1. Ledger Nano X Review After One Year (IS IT STILL WORTH IT?)
  2. The Dangers of Using a Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet (warning)
  3. Ledger Nano X Full Beginners Guide (2022): Complete Setup Tutorial
  4. THE BEST CRYPTO WALLET for 2022 (Ledger vs Trezor vs …)
  5. The Ultimate Ledger Nano Comparison (Nano S Plus vs S vs X) [2022]
  6. Top 4 BEST & SAFEST Crypto Hardware Wallets in 2023 (Comparison)
  7. Ledger Nano X 2022 Full Unboxing & Setup + $55 in FREE Money!

Ledger Nano X Review After One Year (IS IT STILL WORTH IT?)

ladies and gentlemen people of the,internet if youre wondering if the,ledger nano x hardware wallet is worth,buying well,this is the video for you i got one of,the very first ledger nano x devices off,the press,and ive used it for almost a year now,so i can tell you whats good,what needs work and whether i think its,worth the money but before we get,started if youre new to the channel,welcome,if youre into cryptocurrency you want,to learn about how the tech works keep,up with the latest news and all that,good stuff,please do hit that subscribe button the,little bell notification button next to,it so youll get a heads up,when i post new content on the channel,thank you in advance,without further ado lets hash it out,to the last,[Music],is,[Music],when the ledger nano x launched about a,year ago i did a detailed review on,youtube that covered all the bases on my,experience with the device,ill link that up in the description,below along with a link to the ledger,nano x,itself if you want to check that out,however at the time of that review id,only gotten to use it for a short period,of time when i made that particular,video,so i think now one year later having,used it a ton,it makes sense for me to give you my,thoughts after using it daily for all,this time,so lets get started with the good stuff,first of all the ledger nano x has been,night and day better than the nano s in,terms of stability and user experience,especially when updating the firmware,which was a huge issue on the nano s for,a lot of people,both on ledger live the mobile app and,the desktop version,managing your nano x device feels like a,refined clearly laid out process,and sending transactions is equally as,easy the nano x,has been a breeze to use update manage,apps on and the built-in battery makes,it easy for me to take the wallet on the,go if needed,and i dont have to sit at my desk,anymore and plug into my desktop,computer to access my wallets,which is an underrated feature in my,opinion in the crypto space,user experience is not often tended to,very well,and thats where this wallet really,stands out from the perspective of,everyday use in my humble opinion it,isnt perfect,its not the best thing since sliced,spread and ill talk about some of the,issues in a minute but its leaps and,bounds ahead of its predecessor,by the way ill address the most,controversial topic related to the nano,x towards the end of this video,so make sure you stick around for that,the second thing i really like about,this wallet is that you can store up to,100 unique apps on the device at a time,which really maximizes the ability for,you to manage your entire portfolio of,cryptocurrencies all in one place,personally i have around 15 apps 20 apps,on here at any given time,because this isnt my only wallet but i,have a ton of space left over to work,with as i get new cryptocurrencies or i,want to,test out do new different wallets again,this shows that the ledger,team themselves paid attention to its,users and the feedback from the nano s,the storage space itself was terrible on,that device and when it was full it got,really,laggy and buggy the nano x has been,buttery smooth for me no matter how much,space ive used up and no matter how,many apps i have running on it,for those two reasons alone i think the,nano x is a huge upgrade over the nano s,and its well worth the extra money,but theres more on a semi-related note,i think,the wide-ranging coin support on the,nano x is also a huge benefit,there are close to 1300 maybe even more,cryptocurrencies supported these days,and more keep on coming for someone that,wants something thats easy to use,easy to carry and supports a lot of,coins the nano x is a compelling option,and finally this is a subtle thing but i,really do like it,the screen the screen is clearer and,larger on this device and it makes,everything,easier like i have bad vision like,really bad,vision you can probably tell by like,these crazy magnified glasses that i,have,and the pixely tiny screen on the nano s,was pretty tough for me to see clearly,and it made reviewing addresses while,sending transactions just,really really annoying i couldnt see it,very well the scrolling was too,fast the pixelliness just i didnt like,it,the larger screen on the nanox has a,higher resolution and more space to,review transactions and manage,apps and i love that subtle thing but,you get a stack of two different apps on,top of each other on the screen versus,one,its great of course there are some,things that i dont like,and chief among them is the size of the,device and its effect,on navigation through the menus by no,means am i a giant,but i have pretty big hands and the,small form factor of the nano x makes,prolonged use of the two button,navigation system,really annoying especially for,recovering your seed phrase or testing,your seed phrase during setup,dont get me wrong the two front facing,buttons the round ones are a vast,improvement over the nano ss top side,switches but its still just not my cup,of tea,not everyones gonna care about this and,some people really like it but its just,my opinion,another thing i dont love on this,device is that the heavier albeit,nicer quality metal frame or hinge piece,that protects the screen ill show that,to you here,when folded it just it isnt attached,firmly enough on my particular device,i dont know if it was something that,was like a first run build quality issue,that got sorted out afterwards,but it still bothers me its not seated,on there very well so when im using the,nano x and i take my hand off the metal,hinge it just flops down and gets in the,way when i try and go back to use it,minor thing again but a build quality,thing that i wish was not there in the,first place,now the biggest complaint i have about,the nanox itself is the setup process is,just a royal pain in the ass,theres no ifs and or buts about it,whether youre a beginner or a new,like a new person or youre a veteran in,the crypto space its still just a pain,to set up the device the first time of,course you set up your pin,you get your seed phrase generated you,write that bad boy down safely,and all thats great takes about 20,seconds but then you have to manually,validate the entire 24 word phrase with,the clunky buttons on the device,this is a one-time thing and i,understand that its done like this for,security purposes so you dont,ham hand your seed phrase and wind up,losing your crypto,i get it but its extremely arduous and,it was extremely painful for me to do,in my mind there has to be a more,creative way to double check that the,users correctly recorded his or her,seed,thats a little bit more optimized for,the tiny controls on the device,connectivity wise though i didnt have,any issues connecting bluetooth during,the setup process but i have heard folks,needing to retry it a couple of times,during setup,so take that for what it is i had no,issues but others might have,that being said lets address the,elephant in the room,and that is bluetooth when the nanox was,announced and it was,launched the factions started to form as,usual i think this is not unique to the,crypto space,you had one side of the arena who,lambasted ledger,for including bluetooth which they,viewed as a glaring security hole,and then the other side of the arena who,didnt mind it or really preferred that,feature,lets get down to the brass tacks here,first of all we have yet to see,a notable provable bluetooth related,hack on the nano x in one year of,existence,thats good news in my book all the,people who said wed see all sorts of,hacking occur as a result of bluetooth,it just didnt materialize that way and,secondly,the bluetooth feature itself does not,expose the private keys or,other secrets on your hot or internet,connected mobile device,its simply there to receive the raw,transaction to your nano,return the signed transaction back to,your device and then,see confirmations from your device for,different actions,at no point in time is y

The Dangers of Using a Ledger Nano Hardware Wallet (warning)

hello everybody welcome back to devmoney,and today im going to be sharing with,you the five most common questions and,concerns about using a ledger nano,hardware wallet or any hardware wallet,for that matter and ive seen online,these five concerns come up way too,often on reddit on twitter and pretty,much anywhere else online where people,are discussing crypto now the first,concern i see people have when theyre,setting up a hardware wallet is they ask,what happens if i forget my seed phrase,now you should be aware that this,concern doesnt just apply to hardware,wallets it applies to any non-custodial,wallet where you control the private key,or the seed phrase so this applies to,ledgers treasures as well as metamask,coinbase wallet phantom wallet or any,other non-custodial wallet and this out,of all of the five concerns im going to,share is really the biggest one because,no matter what wallet youre using if,you forget your seed phrase you cant,find it or you had it memorized but now,youve forgotten it there is no way to,restore your crypto and you can really,consider it to be gone unless you get,lucky and somehow you remember or find,your seed phrase and if i could share my,top best practice for storing and,protecting your crypto and nfts its to,protect and safeguard your seed phrase,dont let anyone have it and make sure,that its in a secure location where it,wont get destroyed and you wont forget,where it is so if you have a hardware,wallet or any wallet and you forget your,seed phrase know that youre pretty much,out of luck and the best thing you need,to do to prevent that is to write it,down somewhere safe and store it,somewhere securely so you never run into,that issue to begin with now the second,concern i see often pop up is people,wonder what happens if i forget my,password and sometimes people talk about,their metamask password or their,coinbase wallet password but also youre,going to have a password on your ledger,device that you need to remember as well,and the great thing about having your,seed phrase is that if you forget your,password your seed phrase is going to,override that password meaning if you,forget your seed phrase it doesnt,really matter because you can just,restore your device or you can restore,your metamask wallet and then you just,set it up again with that seed phrase,for that account and then you have,access to all of your crypto again and,you can make a new password so as long,as you have your seed phrase its safe,and secure you shouldnt worry too much,about forgetting your password although,you should remember that as well just to,be safe now these next three are real,big issues that i see people have with,hardware wallets specifically what if my,hardware wallet my ledger or my trezor,is destroyed or what if i lose it how am,i gonna get access to my crypto or my,nfts again because i lost the device,well this is where you need to,understand what the hardware wallet is,actually doing the hardware wallet isnt,actually storing your crypto on that,device its only storing the private,keys to your crypto assets this means,that if your ledger is stolen or if it,gets destroyed in a flood or in a fire,all you have to do is go buy a new,hardware wallet and you can set that up,with your old seed phrase from that,initial hardware wallet and then you,have access all over again to all of,your crypto assets and nothing has,changed and that brings us to the fourth,question people often ask is what if my,ledger or my trezor is stolen well the,good news is on your ledger or your,trezor youre also gonna have a password,that you need to use in order to access,any crypto on that device so even if,youre at school or youre at work or,something and maybe you leave your,ledger on your desk and someone swipes,it unless they know your passcode,theyre not going to be able to do,anything with that device its,essentially useless for them but if that,were to happen and your ledger gets,stolen and youre wondering if your,crypto is safe and you want to just move,it all out really quick what you can,also do instead of waiting for another,ledger or trezor to arrive via shipping,is you can just take your seed phrase,and then go make a new wallet with,something like metamask and then you,have access to all of your crypto and,you can send it to another wallet,although do keep in mind that in that,situation that seed phrase is now,compromised because you expose it to the,internet and when you get a new hardware,wallet youre going to need to set up a,new seat phrase and then send everything,out of metamask and into the ledger let,me know in the comments if you have any,questions about that now the fifth,question i often see when people are,considering a smaller brand that makes a,hardware wallet people wonder what,happens if the company that makes this,hardware wallet goes out of business,well the great thing is that the,majority of hardware wallets use the bip,39 standard thats what allows us to see,those private keys in that seed phrase,format either 12 or 24 words so if,youre using a ledger wallet and then,all of the sudden ledger goes bankrupt,and they no longer have any support and,ledger live no longer works what you can,then do is just go buy a trezor or,another hardware wallet and put the seed,phrase from your ledger into that,treasure and then you have access to all,of your crypto accounts and all of your,funds on that trezor device and its 100,secured so i hope this has helped you,see that pretty much all of your,concerns that youre going to have by,using a ledger device whether its,someone stealing your hardware wallet or,you losing it or the company going out,of business as long as youve protected,your seed phrase youre gonna be totally,fine and you can restore and get access,to all of your crypto again on another,device or on another wallet and if you,do want to check out a ledger wallet and,support the channel make sure to check,out the links down below in the,description and also if you have any,questions or comments leave them down,below

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Ledger Nano X Full Beginners Guide (2022): Complete Setup Tutorial

hey whats going on guys adam here and,welcome to the channel in this video im,going to show you everything you need to,know on how to set up your ledger nano x,as well as how to use it to get the most,value out of it that you can and as you,can tell by the length this is a full,comprehensive guide so feel free to use,the time stamps down below to skip to,the part that you need so lets jump,right into it the ledger nano x is a,hardware wallet which is one of the,safest ways to store your cryptocurrency,they keep your private keys safe,on the device away from hackers and it,is offline so no one can access it,through the internet or anything like,that so with that said pretty much the,only way someone can steal your crypto,is if they get their grubby hands on,your seed phrase or the physical device,itself the friendly reminder no matter,what wallet you use to never ever tell,your seed phrase to anyone under any,circumstance because that is what allows,them to steal your assets and also dont,link your wallets on any website that,you dont trust there are tons of fake,websites out there so if you are going,to do it make sure it is the one that,you are looking for so some background,on the company ledger was founded in,2014 and have since sold over three,million devices and theyve grown to be,one of the most trusted brands for,hardware wallets so the ledger nano x,supports 1800 cryptocurrencies and,counting like bitcoin and ethereum and,you can use 100 different crypto at once,on this thing they also integrate with,software wallets like metamask for even,more supported crypto and with this you,can actually use decentralized,applications or adapts or d apps however,you want to say it,while maintaining that high level of,security on top of this ledger has a,desktop and a mobile app for managing,your wallets i will link it in the,description,its also in the sheets whenever you,open the box but just be very very,careful where you download it from make,sure that it is from the official ledger,website which is ledger.com the ledger,nano x even has bluetooth integration to,both iphone and android so you can,connect to your phone and take it on the,go just for comparison they made a,similar product to the x called the nano,s,which has three major differences so,first both support the similar list of,crypto but in some cases the s supports,crypto that the x does not and vice,versa so an example of this is the,harmony 1 token which is only supported,by the s and not the x so definitely,check on their website on ledgers,website which products support the,crypto that you want to have so thats,the first difference between the two the,next big difference is that you can only,store about three to six different,krypto at once on the s compared to,about 100 on the x so if you have a,bunch of different crypto that youre,using you probably want to stick with,the x otherwise the s probably wont be,able to handle it the last big,difference is the s only works when,plugged into your computer or to your,android phone using the charger which,looks a little something like this so,you know its a little clunky,theres no bluetooth on this thing like,there is on the x so its not quite as,mobile so if youre using a bunch of,different cryptocurrencies at once or,you want a wallet that you can use on,the go or if you have an iphone youll,probably want the x so if you do want to,stick with the x then youre in the,right place if youre using the s no,worries i will be posting a video on how,to set this guy up later but you know,honestly theyre pretty similar with the,setup the only difference is just,honestly how the buttons look so you,know you can follow the exact same steps,that i show you in for this and itll,work for this all right so first off,lets see whats in the box so im gonna,go ahead and bring my camera over here,so heres what the box looks like when,you first get it theres gonna be some,plastic wrap over it but you know you,just take that off then what you do is,you slide it out of this sleeve thats,here so there you go set aside then you,got this guy right here so then you just,you take off the top part of it leave,the bottom part and you flip this over,yeah there you go theres your download,link only go to ledger.com do not go,anywhere else or download it from,anywhere else now if we go over here,this is the actual nanox itself so,theres your ledger symbol and it says,uh first and numerous,on the back i think thats like strength,in numbers or something i could be wrong,so next up lets take this out,so next up you just have some more,documents so basically what you got in,here is a user guide,you have your uh recovery phrase cards,that you can write them down on,uh you got some stickers and then you,got some more legal stuff grab one of,these and set these aside because well,use these in a sec and finally you have,the charger so this is not necessary as,i mentioned uh because this does have,battery and bluetooth so you can take it,on the go with you but you know you will,need this to charge and also to sync it,up to your laptop and finally if we take,this off you have your little keychain,so that you can put it on your wallet or,your actual keys or something like that,so that is whats in the box all right,so lets go ahead and set this up as a,brand new device so obviously you want,to open the box up and then charge it,for a little bit that way it has a,little bit of battery all right so step,one grab your ledger nano,first get it,alex,patrick thats a pickle yes all right so,here is the ledger nano x,so were gonna go ahead and unsheath,this if its not on you can hit the,black button so it just gives you a,little welcome page so it says welcome,to the ledger nano x,press the right button tells you where,to download the app from again make sure,that it is from ledger.com and nowhere,else,uh then you just use these buttons this,is usually like four or this is back or,you know right left,um and then you press both buttons to,select and then at any time on the home,screen you can just hold these down for,like two seconds and that will bring up,the basically like settings page you can,start the ledger live app you wont need,it because im gonna walk you through,everything,um and then if we hit write one more,were going to set this up as a new,device so go ahead and double click here,then you just choose a pin with four to,eight digits double click again,and were going to go ahead and enter a,pin so you can cycle through numbers,like this you can see that uh the right,one goes up and the left one goes down,all right so i just entered my first,digit and just a heads up if you do make,a mistake in this and you want to delete,a digit there actually is a,character for that once youve entered,in your first one youll see a backspace,here so you can go ahead and delete that,so lets go ahead and enter one for real,and once youve entered it in the first,time now youre going to want to confirm,it so lets go ahead and do that all,right so now its going to tell you to,write down your recovery phrase so this,is where you want to grab one of these,cards that i showed you earlier,you dont have to use this but you know,you can use any any piece of paper or,any anything that you can keep track of,so lets go ahead and double click,all right so your device will generate,24 words uh and these are your recovery,phrases so this is your seed phrase that,everyone tells you uh not to share with,other people,and again if you lose this if anyone,else knows this besides you,go get a new one generate a new one all,right so lets hit right,again its your only backup make sure,that you hang on to this make sure that,you always have access to it write it,down on the sheet and press both buttons,to continue all right so then youll see,a word here,so like this word is gate so then you,want to what you want to do is youll,just take a pen and youll write gate,for the first word right here,then you will hit,the right arro

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THE BEST CRYPTO WALLET for 2022 (Ledger vs Trezor vs …)

hey crypto friends welcome back so today,we are talking about hardware wallets to,keep your funds safe now these devices,may look very strange to you but who,knows perhaps one day everybody is going,to be carrying one of these around in,order to really protect and safeguard,your cryptocurrency funds because,without these anybody can hack your,computer you can get a virus on there,somebody can snatch your phone and then,you just lose control of everything in,the devastating moment your life savings,would just vanish overnight disappeared,into thin air to some random blockchain,address your friends and family they,would leave you your spouse would,divorce you to go build a future with,somebody else,i mean i guess this could happen,regardless either way like ive got,these right here with me and all of,these things still happen to me,regardless but what ive done for you,today is i have gone through the effort,of procuring six hardware wallets for,your cryptocurrency funds and im going,to explain to you what you really need,to look for in a hardware wallet and,which one of these i would actually,recommend and which i would not should,be an interesting episode something that,may help you and save you tons of money,and grief in the future for you lets,get into it quick pause this video,sponsored you by blinkist.com techlead,an app that summarizes the best insights,from over 3 000 non-fiction books into,just 15 minutes by size sessions you can,read or listen to the first hundred,people to visit blinkist.com tech lead,are getting a free one week trial plus,25 off premium if you want it linked in,the description below alright so i went,ahead and ordered a bunch of these you,know what the problem is i cant return,these and the reason is that they make,the packaging tamper proof you have to,essentially rip through the packaging,because they dont want people returning,these items the problem being once you,get one of these and return it you may,already know the passphrases for these,and then that person may load their,funds under the hardware wallet the,hardware wallet or they belonging and,initialize to somebody else and so,theres a bunch of precautions that,these companies will take but for,example you can see that this packaging,you essentially have to rip through to,open you know the treasure packaging it,was so difficult to open i had to just,break it apart and you know some of,these they will have hologram seals on,the side where you can ensure that these,have not been opened yet ive seen some,threads online where people say you,should not even buy from amazon because,you know even if you were to order this,brand new from amazon theres some,concerns that you could be getting a,fake version of it because amazon may be,mixing supplies from various different,people and retailers and really the only,way to secure yourself is to order,straight direct from the manufacturer to,your house so what do we have here today,this one is the oculus card for your,hardware called wallet storage we also,have two ledgers the popular ledger nano,x and the ledger nano s series we have,the trezor model one which is another,very popular wallet theres also the,safe pal s1 wallet this is the only,wallet invested in by binance the,largest exchange in the world and then,just for fun here we also have to save,pal cipher which is essentially a metal,card system where you can engrave your,passphrase on so were going to compare,these and talk about which one i would,recommend the short answer is its,probably going to be the largest but,lets talk about this now from a,security standpoint what a hardware,wallet really does is that it puts your,security key your private passphrase,onto this device and it never leaves,this device and so anytime that you need,to sign the signature or something like,that or sign up for a transaction it,will encrypt that signature and send it,to your computer so the passphrase,always remains on the device and even if,your computer gets totally hacked with,malware and theres a screen recorder or,key recorder the idea is that your,computer does not ever have any secret,passphrase on there anyway in the first,place and so it makes you unhackable,people will need to gain access to this,device for the actual pass phrases and,it never leaves here now the arcadeless,quite modern quite new and very slick as,well in which the idea being that you,just take this card and you tap it,against the back of your phone and that,will enable transactions essentially,using three factor authentication using,your phones biometric sensor a pin code,and then something that you have been,card now the oculus card costs about 100,as slick and innovative as this is and i,like where the concept is going i have a,number of problems with this one being,that this does not support d5 meta mask,lending earning staking contracts you,know what you can do with this is you,have a very simple basic app in which,you can just send the funds to and send,funds out of and thats essentially it,and they support a very limited few,number of tokens and blockchains out,there you know ideally i think that all,of these hardware wallet systems should,be able to allow you to interact with d5,contracts theyre probably working on,this but this being so new they dont,have support for that yet and then the,other issue i have with this is that i,believe it only supports a single wallet,you know its just one card per wallet,and theres this concept known as,plausible deniability which is what you,need against the five dollar wrench,attack which is the idea that you know,if somebody finds this theyre going to,maybe rob you physically coerce you into,unlocking your funds and they want to,get access to whatevers in here and if,you have a substantial amount of funds,in here then youll be forced to just,reveal that plausible deniability is,being able to say well hey you can get,this you can open up the wallet and,theres nothing in there you know this,is kind of a software fix actually if,you can just say that perhaps entering a,different pin code it would unlock a,hidden wallet in which you have your,actual real funds and then using another,pin code it unlocks another wallet that,you could hand over to the attacker like,how people sometimes carry two wallets,at the same time as theyre traveling,and so these are just considerations,becoming more relevant in the age of,crypto security now the idea behind the,arguments card is that when you need to,make a transaction you just tap it to,your phone and it will approve the,transaction and theres been some,confusion its still not 100 clear,whether the passphrase exists on the,card or actually does the passphrase,just exist on your phone and simply,tapping it enables the passphrase to,sign whatever it needs to there is this,debate the portion where your passphrase,actually appears on your phone so that,you can write it down although the,developers have said thats just a,temporary display and that the,passphrase generally remains on the card,and that brings us to the next wallet,actually here which are the ledger,series which actually do support,decentralized finance as well as,multiple wallets and multiple pin codes,and youll notice there are two of these,one is the ledger nano x coming in at,120 bucks and then theres the ledger,nano s which is just 60 bucks so this,will cost twice as much and if youre,wondering about the differences well go,over them but to start off both of these,theyre pretty functionally similar they,do pretty much the same thing and both,of them crucially interact with the,metamask wallet so you can connect it to,your pc and then use it to approve,transactions send funds interact with,contracts and so forth everything you,could do with metamask you could,essentially do with these and so youll,be able to take advantage of all of the,decentralized finance tools and,platforms out there for earning yield or,staking landing and anything else you,may be doing out the

The Ultimate Ledger Nano Comparison (Nano S Plus vs S vs X) [2022]

but this problem like many of lifes,other age-old problems can be solved,with a hammer and bulletproof sheets of,titanium whats up youtube ishbaret back,at it again with another video if youve,been in crypto for a while and youre,huddling for the long term like me,youre going to want to get a hardware,wallet so that you can at least,self-custody some percentage of your,coins luckily this has never been easier,thanks to companies like ledger that,have an entire suite of different,products that you can purchase to,self-custody your coins they recently,came out with this ledger nano s plus,and when you combine the s plus with,their current offerings for hardware,devices this entire lineup of products,gets very confusing so if you guys watch,the end of the video im gonna be,answering the question what the is the,difference between these three devices,and ill be giving you guys a,recommendation for which device is best,for your personal use case hopefully,this buyers guide will be helpful for,you before you go out and purchase a new,ledger nano s plus or any of the other,offerings that are on ledgers website,so go down below and smash the like,button for bitcoin security and lets,level up your brain,quick disclaimer before we jump into the,video here you should only be buying,these devices directly from ledgers,website or from an authorized reseller,like casa or unchained capital,absolutely do not go to amazon or ebay,and purchase one of these devices used,any discount you might be getting is not,worth the risk that the device has been,tampered with ill have an affiliate,link in the description that came,directly from ledger but if you are sus,of any links just go to ledger.com and,purchase your device from there also if,you guys want to learn more about why,you would want a hardware wallet in the,first place ill leave a link up in the,cards to a video that i did a while ago,that explains what is a hardware wallet,and why might you want one and if you,guys want to learn anything else about,hardware wallets that we dont cover in,this video go ahead down below and leave,a comment and ill work on a video to,talk about whatever it is that you guys,are interested in so first lets talk,about the old ledger nano s versus the,new ledger nano s plus and the first,thing were going to touch on here is,the price of a new device the old ledger,nos is 60 on ledgers website and the,new ledger nano s plus is 80 on ledgers,website and for me when i purchased this,new device just a couple days ago there,was a 20 shipping fee that i couldnt,figure out how to avoid so factor that,20 shipping fee if youre in the united,states to whatever the cost of your,device is so that would bring it to,really about eighty dollars for the old,ledger nano s and a hundred dollars for,the new ledger nano s plus so overall in,my opinion if you dont have at least a,thousand dollars of crypto you shouldnt,be looking to purchase one of these,devices because it doesnt really make,sense to buy a hundred dollar device to,store fifty dollars of crypto on it at,that point youd just be better off,using a free mobile wallet so what do,you get for the extra twenty dollars in,this s plus that you dont get in the,old s device the biggest thing you get,in this new s-plus device is youre,getting a lot more hard drive space on,the physical device ledger says you can,get about six apps on the old ledger,nano s but back when i was coining i was,really only able to get about four apps,on this device so if youre doing,something like i was where i was trying,to dollar cost average the top 10 coins,by market cap those 10 coins are going,to be more than the six coins but really,four coins that youre able to fit on,this ledger nano s wallet which,previously had driven a lot of people to,go buy the ledger nano x which well get,to in a minute but over here on the new,ledger nano s plus youre getting up to,a hundred crypto wallets the same as the,ledger nano x on this one device which,is going to be way more than enough for,most people if you have more than a,hundred different kryptos let me know,down in the comments i have a bridge in,brooklyn to sell you youre also getting,a much bigger screen and just a better,user experience with the s version of,the device versus the old s device and,something i personally care about a lot,because i hate having a million,different chords for things the s plus,uses usbc whereas the old s model is,still using micro usb and i personally,in 2022 do not have time for micro usb,anymore if youre making a device with,micro usb i probably dont want it so in,my opinion that micro usb usb c,situation is reason enough to opt for,the new version of the wallet and,overall youre getting a lot more value,in my opinion the ability to store up to,100 cryptocurrency tokens on a wallet,versus up to six but really in practice,i was only able to get around four on,there so for just 20 the new s plus is a,really big upgrade over this old s model,next lets compare the new s-plus model,to the ledger nano x the flagship model,hardware wallet thats sold by ledger,lets again start with price so like we,said earlier the s plus model is going,to run you about 100 after shipping,whereas the ledger nano x actually,retails for 150 and that would get you,to around 170 after shipping so the x is,almost twice the price of the s plus and,lets see what we get from a feature,perspective for that massive difference,in price the biggest difference is that,this ledger nos plus doesnt have,bluetooth the whole point of bluetooth,on this ledger nano x device is that,then you dont have to plug it into your,computer to sign transactions and if,youre an ios user it also gives you the,ability to sync your ledger live app,with your iphone and because the ledger,nano x is using bluetooth it also has an,8 hour battery life which is helpful if,you want to sign transactions on the go,without bringing a usbc cord with you,but personally whenever im traveling i,do have a usbc cord because pretty much,all my devices now use usbc and so as,far as functionality is concerned you,can do the exact same things with both,devices its just that with the s-plus,you have to have a usb-c cable but with,the ledger nano x you can utilize,bluetooth the only other difference in,these devices is you can probably see,the ledger nano x is a little bit,chunkier than the ledger nano s plus and,its also a bit taller but the screen,sizes of these devices are exactly the,same the number of coins that you can,keep on device is exactly the same and,so overall this is going to come down to,whether or not you care that much about,bluetooth and whether or not you want to,use ledger live on your ios device as,far as i know there is no difference,from an android perspective you can just,plug in this ledger nanos plus into an,android phone and ledger live will work,the same way the bluetooth is really,only there to help you sign transactions,without a usbc cable and so that you can,use ledger live on ios so if thats not,worth the extra 70 to you which i think,its probably not going to be worth it,for most people the ledger nano s plus,is going to be your best option next,lets talk about the ledger nano ss,strong point of being able to manage,nfts really effectively even though the,ledger nano s plus is advertised as,being really great for managing nfts any,ledger device is capable of managing,nfts even the really old ledger nano s,its just going to be a lot harder on,that smaller ledger nano s to manage a,bunch of different nfts from a bunch of,different chains because like i said,earlier you dont have a lot of wallet,space on the ledger hardware wallet to,have lets say an eth wallet and a,polygon wallet and a solana wallet and a,cardano wallet and a polka dot wallet to,manage nfts from all of these different,chains so if you do have a lot of change,like that youre going to be better off,using this new ledger nano s plus and,like we talked about earlier you know,ther

Top 4 BEST & SAFEST Crypto Hardware Wallets in 2023 (Comparison)

Hardware wallets are hands down the,safest way to store your cryptocurrency,since the beginning of Bitcoin in 2009,and even more so now with the,skyrocketing popularity of crypto,wallets have been targeted by scammers,and thieves who want to get their hands,on your hard-earned crypto on top of,that crypto exchanges that hold your,digital assets for you havent been very,trustworthy either especially recency,with the total collapse of platforms,like Celsius and Voyager losing billions,of their customers assets from Shady,business practices one of the best,Solutions we have to protect ourselves,from all these Bad actors are Hardware,wallets also known as cold storage there,are so so many Hardware wallets to,choose from its pretty overwhelming and,its also important to do some research,before you buy one which is why Im,making this video to give you my,complete and honest opinion on the best,hardware Wallets on the market right now,as someone who has all of these devices,and help you get a feel for which one is,right for you were going to run through,each device in no particular order and,talk about three things usability or how,user-friendly it is compatibility or how,many blockchains and software wallets it,supports and finally price ability,because it rhymes with the first two hey,my names Adam and if you like crappy,jokes buttons are down there you know,what to do anyway lets get right into,the first pick coming in hot with the,best bang for your buck is The Ledger,Nano S Plus this is a relatively new,device by the largest Hardware wallet,manufacturer in the world and has become,what I consider the gold standard for,Hardware wallets Its actually an,upgraded version of the now discontinued,Ledger Nano s hence the name S Plus for,usability the setup is a little,complicated especially when you have to,type things into the device you know,theres only two buttons but dont worry,I made an in-depth guide that will walk,you through it step by step so if you,want to see what it looks like the link,will be up here and down below it only,works on the computer and Android phone,but not on your Apple iPhones but once,its set up its pretty easy to use so,Ill give usability a 4 out of 5 stars,for compatibility all the Ledger devices,work with the same blockchains and,software wallets and they all work with,basically all the biggest blockchains,and software wallets like when someone,wants to build an integration with a,hardware wallet they pretty much always,go straight to the ledgers first it,supports the most amount of blockchains,and software wallets out of any hardware,wallet out there so for that reason Im,giving compatibility a 5 out of 5 stars,for a price the S Plus is eighty dollars,which is tied with the cheapest on this,list and one of the cheaper overall so,the price also gets a 5 out of 5 Stars,so overall a fantastic device and pretty,much your bread and butter for Hardware,wallets while were talking about price,lets take a look at the other cheapest,one on this list the trezor model one,has good bang for your buck not quite,quite as much as The Ledger Nano S Plus,so lets take a look at why for,usability again it only works on,computers and Android phones but not on,your Apple iPhones the setup is a little,bit easier than ledgers because you can,do most of it on your computer but you,dont need to type in anything into the,device itself if you dont want to so,Pro tip make sure that you number the,words on your seed phrase wherever you,have it it will ask you for them in a,random order like the 22nd word then the,10th word so having the numbered will,speed up the process and once you have,it set up its also very easy to use so,Ill give usability a slightly higher,score at 4.5 out of 5 stars now for,compatibility the trezor model 1 suffers,a bit compared to The Ledger not,supporting as many blockchains like,cardano Solana and Cosmos but it still,supports probably the second largest,amount of blockchains and software,wallets the main ones being Bitcoin,ethereum and other based blockchains,through its metamask integration so,while I generally recommend a ledger for,the best compatibility there are some,software wallets that only connect with,trezzer Hardware wallets so make sure,youre getting a device for the software,wallet that you want to use for that,reason Im going to give the trezor,model 1 a 4 out of 5 for compatibility,for a price like I mentioned its the,same as The Ledger Nano S Plus at 80,making it the cheapest on this list for,that reason it also gets a 5 out of 5,stars in price overall this is a great,device but if youre looking to use a,bunch of other blockchains you might,want to get The Ledger theres an,upgraded version called the Model T,which sounds like it should be a car but,its not that supports a couple more,networks but costs 220 dollars which is,a pretty big chunk of change for that,much more functionality anyway lets,move on to the next one the next,Hardware wallet is a very unique one,called the Keystone it uses QR codes,instead of cables or Bluetooth tooth and,has a fairly large touch screen its a,really cool device and reminds me of an,iPod Touch from back in the day if you,remember that for usability its,extremely easy to set up and navigate,around thanks to the touch screen so,this gets a 5 out of 5. for,compatibility Keystone is one of four,metamask official Hardware wallets and,are the first and only wallet compatible,with metamask mobile as you can see I,have my metamask account with my,Hardware backed wallet and you cant do,that with any other one so if youre a,big time mobile user especially for,metamask this is literally your only,option another fun feature is the,Keystone can display your nfts on its,lock screen which doesnt add,functionality but definitely adds style,points it supports most of the other,blockchains like Bitcoin ethereum and,Solana and of course eth based,blockchains via metamask but is also,missing some others like Cosmos and,cardano so Im giving this a 4.5 out of,5 for compatibility the price tag is a,little little higher for this one at 120,dollars which is forty dollars or fifty,percent more than the first two so it,gets a four out of five stars there is a,very slightly upgraded version which is,actually the one that I have here for a,hundred and eighty dollars that just has,a fingerprint scanner on the back as,well as an extra battery pack so in my,opinion its not really worth it anyway,overall an awesome device especially for,mobile users lets move on to the next,one last but not least we have The,Ledger Nano X basically the upgraded,version of the Nano S Plus which was the,first on this list so there will be many,similarities this is personally my go-to,Hardware wallet I do use the other ones,but this is the one I do my main crypto,djan activities on again this was,created by the largest manufacturer of,Hardware wallets in the world as the,Cadillac or basically the top of the,line model for usability the setup is a,little complicated especially when you,have to type things into the device,again theres only two buttons but check,out that setup guide up here and down,below if you need help but once its set,up its pretty easy to use with its,Bluetooth capability it also works on,the computer as well as any smartphone,Apple or Android which makes it a little,more user friendly and also adds to its,compatibility which well talk about in,a sec so Ill give usability a 4.5 out,of 5 stars for compatibility again all,the Ledger devices work with the same,blockchains and software wallets so they,basically work with all the biggest ones,and support the most amount of any,hardware wallet out there and just like,I mentioned with Bluetooth it supports,the mobile apps for a ton of popular,wallets and the only one theyre missing,is metamask mobile which I can confirm,they are working on so it should be,released in a few months so for the X,Im giving compatibility a 5.5 out of 5,Stars I should have made a bigger sc

Ledger Nano X 2022 Full Unboxing & Setup + $55 in FREE Money!

guys welcome back to another episode of,just in tech today weve got the future,of personal banking one of the most,popular cold storage wallets there are,in the world right now the ledger nano x,were gonna be unboxing and giving you,our first hand impressions as well as,setting it up and showing you exactly,how its going to keep your crypto safe,all right lets get into it ledger nano,x keep your crypto secure everywhere wow,it says you can manage up to 100 crypto,assets at the same time on one device,that includes bitcoin ethereum and many,more crypto assets and now on this one,you can secure your transactions,anywhere you go using a smartphone or a,computer the last version that i had you,could only use it on a computer so being,able to use it with a smartphone on the,go with bluetooth is pretty cool all,right lets go ahead and open this up,ledger,and there it is lets go ahead and take,it out,its got a pretty similar external metal,sleeve like the last version had that,you can just swivel away to reveal the,internal screen and second button and on,the side you can see theyve now,upgraded it to a usbc port a pretty nice,step up from the micro usb from the last,version now lets go and take this,plastic off my favorite part,now before we turn that on lets go,ahead and see what else is in the box,hello getting started and this is our,recovery sheet where were going to,write down our 24 word recovery phrase,were going to talk about that here in a,little bit so theyve given us three of,these cards in total youre definitely,going to want to store these in pretty,secure places because anybody that has,these can access your crypto so maybe a,safety deposit box maybe a safe in your,house but this is going to be the only,backup way that you can ever recover,your crypto if you just so happen to,ever lose this device so keep this safe,and then weve got a getting started,guide showing you the basics on how to,get started in several different,languages and weve got a use care and,regulatory statement incredibly boring,stuff and then our fanboy ledger,stickers if you really want to look like,a winner you put this on your tesla just,above that apple sticker no but honestly,who wants everybody to know that they,have crypto stored on a ledger so lets,go ahead to ledger.com forward slash,start to download the ledger app to set,it up then were going to scroll down to,download the ledger live app weve got,windows so were going to choose that,one choose your install location click,finish with the run ledger live check,box ticked then go ahead and click on,get started read and agree to the terms,of use if you really agree with them,dont lie then click on enter ledger app,and weve got the nano x since this is,our first time using it were going to,choose this option right here then its,going to run you through the basics this,right here basically explains that your,crypto is stored on the blockchain not,actually on the device itself and this,talks about how nanox is actually a,high-tech private key that just gives,you access to your crypto this private,key on your nano is a completely offline,cold storage wallet that no one can hack,you can also use this wallet to validate,transactions online for the most secure,way to buy sell and exchange crypto now,go ahead and click lets do this now,this is going to take you less than 30,minutes but go ahead and set aside that,amount of time just so that youre not,rushing this process now lets go ahead,and get a pen to write down your backup,recovery phrase that im going to show,you here in a second if you want,complete security make sure you do this,with nobody else in the room now click,on ok im ready please be careful they,say yes we know got it so now go ahead,and connect the included usb cable to,the ledger and then the computer itself,now were going to create a pin between,four and eight digits please do,something a lot more secure than one two,three four,i just did this for demonstration then,confirm your pin now on your computer go,ahead and check the box that says i,understand if i lose this recovery,phrase i will not be able to access my,crypto in case i lose my nano now this,is where were gonna take our recovery,sheet to write down our 24 recovery,words now click both options to accept,this right down your recovery phrase,part and here its reminding you to,write these down in the correct order,press both buttons to continue whenever,you set this up as a new device itll,generate 24 new recovery words now to,ensure that this device was not tampered,with before you got it just do not buy,it from amazon buy it from ledger,directly ill include a link below,specifically for this product directly,from their site now were going to write,down our first word position in this,first slot and click the right button,for the next word then go ahead and do,this for the next 24 words dont even,bother using this to steal my crypto,ive already reset this device by the,time this video was uploaded now we can,use this left button to verify that,weve written down all the words,correctly and in the correct order then,were going to click both options to,continue now its going to give you,multiple options for each word number,and youre going to scroll through until,the correct word is shown and then use,both buttons to confirm do that for all,24 words and now your recovery phrase is,all set up keep this in a secure place,or a safety deposit box and now its,going to ask you to click both buttons,to confirm that you understand if you,lose your recovery phrase and this,device your assets will be lost forever,forever,forever never share this with anyone,ledger will never ask you for it okay,press both buttons to continue give it a,few seconds and there you go its ready,to use now click next on the computer,and now its going to quiz you on your,new cold storage knowledge as a ledger,user my crypto is stored on the,blockchain if my recovery phrase is no,longer secure or private my crypto is no,longer safe and i need to transfer them,to a secure place when i connect my nano,to the ledger app my private key is,still offline and now youre already a,pro click next and now its going to,check to make sure that this is a,genuine ledger device click check my,nano then click allow on your actual,ledger nano now lets click continue and,now were going to add some accounts,lets start with bitcoin click continue,its now going to install it on the,device its only going to take a few,seconds after that its going to,synchronize with the ledger and now we,hit add account,account added successfully if you want,you can click on add more to add even,more crypto assets like me lets go with,ethereum dogecoin and stellar and now,the quickest way to set all this up on,your phone is by clicking on this three,dot button here and click on export to,mobile now its going to give you a,little qr code that you can then scan,with your ledger live app this app is,available on iphone and android click on,the import accounts button now open,ledger live go to the nano x button in,the bottom right corner then start nano,x setup tap on connect your nano then,lets select pair my nano make sure that,you have bluetooth turned on on your,phone and then add new ledger nano x,select your device now on this screen,youll want to double check and make,sure that the pairing code on your phone,and your nano match make sure that your,nano is unlocked as they pair to each,other and there you go your device is,ready you can now go into the manager,and install assets directly onto your,nano from your phone and here on the,center button you can send receive buy,and sell and swap assets on your,accounts tab you can view your crypto,wallet as well as how much each asset is,worth based on your own currency and,this discover tab right here is going to,show you all of ledgers different,partners and apps that you can integrate,with your crypto so theres three,popular ways to add crypto to your,ledger device one is

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