1. Layssard Reviews (Jan 2022) – Is This A Legit Or A Scam Site? Watch And Find Out! | Scam Inspecter
  2. Sdecorshop Reviews (Nov 2021) – Is This A Legitimate Site? Check It! | Scam Inspecter
  3. These Dolls Kill YRU skates are total trash. Please dont buy them.

Layssard Reviews (Jan 2022) – Is This A Legit Or A Scam Site? Watch And Find Out! | Scam Inspecter

hello there guys hope you are all doing,well,so guys do you want to know about lay,start reviews so here we are going to,update you with this unbiased review in,this video so please stay connected with,us,and guys if you wish to buy any product,from this site then please to watch this,video and if youve already experienced,any product over this website or if you,have not received the product or got,damaged product then please to watch,this video till the end to find out how,to get your money back,and guys people from the united states,are very curious to know about this site,so guys make sure to watch the video,till the end and do not miss out any,points,so first of all well discuss about the,websites type and the products they,deals with,so guys this website is an e-commerce,site which deals with decoration,products they specially offer christmas,decoration products like reads the house,decoration crafts and creative products,halloween exclusive masks and many more,so guys if youre interested in checking,them out you have to visit to their,official site,so next guys well check the other,details of this website so first of all,well check their payment method and for,that you have to scroll it down till the,end and here they have given the payment,options so this website accepts,mastercard paypal visa and so on,now well check the shipping policy,and guys here theyve given their,shipping timing,and theyve also given their processing,timing as well so the processing timing,takes three to five business days,and there are different shipping methods,there is postal shipping and the other,is express so under postal shipping the,timing is 15 to 20 business days and,under express shipping it takes 7 to 10,business days so you can check this out,so now guys before going further it is,requested from you all to like share and,subscribe to our channel and also please,do share your viewpoints the comments,section,so now well talk about the legitimacy,factors with the help of which you can,charge whether this website is a legit,rs campsite so guys this website is,protected through https protocol and ssl,integration to keep the details and,transactions safe which is a good sign,of this website,and guys about their domain information,this website was registered on 25th of,august 2021 and itll expire on 24th of,august 2022 which means this website is,less than six months old and hence it,cant be trusted,so next if you want to know about their,about us details go to the participate,section,so guys when it comes to the about this,details this website has not given their,business establishment here or about,their founder identity so this is a,negative point of this site,next well check the contact details so,lets go to their conductors paid,section,so here theyve only given their email,address but the email address name does,match the domain name which is a,positive sign of the subside,and guys if you want to get their full,contact details for that you have to go,to the participate section,scroll it down and here theyve given,their contact number and also their,company address,but guys we have done a research of,their company address and we have,checked and we found out that that it is,not their address at all they have given,someone elses address,it does not match,so as you can see they have not given,their general address so this is a,negative point of this site,and guys about their contact number we,have also checked that and we have found,out that this conduct number is also,very suspicious because we have found,the same contact number in other website,as well so this is a negative sign of,this website,now guys talking about the social media,presence of the site we had checked but,this website does not have any social,media presence so this is a negative,point,so next if you want to know about the,written and fun policy go to the written,policy page section,and by the written they have mentioned,that if you want to return the product,you have to written it within 14 days,and about the refund they have said that,once approved your plan will be,processed to your original payment,method within a certain amount of days,so do comment about your experience in,written orifice of the product for,written or fun issues check our,description area there you will find the,link to which you can solve your,punishes,so now talking about the lace art,reviews this website does not have any,single customer review,anywhere and the trust score of this,site is only two percent and the trust,ranking is only 14.1 percent also there,is no alexa ranking and the content,quality is also totally plagiarized,so guys in the conclusion of the lace,art reviews this website appears to be a,scam website this website is very new,also it has got a short life expectancy,it does not have any reviews or any,social media presence and the trust,score is very low also the,so after looking at this points it seems,like this website is a scam website but,we also recommend you to make a right,decision after exploring well,so guys if this review is helpful for,you then please to comment your thoughts,about this video we are always active in,answering your comments so do like share,and subscribe to our channel and have a,nice day

Sdecorshop Reviews (Nov 2021) – Is This A Legitimate Site? Check It! | Scam Inspecter

hello everyone hope you are all doing,well so do you want to know about s,decor shop reviews so here we are going,to update you with this unbiased review,in this video so please stay connected,with us,also if you wish to buy any product from,this site then please to watch this,video and if you have already,experienced any thought over this,website or if you have not received the,product or got a damaged product then,please do watch this video till the end,so that we can show you the way to get,your money back so please stay tuned,with us,also people from the united states are,very curious to know about this site so,guys make sure to watch the full video,and do not skip any part of it now well,talk about the websites type and the,products they deals with so this website,is an online shopping store which deals,with christmas decoration products,halloween products toys outdoor products,and many other products so if youre,interested then you have to visit to the,official site,so next well check the payment method,so theyve given it here you can pay,through paypal mastercard visa american,express and also discover,they also have a separate page section,for their payment policy so you can,check this out as well,so now if you want to know about the,shipping policy go to the shipping,policy paid section,so here theyve given the processing,timing,and also the shipping timing,so here it hasnt mentioned that orders,are processed within two to seven,working days,and,theyre different shipping timing for,different countries as you can see so,they mentioned that,in america the orders are,delivered within 10 to 20 working days,and in other countries it is delivered,within 14 to 30 working days so you can,check this out,but guys before going further it is,requested from you all to like share and,subscribe to our channel and also please,do share your viewpoints in the comments,section,now lets discuss about the legitimacy,factors with the help of which you can,judge whether this website is the legit,rs campsite,so this website is protected through,https protocol and ssl integration to,keep the details and transactions same,which is a good sign of this website now,if you want to know about the domain,information this website was first,registered on 17th of november 2020 and,it is going to expire on 17th of,november 2022 which means this website,is only one year old,so now if you want to know bother about,its details,go to the participate section to check,the details,but guys when it comes to the bodice,details they havent given their,business establishment here or above,their founder identity which is a,negative sign of this website,so now if you want to know about the,contact details scroll it down,and then go to contact us page section,so here as you can see they provided the,email address,also the physical address,here as you can see and the contact,number as well,but we have checked the physical address,and the contact number and it seems very,suspicious because if you click on this,image it wont actually work it wont,lead you to their google map,so this is a negative sign and hence it,seems like this physical address,actually does not exist at all and same,as the contact number,but the email address name does match,the domain name which is a positive sign,of this website,now if you want to know about their,social media presence well we have,checked but this website does not have,any social media presence at all which,is a negative sign of this website,so now if you want to know about the,written and different policy go to the,written and different policy page,section,so here they have given some details,so it hasnt mentioned that if you want,to return the product you can return it,within seven days,and about your fund,so they mentioned that your fund will go,to your account in 7 to 15 business days,so guys please do comment about the,experience in written or effect of the,product,for written or funny issues check our,description area there you will find the,link to which you can solve your money,issues,so now talking about the s decode shop,reviews there are no single customer,review of this website anywhere and the,trust score of this website is only one,percent and the business trust ranking,is only 58.6 percent which is quite low,and the content quality also seems to be,totally plagiarized,so in the conclusion of the sd card shop,reviews this website appears to be a,scam website,as you can see this website is quite new,it does not have any reviews or any,social media presence also they havent,given their genuine contact details and,interest score is very poor so it seems,like it is a scam website,but we also recommend you to make a,right decision after exploring well,so guys if this review is helpful for,you then please do comment your thoughts,about this video we are always active in,answering your comments so do like,share and subscribe to our channel and,have a nice day

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These Dolls Kill YRU skates are total trash. Please dont buy them.

whats up you guys my name is andy jamba,jones and today i am going to be,reviewing the yru roller skate that is,sold on dollskill,[Music],all right so before we jump into it i,just want to let you guys know that this,video is not sponsored why are you,didnt send me these skates dolls killed,it and sent me these skates i paid for,these with my own money because i have,been getting so many questions from you,guys i had to actually find out myself,so if youve never heard of dollskill,its a very popular fast fashion brand,it exists mostly online they have a,couple of locations but its this giant,online shop with a ton of different,styles lots of crazy funky different,things and more recently theyve been,selling roller skates so at first it,started out that they were selling,impala skates and ive already done a,review on those which you can check out,here ill link it in the little info,bubble,um and then they also started selling,club x and yru roller skates so club x,is like their in-house proprietary brand,at dollskill im pretty sure if i,understand correctly and then yru is a,shoe company,that started making skates that is sold,on dollskills site,so,thats what interested me about this,skate is its made by a shoe company,that doesnt normally specialize in,roller skates so it kind of stood out to,me like is this going to be a good,product can a shoe company that doesnt,know about roller skates successfully,make a roller skate so thats what im,here to find out today so this review is,going to be broken into two main,sections the first part is going to be,me just talking about the skate looking,at it kind of going over specs and,everything a little bit of sizing all,that good stuff and then the second part,is going to be me actually physically,testing the performance of these skates,and then well see how far i can push,them and what kinds of tricks i can do,so im actually going to add time tags,down below in the caption if you want to,skip to a particular section just to,make it easier for you to get all the,info you need and make an informed,decision about this roller skate okay,lets go okay so i ordered these online,and paid about a hundred and forty,dollars there was free shipping and they,arrived just a few days after i ordered,them so that whole process went pretty,smoothly um this is,the box they came in,and when i opened it up,just like this the skates are wrapped in,plastic but that is literally,all that is in the box like usually when,you get roller skates theres like,a little skate tool or like an,information pamphlet about how to like,check everything theres nothing in here,but two skates wrapped in plastic kind,of like when youre ordering shoes which,again this is a company that makes,mostly shoes so im not too surprised,that they didnt think to include any,information about roller skating in here,when i purchased it,the description didnt really have any,of the technical skate specifications,usually if youre buying a skate you can,look at the durometer of the wheel the,rating of the bearing you can look at is,it a bolt-on or adjustable toe stop you,look at the brand of plate the brand of,trucks the the kind of material,none of that information was included,in the description of this product so i,had to base it completely on how it,looked just by looking at the pictures,and thats the thing about these skates,is the pictures look really,good like when i see it it makes me go,oh,i want that skate heres the thing,thats a red flag you see how beautiful,and uniform the bottom of this skate is,like its all white its all one color,which looks great on camera but,when you inspect a little bit closer you,realize not just is the plate plastic,but the trucks are plastic too you can,see like that is a,plastic,truck,the only other roller skates that i have,ever skated that had plastic trucks were,the chicago skates that i got at big,five and that video is titled do not buy,these skates they were so dangerous to,actually skate in so thats what im,most curious about these is will these,plastic components actually allow me to,skate in the skate i dont know were,going to test it out so lets go ahead,and keep on opening this guy they come,with,these other like iridescent looking,laces,but,they dont look very helpful like lets,see,yeah that is,look theyre already shredded the laces,are literally shredded oh my gosh,yeah that is not good,like these these are shredded before i,even put them in the skate so this is,just trash do not plan on using the,iridescent places they send with them,but,when you pull these out,they have other laces in them so they,must have known that these laces were,not good um,but,yeah like,they sure are pretty thats the one,thing i gotta say,so all we know is what the description,has told us about these skates which is,rubber toe stop rubber wheels um they,didnt say anything about the fairings,and they just said that its a,polypropylene uh plate and so thats all,we have to work with here um the other,thing that i noticed that they did not,specify in the description is that it is,a bolt-on toe stop,bolts on toe stop,um which means you cannot adjust the,height of the toe stop like as this toe,stop wears down the its gonna get,shorter so youre just gonna have to,adjust um how you stop as the toe stop,wears down,bolt-on toe stops arent necessarily a,bad thing but it is usually a sign of,like a lower price point skate the one,thing it does clarify in the product,description is that these are made of,man-made materials so this is all,synthetic i do not know if its vegan or,not thats not specified sometimes there,could be glues and things that use,materials that are not vegan so it might,be worth emailing the company to see if,these are vegan or not,so it does say on the box that these are,made in china so it might be worth it to,you to check into the company and their,sustainability standards and maybe their,ethics guidelines its really good to be,educated about the products that youre,buying especially when its like a fast,fashion company like this there are,definitely some things that you might,want to consider before buying through,somebody like doll skill i think the,next thing is going to be jumping into,sizing and see how they actually fit so,lets get into it oh and i didnt talk,about the boot okay so lets look at the,boot it has some cushion right here the,tongue has some cushion,um its pretty stiff so its going to,offer some ankle support lets do the,bend test,okay so it does bend but its definitely,got some support there all right so,another one of the things that was a bit,frustrating about this skate was it just,said that it was in u.s sizing it didnt,specify if it was u.s mens or us,womens so i had to guess all right so,im double checking the sizing and you,can see here in the tongue,that it actually says its a womens,eight a us womens eight so let me get,the other one on and see how this works,out,[Applause],all right so i have them on my feet im,a us womens eight they say theyre a,u.s womens eight but these are,definitely way too big that is,incredibly frustrating i dont know how,they got the sizing so far off on these,like i use their size charts and,everything and theyre still too big so,i would definitely recommend going at,least one size down if not,two sizes but they still fit good enough,for me to test them out and to get a,really good idea of how they perform so,im going to go ahead and head over to,our first spot which is going to be some,smooth indoor concrete so that i can get,a feel for these skates and,yeah lets do it lets go see if they,work,[Music],so,[Music],all right so i cruised around inside the,coffee shop on the super smooth concrete,and they rolled good enough that i feel,like coming out to a tiny bit of a,rougher surface is still going to give,me a really good gauge of how these work,when i reviewed the big five chicago,skates and i was like do not buy these,skates they are not safe a lot of people,were really

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