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  2. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop 2020 Review – Could Have Been So Much More…..
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Lenovo IdeaPad 3 (2022) Laptop Review and Unboxing – The Old School Machine

[Music],oh,[Music],so its been a minute since my last,video and in all fairness i was on,vacation for about the last two weeks,but we are back with one of the most,popular mid-range productivity laptops,im talking about the latest iteration,of the lenovo ideapad 3i 2022 edition,now the configuration we have here is,one of many this particular,configuration has the i5 1235 u,processor we have 12 gigabytes of ddr4,memory onboard intels integrated iris,xd graphics a 500 gigabyte they drive we,have wi-fi six and bluetooth 5.2 on,board additionally this is the 15-inch,non-touch display however depending on,which region youre located and which,retailer you buy from it also has a,touchscreen variant as well in todays,video were gonna do a detailed,breakdown to see if the lenovo ideapad,3i can keep its crown as one of the best,values for productivity laptops or if,theyre getting a little rusty at their,game and there might yet be better,options as always if you enjoyed the,review make sure you hit that like,button and sub to our channel lets get,started as far as the unboxing goes,lenovo really doesnt care much about,their packaging experience which,basically means you get a standard,looking plain cardboard box with the,word lenovo literally written on it now,once you open the box inside of course,the first item you will find is the,ideapad 3i itself which on first,impression looks very similar to last,years model but more on that in a quick,minute you also have a standard 65 watt,charging adapter unfortunately its,still using lenovos proprietary pin so,no usbc charging out of the box bit of a,shame there you also finally have the,standard wall outlet charging cable,piece and thats pretty much everything,of relevance as i mentioned earlier the,ideapad 3i looks very similar to its,2021 predecessor in terms of design you,have a majority plastic build with some,premium metallic finishes but overall,this is still very much the reserved and,conservative design weve seen from,lenovo traditionally speaking now this,laptop does have a relatively hefty,weight of 3.8 pounds making it slightly,heavier than the average 15 inch laptop,but in all fairness its bulky body,doesnt necessarily look bad and like i,mentioned has a professional appeal to,it now starting off with the top side of,the device like i mentioned you have,this really nice premium metallic finish,that doesnt really have any particular,texture to it it just looks nice and,subtle youll also notice you do have,the classic lenovo badging towards the,bottom right although this time you have,a more chrome reflective surface rather,than a plain old mirror one as you make,your way to the side of the laptop,youre going to be quite disappointed by,the fact that i o port quality and,standards havent really improved on,this latest generation of the laptop so,you have the dc charging port past that,you have a usb a super speed port you,have a hdmi 1.4 b port you have a usbc,port unfortunately its not thunderbolt,4 so its just a plain old usbc port,quite disappointing you also have a good,old headphone jack now on the other side,you have one more usb a port and you do,have interestingly enough a full-sized,sd card reader while there are enough,ports these standards are quite dated,and would be usually found on laptops,that are often two or even three years,old at this point in time the bottom of,the laptop is pretty standard stuff so,you do have a hard plastic finish youll,also notice you have a nice long air,intake vent for cool air to enter and on,either bottom corner you do have a,speaker grille indicating this is a,bottom firing dual speaker setup as soon,as you unfold this laptop you,immediately appreciate the sheer amount,of palm rest area lenovo horizon for you,to comfortably rest your hands but,youre also mind baffled at the fact,that for some reason lenovo is unable to,tell where the center of the device is,because that trackpad is way too left,skewed which continues to be a problem,with so many lenovo devices now the good,news of course is that the track pad,itself is actually quite decent in terms,of its quality so basically you do have,a plastic surface finish but the clicks,are surprisingly tactile its very,responsive and its miles better than,what a lot of the competition actually,offers in this price range the keyboard,on the ideapad 3i continues to be a,class act you have a ample amount of,surface area on each keycap for the most,part and youll also appreciate the fact,that the typing experience on here is an,absolute joy every keystroke feels,tactile yet nimble at the exact same,time this is one of the few keyboards,were typing is actually fun on top of,that you do have the inclusion of a full,size 10 keypad for you number,productivity folks out there and of,course this is a fully backlit keyboard,and if thats not enough it does include,a built-in fingerprint scanner which,doubles as the power button the hinge,quality is decent on this device but you,still do have a fair bit of wobble when,youre acting using the device,thankfully the hinge mechanism is quite,secure which basically means it should,last for the years to come now display,fitting is pretty standard you have a,relatively thin chin at the bottom,youll also notice you have nice and,thin bezels theyre narrow and they look,more and less in line with 20 22,standard and you have a pretty thin,forehead at the top which does,unfortunately include a now severely,outdated 720p webcam a lot of the,competition has moved out no will,continue to cheap out here a little bit,and lets just be honest it looks less,than ideal for anything other than zoom,meetings in terms of display lenovo went,down the standard budget laptop route,basically meaning you get a standard,full hd or,1920x1080p display here a 15 inch screen,with a ips panel and a 60hz refresh rate,viewing angles are pretty decent as well,now one thing i will tell you is that,because its the non-touch variant you,have a matte finish screen if you got,the touch variant it would have a glossy,finish its also worth noting this,laptop has a overall color accuracy of,just approximately 51 srgb meaning it,looks bland and colors arent that great,on this machine if you are doing color,sensitive activities you may want to,consider other options but if youre,looking at numbers on excel well itll,be all right for that now its also,worth noting you have a maximum peak,brightness of 300 nits which is more,than enough for most indoor and low,light settings however if you use this,in bright outdoor settings the screen is,easily overcome by glare in terms of,performance given that this is a,u-series i5 processor i wasnt expecting,all that much but its a pretty peppy,machine so day-to-day tasks like web,browsing watching videos in 4k are all,going to work super fast as youd expect,them to but even demanding tasks like,extensive multitasking or even 4k video,editing are actually viable experiences,on this device in fact i was able to do,multiple layer video rendering and it,was a pretty smooth experience for the,most part part of that is because we,have 12 gigabytes as opposed to eight,gigabyte but its definitely also,because of that 12 gen power now as far,as gaming goes youll be happy to know,that older games like gta 5 can easily,run at a steady 30 plus frames per,second on medium settings with dx11,enabled of course this is not a gaming,machine by any standard so youre not,going to run cyberpunk on here in the,thermals department the 3i is actually,pretty impressive so under unrealistic,peak loads it can hit an average surface,temperature of just about 44 degrees,celsius but more realistic sustained,loads will yield you about 38 degrees,which is a very manageable number now,fat noise is not as forgiving,unfortunately under peak lows we were,able to hit as much as 49 decibels noise,level which comes pretty close to gaming,laptop territory fortunately the fans,only really run when youre actually,doing demanding

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop 2020 Review – Could Have Been So Much More…..

[Music],[Music],whats up youtube how goes it so back,when i was in high school buying a,budget laptop usually meant that it was,going to be chunky clunky and have,pretty mediocre performance at best fast,forward to todays time and thats no,longer the case today when you buy a,budget mid-range or low-range laptop you,usually get a lot of value im happy to,say that the lenovo ideapad 3 is kind of,the testament as to how far budget,laptops have really come so in todays,video were actually doing a,comprehensive review on the ideapad 3 to,see what it offers who it might be for,and exactly whether its worth your cash,or not so as always guys if you enjoy my,content consider subscribing to my,channel i promise i do my absolute best,to provide quality content for you guys,so give me a chance and you wont be,disappointed i promise with that being,said lets get started lets get the dry,stuff out of the way first in terms of,the configuration and specifications for,this particular ideapad 3 were rocking,a 10th gen intel core i3 processor you,also have 8 gigabytes of ddr4 ram a 256,gb solid state drive and of course you,have intel uhd graphics which are of,course integrated and of course you also,have wi-fi five on board with bluetooth,and its worth noting you have a hd,15-inch screen with a standard 60hz,refresh rate in terms of unboxing the,laptop the nova ideapad 3 comes in a,pretty generic looking cardboard box,nothing fancy once you remove the,content seal and open the lid inside,youre greeted by a few items first and,foremost of course you have the ideapad,3 laptop itself which is neatly packed,but well come back to that in just a,minute beyond that you have your,traditional instruction manuals which of,course includes quick start best,practices warranty compliance and,regulatory information you know all the,fun stuff moving past that you have a 65,watt single unit charging adapter so,this serves as both the wall outlet plug,as well as the charging proprietary,cable that you use to charge your laptop,its worth noting unfortunately the,charging outlet plug does not have a,foldable pin for the wall outlet would,have been a nice touch to have that,added lets talk about the laptop design,and overall build quality so lenovo,always does a pretty good job of making,even their budget laptops appear neat,simple and professional now this laptop,weighs 4.08 pounds and thats relatively,heavy for a laptop this configuration,but once again its a testimony to the,fact that its a very slim profile,well-built laptop despite being made of,a mostly hard tpu build starting off,with the top side of the laptop itself,you can see that lenovo keeps it nice,and simple theres no fancy textures,just a linear downwards texture thats,very soft to the touch also on the lower,right side you can see that you actually,have the lenovo branding lenovo keeps it,nice and simple no complex stuff no,aggressive looks just plain professional,i like that as we make our way to the,side of the laptop youll notice that,lenovo has a rather interesting choice,of i o ports so you have a proprietary,charging port a hdmi port and you have,three usb ports two of which are usb 3.0,and one of which is a rather dated usb,2.0 port on the other side you have a,dedicated sd card reader which is pretty,nice and of course a traditional,headphone jack it is worth noting,however there is no usbc port on this,laptop in my opinion i dont know why,lenovo didnt do that considering its,2020 to an extent it does take away from,the future viability of this laptop as,we make our way to the bottom side of,the laptop youll notice right away,there is a linear array of cooling fence,this is where the cool air enters into,the laptop as always if you are going to,use this laptop please make sure hes on,a flat surface so theres plenty of,space to absorb in cool air also youll,notice theres several screws so yes the,bottom plate can come off if you want to,tinker around with the laptop its also,worth noting on the front side of the,bottom side you actually have two,speaker grilles so this is a stereo,setup and the speakers actually sound,pretty nice surprisingly well do a,sound test later on in the video as you,open up the laptop lid right away the,first thing youll notice is that lenovo,does a pretty good job at keeping that,almond color theme consistent throughout,the laptop it kind of reminds me of the,sandstone color on the surface laptop go,it has some resemblance to it anyway,coming back to this laptop youll notice,that the palm rest has a generous amount,of space you do have some branding on,one side and of course you have the,normal branding on the other side of the,palm rest the trackpad is what really,surprised me in terms of its quality,its really well built it doesnt feel,like a budget trackpad at all the clicks,are nice and tactile the trackpad is,well placed theres lots of real estate,and also when you apply pressure on one,side doesnt lift the entire body so you,can obviously tell the lower put,priority on the trackpad quality which,is a great thing theres this old saying,that goes a good keyboard keeps the,typos away i totally did not make that,up with that being said its worth,noting that the idea pad 3 has a,fantastic keyboard in terms of quality,you have a nice 1.5 millimeter travel,also the keys feel super tactile but,theyre not noisy so its great for a,silent environment you also have the,inclusion of a 10 keypad so for a number,of countries out there that,functionality is right on board it is,worth noting unfortunately that there is,no backlighting on the keyboard so you,are left in the dark in that regard,quite literally but this is not uncommon,for laptops in this price range a few,other worthwhile mentions about the,keyboard includes the fact that you do,have dedicated media playback keys,directly above the 10 keypad so thats,good the rest of the function keys are,mixed in with the traditional functional,line of course one thing worth,mentioning is that lenovo opted to,actually include the power button,independently of the keyboard,thank you lenovo for that i hate it when,companys mixing the power button in the,keyboard it just doesnt seem right to,me as we make our way to the hinge for,some reason lenovo does a very poor job,designing hinges for their non-business,laptops across all their lineups and the,ideapad 3 unfortunately suffers from the,same problem basically the hinge is a,single piece hinge which means that if,you open the lid from either corner you,apply immense pressure on the hinge,which will undoubtedly break it over,time as the years go by and this is,definitely a problem they should address,furthermore its worth noting that the,hinge isnt exactly as sturdy as some,other competing laptops it does wobble,around a little bit so keep that in mind,moving on we come to the bezels which,are relatively thin and theyre pretty,much in line with laptops of this,category also you do have a somewhat fat,chin at the bottom but once again thats,not uncommon for laptops in this price,range as you move to the top side of the,laptop youll notice you have the,inclusion of a 720p webcam which is,mediocre but thats excusable given the,budget pricing of this laptop one cool,thing that lenovo does is they actually,include a privacy shutter for more,conscious consumers so in case youre,worried that your webcam is spying on,you yes you can put a physical blockade,without having to put tape on it lets,talk about the weakest link on this,laptop,the display honestly speaking i was a,little disappointed at how much lino was,cheaped out on the display on this,laptop so for beginners you have a hd,plus display which in itself is not a,bad thing most laptops in this price,range have a 720p display so thats okay,what makes it a very poor display is,first and foremost you only have a 51,srgb rating which honestly is really,poor colors feel washed out theres no,vividness to the display whatsoever when,youre watching netfli

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The $500 Laptop I didnt Regret Buying! – Lenovo Ideapad 3 Review

todays video is sponsored by omis hey,whats up everyone its me pratima and,after a long time I am back with a,laptop review today I have the latest,2022 model of the Lenovo Idea battery if,youve been watching my videos long,enough you might know that lenovos,IdeaPad Series has always ranked high in,my list of the best budget Ultra books,in fact I liked last years IdeaPad 3 so,much that it was my top choice for the,best budget laptop this year Lenovo has,refreshed it with Intels 12 gen CPUs,which makes it all the more exciting my,unit is loaded with the core i5 1235u,CPU 8GB RAM and 512gb SSC storage for a,cost of some 500 in the US 90 000 rupees,here in Nepal and around 58 000 rupees,in India but if this price is slightly,higher than your budget you can also go,with the I3 variant with the same memory,configuration for a couple of bucks less,you should also be able to get much,better deals during the Black Friday and,cyber monday deals in the coming months,so watch out for that as well another,thing you might also be interested to,watch out for is this cool opportunity,from omis it is currently hosting a,Sweepstake where you can enter to win,the premium Tesla Model S apx plaid,while supporting a great cause the,donations you make will benefit the,Peterson Automotive Museum in its goal,to explore and present the history of,the automobile and its impact on global,life and culture whats sweet is even if,you dont win you will still be helping,the Peterson Automotive Museum in their,course now the Tesla Model S Apex flat,is the most sought after electric,vehicle on the market right now it is,top of line loaded with Cutting Edge,Tech and boasts an impressive 396 mile,driving range and a top speed of 200,miles per hour plus custom features,added by experts at unplug that you will,not find in any other Tesla so head to,omaze.com to enter today the experience,closes at January 27th so hurry up all,right lets start this review by talking,about its performance as I mentioned,before I have the Intel variant of the,idea battery in case youre curious,Lenovo also sells the same laptop with,ryzen 5000 CPUs but I didnt choose to,get the ryzen powered ones because,Intels 12 gen processors are much,better options considering all the,performance upgrades they bring here the,Intel variant of the IdeaPad 3 was able,to handle most of my non-demanding,everyday tasks with ease I spent the,majority of my day at office working on,scripts and articles alongside light,editing on Photoshop while browsing,through at least half a dozen Chrome,tabs and with all this I am yet to,experience any status so far based on,your usage scenario Lenovo also lets you,choose between various performance mode,through lenovos Vantage app I found,that the intelligent cooling mode gives,the best results under my usage with a,good balance of performance and battery,life and a quieter fan even when,multitasking although while light gaming,or doing some heavy tasks I would set it,to extreme where its fan can get a bit,louder but I wouldnt complain because,it does a good job of maintaining the,thermos now since this is an Ultra Book,with integrated Iris Graphics heavy,gaming is not possible here it can only,handle a few less demanding titles in,the lowest settings with a fair amount,of stability and thats about it as for,memory it comes with 8GB of soldier RAM,and you also get an additional sodium,slot in case youd want to add some more,the results from the onboard 512gb m.2,nvme SSD are quite satisfactory too and,good thing is that it is user,replaceable and you can even add an,extra HDD or SSD on the vacant SATA,interface plus something I am quite,pleased with about the IdeaPad 3 is its,battery life Intels u-series processors,are all about prioritizing Energy,Efficiency over raw performance and the,I5 1235u on this laptop does exactly,that on a full charge it lasted me like,five to six hours which can be,considered quite good for a budget,Ultrabook plus charging is also quite,convenient here since it supports,something called rapid charging protocol,which can fuel the laptop from 0 to 80,in about one hour this feature is not,enabled by default but you can turn it,on under the Lenovo Vantage app that I,talked about earlier now design wise,nothing much has changed from last year,because you get the same brushed matte,finish on the lid and the keyboard but I,have to admit that I like this silver,finish better than that of the dark gray,option of last years model so the,overall design feels quite premium and,this laptop is well built too I did not,find any concerning Flex in the keyboard,and the hinge is also quite sturdy you,can even lay the lid to a considerable,amount if that is important to you,another thing that I really appreciate,about this laptop is its flip to open,feature I use the 14 inch MacBook Pro as,my daily driver and getting a similar,feature here made me feel right at home,and not just that I feel like even,though its a small add-on it genuinely,enhances usability and convenience you,can then sign into your PC via the,fingerprint sensor embedded into the,power button in terms of IO you will,find the micro SD card slot and one type,a port on the right on the left Lenovo,has installed a type a port HDMI type c,and a 3.5 mm combo audio jack now,talking about its keyboard the keys on,it are well spaced out with good travel,distance theres also a dedicated numpad,section over on the right I am sure,someone who works with numbers will,definitely find it useful it is a,slightly compact though but it gets the,job done however my unit does not have a,backlit keyboard for some reason I guess,this is a region specific thing as the,IdeaPad 3 in the United States and India,do enjoy a backlit keyboard I am also a,little disappointed that Lenovo did not,upgrade the trackpad this year too not,that its not responsive or anything but,its too small and off-centered so using,it has not been a pleasant experience,for me hence while reviewing this laptop,I use an external Mouse instead,similarly like last years IdeaPad 3 I,found this years TN display on it to be,strictly average as well the viewing,angles on this years IdeaPad 3 appears,to be somewhat better and even the,overall quality of this screen is not as,bad but even so colors look a bit dull,here something thats clearly noticeable,while watching movies and such I didnt,feel the same way while doing my regular,office work though so if you want to get,this laptop or your regular General,tasks this TN panel is not bad to work,with but if you watch a lot of videos or,movies I would recommend you get the one,with an IPS panel instead in terms of,brightness the IdeaPad 3 has 250 nits of,Max brightness so its only ideal for,indoor use and nothing more I have also,noticed mild backlight bleeding on the,bottom of the screen but its nothing to,worry about since it is only visible,when watching really dim lit content,with the lights off now what did I miss,the audio and the webcam I have to say,that Im quite happy with the,performance of its speakers they sound,quite clear theyre not very loud though,so consuming content and listening to,music in my room has been a decent,experience but when it comes to the,webcam I would say its just so so like,most other budget Ultra books you get a,720p webcam here whose output is soft,and grainy so if youre someone who,needs to attend a lot of meetings it,would be wise to get a third party,webcam the audio pickup from the,microphones is satisfactory for online,meetings and classes but its background,noise cancellation feature does not work,as effectively as its promised okay,wrapping up this review like its,predecessor this years IdeaPad 3 checks,out most boxes for a good low cost Ultra,Book it comes with a capable 12 gen CPU,a modern looking design a decent,keyboard and quite nice battery life,with fast charging support throughout my,review period my only gripe with this,laptop has been its average TN panel but,if you just

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Lenovos Budget Gaming Laptop – IdeaPad Gaming 3i (2022) Review

Lenovo’s IdeaPad Gaming 3i is their more budget friendly gaming laptop option, but,usually compromises have to be made in order to hit the lower price point, so let’s find,out what it can do in this review!,The whole laptop is made out of plastic with their dark onyx grey finish.,It feels alright considering the plastic design, there aren’t any sharp corners or edges.,The screen only has a little flex, but the bigger issue was the wobble.,The screen wobbles quite a bit if you accidentally bump the laptop or table.,It’s less noticeable when typing on the keyboard unless you’re going hard, so don’t,get into too many arguments online…,But seriously, it’s not too bad when just typing on the keyboard, but yeah it does wobble,quite a bit, though it’s not as bad as say HP’s Victus.,Despite the wobble, the hinges felt sturdy when opening and closing the lid.,The middle of the lid sticks out a little which makes it easy to open, and the lid goes,back quite far compared to most other laptops, a little more than 150 degrees.,The keyboard felt fairly solid, it is plastic so there is some flex when pushing hard, but,it felt sturdy enough during normal use.,The size is pretty normal for a 15” gaming laptop, it’s not thin but it’s also not,super chunky, just average sized and fairly portable.,The laptop weighs 2.3kg or 5.1lb, then increases to 2.9kg or almost 6.4lb with the 170 watt,power brick and cables included.,It’s also sold with a smaller 135w brick for low spec configurations, and a larger,230 watt brick for the highest specs.,The configuration I’ve got has Intel’s Core i7-12650H CPU, Nvidia’s RTX 3050 Ti,graphics, 16 gigs of memory and a 15.6″ 1080p 165Hz screen, but there are other configurations,like AMD CPU or 16 inch screen.,You can check the different options and customize with the link below the video.,There’s a 720p camera above the screen in the middle.,This is how the camera and microphones look and sound, and then this is what it sounds,like while I’m typing on the keyboard, and as you can see there is some wobble to the,screen while I’m doing this.,The camera doesn’t have Windows Hello face unlock, but it’s got a physically sliding,privacy shutter.,Do you ever get the feeling someones watching you from the other side of your camera?,Dont let hackers take over your computer!,The best way to stay private on your laptop is with Private Internet Access, the sponsor,of this part of the video!,Private Internet Access is the worlds most transparent VPN provider, with over 30 million,downloads.,This powerful software hides your IP address and re-routes your internet traffic through,an encrypted tunnel.,This way, your browsing traffic stays hidden from everyone, be it your Internet Service,Provider or cyber criminals.,With servers in over 83 countries and in each and every single US state, this VPN offers,you a stable and secure connection anywhere, anytime.,Click my link below to get a massive 82% discount on Private Internet Access!,Thats just $2.11 a month, and you also get 3 extra months added to your subscription,for free!,And now, back to the laptop review!,My keyboard has a single zone of white backlighting, but there’s also an all blue option or a,4-Zone RGB option.,There are 2 levels of brightness which can be adjusted by holding function and pressing,the spacebar, and all keys and secondary functions get lit up.,Personally I liked typing on the keyboard and thought it was fine, but my partner who,used it more than me during testing wasn’t a fan.,She got pretty mad and found some buttons were harder to press down than they should,be, but she experiences this with every Lenovo laptop we’ve had and I’ve never noticed,this, so your mileage may vary.,The plastic touchpad feels and works fine.,It clicks down anywhere and is a good size.,The left side has an air exhaust vent at the back, a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port and a 3.5mm,audio combo jack.,The right just has another USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port, and there’s an air exhaust on this,side too.,The rest of the ports are on the back in between air exhaust vents.,From left to right there’s a HDMI 2.1 output, gigabit ethernet port that was high enough,to not have problems unplugging without lifting the laptop, a Type-C Thunderbolt 4 port, and,the power input on the right.,For some reason, Lenovo’s documentation actually notes that the higher tier 3060 configuration,doesn’t have Thunderbolt, so it’s kind of weird that the lower configuration does.,The 3060 still has a Type-C port, it’s just that it’s USB 3.2 Gen 2 only.,The Type-C port can also be used to charge the laptop with up to 95 watts, and it has,DisplayPort 1.4 support.,We connected a monitor to the Type-C port and confirmed that it connected to the Intel,integrated graphics.,Same as the screen.,The HDMI port though connects directly to the Nvidia discrete graphics, bypassing optimus,,and we’ll see what sort of a performance boost this gets us soon.,We also confirmed the HDMI port could run a 4K external screen at up to 120Hz 8-bit,with G-Sync, so variable refresh rate.,Getting inside is a bit different compared to most other laptops.,Pay attention or you could crack the plastic like I did here.,First you take out 8 Phillips head screws from the bottom, and the 4 down the front,are shorter than the rest.,There are also 2 Phillips head screws on the back on either side of the ports, so take,those out too.,I made the mistake of trying to take the bottom panel off at this point, because that’s,how most normal laptops open up, but with the IdeaPad you need to first slide off the,back plastic part.,Underneath this there are 4 more screws that need to come out.,Once these are out you can safely remove the main bottom panel.,Inside we’ve got the battery down the front, two memory slots in the middle, two M.2 storage,slots to the right, and the Wi-Fi 6 card on the left.,Although Intel 12th gen laptops can support either DDR4 or DDR5 memory, the IdeaPad uses,older DDR4, which tends to be the case for more budget friendly models like this as it’s,cheaper.,The AMD configurations use DDR5 though, as Ryzen 6000 CPUs do not support DDR4 memory.,My laptop came to me with one 16 gig stick, so single channel.,I would have preferred to see dual channel memory as this can significantly boost some,workloads and games, not everyone wants the hassle of upgrading themselves.,I’ll demonstrate the performance difference later, but otherwise unless specified assume,all testing was done with the stock RAM.,The SSD that came installed is the shorter 2242 size, so keep that in mind if you’re,swapping it.,The longer 2280 size used by the empty M.2 slot is more common, but the longer slot only,supports PCIe Gen 3 drives.,You’ve got to use the smaller one if you want the faster PCIe Gen 4 speeds.,The speeds from the installed 512gb NVMe M.2 SSD were decent for a PCIe Gen 3 drive, so,you could upgrade to a faster Gen 4 drive if you really wanted, again just make sure,it’s a 2242 size.,The Wi-Fi performance wasn’t great compared to others.,This is the slowest result I’ve recorded so far, but it’s not too far off compared,to other RealTek options.,To be fair it’s perfectly adequate for most people at home, and likely faster than most,of your Internet connections, but you should be able to upgrade it to a faster Intel option,for like $20.,I took off half a point from the upgradeability score because of the smaller SSD size limit,,and I also removed half a point from ease of access due to the extra hidden screws which,resulted in me cracking the plastic.,Sure it’s easy enough to open once you know how, if you followed the manual you’d be,fine, but I mean if I’ve opened 200 plus laptops at this point and did this, I’m,sure someone else will too.,The speakers sound average but get fairly loud.,There’s only minor bass and they sound a bit muffled at higher volume, but I still,preferred how it sounded compared to the far more expensive Razer Blade 14.,The latencymon results 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I Regret Buying This – Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Review (AMD Ryzen 4300U, 8 GB, 512 GB, 15.6″ 1080p)

it is pretty much common knowledge that,when you work directly with,manufacturers they will usually send you,their super high-end flagship products,to show off what they can do and how far,they can go but actually most common,comments under pretty much every laptop,preview are focused on finding something,thats much cheaper instead because not,everybody has thousands of euros or,dollars available to spend on a laptop,and now with all that in mind i decided,to just go ahead and buy one of the,cheapest laptops that i could find,because lets be honest here i dont,think that anyone in their right mind,would willfully send me their super,budget model so i wanted to find a,laptop that will cost me around five,hundred dollars uh they will have some,decent and reasonable specs so no old,outdated hardware and that could be good,enough for that,light everyday use now and in the future,and i thought that this lenovo ideapad 3,would fit this description just,perfectly it has a quad core amd ryzen 3,4 300 use cpu 8 gigabytes of dual,channel memory a 512 gigabyte ssd a full,hd display and a price tag of 529 euros,which to be honest sounded like a pretty,good value deal,until i started testing it so lets see,how it performs how it compares to other,laptops i tested so far and talk about,why you should probably try to spend a,little bit more on your next laptop,lets go this video is brought to you by,seasonic and their prime series power,supplies these top quality power,supplies are very efficient theyre,whisper quiet extremely reliable and my,go-to choice for most of my test rigs,and builds around here and to make the,deal even sweeter seasonic wraps it all,up in a cozy 12 year long warranty check,them out using the links in the,description below,out of the box it is actually a pretty,good looking laptop with its light,silver brushed aluminum look and a very,discreet logo on the side,the panels are plastic of course but i,actually think it looks very clean and,very modern and it should have no issues,fitting in that professional environment,in terms of size its a pretty standard,15-inch laptop it is you know not the,smallest one out there but it is thin,and light enough to carry around,now the build quality is not really,amazing as you would expect from an old,plastic budget laptop it feels fine if,you just handle it normally but there is,quite a bit of flex in all panels both,inside and out,the hinge feels all right it doesnt,feel like it will break anytime soon,unless you really you know start,throwing the laptop around you will need,two hands to open it up and that gets,you to whats one of the nicest budget,laptop keyboards ive seen so far,it does look a bit old school with a,large font and no backlight and it even,feels a bit old school with a long,travel distance and that clickety,feeling but that actually makes it,extremely pleasant to type on now i,normally use mechanical keyboards and i,found this to be easier to get used to,than most premium thin laptops so it is,not fancy in any possible way but on a,budget laptop im really more happy to,find a keyboard that offers that good,feedback and a numpad than a modern,looking keyboard that is too light to,touch,the touchpad isnt that bad either,so dont expect a premium touchpad,experience but ive definitely seen,worse so i will give it a pass today now,when it comes to connections you get one,hdmi port one usb 2 type a port and two,usb 3 type a ports on the left side and,a usb 2 card reader and an audio jack on,the right side so there are no usb,type-c connections there is no,thunderbolt support and there is no,ethernet connection which i kind of,think its a bit of a shame as it could,easily fit on a laptop of this size,overall i do think three usb type-a,ports is pretty okay for a budget laptop,but,one of the main reasons i picked this,laptop is because it comes with a ryzen,3 4300 due processor it is a four core,four thread cpu that is actually,surprisingly capable it outperforms the,intel ice lake cpus youll find in the,much more expensive dell xps 13 or razer,blade stealth and i would say perform,similarly to an 8th gen intel core i7,and even previous generation ryzen 7 cpu,so thats enough to handle some photo,editing or even some light video editing,and if youre considering this laptop as,a school laptop it will handle most,applications you need just fine,i do think its worth looking at a 4000,series ryzen 5 if you can afford it but,for a budget system this is a completely,fine processor the laptop doesnt have a,dedicated gpu but the built-in graphics,of these ryzen cpus are good enough to,let you play an occasional game or two,in your spare time now of course you can,forget about any aaa titles but lighter,games like minecraft like league of,legends overwatch and cs go can,definitely be played at least at that,casual level,and just when you think that all this is,sounding pretty solid for a budget,laptop lenovo just destroys all those,nice and positive things by using the,absolute worst display ive ever tested,i kind of knew what i was getting into,because the specification page of the,shop i was buying it from kind of,clearly stated that the panel wouldnt,really be that bright and that it would,offer a poor color gamut,but i actually didnt expect things to,be this bad now the one and only good,thing about this panel is that it has,1080p resolution,thats it,it is a tn panel with a peak brightness,of 234 nits so thats just about okay,for indoor use but it is completely,unusable in any remotely bright,environment,srgb color gamut is 55,meaning that the colors will look quite,washed out as it just you know cannot,display all the colors it needs and as a,result of that the color accuracy is,pretty bad as well so even though the,cpu can handle it there is no way you,could do any kind of photo or video,editing using this screen but the,absolute worst thing is the contrast,which comes in at 429 to 1 making it by,far the worst result ive ever seen the,display just cannot show black and,instead you get that uncomfortable gray,color and it is also completely unable,to display any contrast in light areas,either so,im gonna give you a nice example i,wanted to get some white sneakers for,myself online and on some pages you,could barely make out the shoe from the,white background it is just you know not,there it disappeared and on top of that,because it is a tn panel the viewing,angles are absolutely,terrible,if you dont look at a panel at that one,exact angle brightness and colors will,drop off fast and again you will not be,able to make out anything on the screen,anymore,now i know that most of the 1080p ips,panels in laptops that will cost you,around 700 euros arent particularly,great either,they will barely offer better color,performance but the other results were,usually within reason and this panel is,just so much worse and i think thats a,great argument to you know invest a,little bit more in your laptop if you,can afford it so this panel might be,able to handle some office use it might,be fine for browsing in a bit of gaming,so if this is all you can afford it will,be usable but if you can add a bit more,to your budget i do recommend getting a,laptop with a better panel than this one,it is also a surprisingly quiet laptop,coming in at around 36.9 decibels when,stressing both the cpu and integrated,graphics with a really comfortable 62,degrees on the cpu while its running at,3.5 gigahertz so terminals are,definitely not one of the things you,should worry about,now the speakers are actually,surprisingly okay you shouldnt expect,them to sound fantastic but playing a,couple of games or watching netflix,really didnt sound that bad if youre,looking for some reliable and fast,external storage ssds are the way to go,it doesnt matter if youre just going,to use them to copy some files to work,from them for example or to keep your,games on theyre just such a useful tool,to have,and i would say the webcam is in that,same c

Should you get the Lenovo IdeaPad 3? Review time!

here we have the lenovo ideapad 3. now,this laptop is meant to be sort of a,cheap entry-level machine meant for,those needing something basic maybe like,a,student starting out or like your,grandmother who just needs to write,email and and do the occasional word,documents stuff like that this laptop is,a little bit of like its like a jack of,few trades and a master of even less but,uh that said uh its not the worst,laptop in the world im gonna maybe i,should stop prefacing these videos in,that regard but its not the worst,laptop in the world but its not very,good i dont think you should buy one,and heres why,this laptop has an intel i3 processor,256 gigabyte solid state drive and that,is nvme not not sata a couple of fun,things to note about the idea pad 3 is,that if you want to expand your storage,it does have an extra slot for a sata,hard drive but it does not come with the,cable that you need in order to connect,the hard drive to the motherboard but,there is a little like a little uh,ribbon cable port for it so anyway,something to keep in mind you probably,could expand the storage on the thing if,you had to but it is going to require,hunting down an extra cable which will,be a pain in the butt also,i have never seen a laptop that isnt a,two-in-one get this flat before that,thats kind of cool even though,the rest of it is janky,it has a 15.6 inch,non fhd,non touch screen that is one of the deal,breakers right there the screen is is,awful now it doesnt help that at the,lower right corner here there and you,cant see it on camera maybe ill try to,get a close-up of it but uh there is,basically some graphical artifacting,down there either the screen or the,graphics card was defective in this,particular test model which you know, happens you get a lemon every so,often but nevertheless i think its sort,of a statement towards its quality these,lenovo ideapads are not known for,holding up that well and lenovos,customer service when repairing them is,even worse weve had it to where people,have had the hinges break away from the,screen and when you send it back to,lenovo for repair they take about a,month to get the thing back to you which,we feel is a little bit on the,unacceptable uh side of things but that,being said thats what you should expect,from the ideapad and lenovos customer,service you will get knocked down in,terms of the the triaging there as far,as features are concerned this thing,does have 802.11 ac it does have,bluetooth built in it has no windows,hello compatible camera fingerprint,scanner anything of that nature it does,have this cute little flap where you can,privacy shutter to close the,camera up there at the top which is kind,of a nice touch and i think people are,going to like that and because today,marks october what is it october 5th it,is the first day windows 11 is available,and this thing is windows 11 compatible,it does have the latest intel processor,generation so it means you have windows,11 no problem at all keyboard typing on,the keyboard is not too bad its uh the,keyboard has this sort of nice textured,feel its got gray keys with white,lettering which i love,there is no backlight on this keyboard,but it is full size so that means that,if you are like an accountant or,somebody doing data entry its going to,be pretty good for that and we found,that typing on this thing is ultimately,pretty nice too it feels good its,tactile its responsive you dont get a,lot of typos the keys are kind of this,weird shape where they have this sort of,like rounded,bottom there but it doesnt seem to,affect your typing abilities and maybe,some people might even like that,aesthetically touch pad leaves a lot to,be desired its small its uh kind of,ghosts a little bit i mean its okay,its not the worst one ive used but,its not the best one ive used either,again this is an entry-level machine,theyre not going to put anything,premium on there or put some big honk,and track pad on there you get what you,get and thats like basically a the,parts been track pad so but at least it,matches the color of the chassis which,is kind of a nice touch and more to say,that what some of the hula packers have,as far as just general,build quality is concerned its built,like it is not built well at all,its chinsy feeling the plastics dont,feel like they can hold up i dont think,i mean i feel like if youre a student,or a traveler and youre really putting,this thing through the ringer whipping,it in and out of your bag i dont think,its gonna hold up well at all its one,of the few laptops that i can actually,honestly say that with too uh its,typical that even with very cheap,laptops they still feel sturdy and,theyre built pretty well even when,these like hp stream laptops and i hate,hewlett packard but even these hp stream,laptops are they feel you know like they,can kind of take a beating i have no,confidence in this thing whatsoever so,if you are looking to buy a laptop but,youre abusive towards it maybe youre,the kind of person that lifts the laptop,up by its screen i dont recommend you,do that but,uh or youre just somebody thats just,generally is not very careful with your,things uh this laptop is not gonna be,for you it will not last very long which,maybe segway segways me into my next,point which im not really sure this,laptop is for anybody if you need,something 15.6 inch and cheap i almost,feel like youre better off going with,the gateway 15.6 inch thing that you can,get from walmart we reviewed one of,those uh you could also get one of those,like hp,um 15 and i cant believe im saying,this but one of those like 15.6 inch hp,machines that are sub 300 bucks um did a,review on one of those as well uh this,laptop the speakers are okay theres no,bass yes i know its pronounced bass,people theres no bass to speak of,theres no mids theres just kind of,like these non-distorted lows and they,get loud enough but youre not going to,be able to listen to any kind of music,on them youre not even really going to,watch want to watch a movie on it either,youre really only going to be able to,use this for like a podcast or something,but you obviously do have a port to plug,in some headphones which you are,absolutely going to have to do uh the,screen is atrocious quality even if you,get one that has a working screen it is,one of the worst displays weve seen in,a long time not only is it non-fhd its,got backlight bleed uh the colors are,kind of crappy uh horrible horrible,screen shame on you lenovo you shouldnt,have done that build quality not that,great either input and output is okay,lets see here we have a,two usb super speed ports theres no,usbc,but two usb super speeds nothing that,you can charge on,usb regular or youd probably plug in,your mouse dongle,hdmi full size its kind of a nice touch,i suppose some people still want to plug,into a projector,and then of course where you plug it in,i should just let you guys say the line,at this point because it doesnt it,doesnt run on solar energy,and it never will,and then on this side youve got the,headphone jack and then a full,sd camera card um i you know i o is not,hateful on it there are worse laptops,with worse i o but the usb lack of a usb,c port is something to keep in mind,although people buying this particular,laptop may not really care about usb-c,in the first place i just think that,there are better options uh this thing,is going at about the 350-ish range i,think ill have to double-check that and,ill put a little,pop-up on the video so its worth noting,that as of recording the video,the price of this laptop is now going,for 450 dollars,which is an absolute rip-off do not buy,it for 450 bucks rip off,rip off,i dont really think that its great,value and you know its not that,feature-rich its okay i mean again the,laptop is okay if theres absolutely,nothing if you or if you and this laptop,are the only,things left on this planet after a,zombie apocalypse theres just no other,laptops out there and you need to make,new baby laptops

Lenovo IdeaPad 3 Laptop 2021 Review (Gen 6)

[Music],whats up youtube how it goes and,welcome to another episode today were,having a look at the latest iteration of,the ever so popular lenovo ideapad 3.,now lenovos always drunk when it comes,to their marketing and branding for,their models depending on the region,youre in this laptop is also referred,as to lenovo ideapad 3i not to be,confused with the gaming 3i that being,said whats important is the,configuration the configuration we have,on board for this model here is rocking,intels latest 11th generation core f5,processor eight gigabytes of ddr4 ram,additionally we have a one terabyte hard,drive plus a 256 gb solid state drive,also we have the latest wi-fi and,bluetooth tires on board its also worth,loading this is the 15-inch model which,has a full hd display on board of course,were going to answer the ultimate,question of whether or not this laptop,is worth your hard-earned cash what it,got right where it dropped the ball and,of course to see if it belongs in your,office home or wherever you plan to use,this thing as always if you guys enjoyed,this video hit that like button consider,subscribing to my channel were so close,to 10k subs all thanks to your support,but thanks again lets go starting off,with a quick unboxing you can see that,the latest iteration of the ideapad 3,looks just as lame in that cardboard,boxing and thats pretty standard for,most pc laptops unfortunately beyond,that once you remove the content seal,itself inside youll find a few items,first and foremost of course the laptop,itself which is very neatly packed in a,lot of protective packaging once you,remove all that here it is the lenovo,ideapad 3i and it looks quite nice,beyond that of course you have a 65 watt,two-in-one charging adapter meaning,basically the wall outlet piece and the,actual adapter are one body piece,unfortunately you still do have a,proprietary charging adapter so no usbc,charging out of the box beyond that of,course you have a quick start guide,instruction manual and your usual,warranty and regulation information now,as you can see we have the ideapad 3 in,the abyss blue color and honestly it,looks pretty nice as far as the tone,goes now build quality on the ideapad 3,isnt bad but its nothing to write home,about either it weighs approximately 3.6,pounds which is relatively light for its,15 inch class weight but the reason for,this is because almost the entire laptop,is made of hard tpu or plastic materials,so starting off with the top side you,have a smooth textureless surface which,actually feels nice to the touch but you,can tell right away this is your,traditional plastic material you also,have the lenovo badge towards the side,of the laptop and thats pretty much,everything as far as the top side goes,as we make our way to the side of the,laptop io port diversity is a mixed bag,so you have plenty of ports but some of,them are somewhat outdated so you have a,dc jack port you also have a full size,hdmi port a usb 3.0 port a non,thunderbolt usb c port and a good old,headphone jack on the other side you,have a outdated usb 2.0 port thankfully,you do have a full sized sd card reader,slot and two indicator lights as you,make your way to the bottom of the,laptop again the hard tpu material,continues you have this long line vent,basically for cool air intake and youll,also notice on either corner of the,bottom side you have two speaker grilles,so this is in fact a stereo speaker,setup and well be doing a brief sound,test later on in the video as soon as,you unfold this laptop the first thing,you notice is the ample amount of palm,rest space which is expected on a 15,inch laptop although i can say im the,biggest fan of that left skewed trackpad,positioning its a little too awkward,for me with that being said the trackpad,is decent in quality the clicks are,fairly tactile and the surface while,made of plastic doesnt necessarily feel,cheap or flimsy its also worth noting,there is a little bit of imbalance when,you click on any side of the trackpad,but its still a lot better than some of,the competition one thing lenovo almost,always seems to nail with its modern,laptops is the keyboard and this is,another fantastic keyboard so you have,fantastic key travel youll find that,you have plenty of surface area on each,keycap so you will not be making any,typos and also youll find that the,clicks are nice and tactile when you,press on any given keystroke that being,said this is a fully backlit keyboard,and the backlighting is pretty nice also,because this is the 15 inch model you,have a full size 10 keypad keep in mind,smaller models will not have this youll,also like the fact that the power button,on top of the keyboard also serves as a,fingerprint scanner which is actually,not that common in this category of,laptop so good job lenovo the hinge,quality on the ideapad 3 is mediocre at,best so there is a fair bit of wobble no,matter what position you have the laptop,on its also worth noting you cant open,this with a single hand and lenovo could,have definitely done a better job there,now as far as display fitting goes you,have a relatively thin chin and forehead,and also the bezels are pretty narrow,that are more or less in line with 2021,standards unfortunately you get a highly,mediocre 720p webcam i cant be too,harsh on lenovo though because it seems,still to be an industry standard in 2021,so its okay for zoom calls but youre,not winning any beauty contests with it,i swear to god i think lenovo literally,has a accountant making their displays,because these displays are just not,designed for creativity whatsoever no,offense to anyone whos an accounting,you guys are awesome with that being,said you have a modest resolution of,1080p a 60hz refresh rate which is all,decent but where things start getting,messy is the fact that you only have a,srgb rating of 51 which is just outright,awful colors look washed out theyre,super bleached and you cannot use this,laptop for any sort of creativity,intensive tasks like photo video editing,or color grading because it just looks,way too washed out so creative users,keep an eye out for that also you have a,peak brightening of 300 nits which all,things considered isnt actually that,bad this laptop is fine for most indoor,settings and it does okay in outdoor,settings thankfully you also have a,anti-glare or matte finish screen which,does further help in providing less,reflections on the screen overall,performance on the lenovo ideapad 3 or,3i is very interesting so any day-to-day,tasks that core i5 processes rips right,past whether its web browsing watching,a video on the internet or doing some,good old word processing however i,really wanted to push this laptop to its,limit so of course i installed davinci,resolve 17 and did some bare 4k video,editing i found there were a fair bit of,frame drops its still technically a,viable experience but you definitely,notice that i feel like the 8 gigabytes,of ram is a bit of a bottleneck but,having more ram might fix that issue to,some extent gaming on this laptop is,actually quite respectable given its,running an integrated graphics chipset,so i was able to get 30 plus fps,consistently on gta 5 at high settings,which again is not too shabby of course,some of you guys want to know just how,hot this laptop can get well at its,absolute pip we found this laptop hit a,cpu temperature of approximately 88,degrees celsius at which point it starts,thermal throttling however we found that,at high lows it had a sustained,temperature of about 74 degrees celsius,which isnt that bad all things,considered and if youre using it at a,low or idle state itll be well below,the 60 degree celsius mark so overall,its not a super hot laptop it is worth,noting you only have a single cooling,fan on this laptop but it doesnt get,too loud and is within the realm of,reasonability lenovo claims you can get,up to 10 hours of battery life on a,single charge in my real world test i,found you get about seven and a half,h

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