guys are worried about that ive had,my 3.0 in my bathroom,since production launch which i think,has been like a year now,ive never replaced the blade it has,been nice and sharp it has a lilly ion,rechargeable battery,which delivers up to 90 minutes of,cordless trimming,per full charge it is bringing back the,led,spotlight which is awesome and it has a,power status light indicator,it once again is waterproof ip67 rated,where you can trim in the shower and it,has a,new feature which is the travel lock,which i have actually set off the 3.0,in my travel bag before and that feature,is,absolutely awesome because if you are,throwing it in your ditty bag overnight,bag and putting it in your suitcase,pressure by it could cause it to go off,so the 4.0 has a travel,safety feature im super pumped on the,4.0 lets get it out of the box,and that code works for all their shirts,boxers,i absolutely love their boxers wearing a,pair right now lets get that out of the,way there but they do offer shirts so,here is the 3.0,and well reference back to that here in,a little bit but this video is for the,new big dog 4.0,lets slip it on out and see what we got,live right here with you lets go ahead,and open that thing up like a bookshelf,check that bad boy out its a whole new,balls game,very cool wowzers wowzers right off the,bat,this thing looks like dark knight,batmans grooming tool that,is so cool when i first saw the picture,of it on the box i was like,this looks like a alienware gaming pc,look at how its gloss black matte black,there,nice new logo on the back manscape logo,on the front,our push button our battery indicator,light here our,led light here and check this out just,like the 3.0 this flips up,you can wash this right here this pops,back on,latches back into place there we do need,to fully charge it before we do turn it,on lets look at the bottom here this is,whats going to fit into your charging,holster,thats a cool groomer lets go ahead and,put this aside for now and lets go and,check out the box,all right what do we got underneath here,we got the quick start guy the user,guide and yes it does say to charge it,fully before you do use it that is a,wireless,charger and your indicator light one,light two lights three lights its fully,charged,in the little pouch right here were,coming up to lets go ahead and open,this,on up here we have our brush tool to,clean it we have our wall plug which is,really awesome im glad they still,provide these because,a lot of companies assume you already,have a ton of these lying around but,majority of the time theyre used by,your cell phone and we have a braided,charging cable thats pretty cool and,im gonna go with a type c,very nice manscape type c is the new,cable and lets get you a cord length,which is about,three feet and that is again braided usb,to usb type c here is our wireless,charging dock here so the type c goes in,the back here,we do have soft pads on the bottom put,that up on your countertop so it slides,in,just like this wireless charging and,then when youre ready to go pick it up,start grooming pop it back in to charge,again,and lastly lets go ahead and bring out,the attachments here,and our attachments we are going to have,two different attachments,the first one is three or six millimeter,and the second one is 10 or 13,millimeter and how that works is you,just slip it right over the top,one click in is going to be six one more,click down,is going to be three same thing goes for,the second one first click in,is going to be 13 second click in is,going to be 10 on that one,simply just slide it up to remove that,and youre ready to go,with short trimming there and youre,wondering why i might need attachments,if youre just grooming,really short well some people they want,to groom their leg hair i actually,use that for that purpose and so this,gives you a little bit better of a,option,you dont really want just nasty arm,hair this is actually getting too long,ive grown it out for this specific,video but in all honesty,this is way too long and im looking,forward to trimming that up and just,briefly lets look at the 3.0 ive taken,it out of the box,and we do have a trim guard there as,well with the same,flip up top to it here so with the 4.0,you get two blade guards,and of course they have updated the,design there as well,coming around to the back top and bottom,there so its completely wireless,charging,where this one has the charging port on,the bottom as well and the battery is a,600 milliamp,lili ion lets charge it up put it to,the run well we are fully charged and,were ready to go all right hopefully my,audio is going to be picked up here i,saw a fitness guy doing this with his,microphone so i thought it was kind of a,cool idea all right we are at it again,we have grown this out its not as bad,as it can get obviously i like to keep,it pretty trim,i also cannot stand the curly cues,that come up right here or flock over,there as well,not to mention any upper neck patch hair,that tends to grow right up in this area,not to mention any lower back hair,here as well so we want to trim it all,up again completely waterproof,if you want to use it in the shower im,just going to be trimming my lake hair,as well,rather not have all that hair go into,the shower but if youre just doing a,quick job like your chest,this would probably just be fine you,could have a shower drain catcher,to help prevent that and were a lot of,people so check that out number one,the light there so a lot of people they,dont do this,and mine grow pretty long just my hair,see that right there my hair on my,knuckles,and i just like to go ahead and trim,that not to mention your hand,hair sometimes can get out of the way as,well,now i have grown this way too long and i,know you guys are thinking like thats,not very long,but this is what i saved,that for so number one this in the,shower,this on dry land is just a lot quicker,than jumping in the shower using a razor,blade,and as you can see here ill cut this,down in post,but this literally is going to take me,probably 60 seconds,total to do my entire arm as its,getting it,way down and also right through,here when i use the razor i get all,these bumps and im just super lean,thats why,youre seeing veins pop up everywhere so,im like probably a minute and 15,seconds,into it and stopping talking,and look at how fast this is going,so your back your arms here i love to,get those as well,and this is what im talking about right,there not to mention,right here look at that light im using,my phone as a mirror,if you are wondering up here coming down,look at all that hair i know its blonde,i know you guys with darker hair,definitely a little,different not to mention get your little,mamillo you know what im saying in,portuguese that is,exactly what you think its meaning and,then of course,lets go ahead and get the chest look at,that boom,so obviously we are not going to be,going down south with you guys on camera,but the light is definitely going to,help you get in the crevices and nobody,likes,d

Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 In-Depth Review (vs Lawn Mower 3.0)

[Music],hey guys my name is kenny,this is my honest review of the brand,new manscaped lawnmower 4.0,im going to unbox this and go through,all the new features and then ill,compare it to the lawnmower 3.0 and tell,you what i like and i dont like,[Music],so this is somewhat of a similar package,to the 3.0,[Music],one noticeable difference is that they,have a set logo now for this,on the front it says the manscape,lawnmower 4.0 and it tells you exactly,what its designed for,so on the back it tells you all the,features and ill get to these once i,get the machine out,once again they have the logo on the,inner box so as soon as you open it the,first thing you see is the trimmer,[Music],itself,[Music],moving the trimmer to the side the first,thing under there is a quick start guide,under this you get all the accessories,[Music],the first notable piece is this charging,dock and with the charging dock you get,a usbc cable that plugs right into it,and you also get the adapter,and now the lawnmower 4.0 comes with two,guards and the last thing in the box is,this cleaning brush,and this is what the new 4.0 looks like,so now going through all the features,the first thing they start with is the,skin safe blade,on the box it says our hygienic skin,safe blade helps prevent nakes snags and,tugs,another new feature is that this has,wireless charging now this is the new,charging dock itself but if you look on,the inside theres no actual connector,to it,and if you look on the trimmer itself,everything is closed off,so this pretty much charges it,wirelessly and you can use other,wireless chargers if you dont want to,use this dock,so once again they mentioned the led,spotlight as a feature,the light itself is not necessary for,everybody but i think its a nice,feature to have when you need it,and whats also new is this power status,indicator the power status indicator has,three bars and it tells you how much,battery is left based on those bars,the first bar indicates 33 percent the,next one up to 66,and then up to 99 and once again this is,waterproof with an ip rating of 67,and the last feature listed is the,travel lock so if you tap this button,three times,it pretty much locks itself so whenever,you throw it in a bag to travel it wont,accidentally turn on,if the button gets hit accidentally it,stays off,and then just tap it three times again,to disable that,so now lets go through the two guides,to give you the first one to give you is,the user guide and they tell you exactly,what you need to know,on the left it tells you every single,feature including the ones i just,mentioned,and then it goes into detail about each,new feature i pretty much went through,all these already which includes the,charging,it tells you about the new power status,indicator that i just mentioned about,the three bars,and on the bottom of this page it tells,you about the new wireless charging,on this page it tells you exactly how to,use the trim guards looking back at my,old lawnmower 3.0 video theres one,thing that i forgot to mention,i initially thought that with one guard,you only get one size but you actually,get two in one,if you wanted the shortest length you,would push it all the way down,but if you wanted something a little bit,longer you would push it up a notch,and now on this user guide they clearly,tell you how to use it so you dont miss,it like i did,one new feature i forgot to mention is,something they tell you in the user,guide,and that is you can now turn off the led,light when using the trimmer so when you,have it on,simply just hold down the button,[Music],and itll turn off,so besides the user guide they also have,the quick start guide using big letters,and big pictures it tells you exactly,how to charge it,and once again in big letters it tells,you to be smart,and they have a big illustration telling,you exactly how to handle it this exact,demonstration is something i had to show,in my lawnmower 3.0 video,because there were clearly too many guys,that didnt know how to use it because,there were so many reviews of guys,cutting themselves,they had to include this nowhere on here,does it tell you to use this without a,guard,for number two it clearly says be smart,pick your length and use a guard around,your goods,if you look closely at the picture,itself the top trimmer has a guard on it,and if you look at the bottom trimmer,theres no guard on it,so now lets compare the new lawnmower,4.0 to the old 3.0,first im going to tell you exactly what,did not change so they both have the,same waterproof rating ones not more,waterproof than the other,and they both have the same battery size,of 600 and that equals to around 90,minutes of use,as for the light they both seem to have,the exact same light,they both have the same motor speed,which is 7000 rpms,so the motor speed is the same but they,sound slightly different this is how the,lawnmower 3.0 sounds,and this is how the lawnmower 4.0 sounds,3.0,4.0,and the last thing thats the same are,the blades because these work for both,machines,so in terms of whats different they did,change the look of it the 3.0 has a,matte finish all around with some,texture,the new 4.0 has a glossy finish on the,upper half,including the new logo on the back of it,so the old 3.0 only had one power,indicator so with that you didnt really,know how much battery was left until it,was low,and like i said with the new 4.0 you now,have the new power status indicator,so it has three increments and it tells,you how much batteries left based on,that,so the 4.0 has the travel lock which the,3.0 did not have,i havent really traveled enough to,actually have an issue with the 3.0,but my cousin told me that his machine,actually turned on in the car so the,travel lock and the new 4.0 is,definitely something nice to have if you,travel a lot,with the 3.0 you only get one guard but,each guard gives you two sizes,so with 3.0 you actually had two in one,but now with the 4.0 it comes with two,guards,and again you get two sizes in each,guard the smaller guard gives you three,or six millimeters,and the bigger one gives you 10 or 13,millimeters and the last thing is that,the 4.0 has wireless charging,so looking at both the 4.0 doesnt have,any ports and you can see on the 3.0,there is a port,so if the new charger with the 4.0,breaks you still have other options to,charge this,i dont even think you could buy a,manscape charger separately so if the,charger for the 3.0 breaks on you you,pretty much have to buy a new machine,at least now the 4.0 gives you options,to charge it in different ways,so now lets go through what i like and,dont like about the new 4.0,i do like how they now include two brand,new guides telling you exactly how to,use this,and after seeing all these reviews on,manscaped i knew this was coming,i pretty much like every new feature,that they included over the old machine,i like that i can charge this using,different wireless chargers i also like,the new power status indicator,the option to turn off the light is an,okay feature but its still nice to have,but i think the best feature that i like,is the travel lock its nice that i can,throw this in a bag and not have to,worry about it turning on,there only seems to be one or two things,that i dont like one of the smaller,features that they mention is that they,have an over charging protection circuit,so its basically telling me i shouldnt,worry about overcharging and in the,small print it tells me not to,overcharge it as if itll damage the,machine,so im not sure if its okay or not to,leave it on the dock but having a dock,like this just makes it seem like i can,just leave it,and forget about it im sure many guys,are just gonna set it up in the bathroom,like this,and just leave it on the dock when not,using it and when its time to shower,they just take it out,and as for the blade itself yes itll,still cut you regardless of what machine,you use,but if you keep a guard on like youre,supposed to you wont have any issues,and that is m

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Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0 – HONEST REVIEW

hello everybody my name is ant welcome,ive been meaning to do this for a long,time now uh its been a couple months,since ive been wanting to do this and,ive been mentioning it here and there,on my streams and,on twitter its been a while now and the,time has now come,for my,analysis review on the manscape,lawnmower 4.0 so i got this honestly,about a couple months ago and its been,saying that i was going to release a,tutorial like review on it for weeks now,and i just felt like i needed more time,i felt like i just didnt really get,enough experience with it and to really,give you my best analysis i feel like i,need to get some more action with it and,just use it in every way possible that,you can imagine so today im going to,tell you about it uh it comes in this i,i forgot what package i got but it comes,in this package its actually very sleek,its actually pretty nice,uh as you can see it slides right off,most of the stuff i got in here are just,like just scattered all over my bedroom,and my shower but i got the main thing,you want to see and its right here okay,right here but im going to show you the,packaging so it comes in its a very,nice box,its like a its like telling a story,all right and it says oh its upside,down,its a whole new balls game so it came,with a charger a charging dock and the,actual shaver it came with some other,little goodies,uh and if you want to see the actual,razor its right here this is where the,magic happens i know its out of focus,but this is where,everything,happens its the tool that you need,this is a swiss army knife of ball,shaving and manscaping and this is how,it works the power button is right here,all right and also let me just say this,this sleek design is so nice its like a,matte finish uh i love it its its very,lightweight,its great it fits right in your hand,perfectly uh it actually comes with a,little um battery it tells you how much,battery has left im not gonna lie to,you i went a month and a half without,without charging this once and it still,had battery i had to charge it like two,nights ago and it still wasnt even,empty so the battery is phenomenal you,tap it three times it like locks itself,so its not going to turn itself on and,you know your luggage or your,carry-on whatever it is and if you want,to unlock it from like safety mode you,just press it three times again also if,you sign up with a,i think its like whatever package i,have online,i forgot the name they send you some,goodies yes they actually send you some,goodies so out of nowhere manscape was,so nice to send me a couple crop mops,for free just out of nowhere you know,out of nowhere uh theyre ball wipes uh,they are ball wipes right there with a,active ph control all right very very,useful i love them they also sent me a,replacement blade,im not sure if its because of the,package i was with and what i bought or,if its because like if you buy one,automatically theyll send you a couple,i think they send you this every three,months,so pretty nice of them i havent opened,it yet so that was nice of them i also,purchased let me get this one of my,favorites its the uh crop preserver,ball deodorant very good,product i 100 recommend it but these are,just side goodies when im mainly here,and focus about,is the,shaver one big thing to notice and to,take note you still need to be careful,when youre using this product its not,something go crazy with just like any,other shaver,though it,significantly reduces the,percentage of you getting nicked or,cutting yourself you still need to be,careful all right and i actually wanted,to show you guys i took the liberty of,drawing something for you guys,so right here,is a pair of balls all right thats,probably most of your balls all right,im sure most of you guys balls look,like this you see the way im holding,this just like this okay just like this,not not like this,all right not like that if youre going,to shave yourself dont do it like this,okay thats not how you want to do it,this could probably work on any other,part of your body because ive actually,done this on my arms my legs just like,this and youre totally fine but when it,comes to your delicate scrotum all right,that soft skin you dont want to be,holding it like this you want to be,holding it just like that also i forgot,to mention they come with their own like,i think its like two or three sizes all,right if you want to have some hair you,want to have a little bit more hair i,like my pretty much bald all right,i like my smooth so the little,you know guards they have i go in raw,just like that thats the way i like it,you can find whatever way you want to do,it but thats the way i rock going back,to our diagram here,yes you want to,have the,shaver firmly in your hand,going like this softly all right also,when you tug on the skin it makes it,that much more easier,to go in at it you know to rock and roll,another part of your body can use this,for is actually uh your all,right your ass yes there is hair down,there ladies and gentlemen and i will,show you how to shave that properly and,safely okay so as you can see here i uh,drew how you would go about shaving your,uh,your okay your you know your,whole area your ass quack so you still,want to be careful down here and the way,i recommend is having,maybe a partner do it for you as you are,spreading your cheeks all right and,having a hair stick out itll be a lot,more easier to target them if you dont,have a partner thats fine you get one,hand opening it up spreading them and,then you go in with your,manscape lawnmower 4.0 ever so gently go,in the same way i told you before just,have the blade,like this flat against your skin,here i would kind of recommend a guard,if you want to go a little bit you know,ballsy and just go in without a guard go,ahead knock yourself out but this is how,i would recommend you going about this,area be very gentle its a very delicate,area but i understand you know you want,to be manscaped everywhere head to toe,so this is how you would do it and with,that being said uh theres nothing else,i really need to say about this product,look i love it ive been talking about,it for months now i truly enjoy using it,its been you know life-changing for me,and people around me have been noticing,ive been looking a lot more smooth and,feeling a lot more smooth,if you would like to buy it with your,own money go for it i dont have a code,unfortunately,um you know it is what it is maybe,manscape if you guys are looking at me i,i would love to be sponsored by you guys,but guys go check it out you would love,it and uh thats all i got to say,peace out

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The Performance Package 4.0 By Manscaped – Unboxing

hey guys edge here and today i am,bringing you another unboxing video and,we are going to be looking at the,performance package 4.0 by manscape,if you dont know what manscaped is,basically theyre a mens grooming,company,although im sure some of their products,can be used by women and all that,the reason im doing this on camera,instead of off camera is because im,actually looking to pursue a sponsorship,with this company,because i really like what theyre doing,so hopefully they see this if they do,hooray if they dont you know at least i,can still show you all everything that,comes in here so,without further ado lets go ahead and,get to the unboxing,and as always were using the all famous,edge unboxing knife you already know,so lets go ahead and open this bad boy,up,hopefully i opened it the right side up,because it didnt really say,which side was the top,look at that,all right thats one of the things im,gonna put that to the side we wont get,into that just yet,and the main one,go ahead and throw this over there let,me check if theres anything,around this all right now its all good,look at that nice box,satisfying,and that just slides open,and then,wow,look at that,pretty good,im not going to read this whole thing,because uh its a bit long but,go ahead and pause the video if you,would like to read that,and then we have your balls well thank,you,beautiful all right,wow then you have these as well,additional products you might like,very nice oh they make a clone too,nice good put that to the side,again im not sponsored by them but i,would love to be,all right so manscape if you see this,holl at me all right,so here we have the manscaped boxers,what is this,im guessing this is cables yeah this,seems like cables and batteries probably,ill open them up in a bit let me just,take everything out here,im pretty sure this is the lawnmower,4.0,i hope im right with that yeah lawn,mower 4.0 you cant really see that but,then we have these as well very nice,very nice,anything under here oh wow,yeah thats the lawnmower 4.0,and then we also got the bag,very nice put that aside,we have a newspaper nice,thats pretty cool that they actually,made a,thing for that all right im gonna put,this box aside and then well go over,everything,that you get in this package,so first things first this was already,out of the box,we have the weed whacker this is,basically a nose trimmer im,pretty sure got all that skin safe,replaceable head,high performance motor cordless and,rechargeable smart design and,waterproof always love to see that,waterproof,i guess ill go ahead and open this up,seeing as the other ones already out of,the box,wow welcome to the manscaped,movement,very nice definitely love that texture,i dont know what thats called its,like a its like a matte soft,texture i cant explain it,then we have this nice little bag that,comes with the cables im assuming,ill go ahead and take that out for you,comes with a power brick,doesnt have no logo on it or anything,okay lets open up this cable now,its a nice tiny cable you dont want,like a bulky uh power brick on that so,very nice oh and then this is a,cleaner for it as well,so stuff gets caught,something like that,nice all right im gonna put this behind,me and then well get into the other,stuff,all right next up we have the lawnmower,4.0,i dont know when this came out but i,remember seeing the,the lawnmower 3.0 a long time ago,and uh that was a favorite of many,people i heard so,very nice unlike uh the 3.0 this one is,not rounded it has like a more,geometric look i guess,oh already charged i got a light there,as well,nice very nice,all right and then uh these are the,cables ill go ahead and show these to,yall real quick,oh a wrapped cable i love these and i,think thats a usb,c if im right very nice,you gotta love those cables that are,wrapped and stuff,oh and then we have some uh guards as,well just to adjust the height at which,you know,yeah you know and then we got another,brick right here,same brick and then another cleaning,little uh bristle brush whatever,very very nice i really like that cable,and im not just saying that because i,want a sponsorship right,because theres a good chance they will,not see this,but hey im here all right whats in,here,ooh all right so that cable plugs into,there,you sit that right there and then you,should just,oh you should just wait how does it,charge,maybe is that a stand or maybe its a,like a wireless thing,like theres no like uh connectors down,there that connect its just,like that pretty cool,i hope im getting everything in frame i,cant really see,this thing because i have something,balancing it,all right set all that aside now we have,the manscaped boxers,they look pretty good,got a shiny texture on the band,and of course youre able to pick what,size you know they dont just send you a,random,uh a random size so,yeah all right,so thats the thats the boxers very,nice,theyre pretty soft and hopefully they,will be breathable,im sure they probably said if they are,not on the,website im going to put that back in,there,all right next we have,the to go bag or the carrying case,i forgot what it was called but um we,have this,as well when youre on the go,and you want to take all your stuff with,you,this ones like uh its not like the,just leather its like a,soft i dont know how to explain it but,it feels like theres like a light fur,on it you know,and then this is the case,they also have a thing im guessing this,is for the accessories and all that,and then they also have slots in here so,you could slide different things,pretty cool,the shed travel storage bag,nice so there is that,and then last but not oh wait we still,have these two products,we have the crop reviver refreshing,ball toner with active ph control,made without sulfates parabens,sorry if i said that wrong or dies,gentle on skin,what does it do give it a good,spritz or two and then let it dry,not sure what this does id have to look,into it but uh,looks like a probably like an aftershave,for your balls or something i dont know,next we have the crop preserver,and this is a baldy deodorant,anti-chafing and all that love to see it,take a shower then towel off,your goodies and then rub a small amount,on your downstairs basically what does,it smell like,i cant really smell nothing right now,but theres probably like a,a cap on that now we have,a manscaped daily news,we save balls nice look at that,you love to see when companies do this,type of thing,thing that they really dang they cover,this whole thing,dang i dont know if yall can see,everything but,i dont think im going to read all this,because that is a lot to read because,its just the same,i was about to say did they really put,that much,into it oh we got a crossword,thats pretty good nice theyre giving,you sort of designs you know,all right i think thats going to be,everything oh so they just give you a,few,so its like the same sheet of paper,they just give you two thats pretty,cool,and i think thats pretty much gonna,wrap it up guys im gonna go ahead and,lay out everything,that you get in the set missing one,accessory,bam yeah i think thats gonna be,everything guys,um i hope yall enjoyed this unboxing i,know its a little bit different,from what i usually unbox but hey maybe,if,youre looking into this type of stuff,you know because most of my audience is,around the teenage age or whatever,or if youre a grown adult you know and,youre looking to get yourself something,nice,you can go ahead and uh get yourself one,of these not sponsored,by the way manscape yeah uh holla,anyways uh thats basically gonna be the,end of the unboxing guys i hope you,enjoyed if you did leave a like comment,and subscribe,and thats gonna be it for me guys,[Music],yall

DO NOT Buy the Manscaped Lawnmower 4.0

hey guys whats up how you doing welcome,to my channel this video is going to be,about why you should not be buying this,manscaped lawnmower 4.0 anything from,the manscape so far has been not good at,all and im gonna explain why why you,shouldnt bite im gonna give you a good,alternative to the manscape if you want,a better trimmer for less money all,right lets start with the gripes of the,manscape lawnmower 4.0 as i pull this,out of the box this is my second one i,have another one upstairs that ive,already opened this is one strictly for,video purposes unboxing and everything,packaging is really great on this,um it looks really good the trimmer,itself looks really cool i like the look,of the trimmer right but lets start,with the gripes of it number ones gonna,be purchasing so when you purchase the,manscape 4.0 you go to their website im,looking at it right now on my mobile,phone,um and so they they if you want just the,trimmer by itself right the,just the trimmer nothing else it costs,84.99 or theres an option for 89.99 now,what do you think people are gonna lean,towards theyre gonna lean toward the,five dollar cheaper one because it,includes a peak hygiene plan but whats,the peak hygiene plan its a very small,print here underneath and you can see,the peak hygiene plan includes a fresh,braid we fill in a bonus product of your,choice billed at 14.99 plus tax every,three months no commitment cancel any,time so that means by buying the,manscaped and buying the five dollar,cheaper one youre then every uh every,three months youre going to pay 15 plus,tax so that is 60 bucks a year plus tax,um so owning this for one year buying,the five dollar cheaper one you then,have paid uh 144 or whatever plus tax,ive looked on the website and every,kind of buying option kind of steers you,towards that thing the with the small,subtext of the peak hygiene plan where,you have to pay 14.99 every three months,i mentioned this in the last video,because they did the same thing with the,3.0 and a lot of people were saying it,was so easy like why is it a big deal,you just dont click it,youd be surprised how many people do,not pay attention and say oh this ones,five dollars cheaper with a peak hygiene,plan whatever that is so they go for the,five dollar cheaper one or whatever it,may be people sign up for things theyre,just not aware of and then every three,months this package of blades comes do,if you dont pay attention to your bank,account maybe you just think theyre,sending you these blades for free,possibly but ive had people in the,comments also say i crap i didnt know,about that and they went and canceled,their 14.99 recurring every three month,payment plan also by the way im not,going to ask you to subscribe to the,channel you dont need to this channel,is all about beards this is kind of a,one-off video i did a video on mans,skit a while back um and it did really,well but im doing this one just because,their new one came out and i still think,its a really bad product but im not,gonna be like every other youtube and,ask you to subscribe to the channel,because in the long run it hurts me if,you have a beard though and youre into,beard care and stuff like that you could,check my other videos out and maybe you,want to subscribe all i ask is if you,liked the video at the end of it hit the,like button and if it helped you out hit,the like button alright second big,problem with manscape is just the,general marketing and the statements,that are made about the trimmer right,and what is being so uh the selling,points of the trim right so lets start,with kind of like mild ones and get to,the more major ones mild ones being like,um inductive charging is like the new,thing on this where you you still have,to sit in a cradle it just it just,charges inductively into the battery you,dont have to set it on prongs which is,by no means really a benefit i dont,know the manscape 3.0 is just as easy to,charge as this battery life they claim,its 90 minutes it could be 90 minutes,but thats not that great for a trimmer,the trimmer im going to talk about,thats actually cheaper and way better,has a like over a double battery life of,that and then one of the more serious,selling points thats actually kind of,dangerous is theyre marketing that its,waterproof and people are saying that,theyre using it in the shower like the,influencers that are pushing the,manscaping theyre saying you can use it,in the shower,just for 10 seconds think about this,right have you ever been in the shower,im assuming you have look at what your,hair does whenever it gets wet what does,it do it clings to your skin so any ball,hairs or whatever you have that that,youre supposed to be trimming is going,to be clinging to your scrotum or,wherever youre going to be trimming at,the hair is clinging to the skin,in the shower is never ever ever a good,time to trim not to mention all the gunk,and stuff thats going to get down in,here,they have replacement blades but,just imagine all the thats going,to get in here like the old hairs that,are going to rust out the metal parts,its not a good its not a good idea to,use a trimmer in the shower ever so,people that are saying theyre using,this in the shower are either lying or,theyre very very brave and have nicked,themselves quite a few times because to,get this when the hair clings to the,skin you got to really dig in there with,this thing and thats how you get cut,with something like this you got to dig,into the skin and get the clipper head,underneath the hair or like hit it from,a 90 degree angle or something its not,a working recipe at all for trimming,ball hair or anything in a sensitive,area another kind of claim or selling,point they make is this a 7 200 rpm,motor and then it has quiet motor,technology or something built into it,what is that i dont know what quiet,motor technology in a trimmer would be,um but if you listen to this is the trim,im going to talk about right this,trimmer is its like 10 bucks cheaper,and its way way better than this,manscape trim its called the brio bears,ill link it down below but ill tell,you a little bit more about here in a,second but i want to use it an example,right when i turn this on listen to this,this is a full pitch it has adjustable,power,i can take it down,6000 rpm 5500 rpm 5000 rpm right there,5000 rpm listen to the manscaped,thats thats the power of the manscaped,this is this trimmer at 5000 rpm,lets bump up to 7.,hear that listen to the tone of the,trimmer,its a much higher tone higher pitch,right so i can replicate the sound of,the manscape with this if i just dial,down the speed to like 5500 so hear that,very very similar right its just the,pitch of the trimmer i dont think this,is a 7200 rpm uh motor which is,something weird to not be truthful about,i dont know if that if it is in truth i,dont know but it doesnt seem to be a,7200 rpm motor all right next big thing,is a thing called skin safe technology,which really doesnt exist right theres,a few different ways you could go about,it one is going to be with like the brio,here let me get it close you can see,this guard up here how close this,ceramic blade is to the titanium blade,up top when i go down like this it gets,a little bit farther away from the guard,that is safer for trimming than that,right so when youre up next to your,skin and you have it up pressed like,that versus down like that,when you have it up its much more,likely that youre going to cut yourself,and ask any barber theyll tell you what,the same thing right so the bad thing,about the manscape is its permanently,locked in this very very high setting so,if you compare that to the brio right,you can crank that all the way up and,theyre like very very similar the brew,actually gets a little bit closer if you,want it but you can crank it down excuse,the hair on this thing this is actually,the trim i use all the time you turn you,turn it down and its much safer to use,than this manscaped which has skin safe,technology app

Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0/3.0 Review – 1 Year Later

hey guys my name is kenny ive been using the  manscape lawn mower 3.0 and 4.0 for over a year  ,first im going to talk about the  differences between the 3.0 and the 4.0  ,and then ill tell you my experiences with  both these trimmers towards the end ill  ,talk about skin safe technology  and why its so controversial,so this is everything thats the same between  the 3.0 and the 4.0 they both have a 600  ,milliamp battery and their speed is also the  same at 7000 rpms as for the blade its the  ,same blade for both trimmers and you can get  replacement blades for around 15 to 20 dollars  ,they are both waterproof and they have the  same rating and they both have an led light  ,so this is whats different between the  two the 3.0 comes with one guard while  ,the 4.0 comes with two guards each  of the guards comes with two sizes  ,all you have to do is push it up to get  your second size i prefer the 3.0 guard  ,because this gives you the closest shave  at its lowest point its two millimeters,the shortest guard on the 4.0 is three  millimeters ive been using the 3.0 for  ,so long that the tips are starting to break  on me as for charging they both use different  ,charging systems you can either plug in  the 3.0 or set it on the dock for the 4.0  ,you can either put it in the dock or charge it  wirelessly the 3.0 dock plugs in to charge it,the dock for the 4.0 seems to charge it wirelessly  ,theres two extra features that the 4.0  has the 4.0 has three charging indicators  ,and that gives you a better idea of how much  battery you have left the 3.0 only has one light  ,the 4.0 also comes with a travel lock and this is  a must-have whenever youre traveling somewhere  ,the 3.0 doesnt have this so its very easy  for it to turn on by itself so this is what  ,i love about these manscape trimmers theyre both  really easy to use i use them a few times a week  ,and havent had any issues and because its easy  to use it gets the job done really fast they both  ,have a good grip and they never slipped out of  my hands before the led light it comes with is  ,not just a gimmick it actually helps me see since  theyre both waterproof i use them in the water  ,all the time and never had an issue and compared  to some other trimmers theyre both a great size  ,to travel with even with the guard on they dont  take up that much space ive only had two issues  ,with the manscape trimmers one happened pretty  recently with the 3.0 guard starting to break but  ,thats because ive been using the 3.0 way more  often and ive been using it for way over a year  ,skin safe technology was the other issue i had  ,just like a lot of other guys out there i  tried using this trimmer without a guard on  ,i actually tried both without a guard on and they  both cut me its the same blade for both trimmers  ,and since they both run at the same speed  youre gonna get the same results from both  ,if one cuts you the other one will cut you too at  the beginning they were very misleading with their  ,technology they called it skin safe technology  and they made everybody believe that it wont  ,be able to cut you they now explain what it  is in more detail this is what it says now,they used to be very vague about it and they now  tell you that it doesnt guarantee cut protection  ,they should have had something like this  at the very beginning the reality is that  ,some of you may get cut and some of you  may be just fine so if you want to take  ,that chance without a guard thats up to you  this is how i use it and what i recommend  ,i recommend using a manscape trimmer along with  the razor the safest way to use it is with a guard  ,skin safe technology doesnt matter to me because  i dont use it without a guard i use the two  ,millimeter guard to trim down all the hair i then  use a razor for the balls because the trimmer will  ,still leave some stubble the entire process is  very easy and very efficient im able to get it  ,done fast and it doesnt cut me in the process as  for the blades they do recommend to change them  ,around three months but in my experience you can  use it twice as long and still be fine i decided  ,to replace the blade around seven months but  even then the old blade was still working fine,and that is my review of the manscape trimmers  that ive been using for over a year again my  ,name is kenny like this video if i helped you  out and subscribe for more videos just like this

The Top Ball Trimmers on the Market (In Depth Review)

if youre looking for a ball trimmer i,bought six of them to test them out to,see how they stack up all right so first,up we have a trimmer from balls co now,this little guy came from the uk so it,was dead on arrival but after a quick,charge i was able to test it out it,features a very narrow ceramic blade and,has two reversible guards cutting at,three four five and six millimeters now,the shortest guard at three millimeters,is a pretty big jump from the about half,millimeter length you get when youre,cutting without a guard so you can go,from about a half millimeter to three,and a half millimeters when cutting with,the smallest guard this is a very basic,trimmer and im not sure its worth the,69,especially knowing that they would,kindly sell to me for 59 if i sign up,for their blade subscription with,international shipping dont expect this,guy to arrive too quickly but with dhl,it also wasnt unreasonable either being,so simple and so expensive i cant think,of a single reason to buy this trimmer,oh oh wait i i i have one if youre in,the uk and cant find anything else next,up happy nuts this is called the ball,bearer now this is a thin blade style,trimmer copied from the phillips one,blade ive tried trimmers with this,style of blade several times and they do,cut extremely close but one thing ive,noticed about the very small teeth is,they do get bogged down in thicker hair,well this blade style might be good for,very fine not only trimming the thicker,pelvic pubes may blog this trimmer down,causing some snagging and pulling so,heres where it all goes wrong when i,first pulled this guy out of the box i,tried snapping one of these guards on,which snapped on pretty easily when i,tried to pull it off i snapped the,the head off of this trimmer and broke a,tiny little plastic nub right here that,holds the blade on so in about uh five,seconds of having this out of the box,ive made this trimmer completely,worthless so i cant possibly understand,why anyone would pay 70 for this trimmer,when you can buy a phillips one blade,for about 35 now ive used this trimmer,extensively and can tell you that every,part of this trimmer including the blade,the handle the battery uh feels better,and is designed better than the ball bur,so um if youre looking for this type of,trimmer just go with the phillips one,blade for 35 dollars and never consider,that happy nuts uh thats a lemon next,up we have the ball z,b2 trimmer so this trimmer was very,unique in our test as it was the only,one to come with two different heads so,they have a very very fine,metal blade head which they call the,ball head and then the sort of standard,ceramic blade which they call the body,blade with this snap-on style head,theres usually a little more noise,in vibration than other trimmer styles,but to be honest this actually feels,pretty good especially with the ceramic,snap-on blade,very little extra noise when you snap,that one on,so the ball blade did a very good job on,very fine hairs like this on my arm here,but it did start to pull and snag when i,used it on coarser hairs on my face so,blades with really tiny teeth like this,have their limits and i definitely found,it with this one now i dont want to,knock a company for including an,accessory that you may not use so if you,dont want this to pull thicker coarser,hairs then just dont use it and stick,with their ceramic blade the shape and,the grip on this trimmer feel good and,on most metrics including the guard,lengths included its very comparable to,almost all the other trimmers that we,tested that said theres nothing about,this trimmer that stands out making the,70 price tag feel a bit high so again,not a terrible trimmer but i also dont,have any reason to recommend it all,right next up is the meridian trimmer so,for a very basic trimmer theres a,couple things about the meridian that i,liked first of all its got a battery,meter which doesnt sound like much but,a lot of the other trimmers on our test,did not have that so one other thing i,liked about the meridian was the fact,that the blade uh hinges back here and,doesnt completely pop off so this can,make it easier to clean out this back,cavity which is a spot on all these,trimmers where hair can eventually get,caught you dont have to clean this out,very often maybe every month every,couple weeks depending on how hair you,are but,hair does get caught back here so this,just popping this down makes it a little,bit easier to clean out so with this,blade that pops out one thing i wanted,to note uh is the lubrication on this,blade so uh all these come from the,factory with a lot of lubrication on,there and i want to note that if you are,rinsing these underwater theres a good,chance youre going to wash that,lubrication off,over time so if youre going to rinse it,dry it out really well and add more,lubrication back to the blade,the meridian trimmer comes with two,reversible guards uh cutting at three,six nine and twelve millimeters so with,this one the guards do go up to a very,long length twelve millimeters really,not practical,twelve millimeters really not practical,for cutting any type of body hair its,really just too long and again that same,range problem as the other trimmers with,the trimmer without a guard cutting,about 0.5 millimeters and then jumping,all the way up to 3.5 millimeters with,that first guard on all right so at 74,its pretty expensive for such a simple,trimmer and i dont love the fact that,they want to charge you an extra eight,dollars just for another one-year,extended warranty that should probably,be included anyway if you want a more,detailed review on how the meridian,trimmer stacks up against manscape check,out that video linked in the description,below all right next up we have nuts,so im a little confused here i think,the company name is nuts,um,the website is smoothnuts.com and the,product is called let me get this right,the trimmer is called the ball blade 3.0,unless youre a woman and then its,called the body and bikini lady shaver,so this trimmer is very comparable to a,lot of the other trimmers we tested,today with a very short cutting ceramic,blade this one only including,one little guard and im not even sure,what that cuts at so,one thing i wanted to note i thought,this thing was completely dead as when i,came out of the box i would press the,button couldnt get it to do anything,until my 10 year old son showed me that,if you,hold the button down for five seconds or,so it turns on now why they do that i,have no idea,uh super annoying but just note that you,actually have to hold that button down,if you want to get it to work so this,thing ships from the uk is sold in,pounds and they charge for shipping,which would,obliterate any savings there there were,um overall no reason to buy this cant,find one reason to recommend it except,again for that same reason if youre,stuck in the uk and cant find anything,else i guess its between nuts and balls,this is the brio axis and its designed,for guys with shorter hair now while,brio doesnt market this as a balls,trimmer i thought id throw it in here,for a basis of comparison so one thing i,wanted to point out is the shrimp blade,on nearly all of these trimmers is,exactly the same so they both are set at,about a half millimeter and theyre all,about the same width and have the same,rake material in the back so not one of,these blades is any safer or is going to,cut differently than another so the axis,has a little bit more of a complete,cutting range um with the one to two,millimeter guard so there isnt quite,that jump all the way up to that three,and a half millimeters that most these,other trimmers have i also wanted to,point out that the axis is probably the,only trimmer in this test that is not,waterproof and i want to point out the,fact that i highly discourage anyone,from rinsing the blade under water or,trimming wet hair so the other thing to,point out that at 59,the brio access is the least expensive,trimmer in this test and i

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