1. WOMPLY/HARVEST PPP LOAN Lender Secondary DRAW Review-Womply status! PPP Stuck Processing Secondary
  2. Womply Application Secondary Review Update – what to do to get out of this status and get PPP loan?
  3. PPP Stuck Processing or Secondary Review? Watch This
  4. ????Womply PPP Second Draw SBA Approved Lender Funding Paycheck Protection Program Gross Income Loan
  5. Womply PPP Loan Application Review – Fast Service But Be Careful
  6. PPP OPENING BACK UP,PPP LOAN UPDATE,Womply PPP Fast Lane-PPP Stuck Processing or Secondary Review?
  7. Womply PPP Loan Application Review – Fast Service But Be Careful

WOMPLY/HARVEST PPP LOAN Lender Secondary DRAW Review-Womply status! PPP Stuck Processing Secondary

wobbly harvest pvp update my name is,quentin banks if you are new to the,channel,of course you guys gotta like and,subscribe that is the easiest way for,you guys to be in tune with the latest,and greatest information,give me a second as i go ahead and get,these um,basically go ahead and get these,screenshots up i love when you guys send,me screenshots because you guys actually,keep me updated,and then by doing that i can actually,keep the world updated you know what i,mean so i love keeping the world updated,especially when it comes about these ppp,loans and things like that hold on,a second let me go there we go there we,go especially when it comes to the ppp,loans whether its um,updates social security um social,security uh stimulus checks,anything of that matter once again my,name is quinn thanks if youre on this,channel of course make sure you guys,like and subscribe that would be the,easiest,and fastest way for you guys to be in,tune with the latest and greatest,information i will actually be doing a,giveaway at the end of the month so,somebody will actually be on my channel,and um yeah ill do a giveaway at the,end of the month so,feel free to do to um like and subscribe,dont forget to follow me on instagram,hit me up in the um,my dms let me know how you guys are,doing all that good stuff but yeah lets,get right into this because a member of,my channel,um and i was getting a few of these you,know a few of these were people just,like you know what q,im just about to wait it out you know,ive been,ive been in processing ive been trying,to get funded,for the longest now and its its,already been,two months two to three months so i,really dont know what to do,any anything or any direction you can,leave me to,and um you know i got a few of these,like i said so um ill go ahead and try,to,try to knock all this stuff out for you,guys you know i im going to try my best,to knock this out so yeah lets get,right into this guys,lets get right to this somebody begin,to say im done checking my status on,wobbly with harvest,update me anything update me if anything,happens,im logging off of this for a while,positive vibes you know,and i actually had a few reports of,people just stating you know what,quentin,im about to wait it out if whatever,happens happened,and then you know they watched a few of,my videos and they woke up the next day,and it was actually like,faith or something you know i mean they,were funded and,i actually got two or three reports of,some of people doing that and,you know i appreciate you guys for,number one watching my content but for,number two,its always a good thing when people um,you know get funded or get over that,that hump that theyre going over,or whatever theyre going over you know,its always its always a good thing,its always a good um,you know good gesture of hearing a pair,of people um get through,anything that they get through so i mean,let me know in the comment section how,you guys feel,once again ill read this again they,begin to say im done checking my status,on waffley with harvest,update me if anything happens im,logging off of this for a while so if,you guys actually have,wobbly um you guys have wompley harvest,let me know in the comment section,um how long it took you guys to get,funded you know im hearing all,different types of reports of people,getting funded,different times and all that good stuff,somebody began to say,saying somebody began to say agreed you,just have to leave it in gods hands but,im not,checking anymore for a while you know,and basically thats basically what we,have to do just just leave it in gods,hands,um and itll happen when its when its,most needed you know what i mean so,a lot of people were questioning oh when,will it happen will happen sooner than,later,you know its going to happen on time,its going to happen when it needs when,its going to,you know its going to happen but um,you just gotta keep the faith you know,and maybe thats just what im here for,give you guys a lot of faith when it,comes to this because a lot of people,was questioning,a lot of people was trying to figure out,what was going on so if i just give up,the faith,but letting you guys know as well like,like i said a lot of people,are going through this guys so um,youre not youre not in this alone um,they happen to july 31st there are,reports of stating,or im hearing that there are a lot more,people coming out stating that there may,be another extension or another ppp,we may never know but um as of right now,guys like like we said as of right now,there is not another ppp loan um,but that extension is still going on,somebody said same here,bro for real me too still under,submitting,its going on three months now so they,have been doing this,and on the lender submitting for three,months so imagine that guys you know i,i know a lot of people who have been on,three months i know a lot of people,whos been on for two months,four months you know weeks you know so,everybodys different and thats why a,lot of people ask me,can you help me out with my loan my,specific loan,guys remember everybody is different,guys everybody is different,um and that different because and that,could come from,um the lenders that could come from um,you know your business size just so just,know just because one person gets funded,at this time doesnt mean its gonna,actually necessarily play out for you,you know but everybodys different it is,all different guys so,keep that in consideration um as well,when it comes down to this,keep that in consideration everybody is,different but it does look like,at the end of the day people are getting,funded you know so,thats really what it comes down to,people are actually getting funded,people are um you know i mean,are moving in that right direction you,know so were going to keep that going,keep that direction going and understand,like i said people,people are getting in the right,direction somebody said did you get an,email from wompley saying,that unfortunately we are not able to go,any further in the process,something like that i did and thats how,i knew,i wasnt lender submitting as well but,maybe yours,actually made it to the lender i got my,lender submitting status,on my 27th or 28th day,um or 27th or 28th i literally almost,made it two,but like i said i did receive an actual,email stating that my claim will not go,further that was about a month ago,you know like i said to keep hopes up,hopes alive,i have been hearing reports of that as,well people stating,that this actually did happen to them,and they were,um funded but then within that week,so really its kind of hard to tell guys,you know,its just it is really hard to tell,people have been,im having those reports and people are,still getting funded like i said its,really really hard to tell,um guys make sure you guys like it,subscribe like i said,add those comments in the comment,section let me know how you guys feel,let me know where you guys stand,as always my name is quentin banks if,you are new to the channel of course,make sure you guys like and subscribe i,will be bringing in these content,each and every day stay loyal,stay blessed stay true stay harvest ubi,status ppp extension my name is quentin,banks,if you are new to the channel of course,make sure you guys like and subscribe,that will be the easiest way for you,guys to be in tune with the latest and,the greatest information,you guys already know i provide all of,this good content for you guys each and,every day,i appreciate you guys for listening,whether youre listening youre watching,youre driving your car you out there,eating some good food right now,hope everybody is enjoying their day,enjoying their nights,and um yeah lets get right into this,because a lot of people has asked me,about this,and i actually got a few screenshots and,i was trying to go through them and see,um what can i basically provide you guys,with today,a lot of people are still on the ubi,status,now a lot of people are waiting to ge

Womply Application Secondary Review Update – what to do to get out of this status and get PPP loan?

hey guys welcome to my youtube channel,lets talk about warm play lets talk,about people loans and,this time were going to talk about,people who have status that says,application secondary review,or wont play processing or one player,review or application,review or something like that so what,you should do in order to get out of,this,annoying status because i know that most,of you been,in this status for months or even two,months and these questions appear pretty,often,under my videos so thats why i decided,to make this video,to make things clear first of all you,should clearly understand what status,secondary review mean,and what actions you could do in order,to get rid of these status and go,to lender funding borrower funded and to,actually,receive funds from your lender on,oneplus website if you check status,detail it says that,application secondary review means that,this application is undergoing a,secondary review,this may indicate that a problem was,reported by sba,so basically something isnt right with,your applications that went to sba,and sba not accepting the application,and thats why oneply gives you these,status,and basically if you do nothing in that,case nothing will change,it is very important that you do,something in order to,get rid of this annoying status,something that i know for sure,is that you shouldnt use the help of,all these helpers from comment sections,that,uh telling you that you can get help on,instagram,on facebook or even on youtube,because all these helpers they just want,your money because,they want access to your account and,when they will receive the access to,your,account they will just update your bank,information and they will,receive your pip belong which is the,worst case,uh the words that actually could happen,with your people on what you really need,right now is the help of real sba,agent and in order to find your local,sba agent you should use the official,website of sba which is,sba.gov on this website there is a page,that says local assistance,and on this page you can find the maps,that you see on the screen right now,in this map you just put your business,zip code,you search for sba local offices,and youll find the list of the official,local sba offices with phone numbers,so you should call to the nearest sba,office and,ask them what actually happened with,your ppp application,because if youre in status it says,secondary review it means that something,isnt right with your pp application and,maybe,there was some kind of an error maybe,you have two,pp applications and you need to withdraw,one of your applications,and all is going to be good because only,sba agent can help you in this situation,right now,and because they have all information,about your people application,they know what kind of an error appeared,and what you should do in order to fix,this error so please dont follow any,spam from comment section,from twitter instagram and facebook,and just follow instructions from,official sba agents and im sure,that you will receive your people on and,that all is going to be good,i hope that i helped you in some way and,that you,really will find solution for your,problem i wish you a good day i hope,that your small business will thrive in,these difficult times,i wish you a good luck with it and,goodbye real

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PPP Stuck Processing or Secondary Review? Watch This

more and more people every single day,are being funded by the paycheck,protection program and,sending me messages which i am,absolutely humbled and grateful about,saying,they wouldnt have applied if it wasnt,for my videos and content its literally,heartwarming whenever i receive any of,these messages,but the fight is not quite over because,certain other people are,still getting stuck in the application,process getting various,error codes like secondary lender review,or stuck in lender funding,or just any other issue that theyre,running into so the fight is not over,and i wanted to address those various,error codes,where those applications stand right,right now and that way we can have,a realistic expectation as to what to,expect here is are you going to get,funding in two days or is it gonna be 20,days im not here to promise,i promise anything crazy were here to,have some realistic expectations,and actually dig into whats going on,now on my channel,many people who watch this channel,applied through womple so this is going,to be kind of wobbly specific,as far as the application process goes,but a lot of the sba guidance and the,error codes,doesnt really matter who exactly you,applied through,also if you havent applied yet you,still want to apply as soon as possible,because weve learned above all else,this can easily take 10 to 35 days for,the entire application to go through,so you really just want to apply as soon,as possible if you need a lender i have,one,linked in the description below that,ive been working very closely with and,a lot of my content directly applies to,their application process so youll have,a wealth of information,to go off of so the first thing i want,you to do is log into your wompley,application it should look something,like this,and we can see here this is a very very,common,code that were seeing however there,could be about 10 or so different,status updates here if youre curious,what your status update means ive made,a video on that as well but that i will,link above,so you know exactly where you stand we,can see here with the secondary lender,review this application is undergoing a,secondary review by the lender,this may indicate that a problem was,reported by the sba but what does that,even mean a problem,is this a fixable problem is this a big,problem small problem what does this,mean,but the first thing i want you to do is,make sure all of these have green,checks if theres anything missing here,make sure you fill that in if theyre,requesting,additional bank account information make,sure you upload that if theyre,requesting a full tax return make sure,you upload that as well,because thats going to just help your,application process now if we go over to,the top three issues you can avoid,the first one is stuck in womply,processing this happens when theres an,issue,with your tax documents in most cases so,common issues here,are you uploaded the wrong tax document,maybe its the wrong year maybe its the,wrong format it needs to be in pdf,format,maybe your tax id or your social,security number isnt at the top of that,thats one that a buddy of mine actually,ran into they uploaded and theyre like,whats going on here and there was,actually xs instead of their actual,social security number on the top so,make sure you check for that,it could be a situation where you just,havent uploaded the additional request,information certain people,are getting requests like hey upload a,bank statement upload your full tax,return instead of just the schedule c,so thats why you want to log in and,double check that basically,logging into your account would resolve,like 50,of the questions that i see because you,can take a lot of actions there you can,retrigger your docusign you can do a lot,of things in there so,click through that and become familiar,with it if youre kind of wondering what,exactly is going on,but if your social security number on,your application,is wrong but your tax documents are,right you can actually fix that as well,which is kind of a common issue here,i wouldnt worry about it if if youre,not sure,but if you need to fix it you can go to,update application,after you log in and then update basic,or tax information,and you should be able to change your,social security number there,the second issue is stuck in lender,secondary review which this one is,beginning more and more popular that,people are kind of stuck here and,theyre not sure how long they have to,wait,so we kind of have some some good news,and some bad news here so this happens,when the application was flagged by the,sba,that could mean like 40 different things,so thats why its a little bit,confusing,but its probably because you have a,duplicate ppp loan,now this doesnt necessarily mean you,did something wrong because a lot of,people just simply applied it more than,one lender theres nothing wrong here,but what,can happen is if the lenders get to the,same process,at the sba at the same time there can be,some potential flags thrown,and this can put you in the bucket of,applications that need another review,and then unfortunately need a little bit,more processing time,because of that or it could be any other,disqualifying factor which were going,to cover a lot more factors,in a second here now what can you do,about this,unfortunately all you can really do is,wait at this time the suggestion right,now is to,not apply through another lender because,youre just going to bog,down that a little bit more most likely,so you kind of have to wait,the good news is the sba is expected to,release many of these hold codes,automatically in the near future so,probably within the next couple weeks if,were being realistic here i dont know,what,near future means exactly and wompley,will also start exploring ways to fix,some of the hold codes,with some of the information they have,on hand so a lot of the hold codes can,be fixed simply with like a tax return,an id uh bank statement,theres various things for various hold,codes and then finally,stuck in lender funding so lenders,actually have 20 days,to fund your loan so if youre stuck in,lender funding its kind of a non-issue,because chances are it hasnt been 20,days yet but i will say,the average time it says five days here,but i actually just recently read the,average time is only 4.1 days right now,between signing your promissory note and,its in lender funding,and actually receiving the funding but,they can spend up to 20 days,however you want to know that lenders,have a big incentive to fund your loan,as soon as possible because they dont,get paid until you get paid,so theres an incentive there to pay as,soon as possible so your lender,is trying to get you funded so you dont,have to worry about that lender funding,is basically a non-issue but,to cover some more of the sba error,codes we have this document,that i wanted to cover as well if i can,scroll the top here,and this has probably been the biggest,issue with the paycheck protection,program since it started in the second,round,since it started error codes have been,extremely,opaque theres so many of them and,theres theres more than ever,so the problem here arose with the first,round of paycheck protection funding,the first round the sba had an automatic,process where,your application was submitted to them,and it was pretty much approved or,denied,right there on the spot but then there,was a ton of fraud,in the first time people buying lambos,buying rolexes,getting away with it and you know being,all over the news plastered about,rampant fraud in the paycheck protection,program,so they received a lot of flack and they,had to change,their process and now its much more,rigorous and theres multiple checks,along the way,but along with a much more rigorous,system,is much more delay so thats why its,taking longer to process and thats why,theres certain people getting placed in,buckets of loans that need,additional reviews and additional action,taken and thats basically what the,beginning o

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????Womply PPP Second Draw SBA Approved Lender Funding Paycheck Protection Program Gross Income Loan

before we get started,lets check out the links in my,description,we all want nice things we want the car,we want a house we want a high limit,credit card,but if you dont have at least a 680,credit score youre not even in the game,so click this link here to know where,youre staying,and get your free credit scores from all,three bureaus that will be experian,transunion,and equifax and also get your reports,if you would like to be free and become,financially independent through,entrepreneurship,click this link here to be free,if you like to get cash back which is a,discount,during shopping please click this link,here,to see my favorite cashback sites,and if you enjoy the music you hear in,the background,please click the link here and subscribe,to its oasy,hello everyone welcome back to community,wealth,as you can see im doing another update,i updated to lender,funding on my second draw with wompley,and as you see i dont know this is new,they um updated the app again or the,website,apple website and you see you have your,lender now,so the lender is here and here im as,you see i,have harvest and but you see im updated,to lender funding,so the next step now is borrower funded,and i literally just did a video,last night of me being approved and,doing the docusign,for uh sba,so now the next day literally the next,day,not even a few hours i did this probably,around maybe,three oclock in the morning three four,in the morning,and now im at lender funding already,and i just submit the docusign,early wee hours of the morning,so yeah so it so everything looks,different here as you see uh they,instead of it being side by side now,first draw up top,and second draw at the bottom they have,the name of the lender here,and it says learn more ill click that,later,but you want to show you guys that im a,lender funding already literally,hours after i submitted my sb,approved docusign okay,again with uh with funding instructions,you have to make sure that that,information is valid,have to make sure that information is,correct before it goes to a green check,even though,i guess its actually green check mark,and the light shaded green now,just a few hours ago this was dark green,and this was white,but neither here nor there just make,sure that,all of this stuff is green check marks,and double check your funding,instructions before it goes green,youre gonna its gonna go green before,your first,bar if borrow funded status right before,that because remember the funding,instructions is what,the lenders use to send you the money,okay,just a quick update this is not going to,be long at all i just want to let you,guys know that,i am now at lender,funding and so the next status,is borrower funded and ill be sent uh,the second draw to my bank account,so thanks for watching thanks for,supporting me,like share subscribe subscribe subscribe,subscribe

Womply PPP Loan Application Review – Fast Service But Be Careful

currently if you are a schedule c,filer that wants to apply for a ppp loan,we are recommending that you apply for,your ppp loan,using wompley that is an online lender,service,now we are recommending wompley because,we have seen that for the last couple of,weeks,they have been the fastest in getting,the ppp loan approved,but we have also seen that you have to,be careful,because we have seen a womple do several,mistakes,in the application process that if you,dont attend them now,you may get in trouble in the future so,thats what we are going to talk about,in this video hello from freedom tax,accounting were an accounting firm,where we have been providing quality tax,and accounting services,now for over 20 years if youre new to,this channel,we provide strategies for small business,owners so they can achieve their,financial,goals we are recording this video on,april 19,2021 and we always emphasize the date on,any video relating to the ppp,program because this program is,constantly changing,so there may be things we discussed in,this video,that can change as soon as tomorrow so,thats the,importance of subscribing to our channel,that way youre always up to date,with the most current and correct,information relating to,the ppp loan program now,if you are a schedule c filer um,self-employed independent contractor,single member,llc that wants to apply for the ppp1,first draw or the fit or the ppp2,second draw we highly recommend that you,use,this website which is called,um wamplay okay,we have been using wapli for the last,couple of weeks especially for,schedule c filers because we have seen,that they are the servers that they are,processing the ppp,loan applications fairly quickly,compared to,other lenders now we only recommend,wobbly,at least thats what we are doing here,freedom tax we are using oneplus for,so for only for self-employed,independent contractors,um single member llcs basically any,business does file schedule c,and they want to apply for the ppp loan,if you are an s corp or a c corporation,or a partnership we really dont,recommend wampley,um we may recommend you using paypal ppp,um or bluevine,but womply is a very very good platform,for all of you schedule c filers that,want to apply either for the ppp1,or the ppp too because,its impressive how fast they are,processing the ppp loan applications,but we feel that they are doing it so,fast,that we have seen that they are making,several mistakes on the ppp loan,application and if you,dont correct them fast enough then you,may,get into trouble later on in the future,so we just wanted to,uh share with you the the most common,mistakes that we have seen,that the womply platform is doing,on the ppp loan applications okay,so the first thing you have to check is,that when you apply for the ppp loan,via womply if youre applying for ppp1,first draw wompley will,send you via docusign this document,and it will say borrower application,form for schedule c filers,using gross income and one common,mistake we have seen,is that here on on this box right here,womply is putting a number thats,higher that it is supposed to be,what number goes here is the line,seven on your schedule c so you take,you need to take a look at your 2019,or 2020 because for ppp1,or ppp2 you can use either your 2019,schedule c,or your 2020 schedule see obviously,you take a look at your schedule c you,go down to,line seven and if,you compare 2019 or 2020,whichever has a higher line seven use,that,to apply for the ppp because youre,going to get a higher,ppp loan all right now confirm the,number,that sounds on line seven because thats,the number that you use to apply for ppp,using the womplet platform but we have,seen that for some,reason even though in the application,process,in through wompley website you put the,exact number thats on line seven,for several applicants when you go,to the application they send you to sign,that number should be here this number,is higher,meaning that youre going to get a,higher ppp loan amount,that you are eligible for,and obviously if you get that higher,amount of ppp,that may sound like a good idea for now,but the,issue will come when you apply for,forgiveness okay because,when you apply for forgiveness you will,only be eligible for forgiveness,for the amount of ppp that you are,eligible for,so if you get additional funds that you,are not eligible for,then you have to be ready to either pay,that money back,or the amount that is not forgiven may,become a,five-year loan with the bank so thats,one common mistake we have seen okay,now the other mis the other thing we,have seen,that wampley is doing is that well,the good thing about wompli is that if,you want to apply for ppp1,and ppp2 wompley gives you the option to,apply for,both in one application so thats,good news okay now the thing is,that always remember that if you want to,take ppp2,you must meet the requirements remember,that,in order for you to be eligible for ppp2,your business needs to show at least,a 25 reduction in revenue,in 2020 compared to 2019,or a 2020 quarter compared to a 2019,quarter you have to show,at least 25 reduction in revenue,if you dont know what im talking about,watch this video,which i am linking right now where we uh,show you how,to uh see if you are eligible to get,the ppp2 okay now the thing is that when,you apply with wompley they give you the,option of applying for ppp1 and ppp2 at,the same time,and they send you,let me show you if you are applying for,ppp1,they send you the ppp1 application,and then a couple of days later they,send you the ppp2 application,which is this one which which says,second draw borrower application form,for schedule c,filers so if you see this application,that says second draw here,this is ppp2 application,okay but remember when you apply for,ppp2,you dont have to show evidence of the,25,reduction in revenue when you apply,but you will have to show the sba and,the bank,the 25 reduction in revenue when you,apply,for forgiveness and then our,fear is that when you apply through,wompley,that you are applying for both at the,same time one place,sends you ppp one application form which,is this one,you sign it and then a couple of days,later you get,um this form as a docusign,and if you dont read it correctly and,if you you,if you get the second ppp application,form,before signing this document make sure,that you are,eligible to get ppp to,okay so be careful make sure that you,are eligible to get ppp2 because if you,sign this,and you are not eligible the bank is,going to give you the ppp funds but when,you apply for forgiveness,uh your loan will not be forgiven,because you did not,meet the eligibility requirements,okay now another thing that we have seen,that is happening through wompley and,once again,one play is a very good platform,especially for,schedule c filers they are processing,the ppp applications,very fast okay but,i think that you have to be careful,every time you get a document,before you sign it make sure that it is,correct,all right now another thing that we have,seen that is happening,is that we have seen,that people are applying for ppp1,and they already know that,they are not eligible for ppp2,because they do not meet the,requirements,and when they fill out the wompley,application,they do they are choosing to apply for,ppp,one only in the womply application,they are not saying that they want ppp2,they are telling womply we are only,applying for ppp1,and we have seen that even though you,say you are only applying for ppp1,you do get the ppp1 application,and then when you sign it like two or,three,days later they still are sending you,the ppp2 application okay,so and thats not right because you are,not,eligible to get the ppp to,uh loan all right so basically we just,wanted to share this information with,you,once again we feel womply if youre a,schedule c,filer if youre self-employed,independent contractor,single member llc basically any business,that files,with a schedule c and wants to ap

PPP OPENING BACK UP,PPP LOAN UPDATE,Womply PPP Fast Lane-PPP Stuck Processing or Secondary Review?

p opening back up when we talk about ppp,extensions also were going to be,talking about ppp loans who have not,been funded so,if you are in that,um qualifications lets just say youre,still waiting on ubi youre still,waiting on you know verification,purposes theres still high chances of,you actually getting funded once again,my name is quinn banks if you are new to,the channel of course you guys gotta,like and subscribe that is the easiest,way for you guys to be in tune with the,latest and greatest information as,always and then also i tend to give you,guys the latest updates so if you guys,got any personal questions or any,questions feel free to follow me on,instagram you guys um always contact me,on instagram,if you guys singing screenshots you guys,actually send me messages i really try,my best to reply back to everybody but,guys just know its im trying my best,to reply back to everybody now um i will,be doing a giveaway at the end of the,month,on my instagram so its a um very,beneficial if you guys go over to my,instagram make sure you guys um you know,um follow me there like some photos i,will actually subscribe and follow you,guys back now um i got a playlist on my,channel i talked about the pvp,extensions i talk about um you know ppp,fraud all that good stuff and um if you,guys,want to feel free to actually finish,this video then go over there and watch,that content as well today were going,to be talking about romply and if you,guys dont know mobley may watch my,content so if you guys got questions,about wompy feel free to drop those,comments questions and concerns below,they will try their best to um,comment back to you guys and i will,actually try my best to put you guys in,the right direction now with that being,said let me pull up this screenshot here,give me one second,[Music],all right they began to say still in ubi,three weeks now first draw i do want you,guys know um there are reports of joe,biden working on another,ppp loan theres just not an official,date yet also the reports are stating,that um,got lenders blue wombly blue acorn they,are working theyre,working their best to get everybody,either funded or updated now some people,got verification updates some people got,um,bank updates um you know funding,whatever the instructions may be it is,by case by case so with that being said,even though we are past the extension,date there are still high chances of you,guys getting funded so let me know in,the comment section if you guys,are still in any of the situations or,even if it says ppp ended you know let,me know in the comment section when you,guys stand once again i will try my best,to point you guys in the right direction,i really hope everybodys having a good,morning or good night where the case may,be i talk about everything finances as,you guys know i got a lot of updates on,my channel and um hopefully these help,you guys so lets get right to these,comments,began to say ubi first draw,and yeah first draw somebody said me too,my back info is confirmed but it still,says ubi and its verified somebody said,me too what day did you apply,saying me too its been four weeks for,me they sent it to my bank,july 5th and it was rejected so i,updated it,and its verified but im waiting to,confirm funding so once again it doesnt,like,information was provided theyre just,waiting to confirm the funding and like,i said even though its after that,extension date that doesnt mean you,wont get funded you know but like i,said they are working day in day out you,know you may wake up tomorrow with a,different um a different status,somebody said me too same situation,harvest applied 421 approved 522 funded,630 rejected new bank addict and,verified all green check marks is very,irritating,totally understand totally understand,but,its a process guys it is a long,process totally understand but we all,know you know once every day gets,checked off like youre getting funded,it looks like it will be well worth it,guys but as of right now it is a long,process somebody said which bank did you,add that was verified instantly all my,new ones are not verified then they,begin to say navy federal,it does like navy federal has been,getting verified pretty pretty quick so,you guys want to get on that bandwagon,you know it seems like they have hot,moments where banks like chime you know,you got banks like chime was instantly,verified um cash app was instantly,verified you know so really its just,like a algorithm you know just like,hot moments you know and speaking of,chime if you guys want to download chime,right now you guys will actually receive,a hundred dollars free just for,downloading the application as always so,its a win-win situation when you guys,come to that as well once again my name,is quintin banks make sure you guys like,and subscribe i will be giving out the,latest updates again tomorrow morning so,let me know in the comment section how,you guys feel you know whats going on,and also dont forget to check out the,playlist on my channel any other,questions feel free to contact me on my,instagram all the information was up,provided so you guys gotta go back to,the beginning of the video get all my,information i will try to help you guys,the best way that i can as always stay,loyal stay blessed stay true stay update,my name is quentin banks it does look,like we got some good news,hopefully you know some good news going,in the right direction people have been,asking about the pvp extension i will,somewhat talk about that a little bit,but were gonna mainly talk about wombly,pvp extensions if you guys received,emails,from wobbly,let me know in the comment section i,know a lot of people have been receiving,these emails a lot of people have been,receiving,different types of updates as well so,feel free to check into that,as always i love when you guys send me,these screenshots you guys tend to send,me screenshots and um,basically keeps everybody updated you,know i mean basically keeps everybody,updated,you guys dont know i will be doing this,giveaway um the 30th of this month,yes the giveaway is the 30th this month,so you guys need to be,subscribed follow me on instagram,let me go ahead like some pictures if,you want to,feel free to do whatever,you want to do,and um im going to get to this update,for monthly i really hope everybodys,having a good day good morning good,night,however the case may be um these,allergies are taking control of me but,um im slowly im slowly recovering but,you guys are allergies you guys know um,when the weather changes you got um you,know,oh no just back no im not going to its,just bad,but yeah support form wobbly pvp support,this was actually an email from mobley a,lot of people have been receiving a,little bit of updates if your loan,doesnt say ppp has it,im hearing these reports state that,your p that pvp has not ended excuse me,pvp has not ended if you have not,received that ppp ended,form or pvp edit update,now um,this was the email from womple they,begin to say greetings,thank you for contacting wobbly customer,support,your lender is currently processing,applications on a case-by-case basis,meaning they are auditing,the remaining applications and if they,audit your application,they will contact you directly for,updated banking information,there is no estimate,of the time i can give you or details on,the process best womply customer support,as we talked about before guys when,youre contacting these lenders,financial institutions try to get,numbers try to get emails names,you know of people you talk to that,would be the easiest way for you guys to,basically contact them back because we,all know,um it sucks,when youre trying to contact them and,theyre not responding or you got to go,through this person and get through this,person,and you dont even know who you talk to,you know so,and especially when you need to get,information updated,excuse me when you get neat information,to get updated now,i said this before um,you know wompley these

Womply PPP Loan Application Review – Fast Service But Be Careful

wobbly ppp update my name is quinton,banks,if you are new to the channel of course,you guys gotta like and subscribe i will,be doing another giveaway at the end of,the month so that is the easiest way for,you guys to be entered in the,giveaway um well be talking about,wompley,um it doesnt like wobbly is sending out,a lot of emails out,so with that being said were gonna get,in right into that and,guys watch this video and then um let me,know,let me know in the um in the comment,section if you guys got womply did you,guys actually receive the email,it doesnt like they are pushing out a,lot of emails now i cant um,pull up a lot for you guys but i do have,a um,i do have a uh couple screenshots that,you guys were actually sending me,on my instagram if you guys want to,follow me on instagram,my instagram is up right now check that,instagram out if you guys got questions,feel free to dm me,and i will try my best to um keep,everybody,updated as well you know and try to,point everybody in the right direction,as i always do,like i said my name is quentin banks,make sure you guys,um subscribe that way if you if you guys,do got questions feel free to drop those,questions below,when we talk about wimply if you guys,dont know um,the deadline was last week but it,doesnt like payments have been getting,rolled out this week so,it does seem like it is a win-win,situation for everybody,with that being said lets get right,into some of these screenshots,that you guys actually um,begin to send to me so yeah this was,from a member of my channel they began,to say wobbly sent me another email,again after i,already updated my bank information two,times,two weeks ago now like i said um the,deadline is over with,but it doesnt like robly is sending a,lot of emails,they are trying their best to push,through these payments,and i totally understand because um,you know from my reports they are trying,everything that they,can to push these through you know i,mean so a lot of people are waiting on,um,my peoples waiting on their payments or,waiting on um,extra documentations and it does it like,they are getting those pushed through as,well now if,um if you guys havent received any,information or any um,you know any emails that doesnt mean it,wont happen,you know you wont receive one but it,doesnt like people are,getting some emails so with that being,said i do want to keep everybody in tune,with that and let you guys know that,those emails are being sent out,looks like theyre sending them out as,soon as possible but like i said,everybody is different guys,everybody is different,so lets get right to this this was,strictly from wobbly,somebody beginning uh or just actually,for mopping to begin to say your ppp,loan is ready to be deposited,but you have a few more steps to go,these steps need to be completed asap to,be eligible for funding,if these steps are not completed your,lender will be unable to fund,your loan follow the instructions below,to complete,your application update your banking,information and select a funding source,upload your completed info 1040,2019 or 2020 and instructions for,updating your banking information,now it all says you know log into the,bpp fast lane,select your application click funding,instructions,um there you will confirm your bank,account,select it and your social security,number so that was for monopoly lets,get into some of these emails,and a lot of people are just stating you,know just like this person said,just leave it alone then if your stuff,is all green you are,good yup everything is green they sent,the same thing,a couple days ago its frustrating,capital plus i just wanted to be funded,how about they do that be patient my,friend pray that it comes,now a lot of people are going through,the same situation guys and uh,the only thing that everybody can do,is basically be patient you know at this,point,all we can do is be patient i totally,understand,that um its frustrating you know its,definitely as frustrating,and now were weeks after the deadline,and i totally understand it is,frustrating but,at the end of the day guys all you guys,can do,is be patient um they are working on it,but um you know and it should come you,know i mean it should come,you know i mean i know im just trying,to keep hope alive but it actually,should come,somebody said be patient i was in ubi,for three months and i just wanted to,lend their funding this morning,where youre getting emails like this,also,can you please tell us your ubi story,whos your lender,capital plus im so glad that you got,that your status cl,uh changed big sigh of relief for me may,i ask who was your lender,they said sent me the same thing so they,are pushing out,they are pushing out um,[Music],these emails guys and thats going into,the right direction so we got to keep,that in consideration as well where,that is all getting pushed out into the,right direction it doesnt like,everybody is um,getting some type of emails right and at,least your email is not getting denied,or youre not getting,you know i mean anything that doesnt,that doesnt um basically affect,or or you know any denial letter you,know i mean it doesnt like,that people are getting some type of,good,good um information you know and,sometimes,any information is good as long as it,is not you know either denied or,um you know i mean not approved or,anything like that so it doesnt like,people are going into the right,direction which is also a good,thing somebody said dont touch it mine,did the same thing did you get paid did,your status,change and they be nsa paid i updated my,bank info two times,i had all green checks since the 17th,of july but still in ubi can anyone help,me,lend their harvest so like i said if,youre all green,if its irish spring green you should be,in good standings,and not have good standards but its,just a waiting game guys and that does,like that glitch just,still continue to go on which is totally,fine you know but just know if youve,already updated your information,it does look like um things are going to,be,in the right direction guys so,take that in consideration and,understand that,if all your information is in at this,time at this point,this glitch may still be going on guys,so,i want to keep everybody updated let me,know in the comment section when you,guys stand,i know capital plus you know wobbly,theyre trying their best to keep get,everybody funded but like i say theyre,theyre trying to fund hundreds of,thousands of people,all at once and i do believe you know,the irs is already backed up as it is,it really dont help with the irs being,this backed up and,you know i mean trying to understand and,and get everybody going because it,doesnt like even when um,theyre working on the stimulus checks,so were going to talk about that here,you know in a couple days about stimulus,checks but it doesnt like those,stimulus checks are going through,now if you guys got questions feel free,to drop those questions comments,concerns below,my name is quentin banks stay loyal,stay blessed stay true stay you,funded funded funded funded wobbly pvp,update,my name is quentin banks if you are new,to the channel of course you guys gotta,like and subscribe,i will be bringing this content each and,every day,also dont forget guys dont forget,that um were actually doing a giveaway,at 9pm on my instagram i will actually,put that link in the description or at,least my ad,or actually it should be on the screen,right now if you guys want to go go,ahead and follow me on,if you guys got snapchat guys got,twitter instagram,go ahead and dont forget to subscribe,if you are new to the channel so ill,keep this up here for a minute but,i appreciate you guys for listening,whether youre listening whether youre,watching,however the case may be ill probably be,doing cash ups or if you guys got,chime i dont know how you guys want to,do it,um but i will be doing that as well um,as far as

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