1. Lenovo Legion 5 (2022) Review – Still Best Mid-Range Gaming Laptop?
  2. Lenovo Legion 5 Review
  3. Lenovo Legion 5 (2021) Review – Still Best Ryzen Gaming Laptop?
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  6. Lenovo Legion 5 Review
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Lenovo Legion 5 (2022) Review – Still Best Mid-Range Gaming Laptop?

Lenovo’s Legion 5 has been my favorite  mid-range gaming laptop for the last  ,couple of years now. But other brands are  starting to catch up, so let’s find out  ,what improvements this year’s model brings  and if it’s still a laptop worth buying.,I’ve got the storm grey finish, but there’s  also cloud grey which is a lighter color.,The lid is aluminum with a shiny mirrored  Lenovo logo, while the keyboard deck and  ,bottom panel are plastic, but the whole  machine feels nice and well built.,There is some flex to the keyboard  if you’re pushing down hard,  ,it’s not a solid metal laptop afterall, but  it felt perfectly fine during normal use.,The screen goes the full way back for sharing,  ,and it was easy to open with one finger as the  middle part of the lid sticks out a little.,The hinge seems sturdy even when ripping it  open hard, but despite this, the lid still  ,feels easy and smooth to open, though the  screen can wobble a little when typing hard.,This photo from Lenovo’s parts list  site shows that the hinges are connected  ,to the panel in multiple locations, so  it’s probably fine just like last gen,  ,but only time will tell with long term use.,It feels quite portable, and Lenovo says  that it’s 15% thinner compared to last gen,  ,but I’m not a fan of the trend towards only  listing the thinnest part on the spec sheet,  ,because it’s closer to 2.5cm or an inch thick  right at the back, not including the rubber feet.,The laptop alone weighs 2.5kg or 5.5lb,  ,increasing to 3.4kg or 7.4lb with the 230  watt power brick and cables for charging.,Lenovo’s website notes that this year’s Legion  5 can come with either a 230 or 300 watt power  ,brick, so either it varies by region, or  this year they’re reserving the larger 300  ,watt option for the top spec RTX 3070 Ti. Or  maybe the Intel Configs need it more than AMD.,The configuration that I bought has AMD’s 8 core  Ryzen 7 6800H CPU, Nvidia’s RTX 3060 graphics,  ,16 gigs of DDR5 memory, and a 15.6”  1440p 165Hz screen with G-Sync,  ,but you can customize it how you like and  check prices with the link below the video.,There’s a 1080p camera above  the screen in the middle,  ,but there’s no Windows Hello face unlock.  Lenovo’s website only notes a 720p camera,  ,but if we dive deeper into the spec sheet both  are listed, so this probably varies by region.,You can use the switch on the right hand side  to physically disconnect the camera for privacy.,Here’s how the camera and microphones look and  sound, and here’s what it sounds like while typing  ,on the keyboard, and as you can see the screen  is wobbling a little bit while I’m doing this.,My keyboard has 4-zones of RGB  backlighting, but there’s also  ,a white only option, and all keys  and secondary functions get lit up.,There aren’t any keyboard shortcuts to  change brightness, something I missed,  ,but you can press the function and spacebar  shortcut to swap between three lighting profiles.,This year’s Legion 5 uses Spectrum to control  the RGB lighting, which is managed through the  ,Vantage software. We can also swap between the  three profiles here, or customize them further  ,with a few different basic effects. Brightness  can be controlled through here with two levels,  ,but I would have preferred keyboard  shortcuts for this like most laptops have.,The key lighting felt a little dim in a  well lit room compared to other laptops too.,As for actually using the keyboard,  ,personally I really like typing on Legion  keyboards, to me they just feel great.,That said, like I noted in  the review of the Legion 7i,  ,sometimes the top row of function keys needed  to be pressed harder to trigger properly.,The touchpad is mylar, so plastic. It clicks  down anywhere, feels smooth to the touch,  ,is a good size and is accurate to click with.,The left side has an air exhaust vent and  a couple of USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C ports.,The right side has an air exhaust too,  as well as a 3.5mm audio combo jack,  ,the camera disconnect switch,  and a USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A port.,The rest of the ports are on the back  in between more air exhaust vents.  ,From left to right we’ve got a gigabit ethernet  port facing the preferred way so you don’t have  ,to lift up the laptop to unplug, a third  USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, HDMI 2.1 output,  ,2 more USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports for 3 in total,  and the rectangular power input on the far right.,There are icons above the rear ports so  you can easily tell where you need to  ,put a cable when sitting in front of the  laptop without having to turn it around.  ,It’s not as nice compared to the more expensive  Legion 7 series which lights these up so you can  ,see them in the dark, but it’s better than what  most other laptops with rear ports are offering.,All three of the Type-C ports have DisplayPort  1.4 support, however if you have Optimus on  ,then the rear-most Type-C port on the left  connects to the integrated Radeon graphics  ,while everything else including HDMI connects  directly to the Nvidia discrete graphics.,Now if you turn optimus off then  that rear-most left Type-C port  ,instead doesn’t have any display output at  all. But all three of the other ports still  ,connect to the Nvidia graphics. Now I think  the rear-most left Type-C port also has USB  ,4 support. This wasn’t actually mentioned on  the spec sheet on the Lenovo product page,  ,but if you dig deeper into the PDF spec sheet,  then it does list USB 4. So in theory, Thunderbolt  ,devices should work. And I was able to connect  my Razer Core X Chroma external GPU enclosure and  ,the external graphics card was actually discovered  by this laptop. It seemed to be working at first,  ,but then after actually installing the Nvidia  driver for it, the laptop just blue screened.  ,And it kept on repeating that every time I  turned it back on. I didn’t spend any time  ,troubleshooting this, but in theory it should  be possible to get Thunderbolt devices working.,We also confirmed that the HDMI port  could run a 4K external screen at up  ,to 120Hz 8-bit with G-Sync. If you want  10 or 12 bit then you’re limited to 60Hz.,Only the Type-C port on the back could be used  to charge the laptop, and Lenovo have updated it  ,from 100 watts of charging from last year to  135 watts this year. But only if the charger  ,supports 20 volts 6.75 amps, so it doesn’t seem  like they’re supporting the PD 3.1 standard,  ,meaning this 140 watt charger I’ve got from  Ugreen maxes out at 100 watts when connected  ,to the Legion 5, and I suspect that would be  the case with most other modern chargers too.,Lenovo do of course have their own 135  watt charger, so you might have to buy that  ,if you want to fully power this device over  Type-C. Unfortunately I don’t have one of these,  ,so any time I’ve tested with a  Type-C power source connected  ,it’s limited to 100 watts, just like last year.,Getting inside requires unscrewing  10 Phillips head screws,  ,and the 4 down the front are shorter than the  rest, so don’t forget when putting them back in.  ,I found it fairly easy to open with my usual pry  tools, I’ll leave a link to them below the video.,There are a few metal covers over the components  inside which can be removed. We’ve got the battery  ,right down the front, two memory slots  just above that, the installed M.2 SSD  ,on the right with Wi-Fi 6 card just above, and  the second empty M.2 storage slot on the left.,Wi-Fi performance is rarely amazing with RealTek  cards, but it should be possible to take this out  ,and upgrade for like $20. It’s performing  the same as last year’s Legion 5 which  ,had the same Wi-Fi card. Lenovo’s website  mentions that it comes with the newer 6E,  ,but that wasn’t what I ended up with.  Just like the camera difference,  ,if we dive into the full spec  sheet some differences are listed.,The memory that came in mine was single rank x16,  ,though so far I haven’t found this to  matter as much with DDR5 compared to DDR4.,The installed 512

Lenovo Legion 5 Review

all right so this is the lenovo legion,5 review this is actually the 5i but,theres two variants,a 5 and a 5i and the difference being,one is amd,one is intel i have the intel version,but the the experience and the hardware,is going to be vastly similar between,the two,now this has to be one of the most,anticipated gaming laptops for 2020,because of its,original price point that they announced,its supposed to be like i think,800 or 900 bucks at the base price so,its a very,interesting device and the predecessor,to this,the y 540 was a very well reviewed,device,and this is just like the 2020 version,theyve tweaked a whole bunch of stuff,but there is theres stuff you should be,aware of going into this particular,purchase okay,so lets start with the design this has,been,changed ever so slightly in terms of its,design aesthetic its very clean,and mature looking like it doesnt have,any kind of gamer accents,this is probably the least gamer looking,gaming laptop,on the market i really like its even,cleaner than like a razer blade because,theres no,snake logos and stuff like that its,just a very simple,uh top lid and a very simple inside,which well get to in a second,now on the top theyve changed the,legion logo it doesnt light up anymore,its also in a different position from,last year if i remember correctly,and theres also a new badge of just,like a metal insert that just says,lenovo now the whole laptop feels,well built its plastic but it feels,durable there is this weird thing i got,a bunch of emails from you guys,in regards to the hinge i cant see any,issues with it in fact i think its the,same hinge design,as the 540 and 570 from last year which,were great so i just imagine these would,be good as well,watch me eat my words in a few years,when these things explode in peoples,faces,i think theyre theyre good though okay,i didnt mention earlier but the legion,logo,has like a bit of a iridescent shimmer,to it its faint,but its there all right the display so,here,we have a 144 hertz 1080p panel its,pretty fast for gaming its bright its,color accurate i like the screen a lot,it is however an upgraded panel the base,panel,is a 60 hertz screen which you know if,youre getting a gaming laptop like this,id go for a higher refresh screen but,theres also this,third option of a 120 hertz lower,brightness screen which i personally,do not recommend i havent seen the one,specifically from lenovo but its listed,at 250 nits and from my experience,250 nits is perfectly fine for just like,browsing the web and doing stuff but if,youre playing games,it just doesnt feel bright enough dont,get,that 250 nit screen if you can avoid it,i just spend that extra money,to get the 144 hertz option the webcam,this year has been moved,up from the bottom of the screen to the,top which is awesome and,they have a privacy filter this year so,you can hit this switch,and itll cover up the webcam physically,so technically you would be,more secure if youre worried about that,and i like this feature i feel like more,laptops in general,should have a physical cover over the,lens like an,optional slide like that its simple but,its like,its just a thing i think its pretty,cool okay the keyboard,i like the keyboard uh in general i,think most people will like this,keyboard there is a number pad so,everythings got,shifted over to the left if you know,symmetry bothers you but i think lenovo,does this often with their kind of,mid-tier devices they just include a,number pad but the actual keyboard,experience,is on point and its got white,backlighting which looks really clean,the trackpad is nice it doesnt have the,dedicated physical buttons like it did,last year its like,a the actual click is built right into,the trackpad like a lot of other gaming,laptops but its still a good trackpad,and oh my favorite part about this,keyboard,the actual deck itself its this really,nice soft touch material,and from what ive seen from last years,material as well,this stuff holds up like i have a friend,that has a y530,and i used to be concerned about,lenovos materials kind of becoming,gummier over time,but last years model held up and this,feels exactly the same to me,so i think its going to be a durable,soft touch material,the performance on this machine is quite,good im running the six,core intel processor with an rtx 2060,and its the regular 2016 not the max q,version,so its just a little bit more powerful,than other competitors that are pushed,max q devices this is a appropriately,cooled system,its nice to see and the fans dont get,super loud and they also have that,keyboard shortcuts you can switch,between the performance modes so you can,go between like balanced,and high performance and quiet mode but,this year they have this,colored led in the power button which,lets you know visually,what mode youre in just by looking at,the power button now this year they,still dont have manual fan control its,something i talked about last year,i wish that on a device like this you,could just control the fans by yourself,so if youre,doing something that requires better,performance you can just crank it up,uh but you cant it does a pretty good,job just through those three settings,but,i like my manual all right so inside you,have you can see the do big fans they,exhaust at the back and the sides,with a nice heat pipe array good thermal,system the,ssd wi-fi card and the two ram slots are,behind two shrouds but remove those and,you have access to them,and the battery is not particularly big,its a 60 watt hour battery,very similar battery life to last years,im getting three and a half hours on,this,which is to be expected its a smaller,battery i do think that there is a,option for a larger battery but then it,just removes,the uh the sata cage so you just get a,slightly bigger battery but no,hard drive i did notice that there seems,to be room for a second,nvme like if you remove the hard drive,cage there just seems to be this perfect,amount of space,for a secondary nvme which is ive never,actually seen something like this where,the space,seems like so well engineered that if,you remove the hard drive cage theres,now room for the,nvme to slot in its pretty cool all,right so that,is the internal of this system uh,theres speakers on the left and right,they sound like gaming laptop speakers,not,terrible but theyre not great uh ports,on this device,so the vast majority of ports on these,lenovo,legion devices are on the back of the,machine which i really like,keeps the whole thing clean the usb-c,porch does not support thunderbolt 3. so,if you need it,you dont have access to that but,theres four usb-as so theres two on,the back and one on each side,so its got this healthy dose of usb-a,on the system,all right so this is a pretty solid,system overall,now if you remember in the beginning of,this video i mentioned that the starting,price of this thing was supposed to be,like 850 or 900,it is but theres a bit of um theres a,bit of a twist,to that that pricing only applies to the,ryzen,amd versions and once you spec this,thing out with an intel chip,its quite expensive its actually more,expensive than i thought it would be,this feels like its a i dont know 150,200 bucks more than it should be,now heres the thing lenovo stuff goes,on sale very frequently were not,talking like special black friday and,back-to-school stuff,its just constantly on sale so you just,need to be diligent,and look at the pricing of this stuff,and catch it when it is on sale because,if you buy this thing at,full retail price i dont think its,really worth the money like its,okay its just not great value if you do,get it on sale though i think this is a,great get,um so yeah you just make sure you,purchase this thing,on sale if you can now there is a second,device that i want to talk about because,if youre interested in the legion 5,youre probably interested in this thing,as well this is the lenovo,ideapad gaming 3. its a bit of a weird,name this,had like a different monik

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Lenovo Legion 5 (2021) Review – Still Best Ryzen Gaming Laptop?

Last year I said the Lenovo Legion 5 was the best Ryzen gaming laptop available for the,money, so let’s find out if that’s still the case and if this year’s new refreshed,model is worth considering.,I bought the Ryzen 7 5800H plus Nvidia RTX 3060 configuration for testing, as I thought,that would be of most interest.,Mine came with 16 gigs of memory, a 512 gig SSD and a 15.6” 1080p 165Hz screen.,Now there is also an all AMD version of the Legion 5 with the new RX 6600M graphics, but,I’m still trying to get it, and there are also other Nvidia options with both lower,and higher GPUs.,You can check out other configurations as well as updated prices with those links down,in the description.,The Legion 5 has an all plastic build, but I thought it felt nice enough.,The finish is called phantom blue, a darker blue basically, but there’s also a stingray,white finish.,The laptop alone weighs about 2.5kg or 5.5lb, then 3.5kg or 7.8lb total with the large 300,watt power brick and cables, so on the heavier side for a 15” laptop.,It’s not thin or anything, but not huge either, just a regular 15” gaming laptop,size.,The 15.6” 1080p 165Hz screen has decent color gamut for a gaming laptop, above average,contrast, but the FreeSync range starts relatively high.,The screen gets above 300 nits at maximum brightness, but it gets dim quite quickly,without a whole lot of control at lower levels.,The Lenovo Vantage software, the control panel for the laptop, lets you enable or disable,optimus, aka hybrid mode.,With optimus enabled the screen still has FreeSync, and with optimus disabled you’ve,instead got the option of G-Sync, so best of both worlds however you run it.,The vantage software also gives us the option to enable or disable panel overdrive, which,should affect screen response time.,I didn’t actually find a difference between overdrive on or off though, so not sure if,this was a bug, but we’re looking at just under a 7ms average grey-to-grey response,time.,It’s not amazing compared to others, even the 144Hz panel in last year’s Legion 5,was more than 2ms faster, so hopefully the overdrive mode gets improved in a future software,update, as the Lenovo site claims a 3ms response time with overdrive.,This is the amount of time it takes from a mouse button press to when a gunshot fires,in CS:GO.,The total system latency was on the slower side, with more inconsistent results as per,the higher standard deviation.,Backlight bleed was very minor, I never noticed it during normal use, but it will vary between,laptop and panel.,There’s a 720p camera above the screen in the middle, no IR for Windows Hello though,,but there’s a switch on the right that physically disconnects the camera for privacy.,This is what the camera and microphone look and sound like, and this is what it sounds,like while I’m typing on the keyboard, and you can actually see that the screen is wobbling,a bit while I’m typing.,The Legion 5 is available with either a white backlit keyboard, or 4 zone RGB, which is,what mine has.,You can use the function plus space shortcut to cycle through a few different effects or,turn it off, however there doesn’t appear to be a keyboard shortcut for adjusting brightness.,This is instead controlled through the Vantage software with two levels of brightness, and,the speed of the effect can be adjusted between four different speed levels.,You can modify the three profiles how you like then use function and space to cycle,between your changes.,All keys and secondary functions get lit up.,It’s got 1.5mm of key travel, and I’m glad that the arrow keys aren’t small like,others.,As with other Lenovo laptops, personally I liked typing on the keyboard.,The precision touchpad is mylar, so plastic.,It feels nice and smooth, clicks anywhere, and works fine.,It never got in the way while typing or playing games.,The left has an air exhaust vent, a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port and a 3.5mm audio combo jack.,The right has the camera disconnect switch, a USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A port, and there’s,an air exhaust on this side too.,The rest of the I/O is on the back between two corner air exhausts.,From left to right we’ve got a gigabit ethernet port, second USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C port, three,more USB 3.2 Gen1 Type-A ports for 4 in total, HDMI 2.1 output, and the power input on the,right.,The Type-C port on the back of the laptop can be used to charge it, but the one on the,front left cannot.,Both Type-C ports offer DisplayPort 1.4 support, so you can attach an external screen to either,of them and both connect directly to the Nvidia graphics.,There are some icons above the rear ports to help you see where you need to plug in,without turning the laptop around, but they can be hard to see in a darker room, as they,don’t light up like the Legion 7.,There’s nothing on the front, however the middle sticks out a little making it very,easy to grip onto when opening the lid, and the lid goes the full 180 degrees back for,sharing.,You can also optionally enable flip to boot, which automatically powers the laptop on when,you open the lid, something I prefer given chances are I want to use the machine when,I do this.,Some of you were asking about hinge issues, I’m not aware of any with the 5 series specifically,,and the images of the inside of the lid from Lenovo seem to show that it has the better,reinforced hinge design.,There’s some flex to the plastic screen, and as mentioned earlier mine did wobble a,little while typing.,The plastic lid has that phantom blue finish, and the Legion text has a sort of rainbow,effect that can be seen depending on the angle of light.,There’s some flex to plastic interior, however this wasn’t anything I noticed during normal,use outside of intentionally pushing hard.,The bottom panel just has some air vents towards the back and speakers near the front, and,we can see that most of the back has a dust filter with the exception of directly above,the fans.,Getting inside requires removing 12 Phillips head screws of two different lengths, and,like other Legion laptops it can be a bit awkward to open.,I actually broke off two of the plastic clips in my attempt.,I found it easier to open by prying around the back using the tools linked in the description.,Just be careful pulling it off as I’ve had cracks near the air vents before.,Once inside there are metal plates over the M.2 slots.,These are removed by taking out 3 smaller phillips head screws from each, while the,memory cover can just be pried off, I was able to use my fingernails.,There are thermal pads on both of the storage covers.,With the metal coverings removed, we’ve got the 80Wh battery down the front, two M.2,storage slots above on the left and right, Wi-Fi 6 card on the right, and two memory,slots in the middle.,As was the case with the higher tier Legion 5 Pro, my regular Legion 5 uses the exact,same x16 memory, so swapping it to x8 memory should give a speed boost, and I’ll show,you this when we get to the game tests.,The two speakers are found underneath on the left and right sides towards the front.,I thought they sounded pretty average for a laptop, not great, there’s minimal bass,and they’re a bit tinny at higher volume, and the latencymon results were looking alright.,My Legion 5 has a 4-Cell 80Wh battery, but there’s also a smaller 60Wh version too,,so expect lower run time with that.,I’ve tested it with hybrid mode, aka optimus, both on and off, demonstrating that with it,off the Nvidia GPU burns through more power, resulting in less run time.,It’s doing quite well when compared to other laptops, lasting for more than 9 and a half,hours in the YouTube playback test, though it’s not quite matching last year’s Legion,5, granted that one also has lower specs too.,You can also run the Legion 5 with a smaller 230 watt power brick, I would think that should,be enough to run the 5800H and 3060 as it’s enough for other laptops, but I don’t have,that brick to test.,Unlike the higher tier Legion 5 Pro, there’s no built i

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Legion 5 vs Legion 5 PRO – EVERYTHING You Need to Know!

well guys its no secret that the legion,5 series is one of the most popular,gaming laptops around these things have,a special place in my heart since,theyre known for combining performance,great build quality and good pricing,into one laptop but i keep getting,questions about what the actual,differences are between the five and the,five pro series and with the new 2022,updates along with some awesome new,ryzen cpus being packed into these,devices now is a great time to actually,clear up some of the confusion i mean,they look pretty much similar and even,have almost identical specs but why,would you choose one over the other well,before we review the five and the five,pro separately weve teamed up with,lenovo legion and microsoft to answer,that question and to do that ive got,the brand new lenovo legion 5 on my left,hand side and the lenovo legion 5 pro on,my right hand side and,lets dive right in im going to keep,things off with the design of legion 5,and right away i can say that this is a,significant improvement over the,previous generation it now comes in this,beautiful cloud-grade finish throughout,the entire chassis which gives it a,premium feel and a very slick design not,to mention the build quality,improvements are really impressive the,top cover is now made out of aluminum,and magnesium and it feels really solid,the hinge is slightly stronger and,smoother to open the bottom cover comes,in this dark gray finish which adds a,nice contrast to the rest of the chassis,this is honestly a big step up from the,classic black on black theme and i,really love it the legion logo is tucked,away in the corner so youre still,getting that simple and minimalistic,design that blends in really well with,any environment including boardroom,meetings now the legion 5 pro is for,gamers who want the absolute best of the,best but it also comes,in a simple and clean package ive done,a separate video covering the intel,version of this laptop which you can,check out right over here,but in a nutshell you get the legion,logo that looks more subtle it comes in,the storm gray and this beautiful,glacier white finish which looks,absolutely stunning,and i think it would be a great option,if youre looking for an all-white color,theme setup the build quality is,fantastic with minimal flex around the,chassis the hinge is rigid and smooth to,open and theres less wobble compared to,the five i should also mention that the,legion five has a very flexible hinge,meaning it can tilt all the way up to,180 degrees without any bump whereas the,5 pro can only go that far cant really,go all the way up to 180 degrees so keep,that in mind now for a portability,standpoint both laptops handle about the,same the 5 pro is slightly thicker than,the 5 and theyre roughly 15 thinner,compared to last gen and considering the,specs packed inside these devices,thats pretty impressive now keep in,mind that the weight varies,significantly depending on the specs,that you configure with for example the,60 hertz screen option on the legion 5,weighs a few grams less than the 165,hertz 1440p model the cooling system is,also another factor to consider as well,the interior space is very similar,between these two models you get a,full-size keyboard with a numpad along,with a dedicated session for the arrow,keys i do appreciate the fact that,theyre larger since it yields a better,productivity experience especially if,youre working with excel documents and,things like that that numpad along with,those air keys is a great combination,the keys on the legion 5 come in this,dark grey finish which adds a nice,contrast to the silver chassis whereas,on the 5 pro you get a consistent look,with the gray on gray design now lenovo,has one of the best laptop keyboards on,the market their true strike system,shares a similar dna to the legendary,thinkpad series and they offer a good,amount of travel distance and feedback,theres less key wobbles so they can,take some serious abuse when youre,gaming for longer periods of time lets,actually take a listen to how these,amazing keyboards sound,now by default lenovo equips both the,standard 5 and the 5 pro with white led,backlighting but you can actually opt,for a 4 zone rgb system that can be,controlled through lenovos vantage,software i believe the glacier white,model for the 5 pro specifically,features an exclusive blue backlighting,setup which,is a great combination i really hope to,get my hands on that sometime soon the,track pads are similar as well both,laptops feature mylar surfaces which is,generally a plastic film and it does,support some resistance compared to,glass found on their legion 7 series,switching gears i want to talk about the,display options on the 5 and the 5 pro,because,this is an area,where youre going to notice a huge,difference between both of these laptops,and i think it sort of creates some,confusion as well so the legion 5 has a,16 by 9 aspect ratio screen whereas the,5 pro has a 16 by 10 aspect ratio now,what that means is that you get more,vertical screen real estate to fill,content with and it also results in,thinner bezels that fit the modern,aesthetic so the base model on the 5,comes with a 1080p ips 60hz display but,if youre serious about gaming i would,recommend stepping up to the 144hz,option but if youre looking for more,there is a 165hz panel with nvidias,g-sync and amd facing support,if youre looking for something a bit,sharper there is a quad hd 165 hertz,option with a three millisecond response,time and all the features to enhance,your gaming experience keep in mind that,the peak brightness level on all the,panels available on the five cap out at,around 300 nits so it wont be ideal for,outdoor use however the legion 5 pro in,my opinion has one of the best laptop,displays on the market it starts with a,1200p ips 165 panel with freesync,premium technology but you can step it,up to a quad hd plus display with,hertz refresh rate thats also much,brighter than the base pack but if,youre looking for something unique,lenovo is offering their worlds first,adaptive refresh rate screen that ranges,between 165 and 240 hertz while,preserving that sharp quad hd plus,resolution and three millisecond,response time that paired with a really,bright and color accurate screen gives,you an incredible visual experience when,gaming and creating all sorts of cool,things like videos and just editing,photos and things like that its truly,awesome remember these panels are,significantly brighter than the standard,five so keep that in mind that being,said auto hdr thats built into windows,11 running on both these laptops adds a,richer and more dynamic visual,experience when gaming and you can,certainly,have tons of fun on both these laptops,the webcams on both these laptops are,identical so they feature a 720p sensor,but interestingly you can actually opt,for a 1080p hybrid camera on the legion,5 which the 5 pro lacks now im thinking,this has to do with the,lack of space for to accommodate that,larger sensor with the 5 pro because,obviously youre getting that massive,aspect ratio,but,yeah its just something to keep note of,when youre shopping around between,these two laptops but something really,unique about the legion 5 series is the,fact that they have included an,e-shutter switch which disables the,webcam from a hardware standpoint which,im sure would benefit people who value,privacy the port setup on both the five,and the five pro are identical the,majority of them are located at the back,for easier cable management as you can,see theres power in two usb 3.2 gen1,type a ports with one of them featuring,five volt always on charging you also,get hdmi 2.1 usb type-c 3.1 gen 2 with,displayport pass-through and power,delivery up to 135 watts and an rj45,jack switching over to the left there,are two more usb type-c ports and,towards the right youll find another,usb type-a 3.2 gen 1 port and an audio,jack so overall there are plenty of,ports for your external connectivity,n

My 7 Problems With Lenovo’s Legion 5 Gaming Laptop

lenovos legion 5 is generally a great,mid-range gaming laptop but like all,things in life its not perfect ive,covered the 7 problems that ive got,with this laptop and how to fix them to,help you decide if its worth,considering now i want to start out by,noting that i think the legion 5 is one,of the better gaming laptops currently,out there i would personally pick it,over many others the fact is youre,never going to find the perfect gaming,laptop so its going to come down to,knowing about potential problems how to,fix them and what the trade-offs are so,with that out of the way these are the 7,problems that ive got with the legion,five number one the power brick the,power brick that comes with the legion,five is fairly large and heavy,considering the specs inside the laptop,my laptop here has a ryzen 7 5800 h,processor and nvidia rtx 3060 graphics,yet it comes with a 300 watt power brick,most other gaming laptops with similar,hardware that ive tested have 180 watt,or maybe 230 watt bricks now the wattage,in itself isnt necessarily the problem,its just that generally high wattage,bricks are going to be physically bigger,i mean laptops are meant to be portable,devices after all so if you have to,carry around a huge power brick it kind,of defeats the purpose now it seems that,some people have resolved this issue by,buying a 230 watt brick from lenovo and,i believe in some regions thats also,offered with lower spec versions of the,legion it seems to vary though now i,havent personally tested the 230 watt,brick with these specs so i cant say,whether or not its enough to deliver,full power but if you are someone that,values portability and doesnt,necessarily need full performance on the,go then buying a 230 watt brick might be,a better option problem number two wi-fi,when i bought my legion five it came,with a wi-fi six real tack card and,personally i havent really had any,issues with wi-fi so to speak i did run,some basic wi-fi benchmarks and i found,that compared to other gaming laptops,the legion five with that real tack card,was slower when compared to most,alternatives but other users online have,been reporting other issues such as low,latency after sleep and something else i,just remembered was when i tried an,ubuntu 21 live cd on this so linux it,didnt work with wi-fi out of the box i,suspect that was just because there,wasnt drivers out of the box and its,probably pretty easy to get working but,at the same time the fact is any laptop,ive tested with intel wifi has worked,perfectly fine in linux for me now,generally this wouldnt be something,that i would complain about but some,people have mentioned to me on twitter,that they bought the legion 5 and it was,advertised with intel wifi but they,ended up getting the slower real tech,card i cant verify this personally but,if that is actually the case and thats,what happened then its kind of,misleading on overs part at the same,time though its not that big of a deal,i mean you can buy an intel wi-fi six,card for less than twenty dollars and,upgrade it yourself im guessing that,lenovo might have had to use the real,tech cards if there was a shortage of,the intel once i mean we are in the,great 2021 year of supply shortages,after all so that wouldnt be too,surprising and speaking of part,shortages number three the slower memory,basically the problem here if you could,call it that is that in many regions the,legion ships with slower x16 memory now,ive compared this laptop in a ton of,games at all setting levels both with,its stock memory and with upgraded,memory in this video here if you want to,see the differences but basically long,story short it is possible to get a,reasonable performance boost in the,legion 5 by upgrading the memory when i,first discovered this issue with the,slower memory it was with the legion 5,pro now granted that is a more premium,model than the regular legion 5. the,fact is before 2021 we didnt really see,that slower x16 memory that often now it,just seems to be everywhere so again i,think weve just got the year of supply,shortages to thank for that one,fortunately like the wi-fi card this is,at least something that can be upgraded,with money so it kind of sucks if you,have to go out and spend even more money,on your legion 5 after buying it but at,the same time i dont really think this,is that big of a deal because the fact,is even with the x16 memory i was still,seeing great gaming performance from,this laptop for a 3060 machine and,thats thanks to its mock switch and,full powered rtx 3060 gpu so yeah,basically if you have the legion five,just play some games on it and see if,you think its fine if you think its,slow or you want a speed boost and,youve got some money then upgrading the,memory might be an option number four,the touchpad this isnt really something,i noticed until recently as ive been,using my legion 5 to do a lot of,comparisons on the channel as its the,best laptop ive got that has a 3060.,basically i noticed the right side of,the touchpad is kind of a little more,loose compared to the left,it wasnt really a big issue that i,personally had while using the laptop,but i wanted to point it out as i know,that is an issue a lot of people care,about and after the whole loose touchpad,fiasco with the dell xps last year yeah,i figured it was just worth mentioning,but i suppose that type of thing might,vary by unit so if any of you have a,legion 5 then let me know in the,comments how your touchpad is hopefully,its just a qc issue with my unit or,something number five fan control or,lack thereof now its probably not,picked up by my microphone but right now,i can hear the fans on the legion 5 even,though its just sitting here idle in,the lowest quiet mode doing absolutely,nothing,oh thats no problem at all just lower,the fan speed well i cant because,theres no fan control now i did speak,to lenovo about this back when this was,first launching and basically they said,that they chose not to implement fan,control because they thought it would be,too confusing for most users personally,i think thats a bit of a weak excuse,even if that was the case you could,still have everything working as it,currently is but then also just have a,secret shortcut to enable the fan boost,now obviously full software control over,the fan speed would be better but hey at,this point id take a shortcut to boost,the fans to max speed over nothing,because fact is in older legion models,like i think the y530 was the last one,that did it they had a shortcut built in,that you could press to max out the fan,and at least that was something if you,want to max out the fan you could do it,but if you didnt then dont use the,shortcut pretty simple but for some,reason in newer legion models theyve,just removed that entirely now to be,fair to the legion it doesnt get quite,as loud compared to most other gaming,laptops ive tested but still i always,say user control is best now fortunately,some people have been working on third,party software to give the legion fan,control theres beta software available,through the lenovo legion discord ive,left a link to that in the description,below but use the software at your own,risk i havent personally tried it on my,machine alright problem number six the,screen now its not in itself a huge,problem because the fact is the screen,still gets pretty bright has decent,color gamut and the response time isnt,too bad the problem that ive got with,it is that this year its a 165hz screen,last year they used a 144hz panel but it,ended up having a faster screen response,time proving yet again that refresh rate,isnt everything if you have a high,refresh rate but low response time,youll still notice ghosting now that,said the response time on the 165hz,screen isnt terrible or anything but at,the same time it kind of feels like a,bit of a downgrade compared to the 144hz,panel of last years model and i dont,know about you but personally i like to,see things going forward rather than,backwards

Lenovo Legion 5 Review

hello folks and welcome back to the,channel today we are taking a look at,lenovos legion 5. it is available in,many different configurations at very,different price points our review unit,which is priced very competitively in,the lower mid range packs a ryzen 5,5600h 6 core processor and the radian,6600m gpu,if the all amd combo 16 gigabytes of ram,and a 512 gigabyte ssd is enough to,drive the 165 hertz full hd display,properly and without making too many,price cutting compromises along the way,well lets find out shall we,competing products in this price pocket,would be rtx 3060 equipped laptops like,the gigabyte g5 or the asus tough gaming,f50 and as always you can compare all,the devices we tested against each other,on our website,while legion is lenovos gaming brand,this guy is actually quite subtle and,elegantly looking it is made from,plastic but fits very solid and the base,isnt flexing at all,the lid is a little easier to twist and,theres some slight wobble to it after,you adjusted it but once its set to,your preferred position it stays there,without moving,one highlight for me is definitely the,color it is called phantom blue and it,looks quite nice amidst the,predominantly grey and black laptops add,in some subtle logos and branding and,you got yourself a pretty nice looking,gaming machine the overall footprint in,this class is relatively standard,although the legion is a little bit on,the heavier side,when it comes to ports it seems like,lenovos design team didnt quite get,the memo that this is actually a,mid-range gaming laptop and added in a,variety of ports that you sometimes,cant even find on machines that cost a,lot more than this guy,on the left you get a single usb-c with,displayport support and a headphone mic,combo port,on the right you get a single usb-a and,a physical webcam switch and the rest of,the i o happens on the back with three,additional usb a port another type c,with displayport and power delivery hdmi,2.1 rj45 and of course the power,connector,im actually a big fan of having most of,the io in the back especially networking,and display connectors,it just keeps your setup much cleaner,without too many extra cables sticking,around on both sides of the machine,the used wifi module from realtek offers,absolutely usable rear world performance,when it comes to wireless communication,still it is falling behind quite,considerably against the chips from,internal hour transfer tests,the legions keyboard is well laid out,and the white backlight offers two,levels of brightness while there isnt a,lot of key travel the clear pressure,point made typing the script a breeze i,got up to speed very quickly and gaming,felt quite satisfying as well,the trackpad is a little bit small for,todays standard but worked absolutely,flawlessly during our review for,mid-range gaming laptops it is often,quite common to use lower quality,display panels to bring down cost,they know is again shaking things up,with the legion 5s full hd panel,while 165 hertz are pretty standard,these days and brightness and contrast,levels are in the range of typical ips,panels the 15 inch screen offers a clear,view of your games and content and much,better color reproduction than competing,notebooks,it provides almost 100 coverage of srgb,and around 70 for adobe rgb and dc ip3,respectively the factory letter is of,around three that can be improved with,manual calibration to around one making,this guy even suitable for underside,photo or video editing,response times are pretty good making,the legion 5 suitable for fast paced,shooters even though its not quite up,there for die hard competitive gamers,alright lets talk performance,our legion 5 is equipped with all amd,components,a 6 core ryzen 5 5600h and a relatively,new rx 6600m,while 6 cores and 12 frets is nothing to,impress your friends these days the,ryzen cpu offers solid numbers across,the board but since most of the,competing devices are equipped with 8,core cpus from amd and intel our scores,are little below average,if you got some cash to spare you could,easily opt for a ryzen 7 in this guy to,give your cpu scores quite a boost you,can find a detailed performance,breakdown with many different benchmarks,and tests in our written review,lenovo equips the 15-inch notebook with,a 512 gigabyte nvme ssd it isnt the,fastest in our testing and when it comes,to capacity well games are getting,bigger and bigger and we certainly would,like to see one terabyte becoming the,standard even for lower cost gaming,laptops,the audient a2 based rx 6600m is powered,by 90 to 100 watts and can outperform an,rtx 3060 with ease in our testing it is,sitting directly between a 360 and a,3070 and is able to drive almost all,games with high to ultra settings on the,included display,when lowering these settings you can,also take advantage of the high refresh,rate of the included panel even though,the gpu is slightly limited by the 6,core cpu,the legion 5 offers a mux switch so you,can further boost frame rates when,youre using the internal display while,the lenovo is well behaved in low load,or either scenarios it can get quite,loud when gaming or pushing both the cpu,and the gpu simultaneously,that said this is common for almost all,gaming laptops so just be aware of,having some headphones at the ready for,a gaming session lenovo allows for very,high cpu temperatures in our stress test,sometimes even above 100 degrees before,throttling back clock speeds,performance stays quite stable though,and temperatures level out at around 83,degrees,the gpu on the other hand is cooled very,well and never reached more than 70,degrees in the same test,battery life is another win for the,legion 5. probably thanks to its energy,efficient ryzen cpu around nine hours in,our standard wi-fi websurfing test is,embarrassing the competition turning the,gaming laptop into a very usable,portable entertainment device,alright folks lets wrap things up we,were quite surprised about what is on,offer with the legion fire it has a,sturdy well-designed chassis great,gaming and overall system performance a,solid full hd panel with excellent color,reproduction many ports and amazingly,long battery life,with prices of around 1 000 bucks and no,actual shortcomings it is an easy,recommendation in this category of,devices well that would be it for today,thanks a ton for watching we hope our,video was helpful and if it was please,help us out by liking the video and,subscribing to the channel i cant wait,to see you all in the next one and,please take care,you

I7 12700H + RTX3060 unleashed – Lenovo Legion 5 Review

hey folks its Alex here from notebook,Check reviews another month another,Legion Lenovo has definitely been busy,this year and released a ton of new,gaming notebooks and its definitely,starting to get a little difficult to,keep them apart,while we already reviewed several,configurations of the Legion 5 Pro and,the high-end Legion 7. I have the legion,5 non-pro in this studio today,this series marks the entry level within,the legion lineup but considering what,this thing can do it seems like lenovos,Engineers didnt quite get that memo,foreign,unit comes with Intels mainstream i7,12700h and an RTX 3060 and while I dont,want to spoil too much if you expect,heavily throttled core components or a,jet engine under load well you better,sit down since youre in for a treat,there are several different,configurations for the mid-range 15-inch,gaming notebook available starting with,a core i5 12500h on the CPU side of,things and you can also upgrade your GPU,to an RTX 3070 TI,this one right here is additionally,equipped with 16 gigabytes of RAM and a,512 gigabyte SSD on the display side of,things we tested both the 165hz full HD,display and the QHD variant running at,the same refresh rate while we tested an,AMD equipped Legion 5 earlier this year,Lenovo read that the chassis design for,this one making it look like a slightly,downsized Legion 7.,while I do miss the awesome dark blue,color of the old Allegiant 5 this one,looks a lot cleaner and a bit more,professional,in stark contrast to the all metal,Legion 7 its smaller sibling is,predominantly made from plastic,the lid is allowed to keep its aluminum,housing and is therefore much more rigid,than the competition we just wish the,hinges would be a bit stiffer,the main chassis fits quite solid,throughout just to keep our deck flexors,a little too much in our opinion,compared to the competition the legion,will need a bit more space on your desk,and you will feel it more on your back,when carrying it around the large,cooling vents behind the display give it,a bit more grunt than the Asus tough,series for example,but as we will see in our performance,and temperature testing Lenovo did well,with avoiding the fin and light Trend,with this one following the generous i o,options of the more expensive Legion,models the 5 is equally well equipped in,this regard along the left side we have,two USBC ports one of them being,Thunderbolt 4 while the other is USBC,3.2 gen 2.,on the right you can find a single USB a,3.2 gen1 an audio combo port and a,camera kill switch as with the other,Lenovo gaming laptops the rest of the,larger connectors is on the back and,here we have the power connector HDMI,2.1 gigabit networking a single USB C,3.2 Gen 2 with power delivery and two,additional USB As of the 3.2 gen 1,variant,if you want to Omit a network cable from,your setup then mid-range 15-inch gamer,delivers average transfer rates when,connected to wireless networks,while you probably wont notice during,Everyday Use the competition offers,faster Wireless communication across the,board,in terms of Maintenance Lenovo continues,the trend of offering relatively easy,access to a pair of sodium and m.2 pcie,4 slots in addition users can also,upgrade or repair the Wi-Fi module,both the keyboard and touchpad are a bit,of a mixed bag while the keys offer,quite a bit of travel and very precise,feedback they are quite radly and the,flags of the keyboard deck makes it feel,a bit less direct than what we are used,to from the legion lineup the main,keyboard area of a standard size keys,and a very comfortable layout with,regular sized error Keys the numpad has,to make do with smaller keys and feels a,little cramped because of it,the touchpad is a decent gaming laptop,size and worked well during our testing,only the clicks fed a little spongy and,therefore quite a bit less premium than,on the more expensive Legion options,Lenovo offers their mid-range other,three screen options,why we would recommend avoiding the,144hz full HD model because of its,narrower color space both 165hz variants,are solid options both the full HD and,QHD variants cover almost 100 of the,srgb color space and roughly 70 for both,DC ip3 and Adobe RGB while brightness,and brightness distribution are almost,equal with around 350 nits on average,and 90 respectively the QHD panel has,the edge regarding contrast due to its,lower plague levels if you want to get,into all the nitty-gritty display,details please head over to our written,review my colleague Ellen tested the,legion 5 thoroughly and you can find,much more details about anything I am,talking about in his article on our,website alright folks lets talk about,the good stuff,this Legion 5 might be the least,expensive of the bunch but weirdly it is,also one of the fastest in fact the i7,12700h is one of if not the fastest in,our entire database,it can even outperform the same chip in,its bigger product the legion 5 Pro and,even sits above some I9 equipped laptops,Lenovo achieves this by allowing the,mainstream CPU a generous 100 Watts,power budget under sustained CPU only,workloads in performance mode and is,still very respectable 95 watts in,Balance mode,why this gives you enough CPU horsepower,for even the most demanding tasks and,applications it also translates very,well into General system performance,the fast CPU High refresh rate display,Speedy SSD and above average GPU,performance make phone incredibly,responsive system during every workload,you could possibly imagine,Thrive speeds easily saturated pcie for,standard without any throttling since,Lenovo also adds a heat spreader for,each slot,speaking of GPU performance the RTX 3060,is dialed up to 11 once more and easily,delivers numbers beyond our average for,the smaller ampere chip,for a small FPS boost when gaming on the,legions internal display it supports,Advanced Optimus so the display is,directly connected to the Nvidia GPU as,soon as the game is running,translated to real-world gaming,scenarios you can easily drive even the,QHD display Beyond 60 FPS in all but the,most demanding titles and even those,should be easily playable once you take,dlss into account,in addition to our benchmarks on the,website I also tested a bunch of recent,games so you can get an idea of what to,expect from the legion 5.,[Music],foreign,[Music],sits in the middle of the pack in,performance mode while it is actually,pretty impressive in the balance profile,the legion 5 might allow for higher CPU,attempts during cpu-only workloads but,can easily cool the i7 running at 95,Watts without getting super loud,the same holds true for gaming while the,legion performs slightly better on,performance mode compared to the,competition Its Behavior in the,excellent balance profile is simply,impressive,we took some noise samples for you so,you can get an idea yourself,foreign,Legion models offered pretty,embarrassing run times during our,standard Wi-Fi tests the smaller Legion,5 can at least keep up with the,competition,it will not win any endurance battles,but battery life is alright for such a,powerful notebook,alright folks lets wrap things up,in all honesty we havent been expecting,what is on offer with the legion 5. it,might be a bit thicker and heavier than,its competitors but all that weight and,space was used to design a cooling,solution that can easily keep up with,the core components and therefore making,the legion one of the fastest i7 12700h,and RTX 3060 combos you can currently,get,while that much power usually comes at,the expense of very loud fans the legion,5 is even quite well behaved especially,in its balanced performance mode,so if you are looking for a high speed,performance and gaming notebook and you,do not need the absolute best build,quality there is and you can live,without a 16 by 10 16 inch display of,the Legion 5 Pro for example well it is,hard to not consider this one this would,be it for today please let us know which,Legion would be your favorite and please,consider subsc

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