1. Swapalease Reviews for Lease Takeover and Lease Turn In (Good and Bad)
  2. How a Lease Swap or Trade Works
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  4. Lease Swapping: A Complete Guide to a Lease Takeover
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Swapalease Reviews for Lease Takeover and Lease Turn In (Good and Bad)

hi this is Manny with not waiting to,live and in this video Im gonna review,my experience of taking over a lease,through SWA police.com Im gonna review,the good and bad about that experience,really quickly just from a high level,because I do believe there are ways that,you can get yourself into trouble if,youre not paying attention but overall,the experience worked well for me,so look good the reason I even went to,this site,ideally Drive a 1994 Jeep Wrangler the,transmission went out right before,winter so I was looking for a quick fix,I didnt want to commit to something,long-term,so I logged on I saw a guy it was about,an hour away from where I live,had a Ford Focus listed for 230 a month,and I took that lease over and I drove,it through to the end of the term and,when I turned it in I had no damage fees,assessed to me so for me that that,experience worked out really well but if,you were trying to get into this I think,there are a couple ways that I kind of,caught a break or I trusted the guy and,it worked out but it I could see how,people could easily get burned doing,this so one of the kind of the things to,watch out for swap police plays almost,no role in this theres no real customer,support that youre not interacting with,them when you take over the lease I,believe they charge a fee for the seller,to put their their lease up could be one,hundred two hundred three hundred,dollars as a fee of commission to have,somebody take over your lease but really,the two parties the person with the,lease and the person taking over the,lease are on their own and they work,through each other and the leasing,company so in my situation I found this,guy because he was an hour away and,because there this has nothing to do,with the leasing company in this case,Ford Motor Credit I had to talk to,and say hey you know can you show me the,car I had them take a snapchat of the,car all around and make sure that it was,okay but I was still kind of putting,myself out there and when I drove out to,go meet him to take over the lease,theres still a period of it was like,three to four weeks before the paperwork,actually transferred you submit your,information I felt comfortable talking,with this guy and kind of sharing some,some personal information that was,required to transfer the lease hey I,dont think that most people would be as,comfortable sharing that information,because I could see how somebody could,take advantage of that but really the,whole process is removed from swap,police there was no kind of third-party,transfer of sensitive information and,even when I drove off I drove off with,his license plate just to get get a car,back and drove that home and he was able,to trust me as well but it really the,whole thing the whole experience tinged,on this guy having a car that what,didnt have pre-existing damage so had,he had damaged his car in some way that,I didnt see and then when I turned in,the least those 15 months later if I had,to pay for that damage I could have,gotten burned I think that if there was,something I wasnt looking out for us,one of the backs of the seats was ripped,or it was damaging the trunk that I,didnt catch or god forbid something,going on in the motor maybe they didnt,change the oil the whole time they had,it I there are potential pitfalls but,overall especially on the trade inside,of the lease when I traded in the lease,I just drove right to the Ford,dealership and handed him the keys a,month prior to me turning in the lease,they had sent out a private party Ford,Motor Credit not swap police to look,over the vehicle checked all the boxes,and gave me the paperwork and the,turning was painless so from from my,perspective I think it was a great,experience,I Im not sure I would recommend it to,everybody because there are ways you get,burned because you are kind of out there,on an island I guess its not much,different than a than a Craigslist but,you are paying to as a seller to put,your lease up there but I just figured,Id throw my two cents out there,I had theres just valuable experience,with swap Elise and I know people are,curious about what is possible if you,have any questions or comments feedback,positive or negative leave it in the,comment section you can just subscribe,to my channel if youd like to see more,videos like this and otherwise good luck,on your next car lease

How a Lease Swap or Trade Works

what is happening gaiz re here with,Boston automotive consulting and as,always this video is brought to you by,save on my auto calm where you can go on,and start shopping for a brand new car,and start collecting dealer pricing from,multiple dealers and if you havent,already please consider subscribing,because this channel is going to give,you all the negotiation tips that youre,gonna need so that you can land yourself,the very best deal on your next new,brand new car purchase so what I wanted,to explain in this video today was my,experience using lease trader and my,recommendations going forward if you,havent watched one of my videos yet of,how I got out of my previous lease and,into my m4 click up top onto this video,so you can get a sense for how I,actually handled getting out of my,previous lease and what I wish I did,sort of why Im making this video today,so I got into my previous x5 and within,a couple months I really didnt like the,thing I actually listed it on lease,trader,literally two months after I got the,thing what I did was and what I want to,encourage you to do is if youre,thinking about posting tie their lease,trader or swap police what you want to,do is invest in a decent camera or maybe,if youre thinking about getting the the,new iPhone 11 Pro pull the trigger,because this is whats actually gonna,help you get out of your lease more than,anything its sort of like the thumbnail,that you choose to click every time you,go on to YouTube makes a big big,impression on anybody thats looking at,your car go around the car take as many,good pictures as you can of the car and,then decide to yourself which service,are you gonna choose are you gonna,choose lease trader are you going to,choose swap police so full disclosure,Ive never posted my car on swap police,Ive posted it on to lease trader and,Ive heard marvelous things about both,these companies however it seems as,though the majority of whoever Im,talking to posts on to swap police,theres links to both of these companies,in the description where you can click,and create your profile and choose the,plan that you want to list your vehicle,through how much exposure youre gonna,want put on your car but more than just,that more than just the posting and the,pictures how good your description is,theres a few different factors that,play into how and if youre gonna,succeed in transferring your lease to,somebody else what youve got to,understand is is that a lot of the,advertisements for for people that are,posting up their cars trying to get out,of them they post sometimes a really low,lease payment and how that support it is,is it started off as a really high lease,payment and what theyre doing is is,offering a cash incentive to you to work,into the lease payment to lower it in,asset in essence what theyre doing is,theyre lowering the lease payment for,you by offering you a cash incentive to,get out of their lease as in if my,payment is seven hundred and I want you,to see it as a lower payment Im gonna,offer you a three thousand dollar,incentive so that the payment in essence,becomes six hundred you can do this too,if you have a really high payment and,you know you got lets say twenty four,months left on the lease you got a,decent amount of mileage left and youre,trying to offer it to somebody else what,I want to encourage you to do is same,thing I did,I offered like a four thousand dollar,incentive to get out because it was far,less than my actual liability to BMW,that four thousand gets divided by,twenty four and gets subtracted from a,really high lease payment making it to a,really really aggressive lease payment,so the complications in all this is is,that sometimes youre gonna be faced,with out-of-state buyers you know they,may want to see the car they may want to,have the car run through a pre-purchase,inspection what I want to encourage you,to do is because youre starting early,you should probably take this car to a,third party or have it already pre,inspected get it done very early and try,to do some maintenance maybe take it,back a few months after get another,pre-purchase inspection done or,do it per request if the buyer is,insisting let this car get a,pre-purchase inspection maybe have them,show a little bit more proof of,commitment ask them as many questions as,you possibly can hop on the phone with,them do what you need to do but see if,its worth your time to get a,pre-purchase inspection or even contact,the leased company to get a lease and,pre-inspection where theyll come out,for free and tell you what damages are,on the car and because those damages,those liabilities are going to be passed,on to the new owner you can share that,pre that pre lease end inspection with,the new owner now aside from dealing,with the the person thats gonna be,taking over the lease the lease company,itself may have specific rules and how,thats going to work is if whether or,not the least company supports transfer,Land Rover Jaguar does not support them,theres a few other companies that dont,support them as well especially,independent lease companies and you can,actually find this out by logging on to,lease trader comm and clicking on you,know a comparable vehicle to yours,thats listed on to lease trader,and youll be able to see in the tabs,below in the description what the banks,requirements are for doing a transfer,youll be able to see things like such,as for Acura itll tell you whether or,not the transfer is supported if theres,any fees involved in this case theres,none however you cant transfer the,lease with in the last six months of the,lease quite frankly youd be kind of,crazy to do that anyway similarly what,you want to do is is use both lease,trader and swap police to gauge how much,people are offering comparable vehicles,as yours and try to put in position your,vehicle less than what their positioning,theirs even if it means offering a,higher incentive because youve got a,little bit of time because nobodys,really reaching out to you right away,and if they are congratulations because,youve got a little bit of time set,aside some money so that you can use,that money in order to offset the new,lessees lease payment now when you find,that person,its gonna be taken over the lease and,theyre asking you all sorts of,questions about its condition,pre-purchase inspection you now have the,obligation of making sure that that,person is going to be following through,with the process by normal means because,one of the biggest questions that I kept,on getting asked by people on lease,trader,consistently wasting my time in essence,was would you be willing to give me this,car and keep the car on your credit as,and not do a full-blown transfer where,theyre assuming the credit liability,for the lease and thats a big no-no you,want to stay far away from that and,youre going to be asked that a ton of,times what lease trader did and Im what,Im pretty sure swap police does as well,as they offer a credit application in,the initial stages of the buyers,creation of their profile where theyll,be checked off youll be able to see if,a buyer is verified or their credit has,been checked to to basically see if that,person can even take over your lease,because theres nothing worse than you,know getting an offer from a buyer,getting all excited going through the,whole you know getting the car inspected,doing a lot of communication only to,find out that either one their credits,no good for the transfer or number two,theyre gonna be wasting your time and,trying to figure out if you can just,give them the car and they pay you,directly and you pay the lease company,that just doesnt make sense,so ultimately your success on either of,these two websites which Ive linked,below in the description is going to,highly depend on how good your pictures,are how aggressive of an incentive,youre offering to lower the new,persons lease payment and whether or,not the least company is making it easy,for you to be able to transfer the lease,to the ot

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3 Tricks To Lease a New Car $0 Down with Bad Credit

uh whats up youtube its darius back,with another video and today were,talking about how i lease a brand new,2022 honda civic sport,with zero down and bad credit lets get,into it and guys if you havent already,i need you guys to smash that like,button and subscribe to the channel i,think you guys are showing all your love,and support and guys we finally did it,we just hit a thousand subscribers on,this youtube channel and its all thanks,to you guys showing your love and,support you know i thank you guys for,just smashing that like button for,commenting in the comment section below,for sharing my videos because all those,things help my channel grow and you know,um its finally time for me to give back,to you guys so if you guys havent,noticed i just dropped a youtube short,um just a few days ago announcing a,giveaway im giving out a hundred,dollars in amazon gift cards and giving,out five 20 amazon gift cards all right,and the end date im,im taking entries until august 18th,which is a wednesday 12 p.m eastern,standard time after that time pass with,the giveaway the entries close and im,announcing the winners on thursday so if,youre watching this video right now and,it its not august 18th,go,enter in you have a chance to win barely,anybody went into the giveaway so you,know its literally free money just get,in there and uh yeah guys today were,going to be talking about how i leased a,brand new 2022 honda civic sport i did,it for a friend not for myself,personally i just was the negotiator i,made the deal happen all right and ima,break it down for you guys and tell you,how i got this phenomenal deal and i,want to hear no more excuses about,people saying oh,chip,shortage prices at all-time highs oh you,cant get a good deal the dealers barely,have any cars i dont hear none of that,no more okay its still possible yall,just suck at negotiating if you really,cant just get a deal but wait you guys,already know i have to plug in my,channel sponsor so this video is,sponsored by my credit consulting,program so guys if youre struggling,with bad credit and you understand why,your credit score is so low you you just,cant manage credit and youre just in a,very bad situation you got a 600 credit,score 620 650 youre just youre,weighing the sixes or youre in the,fives maybe you definitely need my,credit consulting program me and you,would sit down on a video call for one,hour and we will go over all of your,credit reports and i will tell you step,by step what you need to work on to get,your credit score to a 750. the first,session is free then its 75,a session after that if you guys are,interested check the link in the,description box below and book your,first session and ill see you there so,im going to show you guys a clip of me,actually picking up this car just so you,guys dont think im lying or anything,like that because for some reason,everybodys uh just a conspiracy,theorist so uh heres the clip guys all,right guys so,got,another new lease for one of my friends,2022 honda civic sport,all right with a,6 20 credit score and i still negotiated,a huge deal,i see you guys on youtube commenting on,my video saying that its impossible you,cant get a great deal,theres a shortage chip shortage even in,a time where theres high inflation and,chip shortages you can still get a great,deal,this is the back of it,right,you got the sport wheels right see that,sport wheels,right 2022 civic right here,so,i want to be seeing no more comments,about people saying that you cant get a,great deal,all right,this is with a 620 credit score keep,that in mind not a 750 not a 760 not a,800 620 credit score and i still,negotiated a great deal on this so after,negotiating for four hours i was finally,able to secure an amazing deal and im,gonna just go through the three offers i,was given during the negotiation just so,you guys know how far i i came down in,price so right after test driving the,car we were given our first offer so our,first offer was 1 000 down 360 dollars a,month then after negotiating for an hour,the next offer i got so this is offer,number two was 300 down 300 a month then,the final offer i was giving after,preaching and just negotiating super,hard the final offer i was given was,zero down,269 a month with the first payment being,due,a week later so now guys im gonna give,you the three tricks that i use when,negotiating to get such a crazy good,deal so trick number one never give out,any signs of motivation okay and what do,i mean by this never give out any,crucial information that makes it seem,like you need a car today like for,example never go out and say,well uh my car just got totaled and i,need to get to work tomorrow so i need,like a car right now,never say that because you are just,setting yourself up to get to get just,destroyed theyre just gonna destroy you,why because they know you need a car,today so whatever price they give you,youre most likely youre gonna take it,theres a pretty good chance youre,gonna take it so this will affect you in,your negotiation so never give out any,signs that you need a car,right now trick number two keep on,negotiating until the car sales manager,comes out and like i said in my previous,video the fight trick to get the best,carlys deal this is this is where its,at okay if the managers not coming out,you didnt get the best deal okay the,best deals come from the manager because,they know how low they can really go all,right the just the sales person doesnt,know how low they can really go the,sales manager,knows how low they can really go they,know the profit margins the best so,trick number three guys is to use the,one percent rule and what is the one,percent rule well the one percent rule,is to get the monthly car payment to be,one percent of the cars msrp which is,the market price of the car so if the,car is 24 000 for example,your goal would be to get the car,into,240 dollars a month in monthly payments,now guys it is really really hard to get,to one percent so theres a range that i,use i go anywhere from one percent to,1.25 percent this is how you know if,youre in the ideal range of getting a,great deal on the car,also i do have to add when youre,calculating your lease price make sure,you are paying zero dollars down or the,first car payment up front and nothing,more you shouldnt be paying five,hundred dollars down a thousand down two,thousand dollars down okay it should,just be zero down or the first card,payment up front if you pay any more,than that youre messing up the whole,deal so there it is guys those are the,three tricks that i use when negotiating,a phenomenal car lease deal i always aim,for it to be zero down or the first car,payment up front then i use the one,percent rule and i also negotiate until,the manager comes out and this is just,how you get a phenomenal deal it works,every time and hey if youre in the,dealership and its just its just not,working and youre not having a great,time negotiating its just not going,your way,walk away from the deal and go to,another dealership i dont know why,people just dont walk out its like,people feel embarrassed when walking out,if the deal isnt right,walk out go to another dealership or,just wait,okay,and there you go guys so if you guys,enjoyed this video make sure you guys,smash that like button if you have any,more questions let me know in the,comment section below you guys always,know im in there and ill catch you,guys in the next video subscribe,later

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Lease Swapping: A Complete Guide to a Lease Takeover

hey whats up winners today we wont be,talking about lease swapping or also,called lease takeovers or lease,transfers these kind of leases are,perfect for those who are looking to get,their foot in the door into the leasing,space the great thing about lis swaps is,that you can drive a car for as little,as a few months who are having the,commitment of two or three years and,when your lease is up you would just,turn to your car into the leasing,company as you would if you had a brand,new lease there are a lot of times where,you can find cars that have low mileage,so you can spend a lot more time,enjoying and driving the car so the best,website to find short term car leases is,gonna be swap police so imagine auto,trader but just for leases so this is,where people can list their vehicles,that they want to transfer the lease so,with this website you can make a profile,and account if you actually want to go,through with the lease but if youre,just browsing you can do this completely,free without even making a profile so,just think swap police just as a,middleman who can help you complete the,leased transferring process with the car,finance company and once the process has,been completed then you could go get,your keys,another possibility weve taken over,leases its gonna be going through forms,like lease hacker com,so with this website it is a great,community of people who are trying to,get leases and they also share deals,that they were able to get on this form,theres also a section on this form,where owners post their releases that,they want to transfer or get rid of I,must say the downside with this forum,and so you got do a little bit of,digging to figure out where those leases,or located census section they share,leases from all over the US sometimes,the original poster is nice enough to,put a location in the title me,personally I like swap police more just,because its a little bit more easy to,figure out certain types of criteria,like how far the car is away from you,how much mileage does it have and how,many months does it have left this just,makes it a little bit easier just to,filter out the car that you want so,before we dig deeper into the process of,getting a short-term carlys lets go,over one thing just like any lease you,should still run your own numbers just,to see if youre still getting a good,deal just because you could get a short,term car lease doesnt mean that you,should skip on the step so some of these,leases can be from people who cant,afford the payments anymore or the deal,just wasnt great in the first place so,if you havent seen my car leasing video,where I shared how I got one percent,carlys head over there and check it out,in that video I go into the specific,details of what numbers to run and what,is the ideal calculation when youre,looking for release that process will be,this,same whether you lease income for 36,months or 7 months you ideally want to,get your car payment as low as humanly,possible just remember when youre taken,over at least youre usually working,with people instead of car dealerships,so theres always room for negotiation,there are some times that car,dealerships do post leases on swap,police but you can usually tell and you,can avoid those the ones that you know,that from people usually have some type,of odd numbers of months left like,having 17 or 23 months left on the lease,random numbers like that lets you know,that theyre probably from people so,when youre looking for a short term car,lease these are the eight key factors,that you should look for miles per month,months remaining cash incentives down,payment MSRP of the car monthly payment,contact and negotiation and finally the,meet up I know that this seems like its,a lot when youre looking for a short,term car lease but this would be the,best way to know if a short term carlys,is worth it for you just because leasing,a car for a short amount of time you,should make the numbers work in your,favor,the first key factor to look at is the,miles per month because theres no point,in getting are carlys where you gonna,get Drive a few hundred miles per month,to get the most bang for your buck you,want to find cars that have the lowest,amount of miles so you get more time,driving your car but getting a car with,a lot of miles left this lowers your,risk in the case of you under calculated,of how many miles that you would be,driving so for instance say youre,taking a look at this BMW 5-series this,particular vehicle has about 1,000 404,miles left so if you multiply this,number by 12 which is the number of,months in a year you have about 16,000,848 miles just keep in mind that with,most typical car leases they range,anywhere from 7500 theres 15,000 miles,per year so if you were to lease a brand,new BMW from a dealership you would,typically get a lower monthly payment if,you were driving fewer miles so with,this particular deal you can drive,16,000 miles per year lets take a,little bit deeper because this looks,like a pretty solid deal the next thing,you want to look at is the months,remaining this is really a personal,preference,you can either lease a car for five,months or for 27 months which is the,case for this vehicle,either way the process is gonna be the,same so its a little bit over two years,so it might be good for some but not for,others the next thing that you want to,look at is cash incentives who doesnt,like free money if,you get cash incentives from sellers,this will often swing the deal the,majority of what a lease payment is is,usually the depreciation of the car from,the MSRP from its expected value also,known as the residual value after the,lease is up so the closer you get to the,residual value the better off that,youll be when youre taking over at,least the terms of the lease has already,set in stone meaning that your monthly,payment will remain the same so that,cash incentive doesnt go nothing,towards the monthly payment so just look,at the cash incentive as driving the car,free for a few months since you can,apply that to the monthly payments that,you have to pay for anyways the reason,what people can give cash incentives is,that its probably cheaper to give,incentives rather than ending the lease,early and paying expensive termination,fees one thing to keep in mind when,sellers offer cash incentives is that,itll be a good idea to have a contract,in place just to make sure that they,will hold that promise when the lease,transfer is completed Ive heard some,people even using an escrow company as a,middleman just to make sure that they,get their cash incentive the reason,being is that because transferring a,lease is a pretty high transaction,thats pretty much built on trust,because the other person gets to keep,the car while the paperwork and a,transfer is actually being processed,although youre already committed,legally by signing the transfer,paperwork the next thing you want to,look at is the down payment me,personally I try to avoid that payments,for lease as much as possible just,remember if the seller requires a down,payment is not due to the financial,companies requiring a down payment,because the contract and the terms of,the lease are already made and cannot be,change so for the down payment is,typically for the seller to cover their,fees for the transfer or it was a down,payment that they put down initially for,the lease remember youre working with,people here so this is negotiable the,next thing you want to take a look at is,the MSRP of the vehicle the main reason,why you want to know this number is that,this is how we calculate the 1% lease so,in a case of this BMW the MSRP is about,67 thousand dollars so a monthly payment,of six hundred and seventy dollars or,less is ideal just remember that the 1%,rule is just a simple thing to think,about when determining of a lease is,good or not not all leases will come,close to the 1% rule but the closer the,better it will be majority of the time,when you see a lease on SWAT police or,any other

How To LEASE A Car With BAD CREDIT (2022)

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LeaseTrader.com on MotorWeek

motorWeek televisions original,automotive magazine when shopping for a,car consumers have two choices they can,buy or they can lease and for many,leasing is the intelligent option but,youd better be aware of what youre,getting into before you sign on the,dotted line,our fYI reporter Yolanda Vasquez breaks,down the dos and donts of leasing to,help make it a smart and stress-free,experience every time you turn on a TV,theres another car commercial oh these,arent BMW Keys offering a great deal on,leasing a vehicle now Lisa Honda Odyssey,for 279 a month as car prices continue,to rise leasing is becoming a more,popular alternative to traditional new,car purchases today there are 17 million,people who lease a vehicle in the US we,have a long history of consumer leasing,president of Allstate leasing Brent,Baron says you can typically negotiate a,lower monthly payment on a lease rather,than a purchase but if you decide to go,that route here are a few things to,consider mileage most lease transactions,are based on 12 to 15 thousand miles a,year if you go over that amount there,will be a substantial charge for excess,mileage that could be anywhere from,fifteen to twenty-five thirty cents a,mile and thats going to be something,you may be able to negotiate upfront,when you lease the vehicle length of,lease typically they range from 24 to 48,months ideally you want the length of,the lease to coincide with the,manufacturers warranty coverage that,way your vehicles is usually always,under warranty while youre driving,additional charges include disposition,fee acquisition fee and the dreaded,early termination fee you really,shouldnt enter into a lease transaction,you think theres a chance that youre,going to have to move out of it early,when you terminate at least it means,that you have to prepay all the,outstanding payments with the leasing,company and that could be thousands of,dollars it is thousands of dollars,s̩rgio Steve Bermans should know he,leased a BMW several years ago when he,wanted to bail out early the dealer told,him he had to pay fourteen thousand,dollars I said if Im gonna pay you and,give you my car Рwhat keep the car and,drive it so it made absolutely no,Steve Herman soon discovered he wasnt,alone thats when he created his,florida-based company least trader.com,we match a person that wants out of a,lease with a person that wants to take,over and assume that car very simpler,Maryland resident actual un-da recently,used the matchmaking service to unload,this 2006 Jeep Commander essentially,within a few hours the information was,what everyone to see and thats what I,needed,India had a buyer within two weeks but,when it was time to transfer the lease,he experienced some difficulty with his,leasing company and they were like well,we dont usually do that but you know,yeah if you insist we are going to see,what we can do but you will still be,responsible for the car,keep in mind some companies will hold,the original lease holder responsible,for any missed payments damages excess,mileage even after the lease has been,transferred so its important to know,where your responsibilities begin and,end Steve Raymond has spent years,educating leasing companies and,manufacturers about the benefits of,lease transfers theres some companies,out there that are not so friendly to,leasing and once they lock you in they,have you while most of the focus of a,lease transfer is on the seller there,are a large number of buyers who,actively seek out lease assumptions,today you have four times as many people,want to take over a car then you have,people wanting to get out of them the,advantages are numerous you get to,test-drive a car there are no upfront,costs and many of the fees are,negotiable,Kwasi Deborah met up with a motivated,seller on lease trader.com,she sweeten the pot by offering a cash,incentive she paid $15 yeah that was,part of the agreement that she would pay,fifteen hundred dollars for me to take,over the lease Deborah picked up the,remaining payments of this bmw x5,he says the whole process was a win-win,situation for both parties,this is not for everybody I would say,you know but if youre lucky and you get,the right car the right situation I,think it makes sense so before you head,to the dealership make sure you brush up,on your leasing lingo and do some,serious homework knowing how the leasing,process works will help you decide if,this popular option is right for you

LeaseTrader.com on South Florida Today

this is South Florida today on NBC 6 you,know what I think about car leases Ive,disliked them for years a vehicle always,costs more to lease than to buy and if,your finances change if you lose your,job you could always sell a car but you,cant get rid of a leased car or can you,alas there may now be a way to get out,of a car lease you can no longer afford,Kathy barreto is a financial planner and,John sternal is from lease trader.com,and here to tell us all about this,welcome to those of you thank you did,you want to argue with me about a leased,car Im coughing more Ill to know I,actually fully agree with you thats,your business owner thats done up,thats the only time I have advised our,viewers that releases when you can write,it off yeah but considering the segment,today is about auto leasing getting an,hour we want to talk about the,importance of combining these two forces,as part of a good money management which,is really should be part of a lifestyle,okay I agree now I know some people who,recently in the last six months to,people who leased cars and have either,lost a job or had their job hours cut in,half what can they do I mean these,people are dying they need they would,love to get out of their leases at least,trader calm seas it all the time people,getting cut from a job or dealing with a,bad mortgage a lot of people coming to,lease trader and saying can you help us,I I need to lower my bills so we asked,them to simply put their vehicle lease,on the website weve got a waiting list,of people looking to take over these,leases we facilitate the transaction and,the first person walks away from their,lease contract and the second person,picks up a lease for no money down why,do you have to trade or can you just put,your lease up and try and have somebody,take it over it actually its only a,one-way transaction I thought so because,I have a cousin who actually just bought,one of these leases on a very very,high-end vehicle and ended up saving a,fortune from someone who could no longer,afford it so it helps on the people are,doing for were doing well and people,not doing well correct back when the,economy was good we saw a lot of people,upsizing you know getting rid of a lease,because it reported with it they wanted,something nicer now that the economy is,bad we see the opposite effect over,helping a lot of people downsize on,Lees trailer and they get something,else thats smaller Kathy over the years,I have cringed when Ive seen people who,dont make a lot of money my cars at,least cars that they could never afford,to buy its the American Way live way,above your means whereas we should be,leaving not at our means but far below,our means I think this is such a great,venue to do that and it but it really,begins Bob with knowing what your,expenses are what are your influence,whatre your apples its really tied,into a budget and people are realizing,now with the economy that they cant,afford some of the things that they,could afford before do you think perhaps,a silver lining in this recession is,that people are learning to live with,less sobriety I think its really the,key word is a you know get off of the,drunken super of the last decade and,realize that we have to have a different,kind of lifestyle and money management,is so important and as a financial,planner Im just surprised and appalled,at how many people from all walks of,life dont even keep something as simple,as a budget one of my favorite websites,for people is mint com or they can track,all of these things for free online,aggregate all of their accounts their,auto leases their bank accounts or,credit cards and see right in your face,every day what it is that you have one,of the dangers in buying a car on the,internet say on ebay is that you really,have no idea what it looks like in for,in real life unless you pay someone to,go look at it do you offer a service,where these cars can be inspected for,someone whos looking to buy a lease we,do at least trader we always encourage,somebody to try and take over a car,lease in their own backyard so that they,can personally go and check it out but,like were a nationwide company so we do,have services in place where you can get,vehicle inspection reports and even,transportation quotes whenever you do,want to excuse me transfer release,across country have you ever run into a,situation im sure some but you must,have where someone received a car from,another state and they werent happy,with it where they thought it wasnt as,represented and then,happens in the event that occurs it,actually doesnt happen because Lisas,keep in mind are typically kept in very,good condition so theyre very rarely do,we see any kind of a situation where,somebody has not maintained their lease,properly so most of the time people at,least rated r comma pretty happy with,the vehicles that they get all right,great good segment thank you both for,being with us Thank You ppreciate it to,find out more information about how you,can trade or get rid of your lease go to,lease trader calm

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