1. NO KYC Crypto Exchange | LBANK Full Review
  2. Best Crypto Exchange To Buy Crypto | LBANK EXCHANGE REVIEW | How To Buy Crypto Easy
  3. Best Crypto Exchange To Buy Newly listed Cryptos | LBank Exchange Review
  4. How to DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW on Lbank Exchange | Crypto App Tutorial
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  7. Lbank a scam or not? Watch this video to the end before doing any transaction with Lbank

NO KYC Crypto Exchange | LBANK Full Review

for all of us theres always something,that were going to dislike about a,given exchange and for me its,definitely kyc thats know your customer,policies its just always been an,unpleasant hurdle for me but there does,exist an exchange thats been around,since 2015 and youre able to move quite,a lot of money into it without kyc,seriously no high kyc limits if like me,this is of interest to you then lets,check out lbank,[Music],welcome to the channel my name is Maddie,this is altcoin Buzz but remember kids,as informative as we hope this video is,for you it is not official Financial or,investment advice also dont forget that,for unlimited time our altcoin Buzz,access group membership is free for you,to check out and along with that you can,also check out for free our weekly,update reports on the state of the,crypto and nft markets this comes,directly from our terrific research team,you can try out these tools for free,they are very powerful just click the,link either in the description of this,video or the one thats popping up now,on screen okay on to lbank a word first,of all about C5 or centralized Finance,exchanges because we cant ignore the,elephant in the room CFI exchanges have,taken a beating and thats an,understatement ever since the early,November announcement of the FTX slash,Alameda implosion all of the words that,scare us when it comes to C5 exchanges,have been thrown around very liberally,some of these include insult solvency no,proof of reserves fractional banking,This Is The Stuff of nightmares but,there are two important things you need,to remember first all the commingling of,customer funds lending them out and,mixing assets between the two sister,companies I.E FTX and Alameda all that,is illegal so it was never allowed under,the rules we want to expose Bad actors,in this industry and just because one C5,exchange was operating illegally does,not mean they all are secondly C5,exchanges play an essential role in our,industry we have to admit that they are,still often the best on-ramps and,off-ramps between the worlds of Fiat,traditionally and crypto and not just,that theyre often the most popular,places to bridge tokens as well you can,easily send the usdt you received from,if to polygon or Tron or any of the,other chains usdt supports through safe,bridges on exchanges and the exchange,that were looking at today L Bank,handles these important functions too,plus they are going to show an auditable,proof of reserves as seen in this,announcement and of course were going,to get into all the details of lbank in,just a second but first we have to talk,about two major USPS of this exchange,that you simply cannot ignore USP number,one and something that I alluded to,earlier is that no kyc is needed so this,feature is such a big differentiator,that we just have to mention here in its,own section and yes its true kyc is not,necessary know your customer is not,necessary and youre going to see later,when we show you the kyc users versus,all register users but here are the,details for now so you do need Basics,like an email or a phone number to,register an account just so that people,know who you are and correspondingly,here are the withdrawal limits so if,its email only that you choose to,submit 0.5 BTC per day which is pretty,good email plus a mobile phone number,that UPS to 1.5 BTC per day email plus,mobile Plus Google Authenticator and we,know its smart to use 2fa on any,account that deals with your money well,combine all those and you get 15 BTC per,day in withdrawals and then finally,email plus mobile Plus Google,Authenticator plus an asset password 10,more BTC per day so our total if you do,all those things is 25 Bitcoin per day,still without any ID requirements its,pretty awesome yet for most of us email,only or maybe email and mobile at a,total of 1.5 BTC per day is still more,than enough certainly at least for the,non-wales out there so look imagine C5,convenience and on-ramps with no kyc it,is a strong combination of service,offerings USP number two is earning,interest on your Bitcoin and we dont,often recommend staking directly on a,centralized exchange and yes we know the,environment for all things centralized,is negative right now but despite this,lbank is a good place to earn some,interest on your Bitcoin right now they,pay four percent which is much higher,than most pay but its not crazy or,unreasonable so thats important too it,is realistic and I like this deal,personally because as I said earlier,lbank has committed to providing an,auditable proof of Reserve so this means,theyre going to show they have as much,or more BTC in their Reserve than,liabilities to customers for the BTC,they have in their accounts in other,words proof of solvency and when they,provide this staking becomes a much,safer Prospect so that said for the long,term we still recommend you take your,coins off all centralized exchanges,except those youre trading but while,you do trade there is no reason you,cant earn a couple of extra percentage,points in interest when youre between,long and shorts and you have a pretty,nice metric right here when it comes to,BTC on lbank time now to discuss L Bank,service offerings and although theyve,been in business as I mentioned since,2015 which by the way is an eternity in,terms of the crypto space many have not,heard of L Bank,until recently their big Focus was in,Asia and specifically in China and,theyre probably the biggest and oldest,exchange that youve never heard of and,I have some stats to back that up so for,example L bank has 7 million registered,users with 1.7 million kyc more on that,important difference in just a second,they have licenses in notoriously,difficult jurisdictions like Canada and,Australia the commonwealth countries are,always the most Troublesome and theyre,fully compliant there for our friends in,these countries such as myself,applications are in the process for,Licensing in the US Italy Dubai,Lithuania and the Cayman Islands and,France and they have more than 100 000,daily active users so this is not a,small new or risky Exchange in fact if,you head over to coinggecko.com and look,at the trading volume lbank comes in at,number five behind binance coinbase Mex,Global and white bit so think about that,in terms of volume it actually sits,ahead of Ben better known exchanges like,kucoin krakengate.io will be ok X all of,those exchanges are doing less volume,than L Bank whose High volumes means,good prices and tight trading spreads,for the user lbank also offers a whole,range of Services of course trading but,also derivatives staking nfts and early,stage investment through lb labs for,trading they offer spot trading and grid,trading and with grid trading you can,take advantage of AI and algorithms to,set up a short-term trading system that,works especially well in non-trending,markets few exchanges offer this but L,Bank does and when it comes to,derivatives you can buy sell or short,ETFs or Futures there are many Futures,pairs available and all trading with,usdt most of the usual suspects youre,going to find on other exchanges you can,also find here of course and getting,your funds to The Exchange is also easy,since they support Bank transfers in,some countries P2P trades in other,countries and through a big group of,third-party providers credit debit card,and some other transfers based on your,base currency they currently support,Fiat to crypto in 143 different,countries but again thanks to the kyc,requirements which are coming right up,many of you in fact will be able to,trade Futures here including many of you,who want to but cannot do so on binance,so look if you need a new or more,private exchange to go Fiat to crypto or,crypto to Fiat then give L Bank a try,and you can check it out by using our,exclusive link which can be found in the,description of this video also dont,forget that for unlimited time our,altcoin Buzz access group membership is,free for you to check out and along with,that you can also

Best Crypto Exchange To Buy Crypto | LBANK EXCHANGE REVIEW | How To Buy Crypto Easy

guys crypto market has been down,significantly from its all-time high,which means that this is the best time,to buy in and accumulate wealth for,future now the question is where do you,buy crypto so guys one of my favorite,exchanges and the exchange i recommend,for trading cryptocurrencies is called l,bank guys and the reason why i recommend,you l bank is because this is the best,exchange and i personally use l bank for,all of my crypto transactions so ill,tell you why i recommend this exchange,to everyone who want to trade in crypto,right now so the sign up link for l bank,exchange will be in description,definitely go ahead click on that link,sign up for l bank exchange and why do i,believe so much in l bank and what makes,l bank exchange different from other,exchanges out there so guys first i will,tell talk about why i consider the l,bank exchange over other exchanges and,then ill tell you how you can get,started with l bank i will give you a,quick overview of the platform and how,you can get started trading on l bank so,guys first and the most important reason,why i use l bank is because l bank is,the first exchange to list coins first,before any other exchange and that is,the main reason why i use l bank and,this is why i absolutely like this,exchange and i use this exchange for my,daily crypto activity so whenever there,is a new coin in the market l bank is,the first exchange to get that coin,listed on their exchange and this is,really really really awesome as we know,that we have many cryptocurrencies right,now in the market if any meme coin comes,out first in the market l bank is the,first to list that coin on the exchange,that way you are making sure that youre,not missing out on big gains so the,second main reason why i love l bank is,because it this exchange doesnt require,you to do kyc to get started although,you can get you can go through the kyc,process and you can increase your limit,but for starting out this exchange,doesnt require you kyc unless you want,a very high withdrawal limit i know,there are many of you who are concerned,about your privacy and doesnt want to,share your data with these crypto,exchanges and government so this is why,i recommend l bank because it doesnt,require you to do any kyc now lets talk,about one of the most important reason,to use l bank l bank is available,worldwide also available to united,states so this exchange is available to,use for resident of any country like,they have almost covered most of the,countries if we go through the list they,have most of the countries available and,they have so many tokens on their,platform so they are available on i,guess too many countries and u.s clients,are also accepted so if you if you,belong from u.s and youre worried about,buying cryptocurrencies that are not,available on exchanges like gemini or,coolcoin then l bank is the exchange,that you can use to buy your favorite,crypto moving on to the fourth reason l,bank has a vast number of coins listed,so there is a huge variety of tokens on,lbank so as of now they have more than,500 coins and 958 pairs which is a huge,number so any coin you think of is its,available on l bank and thats where l,bank has edge over other exchanges this,is really awesome and l bank has a very,good trust score of 8 out of 10 which is,really awesome and l bank comes number,15 on the top exchanges rank with 1.8,billion trading volume in past 24 hours,this is really awesome so even though we,have a huge dip in the market right now,but l bank exchange still has a lot of,trading volume which means that there,are many users using it they have,millions of users using l bank worldwide,and if you also want to be part of the l,bank community definitely hit the first,link in description sign up for l bank,and get started so now i tell you how,you get started with trading on lbang so,go to the first link in description head,on that link and this will bring you to,this page and this is where you sign up,for l bank so all you need to do is just,provide your email or phone number you,can sign up through your email you can,type your email at there gmail.com and,then type in a password and then click,this agree and register and once you,register this will ask for a email,confirmation this will also send an otp,to your mobile and then you just have to,set up a two-factor authentication for,your own safety you can set up a mobile,number or the google authenticator app,to get started and thats how you just,begin trading on lbank so the first,thing you do is once you have got your,account set up and you hit this buy,crypto option you can also download,their app for more convenience and then,you go to this credit or debit card you,can also do the fast trade you can also,do the bank transfer and if you like you,can also do p2p transactions so ill,click the credit or debit card option,then just type in the amount of dollars,you want to spend for uh buying usdt,usdt is a stable coin that you will need,to start buying coins on l bank so for,100 us dollars you get 95 usdt and there,are various providers who will provide,you crypto in exchange of the fiat,currency so if suppose if you select,moon pay which is giving you a really,good rate of 95 usd for 100 which is,awesome then you just have to provide,your email id then just proceed and,youll be able to buy usdd with your,credit or debit card and once you have,got a usdt in your wallet in your spot,wallet then you can just get started,with trading on l bank and this is,really easy this is so easy just follow,the steps so once you have got usdt in,your balance then you are pretty much,ready to get started on l bank and guys,this is really easy exchange to use so,once youve got usdt click on this,market tab here this will bring you to,this page and click on this usd button,now you will see all the coins that are,available to buy in exchange of usdt,suppose you can buy btc ethereum luna,matic phantoms saitamas crow coin blue,sparrow and many other coin they have,500 coins you can buy literally any coin,but remember to do the research before,buying any coin yeah so guys this was my,review of l bank exchange and this is,how you get started on l bank exchange,the sign up link will be in description,the first link in description and those,who sign up through that link will give,will get and uh will get a discount on,trading fees which is really awesome so,thank you so much for watching ill be,back with another video very soon till,then keep learning keep investing bye,bye see you later peace

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Best Crypto Exchange To Buy Newly listed Cryptos | LBank Exchange Review

as the crypto market is experiencing a,lot of deep recently many people are,backing out some people are even,removing their money from the crypto,space but is that really the solution i,dont think that is the solution because,the crypto market is just like any other,financial markets there are days that we,experience a bull run and there are days,that will experience a ba run and then,guys in todays video i want to take a,complete overview a review on lbank one,of my favorite crypto exchange platform,and i will tell you exactly why i love,this particular exchange platform there,are many reasons out there and i will be,showing you exactly,why you will need to register with l,bank and have access to their trading,platform so lets go straight into it,guys if you are using an android phone,you can find lbank trading platform in,google play store and if you are using,an ios you can find it in the ios store,so guys lets go straight to l bank and,i will tell you some of the reasons why,i particularly use l bank sometimes in,my trading activities its one of my,favorites because the number one reason,is that l bank is one of the first,exchange platform that leased new,release cryptos in the crypto space,anytime there is a new release in the,crypto b before any other exchange,platform will list that particular,crypto l bank will be right there to,release those crypto and youll know how,valuable getting a crypto at its,inception period is when you get a,crypto while it is coming out in the,market you will have a lot of advantage,before other platforms would get to list,it and then secondly guys for you to,start using l bank its not necessary,that you do kyc except if you want to do,other bigger transaction with l bank for,little transactions you dont need a kyc,kyc means know your customer all you,have to do is to just do your little,security verification and then you will,have access to a lot of futures ill,shortly be going through every detail,right here on l bank and then third,reason guys l bank has a lot of coins,that are listed on it and it has a very,very huge volume in the marketplace,despite the deep in the market recent,deep you can find out that l bank is,still among the first 15 crypto exchange,platform that are still striving in the,market that is very impressive of l bank,you can see it here and then the third,reason is that l bank has a true score,of 8 over 10 which is pretty much good,on coin gecko so guys lets go straight,and i will show you how to start out,with l bank as a crypto exchange,platform so to start out on l bank you,only need to install this particular app,on google play store you can go to,google play store and search for lbank,just like i showed you at the beginning,then you hit the first link in the,description that is the link you use to,register for lbank and after clicking on,the first link you just come over here,if you want to change this appearance,you can change it to the dark appearance,but you just click on this guy so once,you come here you just click on login,register so right here you can see that,you can use mobile phone you can use,your email if you click on email and,then scroll down to where you see,register and click on register because,you are starting out afresh and then you,put in your email to get verified let me,just put in my email and click on next,after clicking on next now you will,select im not a robot and then you,select a traffic,light after clicking on that now you,have to go to your email and get the,code that was sent then put in your,preferred password and then click on,register let me do that asap and show,you how it works,then guys after putting in your,preferred passwords then you copy the,code that it was sent to your email and,then put it right here and click on,paste after putting on paste then you,click on register,it says registration successful all i,have to do is to save this if i want now,you can turn on finger turn printer,biometric let me say later for this so,let me show you exactly how to start out,on this platform you can buy crypto you,can sell crypto you can use the sport,trading and as i told you earlier they,have some of the early listed cryptos on,their platform so that you can buy it,and then before other crypto platforms,start listing them you have advantage,over it they have nfts they have,referral you have different options here,which ill be taking you through step by,step starting from your homepage and,then well start with our kyc,verification if you are willing to do,the kyc immediately then we take some,security verification and then i will,show you how to use the wallet,then how to deposit how to withdraw how,to do everything with this crypto,exchange platform and then heading over,here guys the first thing well be,checking is the home we have referral if,you are referring people you can use,your referral link which is one of the,best ways to end cryptos you have etf,coins you have grids rewards deposit you,have cells you have earn you have game,fi you have chat room so if you want to,verify you simply come here and click on,kyc after coming here you put in your,name then you put in your type of id and,then you click on this which i will be,doing straight away to just demonstrate,for you exactly how to do that id type,let me click on id type passport then i,will put in my id number and then ill,upload it immediately and then guys i,just uploaded my documents your,verification has been submitted and,under review by 82 people are on the,waiting list i have to wait for them to,verify but that is for that so after,that the first thing you would be doing,is to check on how to buy crypto or how,to sell crypto let me click on this,particular buy crypto if you click on,buy crypto they have different options,you can buy with credit or debit card,you have the p2p and half,fast there are different options here if,your country allows you to use debit,card or credit card you just simply put,in the amount lets say you are buying,for 50 000 naira if youre buying for 50,000 era you have different merchants,choose payment channel moon pay you have,simplex moon pay will give you 112 these,guys will give you seven five but of,course you know if youre in nigeria you,dont buy cryptos with your debit or,credit card so you just have to scrap,that you can use the p2p option you can,sell you can buy you can do a lot of,things from there if you come to p2p you,have different people that are selling,and are buying with their bank details,you can use the same p2p that youre,using in other crypto exchange platforms,and then if you want to buy any crypto,that is not on any other exchange,platform they have close to 500 listed,coins right here if you are buying any,coin that is not here you can simply,send in money from other crypto exchange,to this particular extent all you have,to do is come to deposit after clicking,on deposit you select the crypto of your,choice lets say usdt which is one of,the favorite of many people you click on,it you click on next you click on next,and then you click on deposit,then you select the network that you,will be using trc 20 has a very very,small charges minimum deposit amount is,0.1 usd you will copy this particular,wallet address which is trc wallet,address and go to any other platform,send in your cryptos thread to this,particular platform which is one of the,best thing to do so im taking this step,by step to show you everything as a,complete beginner on this platform i,told you this is a very very interesting,platform you will enjoy using it as you,start out on your crypto journey and,then next thing to do is to check your,spot trading if you are using the spot,trading you will come to where you see,trade click on trade and then you have,your limit order you can change it to,market or stop limit clicking on market,order you have access to buy with the,current market price and then to check,your chart you can simply come to this,candle signs so after clicki

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How to DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW on Lbank Exchange | Crypto App Tutorial

hi welcome to the channel if this is,your first time kindly hit the subscribe,button down below to stay updated with,my uploads in this video ill show you,how to deposit and withdraw funds on,lbank exchange mobile app,l bank cryptocurrency exchange is one of,the worlds leading crypto trading,platforms that provides safe and,professional services for global crypto,users by the way if you havent,registered on lbank exchange check video,description for the sign up link to,register alright lets open the app,[Music],heres how l bank exchange looks like,below you will see navigation tabs such,as home markets trade features and,wallet button to deposit and withdraw,crypto on the app tap on the wallet tab,here you will see total value and,underneath you will see deposit withdraw,and transfer button to deposit crypto on,your account you click on deposit,here you can scroll down to look for the,token or type on the search bar to look,for it let me search for usdt,heres how it works first copy your,network and withdraw address choose the,crypto and network and copy the deposit,address or save the qr code second,direct to the exchange or wallet outside,lbank to withdraw paste the address or,scan the qr code that you copied to the,outside exchange or wallet and start the,withdrawal after confirming the network,then confirm the network it will take,some time for the block to confirm your,withdrawal info please wait patiently,and lastly deposit assets will be,credited to your account click deposit,to proceed,so you have selected the token already,you select the network youll use i,usually select crc20 for cheap and fast,transfer under you can scan or save the,qr code or copy the wallet address to,deposit,please remember deposit to the wrong,address or any non-usdt assets to the,above address will not be retrieved some,assets do not support smart contract,deposit or transfer,after you deposit to the above address,it will undergo the confirmation of the,enter network node the payment time is,generally 10 minutes to 30 minutes,minimum deposit amount is 0.1 usdt,deposit less than the minimum amount,will not be credited to the account and,cannot be refunded your deposit address,will not change frequently if there is,any change lbank will try their best to,notify you by website announcement or,email and lastly please make sure that,your computer and browser is safe to,prevent information from being tampered,with or leaked now copy your deposit,address,go to your external wallet,[Music],paste your deposit address here,select the same network chain,input the amount of drill,once decided tap on withdraw and proceed,with the process,lets try a different token let me,search for sclp or scallop token select,the network,below you can scan or save the qr code,or copy the address to deposit minimum,deposit will be 10sclp let me copy my,deposit address,go to external wallet,paste your deposit address here from l,bank,make sure the network is the same input,the amount and once all is set click on,we draw to proceed,you can also fund your account using,credit card or p2p trading to do it you,go to home tab click buy crypto here,under credit or debit card make sure you,are on buy tab below you can select the,crypto you want to buy let me pick usdt,enter the amount of purchase below you,will see third party providers in their,offer,once you have selected the service,provider click place order then it will,show you your order details click,confirm and it will redirect you to a,different page just proceed with the,process,another is via p2p trade here you select,by tab,and the fiat you want to use just click,buy to proceed i will create a separate,detailed video for p2p trading,then for fast trade if you have fiat,already on your account just input the,amount and select the crypto you want to,get,this time let me show you how to draw,your crypto on the app go to wallet tab,again,now you tap on withdrawal button,here you can scroll down to look for the,token or type on the search bar to look,for it let me look for usdt heres a,user guide first fill the right,withdrawal address and the network,choose the network and copy the address,or save the qr code of the outside,exchange or wallet youd like to deposit,to,next is to paste the address to l bank,or scan the qr code that you copied and,start the withdrawal after confirming,the network then confirm the network it,will take some time for the block to,confirm your withdrawal info please wait,patiently and lastly the other platform,will credit your asset let me show it to,you how its being done,select the network you want to use let,me pick trc20,go to your external wallet,make sure the network is the same,copy your deposit address go back to l,bank app,paste your deposit address here,make sure the network chain is the same,input the amount you can put the note,which is optional withdrawal fee will be,one dollar for tron network once done,click withdraw and proceed with the,process,to send crypto to l bank users just tap,internal transfer,here you enter the recipients lbank,account which is email or mobile phone,to complete internal transfer no,blockchain network is required for,internal transfer it will be immediately,credited and you dont have to pay any,fees an internal transfer will be,processed in real time 24 7 without,waiting time required to draw to a bank,go to the home tab,click buy crypto here,and under credit or debit card you,select cell tab you input how much,crypto you want to sell and the fiat you,want to receive under you select the,third party provider and click place,order and proceed with the process,for p2p trade pick cell tab 2 and here,you select the merchant you want to,transact make sure you have added your,payment method i will create a separate,detailed video for p2p trading,alright thats all for this video if you,have questions feel free to comment down,below and please dont forget to like,subscribe,and hit the notification bell for more,cryptocurrency video tutorials see you,on my next video,[Music],you

LBank Exchange के ये 3 Coin 2023 में कितना Profit देंगे | New Listing Coin ByePix On LBank Exchange

A lot of people asked sir, please do a review of this bank crypto exchange, what,kind of exchange is it, should we do it, then see this bank, I was doing it personally for a long,time, so todays video we are doing this bank crypto I am also going to review the exchange as well as,I will tell you that three cryptos on that one, which I am going to buy myself, that,crypto can give you very good special profits, if you want, you can,bike those three cryptos with me. You can watch this video now when he will give profit, then I will also,tell you the exit time that now you have to take profit from here and apart from this,a new crypto listing is going to happen on L Bank on November 10, whose IPO too. It is going on, you,participate there too, I am going to tell you here too, so lets quickly see how is,the coin market,change here, you can see its 440 crypto which you will get and the best thing I,saw here That is, the visitors who are on this week, if you see here, then around 1950 thousand People,are visiting here in the weekly and there is more exchange here on pay like gate.io also if you,see, then it is around 18 lakhs, after that if you see Huobi Global here too, then there are,not as many visiters that come. You get to see here Gemini is not a ghost, along with this, you,are getting Kuwait around 20 lakhs here, cracking pay is 10 lakhs which is less than this bank,,pay coin also exchange here 11 lakhs Which is that you have less balance than the album, here at the forefront, crores,of users visit Binance every week, so before going to the mobile application of the bank, we,see here one which is also going to be a new pay token list here. On the bank you can see,here the number two tweet is here, had just tweeted, what is the project bye pics, which is,going to be listed on number 10, the bank has also given an article, now you can read it and if If you look at the coin,market cap, then bye pics are listed here now on the coin market cap also and here,its ISO is going on about it If you come down on the coin market cap, then,you get to see the full details of it, now its ICU price is 0.18 and here when it,will be listed on the bank, then it is being told that it is five dollars. It is being listed around here, so,here you can see a profit of 30 32 times, so in this, how to participate in ICU, I,will give you the description in the link on the side of the pics, then you will go to the website of the buy here.,More than 95% of pay is sold out here, if you participate in ICU within 11 hours, then,you will get a bonus of 11% here, you have to register here, this is the website of byepix,Byepix is metaverse base project, here you can see its white paper etc. Well it,needs more, here I tell you how to participate directly, here you,get to see three rounds, which is the first round, that is the locking period of 30 days. In this, you will get to see more price,of $ 0.3 and after that 90 days here It becomes 0.27 in people period,and for a 180 days whatever token you will get people will stay for 180 days then you are,getting to see 0.18 here so if you dont have any issue with people period for more days here then you can go on it. You can go,a little cheaper, you will have to go to this option and click on bye ISO, this is what I have done here,, first you will have to register, by clicking on this fix,, then you will have to put your meta mask here. You have to connect if you PC do it, here you can,see add wallet erase mask, by clicking on this you have to connect mass cloth in pay here and,deposit funds in it, you can participate here 5 days 6 hours now The rest are left here,,if you search on YouTube, then you will find many videos which are going to,give you information about the byepix in detail and with this I will also tell,you the news of Duns listing. You can get to see around the number 20 from the rest, open your research before,participating in it. You will see the full amount, according to how much you should,invest, you can put it here and whatever locking you try, you will keep it a little less, even if you get a little high,price in it but there is no problem, then proper You will first do research about it,,after that whatever investment you want to do, you can do it here, rest now you have to,sign up for the application which is here, link you will get the description, you will get 20% discount,if If you sign up, then maximum I,keep applying for every exchange link I give you, so here you get the option of ATM,,great trading means you are trading a lot here too. You can do this bank pay bot trading, how to do,it, if you want a video in detail, then I will tell you by going to the option of buy crypto, you can,also deposit payment here through pay credit card and debit card here. Deposit and,pay from p2p by going here You can roll your bank account no problem in your own easy way,Future trading you can pay here option you get pay here lets see,how much is 125X you get pay leverage here As I told you in the beginning that I,myself am going to do three crypto buy in the water bank, here you have to go on the option of the market,,which three cryptos I am going to buy here, you can also bike that Which is the first name,you can see, it means that the project is good, those who do not talk to you in detail about those projects,,you can search because the video becomes a bit long, thats why I have,kept the first one here, I have kept this queen. I am going to bike here, you can buy with a small amount because,now if you look, then from two dollars which is straight 6.9 means seven dollars went here in a day, now the,pay here is quite down a $3 If it is around A, then I buy it a bit, that means 10-15,dollars because from here there will be a profit of 25-30%. If I get it, I will take my profit by selling it here,,then I click on buy it, pay the market and give it here in the amount of 10 12 $ 13,,I do it here, bye this is our brother, now the second one Token is it, I tell you that,gaming means project, I bike it here because I,mean this project for a long time, I have done a lot of trading in it and I do not own property, I always,leave with profit This is what you should also do, so here I buy it for 12 14,,if you buy it, I will connect you on telegram when you have to sell it, I will tell,you the third project I have here Keep it RACA,is the name of the project and RACA is the name of the token project, it means that the project is good for a long time, does not mean that the,pay is going down completely means more than 95% of the market is down. You are getting to see very cheap,here, so if you bike it, then it can be very difficult. If you get a profit of 2X,,then I pay it here with 12-15 balls, brother, then I,told you these three cryptos, you can go and bike here on L Bank.,20-25% profit is going to be easily available from these three coins,, so you can keep it on your buy . is one of,the top 20 exchange sign up link you will get the description 20% if you,want discount then you can sign up rest of our video tomorrow is,how you can make profit from trading future trading tips for you I am going to give you time, if you follow those tips, then you will make,a profit differently, then you can wait for that video, for that you will first like this video, you,will get the link of telegram group and channel, you will definitely,join that too. Lets see you in the video till then bye-bye and take care


there is so much to talk about today,because well be talking about l bank,and in general well review it based on,four criterias the fees,the token opportunities and the,competitive advantages it has over other,exchanges derivatives and spot exchanges,theres a bunch of reviews on our bank,as you can see i didnt really,see any,of them,some,are not in english um theres a rapid,review for a minute from uh,crypto wizard,so in general,uh its um i believe an exchange that is,uh has potential,because were just seeing it grow right,now,the first and the the reason ive seen,it,was because at least tokens and these,are the token opportunities that i want,to start off when you go on coin market,cap you click on recently added right,here,lets change it to cryptocurrencies,recently added youll notice that a lot,of these tokens that are available on um,on ethereum or the binary smart chain,are available on lbank pretty quickly,which is a very very big advantage,especially for your c20 tokens because,they have very high fees if you just,want to spend 100 bucks you cant spend,50 bucks on free so 20 bucks on peace,well,l bank is where,everything changes right,you can look up the the lvac exchange,right here other exchanges im not sure,if its a,spot derivative or dx exchange because,its kind of,kind of all of them at the same time,ive got an account signed up,and you can sign up under me it will,really help out um the channel,and all you gotta do is click the link,in description down below,ill try to help hook you up with some,bonuses or uh something like that i can,i can reach out to elbank if theres a,campaign or something,i can hook you up with some cool stuff,but when we are logging its pretty much,like any other change very simple to use,but you have a bonus center ive never,seen a bonus center for,finance they didnt they dont really,give you anything,cumulative spot trading participate now,bank earning buy crypto by credit card,futures account opening cumulative grid,trainings you basically,get 10 bucks,if you deposit 10 bucks its very simple,uh you can get 50 buck five bucks if you,just do,just buy a hundred bucks five credit,cards five percent,instant,deposit the whole usd,over 200 bucks get 200 bucks in,bonus,that you can trade with by the way so,its very good if youre a trader,cumulative spot trading deposit 1k gets,20 bucks 2 percent which is,i think its a good deal,um expire in 20 days and then uh the,coupons you can claim them here so if,youre trading,derivatives it makes sense to just check,all of this out right here so in terms,of fees i think a lot of those will be,neglected by,the bonuses youll get especially in the,beginning but what are your banks fees,well just type in google bank fees um,blue pines has the best derivative fees,but,they do not give you anything,plus,and theres an ancient industry standard,for cool coin bitcoin and everyone else,below finance,um but binance are not available in the,u.s and so on trying to find a piece,right here,it seems to be around 0.1 but i think,that for spot trading it should be lower,for um for derivatives trading but,thats pretty competitive especially,when it comes to,heres the maker intaker fees,especially when it comes to their them,listing tokens and thats cheaper than,just going on the ethereum chain,buying something there,so we want over,the fees and the token opportunities,that you can take advantage of what are,the competitive advantages,well the bonuses uh theyre very easy to,earn this is one of the things that that,draws people to new exchanges and i,think this is why its a good reason for,me to try out the exchange,if you want to trade with 10 bucks as a,new trader,you get 10 bucks so you can trade with,20 bucks there it is if you have a good,scalping strategy thats a really good,way to start off your trading career,participate now bank earning if you want,to try,and stake,thats a very easy way to trade,in general,uh all of this,is very simple trading on uh all bank is,simple i would say its a lot simpler,than finance uh if you do not count um,having the,the lite version of binance for mobile,in mind its definitely very very easy,uh so thats something you should,consider let me know what you think in,the for about their bank in the comment,section below we love you guys this,video is not finished by see you next,time bye

Lbank a scam or not? Watch this video to the end before doing any transaction with Lbank

fans welcome to the media motivator,welcome to the crypto space,in this video,i will be talking about,lbank,if youre a user of airbank,exchange or you are still planning to,use l bank exchange,then,watch this video right up to the end,if you are watching this channel for the,first time,please endeavor to subscribe,join our telegram group,through,the link,found in the description of this video,that said,lets dive into the issue of the day,l bank as you know,is,an exchange,a crypto exchange,site like binance,like coinbase,which is relatively new,it has,options,trading options,deposit options and transfer options,just like binance,it is a chinese-based,exchange,relatively new,and,it has its advantages,and disadvantages,for those who are new here,listen to the end,those who are still planning to use the,app,or the exchange watch this video and,listen carefully,to the end,in the past few weeks,the past few days,they have been a series of complaints,about,this,particular exchange im not in any way,tagging this,exchange as a scam remember in my,previous videos,i made mention of the fact that,it is one of the best,in terms of,the type of coins,they do except for listing,they mostly list,coins and tokens that are in their,primary stage,and you can see as you can see from here,you see most of their coins are,having so many zeros so they are,relatively cheap coins,but what is so disturbing about this app,is the fact that the last few days,most of my fans,who are having accounts here,have been complaining,of the fact that they have deposited,phones,in sudhir air bank account and they have,waited for over,48 hours,the phones have never arrived when the,right,the support,no reply,and again,they have a system that if you are,transferring and you dont take note you,dont take time to read,the transfer notice you might end up,transferring an amount that is less than,their stipulated minimum amount and when,that is done,the phones are going to,disappear you will never receive the,funds and what we dont know is where,those phones are going to myself i have,been a victim ive transferred,about,28 dollars,of ether ethereum and it ended up,disappearing because it was less than,the stipulated amount which i did not,take note,but that is not the main problem,most people have transferred,amounts event above the,stipulated minimum amount,yet they did not receive it and when,they wrote to the,support no reply im going to take you,through the,official telegram group and their chat,room right from the app,and you are going to see some of the,replies there some of the comments there,and then you judge for yourself i am not,in any way seeing that this app or this,exchange is a scam but you should judge,for yourself do your own research,remember the crypto space is quite a,risky space so im going to open,the chat room,and then we are going to read some of,the,comments all right these are the last,set of comments,uh you can see this comment here,this comment came in,just a few hours ago i deposited,some this ive written what is here i,deposited some money by banza banter is,one of the transfer options since five,days and up to now,up to now not in my wallet i call,customer service seven times without any,result,what,to do,and then this other person says,this exchange also has crappy customer,support,these are conservative,comments,change the app i lost money and never,have,he answered im reading exactly what is,there,and this other person asks in how long,and you see im going to take you into,the official telegram page,uh channeled and we are going to read,some of the comments there and then you,will decide for yourself i am not like,tagging them as,is come to group,those that are into my,telegram,group they know,whatever thing im doing as far as,crypto is concerned im always very,transparent when it is good i tell that,is good when it is bad i tell you that,it is bad and i give you room to do your,own research of course as disclaimer i,always tell my fans to,go for extra research before,indulging into anything i thought them,all right im going to take you into,the,official telegram group you must have,read,with with me,uh some of the comments,in,there,up their chat room,and today is even better yesterday or,most of the chats at one point in time,everything was in chinese remember it is,a chinese-based app so im going to take,you into,telegram the official telegram page and,you read some of the comments there and,then you decide,back into the telegram just made me jump,into that telegram uh official kilogram,ph,go this is l bank you can read from up,here,l bank official group now lets read,some of the comments today,take the last set,uh,l bank is reliable and has a great,future like,coin well that is a comment from,somebody,who could help me i sent im reading,from here now,who could help me i sent soul to my,lbank wallet but never received it three,days ago,somebody say i can see,bnb doing overbought that has nothing to,do with,uh,the functioning of this,app or this exchange this other person,says hello admins i have deposited an,amount via,xrp from november 5th so far it has not,reached so you see when you look at,comments like this,it should give you enough reason to,be worried about this app i know its an,app that is an exchange that will,probably do well but for now as,precautioned be very very careful with,the amounts you are sending in here if,you must invest here you should invest a,minimum amount onto when,uh their services,will be perfect,i want to even believe that they dont,even have,enough,customer,service and even if they do,its as if they dont even understand,english because from the chat room we,have not received any reply from an,admin,of,l bank so be very careful be very,careful and again before i leave you,on this note,if you are watching our channel for the,first time,please endeavor to subscribe to this,channel,enable to,join our telegram group for we do share,very,positive information very positive,uh pieces of id as far as cryptocurrency,is concerned,do share,our,videos do like,and make sure you comment bye for now

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